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NOTCOT Giveaway 30: Branch Home- 12.16.08

winbranch.jpg TO WIN: Leave a comment ~ telling us about your favorite green thing! ENTER BY 12/19. WINNER: Tom in Sunset, UT!

Hey ~ sorry ~ today kind of escaped me between the new toy and a bunch of businessy/ad related work/panic that kind of took over my day ~ the kind of takeover where you suddenly realize its midnight and you’re still working… Anyhow! To catch up we’re going to do two giveaways today! So first up is the 30th NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway (can you believe it’s been 30?!?!?!) ~ from our eco-friendly friends at Branch Home ~ they are literally going green with this giveaway, having given us 4 pairs of these gorgeous Felt Swallows! So 4 light green and 4 dark green, and they hang on a simple, shiny, satin ribbon ~ made of 100% eco-certified felted wool in Germany, these birds are about 6” and ready for anything from decorating your tree, to hanging in your car, adding to a present’s wrapping, or even letting the kids customize with their names, glitter, and more!

So to win this bundle of eco-friendly felty birdies, leave me a comment with your favorite green thing. (Yes, that is intentionally vague, anything green, from kermit to your recycling bin…) and don’t forget the coupon from branch on the next page!


TO WIN: Leave a comment ~ telling us about your favorite green thing! ENTER BY 12/19

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----- Donna K 19.12.08 22:03

My favorite green thing is Shrek.

----- Lily Kwan 19.12.08 20:42

My favorite green thing is our parakeet, Peeve.


----- Jean D. 19.12.08 20:18

Four leaf clovers.

----- Mike Porter 19.12.08 18:39

The lost city of Atlantis. Runner up: Martians.

----- Kristina 19.12.08 18:00

amazonian poison dart frogs.

----- christina 19.12.08 17:54

count me in

----- Frances Watson 19.12.08 17:38

My boyfriends eyes.

----- libby 19.12.08 17:15


----- Cynthia Hagood 19.12.08 16:17

My green tights!

----- Holly Phillips 19.12.08 15:20

apples are my fav :)

----- bao nguyen 19.12.08 15:08

4 leaf clovers.

----- Tamara Burks 19.12.08 14:26

My husbands eyes

----- dana 19.12.08 11:09

Green Tea and Lima Beans are my two favorite green things.

----- John Deal 19.12.08 10:03

My favorite green thing is bamboo because it’s what pandas eat, and I love pandas!

----- Meg 19.12.08 09:55

My favorite is guacamole!

----- swan 19.12.08 08:46

My favorite green thing is anything blooming in spring. The new little leaves that are bursting through the spring slush. I am so excited when a long winter turns to a bright, lovely fresh green landscape.

----- Jennifer W 19.12.08 08:13

i love gardening you cant get greener than that :)

----- kathy pease 19.12.08 07:48

lovely green grass to lay on during hot summer days or brisk fall ones :)

----- kandi 19.12.08 07:22

I love anything organic.

----- Dan 19.12.08 07:03

My favorite little green dress. I’ve had it for years and it still looks as good as when I bought it.

----- Janette 19.12.08 05:48

The Incredible Hulk - he doesn’t pollute the air … though he does tend to leave quite a mess behind whenever he lapses into an episode of maniacal rage.

----- donaville 19.12.08 05:44


----- Judith 19.12.08 04:56

The little green traffic light man telling me I can cross the street now.

----- ptrhrmn 19.12.08 03:47

An Choy, Bak Choy, all the great Chinese vegetables you can make when drenched in oil and stir fried to have a very succulent dish- mmmmm~ -drools-

----- Justin Nguyen 19.12.08 02:35

Grass on a cool summer night

----- Kari Follett 19.12.08 01:51

My favorite green thing is grass. Thanks for the giveaway!

----- Christina G. 19.12.08 01:19

Key lime pie. Or money, preferably big bills!

----- Sarah 18.12.08 22:36

My favorite is spinach.

----- john ferris 18.12.08 21:52

My favorite green thing is my old school gameboy advace COLOR. those were the days….

----- swankifiedjello 18.12.08 21:37

My favorite green thing(s) are my reusable shopping bags.

----- Katee 18.12.08 18:42

My favorite green thing is holly!

----- Storm 18.12.08 18:13

my favorite green thing are the bottom of my sneakers after freshly cut grass from a lawnmower.

----- pablo 18.12.08 17:16

the school cafeteria serves the worst food ever, green salad with cut up chicken patties saves my appetite all the time. it sucks though when they don’t serve chicken patties. the chicken is also good when you put cheddar cheese on top of it. so yummy!

----- labraji 18.12.08 15:58

I have a lovely vintage green flower pot that my boyfriend gave me, I’ve since killed the plant that came with it :( but I’ve just replaced it with a baby Christmas tree. It makes me happy!

----- Kristen 18.12.08 15:43


----- tony davis 18.12.08 15:10

tweet tweet goes the little bird outside my window…so cold trying to find a safe haven in this blustery unexpected winter storm. If I had any food to feed myself in this drafty house, i would chew it up and spit a little out onto my ledge for you to eat too. Or I could just win these felt guys and then me and my birds could both be warm and have no food. sorry live ones, i will still love you.

----- sarah tisdale 18.12.08 14:48

my favorite green thing……a bottle of Heineken

----- Lisa 18.12.08 13:45

My favorite green thing….Cilantro. It’s great in everything.

I love those green birds…to cool.

----- Amy Stripling 18.12.08 11:33

Favorite green thing is the designers accord: http://www.designersaccord.org/
Favorite thing that is green colored… hmm… those sweet birds!

----- EJ 18.12.08 09:58

My wife’s left eye. The other one is brown.

----- Eric 18.12.08 08:52

if low-emission candles existed (and they were lime colored), then that’d be my favorite thing. it’s double the green haha ;)

----- Tina 18.12.08 08:45

My eco friendly cleaners… I just change everything in my house to brands such as seventh generation, the method, ecover.. best decision ever. They look nice, smell nice, and are good to me and the environment!

----- andrea Ballocchi 18.12.08 07:56

The greatest green item that I own would be my CFL bulbs. Thanks for the chance to win.

----- Erma Hurtt 18.12.08 04:57

How fun!! My favorite green thing is trees!!!

----- Mariann Hudson 18.12.08 03:38

Favorite: My dog named green.
Not favorite: The fucking green pool at my elementary school.

----- Cody Taggart 18.12.08 02:37

the grinch :-)

----- marta 18.12.08 02:27


----- RJ 18.12.08 00:22

the incredible hulk

----- Norman Sherfield 18.12.08 00:00

my favorite green thing has many names: collie, dank, sticky icky, ganja, mary jane, the herbal remedy…..

----- travis 17.12.08 23:15

My favorite green thing is my red lored Amazon parrot.

----- Belinda 17.12.08 23:00

my favorite green thing is kermit the frog and bulbasaur. kermit because he sang its not easy being green which was really cool to me cause it made me realize that sometimes even when you think its hard being different youre more like other things than you know. and bulbasaur cause hes just so bad ass

----- toymaker 17.12.08 22:28

Mauwie Wauwie

----- doctrgrlfrnd 17.12.08 22:08

The scrumptious green layer in 7 layer cookies.



----- Denise 17.12.08 22:01

Green Tea Mochi.

----- Ying 17.12.08 21:47


----- amy t 17.12.08 20:27

In my little herb garden there is one lone tomato that is still green and every day I see it reminds me of patience and just how long things can take.

----- Nicole T 17.12.08 20:20

My last car. A forest green ‘93 Jeep Cherokee. Took on a huge front end collision but kept me safe and stuck with me until I had to give it up just a few years ago.

----- Jennifer 17.12.08 20:15

My favorite green thing is my couch.

----- thompmalice 17.12.08 18:39

I had a messenger bag made from a recycled rice sack that i absolutely adore.

----- Rachel 17.12.08 18:24

Kermit the Frog and Mint Ice-Cream

----- Monique Rizzo 17.12.08 18:04

The greatest green item that I own would be my Billabong sweatshirt that is all green with purple seagulls on the back of it. It is so cute and wonderful!

----- Christi 17.12.08 17:35

My mom thinks she’s being kitsch by putting up an A&W bear on a snowboard, on the tree.

It’s not kitsch, it’s just sad… But those cute little birdies will cheer me up, please?

----- Edward Wong 17.12.08 16:53

My favorite green thing is the bicycle I intend to buy in 2009. You may even say it’s the bicycle of my dreams…

----- Nadia P 17.12.08 15:29

My favorite green thing is the first blade of green grass I see in the spring!

----- Elaine R 17.12.08 14:26

my green grass

----- sarah doherty 17.12.08 13:35

My favorite green thing is the stuffed Kermit the frog with pose able limbs that we got my son at the Goodwill for 50 cents! He loves it so I love it

----- Katharine 17.12.08 13:21

I really like those birds.My fav green thing is evergreen trees

----- Tammy 17.12.08 13:06

My favorite green thing is my kelly green matt and nat bag. Its green in both ways!

----- JB 17.12.08 12:53

squished in mashed potatoes.
they would be my favourite green things,
mostly in holiday dinners.

----- teng 17.12.08 12:51

Green Ortega chilis - yum!

----- Lauren 17.12.08 12:38

my favorite green things are trees and grass. and i miss them!

----- kathryn 17.12.08 12:07

my favourite green things are these birds hanging in my green room…

----- Roland Bango-Fi 17.12.08 11:41

fuzzy green socks!…take that winter!

----- trevor 17.12.08 11:36

My favorite green thing is Lacinato Kale (aka black kale or dinosaur kale)It grows in my garden all winter, only getting sweeter as the weather turns frosty… so tasty steamed with sweet potatos, or added to soup, or braised with lentils, or …

----- alison 17.12.08 11:13

Oh my favorite green thing is a Green River from the Soda Fountain shop :) Similar to today’s 7-Up or Sprite, but so much better, and green!

----- Danielle 17.12.08 10:45

Marvin the Martian!

----- Mark 17.12.08 10:27

My bunny chia pet.

----- James 17.12.08 10:12

my favorite green thing are plants they are refreshing and clean the air

----- evelyn 17.12.08 10:09

being irish i think 3 of my all time favorite green things would be ireland’s flag… shamrocks… and good luck bear from the care bears. (i must say i’m not too happy that the updated care bears cartoons don’t have lucky anymore!!) i also have a great fascination with grass… something about it between my toes in the summer is just super awesome… and while we’re on the topic of green things… the GoGreens drink mix from ToGo brands is probably the nastiest thing EVER!!!

----- Carol 17.12.08 09:59

My favorite green thing is GRASS: to play on, lay on, sleep on, run on…

----- Alice Sinzato 17.12.08 09:48

Definitely my little bamboo plants!

----- Jessi Blackham 17.12.08 08:54

My christmas tree this year, it’s green and looks absolutely beautiful!

----- Trish 17.12.08 08:23

My favorite green thing is grass and the smell of it when its freshly cut!

----- Carisa flaherty 17.12.08 08:23

Those birds are so cool! Thanks for sharing! My favorite green thing is lucky four leaf clovers!
hondaray6 at hotmail dot com

----- Rhonda Mason 17.12.08 07:32

My house is my favorite green thing! My grandfather built it from reclaimed materials in the 50s, it’s only 900 square feet, and it’s heated with a wood burner and has a water collection barrel! My husband and I bought it after he passed away and have been living here for three years, and we are so so happy in it.

----- Rita 17.12.08 07:31

my new baby fern on my desk

----- twinkerdill 17.12.08 07:25

I’m quite fond of grass. Under foot, in pots, in graphic design… whispy, soft green grass.

----- LANDLINE 17.12.08 07:07

I’m not sure if you mean green or “green”. My fave green things are houseplants. My fave “green” things are my reuseable grocery bags. Thanks!

----- Cori Westphal 17.12.08 06:50

My favorite green thing is my garden! It has many shades of green—Light green of heavenly bamboo, lime green of spearmint and laurel. Yellow green of golden mops and money plant. Dark green of Foster holly and English ivy. Blue green of white pines and juniper. Gray green of sage, lavender, and lamb’s ear. This time of year green is the predominate color. I love green—all greens.

----- Melanie 17.12.08 06:17

I quite like Granny Smith apples.
Oh, and money’s pretty good too.

----- Rudy 17.12.08 05:46

I have a lot of geren things that could be considered favorites, however, my newest favorite is recycable shopping bags that the town I live in gave out to anyone that wanted them.
geneveve2 @ gmail dot com

----- Laura Harrison 17.12.08 02:38

my fave green thing would be my christmastree please enter me in for this thanks 8)

----- jennifer bowen 17.12.08 02:38

Thai Green Curry…..mmmm I’m addicted!

----- Jessica 17.12.08 02:17

The eyes of a cat. I could stare at it all day.

----- whitespace 17.12.08 01:35

It’s not easy being green, but my kelly green ballet flats make things pretty darn effortless

----- Leanna 16.12.08 23:35

My favorite ‘green thing’ would have to be….
Oscar, my jade plant that I raised from a tiny sprig!

----- Mariko 16.12.08 23:20

WHEATGRASS… for me, my family + kitty.

----- CAROLINE 16.12.08 23:05

I have an old green pair of chuck taylors that I just adore. Also, I love birds.

----- Bails 16.12.08 22:14

The all natural handmade soap boutique I work at is my favorite green thing!

----- Judy 16.12.08 22:10

my favorite green thing is my Shrek ears headband… in Halloween is a must!

----- Mon 16.12.08 21:13

I have a green coat (a wool/nylon blend, mostly wool) that is a firm favourite. When I wore it with my murky green corduroy pants my Japanese junior high students asked me whether I was wearing green socks also. I suspect they were making fun of me :P

----- Ingrid 16.12.08 20:50

My favorite thing in green would have to be my Pokemon: Emerald Edition game for Gameboy Advance. I have to be honest. Those were some damn fine memories.

----- Jenifer M. 16.12.08 19:55

My favorite green thing: money.

----- Melissa G. 16.12.08 19:42

Yay for avacados!

----- Katie Ward 16.12.08 19:36

Grass is my favorite gree thing.

----- Jessica P 16.12.08 19:16

Bunch of Broccolli!!!!

----- David Levi 16.12.08 18:39

taking plastic bottle caps, insulin syringe tip and bottom caps and restringing to make “beaded” string curtains

----- bp 16.12.08 18:19


----- Amanda Olson 16.12.08 18:02

The grass is always greener on the other side. Sigh…

----- Gary 16.12.08 17:48

My favorite green thing right now - my christmas tree. I love seeing it lit up.

----- Annette Amdahl 16.12.08 17:35

These green marshmallow/cornflake mini wreath desserts that my great grandmother makes every year. That…and solar energy of course

----- chris 16.12.08 17:14

My favorite green thing is the first burst of green leaves in the spring. That shade of green is different, more vibrant, almost neon green.

----- myrna eisenlauer 16.12.08 17:03

My Favorite green thing is my pet frog

----- Dana Galbraith 16.12.08 17:02

fresh evergreen tree’s.

----- Linda Chaput 16.12.08 17:00

My favorite green thing right now are my dinning room walls, I painted them green, its actually a weird blueish green , but its not teal, Its called Cacti and its from Valspar, its the most beautiful green… I think Green, the color is going to be huge in 09, I suggest everyone go out and buy dark green anything, light green and jade greens are over, its all about the emerald green!

I love emeralds (my birth stone)

----- Kirk 16.12.08 16:53

A glass of absinthe on a cold winter’s night. ^_^

----- Tom 16.12.08 16:53


----- palesa 16.12.08 16:37

The greatest green thing ever is grass! No, not the kind you smoke but the kind on front lawns and in parks. So soft and cool and great to walk on barefoot! I’ve got a 3ft long window box in my room that just makes the whole vibe of the place feel a little more like the outdoors.

----- Mikey 16.12.08 16:35

i dont have a favorite green thing. if i get these, they will be my favorite green thing. oh i just wanted to let you all know that they have blocked notcot.org at work. it sucks big balls. all i did at work is look at this site, well maybe thats why they blocked it. but it made me mad >.

----- ed 16.12.08 16:23

prospect park in the summer

----- grace 16.12.08 16:23

My favorite “green” thing is my vegetarianism. It’s the best personal decision I’ve made in my life, and I’ve never once regretted it.

Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

----- Stefanie H. 16.12.08 16:19

Ganga, mary jane, wacky tobaccy, the reefer… it goes by many many names.

I suppose what I’m trying to say is that the green thing I like the most is a Four Leaf Clover.

----- Joshua 16.12.08 16:18

My favourite green thing would be a cedar tree (western red, to be precise). I know the whole thing isn’t technically green, just the foliage, but that’s good enough for me!

----- Katie 16.12.08 16:12

My favorite green thing is my collection of Envirosax (they are so useful and pretty to look at!)
And these sweet green birds are lovely!

Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

----- oona b 16.12.08 16:03

I’m currently studying to be an ornithologist, and my favorite color is green, so I’m pretty sure that I need these!
A lot of things in my house are green. My bedsheets, my curtains, scarves, clothes, etc…but my favorite thing would probably be the ring that I wear every day. It’s a little bigger than the tiny things people seem to prefer these days (including myself) but I found it at a garage sale for $10 and fell in love with the olive colored peridot. Peridot is usually sold in a more emerald colored green, but a while back it was preferably this olive color which a lot of people like to compare to nasty things.
But I love it. I like to think about where it lived before me and the experiences people had while wearing it. I think it must have given them good luck because I think it works for me. I get a lot of compliments on it, despite it being a simple design and silver band. Maybe it just goes well with my olive skin!
PS- the other thing I got at that garage sale is a very realistic, but gigantic rubber cockroach…but it’s brown :-P

----- Lauren 16.12.08 15:57


----- lucash 16.12.08 15:50

My fav green thing is my great smelling pine wreath.

----- Lisa L. 16.12.08 15:48

Favorite Green things - my wife’s eyes, my golf bag, my sweater with a hole on the left sleeve and my sons froggie rain boot.

----- Timber 16.12.08 15:45


----- metis 16.12.08 15:41

Green eggs and Ham!

----- Helen 16.12.08 15:21

My Prius! And the view from my window, which is a little less green than usual this time of year.

----- speck 16.12.08 15:15

My little stuffed kermit the frog. he’s so cute and green!

----- Jeff 16.12.08 14:48

Growing up in southern/central CA, I don’t see much natural green very often. In fact, this year it’s been more of a firey red year (my town had both the Gap Fire and the Tea Fire in the last 6 months!), so my fvorite green thing is the English countryside I first got to visit this year while on vacation.

It was wonderful to drive throught the low hills covered in green grass (and even green spray painted sheep). It stands out even more in my mind when I look at the fire ravaged hills in my home town any time that I’m outside.

----- somerset walmsley 16.12.08 14:34


----- Casey 16.12.08 14:32

My favorite green colored thing is this beautiful mid century modern ceramic pot that I got a thrift store. My favorite eco-green thing I love is my Sigg water bottle.

----- Meridith 16.12.08 14:31

My son’s boogers flying out of his nose when he sneezes, it’s just the funniest god damn thing in the world.

----- Marcus Saunders 16.12.08 14:27

cash thats in my pocket or wait- whats in my poscket is more copper collared

----- SANDY 16.12.08 14:19

My little pet frog. Ok, so he’s more brown than green but its close.

----- Kristen 16.12.08 14:19

my hemp shopping bags

----- christopher h 16.12.08 13:58

It’d have to be my green icebreaker 190 long sleeve top. It is so green, both in how it was made and the colour, but the green miles are a bit crappy, the merino being flown from New Zealand to Europe to China to New Zealand to Australia…

----- Andrew 16.12.08 13:58

trimmed green grass after a summer rain shower.
it smells like childhood

----- grace 16.12.08 13:40

wonder if shipping this product from germany ruins its greenness

----- Jason 16.12.08 13:34

The fictional town of Eureka!

----- Sarah Roxanne Shields 16.12.08 13:30

green leaf

----- Paul Kwon 16.12.08 13:26

My favorite green thing has got to be a short sleeve kelly green hoodie that in sunny Florida comes in handy. I love it, I bring it with me everywhere. Green is my favorite color.

----- Danielle 16.12.08 13:16

I love broccoli. I love it raw, steamed, stir fried, every way!

----- Kim D 16.12.08 13:15

It would be my green japanese teacup that I drink tea from everyday. Mmm…houjicha…

----- rem 16.12.08 13:10

my favorite green thing is the peace lily plant that i’ve had for the past 20 years. viva la peace lily!

----- tula 16.12.08 13:08

My favorite green thing is my christmas tree. Every year my family buys a huge christmas tree and we all decorate it together, and it’s the only time of the year that I get to see most of my family because we all live so far apart.

----- Alyssa Bredohl 16.12.08 13:07

My favorite “green” thing is my university - we strive quite hard to be sustainable, and I feel like it really does a lot.

----- Maggie 16.12.08 13:04

My favorite Green thing is my Green 29” singles peed mountain bike.

----- josh 16.12.08 13:02

SVA Animation Dept, it’s gone green and we’re loving it. :)

----- Lily 16.12.08 12:57


----- bearic 16.12.08 12:52

My mini-moss terrarium, which is a clear-glass Christmas ornament.

----- Emmie 16.12.08 12:44

My favorite green thing?


----- Charlotte 16.12.08 12:42


----- Katie 16.12.08 12:41

my green futon from ikea. just a simple ikea futon, nothing fancy, but the green cover was perfect, a nice punch of color (not too bold). sadly they stopped making the cover and i had to replace it with grey (it was that or beige). i miss my old futon cover.

----- janelle 16.12.08 12:41

My favorite green thing has got to be my green winter coat. I purchased it while living in Germany (ironically) so it reminds me of good friends/times there and is VERY warm, making it a highly practical reminder of the past :)

----- Stacy B. 16.12.08 12:31

big palm tree leaves

----- Hope 16.12.08 12:31

mine would be trees and foliage!

----- beeb 16.12.08 12:17

iiii dont really know if I want these - they dont look to spectacular - hey, prove me wrong.

----- Jordan 16.12.08 12:06

Turtles are green and I love them!


----- linda 16.12.08 12:02

My favorite green ‘thing’ is cilantro- the smell, taste and colour enliven many food dishes. To take the obscurity further, I am an Interior Design Instructor in Canada—- and lately, my students have been working with sustainable, reused/recycled materials. Today, they handed in their final 3D design project that is 75% sustainable. I love giving an assignment to 21 students and seeing the diverse, creative, unique pieces. This is what I truly love that is “GREEN” - eco friendliness on all levels!

----- Amber 16.12.08 11:59

The notebook that I carry in my pocket everywhere I go is my favorite green thing! It stores all my notes.

----- Joe Wasserman 16.12.08 11:56

My favorite green thing is kelly-green fields. Bright, fresh, waves of verdant breathing nature’s viridty into my eyes and nose. This hue of the visible spectrum, giving off a radiant energy that psychologically is primary, are the divine wavelengths that radiate between 490 and 570 nanometers.

----- mary 16.12.08 11:48

My new threadless t-shirt “as day is swallowed up by night”

----- Lazarou 16.12.08 11:33


----- pelon 16.12.08 11:29

i think my favorite green thing has got to be the color of new leaves in springtime. so beautiful!

----- teal 16.12.08 11:21

My favorite green thing today is the green marker I write on my white board with.

----- Emily Mabry 16.12.08 11:13

That stuff under my toes on my left foot.

----- kevin 16.12.08 11:04

Thai Green Curry!

----- Colleen 16.12.08 10:55

The HULK!!!11shiftone

----- Jasper 16.12.08 10:55

by far my big green scarf is my favorite… It is pashmina size and a nice bright green and it keeps me warm.

----- Alexis 16.12.08 10:52

‘The Quiet American’ Graham Greene

----- nava 16.12.08 10:46

The best green things are those grass flavored harry potter jelly beans. Surprisingly Delicious!

----- drewie 16.12.08 10:45

Tadpoles. Thats right. Tadpoles.

----- COREY 16.12.08 10:44

My green bandana!

----- Ashley 16.12.08 10:41

homemade pesto… mmmm

----- anita 16.12.08 10:40

I’d have to say grass is my favourite green thing. I grew up on a sod farm & we had fields & fields of the stuff.

The smell of fresh cut grass? Wonderful!!

----- Cheryl 16.12.08 10:38

mine would be chestnut leaf. my grandparents had a house in between 2 such trees, it was a joy to play under them all summer long

----- diana 16.12.08 10:37

my favorite green thing would have to be my friend leia alligator, flutateer and puppetress extraordinaire. she’s green in a lot of ways, from being vegan to recycling to riding bikes instead of driving. and you know, she’s an alligator. *grin*

----- Erin 16.12.08 10:17


----- joe 16.12.08 10:15

my green hand clapper toy.

----- Rich 16.12.08 10:12

kermit the frog.

----- doug 16.12.08 10:11

my super bright kelly green hoodie.

----- christina 16.12.08 10:08

a cucumber?

----- marieke 16.12.08 10:01

Asparagus sprinkled with Cavender’s Greek Seasoning, baked in an oven until crispy. Yum.

----- Jonathan 16.12.08 10:00

Besides Kermit the frog..my favorite “green” thing is my hemp shopping bag..oh and broccoli!

----- Michelle 16.12.08 10:00


----- Jason 16.12.08 09:58

my favorite green thing is a sweater.
and not just any sweater, this sweater was given to me by my mom, and it used to be hers. i wore it EVERYDAY that i was in college (i’m a cold person), and i still have it and wear it often at work.

though the edges are frayed, and i had to sewn all the buttons back on at least twice since i got it, it’s my favorite article of clothing.

and it’s green.

----- colleen 16.12.08 09:48

My fav green thing is a home recycling center/compacter thing. I wish I had one!

----- Christina 16.12.08 09:42

My baggu bag. I use it all the time.

----- Lauren 16.12.08 09:36

Green River Soda. It’s a bright green soda pop, that was only sold in the Midwest. I had my first one in 1985 in a drug store in Niles, Michigan.

----- Marie-Claire Camp 16.12.08 09:35

my mid century spaghetti swag lamp that hangs in my foyer is the best green thing EVAR. :)

----- Karlaanne 16.12.08 09:30

I like the energy saving lightbulbs best!

----- Mikelle 16.12.08 09:30

Oh this one’s easy. Green lights!

----- Tom 16.12.08 09:24

I love restaurants that supply those biodegradable/compostable utensils with your carryout order!

“Dear NOTCOT, make me a bird, so I can fly far far away from here…”

----- Allyson 16.12.08 09:23

fresh cut grass

----- Andrew Saliga 16.12.08 09:21

Those are beautiful.
My favorite green thing is this silly green shirt my brother gave to me for my birthday a few years ago. There’s a stegosaurus on it.

----- Allison S. 16.12.08 09:09

Cash. I can’t help it.

----- Chelsea 16.12.08 09:03

It might be an obvious one, but my favorite green thing is a happy tree.

----- Emily 16.12.08 09:03

I absolutely love green tea. Absolutely delicious on a cold day :)

----- Twiggy 16.12.08 08:58

Fav green thing… doesn’t grow on trees… MONEY :-)

----- Jason 16.12.08 08:46

Trees are my favorite green thing. they are not manufactured but of all the products, the all natural tree is still at the top of the list. I am especially a fan of walnut and aspen trees.

----- wesley 16.12.08 08:45

my favorite green thing are my juice glasses and caraffe that i made by cutting the tops off beer bottles and wine bottles. then i used sulfuric acid to etch nifty designs and words on them.

----- Matt 16.12.08 08:45

My favorite green thing has gotta be the canned food green giant, he is a great mascot!

----- Polina 16.12.08 08:45


----- Shannon Baas 16.12.08 08:44

My favorite green item now are my homemade grocery sacks. I know, how predictable, but mine are really schnazzy and I get a grip of compliments when I take them out. I exclusively use fabrics/trims found at thrift stores and estate sales, so they’re extra green :)

----- Shelley Cameron 16.12.08 08:41

My daughter’s eyes.

----- Erik 16.12.08 08:36

GORGEOUS! My favorite green things are aspen leaves. I love how they look and the noise they make as they shake in the breeze. These birdies would be right at home in them, too.

----- Stephanie F 16.12.08 08:27

My favorite green thing is a cool old tackle box that my grandfather gave me that I use as a sewing box.

----- Krista 16.12.08 07:53


----- Robert W. 16.12.08 07:52

although i see all kinds of new and great green gadgets online that i would love to have and be implemented in everyone’s life i think the one green thing i use the most and really love are my recyclable shopping bags, they hold 3x’s more than regular plastic bags, they’re stylish and heavy-duty durable. i just love them

----- Anna 16.12.08 07:49

i have to say … the rain forest.

----- jayp0411 16.12.08 07:48

My favorite thing that is green is a spinach salad with curry chicken salad on top.

----- Kim Z 16.12.08 07:32

It would have to be broccoli!

----- ph 16.12.08 07:04

Four leaf clovers

----- awolf 16.12.08 06:55

It has been, and always will be the Green Knight, of Sir Gawain fame.


I hope all of you love this story as much as I do.

----- Rick C 16.12.08 06:49

My favorite green thing has to be green hosting with Dreamhost.

----- Collin Banko 16.12.08 06:48

My favorite green thing would be a shamrock.

----- Paul 16.12.08 05:56


----- jacob 16.12.08 05:53

Mine has to be my green Townie bike from Electra: )

----- SuzyCat 16.12.08 05:39


----- Ray 16.12.08 05:37

My love’s eyes, my green beaded necklace, fresh Christmas trees, cancelling magazine subscriptions, recycled dresses for my daughter, organic mangoes, gardens, double-sided printing & walking to work.

----- Kathleen 16.12.08 05:24

Wow, where do I start because the way I see it…pretty much everything is better in Lime Green! I’m gonna have to say my green dresser/vanity which consists of a green floating shelf!

----- Matthew K 16.12.08 05:20

My Christmas Tree.

----- Chris Miranda 16.12.08 04:17


Makes me happy!

----- rafael 16.12.08 04:17

My favourite green thing is my green earrings that look like shiny boiled sweets. These little swallows would look really at home in my white bedroom.

----- missmilki 16.12.08 03:09

My favorite green thing at the moment would have to be Elphaba!

----- Matt 16.12.08 02:08

These birds are really really great. The coolest green thing ever is by the way Man-At-Arms from The Masters Of The Universe.

----- Kai Petermann 16.12.08 00:59

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