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1800 Tequila Essential Artists Up Close- 12.16.08

1800bottle1.jpg On long overdue and super amazing things that have shown up recently ~ 8/9 of the 1800 Tequila Limited Edition Artist Bottles arrived, and i can’t bring myself to open them, i just kind of sit and stare at how gorgeous they are ~ honestly, if you haven’t seen them in person, you must! Because i’ve seen pictures, from high res to billboards, for some time now, and they were far more incredible in person! They are like gorgeous drinkable works of art… basically it feels like they are screened on to the backs of the glass bottles, which results in a nice matte feel on the back, and the art looks like its floating in the bottle of tequila… perhaps my favorite detail besides the art work itself (and the fact that the cap is a shot glass) ~ each bottle is numbered (out of 1800), has the name and bio of the artist, and their signature in silver! Really i can only ramble so much about this, but what you really need to see is all the close up pics of the bottles themselves! So click through and browse them on the next page!

Not sure what to bring for a last minute party, gift, etc ~ i think its pretty hard to go wrong with one of these… SO pretty!

A few links to note ~ you can view more information about all of the Essential Artists and view a gallery of all of the official bottles at the 1800 Tequila site ~ additionally you can even design and purchase a bottle of your OWN design there!







Here is a look at the Artist’s Bio Panels…




7/8 of my bottles are #309/1800 ~ one is #322…

Here’s a close up of the back to give you a closer look at the printing process…

Oh and in case you were curious ~ the 1800 Tequila bottle designer is pretty amazing! I loved the nice clean UI, and the widget was actually pretty cute ~ here are some that i made one late late night… basically just pulled some photos and dropped them in…

…. “Any aspiring artist or fan can upload their art on a custom 1800® bottle and join the competition to win $10,000 and be featured in a national advertising campaign.”

And if you’re looking to buy them, i hear one of the only places online is Hit Me Wine

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The bottles look great, but the terms for the submitting artist are a screw:

2. By submitting your artwork you represent that you are the owner of the piece and agree that upon submission the artwork becomes the property of Proximo Spirits. You further acknowledge that Proximo is under no obligation to use or return the submission, and you shall not receive any compensation or credit should Proximo decide to use it.

That’s not ethical. If they aren’t going to pay the artist when they use the art, then it stands that I don’t have to pay for the tequila when I drink it. It’s a con. Don’t buy anything from Proximo Spirits.

----- Chas Porter 03.01.09 10:12

The campaign has been going for over 6 months so I doubt they are easy to find at this point. Like I said, I was in Chicago within 4 miles of one of the billboards and neither of my major liquor stores had them or could get them. The hole in the wall place down the street had one on display but the owner wasn’t selling it.

My friend in San Diego has 2 Chris Dean bottles that he found at Bev Mo at random.

My girlfriend even looked for them for me for Christmas and said she came up empty. This is the same girl who camped out for a Wii 2 years ago for me so I assume she did her due diligence.

Best of Luck.

----- Josh 17.12.08 17:11

Those are crazy hot!

I was just in bev mo and didnt see them.

Has anyone else seen them online or at a store in their area?

----- rob @ substance 17.12.08 10:00

Curse you! Those look even better than I imagined

I saw these back when you first mentioned them quite a while back. Even though Chicago was a spot for the billboard campaign when I lived there, I couldn’t find the bottles anywhere. Even my awesome liquor store guy in Texas said he couldn’t get them.

It’s for the best though, I don’t think I could have bought just one or two. They are all so incredible!

----- Josh 16.12.08 15:30

Viva Tequila!

----- Cristian 16.12.08 14:57

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