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NOTCOT Giveaway 13: Seagate FreeAgent Go (Mac)- 11.29.08

2seag1.jpg TO WIN: Leave a comment here ~ Tell us about your mac! ENTER BY 12/02. WINNER: Caroline in NY!

Ok, so everything got a little jumbled up, and i got a bit behind on what i had planned for today with all the Thanksgiving festivities! So switching things up a little, here’s the second (of 5!) giveaway from our 2008 Gift Guide Sponsor, Seagate! I know, the first Seagate Giveaway isn’t even over until tonight, but this one is even more exciting! Especially if you’re a mac user! Today’s giveaway is the Seagate FreeAgent Go 320 GB External Hard drive for Mac! I know, you’re probably wondering what the difference from the other one is, so here you go: (1) Silver (not blue) (2) has Firewire 800/USB 2.0 and comes with the FW 800 cable, FW 800 to 400 convertor cable, USB cable, and USB power cable (the other was only USB 2.0, and came with a USB cable) (3) has travel case (4) has desktop docking station… and it’s formatted for Mac and Time Machine-ready!

Basically you get even MORE goodies with this one, and it can have transfer speeds that are nearly twice as fast! So, for this giveaway, tell us something about your mac in the comments for a chance to win! (And non-mac users, don’t worry there are more drives to come…) See more pictures of this bundle on the next page!





TO WIN: Leave a comment here ~ Tell us about your mac! ENTER BY 12/02

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I think macs secretly have a 3 year lifespan. The extended apple care expires, and you’re thinking to yourself “the $250 to re-up is a bit steep, and things have been good so far….” Then BAM! Good bye optical drive. BAM! Your laptop’s battery is dead (though that is definitely a quieter, creeping death. Still just as sinister.)
And just about that time the newest round of shiny new laptops has made a big splash and is tempting you at every turn to upgrade. Upgrade or die! (Adobe though, definitely wins on the diabolical upgrade every other year plan).

So from that, you can probably figure out that my laptop is seemingly just a few steps from death’s door at the moment. Optical drive is gone, battery is headed for the recycling heap. But I still love me some mac action. Just wish I had a new one…

----- Talin 02.12.08 20:42

These are great. Pick me to win it.

----- James D. LaCroix 02.12.08 19:20

I love my MBP so much that I fell asleep with it once. I think that caused it to overheat and the fan started to make funny noises. Now I need to backup my files before sending it in for repairs…

----- Helen 02.12.08 18:36

wow…..this is sooo cool..haven’t seen that here Fiji islands….

----- slobendahn 02.12.08 17:23

I use an imac at work exclusively for video editing purposes. I am the technology director at a church and having some more space to work with would be nice :)

----- Josh Lyon 02.12.08 17:17

Right now, our Mac consists of an imac that won’t work. Hubby still has to do some re-flowing soldering trick consisting of turning the computer on, and lighting a little container of alcohol that is sitting on top of some doo-hickey to re-flow solder which connects something-or-other. Oh, and we have a little mac laptop.

----- Catherine Chandler 02.12.08 17:09

I make comics on my mac! His name is Spooky and he’s a iMac. Since I got him (my first) a year and a half ago, he has successfully made me more organized, creative, cheerier, and 0.05% more snooty concerning all things Microsoft. I love you, Spooky~!!

----- rem 02.12.08 16:31

I am a young Digital Arts major whose major/career unfortunately rely heavily on expensive hardware/technology. My family has always been Mac users and I’ve continued that tradition. My 12” G4 iBook is 3 years old but looks as though it has been through war after all the use it has gotten through the last four years. Once it became clear I needed more power and a bigger display I saved up for my first large purchase on my own, a 17” refurbished Intel Core Duo iMac. I use it every single day and would not be able to take the classes I do without it.

I would benefit immensely from the opportunity to have a 320g external hard drive. Transporting large numbers of files to class and my part time job is necessary for me and the small, 1g thumb drive I have just hasn’t been cutting it! This starving student would be extremely grateful to be chosen.

----- Sarah 02.12.08 15:29

This would be a super nice accessory for my Mac which I’ve had since last December. I’m a recovered W!ndow$ user…and won’t be going back…EVAH! Please hook me (and my Mac) up! Thanks!!

----- Mitch 02.12.08 15:24

Growing up, I always dreamed of being the first person to circumnavigate the globe in a hot air balloon. However, once I got my MacBook and access to the internet, I learned that this feat had already been accomplished. Winning the Seagate FreeAgent Go external hard drive would really help me recover from my disappointment.

----- Greg Clark 02.12.08 14:00

My Mac is filled, filled I tell you, with pictures, noises and moving things. More disc space please!

----- David C 02.12.08 13:59

i found my mac inside an alien crash site. it had all the answers to my homework on it.

----- andy 02.12.08 13:58

I am on my 4th mac. A brand new MacBook Pro. I use it to edit my webshow on Final Cut Studio II, and I also do audio engineering for my music and friends bands. I am the quintessential Apple Fanboy. I love everything about Apple. I have had 2 Mac Mini’s, a Powerbook G4, a MacBook white, and now a MacBook Pro. Not to mention, 3 iPods, an iPhone, and an iPhone 3G… I think I may have a problem…

----- Ali Vaziri 02.12.08 13:37

Ohh this would go so well with my white Macbook! I know many people are more enthralled with the new Macbooks, but I’m loyal to my sleek white Macbook of yore, and this external drive would help feed my disk space obsession.

----- Irene 02.12.08 13:33

Just like my car, my PowerBook G4 has traveled with me all over the place in the 6 years I’ve had it (my car for 11!). The shiny new macs can’t help but catch my eye, but I’m pretty attached to the one I have already. Maybe the Seagate drive could keep it company? I can only hope!

----- Yoon 02.12.08 13:27

My new aluminum MacBook turns heads wherever I go.

----- Xuchen Zhang 02.12.08 13:24

My Macbook’s name is Fuji (for my favorite apple), and has a ladybug mouse and apple-shaped felt mousepad so that it feels at one with its name.

----- Fi 02.12.08 12:41

2.6 dual G5 w/ dual monitors + wacom = my life.

----- jay 02.12.08 12:37

I have a simple little Mac Mini for a home theater PC setup. It’s perfect because it comes with it own remote and everything you need is al ready there! How could you ask for more?

----- Michael 02.12.08 12:22

Although I’d like a mac, I don’t have one, but I will tell you about my girlfriend’s (to which the hard drive would go if I win). It’s a black MacBook that she bought because her HP laptop was too much of a monster to carry.

----- Adrian 02.12.08 12:14

my G4 is becoming a grand-daddy now. i guess this means that i’m growing up too. (*sigh) but as we both move on in our existences, i won’t ever forget how he helped me get through design school.

----- kimp 02.12.08 12:05

Bought a Macbook after several shrot lived Dells - hoping this lasts longer!

----- Ray Saunders 02.12.08 11:41

My first time was with a beautiful, little creature back in ‘99. Some people said she was funny–looking, but I loved her bulbous features and that glowing skin. They called her an orange, but she was all tangerine. Sadly, after three years, our relationship began to progress too slowly, and we parted. I still think about her from time to time.

In the winter of 2002, a sleek and agile beauty came into my life. She was lovely and fast—a great combination. We created fantastic work together and had lots of fun times; however, once again, after three years, the relationship began to slow. She is still with me, and we work together occasionally.

In 2005, I found a new partner. She is swift and industrious. She is not as unique–looking as my first. She is not as lovely or graceful as my second. Some people, even, scoff and compare her to a cheese grater. Well, I don’t care; I love cheese.

----- Brian J. Harris 02.12.08 11:39

Coming to you live from London…

I’ve just moved to London and am finally catching up on my blogs. What a surprise to see you’re giving away some sweet swag! Anyhow, as a Seattle transplant I used a Powerbook G4 (which I still use daily) and am currently responding to your post on a MacBook Pro. This MacBook Pro is what I use for almost everything and its running out of precious space! I currently have three accessories to dress up my computer, 1. a mouse (swanky huh?) 2. iphone (getting warmer) 3. Seagate 300GB external HD… I know I’ve got one already, but let me tell you, studying here in London is NOT cheap, and as a student paying my own way I could totally use some more free space to help me out with my projects I’m working on while I’ll be here for the next few years…

I would fill my new Seagate with all sorts of amazing Procesing Sketches and Photoshop files.

Cheers! er, um, I mean Thanks!

----- Tyler 02.12.08 11:34

Just got a MacBook this summer and love it. Its the only computer I use now, I have barely ever even turned my windows desktop on since I got the MacBook.

----- Ken 02.12.08 11:20

my Mac and I lives in Malaysia, a land in which owning an iPhone could consider yourself as one of the elites, a rare breed. My Macbook had just recently turned a year old and I still love it as I first laid eyes on it. It took me years of hard work and determination to gather enough money to buy my Mac and it was definitely worth every cent of it. All I want now is to find it a companion and there’s nothing better than the Seagate to help make it smile. It’s all I could do to repay my Mac for all the hard work it has given me. :)

----- Craig Tan 02.12.08 11:04

I saved up for all my pennies and bought my G5 imac three years ago. I wanted the best computer because i had been accepted to the honors communication design program at NSCAD University in Halifax. What i hadn’t planned for was bringing my computer between school and home every day. I used the original box for two years as a carrying case. By the time i had graduated the days of rain, wind, and blizzards had worn on the box until it was covered in duct tape. I’m happy to report that my mac now has a permanent home in my apartment, the top adorned with little plastic army men. At the moment my life is a sea of burnable DVDs, my internal storage is only 80GB. It would be nice to have some real storage space.

----- Trevor 02.12.08 10:36

I love me macbook pro more than someone should love something material. I even named him Craticus. I love him like a fat kid loves cake!

----- Eliz 02.12.08 09:58

I have a Mac at work that is like my spunky secretary. I have a PC at home who is sort of my abusive spouse. So…I hope my PC doesn’t find out that I’ve been using a Mac at work. I have too much happy memory to lose.


----- Kiel West 02.12.08 09:52

I probably deserve this hard drive the least of all the other posters. The only thing I can say is without this kind gift all I will have is a lump of coal, and that’s not groovy.

----- Thadeus 02.12.08 09:51

Mi Mac is sweet, it has an graffiti engraved case.

----- Eduardo 02.12.08 09:29

I have my sisters old iMac. I have named it Sparky.

----- Matt 02.12.08 08:54

My Apple IIES played Oregon Trail like no other. My Macbook Pro now plays Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, and Processing exclusively. But every once and a while it entices me to lose 20-30 minutes browsing at new widgets or iPhone apps I will use once and maybe again to show off to friends.

----- Jason Trojanowski 02.12.08 08:47

My macbook is white and innocent, quietly seductive and supportive. My macbook is there when I need. Dependable. Strong. And modern. My macbook is my friend, a family member. I love my macbook. I have since the first day that I touched the soft, pale skin. I feel lonely when away from my macbook. And comforted when my macbook is near. I collaborate with my macbook. I share with my macbook. For all of this and more, I try to be the owner my macbook deserves. For this and the stars, I want to give back to my friend, my macbook.

----- gerry blakney 02.12.08 08:44

my mac is always with me. It follows me around, climbs on my back, keeps me entertaint sometimes it gets mad an decides not to work, keeps me warm on the winter and sweating in the summer. it gets lonely sometime so i think it needs company a harddrive would be just the thing.

----- Lucas 02.12.08 07:04

My Mac is dark blue, it has a belt with no buckle and black buttons. The collar comes up high to keep me warm and dry in this Godforsaken rainy country called England! I haven’t yet figured out how to do computing on it like the other posters on here, but i keep a mouse in the pocket just in case it switches on one day………..

----- BoXXi 02.12.08 06:49

first off: do you really read all of these entries?

second: i


high fives all around.

----- Magdalena 02.12.08 06:37

I went all Mac this year and will never go back!!! My Mac Pro still faintly has the new smell to it and everytime I open it I get that warm feeling inside like when you smell freshly dried laundry!!!

----- tracy 02.12.08 05:56

I’m my Mac:

Full of sticky notes, messed up desktop icons, Sell-A-Band sticker and tons of songs on it.

That’s exactly why I need more disk space!

----- rafael 02.12.08 05:05

Model Name: iMac
Model Identifier: iMac7,1
Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo
Processor Speed: 2 GHz
Number Of Processors: 1
Total Number Of Cores: 2
L2 Cache: 4 MB
Memory: 4 GB
Bus Speed: 800 MHz
Boot ROM Version: IM71.007A.B03
SMC Version: 1.20f4
Serial Number: W88—-6LX85

----- georgina 02.12.08 04:55

awww - tell you about my mac… sadly it doesn’t exsist - I can only stare and drool at my roomates - but I have placed an apple sticker over my dell symbol on the front of my laptop and that trips people up now and then!

----- Amy T 01.12.08 23:18

my mac is sleek, sexy, and very well-mannered.

it has yet to crash on me (knock on wood) and subtly reminds me every time i lift its lid, that it runs so much better & cleaner than my pcs ever did.

i share my desk with a macbook (black) hand-me-down from my husband (who got the new silver macbook last month).

i had a g4 when i was in college, and then had to sell it when i moved overseas. since then i’ve had a hand-me-down ibm and a dell. now that i have my “new” mac, i am re-learning all that is mac (and having to remember not to 2-finger scroll on the dell as i transfer things over).

my mac is patient and understanding, and knows that things are better with it in my life.

----- Heidi Vega Aimonetti 01.12.08 23:17

Love my iMac. My work is shot on film and printed in a darkroom; I use my mac to read digital scans of my film and retouch the scans to look like my prints. Like everyone else here, it’s my lifeline. I used to have a PC but my powerful little iMac does more than my suped-up bulky tower ever could. My wife’s macbook pro is also an essential on our lives. That little thing has gotten us out of so many jams when traveling abroad! LIke the time we wanted to know the best ramen shop in shibuya, tokyo.. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/365264#2236881 ridiculously good. Need to backup all the photos and memories!

----- Andrew 01.12.08 22:18

Don’t know what I’d do without my macbook pro. It’s all workhorse with spreadsheets, animation, design, coding, schedules, research and communicating with clients. It also a bug part of my fun and play: itunes, photobooth, garageband, surfing the web, iphoto. Helps me find what to do, where to eat.. keeping me in contact with family and friends even when I’m a million miles from everyone. Seriously, how did I ever live with this light stylish extension of my soul?! Love to have this beautiful external drive to backup my entire life!

----- Anne 01.12.08 22:03

This is so chill!!!

----- Armen 01.12.08 22:01

My Powerbook is almost 4 years old, but in some ways much younger. It is currently on its third hard drive, second battery, second power adapter, and second external case. Each of those having to be replaced at a different time, for a different reason. And yet, I still know I’ll probably end up with a mac again when it comes time to replace it. But yeah, I can never have too many places too back up my data….

----- Jeremy 01.12.08 21:31

My iMac G4 is not only my life, but my partners as well! Literally…all of our music, photos, journals…it’s all on there! We are currently travelling the world and the G4 goes everywhere with us! So important to have back-up…but tough to purchase when your travelling (aka broke!) :o)

----- Kara 01.12.08 20:59

My Mac is my livelihood; I need BACKUP!!

----- Kay 01.12.08 20:45

I have a first generation Macbook Pro bought after my iBook has been stolen with all my photos from my last trip to last in 2006. I now backup my precious photos every month. Hope to get another external hard drive. Like this one !

----- Alain Mélançon 01.12.08 20:31

my 2004 powerbook is considered an obsolete geriatric by apple, but i still love it. however, powerbook needs ALL the help its slow compressor can get. i try not to let it get jealous of the newer imac, but they need to learn how to share properly. they both deserve to have access to the same design work,millions of photographs and the insane amount of music, which all together, somehow eat up gigs and gigs of space.

----- ami 01.12.08 19:14

My new Macbook Pro was intended to be my on-the-go machine, but it keeps stealing time away from the PC at home. My first was a Mac(intosh) and my last will be a Mac.

----- Mark Michon 01.12.08 18:44

my powerbook’s harddrive is 200% smaller than this one. sad.

----- van 01.12.08 18:13

My G4 is the coolest thing since I met my girlfriend of 3 canoeing on the Swan river.

3 months later and we are studying commerce and health science collectively, although she has the freedom to roam outside, while I am continually stuck 3 metres from the nearest power outlet haha.

Oh such is life.

----- Justin Maguire 01.12.08 17:56

OMG!!!! Currently typing happily on a 13” silver mac pro. And in desperate need of a lovely hard drive :)

----- Tay 01.12.08 17:24

my macbook.the mothership. is a sweet machine, and i love it. when i first got, i treated it like a brick of gold encrusted with diamonds. i then dropped it in burger king one morning, and dented it up pretty bad. i was sad for a week, because my precious machine was less than perfect. but then i realized, my computer is a computer, and its not a baby, its a tool. i guess i appreciate it more, for that lesson.

----- ariella mostkoff 01.12.08 17:22

Looks pretty cool!

----- Pierce 01.12.08 17:20

i cant decide whether my mac (blk) is prettier than the new silver ones. i think it is, maybe. :) but i cant help but be envious of no fingerprint/smudge marks..

----- js 01.12.08 17:16

My b/f could use this….he’s technologically dumb so this would be a good start

----- Lazarou 01.12.08 17:12

Mac story:
I grew up using old school macs in kindergarten and they were so retro and fun. Seriously though, those old macs are better than pc’s now. I now have a imac and love it to death. Planning on getting a mac book for university. I will never go back to pcs! I’m a mac girl!

----- MC 01.12.08 17:09

I love Macs. Mine outranks any PC i’ve ever used. My last job gave me a PC to work on, and I got so fed up with it that I actually started bringing in my Mac. They even let me put Adobe CS3 on it, free of charge.

The other cool thing is that my Mac was having screen issues. I brought it back to the store, and even though I was a year past my applecare warranty, a glitch in the system told them to give me a free new macbook pro, four years after I bought my first one. So I bought one Mac, and got a free one four years later! Awesome!

----- Rick 01.12.08 17:06

I’ll store all my adventures from Brazil, Senegal, India / Little Tibet, Bahamas, and starting next year — Europe and in 2010, South India, Australia / New Zealand, and hopefully Antarctica. I have it all planned out. =) But since I am a poor college student, this can save me some money by not spending massively on storage devices.

----- Bijal Patel 01.12.08 17:04

My MBP’s haggard.
Noisy fans… not enough memory… and a dead battery.
The first issue could have been solved long ago…
The second and third issue has to do with how broke I am…
But I will carry on with my limping mac… If I owned a PC I’d probably have killed it already.

----- david k 01.12.08 16:53

Have my powerbook G4 for almost three years (WOW, it’s been that long), anyway I been loading up my nice 80gig internal hard drive with music, photos, and most importantly…..Art project. Pretty much I could use additional storage space.

----- Brandon 01.12.08 16:34

A Seagate for my Mac. Brilliant idea.

----- DDB 01.12.08 15:35

Ive had my iMac since July. It’s my first Mac but I’m sold. Ran a business on it and its great for media. The FreeAgent drives are great too. I use one to back up my Windows laptop, but having one for the iMac would let me put time machine to work! All i will need after is a delorean and a flux capacitor.

----- Brian 01.12.08 15:27

my boyfriend and i both attend Full Sail University and were given Macbook Pro’s when we started (it was included in our tuition)

they are, without a doubt, the coolest things EVER.

down side is… the software we have installed in our macbook’s takes up more than half of the memory. an external hard drive would be AMAZING. :)

----- Rebekah 01.12.08 15:11

ive been a mac user alllll my life. started out on my mom’s lil black and white Apple II and just purchased my very own mac pro last year! my baby is a year old (happy birthday!) and already almost maxed out on space!(Full of video and animation projects - cant live without my mac!)

what would be a nice gift for my most favorite, most special-est mac ever on its first birthday? … how about a super shiny SEAGATE HD!

----- kelly 01.12.08 14:54

Most nights I fall asleep with my MacBook in my bed. It’s really all I need at university. I bring it to class instead of notebooks or binders, watch it at night instead of tv, and spend countless hours exploring all that it has to offer.
( like who knew that if you press Control+Command+D while hovering over a word in a mac program, it shows a dictionary definition?)

----- Jo 01.12.08 14:28

Hola! My G4 is on the brink of a melt down and I am in dire need of an external hard drive to keep all ma’ goods safe. Every picture I’ve ever taken, every design project I’ve started, all my wonderful fonts and videos of my Boston terrier pups growing up will be gone forever if anything was to happen to my computer. My Mac is the one thing keeping me close to my family since I moved to the east coast from Alaska. Thanks for reading my whoa-is-me whine-fest, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a response. Thanks!!!!! Happy Holidays. -M

----- Michelle U 01.12.08 14:27

I affectionately refer to my G5 PowerPC as ‘Little Jet Engine’ (because of the sound the fans make when we’re working). Mac for life.

----- Kate 01.12.08 14:13

Just bought a new macbook and satisfied with it.

----- E Reed 01.12.08 14:08

12” powerbook that’s still truckin’.

----- masterbates 01.12.08 14:02

My mac is old old old. I got it on the cheap because a friend of a friend refurbishes them. This hard drive is making me drool!

----- Lara 01.12.08 14:00

Seagate has never let me down. It’s like if Santa worked year-round.

----- COREY 01.12.08 13:44

Ahh, my MacBook Pro. So nice and so fingerprinted from my two year old playing Sesame Street online games. It’s going to the Tekserve doctors soon to fix the latch (stuck button anyone?) and the broken “T” key. The drive would look right at home.

----- Tim 01.12.08 13:28

I currently own a Mac G4, iMac G5, original iPod, iPhone and have converted my sis & 2 cousins from pc to Mac. Do you think I love Mac?????

----- bobby 01.12.08 13:26

a boy who was my friend convinced me to buy a mac. now i love them both

----- ljee 01.12.08 13:13

My mac is an entrepreneur of tunes. We spend a lot of quality time together, bonding over a love for music and photography.
And, he doesn’t at all resent that he’s technically still property of my credit card company. :)

----- becca 01.12.08 13:09

kinda phallic?

----- wheell 01.12.08 12:51

my mac is truly my baby. my MacBook Pro is only 2nd computer i have ever owned, and i am 31. (i know, crazy.)

----- sandra 01.12.08 12:49

I work on a MAC at home, and I love it…I love it so much I think about it while I am at work in daytime…cheating on it…using a PC…Oh that lonely MAC sitting at home, waiting for my return…Some day we will share the nights AND the days together

----- Scott Ortner 01.12.08 12:37

Looking through these comments it appears that people really love their macs.

I am no different. Through an employee purchasing program I picked up my gorgeous imac with wireless keyboard and mighty mouse.
It is a thing of beauty and design genius as it sits on my glossy black desk. I bought it because it was fantastic to look at but I love it because it is fantastic to work on and live with. Photos, music, movies, essays, ichat to name but a few. It is one machine that really makes my life work for me.


----- Leanna 01.12.08 12:34

My little Mac mini is a little workhorse - photo editing, illustrating, making movies and animations. I quickly run out of room on the hard drive and an external! Please keep me going …. I need another drive!

----- QP 01.12.08 12:28

my macbook pro is going into retirement. She has given me 3 selfless years of hard work and has shown incredible loyalty to me. Despite my working her into the wee hours of the morning with meaningless web-surfing, she stood by me. I have made her proofread and spell check thousands of trivial emails to people i have never even met on facebook, and she has never failed me. Day after day, I have pushed all her buttons, yet she never showed any anger. I have denied her basic workers rights like a warranty plan to insure her health, I have never even allowed her to go to sleep, insisting that she awake stay at her desk, while i myself would go to bed for a refreshing night of sleep. Yet through it all, she was there for me, fighting off viruses, saving all my photo memories, and protecting me from sneaky Nigerians. Alas, I admit, making her memorize 2 gigabytes of my boring home made movies, documents, and financial spreadsheets was cruel, but her dedication never once waivered.

it is therefore with a shaking hand and humble heart that i ask for the seagate external hard drive- as a final gift to my macbook pro before she goes into eternal hibernation. I dont want her lifetime of hard work and achievement to go to waste. i want to preserve every moment with her, to pass on to the new generation of faster, sleeker, and thinner macbook pro already making its way to me from an unknown village in Asia.

They say she is really special, I dont want to disappoint her!

----- Mark 01.12.08 12:19

I am currently sporting three different macs: a 5-year-old 17” powerbook, a 3 month old 24” imac, and a quad-core intel-based Mac Pro. The laptop was my beloved school computer and is now my “on the go” machine. The iMac is my at home desktop where I do a little bit of everything from freelance to web surfing to making beats to playing games (my name is kyle and I used to be addicted to WoW - 2 months clean!), and the Mac Pro is the at work computer where I do all my design work. With all these different macs with all these different uses you can see how beneficial this portable drive would be!

----- kyle 01.12.08 12:18

I’m saving up to buy a mac….can’t wait!

----- jason 01.12.08 12:04

i’m in the market for a hard drive, this would be perfect for going between the office and home (i’m afraid of laptop theft!)

----- janelle 01.12.08 12:03

My MAC’s name is Demetrius. He works really hard for the little amount that I give him. I hope he knows how much I appreciate him, even though I yell at him from time to time. Demetrius has lots of friends at school. They like to share secrets and talk about us behind our backs while we’re taking breaks, but they always pull through. Lately, Demetrius has been acting a little sluggish. I’ve given him some space and let him rest as much as I can afford to, but I think he’s just overwhelmed with the amount of work that’s been coming our way. I hope he’s okay, he’s only a year old and I plan on having him around for many more years to come. I think he just wants a little brother…. someone to talk to, hang out with, go places with. That would be nice. I think Demetrius would like that.

----- Scot! 01.12.08 11:59

Well, I just registered with NOTCOT today, but I love the daily creativity jolt I get from checking the latest posts. My latest Mac is an iMac, and it’s perfect. There are always newer, bigger, and badder machines coming out, but I’m totally content with my iMac. I’ve used macs since I was about 10 years old, and I’m glad my family made the break from the PC world early on. This is a beautiful hard drive too, I’ve had other Seagate products and they are always top notch. This external would definitely help me with my blossoming music collection, and transporting files back and forth between my home and work comp. Good stuff guys!

----- J. Patch 01.12.08 11:53

Maybe I’ll have to resurrect my old G4 graphite. Sometimes I miss my Mac… sometimes.

----- gary 01.12.08 11:47

I like the whole Apple bizznass.

----- Benzino 01.12.08 11:42

My Mac is mactacular.

----- Melanie Tedder 01.12.08 11:40

I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

----- Panos 01.12.08 11:38

Hey, me and my Mac (13 inch macbook) are still in our bonding stage as my last mac + portable hard drive were stolen after a 10 month serious relationship! Until now we (me and my new mac) didn’t feel we were ready to bring a new hard drive in to our relationship,but after discussing it we decided Christmas would be the perfect time to take this important and necessary step.
As we can not make (or afford) our own hard drive we would greatly appreciate this gift, and promise to love, take care and cherish it forever.

Best wishes,

----- Lee Harten 01.12.08 11:37

I guess you could say my love for Apple started as a child. When the boxy offwhite machines graced my elementary school. I would sit in computer class and program away, plotting out pictures. I loved it. Thanks to the great educational discounts they give schools, I used Apple computers throughout my education. But it wasn’t until college that I was forcee to buy my first Mac.

Remember back in 2001 when they came out with the Titanium Powerbook? Well that’s when I started design school and they required the fully loaded Titanium Powerbook G4. I hated school, but I loved my Mac. I dropped out of design school, but I kept my computer and have since been a true Apple Convert.

In 2004, still running on OS 9, My best friend messaged me on AIM. I was standing across the room with a bowl in hand of CoCo Puffs cereal drowning in 2% milk and rushed to the side of my computer. With my right hand I typed away while not even noticing my other hang slowly tipping downward, until SWOOSH. That whole thing tipped right on over with a waterfall of slow death going right into my keyboard. It immediately went black and I flipped that computer over on a towl, popped out the battery and wept. Nothing on my computer was backed up on storage. After it dried I packed it away in my closet.

A few months later after find some funding I went to the Genius Bar with my mom. I told the Genius my sob story. Turned to my mother and mentioned how I prayed every day God would resurrect my computer like Jesus resurrected Lazarus. My mom looked at my funny and the Genius slightly chuckled to himself that was until he pressed the power button and that glorious sound, the Apple Boot Up tone. It was like angels singing. My computer has somehow survived. It was amazing!

After a few years the harddrive eventually died. I replaced it, and then last year finally invested in my friends 2005 Macbook Pro. This christmas I hope to get one of those great Portable Harddrives to back this one up, because I haven’t yet. And this one would complete me.

----- Ashley Hollingsworth 01.12.08 11:25

my mac! a wonder! its strong but so small,
and steals wifi from the flat down the hall
it has illustrator
and no itunes is greater!
and hooray! no spinning rainbows at all.

----- whiskeypony 01.12.08 11:20

My G4 Mac was bought by my dad x years ago so I didn’t have to go to the computer lab every night in college until the sun came up. Instead I stayed at home with her up through countless all-nighters. She has been by frenemy through all these years. I haven’t lost a file yet except through those old (janky) zip discs but she’s getting old and full so she will need to be replaced (and backed up wink, wink) when mama gets enough dough for another.

----- Cheryln 01.12.08 11:17

“My Mac Pro does everything your PC does, 2 years ago.”

-A Wise Man

----- Thai 01.12.08 11:08

I worked for four months helping to provide proper nutrition to impoverished pregnant women, infants and children to save up for my iMac for school. It was amazing and my computer is equally amazing [and having an awesome external would be SUPER-amazing!].

----- Emma 01.12.08 11:06

I found my mac on this amazing dating site called apple.com When I saw her black body I could not help but click on the “see more pics” button. I was drooling by the end of it. Her tight frame, her all black body, and even the glow she got at night. I had to be with her…and I have been for more than a year now. She swears she is made in China but I don’t believe her. Her name is Svetlana…I think she is Russian. She keeps me up all hours of the night with much excitement. We play video games, we watch movies, we even fly around the world. She rarely tuckers out early and I always enjoy her speed. There is nothing about Svetlana that I don’t love. I think everyone should check out apple.com. I’ve been with Svetlana for over a year…how many can say that?

----- Andrew 01.12.08 10:50

My girl (my macbook pro) it’s a beauty… it’s my confident, my soulmate. When I look into her eyes (17” screen) I just can’t resist to touch her, and when I do she just lights up (her keyboard). We have a great 6 months relationship, but recently she told me she needs more space… Now, I’m worried, cause I love her so much I want give her the space she needs. Help.

----- jose Vladimir Reyes 01.12.08 10:37

my mac is a Toshiba :(
waiting for it to crash so i can get an Apple

----- Paul 01.12.08 10:36



----- Maddie 01.12.08 10:34

My mac is new and it’s moving with me to Albania :)

----- Kristen 01.12.08 10:22

all i can say is thank neptune for the magnetic power cord socket. the amount of times i would have sent my macbook flying towards the wall, if it did not have the breakaway function, is.. a lot of times.

im waiting in fear for the day that magnet wipes my credit card in retaliation.

----- steve 01.12.08 10:20

i’m at work on my 24” imac. can see myself as i’m writing this. glossyyyy

----- kelly 01.12.08 10:02

We just upgraded from our ibook to a brand new macbook. I’m so excited that we now have a little macbook and a nice big iMac, as well as two shuffles, an ipod, and two iphones. Apparently, we have a problem…

----- Jaime 01.12.08 09:53

I love my mac. Its the apple i wake up to and go to sleep with. I have 1 ibook, 1 G4powerbook, 1 macbook, an imac, 3 iphones, 1 ipod photo, 1 ipod 3rd gen, 1 ipod shuffle, 1 ipod 5th gen, 1 ipod mini and also nike+. But i still feel it isnt enough! For someone living in singapore, I feel i have too much apple around my house. But too much apple isnt a bad thing.Like they say, an apple a day keeps the doc at bay.

And its soo true. Having my mac(s) are the best thing that has every happened to me. Ive brought them all around the world! From Singapore, to Australia, to The United States of America, Japan, Paris, Korea, Thailand and even China! Never has it once failed me in anyway or another.

Right now, it would be great to have an external harddisk. So i can save on not buying one more external harddisk and get the AWSOMELY GORGEOUS macABOSULTEbook pro! Then I would die in peace by the end of the year. Because i would had tried, used and owned all the different types of macs Apple have to offer!!

----- Rachel 01.12.08 09:53

I have a robot and hummingbird gelaskin on my mac that I inherited from my boyfriend.

----- Lauren 01.12.08 09:47

my boyfriend is in law school. he could so use this for backing up all his work!!!!! :)

----- liz schultz 01.12.08 09:44

I have a mac
I don’t have a hard drive
I would love to have both a hard drive
and a mac!

----- Randy 01.12.08 09:38

My mac is beat to shit. It could use a little love, and a little sexy little external like the seagate freeagent would really lighten my poor little workhorse’s load.

----- Lauren 01.12.08 09:33

i named my mac. her name is twigly. Why did i name her you ask? Well, she has a personality of her own. Not to mention her Trinitron screen. Which, well, looks the way it sounds. Twigly doesnt necessarily like me. infact, we have a love hate relationship. She doesnt like to be bossed around by a mouse, she likes to say she has no memory, she wont let me add any more applications, she doesnt like to stream videos (because she way to slow, the videos are more like slideshows) Oh did I mention twigly is really a system 9 make? made over to be an OSX … well she is. All twigly needs is a a real treatment of dialysis where all of her whole 1GB storage and memory can be transformed by and awesome SEAGATE FREEAGENT GO!
please. for twigly’s sake. and my sanity.
save me seagate.

----- Lin 01.12.08 09:32

my first (and current!) mac is Sheldon, an ibook G4. i first brought him home last March of 2004 and is still my constant work and play companion. what i love about macs is that they’re perfect for first time laptop buyers, or even first time users…you’re pretty much set for the next couple of years without needing to upgrade or feel out of the tech loop because they are as timeless and classic as your favorite pair of jeans ^_^

----- diane sipin 01.12.08 09:24

love the mac, perfect for designers, love the widgets

----- Federico Garrido 01.12.08 09:14

my 12” pb helped me finish my thesis and get started in the “real” world. it holds my memories better than my own head and has treated me well when i have been unable to do the same. with less than 400mb left on the original 30 gb hard drive, and a near constant dumping of data to CDs and flash drives, it needs some love i just can’t provide at the moment.

how can you say no to such a precious little computer?

----- Chris 01.12.08 09:13

My mac is an old powerbook G4. Small, silver and durable, I take it everywhere and have never had a problem with it (knock on wood). Hopefully it will last until I can finish my PhD!

----- Julie 01.12.08 09:07

my Mac is a Pro and a book as well.
it listens to me like a good friend.
it helps me illustrate the stories i tell,
always providing a happy end.

----- Cody Lodi 01.12.08 09:03

Last spring, my life-changing 12” Powerbook died a slow, painful death right before my eyes. No hard drive back-ups were made. I wept.
But rather than have the outdated tech repaired or immediately replace it, I fell for early rumors of a Macbook design refresh and waited. And waited.
Many a Steve Jobs keynote passed as I listened for an announcement that only came an excruciating ten months later.
But rejoice! By way of Black Friday, I’ve just ordered my new 13” Macbook and expect it in a matter of days!

I just have to remember to make a back-up next time…

----- Peter 01.12.08 08:48

When I finally got my iMac and my technologically challenged mother saw it she said to me, “Oh, that’s a nice monitor. Where’s the computer?”

I loled so hard and then I had to spend about ten minutes explaining to her that it was the computer. However, she kept looking around my desk for it.

The next day my aunt’s came over, and I repeated the same process.

----- Suzan 01.12.08 08:48

Santa still has my mac…but it will be delivered early so I can get it all geared up before I leave for a year of design school in Spain. I’m sure my mac will be my best friend!

----- keira 01.12.08 08:44


----- zach lyons 01.12.08 08:40

i am a photography student using a mac book pro and would love to have this to back up my insane amount of photographs.

i would be freaking rad to get my hands on it.


----- Sarah nix 01.12.08 07:58

my mac is named iocaste - which, in retrospect, was probably not the brightest of ideas. never name something you rely on heavily after a greek tragic figure…

i’ve only had her a couple weeks, but the writing and photos on her are essential to life. i have been shopping around for a harddrive in case she lives up to her name and this one is absolutely beautiful.

----- lauren michele 01.12.08 07:47

I brought home a new baby to the family, the 24” imac, just last week. It’s making my 15” mac book pro mucho jealous.

----- Lynn 01.12.08 07:46

My macbook pro and I are currently studying in Prague. We’re doing pretty well, although activity monitor is telling me that there is only 3gb left on my harddrive. Djing (music), editing photos and videos, and designing logos and posters takes up a lot of space, and surfing notcot for new stuff hasn’t been very fast. When we’re back in the states I’ll be getting 4gb of memory so everything will be a lot quicker. This computer will be in constant use until that double touchscreen tablet macbook comes out.

----- Christopher 01.12.08 07:45

My Mac is a PC.

----- NorthFire 01.12.08 07:42

My ibook has opened a world of creative doors for me, this device would add to my experience!

----- awolf 01.12.08 07:31

My macbook is so badass it puts the hard in hard drive.

----- brone 01.12.08 07:24

My mac is the Best, His name is monster and he eats up PC’s, Mwahahahaha

----- Ant 01.12.08 07:22

I have been wanting one of these to compliment my macbook for so long! I am glad they finally came on the market!

----- Matte Conway 01.12.08 07:01

I was always a Pc User till about two years ago when i was supposed to relocate to study Architecture. I bought a mac book pro to be able to take on freelance work and make a bit of extra cash on the side. It all fell through and ended up staying in Cape Town at the same company, That beautiful little machine has saved me more than once during deadlines, All nighters at the office become a lot easier when you can remder and still post production at the same time. Now i just need the storage for all my pics and music :-)

I love that little thing.

----- Justin Kemp 01.12.08 06:57

I’m a complete convert since 2002. I’ve tried to convince my PC family that Mac is the way to go, but change is scary. Now they all call me to fix their PC nightmares and the answer is always the same. “Do this and this OR you could just get a Mac and not have these problems in the first place.” Love my MacBook Pro… its like an appendage. Would especially love me some free external drive action!

----- LANDLINE 01.12.08 06:52

My macbook houses all my failed attempts at art and music. Stylish yet rugged, old yet surprisingly new looking. Has no bad smells accompanying it. IT IS GREAT!

----- Joe Boland 01.12.08 06:32

My MacBook Pro (intel) with Leopard has been having issues. :-( It won’t start up after sleep on occasion.

I want a new design. Kind of sick of the aluminum look…. I miss the clamshells with color. And the beauty of the G4 Cube. Bring back color!!!!

----- Alex Jeon 01.12.08 06:30

My Mac is the Mac Daddy of all Macs…

What else does he need except MORE SPACE! He needs all this space to roam around and claim as his own… As of this late holiday season he has been getting a little too big for himself, and kiiiiiiiiiinda doesn’t fit into his own self any more.

This little drive would be PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERFECT for that little bit of extra holiday stuffing… :)

----- Aaron 01.12.08 06:28

I have a 15-inch Macbook Pro for my personal computer and a 24-inch iMac at work. If there was a fire, the one thing I would save (besides myself of course) would be my mac.

----- Dustin 01.12.08 06:23

My mac is my tv. my mac is my office. my mac is my chaufer and shopping companion. oh dear god. my mac is too much to me. i may need counseling.

----- Annette 01.12.08 06:22

A friend of mine is spending the current semester of her college career in England. Sheffield, specifically. More specific, I could not say.

She stops by one night, tells me to get in the car. We drive to the Apple store and pick up a new MacBook Air for her. She turns to me and offers her current MacBook for 400$. I accept with a big stupid grin.

Then we split an eclair. It was delicious.

----- Desmond Naranjo 01.12.08 05:51

my 2y/o macbook pro is my 1st mac and I love it! my pc sits in a corner collecting dust. I’m a designer revisiting and updating my portfolio and it’s time that Mac gets a friend and some extra storage!

----- tiffany 01.12.08 05:42

Once you go Mac, its damned hard to go back. Working at home is much more enjoyable as a Mac just makes more sense than my Windows based work laptop.

----- tony 01.12.08 05:25

There are some things in life that make me happy.

My mac makes me happy.

----- gabe 01.12.08 04:39

BEST THING IN MY LIFE aside from my family and friends. Like seriously, I cannot live without my mac.

----- Jasmine Wee 01.12.08 03:46

I’m on my first Mac and it’s fantastic. I totally understand the hype now. I’d love a backup drive for all my artwork and stock!

----- Erinn 01.12.08 03:35

When my mac (Macbook Pro) eats something it takes things seriously and dresses up. The nicest way to sleep is outside in a Silver Cross Pram, coz it got style. When it wakes up it has a congenial cup of Tick Tock Rooibos tea and lets the clock tick away until noon for some backups. Laundry doesn’t take but a minute or two, but that Rocket World Shag Master Creature Hoodie sure looks good. Some merrymaking missions during the day, but otherwise life is pretty damn bewitching, except for some lonliness from time to time. The family consists of two elder brothers (Powerbook G4, and iBook G3), one great uncle (iMac bondi blue) and the pure genius of them all, mother of all wonderful little notcots, great grandma Classic (you know it). No spouse I’m afraid, not at the moment at least – no one really to share all the special moments with.

My MBP says hi to everyone and wishes you a Merry Christmas, hoping you spend it with someone you love. :-)

And a little message from MBP: 01000100 01110010 01100101 01100001 01101101 01100111 01101001 01110010 01101100 00111010 00100000 01010011 01000111 00100000 01000110 01110010 01100101 01100101 01000001 01100111 01100101 01101110 01110100 00100000 00111101 00100000 01110100 01110010 01110101 01100101

----- Bragi Bergþórsson 01.12.08 03:21

I love my Mac; after being a Windows fanboy for the majority of my life, I finally gave Apple a shot and was blown away. That was 8 months ago. Since then I have gone through complete Apple history owning a 512k, Quadra, Blue iMac, TiBook, Early MacBook Pro, and finally one of the new unibodies. Through a series of Craigslist trades and parting with my beloved gaming PC, I am finally satisfied, but I still have need for a little more portable storage in my life.

----- Aaron Chiles 01.12.08 03:02

I think that initially I would take it slow,i figure I would take it to Disneyland to break the ice, ride some teacups, cotton candy etc…as we got developed trust, i would begin to entrust it with my project files [AI, PS, AE & Final cut] and my completed works turning my little pocket friendly HD into a living collection of my blood sweat and tears. portable portfolio and safeguard. After which we would naturally record some fetishy techy design geek sex tapes and accidentally leave them somewhere unattended only to discover them stolen

----- Ben Harten 01.12.08 02:12

my macbook is not really up2date, but i love working with it at least until i can afford a new one. ther`s no way i’m gonna change to one of those windows…

----- Seán 01.12.08 01:21

i love the new mac iphoto/facebook photo uploader application
it has made my life so much easier

----- kirsten chow 01.12.08 01:21

I love my mac! its a perfect match for a musician. but i desperately need to move my music somewhere else since the recording programs are taking all my space….

----- Sevin 01.12.08 01:17

The university owns my Mac. I can’t afford my own since I’ve been going through college for Graphic Design. I would love a external hard drive to accommodate my needs while I sit in the computer labs at school till 2:30 in the morning.

----- Alexandra 01.12.08 00:38

I recently bought my macbook pro with a student loan after my windows desktop pc crashed…taking with it the past 5 years worth of my pictures along with countless other memories. The macbook has been a life saver allowing me to take notes, edit video and share all my new pictures with friends and family. As of now, I can’t afford a back up external drive, and leaving my pictures without a back up makes me pretty nervous. I’m counting on my macbook not to die on me, but this little drive would be an amazing holiday gift to leave me with a little piece of mind in the future.

----- Tomas V 01.12.08 00:18

While digging through dumpsters behind Apple stores across the nation, I pieced together my first mac. It was a long process and took a very long time, but I finally did it! Then a couple years ago I won $10,000 from McDonalds Monopoly and bought a brand new MacBook Pro! I was so excited! The Mac helped me to become a professional designer, but now I have almost run out of storage space. I’m down to about 2 gigs and it’s really slowing down my programs that I need every day. I usually work on design stuff for 2 minutes and then take a break for 10 minutes while it catches up. Sometimes my screen saver of my family tree gets frozen on there (which puts a damper on my creativity). I have recently lost my job, due to the current state of the economy and need this hard drive to be able to keep up with my career and possibly start doing some freelance design to get back on my feet.

I have had my MacBook Pro (the first core 2 duo) for about 2 years now. I saved up for a long time and paid for it in full. It has been awesome for me especially while working on my degree in graphic design. My girlfriend also has a MacBook Pro. And we actually had a 500 gig external hard drive, with a lot of stuff on it. My music stuff… Design stuff… my girlfriends advertising stuff… And then it crashed. We lost everything, and I’ve been looking to get a new one. This would be great.

----- Bryan Hogg 30.11.08 23:55

My mac lives on the floor by my bed, and does its job of waking me in the morning for work with 7 alarm clocks. god bless it.

----- Dustin 30.11.08 23:30

My mac was bought a year ago as my “on the go” laptop. I was still very much a PC gal back then, so I didn’t think I’d be using it that often at home. Oh how wrong I was. Now that I primarily use my mac at home, I’m sorry that I bought such a small hard drive for it.

I use my mac for everything, including transferring pictures from my DSLR camera from. As you can imagine, that takes up a lot of space. Currently, I’m backing up every month or so by dragging all my pictures to my windows shared folder on my PC, but an external hard drive would definitely be the way to go.

Oh yeah, I also name all my computers. My mac is called Firefly while my PC is called Galactica.

----- Louise 30.11.08 23:03

Wow! a nice Seagate HD and a big one at that!
The wonderful thing about Macs is that Macs are wonderful things!

----- Kirk 30.11.08 23:02

my mac is on the mist of dying. a HD would be a bomb

----- cin 30.11.08 22:48

My parents bought me my iMac last year as a early birthday/christmas present when my old power mac G4 decided to kick the bucket during the final weeks of the semester. When I got it I didn’t know how I’d ever manage to fill up a 300 GB harddrive (my old mac’s harddrive was only 20 GB) but free space is disappearing at amazing speed!

----- az 30.11.08 22:31

Please? I said the magic word…usually Santa makes my dream come true every year I say “Please?”

----- Jeffacky 30.11.08 22:25

I’ve been a Mac user since the Mac Plus….and it just gets better. 4 sons all own/use Macs, work in IT, and I almost never have to call on them to fix my Mac/software…..they just work!


----- RL Patterson 30.11.08 22:11

FreeAgent Me!

----- Anthony Dalesandro 30.11.08 21:46

my mac is everything i have ever dreamed of.
my mac is my life-mate

----- Davey 30.11.08 21:42

My Macbook Pro dubbed Otis (after my last dog, RIP little guy) is the digital container of my life and I aboslutely love it. I’m on the last 4.5 gigs of available memory on my hard drive and this would be a god send to free up space.

----- InTheDetails 30.11.08 21:11

Have a 17 Powerbook I take everywhere..
Its my portable design studio…amazing…..can work anywhere in the world….
Theirs some delay issues with some of my graphic programs but I make due..
My first personal mac was the 8100!…that cost me an arm and a leg….I took out loans for that thing when I was going to school…I still have that thing collecting dust……maybe will be worth something in another couple decades….That thing was so slow that I took multiple food/snack breaks in between graphic functions….
We got it good now with the current Macs!….I can’t stress that more!..hehe..

oh and My Family used to own a “Apple 2 Plus” I used to play one of the original Olympic video games on!…
Any of you kiddies know what that is?…haha..

----- m3000 30.11.08 20:44

My mac isn’t mine yet. It’s still waiting in a wish list.

----- Christina 30.11.08 20:34

I have the new macbook 2.4 Ghz. love the frame less screen and the lighted keyboard

----- Massimo 30.11.08 20:26

I have a 15” macbook pro, …shes a beast…an utter beast…need i say more? UTTER BEAST!

----- phigs 30.11.08 19:11

I got my macbook pro this past summer, after a few months of interning at a local ad agency. My previous computer, a white iBook G3, started acting up a few years back and on the morning I went to buy a back up drive to gather all my valuable design files and music my baby died! Never to recover all the files and music…sad day. Fortunately most of the REALLY important stuff were on CDs, and I’ve since been better at backing up files, but my clunky, unsightly external drive is nowhere near as sleek, sexy, and portable as this puppy looks! :)

----- Allyson 30.11.08 19:11

Dropped my 12 inch powerbook off the top of a lover’s beat up old Saab a few years back, and everything came crashing down: hearts, harddrive, handholding. AppleCare fixed the harddrive, we fixed the hearts and eventually found new hands to hold. The computer is five years old this week, it has a younger aluminum macbook sibling, but I’m looking for a harddrive to tie them together… m

----- matty 30.11.08 19:07

I was a poor college student when my dying G3 ibook kicked the bucket, and got a shiny new imac. Great plan, right? Well i didn’t want to shell out the extra cash for my HD space, thinking i could upgrade it later. Now i know the truth in how hard it is, and i would void my warrant…smart thinking…

SO, external is what i need. Most of all I NEED firewire 800. So many of these crappy drives out there the big box automatons tell you are amazing, don’t have it. Heck it’s hard enough to find something with firewire even now. Why do i want another USB peripheral to clog up my 3 ports, when i have a firewire 400 and 800 sitting all lonely style next to them?

----- Josh 30.11.08 19:06

My Mac.

My mac has a first name, it’s A-P-P-L-E
My mac has a second name, it’s A-P-P-L-E

Oh I love to play it everyday,
And if you ask me why say,
Cause’ my Mac has a way with A-P-P-L-E!!!

— The moral of the story is that I’m horrible when it comes to naming my electronics. Just ask my Super Nintendo, SNES.

----- Joshua Peterman 30.11.08 18:46

my mac needs upgrades.

----- Joe 30.11.08 18:41

Im still on my five year old 15 inch powerbook, which would like to soon become a 24 inch imac.

----- dylan 30.11.08 18:41

I’ll never buy a pc again. This is my second mac. My first mac died at the well ripened age of 5. She’s at peace now.

----- jeenie 30.11.08 18:24

TittieBook is the name of my trusty PowerBook G4 Titanium.
That Seagate Go is sexy… it would look great next to my Tittie.

----- byh 30.11.08 18:12

someone just told me I should save all my stuff from my macbook to a back up drive. i thought my mac would live forever. i’m so naïve.

----- mabs 30.11.08 17:59

Happy Holidays NOTCOT! Stay warm wherever you are this year.

----- beverly 30.11.08 17:45

I remember I was the first person out of my family and group of friends to purchase a mac, well a iBook to be exact. My iBook has been there through the good and the bad and even after years of having it its still in pretty good condition. I won’t say that I don’t envy those who have the capability of buying the latest versions of mac technology, but I have gone through a lot with this iBook, from where I’m actually typing this. It has gotten me through high school and college research I have had to do as well as those dreadful 20 page papers you sometimes have to write; also the college and graduate school entrance essays and electronic applications, you get the picture. I have stored photos of my past, my present and maybe my future, as well as music that triggers good memories and bad, or simply those really good songs that makes you want to have a dance party in your room when there’s no one around. This might sound trite but I believe that everything that can be found in one’s laptop can say a lot about a person and I think my iBook can say a lot about myself. In a way everything in it, whether documents or scratches on its surface, is the record of my growth as a person.

----- Cordova 30.11.08 17:41

My MacBook Pro doesnt have working delete and enter keys… and wont sink with my iphone. Hopefully I can find a way to fix it- before it goes throu the window.

----- Andy 30.11.08 17:06

My iMac is the best alarm clock, DVD player ever.

----- Scott 30.11.08 17:03

I consider my macbook to be the Alfred to my Bruce Wayne. Without it my spirit would have been broken long ago and my army of other little helpers ( ipod, printer, scanner, camera) would be entirely useless. I must admit a few differences between Alfred and my computer. Firstly, the accent. When my computer speaks to me, on the rare occasion I enable it to, its accent is more titillating than sophisticatedly British. Another sad difference is that the macbook gets to wear the sexy matte black suit, and rarely dons a tuxedo. It also fails in the sandwich, laundry, drive the car categories. Oh well. Im not particularly good at being Batman either.

----- Myrcell 30.11.08 16:59

Ahh, my trusty Mac. I got my Powerbook g4 in the Spring of 2005 when I changed my major to Graphic Design. My uncle passed away and left me an inheritance, so I was able to afford the shiny, brand new Mac, Adobe CS2, and a used car (yay!) Sadly, the car passed away less then 2 years later…
Anywho, I use my mac everyday. At work I use two different Macs, but I can’t wait to get home to my own trusty lappy and use Firefox with StumbleUpon and Del.icio.us add-ons, exposé exactly how I like it, and a different wallpaper everyday! I also read all my blogs in Google Reader (Notcot is my fave, PS)
Last Christmas I asked my mom for a gig of RAM. Now, since I use my Mac excessively, it is really starting to show it’s age. Thank goodness for Apple Care cause I’ve replaced the harddrive once and the power twice! It would be really super to have an external drive to store my files (especially my graphic design and art) - cause I think my Mac is starting to get old!!! Plus, the silver would match it ever so nicely!!!

----- Marlo 30.11.08 16:53

My Power Mac is in a near-death status. The building I live in had an electrical problem and damaged my Mac. This drive would help me rescue my data before the bitter end!

----- Michael 30.11.08 16:51

I have a lovely iMac which I bought the week the intel processors were released in NZ. Around the same time that I officially paid it off, I also officially filled it up. I now have two small hard drives and every time I want to save anything or put anything new on my computer I have to go through an entertaining/frustrating process of shuffling files between them all. This would save me!!! (and tide me over until I can eventually afford a new Mac)…

----- Lou 30.11.08 16:39

my mac is silver and black sits in the back where where my bed is at.
imac riding on 24” mighty mouse from the durtty south. ipod, i got, notcot.

----- iimm53 30.11.08 16:38

When reading or watching films in bed my cat lays along the side of my mac and cuddles it to warm up…its not that i’m on heating, its just cold on these winter nights. :)

----- Colin 30.11.08 16:26

I love my well-worn core-duo macbook pro - but the pesky 100 gig hdd is chocked full. This little beauty would be an aesthetically pleasing answer to my prayers…

----- Phil 30.11.08 16:10

My mac could beat up your mac!

No, wait, we’re a peaceful people…I

----- Christina 30.11.08 16:03

When my parents got divorced all my mom asked of my dad was for him to pay for my college… well I got saddled with student loans instead-he made a deal I pay for a years worth and then he’ll pay the rest- well I payed for more than a year’s worth and he payed me 150% back- I bought my macbook with it- I’m so glad I did that instead of leasing a car…

----- Alexis 30.11.08 15:53

I have a powerbook. It’s still running Panther. It is slow.

----- Nate De Leon 30.11.08 15:47

My macbook has been dead for a long time. I bought an HP notebook to replace it and keep a pretty apple-logo desktop wallpaper to remember.

----- Michael 30.11.08 15:47

This is a “please take pity on me” comment.

I’m a graphic design student, and my mac is essential for my survival. In the last year alone, I have experienced so many frustrating tech problems and had nearly every part of my mac replaced, all the while learning (in some cases, the hard way) the critical importance of BACKING UP YOUR WORK. :) And my computer troubles continue.
This fabulous hard drive, I’m sure, would save me a world of potential devastation. (and money.)(and tears.)

Also—I’ve never entered a single NotCot contest, because I tend to pessimistically assume I won’t win; but when I saw this one, I knew I HAD TO enter, because my life practically depends on it. And I have hope!

THANK YOU for having such an amazing website! You make dreams come true!

----- Kirstin Huber 30.11.08 15:47

I’ve had my macbook pro for years, purchasing it originally to help me out during design school. I had been lugging around a huge external hard drive for a couple of years that contained all my backed up projects from school. Right after I graduated, the hard drive was stolen and all my files were gone! Still got my trusty mac, but I need a new trusty HD!

----- Erick 30.11.08 15:42

my macs have always been my sanctuaries. they store my life, art, photography, and music. seagate can come too.

----- Godfrey 30.11.08 15:42

Besides the hard drive been upgraded to 200gb, its pretty ordinary; 15”, brushed metal silver, dual core… you know, the usual.

----- jayp0411 30.11.08 15:39

Geez, this makes me feel even prouder of being a macbook pro owner! =)
This beautiful silver Seagate FreeAgent Go would really *GO* nice with it. I love the light details!

----- Syl 30.11.08 15:37

love the dock. this would seriously help with my need to keep 1000’s of mp3s and even more photos available at all times. I always hate purging my itunes, and the back up hard drive I use now is getting close to full at 750gb…

----- whiz 30.11.08 15:33

My poor Mac, sitting there, filled with potential, begging to be put to use. The problem with my poor Mac is that it is still sitting on the shelf. It has become a victim of my girlfriends desire to go to Europe. So now we have a rather lager credit card debt, a heap of photos and my poor Mac must sit and wait for me ever so patiently. Soon we shall be together.

----- Matt Ryan 30.11.08 15:26

oh well! a fact about our mac.. actually i’m on my macbook pro bought like one year and a half ago.. july 2007. i always wondered why it started to peel off his color on the left side of the touchpad leaving some tiny black spots… maybe it is on his puberty! :D

----- marieke 30.11.08 15:24

my little macbook is the #1 thing I would save in a fire :D
…you know, aside from any damsels in distress :p

----- Laura Koivunen 30.11.08 15:12

Ianthe, my mac is old, as in late 2001 iBook old, but she’s still kickin’ on her second hard drive. I know the old girl won’t last forever, but I sure hope she’ll make it a few more years—she’s the back-up for my husband (who killed his PowerBook this summer and replaced it a MacBook before his Ph.D. program resumed this Fall). I use my mac connect to the world, to read the news, to watch the occasional movie, to write emails, to send photos to loved ones far away, for business trips, to read on-line books (I just finished Treasure Island), for finding new recipes, for reading NOTCOT…

----- becca 30.11.08 15:02

I treat my 17” Macbook pro like I would treat a small injured woodland animal. That isn’t to say my Macbook pro behaves like an injured animal, it behaves more like some kind of jungle cat, I just treat it really really nicely.

----- Spencer W 30.11.08 14:57

my mac needs a 320 GB External Hard drive!

----- jennifer 30.11.08 14:50

i never win anything, really. just wanted to let jean aw know that she’s aw-right for having these contests when she could really just wrap these gifts up and give to her family and friends. she’s a good soul and deserves good karma….

----- johanna 30.11.08 14:35

My mac (Macbook Pro) goes with me everywhere I go. Which is why I should probably get a Macbook Air! =) I love my mac, I love that it doesn’t crash, and I don’t have to worry about viruses!

----- Hamza 30.11.08 14:33

I’ve got a macbook pro. I use it to work and to play. It’s nice and all, but as time goes by it got older, a little less lean on handling all my files at the touch of a finger. “No more space!” he kept screaming, and so came that day when it happened: hard drive fully loaded! And so here I am, hoping that for Christmas I’ll have a little something to give my handy laptop a little hope in handling all my things. Oh well, guess time’ll tell if he’s been a good boy enough to get a gift!

----- Gab 30.11.08 14:32

i used to be very anti-mac, until my unreliable HP died on my between my arch studio finals and finals for other classes last year, so I was stuck in the library. Once I got my mac book pro, i have never looked back! To make mine stand out among the midst of other avid macbook users in my architecture studio, i stuck a bathing ape sticker on it. whooo!

----- AnitaC 30.11.08 14:28

Want it. Want it!

----- Jordan 30.11.08 14:13

I brought my first Mac with my birthday money… It was probobly the best birthday ever.

----- Hc 30.11.08 14:06

I got a Mac Pro a few months ago, and my energy bills have skyrocketed because I can’t tear myself away from my computer.

----- Bekka 30.11.08 14:03

I’ve had my 17” powerbook for 6 years now and it’s still going strong! I badly want an upgrade, but am also proud of my old friend the powerbook.

----- Florence 30.11.08 13:54

I’ll put all those windoze viruses that Macs like and then spread it like a bad disease to all the Windoze machines that my Mac touches.

----- Andrew Chau 30.11.08 13:42

ooh, do I have a Mac story for you.

I ordered a new 20” iMac on friday via Apple’s online Black Friday sale and lo and behold, since I live so close to their distribution center (I guess?) they delivered it early the next day. So early, in fact, that I was in the shower and couldn’t answer the door, so I had to drive out with my roommate that afternoon to find the FedEx building, which was unmarked and in the middle of absolute nowhere.
An hour later, arriving back at home, I unboxed the shiny new piece of machinery and immediately began transferring files from my puny iBook to the new computer.
About two hours in, the screen decided it wanted to have a rave and hundreds of pixelated, multicolored vertical lines blinked into existence. I called the Geek Bar, I called Apple Support, and nobody could fix it - so I have to exchange the damn thing, DOA. The fun part is that since I ordered it online and online orders can’t effect the stock of real stores for some reason, I have to wait until the local store gets a new iMac in from the main Mac Store in the Sky or somesuch nonsense before I can exchange my hunk’o’junk.

So I want, nay, NEED this hard drive, because with my bad luck, the new one will probably crash - and lord knows, I deserve the backup.

----- Jessie 30.11.08 13:06

My macbook pro is my lifeline. Fantastic for the hours I spend editing photos. It won’t give up in spite of the numerous times I’ve dropped it (and my klutziness is just all the more reason I’m in a need of an external!)

----- Jenica 30.11.08 13:00

I have a very loved and beaten up Powerbook G4 that unfortunately no longer seems to want to accept my currrent external hard drive, so all access to pictures, music, etc. has disappeared. A new hard drive would be lovely so I could finally upload all of my pictures instead of deleting or purchasing new sd cards. Congrats to whoever wins, thanks for having the contests!

----- Cole 30.11.08 12:59

i have a white macbook, the old middle option (2.4ghz…), i added 2 extra gigs of ram, plus i have a black speck case for protection, but i would rather have an incase since the speck case is all scratched up

----- raptrex 30.11.08 12:50

My husband bought me a refurbished 17” MacBook Pro a couple of years ago, and I haven’t looked back. I love the huge screen and that I can pull up recipes while I’m cooking, while I’m listening to Pandora, while I’m blogging with step-by-step photos of whatever I’m cooking so that my sister can replicate the dishes back in Austin. I haven’t learned everything I can do with this MacBook yet, but I do, indeed love learning about it.

----- margarita 30.11.08 12:45

My Mac has a hard life…constantly loaded up with cool design stuff and expected to perform at optimum level…I think he deserves a break and a new pal like seagate will give him a chance to offload.

----- Caro 30.11.08 12:32

I just got into Grad School, and I remember when I bought my first external drive. I was writing my undergraduate history thesis and the power went out in the building. And I had not hit command + S. I was 25 pages in and all of it was gone. I am grateful that I wasn’t further in at 50 pages, but I do think my heart stopped at that moment. I don’t think I burst into tears until 20 minutes later, after the adrenaline rush from the plunge into darkness. But I got my first external HD that night after class, and I have never looked back.

----- Castronaut 30.11.08 12:13

My macbook is one of my favorite things I own. I am about to switch schools and start a new degree in design and I want a sleek, new external to store all of my previous college’s school work and information. I love the the design of the FreeAgent Go and would love to make it a part of my Mac fueled electronics collection. It’s also my birthday on the 2nd, the day this give away contest ends, and it would make the perfect present.

----- Amanda 30.11.08 11:15

My white Macbook has been a key element in being able to launch a new GreenBuild company!!! It goes where I go and has been a true “working machine”. Could have never done as much as I have without it!!!

----- BigMike 30.11.08 11:10

I’ve had my Macbook for about seven months now and it’s been a great love affair. I’ve been meaning to invest in an external hard drive since I first brought it home, so I can back up everything using Time Machine, but sadly, I’ve been low on funds. I can’t imagine the kind of nervous breakdown I’d have if I lost EVERYTHING. I did ask for an external hard drive for Christmas but it would be great to have one less thing for my parents to have to pick up, when they’re already doing so much for so many other people!

----- Bri 30.11.08 10:49

My white macbook is a replacement for one stolen in Rome. It shuttles back and forth with me between school and home and has clandestine relations with both a dell and lenovo monitor.

----- Karl 30.11.08 10:43

my mac is gay, and i’m ok with that.

----- ricardo 30.11.08 10:42

I love my MacBook (Black), even though I have a chunk of the plastic casing near where my right wrist rests is chipped off. It happened before and I had it fixed under AppleCare. Defective? SHHHHHHHH… Anyway, it’s been with on the road with my band, From Monument To Masses, to Japan, Germany, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Austria, the Czech Republic, the Russian Federation, England, Scotland, and across 43 of the United States. If a broken piece of the plastic casing is the only thing that’s busted after all the road abuse, I’m a pig in ________. I’d be an even happier pig with this sexy, sexy harddrive.

----- Sergio Robledo-Maderazo 30.11.08 10:38

i love my mac… i got an ibook about 4 or 5 years ago as a gift from work for being such a good little worker :)
it’s pretty old now but i still use it a lot. before that i had a beige g3… i took out a loan to purchase it my second year in college back in 98 to do video editing, since it came with a video card. i also have an old apple IIe that i can learn charlie brown’s abc’s on, hehehe. unfortunately at my current job i have to use a pc, have you ever heard of a designer having to use a pc? it sucks.

anyway, love your site… been checking it (almost) daily for (almost) two years now

----- jessica 30.11.08 10:24

Our little white MacBook shares duties for both of us, and occasionally serves as a heating pad for one of the kitties. Can a 15 lb cat damage a Mac’s screen? Hmmmmm, maybe a backup is more needed than I originally thought…

----- The Slapster 30.11.08 10:19

My Powerbook G4 dreams of streaming Netflix movies.

----- theNooch 30.11.08 10:07

I don’t even have a mac.
I have an hp.

----- Sarah 30.11.08 09:59

My powerbook survives on a diet of orcs- specifically the ones that troll under beds.

I feel safe sleeping at night. *hugs computer*

----- slang 30.11.08 09:48

I’ve got a beastly Macbook Pro that my school made me buy when I started my graphic design major.

----- Jon R 30.11.08 09:48

I like macs. Macs are fun.

----- Peter 30.11.08 09:47

I had a Mac SE when I was in college in the early 90’s. Left it at repair shop because I couldn’t afford to fix it. If I win this, I can sell it to go get my Mac SE out of the clutches of the repair shop.

----- Evan 30.11.08 09:46

I entered for the other harddrive, but this one would be perfect. I had a 300 gig external hard drive that contained everything I’ve ever held dear- movies, tv shows, music, every digital picture I’v ever taken, every report or essay written for school, all of my photoshop projects. I plugged it into the new macbook I got for university, iTunes tried to read the hard drive, and it got wiped and reformatted partially, and it now completely out of commission. If I had the disposable money, I’d buy myself an external hard drive so that I can start rebuilding my life, but ona Mac this time.

----- Joanna 30.11.08 09:37

i was converted to macs before my freshman year of college and am on my second (a mac book pro with which i am attached at the hip)!
I love it despite its occasional quirks (…sometimes the cursor and keyboard decide to stop working)
on the other hand I was convinced that the reasonable thing to do was to buy an enclosure and hard drive myself to make an external, which now glows and hisses, has poor connections, and which I basically have deep issues using
so a new one might be very nice

----- b 30.11.08 09:35

my 17”macbookpro is the only computer i have. since i’m an architecture student it’s the best choice i could have done. i needed a laptop for college and i took mac and it’s incredible. it takes me almost three times less time for comlex renders, reading notcot in progress. the only problem is only 200gb hard drive, incredibly fast, at 7200rpm, but yet too small for my music collection, so i’m in need for this one, and i’m broke since i gave all my money for my mac, and i don’t regret a cent!

i’ll send yoou my portfolio if needed (:

----- pero 30.11.08 09:35

Off topic but I tried to read through all the comments that everyone left but there are just too many!

I’m entering this competition on behalf of my younger brother, Jason. Let me tell you a bit about him. He’s 20. He has a MBP. He’s in university but he’s been suffering from clinical depression for about the last year. So life has been a bit miserable for him. He’s been asking my parents to get him an external hard drive, but it would be really great if I could save them the expense by winning this for my brother. I know that Jason would just love it and maybe, it’ll help to get him out of bed more this holiday season.

----- Sharon Iplunshu 30.11.08 09:16

I love my Mac - it is my life and I go through my 75% of my day on a mac, either at work or at home. I think my husband is starting to get jealous but I do schedule a date with him once a month to keep him happy.

----- Monica Ong 30.11.08 09:14

Hello, my name is Megan and I’m a macaholic. It started 5 years ago when I started college and acquired a shiny new 15” g4 powerbook, which I fondly referred to as Ferguson. Ferguson had a good run of about 4 years doing battle with my graphic design courses but couldn’t handle the recent onslaught of video editing I’ve been doing. I’ve since moved on to the behemoth 24” iMac which I have dubbed Mac (the knife).

The first step to overcoming an addiction is the acknowledge that I have one. About 95% of my day is spent on some form of a mac. If I’m not on my iMac at work, I’m on my iMac at home or on my trusty old g4 powerbook in class or on the road. And if I’m not on any of those there’s a good chance I’m fiddling with my iphone.

----- Megan 30.11.08 09:11

i have a lot of cd’s and dvd’s…i need more coasters.

----- awildermode 30.11.08 09:03

Octo-core Max Pro. Handles anything I throw at it. Can’t ask for anything more.

----- No Names 30.11.08 09:01

Unlike everyone else who seems to own the newest of mac technology I sit here typing on my pretty old iBook G4. Though whenever new products come out I am the first to be astonished and dread the fact that it costs so much, however, I’m not complaining because my iBook has got me through high school and is actually getting me through college, and maybe graduate school, depending on my GRE scores. Anyway, all I can say is that my iBook, though being a bit old, I truly love and admire and it has never once failed me. I even added a sticker to it that says: “you are beautiful.” It’s true, my iBook is beautiful and maybe if I post this comment now it’ll help me write my dreaded art history papers.

Take care NOTCOT.

----- Daniela 30.11.08 08:46

My mac is my most prized possession, definitely, the item I would grab first if the house caught on fire. (I’m assuming my wife would already be outside.) It is also the most expensive item in my house. I worked several years as a graphic designer working on macs while attending college (also working on macs). I scrimped and saved and for years, even though, I had a full-time job and had two part-time jobs on the weekends (while I was a full-time student), I couldn’t save enough to afford a mac. I had no extras, I didn’t have cable, no magazine subscriptions, didn’t eat out, etc… My bills weren’t crazy high, because I was always away, working or in the library. After I graduated I still couldn’t afford a mac, my salary was quadrupled when I told my boss I need to employment that covers my bills. Though, I still left to spend the first year of my marriage with my wife and to support her through schooling in another city. I was very unhappy in my new location and new occupation and still without a computer, my wife tells me “I can buy one and will find the money somehow.” and nervously I buy one, and I have been a proud mac owner for about two to three years now.

----- Sean C. 30.11.08 08:39

I was recently laid off from my job, and as much as I would love this hard drive for my macbook.
It would be even better if I could give it to my fiancé for christmas, because she’s been asking for a one. A cool gift for her and it saves me money I don’t have until I find a new job. Plus she’s great at sharing.

----- Paul 30.11.08 08:00

All my macbook wants for Christmakah is an external hard drive. Please help me make her dreams come true!****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

----- bizzlebox 30.11.08 07:43

Mac at work PC at home, they both compute.

----- Alex 30.11.08 07:32

i’ve got a macbook pro that i use for my freelance design work. a drive like this would be great for backing that stuff up. although if i won i’d probably give it to my boyfriend.. he’s a video editor and NEEDS to have a media drive if he wants to do any work at home!

----- brandy 30.11.08 07:27

i bought my macbook pro with my own money from my first job when i was only 16. i work as a web designer, and my mac can handle all the applications i need to run to get my job done. i use it for school as well, designing teacher websites and taking notes in class. i would very much like to have this external because i would be able to back up things that otherwise would be trashed due to the small capacity of my hard drive - 120gb.


----- jess 30.11.08 07:20

After 7 years of noble service, my dual-USB iBook G3 finally took it’s last breath, :(. It was the best laptop I’ve ever owned, it was rock solid with all kinds of tasks and I was very sad to see it go, not to mention having to get all of the data off of it was a pain. Hopefully my new MacBook Pro will be just as solid a machine as my little powerhouse was!

----- Brian Michel 30.11.08 07:05

Sometimes I think only my mac “gets” me…

----- macster 30.11.08 06:48

My mac is not a real computer, is a dream. It will be very nice. Fast, as my mind thinks. Powerful, like the imagination… It will come home on this christmas, to help me with my architecture studies. I´m waiting for it, because it is like a dream: nice, fast, powerful, light, sweet…

----- Rubén 30.11.08 06:32

I named my Mac Katsuji because it supposedly means “font.” I collect fonts, and have over a gigabyte of them on my computer.

----- emily. 30.11.08 06:14

I have used macs for a few years now and have been so impressed, I now work with them everyday in my job…why not do something your passionate about right!? (But due to being a low-paid student I need some help from Notcot! I need one of these little babies to store all my photo’s from my old ibook, please help me out Notcot!)

----- Lisa 30.11.08 05:46

i call my macbook pro 17” “my lovetop”. i probably spend more time with it than with any other person…it holds my secrets. i just need a 320 seagate portable drive and i’ll marry this thing.

----- belle 30.11.08 05:46

I have a 15” Macbook Pro that is going to turn two years old (human years, mind you) in a few months. I’m a full-time law student student, part-time wannabe Photoshop auteur, and notorious digital pack-rat, and my Mac is stuffed to the brim with legal briefings, law texts, half-finished masterpieces, and thousands of songs fit for any occasion - it is my life. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts to take care of it, the case is covered in dents that can only be described as ‘soul-crushing’ and about a third of the screen is useless and blotchy, all courtesy of my crazy ex-girlfriend. But, ever the optimist, I just say that it adds character and a certain sense of identity… sure, yeah, it’s insanely f’ed up and no longer the sleek beast it once was, but it could be much worse… I could be banging out this comment on a PC :)

----- Jim 30.11.08 05:17

I have a Macbook Pro that is slowly dying… probably because I take it from home to school to work and then home again. My Mac is pimped out with triple-boot Leopard, Windows XP, and Ubuntu.

And of course I am running QuickSilver. Without it, your Mac is incomplete.

They say the human genome has enough information to fill the grand canyon, so my computer has about 13 grand canyons in it, needed for bioinformatics work. If I had this beautiful FreeAgent I could have 100 grand canyons worth of genomes to study. Nothing would make me happier. :)

----- Mike Porter 30.11.08 04:37

Macbook Pro. Love it and love love love this cute little external.

----- goodcop 30.11.08 04:06

My mac is a macbook pro. It’s from the first series, but it runs well, I love it.

----- Tamas 30.11.08 03:45

Manzanas, my Mac, fell out of my (open) bag and on to the cold hard kitchen floor after only 3 weeks of owning it.

It survived…unscathed!

----- M 30.11.08 03:43

KABOOM went the mac..not literally
*pushes power button on mac book pro*..*start up sound*..*grins*
hi babe

----- Rex Abergas 30.11.08 03:20

please i just got a new macbook pro for school, and this is a must have for a graphic design student like me.
need to have!

----- logan 30.11.08 03:15

my mac sits on the built-in breakfast table and looks out the window into the neighbors garden. my mac would really like somewhere to call its own instead of having to stare at the neighbor’s spacious playland garden all day and night. please help.

----- steven 30.11.08 02:24

my mac is my life…without it…i would literally be dead!

----- Nicole 30.11.08 02:13

I am a student in my senior year of art school, I have yet to purchase a much needed external due to financial difficulty, knock on wood I hope nothing crashes. Anyway I need this hard drive to back up all of my work and especially to store all those illustrator files that take up so much room. My computer is getting older and would be amazing to have more storage space I have been needing an external for the past couple of years but could never get one. So… If I could have this to use it would be completely baffled and astounded with glee.


----- Jada Wu 30.11.08 01:17

in this pc country (russia) it’s really tricky to have a mac, so it wasn’t easy choise for an economics student. mac os is very unfamiliar, it’s not easy to find soft, and mac is more expensive etc. but hey! damn all these things, it has really unique design! i would adore my white macbook even if it just be a box with shiny apple on it’s back, i love to watch how it’s “breathing” in a sleepy mode. and it’s perfectly fit my white & violet room)))
mac is REALLY beautiful device (and what’s important its immune system is perfect - no viruses). so i’m breaking my windows habits and becoming a mac lover)))

----- Anna 30.11.08 01:17

My mac helps me make art :)

----- casey blandford 30.11.08 01:08

My mac is the broke and now I am teh broke because of my poor job.

----- David 30.11.08 00:52

My Mac is an iBookG4 w/Tiger os. It’s been with me through thick and thin, and all over the world. A little old, but very trusty and /very/ well-loved. It’s currently sporting a snowy dock and has ShapeShifted into a silver snow-leopard for the upcoming holiday season. :) I love how customizable it is (Skin-a-dock and ShapeShifter)=>(Something I miss with Leopard) My family has owned Macs since they first came out. I think we might be able to form a Mac museum with all of the hardware in our spare office.

----- Natasha S. 30.11.08 00:50

i used to be so anti-mac, until i one day spent over two hours in the mac store playing with a macbook. i’ll never forget how we fell in love.

----- michelle 30.11.08 00:26

My iBook (great big white I call him) has had a broken screen since 2006.

Long story short, I was working for a business that had a lot of out of town contractors. I befriended the prettiest, let her stay at my place for a couple of days, found out she was entirely psycho, bought her a one way plane ticket to Las Vegas just to get rid of her, and the day after she left, I found the screen of my iBook broken.

Sadly, I haven’t had the money to fix the screen. And to this day, I don’t know what lesson I was supposed to have learned.

----- James 30.11.08 00:20

My mac told me that he gets bored while I’m away at class during the day, and he wants to do something exciting. He said that his life-long dream has been to go on a great adventure. I thought that, as his holiday present and a favor for all of the great things he has done for me, I could introduce him to Mr. FreeAgent so they could time travel together in matching silver jumpsuits and make his dream come true!

----- Matt 30.11.08 00:06

My mac has two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun. The dual core patties are an impressive 1.6oz each. Been rocking it since 1968. The signature middle bun is crucial for preventing spillage and stabilizing the contents of the mac. Classic engineering and ingenuity at its finest - something we’ve come to expect from the manufacturer. This harddrive would be an excellent addition to my mac as I am looking to supersize my sides. If that still doesn’t convince you, I’ll let you in on a secret I heard from someone who works (a macjob) in the Mac factory: the secret sauce is thousand island dressing. Secret’s out!

----- levigroeneveld 29.11.08 23:32

my macbook pro is my healthy crack… i can’t live without it…
technically i can but withdrawals will ensue.

----- sophie lee 29.11.08 23:29

my macbook is black…black+silver=sexyness==>notcot

----- Greg 29.11.08 23:14

my macbook pro is on it’s third year; it’s hanging in there but i fill it’s hard drive almost weekly with new photos for animations.

----- JMS 29.11.08 23:12

far out, if my precious ibook could sign (my native language is ASL & in order to stand out on the wall, that’s what it’d have to do anyway), it would sit faithfully on this mountain range of pleading posts, and say to everyone passing by it, “use me.”

…after all, she’s a beautifully rugged macintosh with color and support you know is there.
& if she had four legs and a furry face or a seagate, i’d probably begin cuddling with her…


----- Alaina Talbot 29.11.08 23:07

My mac is my baby.

----- Ohmylung 29.11.08 22:39

i’ve had my 15” mac book pro since my freshmen year in college. it’s still withstanding the test of time! most of my friends had issues with the same computer before, mostly their pixels or their memory dying. not my mac, i wish i gave it a name. but it’s better if it’s nameless, i might jinx it if it ever had one. i love it so much, it’s like my adorable pet i can’t live without.

----- labraji 29.11.08 22:34

It lights up. That’s all I need to know.

----- hillel 29.11.08 22:28

Oh my! I love my mac!!! Her name is Mrs. Bojangles! She is a year old. I have customized it to the extreme. The HD icon is of a scrumptious looking raspberry. I bought this awesome program called coversutra, it lets me know what music i am listening to at all times (my itunes in space 2). I am always messing around with illustrator and photoshop. Using coda is great! My wallpaper changes every 15 minutes and i love each one of the 75 wallpapers i use (all of which are my photos). She is overworked, but always a pleasure!!!!

----- Anthony F 29.11.08 22:25

my macbook died one day last year, and covered under applecare as it was, i got it fixed for free right away. being the responsible young adult that I am, i had backed everything up onto my external hard drive.
In my attempts to transfer my data, HOWEVER, the damn thing broke and so i was left with nothing.
one month later, my roommate drowned my macbook while i was out of town.


----- Carrieee 29.11.08 22:20

I’ve got an external 21” monitor attached to my 24” iMac. Most of my friends are not all that hip to computers, and it’s fun to blow their minds by dragging a window from the main iMac screen to the external monitor sitting next to it. It’s amazing the reaction that that gets…

----- StevenC 29.11.08 22:08

I’ve been using a Mac since I was five. My dad went to the local computer store and asked the owner for a computer that I wouldn’t be able to break… and his suggestion was a Mac. It was a Macintosh II something. IIsi? Been using Macs ever since. I have an iBook G4 that’s been going pretty strong since 2005, and my next computer will definitely be a Mac. I profaned my laptop’s case with a ton of stickers, but not so with my next one. Haven’t decided between a laptop or a desktop… if my laptop is still working, I’ll probably opt for a desktop, but I haven’t needed a new computer yet. This looks like a nice drive.

----- Joe Wasserman 29.11.08 22:06

My 17” MacBook Pro is my newest love affair since my parents gave it to me as an early graduation gift :)

----- Brandon 29.11.08 22:03

I love my MacBook Pro! It goes with me almost everywhere. It’s the best thing ever. End of story.

----- Art 29.11.08 22:02

My parents have had a Mac since the very beginning of personal computers. My first computer was an old green plactic iMac. I loved it. When I was in high school I got a PowerMac, which was then replaced with another PowerMac a few months before they came out with the MacBooks and MacBook Pros. Now I’ve bought a 24” iMac this past June and couldn’t be happier. It’s such a gorgeous computer and so much easier to use than Windows.

----- picatoria 29.11.08 21:54

Few recent moths i use Mac Pro. Its 8-core Xeon, 2.8 GHz, 10GB RAM. I use it to do some video work. Pretty smooth. I will use the FreeAgent Go for transfer render output and connect to other computer to project. Love the sleek design of both, MAC pro and this FreeAgent.

----- mikenj 29.11.08 21:53

my 13.5 inch macbook is covered with all the glorious mimobot stickers I got from you!!!!!!!!!

----- Jason 29.11.08 21:38

i have a mac!!! a big mac!!!

----- peachy 29.11.08 21:28

My Mac is named Flanders because I try to keep it pretty clean, and Ned Flanders is a pretty fastidious guy.

----- abe 29.11.08 21:23

I love my MacBook Pro aka Macky. I seriously do not know what I would do without it. I use it for graphic/web design. I’m on it basically all day. Got it hooked up to a 23 inch Apple Cinema Display. Its internal hard drive is getting smaller though and I am in need of an external pretty soon… so this would deff be a perfect Christmas present for this starving college student!

----- Summer 29.11.08 21:19

my 20” mac does everything i need, from university projects to finding cookies recipies, but it doesn’t store all my jim abrahams movies and back up the magical unicorn kingdom, wich is responsible for all the joy and joiness in the world… so it would be very important to have one of those…

----- humb 29.11.08 21:00

Hey. I’ll try this out. I never win but I’ll still try. I want to win this for my fiancé who has been there for me since I lost a family member. We both use macs and love it. I hope I can win this to show my thanks

----- Mike Hua 29.11.08 21:00

My Macbook Pro has a shiny face and no little peripheral friends. Imagine the fun they could have comparing files and talking the day away!

----- blake 29.11.08 20:57

Well the 100 gigs on my Macbook Pro definitely doesn’t cut it, this would make my life a little easier :)

----- Matthew 29.11.08 20:56

this would complete my new 20’ iMac

----- faisal Saeed 29.11.08 20:50

Mine’s a 15 inch MBP from 2006. It’s held up well, except that I’ve had to replace the optical drive 3 times in the last 3 weeks.

----- Julia 29.11.08 20:48

a powerbook g4 that’s seen more countries and felt more love than i can put into words

----- andrew 29.11.08 20:38

I wish all bits were this beautiful

----- Mickey McMahon 29.11.08 20:33

I’ve got a macbook Pro that I love. However I’ve been meaning to get a external hard drive for a while, and this would solve that need.

----- Ryan 29.11.08 20:16

My mac helps me freelance, has a Dalek sticker on the side, desperately needs it’s memory upgraded, and is as sexy as the day I got her.

----- Aaron 29.11.08 20:02

i love my mac to pieces…

my poor hard drive is almost used up and my music need a new home!

----- Jamie 29.11.08 19:51

my only mac is an imac g4 20” which i purchased last month. it was used. but i always loved the g4 “iLamp” and I am so happy. I want to upgrade it with an airport card soon…

----- ray 29.11.08 19:49

my 15 inch mbp is my baby. it holds all my music [most anyway], old work, project from my entire adult life up til now and it’s still going strong

----- kye 29.11.08 19:48

Love this drive! I have a kind of new iMac that I bought earlier this year. After years of thriftiness due to debt and NO MONEY, we finally got out of debt and haven’t touched a credit card in TWO years! My old eMac that I can scrounged from a friend needed to go and we were able to save up and buy my new iMac outright, since we don’t do credit anymore. This drive would be a great alternative storage device to back up all my photography and artwork. Love it!

----- Laura Wattles 29.11.08 19:42

My 15” Macbook Pro is sweet & handles all my design activities… and everything else! Happy holidays!

----- Paul 29.11.08 19:39

I just “retired” my old trust G4 Quicksilver. It’s nice to put away a piece of equipment that is not broken, just outdated. I however, forgot to transfer all of my data to an external drive. So soon I will need to fire it back up and do a backup.

----- Calvin 29.11.08 19:34

I love my mac and I am pretty sure it loves me back

----- Dana Galbraith 29.11.08 19:32

I love my mac, this is my second one. I was able to upgrade after graduating. First experiencing it during my graphic design courses. I use it to edit photos, design websites, and edit my videos.

----- Mike O 29.11.08 19:24

im the only one in my graduating graphics class still rocking an ibook.

----- Pat 29.11.08 19:19

my macbook pro’ power supply died last week, so i bought another, then my battery died too last friday and today i was working when my screen start to flash and then die too….so now i’m kinda mess up

----- Olivier Aubin 29.11.08 19:15

My Mac is my whole life. I have been using Mac’s for over 10 years and I was one of the Public Beta testers for OS X. All this makes me even sadder to report that my baby is on the fritz right now and I would REALLY love a way to back all my things up.

----- Ryan Vernotico 29.11.08 19:14

The story of my first Macbook, a lab, and why I can’t drink Cheerwine anymore:

My boyfriend, his black lab, and I took a lovely vacation to his family’s home in North Carolina last summer. We can’t get the soda Cheerwine back home, so we stopped to pick up a bottle. Everything was going swimmingly- gorgeous weather, the dog was having a great time, and we both really relaxed, UNTIL the lab went running past the coffee table and spilled a MASSIVE glass of Cheerwine all over my computer. It completely killed my computer. I’m on my second Macbook, but the dog isn’t allowed anywhere near this one. I also can’t drink Cheerwine anymore- just thinking about frying my computer makes my stomach turn.

----- emily l 29.11.08 19:05

I’ve never been a gadget whore. I mean, sure, I love me some cool stuff, hence why I’m a reader of NotCot. But when I set my eyes on a new gadget I just must have, I research the hell out of it – only to end up buying it two years after the point.

However, this time I rushed right out to picked up one of these new aluminum and glass MacBook Pro’s — brand new off the shelf – without my usual two year waiting period, only because the 12” iBook G4 (the LAST G4 laptop) I’ve had for over four years finally started crapping out on me.

Saving my pennies, I kept reviving the little machine with system reinstalls only to have it crap out a month later. Fortunately, I had most of my life backed-up on my trusty 40 Gig firewire 400 hard drive that is bigger and heavier than the entire iBook. But still the reliability of the iBook was becoming a liability.

And now I sit here only find out that my trusty external hard drive is incompatible without an adapter and is dwarfed in hard drive space besides…

What better companion to my fancy new computer than a fancy new hard drive ready to keep my life safe and free from computer crashes? Thus, I humbly enter this contest as I was pretty much rendered broke by the purchase of this bad boy anyway.

----- Jesse 29.11.08 18:55

I just have pure love for my Mac so please… Pick me! :)

----- Nadia P 29.11.08 18:51

My MacBook can ride its bike with no handlebars.
If you have 5 dollars and my MacBook has 5 dollars, my MacBook has more money than you.
My MacBook CAN believe it’s not butter.
My Macbook fought the law, and my MacBook won.
When the Boogieman goes to bed, he checks the closet for my MacBook.
My MacBook’s calendar goes straight from March 31 to April 2. Nobody fools my MacBook.
My MacBook brings all the boys to the yard.
Once, a cobra bit my MacBook. After 5 days of excruciating pain, the cobra died.

My MacBook needs a Seagate FreeAgent hard drive.

----- Katie 29.11.08 18:41

My Macbook Pro is/was the greatest thing to happen to me in the past 2 years. It gives me more warmth than a mother could (literally, figuratively). When it comes to reliability, it has never failed me once, which I can’t say the same for my closest friends. It has been with me through many a lonely night, which I can’t say for any significant others I’ve had in the last two years. So I think it’s safe to say I want to lessen the burden of its hard drive a little with an external like this one, just to reward it for being there for me.

----- tm 29.11.08 18:33

My Mac Mini has become the central hub of our living area, and my iBook is still powering on after all these years. Between university and work, and the horrible computers they insist on making me use, my Macs have made navigation of the computer world a little more sane.

----- sammy j 29.11.08 18:33

My mac always has my back. I use it for work, school, and play. Without it, I’m pretty sure I’d be lost. Nothing not to love.

----- Eric A Stratton 29.11.08 18:32

To be honest, I am in the process of switching over to macs. I need to do this because they are better for film majors. It would be so perfect if I could have an external hard drive to store final cut pro files on just in time for my new mac!

----- Alice 29.11.08 18:29

I absolutely love my 15” MBP! She’s survived college and still goes everywhere with me. :)

----- Amanda 29.11.08 18:24

My Mac is a pretty sweet piece of work. Her name is Red Queen, and I’m sure if my files ever went corrupt, she would quarantine the whole system to avoid a zombie outbreak.

… that’s why I need the Freeagent as a backup. You know, in case of zombies.

----- Iain 29.11.08 18:14

My mac? … Well, the coolest thing about my mac isn’t really about my mac at all. The coolest thing is that my 2 kids (5 and 9) LOVE!! to use my mac and they ask “Why doesn’t everyone use a Mac Daddy?”

----- Ray 29.11.08 18:07

It’s not about getting what you want.

It’s about wanting what you have.

Happy Holidays!

----- Mario de la Torriente 29.11.08 18:06

My mac? Well it has a name (Robot) and its white, but certainly not a racist, it has plenty of black Mac friends, just ask him. It goes with me everywhere so its a tad dirty (dirty, dirty little mac) but I love it.

----- Jon 29.11.08 18:05

I have a first generation MacBook that has seen two hard drives fail, the wrist rests chip off and the bottom case break. This would be a good thing to have….just in case this hard drive breaks..

----- Danielle S 29.11.08 18:04

My Macbook Pro does everything but taekwondo.
It doesn’t cause any scandal and its easy to handle.
But it does overflow even though I try to plough.
I’m trying not to mishandle, after all I am no vandal.

I think that is my first ever rhyme, hope it isn’t a crime.
I’m trying not to whine, but i really need the prime.

----- Bartal Jógvansson DJurhuus 29.11.08 18:01

My PowerBook is basically “the little engine that could”. After having it for one year it was dropped off of a table and the powercord got jammed inside. Long story short and two years later I have to charge it externally (which I feel bad for doing because I have to let it die to 0% battery evertime I charge it). But I know on the inside it loves me and I keep it decorated with a Stephen Colbert sticker on its apple light. Plus it holds all of my episodes of Mad Men.

----- Amanda 29.11.08 17:53

come onnnnnn, I want to win something already hah

I’ve got a powerbook g4 with zero space on it and this drive would surely help me out quite a bit

----- Ace 29.11.08 17:46

Mac helps me talk to and see my son who lives in another state. This was the first Thanksgiving that he could not come home. He did not have the money and we did not have the money to send him. He is in college 5 states away. My father—who is 83 thought he would never get to see his grandson again—but because of MAC he did. It was great. All of us loved it. He looked good, we still missed him but it helped.

----- Melanie 29.11.08 17:41

I currently own a macbook pro which I love, have it paired with a 20” cinema display and aluminum keyboard for that extra cool look, and saving to upgrade to the new mbp and LED display…I’ve always been more of a WD guy (own a black glossy and a studio passports) but that is one cool drive, and wouldn’t mind switching to seagate! plus that fw 800 conecction is huge bonus for me (since both usb ports and fw 400 are taken)

----- maus 29.11.08 17:34

Unfortunately, my first Mac was stolen after we had been 2 weeks together… after working hard for an year and a half, I bought a new one. Now, I take care of it as my own son and we have the greatest times! Together, we built a memorial to his older brother, now dead. We are a happy family now. We would take care of the free agent as one of our won family!

----- Fez 29.11.08 17:34

My Mac is my life. I’d die if I lost the contents. It holds my photos, my adventures, emails with loved ones, music & art. If my house was burning down I’d grab my Mac & be fine with losing everything else.

----- Emxero 29.11.08 17:32

Hello NotCot,

This is a desperate plea from me to you. You said you wanted to know a little something about my MacBook. Well, I’m afraid my MacBook’s not doing too well lately.

It used to be so vibrant and happy. It played music with an infectious jauntiness and enthusiastically helped me do my projects. I wouldn’t be where I am today without it.

The thing is, NotCot, my Macbook is the classic white, polycarbonate MacBook. Ever since the new aluminum MacBook came out, it’s been very depressed. It feels inferior and has lost all self confidence. With the new generation MacBook, it feels like it has no place in the world anymore. It’s display colors have been a little less vibrant and it’s speakers just a little bit more dull. I can’t stand to see my little buddy so down in the dumps. I tell it I’d never trade up and that I’d be as loyal to it as it’s been to me, but it won’t listen.

I think this Seagate FreeAgent drive would be the perfect pick-me-up for my glum little Mac. There’s nothing like an awesome new gift for making something feel appreciated.

Thanks for hearing me out, Notcot, and please consider me for the harddrive. I’ve been really concerned for my MacBook, and, frankly, I’m afraid to leave it by itself.

From Jonny

Merry Christmas!

----- Jonny 29.11.08 17:29


----- rachel Mooney 29.11.08 17:26

I don’t have a mac, yet. But with all the diligence of a couple expecting a baby, I have begun preparing for my new macbook pro, which I am hoping to take home next week. I have already gotten an imcase neoprene sleeve and adobe suite for mac ready for my new bundle of joy. A seagate external hard drive would be a much welcome addition.

----- vu 29.11.08 17:23

too many movies not enough space. HDD is a must

----- sal 29.11.08 17:19

While I don’t have a Mac quite yet, when I do get one, it’d be nice to have a bit more storage space

----- Piotr 29.11.08 17:18

My mac is my pride and joy :D

----- andrea 29.11.08 17:18

looks like a great prize!! would love to snag this.

----- dkc 29.11.08 17:16

15’ MacBook Pro’s for Life…
Mines a little over a year old, my Mums got one, and even managed to pull my grandfather into the Mac side of the Force. I’m the only one in my class (Product Design degree) that has a Mac, so I get a bit a stick for it, ok, a lot, but it’s ALL worth it…

----- GARETH 29.11.08 17:14

i have a 40GB iBook G4 with a big peace symbol sticker on the top. she is my baby, and goes everywhere with me!!

----- Misty 29.11.08 17:13

Well Im rockin THE BIG BLACK-MAC its filled with photo’s taken by my brother&I (this would be great to separate the two), movies, music of all genres, my personal art work, school papers,essays etc., garage band mixes, and more.
On the defense is the Black Incase Hard Shell which fits nicely into my Incase Sling Pack, and all thanx to NOTCOT. :]

----- Justin A. 29.11.08 17:08

my macbook has stickers on it…but not just any stickers (and not tacky). I just have to differentiate it from the macbooks of my friends so that I don’t grab theirs after hanging out. SO the lid has a submarine decal and on the inside, on either side of the touchpad, are pattern graphics by Diane von Furstenberg

----- Cyn 29.11.08 17:07

Just spent $400 getting my Mac laptop fixed ‘cause it was cheaper than buying a new one. Well worth it, but would have loved a new Mac!

----- Shelby 29.11.08 17:03

Its silver color makes it one of a kind, but that’s the least of it. With all the functions and the great software I have, the sky is the limit when it comes to design. It makes my life so easy and my projects so amazing that I truly don’t know what would be of my career without it. It’s been 3 years now that I got my 15-inch Macbook Pro. Its 80 GB hard drive have long gone and now 10 are all I got. My Mac is desperate to find a new friend that can help on a daily basis, and what better way to start the day than with a brand new 320 GB Seagate.

----- Santiago 29.11.08 16:56

My mac is the new 2.4 ghz aluminum macbook. It’s my very first mac and it’s gorgeous. I’m so glad I made the switch. I feel like a proud, first-time parent, doting over my glowing bundle of joy. Every time I glance over at its polished, aluminum case and its luminous apple insignia, tears of joy well up in my eyes and an overwhelming urge to embrace its sturdy little body washes over me.

Even though this Apple is not a fruit of my loins (HAHAHAPun!!), I feel as strongly for it as if it were my very own, and as a proud parent, I naturally want the very best for my MacBook. This seagate drive would be perfect for it. Please, NotCot? Consider it a baby shower gift. It would mean the world to me and my adorable new macbook. I’m a student and am pretty broke right now, having spent most of the money I have left on this new macbook. I really need something to back up all of my school documents on.

Thanks for listening, NotCot. You guys are the best!

----- Cricket 29.11.08 16:51

I love my mac! It’s a simple mini hooked up to a beautiful cinema display. The mouse and keyboard are both wireless which is fantastic for eliminating desk clutter. I think this sleek little hard drive would fit right in.

----- Martin 29.11.08 16:49

I have a powerbook g4, its got a background image of cindy crawford because it was ironic, but really I’m in love with her.

----- james 29.11.08 16:43

I love my mac. I’ve had it for five years and the powerbook G4 is still tickin. i’m finishing up uni this year and hoping to get a new mac!

----- Zach 29.11.08 16:29

My MacBook Pro is almost one year old and I’m not sure what to get for her birthday, I was hoping for a nice tattoo, but I might just get her a new case. In February she is hoping to start her first full year school (University) she will be a very busy girl. She is also hoping to start a her first job (first paying job that is).

----- Al McDougall 29.11.08 16:29

my little ibook is all full up…I could really use this drive. Besides its a pretty cool product… you could say its the wave of the future.

----- Adam Jossem 29.11.08 16:25

Don’t tell my Dell, but I love my Mac more. My Dell would be crushed if she found out though…

----- Lisa 29.11.08 16:21

My MacBook is named Teacup, as I am a girl addicted to tea. I drink the tea on behalf of my MacBook, as sharing tea with my electronics doesn’t seem like a wise idea. Instead, my MacBook wears some decorations, including a white on white sticker reading “bleach”, meant for darkroom chemistry jugs. It’s a good little laptop, filled to the brim with photographs, writing, and other projects. Teacup is the most recent in a long string of laptops, including an piratical iBook whose keys were switched out so that hunt ‘n peck typists were greeted with the letters “YAAAARRRR” across home row.

----- Cole Sarar 29.11.08 16:21

I am just about to invest in a MacBook Pro to replace my creaky old G4 tower (it’s been chugging along since 1998, poor thing). I need to clone the G4 before I make the switch, so this Free Agent would come in mighty handy.

----- Katster 29.11.08 16:16

My 17” MBP keeps randomly shutting down. i am using a spare HD from work as my backup, i nice big portable would be great. Im sure work would like to have an extra HD back.

----- Corey Birkmann 29.11.08 16:11

I got a macbook when they first came out. I should have gotten one with a bigger HD but I only had enough money for an 80gb. I spent every last penny I had on it. I could REALLY use some extra storage space as 60gb of my HD is music and I really dont have room for anything else and I cant bear to delete any of my music. Please please please let me win this FreeAgent Go.

----- Jared 29.11.08 16:10

I got a macbook when they first came out. I should have gotten one with a bigger HD but I only had enough money for an 80gb. I spent every last penny I had on it. I could REALLY use some extra storage space as 60gb of my HD is music and I really dont have room for anything else and I cant bear to delete any of my music. Please please please let me win this FreeAgent Go.

----- Jared 29.11.08 16:09

If you looked at the Browser history on my Powerbook, you’d see NotCot at least 3-4 times a day, every day. And I really need this drive so I can transport coworker-supplied bittorrented music and movies from my office to home :). Cheers!

----- Matt S. 29.11.08 16:03

My Mac is me. A friend; Freund, φίλος, ami, 友人, друг, and vriend.

----- Erik 29.11.08 16:01

I don’t have a Mac myself, but I use my girlfriend’s all the time. I like it a lot.

----- Foo 29.11.08 15:49

My MBP and sidekick, ScooterComputer, has just returned from the Mac depot. Happy day! He needed to be rebuilt after a SlimyGuy infiltrated my Scowl Zone and knocked coffee (MY coffee!) into ScooterComputer’s keyboard while trying to chat me up at a coffee house.

SlimyGuy: “Sooo…you must be working on something important there…oops.”
Me: “Oh no oh no oh no…”
SlimyGuy: “Oh, can I buy you another coffee?”

$1200 later (out of pocket - no insurance!) I have a nearly new machine. What I don’t have is the resume I spent 4 hours writing. A backup solution like the FreeAgent would be like super hero armor against future SlimyGuy invasions!

----- superk 29.11.08 15:42


----- Dani 29.11.08 15:41

oh how do i love thee, let me count the ways….buying my mac was the best thing in my life (electronic life) it took me two years to save up (i’m a college student) but she has brought me so much joy i know there are new macbook’s and what not but this one is a classic which no one can take away…

----- Miguel 29.11.08 15:36

Which mac do you want to know about? I’ve been on a mac since the Mac IIs came out when I was in high school. It was a lonely slog through the 90s when I was mocked for my loyalties, and it’s weird that the company is now so trendy.

----- Gladys 29.11.08 15:36

I have a 15” MBP circa November 2007. I actually got it last year on Black Friday because I (conveniently?) killed the monitor on an Acer I brought with me to college (three thousand miles away from home) while my family was in town spending Thanksgiving with me. So on Black Friday of all days, I went out to the Apple Store and got my first Mac! One of my absolutely most favorite things to do on my MBP is to take the beautiful pictures I shoot while I vacation and set them as wallpapers using the Change Picture feature.

----- Tyler 29.11.08 15:35

Ooh! So this one is all Mac-happy! That would make me even happier myself. I would still use it for design and content files, but being able to TimeMachine, etc., would be sweet. Pix and music still too.

----- Kim 29.11.08 15:31

my mac is my best friend. got something to say about it? huh?

----- kristy 29.11.08 15:30

Oh yea, I’ll take it everywhere.. even if I don’t take my laptop. Just so people can see it and be envious!

----- DWolf 29.11.08 15:26

these are good drives.

----- r wood 29.11.08 15:25

I love my mac.. .until it goes wrong, and it’s happened…many many times. I just work it to the bone. At least with the Seagate I don’t have to cry and scream the next time it happens. Me and my mac ‘Stella’ can be best friends forever again. =)

----- Roxanne Philipps 29.11.08 15:13

Growing up, I was always a PC person, until I bought my lovely macbook. My macbook is always by my side, and is filling up with all the papers, photos and music I have saved! I would love this little fella’ to help my poor macbook ease its burdens!

----- Kendra N. 29.11.08 15:13

i don’t have a mac but i’ve asked santa for one for christmas. i’ve been a good boy! c’mon santa!

----- pedro J. donnie 29.11.08 14:53

I’ve been using mac since I was a 10 and everyone in my family has a mac, we’re like a mac family. If I could attach my macbook to my hips I would definitely do it! I go to sleep with right by my side at night, I walk around the house with it in my hands, I watch tv with it beside me and I even take it to the washroom with me sometimes. I go to it when I’m sad and I go to it when I’m happy; I can tell you macbook is my best friend(I know I need a life…).
Last Christmas, I went on a holiday trip and took many pictures and I had it all saved up with my other work files in my macbook and a few days later the hard drive in my macbook died on me and it had cost me $2000 to get all the old files back… I’m glad that my macbook is fine…for now, cause something happened a few weeks ago and I had to reinstall everything again but I was lucky this time, it kept my old files but I don’t know what would happen next time so I really need this portable hard drive

----- Pitka 29.11.08 14:48

I have a black macbook named Hans. Hans comes with me everywhere I go - to class, on trips, to the coffee shop. But lately Hans has put on a few pounds. He’s been sluggish and irritable. I think it’s because of seasonal affective disorder, or one too many episodes of Top Chef, but he claims it’s because he’s lonely. Apparently he’s gotten tired of his usual companion, a clunky WD 250gb NTFS drive. He hates having to use Paragon NTFS to talk to it. On top of that it reminds him of my previous relationship with a Dell Inspiron. He wants someone easy to talk to, someone that he can relate to.

Freeagent Go would be a wonderful friend for Hans. I can picture them together… happy and carefree, a very cute couple. Please, take a load off Hans.

----- Natalie G. 29.11.08 14:40

My mac is a video-editing monster, its always running something, chugging along at a good pace.

----- Rose 29.11.08 14:29

My macbook pro goes everywhere with me; to school, to work, to dinner. And when I get home, it sleeps with me, the internal hard drive sings quiet lullabies.

----- Mollie 29.11.08 14:28

My mac is essentially an extension of my body, I’m constantly hooked into it. I have a new macbook pro, just before the reboot. I do graphic design, school work, game, dj, and edit photo’s and video on my mac. Even with the large on board hard drive, I’m constantly running out of space. I’ve almost filled a whole external hard drive with my itunes library alone!

----- Clay Hefner 29.11.08 14:26

I have a 15in MBP… it is my baby.

----- TQ 29.11.08 14:22

My MacBook is a coffee-stained companion that I drag with my from class to class to apartment to arboretum. It needs a friend.

----- bhouston 29.11.08 14:21

I got my first mac one week ago. A iMac 20” … I really love it but I have no real backup-solution atm … so a FreeAgent would be perfect ;)

----- Sven 29.11.08 14:21

I’ve never been a Mac person, so when my University informed me that I’d have to purchase a MacBook Pro for the Graphic Design Program, I was quite irritated. Needless to say, Maxwell (I name all of my electronics) grew on me, and now I don’t go anywhere without him. He’s gotten a little scuffed up, and recently survived a tea spill. He’s a survivor, and without him, I’d be failing most of my classes. However, being as accident-prone as I am, I do worry that something will happen to his hard drive, and if I only had some way to back up all of my projects and information…

----- Allison S. 29.11.08 14:19

My mac is a book pro 17”! I use it at work an d at home!

----- Simone 29.11.08 14:18

Please! 320 GB would hold all of my music for years to come!

----- Boz 29.11.08 14:16

My macbook will forever be awesome and windows suck. Gimmie free gift gimmie gimmie gimmie!

----- Dennis 29.11.08 14:13

I record all of my music on my macbook but due to the small amount of space on his hardrive, my mac is in need of a companion (…seagate freeagent Go ?) to hold some of his memory so he could keep on recording wonderful music!

----- Derek 29.11.08 14:06

My macbook pro would be happy to have a friendly FreeAgent to play time machine with.

----- Zach 29.11.08 14:02

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh jeeeeze. if there ever was a hard drive i would marry, it would be this one. perfect match for my mbp and it’s got LIGHTS. like cool ones! firewire and usb? this is a complete set. so nice so nice. yo notcot, i could totally use this to record an exclusive notcot mix to it… wink wink nudge nudge??????????????????

----- dj brigidope 29.11.08 13:58

Macbook Pro, one slight dent on the corner, dusty on the screen, and hums quietly.

----- Stephen 29.11.08 13:56

Macbook hard drive crash.
An existential crisis.
I need you, Seagate.

----- Mark 29.11.08 13:56

It’s a white macbook I bought about a year ago right before leopard came out (didn’t realize it at the time). The HD crashed in January. I lost everything. A hard lesson was learned and I back it up fairly regularly. This would make it even easier!

----- sean patrick 29.11.08 13:55

Well I’m the proud owner of a shiny Macbook Pro, and let me tell you it’s the best computer I have ever owned. I’m a design student at Ringling College and with that in mind you can understand how my MacBook is my lover. I carry it everywhere with me to make sure I can always kick out my ideas easily. However my harddrive is filling up with all these big files, and this external harddrive would help me incredibly by giving me some extra space to expand my creative legs out. Thanks Notcot!

----- Ben Kowalski 29.11.08 13:55

i love my mac! it is a black, refurbished macbook that my brother bought me for christmas 2 years ago. I named it lovelace, in honor of lady ada lovelace, once of the first computer programmers.

----- teal 29.11.08 13:55

My Mac is with me everywhere I go, it’s holds my life!

----- Shelly 29.11.08 13:51

My mac, whom i have dubbed Anastasia, is good to me, and loves to keep my lap warm on cold nights and sing sweet tunes to me.

----- Claire 29.11.08 13:48

{Mac and me}

I bought my first mac in 2005, it was an iBook G4 and I instantly fell in love with it. Before that I was a windows user but as a sophomore graphic design major I had to convert and I’ll never go back. I started seeing my Mac not only as a tool but an extension of myself, without my Mac I was useless. I still remember when my hard drive died, it felt like part of my soul was missing. I lost everything :( Eventually as a senior in design school I had to upgrade to a MacBook Pro, my Mac family was growing! not needing my iBook G4 I gave it to my mom who didn’t have a personal computer at the time. My MacBook Pro was my new soulmate, but unfortunately during my senior thesis my hard drive died…again, and I hadn’t backed up my files! I lost everything, freelance files, school work, personal design work and my thesis. But my Mac and I pulled through and now I’m a graduate working at an amazing marketing design firm with a G5 tower in my office, but its no replacement for my Mac. I still bring it in to work everyday, it has all my cool fonts, vector illustrations, brushes, my portfolio, images, movies, music and more. Of course I have to delete files to make space for others, I run out of space quickly. If I had a portable hard drive I’d store it with all these files and more. You never know what is going to inspire you to make something new, thats why I always carry my Mac with me.

----- Alex Diaz 29.11.08 13:47

I live in a country where there is no such thing as Apple Store with their friendly Geniuses. No worries, you say, reseller works just fine, but sometimes it doesn’t. And sometimes your dearest Mac is suffering from illnesses and needs to be looked after with care.
My dear black MBook is one of them. He’s just the child who’s constantly ill. First the top case needed replacing…. twice, then my screen. But here it all takes time, it takes weeks to get it approved by Apple, it takes months for the new parts arrive (it ships in few days, but they manage to give your parts to someone else for some other purpose).
Then they messed up my new screen (when installing it) somehow. Meaning that the day later I gave it back in (some strange things occurred when I opened it at home (and still do)) only to find out that some liquid had got inside the new screen and ruined parts. I couldn’t prove that it was their mistake, so I ended up paying for fixing it. The day later I started to look for a way to get applecare (which isn’t easy if you don’t live in a country with Apple Store). After going through calls to America, internet webpages, what not, I got it. And then after few weeks, boom went my hard drive. Being a student with little money I hadn’t invested in an external hd… lost everything. After two weeks got my dear back, all empty with a memory loss. He’s only a year + month old, gone through a lot, still ill…
but dear to me…
It is the only way to keep alive my long distance relationship. Isn’t easy with 30 hours of flying away (Thank god for Estonians inventing Skype). When the computer dies, most of it is lost.

----- Hel. 29.11.08 13:39

Of all the machines I have access to, my favorite Mac, “Vivian”, is a 15” Mac Book Pro core duo that has weathered many airports and been dropped, manhandled and otherwise mistreated many times and still runs like a champ.

----- Michael Critz 29.11.08 13:39

reinstalling windows for the 16th time on desktop and for the second time on my bf’s laptop.

Every day I am thankful for my Mac!

----- Christina 29.11.08 13:37

I surf NOTCOT everyday on my old, trusty PowerBook G4 (circa 2004). It works pretty well for basic surfing, but when I try and run Photoshop, my little baby starts to drag his feet. I’ve been needing extra storage for a long time now, and it would definitely go to good use… say freeing up more internal HD space so I can actually run Photoshop & iTunes at the same time! :)

----- Mitchell L 29.11.08 13:33

The awesomeness of my mac is slowly convincing my computer programmer husband that macs are relevant. He would be so jealous if I won this. :]

----- kathryn 29.11.08 13:30

Oh, the life of a Mac addict. Iwish everything was made by Mac. Currently my partner and I work on two Macbook Pros (one is ancient and going to be replaced when the next big project rolls in), and a 24” I Mac. Between the two of us I think we have owned just about every Mac built, got my first one in 1988 during college. Love that great looking little hard drive, could come in handy for backing up all those big Sketchup drawings we do.

----- Scott 29.11.08 13:29

I remember recently I tried to use bootcamp to run windows but when I did, I accidently erased all my files in my mac. So I reformatted my hard drive and I deeply regret that I should’ve bought external hard drive to back my files. This one would be the perfect gift for me…

----- Dan Yoon 29.11.08 13:28

My mac, my life. Music, design, and my favorite blogs all come through the portal I call Mac. Any addition to my mac is more than worth it. Silver never looked so good next to a silver hard drive.

----- Ben 29.11.08 13:27

Phew, my Mac. It is almost three years old (40GB iBook G4), and it has been to 5 countries, trying it’s very hardest to keep up with my work. It is currently being used to keep track of all of the files for the science lab for an NGO in Nepal I work with, as well as design a yearbook for some ex-coworkers. The harddrive crashed in October, and thank god most of my files were backed up on my big clunky 150gb Logitec drive. I really want the new 13” MacBook in December when my warranty expires, but well, I work for a non-profit, so it’s going to have to wait until mine is completely non-functional.

I would love the FreeAgent because it would give me more space to store my files, so that I don’t have to move things back and forth so much, and they’re all more secure. Also, it would be a heck of a lot lighter to carry than my 3 lbs logitec. My nightmare is that one day my laptop will crash when I have files on it that aren’t backed up on my hard drive because I haven’t deleted things to make space for it yet, and it will either be things I can’t recover, or months worth of work to be redone.

----- Teri 29.11.08 13:21

Mickey Mac

I think that I shall never see,
a mac as lovely as Mickey.

One-inch tall and five-pounds light,
Color of a starless night.

Plays my tunes, checks my mail,
gets me soup when I’m not well.

Knows my schedule and every friend,
knows how much I make and how much I spend.

Has pictures of me, the house where I live,
and even those saucy ones of my girl Viv.

Looking back, I’m beginning to see,
Mickey’s gone rogue and is now stalking me.

But what can I do, there’s no turning back,
he knows too much about me, my Mickey Mac.

----- Fabian 29.11.08 13:18

I love my mac. I couldn’t live without it, well I could, but I’d be suffering. Nothing is as smooth as the mac UI. I’ve been a mac user for the past couple years and I have no plan to switch back :)

----- Ian 29.11.08 13:09

My macbook pro is like my girlfriend… impossible to wake in the morning and fucking expensive. I love it.

----- Chris 29.11.08 13:08

The joke is, I don’t need to have a baby I already have my macbook pro and iphone strapped to my chest at all times. One click they they are asleep!

----- annie 29.11.08 13:07

my mac is a mac mini. and i love it. it’s perfectly tiny to sit in the kitchen and use my little hdtv as a monitor and watch cooking tutorials. i need more storage space for more cooking lessons… i’ve just barely mastered boiling water.

----- Ryan 29.11.08 13:07

Simple! Imac 24” screen, nice power and a wacom tablet! LOVE IT!!! I’ll never go back to Windows!!!

----- Victor Millette 29.11.08 13:07

Shoot 500+ RAW images a week sure fills a 200GB HD fast!

----- Shawn May 29.11.08 13:06

My very first Mac was a 12-inch iBook G4. I was so proud of it and it was so precious to me, I gave it a name: Pedro the ‘Puter. He kept me company during the bleak Humanities lectures, and I gave him the gift of wi-fi. It was a loving relationship the whole three-four years, up until his very last moments. Towards his end, I spilled orange juice on him, and he managed to trek on for a month before giving up and forever freezing on the loading screen. May he rest in peace, poor Pedro the ‘Puter.

----- Masa 29.11.08 13:01

My 24” iMac is a window into my head, my life, my world. It does everything I want it to, plus it surprises me with more. How great is that?

----- Craig 29.11.08 12:55

Reconditioned (by Apple) MacBook Pro 4GB RAM, 148 GB Fixed Disk, Super Drive

----- Marc 29.11.08 12:54

mine has my name on it in green and yellow blob. Only it’s spelled wrong (with two ‘b’s and one ‘c’) and placed upside down on the monitor backing.

----- Rebecca 29.11.08 12:49

My macbook pro is and awesome beast. As a designer I should appreciate its form and functionality, but instead it is covered with the remnants of work. Gouges and gross brown resin splatterings decorate its surface. It is beautiful in every way to me, and I believe its layer of filth improves its function as it allows me to tell it apart from other macs that may be in the room.

In closing, let me say please pick me!

----- Shannon 29.11.08 12:47

I love my white Macbook. I’ve been a pc person my whole life, but decided to try something new and get a Mac for college. I’ve had it for a year and a half, and it’s survived water spills, drops, general abuse, and constant ridicule from my PC-snob brother. Every time I come home, he yells at me for having a Mac and tells me how only stupid people who don’t really know anything about computers and just want to conform have Macs, and rants about how Macs aren’t even computers. It’s pretty mean, but I put up with it because, in the end, I just love my Mac, no matter how much of a loser that makes me. And my foolish Mac and I need an external drive, because I desperately need to back up my precious photography and music before I accidentally lose everything in some freak accident. Pretty please? :)

----- Lauren 29.11.08 12:43

My MacBook goes with me everywhere. I’ve even used it on logs in the rain forest. An extra backup drive would be great and hopefully keep my data safe on my adventures.

----- Alex 29.11.08 12:37

My Mac Mini is back in my apartment, since it is less mobile than my Eee PC. It’s a wonderful, tiny device, that fits the look of my computer desk. I do all my web design projects on it, as well as most of my homework.

----- Michael 29.11.08 12:32

i love my macbook pro!

----- Nir Tober 29.11.08 12:31

I purchased my macbook at the beginning of ‘08 after using nothing but PCs my whole life, I’m so glad I’ve made the switch because I’ve never had any problems or issues with my macbook. This would be a great way to back my pictures and music!

----- Stacy B. 29.11.08 12:29

A beat up old Macbook that treats me well. I tend to keep these things to their dying day.

----- Christian 29.11.08 12:27

I got my Mac, Cookie, on Black Friday. I couldn’t sleep Thursday night waiting for Friday morning to come so we could go to the Apple Store.

Cookie is all white and all love =]

Cookie amazes me with the 5+ hour battery life, as opposed to my previous laptop, who shall remain nameless, who gave me 45 minutes, 48 tops. I really don’t want to load up Cookie with my old baggage because I want Cookie to have a fresh start at life. Even Cookie’s iTunes will be organized!

----- Ivy Reynaga 29.11.08 12:20

My MacBook Black is one of the few ones here in Brazil.

----- Natalli 29.11.08 12:20

I own a Macbook Pro, and before that I had a powerbook G4. I use my mac for everything. I hold my music, my tv shows, and take notes for class (occasionally lol). I also play in a band, and I use the mac for recording, and for synthesizer modulation. My mac keeps me in touch with everyone and everything, and it lets me express my self through art with ease and efficiency.

----- Chase 29.11.08 12:19

I love my mac, even though I it is slowly dying the more work I do on it each day. I love the backup system time machine though. My pc sits in my basement alone with its viruses.

----- Seth G. 29.11.08 12:18

I have a PowerBook G4, pre-intel, and I LOVE IT! I’ve had it for probably 6 years now, and I have only ever had to update my operating system, I’ve NEVER had a problem with it and I’ll never own another type of computer. I’m MAC-fabulous and plan to stay that way, as a graphic designer, its the only way to go, and I love that I can do all my projects on it, and then bring it right to the client to make live edits. I LOVE IT!

----- Danielle Nastri 29.11.08 12:17

I have a white Macbook that I take with me just about everywhere that I go. I’ve named it Neko after the illustrious Neko Case.

----- Anne 29.11.08 12:16

My Mac Book Pro and I have gone through thick and thin. We never settle to be apart.

----- Collin Banko 29.11.08 12:13

All of the icons in the dock of my macbook are tokidoki characters!

----- RJ 29.11.08 12:11

my mac and i go on several walks a day together. sometimes we stop and gaze into each others eyes…other times, we find ourselves rockin out all night till the early morn. my mac and i are pals…and if that’s not a beautiful thing…i don’t know what is.

----- andrea 29.11.08 12:08

This would be the best thing to have to hold up the screen of my powerbook G4 along with the tape, numerous cracks, oh and the casing busting off. sweet…

----- Michael 29.11.08 12:03

I’m actually on my Macbook Pro right now. My mac has been through various cosmetic “make overs” from Speck Cases to Vinyl skins, but I have reverted back to the clean look of aluminum. This drive would be a great complement to the mac.

----- Emmanuel 29.11.08 12:00

I don’t know about everybody else but I love my iMac! It can do everything..even coffee!

----- Mario 29.11.08 11:56

Nice, I recently bought an older black macbook and this would come in seriously handy :)

----- Ryan 29.11.08 11:53

Even though my Macbook Pro (which I bought a few years ago) still perfectly suits my needs and wishes, I recently got myself a new Mac. An adorable beige Power Macintosh G3 (the “outrigger” one), running OS 8. That day I had gained access to some sort of storage room in my school, where all kinds of old and broken hardware were stocked. Curiously looking through the archaic equipment, a couple of nonchalantly stacked computers caught my eye. Glorious Power Macintoshes, complete with keyboards, AppleVision Monitors and those deliciously retro-looking one-button mice. Design-wise, of course, these decade-old Macs weren’t even close to Apple’s current standards. But still, their names in the old Apple font and the beautiful little rainbow-apple-logo made my heart melt a little. As our very first computer ever was a similar Power Macintosh, discovering these machines in this dark and dusty lair really did take me back to my oldest memories of computers. Curiously, I picked out one of the Macs, connected all the cables and hit the power button. More nostalgic magic ensued, as this beige trooper turned out to work perfectly fine, taking me once again into the immensely dated, but still surprisingly beautiful world of Mac OS 8. I was curious about the fate of the retired Macintoshes, so impulsively I went looking for the guy who manages all of the school’s technical equipment.

Me: “Hey Dave, I just saw some really old Macs in that storage room and…”
Dave: “Yeah yeah, just take one home.”

I had to call someone with a car though. G3 and monitor were a bit too bulky for public transportation.
I put it on a rather high cabinet in my room, giving this old machine with its already impressive proportions a sort of monumental quality. In fact, I do kind of treat it like a sculpture, an artifact if you like (on the other hand, I do use it as a cd player from time to time).

I guess finding this computer and taking it home, even though I don’t have any practical use for it (on the contrary; it takes up quite a lot of space), showed me that Apple, although they’re a company like any other, drunken with power and hungry for money, they always try to add that little bit of magic to their products, that genuinely makes you fall in love with them. The kind of magic that will make me want to fire up my Macbook Pro once again, ten years from now, just for the feel of it.

Pardon the abundance of fluffy adjectives and fanboyistic tendencies in this post. :)

----- Joel 29.11.08 11:52

My macbook was dropped out of my dormitory window (my friend was typing on the ledge, and under the influence of something) and landed into somebody’s bike basket. That somebody, whose name i learned is Peter, had left, by accident, his winter jacket snuggled tightly in the basket. I type this on my macbook now. It was a miracle.

----- Daniel 29.11.08 11:51

to be honest, the last mac i owned was an original imac (you know, the blueberry kind). but i recently switched schools (transfer student) and its become absolutely necessary to have a laptop with me since i’ll be away from home virtually all day and have long lapses between classes where i need to either find a job or get school work done. i’m considering a number of laptops, if i won this contest i’d definitely opt for a macbook!

----- ann 29.11.08 11:41

I have a first generation Macbook Pro. His name is Logan 5(from Logan’s Run).
I have customized and upgraded him to be the best laptop a girl can ask for.
But I only have a 100GB hard drive and can’t afford another upgrade, and thats is nothing for a graphic designer with alot of heavy programs and files.
And this beautiful HD will match the silver exterior perfectly. :)

----- Shital 29.11.08 11:40

i have two macs. both are very old in technology years. one is an emac, which i bought in 2003. the other is an ibook, which i bought in 2001. both have 60gb hard drives, so this external would MORE THAN DOUBLE my storage! i’m constantly trashing things i think “i don’t really need”, just to make room for new photos or music.

----- Michael 29.11.08 11:40

I just got her 2 weeks ago and her name is Sasha. She’s beautiful, but when people sign off on iChat the sound still scares the crap out of me.

----- Kevin Phan 29.11.08 11:37

I got my first Mac after my previous computer (a PC) exploded. Yes, you heard right. Exploded. I came home one day and the computer didn’t work. I tried to turn it on and after a few failed attempts opened the box. The inside was black and singed. That taught me to always back-up. Now if only I had a good external drive to compliment my aluminum iMac…

As a graphic design student and with the costs of university fees, materials, living in a different city and necessary gadgets, this would come in more than handy.

----- Vida 29.11.08 11:34

Writing this comment on my white MacBook, my main computer.

----- noxcel 29.11.08 11:29

I have a much-beleaguered MacBook Pro. This poor laptop has been to Cupertino more times than I have, and I live in Silicon Valley! Failed superdrive, sorch marks,intermittent airport connection…I need this drive as a backup, as my other backup drive is already full. If I had this one, with the magical sparkly lights (and silver, my fave color to match the MacBook Pro…swoon), I could use it to copy my hard drive in cases I have to send it in again. Please notcot, make my Xmas wish come true!

----- Jessica P. 29.11.08 11:29

My Macbook Pro has 92GBs of HD, and 1GB free!!!

I need more space!!

----- clifyt 29.11.08 11:24

I work with a my imac at home and a G4 at my new job, having this would be pretty dope when bringing some work home. Plus my current external drive completely crashed with all my music >=( and no warranty!

----- RickY 29.11.08 11:23

im not going to talk about my mac but my BOyfriends mac!
Hes a producer and keeps mega load of files, but his mac, as beautiful as macs are, SOUNds like its going to die. the fan makes this awful grinding sound and i fear its going to die soon along with his files. Since we’re not that rich i want to get him an external harddrive incase his mac dies right before a big presentation.

----- Mariana 29.11.08 11:23

I’m really impressed with the design of the free agent go [for mac]. It appears to be the same color as my macbook pro with just a tiny bit of added flair with the lights. very cool. my only issue with the macbook pro is that i should have gone with the 17” version rather than the 15” just so i would have a little more viewing space when i use photoshop, traktor, and ableton. I do have to say the new macbook design is pretty neat.

----- motoline 29.11.08 11:21

Well I LIVE off of my iBook G4 and have been for the past 3 years, but with its wimpy hard drive of approx. 40GB.
I write and over the past 3 years I have completely filled up my hard drive. Now I have to resort to writing by hand, which as much as I love it has its downfall as I don’t write as fast as I think. This external hard drive would SAVE me. Especially since being a broke ass student (like everybody else) I can’t afford an external hard drive.

----- Vanessa 29.11.08 11:18

I have my MacBook and I love it. It’s a 13” mid-2007 model and it has changed my life. I also have a really beautiful GelaSkin on it, just to class it up a bit.

----- Annie 29.11.08 11:17

I have had my little white iBook since before I graduated college after a PC died on me in the middle of finishing my writing portfolio (it made for a fantastic senior spring, let me tell you …). It still works perfectly and has never crashed on me once … a match made in heaven!

----- Lindsay 29.11.08 11:15

I am a mac fanatic and the recent addition to my family is a black macbook, replacing old faithful a silver powerbook that was with me since 2003 and took many a beatings but kept on ticking

----- jo 29.11.08 11:14

My mac is beautiful! I bought it a red hard case to protect it, under the clear red case I have random cutouts of fun images or typography I find. The screen is clean and shinny. It is my nightlight, glowing in the darkness. My heat when it is cold (during the summer it burns my legs off). My mac needs a trendy friend and I think Seagate’s FreeAgent would make a perfect companion.

----- wesley 29.11.08 11:13

I love my macbook so much, that I cuddle it before I go to sleep. But now I had not so much time for my macbook because I had a lot of work to do for my diploma. Because of that the seagate harddrive could cuddle my macbook, if I had no time. They could become best friends.

----- Dominik Zach 29.11.08 11:12

My macbook pro that I’ve had for nearly four years died on me a week ago, and I learned the hard way that you should always back up your data. Three years writing and video projects gone like that. I had to cut into my savings and buy a new macbook. Even though it’s faster and sturdier, I still miss my old titanium one.

----- Peio 29.11.08 11:12

My mac has eyeballs and teeth. When I turn on the speech function I make it talk to my roommates for me.

----- jack lunenfeld 29.11.08 11:10

my mac’s name is the black pearl…it got its name when my three legged, slightly blind, two year old cat named captain jack decided it was the best place in the house to nap- while the computer is charging and while i am typing emails seem to be perfect napping moments… :)

----- whitney h. 29.11.08 11:09

My Mac is still just a dream. I might have mentioned in the last giveaway that my laptop died recently and I’ve just found out that it can’t be resurrected… while I am of course very very sad that I might have lost all my data and am now without a computer, the upside is that I have a legitimate reason to log on to the Apple Store everyday and stalk the laptop of my dreams…still haven’t figured out how to come up with the money for one though..any chance you’re doing Macbook Air Giveaway?

----- missmilki 29.11.08 11:09

I love my MacPro! It’s fast, it does so much, and it makes my teaching career all that much easier. I make classroom presentations with Keynote, I create my classroom-focused website with Dreamweaver, and I can access school district at home with Apple’s “Mail” program. All of the programs work flawlessly with my MacPro!

----- Doug Ramsey 29.11.08 11:07

i couldn’t wait for the new macbook pro this year because term had started and i bought the previous model. it’s great, but when the new macbooks came out, it was a really heartbreaking moment.

----- miak 29.11.08 11:07

I don’t have a Mac, but boy, would this make a great gift!

----- chris 29.11.08 11:04

k so my mac, its a macbook with a nice dent on the case. it randomly deletes fonts here and there, it restarts whenever it wants and i lose my work all the time. i have to save every 5 seconds just in case. the trackpad has two dents in it also. it can barely handle one task at a time anymore, i really hate it. i need the harddrive, please.

----- ian flanigan 29.11.08 11:03

15” Macbook Pro 2.33ghz. I love it, it’s my baby. I do a ton of video editing and design work on it, and I need a new scratch disk for my projects. I love how this HDD look, and if I wasn’t a poor college student… I’d buy one.

----- Conrad 29.11.08 10:57

My machine is ocd like me. I keep it’s wiring straight and kink free with a heat gun and usually tucked away out of site (coiled never folded). And yet is gets stuffed in a messenger bag that gets thrown on the floor of the train a couple times a day. Oh and it’s rapidly running out of space to store ill gotten media.

----- John 29.11.08 10:55

I got a Macbook Pro and for some reason. I’m getting a file disk error count and I don’t have the Leopard CD cause my friend broked’ed it. But other than that, it owns. I have hella stuff on my macbook and it’s oh so prettayyyy. holla

----- Aaron 29.11.08 10:55

Mine is a little 13” MacBook I take almost everywhere. My favorite places have laid claim with bumper stickers. My favorite sticker is from Guernica, Spain, written in Basque (Euskara): simply “Nik

I didn’t understand much of the language, but the park in which my computer and I spent an afternoon was beautiful.

----- mb 29.11.08 10:54

(MB) Latte’s about 1.5 years old, mostly great company throughout the day regardless of when and where i need her, sometimes a better one than my beloved dog when he’s cranky. Even though Latte does have her mood swings once in a while, she is easily pacified.

I do however, have a minor grievance about Latte—the yellowish (coffee-like) stains she develops over time which I faithfully clean with alcohol and a stain removing sponge when i feel like a loving owner.

----- Carrie 29.11.08 10:53

Second generation macbook. Got tired of the smudges on the white, especially if I read a newspaper then research something I read after, so I covered it with faux-wood contact paper. The result is a macbook that does not get dirty, and has a unique look.

----- Kento85 29.11.08 10:51

My Mac was failing during a very important week at school, which seems to be a problem nation-wide, and in a final moment of glory, the power cord went bad too, smoking and eventually sparking to the point where people were scared (more for the computer than for my safety). The screen flashed in a wild array of colours and shapes from what looked like an 80’s music video, and she went black.

Completely devistated and without any help from the Genius bar (who said it probably wasn’t covered by my AppleCare even though they didn’t know what it was), I went out on a limb and tried e-mailing Steve Jobs and a number of e-mails I made up, hoping one was him.

A day later an administrative assistant called me, ran me through some tests, and told me there would be a box waiting for me to send my computer away. The next morning, there it was. Two and a half days later, my computer was back with a new logic board, and new fans.

Plus a note saying “it’s on us!”

I love this sucker.

----- Cameron 29.11.08 10:51

My little iBook has been running hard for 4 years. While she may be several generations old. I just can’t give it up.

----- Jacques 29.11.08 10:50

Hope this works..my girl’s mac ink has rubbed of the keys so csnt t3ll if this is right…

----- MikeC 29.11.08 10:49

my black macbook is my identity. currently, virtual me must be periodically (and manually, which is the worst part) backed up onto a typical USB 2.0 HDD. having this beautiful free agent would finally motivate me to set up time machine and not have to painstakingly go through my usual bi-monthly back-up ritual.

----- daisy 29.11.08 10:49

Because I went to RIT for photography, I became a hardcore mac user and have had 2 Macbooks and plan on getting a desktop coming up. At work now I am forced to work with all PC’s because it’s in the medical field. I cannot wait for Apple to start being the choice operating system and hardware in the Medical Field. I really hope I get this hard drive so it can match the new iMac I want for Xmas.

----- Jorge Rodriguez 29.11.08 10:48

Oh, my lovely violet Mac…This thanksgiving, I’m thankful for my Incase hardshell that makes toting my Macbook Pro tres safe and easy. I recently started working for two Chicago-based fashion sites and the amount of runway photos I’m packing is extraordinary! After losing 3,000 photos earlier this summer, It would be great to have a secret weapon like a free agent!

----- Kelsey 29.11.08 10:48

My Mac is a mid-2007 intel iMac with a 24 inch monitor, 1TB hard drive that’s almost full, and 2 gigs of ram. I got the wireless mouse and keyboard to go with it. I loves my baby.

----- Brian 29.11.08 10:47

My Mac is my music, my inspiration folders, my journals and my design ideas. It holds my photography work and my writings. It’s a 17inch MBP and it’s too big sometimes to take with me. I’d love this drive to keep a portfolio on me at all times.

----- toffer Surovec 29.11.08 10:47

My HP crashed on the first day of this semester. I went to the mac store and told the clerk, “I’m in sticker shock, talk me into it.” He did, and twenty minutes later, I left a world of painful OS fighting behind me. I’ll never look back.

----- Hayden 29.11.08 10:45

I am currently in Azerbaijan using my mac and getting frustrated with our sporadic internet (such is life in the former Soviet Union). Before leaving for this year long (or more, who knows?) journey, I thought about bringing my portable hard drive with me, but decided against it on the off chance that my hard drive and laptop were in the same place and both got ruined. I am semi-regretting the decision; however, I suspect that if something happens to my lovely laptop, I will be thanking the heavens that at least most of my computer back up is safe in the United States.

My mac is a 14” ibook G4, which I love in spite of the sleeker, cleaner design of the macbook and macbook pro. I bought this computer in late 2005, only a few months before they released the new macbook. Of course, I felt like a chump for not waiting, but my ibook has seen some tough times (mostly related to university: long nights, research papers) and it has hardly given me any problems (just my luck, given that I bought the three year warrantee…for what!?). Nevertheless, after three years, I think it is time to upgrade (plus, I will be going to grad school, far more demanding than undergrad…Ill need a superior machine to help handle the work load), so when I return stateside, I will be investing in a new macbookpro, and a whole new slew of apple products.

----- Kim J 29.11.08 10:40

When they announced the new unibody macbooks, thats when I decised to get one. Its my first mac, and i love it

----- David 29.11.08 10:39

I am currently in Azerbaijan using my mac and getting frustrated with our sporadic internet (such is life in the former Soviet Union). Before leaving for this year long (or more, who knows?) journey, I thought about bringing my portable hard drive with me, but decided against it on the off chance that my hard drive and laptop were in the same place and both got ruined. I am semi-regretting the decision; however, I suspect that if something happens to my lovely laptop, I will be thanking the heavens that at least most of my computer back up is safe in the United States.

My mac is a 14” ibook G4, which I love in spite of the sleeker, cleaner design of the macbook and macbook pro. I bought this computer in late 2005, only a few months before they released the new macbook. Of course, I felt like a chump for not waiting, but my ibook has seen some tough times (mostly related to university: long nights, research papers) and it has hardly given me any problems (just my luck, given that I bought the three year warrantee…for what!?). Nevertheless, after three years, I think it is time to upgrade (plus, I will be going to grad school, far more demanding than undergrad…Ill need a superior machine to help handle the work load), so when I return stateside, I will be investing in a new macbookpro, and a whole new slew of apple products.

----- Kim J 29.11.08 10:39

I just recently got a new Macbook Pro, after four years with my 12” powerbook. Mac, for me is the best of all worlds, design, user friendly, and most importantly long life and durability. The last trait is most important, as the powerbook endured 4 years of undergrad. It made it through, but just barely, and i am eternally thankful. While they are more expensive, you only had to get one. After each summer, i would look over during class and see my pc using classmates with a new laptop. For this reason, and being able to be mobile, made it the ideal computer for a college student.

----- Jeff 29.11.08 10:39

My MacBook Pro is a great upgrade from my old 12” iBook. I’d love to have an external hard drive for backups.

----- Andrew 29.11.08 10:38

I started using a mac after years of complaining about them. Then I won a Japanese 13” Macbook on a Japanese reality TV show (no lie), and I was hooked!

----- Allison 29.11.08 10:36

My MacBook Pro needs a friend - an external hard drive. And like most Macs, it prefers things to match or co-ordinate, so a silver drive is perfect to be it’s new best friend! They would be so shiny and happy together. How lovely!

----- missmarymary 29.11.08 10:36

I have a warning telling me all the time that my laptop has’nt been backed up all the time but since my other HD crashed my mac is holding onto all my pictures of my son and all my freelance work.. I NEED THAT DRIVE :)

----- Christian Schaffner 29.11.08 10:32

My macbook has a mind of its own. I goes to sleep when it wants, wakes up when it wants (that is if it ever wakes up at all). It also likes to move my harddrive icon around sometimes. I take in to have apple genius’ look at it and they tell me its going to be about $1200 to send it in and they might fix it cuz they’re not exactly sure what’s wrong.

----- maeling 29.11.08 10:31

I got my mac for free as part of the Baruch Scholars Program at Baruch Scholars. I almost never use my PC anymore. My mac is now my bffl. =)

----- Justin 29.11.08 10:31

my mac is so lonely without any friends. every now and then it gets to see my boyfriend’s big grown up macbook pro but since mine is only a little macbook she really needs someone a bit smaller than itself to be a loyal companion. really she would be eternally grateful.

----- irene 29.11.08 10:31

Haha! Sorry didn´t read the rules properly. But i´ll tell you about my Mac. I´m the proud owner of a Macbook 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 2gb internal memory and an 80gb harddrive. This is my first Mac, before i had several PC´s. I couldn´nt be happier about switching. Yesterday i ordered the Incase messengerbag for it. Thanks for the tip!

----- Jocke 29.11.08 10:31

I have a G5 - who has a ghost living inside. At moments she will freeze up and crash, then will never reboot just breathing oh so heavily with high fans. I take her to the doctor, and nothing she boots up perfectly. It has been seven times, I finally convinced a guy that there is something nutty and she got some logic surgery. AT LAST, it has been about a month with no issues. We are hoping that this disease doesn’t return. For the love of all my work.

----- anne cote 29.11.08 10:27

COuldn’t be a better time for this- I’ve enjoyed my Mac so much that it has gobbled up tons of music and pictures! Venice alone takes up tons of space. I would look forward to something that could help me preserve my memories (being my brain otherwise fails me!). I’m ready to be drafted: Come Free Agent, save me!

----- Tim 29.11.08 10:27

I love my mac! It has a problem with its fan so it is usually making a noise like it is about to explode but it never has. I like it because it makes me feel like it is really working hard for me. I could really use a portable hard drive. Then I wouldn’t get in trouble for borrowing other people’s. please :)

----- Caroline 29.11.08 10:27

The story of my MAC is sort of sad. It was my graduation present, and the best in the world! I loved it, and I took it with me everywhere, just like one should do with a laptop. Now, I kept it next to my bed on this small chest in my dorm room my first year of college, because I liked to lay in bed and surf the internets. Now for some reason, I really will never understand why, this girl that was a friend of one of my close friends, and also a really bad person, she stepped on it. She took it off my little chest while I was going to the bathroom and stepped on it. Maybe she was jealous, well actually that is probably the case. Thankfully she didn’t mess up the motherboard or anything, but she completely shattered the screen. She also never admitted to the crime, so I couldn’t force her to pay for the damage ($1200). So I had this broken laptop and no way to use it. Thankfully I happened to have a huge old monitor which I hooked it up to, so I can still use it. So sad. Now instead of being able to take it with my everywhere, It has to sit on my desk. My poor little laptop.

I am also a designing major, so I use my computer for a lot of my homework assignments, and it’s starting to get all full.

----- Maia 29.11.08 10:27

I’ve had my MacBook Pro for a little over a year and a half now and I am still absolutely in love with it. The only thing it is missing is an external storage/backup solution, especially considering I haven’t reformatted it once thus far. I’ve not really needed to, (which is a testament to the quality of the product), but I think in the interest of maintenance it couldn’t hurt to be able to do so.

This computer comes with me everywhere and has been my weapon of choice for all of my design needs since I picked it up. Solid, sleek, and swift. Word.

----- Evan Rowe 29.11.08 10:23

My Mac…
Well, I have a macbook pro and its been through a lot. I would like to think that I take pretty good care of it, but I cant explain some of its bumps and bruises. If it were a baby, I would have probably lost custody.

I was riding my bike once and got cut off by a car that didn’t signal. I couldn’t stop fast enough and fell halfway over the handlebars and onto the the hood of the car. (or so i was told) all i could think of was not hitting the laptop in my bag. I saved it and since then I have sworn that it will not leave my desk.

I have usb drives, but they don’t hold enough. I really need something that take to my classes easily that will be just as good as bringing my laptop.

I pretty much use it for homework, browsing, music, inspiration, piracy, communication… actually, there’s not much i don’t use it for…
..My name is Sarah, and I’m a computaholic

----- Sarah 29.11.08 10:22

My macbookpro is awesome! It’s visuals are great although it gets really hot sometimes. I have pver 30 gigs of pictures stored in this thing, and I really need one of these to back up my art files as well!

----- Jean 29.11.08 10:20

That´s so cool! When i saw the first giveaway for the Windows FreeAgent i thought, damn! But here you are offering one for Mac now!

I would use the extra storage place on my Macbook at work for photo storage, and since my MB harddrive is only 80gb big it usually ends with me deleting stuff i´d rather keep.

Thanks for the chance!

----- Jocke 29.11.08 10:20

My Mac sucks pretty hard. I hate it actually. But I love notcot and free drives!

----- mike 29.11.08 10:20

One (Late 2007) MacBook Pro and one (personally manufactured ;) ) Mac Pro!

----- Philip 29.11.08 10:20

My G5 crashed on me twice, got dropped a few times a a couple dents, and had tea spilled on it so the keyboards go all sticky. I recently got a new Macbook Pro and decided to ‘proof it’ meaning a cover for my keys, screen, and a nice RED cover on the outside. I love it, its clean it gets me everywhere. I’m using it now. I LOVE YOU HONEYBUNS!!!

----- Anne 29.11.08 10:19

My Mac is a 17” Macbook Pro. It’s a normal mac, you know. Hassle-fee, “it just works,” etc. I love it. Since purchasing it, I’ve been able to turn just about all of my friends to getting macs. I would love this great looking hard drive to sit right next to it. (And my Mac would love it too!)

----- Ryan 29.11.08 10:17

My mac is always complaining to me that it hasn’t enough friends. I don’t “take it out enough to meet new devices.” This is the perfect opportunity for it to have a new pal.

----- terence 29.11.08 10:15

I run a titanium 2.4 GHz intel core 2 duo with a Leopard 10.5.5 os, wireless mighty mouse and keyboard. I may never own an Audi TT but this makes me just as happy. Now if only I had a matching silver hard drive…

----- Rick 29.11.08 10:15

Macs are so sleek and sexy. This would be an excellent collection! Now I can stick this inside my backpack along with my MacBook Pro and be good to go!

----- Jasper 29.11.08 10:15

My Mac is a 12” Powerbook G4, which is still the smallest Mac ever (footprint-wise). I’m diggin’ the Free Agent for it’s equally small footprint. I’m also thinking I, myself, may become a free agent soon, so I’ll need some extra gigs for my future gigs.

----- Kenneth Mori 29.11.08 10:11

have one of those new aluminum macbooks…first mac, love it, doesn’t wake from sleep sometimes though - something me and the mb share in common

----- Joe M. 29.11.08 10:07

the desktop wallpaper on my mac right now is that famous photo of picasso pressing his hands against a window… so i guess my mac is home to a creative genius right now.

----- joanne 29.11.08 10:05

My black, early 06 MacBook is so awesome, I’m waiting for something to go wrong with it just so I could buy the new aluminum one… Perhaps the pro.
P.S. no such luck

----- JP 29.11.08 10:03

I got two macs i got a white Intel imac about 2 years ago still going strong, i recently was on the look out for a macbook for uni, a second hand blackbook but when they relished the new aluminum one i just closed my eyes and bought it.

Apples customer service and after care was a joke thou waited ages was lied two a few times one the phone, apples ended up saying the didn’t know where it was. I ended up finding it my self and had to pick it up from a far away TNT depo

it great thou!

----- Anthony 29.11.08 10:00

the only interesting or differentiating factor of my 15” macbook pro is its name- John Mickens- which is a fairly obscure reference to the Max Julien character in the 1973 blaxploitation film ‘The Mack’. His character is named Goldie, however, his legal name was John Mickens, referenced only briefly in a court scene at the beginning of the film. i am such a nerd. must…backup…useless…info…HELP!

----- Rickelo 29.11.08 09:55

I actually don’t own a Mac, but it’s contingent that I use one for file management and — more importantly — work. I use plenty of Macs for work, correspondence with others, and projects I work on outside of the office.

It’s always frustrating, not having an adequate storage device for such [frequent] occurrences. I need this hard drive!

----- N. E. Mercer 29.11.08 09:55

I’m on my fourth Mac now, with my Powermac G5 (2003) being the first one. Two Macbooks and an iBook further I’m still an avid Mac fan and I’ve converted a bunch of people as well. Mac evangelist all the way!

----- Cailin Coilleach 29.11.08 09:53

I bought the newest mac when it came out 3 days after it release. It works great the glossy screen and proformance but sometimes it got little over heated especially when I doing multi task like movie and etc but overall is a great notebook.

----- Ka Wai 29.11.08 09:51

My mac is a hackintosh (pc running leopard), but shh!

----- Rory 29.11.08 09:49

my mac is a beautiful white macbook. he likes to chill with me at school, hang out on my desk, and keep me company into the wee hours of the morning in my bed. he is an understated and easygoing mac - no stickers or decals, just a bit of dust from everyday wear and tear.

----- grace 29.11.08 09:49

This would be absolutely bomb to have for my photography and design…

----- Alec 29.11.08 09:44

My mac is silver and tiny and comes with me everywhere I go. It would love to have this hard drive so it can shed some of its extra weight and feel sexy again.

----- Arezu 29.11.08 09:43

The mac this lovely storage medium would union with serves as the workhorse of academic endeavor. From running code to understand two-dimensional finite element analysis to penning papers about creep and applied elasticity, this mac allows me to excel at my engineering studies. All this work, however, does not come without a need for additional storage. Hence, the desire for such a external drive.

----- Tyler 29.11.08 09:40

My G4 Powerbook is still going strong since early 2005. I wager it is one of the best laptops ever built. I look forward to many years to come with my Mac. She could definitely use some hard drive space tho!

----- Kristin 29.11.08 09:35

I have a first gen Macbook Pro. I love it dearly and have named it “pasacom”.

----- Alicia M 29.11.08 09:34

My Mac has been a Godsend. I have a Macbook that I use for work, school, and play. It has been upgraded to hold the maxed out 4G of ram, so its pretty speedy, especially when I need to run Windows in the background. I m definitely a Apple Fan boy, and I will never look back.

----- Sam C 29.11.08 09:34

My MacBook Pro is the latest and most recent incarnation of my love for mac. It’s sleek, portable, and flexible. Although sometimes cranky, it’s always a delight when I open it’s lid for work or pleasure.

----- Jason Carroll 29.11.08 09:31

my macbook was the only thing that i was afraid of getting stolen when i accidentally left my garage door open (with all doors to the house unlocked) on thanksgiving day.

and i am ashamed to say that i have not backed up any data from my mac since the day i owned it (2007 mac convert). this hard drive would come in handy. i do have valuable knitting information that needs preservation.

----- winniets.com 29.11.08 09:30

my macbook was the only thing that i was afraid of getting stolen when i accidentally left my garage door open (with all doors to the house unlocked) on thanksgiving day.

and i am ashamed to say that i have not backed up any data from my mac since the day i owned it (2007 mac convert). this hard drive would come in handy. i do have valuable knitting information that needs preservation.

----- winniets.com 29.11.08 09:29

I made the switch to mac a little over a year ago with a 24” aluminum iMac, and couldn’t be happier! After discovering a dead pixel on it when it arrived, I began an adventure in trying to exchange it for a new one. I ended up getting three different iMacs from the apple store before finally getting one without a dead pixel. It has been 100% perfect since then!

----- aaronpk 29.11.08 09:29

I have a G5 with a gianormous wide screen monitor that my husband got at an auction for $200. It came with photoshop and illustrator and it is most awesome.

----- Emmie 29.11.08 09:28

I’m on a Black MacBook, comes after a 12” PowerBook which came after an iBook G4 which came after an iBook G3. It was provided to me from my last workplace, and is still an amazing machine. I recently swapped out the 80GB drive for a 320GB drive, so having this freeagent would help with backups.

Funny story: One time, I was deleting hard links off of an external drive created on a machine running Mac OS X server. Because it was connected to my laptop, it started deleting folders in my User folder as I was using it! Mac OS X was just starting to act weird, switching fonts as my Library folder was disappearing. I had to reinstall, and I lost about 4 days work because I hadn’t backed up recently.

----- Jasmeet 29.11.08 09:27

Wow! Awesome! Totally Rad! I really need one of those!

----- Jake A. Henry 29.11.08 09:26

- I remember the day I learned that Macs and PCs probably will never get along. I am an animator by nature, and while Maya is available for both, 3DS Max has not become so. I purchased a simple PC to be able to train myself within that programming, and when it arrived, I set it across the room from the Mac Desktop. I made a inside comment to both of them in joking to behave… and shortly after my Mac began to act up… maybe out of jealousy. Eventually, the PC died and the Mac continues to live on… think my Mac poisoned the other overnight.
- Love Macs and continue to live with them.. they help my freelance work flourish.

----- Duzty 29.11.08 09:24

I saved up all the money I could while going through college, sold my car and macbook when I graduated this May, and moved with my new husband from Texas to Barcelona, Spain. In September we bought an iMac in Euros (ouch) and I’m now trying to pick up some freelance design/illustration jobs while my husband goes to school here. Unfortunately, in the move I forgot to transfer many of my files to the one old hard drive I have. It sucks having multiple files in different countries, so it would be awesome to have everything stored securely in one place.. even better for potential freelancing since it’s portable, because I’m still getting used to having a desktop!!

----- danielle 29.11.08 09:24

I’m on a Black Macbook 2.16ghz with a rapidly dwindling hard disk space of 150gigs. I have a TON of music (I am an ambient listener so my listening doesn’t end in 3minute intervals), I like longs walks down my street, preferably alone but I allow my wife to join me on occasion. Oooh, one last thing, I cry when I see Datsun 240Z, circa 1977… sometimes.

----- J. Rodriguez 29.11.08 09:24

my mac life started off with a titanium powerbook g4, which i replaced with a macbook pro a couple of years ago. it’s been in pristine condition until it fell off of my bike rack last week which made a huge dent in the corner. thankfully it still works fine! anyways, i would love to use this hard drive to offset the load from my virtual machines.

----- Sei 29.11.08 09:24

My sweet 21” iMac is the best computer ever, though I sometimes miss my old Tangerine iMac.
Being a Mac user in a little town in Spain was very difficult, people don’t understand what your talking about and don’t understand why you don’t use the same ugly computer they use. Now in the city things are much better, people understand and admire you for being different.
I need a new backup companion for my iMac, so this would be the perfect Xmas present.

----- Sylvia 29.11.08 09:22

I got my mac as a birthday present two years ago. It was probably the best birthday present I’ve ever gotten. Right after I got my mac my other laptop crashed. It was perfect timing. I will never switch back to a pc now.

----- Megan 29.11.08 09:22

I’ve been a Mac user all my life. I got my first very-own-all-mine mac at the beginning of my sophomore year of high school (an iBook). This mac crashed (no external hard drive, all was lost), and Apple couldn’t fix it in a timely manner so they sent me a brand new white MacBook (best tragedy ever). This MacBook then crashed almost exactly a year later (it thought it no longer had a hard drive at 11:45 p.m. the night before a presentation), and then got damaged on the way to Apple, so they tried to refuse to fix it (fortunately my father is very good at convincing people to fix stuff for him). I still have this MacBook, and still have no external hard drive due to a lack of funds (which is why this one would be particularly wonderful).

I work at a toy store that has a LOT of stickers. So my computer has monsters, polka-dotted chickens, shiny stars, cats, hearts with wings and legs, other hearts, giraffes and elephants, etc. on the side that faces me (as well as stickers spelling out “breathe” for computer-related panic on my space bar). On the other side are a couple of Harry Potter stickers, Eduardo from Foster’s Home, Andre the Giant as Fezzik in the Princess Bride, a college sticker, a music sticker from my sister, an Obama sticker that melted and dyed part of my computer top blue-grey, and a ton of puffy glow-in-the-dark Badtz Maru stickers from my best friend. I know it’s sort of a sin to sticker up one’s beautiful mac, but she’s used so often that she is barely white at all anymore. My computer is well-loved (it’s my best friend at school) and wonderful, but woefully unprotected in case of another crisis like the last two. My computer (often just referred to as Baby) and I would love this hard drive. And we need it.

----- Liz 29.11.08 09:21

I have a PowerBook and I hope to upgrade soon to the new MacBook’s! I need a new portable hard drive to back up my machine since it’s so old, I don’t want to loose all my design projects if it ever dies on me!

love that mac!

----- emabry 29.11.08 09:20

I have a MacBook Pro 15” (the first model) and use it for both to go and as desktop computer together with a 24” widescreen display. Since I use a large screen for my daily desktop work, I think about switching to a smaller 13” MacBook to have less to carry. An additional hard disk drive would go perfect to that. ;)

----- Markus 29.11.08 09:20

My many Macs: Home Mac-the big Cheese, Work Mac-the Steel Cage, old Home Mac-Soccer Ball, minimac-2small2preIntel, WorkMacsNet-200+Leapards&TigersCatMenagerie.
Wouldn’t it be nice to have a drive to backupandtransfer files???

----- Andrew Farnham 29.11.08 09:17

Oh dear, this is exactly what I need, and I will be crushed when I inevitably don’t win it.

My Mac is a beautiful machine. My family switched over to Mac several years ago when my art-major brother realized they would be better for him, and we’d had major issues with Dell (oh god don’t get me started), and our Alienware was slowing down. We haven’t looked back. He still has the G4 that we started with, and when he left for school we got me an iMac. I’ve since cycled through laptops - My mother got the iMac when I upgraded to a PowerBook, and then she eventually got the PowerBook after I upgraded to my current love, my MacBook Pro. I’ve had him for two years now, and he’s gotten me through my first two years at my university quite reliably, and has also lasted through six weeks in Ecuador, scratch-free. My worry, though, is that something will go wrong with his battery or his screen (I had fun times with my PowerBook’s screen…) while I’m living in the Czech Republic next semester, and I will have to ship him back to the states for him to be repaired. I’ve heard horror stories of Mac laptops dying while their owners are abroad, and the utter hassles that result. To prevent against this terrible story, I desperately need an external harddrive. With the economy as it is and my upcoming move to Europe for four months, I have no extra money to buy one myself, so I have a stupid amount of hope that I could perhaps win this one, for it would be perfect. Absolutely perfect. I’m already thinking up names.

----- Maggie 29.11.08 09:17

I got my Mac right after I finished my Bachelors degree, and it’s stuck with me through my first graduate school experience and now onto my PhD. I’ve had exactly one problem with it in two and a half years, and it seen more research and papers and IM conversations and emails than I can count. But the ridiculous amounts of data and presentations that I need for school need more space than my little gal (her name is Steve) can hold. I’m soooo tired of emailing things to myself to put on my office computer (also a Mac, provided by the school, and one of the most ancient computers I’ve ever seen in an institution).

----- Dana 29.11.08 09:16

I love my trusty ol mac G5. His name is Martin. Although I spend a lot of time with him, he’d love a little hard drive friend to keep him company.

----- Caroline 29.11.08 09:15

After having both my laptop AND my desktop die on me right before midterms (thanks Windows Vista!), I bit the bullet and finally switched to a Mac. Now I need storage space so this incident doesn’t happen again! And now, I love it. Love it, love it, looooooove it!

----- Maurice 29.11.08 09:12

My Mac is a 24’ Aluminum iMac. This silver seagate HD will look just splendid setting upright in it’s docking station right next to it. Minimalism at its finest.

----- Dane Lincoln 29.11.08 09:12

My mac is a pro,
and loves to go
to NOTCOT dot com
cuz its da bomb.
Holiday giveaways
are the sh#t,
and the Seagate Agent
is legit.

----- jeff cheung 29.11.08 09:09

I have 3 gigs of memory left on my MacBook Pro. I’m somewhat of a collector you can say. Photos of my entire life up until this point, more music than what I know to do with, and don’t even get me started on the amount of photoshop files that are buried in there. I really want to hold on to all my treasures but I’m entering into a digital design program and I know I’m going to have to clear out a lot of room to run all my programs and store all my work. Please help me keep my baby alive! She’s been good to me so far, so it’s time I return the favor.

----- Nancy 29.11.08 09:09

My mac is my first one, a white Macbook, bought during my vacations at Barcelona last winter. By that time, Macbooks were tooo expensive here in Brazil. Now, it has become a pretty common kind of computer. But mine is kinda exclusive, ‘cause of its spanish keyboard layout :)

----- Marcos Porto 29.11.08 09:09

i actually bought a mac powerbook a few years back. i love it— but it’s been experiencing a few problems lately. For some reason, whenever i restart my computer— it opens up the startup screen (just like brand new)— it takes out my programs from my dock and deletes ALL my files!… after i restart it about five more times, the files usually come back… some. not. so lately, i have trying to avoid shutting down/restarting my mac. i’m actually trying to save up for a new macbook pro— but really, i should probably be investing in an external hard drive. being a college student— this would be so helpful!

----- jenny 29.11.08 09:05

Well my mac just resently crashed and so did my external USB drive… im in desperate need of some cheerup goodie and get back to work with some brand new toy!

----- Julia Wolff 29.11.08 09:05

My MacBook Pro has a watercolor painting of Calvin & Hobbes as the background. How awesome is that?

----- Mike Reis 29.11.08 09:04

I love my mac. It’s a new mac. I used to have an ibook G4. I loved that too. Go Apple.

----- Simon 29.11.08 09:01

what a coincidence, I’m a mac

----- Ryan 29.11.08 09:00

My macbook air needs 320 gb…
It´s perfect!

----- Gonzalo 29.11.08 09:00

I love my macbook! I work in the theater, and macs work wonders for pre-visualisations and computer drafting (I use Vectorworks, not AutoCAD). I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I’ve also become rather addicted to it, and can’t really leave the house without it these days.

My disc space is almost full though, and I’ve had to get rid of a LOT of music, videos, photos, and files from old shows just to keep the mac up and functioning. An 320GB hard drive would be AMAZING, and really help me keep my database of theaters/shows/draftings.

----- Heather Sparling 29.11.08 08:58

My awesome grandfather bought me this macbook pro to help with my graphic design studies. It’s coming up to it’s second birthday now though, poor old thing. So far the harddrive has effed up (which I fixed) and the power adaptor stopped working mysteriously for a week. Amazing.

----- Burglarize 29.11.08 08:57

My MacBook Pro is about half an year old, and helps me to solve my programming tasks. I love this multitouchpad :) I don’t need a mouse to work with it and I hate mousepads in non apple notebooks.

----- TiPoK 29.11.08 08:54

I’m on my second macbook pro. After dying seven or eight times apple, to my great excitement, told me they would replace it with a shiny new macbook running 10.5 and everything! I haven’t had a problem with new one since, and it has served as a beacon of hope on many an adventure through macless waters.

----- Don Dumont 29.11.08 08:54

When my first mac powerbook got toasted 2 years ago, my brother suggested that I buy a new one because I can’t use it anymore. So I went out and got my current MacBook Pro. After my new MacBook arrived, he told me he going to “fix it” now he using as his back-up computer.

----- Trinh 29.11.08 08:49

My Mac and I have a very special relationship that I don’t feel comfortable talking about in a public forum.

----- kevin 29.11.08 08:48

Along with the Sorapot, this is the my favorite giveaway. I think they use this drive in all the apple stores.

----- Gaurav Fernandes 29.11.08 08:47

I had a pc that just kept dying on me. First, I kept getting the blue screen of death every half an hour, then pixels started dying all over (making my entire screen a rainbow of colours), and then it stopped working unless I took out the battery. The last straw was when I took my computer to Egypt for four months. I think the sand made the computer very unhappy and now it only works on sunny days.
This year, I bought a mac. Everything was going to be ok. The day I decided to dump all my photos and documents onto my brand new beautiful computer (four days ago), my external hard drive stopped working. So now, I am left with a sad little pc holding the backup of my life, ready to die at any time.
Rather than forcing my pc to hold on for a couple more weeks or months, I would really love to let it go now. But to do that, I need a harddrive for my mac. Please help my sick old pc retire. It’s old, it’s tired, and it’s eyesight is really bad. It’s ready to pass on the reins to a shiny young Seagate.

----- Maya 29.11.08 08:46

In a grad course I am at the moment, I have to do research on senior citizens and the benefits of acting and being a group of strangers on health (brief summary). During the 5 hours we, the research group spend together in the meeting room I am the only with a computer, a macbook. The grad coordinator and department head is always so impressed in how fast I type things and how fast I can do quick little internet searches on subjects that come up in class. The department head has been so impressed that he has talked about this amazing student and his amazing computer (the mac) in his class. I think of my computer as a tool. Something to aid me in the day to day. I never thought that it would lead to my name coming up with the dean of the University. Who knew!

----- Noel James Taylor 29.11.08 08:43

My mac is my work buddy….I would be lost without it.

----- Tania 29.11.08 08:43

I’m a Mac, My sister’s a PC.
My sister’s PC crashed TWO days after she bought it.
My Mac is still working perfectly. :)

----- Ying 29.11.08 08:42

My Powerbook G4 is falling apart :[

----- Ryan 29.11.08 08:42

My imac shares my desk with a beautiful cinema display. Oh and I have an external hard drive from 2002 that whines like a small child when I turn it on. Good times.

----- Mikebdesign 29.11.08 08:40

My MacBook is work issue. It’s a advertising machine. But it is sadly gasping for harddrive space. I’m constantly having to dump music or photos.

----- Matt Bunk 29.11.08 08:40

My girlfriend is jealous of my mac. I spend more time on it than I do with her, some days. She’s beautiful, but so is my 24” imac, so I’ve got to split my time accordingly.

----- Ronald Nause 29.11.08 08:34

My Mac is silver and this would just match it…PERFECTLY!

----- Martin 29.11.08 08:34

Oh to sing the virtues of the Mac. My husband and I are frequently out and about and depend on our Macbook Pro to keep us in touch. Also to store our ridiculous (and obsessive) music collection. So silly is this collection we only have 8 gigs of space left on our computer. I can hear the hard drive groaning from the weight. I think I heard it hint darkly for a companion to lighten the load.

----- Dee 29.11.08 08:34

I have my old mac book pro, the ones before the little cameras were put on :( Being a slaving art student, all my work is saved onto my hard drive, everything from fonts to final projects that have taken god knows how many hours. of course, karma sets in and for no reason at all, my WD crashes. everything is lost, so now, I must depend on my little ancient mac book pro (grumps…that’s his name) and hope that it won’t crash on me either.

----- Kim 29.11.08 08:30

My Mac suffered an untimely death this past summer as I drove from California to Missouri. The heater core in my car busted somewhere around Tulsa, spewing forth anti-freeze into the passenger side floorboard where my Mac Book Pro resided in its computer bag. Sadly, three hours later upon returning home for the first time in 10 weeks I discovered the mess and mourned the loss of my year and a half old Mac Book Pro. But, thanks to good insurance and the kind people at MAC, all was made right with the world and old Mac Book was replaced with New Mac Book Pro which is now securely covered with an iCase protector and a brand new hard shell bag…never again will my Mac Book Pro have to worry about unfortunately placed, death-bringing liquids!

----- Lindsey 29.11.08 08:17

My mac is everything i need. I take him everywhere to do my work for those who deserve good design. Sometimes it gets overloaded with data … what else could suit him better than this little helper :)

----- RUTISO 29.11.08 08:04

sometimes i notice that my breathing is synced up with macbook sleep light…that’s when i wonder if i’m too attached.

----- Abby 29.11.08 07:54

My old G4 keeps bugging out. Doesn’t want to shut down 1 out of 4 times, which forces me to shutdown pressing the power button which makes me wonder how many files are getting corrupted, so would love this drive to backup or run time machine one.

----- Sung 29.11.08 07:46

I have a Powerbook G4. It’s old but I love it ever so much.

----- Seth Clark 29.11.08 07:40

My Mac plays well with others. My 26 year old son drove 500 miles and brought 3 friends home with him for the holiday. One didn’t bring a computer but alas we had a spare Mac G4 laptop (always good to have a spare). So there the 6 of us sat with our laptops watching The Godfather II and instant messaging each other so as not to talk over the movie. Did I mention the new girlfriend has a PC laptop? The little Mac neighborhood welcomed her right in.

----- Carol 29.11.08 07:38

i will be presenting myself with a mac for a christmas gift. i haven’t fully decided which one yet but i know she will choose me once i am ready to purchase. her name will be MAChelle and i constantly dream about her slender body and sweet curves… seagate will be a great gift to her as our first pet together.

----- jacob 29.11.08 07:37

My mac is covered in stickers, full of music, kinda dirty and probably on the verge of death.

----- Garret 29.11.08 07:35

I have an old powerbook G4 and powermac G5 all in great condition, but the pride and joy that I now use all the time is a new 2.4 GHZ Macbook Pro 15”. I have a WD hard drive now, but I know its time to get a new one. My old powerbook is awesome and unique because it has a custom laser etched design on the case. I can’t wait to etch the new macbook pro as well, and maybe with this Seagate HD and its aluminum finish, I might give it a matching laser design also.
Thanks NOTCOT!

----- gordon 29.11.08 07:34

My MacBook is going to be a collector’s item or something—it’s one of the last BlackBooks around. And, ha! The new MacBooks don’t have a firewire port. Neener-neener-neener!

I’ve been working on a music project (see URL)—doing a lot of recording—and was very disappointed when I attached the USB portable drive (I got on a Black Friday sale) to my machine and it wasn’t fast enough to handle real-time recording. :( This fire-wire drive would be perfect!

Please please me, oh yeah, like I please you.

----- Jon Stone 29.11.08 07:32

My Mac Mini is in desperate need of a memory boost…this would be perfect

----- Chris Coppola 29.11.08 07:31

Mac Mini wireless keyboard wireless mouse- first mac. nothing special, still getting used to using a mac. 80gig harddrive is filling up fast. I think this will probably be the first of many Macs from here on in. I like the experience better than Windows or Linux.

----- john 29.11.08 07:18

My trusty little Macbook Pro is my first Apple product purchased. She holds all that inspires and entertains me but is starting to run out of space.

----- Malia 29.11.08 07:12

my mac.. my mac goes wherever i go… in projects, thesis, outings, etc. they say that there are things that windows can do that mac can’t well i say wanna bet? although there’s one particular thing that’s lacking.. ah! i know, a silver 320 GB Seagate free agent go! having this baby will probably complete my mac experience.

----- chichi 29.11.08 07:06

I have a MacBook Pro and am an audio engineer. I use this as sort of a ‘studio on the go’ recordings anything I can get my hands on.

----- Tyson 29.11.08 07:05

I’ve got a 17” MacBook Pro. I love it, but it pretty much bankrupted me. The freelance work has dried up a bit with this economy. Surprise! People don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to self-publish their poetry. So winning this NotContest would greatly raise my spirits as well as my storage capacity.

----- patguy 29.11.08 07:01

I like my macbookpro because it still has the silver keyboard!

----- Lawrence 29.11.08 07:00

My boyfriend and I both have Macs. His is a mini and mine a 24” IMac. Needless to say we use mine most of the time :) We are both in school and I’d like to win this for him. He’s a New Media major and needs the extra space and firewire capabilities for video editing. Also, I smashed my thumb in a window the other day…can I have pity points? ;)

Thank you so much for having such a great site and wonderful opportunities to win awesome stuff.

----- Becky 29.11.08 06:56

Beautiful :) I have a lovely black Mac Book, and I can’t imagine owning any other computer (except, perhaps, the new MBP. :))

----- Vi 29.11.08 06:52

I am on my first mac and I really need a back up drive. I feel unfulfilled without using TimeMachine. I have a Mac Mini and believe it or not I spent all my money on it, the cheapest Mac. So I can’t even afford an external HDD.


----- Evan Doyle 29.11.08 06:37

I don’t know how I ever got anything done without my Macbook to carry around to libraries, coffeeshops, etc… And a beautiful hard drive like this would be amazing to back up all my stuff.

----- April 29.11.08 06:32

When I moved from Chicago to NY a year ago, the security at O’Hare airport dropped my macbook pro! Now I have to live and work with a very sad mac with a giant dent on the side.

----- Nigel Sielegar 29.11.08 06:31

I have a white MacBook that I bought for college 3 years ago and I am still making the payments for it! I love my MacBook though since it is so simple to use and I can take it to most of my classes. Only thing is that is has a small hard drive for the intensive use I put it through and the hard drive space I need. Therefore, unfortunately I have to use a windows based computer when doing intensive work of college. Hopefully the Seagate FreeAgent Go can fix that!

----- Yash Mathur 29.11.08 06:31

My girlfriend and I are going through a long distance relationship and I continuously compose new songs for her using garageband. Given I’m away from my home country, I use imovie to make videos for her to see my life over here. My mac’s made life so much easier.

----- Jit S'ng Kok 29.11.08 06:25

……I guess I shouldnt be leaving a comment, considering I dont have a Mac. I have a really old Toshiba and the screen cant stand up by itself so I have to lean it up against a big heavy asian ball. Its really sad, I did get a new Acer about a year and a half ago, but that doesnt even work now, actually it does, but you have to put alot of pressure on the bottom of the laptop to even get the mouse to move to be able to click on anything, I havent used it in about 2 months. My dream is to have a Mac one day, its expensive, but I have used them before and they are great, especially since it can hold Microsoft Office. If I had the money for a two grand laptop I would buy one, but im sure if I actually had two grand I would probably just put it towards my education, which is costing way more than it should. While I could use a portable hardrive for all the papers and pictures I have, since I dont have a Mac it seems kinda pointless lol.

I have terrible luck when it comes to laptops, and I have no idea why….

----- Kirk 29.11.08 05:56

i just got my first mac this summer, and i’m in love with it! but since everyone in studio has a mac too, i put a notcot dinosaur sticker on mine!

(and i could really really really use external hard drive to match it!)

----- ashley 29.11.08 05:49

My macbook pro, I don’t leave home without it. What a perfect combination.

----- Erik Dahl 29.11.08 05:43

We recently became a two-Mac, two-iPhone family, without a backup solution.

----- Ian 29.11.08 05:20

My first generation RUBY iMac was the natural evolution after my even older Atari ST died. 400 mhz, 64 Mb RAM and a “huge” 6.4 Gb hard disk, this MAC was my reliable sidekick for 6 years until one miserable day its screen went black never to recover again.

----- Pablo Rodriguez B. 29.11.08 05:20

I’ve recently lost my entire music library and am slowly having to rebuild it all because I have no time machine. If I won this drive I would never have to go through the horrors of loosing my 54 gig music library again! Please pick me!

----- Steven Kaplan 29.11.08 05:10

my mac is not a mac. its a simple pc running vista. i am experiencing all the time various problems… my hard drives crash as well, but i need something big to backup my industrial design works and sketches. there are a couple of things i know by now. 1st> i will buy a mac before xmas 2nd wont by anymore samsung hard drives. now the one thing i need is to backup all the datas from my pc before smashing it out of the window…

----- Roland Bango-Fi 29.11.08 04:10

my mac is black and looks like some kind of government agents laptop because of the burning man government seal i stuck on it.

----- stephen 29.11.08 04:02

I’m back with an iMac after years of using Windows to be compatible with work. XP wasn’t too bad, but I couldn’t take Vista anymore and switched back to the Mac OS. I think my blood pressure is finally going back down.

----- Bob 29.11.08 02:35

I don’t have my Mac yet.
I’m still saving for a brand new 15” MacBook Pro.
I’m sure that the 320gb hard drive will love my future wife… uh… future mac, just as much as I will love it back.

----- Benjamin 29.11.08 02:29

I have a fun mac-external-harddisk story. My Macbook internal harddrive some has gotten big lump of bad sectors somewhere in the middle of the drive. This was giving me lockups and other weirdness. At first I thought it was just some OS glitches, so remembering my Windows days of yore I formatted the drive and reinstalled everything. But when the problem persisted I took out my handy external drive and mirrored my OS to that drive (using the excellent Carbon Copy Cloner) and rebooted from that drive. Now everything worked fine and dandy again. So I knew what to look for. I found a tool online that could do non-destructive bad sector checking (part of ext2fs) and let that run for a couple of cycles for a few days, in the mean time still working from my external drive. That didn’t work exactly how I wanted though because I had a few switches wrong which meant my internal drive was wiped. No problem I thought; when it’s done I’ll just restore from my copy on the external drive and I’m set and can save my system long enough to buy a new internal drive next weekend.

However! Did I mention we have two dogs? I don’t think so, but we do. And one of these dogs (small Jack Russell Terrier) dreams quite actively. So the dog dreams something and wakes up and starts barking and running. First through the Macbook powercable (thank Jobs for magsafe connectors) and then through the external drive usb cable.

Internal drive just wiped. External drive on the floor making weird beeping sounds. Dog already asleep somewhere else. Girlfriend laughing. Me steaming. Everything gone.

----- Daniël Haveman 29.11.08 02:20

We started out with 30 people in our multimedia class last year, 3/4 of this population was a mac owner, and frequently bashed windows. Now, in the second year, we’re 16. Previously windows-based laptop users are now, one by one, falling prey to mac’s beautiful design and functionality. Of 16 people, only 5 people own a regular windows-based laptop, including me. Now, this give-away will possibly make my transfer to mac real, for my biggest “nay” against mac is because I didn’t want to say goodbye to my WD Black 320GB, until this magnificent Seagate !

----- NSchepers 29.11.08 02:17

My powermac G5 crashed a few weeks ago. Completely d.e.a.d. Now I’ve bought me a 24inch iMac an I LOVE IT! The only thing I really miss from my old mac, is the harddisk, all my stuff an photos were on it…

----- Kristel Dom 29.11.08 02:12

This is a pretty damn beautiful harddrive.. I signed up for the other giveaway too, but this would be even cooler.. Alright.. You wanna hear something about my Mac, huh? Well, I’m on a white MacBook these days, but in a week or 2, my new 2.4GHz aluminum MacBook will arrive.. Work is paying for it, and I can’t wait to get it home.. My first Mac was an iBook back in ~2001.. Since then I’ve had 4 iBooks, 2 MacBooks (soon to be 3), 2 PowerMacs, an iMac and a Mac Mini (and obviously I had to get myself 2 iPhones, 4-5 iPods and an AppleTV as well), and I’ve loved each and everyone of them! The one machine I’ve always really wanted though, is a 10-11” aluminum mac with no optical drive.. And what’s with the ethernet..!? MacBook Air came close, but the foot print was too big and the options to upgrade were - well - non-existant.. My new MacBook will be the closest I’ve been to my dream machine - and to get back to the point - the grey SeaGate would fit perfectly!

----- Benjamin A. Wendelboe 29.11.08 02:09

my mac is a macbook pro who has a beautiful sticker “la vie est belle” [What a beautiful life] on it. I wish it’s true!

----- PetitSuisse 29.11.08 02:07

my mac is pretty sweet- i got it off ebay a few weeks ago…but it always crashes lke everyfew hours, which kinda sucks

----- Jonathan 29.11.08 02:00

University fees cost a bomb, I ended up buying a refurbished MacBook. Now that I’m a proud owner of a Mac, I lug it with me everywhere I go. She shall company me through my 3 years of study!

----- S. Kiat 29.11.08 01:57

My Macbook shares a home with a once Windows, now Linux computer. She has pretty much set the color scheme for all of my gadgets: white Flip camera, white G1 (on its way). She’s even managed to convince my IT husband that Macs are pretty cool.

----- Sandra 29.11.08 01:25

My Powerbook G4 died on me during finals week and I needed one quick, so my uncle graciously got me my current MacBook Pro. Because I’m a poor college student. I love it.

----- Nic 29.11.08 01:24

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