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Picnica Bunny = Reusable Tote- 12.07.08

picnica1.jpg So first i started laughing, then i started wanting it…. how bizarre are these Picnica reusable shopping totes that… you stuff into a bunny! So when you use it the bunny hangs out on the side! Definitely one way to stand out in a farmer’s market, distract a child (in bunny form), or make those baggers do a double take…

I just found it over this hilarious reusable bag at our friends at Greener Grass Design ~ PICNICA TOTE BAG by Japanese design house, Eding:Post… also hilarious, Message Tote Bags ~ those, as you can guess, stuff themselves into speech bubbles with text like “Thank you” or “I’m Sorry” ~ see more pics of the rabbit totes and the message totes on the next page!





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3 Notes

I would actually buy this, instead of having all those bags arround they become decoration at home, great idea!

----- Catalina 09.09.09 19:03

Kind of strange little bags but I like them. I am so glad I found your blog! I am really loving it.

----- Katee 18.12.08 18:34

As great as the Bunny Bag is, I think it would be even greater to carry around a bag with “you depressed friend” on the side of it, but then again, what do I know?

----- Hillel 08.12.08 10:22

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