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NOTCOT Giveaway 2: Sorapot- 11.18.08

giveaway3.jpg TO WIN: Leave a comment! ENTER BY 11/21 - WINNER: Cynthia in Texas!

Giveaway #2 (of what looks like around 30 giveaways in the calendar right now! isn’t that insane! and it’s all stuff i love too! I’m so exciting to be able to help share this stuff with all of you!!! ok moving on…), so as i was saying, Giveaway #2 for this holiday season is Joey Roth’s Sorapot. He and i will be keeping an eye on all your comments, and he will dropship a (possibly customized/signed?) Sorapot to one lucky reader! You have until the night of 11/21 to leave a comment and we’ll pick + email a winner!

The Sorapot story is definitely a design saga that is near and dear to many design/trend/gadget blogs - we’ve been watching, waiting, and nurturing Joey’s design from the concept and prototype days ~ through production ~ through packaging design ~ through unboxings ~ and finally to brewing that first cup of tea. As you can see, its as much a work of art as it is a tea pot, and the packaging is one of my favorite parts, especially how the scroll like instructions curl off the glass body… So as a refresher, take a peek at a look back at some of my pics on the next page, and leave a comment for your chance to win one!

We have a long history with the Sorapot ~ Joey Roth was the first reader i ever met in person, and one of the earliest posts in NOTCOT! (Yes, a whopping 3 years ago back in ‘05!)

Here’s a look back at some pics from my first experience with the Sorapot… full unboxing!




Don’t forget, in case you don’t win, he’s given us a coupon for the holiday season on these gorgeous sorapots too!

For more shopping, check out The NOTCOT Holiday Coupon Book!

You have until 11/21 to leave a comment for a chance to win a Sorapot from Joey Roth!

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755 Notes

One of the nicer modern designs, it has a very architectural feel to it. It is a tad expensive, though it isn’t hard to spend that kind of money on a fine pot from Tokoname, or an antique Yixing pot.

----- Toby 21.11.08 22:33


----- Jeff 21.11.08 21:32

There’s only 1 hour, 10 minutes left in this giveaway! Will I be the last to post? Joey, the teapot is great, you’re great, and I’ll toast a big, freshly-brewed mug of Lapsang Souchong to your future success!

----- Jeanine 21.11.08 19:52

Nothing says “Ninja” like having a turtle face and drinking tea. I have a turtle face and I drink tea. I hereby declare myself eligible for this giveaway.

----- ourtimes 21.11.08 18:13

Beautiful, if expensive.

----- Kevin 21.11.08 18:11

I’ve been lusting after the Sorapot for months now, ever since I saw reviews of it on a number of the blogs I read. As a college student I was a java junkie and, on a dare from some co-workers, gave up coffee for tea. Soon after discovering a local loose tea shop I was hooked - I was mesmerized by all of the variety and blends and continue exploring different teas all the time.

As a graduate student now, however, it’s still difficult to say the least to come up with any amount of disposable income. Particularly now with the holidays coming I’m working my butt off to get by (which, coincidentally, means I’m drinking more tea to get work and classwork done). Winning this would be the perfect start to the holiday season and would save me from having to abuse the loose tea I use with a tiny infuser ball.

Beyond my plea for the contest, the sorapot really is nothing short of a beautiful piece of functional art, and I hope Mr. Roth will continue to bring us other great successes in the future.

----- KGS 21.11.08 17:59

I love tea, I love this teapot.

----- Tracy 21.11.08 17:13

I LOVE TEA! and this beautiful teapot AND the awesome packaging.

----- Leslie 21.11.08 17:08

Well, after this I should think nothing of falling down stairs.

----- Tracy 21.11.08 16:14

this truly is a gorgeous combination or art, sophistication, and practicality. this would be an amazing gift for my mother, an avid addict of tea. She literally drinks 4 cups a day! Please let me win :)

----- Mariam 21.11.08 16:06

That is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen!

----- Elizabeth m. 21.11.08 16:01

I’ll be honest. This is one of the coolest teapots I’ve ever seen, and I’d like to win it for my mother. She’d get the biggest kick out of it, and she’d use it daily, while also managing to show it off as art.

So, pick me. :]
Thank you.

----- Veronika 21.11.08 15:22

I was telling my husband about this teapot over the phone (as a not-so-subtle Christmas gift hint): “It looks so cool! It looks like a spaceship…with TEA in it! And you can see the tea leaves! And the packaging…” It was then he cut me off, and asked “A teapot looks cool?”

He just doesn’t get it. :)

----- Stephanie Fisher 21.11.08 15:15

Would have to find the most beautiful teas for it! I love this!

----- Andrea 21.11.08 14:51

i want it !

----- gondaba 21.11.08 13:53

Pretty unique!

----- Ken 21.11.08 13:41

Beautifully organic pot. Great

----- Trace Feng 21.11.08 13:29

As a woman personally obsessed with all of the facets of tea: from the exotic lands where it is traditionally grown for centuries and literally the very sustenance of life, to the the ritual of boiling, steeping, and waiting; and last but not least, the sweet scent inhaled just before you slowly take your first sip.. I am a true fan.
Recently I looked into purchasing some new devices for my perpetual daily routine of brewing/storing/serving my precious tea. As the office manager of two advertising agencies, I uphold serious tea duty to a lot of people everyday.
Not too long ago, word about the Sorapot circulated the office, from the desks of our designers and then to our president of the agency who then told me, the “tea girl”. Of course I can’t afford it, and would LOVE it.. but from a far this is why I already admire the product:
As previously mentioned it accomplishes the tedious goal of uniting form and functionality while maintaing the beauty of simplicity and minimalism.
If that isn’t enough, the ability to both steep and serve and store the tea in a fashionably functional manner is very unique and makes the product not only enticing, but seemingly a necessary component to any market.
So with that said, I did read these comments beore realizing that if you wrote one you get entered to possibly win one. I must admit that’s what prompted me to write this, but all thoughts and admiration are truly sincere, whether I win a pot or not :)

----- Michal E. Amedia 21.11.08 13:28

I really liked the design :)

----- Bob 21.11.08 10:40

If I were a sorapot on Kylene’s kitchen counter, I would be quite pleased with myself. I could watch my human entertain guests, all the while soaking up their lavish compliments. I imagine Kylene would take excellent care of me, tending to my needs daily. I expect I’d be polished, and fed only the best tea. Such a nervous girl, really, I venture to say she’d likely wait a week before daring to make tea with me. Ah, a life to lead that!

----- Kylene 21.11.08 10:35

Incredibly beautiful.

----- todd mendoza 21.11.08 09:54

yes, please!

----- ethan 21.11.08 09:30

I would LOVE a SoraPot! My wife comes from Brit heritage and I am Asian, so we drink a lot of tea between us. Between green, english breakfast, earl grey, and jasmine this would get a lot of mileage. Plus, it fits our design aesthetic!

----- Jim 21.11.08 07:42

I can’t, for the life of me, figure out why these have to be so expensive. But it is, without a doubt the coolest teapot I’ve ever seen.

----- Andrew 21.11.08 07:05

what a lovely design!

----- Iris 21.11.08 06:39

The design is just beautiful. I like the nice clean lines and curves. Would definetly have it in my dinning room for every day use and display.

----- Rodrigo 21.11.08 05:09

that’s a mighty fine bit of kit :)

----- matt 21.11.08 03:29

This looks simply stunning as a way to brew tea. Though it also looks great simply sitting empty in some of the earlier pictures.

----- Alan 21.11.08 01:38

Well Joey Roth I just have this to say. Tea is great. I mean this country was founded on telling the man that we weren’t going to take his BS tea prices. However, somewhere along the way we have gotten lost. Starbucks and cups of Joe (the plumber not the Roth) have dumbed down our cultured pallets, finely crafted tea chests and hand hewn pots in favor of plasticized placebos of tasteless travesty. Well you won’t find this man’s tea trapped in the packaged and pouched confines of their Walmerica Joe. Noe this man’s tea steeps loose and free like Michael Cerna in short shorts. No way am I giving up my Boston Party for your devil’s bean. You bring Rishi to my tea parties or you don’t come at all and if you walk in here without at least a Tetsubin or a Sorapot you my friend have been tea bagged!

----- JFK - AND Yes those are my REAL initials 21.11.08 00:46

Surprise Attack! Steeping tea for too long the tea gets bitter. How do people remove the tea if they only want to leave it in for 1 min? I guess Pour and Drink all the tea in 1 min, Surprise.

----- LC 20.11.08 23:02

Looks lovely, a good mix of industrial and organic

----- Jin 20.11.08 22:32

Wow, nice! I like to pick up cool yixing teapots when I run across them, becasue they’re as much a work of art as they are practical. This one fall sin that category. I like very much.

----- chrisspurgin 20.11.08 22:11

very intriguing.

----- george 20.11.08 19:59

That teapot is simply gorgeous. The design is one of the best out there, and is certainly worth the price to buy. I probably would buy it myself, except it only serves 11 oz at a time. Nevertheless, it still obscenely beautiful. (an oxymoron I know)

----- Daniel Nguyen 20.11.08 19:09

that teapot is amazingly cute && sleek, that’s the sex. i love loose leaf teas, that would be perfection :]

i loveee the packaging :D

----- Vivian 20.11.08 19:04

This thing and it’s packaging are very well designed. I hope it’s function serves as well as it’s form. (ie: no awkward & spilly pouring)

----- Matty 20.11.08 18:45

B-E-A utiful.

----- Nick 20.11.08 18:05

My former fellow Marines already razzed the “Tea man.” They’ll be beggin’ for a taste when I unwrap this baby! Semper Fi!

----- JMichael DeCaro 20.11.08 17:42

am I too late? :(

----- Clayton Fletcher 20.11.08 17:41

This Sorapot is enchanting, yet I respect it’s integrity - that it is constructed with an awareness not only of design, but of the importance of linking one’s life to a physical object. The loveliest things are long-cherished: an old book, or the perfect chair, or a favorite teacup. They acquire that strange patina that eludes description. I am still a student and can’t afford one of these yet. However, I couldn’t imagine a better vessel in which to brew my Ti Kuan Yin. Thank you NOTCOT for finding things like this!

----- Sarah Teigen 20.11.08 17:17

simply sexy…

----- jesse trapple 20.11.08 16:40

I saw the Sorapot on you blog for the first time awhile back and fell in love with it!! I have it on my wish list but haven’t bought one yet. I love the packaging it comes it too, it makes it even more special and now I want one even more!! Thank you for the opportunity to win one!! Good luck everyone, Jeff

----- Jeff M. 20.11.08 16:35

Exquisite design & packaging, I imagine the level to which it takes taste to be no different - like the first few seconds of wriggling around a cold bed until it becomes warm and never wanting to get out after that. Perfect for those chilly mornings when the comfiest of your warmest sweaters don’t suffice. Yup… exactly like that, an experience to share with friends solely to see their eyes light up because the same feeling just flooded over them.

----- Jules Jasper 20.11.08 15:19

A Roth Sorapot,
I will use it to grow pot.
Win it on NOTCOT

----- Thomas Moran 20.11.08 15:01

Love the design!

----- Bravotoner 20.11.08 14:53

my grandma would love that ;)

----- Tina 20.11.08 14:41

I’m a little tea pot short and stout
hear is my handle here is my spout
when i get all steamed up hear me shout
tip me over and pour me out

----- homieaddict13 20.11.08 14:40

So gorgeous! The tea leaves and tea make amazing miniature landscapes in this pot!

----- Kristin 20.11.08 14:29

Would love to drink tea out of this pot with friends and family during the holidays.

----- Dante 20.11.08 14:29

My tea is kind of arrogant and narcissistic. It thinks it is so beautiful. I don’t trust it. But without this sorapot,how will I ever know of its beauty for sure?!!

----- teagirl 20.11.08 14:10

I want to shrink myself down extra tiny and just move into this dang thing.

----- Greg 20.11.08 14:02

who wouldn’t want this little tea pot!! A new twist on short and stout!

----- Jami 20.11.08 13:50

Although I may be a pretender, my wife is a true blue tea drinker. The Sorapot will not alter our currently unispireed kitchen decor, but it will certainly allow to us to pretend we live in a much cooler place.

----- Brian J. Harris 20.11.08 13:22

this teapot is incredible, i bet it’ll look amazing with different types of leaf.

----- Gavin Ren 20.11.08 12:59

700 comments?!?! Then again, I’ve been dreaming about owning this pot since I first saw it here, and I can’t have been the only one, so definitely understandable.

----- Shelby 20.11.08 12:57

clever packaging!!! very nice use of recyclable materials…

----- wewa 20.11.08 12:09

I have been waiting to get my hands on one of these for a while now, and now that I am starting up a local coffee shop in my home town, i think i can justify purchasing one. I have been a long time fan of industrial minimalism, and the second i saw this piece of art, i knew I had to have it…. Beautiful. Simply breathtaking

----- Forrest Miller 20.11.08 11:59

Such a beautiful pot. I’m a student, so it’ll be a while before I can afford one, but this will definitely be a centerpiece were I to have one in my kitchen.

----- Alex J. 20.11.08 11:48

Would love to have this beauty—please!

----- Gina F 20.11.08 11:18

Nice teapot. I’d like to win one.

----- Dave 20.11.08 10:49

i wish i had that piece of JUnk!

- with its awesome, transparent, tea-making, coffee-brewing abilities, wonderful eye candy facade, perfectly packaged exterior and a dash of attitude to go with it… i wish … .

----- zenius 20.11.08 10:44

This teapot is beautiful!

----- candygirl 20.11.08 10:21

I can’t decide if this looks futuristic or “rustic classic,” because for some reason it reminds me of growing up in a cabin in the woods.

Either way I like it.

----- rose 20.11.08 10:18

I’m buying one — but I would love to have two! :)

----- David Christopher 20.11.08 09:55

im in

----- lude 20.11.08 09:50

Awesome tea pot!

----- Jonathan 20.11.08 09:49

It is absolutely beautiful.

----- Emily 20.11.08 09:42

um. yes please.

----- Patrick 20.11.08 09:24

I am an obsessive loose tea drinker, and this will compliment my lifestyle very nicely. Thanks for the opportunity!

----- lostinthepost 20.11.08 09:10

I’ve just introduced my girlfriend to the wonders of blooming tea flowers, and this would be the ideal pot to make them in. Please, for love?

----- Andrew 20.11.08 09:04

This looks amazing.

----- James D. LaCroix 20.11.08 08:21

awesomeness personified

----- Elizabeth Song 20.11.08 08:12

OH PLEASE! I need one I’m dying of the flu and cant stand making tea in an auto coffee maker ,pls help me

----- fred 20.11.08 08:00

Beautiful design! Love it.

----- Eric 20.11.08 07:24

What a beautiful pot! J’dore tea!

----- Hiroki 20.11.08 06:49

Amazing product, amazing packaging. Stylish all round.

----- Paul 20.11.08 06:40

I remember seeing this in a post a while ago and thinking how amazing it looked.

----- David 20.11.08 06:39

Totally gorgeous~ and since all my holiday money is reserved for those on the “good” list, giveaways are my only hope for presents to myself!! Thanks for NOTCOT~ a daily break from life on the cubicle farm.

----- Sarah Haden 20.11.08 06:31

That’s incredible.

----- DEREK SUNG 20.11.08 06:12

Wow—-beautiful. I love tea—-I even grow herbs to make my own tea—-Wow—-
beautiful. Did I say that already? I guess my memory needs up dating. Wow—

----- Melanie 20.11.08 06:11

this is how tea was meant to be brewed

----- Raztus 20.11.08 05:33

this is an awesome product design. i drink like 3-4 cups of tea each day. this would be helpful.

----- ed 20.11.08 05:31

I wish I can afford it ..

----- a.g. 20.11.08 05:26

Bee-uoo-tee-ful… I just love functional things that you lovely to look at.

----- Nicola 20.11.08 03:33

i was going to buy it , but i better wait after the 22th , just in case.

----- jorge larios 20.11.08 02:37

This is no ordinary tea pot. This is the stylishly designed, beautifully conceived, sleek, sexy, shiny Sorapot.

And the satisfaction of brewing my Mariage Frères Téa à l’Opéra in this unique form would be the perfect gift this Holiday season! ;)

----- ajinternational 20.11.08 01:58

I’m in Love!

----- Vovo 20.11.08 01:43

One of those times where I’m simply stunned by the design.

----- Jessica J. 20.11.08 00:06

I love making tea! This would be amazing to have.

----- Sky B 19.11.08 23:48

I love this!!

----- Patrick S 19.11.08 23:47

I am always starving for loose tea,
and when/ if I win this pot it,
will be coming to my new digs in D.C.,
and the tea you ask?
Not just for me

----- Chris 19.11.08 22:52

i love it!

----- michael 19.11.08 22:09

I lust after these- even if I don’t win is there some way that it can detour by my house. Not to live, I just want to spend a few minutes with it, you know I will hug it and pet it and call it George

----- cc 19.11.08 22:01

oh oh oh, i want one of these, it’s high up on my wish list.

----- Dave 19.11.08 21:57


----- NTRAIN 19.11.08 21:31

This pot is just beautiful

----- Jeff Cheung 19.11.08 21:11

The Sorapot reminds me of the cylindrical containers used with pneumatic tubes at the bank. Thwomp.

----- eirikur 19.11.08 21:08

Tea is a good drink. It’ll keep you goin’.

----- Bails 19.11.08 21:07

I… I… I… *need* this teapot! I am the original tea snob girl (I’m currently drinking green tea I picked up in Shanghai, China). Must have!

----- Jo - i dream i can fly 19.11.08 21:07

This is exceptional. A very clever design that brings some of the ceremony and importance back to drinking tea!

----- Rachel 19.11.08 20:46

i feel like having a tea party!

----- valeri mae 19.11.08 20:23

What a fabulous tea pot! Makes feel warm and toasty just looking at!

----- Melanie 19.11.08 20:06

The Sorapot loves my mother. My mother loves the Sorapot. Too bad they haven’t had a chance to be together.

----- Alice 19.11.08 20:00

The worst part about Kansas is deffinately the weather. So, to keep warm I drink tooonnns of tea. Sure wished I lived in California.

----- Jori 19.11.08 19:44

I fell in love with this tea pot the very first time i saw it. I can tell you one thing, if it were mine, I’d make room for it on my counter so I could stare at it longingly all the time (and show off to my friends at how every aspect of my life is influenced by my design aesthetics). Actually, if I did have this teapot, I don’t know if I would EVER stop drinking tea. Not to mention how gorgeous flowering teas must be in that thing!

----- Melissa 19.11.08 19:29

Did you know…That when drinking tea, you should never use polystyrene cups with lemon. The combination of the hot tea and the lemon will corrode the cup away releasing carcinogens into your drink. It will actually eat right through the cup.

----- Cassandra 19.11.08 18:54

Mimobots are sooo lucky

----- AnniKat 19.11.08 18:47


----- Javier 19.11.08 18:21

I want one for sure!

----- jun 19.11.08 18:20

NO No no… i love soda and i will give it just so i could have one spot of tea from this crazy looking bong thing.

----- Ryland Rodriguez 19.11.08 18:18

best design evah

----- tom 19.11.08 17:45

Awesome design. Maybe I wont need to go broke to get my hands on one.

----- Greg 19.11.08 17:44

Tea is one of my favorite things, and my boyfriend likes to make it for me. If I had one of these teapots I would give it to him. Because I’m nice. And because I want him to make me tea with it. :P

----- Ellen 19.11.08 17:42

Fantastic. I’d love to write an in depth product review on my blog ;)

----- Mark 19.11.08 17:16


----- Wendy 19.11.08 17:14

I love this teapot!

----- Lawrence 19.11.08 17:08

That is one classy and tastefully-masculine teapot. My fella would be jealous.

Also, hah, “NOTPOT.”

----- Kate 19.11.08 17:07

Interesting design! Also interesting being a giveaway ;) :P

----- Mike 19.11.08 16:52

that is really nice looking. i use a pyrex measuring cup and a strainer for my daily dose of green tea. i don’t hate coffee & this looks much nicer than a coffee maker ;).

----- ann 19.11.08 16:33

Wow…so many comments. It would be super cool to be the lucky one to win this cool pot. My sister just got into the industrial design program at Auburn and she would be psyched to examine this and learn from its production journey through NOTCOT. p.s. I LOVE NOTCOT.com!!!!!

----- Niki 19.11.08 16:31

My autistic sister started drinking tea a few years back when I introduced her to it—and it was one of the first things she started drinking besides soda and water. I know she would really love this teapot for christmas. its sooo fuN!


----- Lindsay 19.11.08 16:23

Even the packaging is enjoyable!

I love it!


----- Antoinette Tsang 19.11.08 16:17


I made you a MIX tape

Cause I’m In Love


----- Amelia WInger-Bearskin 19.11.08 16:15


----- clive hacker 19.11.08 16:13

This makes me want to drink tea that doesn’t even exist yet.

----- Seb 19.11.08 16:03

Cant wait for one of these!

----- ej1111 19.11.08 16:01

Coffee gives me a headache, but the fiancee prepares it each morning. With this in the kitchen, maybe I could finally sway her over to tea with breakfast!

----- Marcus 19.11.08 15:52

I have all the tea in China, but none of the teapots, so I pretty much need one of these.

----- Jeremy P 19.11.08 15:22

I believe that sorapot will be useful for drinking mudkips… Mud… *sip* …Kip?

----- Edward 19.11.08 15:09

A transparent tea pot makes too much sense.

----- Joe Wasserman 19.11.08 14:40

this sorapot looks pretty AMAZING!

----- Julie! 19.11.08 14:31

Simple and to die for

----- rabbisanta 19.11.08 14:28

It’s cold here. I need one. It looks very modern and chic.

----- oakie 19.11.08 14:26

While being a freshman in art school, this particular item just screams to me. As my 2D teacher would say, “iIt is visually dynamic and useful!” The repetition of circles is quite appealing. And of course, as a college student, i need caffeine! Can’t get any better than having a piece of art to pour out some nice hot tea in the morning. But also, as a student, I cannot afford anything. :D

----- Kacie 19.11.08 14:25

oh it looks like a little animal. very cute!

----- olive flower 19.11.08 14:22

Love this teapot!

----- Devin 19.11.08 14:20

Now that packaging is fascinating…the way you photographed it with the manual/documentation rolling out reminds me of a toilet paper dispenser…not quite tea like…hmm

----- Andrew 19.11.08 14:14

Oh. My. God. That is PHENOMENAL.

----- Ryan 19.11.08 14:13

Any type of ‘blooming tea’ would be gorgeous in this tea pot!

----- Wei 19.11.08 14:05

Oh this would be the best gift for my sister! We both love tea and she just got back from China and she brought all kinds of really really…really good tea back with her! The sorapot would be perfect for showing off the fruits of her travels! Plus, it would just look awesome in the kitchen ;)

----- Lanae 19.11.08 14:05

Oh man….that is beautiful. I’d love to have that.

----- Megan 19.11.08 14:01


----- Christine 19.11.08 13:59

i would love to get my hands on a sorapot! amazing yet simple design

----- ricardo garza marcos 19.11.08 13:57

Me without a Sorapot ————>>> HERE

----- Matthew Bowers 19.11.08 13:51

the teapot of my dreams

----- Danielle 19.11.08 13:50

I’ll steep you forever!

----- Nightrell 19.11.08 13:48

I bet the tank like look of the body makes you want to watch the contents brew.

----- James V 19.11.08 13:48

Wow, very clean looking design.

----- Garret 19.11.08 13:44

Of course the comment list for this is a million folks long…because it’s perfect and beautiful.

----- delicatetbone 19.11.08 13:43

What a great teapot. Why do we never so coffee pots of such beauty.

----- Erik Dahl 19.11.08 13:38

It looks like a mix between lab equipment and…well… a tea pot! Nice :)

----- Ryan 19.11.08 13:37

If I Win This It’s Like Christmas come TRUE!!!!


----- Jack Chau 19.11.08 13:33

This is just like sex, except better. What really amazes me is how complex and sexy it looks while at the same time in the Vimeo video is looks so simple. I really want one and on November 21st if I am not so lucky as to win (I am not btw) I will definately have to buy one to drink my DIGGNATION Tea in.

----- Ian AKA DJ_BONEZ 19.11.08 13:33

i am in love with this tea pot!

----- Julie_Gong 19.11.08 13:24

Cool design well thats one way to get your leaves read

----- Sandra Perez 19.11.08 13:22

The overall design of the sorapot is divine! I love the way the loose tea looks to fall gently to the bottom as it steeps. I’d make brown rice tea with the sorapot, or maybe even pick some tiny wild flowers and try my own tea mixture. I imagine having friends over for tea, showing off the sorapot and sitting barefoot at my living room coffee table, sipping the warm tea and sinking my toes into the plush rug!

----- nicole 19.11.08 13:19

It looks a little bit like some celebrity’s adoable miniature canine. I think my sorapot should be treated accordingly, so I shall pamper it with medicated baths and it shall have a personal chef and its very own suffocating handbag it which it will travel with me EVERYWHERE.

----- Lauren 19.11.08 13:12

A key element to Roth’s Sorapot is movement — of the tea leaves, of the pot from horizontal to vertical, of the liquid from the spout. As amazing as this looks in 2-Dimensions, I’m convinced it’s even better held in one’s hand.

----- SWEETBLUE 19.11.08 13:12

I just talking about the most beautiful blooming tea from china and saw this and I have to say this blows me away and beyond. What a perfect accessory for the upcoming holiday!!

----- Melissa 19.11.08 13:06

my boyfriend would kill for that teapot

----- sam 19.11.08 13:05

My girlfriend would love this….. if I had a girlfriend so maybe if I get cultured n start drinking tea I’d find one LOL

----- DDB 19.11.08 12:57

That thing is sweet! Deadly gift idea.

----- IanMac 19.11.08 12:54

Wow! This is absolutely gorgeous! The tea looks like a landscape.

----- Kate 19.11.08 12:50


----- Denise 19.11.08 12:46

sorapot me please! :)

----- chi 19.11.08 12:41

i love it!

----- kim 19.11.08 12:37

I would be ecstatic to just win the packaging for this sans Sorapot.

----- Bekka 19.11.08 12:33

Sorapot: EPIC design. Joey Roth: epic genius. This teapot will change the way the world waits for tea to brew.

----- nozawa 19.11.08 12:29

Splendiforous O_O

----- Yen 19.11.08 12:24

Splendiforous O_O

----- Yen 19.11.08 12:24

fantastical design! so sleek and lovely. I want!!!!!!

----- meisnerk 19.11.08 12:18

All I drink is loose tea. I want a Sorapot!!!

----- Dickie 19.11.08 12:14

it looks beautiful! i would love to drink some tea off of this fine looking teapot. please.

----- hydralily 19.11.08 12:05

That’s quite the tea kettle. I have the perfect person in mind for it too :D

----- Nate 19.11.08 12:05

If I had this, I would never drink anything but tea.

----- Jennifer 19.11.08 12:00

I gave up coffee this year. It’s been so long, and I still don’t have a satisfactory teapot!!

----- Kate Speidel 19.11.08 11:58

whoa……now that’s a teapot!

----- darren 19.11.08 11:52

Really cool looking t-pot, my mother drinks about 10 cups a day so winning this would make her Christmas

----- EH 19.11.08 11:30

Wow. The slickest looking teapot i’ve ever seen! It looks a bit like a science experiment. I like that.

----- Suzie 19.11.08 11:29

i know someone on my list who would love this!

----- flutephobia 19.11.08 11:18

I vant vone, i vant vone

----- Sean 19.11.08 11:11

I just started growing my own tea, and this thing looks awesome.

----- Alan 19.11.08 11:08

A sense of unity, elegence and enjoyment comes to mind at first glance. The Sorapot is amazing in both presence and style to state the obvious. The not so obvious includes the amount of gratitude recieved when presenting this work of art to my mother as the first true gift post-graduation. This teapot represents all the hard work, stress, and support during my studies over 2,000 miles way from home.


----- Christoph 19.11.08 11:07

what a beautiful piece. i have followed the story of this teapot for a while now and i’m fascinated. could this be the return of the tea party?

----- jedly 19.11.08 11:07

coffee too? tea is fine!

----- Roy 19.11.08 11:06

I’m just a broke pastry student…this would make a great gift for my mom (a tea lover)

----- Alexis 19.11.08 11:01

If I were a teapot this is the one I would be. The dark and Merky inside is somehow always visable but, a shiny, well designed, outside keeps them interseted in what I am brewing.

----- jtrhead 19.11.08 10:53

This is a great design that reminds me of looking into an aquarium and being able to see the fascinating details inside the tank. I really enjoy the way you can see the tea floating in the middle.

----- Christi 19.11.08 10:46

This teapot is beautiful. I would love one, and if I don’t win, I just might have to buy one!

(but still hoping I win)

----- Michael Porter 19.11.08 10:33

I’ve been looking at the Sorapot since you first posted about it. Fantastic piece of work.

----- Alex 19.11.08 10:11

This teapot comes as such an inspiration with such perfect timing! I’m currently in the first semester of a master’s of design program in Chicago and my final project for product design class is to design a tea kettle. After researching what is out there and really trying to come up with a clean and simple design that emphasizes and celebrates “the dance of the leaves.” It’s clear that every detail and every part of the process has been thought about and clearly did not stop with the product itself but continued on through to the package design. Congrats on such an elegant and unique design!

----- Maggie 19.11.08 10:00

Very, very pretty.
Thanks for letting me participate in your giveaway !

----- Kathleen 19.11.08 10:00

This is such a great design.

----- alex 19.11.08 09:42

I would love to give this to my wife for Xmas. It looks like an aquarium for tea leaves.

----- Lee 19.11.08 09:39

I love this!!

----- grace 19.11.08 09:31


----- chomp chudnovsky 19.11.08 09:27

that’s a very handsome teapot!

----- chomp chudnovsky 19.11.08 09:22

My roommate and I are obsessed with this teapot. It would be great for the cold Brooklyn winter…

----- notrebecca 19.11.08 09:19

Gorgeousness and gorgeosity!

----- skokefoe 19.11.08 09:16

i think drinking tea is a highly respectable endeavor and past time. this sorapot will definitely add a touch of modernity and class to this favorite past time of mine ;)

----- eudaiphoria 19.11.08 09:15

hey, Jean!

I want to drink my GREEN tea in a Sorapot! Otherwise, I’ll be GREEN with envy of the winner!!!

regards from Brazil!

----- rafael 19.11.08 09:07

I’m been a fan of tea since I rigorously adopted it as a coffee substitute in college. One thing, however, that I always loved about my french press was the clear glass, through which I could observe the small-scale turbulent interactions between the hot coffee mixture and the cold white milk poured in over the top, interactions composed of brief swirling motions that brought in new and inhomogeneous shades of brown and sent coarse-ground particles flying up and down, depending on the temperature gradient of it’s local flow. This teapot promises to bring the aesthetic pleasures of making coffee to tea-brewing, and it is further appreciated that this has been accomplished by a simple geometric rotation. The cylinder of the french press has been set to its side, its handle has been given an industrial facelift, and a spout has been added for completeness. I foresee a downside however: like with the french press, this teapot doesn’t appear to attempt to simplify the post-process removal of de-caffeinated detritus. oh well.

----- Reuben 19.11.08 09:00

I would love this!

----- Ann Kim 19.11.08 08:52

Oh my god! Did you hear about Richard Dreyfus?!?!?!

Now that I got your attention I’d like to say that your Sorapot is “Hott’r than ma driveway on de Forth o’ July!”

mine? yes please.

----- Chris Fuller 19.11.08 08:39

gorgeous! would be perfect on my desk at work.

----- caitlin 19.11.08 08:37

i am in love with this…it would look perfect in my kitchen

----- Lena 19.11.08 08:31

Tea will help me finish my dissertation. I promise.

----- villain 19.11.08 08:04

My girlfriend is a tea nut and I’d LOVE to surprise her with this! :) It might even convert me to drinking more tea! hahaha

----- Stacy B. 19.11.08 08:01


----- Angel 19.11.08 07:54

I was never a tea drinker until I met this guy at a coffee shop who worked on the espresso machines. He dropped these balls into his cup of hot water and after a few minutes started drinking it. I was so interested. It looked like rabbit pellets! When I asked him what it was, he showed me the gorgeous leaves these “tea pearls” opened up as. I was in awe of this process and the amazing Japanese Jasmine tea he let me try a cup of. Apparently it wasn’t cheap but he was so kind to let me try it. He told me to steep it a few times to get a good use out of those leaves.

All that to say: What a gloriously sexy way to display this amazing process for the people you serve tea to in this Sorapot. I would love to share my new love of tea in the form of these pearls with people in my home and office!

----- Aaron 19.11.08 07:53

That’s a beautiful teapot that would look killer on anyone’s table around Christmas or anytime of the year!

----- JHuck 19.11.08 07:52

Its so hip, its so cool, I would love to use it by the pool!

----- awolf 19.11.08 07:45

I love this teapot. The packaging is pretty phenomenal as well. Growing my own tea this year and would love to share it with friends in something as unique as this.

----- Jason Trojanowski 19.11.08 07:44

How much does issit?

----- Julia 19.11.08 07:43

i dont want this tea pot, i never drink green tea, i will never use it. In fact if i win this tea pot i will be forced to give it to someone as a christmas present.

----- Jonathan McCreary 19.11.08 07:41

i didnt have my glasses on and i thought it was a pair of headphones at first. :P

its purdy~

----- ringoxcore 19.11.08 07:30

Sorapot…NOTCOT…Soooo hot!

----- Downtown Dan 19.11.08 07:29

I love this design. I’ve wanted one since I first saw a picture of it. It makes making tea fun again!

----- Megan 19.11.08 07:24

i would love the chance to just open up the package and read the scroll. what beautiful, elegant, clean design. i would love the tea too, of course.

----- vanessa 19.11.08 07:23

this irish girl needs a new teapot!! we are a tea-obsessed house with a newly broken carafe (thanks cats!) :(

----- Sara 19.11.08 07:20

What a great plutonium tea engine!! The perfect tool to heat up such a chilly winter day ..

----- Michael 19.11.08 07:12

beautiful industrial design, beautiful package design!

----- Emily!!! 19.11.08 07:09


----- Tiffany 19.11.08 07:08

As a lover of chinese tea, I would love to taste the difference from the Sorapot and the traditional ways of brewing chinese tea.

----- Daniel 19.11.08 07:03

This is fantastic! I’d love to have it :)

----- Kevin 19.11.08 07:01

Perfect serving tea pot. Great design.

----- seth 19.11.08 06:58

funnest tea pot ever!

----- rachel 19.11.08 06:57

i love tea!

----- roitsch 19.11.08 06:53

What are you doing with my teapot? Give me the pot. It’s mine.

----- Matt 19.11.08 06:42

Pick me plz.

----- Rob Cordosi 19.11.08 06:37

this is so beautiful I would actually start drinking tea…

----- lucy 19.11.08 06:21

Walking down the hallway at work with a Sorapot will definitely make me the coolest person at the water cooler.

----- Samantha 19.11.08 06:17

Can’t wait to win ! :)

----- Bojan Babic 19.11.08 06:08

Gorgeous all the way around, from product to packaging.

----- Lisa 19.11.08 06:08

The design of both the package and container illuminate a very organic and environmental appeal.

----- Linda 19.11.08 06:07

Need. Sorapot. Now!

----- Susanna 19.11.08 06:06

Well I´m very, very unlucky with this kind of thing, but the only way to be sure one´s not gonna win is not to try. It´s best to give bad luck a chance than not to try at all.

----- Daniel Segatto 19.11.08 05:59

Though my fiance might not necessarily appreciate the packaging, she does love herself some tea.

----- Mike Rogers 19.11.08 05:55

I’ll keep following the news about sorapot until I see one about it being sold somewhere here in Brazil! Maybe next year?? Please Mr. Joey Roth?

----- Renata 19.11.08 05:53

Coming from a School where the focus is on art…and the discussion, or rather what turned into arguments, about the what is the separation between art and design? Aren’t they both one and the same is my POV. To turn a mundane and looked over utilitarian object into something that becomes a sort of focal point is pure GENUIS! and quite possibly the most gorgeously awesome teapot ever.

----- Nikki 19.11.08 05:44

This truly is a brilliant piece of design. Done from the ground up, it is simple, beautiful, unusual, innovative, and functional. All essential ingredients of classic good design. I love it! And I am English, so I know about tea, of course ;)

----- Jonathan Sacerdoti 19.11.08 05:43

This is the most beautiful teapot I have ever seen!!! And I will put it to good use, promise… drinking tea right now :)

----- Anna 19.11.08 05:34

The design is quite beautiful. With the tea leaves, it reminds me of the drive-thru deposit cases you put your check and ID in at the bank. The leaves look like shredded money. Maybe because I have crazy school debt that’s why I see this. Anyways, the design is great. Good Job!

----- Milton 19.11.08 05:29

That looks lovely.
Hope I get a chance to warm it up.
Hobnobs ready.
I can use Hobnobs right? I feel I should have to use something a bit posher to dunk in my cuppa.

----- Mark 19.11.08 05:28

I am tea fanatic. i would love this. you guys rock.

----- Karlaanne 19.11.08 05:27

love the design.

----- 415 19.11.08 05:23

Man, that’s gorgeous.
Tea basically saves my life every other day.

----- Allison S. 19.11.08 05:11

I do not currently have a teapot but the sorapot makes me want to drink tea every single day

----- stephanie 19.11.08 05:03

I love this, have done ever since I saw it close up in Brooklyn, earlier this year. So glad it’s getting all the attention.

----- Jerry Quartley 19.11.08 05:02

Cool design~!

----- Freckles 19.11.08 05:01

Brilliant piece.
A hybrid of Philippe Starck and Japanese stoicism, dangling amid associations of liquid chia pet and futuristic vessel. As Hi-Tech as it exudes, it feel oddly integral with a nature backdrop.
Wonderful curves.
I do hope to see how it influences a weekend evening tea experience.

----- Mark 19.11.08 04:57

“Design saga” is absolutely right. It’s been interesting to experience the entire process all the way through to the sublime final product. The design is obviously beautiful, but it’s the heart and passion that has gone into it that raises it beyond just a lovely object. Thanks for letting us all eavesdrop on the developement and realisation of this elegant kettle.

----- Stella 19.11.08 04:35

Wabi Sabi

----- Sean 19.11.08 04:25

I hope I win!

----- ben 19.11.08 04:19

Wow i love the shape of the spout, must be fun to use too!

----- Tom 19.11.08 03:51

it’s bringing sexy back…to drinking tea. stunning.

----- Andy 19.11.08 03:51


----- ap 19.11.08 03:39

nice looking

----- insolv1niac 19.11.08 02:58

Great ideas! Love to have it!

----- Klara 19.11.08 02:53

Great ideas! Love it to have it!!!!

----- Klara 19.11.08 02:52

It’s no longer a case of wanting one, I need one!

If you’re feeling the cold a cuppa tea will make you hot,
But why not brew it in style with Joey Roth’s Sorapot!

----- Marc 19.11.08 02:37

The recent discounts and coupon codes have introduced me to like 20 new stores! SUPER exciting. And now giveaways!!! :D Thanks NOTCOT!!!!!!!!!!!

----- Brandon A. 19.11.08 02:16

Sexiest. Modern. Teapot. Ever.

----- Jonathan 19.11.08 02:00

I’m highly intrigued with the design of this! It is fabulous!
It’s unlike any other tea pots i’ve seen before. And i can only imagine how it wouldn’t drip with the design of the spout.
Great product!


----- Olivia 19.11.08 01:36

Yummy :-P

----- Jon 19.11.08 01:31

My Rooibos stock would love that!

----- Filipe 19.11.08 01:01

i’m a fan!

----- richard kim 19.11.08 00:54

oh man, i’d love to win one of these.

----- alex 19.11.08 00:50

Loose leaf tea,
from a magical tree,
the more you drink,
the more you pee!

ɯǝod ɐ sʇı…

----- James 19.11.08 00:43

As an American I never quite understood the concept of having tea in the manner of which the English do. However, upon seeing that beautiful vessel, I will definitely start investigating the in’s and out’s of tea time.

----- Brandon 19.11.08 00:27

Leaving a comment!!

----- pelon 19.11.08 00:26


----- Matt Steele 19.11.08 00:16

Oh A Sorapot!
The Design That Inspired
A Haiku-Like Peace

----- Rick 19.11.08 00:09

stunning. deliciously so!

----- Kate 19.11.08 00:01

Nice, very nice. Wanna enjoy my tea in there.

----- Pascal 18.11.08 23:54

Oh I can see this pot sitting on my kitchen table in the morning as the sun shines through the window and my Fortnum’s Smokey Early Grey looking amazing, oh please pick me I don’t think I could live without this or Questionable Content for that matter!!!

----- Brian Woodward 18.11.08 23:52

not sure, why but the horizontal tube makes me think of a sewage pipe, that said i’d still like to win

----- Simon 18.11.08 23:47

there’s nothing better than starting the day with a cup of tea and the simplicity of good design!

----- Rachel 18.11.08 23:45

Beautiful teapot!

----- Arlo 18.11.08 23:43


…and Thank you.

----- Julia 18.11.08 23:37


----- Christina 18.11.08 23:23

gorgeous packaging, and amazingly practical and beautiful design!!!!

----- Matt 18.11.08 23:17

yay i won! thanks

----- apol 18.11.08 23:03

there are glass teapots but theres just something really exquisite about this one.
for a moment there, i can imagine myself pouring myself a cup of tea, put the teapot down,
and watch the tea leaves and water roll back and forth within the glass cylinder.
the handle, stout, and stand makes it so elegantly simple..

like tea itself, there is a sense of tranquility amongst the design and i think this teapot brings out the beauty of tea itself and the whole tea drinking ceremony.

i want this!!! this is so prettyyyy..

----- kris 18.11.08 22:52

Such gorgeous form… that happens to remind me of a small dog. And since no house is a home without a pet, neither is it a home without this teapot!!!

----- Yelena 18.11.08 22:51

Eventually, I would love to become a tea connoisseur. I don’t believe that to be possible without this contemporary tea pot. It’s the idyllic touch to any kitchen.

----- Jackie! :) 18.11.08 22:29

Christmas comes early!

----- chernwei 18.11.08 22:28

It is so Future Retro looking. I must have it!

----- Yibn 18.11.08 22:21

Oh man, I’m currently in need of a glass teapot, and this one is gorgeous. If only I’d chosen to go to a state school…

----- Maggie 18.11.08 22:20

i love notcot giveaways !!

----- asa 18.11.08 22:16

I love this tea pot, but I know my mom would love it even more. Wish I could afford it to give it to her for Christmas.

----- sara 18.11.08 22:13

I want to drink magical good times out of the Sorapot!

----- Michelle 18.11.08 22:08

Not only is it a magical teapot, it also doubles as a fancy evening bag!

The travel ability with this teapot makes it entirely worth while. It has a handle! Carry it along to work, or a picnic, and you have fresh tea! No more will I be craving homemade tea while Im out!

----- Kirk 18.11.08 22:03

Beautiful design! I would love to watch tea leaves unfurl in the sorapot. And I appreciate the sustainable (yet still completely aesthetic!) approach to the packaging.

----- grace 18.11.08 21:58

I have loved this teapot since I first saw the concept drawings.

----- Jeremy 18.11.08 21:57

Hee hee, NOTPOT.

----- kareno 18.11.08 21:48

This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. I never seen anything like it before. I live in Okinawa, Japan and they have some unique things here, but I’ve never seen anything like this. Major props to the designer! :)

----- Erica R. 18.11.08 21:46

I love the How-To Papaer of this Thing

----- Roman 18.11.08 21:36

Don’t really know how to describe it. It’s like art deco meets Star Trek after detouring through ancient Greece.

----- GRTerrero 18.11.08 21:33

Gary (in a chirpy, thirsty tone): I’m really craving for some tea!
*Gary looks around and saw something which caught his eye*
Gary: What is this object? The design is utterly fantastic!
*Gary googles for more information*
Gary: WOW! I can’t believe this is a teapot. It’s simply chic and ergonomic! Tea me up, Sorapot! You are a tea-saviour…
*Gary feels contented*

----- Gary 18.11.08 21:27

I would be the envy of all my tea friends if i got this.

----- NeoGoddess 18.11.08 21:26

I’d love one of those things.

----- Jose P. 18.11.08 21:16


----- Courtney 18.11.08 21:13


----- rachel 18.11.08 21:08

Am I the only one that thinks it looks a little like an endearing little tea-beasty that could get up and dance (like in a much cooler Beauty and the Beast)?

----- b 18.11.08 21:05

that teapot is so sleek! By the way, I saw another teapot that was really awesome design-wise. It was in a museum in San Francisco…I think it was in an exhibit of ancient Chinese puzzles. There was a special type of teapot that had no lid. You fill it up by pouring the liquid into a hole in the bottom, but when you turned it right-side up, none of it spilled out! The teacup paired with it was also interesting…if you filled it with too much liquid, all the contents of the cup would drain out. It’s supposed to teach you moderation and all that don’t-be-greedy business. hope you didn’t mind that minor digression! :)

----- Alice 18.11.08 21:03

Gorgeous teapot. Love the modern accents set in juxtaposition with the organic feel of the tea leaves. Beautiful packaging too. Oh what a lovely tea party.

----- Bandazian 18.11.08 21:00

sorapot, be my sorapet!!!!11

----- mO 18.11.08 20:58

It will be mine. Oh yes it will be mine.

----- Brone 18.11.08 20:46

One word

----- Brian 18.11.08 20:39

wow, I would love one of these.

----- Alex 18.11.08 20:37

Love love love to win this. Love to!

----- Dobbs 18.11.08 20:36

This teapot makes me uber excited for my daily morning & nightly cup of tea! The shape is so unique! Call me crazy but the more I look at it, the more it reminds me of an excited little puppy with tails a-wagging waiting to greet you after a long day… (seriously, take a look again at the side view).

----- Kimbot 18.11.08 20:35

Pick me!!!

----- mike 18.11.08 20:25

I’ve loved following the Sorapot from its inception until now. What a beautiful piece of design!

Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to the next NotConcept

----- thatkidthere 18.11.08 20:21

This could be my coming back to make tea with leafs… (sigh) I love some teas that are just available in leafs but I am always missing my little “leaf carrier” so I decided to go into normal-boring tea. If I get this I would definitively go back to “the” tea, that is tea as it should be…

----- Sandra 18.11.08 19:53

i i i

----- Shital 18.11.08 19:48


almost symmetrical,
almost an anachronism,
almost in my price range,

completely glorious.

----- Joseph Morcos 18.11.08 19:46

such a beautiful tea-pot! I’ve always loved what Joey did with this piece.

----- Paul Prins 18.11.08 19:44

such a beautiful tea-pot! I’ve always loved what Joey did with this piece.

----- Paul Prins 18.11.08 19:41

I would share this with my mum and we would drink tea together every Sunday! It would be great!!!!

----- Tam 18.11.08 19:38


----- Graeme 18.11.08 19:38

Nice tea pot. Different.

----- Jon 18.11.08 19:34

OMG, this makes tea time so much more stylish!

----- Grace 18.11.08 19:30

tea addict

----- whit 18.11.08 19:24

The package design is truly what completes this for me. I love when things are left slightly rough in a deliberate manner.

----- Cynthia 18.11.08 19:16

This is so lovely, and would be perfect for my million cups of tea (a day)!

----- Libby 18.11.08 19:14

How many surrealists does it take to screw in a light bulb?


----- Rodolfo Garcia III 18.11.08 19:12

this is so beautiful i might have to buy it even if i don’t win.

----- sarah 18.11.08 19:11

what an amazing redesign of a classic everyday object.. i have been lusting after this since you guys first featured months ago!

----- qwux 18.11.08 18:58

The teapot itself is amazing in both appearance and style.Its very sheik yet functional. The packaging also very simple and clear in design. The most appealing aspect of this teapot for me is the ability to watch the tea as it is being brewed. thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to win such an amazing piece of work.

----- tako 18.11.08 18:55

Very innovative. I just use tea packets.

----- Angela N. 18.11.08 18:54

To get a hold of that teapot would make me do this again:

----- MathewJohn 18.11.08 18:52

I can offer it a wonderful home here in Alaska. Tea brewed daily; it would never be lonely. Tea appreciated; a variety of flavours to experience. Tea remembered; warm fragrance and pleasant memory.

----- Daniel 18.11.08 18:52

I would love to give this to my mom… she loves to drink tea, and it’d be great if she could make tea with style!

----- Daisy 18.11.08 18:43

God Lord that’s a lot of Sorapot commentz…

----- Jackson 18.11.08 18:41

If I had this I would definitely drink more tea than coffee.

----- molly 18.11.08 18:33

It is hard to find a tea pot that isn’t so…grandma-ish. I love the Sora!

----- Tom 18.11.08 18:33

tea is my heaven. every morning, this teapot could take me to heaven.

----- Irene 18.11.08 18:31

I remember seeing a video for this thing on vimeo about a year ago, didn’t know it was a real product.

----- Alek S 18.11.08 18:30

This kettle is leek and elegant and is any tea lover’s dream.

----- Renee Bradbeer 18.11.08 18:29

I absolutely loved this pot, but is out of my range. Oh thank NOTCOT for their giveaways!! Pick me :)

----- Matthew Kolb 18.11.08 18:29

A must have!….My friends live on tea!

----- M3000 18.11.08 18:27

I love it. I want one!

----- tommy 18.11.08 18:25

Leaving a comment! Does want!

----- Nix Smith 18.11.08 18:18

Wow. What an amazing teapot. I would love that for my loose teas and art teas- I’ve been looking for something to be able to use my flowering teas in.

----- Cole 18.11.08 18:05

THIS IS CUTEEEE! i love it.

----- Kristina Chyn 18.11.08 18:05

Wow. Lotta comments.

----- patrick 18.11.08 18:03

Ever since my brother told me about your Sorapot I’ve been ducking into tea shops and kitchen ware stores to see if they sell it, but I have yet to find any! I don’t know that I could afford it if I ever found one, but I would love to have a Sorapot to share your success and some delicious tea with my hallmates who absolutely love to drink tea!

----- RADLER 18.11.08 17:59

Please and thank you!

----- Talbot Ridgway 18.11.08 17:54

GAHHH!!! I want it, or rather I NEED it.
My father has destroyed my teapots. I owned two. One he dropped, splat onto the floor and broke the handle off…and didn’t tell me until one day I decided to make tea and SUPRISE! it was broken. My other one that I liked a bit more (though it was made of cheap cheap plastic) he decided to throw out because it didn’t “suit” his taste.
To pay me back for destroying my teapots he then bought me one…and immediately a crack magically appeared in the base…
As a struggling student who loves tea and has no choice but to live with her father to cut costs this would save me.

(sorry for the long post…I got a little excited)

----- Vanessa 18.11.08 17:50

*crosses fingers for this one as well*

----- James 18.11.08 17:50

by far the coolest teapot i’ve ever seen!

----- morganne 18.11.08 17:47

The Sorapot is indeed a thing of lust!

----- Erin 18.11.08 17:46

Would love to try all different kinds of tea in here, watching it steep and change colours.

----- Jen 18.11.08 17:44

It’s amazing!! I’ve wanted one since first seeing it here but my tightass husband won’t let me buy one. Does anyone know a good divorce lawyer?

----- Trixie Jones 18.11.08 17:40

Great teapot, my class is designing teapots right now.

----- Jon Takao 18.11.08 17:39

That is one amazing teapot. For some reason it reminds me of making cowboy coffee. Same concept.

----- Maria Linger 18.11.08 17:38

pick me pick me pick me!!

I’ve loved this pot for ages!
We all, however, need to pick our caffeine battles - and as much as I’m a tea addict, my boyfriend and I are also espresso fantatics (how do we ever sleep at night? No clue.) We JUST bought a semi-auto Mokita Caffe Creme, so being able to buy this teapot will mean saving pennies again for a little while.

pick me pick me pick me!! :D

----- lindsay 18.11.08 17:32

i want one….

----- Jmedina 18.11.08 17:31

Finally! a tea pot worthy of being filled with radioactive materials and gently poured on little tortoises to make the Teenage mutant ninja turtles!

I mean, how else could you teach them how to properly execute a japanese tea ceremony unless they had use of their mutated thumbs?

i approve

----- Angus 18.11.08 17:30

these are so pretty

----- dylan 18.11.08 17:29

Awesome design - got to have one!

----- Eric 18.11.08 17:22

I think I’m in love.

----- andrea 18.11.08 17:22

Why would you drink the tea? The a.d.d. in me would kick in, and I’d much sit and watch the tea bloom.

----- Trivisty 18.11.08 17:21

This would be the only teapot I’d preform handstands just to get one!

----- Cait 18.11.08 17:21

Pardon the nerd-out over a TEAPOT, for a moment.

Alright. Here goes. I work in the specialty coffee industry. Granted, it’s hardly work. It’s a lot of cupping and smelling, slurping and refining of espresso techniques. It’s a lot of time spent with coffee.

Still, I work in a coffee shop that prides itself on its tea— and we hardly take the time to enjoy it!

Coffee may be an art, but tea is a ritual. I would be thrilled to give tea the short, warm, steamy lifetime it so definitely deserves, in a place of love and deliciousness, with the Sorapot.

PS Jean and Joey— not to bribe or anything, but the next time you’re in the Bay Area, Barefoot Coffee Roasters will hook you up- perhaps with a cup of White Snow Buds or Jasmine Green tea, or a Rooibos blend steeped in the Sorapot!

----- elaine 18.11.08 17:08

To paraphrase Samuel Johnson:

I am a hardened and shameless tea drinker,
who for twenty years diluted his meals with only the infusion of the fascinating plant;
who with his Sorapot will amuse the evening, with his Sorapot will solace the midnight, and with his Sorapot will welcome the morning!


----- Tyler 18.11.08 17:01

i need a new tea pot so badly!

----- Brad Eshbach 18.11.08 16:59

not only has this teapot been on my wishlist for over two years, but I met Joey at ICFF and he is as nice as he is talented

----- Cyn 18.11.08 16:53


this is anna chua from the phils!!!

THIS IS THE BOMB!!!!! the teapot is really awesome!!!!=)

and oh, i would like to have this teapot for the loves of my life, my DAD AND MOM(who are very much addicted to tea)!! i would love to see sweet smile on their faces every morning using this WONDERFUL TEAPOT.

please? please….



----- ANNA CHUA 18.11.08 16:51

I just received a bunch of spices for some Ethiopian tea and would love to test them out in the Sorapot!

----- april_d 18.11.08 16:48

me want. my tea pot is old and ugly. this is not.

----- sandra 18.11.08 16:47

My little sister is a tea fanatic and this would be awesome to give her as a gift! I know she doesn’t have one of these yet!

----- Brenda 18.11.08 16:45

Sleek and modern, a new design classic - reminds me of Bauhaus style but somehow updated

----- Stephen Hoskins 18.11.08 16:44

It’s gorgeous, and it would be perfect for me. A nearby mall just got a Teavana added to it, and I am without teapot :(

----- Erika 18.11.08 16:42

lustworthy. fantastic. perfect.

----- mitzi 18.11.08 16:42

mmmmmmmmm teeeeeas :9

----- Cynthia P. 18.11.08 16:41

hello. can anyone see me in this crowd? I love the pot and the packaging!

----- LeBerto 18.11.08 16:38

tea is the new air.

----- Ryan 18.11.08 16:31

I’m smitten over the Sorapot! I posted about this suave example of sustainable style and function here: http://lotushaus.typepad.com/lotushaus/2008/07/the-sorapot-so-hot.html
Sorapot rocks!

----- joanna Dyckhoff 18.11.08 16:28

Do sea monkeys live in there?

Absolutely beautiful either way. A great way to watch a cup of tea be born.

----- Dwolf 18.11.08 16:26

You know I hate tea. Absolutely and utterly hate tea. Have never been able to find the upside of it and yet this makes me want to drink tea. Not because I think it’ll suddenly make tea taste great to me, I’m pretty sure I’ll still hate tea, I will drink tea just to have an excuse for having this.

----- Bobby 18.11.08 16:23

oh snap- I want one like a fat kid wants cake

----- Kayleigh 18.11.08 16:18

wow!!!!love it love it love it!extremely modern.looks like mine dachshund puppy.good job guys,it’s a great item to give.wish everyone good luck!!!

----- ksen 18.11.08 16:14

Such a sweet design, I’ve seen this one talked about on NOTCOT quite a few times, so it’s great to see it being offered as a giveaway!

----- Tiffany 18.11.08 16:09

Oh wow! Looks like it’s going to be a great holiday season here on NOTCOT! Can’t wait to see what else you’ve got in store for us! :)

----- Mitchell L 18.11.08 16:09

you know that sound homer simpson makes when he thinks of donuts? i make that sound everytime i see this tea pot. i lust for it in a way that borders on the unhealthy. pyrex, stainless steel, immaculate design, loose tea’s- hummmm-inna hum-innahhh!
….i am not opposed to begging.

----- che 18.11.08 16:05

Love the teapot, this would be a great surprise for my girlfriend whom I just spent way too much money on tea for.

----- craig 18.11.08 16:01

Just beautiful!

----- Lisa 18.11.08 16:00


----- Brian Celenza 18.11.08 15:59

I want one!

----- Ohmylung 18.11.08 15:57

Now that I’m all the way at the bottom of the page after browsing through that whole slew of comments, I’m not sure if I quite remember what I’m doing here. But I suddenly have a strong craving for toasted angel food cake with peanut butter… must go obtain some…

----- Samantha 18.11.08 15:54

It’s a relief not to have to chew through dozens of tea leaves anymore!
Plus it actually looks kinda fun.

----- Hefei 18.11.08 15:53

I enjoy tea.

----- David 18.11.08 15:52

oooh I love teapots and this one is so pretty. Yeah for great design

----- Dominique 18.11.08 15:49

NOTCOT is the best!

----- Ryan 18.11.08 15:47


----- reymundo Andrade 18.11.08 15:42

Love it. I am so glad you are gifting this someone.
First time I saw this I was amazed by how beautiful it’s
form was and it’s function. Truly Beautiful!

----- rob laliberte 18.11.08 15:36

It looks like it should be in a space station

----- DP 18.11.08 15:35

Wow the tea pot is the coolest

----- James 18.11.08 15:34

I love this teapot! My tea would surely taste much much better with a Sorapot! :]

----- Art 18.11.08 15:32

If you give me one of these I promise to brew some chamomile tea and slurp it down with Peter Rabbit in my garden.

----- Marcus Saunders 18.11.08 15:32

Rad teapot! My wife and I would love to have that piece sit on our kitchen counter!

----- Jordan 18.11.08 15:26

i love tea. this would be the most beautiful teapot i would ever own.

----- Aurie Catt 18.11.08 15:24

1:00 am. eyes half closed. must come up with a cool form for a kettle in my industrial design course. now that’s a sleek design. why couldn’t i think of something like that? i want one!

----- Yuval 18.11.08 15:22

makes me want to get those blooming flower teas or my latest obsession…fresh mint & green tea and have a modern mad hatter tea party :)

----- cheryl 18.11.08 15:15

it’s so perrty!

----- jonaha 18.11.08 15:12


----- migrod 18.11.08 15:10

That’s a lot of tea!

----- Marc 18.11.08 15:08

Looks pretty cool

----- Pierce 18.11.08 15:04

I love mixing my own herbal tea every night, and this is the coolest teapot I’ve ever seen.

----- Susan Kelley 18.11.08 15:02

oh my! I love tea, and i love the look of this teapot!

----- holly 18.11.08 15:00

finally a sneaky way to serve people ninja turtle ooze. MUAhahaHa

----- brian 18.11.08 14:59


----- Shelly 18.11.08 14:58

I Can Has Tea Pot?

----- Jordan 18.11.08 14:52

I didn’t know they had actually started making these! I love it!

----- Alec 18.11.08 14:50

Tea for two,
and two for tea,
the Serapot,
is quite lovely,
I’ll pour you one,
you’ll pour for me,
then sugar and milk and biscuits, goody
Just don’t despair,
If the tea is old,
The Serapot,
is now on hold,
awaiting on my poetry,
in comment form, for all to see,
so wish I may,
and wish I might,
for a Serapot
and a’ brewing fortnight.

----- Mary Mess 18.11.08 14:49

A teapot is a commodity that facilitates one of the most delightful experiences, to see one so serene is all the more pleasant. I had been given a pyrex teapot by my grandmother this summer, the kind that you can brew loose leaf tea in rather effortlessly and expediently, but I let my mother keep it because she really took to it. Now I am left without a proper tea pot, if only someone could extend some holiday benevolence toward me and my predicament…

----- gaspard de la nuit 18.11.08 14:47

so lovely! would love to win! :)

----- Megan 18.11.08 14:43


Firstly - congrats on an amazing design! Beautiful aesthetics, and I love being able to see the tea leaves - makes it so much more appealing.
I am currently studying graphic design, which lately has been keeping me in front of my computer for atleast 12 hours a day, as I’m sure you are familiar with. This has meant that my classmates and I go through several cups of various teas each day. This inspiring creation would bring a light to our dull computer lab, not to mention make it a lot easier to get work done as we wont be heading to the kitchen every 5 minutes to make a new cuppa.


----- Kimberley 18.11.08 14:42

“I pity the fool who doesn’t own a Sorapot.”— Mr. Tea

----- mark 18.11.08 14:40

That’s a phenomenal design, I’d love one!

----- Elaine 18.11.08 14:39

that’s a pretty slick teapot.

----- ashley 18.11.08 14:39

What a creative design for a teapot! I love it!

----- Jean 18.11.08 14:39

can’t believe they’re giving this away

----- May 18.11.08 14:36

Ooh, that is beautiful. I too am a sucker for well designed packaging experience. (I love that you always show us the “unboxing”)

----- Beth 18.11.08 14:30

I love the box that it is packaged in. Home-made looks are always so catching.

----- Aaron Haifley 18.11.08 14:29

man, that is one gorgeous teapot.

----- Kye 18.11.08 14:26

I love the sorapot. I bought one as a gift for a tea loving couple. But, I would love to have my own as well.

----- Doron Reizes 18.11.08 14:24

So I run my fat mouth on here and you and joey joe here pick a winner. A bunch of shameless comments, no feedback. It’s cool and all but I still like my Aldo Rossi Teapot better. You want to impress me Joey, I want the matching coffee pot, and I don’t even drink coffee.

----- Ken 18.11.08 14:23

Wow. love the design. Would love to have it!

----- Grace 18.11.08 14:23

That is quite possibly the coolest thing i have ever seen

----- Rachel 18.11.08 14:22

I hope to some day have a home designed as well as this teapot. In the meantime, it would be a luxury to share a cup of tea over this pot!

----- Katie 18.11.08 14:21

I bet my orange/cranberry/ginger tea would look amazing in that. And I’m sure it would taste even better than it already does.

----- Josh 18.11.08 14:21

I don’t even drink tea and I want it. Would make a great gift though.

----- Alex 18.11.08 14:20

Awesome piece of work I especially love the packaging design it is all thought out very well.

----- Rico Larroque 18.11.08 14:18

ooo what a gorgeous design….nice simple and unique! and whats more perfect than tea in this cold pa weather than a hot cup of tea!

----- Kate G 18.11.08 14:17

That would fit so well in my tea box.

----- Emma 18.11.08 14:17

Woah! This is pretty enough that I would want it even if it didn’t brew tea.

----- Josie 18.11.08 14:17

am i still eligible if all i drink is orange soda?

----- nes 18.11.08 14:14

Yay! SORACOT POT!!!!!!

----- BSK 18.11.08 14:13

Ooh. Pretty.

----- Sam 18.11.08 14:13

oh my goodness! i was JUST eyeing this little beaut the other day after checking out the holiday coupon book you guys put up. i drooled over it for at least 30 minutes, trying to justify it in my budget. hah! it’s a great design for sure.

----- stephanie 18.11.08 14:10

oh, these are wonderful!

----- teal 18.11.08 14:10

This is just a spectacular teapot. Deserving of the finest tea.

----- Jacques 18.11.08 14:08

Beautiful design. I would just stare at it for a while.

----- Vince 18.11.08 14:07

This would suit my tea addiction

----- Gina 18.11.08 14:05

It’s the most beautiful tea apparatus I have ever seen! I must brew, and consume, and takes lots of photos!

----- Acacia 18.11.08 14:05

So many comments…

----- KeLat 18.11.08 14:02

Mmmm, good design always gives me a tingle!

----- Alex B 18.11.08 14:02

This is definitely the best looking tea pot I have EVER seen.

----- Lana 18.11.08 14:00

Well, it’s a long list of entrants, but a great product, so I’d love to win!

----- Cory O'Brien 18.11.08 14:00

Lovely, perfect!

----- SCOTT 18.11.08 13:59

super rad!

----- monicka 18.11.08 13:59

Ohhh, so beautiful!!

----- Casey L 18.11.08 13:58

So nice. I want this.

----- Ryan 18.11.08 13:58

Wow…what an amazing giveaway - thanks for sharing and posting!

----- please sir 18.11.08 13:56

What a wonderful teapot, I certainly would love to own one!!

----- Aaron 18.11.08 13:53

In for this. been wanting one for a while.

----- EM 18.11.08 13:53

Win! Please!

----- Derik 18.11.08 13:52

I’ve loved that teapot ever since I first saw it!

----- Noah 18.11.08 13:52

whoa..it’s…it’s….so pretty. o_o

----- Fluffy 18.11.08 13:51

I would easily be the envy of my office. This may single me out for the promotion i always wanted!!!!

----- Alex 18.11.08 13:49

can you still put it on the stove to boil water despite the glass?

----- diana 18.11.08 13:48

we make and drink tea every day at my company. it’s a ritual that the first person in, makes the hot water and gets things going. I actually would want to give this to our group so we could enjoy the ritual even more. well played.

----- sneakstar 18.11.08 13:48

mmm tea

----- Bram 18.11.08 13:48

Me me me! Pick me!

----- Remy 18.11.08 13:48

i need this.

me = tea addict =D

----- Teresa T. 18.11.08 13:45

yes please!!

----- celeste 18.11.08 13:42

I’m a little tea pot, you can leave me out! I have a shiny metal handle and a shiny metal spout. You can watch my tea brew, and you’ll shout: I want one now without a doubt!!!!!

----- Emmie 18.11.08 13:41

Love the geometry! Almost don’t want to empty it… almost.

----- Spy 18.11.08 13:40

Oh, I am such a sucker for interesting teapots. :swoon:

----- wynk 18.11.08 13:40


----- Katie 18.11.08 13:38

I’ve been following the development of the Sorapot since the very beginning…oh, how I long for one of my very own! I got the chance to play with one in person in a shop and had to physically restrain myself from maxing out the credit card. I drink tea constantly (it’s funny—I drink coffee at work, tea at home), so I’ve rationalized the idea that I would get plenty of use out of the Sorapot…but I’m unable to convince myself to shell out that much cash. Obviously, that wouldn’t be an issue if some kind soul were to *give* me a Sorapot. ;-)

----- Kaitlen 18.11.08 13:36

Loveliest teapot I’ve seen in age. It would be great if it were eventually offered up in an array of materials - I’d love a brass one.

----- Darryl 18.11.08 13:35

I would love this!

----- Rex Smith 18.11.08 13:34

I’ve always wanted one! Amazing site by the way.

----- Jake A. Henry 18.11.08 13:33

Very simple and elegant design…
The box itself is very eco-friendly and the pot is just gorgeous.

----- Dan Yoon 18.11.08 13:32

I am an avid admirer of teapots. I love to make them and look for inspiring ideas. Yours is UBER cool and sexy design. If I could only have my very own….

----- Whitney 18.11.08 13:31

oh! oh! me! me! (+ hand waving gesture)

----- lkny 18.11.08 13:30

This is sweet! Go Notcot!

----- Ian 18.11.08 13:29

Sorapot is sorasweet!

----- Woodsie 18.11.08 13:29

Cool shape!

----- Vadhym 18.11.08 13:28

This teapot is a work of art!

----- U Pech 18.11.08 13:27

Here’s my comment to win! Thanks!

----- Lauren 18.11.08 13:26

Amazing design, form and function in perfect harmony. Craft and art incredibly blended.

----- Matthew Linsky 18.11.08 13:26

Ahh, simplicity. Looking at the teapot may be just as relaxing as consuming the beverage it contains. The teapot is equivalent to well used white space in the print world.

----- Nathan 18.11.08 13:25

My friend deserves something this beautiful, great work guys.

----- bill riedel 18.11.08 13:25

I would love to have something like this in my new house…

----- susana 18.11.08 13:24

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE the teapot!

----- Rachael 18.11.08 13:24

Great teapot… and wow that’s a lot of comments!

----- Andrew 18.11.08 13:24

‘rusty’ is my teapot, the one made of clay,
black oolong is his choice, on a rainy day.
‘helga’ is my other pot, only green for her,
a little honey to be sweet, with a spoon to stir.
my teapots may be jealous, but its ok with me,
i will sit and enjoy this pot, with a drink of tea.

----- wills 18.11.08 13:22

I love it! it is so convenience for me to brew tea or coffee with my friend during a party. Looking forward to get one of that

----- Jay 18.11.08 13:21

Best teapot ever!

----- noxcel 18.11.08 13:19

Wow. Just…wow.

My eldest sis and her husband would love this. They went to Japan recently for some fun, and came back with cans and cans of tea. They would definitely love something like this. I figure if I can get one of these, it’s one less hassle for Christmas presents!

----- Jeff Lin 18.11.08 13:17

I LOVE TEA! (and tea accessories, and nice packaging, and good design, and kitchen gadgets, and …)

----- Jessica 18.11.08 13:16

Fantastic packaging! The tea looks like the sunset in the image. :)

----- Jason 18.11.08 13:13

How neat! I’d love to enter this contest.


----- Natalie 18.11.08 13:12

Sometimes you just gotta love tea.

----- Collin Banko 18.11.08 13:09

This would be a great gift for my dad, he loves great design and having something he can show off when people are around. And it would be a great way for me to thank him for sending money (he doesn’t have) from Norway to London every month to help his struggling artist daughter. How he puts up with me I don’t know…

----- Ina 18.11.08 13:09


----- Justin 18.11.08 13:07

This is a pretty sleek teapot. Mmm I want some spiced tea now.

----- LMD 18.11.08 13:04

Woohoo! My teapot just broke!

----- Ali Morris 18.11.08 13:03

this brings tea drinking to the next level. it is simply gorgeous.

----- erin 18.11.08 13:03

perfect i just got into drinking lots of tea!

----- jennifer 18.11.08 13:02

I really need to stop drinking coffee. It’s bad for me. I use a french press; tempered glass in metal structure. This teapot would let me switch to a more healthful morning drink, whilst keeping a materiality I’m comfortable with.

----- Sherman Warren 18.11.08 13:02


----- Melissa 18.11.08 12:59

Now I bet *that* cool teapot would help me make better tea! ;^)

Beautiful and thoughtful design….right down to the packaging. Absolutely love it, and would love to have it!

----- Lex 18.11.08 12:59

I have always enjoyed the tranquility that the ritual of preparing a cup of tea provides. Having spent several years researching, designing and throwing ceramic teapots, I have to say that the aesthetic of this one…it’s definitely one of the coolest teapots I’ve ever seen, although the use of transparent material gives it a bit of an advantage. Something about the utter simplicity of it; the integration of a lid and handle into the shape of the whole piece…just nice. At 200 bucks a pop, though, I’ll be sticking to ceramic for a while.



----- Spencer Lindstrom 18.11.08 12:56

my two lady roommates drink more tea than moby and all of his friends. they’d seriously flip over one of these!

----- zach 18.11.08 12:54

If I win I promise only to buy loose leaf tea and make sure to have at lease three types on hand at all times.

----- Victor 18.11.08 12:54

If I win this teapot I would give it to my girlfriend, she would love it!

----- Timothy Lupinek 18.11.08 12:54

In the true spirit of the holidays… from the very first time i saw this i thought of my mom. She is an avid tpot collector and a design nut. I have since followed in her footsteps and would love to be able to give back to her for everything she has given me. This is an amazing product as everyone has mentioned. It isn’t just about the actual product but the entire thought process that went into making the experience. Well designed, well packaged… just brilliant!!!

----- Katie 18.11.08 12:53

I really hope I win this, a good friend of mine will be opening a cafe soon and I will be helping him and it would be great to brew up tea in one of these.

----- Scott 18.11.08 12:51

i know just who i’d give it to, if i didn’t keep it myself..

----- colin 18.11.08 12:51

Wow this is the coolest looking teapot on the market!

----- Evan Doyle 18.11.08 12:50

tea me, pls

----- rla_2 18.11.08 12:50

Gorgeous! Can’t think of a better way to watch jasmine pearls unwind…

----- Mollie 18.11.08 12:49

i love tea and i love this pot!

----- Caroline 18.11.08 12:49

It’s the most beautiful and delicious portable tea aquarium ever. Simply a perfect experience, from packaging to pour.

----- Alex F. 18.11.08 12:49

I’m in college, the basic design of college doesn’t really allow one to have many pretty things besides kitschy posters that reference old movies that no one has really ever seen but everyone’s too proud to admit because that would decrease their hipster status. Let me indulge in a luxurious tea break while my next door neighbor blares Jack Johnson, who has apparently become the voice of my generation’s college students and of future bohemian bourgeois everywhere. The fact that I’ve managed to inject some wit into the comment section of a website should give me a few points (at least I hope I came off as being witty, you know us college students all scoffing at the elite nature of publications like The New Yorker while secretly hoping they might hire us one day).

----- Sylvia 18.11.08 12:48

This is tea-riffic.

I’m sorry.


Seriously though, it’s a brilliantly radnormous design!

----- Brian Reber Belida 18.11.08 12:48

i’m a little teapot short and long
you might be able to use me as a bong
i can brew your tea up nice and strong
with christina i belong!

----- christina 18.11.08 12:46

My fiance would love this. *crosses fingers*

----- Meghan 18.11.08 12:45

Waking up to the whistle of this windowed teapot would be wonderful. What do you say while i wish?

----- Ben Poole 18.11.08 12:44

ohhhhhhh i love it

----- Paul 18.11.08 12:43


----- emily 18.11.08 12:43

I better win because I can’t afford to buy it.

----- ron 18.11.08 12:41

I love it! How nice would it be to win one!

----- Ryan Eder 18.11.08 12:41

these are so cool! i want one!

----- Chris Furniss 18.11.08 12:41

I dream of tea and sorapots.

----- Kim 18.11.08 12:41

Please? I could be the envy of all my tea drinking/NOTCOTing compadres!

----- Ky Lewis 18.11.08 12:41

I don’t know… It’s not exactly a “pot” is it? Maybe it should have been called a Sortapot. It’s more like a tube. like a pipe bomb. Ooh! a tea bomb. Launch one of those at the Brits!!! ;) Honestly though it’s frickin gorgeous! Great packaging too.

----- Ryan Jenkins 18.11.08 12:40

One of the designs that got me subscribing to NotCot (rather than dropping in every now and then to see what was new). Wonderful and I… *ahem* … ANYONE would be lucky to have it…

----- Ghoast 18.11.08 12:40

Oh my goodness that is the most beautiful teapot I’ve ever seen… and we’re in the market for one too!

----- Ashley B. 18.11.08 12:40

Sweet kettle for sweet tea! I have always thought being able to see the tea soaking into the water was the coolest part. I sometimes use my old Pom tea containers to brew in so I can watch it.

----- Michael Combs 18.11.08 12:40

I am obsessed with tea. In fact I have a cup of loose leaf jasmine nearly every morning. Of all the tea kettles and special difussers I have collected through the years, that is by far the most creative and beautiful one I have ever seen.

----- Kendra Harris 18.11.08 12:39

I’m in a musical version of Alice in Wonderland right now that opens in a few days, and this post made me think of a line in it “It’s almost tea time!” Yes, I know, not very exciting, but nostalgic.

----- Kristi 18.11.08 12:39

neat teapot!

----- Dusie 18.11.08 12:39


----- Jane 18.11.08 12:38

This had better come to the UK, nobody in the USA can make a decent cup of tea!

----- steve sparkes 18.11.08 12:37

As my fiancé is a British web designer, tea and design have become exponentially more important in my life. This pot satisfies both of those needs and would make a stunning Christmas gift. I hereby throw my hat into the ring!

----- Amy W. 18.11.08 12:35

I drink tea daily!

----- Noel N 18.11.08 12:35

i officially need this. yes!

----- kathryn 18.11.08 12:34

may i have a sorapot of tea, guv’nor!

----- twinkerdill 18.11.08 12:34

That’s so beautiful!

----- Gladys 18.11.08 12:34

wow, there’s the possibility of getting something for free, and already there are ..well.. lots of replies. I think the teapot unboxing was already presented half a year ago, and I doubt there were that many responses back then :D

but indeed, it’s a really pretty thingy. though I find the view from that terrace even more delighting…

now you got me posting too…

----- helm 18.11.08 12:33

what a delightful gift it would be!

----- sarah 18.11.08 12:33

Nice design. Looks like some kind of high-tech fuel containment device from a sci-fi movie.

----- Mike O'Brien 18.11.08 12:33

TEAPOT! Thanks to Jean and the NOTCOT team for everything I’ve discovered over the past 3 years! Thank you thank you thank you!

----- Robert Cowan 18.11.08 12:32

Sweet tea pot.

----- Jake 18.11.08 12:32

I like Tea, I like POT, would I like SORAPOT?

----- Kooki Miyamoto 18.11.08 12:32

Beautiful Teapot!

----- Donna 18.11.08 12:32

LOVE that tea pot. and would LOVE to own it. :)

----- Nicole Anthony 18.11.08 12:32


----- Ben Gregory 18.11.08 12:31

I’m on this like a fat kid to cake!

Subsequently, and completely unrelated, I’m going to go get some cake…

----- Steven 18.11.08 12:31


----- shannon 18.11.08 12:31

Sweet tea that is amazing!

----- Kelly Wilsn 18.11.08 12:30

Awesome design!
Would make a perfect christmas gift!

----- Michael 18.11.08 12:30

that’s so hot, i wanna sleep with it!

----- emmy 18.11.08 12:29

Everything from the packaging down to the spout is fantastic. And what better way to showcase your teas than in the sorapot’s clear body, rather than having it masked by conventional pots. It’s amazing to see the tea pot evolve into something like the sorapot. Bravo.

----- Melanie Tedder 18.11.08 12:29

Would love to give this to my girlfriend with some lovely tea for those cold winter days together.

----- Jacque 18.11.08 12:29

1… 2… 3… 4…
Here’s a tea-pot I adore.

----- Leif Miltenberger 18.11.08 12:29

love it, I am considering getting this for my wife, but winning one!!! that would be so much cooler, especially an autographed one!

----- Joey Kessler 18.11.08 12:29

those pics are such a TEA-se!

----- rosemary 18.11.08 12:28

As a design student and a tea lover I this teapot is the best of all things.

----- Jessica Hadden 18.11.08 12:27

Wow what a beautiful teapot! Functional yet beautiful, everything one could want.

----- Dill 18.11.08 12:27

----- valerie 18.11.08 12:27

Drinking tea right now and wishing it had been poured by a Sorapot.

----- Pablo Rodriguez 18.11.08 12:26

it seems to be tea time :D!

----- Mercedes 18.11.08 12:26

it seems to be tea time yey!

----- Mercedes 18.11.08 12:24


----- Eva 18.11.08 12:23

TeaStyle! That is definately not your mother’s tea set.

----- Patrick 18.11.08 12:22

I’ve been keeping myself from buying this ever since I heard about it. I lust after it to make my morning cup but the price isn’t staving artist/poor college student friendly.

----- toffer Surovec 18.11.08 12:22

Winter is the best season. I get to laze around and read books and watch the snow outside and listen to piano sonatas and drink pot after pot of tea. It’d be nice to make the tea drinking a more aesthetic experience, hm?

----- ponpo 18.11.08 12:21

I’ve seen those before, thought about getting one but never pulled the trigger. :)

----- felix 18.11.08 12:21

I’ll admit it. I’m just commenting in the off chance that I will win this. But really, that is one amazing teapot.

----- fine 18.11.08 12:20

the future of pots!

----- matthew McDonald 18.11.08 12:19

what a beautiful teapot!

----- Erica 18.11.08 12:19

gotta love the pot!!! oh man, i love the pot.

----- Doug 18.11.08 12:19

Congratulations to Joey on the creation of something wonderful. Im sure you put a lot of love into bringing this teapot to life, and it shows.

----- Ingrid 18.11.08 12:18

wow, its so lovely! a must have!

----- drew 18.11.08 12:17

Beautiful form but I’d love to find out if it pours well!

----- Jian Xu 18.11.08 12:17

Can I keep Sea Monkeys in it?

----- Gabe 18.11.08 12:16

i COVET this teapot. How beautiful.

----- Lauri H Berkman 18.11.08 12:14

Nothing better than when function and design form something gorgeous.

----- Michael 18.11.08 12:13

wow, lotsa comments…

i love tea:)

----- Scott Ortner 18.11.08 12:13

Oh, that is gorgeous. The recycled pulp and twine-like ribbon look homey and warm… perfect for that nice hot cup of tea!

----- Laura 18.11.08 12:12

I heart tea. And sorapot. I love how conventional teapot and beverage-container shapes have been completely re-thought.

----- Ben 18.11.08 12:11

wow! looks gorgeous

----- mikhuang 18.11.08 12:11

Too, too beautiful!

----- Joy McKinnon 18.11.08 12:11

i love tea. i love teapots. i love this teapot.

----- NOEL 18.11.08 12:09

Ooooooh, such a great teapot. Thanks NOTCOT!

----- Adam 18.11.08 12:08

My girlfriend has become a tea fanaticaddict. Her current teapot pales in comparison to the design of this beauty. It defiantly would be much more attractive on my counter.

----- Tony 18.11.08 12:08

what a killer piece. i love it!

----- dana 18.11.08 12:07

I have loved that tea pot since I first saw it unveiled! Notcot is my favorite addiction, and I would love this tea pot!

----- Kendra N. 18.11.08 12:07

I should like to win that teapot.

----- Matt E 18.11.08 12:07

“Would you like a cup of Tea?”

“Why yes, thank you.”

----- Micah 18.11.08 12:06

Amazing teapot, and I love the contrast between it and the really earthy-looking packaging.

----- D. CHAPMAN 18.11.08 12:06

The first time I saw the sorapot (which was on notcot), I thought to myself that it was the most innovative, beautiful, and sleek teapot I’d ever seen and ever would see…and so far, nothing’s even come close to proving me wrong. I could gush over it for another hour…but I’ll just say that it’s awesome that you’re giving one away. Crossies!

----- swankifiedjello 18.11.08 12:05

Downright exquisite design. I would be thrilled to load it up with this ginseng oolong and watch them unfurl!

----- Jeremy Wilkins 18.11.08 12:05

the design is truly, wow. intriguing packaging as well.

----- Ace Kieffer 18.11.08 12:02

i need one of thesesese baaad

----- otis bhaldwon 18.11.08 12:01

The lines are beautiful and the tasty tea is even better.

----- Lomax 18.11.08 12:00

LOVE IT. Made for my personal office tea pause…

----- estetas 18.11.08 11:59

So lovely.

----- Lauren 18.11.08 11:59

That is so elegant. The way tea should be.

----- emxero 18.11.08 11:56

Wow it’s a complete package: apart from the beautiful looking teapot the box it’s packed is a great addition, almost a small giveaway itself :)

----- Daniël 18.11.08 11:47

I love how unassuming the packaging is..and then you open and BAM! Sexy sorapot. It appeals to me in a quadraped kind of way.. I like how it reminds me of a headless animal.

----- Leslie Huang 18.11.08 11:37

the packaging is (almost) as beautiful as the product. I would love using this in my studio - tea all around!

----- natalya 18.11.08 11:33

So rad!

----- Cam 18.11.08 11:32


----- josh 18.11.08 11:19

You have answered my prayers!

----- Tangelia 18.11.08 11:18

Beautiful! This would make the perfect gift for my girlfriend.

----- DK 18.11.08 11:18

I teach a class on packaging design at a university in California and would love to show this off in class as I have a cup of tea before the lecture starts!

----- Donna Templeton 18.11.08 11:16

Genius! This tea pot makes me happier than toasted angel food cake with peanut butter!

----- Nicholas 18.11.08 11:15

It’s absolutely gorgeous!!

----- MariaM 18.11.08 11:15

Having begun the search for a replacement for my much beloved (given by my GF (now wife) and broken by some insolent cur!) Glass Concert Teapot, I had taken interest in the Sorapot. The price tag scared me away and I have been using 1 serving glass mugs in the mean time. Adagio says they will have more in December… hopefully.

Regardless of winning, keep up the excellent work, and thank you for the opportunity to win such a gorgeous and unique kettle.


----- Digital Ruse 18.11.08 11:14

I love this! It would look beautiful with a Chinese blooming tea inside.

----- kitty 18.11.08 11:11


----- Jason 18.11.08 11:08

Nice to see a cool looking Tea Pot for a change.

----- Chris 18.11.08 11:06

The pic with the settled tea and leaves looks like a landscape — super beautiful!

----- laurel 18.11.08 11:00

Hands down that is the best looking teapot I have ever seen.

----- Beaux 18.11.08 10:56

fresh design the will get better with age. Has a mellow Zen contemplative look while still being unpretentious in look.

----- Joe Kresoja 18.11.08 10:55

Oooh! So incredibly beautiful!

----- Kate 18.11.08 10:52

Yum yum!! I love this design and functionality.. it kind of looks like a drainage ditch but trendier.

----- COREY 18.11.08 10:52

Ha! and I was just shopping for teapots last week!

----- Mitzi Y. 18.11.08 10:50

This piece is absolutely stunning! Congratulations Joey! :)

----- Scott Conant 18.11.08 10:50

This is clearly the most dramatic way to serve a hot beverage out of a decanter that strongly resembles some sort of robotic pig. Kudos!

----- Kevin 18.11.08 10:36

with loose tea, it reminds me of those thin paneled wave displays filled with sand and blue water at the discovery store. with flowering tea, it reminds me of a delicious terrarium that one could not just let alone and had to fill with water… either way, it brings nostalgia and calm.

----- inkblots 18.11.08 10:35

Holla, that is finally a tea pot! What a great design! Honestly I didn’t know what it was in the beginning…had to read. But yeah, I want one!

----- Connie 18.11.08 10:32


----- Arezu 18.11.08 10:31

It certainly does look like a work of art, I would love to have one of these!

----- Wayfaring Wanderer 18.11.08 10:16

oh good god. that thing is maybe the most lovely piece of functional artwork i’ve seen in a long time.

i work out in the shenandoahs doing field work all day long and winter is a loooong out here…it’s snowing this very second. if i am the lucky one, i promise to use it and love it well.

----- whiskeypony 18.11.08 10:15

I remember seeing this as a concept, I guess I missed it actually being available. It’s a beautiful and functional work of art for those who love tea.

----- Dan 18.11.08 10:09


----- Klaira L. 18.11.08 10:07

What a fabulous teapot! Now that its starting to get cold again, tea and I are getting reacquainted.

----- Kristina 18.11.08 10:05

Sorapot for the win, please!

----- Anthony Poliseno 18.11.08 10:03

Ohhh So pretty I want one!

----- Alex 18.11.08 10:02

Lovely teapot!

----- Andrea 18.11.08 10:01

ooh! I want one.

----- Jessie 18.11.08 09:58

that is the most gorgeous pot i’ve ever seen…

----- Denise Yuen 18.11.08 09:57

I love this pot, the contrast of the cool brushed steel against the warmth of the glass filled with tea is just amazing. I’d love to see what it looks like with a blooming tea in it.

----- Rachel 18.11.08 09:55

I was just telling my coworker how much I loved this! I spied it in the Moma catalog.

----- fi 18.11.08 09:52

I have these beautiful Chinese tea leaves at home. It’d only be appropriate if I were to use those with the Sorapot.

----- Bernard 18.11.08 09:31

I’m a little teapot, long and sleek
Here is my handle, here is my beak

----- James 18.11.08 09:25

as an avid tea consumer, i must comment that this sorapot is ingenious!
not only is the curve of the handle deadly attractive, but the cylinder in which tea itself is housed is gorgeous.

----- stephanieann 18.11.08 09:25

I love the process of how the Sorapot works—and that you can SEE the tea brewing! This pot must take tea time from “having something to drink” to enjoying a real tea-inspired experience. Absolutely beautiful.

----- Bridgit Horvay 18.11.08 09:20

Pick me, pick me, pick meeee!

----- Jay 18.11.08 09:04

Fabulous, urban chic… I would love one!

----- Megan 18.11.08 09:02

A perfect gift for my sister. She loves tea, but she wants a dachshund, you know a hot dog dog. Don’t think she can handle that, but this tea pot, kinda looks like a shiny metal dachshund…with a handle.

----- Michael 18.11.08 09:01

i love the sorapot.. i was able to see it in person at a show in D.U.M.B.O.
very beautiful design!

----- michelle 18.11.08 08:57


----- Laurence Asuncion 18.11.08 08:55

i love the raw edges on the packaging. it’s a nice contrast to the sleek metal of the sora. Compliments!

----- jack 18.11.08 08:52

it kind of reminds me of a pig for some reason.

----- drew 18.11.08 08:52

very nice tea pot~!!
the package also has a zen scene to it, very elegant as a gift~!! (though I think if I ever buy it I would want to keep it for myself)

----- kamikity 18.11.08 08:46

I do believe that you can actually tell the future with this teapot. I can imagine waking up in the morning making yourself a pot of tea and realizing that the apocalypse is here, or maybe that it will be a breezy day.

----- Jenny 18.11.08 08:41

this tea pot looks like it should be fun in the ritual of brewing.

I wonder how Yerba maté would act inside of it.

----- Wren 18.11.08 08:36

it should double as an iron ;)

----- balazs 18.11.08 08:36

As a packaging enthusiast and avid teas drinker, I would be so excited to receive this awesome package only to open it up and find a fantastic work of art inside. And I’m sure that tea brewed in this pot tastes just that much better than tea from a regular pot. Love it!!

----- Ali 18.11.08 08:36

My favorite tea is this Chinese black tea that has a hint of coffee aroma in it. My mom mails it to me from overseas about twice a year to stock my cabinet because she knows it’s what I crave when I want to feel like home. Having this teapot would so class it up!

----- winnie 18.11.08 08:34

Truly a great design and what a great gift to offer.

----- Alain Mélançon 18.11.08 08:26

I saw these when they first were released and loved them even then. I must get one!!

----- Jarrett Fuller 18.11.08 08:23

I saw these when they first were released and loved them even then. I must get one!!

----- Jarrett Fuller 18.11.08 08:22

Look at that packing!!!!

----- jayp0411 18.11.08 08:15

I love all kinds of tea, and I love the sleek curves of the Sorapot… but what I love the most is how the tea itself is in the spotlight. There’s a quiet beauty in watching the leaves unfurl and transform ordinary water into something extraordinary - difficult with conventional teapots, impossible with (heaven forbid!) teabags, but center stage in the Sorapot design. Fantastic.

----- K 18.11.08 08:11

I love the design of this pot, simple and elegant. would be great for some blooming teas.

----- Ryan 18.11.08 07:57

Oh yes, yes please. I’ve wanted one for well over a year now!

----- Adam Rubinstein 18.11.08 07:50

I absolutely love this design. So cool.

----- Hazal 18.11.08 07:49

It took me a while just to figure out what it was. This is an awsome tea pot. You could’nt imagion on some of the things I thought it was. And one of them was not a tea pot.

----- Kathy Ohara 18.11.08 07:47

“I’m a little tea pot short and stout. Here is my handle, here is my spout. When I get all steamed up, hear me shout…please give me to Shelby so she doesn’t pout!!!!!!”

----- Shelby 18.11.08 07:45

Such a nice tea pot!

----- chelsee 18.11.08 07:41

The design of this kettle is simply wonderful. So sleek and elegant. It’s any tea drinker’s dream.

----- Renee Bradbeer 18.11.08 07:37

That is a beautiful product. It really shows that the design never stopped at the completion of the Sorapot. Great job on the Sorapot and the packaging.

----- Justin 18.11.08 07:37

oh I love this tea pot its very hard to find modern looking tea pots like this and I love how its horizontal more than vertical. OOOO all the flower teas I could out in that!!

----- Anna 18.11.08 07:31

I used to think tea was for babies, that is until I say this teapot. Boom!!!!

Did Kipling write this poem knowing that something like this would someday come along and solve ALL his problems?

We had a kettle; we let it leak:
Our not repairing made it worse.
We haven’t had any tea for a week…
The bottom is out of the Universe. -

----- Matt P 18.11.08 07:26

I’m in love with your teapot and I’d never drink a drop out of another should it be mine.

----- Joshua Tuscan 18.11.08 07:24

in the words of the immortal paris hilton, thats hot…

----- Kevin 18.11.08 07:20

Gorgeous simplicity with a ton of contemporary style. Love it!

----- Marina 18.11.08 07:12

oh man, i saw this on the coupon page and began lusting for it right away! beautiful design.

----- Xue 18.11.08 07:06

i have the perfect blank space in my kitchen for that!

----- elissa 18.11.08 07:04

i have been pining over this…

----- lauren michele 18.11.08 07:03

oooh, so beautiful!

----- marri 18.11.08 07:03

I eat sleep and breath tea…I run a tea shop and am always searching the web looking for new tea “paraphernalia ” for the shop ( honestly, mostly for myself )..Sorapot is actually how I found NOTCOT in the first place. Now I have an unhealthy obsession with a tea pot (so much so that it is my screen saver at work AND home…the holidays are coming and I have no shame) and a design website. I dont expect to win this so I will graciously accept the Blaue Blume Tea Set as a consolation prize……

----- Mistie 18.11.08 06:57


----- Erika 18.11.08 06:55

This makes my teapot look like crap!

----- Danielle S 18.11.08 06:55

Would love to gift this to my mother in law!

----- Gaurav Fernandes 18.11.08 06:54

It’s sad…I work in a tea shop, I know almost everything there is to know about tea, yet I don’t own a teapot. I wish I could get this one for Xmas. wink wink

----- Shannon 18.11.08 06:53

This is one the most innovative and quite amazing designs for a teapot that I’ve ever seen. It gives the tea leaves room to expand properly so that you can taste the tea the way that it was intended. It’s beautiful!

----- Shannon 18.11.08 06:51

I’m just a struggling fundraiser at an art school. How I would be the envy of my peers — faculty and staff alike — if I were picked! I could serve tea at meetings — just like in Europe. Things would be more civilized if I won the Sorapot (and many, many would benefit). Yes we can! bring design and art to the American meeting!

----- Michelle Kweder 18.11.08 06:51

i like winning.

----- jamesk 18.11.08 06:50

As much as I sometimes enjoy that cup o’ joe - there is nothing more relaxing when the smell of fresh brewed tea fills the house. The whole process of tending to make the tea is something I do more than three times a day. The Sorapot has definitely filled the realism of our imaginations! It’s a very practically made product.

----- Magdalena Polec 18.11.08 06:48

wow, it’s beautiful

----- jill 18.11.08 06:39

I love the juxtaposition between the super sleek teapot and the old world looking packaging. I would’ve assumed it would ship in some super fancy Apple-like box. But no, it comes in a box that is just as display worthy as the product. Fancy that ;)

----- Derek 18.11.08 06:38

I feel like drinking tea from this might require stainless steel and glass cups, also drop-shipped from the future.

----- Aaron 18.11.08 06:35

Beautifully design teapot. I love how simple and streamlined it is. The packaging also compliments it as well. It has the contrast of modern industrial and organic/natural. Overall its well thought through.

----- Hilary 18.11.08 06:23

love the unique shape and tea-making process

----- spiltmilk 18.11.08 06:22

Awesome, this has got to be one of the best giveaways ever.

----- Todd 18.11.08 06:21

How fun would it be to make tea in this thing… it is definitely a show-stopping piece

----- Dana Galbraith 18.11.08 06:14

I absolutely love the design of this teapot! The brushed finish really accentuates and frames the contents of the teapot in the middle…My dad (who is a big tea drinker) would love this!

----- Jared 18.11.08 06:12

i wish i had sorapot on those cold lonely nights… sorapot

----- levi 18.11.08 06:12

That tea pot is beautiful, it deserves to go to someone English who knows how to make a proper cup of tea! *grins*

----- Theo 18.11.08 06:10

drinking from this seems like i’d be tasting the future. i must admit: that future tastes delightful.

----- k 18.11.08 06:10

please and thank you!

----- jp 18.11.08 06:02

Having just finished up work at a traditional english style tea shop with owners of asian decent I can more than appreciate the quality of freshly brewed tea with loose tea leaves but, as a southern girl (with an inclination to aesthetically pleasing and functional) there is no doubt in my heart that sun tea is the only way to go.
Great product and beautiful design!

----- Sarah 18.11.08 05:52

I enjoy looking at it as a piece of art. In some angles it reminds me of a sailing ship.

----- Greg 18.11.08 05:50

This is definitely the most beautiful Tea pot I’ve ever seen. Bravo!

----- Nigel Sielegar 18.11.08 05:49

I want tthhiiiss!

----- John 18.11.08 05:49

I have yet to adventure to loose tea land..I think this make my journey arrive quicker!

----- Paul Octavious 18.11.08 05:49

That is a lovely teapot! And the potential to use home grown loose leaf tea too. I never started drinking tea until I was placed at my current graphic design job. When I first started they drank tea 24/7… now I do too! So much more soothing than coffee in my honest opinion.

BTW It is VERY awesome to see a project all the way through from concept to finished product and THEN to have people drooling over it in a giveaway contest. Congratulations!

----- Miranda 18.11.08 05:48

I have recently rediscovered tea. There’s something just calming about the entire ritual, from heating the water, to steeping the tea, to nursing that warm mug while you drink it. I have to admit that as a designer, this pot makes me drool. It’s just gorgeous! The lines are so clean and beautiful. I’m dying to get my hands on one, to see if the manufacturing is done as well as the design has been. It definitely would enhance the tea ritual, and add a touch of beauty and glamour to this peaceful routine.

----- RubyGrrl42 18.11.08 05:43

I’m asian, I’m a natural tea drinker!

----- Jacob 18.11.08 05:40

There’s something about the Sorapot that makes me think of a traditional tea ceremony conducted in a sacred room, recreated in the future on another world. The blooms suspended protectively in the frame… I sound silly, I know. But it looks like poetry.

----- Basia 18.11.08 05:35

An object any tea maker would lust over. Of course I would love to gift it to my mother.

----- Christina 18.11.08 05:33

I absolutely love this design. Like a Bodum that has fallen over :)

----- aaron 18.11.08 05:29

It’s brewing tea with style.

----- Z. Zoleta 18.11.08 05:28

My wife works as a package designer and she would LOVE this as her xmas/anniv gift (our anniv is on xmas :) )

----- Mike H 18.11.08 05:23

That’s lovely, really. And I’ve been needing a new teapot!

----- Liz 18.11.08 05:12

The nice design makes the tea taste so much better.

----- Julius 18.11.08 05:11

Wow, I’m thirsty just looking at it. I love the string topping off the packaging, a nice nostalgic touch.

----- Christine Penguino 18.11.08 05:05

Very sharp!

----- Amy 18.11.08 04:55

That’s it, I’m divorcing my teapot…. She’s just not maintaining!

----- Al 18.11.08 04:52

Definitely a gorgeous piece!

----- Danny 18.11.08 04:51

I want one !

----- kouzrah 18.11.08 04:25

A great teapot indeed, I’ve been waiting for its release for a long time. The holidays would be hard to bare without one. wink.

----- Jimmy Tran 18.11.08 04:21

I need one. I’m not covering my daily tea needs lately.

----- PixelRobot 18.11.08 04:05

mmm…. yummy, especially with peppermint tea in it.

----- rachel Lin 18.11.08 04:00

i’d love to make my tea in one of these this winter!

----- Seán 18.11.08 03:56

I’ve kept up with the Sorapot from all the design blogs, and it’s especially lovely because I drink so much flowering tea! Too bad I can’t afford it… =(

----- Aromy 18.11.08 03:52

Incredible tea pot! I’m flirting it for a long long time!

----- Tiago Salgado 18.11.08 03:51

Its beautiful! If I won this I’d have to bring back teaparties. And I’d definitely switch to loose tea so I could see it swirling around in there. Love it!

----- missmilki 18.11.08 03:48

Love just putting my sorapot out for everyone to see even if I dont have any tea prepared. Everyones always like keke what is that and I slap them because they dont even know. I also use it as my alcoholic teapot, I just am too cool when I pour my b52s out my sorapot. Australia’s no.1 sorapot fanboi.

----- Matt 18.11.08 03:32

I think that this is just beautiful and amazing.. the design is so simple and effective.. o what I wouldn’t give to have one… damn me being a poor college student lol

----- claudia 18.11.08 03:27

i could definitely see this teapot in one of those crazy futuristic movies, being held by some kind of streamlined shiny steel robot whirring around the house… the design is so simple yet it looks like it could withstand any kind of disaster. very nice!

----- SuperMuffin 18.11.08 03:26

Tea time for me is usually my quiet time, though if I had that, I wouldn’t dare drink tea alone. I’d need to invite people over just to show that thing off! “You want some tea? Yes you do, I’ll make us a pot anyway” haha!

----- Ashley 18.11.08 03:23

I wonder how the Sorapot looks filled with teabags instead of loose tea?

Check out my most recent tea branding project over here. high quality Fairtrade tea in regular, cheap teabags.

----- Tony Blow 18.11.08 03:00


----- malina 18.11.08 02:41

maybe my surname could be erased from the earlier note i posted? Got too excited about the teapot.. Thank you!

----- sara 18.11.08 02:28

please, please, make me a teaholic….

----- sara 18.11.08 02:22

so sleek and futuristic! def a great addition to the kitchen beside the coffee press.

----- AnitaC 18.11.08 02:14

I love it cause it reminds me the silent hill, I had to leave long time ago (just when it’s filled with green tea)!

----- Cicciosax 18.11.08 01:59


----- Maurizio 18.11.08 01:59

…Dude… it looks like something off of Star Trek!
I’d so be sitting there imagining having tea-time with Picard! Hahah!

----- Meep 18.11.08 01:56


----- Phil 18.11.08 01:55

I love this! I would love this!

----- Gustaf 18.11.08 01:55

I have two empty teacups waiting to be filles… but no teapot.
Please help. Anyone?

----- kristel 18.11.08 01:54


----- santa 18.11.08 01:49

it is so beautiful. we are fanateac about tea here, have 8 kind of tea pots. this one is another thing…

----- Hadar Gatt 18.11.08 01:45

Looks so cool! Nice site also!

----- Paul 18.11.08 01:37

That it the hottest teapot out there, but unfortunately the price puts it out of my reach… Guess I’ll be saying the same thing in every giveaway, haha.

----- hitan 18.11.08 01:26

That teapot looks quite divine!

----- Masa 18.11.08 01:19

that sorapot is so damn hot! :D

----- Martin 18.11.08 01:16

The packaging is beautiful!

----- josephcp 18.11.08 01:09

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