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Gift Guide: Desk Toys and Stocking Stuffers- 11.18.08

sponsored by SeagateFirst Gift Guide of the season, and while i promised friends and family i wouldn’t do 31 days in a row like last year (it got crazy!), you can see Alyssa and i made up for it with quite the NOTCOT Holiday Coupon Book and a really exciting lineup of giveaways launching nearly everyday through xmas! (Funny thing is, as we get more excited and start posting up all these goodies as a huge THANK YOU to you, our readers, more stores we love keep contacting us wanting to share the love as well! So the list might grow… as do the coupons!)

So first guide, the REALLY fun stuff. Since gifts should be about the unexpected… those fun surprises that you never saw coming, or would never buy yourself yet secretly lusted for… So lets kick this off with Desk Toys and Stocking Stuffers! Below is a massive collage of some of my favorites, like last year, just click the products to be whisked off to find out more. I’ve also attached the relevant coupons below to help you out with any temptations you may come across! Enjoy!

geeky ninja hike in the woods neaf rainbow hungry scientist mimobots diesel sweeties mimobots particle zoo japanese pocket puzzle macrophenomenal pro basketball almanac plaring formosa moustache keyring botanicalls diy plant twitter kit full bleed toy zipper pull danglies micro tumble tree timbers electronic stapler king men neocube naef mouvelette new moustaches sponsored by Seagate






Note from Nicole at Mimoco (from comments): *i should note for MIMOBOT code to work, you need to be registered and logged in (has nothing to do with our mailing list) it’s just a way for you to check out and for code to apply. apologies for this inconvenience, it’s just the way our e-commerce system works.




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11 Notes

Get 10% discount on the NeoCube with the code “myneo”. Just order me two of em!

----- Detour 21.11.08 05:05

Jean! What a tease!!! I love the plunger guy but I really wanted the maid!

----- Nix Smith 19.11.08 11:46

nix ~ not sure if they are still available ~ i just grabbed him from under my monitor to take that quick pic

----- jean/NOTCOT 18.11.08 18:17

Where can I get the Rabbid figurine?! The last time I saw a post about them they weren’t for sale…

----- Nix Smith 18.11.08 18:14

oooh these are fantistic!!!
Thanks :)

----- Sal in Sydney 18.11.08 16:29

Hey all, sorry for the misunderstanding on the coupon code for Shawnimals. NOTCOTROX is now in full effect!

----- Shawnimal 18.11.08 08:11

A lot of these websites were new to me — thanks for the great suggestions!

----- Amy's Stocking Stuffers 18.11.08 06:20

Neocube is the best!

----- Nigel Sielegar 18.11.08 05:54

Oh my goodness! This guide is right on cue! My husband has been begging for a flash drive and how can I get him anything other than Mimoco? I LOVE Diesel Sweeties and no one else seems to understand just WHAT I find so funny. Puzzles are always cool & I have a new little guy to buy gifts for and that xylophone is just plain perfect!

Thank you !

----- Miranda 18.11.08 05:53

The ‘NOTCOTROX’ code in the Shawnimals store is not working… comes back as invalid.

----- Todd 18.11.08 05:36

Wow… the Plarings really caught my eye… too bad the sizes don’t work out for me.
The idea of the Mimoco as a present is a really good one… I may have to pick up a few for my computer-inclined buds… (…and maybe one for myself… that golden panda is irresistible.

----- Meep 18.11.08 02:08

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