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Rubyy ~ Blood Orange Energy- 12.05.08

rubyy0.jpg Wow. Ok, so Rubyy, i can’t even decide where to start on telling you how many ways i’m loving this latest addition to the Energy Drink space… obvious first impressions, GORGEOUS bottle ~ i’m such a sucker for the matte black, and the vector graphics on the label with playful fairy tale-like motifs… and its the fun aluminum bottle! In such a unique shape! Not to mention the nice use of fonts and color palette… and it totally glows under a black light! And that’s just the outside… you’d think with that type of exterior, they might be trying too hard to over compensate, but this is no red bull… granted, i do have a think for blood oranges, they are just so visually dramatic and delicious! But this Blood Orange Energy “lightly carbonated energy drink” ~ is yummy! Yummy to the point where i was so exhausted and thirsty and accidentally chugged the Rubyy by my laptop after the Paper 24 Hour Dept Store… and then i was up for ages, so it works too… And unlike those Monster/Red Bull type drinks where the color of the liquid is less than appealing with its radioactive glow, well this one is actually a nice pinkish blood orange color (pics on the next page if you don’t believe me!)…

So i’m loving the bottle, the liquid is delicious… and we haven’t even begun to explore the mixology options! You can pretty much mix Rubyy in with rum, vodka, tequila ~ from your variations of cosmos to tequila sunrises, you know the type… but to get a little more unique, i’ve attached some of their new Holiday recipes as well! So see all the packaging pics, recipes and more on the next page!




“Consume the spark, liberate the sol. A life-quenching infusion of deeply potent ruby blood oranges, tangerines, valencia oranges, vitamines and natural, energy-producing ingredients. Rubyy, on all day and up all night.”




Old Fashion Rubyy

1 ounce Rubyy Blood Orange Energy Drink
1 ½ ounce Four Roses Bourbon (Single Barrel)
1 splash Peychauds Bitters
Dash of Sugar
2 cherries

Muddle 2 cherries with a splash of Peychauds Bitters and sugar in a glass. Pour into martini shaker with 1 ½ ounces of Four Roses Bourbon and a 1 ounce of Rubyy Blood Orange Energy Drink. Shake and pour into tumbler.

Blood Orange Sidecar

1 ounce of Rubyy Blood Orange Energy Drink
1 ounce Grand Marnier
3 ounces Hennessey XO
1 Orange Twist

Flame an orange twist so the oils coat the inside of a martini glass. Rim glass with sugar. Shake 3 ounces of Hennessey XO, 1 ounce Grand Marnier and ice in a martini shaker. Strain into the glass, float Rubyy Energy Drink and serve.

New Year’s Rubellini

1 ounce Rubyy Blood Orange Energy Drink
3 ounces Mionetto Prosecco
1 Orange Twist

Flame an orange twist so the oils coat the inside of a champagne glass. Pour 3 ounces of Mionetto Prosecco and 1 ounce of Rubyy Blood Orange Energy Drink.

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10 Notes

I tried it today and it tastes great. I found it in a store called Big Lots for $0.70.

----- Tyesha 11.07.10 22:30

this is so sick. they have it all over the west side in la. i’m addicted!

----- Rob 11.01.09 18:14

Rubyy was by far the best tasting and coolest energy drink I have tried in 2008. Can’t wait to try the sugarfree version in the white bottle!

EnergyRobot dot com

----- EnergyRobot dot com 03.01.09 12:31

YES!!! They have it at Famimal on 3rd street! :) :) :)

----- SuperMuffin 09.12.08 19:04

Am I the only one who finds “life-quenching” an odd term?
This looks fantastic. The logo isn’t my favorite, but I’m loving the vector filigree background.

----- Matt 08.12.08 14:46

OMG 12 bucks for one bottle (3.49 for it and 8.00 for shipping)

I’ll stick to my Bawls and Red Bulls, THANK YOU

----- Lazarou 08.12.08 12:39

Since you have posted this, I have searched the bay area for taste of this energetic treat. Finally doing some research and Googling it, it seems that it only sold in the L.A. area or online.

Most definitely sad face.

----- Jesse Tobler 06.12.08 13:42

amazing! love it!.

----- Roo 05.12.08 23:50

Is this a designated California exclusive? If so that’s not fair to your EAST SIDE equivalent New York City!!!!

----- Lazarou 05.12.08 18:19

Fuckin’ awesome!!! I’d really like to see a video of that!

----- Leandro Macedo 05.12.08 16:08

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