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NOTCOT Giveaway 16: Right Brain Terrain- 12.02.08

giverbt1.jpg TO WIN: Leave a comment ~ Tell us about your favorite poster (ever! not favorite of these)! ENTER BY 12/5. WINNERS: Jeremy in Charlottesville, VA + Jessica in Hillsborough, NJ + Miranda in Martville, NY + John in Miami, FL + Michael in Portland, OR!

We could all use a little more Focus and Integrity ~ and as far as motivational posters go, they still don’t come more gorgeous than Right Brain Terrains Alternative Motivational Posters. Focus has been my favorite since they started! And for this giveaway, Right Brain Terrain is giving away:

5 Pairs of Focus and Integrity posters! So yes ~ 5 winners on this one!

and… “WE’VE TURNED GREEN! Our posters are printed on 100% post-consumer recycled papers that are FSC certified and certified processed chlorine free (CPCF). We only print with vegetable based inks, such as Soy. The tubes we ship all of our posters in are made from 70% to 100% post consumer recycled content.”

See more of my favorite posters from their collection as well as info on how to care for your posters!

RightBrainTerrain.com was founded by Frederic Terral who designs and creates all of the products and content featured on this site. Fred has been an independent creative consultant for over ten years. He is an award-winning creative director, designer, writer, and creative brand strategist whose multi-disciplinary approach has been utilized on projects for The Walt Disney Company, Holiday Inn Worldwide, Create Magazine, Darden Restaurants, MetLife, Walt Disney Imagineering, Microsoft, The Coca-Cola Company, McDonald’s, MedX Corporation, Jack in the Box, House of Blues, Ripley Entertainment Inc, Blockbuster and OSI Restaurant Partners LLC.



TO WIN: Leave a comment ~ Tell us about your favorite poster (ever! not favorite of these)! ENTER BY 12/5

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Bob Marley on the mic, classic!

----- Joan M 05.12.08 23:47

my favorite poster was made by my mother when i was a kid. it was a large piece of butcher paper (ok, so not really a poster) posted on my wall in my room back in my parent’s house. in the bottom right corner she wrote “imagine” in black marker and the rest of it was left blank. she never explained what it symbolized to me when i was little but she told me to leave it on my wall until i understood what it meant. now, that poster speaks to me more than any other poster i have ever had. this is why i love that poster.

----- Kyson 05.12.08 21:55

John Belushi….COLLEGE

----- Emily 05.12.08 20:58

Those posters are beautiful…and especially motivating. Anyway, my favorite poster ever is (well, it’s technically a print, but whatever) one of “The Walrus and the Carpenter”, complete with an absolutely adorable walrus. It has one of my favorite quotes on it, the well-known: “The time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things, of shoes and ships and sealing wax, of cabbages and kings…etc.” It’s by Cisco Griffin and I got it last year at the Art Star Craft Bazaar…”And whether pigs have wings!”

----- swankifiedjello 05.12.08 20:31

favorite post is the san francisco neighborhood poster from ork! actually all of their neighborhood posters are amazing. you can’t go wrong with any one of them hanging on your wall.

----- michael 05.12.08 19:34

My favorite poster is “Good Parts of Bad Dreams” - a print by Chuck Anderson.


Beautiful colors and great design.

----- SuperMuffin 05.12.08 19:23

I love the Walk the Line poster, even though I didn’t love the movie.

----- Kailyn 05.12.08 18:54

I love anything by Tyler Stout. I love the complexity and noisiness of each detail is puts on his posters. His color schemes are brilliant and his subjects are often hilarious. I particularly love his “Era of Style” poster depicting the different hairstyles of back men throughout the ages! It’s so clean, it’s almost art nouveau.


----- Margo 05.12.08 16:29

Earlier this year I bought a copy of the Pink Pearl Eraser by Jordan Crane after seeing it on NotCot. It reminds me every day that do-overs are allowed.

----- Cole 05.12.08 15:39

English Language

I totally agree. I am insanely in love with this poster and wish I could get one, XD.

----- Gideon 05.12.08 14:34

My favorite poster would be one I created. I’d just started taking classes in Scientific and Technical Communications, adding that degree to my Eng. degree, and we had a drag show at school coming up for our GLBTA group. I made an “Attack of the Fifty Foot Drag Queen!” B-movie inspired poster, combining the drag show with a big icon in our area, the lift bridge. It was the most in depth project I’d worked on at the time and I ended up having to produce five more, one for each queen, on the same path of B-Movie+Local Icon+Drag Queen.

----- Michael (Ox) 05.12.08 14:25

My favorite poster of this year is Frank Chimeros “Design won’t save the world” poster. See it here or here.

----- AK 05.12.08 13:27

There’s this kinda punk/hipster second-hand store that I visit regularly. They have screen-printed posters hanging up, not sure if they’re for sale or what. But every time I go in there, I stare at this one for a long time. Not even sure what band it is. There’s a man’s face, and the entire thing is covered in random patterns and colors. It’s strange and beautiful.

----- Lance 05.12.08 12:25

I would have to say its my Imagination poster, that has a background with a pitch black night sky with all the stars shinning. Whenever I look at it, it really makes you realize how big the universe really is, and how small we are in this universe.

----- Zach 05.12.08 11:47

My all-time favorite poster has to be the one I had as a kid. It was a tiny kitten looking up into the clouds, and in the clouds was a huge tiger.
On the top it said, “Dream Big”.

It’s always made me smile.

----- Kendra 05.12.08 11:47

Fave poster is a tough one. I’d say “Alone in the World”, a print done by Jordan Crane

----- LANDLINE 05.12.08 10:31

i would have to say i love this minus the bear concert poster done by matt chiabotti (typodegradeable) of denver, co. He prints all of his posters on cardboard, which gives them just a really cool texture. I learned about his stuff in a class i had in college. really great stuff.

----- nichole 05.12.08 10:25

My Zeppelin poster of course. Long live rock and roll.

----- Melanie 05.12.08 09:29

My favorite poster has a watercolor painting of a girl with blunt cut bangs wearing a green Versace dress, a Fender slung across her shoulder, standing on a tiny 4”x4” platform amidst a crowd of people. Underneath the image was something like “Rock the stage, no matter how small.” I received the handmade poster in high school and it became my mantra for the many years following.

----- lostinthepost 05.12.08 09:22

SoMe’s Wad Winter Take Over poster. A collection of outlined silhouettes filled in with all the primary colors. On the bottom there is a collection of orange bicycle riders and plenty of other various activities going on infront of a black background. There is even a Thor-type of dude holding this crazy sword kind of in the middle of the page… he’s yellow.


----- Tia 05.12.08 08:38

I love integrity, because that is what I am trying to maintain when I am going to be shutting the doors on my business.

----- michael 05.12.08 08:29

Favorite? Poster for Gattaca (The Prisoner - His Cell).

----- Jason 05.12.08 08:09

my faaavorite poster ever is one i got when i was a little kid: a poster of queen latifah that shows her kinda like she’s shouting (rawr) and it says in big type: “BLACK REIGN”. it’s aweeesssommmmeeee.

----- njeri 05.12.08 07:55

I’m not really sure if this can be called a poster per se - eh, it’s a painting, but I have it up on my wall as a poster. It’s by Gustav Klimt, and is called “The Kiss”. The blend of masculinity and femininity in the design and the subtle undertones of nature never fails to impress me. I also have it as a gelaskins.com cover on my Ipod Video, just so I can go around showing it off to everyone.

----- Kris 05.12.08 06:46

My favorite poster ever is any well designed antique style, modern political map.

----- Daniel 04.12.08 21:46

my favorite poster was rosemary’s baby, but the european version.. its a creepy baby’s hand reaching accross the poster and holding his mom’s. very amusing. you can see it at this link: http://wellmedicated.com/inspiration/50-incredible-film-posters-from-poland/

this is the poster that made me fall in love with posters in general. the design and thought behind them is amazing

----- Maggie 04.12.08 20:29

Movie Poster - Never Ending Story:
A Polish movie poster I have been attempting to track down for some time.

Gosh do I love those movies.

----- thatkidthere 04.12.08 19:58

That would have to be John Henry Alvin’s Star Wars movie poster. He was an award-winning cinematic artist and painter who illustrated some of the world’s most recognizable movie posters.

----- noel m. 04.12.08 19:43

One of the Simplicissimus pieces by Hein. The revolutionary style for the time is incredible along with the bold color pallette and elegant composition. Its really a great piece.

----- Dane 04.12.08 18:38

My favorite poster is, unfortunately, collecting dust in a storage unit, however is in no way appropriate decoration for my house. It is felt and features a masked (think, superhero) Calvin (from Calvin & Hobbes) made by my Mom for a softball team I was on. Come to think of it, it wasn’t even appropriate for the team or team name.

----- kristin 04.12.08 17:55

I love any and all Arcade Fire posters!

----- Lisa 04.12.08 17:29

I think that the most interesting and powerful poster I’ve seen is the WWI Luisitania Enlist poster. It would have to be my favorite because of the mesage that it sent. After the sinking of the Luisitania Fred Spear was commisioned to make it as a plea for young men to enlist in the military and help out our nation. The poster features a drowning woman with a baby in her hands and it really makes ou want to do something to help them. All in all its a great poster. Simple and to the point. ENLIST.

----- Caesar 04.12.08 17:14

My favorite poster has to be my list of plants poisonous to people that is hung up in my room. It’s divided into two parts: primary causes of internal poisoning and primary causes of skin and respiratory irritation. It’s pretty slammin’ considering the fact that I’ll be able to refer to this while playing around in my jungle of a backyard. It also reminds me of the good times I had waiting in the hospital while my dad did rounds visiting patients.

----- Alia A. 04.12.08 17:01

my favourite posters are usually propaganda related. i LOVE the russian revolution ascetic. but, there is a particular american ww2 poster with a cute girl, stating “she may look clean but…” the copy stated, you can’t beat the axis if you get vd…made me laugh.

----- asha 04.12.08 14:30

My favorite poster of all time is the classic Milton Glaser illustration of Bob Dylan. I think it is beautiful and is one of the most influential designer’s best works. Small Anecdote: My girlfriend’s father gave us some vinyl last year, including a first edition copy of Bob Dylan’s greatest hits. When we pulled the record out, the original Dylan poster slid out with it. We are both designers so it was like Christmas in July! Her father (not artistically inclined) had just never been interested enough to take that poster out of the case. Now, after years of not being unfolded, the poster has some creases, but will forever adorn our office walls as a source of inspiration.

----- Kenny 04.12.08 14:21

“Integrity” is the most profound in my opinion.

----- JJ 04.12.08 13:31

My favorite poster is CAKE - New Year’s Eve with MARITIME by Aesthetic Apparatus.

----- Paul O’Hearn 04.12.08 12:53

Back in college, I somehow acquired one of those back-lit theater posters for The Royal Tenenbaums. Created to be back-lit, they are printed on a transparency, so the back was a reversed image of the front. It was an awesomely designed poster to begin with, but in true doofy art student style, I put it up the reversed side so all the text was backwards.

----- Eric 04.12.08 12:37

The “Why So Serious” poster for Batman with the late great Heath Ledger.

----- DDB 04.12.08 12:36

Favorite poster? Well, Jay Ryan (of The Bird Machine in Chicago) is my favorite poster artist of all time. He creates screenprints for shows, galleries, anything really. Check out his book “100 Posters, 134 Squirrels.” I met him once and awkwardly told him how much I liked his squirrels. He was gracious but got away from me as soon as possible.


----- Natalya 04.12.08 12:10

Still Water Goes Stagnant by Matthew Woodson

As an illustrator first and a graphic designer second I can more than appreciate the integration of hand rendered ink with digital manipulation. To do mixed media like this well without diminishing the original illustration is pure talent. Like buttah.

The juxtaposition of the images give off an interesting tension, an urgency. The starkness contrasts both within the individual frames and in the composition as a whole. I react to it like a kick in the gut. The first time I saw it it took my breath away.

----- missarah 04.12.08 11:22

I have a poster from an Opera (Carmen) I saw in Florence. And I love it! Especially because it is visually pleasing, in Italian, and I was there at the Boboli Gardens.

----- Jessica 04.12.08 11:04

My nephew’s scribble from when he was 16 months. Silly and styish. It’s framed and hung next to our giant chalkboard.

----- ali 04.12.08 11:02

My favorite poster is definitely a print of Nighthawks by Hopper. It’s totally cliche, but sets the tone so right for my bedroom!

----- Lally 04.12.08 09:43

while jason sho green does more paintings than posters, i would rather his art adorn my walls than most people. my current favorite is up at http://www.jasonshogreen.com/ under 2008, it is the third painting and is called OXOX.

----- lauren michele 04.12.08 09:19

“This is a poster” poster by Obey Giant.

Great concept, and wonderfully executed.

----- Charmaine 04.12.08 09:04

All my life, I have loved posters. My mom however, loves to make fun of posters. I would come home from elementary school, quoting witty phrases from motivational posters hung around my classroom, and she would scoff at the feel-good dribble. In my teenage years, I began to buy my own posters, most with motivational phrases. Thus began the war. My father brought home a collection of anti-motivation posters. “Teamwork: none of us is as dumb as all of us”, etc. However, my favorite poster, which my whole family agreed upon, is the iconic “keep calm carry on” poster. I have the pink one hanging in my room and its become an icon for my family. I love love love the posters that are being given away, just motivational enough without being cheesy!

----- MC 04.12.08 07:57

my favourite poster has to be Chad Pugh’s science machine. Check it out.

----- Bartal Jógvansson Djurhuus 04.12.08 07:42

I really love Tadanori Yokoo’s posters from the 60’s!

----- Emma 04.12.08 07:31

My favourite poster is a really cool flyer I got for a club in Barcelona years ago. Its bright yellow with silver writing and design. I have no idea what it says or anything, it justs looks really cool.

----- missmilki 04.12.08 07:01

My favorite poster ever is the Combine Wall Lithograph from the valve store. I love Halflife 2. The US government years ago commissioned prints for the US park services that had a great look to them. I wish I had the money to buy all of those as well.

----- Daniel 04.12.08 01:18

I have a poster that i got from my sister in law, it is a van gogh piece called bedroom. It looks awesome in my dorm room and it extends my space by me being able to admire it for its beauty.

----- Patrick 03.12.08 23:04

I love the movie poster for “Jaws”, so scary, so threatening, so awesome.


----- Em Stronach 03.12.08 21:07

How absolutely motivating. I think I need to get these for an ever so negative father of mine.

----- Kalyn Meisner 03.12.08 21:00

my favourite poster features a bunch of classic penguin book covers — simple and beautiful!

----- joy 03.12.08 20:12

My favorite poster is also the One That Got Away. A summer or two ago I was lucky enough to see the Decemberists performing with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and they had the most AMAZING posters. They were long and skinny and black and white, with an old fashioned drawing of a man holding an umbrella, with orchestral instruments raining down on him. They were limited edition for the few orchestra shows, and ran out halfway through the show. I was pretty devastated.

----- Jeremy 03.12.08 19:53

A former boss presented me with a vintage map of Florence, Italy before I left to live abroad. It’s from the 1930s and is graphically gorgeous — uses only 4 colors, all muted tones of brown and blue, but looks very bold and vibrant. I guess it could be considered a poster, but I did have it matted & framed — definitely a piece I will have forever.

----- Chelsea 03.12.08 19:38

MY favorite poster is an Arcade Fire poster from their winter 05 tour. It’s blue and orange with zeppelins on the front. My friend got it for me when he went to a concert of theirs. I also really like my Ron Rege Jr. poster, which is simply too awesome for words.

----- RapidRoy 03.12.08 19:31

My fav. poster of all time was a most colorful illustration of Albert Einstein…

----- kara 03.12.08 19:11

Keep Calm and Carry On. Simple, effective, and kind of frightening all at the same time.

----- Greg 03.12.08 19:00

The poster I made for my high school’s rivalry—
it had all of the student senate seniors dressed up as Disney characters. Amazing obv.

----- Sandy 03.12.08 17:53

My favorite posters have to be the demotivators posters the sarcastic sayings on them fit my sense of humor very well. My favorite one says: “Destiny: You were meant for me. Perhaps as a punishment.”

they’re not as breathtakingly pretty as these are tho.

----- Domi 03.12.08 16:53

I love most everything over at despair.org. But, as a film guy, I think one of my favorite posters were the ones for Eternal Sunshine where the eyes were ripped off the stars’ faces and the words “Do I Know You?” are in their place. Genius marketing on that movie.

----- Ben 03.12.08 16:25

i like my halo poster it’s all shiny and embossy.

----- drewie 03.12.08 16:16

I misunderstood on my first post! My favorite poster of all time would have to be Rosie the Rivetor. I can’t imagine how empowering that must have been. Thank you for the chance to win, Jeff

----- Jeff Mayo 03.12.08 16:09

My favorite poster is a really fun print that Tara McPherson designed for a Bright Eyes/The Faint show which hangs in my bedroom. It’s a bit of girly nostalgia commemorating one of my boyf and I’s first dates back in 2005.


----- Jen Goldberg 03.12.08 16:01

futura hope street sessions!!! the limited print set

----- Roland Bango-Fi 03.12.08 15:31

my favorite poster is this tribute to shepard fairey, barack obama and my daughter:


----- roboto 03.12.08 14:44

I’ve always been partial to the work of Art Chantry- epically his stuff for Estrus Records. Every graphic design nerd should definitely check out his book Some People Can’t Surf.

----- tony 03.12.08 14:28

I actually have to go with the Amadeus movie poster. For me, no other poster and film are tied together so closely with illustration alone… i can’t look at one and not think of the other… Several pieces from the Criterion collection come close (“eyes without a face” for example), but Amadeus has claim at being my first poster I appreciated as “art” when I was a kid…and I don’t see many criterion collection posters around ;)

----- Chris Fuller 03.12.08 14:16

I looked through them all and focus is still my favorite, so bright and messy but awesome. I’d love this in my office space to help me “focus”

----- Anna 03.12.08 13:51

1968 Hildebrandt Barbarella Movie poster.

----- bryan 03.12.08 12:09

These are beautiful. I don’t know if I’ve ever had a favorite poster. I just like anything pretty that brightens up a room. When I was 12 I had a poster of Prince William…but I wouldn’t call that a favorite

----- Emily 03.12.08 11:11

I found these posters a while ago and fell in love! so often positive affirmations end up looking tacky and ridiculous but these are beautiful, inspiring, and all around amazing! My favorite is the colorful explosion, FOCUS!

----- some notes on napkins 03.12.08 11:08

My favourite poster ever is one designed for designers “Life is Fun…. if you want it” http://www.flickr.com/photos/frank-sparrow/2318343275/
Inspiring in times of complete mess

----- Margarita 03.12.08 10:58

My fav poster was when i was in elementary school, i had a huge Calvin and Hobbes poster. It was of the very last slide


it was the last cell

----- james park 03.12.08 10:55

a poster of a time magazine manh of the year with a place for “YOur face here”

----- rabbisanta 03.12.08 10:41

it may not be since i was a little child but i love this http://www.obeygiant.com/merch/Obey-Giant-Peace-Mujer.jpg not to mention those paintings made by alphonse mucha!

----- marieke 03.12.08 10:27

Hmm, my favorite poster…? I’ve never had a real poster, so probably the dried up bubblegum on my dorm room wall.

----- Lorien 03.12.08 09:50

“WAR IS OVER if you want it.” By John Lenon and Yoko Ono

I absolutely love a lot of the fancy and beautiful posters like these, and Shepard Faireys’. But the Lenon poster is the most basic and manages to send a powerful and captivating message.
I say its plain looks but bold message make it stand out from the competition.

----- ourtimes 03.12.08 09:33

it’s gotta be either the flight of the conchords with “eat, sleep, folk” or my personal favorite, the big lebowski where the dude is with maude in the bowling pose. yeah. boring.. i know … that’s why i need something more aesthetically pleasing like the ones posted above.

----- Bernard 03.12.08 09:25

My favorite poster EVER was inherited through my grandma from my uncle Tom. It is a very large promotional poster for the 1979 version of the opera Lulu by Alban Berg. It’s done in a psychedelic style, but with dark reds/oranges and a great peacock blue. My favorite part about it is that her hair spells Lulu. Very subtle and creative. I believe being around this poster so much in my childhood greatly inspired what my art has come to be today and I am very proud to be its new owner!

----- Elizabeth 03.12.08 09:10

I love the classic WPA posters. My favorite is a 1936 print by Alexander Dux. It’s a cavern scene in shades of blue. At the bottom it says, simply, “See America.” I first saw it in the Shorpy archives, which I was probably directed to by notcot. Thanks.

----- patguy 03.12.08 09:05

I love the de-motivational posters. I sometimes replace the motivational posters we have at work with those and see how long it takes before someone notices. Makes my time at work pass by faster when I have a good laugh. =)

----- Jasper 03.12.08 09:03

Just started a new job, need to decorate my walls!

----- Lindz 03.12.08 08:58

I love these inspirational posters! With the new year starting, and a new career move that will require much dedication, these posters will be excellent to help lift my spirits.

My favorite poster was one from my childhood, where Charlie Brown is standing next to Snoopy’s dog house and giving Snoopy, himself, a great big hug. I love simple posters that just make you smile and realize that no matter the difficulties you will face throughout your day, you can always turn any situation into a positive one.

----- Chele 03.12.08 08:38

posters have so many purposes! when i was younger they were just a way to express myself and cover my bedroom walls, but as i get older, i find power in posters. i love the site http://www.powertotheposter.org/, my favorite one is “What Moves You?” By Justin Kemerling.

----- shannon 03.12.08 08:19

My favorite poster is lame but still. The Romeo and Juliet poster from Baz Luhrmann’s 1996 movie. It’s the one where they are kissing in the middle and on each side just hands with guns are pointed at them and of course the classic “my only love sprung from my only hate” is across the middle.

I’ve had it since the movie came out and it always finds its way back onto my walls when I move.

----- Kathy 03.12.08 08:05

Anything by Jay Ryan, but particularly the diptych he did with Kathleen Judge for Touch and Go Records 25th anniversary party.

----- Krista 03.12.08 07:51

Favorite poster EVER? Probably Herbert Matter’s posters for Swiss Travel. Favorite Poster I’ve owned? Not so fancy, a poster of Yoko Ono’s apple on a pedestal I got at a show of hers at the New York Japan Society.

----- b 03.12.08 07:44

My favorite poster EVER was this barbie poser I had since I was four. So maybe I drew on it and it is ripped but that gives into the nostalgia.

----- Angela 03.12.08 07:26

The best poster I’ve seen was probably a black and white still/mashup from the 1956 movie Earth vs. the Flying Saucers. At first I thought it was just a poster of a 50’s film couple clutching each other in mild distress with the Eiffel Tower in the background. It was mildly interesting… until I noticed the old-school flying saucers in the sky and I had to laugh! Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find it anywhere!

----- Erin 03.12.08 07:18

my favorite posters have always come folded in with cds of my favorite bands!

----- Katie 03.12.08 07:06

I WANT TO BELIEVE and a hazy picture of an alleged UFO.

two, almost incongruous, elements that would exactly form the premise for the X-Files and the one poster that I would keep looking for, for years. Years after the show had ended, when I was already in college, I finally found a copy and it had become nostalgic at best but still it remains my favorite poster.

----- David A. 03.12.08 06:51

Picasso Sucks! http://www.flickr.com/photos/rafaelrossi/2611528503/

this was from a Counter-Culture poster exposition here in Brasil

Very cool!


----- rafael 03.12.08 06:21

Fundacja “Mam Marzenie” poster- Polish and breathtaking (for the equivalent of the Make a Wish Foundation).

it is a bird whose wings are made of branches - it wishes to fly.

----- Maggie 03.12.08 06:03

My favorite poster has long been the promotional poster released in the US for Terry Gilliam’s movie “Brazil”, in which the lead character’s alter-ego, sort of an Icarus mockup with metal armor and wings, emerges from a drawer in a skyscraper-sized filing cabinet.

As my working life involves thousands of the little cabinets and cards usually associated with old libraries, the escapism in that poster strikes me on a daily basis.

Here’s an image: http://i250.photobucket.com/albums/gg272/Cinerama123/brazil_poster.jpg

----- Rich Ard 03.12.08 05:55

There was a certain Cindy Crawford poster that played a formative part of my adolescence…

----- Ray Saunders 03.12.08 05:53

I’ve spent the last 4 or 5 years searching for a letterpress/silkscreen combo of a U2 concert poster for a show i saw once on ebay and have never seen since. it was so awesome. i still check once a week or so. sigh. but hey, these are pretty! i like the “focus” one!

----- Karlaanne 03.12.08 05:40

I bought a Laura Owens Poster for “Drawing Now: Eight Propositions” from the MOMA store my first year out of college. I was teaching in a rough area of NYC, and though my life was incredibly hectic, the poster made my bedroom (the only real place that I could escape to and be by myself in the big city) a warm and relaxing place. It’s stayed with me since and currently resides in my office.

----- Johnny 03.12.08 05:33

I always loved my Trainspotting poster with the giant withdrawl haggerd face of Renton.

----- Alex M. 03.12.08 05:33

My favorite poster is a the 1897 Four Seasons series by Alphonse Mucha (Beautiful women and chocolate). I fell in love with the art nouveau period while taking art history in college. The clean flowing lines and timeless forms always seem to bring me a small kind of peace when I look at them. Focus and Integrity echo this fluid design and seem to spark my imagination… making up stories to go with the imagery.

----- Miranda 03.12.08 05:29

Man, doubtless my fave poster of all time is the one from Iron Maiden - The World Piece Tour 83. I strongly recommend a gaze upon that for whom haven´t seem it yet. Eddie rules. But The Chemical Brothers gig poster from Jermaine Rogers rocks too.

----- Daniel Segatto 03.12.08 04:36

My favorite poster is probably the Pink Floyd one with the different girls on it. An interesting marriage of design, art and sexuality.

----- James 03.12.08 04:19

I keep changing from favorite cause I basically cannot get enough of prints! Poked Studio comes with very fun designs and I recently bought a print(Platform Games) + a pillow(Eat Pixel Dust) from them for my little cousin. When she first saw that print/pillow she was super excited and now she basically can’t stop drawing those illustrations, a little designer in the making thanks to Poked Studio! :)

----- HoodieFreak 03.12.08 04:07

Favorite poster of all time has got to be:
Toilet.Cam by Abby Gennet

What things can happen in a toilet!!!

----- pelon 03.12.08 03:16

My favorite poster is A.M. Cassandre’s L’Atlantique. I love the way Cassandre reduced the boat to such simple shapes and how he employed scale to create a larger-than-life experience with such an otherwise static image. It’s so strong and remains the one constant on my walls since the early oughts.

----- mb 03.12.08 01:03

In a way my favorite poster has some similarities to these. It is a propaganda poster from the Spanish Civil War, and like the focus and integrity posters it was meant to inspire/motivate people. I bought it when I was in junior high when I was just starting to learn Spanish and chose it out of my interest in the culture, its bright colors and the happy smile of this bronzed woman as she carried a bundle of hay rather than the meaning which I didn’t know. It said “mujeres campesinas—a la siega!” — farming women, to the field! which I later regarded with some humor. This poster got ruined over 6 years ago, but I look back on it with nostalgia because, for me, the meaning of the poster transcended just the words and it became something that inspired me as I ended up getting a degree in romance languages and linguistics.

----- Katie 03.12.08 00:57

Helles Bild-Kandinsky

----- Maximillian Wasinger 03.12.08 00:32

My favourite posters are the Russian propaganda : they have this decadent and fun aura… hard to explain but I like them verymuch !

----- Melimelo 03.12.08 00:02

My favorite poster ever is the one made by J. Cauty of the lord of the rings. I have had the poster for many years now. Even before all the movies came out. And over the years my thoughts about the poster have changed. Like a little boy my father gave me that poster because he was reading me The lord of the rings in bed. Back then the poster triggered my imagination because of the great detail and the funny man on the poster. But as great artist like John Howe and Alen Lee started to make art, you are bound to forget some of your own fantasies. But always, if I look at the poster of J. Cauty again, I remember the fantasies I use to have in my bed while my father was reading for me.

----- Salko 02.12.08 23:58

Woody Pirtle’s Stop Gun Trafficking poster, where a gun is composed of directional arrows. It’s simply fantastic.

----- Iain 02.12.08 22:47

My favorite poster is the big ole world map that hangs opposite my toilet. Not only does it have mappy things (sans Antarctica), it has most of the countries’ world flags! From this, I have learned: Nepal is the only non-rectangular flag, and Libya is the only monochromatic flag.* Now you know, should you ever go on Jeopardy!

*keep in mind, this is a bathroom map. Accuracy somewhat questionable. Tell Alex I said hello!

----- Christina 02.12.08 22:40

Best Poster Ever….The Endless Summer

----- Jen 02.12.08 22:39

Focus reminds me of everything I love about color and art.

----- Jennifer 02.12.08 22:32

My absolute favorite poster has to be the poster that has the skylines of New York and Los Angeles joined together horizontally, with the bottom negative space with the New york skyline reading “New York over L.A.” and the L.A. side reading “L.A. over New York.” It’s brilliantly cheeky, fuels the West vs East feud, and I just freaking love it.

----- Masa 02.12.08 21:35

I’d have to say the best poster I have was made by an old boyfriend. It has elements of 2D and 3D design. The 3D parts are basically letters cut out to look as if they’re popping up from the page. Best gift ever :]

----- Danielle S 02.12.08 21:16

My favorite posters had to be the ones I made in elementary school for different campaigns/class events: IE: Tracy for Class President, An apple a day keeps the dentist away, etc. They usually were horribly designed with crooked writing and stick figures but nonetheless they were designed by me and I remember being so proud of them when I was finished. ;) Thanks for bringing me back!

p.s. look at the URL in your leave a note form field for a pic of one of the posters!

----- tracy 02.12.08 21:10

How could this not be someone’s favorite print?:
It hangs on the wall to our kitchen, to impress our door to door salesmen**

----- Jessica! 02.12.08 21:10

One of my favorite posters is a rock concert poster that a friend of mine did for She Wants Revenge. He screen printed it and it’s got some red, some half tones, and some awesomeness all mixed together.

----- Jennifer H 02.12.08 21:02

my favorite poster when i was a kid was a school house rock postter with a bill on it

----- levi montez 02.12.08 21:01

Going off for college next year…I need this to spice up my dorm. It might impress the ladies I lead back to my dorm too when they see my taste for design… :)

----- Jeff 02.12.08 21:01

My walls are covered in posters.
I like band flyers a lot in general. The ones they use to advertise up coming shows. I always try to grab one for shows that I’ve been to.
I really like the work Mike Klay does. He did a wonderful “The Mountain Goats” poster i have right on my bedroom door.

----- grace 02.12.08 20:58

highly unoriginal, but I’m still quite fond of keep calm and carry on

----- emily 02.12.08 20:47

My favorite? Ork Posters’ Brooklyn Screenprint.

----- diana 02.12.08 20:36

My all-time favorite poster is a print of Frida Kahlo by Rupert Garcia. The bold lines and color represent Frida as the true icon she is. Very inspiring!

----- Sarah 02.12.08 20:16

I love any posters with alphabets. The more letters, the better!

----- Raine 02.12.08 20:15

its a tie between Alphonse Mucha’s “JOB” poster and the Summer from his “Four Seasons” The images were just so crisp and graphic for the times.

----- Shital Patel 02.12.08 20:07

Love that focus!!!!!!

----- Anthony 02.12.08 19:48

A Star Wars poster - the first birthday present my younger brother got me. I was 10.

----- Vanessa Ong 02.12.08 19:26

My favorite poster is a limited edition hand printed concert poster that I got last year at a Battles show in Chicago # 83 out of 100

----- sedf45 02.12.08 19:22

pick me! my walls are bare.

----- Boz 02.12.08 19:12

U2 Joshua Tree

----- Ayat Agah 02.12.08 19:10

my favorite poster is a combination of four, purchased at a Rilo Kiley concert. Members of the band, painted and sold in a limited number. It is my favorite thing on my wall

----- Vanessa 02.12.08 19:05

One of the most powerful posters I’ve seen is a black and white image of a falling soldier, obviously struck by a bullet, and obviously in pain. In the top right corner, in simple, bold type is the word “WHY?”

----- Johnny 02.12.08 18:53

My favorite poster is the one I got during college. It is a classic and I still have it up in the garage. It is the one with the females who have their backs painted with Pink Floyd covers. Its awesome and was a great conversation starter ;)

----- Mike O 02.12.08 18:52

MY favourite poster ever is my poster of beetles. I have had it for 16 years now. It was the first thing that I ever won. I was 6 years old and I entered a local raffle at a science store and I actually won! I was so excited because I had entered draws and giveaways before but I had never actually won before. I instantly picked the poster with the beetles on it because I thought they looked so cool with all of their colours!

----- Graeme Nathan 02.12.08 18:47

my favorite poster is flock by good shape design!

----- jennifer 02.12.08 18:38

I love my poster of the Twin Towers at night taking u 6 feet of wall in my room.

----- Evan Doyle 02.12.08 18:34

My favorite poster that I wish could have would be anything from Josef Muller-Brockmann. But I won’t have one of those for a long time.

So right now, of ones I have it would be a threeway tie between my Large Richard Neissen Constellation Chaufont poster, my Jay Ryan Ferris Bueller’s Day off poster, and my limited edition pair of Marian Bantjes “Design ignites CHange” Posters.

They don’t get lonely though, Some other Jay Ryan’s around, Sean Tubridy, Super Deluxe, Threadless Prints, and many more. These posters in the giveaway would be surrounded by great friends.

----- Josh 02.12.08 18:32

My favorite poster is by Eelus and it’s called “Tiffany for Breakfast”
It has a cat clawing the face of Audrey Hepburn on it. It makes me smile.

----- Sue 02.12.08 18:15

My favorite poster ever had a flasher doing his thing facing a larg sculpture of a nude female. The caption read “Expose yourself to art”

----- Keri 02.12.08 17:22

I really enjoy the use of color in these prints!

----- Keri 02.12.08 17:20

My favorite ever was the NKOTB poster that was given me with the heads cut out. I then further modified it by painting smiley faces and blood spatters on bright yellow ping pong balls and hanging them upside down through the empty head holes. It was quite striking in person.

And now I’ve outed myself here to anyone who ever knew me in high school… .

----- speck 02.12.08 17:19

My favorite poster is hanging in my bedroom. It’s 7 ft long and 5 ft wide and it’s a half naked man for JustCavalli Underwear. Fabulous.

----- Remy 02.12.08 17:17

Honestly, I’ve never been much into posters. Maybe because I always had a hard time finding ones that didn’t have some dumbass inspirational crap, or a band name, sprawled across them.

My favorite that I’ve seen out and about have been old medical posters, sign language posters, and “how-to’s” (i.e. how to eat sushi). Usually all done in a designer style or vintage style

----- Catherine Chandler 02.12.08 17:17

i would have to said the recent posters created by Shepard Fairey, i dont know if you seen it but it has a illustration of president elect barack obama’s face with the four letter word…hope.

----- ed 02.12.08 17:16

I have way too many favorites… But i really like the posters this dude makes: http://iso50.com/iso50.html

----- Teresa T. 02.12.08 17:12

My fav poster ever is one I had framed in my room as a kid which showed a hedgehog gazing (with love bubbles above his head) at a cactus.

----- Arezu 02.12.08 17:05

My favorite poster ever was a giant one of “The Great Wave”.

----- Eric A Stratton 02.12.08 17:03

I love these!

Working at a movie theatre, I’ve accumulated some great movie posters. But my all-time favorite poster has to be this one which advertised a concert at the Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco. Three of my favorites: The Yardbirds, The Doors, and Richie Havens!

----- Jerianne 02.12.08 17:02

My favorite poster was one I had in college of a close-up of a goat chewing leaves. He had creepy eyes.

----- Emmie 02.12.08 17:02

my favourite virtual poster is the spinning girl (http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,21985,22556281-661,00.html) i get a headache just my trying to make her spin CW then CCW and back again! its not pretty but it sure is a brain trip.

----- rachel 02.12.08 16:52

when I was small in my childhood bedroom I had a vintage poster series of african animals. when I was seven our house burned. I ended up finding one shard of paper from the posters with the geraffe’s face on it. I still have it.

----- olympia 02.12.08 16:47

My favorite poster is not really a poster, but an 11x14 print by Ryan Berkley. It’s a shark in a suit and tie and it’s awesome.

----- Joe Wasserman 02.12.08 16:30

I don’t have a favorite poster. I have favorite pieces of art, but no favorite posters.

----- LMD 02.12.08 16:27

My favorite poster is from the movie Wall-e. Such a great movie. Such a hilarious poster.

----- Collin Banko 02.12.08 16:24

I have a giant subway-sized poster from France from the movie The City of Lost Children. It’s really cool and definitely one of my favorites. I also have a couple show posters from the band Wilco that I love. But I think one of the coolest posters is one I’ve never had. It was hanging on Willow’s dorm room wall in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and it was for the fictional Buffyverse band, Dingoes Ate My Baby. Love that poster.

----- Chris Spurgin 02.12.08 16:20

My favourite poster would have to be Deep Thoughts of Homer Simpson: If something’s hard to do, then it’s not worth doing. Haha!
Therefore the Focus poster would be a good contrast, in more ways than one!

----- YuJing 02.12.08 16:18

When I was 8, I had $10 to my name from Gramma and was out to get the best birthday present ever. I managed to find at the elementary school bookfair a poster that I still own today. The background is blacki with a road moving off into the distance, constructed with what could best be described only as blue lasers and smoke. On this azure, photon highway sits a red Lamborghini Countach with tires smoking, appearing like its about to take off into the void. Finally, to balance this surreal image, the base of the poster is graced by the word “radical” in a serif font.

----- Cavan 02.12.08 16:11

It had a drawing of a tiger in the jungle and said, “Tiger, tiger burning bright, in the middle of the night.”

----- Gita Vaysburg 02.12.08 15:59

kickass designs! i would like those in my stockings.. hint hint

----- insolv1niac86 02.12.08 15:51

My favorite poster is the 2008 hallowmas world/inferno friendship society poster. It’s one of 80 or so, stenciled and stamped by the looks of it, maybe some hand painting as well. It is a skeleton in a classy suit stage diving into a sea of pumpkins. It was a really good night.

----- Kristen Goedde 02.12.08 15:49

Favorite posters? The Wolf Parade & National prints from www.TheSilentGiants.com

----- Ryan 02.12.08 15:49

I am so thrilled these are a give away…i love the organic feel and movement of these posters. As for favorite poster of all time…if i could ever find the cover of the Giving Tree as a poster that would be it! So inspiration and soothing just like RightBrainTerrain’s!

----- Kate G 02.12.08 15:48

what a wonderful way to depict nebulous concepts

----- Cindy 02.12.08 15:42

I’ve bought many beautiful posters and I love them all, but my absolute favourite is this one by danish artist Lars Ravn.. It was an absolute steal (went home and found it auctioned of at 5 x the price I paid), and by the time I came home with it I loved it more than anything else on my walls.. I was just talking to a friend of mine today about buying art, and as I told him, I’ve actually found that purchasing items like the Lars Ravn-print makes me more happy than buying tech - something I would have never guessed a few years back!

----- Benjamin A. Wendelboe 02.12.08 15:42

I would have to say that the focus poster is one of my favorites that and the relax poster.

----- Scott 02.12.08 15:30

My favourite poster is either the massive 28 Days Later one we have or the Beer drinking poster which is all about getting hammered, doing stupid crap, regretting it, but planning to do it all over again next weekend :)

----- Ian 02.12.08 15:28

My favorite poster is of a John Stockton poster i got from my Dad when i was a kid. Living in Utah and having the best Guard in Basketball on your team was something wonderful to watch. Now as for these, Focus is huge, something Stockton had every night. Me, I need patience.

----- Ben 02.12.08 15:28

My favorite poster was a vintage Rosie the Riveter poster given to me from an older relative. With the slogan “we can do it” labeled across the top.

----- Elie 02.12.08 15:26

I’ve been collecting gigposters for a number of years, and I’ve developped something of a poster obsession. While I do love my Aesthetic Apparatus Grizzly Bear posters, my favourite poster is Advice to Sink in Slowly’s “HOLD YOUR NERVE” poster. It’s a beautiful, colourful, and friendly reminder that when things get a little hectic, take a second and hold it.

----- Spencer W 02.12.08 15:23

Favorite poster ever? I don’t think I have one, though ‘Focus’ is definitely rising to that position. Ahh, I could really use some improvement in that department… heh.

----- Zorin 02.12.08 15:17

Last year I found a large roll of brown paper that someone was throwing out. It would have been such a waste if it had ended in the trash (it was completely new, the plastic was still on it), so I took it back home with me. I’ve put it up on my wall and have been adding to it all year. It’s kind of like a diary/yearbook in sharpie-doodle form. Just because of it’s personal meaning to me, it’s my favorite poster.

----- Alice 02.12.08 15:13

I once saw in someone’s office a beautiful framed photo of the words “I AM,” and the forms making up the letters were adjectives that were a combination of descriptive, and inspirational words. Very subtle.

----- Nadia 02.12.08 15:11

i just love the patience poster.

It’s just a great reflection of life where at times you can see the road you want to move forward on, but in order get on that road you have so many stops and hurdles to face. And in those stopping periods you are able to reflect on so many things.

Also “good things come to those who wait or those who have patience”

----- Norma Carballo 02.12.08 15:10

My fav is the Hang In There cat poster…..always gets me

----- Kirk 02.12.08 15:10

I’ve always loved the iconic Mohammad Ali poster where he is standing over Sonny Liston after the knockout.

In the photo Ali is posed in a fierce way. If you look closely it actually appears as though the madness on his face permeates to his right shoulder. In fact his entire arm in strained with blood flow. I guess the juxtaposition of his other side appearing calm and un-flexed really brings this home.

I find the poster terrifying but also a great reflection of the human condition (greed, power, fear, angry, etc.).

----- Jaime 02.12.08 15:05

Focus focus focus.

----- Rich 02.12.08 15:05

Shepard Fairey’s Barack Obama…

----- TQ 02.12.08 14:52

I like the patience poster…with all the stop signs.

----- myrna eisenlauer 02.12.08 14:37

I like a lot of the posters you have previewed on this site, like the si scott posters or the poster list. But I think out of this group, I like the first two, focus and integrity, best.

----- Jessica P. 02.12.08 14:36

Wow these are all beautiful. My favorite would have to be the stop signs/patience one. I also love the anchor details in the integrity one!

----- newman 02.12.08 14:32

The roots of integrity poster is spot on! Like an iceberg, integrity goes much deeper than just the trunk. Illustration GOLD!

----- Kylie Suttor 02.12.08 14:29

Love the focus one since I saw it a few months ago!

----- aldo 02.12.08 14:24

I love the integrity one!!!!

----- melissa engle 02.12.08 14:24

Actually, Focus is my favorite of their designs. And I’ve been at my job - my graphic design job no less! - for almost two years without a thing on my office walls! This would be ideal.

----- Kelly 02.12.08 14:24

i really like gig posters. no specific one comes to mind - but there are so many good ones. also, i have a poster of the team usa synchronize swimming team from the 1996 olympics (signed!) hanging in my room. hah. always gives me a laugh.

----- jacob 02.12.08 14:23

I’ve had the ego explosion and focus swirls images on my backgrounds (*one on each monitor) for a long time and I have gotten many compliments! I love this imagery and even asked for a print for Christmas! Keep up the amazing work!

----- Aaron 02.12.08 14:21

‘focus’ is beautiful but i could gain the most benefit from ‘relax.’

----- sean patrick 02.12.08 14:18

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