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Gift Guide: NOTCOT Wishlist- 12.09.08

notcotwishlistPOST.jpgsponsored by Seagate Ok, calling this a wishlist probably isn’t fair ~ in reality, you have to understand that everything i ever post is stuff i am obsessively loving… and everything in ANY of the gift guides is pretty much like my wishlist or my *already have* list… Additionally, just want to take a sec and say ~ OMG Gift Guides are really hard this year! And slightly less fun! It feels like there are far less (if any) true *IT* gifts, those big ticket toys or tech items that everyone has been counting down the days until… technology and gadgets in general are disappointing for shopping (hence my really really delayed electronics/gadget accessories guides i keep wavering on posting)… tech this year as far as bigger ticket items really feels like all upgrades ~ cheaper TVs, better priced deals on console bundles, upgrades of cameras (and the ones i’m dying for are all back ordered), it’s just not nearly as fun! Also, you’ve got to understand last year’s gift guide is still totally applicable for shopping, most of that stuff is pretty timeless, and i ran through years of archives and obsessions for that one! So not having repeats from last year has been a tough one! =) You can still browse that here! That’s why this year’s gift guide feels a bit more silly and playful! Anyhow, been wanting to tell you guys that! Also ~ it’s been a blast doing so many giveaways, and really all the giveaways are like super gift guide features of stuff i’d totally gift someone… hence, giving it away to all of you!

Ok ~ but that being said, there is still tons of random stuff that has been fascinating and tempting me ~ so here’s a super random list of stuff i’ve been wanting (or have bought ~ like the Fusion Pool Table!!!! Counting the days till that shows up at the new house! yay!) or tempted by in one big silly random collage with no real theme… Browse the madness on the next page and click to find out more info!

notcotwishlist.jpg Quantum of Solace Hardback Squeezebox Boom Squeezebox Controller Bunny Head Potions Notebook The Lemonade Stand Bubble Trouble Deluxe Shag Master Creature Hoodie Hop Ball Italian Glass Wine Carafes Molecular Massager Bb. Bandball A Young Mad Scientist's First Alphabet Blocks Catamount Glass tend living fusion tables Wine Bottle Plant Nannies House Industries Cutting Board Vita Weights Wood Measuring Spoons claudio colucci's carafe un verre fusion brand's ice orb baxter sofa Arc-AAA LED Flashlight Knight's Decanters anneau solitaire diamant inverse sponsored by Seagate

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What hat size are you…? If we still have it, the Jeremy Fish bunnyhead hat can be in the mail next week… .

----- stephanie 12.12.08 10:29

I love Jonathon Adler’s furnishings … every time I walk by his store here in Chicago it’s closed, but the big windows let you see everything, and it’s all just so… beautiful!

----- Tristan Blease 11.12.08 08:12

How is the cardboard lemonade stand 99 dollars? And why does it have little doors on the front? DIY anyone?

----- RapidRoy 11.12.08 00:47

If I understand correctly, the Tend glass globes come with plants inside… and cost $45-$225 dollars.

These CB2 globes (sans plants) are $3.95.

Trip to the local garden/nursery shops, anyone?

also, Tend’s website is a nightmare :’(

----- iynque 10.12.08 21:58

Any idea about how to contact Catamount Flameware? Their website doesn’t seem to have any contact info…


----- Rob Wagner 10.12.08 03:09

I have one of those flashlights and it’s fantastically useful and would probably survive a 1000 foot drop onto cement.

----- aldo 09.12.08 17:44

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