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Alex & Chloe- 12.10.08

alexchloe0.jpg Alex & Chloe ~ here’s a close up look at their packaging and some of their products… basically, i kid you not when i told you we love the people/stores/brands we’re supporting with the coupon book and giveaways! I FINALLY gave in and got the Solitaire Inverted Diamond Ring! And i’m totally smitten with it ~ Alyssa, Linhchi, and I couldn’t resist giving in to a few other pieces too! Including my other favorite, Alex’s Chill Pill necklace, which is my new reminder of how overworked 2008 has been, and to cut back and focusing more on fun crazy projects (2009 will be awesome!).

So beyond close ups of the items, i also wanted to share their packaging with you!!! We are definitely kindred spirits in our aesthetic choices ~ i swooned when i saw their black on black cards and boxes ~ i love gloss black on matte black… wrapped in black tissue… sealed with a logo sticker… So take a peek at it all on the next page, as well as a look at their freshly launched t-shirt collection!









Here is a look at the new t-shirt collection! My favorite is the drippy OUI…


Don’t forget, special NOTCOT Discounts from Alex & Chloe!


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yah i got my order the other day as well and it is so hot! the packaging was beautiful on its own for sure.

----- Aurie 10.12.08 22:51

Hey Jeweler ~

we’re friends with toy me as well ~ and the trend of casting just about every kind of everyday curio in precious metals has been huge for the last few years (if not longer) ~ so i wouldn’t be surprised if others have silver pills too and unlikely either of these will be the last ~ but the subtle detail differences made me pick alex & chloe’s over Toy Me ~ from the chain style, and the feel and design of the pill itself!

----- Jean/NOTCOT 10.12.08 16:03

no offense but the capsule/pills necklace is a total rip off of Toy Me - see at www.toyme.it - Sad that people copy like that -

----- The Jeweler 10.12.08 15:39

oh gosh - i love the chill pill. i’m a huge fan of alex and chloe. i have a mixed charm necklace from a few years ago that I still wear quite often.

----- leigh 10.12.08 15:27

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