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NOTCOT Giveaway 3: RayD8gig Mimobot- 11.19.08

winrayd81.jpg TO WIN: Leave a comment! ENTER BY 11/22 - WINNER: Jori in Kansas!

Firstly ~ THANK YOU FOR ALL THE AMAZING COMMENTS ~ you guys really blow my mind, and i love how creative most of you get with them! I really wish there was a way i could give you all something! But for now, i think we’ll have to stick to the ~30 giveaways! Thanks for being such amazing readers!

Secondly ~ i love Mimobots, and i think you do too! And lucky for us both, they love us all too! So third giveaway, here is number 118 of a limited 200 mimobot run of the special RayD8gig and he’s 8GIGS BIG! As you can see, he’s hanging out in this picture waiting for you with my old school RayD8 (who actually stores ALL things gift guide this year as i bounce between laptop and desktop) They have also thrown in a black Protohoodie to keep the little guy warm (and protected from your keys, etc!). So check out more pics on the next page, as well as the special NOTCOT Coupon, and more info on how they are giving 50 mimobots (one a day!) away on twitter, and a peek at the limited edition Yahoo bots!




Note from Nicole at Mimoco (from comments): *i should note for MIMOBOT code to work, you need to be registered and logged in (has nothing to do with our mailing list) it’s just a way for you to check out and for code to apply. apologies for this inconvenience, it’s just the way our e-commerce system works.

Find out more about the 400k Mimobot Giveaway on Twitter here:

Also as an additional sneak peek ~ i’m so jealous of anyone who got one of these limited 1500 Yahoo Code Ninja Mimobots!!! The IM and Yodelbots are cute too, but not nearly the same… Do we need to have a little competition and design some NOTCOT ones?

Anyhow….. leave a comment! Win Number 118 who is here waiting for you!

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486 Notes

my computer would love you!

----- Colleen Redmond 22.11.08 22:51

give me that monster!

----- reeva 22.11.08 20:07

I see he’s been x-rayed as much as I have. Helps when using the bathroom in the dark.

----- Jeff 22.11.08 19:11

great jumpdrives. Looks a heck of a lot better then my crappy lexar one.

----- Josh 22.11.08 15:08

I absolutely love mimobots! And your sites…you’re incredible!

----- Catherine Chandler 22.11.08 13:55

Oooh, I could load the files for my whole jewelry business onto this grouchy little guy. Wouldn’t he look cute travelling around in my bag?

----- Jo - i dream i can fly 22.11.08 13:51

I want one!

----- Ronny Nause 22.11.08 12:45

I like that it has an angry expression—is it for when your computer runs slow?

----- Allison S. 22.11.08 09:38

I would love to own this!!

----- Matthew Kolb 22.11.08 09:05

I love these little guys… Death to boring USB keys!!!

----- Christy 22.11.08 08:56

Meep Meep Mimo is coming home.

----- buck ramzem 22.11.08 08:53

I love it when there are awesome ideas for flash drives but these take the cake. stylish and functional with a huge 8GB. Awesome.

----- Dominic Richardson 22.11.08 08:32

Pick me pick me…(I sound like the short kid in middle school huh!!)

Such a cute design :)

----- trinh 22.11.08 08:24

too cool for school.

----- LA 22.11.08 08:14

At my job we were all just told a couple of days ago that it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that we obtain our own 8GB flash drives… I would LOVE to show up at work with this one!

----- izumi 22.11.08 04:41


----- Maurizio 22.11.08 03:17

so cool.

----- Tommy 21.11.08 22:15

I know I may be one of the last entries as it is 11:02pm here in Colorado -
I just wanted to say that I am in love with this company and all it has. Mimoco has started one of the greatest ideas around and I can’t stop talking to everyone about them. Thanks! Have a happy holiday.

----- Bergerbot 21.11.08 22:03

I love mimobots! They have some super-cute designs!

----- erin 21.11.08 21:50

Ohhhh I want one!!!

----- Michelle 21.11.08 21:18

i love well designed technology

----- Shital 21.11.08 18:56

All I want for christmas is a mimobot!!! I

----- Helen 21.11.08 18:32

If I had no.118, my life will have been improved in three ways;
1- I will have won at something, therefore people would no longer call me “looser”
2- Girls may intentionally talk to me. At least once.
3- I will become a more confident person.

----- ourtimes 21.11.08 18:21

Super Cool!!!

----- tracy 21.11.08 16:11

Who said technology has to be boring? This is awesome!

----- Elizabeth M. 21.11.08 16:03

i love artsyness on things you wouldnt expect! hook me up ;)

----- Mariam 21.11.08 16:02

MiMoFriends! Completely addicted to all their little flash drives. This little halloween special they did as a ltd is amazing1

----- a 21.11.08 15:20

Ooo… too cool too cool.

----- Christina Leung 21.11.08 14:48

I love that little guy!

----- Aaron 21.11.08 14:47

I love mimobots, I’ve always wanted one, thats why I love this 50 day sale, I cant wait till the one I want gets its price cut in half.

----- Jessica Morris 21.11.08 14:30

Those Mimos are awesome!

----- Ken 21.11.08 13:42

i am the winner!

----- Jerry 21.11.08 13:31

i love mimobot. i’m on a mission to spread the mimibot love.

----- spacedaisie 21.11.08 12:14

Meee please!!!

----- TQ 21.11.08 12:13

that would look slick in my mac, and not to mention would be an excellent bday gift, seeing as how mine is tomorrow…..just throwing that out there. but if not, no worries…dinkin flicka

----- DANIEL BISHOP 21.11.08 11:30

these flash drives remind me of and old cartoon where there was an alien inside some dudes head

----- Ryland Rodriguez 21.11.08 11:30

mimo please?

----- Dani 21.11.08 10:32

Looks awesome!

----- Matt 21.11.08 10:17

Sweet! I’ll take one

----- heather 21.11.08 10:13

Please! Please? Pretty Please?!

----- Rian 21.11.08 09:43

hook it up!

----- ethan 21.11.08 09:28

Pick me pls!

----- Jessica P. 21.11.08 09:20

Very cool. Always wanted one of these little guys, and always hard to justify when I have a half-dozen other flash drives just laying around.

----- Dan 21.11.08 08:41

I think the Star Wars ones are my fav. Need Chewbacca!

----- Brian 21.11.08 07:56


----- beth seguin 21.11.08 07:51

Oh, man— that looks like the perfect thing for my girlfriend.

----- Andrew 21.11.08 07:07

is it too late? me want!

----- Angel 21.11.08 06:39

They’re adorable…I love them!!

----- Jessica 21.11.08 06:21

Jesus crackers!!! I love ‘em.

----- Suzie 21.11.08 06:15

i have recently discvered that i am part bot…it would be so nice to reunite with my people for the holidays…and then store the photos of our reunion in their able mind. really, it would be a botmas miracle.

----- asha 21.11.08 06:09

Like designer vinyl- great art, great design, but with a greater function!

----- Tony 21.11.08 05:36

Hey nice, I need one of these. :D

----- Norman Oh 21.11.08 04:58

What gives you the feeling these little suckers are popular….

----- alan yates 21.11.08 04:49

This is my first time on your site and what a monster welcome it would be to hook me up with one of these! ps.would it mean anything if I told you I’m on the other side of the pond? Thanks :)

----- Marin 21.11.08 03:47

I’ve always liked these.

----- Megan 21.11.08 02:46

Mimobots - I just love them, it’s the most adorable form of the data storage ever. Even if I had only 1Gb version I would be delighted. They are just damn cute little pieces od art.

----- Emode 21.11.08 02:18

My precious….

----- José Torres 21.11.08 02:06

What a wacko !!! sweet..

----- Guggi 21.11.08 01:50

I used to think that I had mega bit off more than I could chew when it came to portable storage space. I love the design of all these creatures. I wonder where I could get a blank one to design and paint something in myself. Do they make these? Would love to hear about a contest!

----- Boomsplash 20.11.08 23:59

Glowy and spooky/happy. How can you not love RayD8. And 8G? Sign me up.

----- chrisspurgin 20.11.08 22:14

Am I too late for an awesome giveaway?!

----- christy 20.11.08 21:10

That is one cute set of bones. And it glows!

----- anniemac 20.11.08 21:02

I need this guy. A little radioactive sidekick to help me fight against the impending zombie hordes.

----- Nichole Sev 20.11.08 21:00

the ninjas are wookiemans

----- Myshta 20.11.08 19:00


----- 415 20.11.08 18:31

you know, if i won the mimobot, i’d be stuck in the same situation that i am with the other two i have…stare or use? do i keep them pristine and pretty in their awesome cases, or do i use them and scratch them up…? well, with 8 gigs and glowing in the dark, it’d probably be another one to look at…but that’s ok too…right?

----- swankifiedjello 20.11.08 18:22

gawd. those yahoo mimios are fugly.

----- Nick 20.11.08 18:07

Must. Start. Collection. Of. Odd. USB. Drives.

----- Erin 20.11.08 17:57

let me just say, presenting my newest children’s novel to the publisher, via a mimobot USB stick will surely impress.

----- Clayton Fletcher 20.11.08 17:49

Aw man I really like these. I kinda need a flash drive for school but im on a 50$ budget a week and cant aford these thing. I really like your site and check reguraly to get my daily dose of style. Its rough looking at cool things that you can never get though lol

----- Clark 20.11.08 17:39

Ha, I just washed not one, but BOTH of my USB keys & they’re dead! I think it was actually the drier that dealt the death blow. Maybe I can move up to one that’s more than plain & boring with one of these.

----- The Slapster 20.11.08 16:58

These little guys are amazing, I think if I bought one I wouldn’t be able to stop because they are so cute..oh, and I think I have mild OCD! Thank you for the opportunity to win-Good luck everyone, Jeff

----- Jeff M. 20.11.08 16:31

Woah!!! Amazing, it’s amazingly designed. Not only is the product itself well designed and well planned out, but also the packaging is eye catching. I would probably purchase it for the packaging itself.



----- Robert Queton 20.11.08 15:31

Nice, an skeleton with guts. Electronic, though.

----- danisv 20.11.08 15:10

I want this, I need this, oh baby, oh baby!

----- Denise 20.11.08 14:59


----- kim 20.11.08 14:53

I completely filled my old thumbdrive last week. Perfect timing!!

----- Thomas Moran 20.11.08 14:52

Spray can design would be nice!

----- Bravotoner 20.11.08 14:50

wow, my grandma would love this too! :p haha
not gonna lie tho, they’d mad stylish for classes

----- Tina 20.11.08 14:47

MIMOBOT, ba duba dop
Ba du bop, ba duba dop
Ba du bop, ba duba dop
Ba du

MIMOBOT, ba duba dop
Ba du bop, ba duba dop
Ba du bop, ba duba dop
Ba du

MIMOBOT, ba duba dop
Ba du bop, ba duba dop
Ba du bop, ba duba dop
Ba du

MIMOBOT, ba duba dop
Ba du bop, ba duba dop
Ba du bop, ba duba dop
Ba du

----- homieaddict13 20.11.08 14:34

Oooh! That’s one of the best ones I’ve seen!

----- Kristin 20.11.08 14:19

glow in the dark awesomeness…….

----- darren 20.11.08 14:11

A mimobot haiku:

RayD8 mimo
radiant usb glow
with what intentions?

----- Rachel 20.11.08 14:10

it’s the tuna!!

----- neylan 20.11.08 14:09

Fill me with data and my bones glow too.

----- Greg 20.11.08 14:02

Love the little devil…….to cute:)J

----- Jami 20.11.08 13:53

this mimobot would totally destroy my current [and ancient] flash drive

----- Kye 20.11.08 13:49

Holy wow, these rule! Send one over, so I can make everyone jealous :)))

----- MLvS 20.11.08 13:32

My flash drive is woefully inadequate. Gimme.

----- Meghan 20.11.08 13:03

Wow, 8 Gigs?! Sweet

----- Nicole 20.11.08 13:02

i see it. i like it. i want it!


----- hydralily 20.11.08 12:50

Dear RayD8,
I am a college student who longs for the company of a mimbot. it’s true, i am currently mimbot-less, and am oh so lonely. i just know you’ll be happy being filled to the brim with the information that i have to offer you! Come stay with me. I promise to treat you real nice and give you lots of loving kindness.

----- L00shkin 20.11.08 12:44

Bringing fashion to information storage peripherals….AWESOME!!!

----- Z. Zoleta 20.11.08 12:32

kinda wish the designer got some credit though, sorry Baron

----- eric 20.11.08 12:17

I have been a good boy all year.

----- sup 20.11.08 12:03

ive been playing the mimobot game on twitter… it’s a blast! but havent wont yet.

----- ron 20.11.08 11:59

Oooo pick me~!

----- Meg 20.11.08 11:58

I WANT ! I WANT ! I WANT ! No stores ever ship those things to Brazil, my country. Many times I stood in front of my screen, filling millions of forms just to punch my keyboard with my forehead. PLEEEEAAAASE !!! Kidrobot, Mimobot, Dunny, for God´s sake somebody open a designer´s toy store in Brazil !!!!!

----- Daniel Segatto 20.11.08 11:50


----- reddo 20.11.08 11:49


----- jessica 20.11.08 11:39

This is a wicked contest. NOTCOT- you guys rock! It works better than a voodoo doll of one of my bosses. If only I can just get my hands on it, I would feel like I’m frying him without actually doing so. My voodoo days would be over with this zapping mimobot!
Thanks for the great and easy way to win Mimobots

----- Robo 20.11.08 11:37

it looks like papercraft and it’s free like papercraft….if you are one of the lucky 30.

----- che 20.11.08 11:21

Now this is just the guy to charge with keeping my files…!

----- Gina F 20.11.08 11:14

It’s soooo cute. I want it!!!

----- tomyam 20.11.08 10:58

Sweet Design + 8GB + My Pocket = TOTALLY AWESOME

----- Ed Kim 20.11.08 10:52

okay, i’ll be honest with you. i need a Robot. A robot with good memory, that helps me manage my homework, saves all the mess and clutter i leave behind in a tidy little package, and is able to work night and weekends. Do you happen to know of any robots that would fit that job description?

----- mark 20.11.08 10:50

Those are neet! and 8 gigs??

----- Kristine 20.11.08 10:48

haha, I’m willing to trade my left kidney.

… it only stores FOUR gigs

----- Iain 20.11.08 10:48

Yay! Free stuff! COOL Free stuff!

----- Darrel 20.11.08 10:43

So many mimobots. The twitter contest has been a lot of fun so far and so many different ones on that as well. This might be the mimobot holiday.

----- rodzvilla 20.11.08 10:40


----- Jefferson McClure 20.11.08 10:33

The monkey is in my hat!

I love the 31 days you did last year.

----- angryblue 20.11.08 10:33

I love this little guy! And at 8 gigs, that’s a great convenience! Bring around a bunch of movies and music with you anywhere!

----- Stacy B. 20.11.08 10:24

very nice!!

----- Alexandra 20.11.08 10:24

Guess what we all like a lot,
Of course cool, little Mimobot(s)!!

----- Janosch 20.11.08 10:22

Skull dude looks eeeeeeeeeeeeeevil.

I like it.

----- rose 20.11.08 10:19

WOW!… These are so cool! Very TRON looking… Does it glow in the dark, or light up when you plug it in?

----- Mario 20.11.08 10:16

trey cool they are so precious

----- rabbisanta 20.11.08 10:09

oh the purple one has binary on it, which happens to be absolutely amazing

----- Christi 20.11.08 10:09

I’d be the coolest kid at school if I had one of those!

----- Heather 20.11.08 09:44

This is just about the neatest thing I have ever seen!

----- Ashley Hollingsworth 20.11.08 09:42

fun way to take your data!

----- Christina 20.11.08 09:41

oh man, mimobots are getting so much cooler. I love it!

----- Nevermore 20.11.08 09:38

I’ve always wanted a creepy little dude capable of storing lots of important information.

----- drewie 20.11.08 09:35

i would like 8 gigs of awesome too

----- Kevin Park 20.11.08 09:32

ooohh skoolatin thumbdrive that thing is pretty cute… gimme

----- Alexis 20.11.08 09:31

I love these guys! I have wanted for one for years now!

----- grazina 20.11.08 09:27

Aw, these guys goes perfect with the new Macbook!

----- Jordan 20.11.08 09:27

I love the Yahoo Code Ninja Mimobots. I love mimobots in general though. One day I’ll actually buy one…

----- Erica 20.11.08 09:23

I’ve been drowling for one of these forever!!

----- jayp0411 20.11.08 09:20

I lost my last USB drive in Ireland…pretty please I’d like it!

----- Colleen 20.11.08 09:19

these little guys are so cute…and the best part is the storage. no. wait. the best part is that they glow in the dark!

----- colleen 20.11.08 09:19

I love mimobots! I was first introduced to them @ my old job, i’d take all the star wars and halo guys out of the display case and go to war (not work acceptable it turns out) I want one soo bad. a glow in the dark one is awesome!

----- sarah 20.11.08 09:14

omg those are so cute i could die. yesh, as an adult i did jes’ say that. my niece would love one. winner or not, i’m buying some gifts! woot woot!

----- bronxbt 20.11.08 09:09

would sure love me a mimobot! best contest so far!! :D

----- HENRY 20.11.08 09:09

i would love, love, LOVE to have one of these in my computer right now…

----- lostinthepost 20.11.08 09:03

Good deal.

----- Nick Franco 20.11.08 08:48

that thing is so freakin’ cute, I just want to bite it’s tiny little head off. Oh crap, did I say that out loud?

----- AME 20.11.08 08:39

I could only imagine how sweet I would look if I busted out one of these during my graphic design classes

----- Dana Galbraith 20.11.08 08:31


----- CHRISTIAN FORMAN 20.11.08 08:04

As a freelance writer between jobs, the best I’m going to be able to do this holiday season as far as gift-giving for precious loved ones goes, probably extends as far as an offer of pancake breakfasts and free driveway shoveling services. My brother would love one of these…

----- Allison 20.11.08 07:59

Does it come with a hoodie? It’s still mind-bottling how we can fit 8gigas in a flash drive.

----- Grace 20.11.08 07:57

I wish I could have gotten a Darth Vader mimobot when they first came out :(

----- Frank 20.11.08 07:56

Pretty little things!
Please send me one ;)

----- zackattack 20.11.08 07:48

Wow! That Mimobot looks so good. I dig the yahoo ninja one too!

----- Allen 20.11.08 07:42

Shine little glow-worm, glimmer, glimmer
Hey, there don’t get dimmer, dimmer
Light the path below, above
And lead us on to love!

----- Ryan 20.11.08 07:32

Sweet giveaway!!! I HOPE I win!

BTW… NOTCOT is fantastic.

----- Eric 20.11.08 07:21

Pick me pick me

----- Tiffany Nelson 20.11.08 07:19

please notcot, pick meeeeeee!!

----- paulie 20.11.08 07:15

I want this little fella to carry my stuff around!

thanks, Jean!

----- rafael 20.11.08 07:10

…and now in 8G! With my new mimobot will I be able to do that hostile take over at the ATM? :)regardless, I’ll look great doing it!

----- Tim 20.11.08 07:07

Ohhh, it’s just so dang beautiful.

----- Randall 20.11.08 06:54

O.o must have the precious… These will really spiffy up my powerpoint presentations… well maybe not, but they might be a good conversation starter before I dazzle people with my powerpoint prowess

----- Hiroki 20.11.08 06:43

I always wanted to have a little creature in my pocket to hold my valuable information.

----- David 20.11.08 06:41

These things are amazing, kudos.

----- Paul 20.11.08 06:37

Oh I would love to carry him around in my pocket…my new little evil boyfriend!

----- please sir 20.11.08 06:31

An attempted haiku about my current thumb drive and why I need a new one.

My lovely wife
did kick and break, now wrapped in
electrical tape.

----- Aaron 20.11.08 06:29

This is getting better every day! awesome!

----- Karlaanne 20.11.08 06:21

My memory is in need of botting!!! Need upgrade badly. Sadly older person needs upgrade—-My memory is in need of botting!!! Have I said this already?
My memory is in need of botting!!!

----- Melanie 20.11.08 06:05

Oh man, my flash drive just died too. If you give this one to me I can probably convince my coworkers this is the zombie skeleton of the old one. I’ll even twitter the progress of the convincing. Think about it, that’s all I’m saying.

----- Tony 20.11.08 05:59

oh man i must have this!! looks wicked cool

----- Lena 20.11.08 05:58

Amazing, I was just mentioning on your Gift Guide for desktop toys and stocking stuffers that my hubby would look so cute with one of these hanging off his keychain.

Imagine, if you will, a tall dark and handsome young man working hard on the construction site. He’s dirty but there is a mischievous twinkle in his eye and then you notice RAYD8GIG MIMOBOT number 118 sticking out of his back pocket encased in his protective protohoodie. “Ah” you think to yourself, “He is one of us. I can see it all clearly now…”


----- Miranda 20.11.08 05:43

this mimobot rox…its def on my wish list

----- Raztus 20.11.08 05:31

Geek chic. i’d have a doting husband if i could give him this for Christmas in his stocking :)

----- Kathleen 20.11.08 05:27


----- ed 20.11.08 05:16


----- Stephen 20.11.08 05:05

The mimibot would perfectly fit with my brand new macbook pro too …

----- Thomas C 20.11.08 03:43

I think he’d be very much at home in my bag along with the rest the gadgetry I carry around in there.

----- Nicola 20.11.08 03:37

ahhh, this is exactly what i need for transferring my music between comps for gigs!

----- stef4 20.11.08 03:32

Please. I am proposing to my best friend, and he does not like jewelry.

----- ringaroundtherosie 20.11.08 03:26

I just realized Mimo rhymes with Nemo…ineedit

----- Ali Morris 20.11.08 03:25

Oohhh! Mimobot we want’s it.

----- Mercy 20.11.08 03:22

Σ :)]۞=


----- Agata 20.11.08 03:21

Gosh, I am doing the wrong degree :-/

----- Huxley 20.11.08 03:11

Wait Wait Wait…..is that Skeleton Mimo double sided?!?!?! It has a nice face and a scary face!!!!! Oh great, now I must have that….Im a gemini, and all things split personality are made for me. Question..once its at my house do I store it in a tiny coffin? I’ll send you a picture in its coffin if you send it to me.

----- Kirk 20.11.08 03:01

Wow, I had no idea there were so many NOTCOTers out there! When something’s free we gather like ants I guess ^_^! All the stars and shining planets! You’re giving them away!?!? How can you let them go?!? I’d horde mine like a I’d birthed the little 8gig sucker *_*

They look like they’re being electrocuted when you plug’em in? XD That’s hilarious. Count me in!

Thanks for the opportunity NC.


----- Kevin 20.11.08 02:53

This is dope!

----- Shapes of Sweetness 20.11.08 02:48

Cool looking flash drives!
8Gigs should be enough for everyone :)

----- kiksu 20.11.08 02:40

8 GIGS!!!!!!!!! That alone makes the free gift totally awesome, but then, just then, it comes WITH A FACE!!!!!!

I cant decide which one I like most, the Panda Mimobot is pure gold, literally, the Frankenberry Mimo is very cleaver, and Ninja Mimobot is probably the most sylish, I mean how many Ninjas can pull off purple and hold 8 gigs worth of information?

…I’ll tell yah, only a few but they are reserved strickly for festivals.

----- Kirk 20.11.08 02:26

I’m hung over
thanks for mimobot stick!

----- Gustaf 20.11.08 02:13


mmmmmm ^_^ i want.

----- Diane Elizabeth S. 20.11.08 02:08

That is pretty darn awesome!

----- Ally 20.11.08 01:55

oh yeah. mimobot is just what i wanted to see here. great job!

----- Seán 20.11.08 01:49

my mimo was stolen….please send me one….i kill you…:D

----- vlad benec 20.11.08 01:31

Nice Bot! Need it love it!

----- m3000 20.11.08 01:21

fingers crossed

----- Simon 20.11.08 01:20

There once wez a lass frem Newcastle,
Whee foond sheh got far te much hassle
Sheh worked aal dyah an aal night;
Pushed around bi a lot of gigabites
Till notcot sent hora minibot stowed of razzle an dazzle.

----- willow Tyrer 20.11.08 01:20

I love your ” Happy Tree friends Series” they are so cool!
Power puff and Johnny Bravo themes would be cool to!

----- Melanie 20.11.08 00:41

Drooling over those Yahoo bots! RayD8gig is a great one too though, so I wouldn’t mind being the proud owner of #118. ;)

----- Cory O'Brien 20.11.08 00:39

wow geektastic. “this should be kixin my back and slushin my funds”

----- Devin 20.11.08 00:25

hi… these are cute. i thought since you like cute USBs, you might like these really cute customized clay USBs: http://claycreations.multiply.com/photos/album/4/customized_flash_disks

----- jenavictoria 20.11.08 00:20

These mimobots are adorable!
I’ve been looking for a cute flash drive for forever and these make me sooo happy!!


----- Ivy Reynaga 20.11.08 00:16

An x-ray thumb drive? How transparent ;)

----- Jessica J. 20.11.08 00:04

The monsoon season arrived unexpectedly. Just a day earlier, the weatherman reported otherwise. Warm and clear, he said in his chirpy tone.

As if.

But honestly I can’t believe what I was going to do on that day - it was plain suicide. He told me that it will all go according to plan; without any glitches. Truth be told, I was getting more skeptical by the minute. Stealing? Wait. That’s way over my league. The worst thing I have ever done was never returning my neighbor’s lawnmower.

The sky was menacingly dark, pouring relentlessly for hours since. The usual cacophony of children playing at the nearby playground was drowned by the heavy downpour. Security was on high alert that day with the power supply constantly interrupted by the storm.

I figured this will be worth it.

Checking the address on the crumpled piece of paper, I tried to imagine the dire consequences of breaking in and stealing, for that matter.

No. 118, Mimo Street. The location. My destination.

As I was walking towards the building, I saw something not too far away.

It was staring back at me with such intensity.

And my world suddenly fade to black…


Want to find out what happened next?

The clue to finding out the end of this story lies in letting me win the RayD8Gig Minibot! :)

----- Gary 19.11.08 23:52

Mimobots are amazing!

----- Sky B 19.11.08 23:46

thats pretty great!

----- Patrick S 19.11.08 23:46

My younger brother is 14. He’s always coming in borrowing my USB drive. I’ve been meaning to get him one because he is getting straight A’s in school. I’d like to give him that to reward him, and so he would stop bothering me at 2AM for my flash drive.


----- Melodykid 19.11.08 23:33

I’d love to win one!

----- candygirl 19.11.08 23:13

Mimobots are some of the coolest things Ive seen. :\ Ive been needing a new USB for more than a year now, since the one I’m currently using is bent and broken and UUUGLY!
So of course to replace it I need something stylish and ugly! :[

I’m glad mimobots around for that! 8D!

And 8g is huge. D: It’d be like hooking godzilla up to my computer compared to my current flash drive, lol.

----- Visco 19.11.08 23:12

well the foot bone’s connected to the leg bone
the leg bone’s connected to the hip bone
hope the bot bones connect to my computer soon
(yeah, it doesn’t rhyme - can’t write poetry for….)

----- iriandia 19.11.08 23:11

mimbot give away…I couldn’t resist

----- michelle 19.11.08 23:08

Mimobots rocks my socks!

----- Debs 19.11.08 23:08

Gimme Gimme Gimme

----- Jonas 19.11.08 23:06

THIS GUY IS AWESOME!!! He’s so Mimobot(ical)and Skeletal(ishcious). I think I’m in Love.

----- Vinny W 19.11.08 23:02


LOOOK at them! jesus. cute as hell!

----- Momed 19.11.08 23:00


----- Felix 19.11.08 22:57

These giveaways just get better and better; I love the ninja one, that’d make a great costume - who would ever expect a purple ninja?!

----- Tiffany 19.11.08 22:54

I really hope i get lucky this time. Wahahaha, I want mimibot now!

----- Bel 19.11.08 22:36

I love the purple robot one SO much !!!! That is so so cute! I used to have a green monster Mimobot but I lost it. I miss it so much but I think the purple robot could be a rather fabulous replacement!!!!! I love purple and I love love love robots and I LOOOOVE cute thumb drives!!!!

----- Tam 19.11.08 22:29

too too cute…. absolutely gotta have one!!!

----- AnitaC 19.11.08 22:25

gorgeous. i’ll be handing files to people just to show the mimobot off!

----- rachel 19.11.08 22:22

Wow not only does it look fantastic, but it’s 8 gigs as well. I love the cute yet creepy! Its Adorafying!

----- NeoGoddess 19.11.08 22:22

Random post for a random prize. I hope I win 0_o

----- Kaeo Helder 19.11.08 22:22

NOTCOT i Love You!

----- Roman 19.11.08 22:19

I’ve never really given thought to the Mimobots before—sure, they’re rad and whatnot, but I don’t know if I would pay for one. Hence, giveaways.

----- Colin Moon 19.11.08 22:11

i love it!

----- michael 19.11.08 22:10

too fun- these are the guys who don’t get thrown in the bag- the get their own little bag made just for them that is tethered to the big bag of death I carry

----- cc 19.11.08 21:59

Ah man one of those would really light up my life.

----- Anthony 19.11.08 21:56

OMG. I thought they were cute in the first post, but I didn’t read far enough to see that they are USEFUL.

----- Sheila S. 19.11.08 21:52

Random Plot Generator Quote
If your planet desperately needs women, chances are you can get them without invasion by simply offering job and pay equity.

----- Tagloff 19.11.08 21:50

Sure would be nice to win…

----- miara 19.11.08 21:44

That is so adorable. And, extremely functional. I think I would name him Peter.

----- Kristen 19.11.08 21:40

I need all the storage I can get!

----- april_d 19.11.08 21:37

I LOVE MIMOBOTS!!! my sister would love one of these!!!!!!

----- Jeff Cheung 19.11.08 21:09

yahoo code…haha

----- Jasmine 19.11.08 21:09

Lucky #248? Gah, we sell these at my work, but not this size. Otherwise I would use my 40% discount to buy one befre I QUIT BECAUSE I COULD BE SEWING AND DRAWING DURING THE TIME I SPEND THERE MAKING ALMOST NO MONEY.


----- miss_muffinfuck 19.11.08 21:00

These are too cute to pass up ^_^

----- Danielle S 19.11.08 20:51

So. Cool.

----- Ink 19.11.08 20:33

-Knock Knock who’s there ?
-Mimo Who ?
—Mimo BOT give it to keno !!

----- Keno 19.11.08 20:33

wow. these are some wicked Mimobots! one please? kthnx.

----- Art 19.11.08 20:24

wow, give it to me now!!!
i really cant wait for my RayD8
i dont know why i dont know how,
there’s no time to hesitate so dont deviate
or else when you blink you’re eye
it will dissapear and go away

----- real-tv guevarra 19.11.08 20:18

Sweet, and 8 gigs. Sweet…

----- Icy12 19.11.08 20:15

These are SO cute!

----- Jean 19.11.08 20:15

it collects, it remembers, it can forget if you make it.

but the best part:
two words- It Glows

----- Christian 19.11.08 20:04

Ahhhahaha, that C3PO mimobot just makes me laugh and laugh… ::sigh:: if only it could talk!

----- LMD 19.11.08 20:01

i have forever and always loved these

----- jennifer 19.11.08 19:59

My father could definitely use this. He’s got a 256MB one from Campbell’s and he thinks it’s high tech. On the other hand, he might think this mimobot is evil and probably wouldn’t plug it into his computer. But it reminds me of Donnie Darko, you know with the skeleton hoodie and even that creepy frickin’ rabbit head…hmmm maybe i wouldn’t give it to my father.

----- Meino 19.11.08 19:52

oh mimobots, just think of the adventures we could have together…

----- casey o 19.11.08 19:50

Perhaps a mimobot would make my life a little more pleasant will waiting in line for four hours to use the printer in the art lab. Which then proceeded to print in blue ink instead of yellow. After four more hours of waiting, a glowing mimobot would then make my walk back to the dorms a little safer in the dark.

----- Jori 19.11.08 19:42

ooooooooh mimo want oneo

----- Graeme 19.11.08 19:32

these are great!!

----- mike 19.11.08 19:32

Always one step ahead of the game… I LOVE NOTCOT!

Great silly gifts from www.worldwidefred.com!

----- Natalie 19.11.08 19:31

ooo such a cute little peanut he is!
if i had the pleasure of owning him i’d keep him in my shirt pocket and whisper silly secrets.
and use him to store my files as well.

----- marissa 19.11.08 19:27


I love these things - they’re beautiful, adorable, incredible and on top of it all, extremely useful! And I promise you, if I win this it will be put to good use and appreciated greatly. (Java code is happier when it has a pretty place to live.)


Pretty please?

----- Casey L 19.11.08 19:16

I’ve never had one of those and owning one would make my year!

----- ChristopherP 19.11.08 19:16


----- Tania 19.11.08 18:57

NOTCOT is the best!

----- Ryan 19.11.08 18:56

do want!

----- christine 19.11.08 18:54

mimo miMO MIMOBOT!

----- Jefferey 19.11.08 18:53

hey, you, get out of the way! it’s mine, all mine!

----- sandra 19.11.08 18:51

I wonder if they’ll make a customizable version. Hmmm…

----- jeremy 19.11.08 18:50

cool, i want one, look like moth to me :)
btw, i like surfing NOTCOT, cool ideas everyday

----- mikenj 19.11.08 18:49

So, I have a secret that I’m going to share with you…I too glow in the dark. It was the weird accident and I don’t want to go over all the details, but if you turn off the light and shut your eyes and think real hard I glow…seriously. It’s a proven fact.

----- Cassandra 19.11.08 18:49

too cute!
ahh i would love to win it!

----- sydney 19.11.08 18:46

Count me in! Thank you NOTCOT

----- Robert Cowan 19.11.08 18:45

I could chew on that!

----- chernwei 19.11.08 18:42


----- cudin 19.11.08 18:36

8 gig RayD8-tor!

----- Lafney 19.11.08 18:33

It’s awesome how cheap mimobots have gotten. I’m getting one for everyone on my iDev team.
How do you commission custom ones? This would be awesome for my company to give to clients. (way cooler than the lame green-friendly stuff they give out now)

----- Sue 19.11.08 18:32

*sings* Neeevverrr Enndiiinnng Coooommmeeennnnts~
…Sorry… That was just a lot of scrolling. :D
I’m totally pumped for this giveaway!!

----- Meep 19.11.08 18:29

I’m a little mimobot, compact and small
here’s my usb port, thats my mouth
when you need my data, just pull me out
pull off my cap and access my….innards…

----- Susan Liang 19.11.08 18:25

These always look like kokeshi dolls to me. Is that weird? Possibly.

----- Kim D 19.11.08 18:25

I want me a mimobot!

----- jun 19.11.08 18:24

I love these little guys!

----- Jon 19.11.08 18:21

I love the little ninja guy but why does it have to be tainted by Yahoo! :(

----- Keta 19.11.08 18:15

I’m so bummed because I bought a Mimobot once (or so I thought), but it was just a vinyl toy, not a flash drive! I love urban vinyl, and it was my own fault, but still kinda sad. Winning this one would totally make up for it!

----- Jeremy 19.11.08 18:10

storing everything!

----- Trivisty 19.11.08 18:10

MI / MO / BOT:
a name I call myself / for more / control

----- Cate 19.11.08 18:09

Art meets geek…love it.

----- Tom 19.11.08 17:48

omg I love you Notcot :)

----- Ian 19.11.08 17:43

I would really want to get my hands on one of those! My office mates would be envious! :)

----- Noel M. 19.11.08 17:41

I’ve been wanting one of these for so long!

----- Greg 19.11.08 17:41

So, at first I had only imagined my self commenting in response to the Sorapot giveaway, but clearly I will be surpassing yesterday’s imagination today.

----- gaspard de la nuit 19.11.08 17:40

Awesomeness!! I love mimobot! I want one!

----- sean 19.11.08 17:40

i love these!

----- josh Mervis 19.11.08 17:38


----- cynthia 19.11.08 17:37

too late? never!

----- facu 19.11.08 17:30

So cute! Totally want one of these.

----- Hope 19.11.08 17:29

8GB AND a skully guy? Awesome.

----- Mandy 19.11.08 17:25

Oh wow, the GITD Mimobot is definitely the coolest flash drive on the planet. I’ve wanted one of these since I first laid eyes on them. I hope the fates smile upon me and make that little sucker mine.
(Slips the fates ten bucks to sweeten the deal…)

----- Mr X Stitch 19.11.08 17:18

Medieval Latin mimographia, from Greek mimos impression, cast + -graphia -graphy — more at type
1 : The art of artful data storage
2 : The feeling of a little friend keeping you company on cold, lonely nights.

----- Rick 19.11.08 17:16

My favorite!

----- Wendy 19.11.08 17:13

Finally, a USB drive that I won’t be ashamed to have sticking out of my computer.

----- Ryan 19.11.08 17:10

That is just about the most adorable thing ever. I’ve been needing a flash drive for a while now, esp. now that I’ve started college.
I’m so antiquated. I’ve never owned a flash drive. :(

----- Yhoselin 19.11.08 17:08

late Halloween

----- dylan 19.11.08 17:08

I’m always afraid I’ll misplace my generic kingston 1g usb drive because it looks like EVERYONE else’s at grad school, this would so no longer be a problem if I had one of these!

----- B 19.11.08 17:01

Wow! NOTCOT’s eally gonne ahead of itself now!
Brilliant giveaway on a brilliant website.

Kepp up the great work folks

Greetings From Tio de Janeiro,

-Álvaro Éfe

----- Álvaro Éfe 19.11.08 17:00

This is just what I need to spiff up my dull corporate office! And, it makes me want to sing…

“I am the clown with the tear-away face
Here in a flash and gone without a trace”

----- Morgan Grimes 19.11.08 16:59

i want one!!! i want one bad!!!

----- jayjay 19.11.08 16:55


----- dan 19.11.08 16:54


----- insolv1niac86 19.11.08 16:54

mmm i want and need!

----- grace 19.11.08 16:54

Haha, I need one for my graphics class, amazing

----- Kathryn 19.11.08 16:52

yayyy cute

----- michelle 19.11.08 16:52

You thank us for your posts? We must thank you for NOTCOT.com/.org ;)

----- Mike 19.11.08 16:50

ZOMG! I love the ninja one. If I win this, I will marry it.

----- Susan Kelley 19.11.08 16:48

These little USBs are awesome! I’ve been seeing them a lot lately on tech blogs and they seem to be pretty popular….I would love to get one!

----- Niki 19.11.08 16:34

ditto the broke student comment…
and with utilities to pay… uh oh.

----- david knauer 19.11.08 16:34


----- John 19.11.08 16:33

I love little monsters! Pick me! Pick me!

----- Vicky 19.11.08 16:28

Really hope the selection is random.

----- Zack 19.11.08 16:25

Mimo! Mimo! Mimo!

----- Nate 19.11.08 16:17

I know a little store downtown Toronto that sells a few mimibot flash drives. So kickass!


----- Antoinette Tsang 19.11.08 16:15

8gigs! And he’s so cute! I want to store my soul on this guy!

----- Aaron 19.11.08 16:15

robot love! Bill Gates was 9th, Football was banned. My secret is Silence Poetry and Pedantry There, I hope someone actually reads my Sigs Reload the thread new and Improved Libraries love Science Library

Made with Google Robot Poetry

----- amelia winger-bearskin 19.11.08 16:13

I could use that thing!

----- IanMac 19.11.08 16:13

Ah geez…I will give him a good home and love him and pet him and port him nightly.
I shall await the arrival of my long lost mimobuddy.

----- mannequin 19.11.08 16:12

These are amazing! 8gb just boggles the mind heeeeee!!!!

----- butch M 19.11.08 16:09


----- mitzi 19.11.08 16:07

The giveaways are gettin better and better everyday!

----- Vadhym 19.11.08 16:02


----- ej1111 19.11.08 16:02

8 gigs?? that’s more space then I have left on my iBook (and external hard drive)…
This would definitely save me from toting around my laptop whenever I’m bringing files over to a friend’s house to work on, or even give my laptop a slight break by moving over a few files so that things work a tad smoother/faster.
Please pick the starving, broke ass student! When I say I can’t afford it I REALLY mean it.

----- Vanessa 19.11.08 16:02

And the winner is….

----- Nicola 19.11.08 16:02

My goodness. It’s so cute!!!
I do need a flash drive for my school!!! Free one would be nice..

----- Dan Yoon 19.11.08 16:01

mimobots goes everywhere!

----- Augustas R 19.11.08 16:00

I really want a Mimobot
So I can stick it in my laptop
Preferably free from Notcot
Because I don’t earn a-lot
And so that I can stop
Making these silly rimes up.

(I’m not really sure how exactly how though, but it is worth a shot)

----- Ina 19.11.08 15:54

They are soooo cute! They are like precious little coneheads!!!

----- Sarah 19.11.08 15:51

I need to welcome this guy into the family. In return, I vow to protect him from becoming a shiny chew toy for the dog!

----- marcus 19.11.08 15:51


not to sound like a downer, I love this site too much to get pumped up to win something I know I never will.

Mimobots are hot, I remember when they first debut at a convention some time back. party on.

----- Lazarou 19.11.08 15:50

Mimobots are so cool
They’re the flash drives that totally rule
Wouldn’t it be really rocking
If I had one in my Christmas stocking
So I hope I win the gracious contest
For if I don’t I doubt I will never rest
Thank you loving Mimobots
You bring holiday cheer, lots and lots!

----- Andy Bo Bandy 19.11.08 15:50

i’ve always wanted to give mimobots as gifts, but when i suggested it to potential giftees they’ve always said that they already have usb flash drives. no fun! so with this giveaway i’m thinking, WHY NOT ME? :)

----- inkblots 19.11.08 15:48

Its still not as great as my mustache

----- Dick 19.11.08 15:40

ohh, iloveit, iloveit!

----- stephanie 19.11.08 15:39

cute, great idea guys

----- Anna Hinojosa 19.11.08 15:38

Do want!!!! I may have to pop one of these babies onto my Christmas list.

----- jojojo8888 19.11.08 15:38

I’ve been needing a new one of these!

----- James 19.11.08 15:35

Simply amazing… dammit. I want one.

----- Jeff 19.11.08 15:33

A toy and a tool in one. Multitaskers are cool.

----- Alex 19.11.08 15:31

Here’s hoping that it’s mimomine :-)

----- Lauren 19.11.08 15:27

Finally, a flash drive too fun to lose! Mimo-me!

----- Alex F. 19.11.08 15:24


----- Ace 19.11.08 15:22

I love Notcot. not a day goes by without browsing your amazing site. I have found so much amazing stuff here. Keep up the good work. How are you going to pick the winner? hope you will pick me!! i heart 118!!

----- Pamela Lin 19.11.08 15:22

Oh my god I saw these at New York Comic Con last year and fell in love… then I saw the price tag and kind of died inside. :(

8G would be perfect for me too since I’m going to have to store all of the photos of my artwork somewhere in order to send my portfolio to colleges soon… I’m almost done applying to SVA (just the essay and portfolio-sending left)!

----- Laura 19.11.08 15:19

Haha nice…. where can you purchase these?

----- Ryan 19.11.08 15:18

With this i would be one step closer to rescuing my papers from my old college computer system!

----- Alex 19.11.08 15:17

oooh too cute! :)

----- js 19.11.08 15:14

that’s something to look at/fiddle with while waiting for file transfers to complete!

----- jun 19.11.08 15:13

I believe that Mimobot will be useful for storing mudkips… Many, many mudkips… Mud… Kip!

----- Edward 19.11.08 15:07

NOTCOT keeps me alive when I am in my horrendously boring web design class. When I am feeling blue about my future as a graphic designer out in the big, big world, I come here to find my inspiration once again. :) Thanks!

----- Alex B 19.11.08 15:07

When I was seven years old, I went to a grocery store grand opening with my mother and little brother. Among the other elements of the celebration, there was a pair of clowns doing balloon animals for the kids. One of the clowns was incredibly talented and was creating elaborate sculptures of animals and fantastically intricate hats. The other was less talented and was essentially creating the same “dog” over and over, each time attempting to misrepresent the finished product as a new animal. “It’s a horse!”, “It’s a giraffe!”, “It’s a zebra!” He was fooling no one, but his line was much, much shorter, so I ended up with a balloon dog masquerading as a dragon. I took it home and tried to make the best of it. For hours on end, I pretended to be a knight, battling the “dragon” for the rest of the afternoon. In the end, that clown’s poor balloon animal making skills forced me to use my imagination and ended up helping me to create one of my most cherished childhood memories. Later that day, my dad left us and ran off with my mother’s sister. Can I have the Mimbot now?

----- Kevin 19.11.08 15:06

Mimobots are awsome, my childhood crush is a mimobot!

----- Justin 19.11.08 15:05


----- elle 19.11.08 15:05

heh. these are so great!

----- teal 19.11.08 15:04

That little glow-in-the-dark guy is perfect for nighttime or anytime in my windowless office.

----- patguy 19.11.08 15:01

please come to my house
awesome little mimobot
notcot rocks bigtime

{notcot mimobot haiku} :o)

----- Sandra 19.11.08 15:00

i think that if i won this i would have to give it to my (oh so very old school) mother. she’d probably be the most on top of it 60 year old guidance counselor ever.

----- Irene 19.11.08 14:59

Man, this would look awesome in my dell.

----- Jason 19.11.08 14:54

this blog is awesome! very organized with great shots

----- bchan 19.11.08 14:53


----- rla_2 19.11.08 14:51

i just washed mine by accident :/

----- Natalie G 19.11.08 14:51

ooooooooooooh i LOVE these!

----- jHIll 19.11.08 14:51

i didn’t realize that they came in these sizes. but now i want one. does this mean that everyone on twitter will be my friend if i have one?

----- michael 19.11.08 14:50

i need this soooo bad! please.

----- Aurie Catt 19.11.08 14:48

pretty please?

----- Victor Quach 19.11.08 14:45

Little known fact: the design is actually based on the skeleton of Rosie O’Donnel. True story.

----- COREY 19.11.08 14:45

I’m a robot

----- josh 19.11.08 14:43

That nagging feeling I get sometimes that something is missing in my life but I can’t figure out what is it? Yeah, that one. It just disappeared.

----- Bill Hutchison 19.11.08 14:43

Suhwheet! If you’d like, you may send me two. ;-)

----- Ben 19.11.08 14:43

These things are sweeeeeeeet! Limited edition art piece/useful computer product = jee-willikers awesome.

----- Dan Zabinski 19.11.08 14:40

adorable (and practical)

----- Rachel 19.11.08 14:40

i love your blog, i should win.

----- brett 19.11.08 14:40

This little guy is awesome.

----- tmurch17 19.11.08 14:40

So much cooler than regular, boring thumb drives! Plus they’re cute.

----- Joe Wasserman 19.11.08 14:39

My mimobot needs a new brother!

----- Alex 19.11.08 14:39

It looks just like my long lost brother!

----- Todd 19.11.08 14:37

I’ve got a chewbacca mimo, but another one doesn’t hurt!

----- aldo 19.11.08 14:37

I start and end my day on NOTCOT.org, I don’t know what I’d do without you. If I had an 8GB Mimobot I would store it with images and goodies all from NOTCOT, also as a graphic & digital designer an 8GB is always helpful. I probably won’t win but I just want to say, I love NOTCOT and thats good enough for me.

Keep up the amazing work, you inspire me daily.


----- Alex Diaz 19.11.08 14:35

awww! these are too adorable! they’re like the pokemon card of jump drives!

----- jenat 19.11.08 14:35

1 fig, 2 pig, 3 wig, 4 twig, 5 trig, 6 rig, 7 big, 8 gig!

----- Roentgen (Kevin) 19.11.08 14:35

i love the look of the RayD8gig (one of my favorite designs), but it’s not one of the mimobots i currently own. I have a few mimobots already and these devices are great. Taking them anywhere = tons of compliments!

----- ann 19.11.08 14:35

dudeeeeeeeeeeeee. shovel that thing in

----- Gao 19.11.08 14:33

that sure would help out a poor, starving college student

(mmm … nothing more filling than the taste of radiation?)

----- Bernard 19.11.08 14:33

I’m so glad you’re spreading the mimolove!

----- Amanda 19.11.08 14:33

wooooo i want these!

----- John 19.11.08 14:32

I can use some storage

----- Zhe 19.11.08 14:32

zut alors!

----- Rey 19.11.08 14:31

Would like to have one invade me at work :3

----- Weixin 19.11.08 14:29

SO SO SO CUTE! I think that that MIMOBOT wants to go home with me!!

----- Julie! 19.11.08 14:27

Sweet memo bots!

----- jake 19.11.08 14:25

better than my old 512

----- brad osterhaus 19.11.08 14:22

My my I could most def use one :o
It’s adorable too :)

----- Sorra 19.11.08 14:22

Caught that mimobot on notcot. Great Scott, that mimobot’s hot as snot! I like it a lot. It’d take a clot for that ‘bot to soon be forgot. I’d plot to cop a squat on a yacht until I rot to have a shot at that mimobot on notcot.

----- KEITH 19.11.08 14:20

oooooh i love mimobots. i have a diy one that i gnaw on from time to time.

----- kate 19.11.08 14:20

Whats a USB?

----- matmubuggy 19.11.08 14:20

the mini skeletor would make my lap top a he-mac

----- PATRICK 19.11.08 14:18

Radiate! HAA! Get it?!

----- D-Mill 19.11.08 14:17

I didn’t know what a mimobot was until I checked out notcot.com Thanks for enlightening me to this little cutie haha :D

----- Joaquim Marquès Nielsen 19.11.08 14:15

another out-of-space idea!

----- mirek 19.11.08 14:13

Plug me in, plug me in…

----- Andrew 19.11.08 14:13

I secretly wish I had a huge usb port sticking out of my head. Then i can wear rad hats.

----- benjie 19.11.08 14:12

hooray! i want one!

----- Chris Furniss 19.11.08 14:11

I love these things! I’ve never had one but I keep finding myself in situations where they would be useful. AND it would look so good next to all the other toys on my desk.

----- Justin 19.11.08 14:11

Nice stocking stuffer!

----- Cold slab 19.11.08 14:11

I love mimobots! and My old thumb drive just isn’t big enough to be useful for my portfolio anymore, pick me!

----- Ryan 19.11.08 14:10

DANG! I want a cute 8gig monster!

----- May 19.11.08 14:09

I heart mimobots. Getting one for a friend for xmas!

----- Samantha C 19.11.08 14:09

I would love to get one. It’s so cool. My friends will be jealous.

----- oakie 19.11.08 14:08

hooray. please. thank you.

----- max 19.11.08 14:08

In an attempt to win a Mimobot I will not use contractions until 11/21. Thank you!

----- Dustin Boston 19.11.08 14:07

AH 8 gigs! thats awesome, not to mention the decoration :)

----- Elisa 19.11.08 14:07

Yay! Creepy AND cute, a great combo!

----- Laurel 19.11.08 14:03

What a cute little robot. Perhaps he and I could go out on a D8. (HarHar)

----- Emmie 19.11.08 14:03

I’ve always wanted one of those! The fact that it glows in the dark makes it amazing!

----- Megan 19.11.08 14:02

this would go great with my glow in the dark earrings :)

----- Caroline 19.11.08 14:01

would love this. Sucks to be a designer without a cool flash drive to carting my portfolio around.

----- turner 19.11.08 14:01

how cool are those!. Also, I think that a contest would be great. I would love to contribute!..

----- tommy 19.11.08 14:01

I’ll be able to save my data in the dark!

----- spacewolf 19.11.08 13:58

OMG! this is too cute to be ture!

----- Mercedes 19.11.08 13:56

I adore mimobots! So handy and stylish

----- Kevin 19.11.08 13:54

Man, people will say anything to get free stuff!

----- Tim 19.11.08 13:52

Aw! I discovered these on your site

----- Anii 19.11.08 13:51

cute AND glows in the dark?!

----- aileefei 19.11.08 13:51

Awesome! I love these things.

----- andrew 19.11.08 13:51

Soo cute

----- Danielle 19.11.08 13:49

WOW these are the cutest usbs i ever seen=]
i love notcot,u always give somethin fresh and exciting..
anyway i don’t think even if i get this gift that u can ship it to serbia;]
but anyway,was worth tryin’

----- billyjane 19.11.08 13:48

sick as hell

----- Rooday 19.11.08 13:48

Totally Awesome Computer Gadget!

----- Ben Poole 19.11.08 13:48

i can’t imagine that a laptop could ever look more secure than it does with a ninja Mimobot connected to it. i need this.

----- Grant 19.11.08 13:46

Mimobots are so well designed, I hope I win~

----- Scott 19.11.08 13:45

So hot.
Hits the spot.

----- Michael 19.11.08 13:45

Mimobot! OH man so awesome!

----- Alex 19.11.08 13:44

Terribly cute!

----- Amy W. 19.11.08 13:43

do you think any mimobots ever visited Israel?
send him over and I’ll give him the grand tour, loads of memory for him to gain here!

----- esti 19.11.08 13:43

8 GIG?! *faints*

----- abh75 19.11.08 13:42

I’ve been meaning to pick one of these little guys up.

----- Erik Dahl 19.11.08 13:40

I’ve wanted one of these for a very long time! Here’s hoping!

----- Christopher 19.11.08 13:39

Sweet, he looks evil! >:)

----- Ryan 19.11.08 13:39

Sweet looking, I’d take one.

----- Garret 19.11.08 13:36

That’s awesome !! Seriously I’m able to kill some for one of them ;P

----- Sebastians 19.11.08 13:35

i need one of those guys, especially to start backing things up properly, and transferring things from work to home. i’ve lost so much, and my ipod just crashed and i lost over 10,000 songs :(
please please please let me win this little fellow. this little fellow will keep me organized, and get me through the days with his botty ways.

----- angela 19.11.08 13:34

Wow… I can’t wait for these other giveaways! It’s like its Christmas already!!! (Plus my thumbdrive was just stolen a few days ago :(… )

----- Aaron 19.11.08 13:33


----- Jack Chau 19.11.08 13:32

this is so cute.
it would make a fabulous christmas present

----- danielle 19.11.08 13:30

fun and functional? nothing better.

----- sean patrick 19.11.08 13:30

I need a new lover, one that is hard to get, one who is a real handyman and whom’s lucky number is 8. I want to take him with me everywhere and I wanna be able to trust him with my personal secrets.. oh NOTCOT, can you find my Romeo.. ?

----- HoodieFreak 19.11.08 13:27

this totally beats the lame “cassette” usb i have

----- Julie_Gong 19.11.08 13:26

I lost my flash drive… let’s win a new one.

----- scott 19.11.08 13:26

OM NOM NOM. Man, I really like those flash drives.

----- Collin Banko 19.11.08 13:26

man that rayd8 would look wayyyy better in my pants then these socks :/

----- lev montez 19.11.08 13:24

these are amazing! my roommate got one and i’m jealous

----- Leslie 19.11.08 13:23

I love the purple ninja!! Very cool.

----- Jason Van Tassel 19.11.08 13:23

What handsome little guys.

----- Chantal 19.11.08 13:22

I want one. Looks great!

----- noxcel 19.11.08 13:20

Aawww those are so amazing I think i would be even more inspired to work

----- Sandra Perez 19.11.08 13:19

Horay for Mimobots contest!

----- Brian 19.11.08 13:19

That USB drive would be best friends with a barebone PC(: (get it? because…it’s…a skeleton…barebone..hm) it was much funnier in my head.

----- Fluffy 19.11.08 13:19

Now I will have somewhere else besides my closet to store my 8 gigs worth of skeletons.

----- Jason 19.11.08 13:18

I want this so bad! My flash drive is so full. I need 8 gigs of radiation goodness!

----- tterb 19.11.08 13:18

OMG he’s CUTE!

----- ashley 19.11.08 13:17

I love Mimobots!! This could be my first…

----- Vanessa 19.11.08 13:14

Love the design *-*
Wanna win *0*

----- Ragondin 19.11.08 13:13

i’ve already started thinking of notcot like one of those advent calendars i had when i was little… everyday you’d punch open the little paper squares to find a waxy chocolate treat.

except, instead of waxy chocolate these are things that i really will savor.

----- lauren michele 19.11.08 13:11

ahh man i love these things!!!

----- james park 19.11.08 13:10

Just leave a comment? Any comment? This would be cool to give away for Christmas..!

----- Benjamin A. Wendelboe 19.11.08 13:09

Wow I need one of these!

----- Evan Doyle 19.11.08 13:08

yessss awesome!!!

----- james 19.11.08 13:07

Love Mimobots in general and this one is very cool. Thanks for the chance to win one and thanks for posting the latest on Twitter!

----- Shelby Miller 19.11.08 13:04

Reminds me of Lordgenome after they brought him back from the dead and put his head in a jar. He became their bio-computer.

----- Jonathan 19.11.08 13:03

cute and practical, what beats good design?

----- lkny 19.11.08 13:02

That is wonderful and adorable and glorious.

----- Liz 19.11.08 13:01

twice the storage of my current flash drive, and awesome design t’boot? yes, please!

----- Jessie 19.11.08 13:00

Wow! That would be the cutest way to transport my honours thesis to school and back everyday.

----- Kim 19.11.08 12:59

Where’s the Obamabot? LOL

----- DDB 19.11.08 12:57

wow 8gb on a flash drive! I remember the days when 512mb were the most you could get and they were pricey!!!

----- Mitchell L 19.11.08 12:56

I love minibots too, specially the ones that look like devilish creatures, like this one. I would gladly entrust it with 8GBs of my data.

----- PixelRobot 19.11.08 12:55

Awesome stuff… I really dig your style and the mimobots are fresh!

----- Nick Stokes 19.11.08 12:52

Mimoco rarely, if ever, fails to impress and their collaborations are always so spot on. Always nice when you can have something you need to carry around with you also manage to be so damn fashionable.

----- Ghoast 19.11.08 12:52

I love mimobots!

----- xander 19.11.08 12:52

i didn’t even know these existed, but thank goodness for all things twitter!! :)

----- violetville 19.11.08 12:50

Oh I’ve been DYING to get one of these as a gift for someone! They’re so awesome.

----- Kate 19.11.08 12:48

Mimbot you say? 8 gig you say?! Oooh, you tease!

----- Alex 19.11.08 12:46

I think these are great. I don’t many people that don’t always have a flash drive on hand at all times. I think customizing them and branding them is great. Makes it more personal. Mimobots are by far the best!

----- Hilary 19.11.08 12:45

i want one!

----- Jacob 19.11.08 12:40

I just bought a mimobot for my brother-in-law, i was going to buy one for myself, but decided against it so that I could afford my wife’s dog dna kit. She’s getting a moistproduction print as well, but she’s wondered about the dog for some time. In case you wanted a life story…

----- Conrad 19.11.08 12:39

Okay, so I’ll admit it - I already have a Mimobot. And I won it, too…sure, it’s only has 512MB of storage, but I love my Mimo to death. Maybe I can buy a bigger super cute one in the near future. But really, I just love this website! And I wanted to say so!

----- Valerie 19.11.08 12:37

waah! they just keep getting cuter!

----- xue 19.11.08 12:37

Yaayyyy Mimo-madness!!! Come to me my darlink :)

----- Anile 19.11.08 12:35

I have never seen these before, but I’m in the market for a new flash drive, I might as well get one this adorable…

----- Bekka 19.11.08 12:34

Other than it being a monstrous 8G, the dual faces on the RayD8 are awesome.

----- Mike Rogers 19.11.08 12:33

my boyfriend would loove one of these for christmas

----- Alexa 19.11.08 12:29

THIS IS AN ORDER: get out of my head. I was just thinkin of getting a mimobot but they are extremely expensive for my student budget. “cries and hopes”

other than that youre doing great, i dont need to tell you that.

(that mimobot woould come in hanbdy you know, im suspecting i lost my usb memory right now. For real)

----- spiros 19.11.08 12:27

Ahhh hahaha, I love them…Some look like they’re getting electrocuted while being plugged in!

----- Lisa 19.11.08 12:25

YAYYY MIMOBOT!!!! it’s getting interesting

----- Nigel Sielegar 19.11.08 12:23


now thats a portable hd with some attituuuude:)

----- Scott Ortner 19.11.08 12:20

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