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Baxter of California Flammable- 12.04.08

newbax.jpg UPDATE: Baxter of California is offering NOTCOT readers a 20% discount on all products using the code NOTCOT in the Coupon Code Section ~ good for 48 hours only ~ ends Sunday Dec 6th, midnight PST.

Oh, Baxter of California, always with the fun silly surprises… because of you, i just ate mini gummi bears for breakfast! and you brought me back to when i was a tiny tot and my mom used to give me those mini haribo gold-bear packs!

Soooo, here’s a packaging look at the fun textured, textual matchboxes and Flammable candles of Baxter of California… first time seeing them in person, i must admit the “Jasmin Noir” scent filling my desk really is quite divine… but its the gummi bears… and the way the big bold text wraps around all sides of the boxes that really grabs me… you have to see the pics on the next page to see what i mean…








Rest assured each and every one of these disappeared in the process of writing this post…

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I ordered a couple of the shave products for my bf for Christmas, and just got them yesterday. However, I didn’t get one of those cute boxes of airstrike matches!! does anyone know if those only come with candles from Baxter? Or are they supposed to come with any product you order… :( I’m sad!

----- Ashley 11.12.08 09:03

That package of gummy bears is entirely too small.
Love Baxter’s use of typography.

----- Becky 04.12.08 15:16

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