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Gift Guide: Gifts for the Kids!- 11.21.08

sponsored by SeagateGift Guide: all the goodies for kids! And really, i’d want the majority of stuff on here too ~ and there is also stuff for little teeny tiny kids (aka new parents) ~ as well as stuffed toys, toy toys, cardboard forts and airplanes, to toys to chew on and playful woody cars and blocks! Click on through to check out the massive collage of a gift guide!

As usual, click the images to find out more!

KIDSguide.jpg sculpted wooden animals georgia simple sportscar grimm's germany little alouette waldorf handle wooden teether earnest effort wood baby rattles netto polar bear rocker 1930s baby bugatti wish come true series 1 assorted mr. ttt - rainbow a monster named colin talc stanley sweat vilac mini beetle donna wilson - rill vilac balloon powered boat shape sorting box house of balls hedge hog walker hypotrochoid art set the fort sand play set hare baby comb & brush set palette plate feeding set skip hop outer space tobeus - a matter of toys naef cardboard airplane sponsored by Seagate strangeco strangeco

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Hello NOTCOT crew!

Look my CUBOTOY proyect!!
I hope you like


----- Angello Garcia Bassi / CUBOTOY 26.11.08 16:00

A “smart” gift for kids, something both parents and kids love, is kidzclix.net, a new educational website for children ages 2-7 loaded with challenging games, puzzles, things to build, chess, cooking classes, science experiments and lots more. Subscriptions start at $6.95 per month.

----- Sona Creighton 24.11.08 09:48

i want to get each and everythings for my nephew.

----- linny 23.11.08 11:32

i love notcot holiday gift guide !

----- asa 22.11.08 17:17

so thrilling to be a part of this awesome round up! Little Alouette loves you! kiss kiss thanks!

----- amy 22.11.08 04:48

Looking nice


----- William 21.11.08 22:55

That little Bugatti roadster is pretty badazz. Tobad I would look foolish driving up to work in it…especially since im 6,2.

----- Kirk 21.11.08 18:38

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