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NOTCOT Giveaway 29: Freehands- 12.14.08

givefreehands.jpg TO WIN: Leave a comment ~ sharing how cold it is (aka why you need these?)! ENTER BY 12/17. WINNER: Carol in Gaithersburg, MD!

Here’s a special giveaway ~ perhaps most exciting to me because these gloves are the by product of trend blogger, Josh Rubin, of Cool Hunting ~ and his dad! Who is a second generation glove maker! Here’s the father-son story behind these Freehands gloves to help you use your tech in the winter…

Josh Rubin, the New-York-City based designer of Freehands and founder of CoolHunting.com, realized there was an opportunity in the glove category last winter when he found himself answering his iPhone with his nose to avoid taking his gloves off. The hassle of the glove-or-phone conundrum came up at dinner with his father, Stanley Rubin, who conveniently manufactures and sells gloves. In a matter of minutes, sketches were drawn, the scissors were out, and the Freehands glove was born.
As a professional interface designer, Josh has been designing the way people use web sites and mobile phones for more than ten years. Throughout his career he’s sought to blend usefulness, usability and beauty—a goal he continues to pursue at the design firm he co-founded, Bond Art + Science . Stanley grew up in Gloversville, NY, where his father was a glove manufacturer. Stanley (like his brother and nephew) followed suit, and it’s fair to say that he knows a few things about gloves. Freehands represents the melding of their experience, sensibilities and design aesthetics.

See more images on the next page ~ and for a chance to win a pair in the material/size of your choice, leave comment telling us how cold it is (aka why do you need these?)!

Here are some pics of the leather model (they also come in fleece and stretch) ~ the thumb and forefingers can be pulled back so you can use your tech devices! And even have magnets to hold them back so they don’t flap in the wind! “Leather Freehands are lined with micro-fleece making them warm in addition to being stylish and wind resistant…. they have elastic wrists to keep cold air from getting in and a plastic hook and loop to hold the gloves together when you put them away or to attach to a jacket zipper.”

And don’t forget the coupon ~

TO WIN: Leave a comment ~ sharing how cold it is (aka why you need these?)! ENTER BY 12/17

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196 Notes

it’s 11;45 here! And those are amazing gloves.

----- Anne Bocci 17.12.08 23:46

Living in Miami, FL, it is of the utmost necessity that I have these gloves. You see, although it never snows in Miami and the weather is never below 50s/60s during Winter…there is a strange phenomenon that occurs in Miami. While the weather outside is hot and humid…it is bone chillingly cold inside. Because our weather never changes, all the residents of South Florida have their ACs on. My house is especially cold; we keep a stock of blankets and sweaters just to pass out when guests come and visit. Living in this house, I wear scarves and gloves and socks all the time. But I eventually have to remove my gloves in order to go online (touch mouse) and to use my cell phone (touch phone). This is why I need these gloves. For me, it’s not a matter of want…it’s matter of survival.

----- Alia A. 17.12.08 21:10

The cold outside hurts more than the second degree steam burn on my hand =P

----- cathy 17.12.08 20:47

We are meant to be having lovely warm weather but instead it is rainy, miserable and cold. I’ve packed all my winter things away (which I now regret) and think it is easier to enter to win some gloves than to unpack my clothes and have to repack them away latter when it finally warms up.

----- Nicole T 17.12.08 20:22

Todays low is -12˚C

I can’t bear the cold, and I can’t bear having to take my gloves off to change the song on my iPod! It’ll freeze in a second. So, please hear me out. Can I have a pair of gloves for christmas? I need them… (and my mom is too cheap to get new ones)

----- Edward Wong 17.12.08 16:49

Ok… i can’t even describe how cold it is… every day I preys the lord to give more sun here, at MONTREAL!!! I’m sick of the snow…

----- Joel 17.12.08 15:52

I just moved to Oregon from California. Going from warm nights and perfect breezes to nights with below freezing temperatures warrants a good pair of gloves.

----- Aaron Haifley 17.12.08 15:45

It’s freezing here in Chicago. We had a drop from 60 to -12 degrees the day before yesterday, and then 10 hours of snow yesterday. Tommorrow we’ve got an ice storm forecast. My dad IM’d me from Acapulco to tell me how nice it was swimming in the ocean for 3 hours. My friends from LA and Florida all taunt me with the warmth they’re enjoying, inviting me to visit. I totally would, but kinda short on cash since business ain’t really booming. Could you please send me the gloves? Pretty Please?

----- Kristine 17.12.08 14:21

I live in Toronto, the city with the hottest summer then the coldest winter in Canada, it is cooollld~ up here, we’ve jsut had our first heavy snowfall, I need a pair of mitts to keep my hands warm

----- Lisa Li 17.12.08 13:44

its cold and snowy here, i cant smoke or use my iphone when im outside. NOt good. :)

----- sarah tisdale 17.12.08 12:39

Its freaking 21 degrees in California! California! WTF?

----- Haley 17.12.08 12:13

Its 15 degrees here in Park City, UT minus the wind chill. It snowed 18” in the past few days and I’m stuck in my FREEZING office instead of living it up on the freezing slopes!

----- Laura 17.12.08 11:44

It’s so cold here, the wind chill yesterday was 15 degrees below 0, along with 3 inches of snow…

----- Danielle 17.12.08 10:47

i definitely used my lips to slide the bar to unlock and answer calls on my iphone last week when i was walking around the national christmas tree in DC last week because my phone wouldn’t respond to my fingers in gloves and it was too cold to take them off! (i learned it probably wasn’t a good idea to do this with chapstick on.)

----- Carol 17.12.08 09:53

i need it ‘cause i work with my hands. even during the winter. outside.

----- marta 17.12.08 08:25

It is so cold here that I would rather wear gloves.

----- Rudy 17.12.08 05:44

Right now it’s a balmy 24 degrees here in upstate NY, though we’ve seen single digits recently…

----- April 16.12.08 19:01

I just shoveled 300 feet of my sidewalks and driveways…12” deep snow. All by myself. I cannot feel my butt anymore or my handS, or my face or my legs. Gotta love mid-western weather….boo.

----- Annette Amdahl 16.12.08 17:36

I’m a professional snowboarder and broke my foot last weekend which means no snowboarding for 2 months! :( I live in Colorado and was thinking I’ll try to get my bf to teach me a thing or two about photography. These gloves will probably make adjusting the ISO and clicking a lot easier in the cold weather!

----- Clair 16.12.08 17:26

I could definitely use these out here. My state may be shaped like a mitten but I could sure use some gloves.

----- Michigander 16.12.08 16:12

i believe it’s -6F at the moment.

----- metis 16.12.08 15:40

It is freezing cold where I live here in Canada. It’s been -30 Celsius here for the past week, so I can’t answer my phone or change the song on my ipod when I’m outside because my fingers freeze. I would love those gloves, they would be so helpful in the winter here

----- Alyssa Bredohl 16.12.08 12:44

The tenacious winter winds cause a distinct decrease in my fingers freedom to fing. My hands are not free, no, they are tied down by these horrid, hand-holsters we call gloves; literal thieves of time and drains on my thumbs’ dreams for dexterity. Turning the key in my bike lock is all I long to do, please free my fingers from their clumsy cages?

----- arthur r. 16.12.08 10:22

Ey guys, those look like much more stylish and bunches more comfortable than the duck tape that I been using. Seriously would like a pair of those ey. It was 1 today

----- Guy Halverson 16.12.08 06:06

Its so cold that due to my bad blood flow my fingers always turn WHITE! And it freaks everyone out…

----- Matthew K 16.12.08 05:26

the usual reasons.. the cold and the portable electronic devices..

----- goodcop 16.12.08 04:34

London’s weather reports may be showing reports of 3 degrees celcius, but it’s those cold, northerly breezes, bring the relative down to -2 degrees, that mean I have decided to finally take up the hobby of using up my o2 minutes instead of texting. One cold hand is better than two, but I’d much rather have two warm ones!

(Give this prize to someone in the arctic circle, or me for being nice and thinking of the people in the artic circle)

----- Spencer Holtaway 16.12.08 04:08

these are excellent for picking your nose in the cold.

----- Liam Hopkins 16.12.08 02:29

With these gloves I’ll be able to sketch and keep my hands nice and toasty at the same time!

----- Matt 16.12.08 02:07

I need it because I don’t want to unlock my iphone again with my tongue…

----- Gonzalo 16.12.08 00:47

Thankfully, I’m on vacation this week. I didn’t go anywhere warm, but at least I don’t have to go outside. I probably will, but I don’t HAVE to. This is Indiana, and the weather is unpredictable. It’s been way too cold lately. Way too cold. It could be 80 tomorrow, for all we know, but right now, it is downright unpleasantly frigid. Brrr.

----- Chris Spurgin 15.12.08 23:16


----- ladislas 15.12.08 23:07

the studio that i work at doesnt have heat! In fact they dont have running hot water, so the studio is soooo cold. my hands are always freeeezing! show me some g/love.

----- Carly S. 15.12.08 22:36

It is so not cold in here (Florida) that I don’t know I will survive Idaho in February…

----- andrea Ballocchi 15.12.08 22:06

i’m sick of my wife complaining about the cold when we go outside. and then i, being the good husband that i am, endure the soul-stealing wind and freezing ice burn on my phalanges, and lend her my toasty warm gloves - only to receive them back with the tips snipped off so she could play bejeweled.

please, save my hands. save my gloves.

----- drew 15.12.08 20:40

in celebration of my snow day tomorrow…..it’s cold!

----- greg 15.12.08 20:33

It’s so cold in winter where I live and I ALWAYS have cold hands (even in the summer, which is really weird) and when my hands are cold, my entire body is cold. But i usually don’t wear gloves because I feel like I can’t do anything with them on (i.e. use my iPhone or iTouch) so i usually end up sticking my hands under my armpits to keep them warm, and it is sometimes pretty warm under there, but it is extremely awkward and funny looking. Especially in the winter, it’s always extremely cold and windy (I live by a river), so i really need these gloves so i can keep my hands warm and still be able to use them (and not keep them under my armpits)!

----- Lauren 15.12.08 20:10

Not that cold yet…but it will be soon.

----- clifyt 15.12.08 20:07

Love from Mpls, where weather.com says: Currently -6, Feels like -26. Yeah, that’s Fahrenheit.

----- julie k 15.12.08 19:56

When I go snowboarding I like to take my iPhone so I can listen to music and have a phone on me in case I get separated from whoever i’m with (which happens a lot) and just to have my phone (which is attached to me at all times anyway. It REALLY sucks when I have to take my glove off to touch my phone, then snow gets in my sleeve and my fingers get cold and my glove gets wet and i could drop my glove from the lift….etc etc etc….the point is, it would be soooo much better if I could just slip off the tip off one of one of my gloved fingers instead of potentially endangering my life in the snow. the end.

----- Niki M 15.12.08 19:35

So cold, I was near tears getting gasoline today.

----- James 15.12.08 19:28

OMG. I go to college in Minnesota where it is often easily into negative 25 -35 degrees and you will get frostbite and never feel warm ever but I think these gloves could help.!

----- Sarah 15.12.08 19:22

!MINNESOTA! I see my parents in Minneapolis as often as I can, which of course seems to coincide with the deadliest of winters. As much as I love them there’s no way I’m staying trapped inside. I don’t have a car so I end up taking the bus in sub zero weather. Not cool. Frostbite in those conditions occurs on exposed skin in a matter of seconds. This of course makes it exceedingly difficult to listen to my mp3 device, make a phone call or scrounge in my bag for my bus pass. Something has got to give.

----- ny morgan 15.12.08 19:17

It’s supposed to be summer here in Sydney! It dropped to 10 degress the other day! I am in DIRE need of these gloves!!!

----- Tyrone Taylor 15.12.08 19:07

Hands freezing in the office, cant type with snowboard gloves.

----- Rich 15.12.08 18:28

Its so cold I need that warm exposed finger to melt my snotsicles.

----- Jeff Lynch 15.12.08 18:22

my canon 5d mk ii arrives tomorrow and it is 15 degrees here! These gloves would help me somehow! :)

----- planetMitch 15.12.08 18:17

I live in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada.
It is -40 with the wind chill.


----- Luke Marvin 15.12.08 18:12

Keep me warm until I’m old
Away from the freezing cold
Think of me when I have passed
Without a glove to warm my arse

----- whitespace 15.12.08 18:07

Well, it’s -27 Celsius at the moment here in Edmonton, so I’d really love to give these to my boyfriend who has really cold hands.

----- Katie 15.12.08 17:49

These would be perfect. Boston cold wind coming off the water makes it way too hard to manage my iphone in the cold.

----- gnc 15.12.08 17:44

Because even in the cold (especially in the cold) you need to be able to give someone a wet willy without the hassle of taking your entire glove off.

----- Jonathan 15.12.08 17:27

I’m going to need these to send NOTCOT photos from Barack Obama’s inauguration in the D.C. cold.

----- Max 15.12.08 17:17

The weather here in Plattsburgh becomes unbearably cold. The addition of lake winds and mountain gusts adds to hard ships of the winter. Not to forget that Skiing is ridiculously popular here.

----- Collin Banko 15.12.08 16:41

It actually doesn’t get too cold here in winter, but it gets cold enough that my hands get freezing when I go on evening walks!

----- Twiggy 15.12.08 16:40

I don’t do well in cold weather, and anything below 70 degrees pisses me off. Here in Atlanta, the temperature is an EXCRUCIATING 35 degrees, and I walk everywhere which doesn’t help. I wear my entire closet to go to the grocery store :(

----- kate 15.12.08 16:18

its so cold that i cant take photos outside or else my fingers turn yellow or i miss the shot because my timing is off from the gloves slipping or not turning the dial fast enough

----- Rosanna U 15.12.08 16:04

It is very cold here in Tulsa, especially when one moment it is 73 degrees outside and within a short period of time we are stuck in an ice storm!

----- Christi 15.12.08 15:59

Beautiful, what’s your hurry
Listen to the fireplace roar …

----- Tucker 15.12.08 15:41

I work on the windiest corner in the Windy City. Chicago is cold enough, but the windchill is enough to make me cry, if I weren’t so worried about my eyes freezing shut. And it’s hard to hit those tiny blackberry keys when I’m wearing mittens.

----- patguy 15.12.08 14:46

I’m in Seattle, so it’s not too cold…but it is the coldest it’s been for over a decade! And I don’t have any gloves, and I get around by walking/taking the bus. Plus, I’m moving back to New England this summer, and in New England, there are sub-zero temperatures, and that’s not even counting wind chill.

----- Meghan 15.12.08 14:43

i need a xmas gift for my iphone totin’ girlfriend

----- Jeff 15.12.08 14:32

I take the bus to work in the mornings, and it’s a 1.5 hour ordeal that involves a minimum of 10 minutes of waiting, and a 30 minute walk to work, the only entertainment I have is my ipod touch, but the weather is so cold that I can’t take it out of my pocket because I keep my hands gloved and shoved deep in my pockets. I took it out this morning to change the song, and my fingers were already starting to turn colors by the time I was able to get my gloves back on!

----- Sean 15.12.08 14:28

Soooo cold here…. i can barely type this.. we managed to make it to 2 Degrees F… Yeah!

----- Jonathan 15.12.08 14:20

hyperhidrosis…sweaty hands during a Montreal winter…not fun!

----- Vince 15.12.08 14:17

As a sniper my assignments occasionally take me to the colder parts of the world…these are perfect for my trigger finger!!! I kid I kid…my life isn’t so dangerous but these are great for those cold days when you need to make a cell phone call :)

----- Robert W. 15.12.08 14:01

…of Baltimore. The only thing colder than outside is inside.

----- Brian of Baltimore 15.12.08 13:55

I live in dallas and it is 29 degrees but feels like it is in the teens, and this is todays high temperature. Seriously, in DALLAS FREAKING TEXAS. This is weird and i really dont know what to do with myself.

----- Matt Flick 15.12.08 13:53

taking photos or answering the phone while biking on a cold winter day.

----- Erik Dahl 15.12.08 13:49

-19 degree windchill + 2 dogs + 4 walks a day = NEEDING those gloves!

----- Patty 15.12.08 13:44

because I live in wisconsin and the steering wheel never warms up in the morning.

----- Sarah 15.12.08 13:39

i flew from vancouver to heathrow but they wouldn’t let me into the uk.
after 30 hours in detention, they kicked me back to canada.
so then ended up in toronto, fully unprepared for the canadian winter!

----- bc 15.12.08 13:36

Baby, it’s cold outside… in NY!

----- Nadia P 15.12.08 13:23

Oh my God! You were definitely thinking of me when you decided to give away these gloves. I have basically just lost mine 5 hours ago, and in a few days I will be leaving for home, where there are already -15 degrees Celsius. With no shopping time left, my poor fingers will soon become blocks of ice (with some sort of reddish tint to them).

----- diana 15.12.08 13:21

I can’t call anyone without freezing my hands off! iPhone love, cold hate!

----- Derrick 15.12.08 13:13

I wish even needed to wear gloves. New York’s weather is a sign of the times. We are all going to die from advanced strains of the flu virus. I’m sick for the 5th time of the year.

----- Lazarou 15.12.08 12:53

How cold is it? Cold enough to freeze a cup of water before it hits the ground! That’s COLD…

----- myrna eisenlauer 15.12.08 12:50

I just got power back after 84 hours of freezing my ass off, i need these.

----- Evan Doyle 15.12.08 12:43

It started snowing here in Portland, OR yesterday. Putting on my chains, I was freezing.

After work I remembered that I needed to hit an ATM to deposit some checks, ensuring my utility bills could be paid.

The ATM had a touch screen, which means I couldn’t keep my gloves on to use it. Most agonizing deposit in my life.

----- Andrew Stam Parnell 15.12.08 12:33

You know it’s cold when your nostril hairs feel like pins!

----- Barrett 15.12.08 12:29

This would be a gift for my husband, who works in the film industry. He’s outside in the cold all the time, and he can bundle up his body and head pretty well––but he has to have his fingers free to work on camera equipment. These would be perfect for him! He’d stay warm and still get to do his job! LEATHER, PLEASE! Those are quite manly.

----- Stephanie Fisher 15.12.08 12:24

While walking in the snow and ice yesterday I was just commenting on how my wife’s index finger removable tip glove would be handy for use with my iPhone. However in her case, her glove was less artistically created by our glove orphan creating black lab dog.

----- Doug 15.12.08 12:14

Here in Chicago it was 0 F this morning. I literally used a prybar to crack open my car door due to the quarter inch plus of ice covering my car this morning.

----- Ryan 15.12.08 12:11

I don’t need them for the cold. I need them because ninja gloves make everything you do so much more important.

----- Joebot 15.12.08 11:36

here, more than being really cold, it’s REALLY wet. rain everywhere anywhere.

----- marieke 15.12.08 11:27

so you wanna know how cold it is here in Mass? How about 2” thick ice on our power lines that made them all break! No power for days — plus, there was a fire across the street today, and they couldn’t put it out because the hoses on the truck were frozen! Now that’s cold baby…

----- tommy 15.12.08 11:23

It’s 15F outside, feels like 0F, and I’ll be on a photo shoot from 4pm until 12am. Oh yeah, the entire shoot is outdoors!

----- Rob 15.12.08 11:10

Have you ever shot a film in the cold? Your hands inside those bulky mittens or gloves, sweat…when it comes time to take a shot and you’ve got to remove the glove, the sweat particles start to freeze, causing your hand to freeze and thus jitter…how lovely it would be if I won a pair of gloves that lent to my getting a steady hand shot which then lead to my receiving a oscar! while I do make film’s, I’ve got a film-making friend that could really benefit from a pair of gloves like the ones from freehands.

----- kitty Gosen 15.12.08 11:04

It was so cold this morning, my battery wouldn’t start. So I walked to work this morning with two coats on, a small hat and no gloves and, of course, it was below 0. I luckily did make it to work on time but I was so cold I still haven’t remove the coats 4 hours later.

----- Sean C. 15.12.08 10:56

tooo cold to type in park city!!!!

----- differentgrey 15.12.08 10:55

It hasn’t snowed yet in my area of New York (strangely enough), but it’s bound to happen soon enough. It’s already a pain in the ass to take my gloves off every single time I work with the camera (I’m studying film), but it’s just going to get worse when the weather gets even colder.

----- Alice 15.12.08 10:54

Those look like freshly manicured fingers.

----- Wil 15.12.08 10:15

Its not horribly cold in LA, its been in the 40s which is shorts weather for most part of the country…I just have bad circulation.

----- Jacob Court 15.12.08 10:09

Despite popular belief it gets extremely cold in Afghanistan… Where i will be in a little over a month. the military provides us with gloves but they don’t really have photography in mind with what they give us. and being a photographer you can see my conundrum.

----- Matt Messner 15.12.08 09:56

Burlington, Vermont. Windy and below freezing for weeks at a time. Need the digital dexterity to (un)lock my bike as I traipse about town and between classes.

----- gavin 15.12.08 09:48

its sooooo cold my toes are blue.

----- Shelly 15.12.08 09:42

It was so cold this morning when I woke up, my morning drool was frozen on my pillow and was stuck to my face. I had to put my head in the over just to defrost myself.

At least with these gloves, I’d look less stupid.

----- Jasper 15.12.08 09:36

while we were having an ice storm yesterday, today it is 60+

----- dylan 15.12.08 09:33

It is currently no higher than 7 degrees. Enough to suck the warmth out of anything. Especially…no, just EVERYTHING.

----- Helen 15.12.08 09:29

I’m about to leave sunny, warm Minneapolis, MN (high of -4° says my weather widget) for South Dakota, where the internet tells me it’s even colder. Honestly? This isn’t so bad. It’s going to get colder. We’re just in the beginning of winter.

----- Cole Sarar 15.12.08 09:24

In Québec, it’s always frigid ! Permament icebox, -30C for sure tomorrow.

----- Kathleen 15.12.08 09:20

Cold fingered germaphobe allergic to gloves any ideas?

----- Guy Halverson 15.12.08 09:11

I live in a basement apt, where it’s cold enough already. Then, I get to work after the cold weekend a couple weeks ago and the office is even colder than my house because they are trying to save energy, but employees are frozen and can’t do work until the afternoon when this old mill building finally warms. These gloves would be great to keep me frozen hands warm while working in the cold temperature.

----- Tiffany 15.12.08 09:09

Here in Kansas City, I can count the low temp on one frozen hand with three fingers to spare! And that’s in Fahrenheit degrees! Please send some Freehands to this frostbitten iPhone user!

----- Woodsie 15.12.08 09:01

Hello everyone I am a Environment student at McGill in Montreal Canada. Up here in the frozen north winter stays with us for quite a while and it gets (and stays) far below freezing. These gloves would serve me well riding a bike as well as keeping me fingers from frostbite that would impair me from surfing NOTCOT instead of working.

----- Ryan Jackson 15.12.08 09:01

Cool! I could pick my nose out in the cold with these gloves!

----- korax 15.12.08 08:59

WOuldn’t say no :)

----- RaDe 15.12.08 08:55

I probably deserve no empathy but here in Texas I’ve been of late freezing. If it’s any consolation most of the time I’m on my motorcycle, while using my GPS. It’d help to be able to swing back the fingertips while at a light and make any quick adjustments. Otherwise I’m clumsily trying to quickly take a glove off, adjust, then put it back on in under 45 seconds.

----- Victor 15.12.08 08:54

i am typically at my desk wearing my winter hat, scarf and gloves - if i had these i could type much more easily!

----- twinkerdill 15.12.08 08:50

I’m supposed to go to montreal, canada and i’m expecting some sub-zero temps over there. those gloves would be real nice

----- Vadhym 15.12.08 08:44

10 inches of snow over this last weekend, currently 13 degrees F here in Walla Walla, WA. A high tomorrow of 9 degrees F… brrr

----- Stacy B. 15.12.08 08:43

its getting a bit cold to text on my iphone in ny!!

----- jayp0411 15.12.08 08:37

I’m a big football fan but had never seen a live game because I happen to also be a broke photographer. Then this year luck struck and some friends of mine bought season tickets that they don’t always use and kindly give me tickets to some of the games. The problem is Arrowhead stadium is a virtual wind-tunnel with high walls on the sides but not the ends and of course we sit at the very top on the east end where the wind sweeps down in a vortex of rage and back up into your face. While I’ll never make the same underdressing mistake I did the first time it does make the clicky-clicky harder if you wear gloves.

PS Did you see that KC/San Diego game? We were winning the whole game until they came back in the last minute and a half to score two touchdowns and win the game. It was a heartbreaker.

----- Dane 15.12.08 08:36

I don’t really need these, but I want them. It’s hard to imagine what someone from the 1950’s would think about people tripping over themselves for a pair of gloves that allow them to operate an iPhone (oh how far back and forward we’ve come).

----- walker 15.12.08 08:33

i need these because its currently 5 degrees in chicago, but with the wind chill, the actual temperature feels more like -20 degrees. brrrrr.

----- Bianca 15.12.08 08:27

Canada. It’s cold.

----- Carl Heindl 15.12.08 08:20

I’m in new york right now, the other day it was 22 degrees. Not so bad, but I’m going to Alaska to visit cousins for Christmas and I’m a feared for my life!!!

It’s going to be colder than my heart after finding out I didn’t win the gloves!

----- Iain 15.12.08 08:14

i usually bike to my internship and it takes a very long time in the cold. i try not to bike too fast because it makes me cramp up. these gloves would help me multitask riding my bike while being on the phone, dangerous. but dangerously sexy with the freehands, keep in touch gloves.

----- labraji 15.12.08 07:56

Hey, I need some decent gloves that allow fingering of cellphones and other items. My mother and I have Raynaud’s disease, in which the circulation of the hand shuts down temporarily, leaving you with ivory-white fingers that don’t feel much.

I’m also a sailor, and good gloves are really essential to being able to withstand the cold for long periods.

So, bring ‘em on!

----- JohnM 15.12.08 07:52

Waiting for the bus, soles froze to the sidewalk, eyelashes froze my eyes shut, wondering why I choose to go to work when the windchill is -35 Celsius.

----- Ed 15.12.08 07:47

It’s like -40 c. All the time. Please oh please oh please!

----- Cole 15.12.08 07:47

Because you can transform from modern sophisticate to ultra grifter bum in seconds with these gloves. whats not to like, taking on multiply personas and fooling the masses.

----- mike martinjuk 15.12.08 07:43

It’s so cold my glasses steam up when I come inside.

----- Emmie 15.12.08 07:41

Lifing in the high altitude of Utah, in Winter, it can be a hard choice between warm hands and snapping that photo. This would be awesome on a winter hike/photo shoot.

----- Tom 15.12.08 07:36

We up here in New Hampshire were hit by an ice storm that knocked out power to over 300,000 people — I sure could have used those gloves to keep warm and pass the time with my iPhone!

----- Muzz 15.12.08 07:33

It hailed last night…brrrrr

----- Alexis 15.12.08 07:29

Chicago, Illinois, December 15, 2008, 9:21 a.m.: 6 degrees with 25-30 mph gusts of wind.

----- Krista 15.12.08 07:22

I could use a laptop outside in the wintertime. I could pick up small objects without having to take off my gloves!!!! I live at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It can be freezing at times. I can use my phone without taking off my gloves. This would be great!!

----- Melanie 15.12.08 07:20

I live in Tulsa, OK and yesterday we broke a 75 year record when the temperature reached 75 degrees in mid-December…then drastically plummeted to 25 and began sleeting in only a matter of hours. These gloves would sure help me to make an emergency phone call on my iPhone if I were to get stranded during a sudden weather change.

----- Andrew Saliga 15.12.08 07:17

soooooo cold.

----- joe 15.12.08 07:11

Right now I just had to start my car in -30C. If I had those gloves then I could play my favorite I-phone game ironically Scoops.

----- Mathew John Chyzyk 15.12.08 07:11

i’ve got a blood flow problem where my hands, feet, and nose are always cold.
plus 6 inches of snow today here in upstate NY.

----- grace 15.12.08 07:05

I’m actually kind of toasty. Does that mean I’m out of the running for these awesome gloves?

----- COREY 15.12.08 07:02

For my sweet husband for his work outdoors during this cold time of year.

----- awolf 15.12.08 06:58

it hasn’t been that bad in boston so far (*crosses fingers!*) but i commute by bike! 20F is fine until you’re going 20mph downhill with shivering fingers barely holding on to your brake levers!

----- xue 15.12.08 06:52

It is as cold as Dick Cheney’s shriveled, black heart.

----- kevin 15.12.08 06:35

Actually, I don’t need these for myself, but I’d give these to my brother-in-law who works at a boat yard in CT and drives there in a Jeep that’s not always to warmest and he just got an iPhone….so yeah, I think it can use these; )

----- SuzyCat 15.12.08 06:35

These are great. I need them because I can’t answer my phones with big bulky gloves!

----- Carolyn G 15.12.08 06:31

Just yesterday it was freezing at night. So i decided to go start and heat my car up before I went out. Guess what happened when I went out 5 minutes later. My door would not open cause of the cold! I had to call AAA to get my door open haha.

----- Gaurav Fernandes 15.12.08 06:21

Madison, WI is -1F (feels like -19F) right now. With the wonderful downpour we had last night when it was still warm (40s), my garage door sounded like it would break because of the ice.

----- kailyn 15.12.08 06:17

Hahahah Because I moved from Atlanta to Boston for school in September, Didn’t own warm clothes (still don’t own gloves) and it’s the coldest I’ve ever been in my life. Every time I check the weather I die a bit—I MISS ATLANTA!

----- Joseph Morcos 15.12.08 06:04

Ok, so maybe I live in North Florida, and maybe the lowest it gets down here is the mid twenties, but I was raised in South Florida, and I ride my bike everywhere to get around. So, I’m thinking that I need these, maybe.

----- Allison S. 15.12.08 05:45

heading up to milwaukee to play guitar. need something to keep the rest of my hands warm while i play - these would be perfect!

----- jacob 15.12.08 05:40

Living in Boston should be “enough said” on dealing with the cold. Its not that its colder here than, say, the blustery midwest (from where I hail), but its that the cold season (i.e. winter) seems to last well into May. Would love me some iPhone-friendly glove action!

----- LANDLINE 15.12.08 05:03

My college was closed, but a group of students and faculty are keeping it going independently, meaning we don’t have a campus and have to trek around town on bikes or on food to get to classes, which are held in people’s homes and public spaces and churches all over the village… its cold and its going to get worse. We have no all-night study space and I find myself downtown using coffee shop wireless late at night in the snow.
This is why we call ourselves Nonstop.
I don’t own a pair of gloves, please help me.

----- Rose 15.12.08 05:00

Hey it´s gonna be sweet to IM with these gloves while driving my motorcycle.
Look mom, no hands !!! At all !!!

----- Daniel Segatto 15.12.08 04:47

I desperately need them. I have to go to University by bike every day. And todays high is -1°C.

----- Johan 15.12.08 04:30

Here in Sao Paulo, Brazil, it’s 20º…celcius.

But you know I’ll be de coolest guy in town with one of these!

----- rafael 15.12.08 04:20

Freezing my fingers off outside, please I really could use this!

----- pelon 15.12.08 04:20

I need those gloves because with out it i’ll never be able to pinch myself to remind me of how cold it is outside!

----- Derrick Manuat 15.12.08 03:32

I need these gloves to take photographs when paragliding. I need fingless gloves to operate the camera but @ 4000ft ASL fingers get very cold so freehands are the perfect solution!

----- EH 15.12.08 03:12

As a Californian boy, I am a wimp to the winter and heading to the east coast and the mountains… I have no experience cold and will be in assistance for warmth. I’m pretty sure shorts won’t cut it and I don’t own a pair any gloves.

----- Khoa P 15.12.08 03:09

I cannot count the number of times I have complained of this very same problem, or of the (supposedly clever) friends I have begged to solve it for me.

I am an Australian girl studying in Spain, suffering the cold and a (wonderful but difficult) long distance relationship.

The only place in my flat that I can connect to the internet is the very corner of the (external, fourth floor) balcony, and it is often below zero. Right now, waiting for my boyfriend to connect to skype, I am wearing an overcoat, two scarves, an enormous hat, a blanket, and.. fingerless gloves.
Because my laptop computer does not recognise my fingers with gloves on.
I can´t use a microphone because I´m outside, and every meeting of ours ends when my fingers are eventually too numb to type.

I think that having my boy see me looking like a living babushka doll, flushed and freezing, is punishment enough. Please, save my fingers.

----- Fiona Rabbit 15.12.08 03:08

Welcome to Minnesota. Today’s (12/15/08) high is one degree.

----- Remy 15.12.08 02:41

omg, i neeeeeed these! living in amsterdam is great in the spring, summer, and fall… but winter? forget it — riding a bicycle everywhere sounds ideal, right?… but not when it’s sub-freezin! so when the phone rings, the gloves need to come off and hands are freezing again, at the ATM, trying to get anything out of your wallet, you get the picture-right?

please please! cheers!

----- steven 15.12.08 02:07

Someone said it was so cold they were shivering wearing a hoodie and jeans.

Pfft! It is negative 38 here. I repeat. Negative 38. Degrees.

Send help, I mean, gloves!

----- minx 15.12.08 02:07

Good gift for the iPhone user ;)

----- KSB 15.12.08 01:44

Went out at night to walk my dogs. I was wearing a pair a jeans, long sleeve shirt and a hoodie. I felt like I might as well have left naked since i was trembling so much.

----- insolv1niac 15.12.08 01:20

The weather forecast actually predicts snow for where I live, and it has not snowed once here since I was born.

----- eric 15.12.08 01:03

here is cold like in hell…. :P

----- polszki 15.12.08 00:41

Oh dear god. I am currently in the middle of finals week, and have a final tomorrow afternoon. Conveniently today we got the first snow of the year in the Willamette valley of Oregon, resulting in 3” of snow - approximately three times what we normally get in a year. And we’re not going to hit temperatures above freezing for at least three days. So cold… so very cold… Makes using my iPhone so far painful…

----- Maggie 15.12.08 00:38

Those would be perfect in the winter months during work. I am a camera operator/assistant and needing to take gloves on and off is a hassle, but necessary. This would make things much easier for me on the job.

----- Patrick 15.12.08 00:32

according to the weatherchannel app on my g1,
for st. paul, minnesota, zip code 55125,
todays high is -3, the low is -15
the wind chill is supposed to be around -30.
i walk to work,
where i make lattes all day.
i need hands that function.

----- Justin 15.12.08 00:27

I will soon be moving to Idaho, where it gets to -20F almost every year. It’s a cold place to live and my wife and I will be walking to work every morning at 3:00AM. We will share tunes as we walk. Our ears will stay warm from our giant headphones, and our hands can stay warm with these gloves.

----- Daniel 15.12.08 00:10

i live in Arizona because i love the heat…. now i know it doesn’t get as cold here as some other places but i have low circulation on my hands and feet. Therefore, I can’t even think about going outside without gloves. Leaving me with lots of frustrating times when i can’t use my iPhone !

----- Marco 15.12.08 00:08

Ah it’s ridiculously cold here!
These would have come in hand-y (;]) yesterday at six flags— after going on those rollercoasters my face and hands felt like they were going to fall off!

----- Sandy 14.12.08 23:54

Snow in the mountains, rain near the ocean, cold brutal winds, I need these to keep my hands warm and functional

----- Norman Sherfield 14.12.08 23:35

Too many people eying my prize
What may be called a pleasant surprise.
Its not about the cold, people above!
Its about the design & thought
that doesnt need an iphone to be loved :D

----- nishita gill 14.12.08 23:30

these will be sweet when riding a motorbike in the wintery rain of seattle!

----- rachel 14.12.08 23:13

too cold to touch the steering wheel of the car glove-less!

----- Arezu 14.12.08 23:05

I would need these for taking pictures outside in the cold, especially on vacation! It’s kinda hard to use regular gloves and operate a DSLR in the frigid cold!

----- nikita 14.12.08 23:04

I need these. I’ve been looking for something like this ever since my hands froze on a pre-dawn photoshoot on the west coast of Portugal, making photography difficult, and painful. I thought I was going to have to get some old school fingerless gloves, but felt they wouldn’t be warm enough. I shoot images for a living.

----- Blue McDonnell 14.12.08 23:01

Not gonna lie I live in SoCal so I really don’t need these but I used to live in WA so when I go home I could use em. LOL plus a new iPhone 3G if you got a spare… I’m still rockin’ the OG iPhone.

----- DDB 14.12.08 22:51

Even though it usually only gets so cold here in Houston, this week it snowed!

----- rem 14.12.08 22:46

I moved from Orange County California to Boston. AKA Best Weather to Worst Weather. My fingers would appreciate the break :D

----- Sheila S. 14.12.08 22:35

So cold that I tweeted about needing new gloves that were also iPhone compatible. Coincidence? I think not!: http://twitter.com/CoryOBrien/status/1057319220

----- Cory O'Brien 14.12.08 22:31

Portland, Oregon just got unseasonably and atypically cold and snowy today: it’s below 20 degrees now, and it snowed a couple inches. I would use these gloves to call 911 after all the crashes I witness due to Portlanders’ total inability to drive properly in the snow (and to use snow chains after only a couple inches!): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMzeiMJQrvk That’s from last year, so hopefully not too many repeats this year… though I’m afraid there were. The few inches of snow got packed down into ice pretty quickly.

----- Joe Wasserman 14.12.08 22:13

I am currently attending school in Putney, VT… let’s just say it’s a LOT colder than this girl is used to back home!
Recently it’s been snow, frigid downpours, and slush weather. Getting to around zero on some nights, it’s tough to bear! These little gloves should make it a lot easier to cope with… nothing like the warm glow of technology to make you feel all fuzzy inside.

----- Elizabeth 14.12.08 22:10

I live in a dorm room. In Canada (Ottawa, to be exact). And the window (which I live directly under) doesn’t seal properly. My computer is here too, and I’ll tell you, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to type with knitted gloves on. :(

----- Shaina 14.12.08 22:09

Toronto is painfully cold on some winter days. Worse than that, I go to school in London, Ontario, two hours away and two times colder with twice the number of snow days. The worst are those deceitful days with beautiful blue skies. When you wake up every morning to gloomy dark clouds typical of winter, you learn to appreciate the rare beaming sky blue outside your window.. So you get dressed, thinking, “Ah, what a beautiful day! Finally, winter has something nice to offer. I shall take a walk in the park!” And what do you know? It’s colder than the usual disgusting, slushy, dark, overbearing days of grey-skied winter. Canada is deceiving when it comes to the winter season.

AND, now that school is ending, I’m finally taking a vacation break to… not to sunny California or wonderful Florida, but Montréal. Montréal, Québec, where the weather is, surprise, even chillier and windier. I can wear a dress in Toronto but I would not dare in Montréal. And this vacation isn’t any Christmas vacation; it’s a birthday present—I am in Montréal ON my birthday.

As an owner of an iPhone and an amateur photographer who literally takes her Nikon with her everywhere (including the bathroom), I beg you please to have me a pair of these to save my digits from falling off and getting lost in the Canadian snow.

----- Jane 14.12.08 21:57

My partner walks 45 minutes to and from work everyday — I would love to give these to him!
ps. We’re in Ontario. Enough said.

----- Desiree Fawnd 14.12.08 21:56

How cold is it? I’m a product of the great white north…Northern Ontario to be exact. Where every year the snow accumulates by February in the front yard (not just near the end where the snow plows overflow) to a height much taller than myself (I’m 5’4). A place where I would never dream of owning a car without a car starter, and where the temperature tomorrow with windchill is -22 degrees Celsius (-7.6 degrees Fahrenheit).

Another long day of seeing my breath…

----- JHuck 14.12.08 21:54

Well compared to most, my state is pretty tame, but its damn cold if you are used to 90 all the time!

----- Mark 14.12.08 21:52

this looks like a great product!

----- Anna 14.12.08 21:50

It’s 26.2 degrees F in Rio Rancho, NM right now. i could use these while I’m skiing.

----- Greg Smith 14.12.08 21:43

Here, in Montreal, it is so cold that if you didn’t wash your hair the day before, it would literally freeze because of your hair oil! Similarly, if your hands were to be exposed, your fingers would turn blue, your hands would turn numb, and you’ll be getting nasty frost-bites!

----- Norman 14.12.08 21:38

so i can use chopsticks outside in the cold.. hot noodles in the cold!

----- jay jay 14.12.08 21:38


----- Lisa 14.12.08 21:38

It’s so cold that I discovered that the one layer missing from my wardrobe is a good pair of iPhone-compatible gloves.

----- Justin 14.12.08 21:34

Tomorrow morning, I have heard it will be -30C BEFORE the wind chill. Sadly, hibernation is not an option.

----- Kim 14.12.08 21:34

It’s cold enough for my iPhone to screw up Twitter messages!

----- Sunny Thaper 14.12.08 21:28

Aside from today, Toronto has been fiercely cold this winter.

Just last week when walking home from an intense exam-cram session at my University`s library I was having an in depth BlackBerry messenger chat with a friend and was typing the whole way home while on my device.

When I got in and finally started to warm up the blood began to permeate the flesh of my hands which felt like (odd) water droplets touching the skin.

True story. Hook me up, please.

----- Jaime 14.12.08 21:25

I hate having exposed hands & feet! I have socks, but no gloves!

----- Evan 14.12.08 21:15

I need these because it is too cold to sacrifice the comfort of my knuckles to operate my iPhone and iPod Touch outdoors. Currently 47º in Providence so I guess I shouldn’t complain.

----- Ted Butler 14.12.08 21:12

toooo cld t o typ hre in brrrrrr ookkyln

----- nik riviera 14.12.08 21:07

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