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NOTCOT Giveaway 21: Belkin Conserve- 12.07.08

winbelkin1.jpg TO WIN: Leave a comment ~ talk to us about power! ENTER BY 12/10. WINNER: Will in Encino, CA!

Remember when we first discovered the Belkin Conserve Energy Surge Protector with the giant switch at CES? Well Belkin was nice enough to offer one for give one away to one lucky winner! My favorite part of this is still the awesome large switch ~ which is even wall mountable so you remember to turn it off when you leave the room… but the concept is really brilliant, some things you need to leave on (clocks, routers, etc), some things can be turned off regularly (chargers, monitors, etc)! So this Belkin Conserve Surge Protector will help organize what i imagine to be your pile of tech behind your desk, etc… and to help conserve and cut back on your electric bill too! I know this might seem like an odd gift, but i totally want one! And there’s something nice and energy efficient and playful about it… not your usual power adapter! See more pics and info on the next page! And to win it ~ leave a comment telling me something about…. power!

See more info about Belkin Conserve Surge Protector here!



Here are some pics from when we first found it at CES:




TO WIN: Leave a comment ~ talk to us about power! ENTER BY 12/10

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246 Notes

I have the power!!! (Or, I would have control of it if I had this awesome outlet and switch.) Such a brilliant idea, why didn’t someone do it earlier?

----- Chelc 10.12.08 22:58

LOOK AT THE DESIGN!!!and also THAT practical!?
woaaahhhhh!!!! LOVE IT!!!
Just got my wireless router and it would be PERFECT for organizing & SAVING energy!! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!!!

Thank you for creating such a great product!!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

----- saho 10.12.08 22:57

Power is what the powerless dream of, both in a metaphorical and literal sense.

Over 20% of the world today has never even experienced electricity.

This 20% live in the world’s most wretched conditions and are almost completely powerless to change the arc of their lives.

I believe that we can change the world for the better by consuming less. This Belkin powerbar is a good start.

----- Steven 10.12.08 21:54

I love the giant switch. Now that is powerful design!

----- Irene 10.12.08 21:49

go go power rangers!!!

----- s 10.12.08 21:07

My boyfriend have spend years figuring out ways to conserve energy in our home. We unplug lights, countertop appliances, electronic equipment. But there are certainly some inconveniences to this. It’s great to see products coming out that allow people the freedom to save energy in a more convenient manner. I’ve been eyeballing this product since I first saw it on Notcot.

----- Lora Roberts 10.12.08 21:02

Ok, I’m at a loss. Knowledge is power? Lame, I know…but I have no idea.

----- swankifiedjello 10.12.08 20:14

Power is expensive and if this is a way to help minimize and be safe as well….perfect!

----- Elizabeth M. 10.12.08 20:04

Sleek and functional. I always forget to power down my surge protector. So convenient.

----- Kiasha 10.12.08 19:26

I wish I had I Dream of Jeannie powers. *BLINK*

----- superk 10.12.08 18:53

Only YOU have the power to prevent forest fires! (And of course choose me, your faithful reader to win a supercool prize!)

Do the right thing, Smokey would be proud!

----- Kasey C. 10.12.08 18:40

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Unfortunately, this is only worth about 500 words, because only half the outlets are used that I normally do. I took my desktops home (I live on-campus, and will have WAY too much to take home for Christmas break), and a couple of my chargers are still packed from Thanksgiving break. Anyway, on to the picture. http://tinyurl.com/66cro4

----- Jae 10.12.08 18:07

i had to do a project on solar :S

----- Shannin 10.12.08 17:50

Don’t get me started! What do you think I am, made of money? Turn off those lights and don’t leave the fridge open! Damn Kids… don’t know the value of a dollar. Why, in my day, we had to pay Mr Edison a whole nickle to run on his electro-wheel, and we’d capture the electricity in a milk jug, and walk fif-teeeen miles back home while being mildly electrocuted…in a hail storm!

----- Sean Lee 10.12.08 17:00

Power is the amount of work done in a limited amount of time, usually measured in watts and electrical power being kw/hr =D

----- Susan Liang 10.12.08 15:32

I try to conserve power at work by turning off the lights after i get out of a room. i think it freaks out some of my co-workers that the bathroom lights are always off after i use it.

----- labraji 10.12.08 12:34

This is great! My current, very old, surge protector has a switch on it- but I don’t think it works because when I switch off the surge protector, the light on the extension cord to the printer is still lit. Then I have to go hunting behind all the junk under my desk to unplug the thing. If this one works annnd has a remote switch- it will be the best invention ever!

----- Tiffany 10.12.08 09:53

WANT! We’re moving to a new yet very old condo so saving on some energy costs is much needed.

----- Jared 10.12.08 08:32

My family used to keep rabbits, so I learned all about electrocution at a very early age. Those things were addicted to cords. Never did figure out why.

----- Greg 10.12.08 07:35

In America, first you get the sugar, then you get the power, then you get the women.
-Homer Simpson

----- Mike Porter 10.12.08 00:56

despite how little power one may have, conserving energy is the responsibility of all.

----- mike 09.12.08 21:20

Lisa: Max Power?
Homer: Dynamic, isn’t it?
Bart: I love it, Max.
Marge: You changed your name without consulting me?
Homer: That’s the way Max Power is, Marge. Decisive, Uncompromising! And rude!

----- Darrel 09.12.08 20:28

wow, what a nifty gadget! this is thinking outside the box for sure…

----- sandi 09.12.08 20:07

power + belkin = responsibility

----- thomas 09.12.08 19:54

but what is power other than using that which another freely gives?

----- metis 09.12.08 19:47

you’ve got the power

----- Chris C 09.12.08 17:31

This power strip contains the exact number of outlets I require for my turntables and hi-fi system, perfect! I must have the power!

----- Meg 09.12.08 16:22

In order to be brave, you must first become afraid. For true courage lies in the overcoming of fear, not in its absence.

-Blue Power Ranger

----- Jerry 09.12.08 15:52


----- jeff 09.12.08 14:35

who wants to waste power. i was once showering and listening to music. and decided it was too hot. so i turned on my little tiny fan.


out went the power.
guess i wasnt the only one wanting to turn on a fan that night.

----- Lux Lund 09.12.08 14:11

Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely

----- QP 09.12.08 14:09

i always shut down my laptop screen when im not using it. :D
and im pretty anal to my flatmates about their heaters. its not working you say. well just wear more layers then. >D

----- Hann 09.12.08 13:01

What a novel concept of something that is both seen physically in strength and it is intangiable. All I can say is that power is something we all strive for and as it was put best in the movie Howard the Duck…”One million gigawatts of POWER!”

----- Will 09.12.08 11:34

Awesome idea! I could definitely use a few of these.

----- Kathie 09.12.08 10:20

I think all stores should replace their surge protectors with this one!

----- Kim 09.12.08 10:17

Power is knowing by shutting off a few appliances and lights you are helping to save the planet. If everyone helps we can become all know what POWER is.

----- lenny 09.12.08 09:43

this would be great for my broken tv that just likes to switch power on periodically!

----- matt 09.12.08 09:41

We don’t have enough outlets in our house.
It really sucks.

----- Tiffany 09.12.08 09:10

What lies in our power to do, it lies in our power not to do

----- Dawn 09.12.08 08:21

----- David 09.12.08 08:13

Oh man! A giant switch to turn everything off. Every day before i leave for work, then when i get back from work, and before i go to bed, i have to climb all over and around my entertainment system set up to reach the switch the power strip on and off. I would put it somewhere else, but then all the wires would be exposed. With this, the tv, cable, dvd, computer etc can all be plugged into the power strip, and i can put the remote switch by the front door, and switch it off everytime i leave. Sweet

----- josh 09.12.08 06:34

To surge and protect that’s how I got my badge!

----- pelon 09.12.08 05:34

I used to read comics, graphic novels a lot. Now I only read them whenever I can, but I dont think I’d really outgrow them. In all the time I have spent reading them there was this one line from a Ghostbusters series, that stuck in my mind and is still there up to now, from grade school and now I have a little child of my own. the line read:

“Power is a cold companion.”

----- David A. 09.12.08 05:30

I run a small media production firm in Chicago, and the cost of operating has risen so much in the past couple of years; mostly because Commonwealth Edison lifted their rate freeze on energy use in Illinois. To compensate I’ve been looking for ways to cut down on the amount of juice we pull out of the walls - using CFL bulbs and such. I actually found out that by simply unplugging any appliance not currently being used saves money. Apparently even though the hardware is turned off, it is still using energy.

Surge protectors don’t just protect your equipment, they also stop the utility companies from robbing you blind.

----- Zach Pozulp 08.12.08 23:21

whitney h. left a great comment!

power is a timely subject; i just got my electricity bill, and let’s just say that wearing winter coats and hats and mittens and thermal underoos are in order this winter…

----- amid 08.12.08 21:37

It isn’t about the money or the cars or the women. It is now and has always been and will ever be about the power. And sometimes Twinkees.

----- Chris Spurgin 08.12.08 20:47

Power is a necessary evil. You can not live without it, but most of our current forms of making power, aka energy, destroys our environment. I hope I live to see the day when this becomes a “thing of the past”.

----- Jay 08.12.08 20:09

I HAVE THE POWER to save the earth. Okay, okay, to lower my electric bill at least.

----- Kristina 08.12.08 19:56

Powerspace! The band! What a wonderful band they are to boot!

Promotion aside, this is a wonderful idea. The switch would look wonderful on my landing strip. Off when I leave, on when i come home!

----- thatkidthere 08.12.08 19:34

Looks like a great way to be green - hope I win, as otherwise it is cost prohibitive. Someone should find a way to subsidize these.

----- Mitchell 08.12.08 19:25

Power is overrated. Give me love any day. (Even if it comes in the form of power).

----- whitespace 08.12.08 19:19

I remember the first time I had to pay my own power bill,now I unplug just about everything when its to in use. You’d be surprised how much phantom energy is used by appliances.

----- Emmanuel 08.12.08 18:47

Recently, when in New Zealand, a friend of mine plugged in a hair straightener. She remembered the plug adapter (of course), but forgot to use the converter… OOPS! Next thing you know, there’s this burning smell starting to present itself and the straightener was toast! [Tip for travel: Remember that you can’t plug a 110V appliance into a 230V outlet…]

----- Leona D 08.12.08 18:37

I like the power that means I have heat when it is 5 degrees outside. I’d also like a surge protector with a remote switch.

----- becca 08.12.08 17:22


----- Jordan 08.12.08 17:17

i really want to feel like i have the button to save the planet

----- jaileen 08.12.08 16:35

Anything I can say about power has already been said by someone else:

“Life without power is death; a world without power would be a ghostly wasteland, a dead planet! … It is impossible to conceive of a world devoid of power; the only choice of concepts is between organized and unorganized power.”

~ Saul D. Alinsky

----- Joshua 08.12.08 16:20

This is very important, the conserving of power. My partner and I try and save as much power from being wasted as possible by unplugging electronics that are off (but still plugged in and using electricity) when we leave the house.

----- Katie 08.12.08 16:10

It’s nice to see that someone out there care about where power comes from and how it looks. Thanks Belkin!

----- Mike 08.12.08 15:46

We are getting ready to move the entertainment center - tv, stereo, video players, various game systems, etc. - this is the perfect time for a new system.

I’m always grateful for my gas stove. If the power goes out, all I need is a match.

----- speck 08.12.08 15:30

power saved is power earned?

----- dylan 08.12.08 15:04

In September 2008, the Midwest suffered a windstorm, resulting from Hurricane Ike. Here in Cincinnati, OH, we had 1 million homes without power, some for almost a week! It was crazy!

----- Jennifer Vaccaro 08.12.08 14:45

P- please
O- our
W- winter
E- entertainment
R- rack

needs one!!

----- peachy 08.12.08 14:17

I remember seeing this power strip and thinking what an awesome idea!

Over the last couple of years they have built one of the largest wind turbine fields near my small hometown in central Illinois. It is inspiring to say the least to see these massive turbines. It is a constant reminder of helping the environment.

----- Brian 08.12.08 14:10

A friend gave me an old ipod mini, but it can only play when it’s connected to a power source, and I don’t have a computer, so no music for me :-(

----- Denise 08.12.08 14:00

Nikola Tesla astonished the world by demonstrating the wonders of alternating current electricity at the World Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893.

----- jeremy 08.12.08 13:58

I got the power…. to conserve power if I win this

----- DDB 08.12.08 13:42

With great power comes great responsibility.

----- sandy 08.12.08 13:18

knowledge may be power but its also half the battle. :)

----- eric 08.12.08 12:41

All you really need to know about power is contained in a little song by the Snap.

----- Allison S. 08.12.08 12:37

Power to the people!….holy crap there are a lot of responses

----- mark 08.12.08 12:16

I would love to see Belkin get one of these into every home.

----- Alex M 08.12.08 11:44

i was a power ranger for halloween in 5th grade.

----- Jason 08.12.08 11:19

Light on, light off! :) cooooool

----- Mathieu 08.12.08 10:54

i’ve got the power.

----- Elizabeth 08.12.08 10:53

well i know there were 5 of em until the 6th showed up

there was the red, blue, yellow, black, pink, and green
and then there was a white ranger

wait..that’s 7..sorry i miscounted

----- phil 08.12.08 10:41

power is only gained through sacrifice. Not for the one who seeks it but those that are left in their wake. In the end all you’ve gained is a thirst for more.

----- Tatsuya Aoki 08.12.08 10:29

ooh, a power-conscious surge protector that actually looks good too! Duo-power!

----- holly 08.12.08 10:21

I love all the LED christmas lights!

----- Lawrence 08.12.08 10:14

I love power but more than that I love power controlled by a large beautiful simple button…

----- Jacob 08.12.08 10:11

I don’t power-walk, power-eat, power-nap, power-drink, or power-surf. I’m powerless over lots o’ stuff. But this Belkin goody would power up my day, pronto.

Great giveaway. Thanks!

----- Jean D. 08.12.08 09:58

if i won, i would give the surge protector to my neighbor!

but i would keep the remote so i can turn off his booming stereo.

----- patrick 08.12.08 09:32

All power comes from within.

----- Tribeni 08.12.08 09:27

Only two electric items can be used at a time in our kitchen, else the fuse explodes in protest. Since the fuse box is downstairs, in our bonkers alcoholic neighbor’s apartment, the proper use and conservation of power is particularly important to us.

----- EM 08.12.08 09:23

I’d love this product. After I read that phone chargers consume electricity even if they aren’t charging, I realized that this product would solve that problem.

----- James 08.12.08 09:21

My electricity bill is getting more and more expensive each month. Especially when most the electronics nowadays are not turned off even when it’s “OFF”. So in order to save power, I have to turn off the surge protector so all the devices are really turned off. As you can imagine how annoying to have to constantly go tothe back of the desk/tv stand/dresser draw to do that… Until now!!

----- jayp0411 08.12.08 09:19

power ups

----- matt 08.12.08 09:11

A friend just told me about how shutting off your surge protector is the only real way to turn your appliances off. Crazy!

----- Sheila S. 08.12.08 09:03

I am powerless without you.

----- Veronica H. 08.12.08 09:02

squids rule… but it takes some real design chops to handle power so well. ching ching.

----- jordan 08.12.08 08:54

Absolute power corrupts absolutely…

----- Ray Saunders 08.12.08 08:51

The Pistol Shrimp found in the ocean can generate a blast of water from it’s claw that travels at a speed of 100km/h with a temperature of 9900C (aka hotter than the sun.)

Perhaps the craziest shrimp alive.

And with video evidence: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKPrGxB1Kzc

----- Jason Trojanowski 08.12.08 08:47

My father was an electrician growing up and I had the coolest power-related science projects of all. Electricity is neat.

----- Emily 08.12.08 08:44

This would make turning off the power to all my tech so much easier: I wouldn’t have to crawl under the desk anymore. And I love the huge on/off switch.

----- Ryan Q 08.12.08 08:43

GIRL POWER! (thanks spice girls)
NOTCOT POWER! (thanks for the inspiration)

----- wesley 08.12.08 08:22

austin powers

----- jeff cheung 08.12.08 08:21

Edison and Tesla battled to see which current is better to transmit power across the US. We use AC. Tesla won.

----- GCF 08.12.08 08:13

Just heard on CNN this morning that Broadway theatres are teaming up with New York City to save energy. Cool!

----- foo 08.12.08 07:58

Power corrupts.
Absolute Power corrupts absolutely.

----- MC 08.12.08 07:53

Power = Power Rangers, they would approve of this “Conserve Energy Surge Protector”. They would need this to save POWER so they can fight all those men in rubber monster/robots outfits.

----- Rich 08.12.08 07:49

Hoverboards don’t work on water unless you have powah!

----- alex 08.12.08 07:46

I’m green.

----- keri 08.12.08 07:17

Wow, great idea and would be so great for conserving energy. Plus I love the design!

----- Adam 08.12.08 07:11

When my wife was growing up her parents warned her of the “killiwatt”, an invisible creature that lived in the wires and could kill you.

----- Ed 08.12.08 07:08

captain planet—he’s a hero~ gonna take pollution down to zero!
hahaha you know! but um
did you know that wind power is 59& efficient? compare that to 45% diesel and 30% petrol. ;)

----- Tina 08.12.08 07:06


----- joe 08.12.08 06:29

Power…electric, wind, water, solar, bio, fossil, nuclear…we need a combination of all right now. We also need people to be responsible—-to conserve until we get a better system. We have a heat pump (electric) but we are on peak energy (you just use large amounts of power certain times of the day when the demand for electricity is at its lowest). We also have gas logs for alternative heat. We have a wood stove as a back-up also—last resort—wood cost more to burn and it is dirty. We insulate our hot water heater and it is on a timer so it does not run all the time. People have to start thinking about what they are doing every day to conserve energy. Conserving energy also helps you keep more of your money. Peak energy use in our area lets us have electricity for half price!! Great deal for just a little life style change.

----- Melanie 08.12.08 06:28

hey! I *work* for the power company… http://www.progress-energy.com/. my dad has worked here for 35 years as well. my life has been constatly surrounded by nuclear power. (and im from the south and i say “nu-cu-lar”) lol

----- Karlaanne 08.12.08 06:22

What lies in our power to do, it lies in our power not to do.

----- Paul 08.12.08 06:18

Power, money, sex. Any two will get you three.

----- kris 08.12.08 06:05

It´s the second time I mention him for all these giveaways, but I love to make jokes with him, and he got mullets, and I´m sure he would love the Belkin Conserve Energy Surge Protector. Go Planet!!! “the power is yours!”

----- Daniel Segatto 08.12.08 05:54

i’m an electrician’s daughter. i love power & surges. this is an awesome tool !

----- Kathleen 08.12.08 05:24

I’ll tell you about my power:

I run on cold beer!

----- rafael 08.12.08 05:08

The rate at which energy is taken from an electrical system or dissipated by a load, expressed in watts (W); power that is generated by a utility is typically expressed in volt-amperes (VA).

----- Marc 08.12.08 03:49

I live in an old San Francisco victorian with single pane windows. My roommates and I are all broke college students so we avoid using the heater as much as possible. When we wake up in the mornings, we can see our breath… INDOORS.

----- Vivian Quach 08.12.08 03:09

I really, really want to buy one or two of these for my house, but Belkin haven’t released a UK version yet. Their original plan was to launch for the UK at the same time as the US, but we’re still waiting …

Leaves me feeling a little powerless.

----- Tony Blow 08.12.08 03:01

I live in a dorm, and I realize that not a lot of people try to conserve energy in a dorm because you don’t have to pay, but I like to try to do my bit and turn off the lights all the time. My roommate has a different idea though. So it is huh? These would be great for the dorm though, plus, it can be used like a remote on&off!

----- Larry 08.12.08 02:33

i actually lost my last computer due to a surge… the wiring in my house is really bad, but my landlord is just to much of an *** to do something about it :[

----- Seán 08.12.08 02:31

“All along the western front
People line up to receive.
She got the POWER in her hands
To shock you like you won’t believe.
Saw her in the amazon
With the voltage running through her skin
Standing there with nothing on
She’s gonna teach me how to swim

Ooh girl
Shock me like an electric eel
Baby girl
Turn me on with your electric feel

Ooh girl
Shock me like an electric eel
Baby girl
Turn me on with your electric feel

All along the eastern shore
Put your circuits in the sea
This is what the world is for
Making electricity
You can feel it in your mind
Oh you can do it all the time
Plug it in and change the world
You are my electric girl.

Ooh girl
Shock me like an electric eel
Baby girl
Turn me on with your electric feel

Ooh girl
Shock me like an electric eel
Baby girl
Turn me on with your electric feel

Do what you feel now
Electric feel now
Do what you feel now
Electric feel now
Do what you feel now
Electric feel now
Do what you feel now
Electric feel now
Do what you feel now
Electric feel now!”

----- Matt F! 08.12.08 01:52

Power is nothing without control! :)

----- Simone 08.12.08 01:52

In third grade we were learning how to connect circuits together and make a lightbulb light up from batteries — pretty exciting for a wannabe mad scientist. I got an extra (tiny) lightbulb from the class project, discovered that there was a plug I could connect to it to make my own circuit, and was super excited to plug in the lightbulb to the power outlet — when I did, there was a spark, the lightbulb got busted, and I consequently put out the power in the entire house. My parents were livid when they found out, and we had to call the electricity provider to hook us up with electricity — I’m just glad I didn’t burn down the house!

----- dre 08.12.08 01:34

Lately we’ve been spending so much on electricity, it’s insane. I’m on a mission to kick our money throwing ways to the curb. I used to be too lazy to close faucets while brushing my teeth and so much water would be wasted, but now I make sure to do so and to remind my younger siblings to do the same. We do this with the lights, the television, and the airconditioner now, too. Hopefully we all get the hang of it someday; After all, money doesn’t grow on trees.

----- kris 08.12.08 00:41

That’s a cool product! Anything to conserve energy!

----- nikita 08.12.08 00:40

Power should be saved!

----- Arezu 07.12.08 23:56

“Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power.”
-Laozi (Lao-Tzu)

----- mariko 07.12.08 23:44

Power…power defines every relationship, every interaction. The cool part however, is that power is felt and projected. You don’t actually have to have a winning hand, you just have to make everyone else think you have a winning hand. Easy peasy! Now…if only it was easy to figure how to be persuasive…

----- Bhavna 07.12.08 23:43

Power belongs to the people!!! I need it to power my computer, 360, ps3 and TV.

----- Mike O 07.12.08 22:58

Those who don’t have it want it.
Those who have a little want a lot.
Those who have a lot can’t get enough.
And those who don’t need it get it anyway.

----- Alan 07.12.08 22:41

help the polar bears and save the earth!

----- Christine 07.12.08 22:40

Ok so check this out:

If office equipment is left on during the christmas holidays in the UK (lets say a 10 day period), even at standby levels, 43m KwH of electricity will be wasted. That’s enough to roast 4 million holiday birds, nuke 268m pizza pockets or power 350,000 Christmas tree lights for ten days straight. Think about the figures in the States!

Turn off your lights at work during the time away these holidays and lets work towards lower carbon footprints from everybody yay!

----- Jaime 07.12.08 22:36

I have wanted this since it came out at the CES. please pick me?

The problem that this device so effectively solves is that it eliminates most of the phantom energy/power that a device would draw even when they’re switched off or not in use, just by being plugged in,

As an electrical engineer, it is great to see an engineering problem solved by wonderful design. The on/off switch makes the process so intuitive and fun, so that even if you wouldn’t turn it off for the sake of saving energy, you would turn it off just because it is so much fun!!!

----- mark 07.12.08 22:16

I gotta say. I hate unplugging stuff. Especially all my bathroom appliances. Shaver, curling iron, blow dryer, electric toothbrush. This would be a great way to save power while letting me stay lazy.

----- Emily 07.12.08 22:09

my power is bigger than yours!

----- polszki 07.12.08 21:58

Power… true power is to be able to control and execute… but instead allowing those under your influence to make their own way freely.

----- Mikell Johnson 07.12.08 21:55

everyone talks about power surges, wasting power, the power to lose contests (kevin) but i shall use this great contraption to waste power more useful i think i will plug things in and turn the amazing switch upside down so ill remember to leave the power on.

----- levi montez 07.12.08 21:38

Love can’t save you. Only my new super powers can

----- Andrea 07.12.08 21:28

notcot is powerful

----- Jack 07.12.08 21:23

mundane + idea = covetable

before belkin, a surge protector in the stocking would be worse than a lump of coal. now i want one. (and it’ll help save the coal)

design at its greatest

----- Wyatt 07.12.08 21:08

I like to turn off the heat when I get home because NO ONE is ever home yet my roommates like to keep it toasty for the ghosts. I think it’s unfair because ghosts like the cold!

----- Paula 07.12.08 21:07

that’s awesome!

----- Mickey McMahon 07.12.08 21:00

My mother was pregnant with me and had to evacuate Middletown, Pennsylvania, when the Three Mile Island nuclear reactor had a partial meltdown. Talk about alot of wasted power!

----- Woodsie 07.12.08 20:48

ooh!! Save me some money please !!

----- asa 07.12.08 20:37

I was going to use the “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!” bit but apparently some people used it already.

I guess what I can say is that I don’t understand the whole clean coal concept. It seems oxymoronic to me.

----- Victor 07.12.08 20:34

when i was 12 we lost power at home for a week. there was an ice storm in nh and we used kerosene lamps and wood stoves. ah the good old days.

----- Irene 07.12.08 20:29

Great product!

----- Jessica P 07.12.08 20:27

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

And with that nifty switch, I can be responsible for my energy consumption! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAhA!

----- Iain 07.12.08 20:27

i already do this with my laptop setup and the wall switch… BUT i don’t have one for my plasma in the living room :)

----- blake 07.12.08 20:22

“turn off the lights when you leave the room” was drilled into my head by my beloved mother

----- Hani 07.12.08 20:21

I love power! But the power I love the most has a hint of green.. :)

----- Suzanne 07.12.08 19:59

My mothers old home has had power issue for years. I’ve done all I can to reduce the stress on the home’s power grid. Replacing light bulbs with CF’s and removing old appliances and teaching my mother to cut the surge protector off. But this would help greatly with her forgetfulness.

----- Jacques 07.12.08 19:58

This is a great gift for someone who is trying to cut back on their power usage. Makes it easy to control what devices stay on, love it!

----- Lisa 07.12.08 19:53

Right now I’m eating eggnog ice cream, which has turned into my source of power, therefore eggnog= power.

----- LMD 07.12.08 19:52

Any good Jedi will tell you that fear is power, while Professor Dumbeldore will tell you that love is infinitely more powerful.

Me? I just try to conserve power.

----- Lauren 07.12.08 19:49

I put the POW in power.

----- Jake Hathaway 07.12.08 19:39

I’ve got the power!

----- Emmie 07.12.08 19:24

Resources are either renewable or nonrenewable, and must be treated accordingly. We should do our part, and save some energy.

----- Jack 07.12.08 19:24

What a great and easy way to start going green for the Holiday! A wonderful design.

----- Summer 07.12.08 19:22

By the power of Grayskull, I… have… THE POWER!!!!eleven!!!!

----- matt 07.12.08 19:16


if i could invent anything ..it would be a machine that could create me any superpowers i wanted.

i think that would make me a super being :O

initially (on the low side) i wanted to create a machine that could record my dreams. :) if only i had that kind of BRAIN POWER to create it.

i like anything OVERSIZED. even my big butt :P

----- Mariana Chan 07.12.08 19:01

P = rate at which work is performed

----- laila 07.12.08 19:01

I’ve imagined this item, but hadn’t taken the time to look for such a thing. I’ve been unplugging most unused electronics in my house lately, but there are some things that I can’t/don’t - like my laptop =)

----- Michelle 07.12.08 18:53

Okay, so as sad as it sounds so far this has been your one giveaway that I got ridiculously excited for. Last christmas my dad gave me a power bar so that I could organize everything, but it was nothing like this.
Since I don’t have an office and live out of my room everything is plugged into my power bar, and I mean everything. TV, Marantz (yes, my oldschool, but beautiful receiver), both digital cameras, straightener, external hard drive, laptop, cell phone…
With this I would save sooooo much money on my electrical bill because I’d love to be able to have everything I don’t need completely shut off when I leave my room. I try to be “green” by shutting off the tv and lights when I leave my room, but this would make such a difference. AND ITS BEAUTIFUL!

----- Vanessa 07.12.08 18:49

Very cool. My wife would love this.

----- Erik Dahl 07.12.08 18:39

If you do not vote for him, he will take power.

----- Ryan 07.12.08 18:36

Knowledge is power and if this power is used effectively it can effect change.

I know that conserving energy is good for our planet, if I conserve the energy I have at my disposal then I can effect beneficial change for my planet.

----- Josh 07.12.08 18:28

I live in a house built in 1890. It’s got a great aesthetic to it but it blows fuses (the old screw in kind) like it’s going out of style. Although, it could just be the ghosts…

----- Matthew 07.12.08 18:26

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace. Quoted from Jimi Hendrix

----- noel m. 07.12.08 18:16

Did you know that when a butterfly sits and slowly moves it’s wings it is actually collecting energy from the sun? Their wings are like solar panels allowing the collection of the energy that powers their flight.

Butterflies, once caterpillar, is the perfect example of what the world could be.

A nice looking surge protector it is.

----- Dal 07.12.08 18:12


----- Andrew 07.12.08 18:01

my roommates somehow manage to leave all the lights on and the tv always running so i try to do what i can to save power and turn things off whenever possible.

----- Kye 07.12.08 17:54

Im a power ranger….

----- Kirk 07.12.08 17:52

“The energy of the mind is the essence of life.” -Aristotle

----- tracy 07.12.08 17:51

My hubby and I could really use that setup. We have a UPS for our computers, but our tv and gaming consoles are on an old surge protector that just lets them suck power.

----- tr 07.12.08 17:45

our power bill is surprisingly low… but every little bit helps…

----- Alexis 07.12.08 17:44

I tried to do this myself and wired up a switch that wasn’t rated for 120v. Luckily there was just some smoke and stink and none of my expensive electronics were hurt.

----- brian kelly hahn 07.12.08 17:37


----- Rich 07.12.08 17:28

I work in Energy Services for a local nonprofit agency. We are constantly trying to help our clients conserve power and lower their heating costs by offering ideas and conservation tips based on their individual needs or via energy audits tailored to their home. This is a great product, and would definitely fit into the clients needs in my workplace. Thanks for highlighting the specifics on this product, I will definitely be checking it out for my home use too!

----- Michele P. 07.12.08 17:25

I paint with encaustic, which requires tools that use quite a bit of power (hot plate, heat gun, etc.). I use lots of power for my artwork, so I could definitely use something like this and would love to conserve a bit!

----- kathryn 07.12.08 17:21

Our interaction with power always amazes me. Specifically bad placement and design of light switches. Universities and conference rooms with multiple lighting schemes are notorious for having some of the most non-user-friendly switch combinations ever. Who would have thought on/off was so complicated.

----- Mark Michon 07.12.08 17:19

I forgot to say! This thing is so awesome! I hate having to crawl under my desk at night to turn my urge protector off, and this would be perfect! I have gotten good at turning it on/off with my toe, though.

----- rapidroy 07.12.08 17:13

Awesome, I’ve been waiting for something like this.

----- Chris 07.12.08 17:07

Power should be conserved!

----- Justin 07.12.08 17:04

By the power of Grayskull…I have the power!”

----- Richard 07.12.08 16:59

well…i can’t live without power…so this would be amazing.

----- sarahelizabeth 07.12.08 16:58

Power could just be another term for energy. And energy can be another term for heat. and the heat that is being emitted by our computers and ourselves is just leading to more and more chaos in the environment. This leads me to believe that this surge protector would be a great way to turn off the power that will probably lead to more chaos within the universe.

----- Christi 07.12.08 16:55

PLease please please, I NEED this for my roommate.. she keeps on leaving EVERYTHING on… this would be the perfect xmass present for her!

----- Andrea 07.12.08 16:54

god, i want this so bad. Ever since i saw it online.

I need it so bad, I unplugged everything here over the holidays, and when I cam back, the guide on my cable box was on the fritz. A week with no guide, i don’t evn know what freaking channels are what, and just gave up. I had to call them and get a new signal (as they lie to me saying it’s the towers and other people don’t have it either, but yet as soon as they send one it worked…).

----- Josh 07.12.08 16:52

Power is E=mc²!

----- Johan 07.12.08 16:50

By the power of Grayskull!

----- DRalls 07.12.08 16:41

There was once a man with lots of power.
He could use this power to grow some flowers.
His friends thought he was just a bit amped,
with voltage and current to lay the law.
Sparks would fly when he made devices crawl.
But what else to do with alligator clamps?

----- Andrew 07.12.08 16:40

I added this to my DeLorean so I don’t slowly deplete the Uranium even when the car is off.

----- Daniel 07.12.08 16:39

Power is nothing without will and vision.

----- Xuchen Zhang 07.12.08 16:38

By your Powers combined “I am Captain Planet!”….

saving the planet 8 outlets at a time

----- Matt Messner 07.12.08 16:37

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power… and just in case he won’t be able to handle it, put a surge protector on his belt ;)

----- Dave 07.12.08 16:25

Oh my goodness I love this! I am an energy conservation NUT. Ever since I was little, I have had the habit of walking around the house and turning off lights, fans, etc, in empty rooms and unplugging everyone’s phone chargers that aren’t in use. This would make my life so much easier. I could really hold *power* over my home’s energy consumption with this bad larry!

----- Kendra N. 07.12.08 16:24

Power up

----- Sarah 07.12.08 16:14

I want the power… the power to control power! :)

----- Nadia P 07.12.08 16:12

Shape of: A Surge Protector!
Form of: An Energy-saving giant button!
Wonder Twin Powers … Activate!!!

----- The Slapster 07.12.08 16:07

Power, Obama has it.

----- kramer 07.12.08 16:06

if we covered a fraction of the Sahara desert with solar panels, we could power all the world’s electricity!

----- Amar 07.12.08 16:04

you can’t spell power without the POW! just like in mario bros 3

----- Michael Huang 07.12.08 16:01

waiting for president bush to finally lose his abused power

----- everybodycares 07.12.08 15:57

Power to the people !

----- Alain Mélançon 07.12.08 15:57

I recently got one of those watt meter things that tell you how much power your electronics are using and spent half a day running around the house like a giddy mad scientist testing everything out. Told me how much I need one of these!

----- Karl 07.12.08 15:49

Raw raw fight the power!

----- Jasper 07.12.08 15:48

Vampire Power is so scaaary around Christmas time : (

----- Matthew Kolb 07.12.08 15:32

Only power story I can think of is near the end of my third grade year I won one of the new born chicks that hatched in the incubator in the third grade class adjacent to mine. While it was a chick it stayed in a warm environment in a large box in my room, when it grew which was fairly fast, we had to improvise. Improvising was a cage made of doors and screen-doors and metal fence posts. So one Sunday afternoon, we made a chicken coop. Right by an electrical post of some sort, I don’t remember if it was telephone lines or what, but the power lines went from high above this tall post to under the ground. At one point during construction, my mother who was not enjoying this labor, instructs me to hold this large metal door/lid which is touching this metal pole which is driven into the ground right beside some powerlines that go into the ground. After I hold this lid up for awhile my arm starts tingling, and it starts tingling some more and then my arm it starts shaking. At this point I start complaining to my mother which she says “Stop shaking” When my arm starts hurting I start complaining more this time about not being able to physically let go of the lid. My mother says “Don’t drop the lid” to me. Eventually, I drop the lid and I wake up on the ground ten seconds later with a very sore arm. My mother yells at me claiming I’m faking the ordeal and tells me to go inside. The End

----- Sean C. 07.12.08 15:29

Pronunciation: \ˈpau̇(-ə)r\

1. A source or means of supplying energy.
2. Ability to act or produce an effect.
3. Physical might or political influence.

My personal favorite is the second definition. Oh, the power to affect something for the better!

----- Twiggy 07.12.08 15:25

I one day hope to run my entire apartment/room/whatever on potato power. Those little potato powered light experiments still amaze me.

I wonder, are you picking winning commentators randomly or reading through every comment for a winner?

----- rapidroy 07.12.08 15:14

Nothing says power quite like my very first Macy’s card. Now if I can just save money on my electric bill, I can afford to pay the Macy’s bill.

----- Nix Smith 07.12.08 15:10

I take ridiculously long showers that quite obviously take up lots of energy. I think if I use that surge protector I can save up all that wasteful energy form my computers and lights and whatnot to counterbalance my wastefully long showers.

----- Jeff 07.12.08 15:08

I’ve long known about the amount of power that electronics, when plugged in, consume…even when off. I’ve just never found a good solution to the problem aside from unplugging my computer every night, which is not doable, as my sockets are in the corner, behind my desk…where I can’t reach without a major struggle.

----- Tom 07.12.08 15:06

Those soft hums, the glowing lights… all that power getting leeched away by devious sleep modes and simple inefficiency. Help stomp out waste with the Belkin switch; that’s my plan.

----- SteveB 07.12.08 15:03

If you spell power backwards you get rewop…

----- TQ 07.12.08 15:02

Power. So many types of power. The power to live. Power i terms of electricity. Et cetera.

----- Collin Banko 07.12.08 15:02

i have the power to transform anything into gold -

----- kirsten chow 07.12.08 14:57

During Hurricane Ike we lost power for 3 weeks here in Houston….it suuuucked… But it makes you appreciate life before the internet!

----- rem 07.12.08 14:56

This would be great to have for those power leaching electronics. Much better than the extension cords I have now.

----- Gavin Davis 07.12.08 14:53

This product is great for the average consumer. I think that making people understand the power they use is the first step towards a greater understanding of the impact of using that power. This product could also benefit from usb, or bluetooth interaction with any computers plugged into it, so you could press off on the switch and it would first shutdown the computer and then disconnect the power.

----- Deco 07.12.08 14:50

P as Power
O as Ower
W as Wer
E as Er
R as R

----- ghisa99 07.12.08 14:49

Honestly I think you should give it to kevin (07.12.08 14:18)… for best comment. :)

----- Chris Fuller 07.12.08 14:49

things that are plugged in but “off” still suck power. be green. unplug.

----- jacob 07.12.08 14:47

I know a guy named Power…

----- RJ 07.12.08 14:44

This makes it soooo easy to kill dem phantom power suckers!

----- Ben 07.12.08 14:44

Power. We need power and we hate power. We need power to work, to live even to have fun. But when power comes back to us as a thunderbolt, it is not so funny… We have 3 surge protectors at home and one became useless after the last storm. I can use the power (the protection power) of this one, but more importantly, I can use the “design power” of this one. Why most of the surge protectors are sooooo ugly?

----- Sandra 07.12.08 14:41

I hope it’s also available as suitable for Type F plugs or at least Type C plugs (Europlugs).

----- Markus 07.12.08 14:41

When you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women.

----- Evan 07.12.08 14:40

Power: A source or means of supplying energy ; especially : electricity b: motive power c: the time rate at which work is done or energy emitted or transferred

----- Evan Doyle 07.12.08 14:32

the power of some cities in europe like stockholm to use bio energy to warm the houses and in order not to use petrol anymore! this is so good!

----- marieke 07.12.08 14:30

one time our power went out for 3 days. it was really hot. my roommate slept on the hammock.

----- nate 07.12.08 14:28

I sing the body electric
I celebrate the me yet to come
I toast to my own reunion
When I become one with the sun

And I’ll look back on Venus
I’ll look back on Mars
And I’ll burn with the fire of ten million stars
And in time
And in time
We will all be stars

I sing the body electric
I glory in the glow of rebirth
Creating my own tomorrow
When I shall embody the earth

And I’ll serenade Venus
I’ll serenade Mars
And I’ll burn with the fire of ten million stars
And in time
And in time
We will all be stars

We are the emperors now
And we are the czars
And in time
And in time
We will all be stars
—Fame (has all the electricity you’ll ever need ;)

----- Daphne 07.12.08 14:27

Well.. When you asked about childhood toys I mentioned my Donatello action figure, but I was just about to mention He-Man too.. He has the power of the UNIVERSE! Anywho.. Guess you meant power as in electricity.. Well, I’m no physicist, so what I have to say probably won’t be too clever.. Errr… Alright.. Now I’ve got it.. A few months ago I decided I’d save myself a bit of cash and take care of the environment while I was at it.. I bought low energy light bulbs from IKEA and I was pretty eager to start using them.. Well, I’ve already used most of them as IKEA bulbs apparently aren’t very long lasting.. Next time I’ll go somewhere else for my energy saving needs! Somewhere such as NOTCOT..!

----- Benjamin A. Wendelboe 07.12.08 14:26

i want it.

----- james kennedy 07.12.08 14:26

This is brilliant! My office could definitely use one of these.

----- Lindsay 07.12.08 14:25

power is equal to current times resistance. Which sounds dumb at first but then you start thinking about light bulbs making more light and heat when they have more current through the little wire resistor, or how you really should avoid wreaking a prius.

Loved the Rexona:Toys ad, btw. Keep up the great work, this is my favorite blog by far.

----- Ben 07.12.08 14:22

I have the remarkable power to lose every single contest I enter. Watch. I’ll prove it to you…

----- kevin 07.12.08 14:18

Go go power rangers!
go go power rangers!

haha. i actually need this surge thing. My last computer died because of a surge :(

----- grace 07.12.08 14:18

My energy bill is through the roof, especially now that it gets dark at 4pm. I use energy efficient bulbs. I unplug my appliances, printer,etc. when I remember. I love how the BELKIN Surge Protector has the function of turning certain things off, while keeping others on. GENIUS! Help a poor college student organize their life while cutting back on the bills.

----- wesley 07.12.08 14:14

I think this is a great way to save power!

----- greg 07.12.08 14:12

Knowledge = Power

----- John Norman 07.12.08 14:12

Power corrupts. Nice to have an off switch.

----- Eric 07.12.08 14:10

Amazing. Awareness of one’s energy consumption plus the ability to effectively manage it. I can has convenient conservation?

----- Will Nash 07.12.08 14:08

This Belkin surge protector will have great responsibility if provided for my purposes - because with great power, comes…

----- Myshta 07.12.08 14:05

I’ve got the urge to conserve!

----- Hillel 07.12.08 14:05

You remind me of the babe
What babe
The babe with the power
What power
The power of voodoo
Who do?
You do
Do what
Remind me of the babe

Oh David Bowie!!!
talk about power-i couldn’t resist!

----- whitney h. 07.12.08 14:04

I remember once, during an all-night project run in my architecture studio, we were soaking wood and trying to blow dry it to make it curve. Little did we know that the hair dryer we were using would blow out the power in the studio!
No one got any work done that night, but I suppose we at least got sleep.
How embarrassing!

----- Cait 07.12.08 14:03

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