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NOTCOT Giveaway 18: Incase Metallics- 12.04.08

incaseMAIN.jpg TO WIN: Leave a comment ~ Tell us about your favorite shiny object! ENTER BY 12/7. WINNER: Peter in Salisbury, NC!

Yay! We’re up to NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #18 already, and i’ve been going nuts sitting on this one, dying to post it… so here it is! Incase sent over a special VIP Boxed set of Metallic iPhone 3G Slider Cases!!! (Actually they sent over 2, one for reviewing, and one for the winner, so don’t fret, that winner’s is still perfectly untouched!)

The packaging, is, as always, AMAZING. So fun to unbox, and the cases are just gorgeous. I’ve been drawn in further and further by the whole metallics trend the last few seasons, and it doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. I’m sure you’ve seen them on their site, but in person, the colors are better than i expected. Metallic finishes can be tough to photograph, so many times you end up finding them so different in person, but there are that perfect slightly matte just metallic enough without causing car accidents with the reflection, and easy to grip… and they look GORGEOUS on the iPhone ~ i stole dan’s iPhone and kept switching cases and comparing them with nail polishes and outfits… Hardest part is really picking between the colors… so luckily Incase has made up a boxed set of four for one lucky winner: Silver, Gun Metal, Gold, and Copper. I tried to pick a favorite, but i just can’t. So, to the winner, if you feel generous you can share with your friends, but i wouldn’t blame you if you hoard them all for yourself and switch them with each mood/outfit/nail polish color… I even compared them to the Chanel Gold Fiction and Kaleidescope colors… see a full unboxing on the next page!

To win? Leave a comment about your favorite shiny object… (and no, if you don’t leave a relevant comment, you’re not in the running!)








Here they are with the Chanel Gold Fiction and Kaleidoscope ~ unfortunately not the perfect match i was hoping for, but pretty close…

TO WIN: Leave a comment ~ Tell us about your favorite shiny object! ENTER BY 12/7

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350 Notes

my fav shiny object is snow…time to carve those slopes!!!

----- Jotham 07.12.08 22:12

i love glitter!!

----- Joshua Blaylock 07.12.08 21:37

Pennies. Especially NEW pennies!

----- Paula 07.12.08 21:05

I actually have 4 favorite shiny objects: One silver, one gun metal, one gold, one copper. And I’m looking at them right now!

----- Tyler 07.12.08 20:59

Jeff Koons’ art!

----- TQ 07.12.08 17:55

My favourite shiny object is just a very neat set of breakfast dishes. It’s all black and totally glossy! I hate getting up early and I hate eating breakfast early but these nice cups and bowls even make the worst food quite enjoyable!

----- Johan 07.12.08 17:17

I would have to say the black nickel plated iphone… not that I could ever afford one.

----- Chris Bartels 07.12.08 17:13

If it’s any indication as to how much I love shiny things…take a look at this: http://heroandsound.com/customshow08/gallery/23.html

It’s a custom Jamungo B.U.D. that I made for the Hero custom show (which I vacuum metalized myself)…
Yea…I freakin’ love shiny things!

----- Patrick Michael Meyer 07.12.08 16:27

My favorite shiny objects are my Technics 1200 M3D turntables. The joy of digging through dusty bins to find THAT record, admiring the artwork on the jacket, taking it out of its sleeve and putting the needle to its grooves is unparalleled.

----- Monfresh 07.12.08 16:20

My promise ring I wear everyday, given to me by my significant other

----- Matthew Kolb 07.12.08 15:21

The shiny quarters in my pocket that will eventually help pay for an iphone!

----- Erin 07.12.08 15:13

My favorite shiny thing is definitely my iphone, but its getting less and less shiny without a case!

----- Mike Reis 07.12.08 13:41

Gears, of course!

----- chelsea 07.12.08 11:51

my WEAVE, betch!

----- Fruffy 07.12.08 11:39

My gold Kenneth Cole sneaks.

----- Fabian 07.12.08 11:22

My Lancome Color Fever Gloss Roses. It looks gorgeous. Nothing more tempting then women’s shiny lips.

----- Julia 07.12.08 11:12

my stereo

----- joe 07.12.08 10:42

My favorite shiny things right now are all the Christmas lights popping up around my hood!

----- Brent Birnbaum 07.12.08 10:42

Shiniest thing in the world? Sarah Palin. Boy how her bangs glisten.

----- Lindz 07.12.08 09:55

my precioussssssssssssssss it’s mine!!!

----- pelon 07.12.08 09:47

My favorite shiny object….my dogs’ tags. Their jingling lets me know when some puppy love is heading my way!

----- Lindsay 07.12.08 09:02

My favorite shiny object…. the shoes i’m wearing right now!

----- Joel 07.12.08 08:56

It would be a heart shaped diamond ring my husband gave to me. We had been married 13 years and I was ironing clothes and looked down and the diamond in my engagement ring my husband had given me years ago was gone! It was no where to be found! Even though I looked and looked. We did not have the money for another, we both felt bad. Several years later he took me to a store that sold old rings and things, I saw this ring but we looked at many things so I did not think any more about it. To my surprise he gave it to me on our special day. Guess what? I was telling some co-workers about my new ring and about what happened to my old ring about 2 weeks later. My husband was at home keeping our sons and he was cleaning the carpet. I got home after a 12 hour shift—-he had just finished up and was washing out the carpet cleaner when low and behold—guess what was found on the ground—my old diamond from the original ring. What is interesting is that we had cleaned the carpets several times before this and no diamond. He had rented the cleaner and it was kind of dirty when he brought it home and he told me that he was tempted to send it back without cleaning it up. Of course he would not do that because that would not be nice. So Wow!

----- Melanie 07.12.08 06:58

My favorite shiny object remains my opinel knife (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opinel_knife)

You never know when that little knife is going to save the day by peeling a fruit or cutting open the casing of a wine bottle!

----- Nadia P 07.12.08 06:06

Dark. That’s my life. Dark and gloomy. Living in Holland. Gray skies, rain and just enought cold to make you feel gloomy. So much traffic you cannot even see the gray roads. Work is even more unwelcoming. Dim and somber people running my life. They suck up my energy like evil creatures from the dark. Arriving in the dark en leaving when it’s dark. Dark should be a new color, with special hex, rgb and cmyk code. A color, when seen, immediately makes you feel gloomy.
I so need a shiny object…

----- marnix tellings 07.12.08 01:00

tea pot

----- Scott McColl 06.12.08 23:59

My huge stainless-steal mixing bowls are my favorite shiny objects, I make pizza dough in them and they even sound shiny.

----- Rose 06.12.08 21:47

My favorite shiny,….well its not really an object, but its this girl’s eyes, its my favorite shiny thing.

----- Don 06.12.08 20:51

My favorite shiny object is the pretty M3 my brother left in my garage for the weekend. #2 is the keys to the previously mentioned shiny object that he “forgot” to take with him. >:]

----- Lali 06.12.08 20:39

My titanium promise ring :D

----- Tin 06.12.08 19:50

My favorite shiny object is my vintage silver mesh Whiting & Davis clutch…so DISCO!

----- Misha P 06.12.08 19:04

Oh, my iPhone 3G, for sure. Other shiny things are really pretty, for for sheer usefulness, I’ve never had anything like this before.

----- Steven 06.12.08 17:37

My favorite shiny objects are a the arm rest of a polished aluminum eames chair and a set of copper calphalon pots and pans.

----- devyn 06.12.08 16:09

know what would go perfectly with that case? me!

----- boz 06.12.08 15:49

My neighbor’s windows at sunset.

----- laila 06.12.08 14:43

my favorite shiny thing is definitely my pair of reflective puma rs-100’s. not only are they really comfortable and provide great support, but the fact they’re covered in 3m scotchlite means you stay ultra visible, which happens to be great for both walking/jogging at night and clubs.

----- nate 06.12.08 14:43

my favorite shiny object is the trucks on my skateboard. the more i skate, the more i shred them the more they gisten

----- drew McKenzie 06.12.08 14:32

My favourite shiny object is a necklace with a pendant that is actually a perfume bottle. It is encased in a lattice with randomly positioned little red stones. When I wear it the stones shine like they are lit from within.

----- Nicola 06.12.08 14:21

It has to be my GORGEOUS, shiny, silver KitchenAID mixer. Honestly sounds a bit nerdy of me but me what can I say I’m a kitchen nerd! I’ve been actually been using it everyday for the past month to bake something new everyday. (psssst i think I’m actually making everyone around me gain that notorious christmas weight a little early lol)

----- Jennifer 06.12.08 14:07

My favorite shiny thing is my burgeoning silver shoe collection. I have two pairs and will hopefully add a nice pair of silver boots before the winter is over.

----- judy 06.12.08 14:03

I’m like a pack rat or a magpie that collects anything sparkly or shiny. Vintage sterling would have to be my fave.

----- myrna eisenlauer 06.12.08 13:51

I’ve been waiting to get the iPhone until the next release, but winning these cases would break my wait!

----- Sara 06.12.08 13:39

Honestly, my least favorite shiny object comes to mind before my favorite. My girlfriend and I live right above and across the street from an Apple Store and even though I feel naked with out my iPhone and am simply in love with my MacBook Pro and thank Apple dearly for producing such fine products, I just wish that the Apple Store across the street would turn off their giant gleaming white apple logo at night so I can get some sleep because it’s awfully shiny.

----- Jesse Tobler 06.12.08 13:31

its my 3g iphone. but needs a case, otherwise it wont shine forever, because of the increasing number of scratches at the SHINY back of it…

----- Roland Bango-Fi 06.12.08 13:16

My favorite shiny object is my wedding band/engagement ring. I have to say them both because they were soldered together at one point into one ring. It’s definitely my most meaningful shiny thing!

----- Elizabeth M. 06.12.08 11:55

my favorite shiny objects are safetypins!!

----- drewie 06.12.08 10:43

My favorite shiny thing is the Disney Concert Hall, located at 1st street & grand in downtown Los Angeles! It was also in iron man, it’s the sceen where Pepper get imbarised that she danced with him (outside)! I love that shiny building :)

----- Armen Atoyan 06.12.08 10:13

a fork. food is my freind.

----- jazzyj 06.12.08 10:04

my gold tooth… aaarg!

----- 415 06.12.08 10:03

The Foucault Pendulum that used to be at the entrance of the National Museum of American History. Form and function in perpetual motion. I first saw it when I was 10 and have never forgotten it.

----- Greg 06.12.08 09:32

Actually my iPhone.. It’s really the best!

----- Mykolas 06.12.08 09:13

The shiny new MacBook I’m using to leave this comment :-)

----- Blake Samic 06.12.08 08:45

my favorite shiny object is definitely my cell phone because it is completely silver and can be used as a mirror =)

----- jenny 06.12.08 08:33

My boyfriend’s cock ring of course! It always brings me down to my knees ;)

----- eudaiphoria 06.12.08 07:40

My favourite shiny object is my beautiful iPhone.. I had one brought back from NY back when the first generation was brand new, but it was stolen from me about a year ago.. Got a new one a few months later and I love it! Next step is a 3G, but the danish telco handling the phone is horrible, so I’ll probably wait a bit and see if I can’t work something out..

----- Benjamin A. Wendelboe 06.12.08 07:14

my iPod Touch 2G *_*

----- Sebastian 06.12.08 06:29

the reflection off the pool of drool that has collected on my pillow the morning after Ive polished off a bottle of jack that i drank because i was so depressed that i don’t have a case for my new i phone.

----- thomas acciavatti 06.12.08 04:17

I need help! I don’t have shiny things!!!

----- sabol 06.12.08 03:43

Sun in a blue sky :)

----- kalvis 06.12.08 03:04

My favorite shiny thing would be this fake (but real looking) crystal diamond thing I hang on my rearview mirrow. Yeah its a bit blinding on sunny days, but it looks cute.

----- Joan Coco 06.12.08 00:30

i like my ‘shiny future’ that ive spent years polishing….

----- C H A 06.12.08 00:30

My grandfathers Bulova pocket watch, still runs like a dream. You know what else still run incredibly well? His, my dads and my new iPhone!

----- Jake A. Henry 05.12.08 23:19

My favorite shiny object? GOOOOOOOLD. (SNL reference) lol

----- Victor 05.12.08 23:16

We sang “This Little Light of Mine” fourteen years ago as we walked out of the church arm in arm and guess what its still shining after all these years. “Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.”

----- michael 05.12.08 23:02

Favorite shiny object is the shiny Buddha statue I got a few years ago!

----- akl 05.12.08 22:34

The engagement ring my husband gave me 17 years ago :D

----- Denise 05.12.08 22:26

My favorite shiny object would have to be my girls belly button ring. I am like a cat when I play with it when we sit and watch movies.

----- Mike O 05.12.08 21:59

My favorite shiny object is the key for my first own car: a 1996 honda that cost me $1000 dollars, but is ALL mine!!! .. oh, and how my iphone will look in one of those cases!

----- Andrea 05.12.08 21:46

slinky bracelet!

----- sarah 05.12.08 21:25

My favorite shiny object…hmm, there’s a lot of them. I’m not sure. I think I’d have to say the happy spoons I bought from MoMA. I have no use for them whatsoever, but they’re pretty…and really shiny.

----- swankifiedjello 05.12.08 20:41

My engagement ring…awww.

----- Amy C. 05.12.08 20:32

My favorite shiny object is the love I have for my husband, and of course the shiny diamond he gave me too. :)

----- Rebecca 05.12.08 20:10

The sun…

and my MBP.

----- Ryan 05.12.08 19:15

bedazzled wrangler jeans or oil-spill covered penguins

----- giermann 05.12.08 19:08

favorite shiny object = wedding ring!

not my laptop. Totally not my laptop.

----- Lucas 05.12.08 18:51

My favorite shiny object is actually three objects always worn together - a silver thumb ring with history, a smudge of seemingly liquid silver ring, and a small silver band worn on the other hand.

All shiny with constant wearing.

----- Turk 05.12.08 18:14

Favorite Shiny Object….. My MacBook Pro.

----- DDB 05.12.08 18:04

My favourite shiny object would be a freshly washed car.

----- Aaron Chiles 05.12.08 17:38

My favorite shiny object is my bedroom lamp. Its the last artifact from the home I grew up in. It lit up my living room for years and years, and although a bit outdated, is still shiny and oozes with sentimental awesomeness. My iPhone is a close second. :)

----- Tyler 05.12.08 17:28

Favorite shiny object? Black gloss type on a matte black book cover.

----- Seth Clark 05.12.08 17:16

My favorite shiny object is my uncle Dennis. His Chinese name is Wong Hin. He was always told that it meant “very bright” but according to his Chinese wife it means something more like “always shiny”.

----- Stephanie Lee 05.12.08 17:05

i love photos or paintings that have been resin-coated, can’t beat that shininess!

----- alexis 05.12.08 16:33

I have a particular weakness for shiny objects. In most cases, “shiny objects” refers to electronics of some sort or musical equipment. My guitar is probably my favorite shiny that I own. I bought her used, and she plays like a dream. And yes, I just referred to my guitar as a “she.”

----- Chris Spurgin 05.12.08 16:17

I love the shiny glazed donut. So simple, so unassuming and yet so delicious. Nothing like some fancy cases to protect my iPhone from the donut’s sticky goodness.

----- Doug 05.12.08 16:13

my favorite shiny object… my husband bald head! (don’t tell him i wrote this)

----- aileen bennett 05.12.08 15:44

My favorite shiny object is my Ducati SportClassic motorcycle, oh so retro but just the right amount of chrome!

----- Don Osborne 05.12.08 15:38

My favorite shiny thing is my camera for sure :)

----- Arezu 05.12.08 15:29

my favorite shiny bauble is my mini white dress covered in sequins with a satin band right at the waist. If you shimmy in the dress it makes this soft sound.

----- jonaha 05.12.08 15:04

My favorite shiny object, My 25 anniversary all over silver adidas forums. Straight Gangsta!!!

----- Brandon 05.12.08 15:03

My favorite shiny object would be the origami silvercrane my mother bought for me when I was 17. I don’t wear jewelry, and it barely fits properly around my neck, but I keep it to remember her by.

----- Michael (Ox) 05.12.08 14:39

i have to say … my mbp.

----- jayp0411 05.12.08 14:19

My favorite shiny object is edible gold leafing that you find on delicate cakes and pastries! I love shiny and I love sugar, so this is the perfect mix :)

----- Wendy 05.12.08 14:15

My favorite shiny object, would have to be my volkswagen rabbit. Once its wash and polished, the beauty is gleaming!


----- Olivia Cheng 05.12.08 13:46

I am fascinated by the facade of the Holiday Cafe in Chicago…It’s covered in gigantic silver sequins that shimmer and rustle in the windy Chicago air.

----- Abby Saunders 05.12.08 13:19

My girl, Farrah… she shines like a new dime!

----- Stuart 05.12.08 13:10

Once I tried to gold leaf my shitty nokia phone… now I have a gold phone that doesn’t flake off… I like shiny…

----- Alexis 05.12.08 13:08

Favorite Shiny Object: The cloudy eyeball of a partially blind hobo.
Least-Favorite Shiny Object: The return of patent leather.

----- BETTER OFF TED 05.12.08 13:05

a mirror disco ball. makes my room a disco!

----- andrea 05.12.08 13:04

My favorite shiny object is this gold ring my wife’s grandmother gave her. It’s huge and covers just about her whole knuckle. It has hundreds of tiny little jagged angles cut into it and reflects so much light it looks like it’s full of gems….
Her grandma almost gave it to goodwill and was so surprised that anyone would even want it.

----- adrock 05.12.08 13:00

My favorite shiny object is my heart shaped quartz which is supposed to provide healing and stability (even from a scientific perspective it works). I hold it in the palm of my hand when i’m stressed and keep it on my desk for close reach.

----- Shireen Loh 05.12.08 12:52

All the bling I need is the silver of my MacBook Pro, and the coordinating second monitor. ;) But yum, that Gun Metal Case makes me purr.

----- Tony 05.12.08 12:51

The gun mental is nice!

----- Jay 05.12.08 12:47

My favorite shiny object is definitely my shiny face after falling in a tub of varnish. I should stop leaving them lying around…

----- Matt Kump 05.12.08 12:30

My disco ball is my fav shinny object! How can you not love a million specs of light reflecting everywhere in a dark room?

----- Jay 05.12.08 12:21

my favorite shiny thing is my medical ID bracelet with partying dinosaurs on one side and my girlfriend, whom i love, on the other.

----- taylor smith 05.12.08 12:14

I love the bronze one

----- josh 05.12.08 12:14

im usually not one for shiny objects, but my favorite is my Shiny red car, I love the look of it!

----- Donovan 05.12.08 12:08

A baby pigeon that I found dead on the sidewalk one day and immortalized by encasing it in a shiny resin block. It proudly occupies a section of my living room bookshelf along with several skulls, insects and other curious bits of nature.

----- Alicia Neal 05.12.08 12:03

these are my new favorite shinny things. Do you think girls will talk to me if I have one?

----- james richman 05.12.08 11:57

The pocket watch my fiance bought me for our first year anniversary. It’s a wind-up watch that fits perfectly when I feel the need to look classy.

----- Gideon 05.12.08 11:50

My hair. Definitely the key to my sex appeal.

----- Lazarus 05.12.08 11:46

My amethyst promise ring that my boyfriend gave me for Valentine’s Day.
I love how the gem sparkles in the sunlight!

----- Kendra 05.12.08 11:45

I’d have to say it’s my engagement ring. My girlfriend and i were about to elope before Prop 8. It didn’t happen and we’re carrying on nonetheless!

----- Crystal 05.12.08 11:44

I almost peed my self when I saw that Apple started to sell off the original Incase-models here in Denmark. I wanted one for so long. But now Incase overdone themselves with the Metallics series… too bad they arent taking international orders.

----- Kristoffer 05.12.08 11:43

After racking my brain for other shiny objects that might be deemed my favorite, I just can’t get past my iPhone. More than a phone, I call it a life-enhancer. Thanks!

----- Eric 05.12.08 11:40

this may sound like sucking up or whatever…but my iphone. its simply amazing

----- Jeremy Keen 05.12.08 11:39

My favorite shiny thing is my fake tooth. I procured it after a water skiing accident one summer at my grandparents’ lakehouse…

----- Christina 05.12.08 11:37

my current favorite shiny thing are my candy apple red nails! H_O_T!

----- mac 05.12.08 11:37

My favoorriteeee shiny object would have to be my Iphone. I can’t live without it- plus the screen is shiny and so is the back. 2 for 1. :)

----- Zach 05.12.08 11:31

My favorite shiny object or objects are my collection of old school Tin toy robots!!!

----- Hana 05.12.08 11:30

weiners weiners weiners

----- Brad Eshbach 05.12.08 11:19

My favorite shiny thing is my silver Sharpie because it can make anything shiny!

----- Gab 05.12.08 11:15

Remember in high school there was this trend of peeling shiny gum wrappers and “foiling” your folders? Shiny gum wrappers are the best.

----- wendy 05.12.08 11:11

oh the weather outside is frightful, but my copper incase is so delightful. since there’s nothing else to compare, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.

happy holidays

----- Jeni 05.12.08 11:07

My wife’s eyes

----- JW 05.12.08 10:36

I don’t remember the designer (sadly I’m not one of you, instead I obsess about people that obsess) but there was a day way back when that I was at Saks with my parents and at the time Fiance. We were looking through the jewelry display cases at rings, and necklaces, and the sort. Not to purchase, but more to get an idea for the design (Her engagement ring, also a favorite, is a reworking of my Grandmother’s stones.)of her engagement ring.

While Jen (my wife) and my mother and father were off in one direction, I was drawing to a very sparkly case of off white diamonds. They were very pretty stones. You can’t really hold it against me. Low and behold I was drawn to the case full of the most expensive jewelry in the store.

What can I say, I have tase.

----- Conrad 05.12.08 10:27

Besides the default answers of “my iPhone” or “my Macbook Pro”, my truly favorite shiny possession is a copper wire sculpture I did years ago. But, a shiny case for the phone would be nice too!

----- LANDLINE 05.12.08 10:26

that are so many wonderful shiney things to choose from. i’m going to have to say the chrome on the new(er than mine) car that i’m thinking about buying at the dealer. so shiney and silver, quite beatiful reflecting the sky and it’s surroundings.

----- somerset walmsley 05.12.08 10:24

i would have to say my giant vintage gold and silver owl necklace, with movable feet and wings…dare i say it is the most spectacular shiny object on the planet.

----- nichole 05.12.08 10:15

My shiny aluminum 1950’s Christmas tree and it’s shiny red bows

----- kathy 05.12.08 10:14

My national championship medals =]

----- Kerrie 05.12.08 10:12

My favorite shiny object is the horn of a unicorn. I love the way the sun reflects and glistens off this magnificent creature!!

----- April 05.12.08 10:11

My favorite shiny thing is my new iPhone, for which I don’t have a decent case. Winning this would make my holidays :D

----- Yuri 05.12.08 10:05

My favorite shiny object is actually a building I can see from my office in D.U.M.B.O. It’s located by the water near the navy yard and its facade is entirely made of glass. When the sun’s setting it becomes these orange glowy thing I can’t even start to describe.. the contrast with the rest of brick buildings is amazing!

----- R08 05.12.08 09:58

shiny shiny love that stays shiny after being married fourteen years to my lovely man. Its still shiny and new.

----- susan 05.12.08 09:54

I need one of these cases so bad. SO very, very bad. I do not hink I knew how much I wanted one until I visited NotCot’s URL.

----- RobO 05.12.08 09:50

shiny, bold, brillaint
aluminum foil
makes take-home food good

----- James 05.12.08 09:48

My favorite shiny object is my toddler son, and sadly, his favorite shiny object is my iPhone. A sturdy case might just save us all some greif.

----- David C 05.12.08 09:44

I’m loving the reflection from my shiny new mac book pro, wishing I had a shiny new case for my G3 to match.

----- chad 05.12.08 09:44

Mmm…. Shiny. I love shiny brand new quarters, or even better those new metal dollars. I love getting them before other grubby hands muck them up.

----- ben 05.12.08 09:44

My favorite shiny object is my silver christmas tree, I wish I could leave it up all year round!

----- Lawrence 05.12.08 09:37

My favorite shiny object is my mother’s diamond ring. It’s not an ostentatious diamond by any means, but I love it because my dad bought it for her after 12 years of marriage to make up for not having one at their wedding. It’s simple, elegant, and reminds me of their history together.

----- lostinthepost 05.12.08 09:29

my favorite shiny thing is the curved glass under the lens of my sx beta camera at work. it looks so perfect like its never been touched before. like peanut butter or yogurt right before you stick a spoon in it.

----- hanna 05.12.08 09:18

My favorite shiny thing at the moment is my iPhone. It tells me the time, it keeps me occupied when I might get bored, it let’s me keep in touch with family and friends, and every once in a while it gets used as a phone. Now it needs some stylish protection!!

----- Elizabeth 05.12.08 09:13

I love my shiny sun-crystal that hangs on my window — sparkles throughout the room!

----- gwen 05.12.08 09:12

my favorite shiny thing is my digby & iona fighting bears ring (click on URL for image).

it has stuck by me through countless drunken nights and sweaty summer days.

----- tripleS 05.12.08 09:04

Fav Shiny Object

Of course my iphone at the moment..
plus my juicy couture keyring that has a massive fake diamond on it..
pretty snazzy i have to say.. :)

----- SHELLY 05.12.08 08:59

I’d come up with something more creative, but then I’d be lying. My favorite shiny object is my brand new wedding band. We had it custom made - it was inspired by this ring and I absolutely love it. I’m only two months in, so I’m sure the novelty will wear off soon. ;)

----- Kate 05.12.08 08:57

Music note Christmas ornaments!

----- M3 05.12.08 08:56

Law Offices of Johnston & Johnston’s
Top Five Favorite shiny objects (bodies of water)

5. The River Danube
4. The Atlantic
3. The Vltava
2. The Pacific
1. The Mississippi !!!! (way to go Alex Soth)

----- Law Offices of Johnston & Johnston 05.12.08 08:49

my silver coach bracelet i got on my 19th surprise bday party. sleek and shiny =)

----- Vanessa 05.12.08 08:49

I’ve had my iPhone for about a month now. It’s still naked!

----- Emily!!! 05.12.08 08:44

Fresh screen printed black helvetica letters on a coral fair trade V-neck Tee! ARDENT is what it says.

----- Tia Vaughn 05.12.08 08:34

My favorite shiny thing is my grandfather’s old pocketwatch. It’s gold (my mom claims it’s gold-plated, but I refuse to believe it’s that cheap and I’m too scared to get it appraised and find out it’s worthless). The face is off-white/pearl and the numbers are in a gorgeous curly font. When I was with my mom looking for a chain so I could wear it as a necklace, she told me that, while she was in college at Skidmore, she used to wear it as a necklace and it was one of her favorite pieces. But the chain she wore it on was so long it used to bang the watch against tables - she wisely advised me to get a shorter chain. So it’s become a family heirloom of sorts. And since my Poppy died when I was about 11, it’s probably one of the few things I have that helps me remember him.

Wow, that was long-winded. Sorry.

----- Dara 05.12.08 08:33

Tacky chic, perhaps? My favorite shiny item is a gold inflatable ballon animal bank.

----- Helen 05.12.08 08:32

Papa needs a brand new bag.

----- Michael 05.12.08 08:26

My shiny sparkly gem of a life.

----- Paul O’Hearn 05.12.08 08:21

My favorite shiny thing? It would have to be my Firefly ornament. Shiny!

----- Lucia 05.12.08 08:20

my wedding ring, without a doubt. best thing I’ve ever done. Well, 2nd best right after asking my wife out.

----- mikelite 05.12.08 08:18

I love shiny things so much that I created a blog called Ooh! Shiny! My absolute favorite shiny thing is the cloud gate sculpture in Chicago’s Millenium Park. It’s a gigantic bean-shaped silver object and you can walk under it and take the most awesome pictures of everything reflecting in it. Shiiiiiiiny!

----- Melanie 05.12.08 08:00

I’ve got my eye on a shiny Honda Shadow…

----- Ray Saunders 05.12.08 07:59

i love the shine of a new penny. even at it’s value, the only coin with that great a shine when new.

----- paul 05.12.08 07:58

My fav shiny object is my girlfriend’s car. I like to believe I’m as cool as she is when i drive her infiniti G35. I think it makes me look good and hip.

----- Dara 05.12.08 07:53

My new shiney black patent flats - they are adorable!

----- awolf 05.12.08 07:53

My favorite shiny object is my boyfriend. No, he’s not especially shiny himself, more of a.. well, mocha to be quite honest. He’s my mocha bear. But he brings so much light and warmth to my life that I have to say the shine from his wonderful personality is my most favorite thing.

----- Ashley 05.12.08 07:45

My fav shiny object is my iPod (aka sounds for my life everywhere I go) :)

----- Stacy B. 05.12.08 07:43

My favorite thing about this incase iphone case is that it’s sleek and I love that you can match your nail polish to it.

----- Desi McKinnon 05.12.08 07:42

My favorite shinny object is my MacBook screen when I try to it outside…If there is any sun it does not work – bottom line.

----- markus 05.12.08 07:34

i love goooooooollllllllddddd!!!!!

----- Mike H 05.12.08 07:32

Mon shiny préféré, c’est mon casque de moto !

----- Walt Presley 05.12.08 07:29

The purple metallic nail polish I used to wear 10 years ago in high school.

----- Chrissy 05.12.08 07:18

I’d have to say my new engagement ring. Not your standard ring but it’s exactly what I wanted!

----- Renee 05.12.08 07:08

Favorite Shiny Object Ever: A giveaway pen from some long defunct web IPO, sleek chrome casing, the hand grip studded with red rubber dots. It got me my first girlfriend, no lie.

----- Andrew 05.12.08 07:05

I’m pretty distracted by all sorts of shiny things …keys, rims on cars driving by, bald heads … .since I work in watches, I will have to say that my favorite shiny things are my Starck watches. I feel quite naked without one.

----- Zach Brown 05.12.08 07:04

It’s not so much my favorite shiny object as it is a confession. On a design forum, my signature is “Easily distra—oooo, shiny!” And those cases would definitely distract me.

----- Bruce 05.12.08 07:02

My father’s old brass zippo.

----- Carl Heindl 05.12.08 07:00

I love shiny new coins! I dont know exactly where I got my fascination of them. If I get some for change, I’d always put it away, and I guess this is the part where I add that I also collect piggy banks.

----- David A. 05.12.08 07:00

My favorite shiny is my wedding ring.
It is tungsten carbide. There is an Irish Trinity knot around the back that shiny while the area around it is brushed.

Whenever I see gold, I think or Goldmember saying ‘I like GOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLD

----- Trygve Koren 05.12.08 06:57

My favorite shiny object is my girlfriend. She shines! I would love to give her one of these cases for xmas!

----- Suz 05.12.08 06:52

My favorite shinny thing? My MacBook…I couldn’t live without it (well, at least I wouldn’t want to).

----- Amanda 05.12.08 06:47

My favorite shiny object is my bicycle, or bicycle parts. Art and design all in one.

----- Eric A Stratton 05.12.08 06:44

My favorite shiny object is my iPhone, keeping me in touch all the time

----- Mike 05.12.08 06:38

My favorite shiny object is a diamond ring given to me by my mom on my 18th birthday. Although they say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, it wasn’t the physical value of the item that made me love it so much - the fact that my mother worked hard to earn enough to buy it for me, the fact that she chose to have it lovingly engraved with such a sweet and personal mini-note on the band’s inside telling me how important I was and that I was a gift from God and the fact that she painstakingly tried to keep it a surprise knowing how much I’ve always wanted one.. It’s worth more to me than anything else in the world. It’s always the little things that make something priceless. :)

----- Kris 05.12.08 06:37

Was charity an object,
It would shine so bright.
But alas its just a gesture
that can hold my iphone tight.

----- Chuck 05.12.08 06:30

Hands down, my braces.

----- Ryan 05.12.08 06:28

My favorite shiny thing would have to be my Gold Acrylic Paint. It just accents dark backgrounds so nicely and when I water it down then apply it the painting shimmers. It just looks so good to me!

----- Crystal 05.12.08 05:41

My FAVORITE shinny thing is, definitely, without a doubt and no questions asked, my DAY Birger et Mikkelsen Shiny sequin leggings that I slaved all summer to afford!! They have this awesome wet look and are unlike anything else I’ve seen. They are great to party in, great to go to cocktail parties in and great to just be glamorous in! Sometimes us ladies need to be glamorous, and these leggings take me there. This is a new way to dress up your white tees, in my opinion.

----- Kristin 05.12.08 05:40

an igloo!

----- Kris 05.12.08 05:35

Thanks for the giveaway, this is always amazing.
i love my shiny locket, given to me by my husband.

----- Kathleen 05.12.08 05:32

My favorite shiny thing is my concrete and stainless steel ring. Such a cool combination.

----- Melanie 05.12.08 05:28

Shiny Object: My Computer and everything in it. Esp. Notcot. ;P

----- Rian 05.12.08 05:27

I like disco balls! when I see those tiny little light spots going round and round, I know I’m in a place I can dance and drink with my friends!

----- rafael 05.12.08 04:37

See, I just hope that this inCase case will fit the Apple iPhone dock better than the rubber inCases (suppose the slider cases would though; I’ll try one out someday).

Oh, and my favorite shiny is still the Willamette river around 6am in the spring; all dazzling and green.

----- MIchael 05.12.08 04:10

My favourite shiny object is my Marc Jacobs shoes — The colour, as in the name is technically pink patent, but it’s more copper than pink and would fit so well with that copper iPhone case. My incase leather case is about at the end of its usable life… unfortunately. I only use incase for my iPod, iPhones, etc… this would be PERFECT.

----- Jane 05.12.08 03:55

It’s hard for me to type because the reflection off my favorite shiny object (my Shiny Toy Guns cd) is glaring into my eyes.

----- Ingrid 05.12.08 03:48

my agnes b. key chain. all so shiny, all the better to find in my oversized bags.

----- cheryl 05.12.08 03:35

my new iMAC 20”… been wanting to have an MAC. Now, I have my companion to fulfill my dreams to becoming a webdesigner/developer.

----- keiko 05.12.08 03:12

Definitely my iPhone in this gold case. Pimp!

----- georgina 05.12.08 02:44

I love to polish my forehead so that it is nice and shiny.

----- calum macaulay 05.12.08 02:33

My favorite shiny objects are my beloved MacBookPro and the eyes of my boyfriend when he looks at me…

----- kerstin 05.12.08 02:29

My fiance loves clothes that have one or two tastefully located shiny things on them. She is great and I love her forever. I can’t wait to be married in 15 days. My favorite shiny thing is her clothing.

----- Daniel 05.12.08 01:07

I’m a magpie. I delight in all things shiny. Please, I must whisk these off to my nest.

----- Corinne 05.12.08 01:00

My favorite shiny objects are the two and four flute 1/2” end mills for my CNC Router. There’s something simply beautiful about their pure spiral shape, honed from solid carbide to an ultra sharp edge capable of cutting through the most brittle of materials with ease.

Watching them glint faster and faster in the pure white metal halide light of my workshop as the router spins up to speed is one of the best pieces of kinetic poetry I can think of.

----- Gene 05.12.08 00:56

not really an object, but when my four month old son is smiling and laughing, then nothing shines brighter.

----- aaron 05.12.08 00:54

I don’t have just one “favorite” shiny object, you could slide a spoon across the floor and it’s my new favorite till someone drops a nickle. Speaking of, what’s tha…

----- WampCat © 05.12.08 00:54

My favorite shiny object is my probably my aluminum water bottle. Save the planet!

----- Michael 05.12.08 00:26

train-flattened coins!

----- dylan 05.12.08 00:21

my precious shiny nokia 6300… :)

----- polszki 05.12.08 00:01

My shiny object…
my beautiful MacBook Pro Classic!

----- Johnathan 04.12.08 23:59

My favorite shiny object is the Chicago Bean. There’s nothing quite the shininess of that massive bean.

----- Sammy 04.12.08 23:45

My favourite shiny object is my teeth…after it has been polished at the dentist.

----- Aneira Choi 04.12.08 23:45

buttons are shiny. i

----- kirsten chow 04.12.08 23:41

That would be my golden Lelo vibrator ;)

----- Adyna 04.12.08 23:23

My new Seiko Kinetic watch. I worked hard the past year and I’ve earned it and a little more. ;)

love the site btw

----- Kris K 04.12.08 23:16

snow at night.

----- jay 04.12.08 23:14

my favorite shiny object is my giant golden bowling trophy
that i received as a hand-me-down

----- Allison 04.12.08 22:35

My favorite shiny object has always been that little blog of mercury in the old fashioned thermostats! I remember as a kid I would stare at it and try to figure out a way to set it free until I found out how deadly it is!

Thank you for the chance to win-I just got an Iphone and have been eyeballing covers for it and this is the nicest one I have seen. Good luck everyone, Jeff

----- Jeff Mayo 04.12.08 22:34

my favorite shiny object would have to be the smile on my daughter’s face on christmas morning

even though times are tough, its good to know that shes still happy
i cant wait until christmas just to that smile again

----- Kevin 04.12.08 22:34

the hub on my bicycle when it glistens in the sun

----- Greg 04.12.08 22:27

The Ring on my Girlfriends finger…

----- Roman 04.12.08 22:22

My favorite shiny object is my blackberry bold.
Now if only incase made a case for it… :(

----- Vanessa 04.12.08 22:15

My favorite shiny object would have to be my space pen because its a space pen…

----- Jordan 04.12.08 22:07

My favorite shiny thing is my cat’s eyes when I wake up before dawn with him sitting on my chest staring into my face. I think he’s thinking his favorite shiny thing is the bottom of his food bowl after he has licked it clean. But it could be he’s thinking of my bones after he has eaten me…

----- ripley 04.12.08 22:07

Nothing beats waking up and seeing an icicle shining off the new morning sun in my window. Absolutely gorgeous :)

----- Twiggy 04.12.08 21:55

The Conjunction (Moon, Jupiter, Venus) - AMAZING!!!

----- rachel 04.12.08 21:36

The unbesmirched surface of a new jar of peanut butter, right after pulling the foil cover and just before dipping in the knife… just as the toast pops up. mmmmmm… tasty tasty anticipation

----- jooliek 04.12.08 21:34

My favorite shiny thing is a polished stone my father carries around. When I was younger I was fascinated by polished stones, and had quite an extensive collection. One year, when I was to undergo major surgery, I gave 2 of my favorite stones to my mother and my father to carry around to feel connected to me. 8 years later, my father still carries around the beautiful, elegantly shaped gun metal silver stone I gave him.

----- Daniel 04.12.08 21:33

The crystal ornament my first love gave me. it is a small crystal heart in a large crystal heart.

----- Christina 04.12.08 21:26

My favorite shiny thing would have to be myself, obviously.

----- Lauren Wilson 04.12.08 21:16

my favorite shiny object is probably the dollar that my grand father gave me when i died when i was young, since this dollar gave me a lot of chance…i think

----- olivier 04.12.08 21:06

my grandfather’s high school class ring. class of ‘26, still represented in 2008/9.

----- walker 04.12.08 21:04

My fave shiny object is my brain—so dang sparkly that if I were a parrot, I’d be pecking myself.

----- Katster 04.12.08 21:01

the platen of my C&P press when clean, my frenchie’s nose, the gleam off a bottle of Hendricks…

----- rori zendek 04.12.08 21:01

My fave shiny object is my brain—so dang sparkly that if I were a parrot, I’d be pecking myself.

----- Katster 04.12.08 21:00

My wedding ring!

----- Christina 04.12.08 21:00

my guitar… her name is gwen.

----- jacob 04.12.08 20:53

My favorite shiny things are braces - something so adolescent and angsty about them.

----- Elyse 04.12.08 20:52

favourite shiny object? Definitely that shiny star on top of my christmas tree at home. It’s the best thing in the whole wide world. Christmas connects family and friends together, it might even have better connection than an iphone :)

----- Vivian 04.12.08 20:49

I love my shiny shoes. I need this to match them!

----- Jennifer 04.12.08 20:46

Not exactly shiny, but my bottle of crystal head vodka… i enjoy shining a LED light through it

----- insolv1niac86 04.12.08 20:31

One of my favorite shiny things is a nice set of wheels (BBS,Schmidt,etc.), newly polished and shined mounted on any VW, preferably antique and lowered so much the oil pan sits within Eskimo kiss range to the ground.


----- Aaron 04.12.08 20:25

My fav shiny object is my beloved shot glass that welcomes me home each day

----- jo 04.12.08 20:21

My iPod actauly

----- Matt Flick 04.12.08 20:19

The big shiny sterling silver and onix ring I made in jewelry class this week. My first!

----- Enfant 04.12.08 20:19

My favorite shiny thing is my mom’s wedding ring which is now in my care.

----- Tracy 04.12.08 20:18

my favorite shiny thing is the 4 metallic incase sliders that i don’t have yet

----- Bori 04.12.08 20:17

Glitter! It’s shiny and comes in the millions! It’ll also stay with you for hours… keeping you entertained! :D

----- Jasper 04.12.08 20:11

My favorite shiny object would be my CPU cooler, haha. Just knowing the time I put in lapping it, makes me feel good.

----- Jack 04.12.08 20:06

My favorite shiny object are my silver creative recreation sneakers! So awesome and SO comfortable.

----- Jared Johnson 04.12.08 19:56

My favorite shiny thing is actually metallic paint. It really makes a piece of art glow.

----- Annie 04.12.08 19:49

My cat Bugsy’s shiny blue eyes!!

----- Eve 04.12.08 19:42

metallics are so hot.

----- Cristin 04.12.08 19:36

My shiny metal bender from futurama toy collection! It’s so shiny! ;)

----- noel m. 04.12.08 19:34

My patent leather mary jane pumps

----- Audrey 04.12.08 19:32

My favorite shiny thing are slick vintage automobiles with curved lines and metal chrome. Oh LA LA….

Oh and I’ve been eying those incases for while now on their site!!! Gold or copper. Gold or copper?

----- tracy 04.12.08 19:32

The shine of my ink pen…
I write and draw a lot with it, I’m very attached to it. It creates some the most important things to me!

----- lulu 04.12.08 19:27

My favorite shiny object is…look, tinfoil! Wait, what?

----- John 04.12.08 19:26

I love my shiny Iphone 3g.

----- Timothy Oleary 04.12.08 19:25

Fav shiny thing.. would be my blue SIGG water bottle.. carry it everywhere i go. Go green, save the world!!

----- yasmine 04.12.08 19:22

My Minus the Bear shot glass. It’s got a unicorn eagle on it. I saw them in D.C. a month or two ago, and they were amazing. He plays the guitar with his feet; cool right? I like my shiny iPhone a lot too. I use it for everything… even right now!

----- Allen 04.12.08 19:20

My favourite shiney object is the Canadian Looney! I know the typographer that designed the typeface for it.

----- Antoinette Tsang 04.12.08 19:19

a spoon

----- Jeff Cheung 04.12.08 19:19

My favorite shiny object is my yellow bike horn! It has a yellow base, sparkly sparkly holographic insides and a glittery clear outside that when you press it goes “PAH PARRF”!! Its very fun and matches my yellow bike! PAH PARRF!! ;)

----- Debbie 04.12.08 19:15

The pair of diamond stud earrings my husband gave me for my birthday last year.

----- Michelle 04.12.08 18:57

A ring I got in Barcelona. It wasn’t expensive or anything, but it’s really unique and beautiful. Every time I look at it I remember what a great time I had with friends I’ve had forever but rarely get to see anymore.

----- Colleen 04.12.08 18:56

My absolutely favorite new shiny object for 2008 is my 3G IPhone. And it looks like I am not the only one!

I was given it as a birthday present. When I opened the gift card (there was still a wait at the Apple Store and I was with a different service) I swear I nearly fainted. I think my hand print on the kitchen table might be permanently embedded in the glass since I used it to hold me up. I have been known to hug it occasionally.

Good luck to all those who entered, I am always looking for a way to explain my excitement over my IPhone and being gifted it!

----- Zoe 04.12.08 18:55

my tin robot collection! it’s so Prudy!

----- Iain 04.12.08 18:54

My Dark Silver 2007 MINI Cooper S :)

----- Ryan 04.12.08 18:51

Hmm, I’m going to opt for the spoon. I like spoons. There’s something elegant about them

----- Jessica 04.12.08 18:47

The one I use most has got to be my Klean Kanteen water bottle. It keeps me hydrated everywhere I go!

----- Joe Wasserman 04.12.08 18:36

The shine of my girlfriend’s smile every time i see her.

----- Felix 04.12.08 18:34

My favorite shiny object is most definitely water. I’ve got a bad habit of taking macro pictures of anything and everything that has to do with waterdrops. The way it behaves on different surfaces is amazing. Not to mention it’s pretty refreshing to drink!

----- Nick 04.12.08 18:29

My favorite shiny object is the necklace I gave my girlfriend. Cheesy but accurate. Mmmm… Cheese & Shiny.

----- Collin Banko 04.12.08 18:27

my fav shiny object(s) are my collection of christmas bells that i have received every year from my grandmother….this year would have been my 25th.. i will only have 24 bells as my collection… i will be quite sad when that familiar shaped box won’t be under the tree this year….Grandma Luce isn’t with us anymore….How i would love to give this gift to my dad…he works at an apple store…cause the economy sucks…he has to deal with all the terribly rude and stupid people…who feel they are entitled to treat him poorly. I hope my dad’s christmas in retail won’t be too horrible. I’m ok with only 24 bells this year…as long as he gets to be home for the holiday.

----- whitney h. 04.12.08 18:27

Fav shiny objects
- my wustof kitchen knifes
- clean car
- watches

----- Jacob 04.12.08 18:24

Tha gazing ball in my backyard.

----- jeremy 04.12.08 18:24

my forehead is my favorite shiny object. it is becoming progressively more shiny as my hairline continues to retreat but i don’t mind: it just draws attention to the place i get all my thinking done.

----- mark 04.12.08 18:22

My favorite shiny object are my son’s dogtags. He left for Afghanistan last week.

----- Calvin Waddy Jr 04.12.08 18:22

Favourite shiny thing? That has GOT to be the silver band I am always wearing! Pairs great with any other ring, doesn’t need cleaning, and is always the perfect accessory. :)

----- Merrick 04.12.08 18:21

well…people are by nature easily distracted by shiny objects. and i definitely love it. but i’d say my absolute favorite shiny object is my grandmothers paper thin silver jewelery from when she was a teenager.

----- bhavna 04.12.08 18:19

my favorite shiny object is definitely my shiny metal water bottle. Not only because it is shiny and reflective and can keep me busy for hours by shining an uncatchable light on my wall, but it is also good for the environment and keeps those dirty hippies off my back.

----- Ryan 04.12.08 18:19

My favourite shiny object is my wedding ring! It is beautiful and makes me feel fuzzy.

----- Amber Percival 04.12.08 18:13

My favorite shiny object would have to be my can of Big Sexy Hair. I don’t know what I would do without it. The can is simple yet classic. It’s one of the best looking cans of hairspray out there, and easily the best working.

----- Brian 04.12.08 18:13

my METALLIC shimmery bling GOLD NAILS….for right now
But i’ll change them to suit my ‘future’ incase slider cases!!

THAT and my nails will be the perfect set.

ohh gimme gimme gimme :P

----- Mariana 04.12.08 18:13

My fave shiny thing(s) are my 22” rims. Though I can’t enjoy them currently, they’re in storage for the snowy season.

----- Cheryl 04.12.08 18:09

my favorite shiny object of the moment is the special mohair blend suits tom ford made for quantum of solace. not the best movie, but some excellently fitting clothing.

----- Andrew Lee 04.12.08 18:07

My favorite shiny thing is my teeth! I’m so thankful for good dental care, and also for a mom who forced me to get braces twice.

----- Rachael 04.12.08 18:06

very nice

----- Ryan 04.12.08 18:04

The Seagate HDD that i better win is shiny!!!!

----- Evan Doyle 04.12.08 18:03

Shiny object? Where?? My favorite shiny object is my dining room table, because I refinished it myself. It was my in-laws’ when my husband was growing up.

----- Emmie 04.12.08 18:03

I LOVE SHINY foreheads! They are so funny to me :L )

----- RIcky :) 04.12.08 17:58

Just beautiful

----- Mickey McMahon 04.12.08 17:57

My favorite shiny object at the moment is my ipod touch, with such a glossy screen, I don’t need a mirror. With the incase metallic slider cases, I will have to upgrade myself to an iphone, it will be the perfect excuse.

----- Philipp 04.12.08 17:57

My roommate just got one. He likes to wear metallic spandex tights. I think this would be PERFECT for him. It’s not my favorite shiny object but i know it’s his.

My favorite: the inside of chocolate bar wrappers.

----- M3 04.12.08 17:56

fave shiny object—my frida kahlo style mexican silver earrings

----- rosie 04.12.08 17:52

Shiny object… well, that Nooka GID watch would have shined on my wrist at night had I won it : ( .

----- Todd S. 04.12.08 17:50

my favorite shiny object is definitely edible gold flakes… totally a novelty but mindblowing when they melt into molten gold lava.

----- kristin 04.12.08 17:49

My favorite shiny object is easily my wonderfully brushed metal MacBookPro - it’s soooooo amazingly beautiful - perhaps a second is my CBR600RR (which would match the red metallic case here)

----- Clay Levering 04.12.08 17:49

My wedding ring!

----- Shelly 04.12.08 17:49

There is something about a freshly cleaned spoon that can’t really be rivaled by many things. Your flipped image as you breath heavily on it, in a laughter inducing attempt to make it stick to your nose.
Nothing but satisfaction.

----- Matthew 04.12.08 17:46

the lake on a clear cold still morning

----- dave 04.12.08 17:45

Paper clips: so simple, so useful, so SHINY!

----- April 04.12.08 17:40

Snow that glistens under the streetlights and light shining thru the window on a windy night.

…. and my iphone

----- grace 04.12.08 17:38

my nerd-centric swiss army knife. it satisfies my Eagle Scout wants (hiking camping, fishing) and my Nerd wants (Built in USB drive, tiny screwdrivers).

I actually missed a flight because i forgot i had it on me and you cant bring it as a carry on item :/

----- james park 04.12.08 17:37


----- Lisa 04.12.08 17:30

my sunglasses.

----- Diana 04.12.08 17:28

My favorite shiny object is the glass high-rise across the avenue from my NYC walk-up apartment. In the urban canyons of midtown, the indirect reflection of sunlight is the the only way I get the sun shining through my windows. Sure, it’s not straight from the source, but in this town I’ll take what I can get.

----- Peter 04.12.08 17:28

My favourite shiny object is the chrome on my 1968 Peugeot bike.

----- Andrew 04.12.08 17:26

My fave shiny object is the engagement ring I bought this weekend for my girlfriend…now if only I could work up the nerve to propose!

----- JG 04.12.08 17:21

my favourite shiny purple cocktail dress i just got. It’s got gold shiny shoes I wear with it too!

----- melissa engle 04.12.08 17:19


----- GRAHAM 04.12.08 17:16

A bright red crab that glistens in the sunlight as water droplets roll off its chubby claws.

----- Lisa 04.12.08 17:12

I would have to say my car after a nice wash.

----- Luis Villarreal 04.12.08 17:06

If I win, this case will be my favorite shiny object. :)

----- noxcel 04.12.08 17:05

My favorite shiny thing is the first star I see at night. I whispered to it that I wish I may and wish I might win the set of Incase Metallic iPhone 3G Slider Cases tonight.

----- Kathryn 04.12.08 16:59

X-ACTO knife! the greatest shiny object ever!!

----- Purcell 04.12.08 16:59

my fav. shiny object would have to be my dirt ball. dirt ball?! huh what?!.. seriously. i got it from my best friend when i graduated highschool. its made of dirt from my home town in honolulu, hi, using a Japanese technique called ‘doro dango’. its inteeeense! and d’gorgeous!
i was amazed to see the guys from mythbusters use it to shine balls of poo! they used it to prove that you can, infact, ‘shine a turd’. its the ticket and my favorite shine shiny thing. aloha :)

----- t-rex 04.12.08 16:58

My favorite shiny object is that heavenly body that shines down on the Earth, giving us photosynthesis and great tans. Our friend, the Sun.

----- Jason 04.12.08 16:52

My favorite shiny object is the one around my finger!

----- mfree 04.12.08 16:51

My cat, Kukuri, is my favorite shiny object. She herself isn’t shiny so much. but her eyes are very, very shiny and glow in the dark. Expecially when she wants to play.

----- rem 04.12.08 16:50

I try not to have too many shiny items on my person at any given time. Partly because I’d hate if my soul-mate happened by in our one chance encounter but never saw my face because she was too busy squinting from the glare of my bling. But also because it allows me to use the phrase, “on my person” which is a highly underutilized phrase in my opinion.

At any rate, my single (And thus) favorite piece of shiny happy goodness is a stainless steel Citizen Eco-Drive watch. I got it while on vacation with female and gay friends when it apparently became a, “Let’s Make Over Our Single Straight Friend Cruise!”

The faux-hawk grew back out, I “accidentally” lost the tight button down shirt, but I’ve grown quite fond of the watch over the years.

It’d go quite nice with a matching metal iphone case. Or so my, uh, makeover team would say.

----- Bob 04.12.08 16:50

My favorite shiny object is my wife. She literally glows, I swear. Not in a Chernobyl kinda way. More like a ray of sunshine, light of the world kinda way. It’s pretty impressive.

----- Keith Greenstein 04.12.08 16:49

my favorite shiny thing is my set of knitting needles. there will never be enough time for me to knit. in fact, i’d rather be knitting right now. jklivin

----- audrey Romano 04.12.08 16:46

shiny to match my screen protector! I want them!

----- Matt 04.12.08 16:46

my favorite shiny object
is always with me

jingles all the time

looks expensive but it isn’t

was actually a gift to me

i hope it last along time


----- B R I A N C H A N 04.12.08 16:45

my dad’s bald head is my most favorite shiny thing in the world. :)

----- trisha 04.12.08 16:44

My Tiffany earrings are my favorite shiny objects.

----- Nancy Warner 04.12.08 16:44

The Mirror! Hehehe

----- Natalie 04.12.08 16:44

My Mini Cooper! It’s the coolest car on the block with its checkered top and bonnet stripes.

----- SuzyCat 04.12.08 16:42

My favorite shiny object is my Orvis big game fly reel. Last month while fishing for false albacore for the first time I was amazed at how well this reel performed. An Albie takes off like a rocket when hooked and this reel literally screams as the line is peeled off in bursts of 75 yards. Then it holds up strong as you pull back and reel the fish in until he can see the boat, then it takes off again. So much fun, the reel spinning in the sun, sparkling and shiny.

----- peter Taylor 04.12.08 16:39

favorite shiny thing would have to be my necklace. i know it’s not a tech thing, but it’s this beautiful silver oval made of eco-silver that is so simple and yet so so shiny.

----- Irene 04.12.08 16:38

My favorite shiny object is the rectangular 1920’s Art-Deco brooch my grade 2 boyfriend gave me (that he stole from his mum’s jewelry box). We were 6, and I still have it and know him… but we’re no longer dating :P

----- Katie 04.12.08 16:37

My favorite shiny object would have to be my binary clock. I know it is very nerdy, but it just sparkles and has these bright blue LED lights. Plus, other people cannot read it and they have no idea what it even means and it cracks me up that they cannot figure it out. Sounds kind of evil of me… haha

----- Christi 04.12.08 16:32

My iphone is my favorite shiny object. I need a good case to keep the back shiny and keep it from getting scuffed. Please let me win one of the many notcot holiday gift things that I entered for.

----- Jared 04.12.08 16:29

My favorite shiny thing at the moment is the new Diesel wristwatch that my girlfriend bought for me. Just the right amount of gloss to set it apart, but not so much that it becomes garish or hard to read.

----- Jason Silver 04.12.08 16:29

My favorite shiny object would have to be my camera. It may not be the best but damn if it takes amazingly awkward and funny pictures of my friends when we’re having a good time!

----- Phuoc Bui 04.12.08 16:25

My new 26” Samsung Touch of Color monitor. Shiny 1080p goodness.

----- Mark Michon 04.12.08 16:21

My favorite shiny object is my brother’s Sikorsky UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter key chain. I’ve had it since he died in a crash in 2003. His name is Christopher Britton and he was a great person.

----- mark 04.12.08 16:16

Well it’s not really mine but the big bean in Chicago, known more officially as Cloud Gate, is probably my favorite shiny object.

----- Chris 04.12.08 16:16

My favorite shiny things are bodies in the shower. But if that’s too lascivious, then I’ll say my next favorite shiny thing is my freshly polished red starfire III.

----- Aaron 04.12.08 16:15

my favorite shiny object…my portable gas stove! allows me to eat my favorite chinese hotpot on the patio when the weather’s nice or in the dinning room when it’s cold out and i don’t ever have to stand over the stove in the kitchen while i’m stuffing myself

----- jenn 04.12.08 16:14

My G4 Cube. It doesn’t do much more than display photos but its stilly shiny.

----- Jason 04.12.08 16:13

This is completely lame and nerdy of me, but to be completely honest my favorite shiny thing is a chrome Matthew’s C stand. I’m pretty sure than anyone that might know what this is might agree with me…or I’m just crazy…

----- Joseph Devitt Tremblay 04.12.08 16:08

The ring on my finger!

----- Sara McSmith 04.12.08 16:05

favorite shiny object: Jeff Koons “Balloon Dog (Blue)”

----- Carlos 04.12.08 16:04

Man… I’m tempted to say my iPhone is my favorite shiny thing, but I’m also totally loving my new printer. It’s some Canon and was supercheap on Amazon, but I’ve never had a photo printer before, and I’ve been going a little crazy with the 4x6s.

----- Ben 04.12.08 15:59


Even though they are covers, it makes more sense because you can change them in and out to match your outfit or jewelry. I dont have an Iphone-yet, but my brother, my sister and their spouses all have one and love theirs, I would love to give them awesome covers for christmas…now I want an Iphone just for those covers.

My favorite shiny object? I have so many, I like shiny faucets, My favorite thing right now is a couple little mosaic mirror christmas trees from target, and when the sun hit them its light a disco ball on the walls.

----- Kirk 04.12.08 15:56

You never said we had to LIKE our favorite shiny thing… so I’m going to say that my favorite shiny thing is:

My MacBook’s glossy display.

Of the shiny things I own, my MacBook’s screen is my favorite. But not because it’s shiny.

----- Sam S. 04.12.08 15:51

My wedding ring. It’s not too shiny these days, needs a polish, but still beautiful.

----- Emxero 04.12.08 15:44

My shiny, shiny iPhone, it keeps me connected and warm, and is in desperate need of a stylish cover befitting it’s own style. I can’t stand staring into it’s big baleful and cold display a moment longer. Please help me!

----- Shane™ 04.12.08 15:37

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