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NOTCOT Giveaway 19: 3 VDC Mimobots!- 12.05.08

winmimos1.jpg TO WIN: Leave a comment ~ Pick #1, 2, or 3 (one only!) and tell us your favorite cartoon character! ENTER BY 12/8. WINNERS: Justin in Texas, Thomas in Virginia, + Jackson in Massachusetts!

More Mimobots!!! For Giveaway #19, i considered sending this adorable trio to one home, but they are so awesome, and your comments have been so incredible, i’m splitting these guys up to three commenters! Soooooo, you’re going to have to choose which you love best and tell us what your favorite cartoon character is to win one of these guys ~ each is 2 GB! …and come with a Protohoodie to keep them warm and safe from scratches… and part of the new VDC (Vimobot Design Contest) Series… #1 is Holybot by the fickilians, #2 is Yakuza by eetteekers, and #3 is Golden Panda by ShanDurRah! So see more pictures on the next page, as well as some sneak peeks at the other digital goodies stored within!






Here’s a sneak peek at *some* of the many digital goodies that comes stored on these little guys ~ from wallpapers and icons to the latest issue of the Mimozine with videos and more!




Note from Nicole at Mimoco (from comments): *i should note for MIMOBOT code to work, you need to be registered and logged in (has nothing to do with our mailing list) it’s just a way for you to check out and for code to apply. apologies for this inconvenience, it’s just the way our e-commerce system works.

TO WIN: Leave a comment ~ Pick #1, 2, or 3 (one only!) and tell us your favorite cartoon character! ENTER BY 12/8

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Doug Funny

----- Joseph Ingram 08.12.08 20:24

Favourite cartoon character? Blue from Blue’s Clues all the way. That dog has taught me the difference between left and right, circles and squares, salt and pepper.

All things a grown man like myself needs to know.

Also, I would prefer #3. That panda is awesome.

----- Mike Porter 08.12.08 19:10

1, Batman, he rocks!

----- micco 08.12.08 18:40

#2 - One summer my mother returned from a trip to Machu Pichu bringing me only a set of six comic books dubbed “Condorito”; a human-like character with the head of a condor who lived the average Peruvian male lifestyle. It was pretty bizarre compared to my typical action hero comics but the goofy character with the quirky girlfriend quickly won me over. Unfortunately, my collection remains limited to those six books…

----- Jules Jasper 08.12.08 17:57

#1 Top Cat

----- Jordan 08.12.08 17:20

It’s Theodore from the Chipmunks. I feel sorry for him. I mean, seriously, what does he have going for him? Alvin’s clever. Simon’s intelligent. Theodore’s horizontally challenged and not particularly bright. If you were a hungry coyote, which one would you go for? Exactly.

----- Joebot 08.12.08 17:19

numero tres
pepper ann
aji ana

----- natuka 08.12.08 16:59

Piles the Beaver. One episode of “Cow and Chicken” was about Cow’s toys trying to save a princess. Admittedly, a lot of the episode has faded from my brain, but I’ll always remember the toys being stuck in a panic and knowing that Piles would know what to do. They pulled his string and heard this pearl of wisdom:

Hey. I’m Piles the Beaver. … Hey.

----- Erin 08.12.08 16:34

#2 - Dr. Roxo, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Clown.

----- patguy 08.12.08 15:16

#1 and my favorite cartoon character is Meatwad from The Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

----- Jeff Hays 08.12.08 15:06

#1 my favorite character would most definitely be flapjack, from the misadventures of flapjack. one day i hope to travel to his world full of candy and pirates and have a fabulous misadventure with him myself.

----- kate 08.12.08 14:58

Easily Space Ghost.

#2 please!

----- Cara Antonelli 08.12.08 14:51

#3, and my favorite cartoon character is Kimmy from Rugrats! She was adorable ^_^

----- Jess 08.12.08 14:35

#3 Cherry blossoms ftw!
Dopey from Snow White is the all time bestt!

----- Sandy 08.12.08 13:18

(and the mimobot that looks like a boss from mystical ninja ;D)

----- Tina 08.12.08 13:07

#2 yakuza, baby!

my fav. cartoon character is rock lee from naruto. gotta love the bowl-cut and bruce lee resemblance…

----- roboto 08.12.08 12:37

#1 - I can’t pick just one favorite cartoon character. While I can think of many that are strong characters on their own, its the characters that play off of one another’s strengths and weaknesses that I find most compelling. With that said, my favorite characters are Mugen, Jin, and Fuu, from the anime Samurai Champloo created by Shinichirō Watanabe (also known for Cowboy Bebop).

----- Melanie 08.12.08 12:04

I loved scooby doo growing up! Rut-roh! I especially loved the episodes that involved “celebrities” like the Harlem Globe Trotters and Batman.

----- Anne 08.12.08 11:15

#1 Samurai Jack.

----- Kevin 08.12.08 11:11


----- Mathieu 08.12.08 10:47

#3! there was this episode of the care bears — actually it might have been the care bears movie — that featured an evil, uncaring dark cloud that distilled itself into a red-haired boy and tried to lead human heroine kristen astray. kristen somehow got knocked unconscious, at which point the care bears intervened and tried to bring evil dude over to the cause of caring. evil dude, confronted with coma kristen, finally said “i CARE. i CARE!!!” and a single tear dripped into kristen’s eye, reviving her. from then on, everyone cared.

anyway, i thought red-haired boy/dark cloud was waaaay sexy before he got all caring.

----- chris 08.12.08 10:39

whoops sorry I pick #1

----- Tim Lawrence 08.12.08 10:30

#2 and my favorite character is Doug from Doug, who doesn’t like Quail Man?

----- Nguyen 08.12.08 10:21

The Wonder Twins.

When I was in grade school, me and my brother and sisters would get up at 7am to watch Superfriends on ABC. This was in the late 70s, way before all-cartoon networks. We also didn’t have cable so our choices of cartoons were greatly reduced. Superfriends rocked, though. They had wicked costumes, freaky bad guys, flying, outer space, big city fights, a giant American Indian, underwater exploits, and the Wonder Twins. A brother and sister who resembled Spock, and they had a pet monkey named Gleek. Whenever the brother and sister touched their magic rings together, their wonder twin powers would activate. The girl could turn into any kind of animal, and the boy could turn into any form of water (ice, vapour, a bridge made of ice, an ice bucket, etc). Totally bizarre but awesome to watch when you are 8 years old.

----- Tim Lawrence 08.12.08 10:20

AWESOME!! Can I please get one? That would be soo kind of youuu!!

----- Janosch 08.12.08 10:19

#1 - Well it would have to be the original Looney Toons, the early Daffy Duck was crazy, Star Blazers, the crew had great hair, then there’s the Hypnotoad - all hail the Hypnotoad!

----- Rich 08.12.08 10:11


Æon Flux was my fav cartoon character of all time

----- Carl Heindl 08.12.08 09:56


Bugs Bunny is the greatest cartoon character. Period.

----- Eric 08.12.08 09:47


Transfomer - Optimus Prime… it’s the best and koolest cartoon ever!!

----- jayp0411 08.12.08 09:26

Sonic the Hedgehog…
He fights evil, likes chili dogs, and wears designer sneakers. What more needs to be said?

#1 is sweet, but I can’t get over the sumo-man-thong of #2.

----- david k 08.12.08 09:16

I’m a big fan of “My Melody.” She’s from the same family as “Hello Kitty.” When I was a kid my mom would get me the My Melody stuff because my name is Melody. It’s always fun to have stuff with your name on it, especially when it also has a cute bunny cartoon character.

PS the holybot is the most awesome of the trio!

----- Gardenrivernymph 08.12.08 09:10

#3, Tom (or is it Jerry? - whichever one is the mouse)

----- Ray Saunders 08.12.08 08:57

Rocko’s modern life rocked my world! and it still does… my favorite character on the show would have to be Spunky, I also enjoyed the Bigheads.

----- Elle 08.12.08 08:55

Favorite cartoon character: Smurfette! The only original girl smurf.

----- Alex Jeon 08.12.08 08:46

Marvin the Martian — Homeboy shoots first and doesn’t bother asking questions later

----- Cass 08.12.08 08:32

#1. David the Gnome. He travels via OWL and has telepathy.

----- wesley 08.12.08 08:29

#3 and my favorite cartoon character is dexter

----- ram 08.12.08 08:23

#1 is pretty cool. I must say my favourite is Inspector Gadget.

----- foo 08.12.08 08:01


Heffer from Rocko’s Modern Life.

----- Jason 08.12.08 08:00


sailor venus :)

----- e 08.12.08 07:38

#1 - Dr. ‘Rusty’ Venture.

----- Phil 08.12.08 07:10

My favorite character of all time would have to be Donald Duck. Throwing a tantrum for the smallest thing yet being an overall good guy.

If I win I’d like #2 please.

----- Carl A. S. 08.12.08 07:01

Right now I’m pretty much in to the Venture Brothers, Brock Sampson is a badass. However Ren is problaby my top favorite. The early Spumco Ren and Stimpy shorts are supperrad.

----- tony 08.12.08 06:24

I like # 1 best. My favorite cartoon character is Brock Samson from the Venture Brothers.

----- Paul 08.12.08 06:02

#1 - I love Daffy Duck, mostly his early crazier version. The episode in which he is a famous terrorist who paints moustaches over people, billboards and statues and is chased by Porky is my favorite. Long live Daffy !!!

----- Daniel Segatto 08.12.08 05:36

#1 Gambit! How can such a legend not be let into the x-men films, such a shame!

----- Nitesh Patel 08.12.08 05:32

#2-Tranzor Z is dope

----- Frank 08.12.08 04:58

#2 - I love Grampa Simpson! Because being father of one of the dumbest guys in the world means only one thing: he is even dumber!

“Hello, my name is Grampa”
- Abraham Simpson

----- rafael 08.12.08 04:55

#1 …. Hello Kitty!! Wooohoo!

----- Sasha 08.12.08 02:56

My favorite cartoon character is none other than Wile E. Coyote - There is no smarter character ever - the whole of the cartoon universe is against him - even physics -

----- Ant 08.12.08 02:25

#3 - I love Hello Kitty and her philosophy of never having too many friends. It’s amazing how a childhood icon has managed to stay current throughout the years in fashion, art, and now even global outreach and banking.

----- Tiffy 08.12.08 02:04


I like Naruto, but it’s hard to find it in Spain!

----- Gonzalo 08.12.08 00:40

Spongebob Square Pants. He’s a sponge… He wears square pants. Need I say more?!
Oh! He lives in a pineapple under the sea!

----- Megan 07.12.08 23:46

#1—I have to go with Rocko from Rocko’s Modern Life! Or Filburt, “I’m nauseous I’m nauseous…”

----- Jess 07.12.08 23:46

#3—-Dot from the Animaniacs!

----- Lisa 07.12.08 21:35

Starlite from Rainbow Brite! #1

----- Joshua Blaylock 07.12.08 21:31

#2 I still stand by my childhood all-time favorite cartoon Rocko’s Modern Life. Holy crap, cartoons will never again be this absurd and surreal. I fell in love with Filbert the turtle in the episode where they hunt the elusive bald eagle and his impressive collection of stylish hairpieces…or maybe it was the fishing episode, I can’t decide.

----- Justin K 07.12.08 20:59

#2! Doug, from the hit cartoon, “Doug.”

----- Jake Hathaway 07.12.08 19:36

My favorite bot from the three above is Holybot!!! My favorite cartoon character would have to be Ickis from Aah! Real Monsters! Great cartoon that I haven’t seen on tv in a while but really really miss. I even have a stuffed toy of Ickis that I’ve modifed with a cute little sweater to keep his wittle self warm in the winter. I’m a grown-up who will never grow up, and who will always love cartoons, toys and mimobots!

----- Laura Wattles 07.12.08 18:45

#3!! Am a huge fan of Homer Simpson

----- tracy 07.12.08 18:06

Favorite childhood character = Rupert Bear Who else would save a fish from dying on the beach or tryto put salt on a cloud to make it rain?

#2 please

----- Phil 07.12.08 17:56

#2 Astro Boy

----- Justin 07.12.08 17:30

#2 - Usagi Yojimbo… you can’t beat a bunny rabbit samurai, and he was friends with the teenage mutant ninja turtles.

----- Allen 07.12.08 15:50

#2 Stewie Griffin

----- Matthew Kolb 07.12.08 15:30

#1 Captain N, the Game Master.

----- tgraw 07.12.08 15:25

My absolute favorite is Atomu (better known as Astroboy). Close second is Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin.

----- Jinny 07.12.08 15:10

I want #2! My favorite is definitely Katara from Avatar. She rocks!

----- Tom Nguyen 07.12.08 12:30

WAIT WAIT!! I recant my former statement…I just realized, it’s not true.
In reality my favorite cartoon character of ALL TIME is:

Puff the Magic Dragon.
I’m pretty sure I watched that cartoon/movie about 40 times. :)

----- Casey L 07.12.08 11:31

#3. Michelangelo (orange) from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!!!! I remember I had a pair of jeans with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles graphic print on the left leg. I wore those jeans till they were all torn up…… that and I grew out of them. But they were my favorite pair of jeans!!

----- Kim 07.12.08 11:27

Brian from Family Guy

----- Jessica 07.12.08 11:01

#3 all the way!!

My favorite cartoon character EVER is woody the woodpecker! Instead of watching regular kid’s television as a child, I woke up on saturday mornings and always popped in one of many VHSs with all the old, classic cartoons. Everything from tubby the tuba to porky the pig to woody the woodpecker. Woody was always my favorite though because I could do the crazy woodpecker laugh really well. (okay, yes…I may have been somewhat of a strange child…) :P

----- Casey L 07.12.08 10:51

#2. homer simpson

----- joe 07.12.08 10:43

Ohhh, I love #3, Golden Panda! My fav cartoon character is Kiccoro, from the 2005 Aichi expo in Japan.

----- Christina 07.12.08 10:38

#3… so precious… i liked haruhara haruko from flcl :)

----- xue 07.12.08 10:23

I love the Golden Panda!

Fav. cartoon character…probably the Gnomes.

----- Catherine Chandler 07.12.08 10:08

#3…it reminds me of my dark circles around my eye (unfotunately hereditary from my mom’s side of the family)…yet the floral pattern is girly, like me. my mom calls me panda.

----- KL 07.12.08 09:42

#1-any of the Care Bears.

----- James 07.12.08 09:31

#3. Bryan from Family Guy.

----- Jennifer Vaccaro 07.12.08 09:15

LOVE the golden panda. My favorite animated toon was Darkwing Duck. I loved that he would save the city under the guise of night. In fact, this spurred me to indulge my Nintendo dreams in Capcom games (i.e. Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers) I think I was the only female in my elementary school to sport a beak and cape for Halloween in the name of Drake Mallard :)

----- melissa 07.12.08 09:06

#3… I would say Stewie from Family Guy… pretty cool

----- Joel 07.12.08 08:53

For #1: My favorite cartoon character was Penny from Inspector Gadget. She had a sweet laptop before any other girl I knew.

----- Better Off Ted 07.12.08 08:47


Sonic the hedgehog was always the one. I know he counts since they did the television series spin-off from the Sega game in 1993. I was ten then, but I still think he was awesome. He’s blue, he’s fast…and most definitely Badass!

----- Lauren 07.12.08 08:46

I had the biggest crush on a little known guy named James Bond, Jr.

----- Jenny 07.12.08 08:30


my favorite cartoon character is Rocko from Rocko’s Modern life. Best. Show. EVER!

----- Rebekah 07.12.08 08:28

#1 - favourite cartoon character is Gambit, from X-men animated series.

----- Knivez 07.12.08 08:24

#1, please! Astro Boy— so very very cute.

----- mariko 07.12.08 07:20

Hong Kong Phooey(alter ego Penry)and his faithful companion Spot(police cat)are still in my head.

----- Todd 07.12.08 07:03

#3 — SPIDEY.

----- Ali 07.12.08 06:59

my favorite cartoon character has always been marvin the martian, a classic! but i must admit that in recent years, this love is somewhat challenged by the characters on foster’s home for imaginary friends, though i couldn’t pick just one of them.

ps: i really love #2, because it reminds me of bruce campbell. if i won i would seriously consider mailing it to him. anybody else agree??

----- brandy 07.12.08 06:23

#1 , Invader Zim

----- Darren 07.12.08 06:10

It HAS to be Brock Samson from the Venture Bros. Love that show! It’s hilarious! And Brock knows all - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brock_Samson

----- Nadia P 07.12.08 06:09

I like #1. My favorite character is Totoro, he is a cute fat cat. When i was small, i like to watch the anime but my mom didnt allow me. I think the anime is imaginary provoke.

----- mikenj 07.12.08 05:58

#3, Golden Panda!

I love Patrick Star from Spongebob Squarepants, he’s absolutely hilarious and the perfect sidekick. His voice only adds to his charm :)

----- Kris 07.12.08 05:49


without question, Darkwing Duck. the theme song did it for me, it was the only cartoon, at age 5, that spoke to my harder edge and hip hop sensibilities.

please Youtube, if you don’t know.

----- Cheston 07.12.08 05:48

My favorite cartoon character is Cow, from Cow & Chicken! The humor on that show cracks me up. I like #1, the colors appeal to me. Thank you for the chance to win! Jeff

----- Jeff Mayo 07.12.08 02:52


----- Abhishek 07.12.08 01:48


----- kirsten chow 07.12.08 01:22

#2 My favorite cartoon character is maybe Goku from Dragonball Z, I used to love that show as a kid, probably still do too.

----- DRalls 07.12.08 00:32

#1 - Harvey Birdman!

----- everybodycares 07.12.08 00:13

#1- That little mouse character from Spirited Away that was the witch’s baby before it was transformed. So cute.

----- Scott McColl 06.12.08 23:54

I’ll pick #3! :D

My fav cartoon character is Brian Griffin from Family Guy :D

----- Chi 06.12.08 23:48

#3 Rusty Venture from the Venture Bros.

----- adamward 06.12.08 23:19

I pick #3 because I love pandas. My favorite cartoon character is Alice from Alice in Wonderland.

----- MegRuth 06.12.08 23:07

#3…Gambit from X-Men

----- Jim M 06.12.08 22:50


And my favorite cartoon character is Speed Racer.

----- GCF 06.12.08 22:47

and favorite cartoon character? Hate to be a big nerd (or do?) but it’s almost definitely invader Zim.

----- b 06.12.08 22:46

#3 for sure! My favorite is either Pucca or Spongebob.

----- Victor 06.12.08 22:34

no. 1 is too cute! my favorite cartoon character was most definitely she-ra. she had it all. transforming powers, magical horse, boyfriend who would take any shit. amazing

----- nichole 06.12.08 22:14

Dr. Henry Killinger from The Venture Bros
although he was only in two ep that i know of, he is frickin awesome

----- insolv1niac86 06.12.08 21:35

I’d love to have number three. My favorite cartoon character - Totoro!

----- Kelly 06.12.08 21:11


Toon?…… Betty Boop! I loved her even before she was on everything, everywhere. aIt’s all about the toon with a ‘tude!

----- Sherill 06.12.08 21:00


My favorite cartoon character is Cheese from Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.

Why? Because he loves potatoes, and I loves potatoes. And he’s yellow, and has very little hair.

----- Annie 06.12.08 20:51

#3, please. Give me a smartass cartoon dog any day, like Ren from The Ren and Stimpy Show or Brian from Family Guy. If I must pick only one, then Ren it is (t is the year of the chihuahua after all).

----- Harrietsayshi 06.12.08 20:44

#1 - garfield is my favourite cartoon character. i still read the comics every day!

----- pamela w. 06.12.08 20:30

#2 My favorite cartoon character is daria.

----- Kendall 06.12.08 20:27

#1 - I have no idea what’s going on, and love it so much for that very reason!

My favorite cartoon character would definitely have to be Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast. Anyone who can sing, dance, and make top notch French cuisine at the same time wins my vote, especially if that anyone is a candelabra.

----- Matt 06.12.08 20:26

#1. I would have to say. Garfield the cat. I read so much of him as a child,
I started taking on his sense of humor.
got lazy and fat.
like to look at the world from the bottom up, from a cat’s point of view,
and i have a thing for alcohol and beer. Just replaced one addiction (Lasagna) with another :)

----- Mark 06.12.08 20:23

#1. I love the writing on the Simpsons, but Marco from Porco Rosso is the best.

----- Ben 06.12.08 20:15

#1 She-Ra. my first glimpse of empowered women

----- rachel 06.12.08 19:55

#2 is so gangster

----- asa 06.12.08 19:44

I love #3 and my favorite cartoon character is Dr. Girlfriend from the Venture Brothers.

----- Stephanie 06.12.08 19:30

Homer Simpson is the man!

----- jeremy 06.12.08 19:23

#2 is my pick. My favourite cartoon character would have to be Fritz The Cat.

----- Alex 06.12.08 19:04

#3, hobbes from calvin & hobbes :)

----- kristina 06.12.08 18:55

#1 - Totoro

----- Scott 06.12.08 18:45

I really dig #3, I love the simplicity of the design. I love how the VDC turned out as a whole and love the options.

I would have to say that my favorite cartoon is arthur (yes, that arthur from pbs kids). I don’t think I started watching this cartoon until I was WAY older than the targeted demographic, but I still think it’s a great show. First of all, it’s commercial free & I think thats a really important thing for kids to have. Second of all, the cartoon is great quality, the stories are really unique and engaging (yes, even in my mid 20s I find them entertaining & I know I’m not the only one!) and the animation is top notch. I think we all loved the arthur storybooks children & it’s nice that the cartoon actually does the books justice, something all too rare in this day and age.

My favorite character from the series is Arthur- he shows kids that its okay to enjoy the the more scholarly things in life like reading and (god forbid) actually learning things. Oh, and his glasses and yellow v-neck sweater are so hip but totally unpretentious!

----- doe 06.12.08 18:44

Favorite cartoon character: now, it’s probably someone from the Venture Bros., Brock, Hank or Dr. Girlfriend.
Growing up, I was hardcore Batman, before the days of grim and gritty. Give me Adam West in a pair of tights any day!
I’d prefer #3, golden panda, just in case.

----- David C. 06.12.08 18:40

I think my favorite cartoon character is Bullwinkle from the Rocky and Bullwinkle show.

----- Amanda Z. 06.12.08 18:37

#3 winnie the pooh

----- Meagan 06.12.08 18:30

dexter from dexter’s lab of course!

----- Jason 06.12.08 18:10

#3 golden panda!

My favorite cartoon character is Naruto. He’s got impeccable perseverance!

----- Jelaine 06.12.08 18:08

#3! My favorite cartoon character is a hard one…subject to change at any moment. I think I’ll have to go with Hexadecimal from reboot. I don’t think there is a supervillaness with a better name :)

----- Jessica Blackham 06.12.08 17:55

No. 1, my favourite is definately sailor moon, always imagined that tuxedo mask would come and save me haha

----- Susan Liang 06.12.08 17:50

I really like #3. It’s probably because Yogi Bear is my favorite cartoon.

----- Brandon 06.12.08 17:48

I think #3 is adorable! I know this doesn’t qualify as the classic old school cartoon, but I think WallE is the cutest. He’s my new favorite!

----- Kristin 06.12.08 17:45


I love love love Uncle from The Jackie Chan Adventures.

----- Tiffany 06.12.08 17:31


Invader Zim’s Gir

----- Julia 06.12.08 17:24

#3 - Ariel from The Little Mermaid, when I was a wee tot I had my entire room decorated with Little Mermaid stuff!

----- KC 06.12.08 17:16

#3!! My favorite cartoon character would be Homer Simpson from The Simpson!! He’s such a classic and hilarious character.

----- Julie! 06.12.08 17:16

Doraemon and Crayon Shin-chan.
dubbed in Indonesian.
Best served with green baby oranges
and dirt on your feet
and the smell of mie.

Number Deux for me.
That thing is Hotness.

----- Siy 06.12.08 17:13

I love #3 My favorite cartoon character was Doug… that whole show was the best….I a pretty sure I can still sign all the words to Killer Tofu

----- Dana Galbraith 06.12.08 16:58

#2 I’m all for Huey, Dewey, and Louie from Ducktales!

----- Kevin Phan 06.12.08 16:50

#3 Golden Panda - My favorite cartoon character has to be Homer Simpson.

----- Michelle Aguirre 06.12.08 16:42

I simply love Kenshin Himura from Rurouni Kenshin, the anime.

----- Mayumi 06.12.08 16:34

#1, and Bullwinkle J. Moose!

----- Joe Wasserman 06.12.08 16:32

Hmmmm, I’d say Duck Dodgers. He’s arrogant, inefficient and down right stupid, but gets the job done!

----- P.Dias 06.12.08 16:30

#1: Favorite character is Stewie from Family guy.

----- Cyrus Ha 06.12.08 15:55


I have so many fav cartoon characters but at them moment I’d say I love Rocko form Rocko’s Modern Life. Watching reruns of that show brings back memories :)

----- Deidra 06.12.08 15:33

#1, and it has to be stewie from family guy

----- Stu 06.12.08 15:27

I like #3, I like the sakura blossoms by the panda’s ear, reminds me of CardCaptor Sakura…

----- Jessica P. 06.12.08 15:17

#1 My favorite cartoon character is Speedy Gonzalez from Looney Tunes, because he has a heart of gold. He could have easily succumbed to fame and success as a record-breaking track and field star, but instead he stayed grounded and used his speed to steal cheese for his slower fellow mice.

----- Jerry 06.12.08 15:06

My favorite cartoon character is Speedy Gonzalez from Looney Tunes, because he has a heart of gold. He could have easily succumbed to fame and success as a record-breaking track and field star, but instead he stayed grounded and used his speed to steal cheese for his slower fellow mice.

----- Jerry 06.12.08 15:01

#3, hands down. Pandas are amazing.

My favorite animated character is Edward from Full Metal Alchemist.

My favorite cartoon character (important distinction) would be Chicken Boo because of his theme song and his hilariously blank, unknowing stare.

----- Matthew 06.12.08 14:54

mimbots 4 eva!

----- cristin 06.12.08 14:47

I love #1 and my favorite cartoon character is domokun from japan!

----- may 06.12.08 14:37

#1 please

----- laila 06.12.08 14:37

#1, please. My daughter will love it.

----- Tangelia 06.12.08 14:34

#2 …And my favourite cartoon character would have to be The Tick, from The Tick. Spoon indeed my friends!!!

----- Charlee 06.12.08 14:29

My favourite cartoon character is Towlie from South Park. If I were to win I’d choose #3.

----- Nicola 06.12.08 14:28

I’d love to have number two. My favorite cartoon character would have to be Yuki from an anime called Gravitation :)

----- Danielle S 06.12.08 14:24

Gasp! #2 Yakuza! It reminds me of this old man I met who looks exactly like that! ;)

My favorite cartoon character (currently) is Rhino from the movie Bolt. Him, a plastic ball, and “awesome!” just makes my day every single time.

----- freefallen 06.12.08 14:14

I love the Teenage Mutant Ninga Turtles. *sigh* Childhood memories. I love them all but my fav has to be Donatello, I always was attracted to the geeky one.

----- Jennifer 06.12.08 14:14

I love the golden panda. It’s just so adorable and pandas are just pretty awesome.

My favorite cartoon character would definitely have to be Deedee from Dexter’s Laboratory.

----- Erica 06.12.08 14:09

Storm. When I was little I thought she was the coolest (and secretly hoped that I would be and look like her when I grew up) Unfortunately I cannot control the weather and need another forty years until my hair reaches the ideal white.

----- Jenn 06.12.08 14:05

#3 My favorite is Felix the Cat - You’ll laugh so hard, your sides will ache, your heart will go pitter - pat, watching Felix, the wonderful Cat!

----- myrna eisenlauer 06.12.08 13:53

#1 is my mimobot of choice :).
My favorite cartoon character is Newton from ‘Ned’s Newt’. He reminds me of my childhood - especially one summer when it was airing every day at 8pm. It’s that sort of thing that helps me remind the feeling of being a child and not having adult problems. He basically was a big blue newt with the ability to shapeshift. It was a lot like the Genie from Disney’s Alladin but waaay more funny. The humor was just insane and the plots involved all sorts of absurd settings.
I think I’m gonna watch some episodes right now :)

----- Emode 06.12.08 13:49

Favorite from my childhood I’d have to say was Speed Racer. Didn’t have cable at my house so little bro and I would ride the Schwinns over to our cousin John’s house after school to watch. They don’t make them like that anymore.

----- D. Scott Baker 06.12.08 13:27

#1 my favorite cartoon is chowder

----- naty 06.12.08 13:17

homer simpson

----- Roland Bango-Fi 06.12.08 13:13

#1, my favorite cartoon hero is the hedgehog from “The Hedgehog in the Fog”. It’s an old Soviet cartoon, a beautiful and haunting one - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRsXU4Q6a0Q

----- Liisa 06.12.08 12:54

#1 my favorite cartoon character is Optimus Prime from Transformers

----- raptrex 06.12.08 12:34

#1 my fav, cartoon would have to be hong kong phooey. all the right moves!

----- levi montez 06.12.08 12:33

# 3 My favorite cartoon character would have to be Gambit from X-men the animated series. Mmmm Cajun.

----- Panda 06.12.08 12:21

Huzzah for Yakuza. Number 2 please. My favorite character was sugar Bear. The pitch of his eyebrow made him so debonair. He moved at his own pace and had such a knowing voice. He was the man, I mean, the bear!

Now if you can remember him you know how old I am and that my mind is on overload. I need to download my overbrimming thoughts into my Yakuza.

----- Karen Awong 06.12.08 12:15

#2 please. My favorite cartoon character is Ranma in Ranma 1/2 (his female version always make me laugh until tears come out)

----- Annie 06.12.08 12:13

#3. Hong Kong Phooey FTW! When the going gets rough he’s super tough with the hong kong phooey chop, hyah!

----- Jill 06.12.08 12:13


I would probably gave to say He-Man.

----- Jason 06.12.08 12:09

Numba 1! Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes. A 6 year old with the vocabulary of a philosopher but the spirit of a child.

----- Derek 06.12.08 12:06

I would love #3 the Golden Panda!
My favorite cartoon character will always be Bugs Bunny, classic!

----- Elizabeth M. 06.12.08 11:53


Darkwing Duck!

----- Brian 06.12.08 11:49

#2 My favorite cartoon character is Stewie Griffin.

----- Sara 06.12.08 11:33

#3! And my fave cartoon character is Pikachu.

----- Dani 06.12.08 11:32

#1 I’m a big Maggie Simpson fan.

----- Kim 06.12.08 11:28

omg really hard pick!!

no. 1 !!! the design is so amazing

OK HANDS down Dexter from Dexter’s Lab

who doesnt love his cute russian voice! and he always seems so busy but in the cartoon hes always just screwing a bolt with a wrench. hes so hilariously cute i dont know whether to punch him or pinch his cheeks!

Genndy Tartakovsky the creator is a GENIUS.

----- Mariana 06.12.08 11:27

My favorite cartoon character was Robert Crumb’s Mr. Natural. Oddly enough, I am now a guy with a white beard dispensing arcane Wisdom Bits.

----- Will Parker 06.12.08 11:07

#1 my favorite cartoon character is Ren from Ren & Stimpy. A scrawny, angry chiwawa is just what I need. “YOU EEDIOT!”

----- Willie 06.12.08 11:06

#2 , my favorite character is “Zim” from Invader Zim =)

----- MaxMeister 06.12.08 10:57

#3 ———— ONE favorite cartoon character? hurm… The Tick!!! SPOOOOOOOOOOONNN!!!!!!!

----- ray massie 06.12.08 10:56

#1! So cute!

----- Sheila S. 06.12.08 10:48

Oh I like #3!

I think my favorite cartoon character is still Mickey Mouse

----- Jessica P 06.12.08 10:47

I love the Golden Panda please. and my favorite all time cartoon character is SheRa and her fantastic flying Unicorn. Woah.

----- Emily 06.12.08 10:47

I vote for #3!! Mighty Mouse….. I am old!

----- marsha roof 06.12.08 10:47

For a current cartoon I would say “The Clone Wars” on cartoon network, I can sit and watch it with my son. But if your going for something old school then “Shirt Tails”!

----- Phisto 06.12.08 10:43

#1 My favorite cartoon character everr… is… Babar!!!

----- drewie 06.12.08 10:42


Catwoman from the orginal Batman Animated series.

----- Becky 06.12.08 10:41

I heart #2

----- CatMilitia 06.12.08 10:41

#3 please. my fav cartoon character has to be Stewie from Family Guy. sometimes its hard to pick between Stewie and Cartman, but Stewie’s more badass, so I gotta go with him. :D

----- Brit. 06.12.08 10:40

Foster’s home for imaginary Friends ” Eduardo”

----- Eric Herman 06.12.08 10:37

#3! My favorite cartoon was always ninetails from pokemon.

----- newman 06.12.08 10:34

I’m a big fan of Pammy Panda from Shirt Tales. I’ll always remember her for expressing her frustration subtly by using the kid friendly expletive “Fudge” to replace “F*CK”. But I knew better.

#3 Golden Panda

----- Jason 06.12.08 10:34

I love love love The Powerpuff Girls - not because their pretty or something, but because they are so wonderfully silly and yet they always save the day… Girl power!

----- vanina 06.12.08 10:33

#1 I really like Marvin the Martian! He’s great

----- Chris 06.12.08 10:32

one. **please** favie cartoon character… pizzazz from jem and the holograms. they should so bring that show back.

----- katey barrett 06.12.08 10:19

#3 Courage the cowardly dog!

----- jazzyj 06.12.08 10:10

#2 is the coolest mimo evah.

Princess Mononoke is my favorite cartoon character.

----- 415 06.12.08 10:08

I vaguely remember a character called Atom Ant.

----- Ed 06.12.08 10:03

#1 - I’m a big fan of Michigan J. Frog. It’s a shame he’s been out of a job ever since WB became CW.

----- Jeremy 06.12.08 10:01

#1 without a doubt. Haku from naruto though i’m not so into the whole anime spiel anymore

----- Kye 06.12.08 09:55

#2 is killer! and would make a swank gift for my brother who has similar tattoos and tough-guy demeanor. Favorite cartoon character? Johnny Bravo; Do the Monkey!

----- Pete 06.12.08 09:47

#3. My fav cartoon character is Lilo.

----- becca 06.12.08 09:42

yes john Difool from “l’ical” saga of Moebius and Jorodovski is the best for me.

ciao from italy

----- aidoru 06.12.08 09:27

#2 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

my most loved character is pooh (not really cartoon but)… reading the Tao of Pooh right now… GREAT book!

----- Natalie 06.12.08 09:18

#2! Yakuza ftw!

I have way too many favourite cartoon characters, but…I guess L from Death Note is my current favourite. I’ve definitely been rocking L eyes lately…if only I could rock his brain, too.

----- pixellated spiff 06.12.08 09:14


My favorite character is Winnie The Pooh!!!! :)


----- Mykolas 06.12.08 09:10

#1 - Noodle of Gorillaz!

----- Mamiko 06.12.08 09:05

#1 FTW. It’s the best! As for my favorite cartoon character, I’ll have to go with Eric Cartman from Southpark!

----- Mario 06.12.08 08:58

#2 and Dexter, from Dexter’s Lab.

----- Rasim 06.12.08 08:57

wow, i luv number 2 it reminds me of my favorite samurai jack!!!

----- peachy 06.12.08 08:45

#2 - Ren from “Ren & Stimpy” — clearly the coolest ever

----- Blake Samic 06.12.08 08:38

#3 - so cute =)
i love the panda from kung fu panda!

----- jenny 06.12.08 08:31

#3. My favorite cartoon character is the penguin from the Bugs Bunny episode “8 Ball Bunny”. The poor little guy is left behind and lost when the ice follies show he was in takes off without him. Bugs tries to help him by taking him all the way to the South Pole, only to find that his home is the NORTH Pole.

I loved that penguin! He never talked, just cried little ice cube tears and bounced up and clapped his flipper wings when he was happy.

----- Laura 06.12.08 08:26

My favorite character is Samuri Jack, and #2 reminds me of him.

----- Brian 06.12.08 07:58


i love invader zim! whenever i watched that show, i always cracked up at how annoyed he got with humans and how he was kind of a misfit invader. it was kinda cute.

----- ashley 06.12.08 07:53

Old school wonder woman! I worked at six flags over the summer and got to dress as her every day for work, it was spectacular. Lasso of truth, invisible jet, and all!

p.s. #3

----- elsa! 06.12.08 07:42

#2 - boy genius Dexter from Dexter’s Labratory. not his stupid seester dee dee.

----- alexia 06.12.08 07:39

#1 - definitely tom and jerry!

----- elsa 06.12.08 07:33

My most favorite cartoon character ever is Snagglepuss. He is a Hanna-Barbera character created in 1959—-a pink mountain lion. He always left the scene by saying things like “Exit, stage left.” He also said “Heavens to Murgetroyd!” and added the word “even” to almost all of his sentences. He was just great! He also spoke with a lisp and wore a collar and tie. He is old fashioned but I still love him. #3 Please!

----- Melanie 06.12.08 07:12

#3 — Bender; he reminds me of myself: a collection of bad habits with a personality.

----- Andrew` 06.12.08 07:10


----- Denise 06.12.08 07:03

#2 I’ve got so many cartoons to choose from but if I had to choose one that would have to be Sponge Bob Square Pants! :)

----- Noel Martinez 06.12.08 06:53

3Definitely my favorite cartoon character is/was/will always be Dot Matrix from the show ReBoot. Pretty much nobody remembers it, but it was an amazing cg cartoon from the 90s that was all about the computer world.

----- AMayps 06.12.08 06:52

# 3 wolverine.. I think he is soooooooooo awesome!

----- Andrea 06.12.08 06:21

#1 eduardo from Foster’s home for imaginary friends… or flapjack… or chowder… dunno I like cartoons

----- Alexis 06.12.08 06:11

#3 My favourite character is probably Dib from Invader Zim. He is such a huge dork who is trying to do the right thing, but it never quite works out for him. Plus he has a big head.

----- Kim D 06.12.08 06:10

Number 3.
My favorite cartoon character I might just say is Alice, because of her curiosity and all that world of wonders that surround her x_x !

----- susana 06.12.08 05:55

#3. Definitely GIR from Invader Zim. He’s cute and didn’t make any sense.

----- Emmie 06.12.08 05:41

I love all three ‘Bots, but I think that #3 really speaks to me…he just seems at peace and immune from the crap of the world.

As for my favorite cartoon character…I think that considering the season, it would be Grandma Arbuckle, from the Garfield Christmas and Thanksgiving specials. I love how loud, happy and irreverent she is. From throwing hot chili powder into the Christmas gravy, to whipping up an entire Thanksgiving feast in minutes. Yeah…Grandma is GOD.

----- Tom 06.12.08 05:41

#1 - My favorite cartoon character is George W. Bush.

----- kevin 06.12.08 05:37

#1 - Chowder, on the Cartoon Network.

----- Alex M 06.12.08 05:34


----- keshet 06.12.08 05:31

My favorite cartoon character is Freakazoid

----- Denise 06.12.08 05:25

#3 is sweet.

As for my favorite cartoon character, I’m really loving little Wall-E right now.

----- SuzyCat 06.12.08 05:23

#2 Cheetara from Thundercats … so hot.

----- thomas acciavatti 06.12.08 04:07

I like #1. It reminds me of an awesome totem pole with a rabid polar bear on top. As for my favorite cartoon character, I’d have to say Gadget from Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers. She was like “MacGyver Mouse”. And gadgets of any kind are handy to have about :)

----- Natasha S. 06.12.08 03:53

number 3. Leopold “Butters” Stotch from Southpark: he’s so cute but even so brave as “professor Chaos”

----- paola 06.12.08 03:50

My favorite cartoon character is Profesor Baltazar

----- sabol 06.12.08 03:45

#1 - i’m deeply in love with dr. zoidberg from futurama! i love how he tends to eat anything, just like me!

----- marieke 06.12.08 03:22

#3 is awesome, and my favourite cartoon character is probably Sylvester (the cat)..

----- Benjamin A. Wendelboe 06.12.08 02:34

OMG SO CUTE!! enter me in please!! iloved sailor moon! used to play that all the time with all the kids at school!

----- Nicole 06.12.08 01:58

number 2, and courge

----- polszki 06.12.08 01:46

#2.. Fav cartoon character is definitely Soundwave from transformers. C’mon, it’s a tape deck robot that opens up his chest and lets out his little cassette tape minions! How hip was that?

----- Ron 06.12.08 01:32

JUDY JETSON! She was all about fashion, boys & accessories; similar to me! She was an awesome futuristic teen that made me wish it was 2045 when it was 1995. She had white hair, but still cutee!

----- Joan Coco 06.12.08 00:34

#1; my favourite cartoon character is the chesire cat from alice in wonderland and this mimobot reminds me of it *love*

----- minion 06.12.08 00:12

#2 Yakuza by eetteekers, why? Cause he has a cute butt! ;)

I grew up with Doraemon aka DingDong! He has this large pocket where he would be able to get crazy and funny gadgets out. Those gadgets would help him and his friends with their adventures! I had a whole bunch of videotapes of that cartoon and I loved it! :D

----- HoodieFreak 06.12.08 00:05

#2, usagi tsukino from Sailormoon~

just gotta love the blonde japanese girl with 2 cute hair buns… =D

----- irene 05.12.08 23:51

I love #2 - all those japanese-style tattoos, how can you resist? My favorite cartoon character is tough, being in school for animation, but I’d have to go with Gossamer from the classic Warner Bros. (you know, the giant red furball that has his nails done by Bugs? you didn’t see him often, but he was awesome!)

----- Chelc 05.12.08 23:51

O god, I dont know which one I want….I think I WANT 3!…oh but 1 is great too…hmmmm I think I will go for 3…just because it would match more of my clothes….

And for my favorite Cartoon character…jeez thats a hard one..hm can I name 3 of my favorite Cartoon characters? Mr. Burns from the Simpsons, The kids from Beverly Hills Teens (great 80s show), and Phil/Lill from Rugrats.

Thats way more then 3,but I consider Phil and Lill to be one person, and the entire cast from Beverly Hills Teens are all equally aweful that they seem to be one character as well (if you havent seen it, you must youtube it, its like Richie Richie except everyone is rich, and the depiction of Bev hills is priceless).

----- Kirk 05.12.08 23:03

#2 - Mentok the Mindtaker from Harvey Birdman (& others..)

----- akl 05.12.08 22:30

#3 - Danger Mouse he’s the greatest secret agent in the world and he has a hamster as a sidekick how can you go wrong.

----- Al McDougall 05.12.08 22:26

#3!!! and my fave cartoon character is pikachu!

----- Dani 05.12.08 22:11

THREE! (3):

Captain Planet! With the panda’s natural habitat being destroyed, it’s especially relevant.

----- Iain 05.12.08 22:10

Totally #1. My favorite is totally Doug from nickelodeons Doug. He is a genuine great guy, relaxed under pressure and patty is totally hot. :D

----- Mike O 05.12.08 22:02


The angry beavers. (okay i cheated, there’s two angry beavers, norbet and daggett, but how can i choose between them?)

the angry beavers was a show on nickelodeon and i would watch it every day when i was young. I was grief stricken when they canceled it.

----- grace 05.12.08 21:57

The simpsonssss :D

----- Simone 05.12.08 21:52

#1. My favorite cartoon character is Kehaar the laughing gull from “The Watership Down”.

----- Lauren 05.12.08 21:51

#2-I’d have to say that my favorite cartoon character will forever be Snagglepuss…He was my favorite pink cat and I loved him and still do to this day.

----- Cassandra 05.12.08 21:50

i love Golden Panda!! my favorite cartoon character is JEM! from the 80’s!

----- stacy 05.12.08 21:44


Bugs Bunny.

----- John 05.12.08 21:39

#1, my favourite character is beast boy from teen titans

----- sarah 05.12.08 21:26

#3 - Slappy Squirrel from Tiny Toon adventures. She sure was a pistol!

----- Lauren 05.12.08 21:16

# 2. My favorite character of all time is Conan from Detective Conan, a Japanese manga and anime.

----- mespotomia 05.12.08 21:15

My favorite character growing up was Doraemon (aka Ding Dong). He was a blue cat sent from the future to help Dai Hong. He was blue because he was originally a copper mechanical cat, but one day he fell asleep and a robotic rat bit off his ears. So he cried, rusted and turned blue. As a result, he is deathly afraid of rats.

Ding Dong is sent back in time by Dai Hong’s great great grandson. Dai Hong is a simple, dumb boy who’s mistakes will condemn his descendants to a life of poverty and infamy. Kinda of like terminator, but with less homicide and more warm, freshly served moral homilies.

Ding Dong has a magical 4-dimensional pockets that are filled with gadgets to help Dai Hong become a better person. Like one time, Ding Dong gives Dai Hong bread that works like silly putty and can be put on a page, copy a page’s information, and when eaten makes the ingester remember every detail. Unfortunately, Dai Hong gets too greedy to pass his tests, ends up going to the bathroom, forgetting everything, failing, and then has to learn everything the hard way.

But one day, Ding Dong’s batteries run out. Dai Hong tries to fix him, but finds out by robotics experts that if they repalce the batteries, Ding Dong’s hard drive will be wiped. So Dai Hong works very hard, on his own, and many years later restores Ding Dong’s batteries without deleting his memory, bring back his old friend.

----- Julius Su 05.12.08 20:57

edna mode from the incredibles!!!
“Supermodels. Heh! Nothing super about them… spoiled, stupid little stick figures with poofy lips who think only about themselves. Feh! I used to design for *gods*! “

----- sophie 05.12.08 20:49

I choose number 3. My favorite cartoon would have to be a toss up between the Lil Mermaid and Rollie Pollie Ollie. Lil Mermaid was like every marine biology lovers fantasy come true and Rollie Pollie Ollie was very innovative and he had a very cute dog.

----- Christi 05.12.08 20:48

#1 candlejack from freakazoid!!!

----- rem 05.12.08 20:35

#2 - Spongebob Squarepants. Some people may be annoyed by the character or think it was just a popular fad, but the animators often do amazing visual humor and I always keep coming back for more.

----- Rachel P. 05.12.08 20:28

Currently, my favorite cartoon character is Starbrite! Long live the 80’s!

----- Tagloff 05.12.08 20:13

#3 is the best

----- matt 05.12.08 20:09

#3…My favorite cartoon character would have to be Stewie from Family Guy. So evil!

----- Emily 05.12.08 20:04

#2. Favorite cartoon character? It’s a twofer: Hank and Dean Venture. Because you can’t have one without the other.

----- Meghan 05.12.08 20:04

#3 … i would say doraemon since he’s able to pull anything out of his front pocket. but on second thought, it has to be professor frink from the simpsons.

----- Bernard 05.12.08 20:03

#1: I’d have to say Spongebob Squarepants, just because he amused me so much.

----- KH 05.12.08 19:43

My fave cartoon character is Jeremy the Bear.

----- Cheryl 05.12.08 19:42

#3 is the BEST!. i have to admit i loved hello kitty growing up!

----- jennifer 05.12.08 19:40


Pikachu from the pokemon series. Need I say more? Who can deny the cute, cuddly, widdle lightning mouse?

----- Jeff Lin 05.12.08 19:28

#1 Totoro!! so sweet

----- vro 05.12.08 19:28

I like #1 the best… there’s just so much going on with the color and design! It’s great!

My fav cartoon character ever has got to be Dumbo.

----- Stacy B. 05.12.08 19:27

#1. I always really liked Lupin mostly from that weird Dragon’s-Lair-like game called Cliffhanger. I never knew what show the animated scenes were from and then one day I found out - it’s from The Castle of Cagliostro. The internet is amazing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=776shC9pi1M


----- tripleman 05.12.08 19:27

#2! :)

I like Jason from Foxtrot!

----- SuperMuffin 05.12.08 19:20

#2 bad ass GI Joe.

----- Evan Doyle 05.12.08 19:19


hobbes, if you can count C+H

----- dylan 05.12.08 19:14

Mimbot #3 - mambo, mambo!

one of my favorite cartoon character is Gir, from invader zim. He’s just so cute and happy, and undermines zim in the best cheerful least malicious possible way, and adores zim despite all the abuse he heaps on gir. and he has the cutest tinny robot voice.

----- butterfrei 05.12.08 19:07


And uh… Patty Mayonnaise always tickled my fancy. :)

----- Jasper 05.12.08 19:03

I’d love to get # 1. My favourite cartoon character would be Stewie Griffin. Because i would love to score a touchdown - with his head, and because he’s extremely viciuos compared to what you expect for a few-months-old. Complete opposite of little Ms. Maggie Simpson. And he talks and looks just like Mr. Bachelor # 12.

----- Sebastien Sorensen 05.12.08 19:01

Gotta be a SNORK! They had the coolest life, under the water in their underwater city! SNORKS RULE! #2

----- Danielle 05.12.08 18:55

#2-Charlie Brown, he’s pretty much my hero. And I’m so excited for the holiday season just for Charlie Brown’s Christmas. I even have a pathetic little christmas tree in celebration.
Don’t worry Charlie brown, even though everyone on the show seems to hate you, I sure don’t!

----- Vanessa 05.12.08 18:50

X-Men animated series of the 90’s
Gambit was and Rogue in particular

----- Shital Patel 05.12.08 18:45

#2 Freakazoid!

----- jeff cheung 05.12.08 18:40

#2. Favorite is a hard one to choose…. I have to say the idea Goofy. He was kinda rad and played to his own beat. I like that.

----- Sterling A 05.12.08 18:38

#2! Favorite cartoon character would have to be Scrooge McDuck from Ducktales.

----- aldo 05.12.08 18:38

#3- it was only when someone asked me whether my hair was styled on Astroboy that I decided to make him my favourite cartoon character, even if I’m not a fan of the actual cartoons (vain much?).

----- Andy 05.12.08 18:22

# 2. :)
Filburt from Rocko’s Modern Life.

----- Sue 05.12.08 18:21

Number one.
My favorite cartoon character is Gigi from Kiki’s Delivery Service, I hope anime counts.

----- Rose 05.12.08 18:21

#3 Marvin the Martian

----- J 05.12.08 18:21

#2 :)

GusGus from Disney’s Cinderella who is always eating and his voice/portly figure gives his name justice.. i want a pet mouse like him. naive and kind

----- tamtam 05.12.08 18:17

Velma from Scooby doo!

----- Domi 05.12.08 18:14


Favorite cartoon character - TankGirl.


----- Turk182 05.12.08 18:10

#3! old spongebob squarepants! i used to hate him but then i loved him but now the new episodes are all crap :/

----- Alice 05.12.08 18:09

#3 and then I might start having all my technology wear hoodies.

----- JOVELLE 05.12.08 18:06

#1 and my favorite character is Garfield the Cat

----- Michelle 05.12.08 18:05

Bender the robot from Futurama! I want a chest compartment to keep beer in, but I would settle for the golden panda Mimobot (numero 3)

----- Melanie 05.12.08 18:05

#2 - Tom from Tom and Jerry

----- Emmanuel 05.12.08 18:00

number two!

----- Ryan 05.12.08 17:57

#1: Growing up I would have to say the Gummy Bears!

----- Shelly 05.12.08 17:55

Favourite cartoon character from more contemporary cartoons would have to be Brock Sampson from Venture Bros. First, it’s a spoof on Johnny Quest which i used to love, and second, his parts always just seem to rock.

Also, #1 Is totally my pick.

----- Geoff Parsons 05.12.08 17:49

#3- Oblina from Aaahh!!! Real Monsters. She rips out her intestines to scare people and gives people nightmares by tickling their brain through their ear, what could be better?

Plus, I think the panda flash drive is a necessary addition to my life as I am well known for giving panda hugs to people mid-conversation and calling it the “interrupting panda”

----- Josie 05.12.08 17:37

#1 Girt from Invader Zim,doom doom doom doom etc…

----- keno 05.12.08 17:34

I was a huge fan of Kimba the White Lion when I was little… Not sure if it stands the test of time, but the memories are good.

Liking this Golden Panda too!

----- SteveB 05.12.08 17:24

Numero 3 is very adorable! I loved the Darth Vader mimobot - and the Storm trooper too! Indulge the nerd!
But as for my favourite cartoon character…mmm… that is a hard one, there are just too many to choose from! But Yogi bear comes to mind, but The Brain from “Pinky and the Brain” also tops!

----- Emma 05.12.08 17:23

#3! I heart she-ra

----- tanya 05.12.08 17:19

They are all supercute, but #3 wins my heart! Cartoon character? Inspector Gadget!

----- Amy W. 05.12.08 17:16

#3!!! I love them all, but Panda’s are endangered and I would like to take the personal responsibility of caring for one of my very own - not for myself, but for the good of the universe. :D I would also take joy in feeding it lots of lovely information - it would be my best friend! Figaro & Cleo, “Bill” from School House Rock, & Stitch are the best cartoons by design - and unique in their own ways! Too hard to narrow it down to just one.

----- MeltyPanda 05.12.08 17:12

#3 and DOUG of course. duh.

----- ashle 05.12.08 17:11

I would have to go with number 1.

My favourite cartoon character is Private SNAFU from the old WW2 marine propaganda cartoon era.

----- Joshua 05.12.08 17:09

Hello! I love #2 (the bad-ass smoker). My favorite cartoon character is Homer Simpson. Sigh, I wish I was Homer. But then I’d have to be balding, fat and lazy (and a bit on the dim side).

----- Katie 05.12.08 17:08

#3! It is brilliant - a sweet teddybear accessorized with cherry blossoms.
Definitely something that would make me smile everytime I play with data.
As for favourite cartoon character - I like classics, so it will be a tie between Winnie the Pooh and Tweety.

----- Tetyana 05.12.08 17:07

My favorite cartoon is of course Thundercats, and from that it’s Panthro.

----- jake 05.12.08 17:05

me wants 2 :-P

My favorite cartoon character is a classic. Mr Bugs Bunny himself. His intelligent responses and “loony” actions make him popular in my book.

----- Collin Banko 05.12.08 17:03

#2 He’s super cool

----- kramertron 05.12.08 17:01

Ohhh I would love to have #1 Holybot! My fav character was Michelangelo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!! Who could forget that orange eyepieced, pizza-eating, shell-spinning, COWABUNGA-shouting radical dude? =)

----- Licheng 05.12.08 17:01

Huckleberry Hound. Gotta love the alliteration.

----- hillel 05.12.08 16:59


Spongebob Squarepants is soley the best cartoon character, he is nerdy, innoncent, and has great charisma….

----- Jacob 05.12.08 16:48

#1, I’d have to say Heathcliff, much cooler (and earlier) than Garfield

----- Ahamed 05.12.08 16:45


#1 FO SHO!

Reminds me of Murakami’s work. Which I would say one of my favorite characters comes from his work in Kai Kai and Ki Ki’s Delivery service. Not Kai Kai or Ki Ki but that crazy planet they fly around on that craps out what they need. Awesome

----- Mark Britton 05.12.08 16:45

ooh so excited about this giveaway! #3 and my favorite cartoon characters (and I say characterS because althought they were a group they operated as a unit) are The misfits from the cartoon show Jem. Even when I was a littel girl I knew The Misfits were where it was at. My sister and I asked for The Misfits over the Jem dolls and loved them! Still love that show to this day.

----- Lindsey 05.12.08 16:44

#3 is so cute! first to pop in my head was garfield, next is inu yasha and daria cause she was like me.

----- somerset walmsley 05.12.08 16:40


My favorite cartoon of all time is Sailor Moon!

----- Margo 05.12.08 16:34


Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes has got to be my favorite. So erudite for a tiger, and snuggly too!

----- teal 05.12.08 16:34

no one ever remembers, but the snorks. all of them. they were basically the underwater version of the smurfs but cooler.

----- jenn 05.12.08 16:32

Peter Griffin.

----- Le Sceptique 05.12.08 16:27

Jubilee on the X-men show in the 90s

----- Kerrie 05.12.08 16:25

#1 - My favorite character is Spike Spiegal from Cowboy Bebop. classic character from a classic anime…

----- Teresa T. 05.12.08 16:22

Pandas all the way! I love Po and all his chubby mochi-ness! Skeedoosh goes the Kung Fu Panda :D

----- Yun C. 05.12.08 16:16

#1, Holybot. I have always been a fan of Wile E. Coyote. Yes, he fails over and over again when trying to catch that stupid road runner, but that’s what I love about the guy. He never gives up. What I never understood was how he could always put together such elaborate traps and still never manage to catch a bird with the brain the size of a mini rice crisp. Oh well. I was always rooting for him anyway. Quick Draw McGraw was pretty cool too. :)

----- Chris Spurgin 05.12.08 16:14

#3 - Beavis FTW!

----- Evan 05.12.08 16:12

#3 all the way!

----- Connie 05.12.08 16:10

#3 my favorite cartoon character is Kipper the dog!

----- Tommy Hawks 05.12.08 16:07

#3 Favorite cartoon definitely has to be Doug from Nickelodeon. Some of my favorite memories of being a little kid was watching that show after school.

----- Twiggy 05.12.08 15:52

my favorite-est cartoon character? it’s got to be captain caveman, even as a little girl living in brasil, i remember him barking in portuguese all over the place, somehow there didn’t seem to be a translation for “CAPTAIN CAAAAVE-MAAAAAAAAAAN!!!! i pick number one!

----- andrea 05.12.08 15:51

I’m loving #3. it’s so cute :)
my fave cartoon character = sailor moon and her sailor scout friends. haaa..

----- jean 05.12.08 15:50

#2 - I go through phases. Right now it’s Brock Samson from The Venture Brothers. Patrick Warburton (although typcast), is hysterical in whatever voice-overs he does.

----- Mat 05.12.08 15:49

#1 I have always been a big fan of Quick Draw Mcgraw and his trusty side kick…

----- Jordan 05.12.08 15:47

Any one will do….they’re all good

----- Lazarou 05.12.08 15:46

#1 is SWEET! My favorite cartoon character - Rainbow Brite!

----- Heather 05.12.08 15:44

I pick number 2

Favorite Cartoon Character: Wakko Warner (from Animaniacs)

----- Shelby Miller 05.12.08 15:37

3!!! I loved the chipmunks as a kid. I think I like Haruko from FLCL now more. I don’t know if anime counts though……

----- melissa engle 05.12.08 15:36

#2 - wondertwin powers activate…

----- Erik Dahl 05.12.08 15:35

#3 - Meatwad from ATHF. Who can resist him?

----- Sarah 05.12.08 15:35


----- Jane 05.12.08 15:33


Favorite cartoon? On the telly? There are really a lot of cool cartoons out there! At the moment I really appreciate Peter Griffin from Family Guy.

----- MJW 05.12.08 15:32

#3 - wow these are so adorable! My fav cartoon character is Kung Fu Panda… I know he’s from a movie, but I think he still classifies as cartoon. And he’s hilarious.

----- Arezu 05.12.08 15:31

oh my god oh my god oh my god 3 3 3 3 3 3!!!!s got to be stewie or eric cartman, predictable i suppose but gotta love there twisted little minds.

----- Ina 05.12.08 15:30

#3 - Wolverine from the old-school X-men cartoons!

----- swan 05.12.08 15:29

Bugs Bunny, I drew a picture of him when I was 7 and sent it to him. Some weeks later I got a postcard back from him. I was ecstatic, I am right now just thinking about it.

----- Lazarou 05.12.08 15:28

#1!- I was just talking about this with someone. Little Nemo (Not to be confused with the fish). My most beloved movie when I was small. They don’t make ‘em like they used to…

----- Allison S. 05.12.08 15:24

#1 - my fav was Cobra Commander

----- STU 05.12.08 15:19

I love Beetlejuice from the 90s cartoon.

----- Jami 05.12.08 15:17

I think I’d have to go with an old Nickelodeon favorite, Rocko, from Rocko’s Modern Life. What a strange cartoon to introduce to children but, I swear that cartoon can educate you for future characters you will run into through out your life. Neat.

----- Law Offices of Johnston & Johnston 05.12.08 15:17

Tom and Jerry from the 40s-60s
they were the original cartoon violence pair

----- James 05.12.08 15:17

#1 - Dexter from Dexter’s Lab!!!

----- TQ 05.12.08 15:15

I like #3 and my favorite cartoon character is Brak from The Brak Show.

----- Jason 05.12.08 15:13

#1. Lelouch from Code Geass. Does anime count? =)

----- Justin 05.12.08 15:13

#2 reminds me of an older man at the retirement home I work at who is known to be a womanizer with all the ladies there…so funny

----- secretagentspy 05.12.08 15:11

Elmer Fudd hands down. The man has got everything that makes one rad these days: a speech impediment, a nervous laugh, and an unending devotion to hunting game. He was always kind of smitten with Bugs Bunny’s transvestite charades and somehow was often fooled into believing Bugs was a chick.

#2 Yakuza is amazing and sold-out!!!! I need this for my desk at work.

----- Jaime 05.12.08 15:09

#3!! i still love hello kitty.. does that count as animated? if not, probably he-man. hahaha.

----- js 05.12.08 15:08

I wear a hoody and store memory too.

Hooray for USB

----- Akshay Sardana 05.12.08 15:08

#2 - Snagglepuss… Mimobots EEEVVVENNNNNN

----- Scott 05.12.08 15:08

#3 - batman the animated series in the 90s

----- jacob 05.12.08 15:04

i’m a huge fan of Astroboy ! i used to have almost the same haircut …

----- skolo 05.12.08 15:03

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