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NOTCOT Giveaway 27: wejetset- 12.12.08

wejetset1.jpg TO WIN: Leave a comment ~ with where you would go if you could jet set anywhere! ENTER BY 12/15. WINNER: Rabbit in NC!

NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #27 ~ and it’s a big one! Wejetset is ready to hook one reader up with the ultimate travel upgrade, and their founder Taj knows my tastes far too well, since he picked so many NOTCOT faves in this bundle… From the incredibly sleek, can’t be missed, minimal Hideo Wakamatsu Wave (Red) Carry-on, to one of my favorite laptop sleeves, Incase Krink 15” Laptop Sleeve, to the Baxter Travel Kit from our favorite men’s line, to the adorably understated Field Notes to doodle during your trip, and even STPL Socks, so that during the security line, even your socks are looking good! Clearly Wejetset does not mess around when outfitting you for your next jetsetting adventure… here’s one way to go home for the holidays in style (and pampered comfort!)

So here’s what you can win in this instant travel makeover of a bundle (over $500 of goods!)
+ Hideo Wave (Red)
+ Baxter Travel Kit
+ Incase Krink 15” Laptop Sleeve
+ Field Notes (3 pack)
+ STPL Socks (Grey & White - 2 pairs)

So are you ready? For a chance to win this, leave a comment about where you would go if you could jet set anywhere tomorrow! I know we could all use a vacation right about now!!!

Hideo Wave (Red)

Baxter Travel Kit

Incase Krink 15” Laptop Sleeve

Field Notes (3 pack)

STPL Socks (Grey & White - 2 pairs)

TO WIN: Leave a comment ~ with where you would go if you could jet set anywhere! ENTER BY 12/15

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767 Notes

Tokyo fo sho

----- Joven 15.12.08 22:34

Paris—I’ve been dying to see an old friend there… And video iChat’s don’t cut it anymore.

----- Justin 15.12.08 21:51

England would be a dream. Ive never been overseas…but wherever the wind takes me.

----- Laura 15.12.08 21:16

If i could Jetset anywhere i would close my eyes (whilst spinning a glode) and press my finger down randomly, to find my destination. I would try to get lost on purpose and make a 8mm silent movie of all the little things, that often get missed.

----- Terrease 15.12.08 21:09

to london, for fish & chips & a good cup of earl grey…

----- Natalie 15.12.08 20:46

I would send my mother in law away in class….

----- Mia 15.12.08 20:35


----- keri 15.12.08 19:13

Absence makes the heart grows fonder. It’s true, honestly. Home is where the heart is.


Jet me home.

----- Gary 15.12.08 19:06

Sungai Petani to be with family for the holidays :)

----- Alex 15.12.08 18:50

I have not been able to travel since the summer, and this would be a great way to force myself abroad again.

----- Aaron Haifley 15.12.08 18:43

Somewhere warm!

----- Rich 15.12.08 18:24

I would go to Paris. I fell in love when I was there on my honeymoon. I would also go to Iceland, Scotland, Australia, Thailand, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Alaska, and anywhere in this country. I am inspired by the earth and its beautiful landscape.

----- Rebecca 15.12.08 18:00

i’ve never got more than a state away from new mexico…so anywhere further than that—preferably near an ocean.

----- tyler 15.12.08 17:53

I would go to a far away beach like Fiji, so my gifts go as far as i have ever gone in my life. besides a virgin beach is always a good destination!

----- Adrian 15.12.08 17:13

I’d go anywhere in the world as long as I got to take the Hideo Wave, Baxter Travel Kit, Incase Krink 15” Laptop Sleeve, Field Notes, and some STPL Socks with me. So many amazing places in this world. Something new to learn and experience with anywhere you go!

----- jenny 15.12.08 17:10


----- Christina 15.12.08 17:03


----- ALEX 15.12.08 16:15

19 degrees in Seattle last night…anywhere insanely hot. The Maldives will do.

----- Snow 15.12.08 15:58

the most beautiful place on earth: zanzibar! i strongly recommend it to everyone. it’s paradise.

----- audrey 15.12.08 15:39

I would head to Peru. Warmth and fresh fruit sound so delicious right now…

----- Colby 15.12.08 15:35

Mozambique! I missed the opportunity to visit friends earlier this year and I regret it every day.

----- breeree 15.12.08 14:57

I would jet over to London to visit some good friends i haven’t seen in some time…..

----- Jonathan 15.12.08 14:30

Korea, to find my biological mother, who I haven’t seen in 23 years.

----- Neil 15.12.08 14:04

I would go to Tangiers - though I’m more of the old Chevrolet set.

----- brian of baltimore 15.12.08 13:50

I’d jet set to Japan!

----- Jared 15.12.08 13:49


----- Sarah 15.12.08 13:42

Poggio Mertito, about an hour north of Rome, or somewhere in Provence.

----- bc 15.12.08 13:32

I would take my family to Disney World during school vacation… oh wait i already am!

----- Sara McSmith 15.12.08 13:13

I would jet set to Pluto. Poor, lonely, rejected planet.

----- Law Offices of Johnston & Johnston 15.12.08 13:03

My parents homeland, Philippines. I would like to know more about where they grew up. I’ve heard many stories about certain islands and provinces in their country, but I’d like to see it instead of imagining.

----- Joan Coco 15.12.08 12:58

I would travel to Brazil to meet my boyfriend’s family and to trek into the Amazon and try all the amazing exotic fruits that exist there!

----- Vanessa 15.12.08 12:54

Taomina, Sicily for sure, or anywhere in Sicily really

----- Nicole 15.12.08 12:26

I’d probably head back to Amsterdam…we went there on our honeymoon and didn’t experience as much as we would have liked.

----- Vane 15.12.08 12:19

santorini, greece…love the contrast of the white buildings against the mediterranean blue ocean.

----- Kim 15.12.08 12:06

Definitely go to Harbin in China for the International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival. You must check it out!

----- Joel 15.12.08 11:45

I would jet to Paris immediately! I would take all the items in this beautiful giveaway, show my family and friends how great they are, pack up my stuff and jet off to France!!!

----- Christine 15.12.08 11:34

I’d fly to Venice. Its so gorgeous there; I’ve always wanted to go. And I love Italian culture - everyone is so open and friendly with strangers!

----- Zoe Smith 15.12.08 11:07

I’d go to a cabin in the woods, fill the “Field Notes” journals with drawings of nature, roast marshmallows every night for dinner, and never come back.

----- Courtney K. 15.12.08 10:34

tokyo. hustling and bustling. then a quick jaunt to kyoto. beautiful and peaceful.

----- max 15.12.08 10:31

i would go to the Philippines right now
to see how crazy they are going for Manny Pacquiao!

i’d get some horrible t-shirts and a beaded necklace
to remember my travels.

----- jayson ramos 15.12.08 10:31

I’m got latin fever, I’d like to go to south america

----- Phillip 15.12.08 10:22


----- Dan Cowan 15.12.08 09:58

Brazil. It’s been #1 on my list for a few years.

----- tiffany 15.12.08 09:23

Capri! The intoxicating fragrance of flowers, delicate splashes of colour, recollections of a millennial past and a peaceful charm, shattered only by the shrill cry of seagulls, are just some of the magical qualities of this mythical isle.

----- Doug 15.12.08 09:15

lovely set.

I would go someplace on my ‘haven’t been there yet’ list. A list that has not been whittled down very much lately…

----- holly 15.12.08 09:04


----- IIMM 15.12.08 08:33


----- pipi 15.12.08 08:24

Well actually I don’t know if I could win due to the fact that I live in Mexico, but anyway, if I got lucky somehow, I would definitively go spend the holidays to Prague maybe and hunt some Old Continent vampires in the meantime, a hell of a ride for a vacation indeed. My second option is Paris, that city is to loose your mind with that amazing ambience of lights and luxury you can observe in the streets. And finally my third and last option would be London, and drop by in The Queen’s chamber to have a little chat about the troubling issues that worry that poor woman haha.

----- Christopher BP 15.12.08 08:05

I would like to visit Thailand.

----- brian 15.12.08 07:50

I would definitely say bora bora, its out there, you make your own way, and its perfect for exploration.

----- mike martinjuk 15.12.08 07:48

bora-bora with the mrs. Still yet to take that honeymoon trip…

----- drew 15.12.08 07:45

I would finally go to Rome, 3rd time lucky.

----- Curlylad 15.12.08 07:44

Right now I’d love to embark on an old-world inspirational tour of Europe, visiting major cities and cultural centers to tour galleries, museums and architecture. After each city stop would be a relaxing stay in the nearby countryside for a few days to enjoy local holiday traditions. From Vienna to an Alpine chateau, a stop in Paris followed by a stay en Provence, and a series of destinations encompassing sites from antiquity to the modern.

----- Anissa 15.12.08 07:29

will go to kenya and enjoy Christmas party with lion:)

----- juzz 15.12.08 07:28

France. and then Narnia?

----- natako 15.12.08 07:26

Mongolia - one of the few places in the world you’d get a truly objective point of view on the amazing prize you’re offering!

----- CK 15.12.08 06:56

I would go back to Bolivia, I have childhood friends who are there and there’s some pretty amazing stuff happening politically, I want to be there photo journaling and learning witchcraft and making dresses. My friend has a one-year-old who I haven’t met.
I miss her. I’ll be there in less than a year if I get the money.

----- Rose 15.12.08 05:04

Somewhere warm, too cold here in SWEDEN
South of the Equator!!

----- JC 15.12.08 05:04

i’ve been thinking about a return to iceland. since an autumn visit 7 years ago, i’ve wanted to go back during winter and during midnight sun.

----- janelle 15.12.08 04:42

time to jetset to Japan.

----- Richard S. 15.12.08 04:15

If I could jet off anywhere right now I would fly to Sydney to see my brother for Christmas. But on the way I would stop off for a few days on one of those luxurious tropical islands in Thailand where you live in little beach huts surrounded by blue sea and white sand. Thats where I’d recharge my batteries. Then I’d get back on the plan and fly to Sydney to surprise my brother for Christmas and he’d teach me how to surf and we’d eat Christmas cake and Barry’s tea in the sun on the beach.

----- missmilki 15.12.08 03:18

Greece. I had always wanted to fly there, and to stay there for a while and to taste it’s culture. It feels like the perfect place to get out of the grid for a while, to be disconnected from the world.

----- David A. 15.12.08 03:03

I would go to Mexico so i could introduce my boyfriend to my family. He’s very sheltered and I’d like to expose him to the world outside of tourist destinations.

----- Gabriela 15.12.08 02:58

i got so involved in my story about socks that i forgot to mention where i would go. if i could go anywhere tomorrow… it would have to be Australia… to see about a girl. long story short: cute girl loans me socks for a wedding that had staples in them. we danced. talked. she listened to me complain about the “pin” in my pants. (see previous comment) the next morning she flys back to perth. have you ever had someone who was first and last on your mind? i kept the staple in my sock.

----- djbrigidope 15.12.08 01:16

i like jeff staple designs. but its kinda interesting. staples and socks are two things that don’t combine well. i caught a staple in the sock once and imagine how pissed i was to find that the nagging stabbing sensation i thought was a pin in my pants (friends wedding and last min alterations means finish work is not an option) was just a stupid staple caught in the top of my socks.

----- djbrigidope 15.12.08 01:07

I would jet set to Salar de Uyuni, in Bolivia,
Listening to Hugh Masekela on my portable turntable,
sipping an orange flavored candy, sunglasses and a 7 inch beard,
grazing on legal blunts (the geneva convention clearly states that marijuana is legal on smoking planes in international airspace if you can get it there. catch 22 like a ..) wait for the rain and blend into the clouds, then trek across the continent in search of an ayahuasca trip and god. all the while taking field notes.

----- Justin 15.12.08 00:51

I would go back to college, i miss that place so much

----- Mitch M 14.12.08 23:58

I’d love to go to Africa one day. To experience the lifestyle of another culture and immersing myself in it.

----- Olivia Cheng 14.12.08 21:40

I’d visit St. Petersburg and then fly down to Venice (feel like I should go soon, before it totally floods over for good) to get on the Orient Express to Prague, Paris, and then London.

----- Jill 14.12.08 21:37

I would go to London, and see castles in the UK, then Italy and learn how to cook, then Australia and enjoy the weather.

----- romina 14.12.08 21:25

I would go somewhere tropical where I didn’t have to do anything except for sit in the sun, read a book, snorkel, and eat lots of mangoes.

----- neko 14.12.08 21:17

I would follow my heart and move to Holland.

----- Trevor 14.12.08 20:49


----- erin 14.12.08 20:17

I would jet to Valencia Spain in an instant!

----- Joe B 14.12.08 19:30

I would go to Florence Italy

----- Tom Venanzio 14.12.08 18:26

Morroco - could it get more romantic than Casablanca? and then go by Fez.

----- Sarah 14.12.08 18:05

I’d go to macedonia. I’m not sure what it’s like over there but the name really appeals to me for some reason.

----- Irene 14.12.08 18:04

I would go to Amazon and do survival training.

----- David Levi 14.12.08 18:02

I would love to see some big cities in Japan. I love the culture and have read about and have seen videos of how amazing the people. Also as a tech junkie I think i would have a blast… I would def have to brush up on my Japanese :)

----- Freddy Foster 14.12.08 18:00

If I could go anywhere tomorrow it would be to Georgetown, Guyana to see the town where my boyfriend was born.

----- Ani 14.12.08 17:55

I would have to say Paris, just finished watching Mes Amis Mes Amours and now feel the need to do some french style shopping, plus Christmas in Paris wouldn’t be too shabby either :D

----- Bianka Bawan 14.12.08 17:47

I would like to visit Tokyo for 2 weeks with my GF!

----- simon lin 14.12.08 17:17

Argentina- for the mountains, blossoming architectural and wine scenes, and to work on my Spanish

----- JD 14.12.08 17:16

Italy’s wine country

----- Erika 14.12.08 17:14

To visit the famous pottery towns of Japan.

----- Mara 14.12.08 17:10

I would go to Nunavut, the northernmost (and most isolated) territory of Canada. Nunavut populated primarily by Inuits and is in the arctic circle- which also makes it a prime spot for narwhal watching! I think the culture and history of the area is really interesting and it’s also pretty much been my life’s goal to see a live narwhal (and a megamouth shark- though I don’t think that will happen!).

----- ann 14.12.08 16:37

Jordan…because those socks make me want to travel afar!

----- michelle 14.12.08 16:34

Santorini and the Greek Isles in general! :) My dream vacation

----- Nadia P 14.12.08 15:56

Great Pyramids of Giza

----- Jeane 14.12.08 15:54

Kiev. I have family there, and if I were to show up with all this travel stuff I could probably convince them I’m really successful.

----- thesimplicity 14.12.08 15:53

I’d go on my honeymoon this august. We’re planning on going to the bahamas.

----- Mike 14.12.08 15:34

I would take a trip to New Zealand.

----- Zach 14.12.08 14:33

Christmas Island. Definitely.

----- iza 14.12.08 14:31

Delos, Greece, so that I can see where the twins Artemis and Apollo were born according to myth.

----- Nicole 14.12.08 14:16

to the moon and back…

----- Roland Bango-Fi 14.12.08 13:57

I have really been in the mood to chill on a beach in Tahiti or Bora Bora. That’s where I’d go to get out of the coldness of the city.

----- Daniel 14.12.08 13:48

I would go to the Galapagos Islands to check out a big turtle.

----- RJ 14.12.08 13:17

Ecuador. I want to see the Galápagos and the rain forest.

----- caroline 14.12.08 13:06

I’d go anywhere with my squeeze. Maybe Seattle? No, Australia! Oh I hope he’ll come too!

----- Kathie 14.12.08 13:00

I would go to the country in England and just enjoy some solitude.

----- myrna eisenlauer 14.12.08 12:55

I would love to spend time in Ireland. I just found out that is my family origin. I think that would be fascinating!!

----- Amy Kaherl 14.12.08 11:38

id go immediately to iceland. seriously

----- ej 14.12.08 11:21

I would jet set to London, then Paris, Italy, Russia, everywhere!
Jet setting is always an adventure, and I love adventure like none other.

----- Kendra 14.12.08 11:13

Where ever jet set would tell me to, just to use this awesome gear!

----- Evan Doyle 14.12.08 10:01

Japan, I have to say - friends to visit, and all that.

----- Phil 14.12.08 09:47

I’d go to Italy. I’ve always wanted to see where my family came from. Being an architecture student, I’d also love to spend some time studying the architecture and design there.

----- Brandon Johnston 14.12.08 09:17

England, Scotland, Ireland!

----- Twiggy 14.12.08 09:15

Jet set, now, anywhere… I hop on a plane and go into the future. Then bring back all the cool Notcotish future items! Yeah, the future.

----- Michael 14.12.08 09:07

hummmmm… Buenos Aires!!!! It´s supposedly the “place to be” these days, with it´s revealing art scene; engaging urbanistics and sofisticated locals. Yep, a good pair of socks to keep you comfortable throught the whole trip + 3 notebooks to jot down anything and everything + a laptop sleeve so you manage to bring along your “other half” (your Mac haha) + a travel kit with all your super secret cremes and, last but not least, a red Hideo Wave that makes it all possible is waht I need to be on my way tomorrow =)) And with a little luck I might even stop by Punta del Este in Uruguay for some sunbathing! Wish me luck!!

----- miines 14.12.08 09:01

I’m a lifelong politics junkie. I’d love to jet-set to Washington D.C. for innauguration week this January.

Another generous giveaway. Thank you so much!

----- Jean D. 14.12.08 08:53

I would go to switzerland, where my family is from.

----- michael 14.12.08 08:48

It’s 40 below (celsius.. so almost 0F for you americans) here where I live - some place mild would be nice. But not too hot.. I’m picky. Maybe Cyprus?

----- Kelly 14.12.08 08:42

Laos. Total contrast to all the cool gear in this giveaway. But gorgeous still with its old world charm.

----- Trish 14.12.08 07:44

Isolated in the Indian Ocean one hundred ninety nautical miles south of the Arabian Peninsula lies the island Socotra. Meaning “the island of bliss” in Sanskrit, Socotra Island is home to hundreds of rare species of floral and fauna not found anywhere else on Earth.

I would pack my Hideo Wave with just enough clothing (including my SPTL socks), my Baxter travel kit, my DLSR camera, my infrared camera, and some extra camera batteries

The Incase 15” sleeve would hold my Macbook PRO (keeping it jetset real) installed with Photoshop CS4 and Aperture - ready to churn some 0’s and 1’s on some digital images.

I would use the field notes to take reference notes on all the unique floral and fauna in Socotra Island

I would spend a couple weeks experiencing and capturing on film the most unique place on Earth.

Check this place out: http://www.darkroastedblend.com/2008/09/most-alien-looking-place-on-earth.html

----- Travis 14.12.08 07:30

TAHITI! I need warm beaches and blue water asap!

----- gkang 14.12.08 07:05

I’d leave for Bora Bora =]

----- Susan Liang 14.12.08 05:52

Ohhh I would love to be hooked up with this giveaway!!!
And I would love to go to Paris!!!

----- elle 14.12.08 04:05

I would love to visit the East Coast. DC > Philly > NYC > Boston. Perfection.

----- Andy Nahman 14.12.08 03:37

I would fly to the Philippines and to the island of Boracay, which i really heard was beautiful. I would enjoy the beach, the water, the sun and show off my new gadgets that i’m gonna win on this contest!! yeah!

----- mikko liwag 14.12.08 03:35

I would travel to Oslo, Norway, because once in Barbados I met 5 amazingly beautiful norwegian girls and have vowed to go back there to find my wife. Having all this cool gear would really help out.

----- Noah Harald 14.12.08 03:15


----- Nancy 14.12.08 01:13

I want to go to Paris, France..
and make my own photo book so it could match TVXQ’s (a boy band from korea) Bonjour Paris Photo Book…

----- Ac1d 14.12.08 00:29

Istanbul. It’s a beautiful and vibrant city. Mild nights on the Bosphorous? Can’t beat it.

----- thatkidthere 14.12.08 00:16

I would visit my cousin in Hangzhou, China.

----- Helen 14.12.08 00:14

Bogota, Colombia to visit my ex-pat friend.

----- michelle 13.12.08 23:09

Although I might go to the most extravagant places in the world like most people would want to. I would though but first I would like to visit my home country Vietnam. To visit all relatives and tell them about America!

----- Khoa P 13.12.08 22:21

I would go back to Cancun to get my absolute favorite pair of sunglasses that I dropped somewhere in a marketplace :(

----- Joshua B 13.12.08 21:55

I’d work my way from Tokyo to Hong Kong to Manila to Bangkok. ALL IN ONE WEEK. A tour of partying in every Asian metropolis!!! …And maybe back to Tokyo for good measure. I love seeing Japanese design. So forward. Perfect stop for a jetsetting designers!

----- Erick 13.12.08 21:35

I would love to visit the pyramids with my daughter while I still can and this would help

----- Norman Sherfield 13.12.08 20:22

I would jet away on a Scandinavian tour. This summer after college graduation I did the Western European countries, and I really want to see the rest now. It would be soooooo great to be able to forget about trying to find a job in this shit economy and fly away on a trip instead. WOO!O!!! I WANNA WIN!!

----- Niki M 13.12.08 20:22

as a freezing and skint aussie freelance musician in new york, i would jet home to australia to thaw out and enjoy christmas in the oppressive heat, like it’s supposed to be!
i would also bring my american fiancee, who has never been down under, or met the parents… we could enjoy the exchange rate and pretend we have money for once! oy.

----- blu_stocking 13.12.08 20:01

I would go to osaka and play russian roulet with some of that deadly blowfish and if i survive i would go on a mission of quiteray (sorry for my bad spelling) to reward/punish myself for doing such a stupid thing.

----- alexander Miranda 13.12.08 19:43

New Zealand!! It was the first place I visited overseas as a teen and I would love to go back. It is the most breathtakingly beautiful place I have ever laid eyes on!

----- Rachelle 13.12.08 19:26

India - to see the Taj Mahal!

----- Rob B. 13.12.08 19:04

I’d go visit my mother, who’s just been told that she has large growths of some sort on three internal organs. She’s waiting for an appointment with an oncologist, which are hard to get during the Christmas season.

----- Steven 13.12.08 19:02

I’d go back to Australia for a few months! To see Uluru (Ayer’s Rock) and Western Australia, Kangaroo Island, Tasmania, Sydney, and all my friends in Melbourne and Adelaide!!!

----- Catherine Chandler 13.12.08 18:51

I would fly to Tokyo, Japan. It is my dream.

----- spectrolite 13.12.08 18:47

My fantasy trip for 2009 is a multi-leg journey to visit friends far and wide: first stop, San Francisco; next up, Uganda; then, Denmark; and finally, London!

----- Sarah 13.12.08 18:44

I would go to NYC to spend Christmas with my bestfriend who I haven’t seen in 2 years and meet my bestfriend’s husband for the first time. I couldn’t attend their wedding in Belize.

----- Lisa 13.12.08 18:27

I would go to Venice before it’s completely underwater.

----- Kate Noe 13.12.08 18:26

I would jetset home. Because Dorothy really said it best, “there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…”

----- Dylan 13.12.08 18:09

My friend spent the last year in Tokyo, and after seeing all his pictures and hearing all his stories, I’d really love to check it out myself!

----- Jeremy Stern 13.12.08 17:45

In this weather, a warm vacation sounds appealling, but I think Japan would still have to be my first stop, especially with luggage like this! I would love to take a modern train ride from Tokyo towards the mountains.

----- Katie 13.12.08 17:34

I would definitely go to Socotra Island! It’d be the closest I’d get to being on an alien planet!

----- Frederick 13.12.08 17:27

I would go anywhere sunny (and cheap) with employment opportunities!

----- Molly 13.12.08 17:15

I would love to go to Vietnam and visit my stepmom, two half-brothers, and my newborn nephew…I never knew they even existed until a couple of years ago.

----- Ngoc N. 13.12.08 17:06

Brock’s Bed and Breakfast, London, England.

----- Jess 13.12.08 16:33

PARIS! Straight to the Musee d’Orsay!

----- Cam 13.12.08 16:30

Right now I would go to Paris and whole up in a cafe or an old hotel with a book. In the future if I could go anywhere, Vietnam sounds like an interesting place to travel to.

----- Lauren 13.12.08 16:28

I would definitely go to Guatemala. I was just there for two weeks visiting friends who are volunteering down there, and it is an amazingly beautiful country. The scenery and nature are fantastic, and the everyone there is so friendly and genuinely nice.

----- Karin 13.12.08 16:26

To Greece and re-live Mamma-Mia =p

----- drewie 13.12.08 16:15

I’d head straight for Las Vegas and party all night!

----- Michelle 13.12.08 16:14

Definitely China.

----- Evan 13.12.08 15:20

Australia — that’s my dream vacation. I’ll get there someday!

----- Stephanei 13.12.08 14:57

It would be have to be Spain after seeing No Reservation and Batali’s new show Spain on the road. great destination and great food! what a combo

----- Rick 13.12.08 14:51


I’d only ever go on a whim but it would be gorgeous

----- Wyatt 13.12.08 14:42

i would go to paradise;Patagonia. Exactly to Los Glacieres National Park. To visit Perito Moreno up close. google earth is not the same as the real experience… hehehe

----- arely 13.12.08 14:41

cuba undoubtedly. smoke a cigar, listen to the bands and eat spicy food all day. befriend an aged revolutionary at the bar, who tells you stories of old while he plays the occasional song on his guitar. bask in the warm rain, let the dust on the ground swirl into mud around your flip flops and between your toes. dance with the lively young men in the evenings till the sun sets, then curl up on a hammock in a small light reading Gabriel Garcia Marquez. feel alive again.

----- su 13.12.08 14:12

Prague for our honeymoon- which is overdue by almost 4 years…

----- rori zendek 13.12.08 14:02

Hrmmmmmm … So much world, so little funds. I’ve always wanted to visit Japan for the culture so I’d call that my one. Phuket, Maldives and Bali would be high up there on the list too with about a million other places.

----- Aaron High 13.12.08 13:55

i would go to the notempire! and surround myself in notbliss! with notdeliciousness and notlove!

----- sean 13.12.08 13:47

Nothing like visiting your heritage…Portugal here I come!

----- Kate G 13.12.08 13:40

I would say I’d have to go to Italy! I’m planning to go this summer, to study the architecture there and I can’t be more excited!! Not only is it beautiful there, it’s in my heritage!
I’m even learning Italian — the joke of my friends who’ve gone before me was all they could say was, “Quanto costa?”

----- Cait 13.12.08 13:37

this would be so nice for my 10 HOUR flight home tomorrow!

As much as I would love to travel anywhere new, I’d probably go back to Mauritius for the 3rd time. The food is incredible, the people are gracious, and after a semester of going to school and working full time, I need a vacation!

----- marie 13.12.08 13:36

I would immediately go to Socotra Island off of the coast of Yemen to take amazing pics of the dragon’s blood trees. And put my mac in the Incase crink awesomeness.

----- Claudia A 13.12.08 13:26

Either Russia or Prague. Russia moreso, because my great-grandfather is from there. I’m a sucker for Eastern European architecture.

----- Meghan 13.12.08 13:19

switzerland. stuff my face with choco, then go board the alps. :)

----- js 13.12.08 13:16

Moscow, to see the ice polo!

----- Natalie 13.12.08 13:08

I would hit up Europe and go and see my friend in Berne, Switzerland. I would also stop over in NY on the way back home to visit with another friend.

----- Tangelia 13.12.08 12:59

I’d fly home (Wash. DC). I haven’t been able to go home in three years. :(

----- freefallen 13.12.08 12:43

Peru! Machu Picchu is on my short list of places to visit before i die.

----- Anne 13.12.08 12:40

i would travel to yesterday.
or maybe just to Cocos Islands.

----- gabo 13.12.08 12:38


----- Amanda 13.12.08 12:35

i would go home!

----- roitsch 13.12.08 12:22

I would take a trip to anywhere outside the US. Britain maybe.

----- DDB 13.12.08 12:05


----- Sophie 13.12.08 11:43

Without question, I would “do” Europe. From French wine tasting, Italian cooking classes, Spanish culture, German beer tasting, and doing the dutiful thing by dropping by my relatives in Sweden. I’ve never been, but studied French and Italian in college, and am dying to go. Our job is to live our lives as fully as we can, and for me, that means experiencing Europe.

----- RubyGrrl42 13.12.08 11:01

i’ve been jonesin’ for some sun and [relateive] warmth, and I’ve never been to Europe, so my answer is: Greece.

----- kathryn 13.12.08 10:49

I would go searching for this mysterious and legendary place.

----- chandi 13.12.08 10:35

I’d be off to Japan. I’ve never been there, but the craziest/coolest stuff comes out of Japan and it seems like such an amazing place to visit.

----- Ian 13.12.08 10:32

I’ve been wanting to go to Iceland for I don’t know how long. And when I saw the new Sigur Ros film Heima, I wanted to go even more. This package would also be perrrrrrrrrfect for me since I’m going to London for the first time in January. Stamp #2 in my passport! huzzah!

----- Adam 13.12.08 10:27


----- Randi 13.12.08 10:27

The former Czechoslovakia (aka the Czech Republic/Slovakia) so as to prove to myself that the people at work are correct when they repeatedly tell me that I look “sooo, eastern european” with my dyed red hair, pale skin, and high forehead. I want to see if I can fit in with my nationality as well as everyone says I would.

----- Littany Supka 13.12.08 10:21

I’d quite my job in Portland and jet set to Ibiza to be with my boyfriend who’s been gone for three months with six left to go!

----- Liz 13.12.08 09:44

Bali - Indonesia - my heart lives there but i am not able to go there often because the flights are too expensive.

other then that: LONDON which i adore!

----- minion 13.12.08 09:43

I would jet off to Patagonia in South America. Just to sit back, enjoy their summer in one of the most remote and beautiful places on the planet, and no wifi/cell to bring my mind back to work!

----- Paul Prins 13.12.08 09:41

I’d go to Japan to visit one of my best friends from school. We’ve tried to make plans to see each other a few times, and it never quite worked out, but this time…

----- Amy 13.12.08 09:15

I would love to go with my husband to England to see the castles before we are too old to do it!! We’ve never had a honeymoon and we’ve been together almost 30 years and that would be a wonderful way to spend it with our new stuff!!!

----- Debbie 13.12.08 09:02

I would go to a unicef camp in Kenya. Hundreds of children and adults are living in post war areas. I would go there to understand more and help the suffering. I have friends who have been to Uganda and Rwanda. I have never been fortunate enough to have found an organization to take me.

----- Wylie Tudisco 13.12.08 08:52

I’d love to visit Italy (and Greece and Switzerland and Denmark and England and Ireland and France). Heck, let’s just call it a European tour!

----- becca 13.12.08 08:46

I would go to a unicef camp in Kenya. Hundreds of children and adults are living in post war areas. I would go there to understand more and help the suffering. I have friends who have been to Uganda and Rwanda. I have never been fortunate enough to have found an organization to take me.

----- Wylie Tudisco 13.12.08 08:46

Cairo, a radical change from where I live. To break my routine and feel like a castaway in the middle of a sea of people.

----- macarena 13.12.08 08:30

Go explore my roots in Vilnius…

----- Hayden 13.12.08 08:23

i’d go bag me a wallabee in australia

----- twinkerdill 13.12.08 08:11

home. it’s been too long. but i need family right now.

----- Lauren 13.12.08 07:52

I would go to Disney World, because it is a place where everyone is happy and everything is pure and good : ) No one ever outgrows that kind of magic.

----- Jerry 13.12.08 07:32

I would go to Vietnam! People there are amazing, food is really delicious and cheap and the weather is just great. Another dream is maldives - wonderful houses above the water. you can see the sea near and under you when you wake uo, ohhh
but as concers the reality i’d better have free week from my devastating killing mastercourse and fly to my girlfriend (london), because we haven’t seen each other for almost 3 months! it’s really crazy!

I live in Russia but here in moscow is kind a rainy and not snowing. without this super stuff and jets etc i’d ask the sky to give us soft and beautiful christmas snow)))
it’s so interesting to sit in russia and read that if people have jets they would come ^____^ Hi, Ali!

----- Anna 13.12.08 07:23

around the world - with a longer stay in India and Africa. Then off to the milky way…

----- Natalie 13.12.08 07:18

Brazil! I need to escape the cold Canadian winter!

----- Valerie 13.12.08 07:14

Hong Kong. No greater contrast than a megalopolis sitting on a beautiful island.

----- Spencer 13.12.08 07:09

Definitely London, Helsinki, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Shangai.
However, the important thing is to have a place to return.

----- Knivez 13.12.08 06:58

oh my god! to a lot of places! like stockholm in sweden, bergen in norway, liverpool in england (just to buy those funny beatles’ toys) newyork, australia and PANAMA! :D

----- marieke 13.12.08 06:43

I would jet set right on over to Reykjavik. I want to see the Northern Light.

----- rebekah 13.12.08 06:29

I would love to go to Russia.

----- Erica 13.12.08 06:08

I would love to go Russia.

----- Erica 13.12.08 06:07

I’ll Go Everywhere. Thank you very much.

----- Tribeni 13.12.08 05:47

Either Portland or the Galapagos.

----- Dan Pinto 13.12.08 05:34

Marrakech, Morocco

----- yonny 13.12.08 05:04

A trip to my inner self sounds quite ok. But South Africa is also a cool destination.

----- vanina 13.12.08 04:21

I’d go to Guatemala or Madagascar to play with those little monkeys for sure :)

----- Sven 13.12.08 03:17

This question makes me feel as if you’re giving away a trip and getting way too excited over here! I would go to Spain and eat everything, dance until I couldn’t move anymore, and drink so much sangria that I have a perma-smile throughout the duration of my stay.

This is a great give-away and I would appreciate it so much.

----- ASHLEY 13.12.08 02:52

Northern Norway, Iceland or Alaska. I’ve always wanted to do a photography project showing old men and women shoveling snow outside their houses. I have no idea why, I just think it would be good! Nice suitcase!

----- Spencer E Holtaway 13.12.08 02:45

Its sooo pretty there!

----- Tiffany 13.12.08 02:35

Shanghai, China

----- Jim M 13.12.08 01:19

please get lucky please ?!

----- brian 13.12.08 01:15

A tossup between Thailand, Ecuador and Tibet. Thailand because one of my friends went there, and got the chance to ride an elephant and feed bananas to baby monkeys. Ecuador because I studied there for six weeks and feel like I did not see nearly enough of the country - nor did I find any sloths in the Amazon, which was tragic. Tibet because I’ve just always wanted to go. It’s one of those places I’m just drawn to…

----- Maggie 13.12.08 00:59

yo, home to bel aire! no but seriously at this time of year there’s no better place than home to see my grandfather and the rest of the family. can’t wait for finals to end.

----- Kye 13.12.08 00:47


----- Arezu 13.12.08 00:38

SWEDEN! cold, but beautiful. The craft there is great.

----- wesley 13.12.08 00:26

travel to the end of the universe! =)

----- wen 13.12.08 00:07

To Taiwan.

----- lauren 13.12.08 00:03

I will jet to Hawaii because that was where I was born and I would really want to see where I was born. Furthermore, I want a warm Christmas and of course its not Christmas without snow. So when I’m in Hawaii, I will want to go scuba diving to see the snow in the sea!!

----- Steven Wong 13.12.08 00:03

DUBAI! I wanna hop the world “island to island”!!!

----- Jane Razon 12.12.08 23:39

India. No doubt. Want to have a spiritual experience there.

----- James 12.12.08 23:34

There are tons of places I would love to visit. I’ve been to Europe a few times already, would love to go back, but I think I would like to go somewhere in the continent of Asia next time around or maybe South America.

----- DRalls 12.12.08 23:31

I would jetset to Washington DC, for the Obama’s Inauguration.

----- Wyley Seals 12.12.08 23:17

If I could travel to anywhere right now, it would the rural village, where my mom and dad grew up, in China. I’ve been there as a wee, little child, and it conjures up wonderful memories whenever we reminisce about the expansive, rice fields and the overlooking, crimson sunset during the heated, summer days. For most of us, desirable locations like St. Tropez and other tourist hotspots come to mind. However, my destinations of choice are always places that matter most and at the heart of every decision.

----- eudaiphoria 12.12.08 23:08

oslo (in the summertime?). i want to visit that one tower, the one with the naked babies all over it. you know what i’m talking about? it’s horrifying.

----- judy 12.12.08 23:08

of all the places i imagine myself traveling, i would give up the world to go back home,if even for a day.

----- deanna 12.12.08 22:50

Up, up, and away!

----- aadikah 12.12.08 22:44

i would like to know what time everyones’ plane leaves!!
So I could join everyone everywhere on their jet setting adventure!

----- makuh 12.12.08 22:31

i would leave the jet running and stop by every airport in the world.
some of the best architecture is done on airports :)

----- mark 12.12.08 22:29


----- laila 12.12.08 22:28

I would love to go back to Istanbul, and finally start writing about it :)

----- susana 12.12.08 22:28

i’d jetset into your heart ^^

----- zenius 12.12.08 22:28

I am ready to jet set to Thailand or Okinawa

----- Bekka 12.12.08 22:26

……..I know its going to sound odd…Usually I wouldnt pick this place as a destination I would go to, I would say Paris, or New York…but right now I would say Dallas/Forth Worth, Texas…I know its not very glamorous, But I live in LA and I have alot of family in Texas..I was born there and moved to California when I was 3 months old, My mom would love to see her sister and my aunts house is highly decorated for the holidays…I would love a trip to go see them…If I was being completely selfish I would say Christmas in some small little english town would be magical…but in reality, Texas is where I would want to go…and that luggage is so unique I would never lose it when I went to the baggage claim! and you would be suprised the amount of culture is in Texas, the field notes books would go to good use!

----- Kirk 12.12.08 22:23

any place warm, at the moment!

----- Jessica P 12.12.08 22:17

I would jet off to Tahiti for some warmth for the winter! Thank you for the chance to win! Jeff

----- Jeff M. 12.12.08 22:16

Anywhere? Amsterdam.

----- Tyler 12.12.08 22:11

I would go to Sweden: I have taken Swedish for the past two years at my University and would love to use my fabulous new knowledge in real life!

----- Shana P. 12.12.08 22:06

I would jet far up into the atmosphere… one of those near-orbit zero-G sort of deals, to get a new and wider perspective on our beautiful planet.

----- Katie 12.12.08 21:53

I would go back home to the mountains, with my mom and brother.

----- Tracy 12.12.08 21:43

I’d have my fantastic private jet drop me in Seattle, where I had one of the best times of my life on a vacation. Then, I’d go to Tokyo and spend all of my money on whacked-out Japanese goods. :D

----- swankifiedjello 12.12.08 21:41

Venice. It seems I’m running out of time if I ever want to go considering the current flooding but I would wade through all the knee high water that is overflowing the already water filled streets if I was able to visit the Italian city of romance. I don’t know why but I’ve always been fascinated by the dying city, I even took Italian back in school when I thought one day I’d be rich and famous and could travel over there at a moments notice.

I’ll go ahead and make a deal here and now with NOTCOT and myself. If I win this giveaway, I’ll buy a plane ticket the same day. I might not have the money to truly jet set but at least my belongings would travel in style.

----- Dane 12.12.08 21:36

i’d love to go down to new zealand to take my little sister and her 2yr old daughter to a friend’s beach house (read: barebones shack) on the coromandel peninsula. eating mussels off the rocks. driftwood fires on the beach. sand in your pants. a little bit of heaven with two girls i hardly know after years away in london’s grimy east end.

nice to have to leave all creature comforts of the *normal* world behind: cellphone reception is non-existant. no landline. no power. even have to deal with an outside loo and a cold shower under the stars.

----- nik riviera 12.12.08 21:35


----- amy t 12.12.08 21:24

Calgary. I’d love to see all the family!

----- Simon 12.12.08 21:23

Well, you’re right. Everyone needs a vacation, but why just vacation when you can explore the farthest reaches of humanity? I would travel to Easter Island, Antartica to visit the only human residents - researchers, and then back up to the Kirbati island…a land in the middle of ocean, and the first land territory (previously a nation) to lose its existence to a changing climate and sea tide and Tarawa a small nearby country with 8 inhabited island.

With the Baxter travel kit by my side I’d keep skin intact in the changing climates and my suitcase, since its a Hideo will be able to withstand all the torture while keeping my stuff safe. And with the field notes and laptop sleeve I’ll be able to keep notes on how humans live in the most cut-off reaches of the world

----- bd 12.12.08 21:15

Always wanted to see Iceland

----- mike 12.12.08 21:00

Albuquerque, NM baby.

----- Alejandra 12.12.08 20:52

Some where warm. Hawaii. Sleep on the beach and pretend i might not come back.

----- Anna 12.12.08 20:39

I would love to go to Maldives!

----- kat 12.12.08 20:36

If I could go anywhere right now, it would definitely be Greece. The country is beautiful and my boyfriend and I have been trying to get enough time off to go visit his family there. These accessories would only make the trip ore enjoyable. :)

----- Julia 12.12.08 20:23

anywhere i could get some fresh powder and a couple days of snowboarding.

but thinking in reality, i leave for Boston in 2 days for work again and aruba in a month, I’m that guy who doesn’t have any luggage and the hole in the toe of the sock when i have to take my shoes off…

----- Josh 12.12.08 20:20

i want to go where the wild flowers grow, the snow flakes are soft and the sea is deep blue when bright summer sun brights above… and to have a nice window to look at all those things :)

----- Nuno Mendes 12.12.08 20:17


----- Cristalle 12.12.08 19:56

Tokyo, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Brazil.

----- trinh 12.12.08 19:50

I would go to a cabin in the middle of nowhere with my lover and enjoy the peace and quiet. I would use the time and energy to focus on what makes me happy.

----- heidi 12.12.08 19:39

Australia, since I haven’t been.

----- Jen 12.12.08 19:39

id love to go to london, then skip over to paris and madrid. ive been waiting 5 years to go to europe. with this set, id be ready to leave tomorrow.

----- cudin 12.12.08 19:14

S W E D E N !!!!!

I have been WANTING to go to Sweden soo badly, I have NO luggage and have not left the country since I was a KID, this would make me put my foot down and GO after graduation this year. Yayyy SWEDEN you call my name.

----- Jada Wu 12.12.08 19:11

I’d go to outer space on Virgin Galatic SpaceShipOne.

----- Ed Reilly 12.12.08 19:07

London, here I come! That would be my first stop.

----- Louisa 12.12.08 19:05

If I could jet set anywhere, I would go to Zimbabwe

----- Lisa 12.12.08 18:55

I would get in the car with good friends again and drive to wherever the road leads us. Crossing the country by car is one of the greatest things I have ever done and there is no better way to see this beautiful country. You can’t truly appreciate the oddity of Las Vegas until you drive miles and miles through desert until the city of sin pops up like a decadent oasis. You also can’t appreciate the food on your plate until you have driven hours and hours through farmland. There is a certain comforted feeling one gets driving out of the brashness of the east coast and into the warmth of southern hospitality.

----- Haley 12.12.08 18:43

Anywhere?!?!? Hands down Tahiti!!!!!!!!!!! :D

----- Kathleen 12.12.08 18:41

If I could jet-set anywhere, I would jet set to the ends of the universe. Maybe with the Doctor if I could.. lol

----- Victor 12.12.08 18:33

Phi Phi Island!!!
Remember “the beach”..
its south Thailand near phuket..
Small island by itself and very lush..

----- m3000 12.12.08 18:32

I would use this kit and fly off to Japan or Italy with it!

----- nikita 12.12.08 18:29

I plan on jetting to Hong Kong in Jan., these would be great!

----- jayp0411 12.12.08 18:13

Oh, I’ve been to Niece and the Isle of Greece while I’ve sipped champagne on a yacht
I’ve moved like Harlow in Monte Carlo and showed ‘em what I’ve got
I’ve been undressed by kings and I’ve seen some things that a woman ain’t supposed to see
I’ve been to paradise, but I’ve never been to me.


----- Leanna 12.12.08 18:00

First place I want to go off this continent (which I’ve never done boo hoo) is Ireland.

----- darren 12.12.08 17:58

If I could jet anywhere around the world right now, I would fly to Buenos Aires to hone my Argentinian tango skillz.

----- Veronica Fleury 12.12.08 17:55

To New York!

----- Shawn May 12.12.08 17:50

With a set like this I’d go to San Miguel de Allende and relax under the sculpted trees in the jardine. There, I’d forget all about freezing rain and the cruelty of winter.

----- Nathan 12.12.08 17:46

urumqi, china. i lived in china during sars season, and back then, there were 3 places you couldn’t go: beijing (sars), shanghai (fear of sars), and urumqi (“minority unrest”). urumqi’s been on my to-go-before-die list ever since!

----- celine 12.12.08 17:45


----- gordon 12.12.08 17:37

To get lost, wander, meander, gallivant, and roam about.

----- Patricia 12.12.08 17:34

I’d fly back to Switzerland and Italy because it’s one of my favorite places in the world.

----- Amy B. 12.12.08 17:32

Costa Rica and stay thru Christmas (hoping I would have a job when I got back)! Oh - who cares.

----- Connie 12.12.08 17:27

that red suitcase is HOT.
i’ve wanted to do the round-the-world trip, i think starting with a visit with friends in NYC. (then off to my mexico trip that’s already planned for the winter getaway.. whee! then, family in hong kong and naturally more stops in asia)

----- lindsay 12.12.08 17:22

I would fly to Italy and visit Venice…sip an espresso in a little cafe while working on some sketches of the intricate interior space I see around me…I would sit in silence, taking in the sights and sounds - until I met the woman of my dreams just sitting in the corner, alone…I would approach her and greet her with a smile overcoming the obvious language barrier by speaking solely with my eyes. We would leave, together, on a gondola and I would turn to her and say “Hey, baby, check out my sweet Krink laptop sleeve”…she would smile because she would have no idea what I just said to her. That’s how I’d know we were in love.

----- Chase Houston 12.12.08 17:11

I am jetting with three of my best friend to Japan to visit our fourth best friend who is studying aboard and who can’t afford to come for the holidays. So we’re going towards him (off of our credit cards lol) and we’re going to backpack during the holidays. and we’re sort of homeless for certain days with no japanese language skills, but we figure it will be great, no matter what, since we’re going to be altogether. haha. i’m excited to see what kind of misadventure we’re getting into, one way or another

----- Glo 12.12.08 17:10

I would travel to western most point of The Blasket Islands. If only to say that I’ve travelled to one of the western most points of a country I’ve always wanted to travel to. Once there, I’d spend the entire time looking over the Atlantic trying to see home.

----- Joshua 12.12.08 17:09

i would most likely go to spain, A. to go running with the cows
and B. to meet my long lost relatives

----- levi montez 12.12.08 17:04

Definitely Dubai or the bahamas! They both look so peaceful and beautiful!

----- Robyn 12.12.08 17:01

If I could go anywhere I’d go the east coast of Canada, stay in Nova Scotia or Newfoundland somewhere.

----- Katie 12.12.08 17:01

Some place where the exchange rate for US dollars is favorable!! Seriously though the UK, Japan or Iceland would be nice ;)

----- Robert W. 12.12.08 16:56

I’d love to visit everywhere really, but tops right now are: Japan, Prague, New York, Scotland, Iceland… I’ll stop there.

----- Kristin 12.12.08 16:36

If I could jet set anywhere, I’d pack up some dresses in my new red suitcase and fly to the beautiful and metropolitan city of Barcelona. Once there, I’d travel to Guell Park and other historic sites, taking field notes along the way. I’d sip espresso at cafes in the downtown area and type on my laptop, uploading photos that I took of the city. When it was time to relocate, I’d pack my computer up safely in its krink carrying case and make my way across the cobblestone streets of Barcelona. After eating a dinner of tapas, I’d hit the clubs along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, where the soles of my STPL socks would keep me firmly on the dance floor until the sun came up. As for the Baxter travel kit? I’d give that to my dad for Christmas, because his job takes him all over the world, and similar to his daughter, he likes to travel in style.

----- Chelli 12.12.08 16:31

I’d go to the Philippines, perfect beaches, people speak enough english, the exchange rate is huge, and the shopping ridiculously glorious with customer service up the wazoo.

----- Tagloff 12.12.08 16:27

I would go to the Philippines! Visit the land where my family came from!

----- Krissa M 12.12.08 16:27

I would love to go to South Korea, because I have a family there I never had a chance to meet. I would also love to learn about my heritage and see the culture first hand.

----- Sara Guenthner 12.12.08 16:26

I would jet to Colorado and be a snowboard bum for a week, then head to Germany and attempt to DJ, go to fashion week in Paris, work at a club in Greece, practice my Spanish at a home-stay in Barcelona, bungee in New Zealand, cruise through Antarctica, then finish off with diving in Maldives.

----- Victoria Chow 12.12.08 16:23

my dream is to visit japan

----- yariv goldfarb 12.12.08 16:17

hmm… this one is hard. sorta like walking into jerry’s deli and making a decision on what you want to eat out of the fifty page book the waitress hands you. i’ve had the good fortune to do quite a bit of traveling. every few years i jump ship from my career and backpack through a few countries. but if i had the choice RIGHT now, i’d grab a flight or make a long roadtrip up to northern canada / alaska to check out the aurora borealis. seems like the right time of year, right? northern lights over the holidays, in santa’s backyard to boot, and close to home. doesn’t sound like a bad gig at all.. :)

----- jen 12.12.08 16:12

Machu Picchu! To escape the monotony of modern life.

Those socks would help!

----- Iain 12.12.08 16:12

I would definitely jetset to Berlin to study their beautiful music & design.

----- Mitchell L 12.12.08 16:12

i would so hit tokyo with this gift set!

----- xenia 12.12.08 16:04

Hey! I’d go to New Zealand, I’m planning to go there for almost 2 years and I believe it’s going to happen in about half a year. I still have to book my flight tickets. Was thinking to upgrade my travel gear for this special occasion, so maybe you guys can help…

----- diana 12.12.08 15:58

I’ll quote Audrey (as Princess Ann in Roman Holiday), “Rome! By all means, Rome. I will cherish my visit here in memory as long as I live.”

----- Emily Wong 12.12.08 15:50

Greece. definitely Greece.

----- dmeans 12.12.08 15:42

I have always wanted to go to Ireland. I would like to see that part of europe and explore the different pubs.

----- Mike O 12.12.08 15:30

I would go to JFK and buy the cheapest ticket overseas I could find. I would spend a few days there and then head out by train or plane to my next destination. I fuigure if i just continue buying the cheapest tickets I find i could stretch my money pretty far.

I would also send the not cot crew postcards from everywhere I go!

----- brad eshbach 12.12.08 15:27

I would escape this Chicago winter.

----- patguy 12.12.08 15:26


----- Anna 12.12.08 15:25

Turkey. I’m a quarter turkish and would love to see the culture and history.

----- NKM 12.12.08 15:20

Iceland. Having not been out of the country (save Canada and the Bahamas), I’d love to be able to travel somewhere further away. Being a photographer, I’ve always been fascinated by scenes from Iceland. If I had a choice, I’d certainly go there.

----- Ronald Nause 12.12.08 15:18

I’ve always wanted to visit New Zealand. Ski and surf all in the same day.

----- Collin Banko 12.12.08 15:06

To mars, to learn why I’m such a gentle jackass. Or maybe just up to Saskatoon, SK to visit my wayward brother…

----- Matt 12.12.08 15:05

I want to go back to Vietnam to see my family!

----- Turtle 12.12.08 15:01

this would be perfect for my trip to nyc!

----- Shannin 12.12.08 15:00

I would visit the ancient ruins of Chichen Itza!

----- Aaron 12.12.08 14:53

I’m actually flying home tomorrow, and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

----- Xuchen Zhang 12.12.08 14:52

montreal, for the sweet music scene.

----- christina 12.12.08 14:52

I would go to India and have my own Darjeeling Limited experience

----- Jen 12.12.08 14:50

Denmark! I hear the people there are the happiest in the world, and I’d like to get in on that!

----- Libby 12.12.08 14:49


----- speck 12.12.08 14:48

I’d check out Nepal - I’ve always been fascinated by the Himalayas. (Maybe it’s my way of rebelling against my upbringing in the flat Midwest.)

----- PK 12.12.08 14:47

Barcelona! again!

----- Carlos 12.12.08 14:44

I’ve always been interested in visiting Italy, but I think I’d rather give my parents a trip instead, and that would be to Germany. Too bad you’re giving away travel gear instead of a free trip somewhere. :)

----- brandy 12.12.08 14:42

I would take a slow boat to French Guiana and go check out the European Space Station Launch Site and Take Photo’s of exotic wildlife.

----- Anita 12.12.08 14:32

Tierra del Fuego, because it’s the most southern point I know the name of on this side of the world.

----- Lance 12.12.08 14:28

This is a no brainer, If I could travel anywhere, it would be to the moon. Who wouldn’t want to bring such fine design into outer space? Imagine the publicity opportunity for Wetjetset!

----- Jeff 12.12.08 14:23


----- Phil 12.12.08 14:22

South America, everywhere in South America! particularly the Galapagos Islands.

----- Pina 12.12.08 14:20

Rome, Italy. Most definitely.

----- Brent 12.12.08 14:20

I would go to Prague and then Berlin. Taking photos all the way.

----- Julia! 12.12.08 14:19


CLEARLY this package is intended for jet setting/adventure having. My Krink laptop case would hold Lappy, my trusted comp that I need for navigating (ohai Google Earth!)/ social networking at all times of the day, the field notes, for duhvs…taking field notes and rad sketches of crazy shubbery. Annnnd STPL would keep my feet warm [and the pigeon’s away ;)]all day.

----- ShannonElaine 12.12.08 14:17

If I could go anywhere, I would retrace the travels of my beloved grandfather, who travelled in the Navy during WWII, and then lived and worked as an Architect (Taliesen Fellow who studied with Frank Lloyd Wright) all over the world and the US, including Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Pakistan, Hawaii, New York….
And I’d take my whole family with me!

----- Erin Emlyn 12.12.08 14:12

I would fly off to the Congo to study malaria and other diseases. It would be dangerous, fun, and wildly fantastic!

----- Christi 12.12.08 14:11

Most definately Argentina, around the area of Mar de La Plata and stuff my face with Havana alfajores and empenadas. And visit my friend who lives La Plata of course. But only after the alfajores :)

----- Marta 12.12.08 14:11

I would take it with me to Costa Rica for my destination 30th birthday party this next year :)

----- Heidi 12.12.08 14:01

Hawaii! I need to get out of this cold!

----- Laura 12.12.08 13:59

Australia, and take field notes from inside the pocket of a bouncing kangaroo! haha

side note: this would come in handy for my trip back home to Vancouver for the holidays, seeing how I stored my luggage at a relative’s place (cause I live on rez and there’s limited storage space) and all 4 of them is now gone for some reason. I was actually just thinking, “Hrm.. I need to buy a new suitcase” today! hahaha =D

----- Kim 12.12.08 13:55

I would go backpacking in Europe with my husband!!!

----- Gena Borgman 12.12.08 13:55

Bora Bora would be nice right about now

----- Caroline 12.12.08 13:53

Costa Rica…I’ve got a friend there to show me around.

----- Gina F 12.12.08 13:52

Japan, I’m a Blade Runner fan and that place is as close as we’re going to get to the future in my lifetime.

----- Rich 12.12.08 13:47

i’d go snowboarding in japan.

----- localearth 12.12.08 13:46

I’d go to Ometepe in Nicaragua, wouldn’t it be amazing to stay on a lake island that was formed by two volcanoes?

----- trevor 12.12.08 13:43

If I could go anywhere, I’d go back to Kyoto, Japan. It’s an amazinnggg place! If you mean somewhere I’ve never been before, it would be Rome!

----- rem 12.12.08 13:36

Most definately Argentina, around the area of Mar de La Plata and stuff my face with Havana alfajores and empenadas. And visit my friend who lives La Plata of course. But only after the alfajores :)

----- Marta 12.12.08 13:35

I’d like to go to Cape Town, South Africa.

Thanks for the opportunity!

----- ML 12.12.08 13:31

zoom off to japan!

----- Michelle 12.12.08 13:29

If I could go anywhere right now I think I would want to head to Tokyo

----- Deidra K 12.12.08 13:25

The Louvre, The Getty, all of The Smithsonians and any stray museum along the route from one to the other.

----- cc 12.12.08 13:18

i was trying to jetset to gotham city to try and win the heart of a certain billionaire, but my original luggage was destroyed by some crazy dude with paint on his face. halp?

----- kate 12.12.08 13:18

I’d go to London, to pursue a Fullbright Scholarship for my design thesis about “End World Hunger”

----- Anii 12.12.08 13:18

Berlin, I think.

----- Joseph Roumeliotis 12.12.08 13:15

Turkey, I want to wake up to the sound of morning prayer every morning and dig at an archaeological site outside Ankara noting such simple finds as beads and buttons in my notebook. I would go explore Cappadocia and Troy. I would eat anything I could find enjoying every bite, and go home with more pictures than I could ever hope to display.

----- Valerie 12.12.08 13:14

I would jet home to Indiana so i could be with my girlfriend and family.

----- Logan 12.12.08 13:13

I’d fly to tomorrow.

----- casey blandford 12.12.08 13:13

Somewhere Wild, anywhere new where 20” long insects are being discovered, in this tired, used old world…their are few places left unspoiled…I’d go where the plants have pitchers large enough to eat baby monkey’s…

Yes I’d go to Borneo, Maybe there I’d feel reborn
small insignificant and new in the wonder of Unspoiled Nature… and if not

At least I could get a Tan and few tropical drinks!

See ya!

----- Mike 12.12.08 13:10

I’d probably want to goto London. I love dirt, crappy weather, and thriving city life

----- luis 12.12.08 13:05

I would love to go back to Okinawa, Japan where I spent my childhood hunting for sea cucumbers and clams by the ocean, eating delicious Okinawa soba, and flying kites on the beach. It was an idyllic place to grow up and I have gone back to visit it countless times in my mind. It would be amazing to visit it for real!

----- Tiffy 12.12.08 13:05

In my dream world, Berlin. I think they’d appreciate the design of my new goods! In reality, probably New Jersey, because I miss my family and I’m tired of being 3,000 miles away from them.

----- Julie L. 12.12.08 13:04

I would go to Barcelona and live in La Boqueria :)

----- Kaitlin 12.12.08 13:04

A tropical island where I can remember what it’s like to feel warm again. It is so cold in SF!

----- V 12.12.08 13:03

I just got back from Hong Kong, Thailand, China and Cambodia, and I have only one thing to say: it’s too hot! yup. thats why I would love to go to Antarctica! (Greenland and/or Iceland is a good option as well). now, where is my coat?

----- Zlil 12.12.08 13:02

Honestly, I’d go to West Virginia (home) for Christmas, which is currently unaffordable. But in a bigger world of dreams, how about Dubai. That place seems fascinating, though not as tropical as I might like for a winter retreat.

----- Christy 12.12.08 13:02

if i could go anywhere tomorrow…..Dubai. I can’t imagine what Dubai must be like; it’s a dream world to me.

----- che 12.12.08 12:56

I’d hit Jakarta, Indonesia. I’ve been buried in the book “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” and his trips around the world have been simply titillating. Jakarta doesn’t sound like anywhere I’ve been before and I’d love to experience it’s smells, sights, fashion and people and have the wonderful experience of being someplace new.

----- Siri 12.12.08 12:55

I would go to New Jersey and I bet you are wondering why go there of all places??! Firstly, I wanted to have an original post and Hawaii and Iceland were already said. Secondly, I am originally from Jersey, so there are a bunch of family and friends (my BEST friend lives there) that I haven’t see in a while. Thirdly, they have the best “Tomato Pie”! Fourthly, they have a lot of unique shops, lots to do and the ocean! I live in Southern New Mexico and this place is lacking all of what I mentioned above!

----- Heather 12.12.08 12:55

I would go to Beijing by land starting from Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

----- pelon 12.12.08 12:48

I would go to Japan… first someplace rural and then for a few days in hectic Tokyo to soak in the culture.

----- Lukas 12.12.08 12:47

I would go to France to visit friends and make my wife very happy (assuming she’s coming with me).

----- Doug 12.12.08 12:45

I would hitchhike in style from SF to NYC, showing off my new duds, thanks to you.

----- Simon 12.12.08 12:43

I would go west. away from the City. returning, only, when the field notes were full.

----- rob 12.12.08 12:38

My latest getaway obsession is Tunisia. Explore the ruins of Carthage, trek to the Sahara, and finish up with a few days at a super luxe beach resort.

----- Erin 12.12.08 12:38

If I could go travel right now I would want to go to Switzerland and check out all the beautiful Graphic desin there!

----- Nicole 12.12.08 12:35

korea! i haven’t been back since i visited when i was six. i’ve heard ALOT has changed…

----- roboto 12.12.08 12:33

id go someplace warm…maybe florida? its too damn cold in the northeast!

----- rick 12.12.08 12:32

I took a good friend of mine to the airport yesterday so he could fly back to his home in Singapore, if I could go anywhere right now, I’d love to go see him. So for me, Singapore is where I’d like to go.

----- Bailey 12.12.08 12:31

I would go to South Africa and go check out those great white sharks

----- Kevin Phan 12.12.08 12:31

I’m leaving for New Zealand pretty soon, so I’m eager to be off. If I could go tomorrow, I would! The Bay of Islands is our first stop, where the beaches should wash away any memory of the winter storm that’s about to hit Portland, OR.

----- Susan Kelley 12.12.08 12:29

VANCOUVER!!!!!! sushi, skiing, Granville Island Beer and clean air.

all day, every day. please please please.


----- tier1dc 12.12.08 12:26

Thailand! The country is so beautiful. the beaches and resorts look so nice.

----- joyce 12.12.08 12:25

I would love to go to Australia! Its to cold in Colorado right now!!

----- Jeremy 12.12.08 12:21

Tokyo! Actually, I would take a few months off and do an entire Asian Adventure and hit up as many countries as I Can :)

----- melissa engle 12.12.08 12:20

I’d bring some of my friends to Tokyo. I’ve always wanted to go and I have a friend who’s going in April who already speaks Japanese. I’d also probably want to take my mom somewhere in the southern hemisphere or maybe to her hometown in Mexico, as we could both use a tan and she’s a working mom who could use the break.

----- Nicolas 12.12.08 12:18

I would get a hotel in Salzburg, hike during the day above the Königssee on Jenner Mtn. At night I would tour the beerhalls of Salzburg.

----- hunterbase 12.12.08 12:16

I’ll go anywhere anyone pays me to go!

In truth though I could really do with some luggage in time for my trip to Brazil.

----- phil 12.12.08 12:15

I’d go back to Istanbul with a copy of Gardner’s Art Through the Ages in hand, start at the Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque, and work my way through all the architecture across Europe and Asia. Someday.

----- Lemons 12.12.08 12:10

I’d go to Idaho. Load my luggage with some potatoes.

----- Josh 12.12.08 12:08

I would go to Brazil. It’s so hot and fun there this time of the year.

----- hydralily 12.12.08 12:05

Au Balbec, comme tous les Proustiens.

----- Mike 12.12.08 12:05


----- anne 12.12.08 12:03

I’d pack my bags and head to Iceland. I’d be helping their economy ^_^ and supporting their wonderful music scene (Amiina, Sigur Ros, Bjork etc)

----- melissa bridi 12.12.08 12:00

Zanzibar! - for spice scented tropical breezes rolling over you as you slip away into a total state of relaxation with the local fresh lime & honey coctail in hand.

----- Ela 12.12.08 11:57

I would go to southern India. Or anywhere in the indian ocean. However, keeping my fiance in mind, we probably should just go to Scotland to look at a potential grad school for his doctoral degree he’s looking into. :) either way it’d be a win-win situation for me.

----- Johanna 12.12.08 11:56

I would travel to the Philipines and see my Dad’s side of the family whom i’ve never meet before.

----- Z. Zoleta 12.12.08 11:56

HONG KONG, no question.

----- kacia 12.12.08 11:56

I’d visit Alhambra, in Spain

----- Julia 12.12.08 11:53

Backpack around asia (:

----- Chel 12.12.08 11:52

I’d jetset right on over to the airport and collect envious stares!

----- Denver Shutt 12.12.08 11:51

MADAGASCAR…i’ve wanted to go there since WAYYYY before the movies, and study the wild life that you can’t find anywhere else in the world!! it’s an obsession!

----- Ashley Kay 12.12.08 11:39

NEPAL!!! I understand that there is a mountain you can climb and watch the sunrise in complete darkness…I’d go to Nepal in a heartbeat.

----- Ashley 12.12.08 11:38

I would (and will) jetset to the Arctic to study wildlife and glaciers and the northern lights. 20 hours of darkness calls for jazzy stuff like red suitcases and studying native ecology calls for soso many field notes. My toes call (lust) for dry socks and a nice hot bath with my Inuit boyfriend and my laptop is in dire need of a cozy, but I haven’t got time to learn to knit.

In general, a spicing up of winter in Alaska is in order.

----- Elizabeth 12.12.08 11:38

I would go to Missouri, which sounds totally silly, but it’s a fact! I saw this entry, thought really hard about it, and decided that seeing all of my old friends would be the best thing.

And then I bought a plane ticket, even though I really can’t afford it. Hopefully I will be able to travel in style!

----- Taylor 12.12.08 11:33

I want to go to Kuala Lumpur for xmas to be with the love of my life who I dont see nearly enough!

----- Bobby 12.12.08 11:33

I want to go to the island I heard about on the radio - the one with the offshore banking and collapsing insides. Nauru. Yeah.

----- Allison 12.12.08 11:29

bareboat charter in seychelles. i understand it is unadulterated paradise.

new zealand would be good too.

----- dontstealmyidea 12.12.08 11:28

We just got back from Scotland (cold, wet , but thankfully beautiful) to our cold and wet home, so I’d aim for someplace warm. I’m dying to check out Argentina’s wine country.

----- Jenica 12.12.08 11:26

Right now? Amsterdam (I’m not going in to details). In a few weeks? Home to Norway for Xmas. In 5 / 6 month? New Zealand for a season of snowboarding!

----- Ina 12.12.08 11:24

I would go to irlenad for a week, and just drive around, enjoying the green!

----- Allison 12.12.08 11:24

i would love to travel around europe and see all the lovely buildings, museums and architecture :)

----- jean 12.12.08 11:22

New Zealand to start. My best friend is in the process of moving there and I’m not going to see her before she goes.

----- twoeightnine 12.12.08 11:22

If I ever had the means I’d be on Niue in the South Pacific, to experience absolute seclusion from normality in beautiful surroundings

----- Muirface 12.12.08 11:21

I’d go to Kings Cross, catch the train from Platform 9 3/4 to Hogwarts, and spend the next few days having snowball fights and drinking butterbeer with my new witch and wizard friends. Oh, and I definitely wouldn’t want to miss Christmas in the Great Hall. That’s what I’d do.

----- Megan 12.12.08 11:19

i would go straight to London, England. for the culture and to learn about America’s motherland.

----- Jeany 12.12.08 11:19

Definitely Australia

----- jennifer 12.12.08 11:19

To Tiger Canyons in South Africa for a month to help these guys (http://www.jvbigcats.co.za/livingwithtigers.htm) re-introduce tigers that were born in captivity to live out in the wild.

----- Alex 12.12.08 11:18

I’d definitely go and visit Japan. I know it might sound cliche but I’m really interested in the whole Japanese culture. Not just the high-tech and geeky stuff, but also the whole connection with nature and the ninja stuff.

----- Donald 12.12.08 11:17

back to Tours france

----- dylan 12.12.08 11:16

wow Barcelona or Dubai…

----- dave 12.12.08 11:12

I would go to the middle ages and score some giant turkey legs and get pampered by some of the fairest wenches in the land.

----- evan G 12.12.08 11:11

Nairobi, Kenya….

----- april_d 12.12.08 11:09

My first job out of college was archiving letters sent in by travelers at a Travel Agency for Seniors (55+).

Bhutan was a pretrip people could take to India, and every photo and every email raved about how special it was there and how beautiful it was. They then all went into a grumpy diatribe about how India is dirty and full of people. O_o

----- Sue 12.12.08 11:08

I would walk the 500m to my nearest supermarket and fill my ludicrously attractive luggage with 9p cans of beans. While is gaze at the exquisite contrast between said beans and said luggage I will also be preparing for nuclear war…. win!

----- theadore 12.12.08 11:07

First I would go surprise my mother for Christmas because I miss her.
From there I would wait until summer so I had money saved up and class is done and go to Greece for myself to relax from the stresses of University life, and then I’d like to travel across Africa and volunteer.

----- Vanessa 12.12.08 11:04

If i could i would take myself off to Estonia to find my roots, to meet the family i have yet to meet.

----- Julie 12.12.08 11:04

i’d go visit my friend in far away london, because a visit is long over due

----- Yael 12.12.08 11:04

Tokyo!!! hhave always wanted to visit after studying japanese in high school!

----- gray 12.12.08 11:02

Club Med Mars on Virgin Galactic.

----- x 12.12.08 10:59

to mexico… carramba!

----- veru 12.12.08 10:59

I think I would want to go to an island and strand myself there for a while.

----- KH 12.12.08 10:59

If I could jet set anywhere, I think I’d head to Germany. The only word I know is “no,” but my favorite dead philosophers are all buried there, and I think it would be mondo cool to get within FEET of their rotted corpses.

----- rose 12.12.08 10:58

I would like to travel to Florence, Italy to search for a place to live. I would love to live there for a period of my life. But to utilize the wejetset holiday giveaway i would like a weekend getaway to the Pacific Northwest to visit Queets Rain forest on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington, USA. I would take some hiking clothing, my laptop, and my camera, and day to day supplies.

----- Derek Allen 12.12.08 10:56

I’d go to Tokyo, buy one of those cool walking sticks to load up with stamps, and hike Mt. Fuji to see the sunrise. I’d stay at the Park Hyatt just so I could swim in that amazing pool, and I would eat curry, shabu shabu, ramen, yakitori and yakisoba until I couldn’t eat any more. I’d carry Men’s Pocky in my purse at all times for snacking and take pictures in front of a Beard Papa. I’d snatch up all the coolest gadgets and see if there are any other Hello Kitty appliances to keep my HK vacuum company. Then, I would take the bullet train to Kyoto, have a traditional bath, get a shiatsu massage and end the day with tea.

----- Annabel 12.12.08 10:54

For educational purposes, i’d say helskini. for leisure, the dalmatian coast.

----- allyt 12.12.08 10:53

cambodia and it’s amazing ancient ruins.

----- belle 12.12.08 10:51

I’d go to Stockholm. I’ve always wanted to go to Sweden, and I have the suspicion that it would be really excellent around the holidays!

----- jennifer 12.12.08 10:50

south pole. or lost empire of atlantis

----- alice 12.12.08 10:47

I would go away from the things of man. Not necessarily to a volcano though…

----- Sean Lee 12.12.08 10:46

anywhere anywhere? I would time travel! But on the more practical side, probably sweden, I studied the darn language for a year and a half and have had hardly a chance to use it!

----- b 12.12.08 10:44

that would be New Zealand!!!!!!!!!!!

----- Mykolas 12.12.08 10:43

hmmm…. what a hard question!! I’d have to say Thailand!

----- daisy Church 12.12.08 10:40

If I could go anywhere, I would go to Portugal and meet my pen pal!

----- Annie 12.12.08 10:39


----- Keri 12.12.08 10:38

San Francisco. The people cannot be beat!

----- Emily Bantle 12.12.08 10:36

Route 66, or what’s left of it, I have visions of hamburger diners, “Best Pie Anywhere”, a waitress named Ruby, and oversized roadside attractions fading with the sun.

----- Perry 12.12.08 10:35

I would fly to the NOTCOT headquarters and we would imbibe on whiskey drinks and delicacies the likes of which are only seen on high-end foodie blogs. We would talk of days past and loves lost. We’d take a leisurely bike ride and, when it came time to leave, we’d have a tearful goodbye and reminisce about the times we had together on our respective trips home.

----- Michael 12.12.08 10:34

I’d love to visit Japan, spending half my time in the modern parts of the country and half in old Japan.

----- Mark Michon 12.12.08 10:34

GO? If I could go anywhere, where would I go…I would go crazy. Yes. I want to go right there. It’s been a hell of a year, and going crazy sounds exactly like where I want to be right now. Even tomorrow, and maybe the next day.

----- Bovary 12.12.08 10:32


----- Matt 12.12.08 10:30

I’d go to Zagreb to experience some of the most wonderful christmas markets!

----- Jerry 12.12.08 10:29

I would go to Scotland… Visit where my Grandmother grew up.

----- Laura 12.12.08 10:28

I would go to South America to see the buildings my great grandfather built in Aregentina, Peru, and Chile that are still standing. I’ve also always wanted to go to the Galapagos islands and see all the wonders.

----- Kristin 12.12.08 10:27

I would go to Eritrea. It’s a small country bordering Red Sea. I go there annually to teach kids and never had any regrets of not doing so!

----- Dan Yoon 12.12.08 10:26

I’d go find a Swedish lover

----- Vince 12.12.08 10:26

If i could make it out anywhere it would have to be Japan. My inner eagle scout has taken me on all sorts of nature traveling, but the modernist in me wants to see just how strange and weird Japan is. They are on the cutting edge of design and fashion, not to mention some of the world’s strangest toys and people. I mean that in an awesome way :)

----- james 12.12.08 10:24

I would go to new york, ‘cause i’ve never been there.

----- Denise 12.12.08 10:22

Hands down, Madeira Island, off the coast of Portugal. Partly because it sounds incredible, and partly due to this fabulous song >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrbAyHVVYgI&feature=related

----- Justin 12.12.08 10:22

I would go to Vietnam…! And come home 30lbs heavier!
I’ve always wanted to take a trip there and smuggle home the fish sauce that you can only get there.

----- fi 12.12.08 10:21

There’s so many places, but considering the time of year, I’d have to go with Melbourne, Australia.

----- Teri 12.12.08 10:21

Argentina, Argentina, a thousand times Argentina.

I need to be a part of a culture that loves meat that much.

----- Greg 12.12.08 10:16

I wouldn’t travel anywhere. I would put all my favorite clothes into the Hideo Wave suite case and use it to carry my clothes for daily use. I would put on the the grey STPL Socks and take a rest after packing the suite case. -tyson

----- Tyson 12.12.08 10:13

I would definitely go too Japan and namely Tokyo i guess. And then travel around to enjoy the ancient history it has.

----- Justin 12.12.08 10:12

Japan, and use the field notes to sketch the fun street fashions, and use the suitcase to store me some solar powered bras and 15-inch fake eyelashes!

----- Sandy 12.12.08 10:11

When I was little my dad told me about a train that goes deep into the Canadian wilderness. He said you could see some of the most beautiful landscapes in North America from the train, which takes you to a lodge in the mountains. I’d find the train and take the journey in honor of my father, who died before he could make the trip.

----- ftapao 12.12.08 10:10

home : (

----- Chris 12.12.08 10:09

I always wanted to go to Italy.

----- shelly 12.12.08 10:04

How ‘bout sitting on a Yak in the Himalayas not far from Kathmandu. I think that would be an awesome way to see the New Year come in…and since I’m from Canada I got the gear to hit it up! There’s also pretty awesome felt design coming out of the Nepalese capital…check it out!

----- Ari 12.12.08 10:04

I’d head to the tiny town of Candelo, NSW, Australia, where my grandparents live on a farm with their dogs and donkeys and cows and chickens, and where I haven’t been for four years. I want to see them before they get too old!

----- elizabeth 12.12.08 10:03

I would go to St. Petersburg, Russia in a heartbeat… and I probably wouldn’t come back.

----- James Feess 12.12.08 10:03

I would go to Namibia! That sand looks amazing.

----- steph 12.12.08 09:58

that suitcase is so much more attractive than the one I have now!

----- liza 12.12.08 09:58

After a grueling semester of Arch School I would go to Paris and then go to the French Alps to chill. (and ski)

----- Sam R. 12.12.08 09:58

I’d go to LA to visit friends and family.

----- no names 12.12.08 09:57

I would head off to New Zealand!

----- Matt 12.12.08 09:55

I would jet off to Mongolia for the Annual Khovsgol Ice Festival. In fact, I am going to this in February! Then maybe a bit of Tokyo on the way back, and to Singapore to see my brother and his kids!

----- Jennifer Bostic 12.12.08 09:55

I’d go back to Berlin to visit my girl. Superb city as well.
Seen enough of NYC for now!

----- Rob 12.12.08 09:55

Japan handsdown.

----- Susanne 12.12.08 09:51

I am actually planning my dream jetset now - my May honeymoon to Europe, flying into Rome, out of Paris - drinking and eating our way through Italy and France. Bologna, Tuscany, Venice, Cinque Terre, Portofino, Monaco, Nice, Provence, a quick flight to Bordeaux, a drive through the Loire (including a hot air balloon ride), Champagne and finally a few days in Paris. I can’t wait - and damn would that wejetset stuff look good in all of these places. ;-)

----- Julie Julz 12.12.08 09:50

This year has been one of the most stressful years for me and I haven’t had a chance to see my family yet. My mom and my sisters are up in Oregon and I’ve only seen them once during the summer when they came down. I would like to see them for Christmas, but that would only happen in my dreams since my work won’t give enough time off to get up there and back. So, even though Oregon isn’t exactly an exotic destination to be jetsetting to, I still would love it if I could be with my family for the holidays.

----- Masa 12.12.08 09:50

Beautiful Berlin, Germany!

----- Diana 12.12.08 09:47

I’d go to Japan to visit my friends.

----- Emily 12.12.08 09:47

i would go to hong kong to practice my cantonese. then to paris to practice my french. and of course, sample all the delicious foods in both cities!

----- pamela w. 12.12.08 09:46

If I could go jetting anywhere, I’d go anywhere listed in a Dr. Seuss book.

----- Noah 12.12.08 09:43

to volunteer on an organic farm in New Zealand—-and wear your sock in the field

----- Ainsley Thompson 12.12.08 09:42

Back to the Greek Islands! Best Vacation Ever! We had it all, culture, food, art, night life, sandy warm beaches with warm water and yummy drinks.

----- ben 12.12.08 09:42

I would spend a week touring Chicago and visiting as many Frank Lloyd Wright homes. I would love to tour his home studio too!

----- Adri 12.12.08 09:41

Back to Paris…. I love that town!

----- Dustin 12.12.08 09:41

Man… go somewhere awesome for the holidays? I’ve never been to Europe, save for England, so I guess I’ll be slightly cliché and say Paris. How pretty would Paris be in Winter for Christmas? Though Barcelona is high on my list to see, too.

----- Ben 12.12.08 09:40

I would love to visit China! Thanks!

----- linda 12.12.08 09:39

New Zealand or Vietnam. As interesting as our human history is, I just want to see green stuff. sheep. rice patties. Bret & Jemaine.

----- Emily 12.12.08 09:35

I just want to leave college exams behind and go home!

----- bettes 12.12.08 09:34

If I could jetset anywhere I’d go to Osaka, Japan. I’ve heard so much about the food there, and I’d love to try it all myself. I could happily spend days there just eating food.

----- Megan 12.12.08 09:31

Anegada. See the flamingos.

----- Dillon 12.12.08 09:31

Back to Japan.

----- Ryan 12.12.08 09:31

Where WOULDN’T I go…I’d love to visit some places I’ve never been, to see them before they are inundated, like Maldives and New Zealand…but I’d also love to revisit some of my favorite places, like Venice and Montmartre.

----- Jessica P. 12.12.08 09:30

jolly ol’ England, bloke!

----- greg 12.12.08 09:28

London, anytime. Though it looks like it would hold up well in the weather, so maybe Seattle, though I’ve never been.

----- Mat 12.12.08 09:28

id pick 7 cities one on each of the 7 contients to travel to

----- ping 12.12.08 09:28

Definitely London!

----- elsa 12.12.08 09:27

I would love to go to NYC to see all the Christmas decor!

----- Lawrence 12.12.08 09:25

Anywhere today, I would Jetset to Brasil…

----- Jacob Court 12.12.08 09:24


----- Minna 12.12.08 09:24

i would go to paris or berlin

----- pr0nstar 12.12.08 09:24

I have been around half the world so even when jetsetting at this time of the year would be Singapore for New Year’s and Punta del Este in January, I would use the kit to visit the half of the world that for one reason or the other I haven’t visited yet.

I call them the “Big Three” but has nothing to do with Detroit; I am talking about China, Australia and -believe it or not- Canada!

Now -in reality- my next scheduled trip is in March from Ft. Lauderdale, FL to Annaheim, CA to attend the huge Organic Trade Fair… I think the kit would be purrr-fect and fa-bu-lous to attend that event ;)

----- Sandra 12.12.08 09:22

I’d go to Chile. It’s summer. Who have the Pacific on side and the Andes on the other.

----- Peter 12.12.08 09:21

I´d find somebody willing to cut his ears for me, then I´d go to French Polynesia, feel myself like Gauguin, searching for topless native girls, getting drunk, getting tiki and doing art where I found to be appropriate (i.e. Everywhere). I´d probably never be seen again here. Wheeee!

----- Daniel Segatto 12.12.08 09:20

I would go back to France! I did a year abroad there and fell in love with the country and the culture.

----- Karsh 12.12.08 09:18

japan and france ooh and italy… I want to go a lot of places

----- Alexis 12.12.08 09:18

Today I am in the mood for Copenhagen.

----- Erik Dahl 12.12.08 09:17

Iceland, baby, Iceland! Would love to feel like a lobster in the thermal baths!

----- Yiorgos Sethdove 12.12.08 09:15

I would like to travel the world with my wife and 3 kids. Maybe go see where her family is originally from in Finland.

----- Josh Read 12.12.08 09:14

I would love to go to France, Italy, or Sweden

----- Derrick 12.12.08 09:13

I would bring a friend and go to Istanbul

----- kavin 12.12.08 09:13

I’d go to Iceland. Their currency has collapsed, so with my several hundred dollars in savings I’d live like a king on the volcanos and ice floes!

----- walker 12.12.08 09:09

I would take that kit and go to Shanghai, China. Where I hopfully will have my internship if everything turns out right!. The weelie is perfect for all my stuff I need to bring, like clothes. The grooming kit obviously for keeping a nice appearance. The laptop sleeve will fit my MacBook Pro perfectly. Field notes for all those creative ideas I get when I’m on the run. And last but not least - who doesn’t need a good pair of socks?

----- Martin Ohlsson 12.12.08 09:08

I want to go to Iceland in the summer! It’s so beautiful there (and affordable right now!)

----- Alicia Neal 12.12.08 09:07

OOoh! My mother is going on her first cruise.. This would be a fab gift for her!

----- Jenna T. 12.12.08 09:04

I’d probably like to see where I was born, Blantyre, Malawi. I left when I was 4, and have very little recollection, except through photos. It would be nice to reconnect, and discover where & what I came from. Its an odd feeling to not know where you came from… Discovering who you are could possibly the best thing anyone could ever give someone.

----- Michael Chapman 12.12.08 09:03

My wife and I would love to travel to Scandinavia next year. Our birthdays are 2 days apart and she will be turning forty so we want to do something special. If we don’t, the family will plan a Vegas weekend like they have done for others turning forty and we can’t stand that.

----- Paul King 12.12.08 09:02

If I could jet set anywhere I would go over to Antarctica. I know many will think what a waste, but the sights there should be amazing in this time of year since its experiencing a long day. Even if the light show is better when its night over there I’d love to take lots of frames of the landscape and the fauna which I fear someday wont exist for any of us.

----- Javi 12.12.08 09:02

Poland. I just came back from there and it snowed early just for me, the last week right before I left, really intensely, no one could believe it snowed so early, and then it all melted right before I left. It really felt like it was all for me because it was the first time I’d ever experienced snow. So I’d go again to surprise all the cool friends I made during my short stay, and experience what snow is like to ski in on the mountains.

----- Mofa 12.12.08 08:57

I would jet set back to singapore for some good and cheap chicken rice. That would hit the spot about now.

----- robert q 12.12.08 08:54

The island of Roratonga in the South Pacific. It’s been on my list for a very long time and it’s time to make it happen.

----- Einar Johnson 12.12.08 08:50

FIJI all the way! Halfway around the world, blue water and sky, hot yellow sun, peaceful culture and people.

One day…

----- Phillip 12.12.08 08:48

If if could jet off anywhere tomorrow? Hmmm… anywhere but college finals. I’d love to spend the weekend in NYC, I might even be able to finish my Christmas shopping.

----- Nina 12.12.08 08:48

First I’d go to Berlin, stay at the awesome Ritz they have there, and make sure I get a visit to the Sony Center (Helmut Jahn!!!). I’d sample the cuisine and then take a trip to Wolfsburg to visit the Volkswagen factory, and take a drive on their test track in an Audi S5 or R8—hopefully both!

Off to London to take an architectural tour and visit the Tate. I love London and their street markets (Portobello and such). I’d stop up in Glasgow for a drink and visit the Castle in Edinburgh, and a Scotch tasting along the way. I’d make sure to take the train to Edinburgh during the day so I can take a few pictures of the Firth of Fourth bridge (it’s awesome!). If there were time I’d like to visit the Laphroaig distillery, which is my favorite Scotch.

Dublin would be next—I’ve heard good things and have always had an obsession for Irish culture.

Then Amsterdam. I’ve never been, but the pictures look amazing. I have a lust for old architecture and the history of European towns. I love America, but everything seems so planned out and nothing has long and illustrious histories like some of the European towns have. And everything just seems so romantic.

I’d visit Switzerland and take a tour of the watchmakers and then go to the top of Jungfrau on their old trains.

I’d love to stop in France for a few wine-tasting tours (and dinner on the river?). Then it’s on to Prague, which looks so beautiful under a blanket of snow. A quick shopping trip to Milan and Monte Carlo, and then I’d have to start thinking about heading back home. If there were time I’d like to go to Oslo. I like the kind of trips where you get to “choose your own adventure”, and not too much is planned out for you, so you really get to do what you want and allows room for discovery. I really can’t see another Madame Tussauds again…

The problem with this style of travel is that it costs a lot of money, which I don’t have. But maybe one day I will, and this is what I’d do with it.

----- Rick C 12.12.08 08:47

being in college and already graduating there’s no time for a vacation, i wish i could go to the philippines and enjoy a smoldering hot christmas by the beach. plus i haven’t been there since 1999, it’s been a long time since i’ve seen some of my family members. also the fireworks can be cheaply bought anywhere!

----- labraji 12.12.08 08:47

St. Barth’s.. I miss it..

----- andrea 12.12.08 08:47

trace darwins’ path down Chile

----- chris 12.12.08 08:47

Back to London! Too little time last visit, too much left to see.

----- Amy W. 12.12.08 08:47

This isn’t the best time of year for it, but I would go to Istanbul- I’m a first generation Turkish-American, and I’ve been feeling the ache for Istanbul for the past month and a half. I’m waiting on a grant that would send me there this spring to make photographs and write a book of poetry/photographs about being American and being “something else”. It will have been ten years since the last time I’ve gone- most of my travels recently have been stateside.

The Hideo is lovely- the sweet cherry red looks like the physical embodiment of travel, doesn’t it?

----- Cole Sarar 12.12.08 08:45

I would go to Japan

----- Myles 12.12.08 08:43

The Galapagos Islands!

----- Joe 12.12.08 08:43

I would go to Berlin and then travel around until I ended up in Moscow.

----- Max 12.12.08 08:42


----- Ngilbert 12.12.08 08:41

Do I have to choose just one? Probably Japan… after my one hour in the Tokyo airport, I’ve always wanted to spend more time there.

----- April 12.12.08 08:40

I would go see my family in Wales… its been 9 years!

----- Elle 12.12.08 08:37

Sweden so I could stay in the Ice Hotel!

----- kris 12.12.08 08:35

New york New York! If only I could live out there permanently! :(

----- Marc 12.12.08 08:35

I would jetset to every known place on the earth and i wouldn’t stop until i’ve visited them all. But first, i would love to go to Russia to see the lovely architecture.

----- grace 12.12.08 08:35

corsica - there is a woman there who nurses her 4 year-old child while wearing heels and walking along cobblestone

i want to see that

----- Daniel 12.12.08 08:34

I would go surprise my husband, by comming home early for christmas being that we work and live 3000 miles apart! And I would have more than enough space to bring him surprises ;)

----- Anne-Lise 12.12.08 08:33

Tokyo with my brother for a few weeks, and then to Europe, and finally New York.

Man I love flying.

----- pixellated spiff 12.12.08 08:32

Simple >>> The One and Only resort in Cabo. I need a few days of nothing to relax my brain.

----- Tuttle 12.12.08 08:31


----- Nick Franco 12.12.08 08:29

around the world. need i say more?

----- chouco 12.12.08 08:27

I jetset - so please upgrade me to we jetset!!

----- Janosch 12.12.08 08:26

If only I could get on the plane with my best friend tomorrow rather than drop him off at the airport.

I’m excited to be done with school for a bit but sad to be so far from everyone, and I feel like he and I need to reconnect and leave drama behind; I need to remember what’s important.

----- Cameron 12.12.08 08:26

Heaven on Earth: MACHU PICCHU

----- Misha P 12.12.08 08:24

Alabama….don’t judge

----- Derrick 12.12.08 08:19

I’d love to explore every inch of France. I’ve been twice, but both times only to Paris. I also have a really strong urge to go to Cincinnati to eat graeters ice cream.

----- Allison 12.12.08 08:19

Japan. I must go to Japan before my spirit leaves this planet. It’s somewhere that I’ve wanted to go for a long time. Just for the hip-hop scene, the electronics and arcades alone is enough for me to want to check it out.

----- Dee Phunk 12.12.08 08:17

I would go to Hawaii, because I have never been and this crazy winter nonsense is so dreary!

----- Melissa 12.12.08 08:16

i would leave for prague.

i spent a few days there on a train trip around eastern europe and i absolutely loved it. the people were wonderful and there was so much history. not to mention the amazingly frigid weather!


----- taylor 12.12.08 08:12

Hawaii. Where else haha.

----- Stephanie Howard 12.12.08 08:11

Thailand. I’ve wanted to go now for over 5 years.

----- Jaime 12.12.08 08:08

I’d plan a surprise trip for my best friend’s 30th birthday to India. Ever since we were in high school we’ve wished aloud that we should go but now that we live on opposite coasts, we never seem to be able to coordinate times to catch up on the phone let alone plan a trip halfway around the world. She’s been bummed about work and her (lack of) guy relationships so a trip like this where we get to spend some QT together would certainly do us both some good. Taj Mahal, here we come!

----- MMM 12.12.08 08:06

i just arrived in hong kong yesterday from SFO but i’d love to go to Australia! in the mean time i’m having a great time in HK. :)

----- edgar 12.12.08 08:05

I would love to visit Florence, Italy.

----- TANK 12.12.08 08:05

I would go to japan. Such an awesome place. I think I would go just to try out all of the odd vending machines.

----- Tyler 12.12.08 08:03

Thailand!!! I’ve always heard amazing things about visiting there, have always wanted to go and explore! :)

----- Stacy B. 12.12.08 08:01

Actually that’s where I’m going for Xmas. Benburb, Newry, Belfast etc.

----- Cheryl 12.12.08 08:01

If I could ask for anything I´d go to Tokyo to see my mum for chrismas since I havent been able to travel there and see her for 3 years.

----- Mattias 12.12.08 08:00

I’d head back home to Alaska to see my family and friends who I miss dearly. It’s hard living so far away from everything you know and love.

----- Michelle U 12.12.08 07:59

i will go every where my loved one want to go

----- mikenj 12.12.08 07:59

I would jetset to the other side of the world… take on australia and new zealand and learn to surf and take photos for days.

----- Rosanna U 12.12.08 07:58

If I could travel anywhere, I’d do an art tour of Europe. I’d look at art and architecture in France, Italy, Spain, England, Austria, Greece, … on and on. I feel so art-starved here in the US, though I do have some travel planned next year for US art.

----- Laura 12.12.08 07:57

base jump off angel falls

----- Pete-Rock 12.12.08 07:54

If I could jet set anywhere I’d have to go somewhere tropical so I could take my wife. Probably off to the Caribbean to sit on a beach, drink foo-foo drinks and write love poems in the Field Notes books.

----- Danny 12.12.08 07:52

Japan is an island way across the sea
I’ve never been there but I’ve heard of the scenery

----- Eric 12.12.08 07:51

Definitely New York.

Always wanted to go there :(

----- Joe Montefusco 12.12.08 07:51

Italy. I have always wanted to go since I was a teenager.

----- Angel 12.12.08 07:50

If I could go anywhere tomorrow, I would travel to D.C. to visit my exboyfriend. Tell him how much I love him and want to make things work because experiencing all the wonderful things in life is pointless if you don’t have anyone to share them with.

----- Damann 12.12.08 07:49

Japan, for a New Year visit to a temple to make a wish for the world (and to find Haruki Murakami’s talking cats)

----- katrina 12.12.08 07:48

Clarksville, TN so I could see my buddies before they ship out for yet another fifteen month tour in the middle east.

----- Todd 12.12.08 07:46

Hmm…I hear New Zealand is nice this time of year.

----- Rudy 12.12.08 07:46

I would go to the NOTCOT office and give everyone there a big hug. And a slap on the ass. You guys/gals rock.

----- cody taggart 12.12.08 07:45

Anywhere with fresh powder, looks like Steamboat just got 12 inches last night…

----- Jason 12.12.08 07:45

1 word. paris.
another word. ASAP.

i am in love with that suitcase. mmmmm red.

----- Karlaanne 12.12.08 07:41

Oh.. Dubai! In a heartbeat!

----- B. Oyedijo 12.12.08 07:41

HEY! This is awesome and generous and heretofore shall be known as an Awesomely Generous Set of Sites to Behold! I think i would go to Capetown and linger near the beach, flashing my new gear, positioning myself for WORLD CUP! Then with my 2nd and 3rd Field Notes book, i’d hit Brazil and Cuba…

----- jesse 12.12.08 07:41

Barcelona. For a really long, relaxed dinner that lasts a couple weeks.

----- Andrew 12.12.08 07:41


----- awolf 12.12.08 07:39

I would go to Northern Europe (Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki, & Oslo) to check out all of the amazing designs and products!

----- Aimee Wilder 12.12.08 07:37

I would go to Northern Europe (Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki, & Oslo) to check out all of the amazing designs and products!

----- Aimee Wilder 12.12.08 07:37

I would want to travel the world, and to the moon if I could. If I could choose one place, I would have to say Patagonia in Wejetset style! Always wanted to go, but not having the time and money is difficult.

----- Brian 12.12.08 07:36

I’d go to my ultimate dream destination—Santorini, Greece.

----- Hanna 12.12.08 07:35

Back to Africa to explore all the great countries there

----- Jason 12.12.08 07:35

I would really like to visit China, perhaps visit Hong Kong for some photography!

----- Carl Heindl 12.12.08 07:35

yes pleaseee!

----- josh Mervis 12.12.08 07:35


----- Simone 12.12.08 07:33

from here to TIMBUKTU

This Malian city was once the intellectual & Spritual cpaital of Africa.
I plan to make it that way again, all while dancing to the sound of the drums.

n.b Timbukto is primarily made of mud.

The rich king of Tombuto hath many plates and sceptres of gold, some whereof weigh 1300 pounds. … He hath always 3000 horsemen … (and) a great store of doctors, judges, priests, and other learned men, that are bountifully maintained at the king’s expense’
- Leo Africanus 1512


----- Akshay Sardana 12.12.08 07:33

i’d jet out of this miserable New England weather and find myself in the warm and beautiful Seychelles.

----- Anner 12.12.08 07:32

if i could go anywhere in the world right now, it would definitely be to Sydney, Australia with my boyfriend to visit our best friend Gabriel and spend New Year’s with her overlooking Sydney harbour! We have been oceans apart since our MBA program ended and I am dying to see her, her family and her beautiful country!

----- erinn 12.12.08 07:31

I’d go to the Inaccessible Island 37°18′20″S 12°41′10″W

----- Phil 12.12.08 07:31

i would hike to the top of K2 with my Hideo on my back just for the photo op. then Hideo could use the picture on all their promotional material…it would be the nicest piece of luggage ever to make it to the top of a mountain.

----- Jonathan McCreary 12.12.08 07:30

I guess it depends, long vacation or short? Short, Ice hotel. Long, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Japan, Australia… It would have to be a really long vacation.

----- Elizabeth 12.12.08 07:29

I’d like to go somewhere in Europe where I can go out until 6 in the morning… on a a weekday.

----- Jacob Heer 12.12.08 07:29

Machu Picchu!

----- Kevin 12.12.08 07:29

With this set I really have to travel to Paris, enjoy dinner at the Jules Verne restaurant in the Eiffel Tower, write down the ponderings of life between the courses, go to the Buddha Bar afterwards for a drink and sleep of the night at the George V and start in the morning with a champagne breakfast.
Oh, how simple can the beauty of life be!

----- Jeroen 12.12.08 07:28

Having not vacationed in three years I’m fairly certain any destination more than 40 miles from my home would do, but if I could choose ANYwhere, I’d love to go to New Zealand (esp. now because it’s summer there). I’ve heard nothing about how beautiful it is and how nice the locals are, I think a photo safari of the whole place is in order.

----- Tony 12.12.08 07:26

I’d go to Ecuador, Japan, Spain, Italy, and Paris. I want to travel the world before it becomes a fad.

----- Lazarou 12.12.08 07:26

If I could leave tomorrow, I’d go straight to Tokyo. Eat real sushi, buy some awesome toys, go see tons of shrines and temples, and I’d totally check out Mt. Fuji. There would be tons of pictures to share on notcot too ;)

----- Allen 12.12.08 07:25

I would love to go to the Seychelles islands in the Indian ocean.

----- Gaurav Fernandes 12.12.08 07:24

I want to see London!

----- Emelie H 12.12.08 07:24

I’d like to travel to Australia (north of Sidney) where there is a 1 million acre dude ranch with lots o’ crocks!

----- Billy 12.12.08 07:23

I would go to cuba cause it’s so awesome and a must visit before Fidel dies.

----- aryn drake-lee 12.12.08 07:23

Barcelona. We were supposed to travel there in early 2009, but financial concerns put the plan on hold indefinitely.

----- Krista 12.12.08 07:22

Tasmania, to see if i can locate their awesome Australian marsupial known as the infamous Taz & kick it for a week or so in the bush!

----- Chelsea Nordstrom 12.12.08 07:22

London > Paris > Berlin > Tokyo > L.A. > N.Y. > Santiago > Rio de Janeiro

----- Tami 12.12.08 07:21

I’ve always wanted to see Angkor Wat.

----- Lee 12.12.08 07:21

The Balearic Islands, mainly Ibiza.

----- Greg 12.12.08 07:20

I would go to Palm Springs and sit by the pool.

----- Joe Gorecki 12.12.08 07:19

Oh, I’m in Chicago where it’s -2! I would go to Fiji to sit on the beach and get warm!

----- Kelsey 12.12.08 07:19

Italy! I would visit anything there is to visit, eat proscuitto, and get lost in the ways of the Italians.
I would then come back home completly broke and will have to face the consequences.

----- ourtimes 12.12.08 07:19

I would enter the Airport. I would buy a ticket for somewhere terribly urban, someplace I had never been— Montreal or London or Prague. And then, once I was past the security, once I had boarded my plane and disembarked at such an unfamiliar airport, I would reach the opposite security checkpoint, and then I would turn back into the loving arms of the terminal, and I would sit in one of the restaurants, and I would write stories. I would send them out electronically, and I would do this for years. At least two, buying random plane tickets and visiting unfamiliar airports all over the world, never passing out of security unless escorted forcibly. Well, perhaps once, to stay in that spinning hotel in Dubai. Because you know, that is pretty cool.

----- Rabbit 12.12.08 07:18

That red suitcase is just dandy!

----- arodger 12.12.08 07:18

I’m heading to Paris for the marathon in April. It will be my first international trip, and it would be wonderful to be able to arrive in style.

----- e 12.12.08 07:15

If I could go anywhere, ignoring all logical, scientific, or rational limitations, I would go to Manchester. On October 2, 1977, to watch Joy Division play at the Electric Circus.

If I had to make a reasonable choice, I would go to Jamaica, where my mother’s family grew up. I was there six months ago, and I still wish I was there on a more or less weekly basis.

----- Jon Crowley 12.12.08 07:13

this would get me to travel again!

----- will 12.12.08 07:10

wow this is a big one! Thanks! I would def go to Berlin.

----- Devin 12.12.08 07:10

my girlfriend is going to dental school in california, i promised i’d pay off her student loans. i live in texas, i fly out regularly to see her and my last trip they destroyed my suitcase. happy holidays!

----- luke 12.12.08 07:09

Montreal..nothing like home

----- Vadhym 12.12.08 07:06

Easter Island. I will probably never make it, but it’s been my dream since I was a kid.

----- Andrew 12.12.08 07:05

well, if i won this i would probably give it to my mom or sister, both of who are leaving soon.
if i had the choice to travel as well i’d like to go to england with my sister,
or the east coast beach with my boyfriend, or…PARIS! hahah

----- morganne 12.12.08 07:04


----- Allison 12.12.08 07:03

I’d fly back home to da backwoods of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to visit Ma and have some of her famous taco dip. Haven’t seen the family in a little over 3 years since I moved to NYC.

That, or Bali — sand & sun, yes please.

----- Chelsea Rogers 12.12.08 07:00

It’s been too long since I’ve had a vacation. I’d love to go set on a jet and go somewhere.

----- Bruce 12.12.08 06:59

would go to South Africa and then out to sea to swim with great white sharks

----- Lindsey 12.12.08 06:59

i’d go to my dream destination at the moment - Iceland

----- malina 12.12.08 06:58

I’d love to escape to a beach on the Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand.

----- Ed 12.12.08 06:58


----- joe 12.12.08 06:57

I’d pack up and go to Australia with a one-way ticket. Beaches, bodies, art, leisure. That’s where I want to be. If I win this giveaway, I’m there! New years resolution: move to Australia with wejetset gear from NOTCOT.

----- COREY 12.12.08 06:57

Italy - for their food and wine

----- kailyn 12.12.08 06:56

I’d start a world wide journey from Tokyo Japan. I’d backpack the country and get a ferry to indonesia. HOI!

----- Dane 12.12.08 06:56

I’d go to Greenland because I really really REALLY want to go there.

----- Leeann 12.12.08 06:55

Oh wow…I cannot remember even where it is, but the hotel where you stay under the water for a few nights with a full view of all the aquatic scenery and life, and then stay over the water in other rooms for another few nights. It looks so beautiful, and I can’t imagine how truly amazing it would be to go to sleep while watching the fish swim over me.

----- JHuck 12.12.08 06:54

i would be on a plane tomorrow to amsterdam. i’d be able to have a wonderful white christmas and visit all of my family.

----- drea k. 12.12.08 06:52

Tokyo for sure.

----- Katherine 12.12.08 06:50

I’d go to Greece, assuming the nastiness in Athens has ended. Then I’d hit Turkey.

----- Erik 12.12.08 06:48

A little snowboard trip to Mt. Hood and Salt Lake to visit friends who have moved since college. A simple trip but something I have wanted to do for two years now.

----- Sick Duck Design 12.12.08 06:48

What an awesome prize package! If I won all that ‘booty’, I’d pack it up and take my wife to visit her sister in England. She’d love that for Christmas =)


----- Sean Russell 12.12.08 06:47

id go to belgium to drink beers and eat chocolates.

----- emily 12.12.08 06:47


----- Alex 12.12.08 06:44

I would take a road trip to see Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater around the first big snow of the winter. I’ve always wanted to do that. On the way home, I’d stop by Pittsburgh and do some museum hopping. Great art museums in Pittsburgh! Road Trip Vehicle of Choice: a 1985 poop brown Volvo wagon.

----- Suz 12.12.08 06:42

Japan. I just want to run around and experience all the kawaii, kooky, beautiful awesomeness that this country is all about.

----- SuzyCat 12.12.08 06:42

I would go to Scotland to see my where my ancestry is…or I would go on the medieval pilgrimage route to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Spain, so I could see all the beautiful and amazing churches along the way

----- Dana Galbraith 12.12.08 06:41

I would get one of those unlimited one way around the world airline tickets and go wherever my gut and heart would lead me. And by gut I mean literally because I looooooooove to eat new foods.

----- Bianca 12.12.08 06:40

Maui in a heart beat. And I’d never come back.

----- Emmie 12.12.08 06:40

I’d go home and sleep now that classes are over!

----- clifyt 12.12.08 06:39

I would jetset off to Belgium, to go check out all the trapist breweries. After all this end of the year work stuff, and holiday shopping, I could use a drink.

----- josh 12.12.08 06:39

I would love to visit Tokyo.

----- Seth Clark 12.12.08 06:38

Wow! Amazing product bundle… The top of my travel list is a hiking/mountain biking trip through Peru, but I’d always envisioned using a well-worn heavy cotton backpack without a single hygiene item to speak of. This travel kit might warrant a more refined journey. Madrid, perhaps.

----- Calvin 12.12.08 06:38

Someplace quiet, where no one knew me, where I could be alone, sit back relax. Someplace far away from here. Someplace tropical. Someplace sandy and close to the ocean. Someplace warm. Someplace where the people are friendly and smile. Someplace not here…

----- Michael 12.12.08 06:36

New York!!

----- Bella 12.12.08 06:36

Of all the places that I could choose to visit,I would choose the Philippines because it is a developing country where a majority of its population lives in poverty. The reason I would choose a place like this is because I have this notion that in economically deprived communities, especially in the Philippines, people are more open and friendly. After all, there are no faux appearances that have to be put up to impress others since they have little to nothing in monetary value. Because of this, it is easier to see the true nature of the people and have authentic interactions and conversations with them. Thus making my visit more experiential.

----- Jasper 12.12.08 06:36

I would go to China and take the train across the continent to Europe.

----- aldo 12.12.08 06:35

I would go to Japan, please.

----- polszki 12.12.08 06:34

If I could go anywhere it would be Helsinki, Finland. For the lovely lovely ladies.

----- Zack Adelson 12.12.08 06:34

France, for some intense snowboarding…

----- TQ 12.12.08 06:33

Angkor Wat…early civilizations fascinate me and as a plus I could try out my Indiana Jones impersonation.

----- David 12.12.08 06:33

I would go to Hawaii to visit my tattoo artist, Slovakia to see my in-laws, or Japan to eat sushi.

----- jill 12.12.08 06:33

Hmmm… las vegas baby! these are great!

----- b lambert 12.12.08 06:32

I would take my husband to all of the Spanish-speaking countries I have visited and he has not; he would then come back fluent in Spanish, we would have a baby of our own, adopt a baby who needed our love, and raise them both bilingually - all the while teaching them about all of the fabulously designed things found on NOTCOT!

----- Melissa 12.12.08 06:30

I’m planning on studying international urban development/planning so I’d go to Haiti, my heart belongs to Haiti.

----- Leslie 12.12.08 06:28

Italy, no doubt!

----- JB 12.12.08 06:27

i think the better question is where would i NOT visit?! especially if i had this rad gear.


----- Kelly 12.12.08 06:26

Wow—-to an island in the South Pacific. I’ve have never been to any island. I would love to go—-My father is 83 and he was stationed on the island that was across the bay from where the atomic bomb was loaded. He talked about how beautiful the area was and how clear the water was—He had never even been to the beach before WWII. I’ve been to the beach—-just not an island. I might never come back!!! If given the chance to go.

----- Melanie 12.12.08 06:26

I would totally go back to Thailand. Its my favorite place I’ve been to and I think everyone should be able to experience it at least once

----- Sebastian 12.12.08 06:25

I would run to some far away country, avoiding the holidays with my ever probing family. Getting asking “If I have a boyfriend?” and “When are you going to married?” I think I might go insane for Christmas.

----- Stefania 12.12.08 06:24

New Zealand should be nice right about now. Plus, I can bring back a hobbit in my sweet new red bag.

----- Jesse 12.12.08 06:21

I’d go to the moon, Alice.

----- Micah 12.12.08 06:20

Either Barcelona or Boston.

----- Kevo 12.12.08 06:20

Ah, perfect and in time for a trip (yet to be planned) to someplace outside of the US for the first time ever!

----- Justin Brinkmeyer 12.12.08 06:20

I’d admittedly love to pop over to Spain, Peru, or Japan, but I’ve never been in my own backyard… if by “back yard” you’d consider the Pacific Northwest. I guess Spain is the probably the same distance from Boston. It just seems futher because of that pesky ocean.

----- LANDLINE 12.12.08 06:19

I would jet off to 1985, where my skinny ties would be immediately relevant instead of fashionably ironic.

----- kevin 12.12.08 06:19

Well If I could travel anywhere tomorrow, I would choose to travel France to a nice chateau in the countryside. It is calm, excellent views, the best Champagne ever, and countless places to visit and to view. Of course I would also take a trip to Paris to enjoy of it´s night and designs, no doubt, and also try some French delicatessen which is top notch.
I know a lot of people can choose places like the Bahamas or so (and I like it too)… but I prefer all that culture that europe has to show and to offer. Bonjour!.

----- Jack 12.12.08 06:19

Berlin here I come! I’d visit the burgeoning art mecca, visiting gallery after gallery and connecting with old friends who have relocated. It would be my first trip to Europe so I can’t imagine being there for less than a month couch hopping all over the continent.

----- ny morgan 12.12.08 06:18

I’d jet off for Tasmania, just ‘cause it’s so damn far away and remote.

----- Phil Yarnall 12.12.08 06:17

If I could jet set anywhere tomorrow I would go to Tokyo, Japan. I want to go on a search for the best ramen while Japan. The ones in the NYC area are just not cutting it. Also, while in Japan I would visit a temple and take in the beauty of their Shinto-influenced architecture. Being the geek that I am, I would visit Shibuya and visit maid cafes, electronic stores, and take pictures of all the interesting things I find there. The field notes would help take down everything that I found great about Japan. The socks would come in handy, I mean who doesn’t need socks. The laptop case would help by keeping my laptop safe so I can keep uploading pictures on it. AND i can keep everything in that awesome luggage case!

----- Darrell 12.12.08 06:17

The Maldives before they’re gone! Failing that, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

----- Cole 12.12.08 06:16

I’m going to Chicago - huge Bears fan and I love deep dish pizza. Mmm-mm!

----- Mike 12.12.08 06:16

as my beloved homestate of minnesota is seeing temperatures of anywhere from -2 to -26 fahrenheit (before windchill) and we’re also approaching the shortest day of the year (which means it is dark by about 4:00 p.m. every day) i’d like to be anywhere warm… i’m imagining curacao, or some small caribbean island would be lovely right now. really, just anything that doesn’t take my breath away when i walk out the front door.

----- lauren michele 12.12.08 06:14

i’d jet off to crested butte, co for a long weekend of skiing!

----- jude 12.12.08 06:13

I’d go visit my friend who is living the consulting life over in Jakarta for the next four months. Do you realize how many side trips you can take from there? Thailand, Bali,Macao, even Australia!

----- Victor 12.12.08 06:11

Im jetsetting to TOKYO next week and that GORGEOUS red carry-on is SO what i need.. sigh i wish i had it.

if i had a choice.. i would DO ANOTHER week of TOKYO

always changing city, just cant get enough of it!

----- Mariana Chan 12.12.08 06:10

I’d go to the villages of southeast asia or africa. Show the kids in the village my travel kit from notcot. Encourage them to reach for the sky, inspire them to not give up on hope, one day they too will have the chance to travel and see the world.

----- Miranda 12.12.08 06:10

I’d have a snowy couple of December days in Stockholm (or probably just sleep for a week in a nice warm hotel room).

----- Maartje 12.12.08 06:10

The dancing lights of the frozen north. Aurora borealis: cascading beams of greens, yellows, blues, purples or reds — a designers dream.

----- Royal Eight 12.12.08 06:10

I’d go around the globe searching for Santa and Rudolph! Gotta save those reindeer from extinction.

----- Dylan Tedaldi 12.12.08 06:07

I’d head back to Europe to revisit familiar places and travel to places I’ve yet to experience. I’d start on a bright note by heading to the City of Lights (Paris), Enrich my trip by moving on to the Golden City (Prague), then up to the Venice of the North (Stockholm), and finally rounding out the trip in Franconia, specifically the Gingerbread City (Nurnberg) for Christmas done right.

----- tony 12.12.08 06:07

i would dig a trip to tuscany.

----- bethany renzo 12.12.08 06:06


----- Matthew 12.12.08 06:04


----- Dustin 12.12.08 06:03

I have my honeymoon next October and on the list are: Costa Rica, Bahamas, and a U.S. road trip. So… within our budgetary constraints one of those.

----- Vince 12.12.08 06:02

I would jet set back to 1999 and made sure that Al Gore spend more marketing dollars in Florida!!

----- Anthony van de Veen 12.12.08 06:01

i’d jet set down to the mexican riviera for a long weekend of lounging

----- sarah 12.12.08 06:01

Live forever, Notcot!

----- zzzorzzz 12.12.08 06:00


----- xue 12.12.08 05:59

I would go to Australia and New Zealand to see the wonder that is down under!

----- Kim Z 12.12.08 05:59

My family is from Germany so I’d love to go there and take a picture with the street that was named after us.

----- LMD 12.12.08 05:58


----- Jim 12.12.08 05:53

Brazil! I need some sun and a caiparihnas!

----- spacewolf 12.12.08 05:52

I’d go to Africa. Something about traveling there seems like a real adventure.

----- Alex 12.12.08 05:47

I would go to the Paris and just sit in a cafe for days

----- Durinda 12.12.08 05:46

If I could jet off to anywhere in the world I’d go to Machu Picchu.

----- Paul 12.12.08 05:46

i actually had a dream last night that i was on hand made bamboo boat heading to a small island. the island was a tall volcano, and inside the volcano was a little one— inside of it was a small lake with crystal clear waters. that’s where i’d go. can you make this happen? :(

----- Magdalena 12.12.08 05:43

Japan - to see the snow monkeys!

----- katrina 12.12.08 05:43

Would love to look stylish on my way to Italy.

----- Hope 12.12.08 05:42

France is first on my BIG list of “where i want to travel to before i’m too old”…i didn’t take 4yrs of french for nothing

----- Pitka 12.12.08 05:42

I would go to another dimension, where there is no traffic jams and everything should be very simple. But the worst would be coming back to reality after the Holidays.

----- Roger Seiichi 12.12.08 05:41

i’d head straight for Rome, to catch with my best friend who is living there and whom i haven’t seen in six months, and to troll the local thrift stores!!

----- C-Monster 12.12.08 05:40

I would go to Suriname, the colakreek to be specific. It’s a river. The water in it has the same color as Coca Cola, so that’s why they call it the colakreek.

----- Abdel Issa 12.12.08 05:36

I’d fly off to Cambodia and finally get to see Angkor Wat…been dreaming about it for years.

----- Scott 12.12.08 05:35

I would see the rest of our United States! I’m a New Yorker whose traveled as far east as Rome,Italy, and as far West as Philadelphia, PA. How awful is this? There’s so much more America out there and I haven’t seen it. I’d roadtrip the bejesus out of our great Obama-ized country!

----- Jesse Benjamin 12.12.08 05:29

I think the next place on my list is Quebec. But I was thinking, maybe I should try to pay for Graduate School first? But MAN once I finish doing/sort of doing that, I’m gonna go EVERYWHERE.

----- Allison S. 12.12.08 05:28

We’ve got tons of snow up here, which is perfect for Christmas, so right now, i wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but here. But AFTER the holidays, when it’s colder than a witch’s titty, i’d love to find myself somewhere warm & cozy, like my friend’s living room who lives two provinces away.

----- Kathleen 12.12.08 05:23

I want so badly to jetset over to Japan and spend a good month over there to explore the country.

I want to visit crazy shit like the Hello Kitty factory and buy panties from a vending machine ‘cause you can do that over there. I would stay in the capsule hotels where only men are allowed. I would definitely have to savor some of their cuisine and indulge in expansive shopping and electronics only available in a place like Japan. All of the above items would come in such great handy for the jetsetter waiting to be let loose inside.

----- Andrew Chang 12.12.08 05:23

I would go to Christmas Island!
Did you know there are two of them?
But I would go to the Christmas Island off the coast of Malaysia.
Do you know where the other one is?

----- Chuck 12.12.08 05:22

I’d go back in time and tell me the winning answer for this giveaway. Whilst I was there I would easily take care of a couple of deadlines - knowing what the client finally would buy. This would in turn give me all the time and money I need to go see my best friend who’s been stuck in LA for no less than a year.

----- anna lindstein 12.12.08 05:21

I graduate tomorrow, so a fantastic trip with this fantastic giveaway would be a fantastic way to start my new life!!!

----- Sarah 12.12.08 05:20

Canada is way too cold right now. I need to get somewhere warm… Australia? Costa Rica? ANYWHERE IS BETTER!

----- VICTOR 12.12.08 05:19

Today is my birthday and I am just finishing my thesis in architecture and I would take off to Greece. Calamari!

----- Meagan 12.12.08 05:17

New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo, London.

----- Rick 12.12.08 05:14

No brainer. I would jet off to Paris, France. I have alwyas wanted to go there.

----- Carolyn G 12.12.08 05:12

I’d take at least some of this gear to Haiti with me. A buddy from college leads trips there to help out a missionary who live there, and I haven’t hung out with him in a while.

Best prize package yet - Merry Christmas!

----- Ray 12.12.08 05:11

I’d definitely be headed off to Stockholm. With a stylish bright red suitcase, maybe I could find my bag for once haha. Plus, I love trying to speak Swedish. My father’s from a tiny island off the coast in the Åland islands so maybe I’d take him with me for a surprise trip to the place he grew up. Not the best time of year, but snow is pretty too after all :)

----- Patrick Widen 12.12.08 05:10

I went to Venice on a school trip and have been dying to go back ever since.

----- Aaron 12.12.08 05:09

I would go home so I can finally see the people I love—my family, my boyfriend, my pets, my good friends who I can always rely on. I haven’t seen these people in weeks and it hurts. It’s the holiday season and I can’t wait to be next to a fireplace with the most wonderful people of my life sipping hot chocolate on a cold Canadian winter day.

----- Jane 12.12.08 05:07

I want to go back to Paris!

----- Oliver Sarmiento 12.12.08 05:02

I would go visit my friends, wherever they may be.

----- Joe Wasserman 12.12.08 05:01

I leave for Paris in less than three weeks- and that is the place I’ve been dying to go forever! And I could always use some extra help packing!

----- Kendra N. 12.12.08 05:01

I’d love to go to Europe. I’ve never been, and it appears that I may not ever get there until I’m at least 35, which is a shame. But I LOVE all of this stuff and I promise I’d put it to good use even if I can’t go to Europe.

----- Liz 12.12.08 04:59

I would leave behind the cold, the snow, the dog, and the three children. I would pick up my husband, and we would go on the honeymoon we never had to a beach. A warm ocean beach. A warm ocean beach with sand, next to a hotel, where they make the bed and the margaritas.
Terribly plebian of me, but I can’t imagine a better vacation than one where I’m warm and don’t have to cook dinner.

----- amy 12.12.08 04:57

I’d be off to Ireland for a pint.

----- Deb 12.12.08 04:57

I would go to France and bicycle through the country. Then I do the same in Ireland…then Italy…then Germany…

----- Tom 12.12.08 04:56

Easter Island… for sure…

----- sheynk 12.12.08 04:54

I’d go to Dubai and see what all the hub-bub is about

----- LBD 12.12.08 04:54

i would go back to New York for Christmas. Ive been in India for 4 months working on some furniture design projects and wont be going home for Christmas [flights are to expensive]. so if i had a chance to go anywhere in the world it would be home to see my family.

----- thomas 12.12.08 04:54

I would visit Pripyat, the city that used to be home to the Chernobyl Atomic Energy Station workers prior to the 1986 disaster. I love photographing abandoned public buildings and spaces that have been abandoned… that place is the mother-load for a seeker such as myself. I would keep off the grass.

----- Luke Tonge 12.12.08 04:53

Rome. Easy. - with the new krink sleeve and field notes in hand!

----- tk3 12.12.08 04:47

The high plains of Tibet

----- Richard 12.12.08 04:42

Since my wife travels weekly for work, i would jet set to wherever she is going.

----- seth 12.12.08 04:40

i’d go back to london in a heartbeat!! or i’d use my new travel stuff on my study abroad trip next semester as i travel through germany and italy!

----- ashley 12.12.08 04:37

Italy Wine Country!!!!

----- tracy 12.12.08 04:36

i would go wherever i could show my wejetset. would just wander round the airport.

----- cervena ciapocka 12.12.08 04:36

Wonderland…I mean, Amsterdam

----- rafael 12.12.08 04:33

I would go to Vilnius. It’s a very nice city.

----- Dominik Zach 12.12.08 04:26

I get myself out of Scotland for a bit and over to Melbourne to see some friends and get some Vitamin D. Or over to Malmo. It wouldn’t matter, these treats would bring some extra freshness wherever you go.

----- Euan 12.12.08 04:24

I would go to New Zealand (I think the only way I’m make it there is hypothetically, with airfare so costly)

----- Rachel 12.12.08 04:23

To give away? I take! :)

----- dOp 12.12.08 04:19

I would love to go to Australia once again! Perth, Darwin, Sydney… travelling the whole country! :D

----- Anne 12.12.08 04:17

Not just any ski trip! I would have to jetset to Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia, on a totally killer ski trip. I would take my laptop with me in the Incase Krink 15” laptop sleeve to send pictures from the lodge to all my jealous friends. Though i can’t use the stpl socks skiing, i could totally lounge in my mountain side cabin in total comfort with them. The Baxter Travel kit would keep my skin looking good for the après-ski nights, and weiting notes to ski bunnies on the chair lift with my field note writing pads. But the coolest part would have to be arriving with the Hideo Wave carry on luggage. Walking through the terminal like a total badass, knowing your getting all the attention! That’s where i would go! nice…

----- Jim Torrey 12.12.08 04:16

I would like to go to my room to make a trip just exploring all this goods!

----- Entcardoso 12.12.08 04:13

I’d like to fly into outer space.

----- Marie 12.12.08 04:09

I would love to go to the swiss alps for a snowy christmas train ride.

----- brad 12.12.08 04:02

if i had to jet off first thing tomorrow unannounced then i’d probably just go to kings cross and get the eurostar to paris for a nice little weekend break. but for the purpose of this competition i would have to say that i’d probably go to visit you, thank you for the gifts and invite you with me on an all expenses paid trip to see bill gates house, stone henge and then the giza pyramids. i think i’d need to fly with virgin galactic each way as well, and maybe by hot air balloon when we’d go to see the pyramids. x

----- joss debae 12.12.08 04:02

Oh… Paris

----- Le Sceptique 12.12.08 04:01

i would love to visit hong kong

----- eunhae 12.12.08 03:58

Like many semi-hip design geeks here, I’d go to Iceland. But, I’m also a geologist so I’ve got that extra incentive to explore the place.

----- Jason 12.12.08 03:57

fabulous London!

----- matt 12.12.08 03:51

diving in the Maldives

----- rachel 12.12.08 03:50

I want to go to Disney World!!

----- Freckles 12.12.08 03:43

I’d go to the North Pole to see the Northern Lights… and Santa !

----- John Norman 12.12.08 03:41

My semester ends in… three hours, so a trip to Valencia, Spain would fit right into my schedule (minus the airfare). Actually I’d pick up and go anywhere in Spain right about now. The food, wine, and people are amazing… my luggage not so much (but that Wave looks like it’ll make a great replacement).

----- Sarah 12.12.08 03:38

Russia. I have a strange obsession with everything Russian, and I’ve always wanted to go on an adventure to find out why.

----- Ali 12.12.08 03:36

I would go visit my family back in my third world country with my pimped out gear that I just got from notcot giveaway .. and everyone would be jealous of me and I would get so many chicks it scares me! I hope I win. cheers

----- Eduardo Nicolas 12.12.08 03:34

I’d come to vist you and thank you for the gifts

----- Steven 12.12.08 03:20

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