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NOTCOT Giveaway 9: Design Public- 11.25.08

givedp00.jpg TO WIN: Leave a comment here ~ answer this: “You’re trapped in a room, and all you have are these objects… what would you do?” ENTER BY 11/28. WINNER: Matthew in Halifax NS!

Design Public has a little bit of everything ~ from furnishings to gifts to awesome kids stuff ~ so for this giveaway we’re going with some of the funkier gift ideas in a bundle of fun! So here’s what you can win: 1 pair of Cake Octopi Cups, Harry Allen Rabbit’s Foot Keychain, and Harry Allen Bulb Candles!

More pics of the goodies on the next page, and a few things to note ~ that lucky rabbit’s foot is HEAVY! It’s 14k Gold Plated Brass! The Octopi cups are larger than i expected, they’d make for some crazy beer mugs! The lightbulb candles would be so fun to burn!

So when you comment to win, answer this: “You’re trapped in a room, and all you have are these objects… what would you do?”




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finally start decorating my new apartment.

----- Alicia M 28.11.08 20:55

hmm… what kind of girl wouldn’t want to play house and pretend she was in some prestigious castle with amazing furnitures like octopus glasses and unique candles oh and this really exquisite 24k gold rabbits foot.

----- Christi 28.11.08 20:42

I would melt the candles to create a slick surface on the floor and then I would slide across it crashing into the door and then someone would hear the commotion and come to the door and I would knock them out with the cups and run away with my lucky rabbit foot.

----- Elizabeth M. 28.11.08 17:24

i would use the lucky rabbits foot to signal an airplane through a window (assuming there even are windows in the room…) or use the rabbits foot to reflect the suns rays to light the candle (yeah i know it won’t happen, but i can dream can’t i) and warm myself. if all fails, i would use the octopus cups as a fashionable hat (ala isabella blow) secured to my head with a blobbed mass of wax courtesy of the candles and the rabbits foot as a necklace. if i’m going to be trapped in a room i can at least make myself feel better by looking good.

----- doe 28.11.08 17:18

i’d do a funky dance and finally have an excuse to not call people back, return emails, finish my work, bathe the kids, make dinner, and pluck my eyebrows. after a few down dogs and a nap, i’d bang the glass on the wall til someone found me and I’d act all happy that i was found again.

----- johanna 28.11.08 17:08

indefinately? that rabbits foot looks like a great choking hazard…

----- Jane 28.11.08 15:32

I would fashion an ad-hoc octopus catching device and then eat them.

----- Foo 28.11.08 14:11

i was surprised i was not the only one who immediately thought “bikini.”

am i trapped indefinately?

initially i would only fiddle with the objects, but as i began to starve i would knoaw on the cangles, offer the rabbit-foot up to the gods, and then as delirium set in, i would catch my tears in the octopus mugs.. my tears would swell to the full power of the ocean, and sweep us (by us i mean me, 2 rehydrated cephalopods, some half eaten candles and one unholy rabbit’s foot)to safety…

----- betsy f. 28.11.08 12:26

use the two glasses and the wick from the candles to make one of those platic cup ‘telephone’ contraptions…then use it to call mcguyver who’ll tell me how to get out with whatever’s left

----- Ben 28.11.08 11:36

hit the cups together to start a fire on the wooden floor.while waiting for the fire to burn a hole big enough to escape. use the rabbit foot when it gets hot to burn a tattoo on your skin. THEN grab all the goodies and RUNNNN.

why does everyone else want to destroy it all??

----- Mariana 28.11.08 11:08

I would cradle the cups and reflect on all of the octopus and colossal squid documentaries I have ended up watching ‘cause I was too mesmerized to change the TV channel. I’d also recall the voyeur-style nature video I watched in grade 9 science class that demonstrated how all kinds of animals have sex. The octopus scene was really aggressive…

Finally, I’d imagine my friend’s excited reaction if I was able to give her an octopus cup as a Christmas gift. She loves ‘em.

----- Ellen K. 28.11.08 11:03

Starve to death beautifully?

Assuming I’m trapped in the room in which these objects are located, I’d use the rabbit’s foot to bust up a bit of the hardwood and rub some sticks together to light the candles. Ah, time to ponder the nature of solitude among beautiful objects. One cup could be used to collect urine so i could last a little longer, after that as a place to keep a fire once the candles run out. Then I suppose it would be time to go mad from isolation, create my own mythology and deliriously write my starvation-inspired last words: an ode to the golden power of the foot idol; gift from the many-limbed twin octopi deities to I, the chosen. Break the other cup, cut my finger, write on the walls in blood, become legend.

----- Meaghan 28.11.08 08:14

i would use the candles to burn a hole through the wall and if that wouldn’t work i would try the rabbits foot…and if that didn’t work i’d eat the cups cuz i’d be hungry!

----- Katelin 28.11.08 03:12

i would burn the cnadles for light and warmth and entertainment and i would use the foot to bury myself out of there and i would use the cups to collect rainwatter

----- Nicole 28.11.08 03:05

When trapped in a room with these objects I would laugh like a really evil man, ecstatic that I had finally found the four most powerful objects in the world. The catalysts for all my truely evil and mean plans

I would have the treasure of the rabbit’s foot giving me power over all superstitions. The cups of existence, giving me power over everlasting life. And the candles of light, allowing me to control the incredible power of the light.

I would be evil and happy. The I would realise that even with all the phenominal, surging power I was still stuck in this room. And all the power in the world could get me out.

I would then be evil and unhappy.

----- Mark Lawrence 28.11.08 02:15

I’ll light my candles and stroke myself with that luscious rabbit foot… Mommy says “that’s titillating”…

----- Edward 27.11.08 22:40

I would scratch a hole in the ceiling with the rabbit’s foot so that sunlight could come in and melt the bulb candles into the cake cups then i would take off all my clothes stand over one of the cups and wish on the rabbit’s foot to be microscopic, then I could live in the cup of wax forever and eat my gigantic clothes for nourishment.

----- Melodie Fais 27.11.08 20:47

Pull a lighter out and melt the wax into the cups. When it is luke-warm apply it to your face. Let sit for 20 minutes. Peel off. Utilize moisturized skin and rejuvenated feeling to kick down a wall (avoiding any studs).

----- mezbot 27.11.08 20:30


----- rose 27.11.08 19:25

I like to have this. Love it.

----- Tangelia 27.11.08 17:48

Hope that the rabbit’s foot does indeed bring me good luck, so someone will find me. I’m screwed when it comes to the candles… no matches. And i guess i could pretend to drink out of the beautiful cups?

----- Sara McSmith 27.11.08 16:31

I will light the candles and be thankful that someone is clever enough to not use a real rabbit’s foot. Then I would ponder on why the plural form of octopus is octopi.

----- Genevieve 27.11.08 16:24

I would take a picture of all of it.
Then, if somebody could say something interesting or witty, i would give the objects to them.

----- Angus 27.11.08 16:00

I’d swallow the rabbit’s foot. Gotta get lucky as fast as I can!

----- Teresa 27.11.08 13:37

If I were trapped in a room with these things I would be in bliss because they are so extraordinarily designed. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere I would hug on them and pray for the world to never invade my space.

----- Ryan Vernotico 27.11.08 13:11

I’d set up the candles, pull out my imaginary lighter and set the mood. Then I’d pour some imaginary wine for me and and myself, a light Cab with some nutty tones perhaps. After some witty banter between the one of us, I’d pocket that rabbits foot and hope to get lucky with myself.

----- pkehr09 27.11.08 12:58

various erotic acts?

i would use the cups to dig. use the candles to wax the large box (w/ the reality paper in it) (also fyi: in my reality the outside is an icy hill) make a wish on the foot and sled to safety.

----- Erin 27.11.08 11:33

I would try two things:

First, assuming that the room has a drinking source, I would use one of the octopi cups to get some water. then while holding the golden rabbit’s foot for good luck, I will try to scream as loud as I could in hopes that someone might hear me. Then, when I’m all thirty will all the yelling, I’ll quench my thirst with the water from the cup.

Second, I’ll light up the candle, also assuming that I have a match or lighter. I’ll use the other cup to cover the candle and use it a makeshift Morse code signal in hopes that someone might see it, while still holding the golden rabbit’s foot for good luck.

----- Noel M. 27.11.08 10:59

i would call upon the power of, the octopi, octopi, octopi!
then if that did not work, i would wait for harry allen to come back and open the shop!

----- peter girgis 27.11.08 10:54

Wait for help to arrive while my mind slowly unravels, staring at the octopi until they begin talking to me and telling me of their macabe undersea trysts. After attempting to eat the rabbit foot, I would gum on the candles until the wax transformed into a delicious candy that would sustain me for three days more. The octopi only laugh.

----- Claire 27.11.08 10:49

I would seat back and relax.

I’d eat those wax lamps and taste them like juicy cheeseburgers

I’d scratch my back with the rabbit’s foot keychain

and I’d put the cups next to my ears and just enjoy the sound of the sea!

“Don’t worry, about a thing…’cause every little thing is gonna be alright!”

----- rafael 27.11.08 10:21

I would use the candles to write secret message in wax all over the room’s walls, which one day could be discovered and used in a study on behavior in isolation. Then I would spin and flick the keychain around the floor for entertainment while using the mugs as goal posts.

----- Cyn 27.11.08 09:41

Simple. Drop the brass rabbit’s foot on the octopus cups so they would break a little nicer than just simply dropping the cups on the floor. Hold the candles in my hand long enough so they get soft and formable and make “gloves” around my hand to pick up the shards of cup to start cutting through the door/wall. If that fails start throwing broken cup into soft wax and throwing “lucky” rabbit’s foot against the wall to pass the time.

----- Tony 27.11.08 08:06

1. Light candles by creating a spark with the rabits foot
2. Hold candles by smoke detector
3. When smoke detectors go off and my captors open the door to see what’s going on, I escape
4. When the sprinklers come on, I fill up the cups with water and enjoy a nice drink.
5. Because I like to share good design with others, i share the drink with another prisoner.

----- MC 27.11.08 06:28

I would eat the candles to stay alive and hold on to the rabbit leg wishing i hope i don’t get poisoned and died anyway. And for the cups i just gonna look at it cos they r soooo cute!!

----- Anisa 27.11.08 03:01

Worrying about heat in this unknown room, lighting the candles would be my first problem. Sadly using one of the cups as a candle holder, I would strike at something with the rabbit’s food, create a spark and direct it towards the candle. Pew pew!

On the other hand, I am one of those girls who has a problem burning pretty shaped candles. Watching a happy Santa Claus melt in a puddle of my own doing is a terrifying thought. I will therefore die of cold, filled with dreams of octopi with great ideas (lightbulb!). But happy.

----- Kim D 27.11.08 00:45

would probably just stared at them for a long time thinking:
what would macgyver do?

----- Kate 27.11.08 00:05

I would use the golden rabbit’s foot to carve a gun from the wax candle. Then shoot myself because I would never be able to use those beautiful mugs…

----- Ben Kowalski 26.11.08 21:53


----- nate 26.11.08 21:06

i’d use the wax from one candle to make a mold of my teeth, then use the other to heat up the rabbit’s foot and make myself a grill. then i’d have an imaginary tea party with lil’ jon using the octo-pimp cups.

----- lauren serota 26.11.08 20:53

I would grind the rabbits foot and the bulb candles in the octopi cups with my hands making a concoction that will be able to dissolve through the walls I shall douse.

----- Collin Banko 26.11.08 20:47

I would rub my magic rabbit foot and wish for a boy and a bottle of wine. Then, I would light the candles, drink my wine out of those octopus cups and chill!

----- Erica 26.11.08 20:24

… go to the window, wave the items at passer-bys, “get me out, and it’s yours’!”

----- Darryl 26.11.08 19:18

1.) Throw the rabbit foot at the window.
2.) Use the candles to clean any glass shards out of my way.
3.) Go to a local pub and use my new glasses to celebrate my escape.
4.) Buy the gorgeous brunette sitting at the bar a drink and use the second glass.
5.) Tell her all about my incredible escape.
6.) ???
7.) Profit.

----- Jasper 26.11.08 18:33

i would have an imaginary tea party.

----- Simon 26.11.08 18:16

i would just relax and drink from my awesome cups in the candle lit room and just hope that the rabbits foot brings me good luck and someone just happen to open the door. thats would i would do, why panic?

----- ed 26.11.08 17:58

You said the cups would make crazy beer mugs right? I’d hope someone else was trapped in the room with some beer and matches. And then we’d have ourselves a good time drinking by candlelight.

----- Josie 26.11.08 17:46

1: First, I would use my lighter to light the candles
2: Then, I would drop the gold rabbits foot into one of the octopus cups and hold it over the flames.
3: Once the gold melted down I would spread it over my teeth with the left over fur from the rabbits foot(underneath the gold, if it’s just dipped, if it’s pure gold I suppose my finger would do) and let it cool, eventually forming a golden cast
4: Then I would proceed to eat myself out of the room
5: I would use the other octopus cup for my bathroom breaks.

----- mary 26.11.08 17:18

Them mugs is killer :)

----- DDB 26.11.08 17:14

I’d pour myself a drink, light a candle and sit back.

----- Katie Lewis 26.11.08 16:53

Well, seeing as would be trapped I suppose I would have to…er… use the cups for going number 1 and number 2 (paper in box for you know what), use the rabbit foot as a worry stone to rub away my anxiety and use the box to prop up my feet and use the candles as pillows… or food.

----- Rick 26.11.08 16:26

i think at one episode macgyver just joined everything together into a bomb and swept his way thru the room… thats i would do too. dont use weapons, use you mind!!!

----- Roland Bango-Fi 26.11.08 15:35

Even though these are very nice items and I’d love to win them, if I was alone locked in a room with only them - I’d go crazy. At some point I’d throw them against the wall in frustration and listen to the satisfying sound of glass breaking.

----- myrna eisenlauer 26.11.08 14:51

If I was trapped in a room with those objects I’d pretend the little gold foot was a G.I. Joe and I’d landscape the cups and lights into the terrain and I’d play some recon/action/adventure scenario out…

----- Stacy B. 26.11.08 14:02

i would cut a candles in half and carve out a skeleton key, melt the foot in one of the cups (i choose to believe that lighting the second candle will provide sufficient heat) and cast my own key to get out of said room.

----- Elaine 26.11.08 12:49

I’d stay forever! What more could one want from life?

----- Iain 26.11.08 12:03

I pray to the Octopus Cup God to bring me some good gin (Bombay Sapphire of course) to fill those cups. Wish fulfilled, I take a drink, muster my courage and attempt to dig through the door with my lucky rabbit foot.

Digging is hard work….I take a break…..sip some more gin.

Dig some more….

I take another break and sit with my remaining gin. I realize I’m having a hard time seeing where I’m digging on that door. I fish around in my pockets and surprisingly find a lighter. Fan-frickin-tastic! Those Octopus Gods must have been smiling on me!

I light the candles and guess what I see? A smoke alarm right over my head! Hmmmm, maybe if I set off the smoke alarm someone will rush to my aid!

I find a gum wrapper in my pocket and light it on fire, hold it near the smoke detector and….success! I am deafened by the piercing screech of the alarm. I sit again with my gin and my hands over my ears and wait 5 minutes….

10 minutes……

15 minutes……

ENOUGH!!! No one is coming. Damn. I smash the smoke alarm with the rabbit foot. Ahhh, sweet silence. I am now a bit deaf, but feeling quite warm and fuzzy. So I dig on the door some more.

I notice from the candle light that my handiwork on the door is quite sloppy. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the gin. I continue….

A while later, I’m finally able to scrape and dig a hole in the door just big enough to fit my hand through. I unlock the door and stumble into the daylight….a very free albeit somewhat inebriated woman.


----- Lex 26.11.08 11:50

i would hold the candles in my hands to make them pliable, and then fashion a set of wax teeth/lips so i’d look REAL CRAZY whenever someone found me.

----- stacy hester 26.11.08 11:38

I would fashion the octopus cups into hats and use the wax from the candles to affix them to my head. I would wear the white one Monday, the black one Tuesday, etc, alternating so I wouldn’t get tired of them. Once rescued, I would give the rabbit’s foot keychain to a bunny with a missing foot so he or she could use it as a prosthesis.

----- Rua 26.11.08 11:02

1. rub the rabbits foot and wish notcot had designed a better room for my table toppers.

----- che 26.11.08 10:41

i would simply sit there and admire these beautiful pieces while i wait for some to get me out of there.

----- jayp0411 26.11.08 10:40

I think objects are meant to be used. I’d drink out of the octopus cup, or, if suffering from a lack of some kind of drinkable liquid, I’d pretend to drink out of the octopus cup.

----- emily 26.11.08 09:37

I would first hang the sign over the exit. Nothing would help me relax more than a friendly reminder as to why it isn’t so bad to be stuck in a room for a while with only my ideas to entertain me. Then I would break one of the cups, prob the lighter one, and start carving into the candles with the broken ceramic. The wax scraps would contrast nicely in the black cup, and i would prob be entertained for hours carving those three candles into something unique. The rabbit’s foot is just nice bling to have around.

----- ali 26.11.08 09:32

me and the octopi would team up and put on some serious shadow puppet shows courtesy of those lights and our cell walls.

----- Anner 26.11.08 09:24

put them in my butt.

----- chris 26.11.08 09:22

warm up my “golden rabbit and octopus tea” with the candles and sit back, sip and enjoy the peace and quiet!

----- sheri 26.11.08 09:05

Melt the candles, use the hot wax in one of the mugs to slowly drip it into the key hole to create a dupe, and wish on the lucky rabbits foot that the room held something to carve a key out of.

----- Kate 26.11.08 08:37

pick up my cell phone and call someone to let me out…

----- mike 26.11.08 08:32

mmm… take a nap.

----- Alexis 26.11.08 08:29

I would try to pile them onto my chest as a makeshift funerary mound and hope for the best.

----- lhaurah 26.11.08 08:04

I would combine all of the items to fashion some sort of tool to escape from the room. Just like MacGyver.

----- Melanie Tedder 26.11.08 07:42

wish on the golden rabbits foot for some booze to fill the glasses and some matches to light the candles.

----- b 26.11.08 07:37

For some reason these items bring sex to mind but I won’t go into detail.

----- awolf 26.11.08 07:28

If I was trapped in a room and all I had were these objects… than the answer is easy! First, I’d have to light the candles with my sheer will power (psychic abilities y’know) so that I could see the lucky rabbit’s foot keychain in the no longer dark room. Then I’d rub the keychain for as long as was necessary until my wish came true… beer to fill the octopi cups of course! Once I have a few drinks, I wouldn’t be too worried about being trapped in a room not knowing how I got there or how to get out.

… So, did I get the question right?

----- Allen 26.11.08 07:15

Can the room have wine in it? And could my boyfriend be there? Then we would drink wine from the cups, in candlelight, and he would probably do something stupid with the rabbit foot, like stick it up his nose. And then I would laugh uncontrollably, and it would be the best night EVER!

----- JB 26.11.08 07:11

Finally have some time to relax with some moody candlelight and a hot cup of rabbit’s foot tea!

----- Lauren 26.11.08 07:09

Don’t know what it is with Octopuses (*Octopi?, Octopussi?) being everywhere in art and design these days, but I freakin’ love it!

----- Aaron 26.11.08 06:33

so cute! I’m an octopus fan!

----- Mercedes 26.11.08 06:33

unfortunately i wouldn’t be able t light the candle since i have no source of fire in the room. like you said, i only have these three objects. So i’d rub the magic gold rabbits foot until it began to glow. Once the room was illuminated by the magic gold rabbits foot i would focus the energy of the light from the magic gold rabbits foot onto the two octopus cups causing them to over flow with water and the two octopi to come to life. soon the room is filled with water and the octopi and i are submerged. Octopi, being clever sea creatures that they are find a way out and i follow them. once outside we light the candles to warm up then go to the pub for karaoke. i mean, duh…what else would i do?

----- Andrew Pistella 26.11.08 06:21

1) rub rabbits foot for luck in being rescued
2) pick candles apart in boredom
3) ???????

----- Karlaanne 26.11.08 06:00

I would simply admire every object in the room with me, “oh wow such good designs!” and then wait for someone to visit me. I mean who really locks someone in a room and doesn’t visit them later on. This person is going to have to let me know that they were one, won’t they? Maybe they are hoping I will develop Stockholm syndrome. And maybe I will, I mean anyone who locks in me in a room with classy objects should be worth of my affections, wouldn’t you say?

----- Maia 26.11.08 05:43

uno: take the box and flip it on it’s side and cut a hole out of the bottom
dos: tape REALITY inside hole and light candles behind to make the box assume the position of a Green and recycled T.V.
three: hold cups over ears to make my blood flow the soundtrack to this amazing “handmade” mini-series
nueve: change my keys over to the blinging rabbit’s foot from my old Suck UK Key bottle opener that never seems to work effectively after Tres beers.

----- nikki 26.11.08 05:40

Like any good Buddhist, I’d light the candles, give thanks to the golden rabbit who gave up his foot to me, and wonder if the octopus is a sign about what I’m going to be reincarnated as while my death slowly approaches.

----- Leo 26.11.08 05:35

i would strike my octopus cups together in hopes of making a spark… use the spark to light my fabulous light bulb candle and make an attempt to melt the rabbits foot to make a key… awesome-o.

----- Carol 26.11.08 04:47

I would pocket all of them and try to break the door down.

----- Allison S. 26.11.08 04:39

I would replace the light bulb in the room with the candle and hopefully cause enough damage to set off the fire alarm - at which point I would have a Sprinkler-Tea-Party with the Octo-cups and wait for the Hunky Firemen to arrive. Sounds like a Pretty AWeSome Time Actually…

----- Anita Misa 26.11.08 04:19

Why is everyone trying to escape the room. I dream of being trapped in a room by myself. You people clearly don’t work in an open plan office. Whats more you are going to give me free gifts. Wow these are the kind of gifts that just keep on giving. As long as you let me out in time to enter the next giveaway, i have nothing else other than this. I gotta stop now because if people see me with anything other than an excel sheet on my screen i will be called into the supervisors office again. Damn you ‘open plan’ and all you people lucky enough to be trapped in those utopian small rooms we call ‘offices’.

----- james 26.11.08 03:15

eat them.

----- apol 26.11.08 02:41

I would sit with my pretty objects and imagine myself somewhere else… or if that fails play out my own fantasy world… then who needs to leave the room?

----- D Diack 26.11.08 02:40

with such fabulous items keeping me company there really isn’t a need to “do” anything other than bask in their ferocious glow.

----- steven 26.11.08 02:31

I would light a candle so I have enough light to find my rabbit foot keychain with the key to the door out of the room. While I searched I would sip hot cocoa from my octopus cup to keep myself warm and calm.

----- Daniel 26.11.08 01:37

I’d use the rabbits foot to wear a hole in the bottom of each cup, break the wick out of the candles, assemble the wick and the cups as a string telephone that kids make, hang one end out the window, and wait for MacGyver to walk past and tell me how to get out with just those items.

----- Bort 26.11.08 01:32

I would start to plan a company that can copy these objects make them cheaper by producing in korea and then selling them trough Amazon or something. I would soon be rich enough to buy help from someone who can get me out of the room…

----- Gustaf 26.11.08 01:01

stuff like this:
________||||||||||_________ |||__||||

----- Justin A. 26.11.08 01:00

see how long i can suction one of those cups to my face using my mouth
this could take several days, but once that is done:
use the gold to scratch through a wall, but before i leave
light the candles and set it up so that the room catches on fire
therefore faking my death
and then join the circus !!!

----- kristen 26.11.08 00:08

I would take them one by one and shatter (or crumble apart for the candles) them one by one against the wall while cursing the Gods for giving me pretty, albeit useless, instruments for escape.

----- Jimin 26.11.08 00:07


----- cody taggart 25.11.08 23:38

i would use the cup and make a phonograph (make the needle and other necessities from the metal from the rabbit foot, shape the wax so that the needle could scratch it). then i would think long and hard, and when i am finally ready, record my last message to the world.

----- Alice 25.11.08 23:04

I already have one squid cup and I love it. If I was alone in a room with all of this stuff I would use all three cups to play find the ball under the cup game.

And provide light.

----- aldo 25.11.08 22:53

i would light the candles …
flip the octupi over use them as drums …
amuse myself till my lucky gold plated rabbits foot did its trick.

when i am freed i would write you a thank you email about my silly predicaments and how this notcot free giveaway kept me sane.

----- Shital Patel 25.11.08 22:42

I would light the candle, melt the rabbits foot into the mug and fashion a key to get the heck out of the room I am trapped in!

Thank you for the chance to win! Good luck everyone, Jeff

----- Jeff M. 25.11.08 22:30

probably cry, give the objects names, and have a tea party

----- Vanessa 25.11.08 22:25

I would use, if trapped in a room, the octopus cups first. Seeing as they resemble the symbol for the secret group known as Hydra (Marvel) I would tap into its secret homing signal device and get Hydra to come and rescue me. As I waited I would use the rabbits foot and the candles to put on the greatest version of the Phantom of the Opera ever seen. You have all the right characters, the misunderstood rabbits foot who is disfigured from all the others rabbits feet and has to seek seclusion in the bottom of the cups. While the lightbulb candles make for a great chandelier for the rabbit to sing to as it waits for its one true love who will accept it for who it really is.

----- Noel Taylor 25.11.08 22:23

I would celebrate because I had just won Holiday Giveaway #9

----- Morgan 25.11.08 22:03

Whups, just realized that I forgot to say that the socket is placed between the two goblets, with the rabbit’s foot in it, to serve as a symbolic offering of both wealth (as a valuable) and life (as emblematic of the rabbit that I would slaughter for the ceremony if I had one available).

Hopefully Cthulhu will accept that I’m doing the best I can with what’s available.

Hmm. Actually, we’ve got the packing material, the box, and the “reality” card to play with too.

Obviously if we’re appealing to cthulhu, we’ve already lost touch with reality. Then again, if we had a firm grip on reality we might not be imagining we were trapped in a room (especially such a vaguely described room) — so grip the card tightly and see if we suddenly find ourselves elsewhere.

No bright ideas for the rest yet, but I’m working on it.

----- Keshlam 25.11.08 22:02

Place the Cephalopod of Darkness upon the right and the Cephalopod of Light upon the left, with one sacrificial candle before each, and prey — sorry, pray — that Cthulhu will deliver me from durance vile.

Or at least drive me crazy so I don’t mind being trapped.

----- Keshlam 25.11.08 21:53

first i would light the bulbs, then put the rabbits foot in the actopus… and thats about it fun riiiight

----- levi montez 25.11.08 21:37

sweeeeeeeett octopi

----- insolv1niac86 25.11.08 21:35

I would first take the golden rabbit foot and take up some pieces of the wooden floor, then I would rub the wood floor pieces together to make fire to light my candle. I would then look for bugs underneath the floorboards to eat, I would cook them in the cup over my lit candles, and use the rabbit foot to stir my dinner. If their was a window, Then I would wait for daytime to begin my masterpiece on the wall. I would use the wax candle as a wax pencil and create a beautiful work of art. I would squash the bugs with the cup, or trap them to keep as pets. One day building a bug army which would eat through the walls and lead me to freedom. After I escape, I suffer from stockholm syndrome and eventually make my way back to be with my beautiful candle, my rabbits foot, and my lovely octo-cup. I would rock back and forth until I died….or until family guy came on..

----- Kirk 25.11.08 21:34

strike rabbits foot on wall or ground to make a spark to light the candles. Fill the octopus glasses with some of the finest booze on the seven seas (i had it with me…) and enjoy some sexy times with the lady who is with you. Using, the line of how awesome your candle is because it looks like a CFL to pick her up.

----- Josh 25.11.08 20:39

1. tear the box to small bits
2. use the rabbit to scrape the wooden floor until it becomes red hot
3. use the bits of paper as kindling
4. use the candles to get the flame burning
5. burn the door down.
6. get out

----- ed 25.11.08 20:34

I would light the candle and melt the wax into the cup. I would use the melted wax to build the rest of the rabbit around the foot. Then I would wish it to life. This way I would have a cool gold-footed rabbit (who i will name “wiggles”) to keep me company until I get desperate and eat him.

----- vu 25.11.08 20:28

I would stew and contemplatehow to get out, and when my idea hit me I would take the lightbulb candle and put it over my head, because I always wished that would happen when I got an idea in real life. To execute my awesome idea, I would use the rabbit foot to tap morse code, or SOS, on the wall. Someone would hear and understand morse code and save me, or call the police because I am annoying the heck out of them with my incessant tapping.
The octopus mugs are of most importance to my plan. Ok, logically guys,if I’m trapped in a room, I’m eventually gonna have to use the bathroom. I know, I know but this is a realistic interpretation here. White mug for #1, black for #2.

----- Lauren 25.11.08 20:19

I would rub the candles between my hands to melt them down and use the wax to seal off any cracks or crevasses to the outside. Who says I want to leave? Then I’d really enjoy myself, getting over my fear of octopi and fashioning the rabbits foot into a pet that lives in my pocket.

----- allyt 25.11.08 20:17

I believe this is quite a simple pickle to get out of. “So, stuck in a room, eh?” I’d think to myself. Well, I should likely make use of what I have about me besides my wit. Ah! What’s this? Octopi and candle-light bulbs? Simple: toss the bulbs in the mugs and wait for the octopi to illuminate the room. Illuminated? Perfect! Rabbit’s foot goes into the socket for electro-luck.

With a bit of electro-luck, a glowing octopus, and a mind this curious, you certainly qualify for the loony bin that you’ll eventually discover you were put in!

----- thatkidthere 25.11.08 20:15

1. Light candles.
2. Make prison wine to drink out of octopus cups.
3. Clutch gold rabbit’s foot tightly and jump out the window.

----- Gordon 25.11.08 20:11

I would just sit back and know that I would be rescued soon enough, as everyone would be rushing to find me and check out my awesome objects.

----- Jeremy 25.11.08 20:09

I would probably eat the other people in the room for sustenance.

----- Ryan 25.11.08 20:02

Take string from my shoelace and use the two cups to make a McGiver type phone and try to call for help. Once I realize I don’t get single… melt the wax from one candle and the bubble gum on the bottom of my shoe to make a sticky paste to spread on the wall, wait for it to harden, then break wall down… And use the Rabbits Foot… FOR LUCK Because I am going to need to in order to win this giveaway


----- Jason 25.11.08 19:53

Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus!

----- Olympia 25.11.08 19:40

………..I have been so unlucky lately, a rabbits foot would be very beneficial, especially since it isnt a real rabbits foot because im kind of anti-fur, unless it was just so gorgeous like that fur hammack you once showed.

The halogen light bulb candle will also work perfectly in my house since I dont use any other kind of light build, it would pay homage to my need to save electricity.

----- Kirk 25.11.08 19:37

Break the cups, stick them back together with (hand) warmed wax. One they’re together, they’ll be (w)hole, so I’ll climb out of the hole.

----- Joanna 25.11.08 19:31

i’d use my new found spare time to think up an answer to this dilemma worthy of my prize.

----- gattito 25.11.08 19:26

I would use one Octopus Cup to pee into, and one to amuse myself in various ways. It can be a hat, it can be a microphone, it can be a drum, it can be my friend.
I would use the rabbits foot to tap on the walls, either to make a song or to get noticed and rescued.
I would use the lightbulb candles to throw at stuff just for fun, because I can’t light them without matches so I may as well enjoy them. I’d also try eating them, just to see if they’re nutritious.

----- Emily 25.11.08 18:48

I would die happy.

----- amanda 25.11.08 18:36

obviously i’d rub the rabbit foot between my index finger and thumb, wishing for a get out. i’d eat the wax because the feeling of being trapped always makes you hungry. and i would try to make as many musical sounds as possible with the cups. true story.

----- beth 25.11.08 18:28

I’d give them all names and we’d play house.

----- Lisa 25.11.08 18:16

are we sure those are octopi? the Flying Spaghetti Monster is simply tempting us to worship the golden idol of Rabbit Foot. I would decline the wrath of his Noodly Appendage and play with what are clearly Pastafarian inspired cups.

----- kelly 25.11.08 18:06

i would pray to Alice for forgiveness for what happened to the rabbit, have a drink from each cup & light a candle so the octopus can lead the way. if that doesn’t work i guess reality can be let back out of the box when we wake from our naps, right?

----- melissa m! 25.11.08 18:01

Knowing that luck not only cannot derive from a gold rabbit foot but also that luck only comes from fallen eyelashes, I would instead fashion a projectile out of it, tying one of the candles to it, and throw it out the window, breaking the glass and thus giving the room a nice breeze.

No seriously, why would I want to leave a room if I’ve already got the objects I desire?

----- Vonni 25.11.08 17:47

I wouldn’t write a comment for this blog post.

----- Ben 25.11.08 17:37

I’d angrily sit and contemplate how far the series has fallen into decay since they made the first “Saw”. I mean honestly a rabbits foot and some cups… how scary is that?

----- Tim 25.11.08 17:35

Five assumptions:
Year is 2101
The place of entrapment is indestructible—no escape possible.
No one will ever find me alive.
Wax has caloric value and can sustain life.
The Harry Allen Rabbit’s Foot Keychain is the last remaining quantity of precious metals known to man and I am guarding it for use by the evil capitalistic New World Order where if they do not find the Keychain soon their autocratic control on the human condition would cease because they can’t produce anymore RoboCops.

With that in mind…
I would immediately eat the Keychain to mitigate discovery by NWO.
I would use the black cake cup to capture excreted urine so that I could reprocess it.
I would use the white cake cup to capture semen so that I could consume it for protein intake.
I would the eat lights (in no specific order) to sustain life as long as possible.
I would use the socket portion of the candle lights as a pillow and eat it last.

Read my assumptions again if you’re appalled.

----- Jaime 25.11.08 17:13

Oh man….gimmie gimmie gimmie.

----- Megan 25.11.08 17:06

I’d probably light the candles, read and relax for a bit.

----- Jessica 25.11.08 17:02

Obviously something sexual!

----- Rose 25.11.08 17:01

I’d use the gold foot to scratch the message “I died happy” into the wall.

----- cassie 25.11.08 16:50


----- Joe Wasserman 25.11.08 16:46

I’d try to figure out what the hell they are…

----- JOsh 25.11.08 16:29

I want, I want, I want. So KAWAII!

----- tagloff 25.11.08 16:28

Eat them.

----- siy 25.11.08 16:18

It’s funny that so many people said they’d light the candles - they wouldn’t have any matches! I would whittle away at the candles to make wax octopus figurines. I would use one of the cups to knock chunks of the candle away and the lucky rabbit’s foot for fine details. I would use the other cup to collect the wax scraps, and if I ever got out of the room, I’d melt down the scraps and make a new candle.

----- Emmie 25.11.08 16:18

Its always the rabbit foot that people depend on. Golden, godly, lucky? HA! Mere misdirection from the Real object beneath… A trap door! But where does it lead? What perils will have to be faced during the escape? Only one way to find out.
Open trap door? Y/N
You look through the dank staircase leading into the chthonic bowels of a strange basement. The stairs lead down.
-Grab objects.
You fumble to collect all of the objects, filling pockets as you go.
-Go down stairs
Drip, drip, drip, drip. The sound fills your ears, wearing away at your very soul. In the darkness you begin to hallucinate of fanged sugar gliders soaring in the corridor, seemingly made of bone. The incessant noise pushing you slowly over the edge of sanity.
-Cover ears.
You feebly put your palms over your ears, muffling the nagging water. You continue walking down further. The glint of light that was the exit disappears around the dipping staircase…Now, only darkness. Only darkness. You feel heavy with the blackness around you. A muggy heat fills the air
-Light candle
I do not understand that command.
-Look at objects.
You try to discern the rough shape of the objects in your overflowing pockets. Two mugs, Light, Screw, Foot, Bulb base.
-Use potential.
In the darkness, these shapes only potentially represent their actual waxen self.
-Insert bulb into base.
The bulb twists into the base with the squeal of the aluminum threading grinding together. Nothing happens.
-Shake furiously.
You shake the combined objects with much fervor. There is a flicker and the bulb slowly begins to glow, casting an eerie compound fluorescent glow on the hallway.
You look around, noticing the hallway leads to a vast chasm filled with water. The walls slope upwards like a giant dome. There appears to be no exit and a pool with a roughly 100 meter circumference. In the middle of the pool there is a long, convoluted, platform.
-Throw cup at platform.
You hurl the cup at the platform. It sails loftily through the air, lit by your bulb. It smashes on the hard surface. You ponder, confused about the reason behind this clearly irrational act.
-Smell water.
You bend over and inhale deeply. The faint smell of Lady Grey tea fills your nostrils, with its Bergamot and lemon tantalizing your desire for a hot cup of well steeped, leafy, water.
-Fill cup.
You dip the remaining cup into the dark brew, pulling it up to your chest filled with your most favourite of all drinks.
-Sip tea.
You burn your tongue.
-Blow on tea.
You blow on your tea, slowly cooling it to the perfect temperature.
-Sit and enjoy.
You bask in your cleverness. Drinking a spot of tea, lit by your actualized objects. How clever you are to have made light of this could-be dire situation.
You look around, noticing the hallway leads to a vast chasm filled with water. The walls slope upwards like a giant dome. There appears to be no exit and a pool with a roughly 100 meter circumference. In the middle of the pool there is a long, convoluted, platform.
Look at objects.
You gaze, in full light, at your remaining objects: one mug, Wax Lightbulb Foot.
-Fill cup.
You dip the remaining cup into the dark brew, pulling it up to your chest filled with your most favourite of all drinks.
-Put wax bulb in cup.
You drop your wax bulb into the cup, letting the searing hot tea spill over your hand, wincing in pain. The wax softens, becomes malleable and plyable.
-Mold a boat.
You work the wax thin. Curving the walls into a mighty wax vessel. Pleased with your workmanship you stand, hands on waist smiling.
-Shake compound lamp.
You shake the combined objects with much fervor. There is a flicker and the bulb goes out. Darkness once more. Your soul begins to sink.
-Touch boat.
You hesitate, but touch the boat. A strange texture… Wooden, carved, ornate.
-Shake compound lamp
You shake the combined objects with much fervor. There is a flicker and the bulb slowly begins to glow, casting an eerie compound fluorescent glow through the cavern.
You look around, noticing the hallway leads to a vast chasm filled with water. The walls slope upwards like a giant dome. There appears to be no exit and a pool with a roughly 100 meter circumference. In the middle of the pool there is a long, convoluted, platform. Right in front of you there is a huge craft! A massive ship with mighty oars, looking surprisingly sea worthy.
-Push boat into tea.
You push at the ship with all of your strength. Slowly it dips into the black sea, bobbing on the surface.
-Mount boat.
You hop into the boat, leaving the the safety of the shore.
-Row towards platform
You grab the oars, and with unbelievable strength pull the boat into motion. Slowly travelling towards the twisted structure in the middle of the pool.
-Look at platform.
It is white. Smooth and uninterrupted. It appears to dip down into the pool at either end. You cannot see where it leads…. SUDDENLY! The water begins to bubble and the pool is thrown into a violent rage. Waves the size of mountains hurl your dwarfed boat against the sides of the cavern. Tossing you to one side, then the other. Leaving you battered and confused. The world spinning around you, splashing you with your steaming unpleasant love— tea.
-Hold on to mast.
You lurch at the mast, missing it by a few inches. You land hard at the other end of the deck as a wave crashes down on the mast. Splinters are sent flying in every which direction.
-Look at objects.
Hopelessly wet, you look at your objects: Mug, foot.
-Inspect foot.
You look closely at the foot in the torrent of tea. You see a seam.
-Pick at seam.
You dig a nail into the seam and pull back…. Foil. You open it to reveal chocolate. A creamy melting mass of chocolate.
-Eat chocolate.
You gnoche down on the chocolate foot, tasting the rich satin. You mouth is filled with joy as your body gets pummeled by another wave.
You look frantically around, while holding on for dear life. The roof… There is a circle of light… It grows… A nose appears, bulbous and furry. Then an eye, huge and intense. You see the lids narrow, in a perplexed, quizzical expression, as the pool calms. Then a hand, fingers wrapping around your boat. You are pulled from the cavern into the brilliant white light of day. The world is stagarringly large. Or are you very small. The room rushes by, thumping, you as your giant friend walks you across the room. He picks you up by an arm and drops the boat… falling, falling, falling SMASH. The giant picks up a tea towel and roughly drys you off, giving no regard to your frail little body. You feel your bones near breaking when it stops.
You see what appears to be a kitchen. You see your bloodied limbs and battered torso. The giant starts to move again, towards the monstrous oven this time. You see the kettle and the whistle attached to the tip. The giant opens it and gingerly places you in.
You see an open trap door.
I do not understand that command.
-Hit head with mug.
You beat yourself once, hard, on the head. You slowly open your eyes… lying on the floor of your room…
You see a cold kettle on your night stand and an octopus mug on the floor at your side. Two lights are on in the room and there is your inspirational rabbit poster, half clinging to the wall above you. You gaze confused at your bed… Mutter to yourself and go back to sleep.

I had some time…. Procrastination is a great great thing.

----- Matthew 25.11.08 16:13

I would just wait for you guys to come into and shout :” Surprise!!!!!!! “

I knew it! Lol!

----- jetlim19 25.11.08 16:10

I would wish on the gold rabbits foot for my coffee maker and supplies, make coffee and relax and do nothing! Oh and be very glad that I’m not trapped with anyone to bother me.

----- Christine 25.11.08 16:02

If I was trapped in a room with just these objects I would be sad that I couldn’t really enjoy them. Then I would meditate, and maybe put the cups up to my ear and listen to the sounds of the ocean.

----- Slumdig 25.11.08 15:59

Oh yes. Make sexytime. I’m super cereal.

----- Keta 25.11.08 15:58

Trapped in a room with only these objects? What could you do? Really. I’m pretty smart, but I think even MacGuyver would be hard pressed to throw something useful together in this scenario. Seriously, who are you guys kidding? But since you asked, I guess I’d just chill in the room and check out the stuff. Assuming I had light, I could look at the candles and rabbit’s foot and mugs. You know, when you first get something, you want to really give it a good once over. Of course, if there wasn’t any light, I guess I could feel the stuff at least. Then I could entertain myself by imagining I had a really cool new friend in there with me. We could drink pretend beer out of the mugs and laugh about stories we’d make up about the rabbit’s foot. Man, we’d have a good time. Now I kinda want to do it…

----- Chris Spurgin 25.11.08 15:54

I tried to hide my trembling as I felt the bitter tang of salty sweat in the corner of my mouth. It would be more bitter still to drink from the cup that sat in front of me. The cup inscribed with that cursed icon. That fiendish eight-limbed immortal had invaded my dreams time and time again. And now, in the clutches of the Octopites, I was forced to choose. To either join them or die…death contained in that diminutive vessel before me.

The Octopite Devout sat across from me, their gray eyes glinting in the flickering light, waiting…watching. In my hazy vision, I couldn’t tell if the light was an open flame or a dying fluorescent bulb. It didn’t seem to matter anymore.

I did the only thing I could do. With my free hand, I grabbed my lucky rabbit’s foot underneath my ripped shirt, the only thing they had left on my person, and yanked. They were about to see just what it could do. And the error of their ways.

----- taryn 25.11.08 15:47

I would go to sleep to dream that my both of my octopus cups were filled with aged scotch.

----- SpukySpukster 25.11.08 15:43

well then i got stuck with the items i was trying to win
and yet im trap in a room i guess i would learned the ultimate lesson

i should never have been so Materialistic..

----- Ryland Rodriguez 25.11.08 15:37

I’d freak out. Being trapped in a room is freaky.

But at least I’d have some fun objects to play with.

----- Darrel 25.11.08 15:33

Assuming the room has a window, I would use the rabbit’s foot to reflect the sun and flash a morse code S.O.S to people in nearby buildings. I might also use the rabbit’s foot to reflect light onto its cardboard box to start a fire, so I could light the candles in case it got dark before someone came to my rescue. When help did arrive, I would reward my rescuer with one of my beautiful octopus cups, and since I would keep the other one, we would be bonded for life.

----- LollyD 25.11.08 15:28

use the gold rabbit’s foot to fool the silly dwarves that trapped me in the room, of course! while they’ve got their eyes on the gold, smash them over the head with the octopi cups (taking care not to break the cups :p) and use the candles to guide my way out of their dark underground lair…

----- xue 25.11.08 15:24

I would just sit there. The awesomeness of my items would draw in stylish people from around the world.

----- leah 25.11.08 15:23

should there be no windows/If I could light the candles…

1. break the mugs into large chunks
2. use the rabbit foot to carve deep lines into them
3. melt the rabbit foot
(14k gold melting point =843.33C
brass melting point = 940C
candle max heat = 1400C)
4. Shape the metals into lock picking devices (by pouring the liquid metal into the lines in the broken cups)
5. escape.

Its a shame though, the rabbit foot is my favorite part.

…I might just play with melted wax for a while (before step 1) and take a nap, I need a vacation so bad that I wouldn’t even mind being stuck in a room for a little bit.
Hey, you can eat cardboard …right?

----- Sarah MacKinnon 25.11.08 15:19

I would have a tea party with famous people throughout history who I imagine are all seated at the table with me. It would be stunning conversation about modern politics and mass culture with the likes of Andrew Jackson, Da Vinci, Einstein, Mae West, Keith Moon, etc.

----- Stephanie 25.11.08 15:18

Well, I think there are a lot of important details that the original question does not address. First of all, do I even want to get out of the room? If not, then I’d probably just sit and enjoy how items and simply be content with that. If I do want to escape the room, then that brings us to a different set of questions; are these the ONLY objects in the room? Are there windows? Am I naked? I’m sure you can understand me wanting to know the details that determine the severity of the situation.

However, I think under any of the aforementioned circumstances I would still take a moment to appreciate how rad the octopus cups are.

----- Ronny Nause 25.11.08 15:14

Since every object in my hand can be considered a deadly weapon. I would first grab the (heavy) lucky rabbits foot and use it as a nunchaku to defeat the horrible invading elbowed squid monsters. Then I would fill the first octopus cup with oil and throw them at the deceptive but fiery light bulb candle creating a fireball of epic proportions. This would, of course, destroy the earth, But thanks to my quick hand-eye coordination and knowledge of the big bounce theory i would capture every piece of the demolished planet in the second octopus cup and painstakingly reassemble everything as it was minus a few kids i knew in high school. This process would later be recorded and put on you tube and get millions of hits and be known simply as two cups, one earth.
pretty epic huh?

----- Spicydonut 25.11.08 15:13

I’d wear them (I think I’d have enough time to figure out how).

----- carola 25.11.08 15:05

I would:

rub the rabbit’s foot for luck, light the candle and make shadow octopi on the wall so the cups would feel like they had pals, put the lightbulb in my mouth and wish for a matching lampshade for my head. rinse, lather, repeat!

----- sara 25.11.08 15:04

i wouldn’t do anything but jump up and down of happiness that i finally won a giveaway.

----- hydralily 25.11.08 15:04

1. use one cup to listen to what was happening outside of the room
2. use the rabbit’s foot to knock on the wall real loud
3. put the other cup at the far end of the room
4. attempt to throw the candles into the cup and award myself arbitrary points until I have either won, OR until I am rescued.

----- Carrieee 25.11.08 15:01

Sit tight and wait for someone to let me out. Then snag the swag and give them to other people for Christmas. Ahhh the things we do to save a little money nowadays…

----- Tifa 25.11.08 14:57

I wasn’t trapped in the room in the first place, the door was just locked. I would just walk out and carry the objects with me.

----- labraji 25.11.08 14:55

build and octopus pot bikini

----- Akshay Sardana 25.11.08 14:53

1. wish on the rabbits foot for a match. 2. get high off the candles. 3. smash the octopus cups. 4. use the pieces to carve art in the walls.


----- Salena 25.11.08 14:51

perfect octopus toothbrush holder.

----- brad 25.11.08 14:50

i will start with the rabbit foot and try to open a hold in the wall to scape of that place!

Play a song with the cups like a drum bells or something to make the time better and then i will eat the bulb to see if can i get any other idea! (the bulb idea)

----- Beatrice 25.11.08 14:50


----- dylan 25.11.08 14:47

Stick the cups to my nipples like a bra while dripping the wax from the candles on my chest and choking myself with the rabbit foot.

Don’t judge me.

----- Paul Schmidt 25.11.08 14:46

I’d press the Octopi cups against the wall to see if I could hear any one on the other side. If I didn’t, I’d wish really hard on the Rabbit’s foot that someone would come along and when they did, I’d lure them in with a really good riddle about a room with a light bulb made of wax. If that all failed I’d just sit in the room and enjoy these awesome items. Could be worse.

----- Andrea 25.11.08 14:42

please please please please!
I LOVE octopuses. Fun fact: a german octopus (named Otto) was found juggling his aquarium inhabitants (hermit crabs, etc.) and also rearranging his tank. Voila - coolest animal ever.
Thanks for finding exciting things to lust over, I check this webpage religiously. :)

----- Anna 25.11.08 14:41

Make a cup of rabbit foot tee on a candle fire.

----- Peter Kuhar 25.11.08 14:41

i bribe someone to let me out by promising to let them choose an item in return. whether i actually let them choose something is neither here nor there.

----- chris 25.11.08 14:37

well seeing as the rabbits foot is not a real rabbits foot (not that i’m complaining; who needs rotting meat when you can have 14k gold?) wishing on it would be useless according to traditions. and unless MAKE teamed up with zippo to make octopus cups that double as lighters, i don’t think i could get the candles going.
i would eat one of the candles and rest happily knowing that i’m in the presence of good design, reflect on my life, become slightly psychotic but ultimately finding myself, and then if and when i’m saved, i can wow people with the auto biography of my life in solitude.
and maybe my story will inspire a small painting or a series of photos :)

----- sean 25.11.08 14:36

First I would give the octopi names so that they could entertain me during my captivation. The white would be named Sir Eight Face, and the black, Sir Midnight 5000. The two would argue the candle to be sacrificed first to the Golden God Bu-thina, (the foot of rabbit.) Once the sacrifices were made, we would play 20 questions or homemade Battleship, which I would scratch into the floorboards using Bu-thina.

----- Sarah may b. 25.11.08 14:33

I would make supper.

----- Sylvia 25.11.08 14:32

Hope my megalucky rabbits foot would inspire someone to bust in.

----- Garret 25.11.08 14:31

First, I’d smash one of the cups against the wall. I would then study the lock on the door that’s standing between me and freedom. I would then attempt to fashion a makeshift key/lockpick out of wax. Once I was satisfied, I’d grip the rabbit’s foot and wish that all goes well. If the key fails, I’ll chew on the remaining wax and yell obscenities into the other cup.

----- Spencer 25.11.08 14:30

I would light the candle and then using the shiny rabbits foot start scratching away at soft surfaces to try find a way out. If that failed I would use the candle to burn down the room…but how did I light the candle?

----- Andrew Chau 25.11.08 14:29

The rabbit’s foot is clearly the strongest digging tool, so I would use it to slowly scrape my way out. It does not have a very ergonomic handle, which could make digging even slower, so I will warm the candles in my hand until they can be shaped into more comfortable grips for my digging tool. (These grips will wear out, but I should be able to make more than one out of each candle.) The cups will come in useful as the tunnel gets deeper, for schlepping dirt out of the hole.

----- Lucia 25.11.08 14:26

take the rabbit foot and rub against stone walls to light candles. have wax drip into one cup so that it can be reused. use the other cup to start digging.

----- Jacob 25.11.08 14:26

Since you did not say what kind of room, I have decided its a rubber room and I’m a bit nutty… I would start with a cuppa joe in the octopus cups by pretend lightbulb candlelight with my imaginary friend, Beatrice, who is made of brass and shaped like a rabbit’s foot.

----- Dawnie 25.11.08 14:24

use the rabbit’s foot to focus the sunlight in order to light the candle to warm the cup and have a nice toasty cup of hot chocolate.

----- drewie 25.11.08 14:22

have sex!

----- sean 25.11.08 14:18

Admire my prizes and then wish to get OUT!

----- T 25.11.08 14:16

The possibilities are endless really, I’m just hoping I’m not stuck alone ;)
If I’m alone fist thing I’d do is wish on the rabbit’s foot for my long lost love next I’d light the candles and flip the cups over to use them as mini bongos and create some nice soul music to finish off the romantic mood.

----- Kristen 25.11.08 14:15

If I could find a way to light the candles, and I knew I was going to be trapped for a while, I’d probably romance myself until someone came to rescue me.

----- patguy 25.11.08 14:15

I would do the same thing I do whenever I find myself trapped in a room: I would do the Cabbage Patch, followed by the Running Man and ending with my incomparable Moonwalk.

… that combo has gotten me out of a lot of jams.

----- Kevin 25.11.08 14:08

Light the candles, rub the rabbit’s foot for a lucky break that someone will find me, and listen for signs of life by holding the mugs against the wall.

----- lauren 25.11.08 14:08

I think I would eat everything and go to sleep. gold tastes good

----- James Richman 25.11.08 13:57

I would wish on the rabbit’s foot to get out of this mess, and then have a tea party with my octopus cups by candlelight. Just because I’m trapped, doesn’t mean I can’t have a tea party.

----- Nick 25.11.08 13:54

i would light the candle then let it melt to create some kind of sculpture and play with the wax on my fingers, then throw everything away inside the pot, hide all things below the ground and go for a walk pimped with my lucky rabbit foot.

----- marieke 25.11.08 13:54

Just last week I bought an octopus necklace. I love me some octopus. They’re good lookin’ and good eatin’. ^_^

----- Lily H. 25.11.08 13:45

light the candles and relax

----- Rachel 25.11.08 13:45

i would scrape the candles apart and use the wicks to make a string telephone with the cups, throw one cup out the window and use the rabbits foot to wish that the person who answered was macguyver.

----- twinkerdill 25.11.08 13:41

I would wish I had a lighter. Those candles aren’t going to light themselves.

----- Matt Ryan 25.11.08 13:40

1. hold the golden rabbit foot in my hand wish me luck..
2. throw the octopus pots agains the wall.
3. pick up the shards and start digging.. wall or floor where applicable.
4. repeat 2-3 ‘till i make my escape!
5. use the candles to light my way thru the tunnel i have dug (this might take me couple of years?)
6. make an elaborate return posing as a count and throw a huge party to celebrate…invite NOTCOT…
7. revenge!~ trap the editors in the room leaving them only blunt wooden spoons..

----- junx 25.11.08 13:39

use the candles to send smoke signals, hold the rabbits foot real tight for luck, and pray for my octopus mugs to be filled to the tip top with whiskey. if nobody arrives to save me, drink heavily while writing my last words in wax.

----- e* 25.11.08 13:32

Start an American adventure television series, produced in the United States and Canada, about the laid-back, extremely resourceful secret agent MacGyver. Let the writers figure out the rest.

----- Alexander 25.11.08 13:31

I would wish for someone to find me on the rabbits foot, light the bulb candle, and have a conversations with the octopus.

----- Jackie 25.11.08 13:28

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