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NOTCOT Giveaway 25: Seagate FreeAgent Desk (Mac!)- 12.10.08

seagategiv4.jpg TO WIN: Leave a comment here ~ tell me a feature you wish your mac had! ENTER BY 12/13. WINNER: Matt in Portland, OR!

We’re already up to NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #25!!! (Looks like we’re going to have a totally of OVER 30…) So here’s number 4 of our 5 amazing FreeAgent External Harddrive giveaways from our official sponsor, Seagate! This time we’ve got the massive 1 Terabyte FreeAgent Desk for Mac! Differences from the standard one? Well this one has not only USB 2.0, but also Firewire 400 and Firewire 800! So you can basically transfer twice as fast if you’re using FW800! It is a smidge larger ~ and comes with a few more cables…

So if you’re ready to win this one ~ leave a comment telling me about a feature you wish your mac had!




TO WIN: Leave a comment here ~ tell me a feature you wish your mac had! ENTER BY 12/13

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762 Notes

I wish my mac had the ability to leave comments on notcot so I would not miss entering to win their lovely give aways!

----- Noel Taylor 13.12.08 23:41

I really wish my Mac had a self destruct button set to go off in five minutes.

----- David A. 13.12.08 22:49

I wish it could do my laundry!

----- Chrysa 13.12.08 22:03

I wish msoft would let them run executibles! Silly architecture!

----- Dorean Grey 13.12.08 21:00

I wish my mac had the new touch pad newest model have

----- bill bona 13.12.08 20:59

I wish my Mac could hug me back.

----- Lily Kwan 13.12.08 20:49


----- Chris 13.12.08 20:42

I would like my mac to answer my email for me

----- Norman Sherfield 13.12.08 20:25

omgomgomg the nerd in me is having an orgasm

----- Niki M 13.12.08 20:24

I wish my mac had an external mouse.

----- Michelle H. 13.12.08 20:23

i wish my mac could take my calculus exam for me :)

----- rachelle 13.12.08 19:53

I wish it had a built in pizza oven, that way I would never have to get up.

----- Alex H. 13.12.08 19:25

I wish my iMac had the ability to display external video by means other than third party USB gadgets that degrade video quality.

----- Rob B. 13.12.08 19:09

wish my Mac had less features most of the time

----- Frances Watson 13.12.08 18:46

Right now, I’m really wishing I could try out Google Chrome for OSX!

----- Jeremy Stern 13.12.08 18:16

a touch screen & tv tuner

----- Marcy Strahan 13.12.08 16:23

I would wish for my mac to have the ability to talk some sense into my PC girlfriend;) She just don’t get it?!!

----- Christian Jespersen 13.12.08 15:55

I wish my Mac would give me a can of Mountain Dew when I run out, or if I’m too lazy to get it myself.

----- Isaac A. 13.12.08 15:54

Wow!!! a TB. that would be awesome

----- Jake Kehret 13.12.08 15:51

I wish my mac would wake with dashboard so I can instantly see a snapshot of my widgets in the morning.

I wish my mac would wirelessly charge.

I wish my mac would make better use of bluetooth headpieces for skype.

I wish my mac would better handle editing my home movies.

All round though, what a great computer.

----- Guy de T 13.12.08 14:12

i wish mine had breathalyzer ;p

----- sean 13.12.08 13:48

I wish I had another Mac!

----- dn6511 13.12.08 13:33

i wish my mac had more memory, its so forgetful!

----- pina 13.12.08 13:24

I wish my Mac had a whole TB of storage so I could fill up this whole Seagate drive.

----- The Slapster 13.12.08 13:01

I wish my mac didn’t heat up so much when using it for long periods of time. The heat scares me.

----- Beth Senturia 13.12.08 12:58

I wish my mac could stream and record tv shows like TiVo.

----- Lisa 13.12.08 11:28

I wish my Mac would shut off at 6pm every night, and refuse to start back up again until morning, so I can leave work at a decent time…

----- Vex 13.12.08 11:19

I wish my mac had some cheese. Yum yum.

----- Scott Hitchins 13.12.08 10:27

As a recent convert, I wish my Mac mouse had a right click function. Stupid hockey puck. Thank you for the great give-away.

----- Dave 13.12.08 10:13

i wish my mac was superfast

----- kathy pease 13.12.08 10:03

I wish my Mac could fly…

----- Bartal Jógvansson Djurhuus 13.12.08 09:45

A longer lasting battery.

----- John Deal 13.12.08 09:08

I wish my ibook had more space!!

----- Kate 13.12.08 08:54

I wish the screen of my mac was detachable, so I could use it like a tablet.

----- Colleen 13.12.08 08:37

Touchscreen would be nice on my mac!

----- Jeff Donahue 13.12.08 08:36

I wish I had a mac!

----- Janet 13.12.08 08:30

I wish my Mac could do the housework.

----- john ferris 13.12.08 08:28


----- Suzanna Pickering 13.12.08 07:57

opposable thumbs. or a breadmaker. cappuchino machine?

----- Lauren 13.12.08 07:55

its missing affordability..but they are nice. thanx

----- addrienne mertens 13.12.08 07:41

I wish my mac had a wireless feature.

----- Veronica Garrett 13.12.08 07:09

I wish the rechargeable batteries that I use in my wireless keyboard and wireless mouse would also automatically recharge while they were in the keyboard and mouse so I would never ever have to take them out and recharge them separately! I have had my G5 iMac for 3 years now and I love it, but I hate when I have to mess around with the batteries in the wireless devices! I would absolutely love to have this Seagate FreeAgent for my mac! Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

----- Joanna Smith 13.12.08 06:17

I wish they had mesh networking capabilities like the “one laptop per child” XO systems.

Allowing computers to interact, and to route data, voice and instructions between nodes. It allows for continuous connections and reconfiguration around broken or blocked paths by “hopping” from node to node until the destination is reached.

----- kyle williamson 13.12.08 05:48

More speed

----- D Johnson 13.12.08 04:00

I wish my mac could talk to me.

----- dennis mark reid 13.12.08 03:15

I wish my Mac had a larger screen.

----- Robert Lockwood 13.12.08 01:40

I wish my Mac had a champagne fountain.

----- David Bertolo 13.12.08 01:39

i wish it could make me fly!

----- Samantha Pruitt 13.12.08 01:26

i wish my mac had an anti theft alarm

----- Anne 13.12.08 00:58

I wish my mac could have a “beat up and worn” skin camouflage that would deter would be assailants from jacking my gear.

----- Christopher 13.12.08 00:49

It’d be interesting to have sensors on mouse that can show your current level of stress while working. That way we would be encouraged to relax and stay calm if we want job done :D It could influence our health quite a bit if we would pay attention to stress-meter.

----- Marin 13.12.08 00:46

I wish my mac had a seegate freeagent to have tons of fun times with!

----- PaytonG 13.12.08 00:26

I wish my macbook had an isight camera that worked again :(

----- Joe Montefusco 12.12.08 23:33

I wish my mac had front usb ports, a blu-ray drive, a faster processor, and was lighter.

----- sharon 12.12.08 23:23

I wish that I had my own Mac that I didn’t to share.

----- chastidy 12.12.08 23:05

I wish my Mac could send food through the internet. For example I would go to danielnyc.com and order steak and I could reach in my monitor and pull out a delicious steak. That would be awesome.

----- Bekka 12.12.08 22:28

I would like to be able to run an application without it showing up as an icon on my dock and just sit there, taking up space.

----- Tyler 12.12.08 22:13

I wish my Mac would sync with my Windows Mobile phone without needing a middleman!

----- Shana P. 12.12.08 21:57

I wish my imaginary mac had the power to spontaeously regenerate. Which just results in a bunch of theoretical macs.

----- swankifiedjello 12.12.08 21:36

i wish i had a mac!

----- amy t 12.12.08 21:32

I wish my mac had some sort of cooling facility so I wouldn’t be simultaneously sterilising myself whilst using it.

----- Bryan 12.12.08 21:23

reading this post.. i wish i had a mac..

----- ayush 12.12.08 21:18

I wish I had a mac. Of course, if I had this hard drive, it would give me the excuse I’ve obviously been waiting for to finally buy a mac… :)

----- Leona D 12.12.08 21:08

right click!

----- Cynthia McCoy 12.12.08 20:58

I wish it came in colors.

----- Rob 12.12.08 20:51

I wish my mac had a camera like the newer ones have.

----- kamcg50 12.12.08 20:45

I wish mine had LASERS

----- Frankay 12.12.08 20:16

a 3G radio

----- Vergie 12.12.08 19:55

My favorite is the hard-drive for my photos.

----- Bobv 12.12.08 19:40

wish my mac had LED backlit lcd.

----- van 12.12.08 19:37

Im really shocked to see people posting comments about their pc…are they not aware that this will only work for macs? please if you have PC save this for those who have a mac.

Anywho I wish my mac could burn dvd’s

----- krissy 12.12.08 19:31

I wish my mac had an embedded and detachable iPhone.

----- E. Cruz Eusebio 12.12.08 19:02

I wish my Macbook Air had a page up/down button.

----- Jay French 12.12.08 18:53

I wish my Mac could get me a Date……..

----- Dante 12.12.08 18:48

Hmm, I don’t have a Mac but I wouldn’t mind owning one that could play some of my computer games.

----- nikita 12.12.08 18:28

what’s the next best thing than a light-up keyboard? a light-up keyboard made of little mini-screens that can change, depending on the language or the program you want to use - that way, you can easily move from typing in one language (English) to another (Thai), or from one application (i.e. MSWord) to another (i.e. a drafting or an architectural one). i’ve dreamed about this for so long!

----- celine 12.12.08 17:58

I wish my PC had the looks, soul, personality, and operating system of a Mac.

----- Nathan 12.12.08 17:49

I wish my MacBook had a Seagate Freeagent Desk (running out of storage space).

----- Richard Best 12.12.08 17:39

I really wish that my macbook wouldn’t automatically go to sleep when I fold the monitor closed.

----- Meino 12.12.08 17:39

I wish my mac was water proof and basically invincible to weather and me dropping it.

----- Brian 12.12.08 17:32

I wish it had a Blu Ray burner!

----- christal e 12.12.08 17:16

I wish my Mac never had to be upgraded and would somehow automatically always have the fastest processing speed! That or a built in time machine…and I don’t mean the backup program!

----- Robert W. 12.12.08 17:08

Oh my goodness, I would DIE if I got this!!! It’s exactly what my Mac needs!

----- Robyn 12.12.08 17:04

I wish my mac had more memory so I would not have to worry about my projects tells me I don’t have enough memory to save it, I freak out, run home, fine my beast of a hard drive, and hope that when I get back my project will still be there.

----- Sara Guenthner 12.12.08 16:23

I wish my Mac would take my finals for me!

----- Michelle 12.12.08 15:58

I wish that my Mac didnt have the spinning beach ball of death! you know what i mean, when something is about to freeze, the spinning coloured wheel pops up. so annoying.

But i wish my Mac DID have 1TB of HD built in!

----- David Thomas 12.12.08 15:47

I wish it could diagnose its own maladies and prompt apple to do something about it (send a techie, ship me a part).

My fan’s been noisy since I bought it, and my battery recently died. It’d be amazing to get a call to schedule a check-up (for the fan) or a battery in the mail without having to lift a finger.
I don’t have the time to take it in (and without a car, it’s even more of a pain).

----- david k 12.12.08 15:36

I wish my mac could make ice cream and sd slot!

----- venus Montoya 12.12.08 15:28

wish my tv could wirelessly connect with my mac

----- christopher h 12.12.08 15:24

I wish my Mac had an extra 1 Terabyte of storage. That’s exactly what it’s been missing.

----- patguy 12.12.08 15:23

i want to win

----- Mike Weisberg 12.12.08 15:19

I wish my mac had more than one DVI port so i could have a 3 or 4 monitor workstation!

----- aaronpk 12.12.08 15:03

I wish my Mac could turn into a girl and have an intimate relationship with me, even though it kind of does that already. ;)

Moreover it needs to work as my personal concierge and be more in tune with my day-to-day living. If I want pizza I want it to dial up the pizza place and have it delivered before the thought even occurs to call up the place.

----- Jonathan W 12.12.08 14:47

I wish my Mac was more eco-friendly with less toxic substances and more reusable parts. Pretty please.

----- Paul Mahder 12.12.08 14:38

My Mac mini is perfect!

----- Sonya 12.12.08 14:08

I wish my mac had a right mouse button.

----- Cor 12.12.08 14:07

I wish my relatively new MAC Pro (PPC) had Adobe CS4 compatibility.

----- Eidesis 12.12.08 14:01

I wish my mac had leopard installed.. I’m sooo behind the times!

----- Laura 12.12.08 14:00

I wish my Mac had a mouse that didn’t “click.” There’s nothing worse than when I’m clipping something out in Photoshop or drawing points in Illustrator than hearing “click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click.” I’d like stealth mousing.

----- Moira 12.12.08 13:54

Thanks for the great contest! I wish my iMac would have a better option for a form filler. Aside from that I wished it would download pictures faster from my camera than it does at this point.

----- prplrush 12.12.08 13:46

i wish my computer would work when more than 4 programs were open!!!

----- marsha 12.12.08 13:17

i wish my mac could make money. & then fill my bank account with it. annd then automatically pay my bills on time.

then, while it was at it, it could go onto notcot.org. and make it so i won the 1TB seagate harddrive that i so desperately need.

oh, how i wish.

----- lin 12.12.08 13:17

I wish my mac could convert into a touchscreen tablet, with wireless iPhone sync.

----- Mr. Chew 12.12.08 13:14

I wish my MacBook would plug itself in. Ugh! What? I have to get up AGAIN?!!

----- Julie L. 12.12.08 13:10

i remember when i thought i was hot s—t for knowing what a TB was. i’m not even that old. man this would be useful…

----- jakeonfire 12.12.08 13:06

Make me coffee xD

----- Weixin 12.12.08 13:01

Blue-tooth monitor sunglasses, so I can look at my screen, and display
something else on my monitor, the ultimate boss panic key!

----- michael 12.12.08 13:01

i wish my mac could do my laundry.

----- che 12.12.08 12:58

I would say that I wished my mac made light saber noises when ever the motion sensor felt movement, but it already does that… So I’m going to go with… I wish my mac would let me play more video games. You can only play lego star wars for so long…

----- Bailey 12.12.08 12:34

I wish my mac could re-charge itself…damn battery!

----- rick 12.12.08 12:34

I am going to be boring and say that I love my mac and its got everything I need. It’s helped make my career as a designer. My trusty mac has made me what I am today.

----- Matt B 12.12.08 12:32

I wish my Mac had a bio recognition system.

----- Jorge 12.12.08 12:16

I’d like to have a laserpointer in it… that strong one to shoot trough walls…

----- veru 12.12.08 11:28

I wish my mac had a battery that worked :*(

----- Tommy Hawks 12.12.08 11:27

I wish my Mac had a feature where I could have it and use it without draining my bank account. I’m still a PC, but I’m saving for my Future Mac.

----- Megan 12.12.08 11:25

I wish my Mac could run all the
VIDEO GAMES (like Diablo 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!)!!!!!!! the same way my PC does……then I would be able to truly convert…….ohhhh ohhhh AND silver buttons instead of black.

Bust seriously……..
Charge Wirelessly
Maximaze Window feature PC style
and maybe make Espresso. :)

----- Yana 12.12.08 11:21

man i wish my mac had the brushed metal, ultra-stylish, ready to work, so I can play, massive 1 terabyte freeagent desk for Mac….

----- BISHOP 12.12.08 11:07

A non-glossy screen. I’m sick of looking at myself when things go dark.

----- Greg 12.12.08 11:01

I wish my Mac/iTunes was better at managing large music libraries (using this external harddrive of course).

----- Daniel Yang 12.12.08 10:30

see into the future.

----- stephen 12.12.08 10:28

I wish my macbook had a little pop-out handle (like a carry-on suitcase) so I could carry it around easier! My poor Mac has almost slipped out of my grasp a few times.
How cool would it be to push a button and have a little handle pop out?

----- fi 12.12.08 10:27

I wish my mac had…more memory ;-) Alright suck-up answer, otherwise I wish my mac was a little more sand-proof, snot-proof and solar powered…I tend to work in non-electricity, windy dusty, small dusty snoty children areas (love the kids, my mac doesn’t like the snot!)

----- Ari 12.12.08 10:15

I actually do not own a mac myself, but I’m entering to win this because I’d love to give it as a present to someone who does!! So what feature do I wish my Mac had? Um, I wish I had one in the first place! :)
This is an amazing giveaway. Thank you for the chance!!

----- Beeb Ashcroft 12.12.08 09:57

I wish my mac had arms, legs and some good b-ball skills….. I’m craving for a game of hoops, and here at the home office, the dog is not a very good opponent.

----- Dustin 12.12.08 09:37

I wish my mac had build-in eSATA ports. I also wish that my mac had the ability to make me coffee and give me hugs.

----- Derrick 12.12.08 09:20

I wish my mac was more portable…and a jetpack

----- Dane Lincoln 12.12.08 09:11

whoever said touchscreen, i totally agree.. my iphone has spoilt me..

----- andrea 12.12.08 08:53

donn’t have a mac,but wish that I did.

----- veronica sandberg 12.12.08 08:49

I wish I could control the color of the glowing Apple logo to fit my moods automatically based on feedback from my wrists and fingertips. I’d call it my MoodBook Pro! :D

----- Maureen 12.12.08 08:47

I wish it could also be a personal shopper and pick my outfits out! :)

----- Erica C. 12.12.08 08:29

I wish my mac could run alternative OS like linux and free bsd

----- Rommel 12.12.08 08:26

i like a touchscreen feature for mac…

----- chouco 12.12.08 08:25

I wish my mac had a cup holder.

----- TANK 12.12.08 08:02

I wish my mac could fold twice!

----- Anders 12.12.08 08:01

I wish my Mac could make those “Hello, I’m a Mac” commercials go away.

----- Rudy 12.12.08 07:59

I was my Mac was black !

----- mike anderson 12.12.08 07:51

my mac is perfect as she is.

----- Jess 12.12.08 07:36

I wish my Macbook would ghost write witty comments for me.

----- Kelly O 12.12.08 07:04

I wish that my mac could read my mind, so that it could put my non-translatable genius to work.

I also wish that it had more storage space, because when I bought it I couldn’t quite afford the one with more hard drive space.

And I don’t really think I can afford dvd’s right now, either. I wish I had a movie collection.


----- Alice 12.12.08 06:52

I wish my Mac had more storage space!!

----- clifyt 12.12.08 06:37

To war-drive so I could be on-line anywhere I am for free!! (well not so free— on someone else’s dime!)

----- Melanie 12.12.08 06:35

My macbook leaves nothing to wish for.

----- Jasper 12.12.08 06:18

The single most essential feature that my macbook is missing is a pez dispenser!

----- VICTOR 12.12.08 05:24

I wish my Mac had wireless satellite television capabilities!

----- Freshprincess50 12.12.08 05:04

I wish my Mac had… a new hard-drive. And perhaps better speakers.

----- Euan 12.12.08 04:37

I wish my new mac book pro had a 17” screen…please hurry up and make it happen macintosh.

----- Palle Feldborg Olesen 12.12.08 01:16

I wish my mac have touch screen that way it can be even be more user friendly for people that don’t know how to use computer to use the photo and video features. Furthermore by implicating a touch screen, it is easier for business to organize the company’s work schedule which having the to have anything on the desk but a computer. Mouse with wires sometimes is a hassle and needs the computer to be close by. By having just the screen it allows more flexibility.

----- Steven Wong 12.12.08 01:12

I wish my mac had a matching harddrive!

----- Patrick 12.12.08 01:01

At this moment right now I wish my mac was a Big Mac, I’m starving

----- Rick 11.12.08 23:47

Now this thing is the bee’s knees - I asked for a terabyte for Christmas, but I don’t see it happening :(

----- Jordan 11.12.08 23:39

I wish my Mac wouldn’t burn my poor thighs! Laptops shall one day be lap-able, or so I hope!

----- Mariko 11.12.08 23:17

I wish it had a new screen, so it could be used without being connected to an external monitor. :-(

----- James 11.12.08 23:11

I wish my mac could draw whatever I am thinking about!

----- Matt 11.12.08 23:06

Now that I’ve started to rip Blu-Ray, I wouldn’t mind an extra 1,000GB! Plus I ONLY buy Seagate drives, can’t beat that warranty!

----- Chris X. 11.12.08 22:52

Well I personally wish my Mac had more everything because my little baby macbook can barely handle the design stuff I throw at it. Which is why I’m giving it to my moms for xmas and planning on upgrading for the new year! huzzah!

----- Adam 11.12.08 22:47

I wish my mac had decent battery life. Its kind of a pain having to bring the power cord everywhere I go.

----- Stephen 11.12.08 22:35

i wish my mac could send me love notes

----- Joe 11.12.08 21:48

i wish my mac could take me out on dates.

----- monicka 11.12.08 21:37

Ability to sync with my ipod wirelessly

----- Darren 11.12.08 21:16

i need a new paperweight for my desk

----- andy 11.12.08 20:36

A longer battery life (I’m down to three hours again, and I’ve already replaced it once) and more usb ports!

----- Kathryn 11.12.08 20:25

I wish my Mac had auto-geotagging features, like gps.

----- Gil 11.12.08 20:21

I wish new MAC book wasn’t a glossy screen!

----- caleb 11.12.08 20:08

i wish my mac had better speakers

----- joe 11.12.08 20:01

I wish it had function keys for adjusting my mood and creativity in addition to the screen and keyboard brightness.

----- JD 11.12.08 20:01

one day my mac will cook for me.

----- k 11.12.08 19:47

I wish my Mac had a 1TB Solid State Disk! :)

----- Rob 11.12.08 19:46

i wish my mac had that new multitouch trackpad it looks like a lot of fun to use

----- Miguel 11.12.08 19:25

Mac pez dispenser.

----- terence 11.12.08 19:23

I wish my 10 year old mac would turn on

----- everybodycares 11.12.08 19:17

I know this giveaway would tickle my daughter’s heart because she has a MAC.

----- Ing 11.12.08 19:11

I wish my mac had…a sweet metal desk to sit on? And this external drive!

----- Ashley 11.12.08 19:08

I wish my mac had more memory

----- Jennifer hedden 11.12.08 18:51

Wish my Mac could clean the floors for me like the Roomba

----- Cheryl Larimer 11.12.08 18:50

I wish I HAD a Mac!
This would be amazing!

----- Nick Strong 11.12.08 18:44

I wish my mac could have either wireless power or a retractable power cord. My life would be complete if that were possible.

----- Jenn 11.12.08 18:27

How I wish my Mac had a transporter of some sort.. so i could beam thru it to any of my other friend’s macs…..

----- Anii 11.12.08 18:15

For the person who said “show the desktop function” > you do it with F11, so you got your wish. What I want my mac to be touch screen like my iphone!

----- andrea ballocchi 11.12.08 18:12

i wish my mac had a tiny robot that charged on my USB- it would clean my room and bake cookies on an easy bake oven while i not-cotted and CADed all day.

----- adam 11.12.08 17:58

a show desktop function!

----- js 11.12.08 17:32

I wish my Mac had a self-cleaning mighty mouse, so the scroll ball would actually work. It still goes up, but not down!

----- Louie Van Patten 11.12.08 17:27

I wish I could fix my mac with inexpensive third-party parts.

----- Mitchell 11.12.08 17:22


----- Vanessa Ramirez 11.12.08 17:21

i wish my mac was called a “PC”

----- brian jang 11.12.08 17:03

i wish my mac had a timer, so i could get off my computer from time to time

----- robert 11.12.08 16:58

I wish my Mac had a larger hard drive. It also would be nice if it had a DVD burner and a faster processor (it is very old).

----- Robert Lockwood 11.12.08 16:41

I wish my mac could stop time.
So I could spend more time playing on it.

----- Tony Peña 11.12.08 16:41

I wish my mac would know when my crush came online and wake me up to chat with him!

----- Jari H 11.12.08 16:36

I wish my mac had an internal vacuum built in underneath the keyboard….its full of dog hairs and tweezers can’t get them out (neither can a vacuum).
(other than that I wish my mac—ibook—had more memory!! it doesn’t fit my music collection)

----- Vanessa 11.12.08 16:34

I have an old ppc mac mini
I wish the cd drive still worked and that it were faster
and also for it to be a macbook pro :-P

----- Denise 11.12.08 16:31

I wish my mac had a mac friend

----- Zach 11.12.08 16:24

I wish my Mac could give me a hug.

----- Linda 11.12.08 16:21

i wish my macbook pro’s dvd-r worked.

somehow it broke before i ever used it.

----- michael 11.12.08 16:11

I wish my mac had Golden Shellback coating and a breathalizer.

----- Seth Gantman 11.12.08 16:11

I wish my mac could act as a robot version of myself so I don’t have to go to work anymore. :)

----- Nicole Smith 11.12.08 16:06

I wish my Mac could change Desktop folders based on what desktop you are on.

The idea is that as you switch from one desktop to another (via Spaces), the files, folders, and desktop picture on it will change too.

That way you can have a “home” desktop, a “work” desktop, etc, and just switch back and forth between them.

A few people have tried to write scripts to get this working, but it’s sketchy at best.

----- Mike Porter 11.12.08 16:03

I wish my mac could run 2 external drives in a raid so I won’t lose my stuff again.

----- P. King 11.12.08 15:45

I wish my mac had a larger hdd. Ipod has 100gb hdd my macbook only has 120gb. :( So i want that one so much

----- Deniz 11.12.08 15:37

i wish my macbook pro had a simple way to pop out the keyboard to clean under the keys! scary what might be under there and this just ain’t going to happen.

----- jhayne 11.12.08 15:37

I wish my Mac would stay shiny and white and pristine forever.

----- Lemons 11.12.08 15:36

i wish mac shows a lighter typface on it’s screen. why so fat?

----- sarah 11.12.08 15:34

some magical sort of keyboard that folded out and was all ergonomically friendly would be super rad. as would more grammar in this post.

----- teal 11.12.08 15:34

I wish my Mac could do my homework for me.

----- Mario 11.12.08 15:29

I wish the apple logo on the back of my laptop was an lcd that matched my desktop wallpaper or displayed whatever image I wanted it to.

----- Andrew 11.12.08 15:29

On board Cam

----- John Mizell 11.12.08 15:26

I wish my mac had a good price tag in Australia, stupid exchange rates and import tax.

----- John Watts 11.12.08 15:21

i wish my mac had god.

----- Dallas 11.12.08 15:15

Option of deleting file(s) without having to place in the TRASH (e.g, clearing a memory chip without deleting all the TRASH contents.)

----- W. Jung 11.12.08 15:03

I wish my Mac had a touch-screen like it’s little phone-buddy

----- Dax 11.12.08 15:01

I wish my Mac had speech recognition and a touch screen.

----- Natasa 11.12.08 14:57

I wish my Mac had an open bar that served complimentary Harvey Wallbangers to help me get through these dang holidays.

----- Fritz Purdue 11.12.08 14:47

i wish my mac had a “stop-time-from-running-off-my-hands” feature! TIME MACHINEEEE!!

----- marieke 11.12.08 14:44

A touch screen and BlueRay drive.

----- Alejandro Chavetta 11.12.08 14:40

A tablet Mac! Better yet…a fully functioning mac tablet. Something about half the size of the current Macbooks would be nice, and bonus points for toughness! Ideally it’d be something I could pop into my messenger bag and literally take everywhere with me.

----- pixellated spiff 11.12.08 14:34

I wish my mac had AutoCAD so i wouldn’t need a PC!

----- Zach 11.12.08 14:31

I wish my MacBook Pro had: a simply divine 1TB Seagate external hard drive, a retractable power cord, the ability to tether with my iPhone for Internet access, a blu-ray drive, and an HDMI video and audio output.

----- Steven 11.12.08 14:28

touch pad

----- susan varney 11.12.08 14:26

I want my mac to shut off when I’ve been working too much.

----- Matt 11.12.08 14:18

I wish my Mac had a feature that allowed it to instantly pay off my debt incurred from purchasing my Mac.

----- Chris Furniss 11.12.08 14:07

I have two macs - a laptop that I bring to work and a mac mini that I use as a central home computer. Apple does a pretty good job of integrating systems but I wish it worked like in Iron Man - data seamlessly moving from one screen to the other, jumping from program to program, interface to interface. I want my data to be as free as my thoughts are - and as readily available, all the time. Maybe a hard drive would help with that… ;)

----- Jay J 11.12.08 14:04

I would like a touch screen feature

----- michael woods 11.12.08 13:43

I wish my Mac had Bluetooth

----- Donna Pfeifer 11.12.08 13:42

I wish my mac had a super stylish hard drive to keep it company over the festive season x

----- Rich Martin 11.12.08 13:35

I wish my laptop had a camera.
Yep, I’m still on my 12” PowerBook.
Time for an upgrade (and a bigger HD) ;)

----- Andres 11.12.08 13:24

TERA BITE ?! to save all my blogging images? awesome thanks!

----- brian 11.12.08 13:15

i wish my mac could rock it in a revamped “music” mode where the screen is whatever your preference and had more usability with it’s remote (i like to fall asleep with itunes but the pretty screen is way too bright).

----- regina 11.12.08 13:14

i wish my mac had a notcot hot button on the keyboard. i was introduced to this site last month and now im hooked! coo-coo for notcot!

----- mike h 11.12.08 13:09

I wish my Powerbook would come with a function so it could never be out-dated.

----- Seth Clark 11.12.08 13:08

I wish my MAC actually existed instead of being on my wish list….

----- april_d 11.12.08 13:05

i wish my mac had a feature that would record my dreams! IN FULL 4D:IMAGE, SOUND, SENSE, SMELL

maybe taste too?


----- Mariana 11.12.08 13:03

I wish my mac had the ability to go to client meetings for me.

----- Norma 11.12.08 13:02

i wish my mac had a Firewire 400 HD! …and maybe Leopard.

----- mnpinch 11.12.08 12:56

I wish my mac was new. Plain and simple!

----- Renee 11.12.08 12:48

I wish my Mac had a blueray player and burner.

----- Frank 11.12.08 12:40

That it could permanently eliminate my search for a human companion by providing physical comfort—albeit in a robotic-like kinda way :b

----- eudaiphoria 11.12.08 12:34

I wish my macbook had a Wacom Cintique like display (yes I know i could just buy one and hook it up, but then it wouldn’t be very portable now would it?)I love my Wacom tablet, it makes all the work I do oh so much easier, but I hate having to lug it around with my power adapter, wireless mouse (touch pad = wrist pain) and extra battery. It’s not even because it’s huge, but I’ve gone through 2 tablets in the last 4 years because bringing them along has lead to the cords breaking off. But other than that I also wish my macbook had a 1TB external HDD. That would be awesome to the max.

----- Tony 11.12.08 12:32

my mac is loaded with video and photo editing software. now i’m broke and can’t buy hard drive space. so i just want a 1T hard drive. that’s all i want for christmas.

----- KuuleiA 11.12.08 12:30

I wish my Mac would be able to make itself less expensive!

----- Shari 11.12.08 12:23

I wish my MAC has a switch for beaming everything I see on the internet to materialize or come to life in front of me!

----- pelon 11.12.08 12:16

i wish my spinny wheel of death didnt give me mac eye!

----- Chris Brown 11.12.08 12:14

I wish my mac could self repair.

----- Katie Rodgers 11.12.08 12:13

I wish Cornelius (my Macbook Pro) could run ESRI ArcInfo and ERDAS Imagine… he gets jealous when I spend hours doing GIS and Remote Sensing Projects…. Not to mention I could really use 1TB worth of storage for satellite images and other huge files.

----- Valerie 11.12.08 12:12

I wish my Mac had the ability to not only update software automatically, but also its hardware. That way I could come down in the morning and find the brightest, shiniest new Mac instead of just seeing them in ads all the time.

----- Banstyle 11.12.08 12:10

I wish my Mac had a scratch resistant, drop preventive, water tight, hard shell case to protect me from my klutzy side.

----- Jeff 11.12.08 12:08

I wish my Mac could burn DVDs (I knew I should have opted for the superdrive).

----- Matt 11.12.08 12:00

I wish that more of Google’s apps would run on my Mac. Thinking here of Picassa and Chrome.

----- Jon Stone 11.12.08 11:56

oh how i wish MACs could run AutoCAD so that I can eliminate PCs from my life forever!

----- Joseph Roumeliotis 11.12.08 11:52

I wish my Mac could turn whistling into a MIDI instrument.

----- Eric 11.12.08 11:49

I wish my mac gave me back rubs. Some day…. some day…

----- Vinh 11.12.08 11:49

I wish my mac could see how I was feeling and put on the appropriate tunes, list of movies, my daily websites. Also if my mac had a built in solar panel so that I could take my mac into the mountains for days.

----- wesley 11.12.08 11:45

Oh I wish I had a Macintosh computeerrrrr…what a dreamy pleasure that would beeeee, for if I had a Macintosh computer, I could burn my useless damn PC!

Actually I do have a Mac, but I often sing this song to my PC user friends.
I really wish that my Mac had a terabyte of space and a disc driver that didn’t struggle to keep up when I play DVDs in it!

----- Megan 11.12.08 11:42

If only my Mac could have some working and power giving usb ports, I would be stocked.
But sincerely, the thing I would like to see the most on my mac would be an incorporated sliding Wacom Tablet in it!
Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a laptop and a tablet combined together without losing your keyboard?
I still wish for it!

----- Gaston 11.12.08 11:39

Not so much “my mac”, but I wish Apple had a trade-in policy… so I could get a new macbook pro every 2 years without coughing up full price. What can I say, I’m a glutton for the new and shiny!

----- LANDLINE 11.12.08 11:38

I wish my Macbook pro had a keyboard without key to press, but just sensible to touch

----- Massimo 11.12.08 11:28

I wish my Mac had a 1 TB hard drive.

----- Andrew 11.12.08 11:27


My Mac
With my Brain

It enables me
To Visualize all my ideas

One simple function.

----- Warren Spencer 11.12.08 11:17

On the easy side: a power cord that doesn’t fall out at the slightest touch
On the hard side: a touch screen

----- Julia 11.12.08 11:16

I wish my Mac could start my car for me on cold Wisconsin mornings!

----- Blake 11.12.08 11:08

I wish my Mac had this Seagate FreeAgent as a friend!

----- Jerry 11.12.08 11:07

i wish my mac had USB ports that were a little more accessible (side, front of display even though that would be ugly).

----- jay 11.12.08 11:07

I wish my PowerBook could stop time.

----- Chris 11.12.08 11:00


----- Dennis Chow 11.12.08 10:59

i wish my mac had easy connect ports for all (monitor, usb, eth) similar to the mag safe power!

----- robert 11.12.08 10:59

I just donated my first mac which had 256megs internal hard drive.

----- grfxdude 11.12.08 10:58

The ability to clean and cook dinner while I was at work so that when I came home I could spend more time with it.

----- Erin Walsh 11.12.08 10:54

I wish my mac had automated hardware updates.

----- Peter 11.12.08 10:41

I wish my Mac could not have cost a bzillion bucks.

----- Jacob Heer 11.12.08 10:39

airport range extension

----- Kevin 11.12.08 10:35

I wish my mac could store up to 1000 hours of video… but with the FreeAgent, it could!!!

----- Woodsie 11.12.08 10:32

I wish my mac was the same color as the orange iPod nano.

----- Emily 11.12.08 10:32

Garage band is nice, but I wish it could actually make me play better…

----- Ray 11.12.08 10:30

I wish my Mac had out of the box ability to share calendars and address books between me and other family members who use it but have separate logins (wife, kids, dog, etc…)

----- David Ksiazek 11.12.08 10:29

I wish my Mac’s mouse pad would still make that satisfying click sound. *click.* ACCOMPLISHMENT!

----- EMILY 11.12.08 10:28

Ooooooooh how i want apple to come out with its own touch screen laptop! The Axiotron : Modbook is too pricey for a mod of yesterdays mac…

----- Ian 11.12.08 10:22

I wish my mac had a cookie button. You push the button, you get a cookie. Now THAT’s thinking differently.

----- Beth 11.12.08 10:21

I wish that my mac could cook dinner and grant my wishes……

----- janeh 11.12.08 10:20

i wish my mac would upgrade itself for free

----- Angel 11.12.08 10:17

Wirelessly sync with my iPhone, comon’ its 2008

----- Matthew Kolb 11.12.08 10:13

Time Machine on my Mac is great at seeing into the past, but if only it saw into the future. What files will I have on my computer 10 days from now? Next year?

----- Adam 11.12.08 10:12

I wish my mac was more mactastic.

----- Vree 11.12.08 10:07

I just wish I had a Mac. I’m stuch with an HP laptop while all my friends live in the world of Apple.

----- Earl Hensley 11.12.08 10:07

I wish my mac would grade papers for me

----- john 11.12.08 10:05

I wish computers in general had portals to other dimensions.

----- Alice 11.12.08 10:03

I wish my MAC could talk to my boss while I lie in bed :)

----- Anthony 11.12.08 09:56

I wish my mac could teleport me anywhere, anytime.

----- Knivez 11.12.08 09:55

I wish my mac could magically make my husband and children disappear….NOT KIDDING!

----- VERONICA FUCHS 11.12.08 09:53

I wish my mac was a unicorn. with a built-in GPS.

----- Genevieve Stafford 11.12.08 09:51

in for this :)

----- Eric 11.12.08 09:46

I wish it had somesort of wifi boost that would make my borrowing wifi from the housing across the street a bit stronger and faster

----- Alexis 11.12.08 09:37

I wish my mac came with a disc drive, those silly Macbook Airs!

----- Sean Garza 11.12.08 09:37

I madly need a hard drive for backup purposes. 1TB sounds mighty tasty.

----- Dylan 11.12.08 09:21

I wish my Mac could filter the guys I meet online the way google filters spam out of my inbox. Yet another failed relationship…. In all earnesty though, I wish my Mac was somehow integrated with tablet technology, so that I could use a special stylus pen that had a special slot embedded next to the keyboard, and just draw on my screen.

----- cole Sarar 11.12.08 09:21

I wish my mac had a candy dispenser

----- Zach Brown 11.12.08 09:17

Oh I forgot my number-1 issue with Apple… Just to make a tougher macbook pro that won’t scratch or dent, or bent for “nothing”. A laptop that can fall from a distance of 15 inches without suffering. Aren’t these laptop supposed to be nomads?

----- Rafael Macho 11.12.08 09:17

wished my mac could talk to me

----- in-hae kim 11.12.08 09:13

I wish I could watch digital tv on my mac…

----- Mark 11.12.08 09:12

ohh! … and vicky only has 47 gigs left on her … had to sneak that one in! … shhh

----- hotrod 11.12.08 09:12

I wish my Mac would ask me in the morning what mood I am… Then find some colors & sound for my desktop and offer me some RSS feed to balance my mood!

----- Rafael Macho 11.12.08 09:11

I wish my Mac could interface wirelessly with my espresso machine.

----- Mike 11.12.08 09:10

I wish my mac simply had an audio in instead of just the out!

----- Seth Akkerman 11.12.08 09:04

I wish my mac could clean up itself (as well as my apartment)…

----- Christina Busse 11.12.08 09:04

I wish my MAC could run applications via voice command.


----- Z. Zoleta 11.12.08 09:01

I wish my MacBook Pro would dock in the way that an iPod can dock: no power cords to plug or unplug. Even better I could plug my mouse, monitor, etc into this dock, too!

----- brandy 11.12.08 09:00

a credit card swipe would be nice.

----- Tatsuya Aoki 11.12.08 08:59

I wish my mac could back-up wirelessly to a hard drive in fire proof safe that is bolted to my house!! That would definitely ease 21st century loss- of-important-data-digital-fear.

----- Zack 11.12.08 08:58

I wish my mac had more hard drive space!

----- May 11.12.08 08:58

I wich my macbook pro had gaming features

----- bench 11.12.08 08:56

I wish my Mac would keep my apartment clean for me.

----- Sebastian 11.12.08 08:56

My MAC just bite me.. .

----- Miyamoto Kooki 11.12.08 08:55

I wish my mac has an additional usb port so i can attach an external hard drive like this without having to sacrificing detaching other usb devices.

----- jayp0411 11.12.08 08:55

I wish I could just talk and it would do everything I said. type, send emails, enter programs. etc etc. that would be awesome.

----- KG 11.12.08 08:54

i wish my mac could straighten out the economy, end the ridiculous war, give women the right to choose, give gays the rights all couples deserve, and care about the well-being of people outside of our own filthy rich country. or at least be less awesome so all the other computers don’t feel so bad- they have feelings too, you know.

----- Rickelo 11.12.08 08:47

hot dog warmer

----- Ricky C 11.12.08 08:36

Queue up the 2001: A Space Odyssey music

----- Emmanuel Fernandez 11.12.08 08:33

I love my Mac. If my Mac was human, I’d marry it. So the only thing I’d ask for is for it to recharge itself with solar power. OH, and I wish the screen was self-cleaning.

----- Stephanie Fisher 11.12.08 08:29

I wish my Mac cared about me as much as I care about it.

----- Adam Witten 11.12.08 08:27

I wish my imac had some sort of beamer function - whatever I’m working on, I want to see it REALLY big!

----- anne 11.12.08 08:26

i’d love it to have a coffee- & tea-machine. i think it would be great to mix different blends and share them online - you could download notcot’s favoutite coffee and instantly let your mac brew it for you - rad!

----- Seán 11.12.08 08:23

i wish that vicky (my mac) … could actually make the time machine work in my reality … or at least the “undo” … otherwise she’s dreamy … but could be dreamier if she had an extra terabyte! … (don’t tell her i said that!)

----- hotrod 11.12.08 08:22

I wish that my Mac could Google search using spotlight

----- Jay Bridgeman 11.12.08 08:19

I wish my mac had a NotCot widget.

----- Einar Johnson 11.12.08 08:17

A lower price so I could sell this one and trade up more frequently

----- carroll Quinn 11.12.08 08:17

I wish my mac had a real time machine… not just software Time Machine. It already looks damn close to Doc. Emmet Brown’s Delorian, so….

----- B.A. 11.12.08 08:09

I wish my mac had a blue ray burner!

----- RJ 11.12.08 08:07

I wish my Macbook Pro didn’t require a paper clip to open the lid (or that new topcases were more affordable)

----- Tristan Blease 11.12.08 08:06

I don’t have a good writing program on our mac.

----- Dawn Horns 11.12.08 08:06

i wish my mac would read my mind.

----- elsa 11.12.08 08:04

i wish my mac had a toaster drive.

----- Dillon 11.12.08 07:59


----- Matthew Martinez 11.12.08 07:57

I wish I could draw onto the screen like a wacom tablet.

----- Brian 11.12.08 07:56

I wish my mac could MAKE me win just ONE notcot giveaway…?

----- Carrieee 11.12.08 07:55

i wish my white laptop had a colored light in the casing so that it could change colors, like a mood ring.

----- cowashee 11.12.08 07:53

I wish my Mac was self-cleaning so that each night any dust, fingerprints and cookie crumbs would disappear and it would look shiny and new each morning.

----- Krista 11.12.08 07:50

i love all the macs’ features. the only feature it’s missing is inexpensiveness.

----- drew 11.12.08 07:45

Beautiful design. Fits right in with the Mac. And my office!

----- Bruce 11.12.08 07:44

I wish my imac simply could switch off the monitor like my macbook dose if I hit the f1 button a few times..
do I get the drive now? :)

----- Felix 11.12.08 07:43

I wish my mac had ergonomic key boards, touchscreens, and ability to type in what I speak.

----- Alex Jeon 11.12.08 07:41

i wish my mac had a real life A.I functionality with mac reliability

----- kebba njie 11.12.08 07:35

I wish my mac could solve world hunger and create peace for all. Someday it might.

(also it would be cool if the track pad was a tiny WACOM tablet)

((and the ability to breathe under water))

Happy Holidays

----- TheDan 11.12.08 07:33

i wish i could open as many firefox tabs as i want and my computer wouldn’t slow down. i’m a tab junkie - i hate closing them and i love opening them. it’s a tragic event when i have to close firefox for updates etc… having more space available on my hard drive of course would help this problem!

----- Irene 11.12.08 07:33

I wish my Mac had a headphones port on the keyboard…because then I wouldn’t have to sit so close to the computer to listen to my music when all I have are my ipod headphones. =(

----- Michae Hogenmiller 11.12.08 07:31

I wish my Mac would provide the witty banter of a rookie cop like in the Lethal Weapon movies. Oh the hijinks we would get into!

----- Cole 11.12.08 07:31

I wish my Mac would last forever. It’s irreplaceable.

----- Wendy 11.12.08 07:31

I wish my mac would delete all the previous comments so my comment would be the only choice.

----- Paul Schmidt 11.12.08 07:26

I wish my MAC had standard ports.

----- Hugo 11.12.08 07:26

I wish I could smell things through my mac when online. But it must have an on/off function.

----- bianca 11.12.08 07:22

I wish my MacBook Pro had a built-in Blu-ray burner so that I could watch HD movies and also back up files effectively.
A high quality iSight camera with fine optics would be nice too.

What else, what else..
Ooh! I wish it could release pheromones so that I could attract more girls!

----- Jack Liu 11.12.08 07:19

I wish my mac came with lifetime upgrades for Adobe Creative Suite!!! And maybe a free .mac membership? Free = all I can afford!?

----- Suz 11.12.08 07:18

I wish it had a coffee dispenser.. zzzZZzzz

----- Carl Heindl 11.12.08 07:17

Oh! I also want a Mac blogging program in iLife. For those of us who are not programmers (like me), and want our blog to sparkle and shine, and have larger pictures, and make it easier than easy, I think Apple should make a blogging program (iBlog?) that seamlessly links to iWeb and me.com, or whatever domain you choose, and can import your iPhoto pics, and your iMovie movies! Blogspot is good, but I want it to be better, and I can’t figure out how to do the things I want to do without writing code or downloading some shady program.

That would be cool

----- Rick C 11.12.08 07:15

i wish my macbook pro (late ‘08) has the iPhone/iPod Toch touchscreen, instead of the glass trackpad. easier to start or oversee stuff.

----- pr0nstar 11.12.08 07:10

I wish my Mac was able to have multiple libraries in iTunes. I have songs on my MacBook Pro that I frequently listen to. Then I have songs on two external hard drives. I need iTunes to note these other hard drives as libraries unto themselves, so that I can select which library of songs I can choose from, or any combination of the three drives.

As it is now, I need to either add all songs to the iTunes library without consolidation (which leaves me with a lot of dead files once I disconnect), or search for the songs I think I will want to hear when I take the MacBook on the road and consolidate them into my MacBook hard drive, which leaves me with very little free space left.

If there was a way for iTunes to search and play from multiple hard drives, simultaneously, with the ability to connect and disconnect at will, I think my problems would be solved.

I also agree with whoever said that there should be a wacom tablet built in. I think the new MB and MBP touch pads, that also act as a mouse button, should be wacom-pen enabled, so you can write little notes and things without bringing your tablet with you. Imagine making your 2009 gift guide PDF from anywhere, without your tablet! I think it’s a brilliant idea, so cheers to Rev.

I also want Safari to make an online-bookmark page just for my bookmarks that can be accessed from any computer. For instance, when I get to work, I can just click on my “notcot.com” link that I had bookmarked from my home Mac.

I also wish my Mac didn’t get so hot, but I hear they are working on it.

I also want my Mac to wirelessly update my ipod touch/iphone, so I don’t need to plug in to get my latest address book updates, calendar updates, etc.

I also wish all the movies I get (from sources other than iTunes store) would play on my ipod. I hear VLC is coming as an app?

And finally, I wish my mac would teach me CS3, because it’s rough trying to learn on your own.

----- Rick C 11.12.08 07:10

I wish my Mac would be friends with Autodesk software instead of having to talk through a third party like parallels or bootcamp. It’s time to kiss and make up.

----- tony 11.12.08 07:06

We were just talking in the office yesterday that we want to have a screen capture feature that only grabs what is immediately inside of the window you’re in. Would save a lot of time!

----- Aaron 11.12.08 07:05

I wish my mac had a 1TB External Drive!

----- K0RT 11.12.08 07:03

i wish i could add more internal harddrives to my imac

----- TZAM 11.12.08 07:01

I wish it could vaccum my floor!

----- awolf 11.12.08 06:58

I wish my Mac had a brew coffee feature.

----- justin 11.12.08 06:56

I wish my mac made me happy-oh wait it does!

----- TQ 11.12.08 06:54

I wish my Mac would have a heart, a brain, a mind; would be able to stand up and give back to me what I put into it. I wish my Mac was a person, because for the amount of time I spend with it, it would either be my best friend or some type of electronic lover.

----- Michael Senkow 11.12.08 06:51

I wish my Macbook Pro had upgradeable video cards. Seriously, high-end (yet still cheaper) PC laptops have had them for years.

----- nate 11.12.08 06:50

I wish my MAC had a watchdog that would yell at me every time I am on notcot and say “GET BACK TO WORK!”

----- jackie 11.12.08 06:49

I wish the Mac was a little more durable. I keep getting mine dinged up, and the CD burner doesn’t work anymore.

----- Kevin 11.12.08 06:47

I wish my mac could wake me up in the morning by softly shaking me.

----- Danny Taft 11.12.08 06:46

I wish it had a much better cooling system. The thing gets HOT!

----- Matt 11.12.08 06:44

I wish it was dockable. That Belkin expresscard dock is awesome, but isn’t mac compatible.

----- Philip 11.12.08 06:44

oh my please send this to me.

----- james 11.12.08 06:44

I wish my mac could pull weeds or make hot chocolate.

----- Anna 11.12.08 06:35

I wish my Mac would learn how to make my sandwiches the right way.

----- peter Taylor 11.12.08 06:34

I wish my Mac could slap people when they tell me “It looks great but I just have a couple of thoughts.”

----- Vince 11.12.08 06:31

My mac wishes it could ring in the new year with a new buddy =)

----- Stephanie 11.12.08 06:19

I wish my MacBook had a touchscreen, usable for tablet drawing :D

----- MJW 11.12.08 06:14

I wish my mac would stop snitching.

----- Jonathan Bender 11.12.08 06:13

I wish my mac was sentient. Then maybe it could feel guilt for losing my work. Course, it would probably just make me feel guilty for not saving more often. Jeez, we’d be like an old married couple.

----- Dan 11.12.08 06:12

I honestly wish my mac had full screen browsing and no image scaling in Firefox.

I also wish that it could perform its own analysis of my use of its hardware (memory, graphics, storage capacity, net speed etc) and make suggestions for upgrades - you could even make it recommend hardware (that is guaranteed to be compatible) & get it to automatically order it from the mac store. That truly would solve a few problems. Like the fridges that order milk for you when yours is going out of date.

----- John-Paul Williams 11.12.08 06:11

I wish my mac did all my holiday shopping for me!!

Thanks notcot!

----- spacewolf 11.12.08 06:07

I wish my mac had a burner attached, so that I could make food, coffee and tea at my computer!

----- Steven Kaplan 11.12.08 06:06

I wish that my macintel can boot linux when I press ALT button on boot :(

----- Simone 11.12.08 06:05

I wish my mac had a usb powered burner attached so that I can make soup, coffee and tea while at my computer!

----- Steven Kaplan 11.12.08 06:04

I wish my mac could auto-upgrade itself, it’s an iBook G4, but still kicking ass (albeit a bit slow)

----- osoroco 11.12.08 06:00

I wish my Mac could make Mary Ann’s coffee every morning so I could stay in bed a little longer.

----- Scott 11.12.08 06:00

I just wish I could use the home and end keys like a PC :(

----- Alex M 11.12.08 06:00

I wish my powerbook had that little booger that all the dells have right in the middle of the keyboard. I love that damn booger, it works magic!

----- James Gannon 11.12.08 05:52


----- Tokyoen 11.12.08 05:49

i wish my mac can transport me places through my video : )

----- jennifer 11.12.08 05:46

I wish my Mac had more hard drive space!

----- Fernando 11.12.08 05:44

i wish my mac had the ability to not steal all the covers at night.

----- jay fung 11.12.08 05:41

I wish my mac had a built-in mini fridge full of beer.

----- Paul 11.12.08 05:39

I wish i didnt have to spend 30 minutes wiggling my powerbook’s screen so i can get a full image displayed everytime i want to use it, Those 30 minutes could be used for so much more important things like trying to sell a senate seat to jesse jackson jr. Times are tough, and i’ll do what i gotta

----- Paul 11.12.08 05:33

I wish my Mac didn’t have a 100gb HDD thats almost full, a blu-ray burner, and the new Macbook Pro’s have a matte screen option

Happy Holidays to everyone!!!

----- Tom Spence 11.12.08 05:29

My MacBook pro already does just about everything, it would be cool to time travel though.

----- Allen 11.12.08 05:22

I wish my Mac was a real boy.

----- Chuck 11.12.08 05:10

I was my ibook had a iSight - its so old I am trying to buy a standalone iSight off ebay cos apple dont sell them any more…..can you hear the violins playing in the background?

----- Raztus 11.12.08 05:10

I wish my MacBook had the built-in ability to access 3G networks. A tablet-style screen would also be nice. Ooh, maybe even a built-in projector! Okay, now I’m just getting greedy!

----- WILL 11.12.08 05:05

I wish that my MAC could create jobs and fix the economy. Sadly, it can’t :(

----- Bradley Rodstrom 11.12.08 04:59

I wish my Mac could fold into my pocket!

----- diisign 11.12.08 04:57

Mac’s need firewire again on the laptops. Target Mode is an amazing feature. (look it up if you don’t know what it is.

My Techs use it all the time in the shop.

----- Jeff Broughton 11.12.08 04:45

I wish our Mac could keep reminding my wife what a great graphic designer and artist she is. (I do my best!)

----- Maurice Meilleur 11.12.08 04:36

I wish my mac can wish for me.

----- Refik Anadol 11.12.08 04:33

I wish my Mac could use its webcam for MSN and AIM conversations. Adium is getting there, slowly…

I also wish my Mac’s hard-drive hadn’t failed yesterday! But that’s a wish one day too late.

----- Dom Curtis 11.12.08 04:25

I really wish my Mac had touchscreen so that graphic design and illustration could be THAT much more hands-on .

----- Masa 11.12.08 04:23

I wish it could tell me my future

----- Andrew Gordon 11.12.08 04:22

I wish my mac had 1 tb hard drive so that i wouldn’t need to write a comment here…

----- Ozge 11.12.08 04:15

a backspace button on my mac book!

----- rachel 11.12.08 03:40

I wish my mac had wireless power!

----- Andreas Halvarsson 11.12.08 03:38

I wish my Mac could fly.

I’d call it MacFly!

..and I’d better don’t call it chicken!

----- rafael 11.12.08 03:35

I wish my mac had a real life search, so when I can’t find something in my house I could look it up on my laptop.

----- Nevermore 11.12.08 03:33

I wish my Mac had a washing machine.

----- Entcardoso 11.12.08 03:31

I wish my macbook pro had a feature of a port that could extend out and miraculously transform into a mini kitchen where I can make/nuke food and drinks for those ridiculously late nights/mornings? where I’m studying and making deadlines and to feed those that trek the zombie path of university that I do. After all, Macs do it all…and I wish that this kitchen would come with minimalist instructions in all white as to how to cook!

----- Tony H 11.12.08 03:28

I have a blackberry cuz I’m a big guy, and the iphone keyboard bugs me. So I wish my Mac could run the software update installer for my blackberry. I also wish it could hold an extra Terabyte of data ;)

----- DJ Saul Good 11.12.08 02:47

I wish my MAC had the ability to go out and pick me up pizza.

----- Carol 11.12.08 02:47

I wish my mac could render images beautifully in minutes.

----- Jake S 11.12.08 02:28

There is a certain program I use on my PC that is unavailable for my Mac. It’s very frustrating. Thanks for the giveaway.

----- Cynthia C 11.12.08 02:26

I wish my mac could become Optimus Prime!

Or a Ninja, but preferably Optimus Prime!

----- Will 11.12.08 02:20

I really wish my mac had magsafe usb and firewire ports…

----- Mauricio Andrades 11.12.08 02:17

I wish my Mac had more storage space, obviously! I jest, but you know what I mean. I wish my Mac had a ‘coffee’ button. Or the ability to reskin horrifically ugly websites and turn them into things of sublime beauty before my very eyes. On a more serious note, how about replacing all connections with wireless or Magsafe alternatives? When I sit down with my laptop at the studio, I have to go through a routine of plugging in this and connecting that …

----- Tony Blow 11.12.08 02:17

I wish my Macbook Pro could help me get to sleep. For chrissakes, all I had was half a cup of coffee at 3pm and it didn’t do shit for me.

----- Spencer Lindstrom 11.12.08 02:14

i wish my mac had unlimited storage space (but seeing as it doesnt can i please get this 1 Terabyte FreeAgent Desk for Mac???)

----- Thomascmyk 11.12.08 02:05

I REALLY wish my MacBook Pro (early 2008) had one of these built in… then I wouldn’t have to clean up so damn often… could let all the files rot away in the deep dark corners of the platters… that’s right… a circle doesn’t have corners… so how come I have so much crap in here then !!!

cheers from Down Under

----- TrevorML 11.12.08 01:54

i wish my mac could double as a teleportation device

----- Maiks 11.12.08 01:47

i wish my mac had a built in cintiq (i.e. TOUCH SCREEN). (sigh)

----- daisy Church 11.12.08 01:43

I think all macs should have a built in espresso machine, it would seriously help with those long nights of sitting in front of it, trying to hit your design deadlines!

----- Marc 11.12.08 01:37

I wish I could work longer on battery.

----- Markus 11.12.08 01:29

I wish my mac could read/write in the NTSC file format. Sometimes I want to transfer stuff from a PC and I can’t :(

----- esotericsean 11.12.08 01:27

i wish my mac had more hard drive space but honestly when it comes down to it i would love if my mac had the ability to find exactly the files i’m searching for [those sad one you send your ex or other] just by those few key words

----- Kye 11.12.08 01:13

I wish my mac had a “retrieve that soppy sad message you just sent an ex” feature for all mail & social network related sites :D

----- Colin 11.12.08 01:08

I wish my mac would come to me on command from anywhere in the house.

----- steph 11.12.08 01:04

this hard drive gives me the pleasure previously only available from eating ice cream and hugging kittens. at the same time.

----- djbrigidope 11.12.08 01:03

I think they should bring back the retro apple logo and candy coloured macbooks. or just put colour changing blocks on them. and touchscreens would be awesome. and some sort of magnetic field reader for the nearby area. could that read thoughts….?

----- Benjamin 11.12.08 01:00

I wish my mac had hardware-embedded pornography.

----- Ghisa 11.12.08 00:59

I wish my mac, AND ALL MACS AT THAT, we’re solar powered! For instance, it would recieve energy from any form of light and work off of that. How environmentally friendly would that be (: not to mention the money you’d save on your electric bill!

----- Joan Coco 11.12.08 00:55

I wish my Mac could grant wishes.

----- Byron 11.12.08 00:53

i wish my mac had a tablet built in

----- yariv goldfarb 11.12.08 00:48

i wish my mac had a minority report style screen!

----- Ben Vickery 11.12.08 00:44

i wish my imac had some way to use multitouch

----- Owen 11.12.08 00:39

I wish my mac had unlimited battery power/juice -tys

----- Tyson 11.12.08 00:38

uʍop-ǝpıs-dn uǝǝɹɔs s,ʇı uɹnʇ p1noɔ ɔɐɯ ʎɯ ɥsıʍ ı

----- Rik 11.12.08 00:33

I wish my mac had lasers on it that when activated, could set things on fire.

----- Tim Walker 11.12.08 00:25

Oh, that’s easy:
I wish my Mac would recognise what language I’m using and change the spell checker profile appropriately.
Or at least some kind of keyboard shortcut that would allow me to switch between my most frequently used languages.

----- Alex 11.12.08 00:25

I wish I had a audio graphic interface that allowed me to…. ooh I’ve said too much.

----- DDB 11.12.08 00:17

I need this so i can finally consolidate my thousands and thousands of pages of receipt scans. yes. you heard me right. receipt scans.

----- jovencio de la paz 11.12.08 00:11


----- phil 11.12.08 00:11

Man, as a college student, this would be amazing. :)

----- Bryce Driesenga 11.12.08 00:10

Hi there,

Would love to see such a nice backup solution next to my macbook pro. What I would like to see is a easy docking possibility for my macbook pro, hate plug-ing in all the cables.



----- Pascal Mollet 11.12.08 00:10

I wish my MacBook didn’t have an optical drive, and I wish it only had an 11” footprint..! Besides that, I guess I’d wish for it to be water resistant.. I’ve broken 4-5 computers with coffee, coke or the likes..

----- Benjamin A. Wendelboe 11.12.08 00:07

i wish my mac could get up at 5:30am to go to work for me…

or just more memory so i won’t have to keep organizing/cleaning up my desktop…i hate deciding whether i should delete files or not

----- Pitka 11.12.08 00:04

I wish my built-in isight camera was also a teleporter.

----- Fabian 10.12.08 23:59

I wish my mac doubled as a jet pack when i put it in my book bag.

----- Logan 10.12.08 23:58

I wish my Imac had covers that I could personalise and do designs on, that would be cool - Custom mac

----- Ant 10.12.08 23:51

i wish my mac could be turned on with a cell phone

----- jay jay bear 10.12.08 23:51

I wish my mac had the ability to reproduce

----- Ian 10.12.08 23:49

I wish my Mac has 1TB allready inside.

----- Sascha 10.12.08 23:42

THANKS FOR THE GIVEAWAY…I wish my iMac (and all Macs) had a “reasonable” lifetime warranty on parts OR lifetime support via telephone. Oh, and I wish Apple would take back obsolete hardware and recycle it, for free !!!

----- Brian E. 10.12.08 23:34

It even matches my decor!

----- liza 10.12.08 23:33

Comment I shall.

----- Tyler 10.12.08 23:30

i wish my mac had an EASY BAKE OVEN attachment to hold me over writing papers on finals week when i’m locked inside my dorm for hours on end and the dining hall is closed
but most of all i wish my mac would BACK UP since it recently decided to stop backing up my harddrive

----- allie 10.12.08 23:22

I wish my Mac had more memory!

----- Julie 10.12.08 23:19

I wish my Mac had a Blu-Ray drive.

----- Adam 10.12.08 23:18

more USB ports, or rather, more accessories that dont use USB

----- dylan 10.12.08 23:17

I wish my mac could read minds =]

----- mark 10.12.08 23:09

MAC!!!she’s my awesome art buddy~ LOVE IT!!
ok, I wish it comes in colors, AGAIN! I miss those candy color Mac!
and TOUCH SCREEN!!!! oh, cute lighting around the screen! that would be
extra!!! talking about cute, I miss oldschool Mac faces!! :P

Am I asking too much?!

----- saho 10.12.08 22:51

I wish my Mac had a built-in freezer to store my sugar-free Popsicles. I burn too many calories going back and forth to the kitchen.


----- Jean D. 10.12.08 22:49

I wish my mac (ibook G4) would let me travel through time. Or at least teleport, because then I would be able to visit home for the holidays! (I am currently in Baku, Azerbaijan relishing in the glory of the former Soviet Union). Alas, it looks like I’ll have to wait another few years before Steve Jobs perfects his teleportation technology.

----- Kim Johnson 10.12.08 22:43

I wish my mac had a dog pee shield, that way the people at the mac store wouldn’t had laughed so hard when I took it for repairs.

----- Araceli 10.12.08 22:38

I wish my Mac had a muffler… I have the notoriously super loud PowerMac G4 dual 867 from 2002.

----- Todd 10.12.08 22:36

I wish my Mac would automatically upgrade itself every year with the new hardware and software.

----- Michael 10.12.08 22:33

i wish it had a removable drive/brain, so i could take it out and pop it into another mac, thus making that one into my new machine. i would love to have an iMac in the office, and be able to whip out the drive and pop it into a macbook [pro] and take it to the park, or take it home and use it in a machine at home etc. no realising you dont have *that* file on the correct machine etc. so simple, and a sure-fire way for apple to sell loads more shiny toys

----- Nik Riviera 10.12.08 22:31

I wish instead of a keyboard my macbook had another screen.

and that both my screens were touch screens

and it could fold flat.

imagine that.

----- kb stunner 10.12.08 22:30

I wish my mac had a better designed power cord… (it’s the magnetic one but I think there are plenty of other solutions that would not always break at the neck so easily…)

----- Kyle Wilson 10.12.08 22:23

I wish my mac could fly.

well.. more like, hover.

----- Derek 10.12.08 22:17

Even after 2+ years, my MB pro still does everything I ask it to and then some. The only thing I wish it had was more HD space to deal with my ridiculous Aperture library.

----- tripleman 10.12.08 22:15

I wish it could cure the common cold.

----- Joe Wasserman 10.12.08 22:11

i wish my mac could guess my mood and make corresponding playlists.

and i wish i had MORE SPACE :-D

----- Jamie 10.12.08 22:08

I wish my mac had external storage that came with it :)

----- Arezu 10.12.08 22:07

I wish Macs featured a lower price tag.

I like to complain about the easy-to-palm-stain white MacBooks, the often substandard first releases and the fan base that, with great conviction, has a blind faith for Macintosh that ranks just short of religious fundamentalism. But how menial.

Changing the price tag is a more satisfying want and, if it does indeed fall, would be significantly more exciting.

----- mb 10.12.08 22:07

I wish my mac could run pc software.

----- Jacob 10.12.08 22:02

I wish that my mac had this great art program called ‘open canvas.’ the program is only for pcs, and it’s almost like a more artsy version of photoshop. however, photoshop eludes my intellect, so i wish i had this open canvas thing for digital art.

----- Dani 10.12.08 22:02

I wish my mac had a 1 tb hdd

----- Kerrie 10.12.08 21:54

I wish my mac had a 1Tb internal drive

----- rocco 10.12.08 21:53

i wish my mac could be my best friend. and that i could touch it. the screen - not my best friend.

----- =) 10.12.08 21:48

I wish my my mac had better scheduling tools.

----- Al McDougall 10.12.08 21:48

Here’s something I wish my Macbook Pro *didn’t* have — a power block. I once had a laptop that plugged directly into the wall with a single, thin power cable.

As for a new feature — I wish my Macbook Pro had a swivel screen hinge and a touchscreen, so I could use it like a convertible.

----- Steven 10.12.08 21:47

I wish my Mac were smaller and lighter, without sacrificing any of the current functionalities. I’d love to be able to lug my stylish Mac around all the time - if it were much lighter and smaller it’d be great! I’d still want all the USB ports and CD drive and what not though, so Macbook Air isn’t for me..

----- Irene 10.12.08 21:44

i wish my mac didn’t have to work so hard.

----- Shelly 10.12.08 21:44

I wish my Mac could transport me from place to place—like in Star Trek—that’ll solve the energy crisis! :D

----- Justin 10.12.08 21:43

A babbling stream in a misty wood glade. There are leaves rustling as furry critters gather nuts, and the smell of pine sap and fresh water is blown on a gentle breeze.

I wish that when i look at a photo on my macbook, i feel the full experience of the moment.

I wish I could escape into worlds captured by pixels. MacTrip ®

hallucinogens not included.

----- Wyatt Roy 10.12.08 21:42

I wish my mac could go every where with me! I reckon I should just buy an iphone then, eh?! :)

----- Kara 10.12.08 21:40

i wish my mac was a cat.

----- NICK Doermann 10.12.08 21:39

I wish my mac had a lower price tag. $30,000 for a fully optioned MacPro?? It’s just a little too much.

----- Matt Ryan 10.12.08 21:37

I wish my Mac could play hardcore games… sigh…

----- Stephen Saunders 10.12.08 21:37

I wish my power PC powerbook g4 could run many new programs that only run on Intel.

Also I’d love to stop having hard drives die on me.

----- John 10.12.08 21:32

I wish my mac had an always-on audio recording feature, so with a simple key command I could start capturing and it would instantly capture audio starting 30 seconds before I made key command.

----- Erik Dahl 10.12.08 21:31

i wish my mac the ability to run 3D CAD programs like solidworks and pro-e natively. and i wish my tower was powered wirelessly, so no more cords to the wall. just someday…..

----- rachel 10.12.08 21:29

i wish my mac could let the chickens out in the morning.

----- mike 10.12.08 21:28

i wish my mac would have pussy magnet like the hummer in borat haha

----- olivier aubin 10.12.08 21:25

I wish my mac could play music with the cover closed. you couldn’t imagine how many times my ipod has died on me, while fully knowing i have a fully charged mac in my bag. it is rather frustrating..

----- michelle 10.12.08 21:22

Well obviously I wish my baby had about “1 TB” more free space. Thanks

----- Sean C. 10.12.08 21:18

I wish time machine actually worked like a time-machine! Then I might have some time to use my new iMac! :)

----- Bobby Scott 10.12.08 21:18

It would be nice if my Mac existed, dont own one.

----- Sam R. 10.12.08 21:17

I wish my mac had the ability to send really huge electrical shocks to whom ever I pleased. It would get some serious use.

----- Joshua P. 10.12.08 21:16

I wish my Mac could automatically prepare my breakfast.

----- Ryan Bednar 10.12.08 21:10

I wish my mac could play FIFA soccer!

----- Timothy OLeary 10.12.08 21:09

I wish my Mac had the ability to generate power from the motion it senses while I’m toting it around to school, work, home and everywhere else I take it. I could probably power a whole lot more than one with all of the motion this thing goes through.

----- Lora R. 10.12.08 21:07

maybe do my laundry—-too much to ask huh?

----- s 10.12.08 21:06

I wish my Mac had a bigger hard drive! :(

----- scott 10.12.08 21:06

I wish my Mac could generate wi-fi for itself so I would never be without access to the internet. What a perfect world that would be.

----- Kendra N. 10.12.08 21:05

i wish my mac had a personality and could be my best friend for real

----- jacob 10.12.08 21:05

I wish my macbook pro had the ability to use both of my processors

----- Jessica P. 10.12.08 20:59

I wish my mac had smell-o-vision. :)

----- Derrick Manuat 10.12.08 20:54

i wish it could fill the emptiness inside.

----- george 10.12.08 20:52

i wish my g5 would never have to be upgraded to an intel processor and stayed awesome for eternity. because it is awesome.

----- fred garcia 10.12.08 20:47

A feature I would like to see in my macbook would be a Transparent OLED Display.

Like the one seen here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Eg1gmf3c58

Now, that would be the coolest feature of all. Don’t you think?

----- Mario 10.12.08 20:47

i wish my mac had a lcd keyboard (like the Optimus Maximus keyboard). especially for switching between languages!

----- eunhae 10.12.08 20:45

ah!! i could totally use this!!!

----- Sarah 10.12.08 20:44

I wish my mac had a stereo display (without goggles).

----- Peter Michael Mussett 10.12.08 20:43

I wish my mac had a solar panel. I know I could just buy one, but they’re still out of my price-range at the moment.

----- Emxero 10.12.08 20:33

I wish my mac had windows…. just kidding it does. Why did they do away with the magnet on the side of the aluminum imac to attach the ir remote - lame.

----- trvr2011 10.12.08 20:24

OMG I want that!
I wish my mac did not have to restart after system updates.

----- grace 10.12.08 20:22

As a digital artist with a macbook pro I wish my laptop had a built-in wacom tablet.

----- vu nguyen 10.12.08 20:20

front usb ports and a better remote

----- debbie g 10.12.08 20:19

I wish my Mac had Artificial Intelligence. So I could just say “print out these 15 shipping labels, and the packing slips to go with them. Get back to me when you’re done!” Maybe some hands, too, so it could pack the orders for me. Then I’d go have a Chai (hey, I’d share with the Mac) and read a book. And when I got back, all of my orders would be packed. How great would that be?

----- Jo - i dream i can fly 10.12.08 20:15

I wish my mac had a pressure sensitive touch screen.

----- Greg Katsoulis 10.12.08 20:11

man, i wish my mac was a bit less awesome so that i don’t look so bad by comparison :-)

----- Artem 10.12.08 20:06

I wish my iMac had a user upgradable harddrive! Instead they stick it inside the freakin screen so that you can’t get to it without obviously voiding your warranty.

Somehow the sales guy neglected to tell me this and neglected to think about it. So i am stuck with 250 gb (and a completely unused firewire 800 port in the back, and it’s hungry for data!).

----- Josh 10.12.08 20:03

I wish my mac had a HDMI port.

----- Gorden 10.12.08 20:01

I wish my mac had a doc so that I could easily hook it to my external monitor, mouse, keyboard, ethernet without hooking up all the cables and keeping my desktop clear.

----- Robert 10.12.08 19:58

I wish my Mac had a matte LCD :(

----- Evan Jones 10.12.08 19:58

I just wish my mac had magic.

----- Nadia P 10.12.08 19:56

I wish my Imac has the ability of Interactive Pen Display from Cintiq WACOM!. Since I m too poor to buy such an expensive Pen Tablet.


----- David Levi 10.12.08 19:56

My future Mac would be a 8 cores 4.5GHz, 32GB RAM. It run both Mac OS and Windows at same time, can switch between both with just Cmd-Alt-Tab. Video editing and composing with this Mac in real-time. Virus proof. Use solar energy Cool, right?

----- mikenj 10.12.08 19:55

Well, I wish — besides Apple buys Adobe — all FireWire (400/800/1600) speeds in every (!) Mac; from Mac mini over MacBook to Mac Pro. OR eSATA in all …

----- Blumenberg 10.12.08 19:53

I wish my Mac could read my mind. No more mouse. It would play whatever music I’m in the mood for too, without my having to search for it in iTunes.

----- Cheryl 10.12.08 19:50

i wish my mac could SNACK ATTACK!

----- mark 10.12.08 19:50

Pie Button.

----- Dave 10.12.08 19:47

Wish my mac had a backlight keyboard so I could enter contests in the dark.

----- shepps 10.12.08 19:40

I wish my mac had baby puppies :) what? I can’t be different and want puppies :( OK fine. puppies or a bigger screen and logic :)

----- Zach 10.12.08 19:31

My mac is good like that, thanks for asking.

----- Nicholas timm 10.12.08 19:29

i wish my mac had a solar cell case , so it could charge in the sun

----- jazzka 10.12.08 19:28

I wish my mac, everyones macs, had the ability to play games meant for the iPod touch and iPhone. I’m sure it could be done. There are an amazing amount of cool games and utilities for the touch that would be awesome on the macbooks or desktops.

----- trevor Weimer 10.12.08 19:28

I wish my Macbook Pro had the option of swapping internal hard drives without ‘voiding’ warranty.

----- Julien 10.12.08 19:28

i wish my mac said ‘i love you’ back

----- daniel 10.12.08 19:28

I wish my home and work iTunes libraries would stay in sync automatically.

----- Joebot 10.12.08 19:25

Simple. I wish I could go “COMPUTER, ENHANCE IMAGE” like in Blade runner and a dozen other films since 1980. And it would zoom in and sharpen up instead of just pixelating it.

----- Mikebdesign 10.12.08 19:23


Navigation for everything like this. Hey look- no touchpad!

----- Ryan 10.12.08 19:17

i wish my mac has a touchpad like the iphone/ipod and have different displays/functions depending on what program is being run

----- miak 10.12.08 19:17

I wish the function keys didn’t overlap the f-keys.

----- Mark Michon 10.12.08 19:15

i wish may mac had some cheese so i could have a mac and cheese. I’m hungry.

----- wayne 10.12.08 19:14

i have a macbook pro, not the newest model that just came out. I love it but i wish the screen bent back more!!!

----- jeff cheung 10.12.08 19:12

i wish my mac had a smudge free screen. is that too much to ask?

----- Enrique 10.12.08 19:10

I wish my mac could get me a drink while I work… beer tap straight into a USB drive woudl be pretty sweet.

A real feature would be one that knows what I want it to do before I can get to the app to open it. That way it can open the programs I want as I need them then automatically close them once done with out asking if I want to save etc… Of course I do.

PS this giveaway is amazing!!!!!!

----- Jason 10.12.08 19:10

I wish my Mac had a job for me since I just got laid off … or it’s very own personal Alf. Either or.

----- Aaron High 10.12.08 19:09

If my mac had a biometric fingerprint reader and/or iris scan it would be badass! No more passwords!

----- TIMO 10.12.08 19:07

I wish my Mac could extend my wifi signal for miles!

----- Lance 10.12.08 19:07

i wish my mac had a holographic projection that we can manipulate (like in ‘Iron Man’), and also i wish it can do our projects…

----- Ac1d 10.12.08 19:06

I wish my mac could make toast. :)

----- Victor 10.12.08 19:06

I wish my mac had breasts.

----- Evan 10.12.08 19:05

I wish I could get Time Machine on Tiger. Why can’t Apple sell it as a standalone app?

----- ray 10.12.08 19:02

I wish my mac’s time machine actually worked.

----- Brian Hahn 10.12.08 18:59

i wish my mac was a touch screen like a cintiq to make sketching so much easier! no more scanning everything for projects!

----- ashley 10.12.08 18:58

i wish my mac could play PC games without the virtualization

----- raptrex 10.12.08 18:58

I wish the macs had built in 1TB of memory.
where else would i store my collection of random pictures and other useless things?

----- grace 10.12.08 18:57

Wish my Mac could clone me so I could get twice as much work done!

----- Monica 10.12.08 18:57

i wish my mac had voice recognition feature and of course 1TB additional space!

----- Ann 10.12.08 18:56

I wish my Mac came with a price tag that moved the decimal point one place to the left. That way, I could afford another one for my parents to make long-distance tech support a snap.

----- rr 10.12.08 18:56

I wish my mac had a laser to vaporize the PC-using Mac-haters in my office during conference meetings. CTRL=ALT=LZR

----- superk 10.12.08 18:56

If I had to add a feature on the mac..it would be a multi-touch screen.

----- liz 10.12.08 18:54

I wish my Mac was shinier. And I wish it could make coffee. That would be the perfect computer.

----- Phoebe 10.12.08 18:54

I wish my Mac had an actual time machine.

----- no names 10.12.08 18:53

I wish my mac had a touch screen. iphone style.

----- Nico 10.12.08 18:47

I wish the Finder had a mode so it would work like iTunes for ease of editing file metadata. Wouldn’t that be a great feature?

----- Emily Smith 10.12.08 18:44

I would LOVE if my Mac had more USB ports.. but i still love it nonetheless… :c)

----- Claudia Vilardy 10.12.08 18:43

I wish that my mac was actually a transformer that would go out every night and battle evilusing karate and missiles in the name of love and friendship

----- matt 10.12.08 18:42

I wish my Mac could go jogging for me in the morning, then have my toast ready when I return. Or when it returns. And I drag myself outta bed.

----- Shelby 10.12.08 18:42

i’d love one of these!

----- Jeany 10.12.08 18:41

I wish our new Macbook had a matte screen.

----- Ed 10.12.08 18:38

I wish my mac had a cool projection/hologramy thing that could act as a tablet, so i could draw in mid-air.

----- Jeff Lin 10.12.08 18:37

If my G5 could sing me to sleep, that would be awesome.

----- Emmie 10.12.08 18:37

My grandma used to work for NASA and always tells me stories about the old “fill an entire freaking building” computers with few hundred MB of memory… I’d like one of these just to show her. She’d never believe it, of course.

I’d like to see Macs with a feature that converts old, IBM-loyal grandmothers to the better side of computing…

----- Calvin Allan 10.12.08 18:35

I wish my lovely, beautiful, never-say-die MacBook Pro had a Mini DisplayPort so that I could connect it to the new absolutely lovely Apple LED Cinema Display. Picture it: the laptop laying quietly on the bookshelf next to the beautiful Seagate backup drive, while all that sits on the desk is the cinema display. Then, the bookshelf itself becomes a display place for other beautiful things. Aaah, utopia!

----- RubyGrrl42 10.12.08 18:35

I wish my mac keyboard had the ability to clean itself/eject spare bits of whatever might have fallen into it. I live sort of attached to my mac, so it’s the victim of food-dribbling fairly often.

----- Liz 10.12.08 18:33

i would love it if my mac made me breakfast. mmmm…. breakfast.

----- kathryn 10.12.08 18:33

This would be amazing to store all my raw footage on. Running out of room!!!

----- Morgan Ahlborn 10.12.08 18:31

I wish my mac could play real games.

----- Daniel 10.12.08 18:31

I wish my mac had a SD card reader.

----- Pei-Yun Ho 10.12.08 18:30

A Notcot.com application that had all your posts!

----- Evan Doyle 10.12.08 18:29

I’d like my Mac to have a mini display under the glass trackpad…

----- Robert 10.12.08 18:29

I wish my iMac had some kind of magical ability to become a laptop for when I wanted to use it in the loungeroom, but return to it’s iMac desktopness when not required.

That, and for it to have more hard-drive space. Which I suppose could easily be solved…

----- Nathan 10.12.08 18:28

i wish that time machine on my mac at work was working. and that our mac at home was twice as big but with super hi-def so when we watch tv on it, the picture is higher quality.

----- Kim Z 10.12.08 18:28

I wish my Macbook had a couple more USB ports..

----- Allison 10.12.08 18:28

man a whole terabyte, just a few years ago this was impossible to afford or fit into a small box. i would love this, i would never had to worry about space ever again, lol.

----- Anna 10.12.08 18:28

I wish my mac could scan my eyes, so I could control the mouse cursor with them. Or at least have a brain port, I would think of designs and they would appear completed on the screen.

----- Alex Diaz 10.12.08 18:27

automatic Revolving Desktop Theme….

or yeah…touch screen laptop…..

----- m3000 10.12.08 18:26

I wish my mac could defragment my mind. Right now I could use some more space and better organization.

----- Michael 10.12.08 18:25

I wish my Macbook had the a feature that makes PCs obsolete. As well, some sort of cup holder would be nice.

----- Robert Queton 10.12.08 18:25

If our macbook 17” can fold down to a5 size our life gonna be easier.

----- Yota + Jira 10.12.08 18:25

I wish my make had an obliterate button.

----- hayes 10.12.08 18:22

I wish my macbook magically had internet no matter WHERE I was!!

----- Casey L 10.12.08 18:21

I wish my PowerBook would do some sit-ups… screen hinge is getting pretty floppy. Also a secondary customizable multi-touch mini-display would be cool (not necessarily the trackpad).

----- Marshall Ling 10.12.08 18:20

I wish my MacBook could also function as a tablet. That way I don’t have the hassle of setting it up and taking it down when I have to travel around the university. I also wish it had a luminous backlight keyboard, for those late night report paper writings.

----- Blanca Hinojosa 10.12.08 18:18

i wish my mac had this much-needed external hard drive to go with it. otherwise, i just wish it had about 5 extra USB ports. or a built-in memory card reader.

----- holly 10.12.08 18:16

I’d like my mac to function with the lid closed, so that my downloads don’t stall when I forget and close it overnight.

----- Dave 10.12.08 18:16

HA! I wish my mac had a flash memory solid state internal hard drive with a terabyte or two of space! since itll be about 3 weeks till that tech is developed… i guess i could settle for this external

----- Alex 10.12.08 18:15

I love my mac but I keep filling it with all the stuff i make on it. I wish I had more space on my harddrive. a terabyte sure will help.

----- Paul 10.12.08 18:14

I wish my Mac had batteries that last for more than a year - I’ve had this laptop for two years now, and am on my second battery, and this battery is hurting. Damn replacement batteries for being so expensive!

Alternatively, I wish my Mac had free time to give me - then maybe I could actually finish my finals on time…

----- Maggie 10.12.08 18:11

I wish my Mac had a better Finder. The new left side ‘itunes’ labels are awesome but the views on the right are awkward and old. It doesn’t remember the size I set each column each time I open it and I find the other ‘view’ options like coverflow, obsolete and inappropriate.

----- Shane 10.12.08 18:11

I wish my Mac had tons more space to allow storage for all my architecture projects for school…

----- Ben 10.12.08 18:10

I wish my Mac had tons more space to allow storage for all my architecture projects for school…

----- Ben 10.12.08 18:10

I wish my Mac had infinite battery life :(

----- Scott 10.12.08 18:09

i wish my mac had a projector, multi-touch screen, haptic sensors, and augmented reality holograms. get to work!

----- pkm 10.12.08 18:07

HDMI OUTPUT!!!!!!! I want to be able to plug the damn thing into my TV and get both VIDEO and AUDIO from a single wire. Hell i just want to be able to plug it into my TV

----- james park 10.12.08 18:07

I wish I could use time machine with my mac. As of now I have no external space-time continuum. Surely 1tb could be called a continuum.

----- Zane Coffin 10.12.08 18:06

1) Make the screen multi-touch

2) Better resolution iSight

3) Automatic log-in, e.g. you sit down in front of the computer and the iSight detects your face and automatically logs you in

----- Alec 10.12.08 18:01

Control Alt Delete

----- Ian 10.12.08 17:59

some biometric scanning for the mac would be really nice

----- Vadhym 10.12.08 17:57

wow, a lot of people want this 1TB hard drive! As for me, I wish my mac knew how to protect itself when it falls (or maybe had the ability to self heal?). I’m a horrible owner and sometimes I knock it out of bed when I’m sleeping and wake up to see it lying sadly on the floor.

----- Mitzi Y 10.12.08 17:57

The ability to run Solidworks without booting into windows.

----- Emmanuel 10.12.08 17:57

………………I dont even have a mac, I feel left out of some priviledged club…I do have siblings who have Macs, so that what help me with my christmas present issue…but I would have wanted it for myself…

----- Kirk 10.12.08 17:56

Is “existing” a feature? :)

----- Kaitlin 10.12.08 17:53

my mac needs a griddle on top so I can fry up some omelets during renders

----- forrest 10.12.08 17:52

I wish I just had a mac - and that my comment is seen….*sigh* good gift for the Mr. though

----- Lazarou 10.12.08 17:51

A pretty awesome feature for a mac would be a built in projector. Almost like the built in camera but it would be on the reverse side. That way people could project projects they work on, movies they want to see photos on a wall or even on a simple white sheet hung outside and there would be no need for super huge monitors or tv’s its all on your laptop/screen. It would be super helpful to me at least when im designing.

----- Melissa Gonzalez 10.12.08 17:51

i wish my mac had a right click :(

----- sabrina 10.12.08 17:51

I wish my mac could run solidworks natively…..

----- robert q 10.12.08 17:50

I wish my mac came with a back massage - I spend so much time in front of it, I could use a massage…

----- jaime 10.12.08 17:50

i wish my mac was a tablet, that way i’d stop losing design sketches when i forget which scrap of paper/envelope/part of the wall i’d scribbled it on and could just draw it straight into my mac instead.

----- Tor 10.12.08 17:50

I wish my Mac could make the Mac-haters shut up (nicely!) once in a while… I like to think that’s more the fault of the people than the computer though!

----- April 10.12.08 17:50

I wish my Mac could accurately watch Netflix!

----- Ben Q 10.12.08 17:49

I wish my mac had a built in projector in the apple logo on the lid. That way I could use any nearby wall as a large screen monitor.

----- Doug 10.12.08 17:48

I wish my Mac had a right click button.

----- Tom Venanzio 10.12.08 17:48

A larger hard drive so this will do great :-)

----- Almin Surani 10.12.08 17:47

i wish my mac could wirelessly connect with my iPhone!

----- Shannin 10.12.08 17:46

I wish my Mac could make some money for me.

----- Lisa 10.12.08 17:46

Hands down… automatic butt massager.

----- kevin 10.12.08 17:46

For the love of gods! A right click button!!! Steve Jobs may have great wisdom, but this is one, perhaps his sole failing!!!

----- julius 10.12.08 17:45

I wish my Mac could brew beer and make mathematical calculations at the same time.

----- Jacob 10.12.08 17:42

I wish my mac had a blu-ray recorder and way way way way more ram! (only got 8gb at the moment)

----- martinpribble 10.12.08 17:41

I wish my mac’s sound wasn’t broken!!

----- Dan 10.12.08 17:40

I wish my mac had a better wireless sync with my iphone - in that it could sync notes and I wish my apple tv had boxee that worked perfectly with netflix hd streaming. Thats what I want.

----- gordon 10.12.08 17:39

I wish my mac could read my mind!

----- Davey 10.12.08 17:39

i wish my mac had a smoother edge that didn’t cut into your wrist as you lay in a bed typing.

----- isaac 10.12.08 17:38

I wish my iMac had a built in power supply in the event of a power outage or if the cable were disconnected. Something that would last 10-15 minutes so I could save all my data.

A built in Street Fighter II game with joystick would be cool too.

----- David Chun 10.12.08 17:38

I wish my Mac had the ability to use it as a KVM (keyboard, video & mouse) so that I could switch (ala picture in picture) between the MBP and an external server. This would include the ability to copy and past between the Mac and the server, but I would just settle for copy and past for the iPhone. :)


----- Michael Biven 10.12.08 17:37

I wish my mac book pro could upgrade to the newest model for free. ‘Cause we all know that the newest models make our current mac laptops look obsolete. =[

----- Collin Banko 10.12.08 17:37

I wish my mac was a touch screen. I know they’re working on that, but I won’t be getting a new computer anytime soon.

----- Megan 10.12.08 17:36

this would be the perfect reason to give up my pc! i would do it.

----- Anthony Buccellato 10.12.08 17:36

eye sensor password to log in to your mac

----- rici 10.12.08 17:35

I wish my Mac’s TimeMachine could backup to Sparse Image disk images on an external hard drive so the backup could be easily moved from one drive to another or even on a FAT32 partition.

----- Keith 10.12.08 17:35

Pizza. right now. i’m starving.

----- Ryan 10.12.08 17:35

For the love of gods! A right click button!!! Steve Jobs may have great wisdom, but this is one, perhaps his sole failing!!!

----- julius 10.12.08 17:34

I wish a Mac for my gf.

----- Turtle 10.12.08 17:33

I wish my Mac had a larger lcd.

----- michael Nerad 10.12.08 17:31

I wish my Mac could connect me to Steve Jobs.

----- Xuchen Zhang 10.12.08 17:29

I wish wish wishhh that my mac came with better image viewing software because the stuff it comes with infuriates me!! I also wish it would bake me cookies.

----- rem 10.12.08 17:29

I wish my mac could wireless charge his battery!

----- Mykolas 10.12.08 17:27

USB, headphone jack, etc on the side (I have an iMac) rather than on the back side. And more harddrive space. (was that hint too obvious? it totally was. I can tell.)

----- Brandi 10.12.08 17:27

I wish my macbook had a built-in HAL 9000 from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey and every morning he’d greet me by saying “Good Morning, How are you today?” in his emotionless, psychotic voice.

----- Amar 10.12.08 17:26

I wish my mac had more than one firewire port, though I suppose I should be happy to have one considering the new line of macbooks.

----- Thomas 10.12.08 17:26

I wish mac have touch screen capabilities. that would make my job much, much easier.

----- Nigel Sielegar 10.12.08 17:25

Inductive charging, a la my toothbrush, would be awful hot. That, and more hard drive space ;)

----- Phil 10.12.08 17:24

Wishing my macbook pro had 1TB of storage ;-)

----- GREG 10.12.08 17:24

esata port

----- jon 10.12.08 17:23

I would love it if my mac’s automatically synced information (iCal, contacts, bookmarks, etc.) without having to use MobileMe.

----- Beth 10.12.08 17:20

Sometimes, and only in sworn secrecy so you’re lucky you are being briefed this information, I would love for my Mac to transform and kick some of the ignorant people in the world. That would be great.

----- Andrew Chang 10.12.08 17:20

I wish my mac could love me back.

----- Jeremy 10.12.08 17:19

I wish my mac had a functioning cd drive!

here’s a picture of me without one of these ————-> here


----- Matthew Bowers 10.12.08 17:19

i wish my mac was dual screen and had that harddrive…

----- Rosanna U 10.12.08 17:18

I wish my Mac had a better alternative to using Adobe products, they use so much resources.

----- Richard Z. 10.12.08 17:17

I wish my mac had legs so it could find it’s way back to me from the service centre (and a tb of memory would be nice).

----- Alex 10.12.08 17:17

I wish my mac would back up wirelessly. I have to walk up TWELVE steps and plug it in. Sigh!

----- Kenzilisa 10.12.08 17:16

I wish my mac could serve as a heater and turn canned sardines and lentils into fresh sushi and miso.

----- NS 10.12.08 17:15

I wish my Mac had just a little more…speed!

----- Ken Shelson 10.12.08 17:14

I wish my mac didn’t stay on the gray screen for more than 1 minute when I restart, for i am always in fear that it crashed.

I also wish i could CUT from one finder window to another instead of COPYING it and then having to delete the original.

----- Shaun 10.12.08 17:14

I would like my Mac not to look like a PC because it is one.

----- Evan 10.12.08 17:14

I wish my mac could walk my two labrador retrievers ( http://web.me.com/grahamtuck/Graham_Tuck/Photos.html ) when it is minus 300,000 degrees celsius outside. Well, I would still want to walk with them to make sure they were ok. Perhaps the mac could just pick up their p**p.
I love seagate, always have always will.

----- graham tuck 10.12.08 17:14

I wish my mac’s airport could actually take me places.

On the order of more realistic wishes:
Glass keyboard that functioned as a touchscreen like the iphone, would be lovely to type on it, then have it change function to file view to digitally (as in, with my fingers) go through folder contents then have them open up on the main page.

I also wish the battery worked a bit better.

----- Dylan 10.12.08 17:13

I wish my mac had fully voice control and 3d display chat, like in star wars. That would be awesome. And an internal projector would be great also…

----- polszki 10.12.08 17:12

Built-in espresso machine.

----- Jeremy 10.12.08 17:11

I wish my Mac was my Mac

----- Vince 10.12.08 17:09

I wish my Mac could make toast! Mmmmm….

----- Iain 10.12.08 17:09

I wish my Mac had a built-in DVD Player that you could screengrab on. I wish my PowerBook had all the features the new MacBook Pros have. Oh well… outdated technology and whatnot. :-)

----- Ben 10.12.08 17:08

I wish my mac could keep itself cool when it starts to overheat and burn my lap :/

----- Sand 10.12.08 17:08

I wish my mac had this hard drive.

----- josh 10.12.08 17:05

actually. i wish that it had a Wacom Cintiq screen option. i would get more done that way too.

----- erin 10.12.08 17:05

I wish my mac had a magic “Notcot” button that would allow me to instantly receive every product listed on this site forever and ever.

----- Dmod 10.12.08 17:05

I wish my mac had more memory — which is why I’m entering this contest!

----- Gladys 10.12.08 17:05

I would love for my Mac to be a touch screen

----- Lawrence 10.12.08 17:05

je souhaiterai que mon mac traduise automatiquement mes pensées en anglais.

----- vanoost 10.12.08 17:04

I wish my mac had time machine. No, wait… like a REAL time machine. Yeah… that’d be awesome.

----- Peter 10.12.08 17:03

Things I wish my mac had right now:

A new battery; half an hour isn’t cutting it, but I’m going to get a replacement soon, so yay!

Things I wish my mac could have (in the future):

I think having an internal card reader built in would be nice…I sometimes shoot on a Canon 20D, and having an external card reader cramps my style. :)

----- Jared 10.12.08 17:03

I wish my mac could sprout arms via IM so I could hug my friends when we had a good bit of distance between us. Sounds creepy, but you’d change your mind after that first long-distance affection.

----- Cameron 10.12.08 17:02

Choose me!

----- Readux 10.12.08 16:58

I wish my mac had a NotCot comment generator that would win me giveaways.

----- Steven 10.12.08 16:57

I wish my mac could stream to my television wirelessly or maybe i wish my tv could wirelessly connect with my mac?

----- celeste 10.12.08 16:57

That’s easy: I wish my mac had more disk space! :)

----- Daniel Cavalcante 10.12.08 16:57

I wish my Mac had the ability to keep me on task more. some sort of reminder that i have been playing flash games or watching streaming tv too long and i should get back to the hours of computer rendering homework that i usually have.

----- erin 10.12.08 16:57

I wish my mac had a built-in hsdpa card.

----- Oliver Sarmiento 10.12.08 16:56

This is more of an Itunes feature, but it should have a cue option. I can’t believe there is no way to set a song to play after the current song playing in itunes… if you press play next, it just stops abruptly and plays that new song. You should be able to keep pushing the cue button which could compile a list one buy one, so potentially everyone in a group could have a turn in compiling an instant playlist (it would be more fun than the current method of making playlists)… kind of like a jukebox. Hey! They could call it jukebox which would be very Mac-e.

----- Mikie 10.12.08 16:55

I wish I could pinch and pull my fingers on the screen of my mac like I with my iPhone… that would be pretty awesome, especially when switching between different screens and spaces!

----- Stacy B. 10.12.08 16:54

I’d love a touch screen. I also wish my brick of a 17” had a “weigh less” button.

----- Brent 10.12.08 16:54

I wish my mac could actually sit on my lap without endangering my future children.

----- Mat 10.12.08 16:53

i wish my mac had life!

----- bruno pinto 10.12.08 16:53

i wish that my macbook pro had better quality speakers or a digital audio output, for listening to my new favorite band Spangle Call Lilli Line.

----- Ibarra D. Padolina 10.12.08 16:53

The one feature that I wish my Mac (MacBook Pro) had is flip-down feet in the bottom back corners of the laptop… working for a few hours on the laptop can get a little warm, and I think if it was elevated off of a surface (even just a little bit), maybe the fans would do a little bit better of a job dissipating the heat.

----- Joe 10.12.08 16:52

I wish my Mac had a forward delete key. Fn-delete doesn’t cut it with the amount of typos I make. (Plus I keep hitting “eject” which causes even more trouble.)

----- Steve 10.12.08 16:51

i wish that my mac could do my christmas shopping for me!

that or if we’re dreaming big, find me a boyfriend by beeping when there is a compatible mac user nearby.

----- sam 10.12.08 16:50

I wish my MAC was a PC. Oh wait…It pretty much is, except makes me feel stupid and ugly in comparison.

----- Andrew Chau 10.12.08 16:50

a built-in wacom tablet (macbook pro).

----- rey 10.12.08 16:50

I wish my mac was touch screen. That would be sooooo productive!

----- Blake Stewart 10.12.08 16:50

I wish my PowerBook G4 was a new MacBook Pro.

----- Asian Dan 10.12.08 16:49

yey for terabyte!

----- will 10.12.08 16:48

I wish my mac had the ability to keep me from wasting time on the internets!

----- Rory Reiff 10.12.08 16:48

Simple. I wish my mac could do my work for me while I play. I’ve been looking for the “design and send to client” button, but I can’t find it. I also wish it had more storage, oh, about 1tb worth ;)

----- ben 10.12.08 16:46

I wish my mac had a built in area for my ipod and iphone. It would be soo fresh and so clean. I would also love it if I could draw right on the screen and if I could put an image up to the screen and it would scan it. Keep it intuitive!

----- Mark 10.12.08 16:45

I’d like my mac to be able to start the coffee machine in the morning.
thank you

----- yani 10.12.08 16:45

I wish my mac had a light up keyboard…so I could feel like I was from the future.

----- Lissa 10.12.08 16:45

My mac would go nicely with this drive ;-)

----- Tim Martin 10.12.08 16:43

I wish my Mac had the “Instant Design” button that my boss thinks it has. : )

----- Justin 10.12.08 16:43

I wish my mac was a car, then I’d have the sweetest looking car around and wouldn’t be stuck on the bus :( Although with my mac being a car, it may only have 1 pedal, one button and a touchscreen instead of a steering wheel :)

----- Ian 10.12.08 16:43

I wish my Mac had a blu-ray drive. that would be awesome.

----- Brian 10.12.08 16:43

I wish my mac could plug into a TV jack so I can watch shows on it.

----- Max 10.12.08 16:43

I wish my Mac would have one of those tablet screens. It would make projects and taking notes so much easier.
But if I couldn’t have that, I wish it would magnify sounds because my roommates hate me and I’d like to know what they are saying about me in the middle of the night (because I know they are trash talkers). :/

----- LMD 10.12.08 16:43

I wish my mac had a more literal time machine capability

----- dmeans 10.12.08 16:40

a touch screen

----- john brooks 10.12.08 16:40

I wish my mac had a “1TB” hard drive…

----- Emin 10.12.08 16:40

I wish my mac had a battery that lasted for more than 10 minutes. Yikes…time for a new battery… or mac.

----- björn 10.12.08 16:39

I wish my Command-Z function worked in real life too.

----- Duane King 10.12.08 16:36

If only Apple were my personal Santa this year…

Dear Santa Jobs,

I’ve been very good this year. I voted and influenced elections, recycled ALL year long (even on vacation!), and never once trolled the internets (not even on 4chan!). Maybe you could work with your team of magic design elves on spreading this holiday cheer:

-larger capacity and faster internal drives (okay, really this is a Toshiba/WD thing, but still, it isn’t like solid-state will be available to anyone except Santa this year, and even then, so tiny!)

-FW800 to 400 step-downs; why deprive me of my current FW800 drive? Just sell an 800 to 400 step-down cable and keep the good tech running

-larger capacity batteries for MBP 17s; 2 hours at a decent brightness level will NOT last on a non-stop cross-country flight, and no airline I fly has seats with those silly ‘in-air power’ plugs

All the best,

Michael in DC

PS - I hope you are okay with veggies and hummus by the chimney this year, as too many of my friends have celiac to make baking cookies worthwhile anymore

PPS - Going to ARM processors won’t hurt my feelings! kthx

----- Michael 10.12.08 16:36

I wish my mac also functioned as a finder-of-lost-items. In other words, keep a catalog of everything I own (automatically tagged) and its current position. If I lost something, Oliver (my Mac) would then proceed to locate it and (optionally) teleport it to a specified place.

----- Alice 10.12.08 16:34

ohhhh, so much space, this would go perfect with my macbook im gonna buy when i get accepted to grad school.

----- titus 10.12.08 16:32

my pc wishes it were a mac…

----- Rosanna 10.12.08 16:31

I wish my mac had the ability to inject caffeine directly into my veins so I could actually stay up longer playing on it :P

----- Katie 10.12.08 16:31

I wish my mac already belonged to me. I see it in the stores every day and know it wants to just jump right into my arms and be my bestest bud

----- Abby 10.12.08 16:29

My Macbook is in love with it, so bring them together

----- MLMAE 10.12.08 16:29

I wish my Macbook Pro had a non-reflective screen and came in the same colors as the iPod nanos.

----- Brandon 10.12.08 16:28

Honestly i wish my Mac had less features most of the time.

That being said i’d kill for a touch screen in my MBP. :)

----- Geoff Parsons 10.12.08 16:27

Believe it or not I wish there were Zune software for Mac.

Everyone says Zunes are ugly but I think they’re pretty :P

----- Jordan Salazar 10.12.08 16:27

i really wish my little macbook had a 3G radio so that i could connect to the internet anywhere via a cellular provider. it would be nice if this was free, rather than contract-based too!

----- Tucker 10.12.08 16:26

I wish my mac had granola bar.

----- Eric 10.12.08 16:26

I wish my mac would learn to clean out the cat’s litter box for me. Also, I would like it if the “maximize” button would hide everything behind the window I’m working in, but that’s probably asking for too much.

----- Matt 10.12.08 16:24

i really wish that my mactop could use solar batteries, that way i can go how ever far and wide and still have it good to go.

(not to mention make it a bit greener too)

----- Johnny 10.12.08 16:23

I wish my Apple-remote doubled as a wireless mouse (Wii style), so I could peruse Hulu while the computer it connected to the TV.

----- C. Hinds 10.12.08 16:23

I wish my Mac could talk to me when I’m feeling lonely. I know we’d have great conversations; )

----- SuzyCat 10.12.08 16:21

I would love if my mac could monitor/record what happens at my house while I’m gone to see if my dog really does bark like my stinky neighbor says. :)

----- Ali 10.12.08 16:21

I wish my mac’s superdrive didn’t break, the clicker, and that the screen didn’t get dead pixels. I wish the wrist support wasn’t so sharp, and I wish the plastic didn’t crack. I also wish my power cord didn’t fall apart.

----- Dustin 10.12.08 16:21

I wish my mac had the ability to play music based on my mood with the touch pad, like a mood ring….

----- Cody Lodi 10.12.08 16:20

I wish my mac had had a detachable jetpack.

----- Sean Lee 10.12.08 16:20

I wish my Mac had a cup holder.

----- Noelene 10.12.08 16:19

I wish my Mac had… wheels? It doesn’t need anything! It has it all!

----- Javier 10.12.08 16:18

I wish my iphone was able to copy and paste, on top of that i wish my mac would label different windows with colors so i dont mistakenly erase stuff from my works server instead of my own files.

----- Dustin M 10.12.08 16:17

I wish my Mac could receive and play digital TV signals.

----- danielo 10.12.08 16:17

beer holder

----- joe 10.12.08 16:16

I wish my PC had a feature to turn it into a mac

----- brad osterhaus 10.12.08 16:15

i wish my mac had firewire 800 again!

i neeeed this hard-drive for my pictures and staying up to date with school!

----- Lux Lund 10.12.08 16:15

I do wish my new mac laptop could charge with out a cord, like my toothbrush. Maybe charged through my idesk.


----- Blake Pound 10.12.08 16:14

i’ve seen some nifty PC tablets, and i’d love to see what Mac could do with the concept… and i’ve heard rumors that it’s coming!

----- Stephen 10.12.08 16:12

I personally own a sad, sad HP laptop.

However, if I could choose a feature for my hubby’s Mac, it would, of course, be to duplicate itself so that I could have one of my own. ;)

----- Kate 10.12.08 16:08

Command C/ Comman V of myself during work hours!!!!

----- Tracy 10.12.08 16:06

I wish my mac could write my term papers for me V_V!!!

(for reals, I would love it to organize my files better than I do. My desktop/folders are so cluttered)

----- Vanessa 10.12.08 16:05

Ooooh, I so want this. Gimme the hard drive, baby!

----- amber 10.12.08 16:05

I wish my mac could keep my cat from sleeping on my desk when I’m at work. Maybe if it had a motion sensor that triggered a compressed air canister to spray?

----- Jen Goldberg 10.12.08 16:05

I wish my mac had functioning front USB ports… that’d be nice

----- J 10.12.08 16:02

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