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Canon 5D Mark II + 16-35mm- 12.15.08

5dmkii1.jpg Eep! It’s here! I’m so so giddy right now that you’ll have to excuse these sloppy pics, but i’ve been bouncing up and down (despite the ridiculously dreary, rainy, weather) ~ but fedex came by with the best xmas/bday present ~ Canon 5D Mark II!!! And EF 16-35mm f/2.8 lens!!! Basically i’m writing this post to buy myself more time while anxiously waiting for the battery to charge… So check out unboxing pics, and side by side comparison pics with my 40D (and since these are IN the shot, they are taken with the TX1)!







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LOVE IT!!!!I’ve been looking for a nice DSLR and this looks perfect, I’ve been preparing a photography portofilo for FIT.

;)It would be really nice thing to have, I use my high schools Cannon and love it.

----- Gianna 17.12.08 21:24

Totally awesome!! I so want one!

----- Lindsay Hovis 16.12.08 20:19

this should be a NOTCOT GIVEAWAY! =)

----- jeff cheung 16.12.08 10:58


----- H. Granna (Ger) 16.12.08 09:47

Dan your a lucky man

----- Jason 16.12.08 08:48

And here I am just excited that prices for the 40D have dropped :) Congrats, that’s a rad camera!

----- David 16.12.08 08:45

We shot a commercial we one last week, had the lens fitting for KarlZeiss manual lenses, it is totally rockin’! Cheers

----- Walt Presley 16.12.08 08:33

I’ve heard that if you leave them in a warm, dimly lit room with some candles and Dire Straits playing in the background, they’ll mate and make a powershot G9

----- kevin 16.12.08 05:59

Well then… Congrats to both you and Dan.

----- Johnny 16.12.08 05:52

Congrats! How exciting. Happy Shooting

----- tracy 16.12.08 05:29

Please post some CR2 files made at 50/100 and 400 iso with daylight and studio light…

----- Nick 16.12.08 05:08

Lucky duck! ;-)

----- t.paperplane 16.12.08 00:26

haha ~ sorry guys ~ 40D is just shuffling around within NOTCOT ~ dan is inheriting it! =)

----- Jean/NOTCOT 16.12.08 00:15

wow lookin good

----- gnc 15.12.08 23:27

EEEK! They get better everytime!

----- Whitney 15.12.08 21:50

oooooh, snap. I’m going to pretend that my lost-in-a-cab D100 somehow even came CLOSE to this level of excitement during its unboxing.

Lucky Jean…

----- Michael 15.12.08 20:41

oh man… how i wish it was me that received this camera… congrats!

----- jayp0411 15.12.08 20:14

awww…. so jealous.
lucky you!

----- grace 15.12.08 19:59

I am so jealous that I cannot put it into words. I wish I had to money to drop on one of those (and the lens, that is an incredible piece of glass) but I don’t. Curse student loans.

----- Ronald 15.12.08 18:58

ooo… so jealous, but think i’m going to wait till tax return time to upgrade from my 40d. would love to see a review of the lens too… widest angle I have is the 24-70 f/2.8l, was debating whether to go with a nice wide angle zoom like this (or a wide angle prime) or the 90mm TS-E. just bookmarked this page :)

----- kelly 15.12.08 18:52

congrats! Mine is supposed to arrive tomorrow (Tuesday) assuming the fedex boys and girls are working hard :) Can’t wait to contribute some videos and images to the world

----- planetMitch 15.12.08 18:19

Can we have a holiday giveaway for your old camera :-)

Congrats on the new gift. I was looking at the Nikon D90 or dreaming of the d300

----- Jason 15.12.08 18:03

You’re going to have so much fun. I lost my resolve last week and picked one up from a high-street retailer and have been losing sleep playing ever since!

----- Ian 15.12.08 17:25

Lucky! I’m totally debating on getting one.

----- esotericsean 15.12.08 16:48

Hmmm, curious to know which retailer you went with since I am still waiting for mine to become available? Congrats.

----- Jaime Macias 15.12.08 16:40

Any desire to sell your 40D?

----- Johnny 15.12.08 15:50

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