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TO WIN: Leave a comment ~ lets keep the comments on the playful side by telling us your favorite fairytale! ENTER BY 12/4

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211 Notes

The flying trunk! a ridiculous and hilarious fairy tale that should be everyones favourite!


----- Arns 04.12.08 23:30

Favorite fairy tale BY FAR is Hans My Hedgehog.

How could it not be? It involves a hedgehog!

----- darren 04.12.08 22:22

Simply must be original Brothers Grimm. Probably Cinderella.

----- thatkidthere 04.12.08 19:53

My fave is definitely the one where the princess is swept off her feet by the other princess and the prince finds himself confused but intrigued…


----- Lindsey 04.12.08 19:50

My favorite would be The Beauty and the Beast. A truly timeless classic!

----- noel m. 04.12.08 19:45

rapunzel! i’m hair-challenged.

----- Audrey 04.12.08 19:42

No one has mentioned Aladdin!!! I loved that movie. It’s a dreamy fairytale. And I wish I had a tiger as a pet.

----- Bijal 04.12.08 18:39

since i was a kid and still….Goldilocks and the 3 Bears is whoa yeah! in my book. i loved that bears lived like real people do! as a kid i had a feeling that that was the case with animals and that story TOTALLY gave me the proof i needed. it was AMAAAZING! if they ever have Goldilocks and the 3 Bears on ice!.. sign me up!

----- t-rex 04.12.08 18:28

It’s got to be Hansel and Gretel

----- Lisa 04.12.08 17:27

The Twelve Dancing Princesses. Supposedly the shoes of the princesses symbolize virginity. No wonder the king was upset to find his 12 daughters precious dancing shoes in tatters every morning…

----- Lisa 04.12.08 17:17

When I was little I watched a tv show called The World of David the Gnome. I guess, the fairytale for the tv generation kid. It was about Gnomes that repair the damage done by humans. The gnomes has the power of telepathy and mind control, which is pretty cool. Plus David the Gnome rode an owl. Shaped me as a person.

----- Wesley 04.12.08 16:44

My favorite fairytale was/is Hansel and Gretal. There are so many layers in that story, and as a kid, I would alway try to recreate different ones. The parents were obviously going through a tough time. I think in the original story there was a step father involved. And they neglected their children for whatever reasons I could think up. The witch in the gingerbread house: Like who she was as a young lady, how the house was built, and why she turn cannibal. I’m sure you can do that with most stories, but I always got really attached to this one

----- NICHOLE 04.12.08 12:40

I am inspired by the styling of Aesop n his awesome fables myself… anyone?

----- DDB 04.12.08 12:34

Hansel and Gretel definitely.

----- Paul O’Hearn 04.12.08 12:33

once upon a time,
a guy had a pet cat.
but it ran away,
because you know how cats can be.

anyway, months later
the guy runs into the cat
on the street while he’s coming out of a bar,
and the cat says “i don’t mean to alarm you, but sometimes i dream that i’m still yours. no hard feelings, i hope.”

because you know how cats can be.

----- dbs 04.12.08 11:17

favorite fairy tale? hmm, I’ve been reading Possession and there are some built into that that I’ve enjoyed :)

----- Jessica 04.12.08 10:56


—-My favorite story growing up.
It’s the anti fairy tale for the smelly kid in class..(not that i was one) but deep down I’m sure we all could identify.

----- missarah 04.12.08 10:40

Where the Wild Things Are! Best childhood story. Hands down.

----- Taylor Dunham 04.12.08 07:27

My favourite fairy tale would be The Gold Colt and the Fire Dragon Shirt, a Chinese fairy tale.

----- Mike Porter 04.12.08 03:10

My favorite fairy tale is the Duck Keeper Princess. It teaches us the importance of salt in life!

----- Laura Moreira 04.12.08 02:22

My favorite is Jack and the Beanstalk.

----- Daniel 04.12.08 01:16

The real Momotaro story
He didn’t actually came from the Peach fruit (Momo), but actually the elderly couple ate the peach and turned young again, hence they were able to conceive a child.

They changed the story just so it’s easier to explain to children where they came from.

I wish they could just tell us earlier I didn’t came from the peach…I felt super scared every time I peeled my peach…

----- Irene 03.12.08 21:35

There’s a story where three princess daughters have to tell their father how much they love him before he allocates their share of the kingdom. One says “salt” and I used this tale for most of my childhood to justify why I put so much salt on all of my meals.

----- Em Stronach 03.12.08 21:21

hmmm…far from spin the bottle. I want in on this game.

----- Kalyn Meisner 03.12.08 20:58

Hansel & Gretel!

----- Christina 03.12.08 20:34

the frog prince

----- Peter 03.12.08 20:04

my favies fairy tale is Spirited Away. i really wish the charcoal fuzzies exist.

----- gresu 03.12.08 19:08

The 12 Dancing Princesses. It’s stylish and unforgettable once you read it.

Also, morbid as hell!

----- Greg 03.12.08 19:01

My favorite fairy tale is the Little Mermaid. I’ve been told I look like Arielle because of my red hair. Now send me one of these dinglehoppers! Please? :)

----- Jules 03.12.08 18:29

Peter Pan. Who wants to grow up anyway?

----- Sandy 03.12.08 17:50

My favorite fairytale is Hans Christian Anderson’s Thumbelina. He made beautiful paper cuttings when he told his stories. Check out the book, The Amazing Amazing Paper Cuttings of Hans Christian Anderson by Beth Wagner Brust.

----- Bitzy 03.12.08 17:29

Princess and the Pea

One night I was tossing and turning and had an epiphany about this story.
Something about how even the most miniscule, seemingly unimportant matter can come to affect a person
or something…

----- Ann 03.12.08 17:20

My favorite fairy tale is Francesca Lia Block’s The Rose and the Beast. Her retellings are short, glossy, and sensuous — full of vivid and tumbling imagery. Plus, they are all in a pocket-sized book set in my very first typeface crush!

----- Ashley 03.12.08 16:49

I’ve always liked Beauty and the Beast- I really love the Disny version- What can be better than a princess who reads and then when things fall apart she goes and rescues the prince!

----- cc 03.12.08 16:34

An animated version of the original little mermaid where she turned to foam at the end. It was the first time when I was smaller that I learned that life didn’t always have a happy ending. A valuable lesson.

----- heidi 03.12.08 14:19

My favorite fairy tale is the one about a dry-skinned, achy peasant girl who received some fun goodies with gorgeous packaging to share with her boyfriend from her favorite website! (the brothers grimm didn’t understand the story’s greatness)

----- Sandy 03.12.08 11:26

It would have to be a tie between The Neverending Story and Momo and the Time Flower, both by Michael Ende. After reading the translated novels when I was a little girl, I knew that those stories would stay with me forever. Ende is truly a master of words, and even now I’m trying to find more of his translated fairy tales. (They’re hard to find!) Sometimes I still ask myself, “What would Momo do?”

----- Lorien 03.12.08 10:00

Baba Yaga always captured my imagination. She changes with every story, and I love that she has a moving cabin on chicken legs! She is the witch that rules them all, and her long history in folklore and myth is both chilling and awe-inspiring. Although not the traditional tale, Orson Scott Card’s Enchantment has to be my FAVORITE! I could read that book a hundred times…

----- Emily Link 03.12.08 08:11

Red Riding Hood,the big bad wolf gets to “eat” a lot of people.

----- 5chw4r7z 03.12.08 07:25

Pinocchio! But not the Disney version (uGh.) In the book, He kills Il Grillo Parlante (Jiminy Cricket) in the first chapter. The whole thing is very sardonic.

----- Iain 03.12.08 07:20

my favorite was always the little matchgirl. maybe if she’d gotten a nice massage every night, she wouldn’t have died in the cold street…. such a sad but beautiful story.

----- Irene 03.12.08 07:19

Princess and the Pea is my favorite. Plus after a terrible nights rest on a pea, she is sure to put the massage stones to good use :P mm… something I could use too!

----- tiffany 03.12.08 05:42

Anything to do with bunnies really.

----- James 03.12.08 04:20

In the brother’s Grimm stories, I love all the gore. The young wife who’s told not to look in the room, and then of course she does, and she sees all his past wives cut up into tiny bits. I never new I could enjoy a fairy-tale as much as I did then, I grew new appreciation for the genre.

----- Rose 03.12.08 00:54

My favorite fairy tale is Tam Lin. Technically i guess its a ballad, but come on there are actual fairies in it. that’s got to count for something :-)

----- Domi 02.12.08 22:01

I love how this giveaway is for erotics toys and we’re all talking about fairy tales. Hee hee!

----- Masa 02.12.08 21:50

“The Magic Moneybag” - an old chinese folktale.

A young woodcutter and his wife were very poor. The woodcutter would cut two bundles of wood everyday - one for market, and one for personal use. But one day, one of their bundles disappeared, so they were forced to sell their last bundle to the market.

But on the second, third, and fourth day, this continued. So on the fifth day, the husband hides himself in the bundle that keeps on getting stolen. It is picked up by a rope and he is lifted to heaven, where he meets an old man.

The old man gives him a bag that would spew out one tael of silver everday. He warned the young man to only take out one tael of silver everyday, and he and his wife would live prosperously.

After several discussions and a long time of saving money, the wife finally convinces the husband to build a modest house with the money. While she is out one day, however, he decides he wants more money to build an elaborate house. And so he opens the bag for the second time that day, and out rolls a tael of silver. He continues to do so, thinking he can get enough money to build a large house. But when he opens it for the 4th time, all is lost. The money, the house, their rich way of living. And so the couple return to their woodcutting lifestyle.

----- Jeff Lin 02.12.08 21:22

My favorite would probably be Witches Abroad by Terry Pratchett.

(Wikipedia summary)

Granny Weatherwax and her two associate witches, Nanny Ogg and Magrat Garlick go traveling, where they confront Granny’s sister, Lily Weatherwax, who is manipulating people using the power of stories.

The plot contains references to many fairy tales and fantasy novels, including Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and The Frog Prince. There are also brief references to Gollum, and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. The characters themselves recognize and acknowledge that other stories are influencing the plot.

Another main theme is that of Voodoo. One of the characters is a voodoo witch named Erzulie Gogol and a zombie named Baron Saturday.

----- Amy 02.12.08 19:36

the little mermaid. because she was willing to sacrifice for love. aww….

----- Vanessa Ong 02.12.08 19:08

rumplestiltskin - cause it was so fun to say!

----- twinkerdill 02.12.08 19:02

How could my favorite not be jack and the bean stock, I remember when I was a young boy I always watched this cheezy tv made version of it. That and the Hansel and Gretel tv version, I guess that would be my second one.

----- Mike O 02.12.08 18:48

My favorite fairy tale is the little mermaid!

----- Jennifer Vaccaro 02.12.08 18:00

Oh holy hell in a hand basket I want this.

Does The Lorax, by Dr. Seuss count as a fairy tale? Because it should. Well, kind of. Definitely a story with lessons that all children should learn from an early age.

Other than that, I am a complete sucker for Beauty and the Beast. How wonderful that a young woman should fall in love with someone others view as dangerous and hideous, yet she sees the real person inside of all that.

----- Catherine Chandler 02.12.08 17:14

The Ugly Duckling. Hans Christian Andersen was a master. One of the few Disney productions I truly enjoyed.

----- John-Paul 02.12.08 17:13

Sleeping Beauty. I’d love to name my daughter Briar Rose one day.

----- Philip 02.12.08 17:08

Favorite fairy tale huh… I’d have to say I’ve always been partial to the tale of the Golem of Prague.

----- Eric A Stratton 02.12.08 17:05

perfect thing about ceramic, is that u can use it hot or cold and infused with oil. even the big bad wolf cant blow this away. - Little Red Riding Hood.

----- rachel 02.12.08 16:58

Let’s see my favorite fairy tell… it would definitely have to be “Jack in the Beanstalk”. As a little kid, it just blew my mind that someone was able to climb up into the clouds.

----- Sara McSmith 02.12.08 16:31

The best fairytale, and essentially the foundation of so many stories, movies, and childhood (and adult) fantasies, is the one about a man and a woman falling in love… or two people (go prop 8!). It makes my heart melt when two people are in love and fight against all odds, and beat the evil step mother (or queen) and, in the end, triumph… and then get to massage each other with awesome toys by JimmyJane.

----- Megan 02.12.08 16:02

My favorite fairytale is Aladdin.
I used to have a crush on him. *blush*

----- Sarah 02.12.08 16:01

Clever Manka - a Czech fairytale is definitely one of my favorites!

----- laura 02.12.08 15:35

Wow, a lot of good fairy tales on this list that i’d forgotten about. Anyhow, i’d have to say my favorite fairy tale is ‘Everybody Poops’. I’m not sure it’s a fairy tale, but having recently moved in with my Girlfriend i’m discovering the secret life of women and the things that they think men care about. haha. It’s a fitting book & tale for all ages.

----- Luke 02.12.08 15:33

I’ve always been partial to Jack and the Beanstalk…several opportunities for fun voices when telling it to the nephew and niece.

----- Katie 02.12.08 15:07

thumbelina ofcourse!

Tuxedo wearing frogs who aren’t jackasses (like the Teletoons one) made me realize I wanted to grow up and be a dynamic business leader who’s style was topical yet refined.

----- Jaime 02.12.08 14:55

I’m a Cinderella girl!

----- Andrea 02.12.08 14:46

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint - Exupery.. ooh and Aladdin

----- Liz 02.12.08 14:26

It’s cliché, but it’s Beuty and the Beast simply because she’s a good-hearted, strong-willed woman, who did the right thing, and reaped an appropriate reward.

----- RubyGrrl42 02.12.08 14:24

My favorite fairy tale is “Pretty Woman”. What more modern fairy tail does one need!

----- Gabe 02.12.08 14:16

who wouldn’t deserve a massage set after driving 23 hours with the folks!!! yes i’m in desperate need of one!

----- Kate G 02.12.08 14:06

Three pigs and the big bad wolf…I love bacon

----- Adam Jossem 02.12.08 13:48

Does “Cupid and Psyche” count?

If not, then Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Tinder Box”
Nothing creeps a kid out more than “eyes big as millstones.”

----- amanda warren 02.12.08 13:47

My favorite fairytale is easily the Hans Christian Andersen Little Mermaid. Basis of my favorite Disney movie, and wondrously twisted.

----- Meghan 02.12.08 13:15

i dont know. maybe when luke destroyed the death star in star wars episode IV… that was cool

----- Roland Bango-Fi 02.12.08 13:10

i am such a visual girl… i have to confess i like fairytales for their illustrations.. so a new version of hansel and gretel illustrated by jen corace just came out… so that is probobly my new favorite.. so fickle!

----- betsy 02.12.08 13:01

“And no grown-up will ever understand that this is a matter of so much importance!” — The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint Exupéry

----- Domas 02.12.08 12:53

The Dark Knnight!! i know its not a fairy tale but … it really should be!!

----- jayp0411 02.12.08 12:46

My favorite fairy tale is a Romanian one called “Ivan Turbinca”. Ivan is a bit of a hedonist, with a big heart. In it God disguises himself as a human to show St. Peter that even though Ivan seems like a terrible person, he will give him (God) the last of the little money he has (thus showing his big heart). Later he dies and is sent to heaven, but decides he wants to go to hell because there are women, singers, vodka,etc. Hell kicks him out. In the meanwhile Ivan messes around with Death and tricks him into doing various tasks and God allows this because, “Why should Death always have its way?”. It’s a very good fairy tale.

----- Adrian 02.12.08 12:23

I’ve always been a fan of scandinavian fairytales of all sorts! Trolls and wood spirits! One of my favorites is when the tricky farmer boy tells the troll to cut open his stomach so he can eat more in a eating contest, thus killing the troll! (The farmer boy had just stowed a bag of porridge under his shirt so when he demonstrated it looked plausible enough to the troll)
This doesn’t really relate to the prize I guess, these items are far too refined for trolls (but might be fun to play with with an older farmer boy?)

----- b 02.12.08 12:07

i am quite fond of the German fairy tale, Hansel and Gretal. but, as a kid, i was lucky that the idea of a ginger bread house, covered in sugar frosting and gum drops, was enough to over-shadow the disturbing story. candy is so powerful.

----- Kimp 02.12.08 11:59

Of course mine would be “La chasse-gallerie” - which i wrote about in the Creature Hoodie giveaway :)

----- Kathleen 02.12.08 11:37

Hi name is Peter … Peter Pan!

----- Simone 02.12.08 11:34

My favorite is the Little Mermaid…the Hans Christian Andersen one (although I did find the Disney one enthralling as a small child…and I fully blame that movie for my misguided kitchen gadget collecting). At the end of the real fairy tale (which is not nearly so “happily ever after” as the Disney movie) she throws herself into the sea because she can’t kill the prince, and then she becomes sea foam.

----- Sara 02.12.08 11:23

I love the tale “The Nightingale” by Hans Christian Andersen. An emperor in China wishes to own the song of the Nightingale. His court goes to the forest and brings one of the birds back to the palace. The bird sings and brings the emperor to tears, but when the emperor is shown a mechanical version of the bird that is studded in rare jewels, he loses interest in the real one. The true Nightingale flies away, and over time, the emperor ages and eventually the mechanical bird breaks down. Later, the emperor becomes deathly ill, and as those around him prepare for his death, the real Nightingale, having heard of the illness, returns to sing to him to provide comfort and hope. Death, being present beside the emperor, is so moved by the music that he leaves at allows the ruler to live. It’s my favorite tale because it conveys the importance of the authentic versus the artificial, which I think that is something designers everywhere strive for in our pursuit of something simplified, something pure, something elegant.
** the tale of authenticity also seems pertinent given the platinum, laser-etched vibrator sitting directly above this post that I’ll never be able to compete with…

----- Cavan 02.12.08 11:19

For some inexplicable reason, it is a tossup between Bluebeard and Donkeyskin. I suppose the latter is a bit more racy than the former, but both have special places in my heart.

----- Susan 02.12.08 11:05

well, this isn’t like a classic German fairytale, but it’s from Southeast Asian mythology…there’s this evil witch-like figure named Rangda. She eats babies and drinks blood. Another version of this is Penanggalan. This one is a dismembered woman’s head with dangling intestines. She floats around and sucks blood too (menstrual blood as well!!).
it’s not my favorite fairytale, but I thought it’d be more interesting to read about than the usual sleeping beauty type stuff…

----- Alice 02.12.08 10:50

My favorite fairy tale is the one that winds up with me winning this giveaway and massaging my beautiful wife into happily ever after.

----- Jefferson McClure 02.12.08 10:44

The Battle of the Birds, Giants, Animals, Battles! What’s not to like?

----- RJ 02.12.08 10:36

the little mermaid…..than bambi

----- Shida 02.12.08 10:17

my favorite fairy tale would have to be “more than salt”
it is about a king who asks his three daughters how much they love him. the first two answer saying they love him more than gold and jewels and the third says she loves him more than salt. the king, angry that his daughter would dare compare him to something as common and poor as salt, banished the girl from his castle. several years later, the king is traveling and stops in a small cottage for dinner. his host, a beautiful woman, had prepared a lavish meal that looked exquisite. but everything the king ate tasted horrible. when he demanded to know why the food was disgusting, the woman answered “because it has no salt in it”. the woman reveals herself to be his daughter and the king sees now that she loved him the most. so he allows her back into his castle where she eventually became queen. and they lived happily ever after. :)
i love this story so much, i tell my fiance that i love him more than salt daily.

----- kate 02.12.08 10:05

I love all the Greek myths about the Olympian gods, demigods, and other folks. The gods’ fallacies and personalities make them seem so human, and all stories have unsurpassed elements of fantasy, mystery, adventure and romance. A few examples are Aphrodite’s birth from sea foam, Hades tricking Persephone into being his queen, and Oedipus who killed his father and married his mother all while trying to avoid that fate.

----- C 02.12.08 10:02

Finals?!? Air Travel?!? Graduating amidst the worst economy in years! Figuring out what I’m going to do with my English major?!?

Relief please :)

----- Alejandra 02.12.08 10:01

My favorite fairy tale is The Little Mermaid, because she is perhaps the only female in Disney interpretations that went after what she wanted. It takes great inner strength to give up your voice and tail to be just one step closer to the object of your affections!

----- Jerry 02.12.08 09:54

Peter Pan & Shrek (if its a fairy tale)

----- Jacob 02.12.08 09:38

It is not necessarily a fairy tale, but my favorite legend is the mayan myth of creation, the popol-vuh.
Apparently, we’re descendants of mud, and we love massages.

----- Eduardo 02.12.08 09:34

hansel and gretel is the best, the actual story is more depressing and it has definitely been toned down for children. i remember seeing a live action film on PBS when i was kid, and the adaptation was hilarious. they actually used popcorn instead of pebbles to leave a trail.

----- labraji 02.12.08 08:57

I have always liked Jack and the Beanstock.

----- Matt 02.12.08 08:56

My favorite fairy tale is “Jack and the beanstalk”. It give me many imagination, things we can imagine is never limit.

----- mikenj 02.12.08 08:35

Definitely Puss In Boots. Nothing better than a kitty walking upright in a pair of boots.

----- Emmie 02.12.08 08:13

My favorite fairy tale, by far, is Little Red Riding Hood. It’s a classic, and my friend dressed up as Little Red for Halloween. Of course, she was freely telling people on St. Mark’s where she was headed for the night, but hey, New York City is, like, TOTALLY safer than the woods… Right?

----- Emily 02.12.08 08:08

hansel and gretel: it is the fairytale of my childhood.

----- Dominik Zach 02.12.08 08:07

I always like Little Red Riding Hood: the cautionary tale for girls who like to go out by themselves and talk to strange men.
I also like Swan Lake.

----- Allison S. 02.12.08 07:57

my favorite is cinderella. classical. romantic.

----- Misty 02.12.08 07:56

I like any of the fairytales that involve being given a nut or some sort of random little object that you are supposed to throw or open at the right time- I like the idea of a river coming from a ring or an almond- or finding a beautiful dress in a walnut…

----- Alexis 02.12.08 07:37

Shrek and Fiona are the sweetest!

----- awolf 02.12.08 07:28

The Straw, the Coal, and the Bean. It’s got that sense of schadenfreude that makes the classic German fairy tales just that much more interesting, and almost nobody’s ever heard of it.

----- Andrew 02.12.08 07:14

The Heart of a Monkey is on of my favorites. It’s really more of a folk tale and has many variations, but here’s a brief summary of one of them:

A monkey living peacefully in a tree by a river encounters a crocodile who is happening by. They strike up a conversatino, and after a time, the crocodile says if the monkey would only come home with him, he would give him a gift. Living on the other side of the river, the crocodile offers to carry the monkey across. The trusting monkey accepts, but halfway there, the crocodile tells him that the sultan of his country is deathly ill and needs a monkey’s heart to cure him. The monkey says it is a pity, because if he had known, he could have brought his heart, but as it is, he had left it behind. The crocodile, deceived, brings the monkey back to his tree to get it. Upon arriving, the monkey instantly jumps up into the tree and is not to be lured back down. He tells the crocodile a story of a donkey who was twice persuaded to meet with a lion - and so lost its life the second time — and that the monkey is not a washerman’s donkey.

Stupid crocodile.

----- Chris Spurgin 02.12.08 07:00

Alice in Wonderland, hands down!

----- Jasper 02.12.08 06:35

1001 nights is the fairytale that comes to mind when seeing these lovely pleasure products!

----- pelon 02.12.08 06:18

Shrek. I love green people….adicted on talking donkeys.

----- Daniel Segatto 02.12.08 05:33

My favorite Fairy Tale is “Back to The Future”:

It’s about a little boy that meets a wizard that gives him the ability to live beyond his life.

In the end, he realizes that living the present with all his forces is much more valuable.

Isn’t it?

----- rafael 02.12.08 05:17

Jack and the beanstock was my favorite fairytale as a kid. I think it was the golden eggs that got me!

----- tracy 02.12.08 04:58

The Little Prince is by far one of the best fairy tales of sorts I remember. Everyone on their own planet and most importantly how everything has become convoluted in the world of adults.

----- Elle 02.12.08 04:54

My relationship with my boyfriend is the epitome of a fairytale.

We got together through a series of events: we met through his best friend, who is also a close friend of mine. After a few group get-togethers, a group of nine of us went on a trip to New York for three days. Spending twice hours in the car—twice—and nearly 99% of the trip together, we bonded and knew we had something going. A week later, he visits me at school and stays overnight. Everything was surprisingly innocent until the next morning. We somehow engaged in a tickle battle and I won. Bigtime. Winners deserve prizes. I asked him a for a prize. And after what seemed like hours of looking each other in the eyes, he kissed me. It was magic.

We’re not jimmyjane; close, we’re Jon and Jane. Cheesy, but wait until you hear the irony. My birthday is in 28 days, and we’ve booked ourselves a three-night stay in Montréal as a vacation doubling up as a birthday/Christmas celebration. My love for the upcoming Hong Kong “W” hotel had him looking up its chain hotels in other cities. He came upon the one in Montréal, and of course, booked us a stay. While doing research, we discovered jimmyjane, promoted as part of a hotel romantic package. As much as we wanted to try out these products, I forced him to downcost. This would be the perfect opportunity for some fun over the holidays.

Thanks for reading!

----- Jane 02.12.08 04:35

uh my favorite fairytale? actually those from disney alway talk about sad people with disasters! actually i have my own fairy tale, in which everyone is happy including me and nothing go wrong! i know, a little bit boring, but you know… :D

----- marieke 02.12.08 03:55

My favorite fairytale is the tale of Christmas and Santa Claus.

----- Dennan 02.12.08 03:33

I just remembered this story of Gris Grimly:

The Attic Doll

Janis was spoiled, sour and toiled.
Her manners were few and rare.
She threw a great fit. She cursed and she spit if she felt that something weren’t fair.
She was locked in the attic. The choice was sporadic.
And there she would always remain, until came the day she would modestly say that her actions were all in vain.
Janis stayed strong and stayed there so long that everyone else had forgotten.
Her skin turned chalk white and she lost all her sight. Her clothes turned frail and rotten.
She fed on the rats left dead by the cats. Yet her weight depleted fast.
Her hair all fell out. Her teeth turned to grout. Her childhood was left in the past.
She tried to survive but was eaten alive by the maggots that spawned in her head.
She could have changed fate but now it’s too late.
The terrible Janis is dead.

----- Agata 02.12.08 03:33

Hans Christian Andersen

A young boy who stood in front of the crowd pointed at the Emperor and in a voice louder than such a young child should have, proclaimed “The Emperor is not wearing anything at all! The Emperor is not wearing a stitch of clothing!”


----- Agata 02.12.08 02:59

Hi Notcot,

My favourite fairy tale is Lancelot of the lake (i don’t know if you say it like that in english :-).And thanks a lot for all your wonderful website !

----- Melimelo 02.12.08 00:42

The Wolf and the Seven little kids…

----- rem 02.12.08 00:11

Mine is a Southern African one about the origin of the baobab tree. All animals were given seeds of different trees to plant, and the hyena planted his upside down. The tree grew with its roots in the air, and found it so funny that he couldn’t stop laughing. That’s why the baobab tree looks like it does, and why the hyena keeps laughing.

----- Arezu 02.12.08 00:07

I was reading some more comments, and I noticed someone mentioned the one about the women who wore the ribbon around her neck, I loved that story as a kid, although it was longer, it ended up the same way lol.

I also love Into The Woods, many fairytales in one big story. It was great, loved the play.

----- Kirk 02.12.08 00:06

My favorite fairy tale would have to be Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs, primarily because the princess wasn’t blond !

Plus then, take Snow White, the 7 little dudes, and add this Holiday Giveaway and that would make for one interesting game of spin the bottle ….. !

----- Heidi 02.12.08 00:03

IBIS I hate you! The little Match Girl is MY favorite fairy tale…although I was told the happier version, the sad version is very very depressing lol. The happy version goes like this…

There is a little girl who lives during the turn of the century, she is around 8 or 9 years old, and she is very very poor. She lives with her very sick mother in a shack, her father is gone/dead, and she has no other siblings. This beautiful little girl sleeps everynight cuddled with her sick mother on a bed of hay with few moth eaten blankets. Since her mother is terribly sick, she cannot work (she used to work in a factory sewing bedsheets) until the caught the flu, she has been sick for almost a year. The little girl had to go out into the streets every day, in the summer she would sell flowers she stole from peoples gardens, and in the winter she would sell boxes of matches from a local store. This one winter was particularly cold, with much snow. She would go out everyday with her few boxes of matches to sell to help feed her and her mother, and to afford whatever medicine she could for her ill mother. She tried to sell her matches and was lucky to take home 25 cents a day. Most days she would survive on handouts from people, whether it be bread, or a few extra coins. There was a large fancy house that she used to look through the windows of, with a large christmas tree, a blazing fire, a table always filled with delicious food, ham, turkey, potatoes, greens, and comfy furniture, she dreamed of living in that house. One day, while she was out selling matches, a man, dressed rather dapper, bought all of her matches, and even gave her a tip. She was so happy because she never made so much money, she ran home with around 10 dollars in her hand. Her frail mother was so happy, that she got up and together they went to the local grocier to buy as much food and medicine as they could. They bought easily a weeks worth of food and medicine, and the mother showed signs of improvement. The next day the little girl went out onto the street to sell more matches, and the man was their again, this time not only did he buy all the matches, but gave her 20 dollars in a tip. The little girl again ran home to her mother who was fixing dinner, and both cried to sleep that night. The next day the little girl went out again to sell her matches, hoping the same man would be there. He was and he again bought all of her matches, and gave her a 50 dollar tip, the little girl asked him to come see her mother. The man did and met the mother, the man and the little girls mother soon fell in love, and the mother fully recovered and married the man. When he showed them where he lived, it was the same house the little match girl used to look through the windows of, and the family lived happily ever after.

I know its not the real story, the real one involves the girl lighting a candle in the snow and then she dies when it goes out and she sees her dead grandmother coming to bring her to heaven, but thats depressing, i like the happy version more…

----- Kirk 01.12.08 23:54

If dr. seuss books count, I think I have all the original ones. Green eggs and ham is bitchin.

----- Jared 01.12.08 23:16

I would have to say rumpelstiltskin — I used to have an illustrated grimms fairytales when I was younger, and for some reason always want to read that story!

----- Amy T 01.12.08 23:14

My favorite is the Grimm’s Fairytales story of the golden ball and the girl who loses it and asks the frog for help. even better was in Tom Robbins’ “Still Life With Woodpecker” when Bernard is in jail and fighting to ask a question and it turns out to be asking what happened to the golden ball. that gave me chills.

----- chris 01.12.08 22:58

My favorite fairytale changes but it always seems to involve magic, castles and a fabulous yet evil antagonist! Thank you for the chance to win this fun product! Good luck everyone, Jeff

----- Jeff Mayo 01.12.08 22:13

This is the moment I let loose some random, yet shockingly witty ramble about a fairy tale, and use my clever word and theme association to best point out how badly I would love to have one of these items to gift to my awesome girl, who just moved to a new town. I would bedazzle any reader with humor along with an underlying warmth that lets them relate to me. This is the moment when I am so gleefully close to winning one of these gorgeous items, I can almost feel the smooth contours in my hand…. Then I realize that I only have the mental energy to describe what I COULD do, if I had the right stamina and all my synapses were working at the time… In the end, I, and everyone who actually read this far… are greatly disappointed.

Off topic… but was anyone else scared to DEATH of the animated green pants that the guy met in the dark forest in that one Dr Suess story… it was in the Sneeches book…. (shivers) That was several years of therapy for me, right there… NOT my favorite “fairy tale.”

But congrats to the winners! I think I’ll buy my girl one of these this week! I ♥ NOTCOT!

----- Joe 01.12.08 21:53

The Princess and the Pea.

----- Kara 01.12.08 21:50

Clichéd I suppose, but Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass are my favorite.

----- Joshua 01.12.08 21:40

hands down, The Stinky Cheese Man. sexy!

----- allyt 01.12.08 21:39

My Fav Fairytale of all time is Aladdin! How could anyone resist flying carpets and genies all in the heart of the middle east! Princess Jasmine was the only princess I could ever relate to!

----- Nicole 01.12.08 21:31

Cinderella!! i feel like her NOW and i just gotta get my hands on some glass slippers so my boyfriend/prince can put it on me. who doesnt want to have friendly animal friends that does your chores! and WHO doesnt love the disney songs in cinderella!

* Salagadoola menchicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo
Put ‘em together and what have you got
bibbidi-bobbidi bibbidi-bobbidi bibbidi-bobbidi-boo *

lalala and fairy godmothers to get me this giveaway!

getting notcot 17 will be my happy ending to my fairytale:)

----- Mariana 01.12.08 21:12

My favourite fairytale would probably be Rumpelstiltskin because it was so odd and when I was little none of my friends knew about it because Disney didn’t make a movie about it, so it was like a little secret that I enjoyed.

----- Marta 01.12.08 21:11

I would have to go with Cinderella just because I can relate to her… with the difference that my step-sisters are beautiful and me, well, not so much. Oh, and I am still longing for the prince, buy you know, last thing you loose: hope! :)

And I have to add: I am completely chocked by Leslie comment… really? That is the real Sleeping Beauty story? wow… yeah, Disney’s version is MUCH better.

----- Andrea 01.12.08 21:10

My favorite fairy tale has always been Hansel and Gretel—as a kid, I couldn’t think of anything more exciting than a house made entirely of candy.

----- Bill 01.12.08 20:55

My favorite fairy tale is Tufty Ricket

in this tale the ugly prince and the stupid princess are made whole though neither changes physically they both become change its a sweet tale.

----- amelia 01.12.08 20:53

when i was little my imaginary friend was a fairytale called Ginky
I remmember that “play” wiht her and my mom start to worry.
she tough i was crazy

----- Jaileen Merced 01.12.08 20:41

My favorite fairy tale is the Princess and the Pea, because it demonstrates that even the oddest talents end up being useful, and because I feel like any little thing keeps me awake, too. Maybe I’m really a princess.

----- rose 01.12.08 20:39

Though it’s not really a specific fairy tale I remember reading “politically correct” fairy tells and thinking they were outrageously funny. This was when I was only ten so they’d probably be even funnier now!

----- J. 01.12.08 20:29

Once upon a time there was a girl who dutifully biked to school every day.
Rain and shine, the girl slogged through Seattle traffic out of kindness for the planet and her body, until one day she encountered an angry driver.
The driver pulled up close behind the girl as they flew, together, down a steep arterial. The driver illegally passed the girl on the left, forcing her onto the far right shoulder and into a construction zone where her tire caught a divot in the newly broken pavement.
The girl tumbled over her handlebars, and into the arterial. She landed on her head and face, rolling onto her neck and shoulder. As quickly as she could she gathered her bike and her pack and shuffled out of the way; the driver was long gone, and she was so morbidly embarrassed that she ignored her physical injuries.
As the day went on a pain in her arm grew. By the end of the day she couldn’t turn her head, and her fingers tingled with electricity.
The girl went to a free clinic after work and found out that she had badly sprained her shoulder and potentially fractured her neck. Since her bike was badly broken too, she called a friend for a ride home.
Tired and burnt out from a day full of adrenaline, the girl sat down at her computer to relax. She entered a contest for a massager on a design website, watched an episode of Law and Order, heated up some thanksgiving leftovers and went to sleep.
The next day the girl found out she had won the massager! When it arrived in the mail, her boyfriend used the lovely little prize to massage the girl’s shoulder and neck back to health, and no more than a week later she started feeling very much better!
The end.

----- M 01.12.08 20:28

My favorite fairy tale story is the Little Mermaid and the story of Esther. The story of Esther, which can be seen in the movie One Night with the King, is amazingly beautiful and filled with excitement and freedom.

----- Christi 01.12.08 20:18

easy, peter pan

----- jacob 01.12.08 20:15

BEST fairy tale ever: Guts by Chuck Palahniuk, published in Playboy March 04. “The worst part about doing something perverse and stupid? Getting caught.”

----- Nicholas 01.12.08 20:12

Don’t need it but want it. Help?!

----- AnthonyD 01.12.08 20:11

Peter Pan. When I was a little girl I wanted to be a ‘Lost Boy’.

----- Lauren 01.12.08 19:54

I liked Alladin, street rat!

----- Lawrence 01.12.08 19:50

The Ugly Duckling was always my favorite — that was especially a comfort during my awkward middle school years!

----- Stephanie Fisher 01.12.08 19:47

Puss in Boots hands down. Loved it as a kid.

----- melissa engle 01.12.08 19:43

The Twelve Dancing Princesses, by the Brothers Grimm.

The king, father of twelve girls, finds all of his daughter’s shoes worn and useless every morning, but he can’t figure out why. He declares that any man who can find the reason may chose any of his daughters to marry. Many men try, they stand guard at night, but all are found sleeping by the morning. These men are punished by death in their failure!
One day, an old solider decides to take up the challenge. He is armed with an invisibility cloak and the advice not to take anything the princesses give him… when he stands guard at night, the princesses offer him drinks and sweets, all which he only pretends to drink. They’ve been drugging the other men to fall into a deep sleep.
He dons the invisibility cloak and follows the princess, down a secret passage in their floor to a magical forest. In the forest there are three kinds of trees; made from silver, gold, and diamonds. He takes a branch from each as proof. He follows them across a lake and finally to a dance hall, where twelve princes are there waiting for the girls, and they take them and dance all night! He has all that he needs, he goes to the castle before the princesses do.
The princesses come back early the next morning, drop their worn shoes at their beds, and sleep. The solider, meanwhile, goes to the King with the evidence he collected. The girls are caught, and they confess. He gets to chooses the eldest princess as his wife, and becomes the heir to the throne.


This is (my) short version! The real version is much more fantastic than this!

----- Cait 01.12.08 19:40

Finding Nemo! aw hiz wittle fin! TELL A JOKE!

----- blambo 01.12.08 19:37

i love those!!!

----- mike h 01.12.08 19:25

My favorite tale is Lewis Carrol’s Alice …
Such a sweet and crazy story …
Love it!

----- Marcelo 01.12.08 19:24


----- sophie 01.12.08 19:22

So it’s not exactly a fairy tale, per say, but I have to go with Harold and the Purple Crayon. It’s totally fairy tale-esque. My favorite first line ever: “One night, after thinking it over for some time, Harold decided to go for a walk in the moonlight.” And then he makes up this totally awesome adventure. I WISH I could create my own universe with a purple crayon!

----- ericka 01.12.08 19:21

the tale of Jimmy and Jane of course!!!
the little brother and sister who were so afraid of getting lost in forest that they wanted to leave a trail, and started to throw away the pink instructions paper’s from their spin me bottle…
oh nevermind.

----- monom 01.12.08 19:14

one of my favorites is also perfect for this particular giveaway. The Emperor’s New Clothes! The Emperor too full of pride to admit he couldn’t see a beautiful garment was tricked into parading down the street naked :)

----- Katie 01.12.08 19:08

Gotta be “The Ugly Duckling”. I think a lot of girls can relate, ha. Plus, I love that the one who was once ridiculed and made fun of is now FABULOUS and is sitting pretty, great story, I always loved that one. Hans Christian Anderson was awesome.

----- Danielle 01.12.08 18:58

I love all the old, original Little Red Riding Hood tales. They’re so much more graphic! haha

----- Betsy 01.12.08 18:56

Mario saving Princess Toadstool is a tale of romantic determination that pulls at my most sensitive heart strings.

----- evan g 01.12.08 18:52

i would have to go with the Princess Bride as well. My new screening technique is to throw a random Princess Bride quote into conversation and if the person doesn’t make the connection, they lose.

----- ami 01.12.08 18:51

Definitely the princess and the pea.

----- SpunkySpunkster 01.12.08 18:51

Bunnicula is my favorite dark fairy tale—about a rabbit who is un-dead and sucks the juice out of vegetables. His pals are dogs and they solve crimes.

----- Melanie 01.12.08 18:50

My favourite fairy tale is Batman….wait….what? This giveaway has me a bit distracted :P

----- Ian 01.12.08 18:48

My favorite fairy tale is about a girl that wears a bright red ribbon around her neck. One night her husband unties it, and her head falls off!

----- Elizabeth 01.12.08 18:42

i always loved this fairy tale
that was a japanese version of
little red riding hood. it was so much
better than our toned down american version!

----- morganne 01.12.08 18:37

The russian tale of the firebird. I’ve always loved the image of the firebird, lit up in its glorious burning beauty, untamable to all who try.

----- Casey L 01.12.08 18:34

I’ve always loved the original Snow White (red hot iron sandals and all) and Rumpelstiltskin. When I was younger you used to hope I would meet him and he would take me away and we would make beer and bread and fly on his wooden spoon together.

----- Amanda 01.12.08 18:33

My favorite is Tim Burton’s Short Story
“Stick Boy and Match Girl in Love”

Stick Boy liked Match Girl,
He liked her a lot.
He liked her cute figure,
he thought she was hot.
But could a flame ever burn
for a match and a stick?
It did quite literally;
he burned up quick.

kind of puts a little reality to dating…that whole idea of fantasy can get a girl’s hopes up….at least in this story the boy gets burned

----- whitney h. 01.12.08 18:32

My favorite fairy tale is The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch.

Princess Elizabeth is set to marry Prince Ronald until a dragon comes and burns all the land and kidnaps (princenaps?) the prince. Her clothes having been burned, Princess Elizabeth sets off to rescue her prince in nothing but a paper bag. She finds the dragon, outsmarts him, and frees her prince. Prince Ronald, so thankful, tells her, “You smell like ashes, your hair is all tangled and you are wearing a dirty old paper bag. Come back when you are dressed like a real princess.” Princess Elizabeth scoffs and goes off on her own without him. A true Princess-power story. Classic.

----- Summer 01.12.08 18:27

My favorite fairy tale is The Snow Queen, by Hans Christian Andersen. Its such an intense tale of undying love, and a great coming of age tale that describes all the difficulties we run into in our life when it comes to love. Beautiful.

----- Robin 01.12.08 18:19

My favorite fairytale has to be the recent Disney movie Enchanted. While making fun of their own classic fairy-tales, they actually make another fairytale movie! Fairy-tales with great laugh and a touch of sarcasm, how can it not be a favorite?

----- Wong Yeung 01.12.08 18:17

Well the most enjoyable fairy tale i’ve ever heard is Shrek 1, its just a great story that always makes me laugh, can it be considered a fairy tale? Maybe, would my gf love me if i won this? Definately. :D

----- Tom 01.12.08 18:05

My favorite fairy tale would have be The Tale of Cupid and Psyche. It has everything from the jealous sisters and mothers, the “beast”, death, beauty, and even the illustrious sleeping until being awoken by your true love. It will always be my favorite.

----- Cassandra 01.12.08 17:58

The princess and the pea. I can relate.

----- Kay 01.12.08 17:55

Little Matchstick Girl has always struck a special accord in my heart. Wait, does it still count as a fairytale if the main characters dies a manically depressing death? Ah well, that sounds ‘bout right with me.

----- ibis 01.12.08 17:54

My favorite fairy tale is the story my mom keeps sharing with me that some day I’ll marry a rich, nordic handsome man and have beautiful fair skinned children. i prefer stocky, dark, broke men. i want my kids to have afros. her story makes both of us smile.

----- Mabs 01.12.08 17:47

My favorite fairytale is and has always been the Princess Bride :P Not a traditional tale, but I’ve always liked a fun story before a boring old hunt-for-the-prince-charming one. Who hasn’t said ‘My name is Inigo Montoya…’

----- Katie 01.12.08 17:41

Little red riding hood is such a classic and I have always enjoyed it and various twists on the original.

----- Scott 01.12.08 17:40

My favorite fairy tale, hmm, maybe I’m just weird but I’ve always liked Rumpelstiltskin.

----- LMD 01.12.08 17:37

My favorite ever story was about a girl who gets kidnapped by a talking polar bear and is taken to his enchanted castle. Every night a naked man visits her bedroom and sleeps next to her. She isn’t allowed to look at him.
One night she can’t help it so she looks and he’s really beautiful, but looking at him turns him into a polar bear. The polar bear was a prince who had a curse put on him by a witch.

I remember having this oddly pervy scandinavian story read to be by my mom when I was little. I would describe it to other people and they’d look at me like I was nuts. A few years ago I bought a book called East which was a retelling of that exact story. Ha! I’m not crazy.

I sleep with a stuffed polar bear teddy though, so maybe I am a little.

----- Sue 01.12.08 17:35

snow white for sure!

----- caroline 01.12.08 17:24

My favorite would be Cinderella. Take me away…:)

----- Trinh 01.12.08 17:21

I made a story about a wombat, mouse, fox and cat once…I may have had too much absinth…does that count for fave fairytale?

----- Andrew 01.12.08 17:14

little red riding hood, i always thought it was funny that a wolf dressed as an old lady

----- ed 01.12.08 17:10

hansel and gretel- because nothing says ‘i love you’ like abandoning your children in the woods to save yourself some cash money money.

eating children might be a little on the morbid side too.
what a disturbing fable.

----- yarr 01.12.08 17:09

Far and away, ‘The Snowman’ by Raymond Briggs - both the actual book and the short film. The combination of the animation and the song in the film perfectly captures the joy of the first snow and the sadness of it’s fleeting presence, especially what the experience means to children. Watching it always takes me to a quieter and more gentle place. Check it out on Google video -


----- Kellen F 01.12.08 17:01

Little Kittens fly from the heavens with their fairly wings and land on me. They then begin to claw and bite me. (who said it had to be a happy fairytale.)

----- Collin Banko 01.12.08 17:00

My favorite fariy tale was sleeping beauty =) but the disney version not the earlier original version =(

----- Nicole 01.12.08 16:53

My favorite fairytale is “The White Cat”. It involves tiny dogs that live in acorns, a skein of silk that can pass through the eye of a needle, and the loveliest little white cat who happens to be a princess in disguise. It is absolutely enchanting.

----- Sarah Teigen 01.12.08 16:51

oh. man.
That’s such a tough question.
I don’t know if i can go with a Disney fairy tale when there are so many other ones out there.
Honestly i’m not sure, but can i just say, sometimes, i feel like my life is a fairy tale.

----- Grace 01.12.08 16:50

I like the Billy Goats Gruff. There are so many fun sound effects and voices that you can use when telling it. “Who’s that going over my bridge?”

----- myrna eisenlauer 01.12.08 16:48

I absolutely adore the Fractured Fairytales from Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends. I couldn’t pick just one! And I’m not very good at telling stories… so sorry for not being very fun.

----- Joe Wasserman 01.12.08 16:41

Does the Princess Bride count? That’s the best one but if not I’d have to go with The Wizard of Oz.

----- Raishawn 01.12.08 16:38

My favorite fairytale would have to be…….The Frog Princess :]

----- Danielle S 01.12.08 16:30

My favourite fairy tale is sleeping beauty, I never liked the Disney version but grew to like it after realizing that in the original fairytale, sleeping beauty pricks her finger and drops dead. A nobleman finds her and basically commits necrophilia, the dead sleeping beauty then has twins and while one of the twins is sucking on beauty’s finger he pulls out the thorn and she returns back to life. And in the end the necrophiliac and beauty live happily ever after, Now doesn’t the Disney version seem awesome right about now?

----- Leslie 01.12.08 16:24

Definitely Beauty and the Beast. What I wouldn’t do for a library like that…

----- Maggie 01.12.08 16:20

Puss in Boots is my favorite fairy tale. All the boy did was spare the clever little kitten his life, and in return received wealth, love and happiness. Wonderful, wonderful story.

----- Joseph Morcos 01.12.08 16:19

My favorite fairy tale would have to be Orson Scott Card’s Enchantment. I know, I know, not the traditional tale, but it’s got all the makings of the traditional tale - timeless love, morality and most importantly adventure and magic - with its roots in Slavic folk tales.

But with these little tools, I could make a tale of love and adventure (ahem, ahem, maybe with a little less morality) too! ;-)

----- Nadia P 01.12.08 16:19

I have to say its when the princess sleeps on a bunch of mattresses and feels the pea. That’s how I screen the guys I date ;)

----- Gita Vaysburg 01.12.08 16:16

My favorite fairy tale is - mine - probably written in a few years, when I find the prince to complete it.

----- Jazlyn Dow 01.12.08 16:12

Beauty and the Beast for sure.

----- TQ 01.12.08 16:02

I’ve always loved Sleeping Beauty, mostly because I wanted my name to be Briar Rose (as the she was named in the Brothers Grimm version).

----- Adri 01.12.08 16:00

My fav fairytale is Sleeping Beauty… Featuring the girl everyone wants/wants to be like and the hero everyone wants/wants to be like :)

----- Stacy B. 01.12.08 15:55

I love the little match girl, it always makes me cry. its a reminder to always be fortunate for what you have.

----- Danielle 01.12.08 15:52

Thats easy. Sleeping Beauty is my all-time favorite Fairytale. The Disney-ized version that is.

----- Emily 01.12.08 15:50

i may be one of the only adults that still read y.a. fiction from time to time, but my favorite fairy tale would have to be stargirl by jerry spinelli - it is inspired by a favorite play of mine: ondine.

----- lauren michele 01.12.08 15:50

my favorite fairy tale was always the nightingale and the rose! though i guess it wasn’t actually a fairy tale since it was an oscar wilde story. but i read it when i was in first grade in china (in chinese, no less!) and something about the nightingale sacrificing her life to dye a rose with her blood really intrigued me. i guess i was a morbid kid, eh?

----- xue 01.12.08 15:35

Not sure it’ll count, but I’d have to go with the ‘Fables’ comic series.

----- Phil 01.12.08 15:30

the princess bride! not a traditional fairy tale but has all the criteria: princess, quest, evil prince, henchmen, giant, heroes, masked hero, weird animals (ROUS), smart dialog, humor, romance…happiness.

----- butterfrei 01.12.08 15:30

my FAVORITE fairy tail? I like the Goose that laid the golden egg. Such greed! I know if I had a pet that birthed gold, I would keep it alive forevs.

----- Vanessa 01.12.08 15:26

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