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Gift Guide: Posters worth Gifting!- 12.02.08

postersguide-POST.jpgsponsored by Seagate Today is all about posters!!! So here’s a gift guide of posters i’m loving, so click to browse them, since in most cases there are far more awesome ones where they came from! Enjoy!


Don’t forget coupons from the NOTCOT Holiday Coupon Book!

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----- prizrak 12.05.09 17:35

Thanks so much for your post!

Adam - The Poster List

----- Adam 03.12.08 11:02

I. LOVE. THIS. ROUNDUP!!!!!! Gorgeous!

----- Tracey 03.12.08 10:49

My cube is cold, dark and gray.
It needs these posters to liven it up this Christmas season.

----- David 03.12.08 09:55

I have the Dinosaur Jr. poster and the print quality is unbelievable.

----- Djones 03.12.08 08:58

Hey guys thank you again so much for the post. It means a lot. Thank you.

----- Christopher Cox 03.12.08 08:56

I cannot locate “the pen is mightier” and “if you cant stand the heat”. They are all beautiful - but I want these. Am I missing something?

----- tk3 03.12.08 08:04

These posters are amazing!! Quirky and fun to place around.. Thanks notcot!

----- thirty1seven 03.12.08 06:01

I’ve recently moved to new apartment and ‘ve been looking for some posters … Thanks a Lot!

----- Bojan Babic 03.12.08 01:27

LOVEEEEE…..all these posters… awesom designz.

Thanks notcot:)

----- susie Bale Lobendahn 03.12.08 00:59

These are really nice, I love the one with the tree roots entitled “Integrity”! Thank you for the chance to win and for the Holiday Coupon Book!! Good luck everyone, Jeff

----- Jeff Mayo 02.12.08 22:04

Great selection, I could find presents for everyone on my list here…

----- Mary-Laure 02.12.08 18:31

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