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NOTCOT Giveaway 5: Fawn & Forest- 11.21.08

winfawnforrest.jpg TO WIN: Leave a comment ~ this time tell us something fun about kids toys! ENTER BY 11/24. WINNER: Michal in Florida!

On to giveaway #5 ~ our friends at Fawn & Forest always find the most amazing kids gear - from furniture to clothing to really really fun toys and they have found that perfect balance between modern and eco-friendly! So for this giveaway, they’ve generously offered a bundle of woody goodness for kids (ok, or some for you and some to share with the kids)…

Since this one is drop shipping, the winner will get to pick wood/colors for: a Earnest Effort Wood Baby Rattle, a Naef Juba Worm, and a Suddenly, It’s Real! Wood Yoyo!

See more closeups of the products below, as well as stories behind the designers, and a coupon to Fawn & Forest!

From the Fawn & Forest Earnest Effort Wood Baby Rattles page:

Earnest Effort rattles are made for the enjoyment of both children and adults. Babies love to teeth and grasp the natural textures of the woods, which are finished with Clapham’s beeswax (a non-toxic food-safe finish). People who have grown up with EF rattles are now returning to chose rattles for their own children.

Each hand crafted wood rattles is filled with lentils or beans and is available in 6 woods - walnut, myrtle, curly maple, chinkapin oak, madrone, and cherry. Made of wood that would have otherwise been scraps or of wood that has been reclaimed. They each have beautiful tones for musical accompaniment and are hand-sanded to a fine, smooth texture. Roughly measures 5”x2”.

About the designers:
Our home on Lasting Laughter Asylum Farm is nestled in beautiful Olalla Valley and shadowed by the Pacific Coast Range in SW Oregon. We are a husband and wife team and sell our wares at art festivals and stores throughout the Pacific Northwest, including Eugene, Oregon’s famous Saturday Market. Our artwork has been bringing new life to woods discarded by humans and nature for over twenty years.

From the Fawn & Forest Naef Juba page:
Naef Juba: designed by Xavier De Clippeleir in 1983 for Naef Toys, Switzerland . Juba masters every move! This little caterpillar’s ability to twist and turn delights both adults and children. Juba received the Form design award in 2000. Available in red, green, blue or yellow/orange.

From the Fawn & Forest Suddenly, It’s Real! Wood Yoyo page:

Each YoYo is one-of-kind and has its own unique character. They are made with various sustainably harvested woods from our own tiny forest! The wood is carefully selected, hand cut, meticulously sanded and finished with natural shellac, then assembled with the utmost care. The strings are 100% cotton, professional Yo Yo strings! Each YoYo measure approximately 2” diameter.

Before leaving the shop, they must pass rigorous testing by Ben himself, to insure that you will receive a quality product that works like a charm! Varied woods.

About the designers:
Ben Floeter & Natalie Wright of “Suddenly, It’s Real!” live in a tiny tree house in a tiny forest in the mid-west. When they aren’t busy crafting their goods in the studio, they can be found in the kitchen cooking up treats, riding their bikes in the country, writing stories, thrifting, or drawing up plans for a bigger, better tree house! Ben is the woodworker and he uses only recycled or sustainably harvested woods. The YoYo’s actually grow in the tiny forest where they live!

Here’s the Fawn & Forest Coupon from the NOTCOT Holiday Coupon Book!

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126 Notes

you can never be too old for kids toys…(especially play doh!) my gift idea for my friends this christmas is to give everyone what i’d give them if they were 6 yrs old, just to please their child within =)

----- diane 25.11.08 00:42

oh so cute!

----- Anne 24.11.08 20:23

those look more like adult toys to me?

----- sbh 24.11.08 20:21

i play and build with my daughter’s blocks. often.

----- jeenie 24.11.08 18:31

Hmm, stop me if you’ve heard this one (and you probably have), but did you know Lincoln Logs are named after Frank Lloyd Wright’s orginal middle name, Lincoln? Well, that’s the only toy fact I know. ;)

----- swankifiedjello 24.11.08 18:19

Kids toys are designed with adults in mind, don’t ya think?

----- Elizabeth M. 24.11.08 18:00

Those yo-yos are just a kick.

----- Erin 24.11.08 17:44

Children’s toys really are fun for everyone. Almost everyone in the world can remember playing with their favorite toy and the joy that it brought them.

----- Christi 24.11.08 17:18

Those pieces of wood remind me of crackers LOL

----- DDB 24.11.08 14:49

When I was younger, like most, I craved the newest toys on the market; the best and brightest action figure or car, the wildest board games and most fantastic puzzles. My parents though? They refused. Every time, without fail. They knew that I wouldn’t get much more than a month’s worth of enjoyment from them and forget, leaving the toy dejected and alone in a closet or under a bed. Instead, I got blocks. Wooden ones. Sturdy, strong, fading varnish. A meager plaything, but the adventures we had with one another I still remember to this day. Trips through time and space, into unknown territories with rabid rabbits and cruel camels. The power of the imagination is unparalleled in a young mind, and my parents had the sense to let it expand. They held back to give me more. I especially love those rattles. They remind me of my blocks, of my entire days just spent playing with wood while other kids feasted on the colours made possible by plastics.
These toys do much the same, they bring you back to the essentials of imagination and what it Means to be a child. They let your mind wander, refusing all constriction. After all, that’s what toys are for. Expansion.

Thanks Mom, Thanks Dad.

----- Matthew 24.11.08 13:43

TOYS! As a kid, I didn’t have much beyond barbies and ceramic dolls, but nature did it’s duty. STICKS! Nothing funner, eh?

----- Vanessa 24.11.08 13:35

Can I get one with extra chocolate ? My son put it all in his mouth.

----- Daniel Segatto 24.11.08 12:38

Please give my 10 month old daughter something else to chew on other than dust bunnies and pieces of lint. These HAVE TO BE more enjoyable….right?

----- Erik 24.11.08 12:19

I think if I had these in my possession I would turn into an 8 year old

----- james richman 24.11.08 10:48

put any adult in a room with toys and just wait to see what happens….?

----- Sarah 24.11.08 10:46

I want to win anything!///hahaha

----- Bravotoner 24.11.08 08:59

weebles wobble but they dont fall down!

----- Jeff 24.11.08 08:39

Kids toys are certainly not what they used to be. I want to be a kid again because modern toys are beautiful works of art, more imaginative- created by people who remember what it was like to be a kid, and not too gender specific which is classic design.

----- Dana 24.11.08 08:32

Sister would love these eco-friendly gifts for her baby

----- gina 24.11.08 07:32

It’s so wonderful that toys are among our oldest, deepest memories.

----- deb 24.11.08 06:50

These are the toys that make me smile when buying something for my daughter, when I am actually buying them because I’d like to get my hands on them.

----- David Alano 24.11.08 05:53

These are AMAZING, they would make a perfect shower gift for my inlaws who are very green-minded. My own daughter would love the wooden yoyo - we’re huge fans of wooden toys.

Toys ARE for adults. Kids have imagination :)

----- Kathleen 24.11.08 05:29

Toys R Kids

----- rafael 24.11.08 05:08

my babys favourite toy is a wooden spoon, so she’d love these! ;)

----- sarah 24.11.08 02:20

:) :) :)

----- Bojan Babic 24.11.08 00:28

an old tuth brush, a half empty bottle of water. tearing newpapers. these are really my kids favorite toys…

----- Hadar Gatt 23.11.08 21:34

this is our first Christmas in 17 years that we will have a baby joining the family….the 7 month old has no idea what type of family he was born into…lets hope that showering him with presents will show him that no matter how crazy his family may seem….at Christmas we try to be as normal as possible….it never seems to work….but maybe it can fool a 7 month old :)

----- whitney h. 23.11.08 19:47

Those yo-yo’s are sweet!

----- Jefferey 23.11.08 12:59

need toys for my nephews and for my niece…

----- Roland Bango-Fi 23.11.08 12:47

I like that these toys are simplistic in nature, because most toys these days are too complicated and takes away from pure fun, i.e. the kind we had with cardboard boxes as kids.

----- Anonymous 23.11.08 10:29

A good children’s toy should appeal to adults also, since adults are the ones who buy them.

----- JC 23.11.08 10:27

Cute toys!

----- Jerry 23.11.08 10:26

oh my god i want i yoyo now, might go out and get one! (after this hangover leaves…)

----- Ina 23.11.08 04:57

kid’s toys aren’t just for kids- I always have a Slinky, Legos or other classic toy on my desk or in my purse- it keeps my occupied and out of trouble just like it did 30 years ago

----- Conscripted Cherry 22.11.08 22:30

These toys give me a woody.

he he

----- rose 22.11.08 21:37

i love that little worm. thanks for introducing me to some new sites!

----- reeva 22.11.08 20:04

I used to play with wooden toys all the time as a kid! And those worms are so incredibly adorable!

----- lindsay 22.11.08 19:55

Love the comments! My first thought when I saw these toys were some of my favorites as a child: tinker toys and weeble wobble people. Tinker toys were amazing in how large a structure could be made and how tall if the base were wide enough. And no matter how much you flick on weebles they won’t fall down. I saw some at Target the other day in their stocking stuffer aisle! Gosh it brought back memories of playing on my aunt’s living room floor. Oh! What about Lincoln Logs?! Oh, my! Toys that spark creation. Those are toys! Fabulous for any age.

----- Intoxicologist 22.11.08 19:49

A kid toy is discriminating. Adults play toys too.

----- oakie 22.11.08 19:39

my kids like to play in boxes

----- Simon 22.11.08 18:55

awww, the worms remind me of slimy from sesame street (especially the red one). i love the rawness of the yo yos and the smoothness of the rattles!

----- ann 22.11.08 15:49

something funny about toys….you can make “houses” for stuffed animals out of dominos. This might only be for kids 2 and under, who think it’s really fun. Just lay an outline of dominos, put the stuffed animals in and tell the babe, “look, coco has a house!”…endless play time!

----- Catherine Chandler 22.11.08 14:06

When done right, kids toys become all-ages toys.

----- Colin Moon 22.11.08 13:57

I love kids’ toys like these that are cute, low-tech pieces of art!

----- MamaRobot 22.11.08 13:37

toys are not only for children! even childrens toys are not only for children. cheldren learn SO MUCH when they play. adults forget that playing is so important. toys are for playing. adults should play with toys.

----- ariel the mountaint 22.11.08 12:10

our school did a Naef toy competition last year to design a wooden toy for Naef to make. when they had the judging day, it was the best day ever because the room was filled with a hundred toys and everyone kept playing with all of them: including the professors!

----- Ashley 22.11.08 09:38

That wood yoyo is really cool!

----- trinh 22.11.08 08:26

is that a worm?

----- LA 22.11.08 08:09

cute juba worm

----- 415 22.11.08 08:03

Thank you once again for making shopping easy.

----- buck ramzem 22.11.08 07:37

Those rattles are gorgeous. I bet my newborn daughter would love one :)

----- chernwei 22.11.08 06:47

they are colorful, simple, fun. everyone needs toy time!

----- kmli 22.11.08 03:47

Uno a me pleaaaseee :)

----- Maurizio 22.11.08 03:18

kids toys bring out the kids in all of us

----- Patrick S 22.11.08 02:12

Kids was a pretty good movie.

----- DMill 21.11.08 23:48

I got wood.

----- Clayton Fletcher 21.11.08 22:40

These toys look like they would feel so nice and smooth - like a baby’s skin! I got a wood rattle for my nephew and he loves it, he’s still trying to figure out how to get out the thing that makes the noise :-)

----- jen 21.11.08 22:37

Wow! What a great gift idea!

----- Tommy 21.11.08 22:01

Kids toys seem to be getting fancier and fancier, but these harken back to simpler times. They’re right up there with Lincoln Logs and Blocks.

----- chrisspurgin 21.11.08 21:47

These toys look like lots of fun, I especially love the caterpillar! Thank you for the chance to win-Good luck everyone, Jeff

----- Jeff M. 21.11.08 20:08


----- insolv1niac86 21.11.08 20:06

you will looking at toy in a very different perspective when you have your own kid(s)

----- Pawena T 21.11.08 19:56

forever young!!!

----- Steph 21.11.08 19:45

I studied toy design in college, but alas the industry was a bit too cutthroat for me… but I still like them… I like these toys because they aren’t overdesigned.

----- Alexis 21.11.08 18:54

Playing with toys is how children learn the most about their world. The toys parents choose for their children help communicate values, as well. Long live play!

----- Devon 21.11.08 18:45

Kids toys facts;
- not to be mistaken with Adults toys
- seemingly designed to be steped on with bare feet
- less is bore
- there is always one hiding in your room, no matter what age
- “swoosh”, “pow!!” and “raaaa” are for beginners
- they make or break friendships, they are that powerful
- use as hostage to make eat vegetables

----- Ricardo 21.11.08 18:07

Fun thing? Like personal experience fun?
[say yes]

my babybrother has this flashy
light-up-laptop thing
it plays songs.
The funnest thing he does with it is
close it and chew on it.

Never mind. That’s just sad.

----- siy 21.11.08 17:43

I believe those toys will be very very useful for entertaining my mudkips… Mud… *shaka* Kip…?

----- Edward Wong 21.11.08 17:40

One of my favorite movies, The Hudsucker Proxy, concerns itself with the invention and eventual rise and fall of the Hula Hoop.

Not really about toys, but you should watch it, it’s amazing.

----- Greg 21.11.08 17:28

These are awesome. There is definitely beauty in simplicity.

----- emxero 21.11.08 17:02

kids toys were fun when I was a kid, we ha sdafe toys like spike metal lawn darts and fire crackers…

----- josh 21.11.08 16:54

Aha! That’s what to get for all the spawn my group of friends suddenly has! Thank you, notcot.

----- Lucia 21.11.08 16:52

Don’t tell my girlfriend, but really i want kids just so I can play with all the awesome toys like these that are available.

----- Ryan 21.11.08 16:44

The older we are, the more fun kid toys get. Paradox?

----- Casey L 21.11.08 16:43

Kids toys are able to transport people of all ages to a place where stress and anger are not allowed. It’s a place where we can curl up in a sunny spot on the livingroom floor and get enjoy the creative corners of our mind.

----- Erin 21.11.08 16:43

love it! we are a featured designer over at Fawn& Forest this month and I just LOVE F&F! They have the best stuff ever! Check us out too! Little Alouette xo

----- amy 21.11.08 16:19

Sometimes the simple toys hold children’s attention longest.

----- holly 21.11.08 16:15

this makes me think of frank lloyd wright saying his vision as an architect was inspired by the building blocks he played with as a child.

----- b 21.11.08 16:12

Kids toys are great for adults too!

----- tracy 21.11.08 16:07

remember that kinetic wheel toy? I can remember myself playing with it for hours on end.

----- Collin Banko 21.11.08 15:37

perfect for my niece and nephew!

----- seth 21.11.08 15:27

wood toys always seem to be so much more meaningful beautiful objects.

----- Ingrid 21.11.08 15:13

One of my friends is having their first baby in a few months, I’d love to be ahead of the curve by having a cool gift like this at the ready! :)

----- Stacy B. 21.11.08 14:55

kids toys, are always more fun to play with and always look freaken adorable!

----- jennifer 21.11.08 14:54

The inner child lives on.

----- Nikki 21.11.08 14:33

These toys would be the perfect gift for my nephew. My family has long refused to buy toys that require little to no imagination on the part of the child. After many years of keeping mum whilst my own brother took apart every cheap, plastic toy we ever owned just to get some excitement out of them, these would really show him that quality exists in children’s play things. Some things are simple. Toys should be those things.

----- Lindsey 21.11.08 14:28

Kids toys are also fun for big people!

----- Emmie 21.11.08 14:25

WOW!!! A new use for that aspen tree you just cut down in your back yard!!

----- U Pech 21.11.08 14:20

you can never be too old for play. it keeps the world interesting. here’s to toys!

----- d. abuaf 21.11.08 14:04

In our house I choose not to bother buying many toys from the store, because they’re so concrete. What they are has been chosen for the child. A box, a scarf, a block- these are better because kids stretch their brain turning them into so many different things. Which has all been said before, but that doesn’t make it any less true:)

----- Amy 21.11.08 13:53

Kids toys make me wish I were a kid again.

----- Christina M. 21.11.08 13:49

I love Yo-Yo’s!

----- Evan Doyle 21.11.08 13:40

I am the single mom of a 1 and a half yr. old little guy. At this stage he is just starting to really use toys for their intended functions (not simply as objects to drool on or possibly hurl vehemently in any given direction at any moment). In all of this splendor, he still manages to be orally fixated on every toy as well, and without discrimination. He bites and sucks on literally everything. This is why eco-friendly products with minimal “parts and pieces” to get lodged in our beloved little ones’ tiny throats.. is a absolute must have! Why would we, as responsible parents, invest our good dollars in anything less than products that simultaneously benefit our environment and our children’s health? Avoiding dangerous lacquers or paints and small pieces are synonymous to other preventive measures that we would dare not overlook simply due to cost, i.e. certain necessary vaccines, etc.
So to conclude, my son Zakarie would love these toys almost as much as I do, and if I win I’d reallllly enjoy giving them to him this holiday season.


----- Michal E. Amedia 21.11.08 13:36

Real kid’s toys are something you can play with until it’s broken. Then you would spend days/weeks and hundreds of dollars searching through retro stores when you are 30yrs old, trying to find that very same toy and relive that moment all over again.

----- jayp0411 21.11.08 13:33

the fun thing about kids toys are they never get old. kids will always enjoy great toys. whether its g.i. joe or barbie. my little nephews still play with the toys i had when i was 5 or 6 and they cant get enough of them.

----- levi montez 21.11.08 13:27

My favorite toys as kids were fabric remnants. I was a budding designer! We are getting ready to take in foster kids and would love help building a collection of good quality toys.


----- speck 21.11.08 13:26

hahah…i love this stuff

----- Lisa 21.11.08 13:24

My brand-new (well sort of.. 5 months) grandson is about to start playing with toys. Up until now he’s just been lying around pooing himself and crying… he’s actually turning into a real little human being now! I’d really like to give him REAL toys instead of all the crap that’s around these days. I’m sure Damon would really like one of the caterpillars!

----- Tania Derck 21.11.08 13:21

Considering I collect unique YoYo’s, from a silver tiffanys yoyo, to a light up plastic Power Rangers yoyo, I would say these wood yoyos are very unique, and beautiful with the wood rings.

When I first saw them, they almost looked to good to be functional (Everthing beautiful should have some sort of function), but if you look carefully you can see they are quite functional, they look evenly balanced, and each yoyo is spaced evenly to allow maximum clearence for the string. Very well done, your decision in Yoyos are quite up to par.(claps)

----- Kirk 21.11.08 13:20

The toy isle is the first isle I head to in any store that has one. If you think your too old for toys you must be too old for fun.

----- tony 21.11.08 13:18

the unforgetable toys that you grow up on and admire later in life. wood toys especially for me, because my grandfather made them all! so we had a rocking horse and a rocking bull- my favorite!

----- shannon doran 21.11.08 13:12

Everything around you can be playful. It’s depend on how creative you are. Kid’s toys will keep you back and forth between imagination and reality…that why it’s fun :)

----- jittasak 21.11.08 13:12

sure, why not!

----- Jacob Fu 21.11.08 13:08

These remind me of appalachian folk toys of the blue ridge mountains - the whimmydiddle or the fingerdinger! Can’t beat those names, can you?

----- Suzie 21.11.08 13:03

(Good) kids toys become a time machine for remembering all the fun and curiousity that was going through your head as a kid when they were in use.

----- Stephanie 21.11.08 13:02

To be particularly favored, kids toys must also taste good. At least that’s what my kid seems to enjoy. And I’d rather have him chewing on wood than lead-filled plastic.

----- David Crotty 21.11.08 13:01

those yoyos are amazing. I’m a big fan of the gee-haw-whimmy-diddles of appalachia

----- rla_2 21.11.08 12:58

Even though i’m older now, I’m still in love with these toys.

----- Kevin Phan 21.11.08 12:57

Kids toys are wasted on kids, I tell you that. Some people—ahem hem—never outgrow them.

----- boys, toys, electragons and tvs 21.11.08 12:48

I like that these toys reinforce sustainability early on.

I also like that the Caterpillar looks a little like the Very Hungry one from Eric Carle

----- COREY 21.11.08 12:46

Toy = Joy

----- Melanie Tedder 21.11.08 12:44

toys are windows into imagination

----- shannon 21.11.08 12:42

my nieces and nephews would love these

----- james park 21.11.08 12:37

My kids have a million toys. Their favourites are the open-ended ones — lego, k’nex, tinker toys. My older one’s absolute favourite is a paper and pen and some tape, so that he can make books and draw stories in them.

----- Gladys 21.11.08 12:30

These toys can be passed from generation to generation. Hope this puts smiles on some little kids face.

----- Gaurav Fernandes 21.11.08 12:28

My boyfriend likes to tell me I’m too old for all of the kids’ toys I collect. I tell him to kiss my butt. Kids’ toys are awesome. Most adults have forgotten what it’s like to truly have fun : )

----- Nix Smith 21.11.08 12:23

The toys are great not only due to them being great toys, but because they’re the kind that look great when left scattered all over the house as toys always end up being…

----- Darrel 21.11.08 12:21

I love kids’ toys—I work at a toy store, I’m not friends with anyone younger than fifteen, and let’s just say I spend an embarrassing amount of my paycheck there.

----- Liz 21.11.08 12:15

real toys that you can hold and throw and chew and shake remind me of everything that’s good in the world and help me forget if i’ve had a long day. i’m tired of computer games and video games and BRATZ dolls and computer animated movies. bring back the 101 dalmations! ressurect the lincoln log cabins!

----- Sarah Long 21.11.08 12:13

Kids toys are not just for kids. :)

----- Jessi Blackham 21.11.08 12:12

kids toys are for kids

----- Ryan 21.11.08 12:08

Take it back to nature. You can have your ‘tickle me this’ and ‘baby’s first that’

----- Patrick 21.11.08 12:03

good ol’ wooden toys are timeless and can get passed on for generations. like that old rocking horse…

----- rachel 21.11.08 12:03

Kids toys are really more for adults that finally have a good excuse to buy them! So all-round fun for all :)

----- Arezu 21.11.08 11:55

kids toys: precious trinkets that are symbols of innocence.

----- ashley marie 21.11.08 11:49

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