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Mad Scientist Alpha-blocks- 12.12.08

mystery0.jpg“A Young Mad Scientist’s First Alphabet Blocks” laser etched wood blocks from Xylocopa ~ when first spotted as .org #16975 ~ there was that instant “OMG! Must see closer!” and then the frustration of not being able to see the illustrations for every alphabet, while teased with the list of what each letter stood for… so i bought two sets… and a “mystery item” (how can you resist?)… and it is SO AWESOME!

Granted the blocks are a little smaller than i’d pictured in my mind, the detail is incredible… best use of a laser engraver ever perhaps? And i magically ended up with an Angler necklace, as if they knew it’s exactly what i wanted… SO, i’ve taken the time to photograph each and every letter of these blocks for you on the next page, in anal alphabetical order even… check them out, and long live the young mad scientists!





I couldn’t resist ~ so here’s a sloppily photoshopped pic of NOTCOT in mad scientist…

Here’s the content of my Mystery Item!

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Those are beautiful. I don’t need them but they are just lovely.

----- Aftercancer 06.01.09 21:37

as a formerly Mad Scientist myself (you still are, no I’m not), these are a Dream no a Vision realized…I must Make them mine Mu Ha Ha ha ha ha… Please send me details on where and how I can find these treasures.

Beast wishes,



----- Doctorslime 12.12.08 13:17

Wow, I think I need these…

----- Jo - i dream i can fly 12.12.08 13:04

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