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NOTCOT Giveaway 1: BAGGU- 11.17.08

giveaway1.jpg TO WIN: Leave a comment! ENTER BY 11/20 - WINNER: Dominique in New Mexico!

First giveaway of the season is from Baggu. Founder, Emily was kind enough to send over this bundle of new freshly launched Baggu goodies for one lucky reader… here’s what we’ve got:

1 BIG Baggu, 2 Baggus (in fun new patterns), 2 Baby Baggus, a set of the two new produce Baggus, and an adorable canvas Baggu penguin!

Since i had yet to see these new products in person either, mini photoshoot with the goods after the jump, as well as more info! To win this bundle - you have 3 days (until 11/20 night) to leave a comment, and we’ll pick+email the winner! And while you’re commenting, feel free to help suggest more gift guide products, amuse us, etc!

UPDATE! Check out the penguin (now named Pancho!) ~ with Dominique in NM!










And from The NOTCOT Holiday Coupon Book:

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----- LC 20.11.08 23:03

i love the penguin!

----- Jesse 20.11.08 20:24

that penguin is too cool for school!

----- ooney 20.11.08 19:44

I don’t know what a heck is going on with my computer making all print so small- it is unreadable… But I made sure I got rules and regulations with my grandma glasses and +magnifiing glass- just in time after 2 days of work. I think it was worth it, cause I need a pet and some groceries for grandma that could be brought in very environment friendly way. I never had an opportunity to use baggu- but would like to try…
P.S. Is there a secret button to make this page more readable?

----- alisa 20.11.08 19:39

i always meant to order some of these bags

statistically speaking, i am unlikely to win

----- dontstealmyidea 20.11.08 17:30

I love the packaging on these-unique packaging is my weakness, I’ll buy a product with creative packaging over something that is similar, cheaper, but has boring packaging!! The penguin is too cute to resist! I…MUST…GET…ONE…NOW…. and it is for a good cause, so that makes it even more special. Thank you for the opportunity to win, Good luck everyone, Jeff

----- Jeff M. 20.11.08 16:39

I LOVE baggu bags! I would love to win this hefty little set. Thanks for the opportunity!

----- Sarah 20.11.08 16:11

love these!! great way to get to people that are reluctant to use reusable bags *cough my sister!*

----- monica 20.11.08 15:21

I love baggu! Can’t wait to print some designs on them and save plastic bags!

----- allana 20.11.08 15:02

PINGU! A baggu penguin is *definitely* a pingu!

----- Jacki Chou 20.11.08 14:08

B-Bag to use
A-All the time
G-Great for shopping
G-Good for groceries
U-Unbelieveable style!!

----- Jami 20.11.08 14:07

I LOVE Baggus! And that penguin is pretty great.

----- Jacki 20.11.08 14:07

I’m so eco-friendly I poop pure Kashi!

I should really probably see a doctor about that.

----- Greg 20.11.08 14:05

Sweet. I’d love to have some of these…

----- Nicole 20.11.08 13:00

If I´d put my hands on all this bags I´d probably use the large one to put the rest inside and start to put them all out again in the bus to scare the driver like “Jesus I can´t find my paper” and in the end pull the penguin and say “Stephen, you ate my money you freak!”.

----- Daniel Segatto 20.11.08 12:09

Enter me please!!!

----- liz 20.11.08 11:51


----- Sami Rashid 20.11.08 11:48

I’ve been looking for a way to go GREEN for a while. The movement has JUST started sweeping the south so Greenness isn’t that popular yet. I would LOVE to use the Baggu’s start a new trend.

----- Laura 20.11.08 11:14

i ee ehm prum koReeAh.
i ee speek no engrishee.
buteuh i ee wood li-ee-kuh some BAGGU.

----- makuh 20.11.08 10:37

I seriously need to win this. I have an obsession that borders on the unhealthy for all things Penguin. I’m not even joking. I even created a penguin themed series of mix CDs for friends (http://musicforpenguins.com/, although the songs really don’t have anything to do with penguins I’ll admit). In all seriousness though, at least one of the other commenters mentioned featuring gift giveaways from other “NOTCOT” properties such as Notcouture (maybe not feasable) or Liqurious (potentially illegal given the alcohol involved). Anyway, just sayin’.

----- thew Matt 20.11.08 10:35

These are practical and fashionable! Love it!

----- Turnthecity 20.11.08 09:46

These bags are great.

----- James D. LaCroix 20.11.08 08:20

I can start a baggu fad at the key food in queens!

----- Taylor Dunham 20.11.08 08:18

i would rock a baggu!

----- ed 20.11.08 06:54

Cute penguin bags

----- Hiroki 20.11.08 06:50

Wow, my wife would love this.

----- David 20.11.08 06:42

Very cool ! i adore it all !

----- Kath 20.11.08 05:40

i love these baggu bags. i love giveaways… the one thing i need is some luck!

----- Roland Bango-Fi 20.11.08 05:16

I just stumbled across this site and I can see I’m going to love it! You have the best ideas here and this is no exception. These Baggu bags look terrific!

----- Elizabeth M. 20.11.08 03:47

Where else to keep my aerosol hair spray?

----- spray 20.11.08 03:31

Captain Notcot, its our hero, gunna take the production of plastic bags down to zero!

………too much? yeah too much…

----- Kirk 20.11.08 03:16

pretty neat stuff,just perfect for weekly shopping.

----- aaron 20.11.08 02:31

Cool bags” save the environment one bag a a time! NO more plastic bags!

----- Melanie 20.11.08 01:10

Love the simplicity of the design! This is what sustainability should be like.

----- Irene 20.11.08 00:58

Woo-hoo for Baggu!

----- Jessica J. 20.11.08 00:09

My favorite is the penguin!

----- Mindy 19.11.08 23:57

This is the best!

----- Patrick S 19.11.08 23:48

great new grocery bag…… gimme please!!

----- AnitaC 19.11.08 22:26

i love it!

----- michael 19.11.08 22:08


----- Jeff Cheung 19.11.08 21:12

Fantastic! *Just* the thing for taking orders to the mailbox.

----- Jo - i dream i can fly 19.11.08 21:09

i love the penguin! baggus make so much sense.

----- Mohini 19.11.08 21:05

thanks for introducing me to so many neat products!

----- cole 19.11.08 20:36

the penguin is the cutest!!!

----- peachy 19.11.08 20:27

I’m kinda tired of reusing plastic grocery store bags to carry my lunch around in…These look like the perfect alternatives!! :)

----- Casey L 19.11.08 19:19

It’s a penguin! It’s a bag! It’s my dream come true :D

----- Melty Panda 19.11.08 19:11

love these bags. great for the environment. WANT THEM!

----- JUST COOL DESIGN 19.11.08 19:09

cool, i want to have these, a gift for my girlfriend

----- mikenj 19.11.08 19:08

soo cute! these bags could help me carry my massive load of work!

----- thande 19.11.08 18:43

Oh man I’ve been lusting after Baggu for a while.

----- Ellen 19.11.08 17:36


----- Wendy 19.11.08 17:15

oh wow, those bags are so cute and look really comfortable to hold. i carry around bags with me everywhere i go but mine are much bulkier… i need to order me some baggu!

----- ann 19.11.08 16:35

I wanna be the only person with a baggu in Monterrey Mexico :)

----- Elisa Gonzalez 19.11.08 16:32

This site is amazing and the bags are totally fab! Hope to wear one around DC this winter!

----- Lindsay 19.11.08 16:25

Ironically I was looking to get a new bag just before I hit notcot.com

These bags are totally sweet! Very cute and colourful!


----- Antoinette Tsang 19.11.08 16:19

I Met a Penguin
I met a penguin yesterday
So jolly, fat and fine.
I pinned a red heart on his chest,
And named him “Valentine”.

----- Amelia Winger-Bearskin 19.11.08 16:05

With one of these around my shoulder, I shall be the eco-santa!

----- Marcus 19.11.08 15:55

Love these, penguins are my fave.

----- Angela 19.11.08 15:49

love more bags. i hate collecting plastic bags and then having to remember to recycle them.

----- Somerset 19.11.08 15:46

I am a fan of the fruit/veggie bags! What a great way to store my foods without plastic!

----- Hayhlee Clarence 19.11.08 15:15

notcot is my favorite! i tell my friends plus i have your website on my facebook. that’s commitment

----- beebe 19.11.08 15:04

the colours are amazing! would definately match any choice of clothing :)

----- jun 19.11.08 15:03

These would make terrific gifts! I know plenty of people who would love some bags like these.

----- Joe Wasserman 19.11.08 14:41

It’s time to be more green. Hooray.

----- oakie 19.11.08 14:24

My girlfriend just linked me to these. Awesome!

----- Ryan 19.11.08 14:16

Dear God there are a billion comments already! I haven’t read them all, so I dont know about the level of begging people have stooped to… but please please please please please I need me some nice bags! I just moved to Germany and freaking walking to the super market every day kinda blows. Baggu is so sweet, these would be perfect for my daily food trips! And the penguin would have the best home in our new apartment! I promise. I will send pics :)

Happy Holidays

----- Rob 19.11.08 14:15

I always love the stuff on your site!! These baggu bags are no exception, they’re so awesome!

----- Lanae 19.11.08 14:00

hmmm. quite handy.

----- Erik Dahl 19.11.08 13:48

Dude, penguins = win

----- Amy W. 19.11.08 13:46

These bags are certainly the way of the future.

----- Garret 19.11.08 13:38

oh my goodness sooo cute…I love penguins…they are my sorority mascot…aww i need that penguin…

----- Sandra Perez 19.11.08 13:24

Wow!! finally a very stylish product which is 100 times better than using plastic grocery bags! I love the mesh ones for produce, genius idea! I have been driving my parents crazy with my talks on how grocery bags are going to pile up and suffocate them due to the the landfills increasing in size, but they do not seem to be aware there are alternatives that are this great! These would be a perfect alternative to take to the store.

----- Vanessa 19.11.08 13:14

Love those green produce bags!

----- SWEETBLUE 19.11.08 13:14


----- Denise 19.11.08 12:48


----- Paps 19.11.08 12:35

I could think of a number of interesting objects I could put in those bags!! What a great way to motivate a greener world. less plastic more fashionable bags!

----- meisnerk 19.11.08 12:20

Ooooh! My eco crazed (and who isn’t/we should all be) brother would die over one of these! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!

----- Nate 19.11.08 12:08

awesome giveaway……

----- darren 19.11.08 11:52

how very gracious of the owners of baggu to donate these colorful all purpose bags. my hubby would needs a good quality bag and these fit the bill.

----- lynn 19.11.08 11:46

I know some people who NEED these!

----- lovehate 19.11.08 11:29

I’ve been buying reusable bags from the japanese market down the street… I question how well they’re made… I hope I win.

----- alexis 19.11.08 10:43

sooooooo adorable!

----- kat tobin 19.11.08 09:55

Love these! A great Christmas gift.

----- Kate 19.11.08 09:47

Jean, my penguin needs one of this bags!
he is such a shopaholic


----- rafael 19.11.08 09:09

I love the penguin one!

----- Ann Kim 19.11.08 08:52

What a stylish way to avoid plastic bags!

----- JHuck 19.11.08 07:54

My roof-top grown vegetables (the last ones from this season) are longing for an organic bag like those it be kept at home ..

----- Guggi 19.11.08 07:18

What a minimalist approach to bags! Baggu looks so light, but sturdy. Love it!

----- Tiffany 19.11.08 07:05

sooo cute! i love penguins & bags! :)

----- rachel 19.11.08 06:56

baggu bags are the best. i get comments every week at the farmer’s market

----- seth 19.11.08 06:45

Baggu lets you be an individual while doing an activity (food shopping, for example) that is so commonplace among society. I never leave home without mine, and you shouldn’t either.

----- Samantha 19.11.08 06:14

Baggu lets you be an individual while doing an activity (food shopping, for example) that is so commonplace among society. I never leave home without mine, and you shouldn’t either.

----- Samantha 19.11.08 06:13

what a cute penguin bag!

----- 415 19.11.08 05:28

I still haven’t found myself a good grocery shopping bag. I always end up buying a new kitchen gadget instead..

----- Allison S. 19.11.08 05:08

I use the basic store-brand reusable shopping bags which are nothing super to look at. These bright colors are so cheerful. I carry so much stuff in and out of the office everyday that a Baggu could be the solution out of the grocery as well. And who doesn’t love the penguin!

----- stephanie 19.11.08 05:07

Yay, more free stuff~!

----- Freckels 19.11.08 05:02

These could be the perfect gift for someone i know… :)

----- Tom 19.11.08 03:53

I *love* baggus and i must have the new ones!

----- Eleonora 19.11.08 03:39

I love this bag! I want to buy a dozen of them for my friends: eco xmas!

----- elisa 19.11.08 03:15

I would love to adopt this baggu penguin!!!

----- Klara 19.11.08 02:56

Super cute yet eco friendly!

----- Diana 19.11.08 02:02

useful and beautiful!

----- diana 19.11.08 00:06


----- Simon 18.11.08 23:54

perfect for the bag lady who lugs her home into work (@ a call center) daily

----- Brandie 18.11.08 22:46

These are so great! I would be so good about bringing my own bags to grocery shop if they looked like this…

----- Maggie 18.11.08 22:41

I’d like one :)

----- chernwei 18.11.08 22:31

made perfect gifts last holiday

----- asa 18.11.08 22:14

wow… grocery shopping - in style! - will never be as much fun! =P green is the new black these days, heehee!

----- diane 18.11.08 22:08

This is such a great way to encourage people to use reusable shopping bags. They’re stylish and also help the environment. Sweet! I think some great gift ideas, are those which help the environment and educational gifts for kids. :)

----- Erica R. 18.11.08 21:53

i have been testing re-usable bags for what feels like ages, and these are still my absolute faves. i brought oodles of them with me to fiji, to give to people in the village where i was helping to build a sustainable tourist project: www.tribewanted.com

on that note, a great gift on the design/charity side of things would be a limited edition tribewanted baby zaishu flat pack stool for kids (phew! that’s a mouth-full):


hand-painted and silk screened, all of the proceeds are going towards arts and sustainability education in the mali district of fiji.

----- kazoo 18.11.08 21:27

I want that penguin bag.

----- Jose P 18.11.08 21:17

These are awesome! I have several friends that use reusable grocery bags as everyday totes and these would be the perfect Christmas present for them.

----- Dan 18.11.08 20:53

*sigh* I have always wanted to compare a Baggu to my Envirosax and Chicobags, and this would certainly be a guilt-free way to do so!

Your website is very fun, by the way!

----- Lauren 18.11.08 20:43

I love Baggu!

----- oogy 18.11.08 20:41

BAGGU BAGGU BAGGU! I want some on my arms. =)

----- Amanda DiMaggio 18.11.08 20:08

Talk about crazy!

----- Jordan 18.11.08 19:55

BAGGU is very simple and sheik! I would really love any color or any style. I would just really love to make a trip to the grocery store or out shopping and not have to use another plastic or paper bag!

----- tako 18.11.08 19:51

I will use this gift as a start up for all the Baggus I will finally buy in every different color. People will be so jealous when I walk down the grocery aisle in my lovely colorful bags! I will be the talk of Trader Joes!

----- Tam 18.11.08 19:43

ooooh pretty bags :)

----- Graeme 18.11.08 19:43

Great looking bags, would love to update my reusable bags!

----- Paul Prins 18.11.08 19:39

The penguin is adorable!

----- Bethany 18.11.08 18:46

Leaving my comment!

----- Nix Smith 18.11.08 18:20

These would be a great replacement for the old canvas bags I take to the store now.

----- Molly 18.11.08 18:20

Quoting a NOTCOT entry from a day or so ago…’don’t all birds deserve to fly?’

I think your fantastic penguin Baggu should take an air trip to *my* doorstep! I want to win this set!

----- Lex 18.11.08 18:09

I commented yesterday but I don’t see my comment here…
People call me penguin just because I walk weird… I relate to these creatures! That is why I went green, so they can have their icebergs forever!

I deserve Baggus!

----- Fez the original 18.11.08 18:07

the penguin. really love it. the bags too, but… the penguin

----- antonia 18.11.08 18:05

You had me at penguin.

----- Erin 18.11.08 17:48

I loved that penguin!!!

----- andriiva 18.11.08 17:47

because they’ll never carry KD.

----- lindsay 18.11.08 17:44

My girlfriend would love this!

----- Trivisty 18.11.08 17:23


Because I will be sure to use it to carry a small glowing ovalesque orb around until it hatches. Then I will take my new baby fluffball swimming in the frigid antarctic waters, with a picnic packed Baggu style.


----- elaine 18.11.08 17:12



would definitely make my christmas merrier and more meaningful.

and i badly need them too.

please pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!!!

----- ANNA CHUA 18.11.08 16:55

I really like the green vegetable bags, it would be great to use those instead of the plastic bags from the store for the veggies.

----- Jessica P. 18.11.08 16:53

I love that these come in so many sizes…its hard to find a bag that can expand to meet larger shopping trips!

----- Brenda 18.11.08 16:47

sarah palin uses plastic bags!!

----- mitzi 18.11.08 16:47

Here comes Christmas!!! Please please show some sites that ship to Australia!!!

----- Sal in Sydney 18.11.08 16:27

If I don’t comment my girlfriend will put me in a bag and dig a shallow hole in the backyard.

----- DWolf 18.11.08 16:27

Psst the 20th is my birthday and I love penguins. Thanks!

----- Dominique 18.11.08 15:52

I was looking for an economical eco-friendly item to give my friends during our annual Secret Santa party, and these bags look perfect!

----- Tanuja 18.11.08 15:45

Love the compactness for storage.

----- myrna eisenlauer 18.11.08 15:31

i left a comment yesterday…or at least i tried…i didn’t submit it on accident :(

i would really love to give these to my sister in california for christmas. I have very low funds and haven’t a job. So this would help me out immensely. Please.

----- Aurie Catt 18.11.08 15:28

i love these. baggu are my favorite reusable bags

----- Kye 18.11.08 14:49


Check out how stylish you could be at the store… NICE!!!

----- Aaron 18.11.08 14:01

oh my god, that is amazing! looks like a dream of putting stuff in beautiful practical bags comes true. they are so useful and green at the same time; going food shopping to the market would become a wanted experience. and a penguin as well! would make the best present for my nephew who’s obsessed with penguins. cheers.

----- Varvara Zaytseva 18.11.08 13:59

these are super sweet! i got some for my brother for his birthday last year and he looooves them!

now i just need some….

----- teal 18.11.08 13:52

Frankly, even if the bags weren’t ace as could be and penguins weren’t almost limitlessly snazzy, I’d still like the idea of being able to carry armloads of tat about in something with a nifty name that sounds like a children’s television character made on a particularly small budget.

However, I probably shouldn’t be allowed to own anything like this. Without being able to follow the trail of semi-flattened fruit left by splitting bags from my last trip to the shops, I don’t know how I’d ever be able to find my way home. Theseus had nothing on suburbia.

----- AJ 18.11.08 13:38

hip hip hooray!

----- Britt Azlin 18.11.08 13:37


----- Liz 18.11.08 13:29

This would make an adorable gift for my older sister! Her Daughter Olive is just 6 months old, and she already has another one on the way…man, does it feel amazing to be an uncle! Keep up the great work, I love your site 8).

----- Bill riedel 18.11.08 13:29

OMG! big baggu is genius! i need them in my life!

----- caroline gray 18.11.08 13:17

Heck, yeah! Winning stuff is fun!

----- Natalie 18.11.08 13:13

I love saving the earth.

----- Evan Doyle 18.11.08 12:53

bagg-u? no, bagg-me. pls

----- rla_2 18.11.08 12:52


----- shannon 18.11.08 12:48

I need something to carry groceries and tablet-sized library books.

----- Meghan 18.11.08 12:46

These remind me of some bags that we picked up in Quito, Ecuador. They were super compact when you didn’t have anything in them, but would stretch out like nobodies business when you stuffed them. Great for taking dirties to the laundry mat.

----- Michael Combs 18.11.08 12:46

I LOVE these bags. It’s true that cashiers are amazed to see me pull these things out of my pockets. Even better – they can be worn like a back pack! I keep one on my bike in case I decide to stop by a store while out training. Wonderful.

----- SuzieQ 18.11.08 12:41


Penguins are inaving Brasil!

----- Kooki Miyamoto 18.11.08 12:40

MMMMM bags o’ broccoli…you had me at ‘ello.

----- Kristi 18.11.08 12:37

Love the things you guys find! Count me in for the drawing! Happy Holiday Count Down!

----- Robert Cowan 18.11.08 12:34

i could use some bags. you know, to carry things in. they’re good for that.

----- NOEL 18.11.08 12:19

I don’t know if my last attempt went through… I love these bags, though!

----- Kendra N. 18.11.08 12:13

I always seem to have an issue trying to use my own reusable bags… the straps are so thin, they hurt my shoulders, they rip, they are too small… I forget them. If I could only keep a baggu in my purse at all times! I always get mad at myself when I make an unexpected trip to the store… forgetting my bag. Or when I stop by the store on the way home. grumble. Also getting produce is hard without getting a plastic bag too. A reusable produce bag is simply genius! Plus the wider straps make for a more comfortable experience. I love these.

----- Wendy Spacek 18.11.08 12:11

ooooh these could be stocking stuffers for all my wonderful family members that bring reusable shopping bags!

----- Kendra N. 18.11.08 12:11

very environmentally friendy + awesome

----- Anne 18.11.08 12:07

I’ve been looking like crazy for a good gift idea for my sister for Christmas (I swear, she has it all!) This looks like the perfect idea! Keep ‘em coming!

----- KatieJo 18.11.08 12:07

The penguin is adorable! I’ve never used Baggu before but I may have to look into it.

----- Mattie 18.11.08 12:04

I love these bags. They make me feel and warm and socially responsible inside.!

----- Lomax 18.11.08 12:02

I live in New Jersey (land fill a go go). Plastic bags are disgusting and there is no clearer illustration of that than all the bags stuck in the trees outside of one of the many local landfills. Ugh! I would love a set of grocery toters so I can finally recycle my collection of brown paper bags!

----- Vicky 18.11.08 12:01


----- speck 18.11.08 11:54

Love the site. These look great! Plus Baggu is just fun to say.

----- Cam 18.11.08 11:52

penguins? polkadots? perfect!

----- linny 18.11.08 11:52

Yay these are great! gimme gimme

----- Aaron 18.11.08 11:35

notcot is my haven when I can’t stay awake in class. and some Baggu bags would really brighten up my days in arch. grad school. no money no money no money no money (or time for shopping anyway).

----- natalya 18.11.08 11:30

It would be cool to start receiving Christmas presents earlier this year ;)

----- estetas 18.11.08 11:16

i love these!

----- caroline 18.11.08 11:11

Woo! Penguins!

----- Chris 18.11.08 11:03

I would like to give some Baggus to my mom. While she is a saint of recycling, she still has her groceries bagged in plastic… and she saves *all* of them; there are several cabinets in the kitchen just stuffed full of plastic bags. It would be so great for dear mom to enjoy using Baggus and leave the cabinets to store… food, perhaps?? =)

----- byh 18.11.08 10:56

Yay for Baggu! If I get one, I’m gonna name it Mr. Baggu and put big glasses on it. Then when I walk around with it, I’ll just bump into crap.

----- COREY 18.11.08 10:50

That penguin totally wants to come live with me. At my house. Don’t disappoint the penguin. That would be messed up.

----- Mallory 18.11.08 10:49

I sure hope that the broccoli is included.

----- Jonathan 18.11.08 10:45

The funny thing is that I’ve been looking for a big bag bag to hold my bag full of bags.

… bag.

----- Kevin 18.11.08 10:40

too cute!!

----- dana 18.11.08 10:39

I need a penguin bag…ya know. To live and junk :-p

----- Tony 18.11.08 10:36

i want! gimme!

----- Stefanie 18.11.08 10:26

Hey, I’ve got one of these…..it is so handy to keep tucked in my purse…..I am notorious for leaving my green bags at home! I didn’t know they had special vegetable bags?!

----- Wayfaring Wanderer 18.11.08 10:17

The penguin is too cute! I must have the penguin. And the bags are great too, the new produce bags look great. I would love to try them out!

I agree with a few of the other posters, I would love to see a “green” gift guide.

----- Kristina 18.11.08 10:11

I love Baggu

----- Clode P 18.11.08 10:04

Great giveaway

----- Andrea 18.11.08 10:02

me and my penguin we go shop shop shop

----- twinkerdill 18.11.08 10:02

i do love baggus!

----- Alexa 18.11.08 10:01

The best part is…they don’t have “Not a Plastic Bag” written on them. ‘Cause if you really cared about the environment you wouldn’t need to advertise, you’d just do it. Kudos Baggu, Kudos.

----- Patrick Michael M. 18.11.08 09:58

My mom, who’s a regular, mid-west, small-town mom, has recently started to be more green-minded. It’s really cute when she calls to tell me about a new product she’s found. She’ll love this Baggu set of bags —- they carry so much and accommodate several different types of use!

----- Heather 18.11.08 09:55

Love the bags!! so cute!

----- brooke 18.11.08 09:51

I love it when something soooo cool, can also be simple and practical! :)

----- Stacy B. 18.11.08 09:39

love these bags the penguin is sooooo cute

----- Janelle B 18.11.08 09:39

i love the penguin!

----- jengee 18.11.08 09:36

Nice bags! You’ve got a great perspective—enviro-friendly, art by the artist, etc.
Thanks, GF

----- Gina F 18.11.08 09:34

I have wanted to try these for a looong time!

----- Elizabeth 18.11.08 09:30

I read the tag for that penguin. I think I will buy a penguin for every person on my holiday shopping list. Let’s keep those real penguins happy!

----- Britney 18.11.08 09:30

I could totally use those produce bags. I like how flat the Baggu folds up as well—much better than my bulky canvas tote bags!

----- The Green Cat 18.11.08 09:29

Love this =3

----- Ragondin 18.11.08 09:25


----- Adam Simms 18.11.08 09:18

these are lovely, especially the penguin!

----- christine 18.11.08 09:15

Baggu bags are so cute!

----- Laura 18.11.08 09:13

these would be perfect for my friend vimie!

----- drew 18.11.08 09:05

Baggu is awesome!! SO creative and wonderful for our environment. I love them all!

----- Maggie 18.11.08 09:04

i love baggu! everyone asks me about it whenever i use mine.. also love the new produce bags— it’s exactly what i’m looking for!

----- michelle 18.11.08 08:55

fun! NOTCOT and reusability FTW!

----- jack 18.11.08 08:50

I have used my baggus incessantly since I got them. They are fabulous and one can always use more…

----- villain 18.11.08 08:39

I could totally use these! I’ve just been reusing old plastic ShopRite bags. At least one breaks every trip ;(

----- Emily!!! 18.11.08 08:38

these are beautiful!

----- jessica 18.11.08 08:35

i do love free thing! :]

----- Zachlyons 18.11.08 08:32

These are perfect-way more convenient than those enormous ikea bags i’ve been dragging everywhere. The penguin is ADORABLE!

----- Sara 18.11.08 08:29

Bring these bags to Canada !

----- Alain Mélançon 18.11.08 08:25

My girl would love this!!!

----- jayp0411 18.11.08 08:18

we’re banning plastic bags in Delhi where I live. Other towns in India have already done this. So yes, cloth bags are the way we shop. Will you send a giveaway all the way to delhi? if not, I can tell you an address in US to send it to.

----- susan 18.11.08 08:16

Love the penguin bag, great interesting design!

----- Anne 18.11.08 08:07

I would love to have a set of Baggu’s!! I have been using reusable bags for about 8 years now, but mostly those junky ones you find in the supermarket or plain canvas totes. I’ve given away tons of them to people who have always used plastic bags to try and get them to switch, and the ones I do still have are completely tattered and well past their prime.

I am a design student and member of Students for Ecological Design and a HUGE Notcot junkie, and I would really appreciate a set of Baggu’s to its full extent! I’ve started to buy them lots of times before, but I’m on a student budget and no matter how much I wanted them, I just couldn’t justify spending the money (and then not being able to buy groceries and then not using the bags…)

Please please please! Thank you!

----- ash 18.11.08 07:58

oh yes. definitely… bag it.

----- liz 18.11.08 07:53

That is awsome, even if I don’t get it for free I will buy it.

----- Justin 18.11.08 07:33

I saw Baggus yesterday on NOTCOT and loved them, went to the site to check out prices and maybe buy one, but couldn’t make up my mind as to which color(s) to choose!!! HUGE variety! loved it!!!

If I don’t get it because of my comment, where can I buy them in Miami???

----- Vanessa Flores 18.11.08 07:29

I would like to take that penguin and stuff it full of 1 of everything from the Notcot ‘08 gift guide, then hang in on the mantle as the best Christmas stocking of all time. Imagine waking up to THAT!

----- Bubbi 18.11.08 07:27

Very cool. I agree with Erin. Can’t wait for the gift guide. The coupon book is great!

----- Renee 18.11.08 07:23


----- Valerie 18.11.08 07:21


----- Chris 18.11.08 07:15

those produce bags are brilliant.

----- lauren michele 18.11.08 07:02

Love these. Another stylish design to motivate people to go GREEN!

----- Erika 18.11.08 06:58

bags rock.

----- jamesk 18.11.08 06:58

That penguin is the most adorable thing ever! I need to get one for my friend for Christmas!

----- Erica 18.11.08 06:53

switched from plastic bags awhile ago, and could use some more

----- beth seguin 18.11.08 06:44

I have wanted some of these for a long time. They are really fun and, of course, environmentally friendly.

For other give-aways I think you should do things for our walls. Wall graphics are always cool as are 3D hanging graphics. Thanks for having an amazing site.

----- micah 18.11.08 06:41

Ooooo…I particularly enjoy the black bag with the small floral print. Very lady-like.

----- Jen 18.11.08 06:30

Oh, man. That penguin is totally sweet. The red striped baggu is very nice too!

----- Björn 18.11.08 06:29

that penguin just adds a special something, love it!

----- spiltmilk 18.11.08 06:23

Very cool! Great for the city!

----- jamie 18.11.08 06:13

These bags are so awesome! i love that they’re so compact!

----- crystal adkins 18.11.08 06:08

I love these things!

----- Alex B 18.11.08 06:05

They are adorable! It’s my birthday soon and they’re not available in India and there’s way too much plastic in India and I think they should consider selling Baggu’s here!

----- Moksha 18.11.08 06:02

you could say I “bags-ed” this comp. Ey. Eyy. ;o

----- Athan 18.11.08 06:01

Fun! Can’t wait for the holiday gift guide! Got a ton of great ideas last year! Thanks!

----- Erin 18.11.08 05:50

Thank you for the invaluable resource! Many is the time that perusing your site has sparked an idea in an otherwise monotonous day.

----- Stephen 18.11.08 05:41

The best thing I’ve done to “green my routine” is switch to reusable bags. The unexpected thing that I never have enough of, though, are produce bags. These look great! And I love that the straps are long enough to put over your shoulder, and the bags themselves are bigger than the ones you would get at the grocery store anyway. It means I look less like a bag lady toting my bags back to my car, and that I can bring them into the house by myself without those plastic straps cutting into my hands.

----- RubyGrrl42 18.11.08 05:37

Yes, I’d use them!
(would replace my soon-to-be-unreusable reusable bags)

----- aaron 18.11.08 05:34

THANK YOU! Now I know what to get my sister for X-mas. I always get good ideas from this website. You’re great.

----- Z. Zoleta 18.11.08 05:33

Woohu for Baggu!

----- Emilie 18.11.08 05:23

how cute~!

----- insolv1niac 18.11.08 05:12

Luv your site!!! Happy Day.

----- Tracy 18.11.08 05:10


----- Tami 18.11.08 05:00

How cute are those!

----- Amy 18.11.08 04:55

mmmmmm, baggu penguin…

----- Jenny 18.11.08 04:40

Perhaps we should push the Baggu to Santa. I don’t know how eco-friendly that red suede monstrosity he uses could be.

----- Jimmy Tran 18.11.08 04:25

Oooo… I’m loving the new additions to the Baggu family. The produce bags are a great idea.

----- Nicola 18.11.08 03:52

I love these - they’re attractive reusable bags - so many of them are just functional.

----- missmilki 18.11.08 03:51

I love Baggus. I bought three before I came to the UK, and they’re indispensable. They fit neatly into your back pocket or purse. I actually have one in my bag right now. It’s in the color “saffron” which is a very happy yellow.

----- Aromy 18.11.08 03:50

oh WOW, the penguin is beyond cute. :) :) i like the variety in color and size… and the bags look super durable! these would be a very nice alternative to the useless stuffed drawer of knotted plastic bags in my kitchen!

----- SuperMuffin 18.11.08 03:20

awwn. so cute! *_*

----- Julia 18.11.08 03:18

What a beautiful and stylish way to be friendly with the environment.
I hope I can participate in this content since I’m not from the US (I am from Romania).

----- malina 18.11.08 02:40

So cute! Can you find those in France?

----- kouzrah 18.11.08 02:24

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Vivamus porttitor, ligula ac euismod ullamcorper, massa erat aliquet urna, adipiscing posuere nisi magna sit amet erat. Nulla tincidunt, lectus in condimentum commodo, urna lacus interdum nisl, varius tincidunt odio leo ut lorem. Vivamus faucibus. Aliquam porttitor est nec neque. Mauris mauris orci, euismod a, rhoncus ut, lobortis id, justo. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Vivamus urna lectus, lobortis vitae, sodales vitae, lacinia a, pede!!!! Suspendisse potenti. Integer luctus magna non tellus. Vivamus at justo. Integer turpis felis, consectetuer et, congue suscipit, mollis sed, tellus. Aliquam at augue. Vestibulum ultrices vestibulum felis. Sed nulla. Etiam semper bibendum mi. Ut eu ipsum. Nunc eu massa. Nullam rhoncus imperdiet magna. Sed quis metus ac neque varius ullamcorper!!!!!!!!!!!

----- Dgtlhybrd 18.11.08 02:10

Leaving a comment….

----- pelon 18.11.08 02:08

oh let me be the fist eco-chic chick walkink the streets of Tel Aviv with the baggu…

----- hadar gatt 18.11.08 01:39

baggu for my ragu!

----- Monica 18.11.08 01:16

One Baggu giveaway, please!

----- Yesenia Espana 18.11.08 00:50

baggu…i’m not sure how to tell you this, and i know it’s probably too soon, but, …i…i…i….oh baggu…i love you! let’s go shopping together for the rest of our lives!

----- jeniveev 18.11.08 00:31

i want my baggu!

----- santa 17.11.08 23:52

Those bags would be a great christmas present for my mother, and that penguin is absolutely adorable.

----- az 17.11.08 23:42

lovely Baggu bags! i wonder if my slr could fit in there as well? :D

----- toasted 17.11.08 23:41

I remember seeing this brand on a design blog a long time ago, they’re super cute! I could totally use these! I’m graphic design student in downtown Chicago where it doesn’t make sense to drive — these would be awesome to use for carrying my supplies/groceries/stuff!

----- Lix 17.11.08 23:40

Woah these look so cute and helpful! Being a college student living and grocery shopping in Boston would be much easier with Baggu!

Plus, us college kids like free stuff :)

----- Mariam 17.11.08 23:28

That penguin is mighty adorable

----- Kevin Phan 17.11.08 23:22

I love the whole Notcot empire. I am forever on your site and I love all the pictures and beautiful things you show on the site. The baggu bags are so fabulous too. I would love to win them and do my part in saving our planet :)!

----- Ana 17.11.08 23:14

Awesome prize! I would love to take these off your hands!!
Its my 21st on the 19th !!!

much loves

----- Justin Edwards 17.11.08 23:09


----- Jovelle 17.11.08 23:07

I love the penguin! I love stuffed adorable animals more now than when I was a kid. Hmmm…I wonder what that means.

----- Leanna Daly 17.11.08 23:02

LOVE the color palette

----- Cynthia P. 17.11.08 22:41

Whoas! That penguin is way too cute. Baggus are awesome.

----- Mai-Chi 17.11.08 22:35

These bags look perfect for everything :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

----- Cheryl F. 17.11.08 22:28

These look great! Good gift idea.

----- Sam S. 17.11.08 22:25

Baggu bags are number one on my wishlist this year!

----- Sara 17.11.08 22:19

OH Baggu, do you know how much I covet you?
For my neighborhood friend (she’s only just ten)
the penguin would make the most perfect
Although we have bags which accompany us on all outings,
we want want want the cute green one for outfittings!

NotCot, you make me swoon.

----- genevieve 17.11.08 22:12

These are fantastic!

----- Libby 17.11.08 22:12

I love the penguin- it would make a kid in my world very happy if it came winging my way, cuz what’s the fun of getting goodies if I can’t share some of them

----- conscripted cherry 17.11.08 22:04

zomg penguins!! and reusable green bags! and a penguin! xD

----- Suzie 17.11.08 22:04

can’t pass up a good penguin.

----- Josh 17.11.08 22:00

i want a software filter from stopping me coming to notcot and adding to my list of ‘things i really really want to buy’

----- Jonas 17.11.08 21:57

These are great! I already have an envirosac, but these look like they could win me over, I love how packable they are! (also I may have to get one of those penguins, so adorable!)

----- Becky 17.11.08 21:56

These are great bags! Want another great gift website? Gifts.com lets you shop by someone’s personality!

----- Carol 17.11.08 21:56

B-E-A-U-tiful site!

----- Vanessa 17.11.08 21:46

what a great set of bags for all uses! i like that there are smalls for lunches so you can take your own food and not waste even more getting fast food and hitting vending machines.

----- Jen 17.11.08 21:44

Baggus are pretty awesome! I feel ridiculous saying that name out loud, though. Adds to the charm. Entertain you, eh?

I came across the most adorable homemade sackboy plush today - [link] for all you gamers out there. =]

Hell, I REALLY WANT the penguin Baggu! There, I said it!

----- Lorien Williams 17.11.08 21:34

Very friendly, too.
Likes lots of food.
Needs a Baggu.
100% Art student.

----- Weixin 17.11.08 21:31

I love your fun finds and I could sure use those reusable bags as my lovely and amazing job working for a non-profit pays next to nothing and makes it hard to shop for fun things.

----- Stephanie 17.11.08 21:21

Yay! I love the gift guides! And now I need that penguin. Thanks a lot. Oh, and if you’re looking for more products, how ‘bout critbuns?


I’ve been waiting for MoMa to restock them since July…when they said they would…but the date’s been moved about 5 times, and now I can’t buy one until the projected 11/25. Which is probably 12/31. Anyway, they’d be a pretty awesome giveaway…

----- swankifiedjello 17.11.08 21:17

Theses are perfect! I love how they fold up into themselves, I could just throw it in my purse so I wouldnt ever forget it at home when i go grocery shopping.

----- Nichole 17.11.08 21:15

baggu is rules.

----- jordan 17.11.08 21:15

I love your website more than my folks, and would love to win the baggu.

----- sketchp 17.11.08 21:12

my baby would love baby baggu

----- levi montez 17.11.08 21:12

my dad likes to bagg(u)

----- haj 17.11.08 21:01

Sexy bags with a side of penguin - what’s not to love?

----- The Slapster 17.11.08 20:52

These are cute and handy! I want one!

----- Alison 17.11.08 20:50

I’d love to be able to use these for grocery shopping since my hands always get chafed carrying plastic bags for long distances. These bags are lightweight, durable, and colorful!

----- Karsh 17.11.08 20:44

that penguin is ridiculously adorable!

----- B 17.11.08 20:40

oh. i wonder if there’s a mini baggu bag for the penguin.
i guess you could use the new produce baggus as laundry bags as well! all the more uses for them :)

----- cheryl 17.11.08 20:36

i have to say, these bags are wonderful, and so absurdly convenient, it’s a crime not to have one.

if i don’t win, i’m buying a handful regardless. everyone else should too!

----- diana 17.11.08 20:36

i love using reusable bags! i have two different ones from target =)

----- ely 17.11.08 20:36

That penguin is amazingly adorable! And I love the tag! Very creative!

----- Jordi 17.11.08 20:28

These would come in so useful as I meander on foot to the grocery store!

----- liza 17.11.08 20:26

wow, slight increase in the amount of comments over a regular post, huh?

would love to surprise my wife with this give away. She’s giving envirosax to all of her friends for christmas, it’d be nice to have them for her.

----- Josh 17.11.08 20:23

Homeless man reads NotCot.
Homeless man needs bags.
Homeless man gets bags.
Homeless man now more stylish homeless man.

----- cody 17.11.08 20:23

I love reusable bags. I really hope to use the ones for the produce. Always bugs me using those….

----- matt 17.11.08 20:22

I knew it

----- dylan 17.11.08 20:17

Once I was trapped,
In a grocery store,
Without an eco bag,
To carry to my front door,
Then came Baggu,
Along with a cotton penguin,
And NOTCOT too,
Hopeful and sanguine,
Without any boo-hoo,
I can finally go green!

----- Gary 17.11.08 20:16

Aw…I love these bags. They are the perfect gift idea…compact, cute, and reuseable. What more could you want? And that penguin would go great in my collection(I’m a teacher and i use penguins in class for writing assignments).

----- keri 17.11.08 20:14

Penguins may not be able to fly, but they sure do make great grocery shopping companions.

----- Emmie 17.11.08 20:11

suggestion: year of blank pages, 12 blank notebooks for carrying around month to month

----- mikhuang 17.11.08 20:10

oh my goodness, so adorable!

----- kwinn 17.11.08 20:06

Ohhhh…I would love a little Baggu in my life!

----- Morgan Ahlborn 17.11.08 20:06

brocoli is going to take over the world

----- ian flanigan 17.11.08 19:59

Sure could put a lot of fish in those bags to feed the penguin, what lovely grocery trips I would have, Baggu’s and penguin in tow.

----- Suzie 17.11.08 19:53

Painfully cute bags with an eco-friendly twist!

----- Annie 17.11.08 19:53

The cutest, reuseable, environmental stocking stuffers. hehe.
love it!

----- Frances 17.11.08 19:50


----- Linda 17.11.08 19:47

maybe some incase products!

----- van 17.11.08 19:43

sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect, personal present for your ever-growing number of friends and relatives. i’m strongly considering a themed gift each year with a bunch of items meant to inspire or improve the everyday life of the recipient. this year, the gifts will be inspired by and include: baggu and kor’s hydration vessel.

----- inkblots 17.11.08 19:38

I love these bags. They are so cute and very practical. I have been meaning to get some, and the penguin is adorable. I want him : ]

----- Jade 17.11.08 19:36

Wow what a unique gift! I’m getting these for the some people I know will like em!

----- M3000 17.11.08 19:35

these are perfect!!

----- kim 17.11.08 19:34

Wow, you guys have a lot of comments to go through. Good luck for ‘tis the season for craziness. You guys rock btw, love your sites.

----- Natalie 17.11.08 19:32


----- Keta 17.11.08 19:25

I never heard of baggu before. But they look so cool.

----- john 17.11.08 19:23

Baggu? No, baggus.

----- Ellen B 17.11.08 19:22

Must. Have. The penguin! And thank you Not Cot for reminding me that everyone needs a reusable bag in their stocking this year!

----- Shrimpy 17.11.08 19:22

you know how penguins mate for life? That’s how I feel about notcot.

----- Chelli 17.11.08 19:18

ooo… this will be perfect for market shopping and everyday use.

----- banel bucknor 17.11.08 19:15

Ohhhhh, handy! And fashionable!

----- julia 17.11.08 19:09

BAGGU! You pretty much read my mind about Christmas present giving. Baggu, all the way.

----- Masa 17.11.08 19:09

These are so nice!

----- emabry 17.11.08 19:08

These are great! Definitely some gift potential here for a number of my friends and relatives!

----- Dustin 17.11.08 19:08

these are wonderful! now i can shop in style!

----- Jocelyn L. 17.11.08 19:07

Will the penguin fit in the Baggu?

----- Rodolfo Garcia III 17.11.08 19:05

Great bags!

----- Meg 17.11.08 19:04

My mother goes shopping every day- I’d love to give her these to help save the planet!

----- Jessica Swider 17.11.08 19:02

Got to remember to put the heavy stuff in the smaller bags

----- D Laferriere 17.11.08 18:59

Penguins are cute

----- okSteph 17.11.08 18:57

ooh! i would love to have these!

----- Amy 17.11.08 18:54

I can smell my new school bag! How adorable, every one of them.

----- Kendra 17.11.08 18:53

I love a good penguin/bag combo!

----- Bails 17.11.08 18:51

i love your blog!!

----- Jean 17.11.08 18:49

tooo cute!

----- Jess 17.11.08 18:42

I have never seen this before but i would love to have it and review it on the website i do work for, Thisnext.

----- Skyler 17.11.08 18:41

….Well I suppose I shall take back what I said about those Ikea bags, Your taste in reusable bags has impressed me, and here I go thinking I had the great reusable bags…but ones with holes?!! I do seem to have that issue with lemons going bad because I forget them in my bags and the lack of oxygen to the lemon (like most living things) seems to substancially hurt the lemon. Now with the Baggu bag that wont be a problem. With the large plain colored bags, I wont have to be embarrassed by toting the wrong reusable bag to the wrong store (it happens way to frequently), and I could easily be stylish by matching my reusable bag with my outfit!

…Now I smile, cock my head, and exit stage left…

----- Kirk 17.11.08 18:35

Ok, with the last name Penguino I admittedly love all things Penguin, but these are perfect. Proceeds protect penguins and eco friendly bags protect the planet for everyone. Best of all, the design, style, and functionality are superb. Great pick for the holidays!

Besides, I always smile when penguins are associated with the holidays. After all, they aren’t an arctic animal, and none live in the northern hemisphere outside captivity. Why there are always shown with polar bears around Christmas is beyond me. With no polar bears in the southern hemisphere, the only way these two could meet would be some holiday magic… which is why it makes me smile.

----- Christine Penguino 17.11.08 18:33

This is perfect to tuck in my bag for when i need to go grocery shopping!

----- Olivia C 17.11.08 18:32

It seems that every time I go to the grocery I buy another reusable bag just to have it “borrowed” by a co-worker or friend ie sucked into the black hole of good intentions. ::le sigh::

----- Lindsey 17.11.08 18:25

I love the bags, but how does the penguin work?

----- LeBerto 17.11.08 18:23

how about those offensive and delightful holiday cards from a few years back. those are the greatest

----- ej 17.11.08 18:22

Thanks for the gift guide! I’d love to see a few suggestions for liquor/sweets to take along as holiday party host gifts.

----- Katie 17.11.08 18:21

I love Baggus, I always use my sweet blue one to avoid unnecessary waste.

----- craig 17.11.08 18:19

I would loooove this.

----- Tiffany 17.11.08 18:19

love the baggu bags! suggestion for your holiday gift guide = http://cakeface.tumblr.com/post/60193886/this-6-oz-cup-is-made-by-hand-with-white

----- amy 17.11.08 18:16

Love me some penguins and earth friendly bags!!

----- Cassandra 17.11.08 18:14

Wow the large one is great!

----- Cherie 17.11.08 18:12

I can’t get enough penguins. I’m pretty much obsessed.

I really love the site design on baggu’s cart as well.

Top notch design all aroudn

----- Franko 17.11.08 18:11


----- J 17.11.08 18:08

lovely way to go green :)

----- Christina 17.11.08 18:08

Yay penguin! This little guy is so cute—I have to have him. I love the bag colors too.

----- Sammi 17.11.08 18:08

Not that I will win anything … but there’s no harm trying :)

----- Michele 17.11.08 18:07

I have never seen these bags before, they look super cute and functional…and the penguin bag is adorable.

----- Dana Galbraith 17.11.08 17:57

i researched reusable shopping bags this sumer for a project - these are on the top of the list and are adorable!

----- Amy 17.11.08 17:53

I will carry that penguin in a Baggu everywhere I go.

----- Otto 17.11.08 17:47


----- Steph 17.11.08 17:46

These are amazing! The penguin is adorable. The black bag with white flowers calls my name :)

----- Jennifer 17.11.08 17:45

Ooooh, that penguin is very jazz. Off to the website!

----- Kim D 17.11.08 17:44

That lunch one is perfect for those of us who do not want to use little Victoria’s Secrets bags as lunch bags -__-

----- grace 17.11.08 17:43

those veggie bags are the best! what does the penguin do though? i’d love to win that package though

----- daniel b. 17.11.08 17:43

Wow. I’d never use a plastic bag again, ever.

----- Sabrina 17.11.08 17:42

what a great invention! i’m all about sorting out things when i pack for vacations. baggu is such a great idea in organizing within the luggage! i’ll have to look into that!

as for gift guide ideas——i suggest winter accessories: scarves, arm warmers, leg warmers, mittens, hats, etc. they can be totally generic or as personalize as you want to be! that’s the beauty of winter fashion!

----- ~candy~ 17.11.08 17:42

The penguin is awesome! Any gift that gives back to the community/earth is a great idea, I think.

----- Tiffany 17.11.08 17:41

I love the netting for veggies! Veggies like to breathe!

----- holly 17.11.08 17:39

OMG please, I would love these. Mostly for my mom, oh please lets have one?

----- Lazarou 17.11.08 17:38

A comment? Any comment?

----- ili 17.11.08 17:38

Really fun design!

----- kev! 17.11.08 17:36

Having lived in NYC for almost three months now, I have an entire mound of plastic bags in a cabinet that something needs to be done about before they form into one bloodthirsty entity and attack. Last I checked, only adorable basic 100% organic cotton penguins have the power to defeat bloodthirsty, angry plastic bag monsters.

----- Samantha 17.11.08 17:35

Omg! I am lusting after all these awesome bags! especially the produce bags. What a great idea

----- etyi 17.11.08 17:34

Love the penguin!

----- Rachel 17.11.08 17:32

It finally hit me last time I went grocery shopping how I should stop using plastic bags and be more responsible…these look great!

----- Veronica 17.11.08 17:31

wish I may..wish I might…a penguin bag for me tonight!
Great bags-

----- Jami 17.11.08 17:31

I have been wanting to get some baggu bags, I hope I win~

----- Scott 17.11.08 17:28

We live about 3 blocks from Whole Foods in downtown Boston where we do most of our grocery shopping. The reusable grocery bags we normally use now have holes. Some nice new Baggu bags would be ideal!

About the Xmas list. Check out http://www.audioengineusa.com/a5_home.php. I was looking for speakers that worked well with my iPod/iPhone a few months back and a friend recommended these. They sound amazing! Maybe not the most beautiful styling - but they are small, extremely well made, and now even come in bamboo.

----- Roentgen (Kevin) 17.11.08 17:27

hmmm.i could use them baggys to pick oranges in hot florida! which no one realli does.lol! we go to grocery stores for oranges. lol :D ima try and stuff a carton of juice in it.lol cool bags!!

----- Bryan 17.11.08 17:25

ha cha cha cha.

----- Kelserooni 17.11.08 17:25

I can’t help but cringe when cashiers have no idea how to pack bags/totes that aren’t made out of plastic!

----- twong 17.11.08 17:25

The produce bags are just what I’ve been looking for!

----- Jenn 17.11.08 17:20

Oh Baggu, how my veggies love to breathe!

----- Allyson Murphy 17.11.08 17:19

I just want the penguin…

----- david knauer 17.11.08 17:15

Love your gift guides!

----- Leerie 17.11.08 17:11

gimme gimme gimme. baggu. yay!

----- Lily Piyathaisere 17.11.08 17:08

These are stylish and great for “green” people. It took me a while to realize that the penguin was really just a stuffed penguin… I figured it must be something more.

----- LMD 17.11.08 17:05

penguin! BAGGU! AWESOME!

----- james park 17.11.08 17:03

i love notcot!

davey my macbook, and my wacom tablet would enjoy a new home like these baggu’s :)

----- Ysidro Barela 17.11.08 17:00

I would use them to put stuff in, crazy as it sounds…

----- Josh Webb 17.11.08 16:53

must get

----- inhae 17.11.08 16:52

I’ll take two, please!

----- Joe Montefusco 17.11.08 16:50

Oh wow, these are completely wonderful! They’d be so great to take with me to college in January (first time buying groceries). Yay!

----- Alex 17.11.08 16:47

Find a cause. Be the effect.
Found the cause…Trying to be the effect.

----- Katharine 17.11.08 16:38

Holy cow, what a great giveaway. I love these bags.

----- Linda 17.11.08 16:30

WOW! these are so great!

----- OLYMPIA 17.11.08 16:29

i think those bags would be good for mudkip foraging… Mud… Kip!

----- Edward 17.11.08 16:27

I like how they are so light! I could definitley use them in all of my bags because I always forget to take my reusable grocery bags into the store!

----- Lex 17.11.08 16:27

i love the all the baggus since everyone is trying to go green with reusable bags and sustainable fabrics!

----- ruby jou 17.11.08 16:24

If only the Penguin could do the shopping too..

----- Andrew Chau 17.11.08 16:23

Bags are so rad.

----- Thom 17.11.08 16:23

My sister and I are in looooove with these bags. =)

----- ohsillybat 17.11.08 16:21


----- eileen 17.11.08 16:18

I’m the notorious a-hole at the grocery store who has no choice but to use the plastic baggies (for anything that doesn’t fit in my over-sized handbag) because I ALWAYS forget my reusable bags in my house from bringing in the groceries, and well the only way to combat this is with MORE MORE MORE bags.

----- Vanessa 17.11.08 16:15

these are adorable. yes please! =)

----- tannaz 17.11.08 16:10

I commute on foot to the grocery store and these would be a perfect option to not breaking paper bags!

----- kacy 17.11.08 16:08

BAGGU should supply santa with his giant sack and make xmas stockings! these items would cover my xmas shopping pretty well indeed!! love them and you notcot!!!

----- Marlon 17.11.08 16:08

I LOVE that penguin! He’s so cute! I think he’d be happy at my place. I’m sure the cats would share their fish with him!

I love the bags, too. It’s hard to find reusable produce bags, so I’m really glad that there’s another alternative to the terrible filmy produce plastic bags that seem to follow me home and breed in the closet!

----- Amy 17.11.08 16:08

Those Baggus look mighty fine and I could always use a penguin….

pick me :D

----- Marianna 17.11.08 16:04

Great colors; great bags.

----- Nancy Warner 17.11.08 16:03

these are adorable!

----- stephanie Masters 17.11.08 16:02

Forgive me if this is a double post, my internet connection has been the shadiest ever recently, and I don’t know if it went through the first time.

Love the Baggu’s! What’s better than some of the other re-usable bags is the longer handles; being able to sling it over my shoulder is a must have for me.

Thanks for the gift guides and givaways! I always find the greatest things through your site…notcot.org has been my homepage for about a year now, I don’t know what I’d do without it!

----- Beth Wernet 17.11.08 16:01

I… would be the ULTIMATE bag lady with those. Does the set come with twenty feral cats too?

----- Kiara 17.11.08 16:01

I’m a Baggu boy!

----- Bendow 17.11.08 15:59

I haven’t seen these in stores before. I love the look of them, especially the little mesh inner-bag for produce etc. Nice to keep the groceries organized for the walk/ride home. :)

----- emxero 17.11.08 15:53

That is an awesome penguin bag.

----- Richard Hill 17.11.08 15:52

that penguin is so cute.

----- Josie 17.11.08 15:47

These are ideal, for my marble collection, I got some cat eyes and other kinds, i got cement and marble marbles and marbles de hielo, y marbles de carnitas. varios typos.

----- D. Scott 17.11.08 15:46

I must say, as though the bags themselves aren’t appealing enough, the “AMAZING!” explosion in the first image absolutely wins me over. Who doesn’t love penguins and persuasive graphics? Yay!

----- Summer 17.11.08 15:42

I think you should give away a real penguin for Christmas.

----- Alex 17.11.08 15:41

These bags are cute and uber conveniant….especially for those who always need extra room for supplies (and shopping splurges)!

----- Kate G 17.11.08 15:41

Yeah I’m a fan. *crosses fingers*

----- James 17.11.08 15:40

I have never heard of Baggu before today ! My favorite part about notcot is the fact that they introduce me to new and absolutely awesome products and arts and creations. I just so happen to need a new bag.

----- Christine 17.11.08 15:39

Love the Baggu’s! What I like better than some of the other re-usable bags is the longer handles; being able to sling it over my shoulder is a must have for me.

Thanks for the gift guides and givaways! I always find the greatest things through your site…notcot.org has been my homepage for about a year now, I don’t know what I’d do without it!

----- Beth 17.11.08 15:38

how i love thee, baggu.

----- Christina 17.11.08 15:37

The produce bags are sooooo good!! I always feel weird about throwing a bunch of cucumbers in my backpack.

----- Kate Speidel 17.11.08 15:36

love those veggie bags, count me in to win :)

----- tr 17.11.08 15:34

Oooh, I just lost a couple of fabric bags last week. Could use some new ones, cheers.

----- Christian 17.11.08 15:33

My favorite part of shopping is saying “I don’t need a bag.” It saves time for customers behind me, and I feel the like part of some unspoken green club. Baggu would also be a great accomplice in stealing my friends’ recyclables that are about to make it into the trash.

----- Kasia 17.11.08 15:31

Loves. Want.

----- Tania 17.11.08 15:31

uuuuuuuwww I want some some.

----- dona 17.11.08 15:31

This would make a cute xmas present to a whole family, your neighbor or a couple…with a giftcard to whole foods or filled with a meal ( sundried tomatoes, pasta, good olive oil, a bottle of wine, etc;)

----- cheryl 17.11.08 15:31

Love the bags! Especially that penguin..

----- Lisa 17.11.08 15:28

GREEN is IN! Perfect holiday gift to encourage family & friends to be eco-friendly!

----- Jessica 17.11.08 15:23

I always wanted one of these bags since I’m so into reusable grocery bags!

----- suzan 17.11.08 15:20

great stuff! the funny thing about all these eco-friendly stuff is - i can’t afford them! ;)

----- q 17.11.08 15:20

Awesome. I’ve been looking for a better way to carry loose vegetables and fruit around. I hate taking all those little plastic bags that they have at the grocery store, just seems wasteful.

----- Mitzi Y. 17.11.08 15:18

so cute!

----- alissa 17.11.08 15:15

Wow, I guess I am going to get lost in the 100+ people commenting, but I thought I would give it a shot.

Those bags are amazing.

----- Jess 17.11.08 15:14

I like fish! And I like vegetables! bawk bawk

----- Andrew 17.11.08 15:13

Totally useful. Especially the penguin :)

----- Anna 17.11.08 15:12

I like these, they are nice.
I want some of those.
Bags are like the world’s most useful item. (maybe just after the wheel)

----- Arnaud 17.11.08 15:10

i love these bags!!

----- Jacob 17.11.08 15:07

Please please. Yes, please.

----- Dobbs 17.11.08 15:07

I have seen these bags in person and they are so awesome! Big and shaped way better than my current shopping totes. Yay for Baggu!

----- Lacey 17.11.08 15:05

I absolutely love the penguin. He’s adorable. All of my local stores have started to carry their own line of reusable bags but Bagu’s are far superior. Not only are they super durable, but they are super cute and stylish.

----- Renee Bradbeer 17.11.08 15:05

that penguin is the freaking cutest thing i’ve seen in yoinks! please let me hug it! :D

----- xue 17.11.08 15:05

A Baggu haiku:

Pretty bag
Full of holding and plenty
Makes great Xmas gift

----- Shari Margolin 17.11.08 15:01

Aside from the sheer excellence of Baggu, the Baggu penguin reminds me of PINGU, the lonely penguin who found comfort in a stuffed penguin toy.

----- Sabrina 17.11.08 15:00

I just bought Dissolving Travel Toiletries from ThinkGeek. They certainly seem like they’d have great use. But boy, would these bags not help shopping. ;-)

----- Collin Banko 17.11.08 14:58

i could give that penguin a nice home ;D

----- tina 17.11.08 14:55

These are SO CUTE I might even use it as a regular tote. (I haven’t bought ANY type of new bag in about a year…:[ )

----- Bommy 17.11.08 14:54

i’ve seen these baggu’s a few times now on notcot, and they keep getting better. i’d love to use them instead of the grocery-store-branded bags (that are quite big and bulky) i’m using currently.

i love the idea of swapping out something new, useful, and well designed for something else that i may already have around the house that is decidedly less beneficial. i think that could be an interesting theme for a day or two: swapping out the old and tired with something new and more efficient.

looking forward to what you’re cooking up.

----- patrick brumfield 17.11.08 14:53

me…me…me, pls! i love these bags! :D

----- lynn 17.11.08 14:50

Basic Penguin? All I can say is… my fingers are crossed in anticipation of the ADVANCED penguin. 26 inches tall, 100% Kevlar. With *lots* of pockets.

----- Dave Y 17.11.08 14:49

so glad to see you doing a Baggu promo/giveaway! thank you for being such an awesome source of culture and art.

----- misch 17.11.08 14:49

Wow… Those would be handy for the next time I decided to live abroad… a bit trendier than war-surplus laundry bags that I usually get stuck with to haul things.

----- Meep 17.11.08 14:49

i can has?

----- haley 17.11.08 14:48

These bags are fantastic! As and environmental law student I am always trying to get my family and friends to be more ‘green’ - gifting them these bags would certainly help them cut down on plastic or paper bag consumption! I have my own baggu bags and I’d love the opportunity to share them with others. The penguin would also make a great gift for my newborn nephew.

----- Ashley 17.11.08 14:40

That penguin is too cute!

----- Lawrence 17.11.08 14:37

I’m completely seconding Liz on the idea for an impoverished college student gift list.

----- Sarah Painter 17.11.08 14:35

Because in Chicago it’s 20 degrees, snowing, and Jewel Grocery is just too far for a plastic bag to make it. Baggu it.

----- Josh 17.11.08 14:33

The penguin and the baggus look pretty cool and useful.

----- Vadhym 17.11.08 14:31

Those are veryyyy cute- NOTCOT always has the most innovative things!

----- Allison May 17.11.08 14:30

So Trendy !!!!!! I’d really like one :)

From a french guy :D

----- RaDe 17.11.08 14:30

these bags make me happy.

----- Kim 17.11.08 14:28

I just fell in love with the penguin, but truly lust after the baggus.

----- Jenica 17.11.08 14:28

Each member of my grocery store obsessed family would get one. I would keep the penquin of course!

----- Emma 17.11.08 14:28

Yay! This is the first time so far this year I’m excited about the holidays. I love gift guide season!

----- Alexis 17.11.08 14:28

dude. i love these things. so simple so good.

----- matthew McDonald 17.11.08 14:27

I Need it!!!! Way too cute.. and practical. Great Idea!

----- Wilhelmy 17.11.08 14:26

My entry. Thanks for doing a giveaway!

----- Ruben M. Rangel 17.11.08 14:25

I don’t know if you’ve seen Jackass but those fishnet vegetable holders would be perfect for shrimp. Cut some little holes for my little legs and go to the ocean and take a dip. :) No but seriously, those bags are perfect and a perfect gift idea. Like em a lot!

----- Ben Poole 17.11.08 14:24

I love the produce bags.

----- Beaux 17.11.08 14:24

I’m a student without a car, so those would be awesome for when i need to walk and get groceries!!!

----- Lena 17.11.08 14:23

i’ve always wanted a baggu, but i’m a broke college student. i may just have to put some on my christmas list! especially the penguin!

----- ashley 17.11.08 14:21

oohh… as for a suggestion, mimobots would be great for a giveaway!! I want those!

----- Fez 17.11.08 14:21

baggu baggu baggu!

----- diana 17.11.08 14:21

i want!

----- connie 17.11.08 14:20

Hooray for giveaways! :)

----- erica 17.11.08 14:19

YAY for BAGGU bags!!!

----- hydralily 17.11.08 14:18

My sister, and avid blogger, loves reusable bags and uses and collects them. These would be the perfect Christmas present for her!

----- Amanda 17.11.08 14:18

Please help me educate the people of WV about reusable resources!!

----- Lindsey 17.11.08 14:18

WOW this is a really cool giveaway I have always wanted to get a Baggu to give as a gift for my sisters this would make one of my gifts real easy, and penguin hahaha that is really cool I love penguins.

----- Miguel 17.11.08 14:14

I have championed Baggu bags for awhile now, good to see the line expands. Would like to have the produce bags. I would like to see more gift recommendations for tea lovers and book lovers.

----- Tangelia 17.11.08 14:13

How super awesome. My girlfriend would loves these!

----- Sean Leary 17.11.08 14:12

Considering I check this everyday, actually multiple times a day.
I could be considered a stalker.
I just got accepted to my FIRST choice college so I am going to go out on a limb and say…
I could really use these at college next year…
You should do a gift guide for the people you really don’t like, but you pulled their name.
OOOOH!…Maybe do an evil secret santa twist?

----- Klaira L. 17.11.08 14:12

First time seeing these……they look great…..I would bring them everywhere….would love having these wonderful “bags”.

----- Diane 17.11.08 14:11

These would be perfect for me— I’m getting ready to move to a big city with lots of lovely shops nearby!

----- Jillian 17.11.08 14:10

Gwar! Send me a Baggu or Í will make contact with my alien friends and rebuild the nature so there´s no need of jelly beans anymore!
Merry X mas!

----- Kooki Miyamoto 17.11.08 14:09

Excellent name! It reminds me of pasta sauce.

----- Joshua 17.11.08 14:09

people call me penguin just because I walk weird… :/ I relate to these animals now, that is why I went green, so they will have their icebergs forever! I deserve this prize!

----- Fez 17.11.08 14:08

BAGU! I just wanted to say thanks, your site(s) gets me through my dreary dull workday.

----- Michael 17.11.08 14:08

Gimme gimme gimme baggu baggu baggu!!!

----- Miyamoto Kooki 17.11.08 14:07

I could totally use the produce bags and give the rest to my family to get them started with reusables!

----- sweetcheese 17.11.08 14:06

if i win this, i promise to fill the penguin with warm dough and sleep with it every night.

----- christina 17.11.08 14:05

I have 3 blue baggu’s myself, but it looks like this guy has the saffron one…

----- pestob 17.11.08 14:02

Pick me, pwease!

----- John 17.11.08 14:02

How cool… give stuff away and help the planet

----- steve sparkes 17.11.08 13:59

The penguin completely reminds me of those towels folded up into different animals I got as a kid in hotels!

----- Lisa 17.11.08 13:59

I love Baggu. It definitely works great as both a groceries and everything else you may need to carry!

----- Jen Chen 17.11.08 13:57

I win! Hooray!

----- Patrick Baylis 17.11.08 13:55

a baggu penguin? saweet!

----- jakeonfire 17.11.08 13:54

I would buy those penguins for everyone on my list if I had enough money!

----- jill 17.11.08 13:53

I could probably fit my kid brother in a Baggu.

----- Mark 17.11.08 13:53

Bagu is one sweet store.

----- Alex 17.11.08 13:53

Penguins? Awesome!

----- Pete 17.11.08 13:48

Wow, this is great. I can’t get over the Penguin! And these bags are much more stylish than the reusable ones you buy at the grocery stores. LUV, BAGGU!

----- Chase 17.11.08 13:48

PS! please pick me. i love baggus, but always give them away so others can see how wonderful they are…i only have one :(

----- ellen 17.11.08 13:47

wow, that big baggu could really be a life saver for me. i got rid of my car a few months ago and have acquired the ‘bag lady’ look now that i take public transportation. big baggu could make my homeless stylee much more suave!

----- chelsea 17.11.08 13:46

yay for anything reusable!
noone said reusable had to be tacky and these are adorable.

----- jenat 17.11.08 13:46

Produce bags! Awesome!

----- Lauren 17.11.08 13:46

Great first giveaway of the holiday season ! This comes just in time to carry all sorts of presents after all that holiday shopping !

----- Heidi Vega Aimonetti 17.11.08 13:46

i bought some last year and i absolutely love them. LOVE LOVE LOVE them. plus, every time i gift them it’s rave reviews all around!

for those who don’t know, baggus are the best! one bag can hold about 2 heaping regular plastic bags full of groceries, which is great.. but, on top of that, baggus can live nestled in the bottom of your bag - so you never have to have that guilty feeling in the checkout line when realize you left your reusable bag in the car.

they also lifesavers when camping…

----- ellen 17.11.08 13:46

That penguin is just about the cutest thing ever.

This year all my gifts are having a hippie/save the planet slant. I think this means my brothers will hate me.

----- Rose 17.11.08 13:46

These are great!

I recommend you add Thumbtack Press to your holiday shoppers guide. We could all use a little more art in our lives! Plus their collection in killer! I heart Patrick Leger and Nishant Choksi!

Check it out: http://www.thumbtackpress.com/


----- Justin R 17.11.08 13:45

these look totally badical. pick me, please!

----- Natalie G. 17.11.08 13:44

how did we ever survive without totes??

----- Cowashee 17.11.08 13:43

Ahhhhh! The penguin is fantastic! I’ve borrowed my friend’s Baggus before, and loved how slim, slippery, and strong they were. Great contest!

----- Christina 17.11.08 13:42

As a penguin lover, the Baggu penguin has already stolen a piece of my heart.

----- Justine 17.11.08 13:41


----- henrique 17.11.08 13:41

ohhh, the big one looks perfect for all the penguins. I can see them hopping in, one by one…

----- stealing my sanity 17.11.08 13:40

Aww! I LOVE baggu. The giant one JUST MIGHT be able to fit all my school books.

----- Ali Morris 17.11.08 13:39

I love storage and made up words.

----- Max 17.11.08 13:38

Those would be great to keep my loose batteries in.

----- NOELN 17.11.08 13:37

These are awesome. These would certainly come in handy, given the rate at which my girlfriend and I consume groceries.

----- Ronny N 17.11.08 13:37

Give the flightless bird a good home give it rinne’s lil bro

----- matthew 17.11.08 13:37

These are neat! I like neat things.

----- Chris Furniss 17.11.08 13:37

so what kind of noise does a penguin make anyway? i’m guessing like a keke-quack-a-doo kind of thing.

----- Irene 17.11.08 13:36

a baggu haiku
loving the environment
crush on penguin bag

----- aldo 17.11.08 13:36

interested :D

----- emily 17.11.08 13:35

oh my god! They’re so beautiful! I would have a tough time deciding between giving it away as a christmas present or keeping it for myself!

----- Sara 17.11.08 13:35

Pengu Baggu!

----- Jefferson McClure 17.11.08 13:34

i just moved into an itsy bitsy apartment and whenever i empty the contents of bags after a grocery trip it looks like the bags have given birth to double their population. then i feel guilty for forgetting to buy reusable bags. baggu are a great alternative!

----- valerie 17.11.08 13:34

Wow, I need these bags!

----- Caroline 17.11.08 13:34

hook a brotha up… seattle (where i live) will start charging for grocery bags very soon, so i need these baggus to carry all the diapers and formula for my baby girl

plus, my daughter would looooooove that penguin.

----- justin 17.11.08 13:34

i want the veggie bags! great idea. then the checkout lady won’t give me dirty looks for not using bags… :D

----- kathryn 17.11.08 13:34

Very cool! I’d love one of these!

----- Ian 17.11.08 13:32

Neat, I like them!

----- t 17.11.08 13:31

baggu - bags I’ll look for an excuse to burden myself with!

----- aaron 17.11.08 13:31

These look great for grocery shopping or plain ol’ everyday carrying stuff!!

----- please sir 17.11.08 13:29

My daughter would love the penguin.

----- Nick Franco 17.11.08 13:27

These would be a great christmas present for my sister in california…i would love to win these seeing i’ve yet to get a job to buy any christmas gifts :/

I love these!

----- Aurie Catt 17.11.08 13:27

OMG! These are so much cuter than the bags I have AND they squish up to a much smaller size. And there is just something about the plush penguin, I can see my two sweet kitties curled up next to him on the couch.

----- Miranda 17.11.08 13:27

really nice design bags and penguin is so cute!!!!!!

----- ozlem 17.11.08 13:26

Please don’t pick me.

----- Box808 17.11.08 13:26

Why I Love Baggu,

There are a lot of reusable totes on the market now that offer themselves as alternatives for shopping bags but I still have not found one other than Baggu that really do hold up on the long term without ripping at the seams/handles on large loads.

Why I should get the giveaway (yep, I’m going for blunt ;)
1. Just lost my job last week to cutbacks (xmas will suck this year :(
2. Penguin would solve the gift to my little bro, he loves all things penguin.
3. The totes would be very useful as I live in nyc.
4. I’m a NotCot junkie.

----- rinne 17.11.08 13:26

The penguin warms my cold, cold heart.

----- rebecca 17.11.08 13:24

that big Baggu is a beast! looks great for a stuff-and-go approach to the task of the day.

the produce Baggus look perfect. keep my veggies separate from the rest of my shopping.

----- sarah 17.11.08 13:24

I love my baggu bags and could definitely use a couple more!

----- andrea 17.11.08 13:22

the produce baggus are a GREAT idea.

----- Lindsay 17.11.08 13:20

the gift guide is great. i would recommend a blurb for each site that gives a basic idea of their product focus is.

----- sean patrick 17.11.08 13:19

That seems to be the perfect bag for my trip to Greenland!

----- Marc 17.11.08 13:18

w00t Sweet shopping bags!

----- Jake 17.11.08 13:17

Re-usable bags are my stocking stuffers for the year. These look great, someone is going to get lucky!

These should end up on the giftguide somewhere! Urban design Micky Mouse:

----- Tony 17.11.08 13:16

That penguin is too cute… I will name him Pancho.
Great stuff.

----- Dominique 17.11.08 13:13

Nice! these would come in very handy.

----- Jeff 17.11.08 13:13

I love the penguin.

----- Danielle 17.11.08 13:12

Penguins are cute!

----- Grazina 17.11.08 13:11

Haha, that penguin makes me think of Hugsy, Joey Tribbiani’s stuffed penguin friends.

----- Grace 17.11.08 13:11

I love the little mesh ones! Pick me! Pick me!

----- tterb 17.11.08 13:10

Every time my mom and I go to the grocery store, she always likes to grab their paper bags and use them for things like say, holding newspapers.

We use plastic to hold the groceries, and then my mom goes and grabs a thick stack of paper bags and plops them down in the cart, so she can use the paper bags when we get home.

It’s embarrassing that we elicit stares, because I feel like we’re just stealing paper bags. I think these bags would work out for my mom nicely.

----- Jeff Lin 17.11.08 13:10

Oh and as for the gift guides, I desperately need a money/cardholder wallet for my boyfriend! The MAKR wallets are nice (as was the wallet featured a few days ago), but I need a “super lux meets versatility and (maybe even) a moderate price” kind of wallet!

----- hitan 17.11.08 13:10

Oooh, I’d love a baggu, thank you. The produce baggus are genius!

----- Louise 17.11.08 13:09

These are super cute.

----- Hope 17.11.08 13:08

whoa! i’m stoked about the big baggu and the mesh!!

----- celeste 17.11.08 13:08

Oh my I’ve been looking for vegetable bags the those! And I wouldn’t say no to the penguin either :D
I have a ton of different canvas totes at home (but not one as massive as the big Baggu!), the Baggu would fit right in with them.

----- hitan 17.11.08 13:07

Super Cute. Love the printed bags. I’ve never seen veggie bags, great idea!

----- Shelly 17.11.08 13:07

one day i will carry my groceries in chic multi coloured bags with cute names. one day i will not have to trudge homeward looking like a vagabond. one day i too will be cool. won’t i? sigh.

----- thunderthief 17.11.08 13:06

I love them all.
I want them all.

----- Mercedes 17.11.08 13:05

Yay, the first NOTCOT giveaway of the season. The holidays have officially arrived.

----- Melanie Tedder 17.11.08 13:03

i love the colors! bold and not too bright.
these would be pretty handy—
great for art supplies, school, groceries, picnics!

----- jenny 17.11.08 13:03

Looks like Kent, my teddyguin I’ve had since I was 2. Could fancy one…

----- Per 17.11.08 13:03

Wow! I’ve never seen these. Great idea. Pretty sure they could double as a quick purse too to brighten up an outfit.

I think eco friendly give aways are a good idea as well as practical give aways for college students.

----- Julia 17.11.08 13:02

That Penguin Baggu would be an awesome addition to the Bright Yellow Jacket office.

----- Mike Rogers 17.11.08 13:02

Oh, the holiday shopping season starts. And as usual, I see as much that I want for myself as for other people. *sigh* But, those mesh bags would complete my grocery bag collection!

----- Lucia 17.11.08 13:00

Yay for Baggu!

----- Remy 17.11.08 12:58

These are so cute! Perfect for the market, or taking goodies to work!

----- JB 17.11.08 12:57

I love my broccoli in stalkings, Mmm sexy.

----- paul zavitkovski 17.11.08 12:56

i can buy lots of carbs for that bag.

----- jennifer 17.11.08 12:56

These are adorable! I’ve been plastic bag free for almost 2 years now, and these are just the kind of solutions to make the lifestyle easy. I’ve found that people are much more prone to use a reusable bag when they’re cute — plus, it catches people’s eye and spreads “the word.” I love it! Keep ‘em coming!

----- Stephanie Fisher 17.11.08 12:56

penguin bag is genius. i feel like it would get stolen though, based on it’s awesomeness. how depressing :(
although, i’d still risk owning it!

some fun holiday gift ideas for you:


this website is dedicated to all things christmasy. i believe they are in toronto, canada (where i live!), so there’s some cool local handmade things, as well as weirdo stuff you can buy on the internet.

also, in case you’re not in the traditional gift giving mood, you can get ideas of where to take you and your loved ones out for hamburgers, all around toronto, ottawa, new york city, los angeles, and atlanta. seriously:


----- Angela 17.11.08 12:55

Personally we have found Archie McPhee to be a perfect addition to every xmas. Their Surprise Boxes (ranging from $30-$400) are great when you aren’t quite sure what to buy.

----- Conrad 17.11.08 12:54

Yes please. I like to save the planet by not using plastic bags.

Although I am still alarmed by the amount of cashiers and baggers who don’t believe you when you say you don’t want a bag. Or keep trying to insist that you take one.

----- Sydney 17.11.08 12:54

Baggu! These would be mighty handy for my art carrying needs. I always am carrying tons of bags, these fashionable beauties would make the load seem weightless. Plus the veggie bags would change my plastic bag consuming. For the holidays, what about a perpetual calendar? sustainable and classy.

----- wesley 17.11.08 12:53

I LOVE these. Of all the bags out there, these are the cool ones. And some many colors.

----- Durinda 17.11.08 12:53

I’m in for one!

----- Jacob 17.11.08 12:53

Wow! I love the new produce bags!

----- Josh 17.11.08 12:52

Who doesn’t love awesome free things?

----- delicatetbone 17.11.08 12:51

As a dumb male I always forget to take bags to supermarkets. These Baggus I can easily leave in my pocket for days until my next shop.

----- Peter Howe 17.11.08 12:51

Wow, cuttest bags ever! amazing blog too! :)

----- Panos 17.11.08 12:51

Great Baggu….the giant one would be perfect :)

----- Jimmy Foo 17.11.08 12:50

oh man, i totally want that penguin!

----- matt 17.11.08 12:49

oh man, i’ve been meaning to buy some of these forever. a friend has one, and they’re awesome.

----- nate 17.11.08 12:49

I’m going to leave a pun. Since I work in advertising, I can’t get away with these elsewhere. Too bad I didn’t work in the 80s.

“New bags. A perfect gift for the old bag. -Baggu”

----- Micah 17.11.08 12:48

Probably would be nice to feature some gift guides from the other ‘cots, like notcoture (however difficult that may be), or Liqurious… Like site exclusively focused on fashion or drinks. Maybe contact Bluefly.com to see if they might work out a deal with NOTCOT? They have promos often…
A more or less vague idea…

----- Cait 17.11.08 12:48

A stylish way to go shopping groceries for sure :-)

----- Marius 17.11.08 12:47

ummm…yes PLEASE!!!

----- Charlene deGuzman 17.11.08 12:47

I don’t have a baggu, but they look incredibly useful! Charming patterns too!

----- Lauren 17.11.08 12:47

That Big Baggu looks big enough to fit my entire family in to go shopping.


----- Justin 17.11.08 12:46

These are cool! I’m surprise there’s no DB Clay on notcot holiday coupon book.

----- Nigel Sielegar 17.11.08 12:46

I love the veggie bags! I would love a foodie gift guide!

----- Valerie 17.11.08 12:44

these are awesome,
i live in a small town, i don’t even know
where i would get one of these bad boys without having
to purchase it online. awesome!

----- morganne 17.11.08 12:44

The penguin is adorable! But is it also a bag or just a cute stuffed animal?

----- Angela 17.11.08 12:43

Penguin bag FTW!

Gift Guide Recommendation: I’m probably going to gift a set of iPhone Coasters to one of my many Apple fanatic + social gathering host/hostess type friends: http://www.meninos.us/shop/en/produtos/coasters/coasters.html

----- Nate 17.11.08 12:41

Ooh! These are awesome! I’ve just found my local Farmer’s Market and these would come in handy!

----- Kate 17.11.08 12:39

Love these! I think a Baggu is the perfect gift or stocking stuffer.

----- Lindsay 17.11.08 12:39

Baggu always looks nice and colorful~!! (but not the price tag thou…that’s why I don’t have one yet) I have been using my other tote bags I got from going to tech cons…

Anyway, love you site~!

----- kamikity 17.11.08 12:32

I love these bags! My sister has some and I am amazed at how much you can fit into each bag, they’ve very durable!

----- Anne Baker 17.11.08 12:28

Those baggus are adorable! My mother won’t buy groceries without reusable bags—she’d love these!

A gift guide for impoverished college students would be cool—things that are awesome and useful and pretty, but also affordable.

----- Liz 17.11.08 12:28

I love your gift guides. Keep ‘em coming!

----- andrea 17.11.08 12:23

I love Baggu! i use my baggu every time i go to the grocery store or the mall, i always get compliments and i especially love the look of confusion the cashier gives me when i wip mine out.

you should totally do a gift guide for the environmentalist at heart. that would totally rock my socks.

----- Jennifer 17.11.08 12:20

I could fit a lot of rice crackers in those bags….

----- Jesse 17.11.08 12:15

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