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NOTCOT Giveaway 33: Skip Hop- 12.18.08

osskiphop.jpg TO WIN: Leave a comment ~ with something space related! ENTER BY 12/21. WINNER: Kathryn in Indianapolis, IN!

This is quite possibly the coolest baby playmat EVER ~ well, if i for some strange reason popped out a kid today, this is the one i’d buy. Doesn’t matter if its for a boy or a girl, it is gorgeously colorful, intriguing, and has ufos and rocketships! Part of an exclusive collection by Skip Hop for Babies’r’us ~ this is the Skip Hop Outer Space Activity Playmat. So this 33rd giveaway goes out to the babies (do we have any playmat sized readers out there?) and their parents or expecting parents or expecting aunts/uncles/etc! You can read more at Skip Hop as well ~ and more pics of these goodies, as well as my other favorites from the collection (i swear alien rattle looks like a flying spaghetti monster) on the next page!!!

For a chance to win ~ leave a comment with something space related!



Doesn’t it look like the Flying Spaghetti Monster??? They call it an Outer Space Alien Rattle

TO WIN: Leave a comment ~ with something space related! ENTER BY 12/21

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I found this somewhere on line and thought it was so bad that it almost sounded good…

How do you know that Saturn is married more than once? Because he has lots of rings.

----- fed 21.12.08 20:38

Hey notcot, are you wearing space pants, ‘cause your butt is out of this world.

----- Leigh 21.12.08 18:06


----- madison 21.12.08 15:09

Approved by Tom Cruise.

----- Deb 21.12.08 12:46

I just had a daughter and we named her Phinn Mayday and i think it would be “funny” if she became an astronaut and something bad happened she would be like “what what what”.

----- Cass 21.12.08 12:13

Do you think its possible for mankind to possible see ALL of space? I doubt it.

----- Alexis 21.12.08 11:53

This is a fabulous giveaway. I never have seen anything like this. So cute! My space related comment is, when I was in grade six, I did a science project on Saturn. Thanks for the chance. I hope I win!

----- Ilissa H. 21.12.08 08:50

My husband collects russian space stuff, would love for our arriving any day son to have this.

----- traci 21.12.08 07:28

My kids will now understand that even the sky isn’t the limit cause much like space exploration there is no limit!

----- kia 21.12.08 04:22

For the holidays you can send a message to the crew of the international space station!


----- ann 20.12.08 22:42

my dad used to work on satalittes, i almsot got see some get launched. but they usally got called due to weather or somthing. we got as close at T-23 seconds one time!

----- somerset 20.12.08 20:04

The Moon is actually made from the the Earth due to an asteroid that hit four billion years ago that broke off a chunk.

----- Jasper 20.12.08 17:47

space is big

----- joe 20.12.08 17:35

I want my baby to be astronaut. Seriously.

----- Capitán Intriga 20.12.08 14:07

I once saw the space shuttle heading home on the top of a plane!

----- laila 20.12.08 12:35

I’m still reeling over losing Pluto.

----- Brooke 20.12.08 12:01

Imagine we can go into space, in a spacecraft travels through time, so we can re-experience our past.

----- mikenj 20.12.08 09:25

i have plenty of space for this!

yes, yes… terrible, i know.

----- jb 20.12.08 06:09

If I win this, I’ll be clearing out some SPACE by listing it on ebay…

----- Ray 20.12.08 05:47

Join me and together we can rule the galaxy as father and son!

----- pelon 20.12.08 02:05

She was conceived under the starry night, she will probably live in the moon and walk on the clouds. Her parents would give her the universe if they could. I just want her to grow up knowing that if she wants, she can own the space…

----- andrea Ballocchi 19.12.08 21:12

It’s the gift Luke Skywalker never had from Darth. But we totally want one.

----- Elisha 19.12.08 19:35

I’m working with this guy, he told me when he was a kid he thought all the continent are planets. :)

----- trinh 19.12.08 18:33

we named our new baby after gazing at orion’s belt one starry night so I know he’d love playing under the cushy universe !

----- ashley 19.12.08 16:23

For some reason Stephen Colbert removed the Black Hole at the Center of the Galaxy from his On-Notice board. This is a dangerous shift of public opinion towards singularity friendliness.

----- Greg 19.12.08 15:32

This is the best play mat I have ever seen.

----- Jana 19.12.08 15:20

Space shuttles are seriously large. You really have no idea how big they are til seeing one in person.

----- Reva Skie 19.12.08 15:05

Space is the womb of the universe, so says my 3 month old boy!

----- Michael Parisi 19.12.08 14:10

Spacey man!

----- Michael 19.12.08 13:51

stellar and out of this world

----- samiam 19.12.08 13:51

Space - is the place I want to be with my wife and 2 kids. out of space, of course

----- Gal 19.12.08 13:48

Looking out into space is kind of scary, but I love it anyway.

----- Kaitlin 19.12.08 13:14

Pluto is no longer a planet……. :-(

----- Jason 19.12.08 12:04

The baby boy who wants that SKIP*HOP outer space activity play mat is currently stuck in a super small space in my tummy.

----- Robin Bryant 19.12.08 12:03

aww space related comments are such a cute idea!!! This would be PERFECT for my boyfriends son. His mom keeps dragging his dad into a bitter custody battle and this would be a great distraction for him!

----- Jess 19.12.08 11:49

This would send my son out of this world. He would think I was stellar. My wife would see stars and fly me to the moon. If I don’t win, I will settle for a constellation prize. Nr

----- Nrepose 19.12.08 11:32

the perfect place to space out for a while

----- dana 19.12.08 11:03

omg this is so cute, the playpen is out of this world! i would so love to win it for my baby as my entire solar system now revolves around him/her. pleeeeeeeeeeease?

----- catzie 19.12.08 10:33

Do not fear me. Ours is a peaceful race, and we must live in harmony…

----- Mike O 19.12.08 10:17

This would be a perfect gift for my baby cousin Addison!

----- Nicole 19.12.08 10:04

Did you know that scientists now believe that we have parallel universes. Freaky huh?

----- Dree 19.12.08 10:01

hello jean! do you know that one Day on the planet Pluto is about the length of a week on Earth? but that fact’s pretty redundant now that pluto’s gone.

anyway, my sis just had a baby daughter 3 days ago and the name is Zahra Iman. pretty spacey name ey?

i’d say Zahra’s pretty much spaced out right now, coz she’s in the incubator as we speak. it’s kind of a sad story but ohh this will be such a great surprise for her and my sis!

----- Mai 19.12.08 09:51

I wished my baby have been named Jupiter.

----- Alain Mélançon 19.12.08 09:42

That would go great with the space themed diaper cover my husband came home with the other night for our baby due in March. :)

----- Rebecca 19.12.08 09:11

Flying high… really high

----- Mark 19.12.08 09:05

Dark star crashes
pouring its light
into ashes

Reason tatters
the forces tear loose
from the axis

-Robert Hunter

----- aaron 19.12.08 08:17

in the movie wall-e its too cool when they show all the renders of space based off real pictures, its crazy that space is devoid of almost everything but somehow manages to contain such crazy structures and colors!

----- Anna 19.12.08 08:05

Maybe, just maybe, living in space will be more than just a dream for babies born in 2009.

----- Brandon 19.12.08 08:01

My God—it’s full of stars!

----- corey 19.12.08 07:37

Space. The final frontier. These are the voyages of my son. His mission: to explore his wildest imagination; to discover strange, new textures; to boldly go where every creative kid should go.

----- Steve 19.12.08 07:36

i’d be over the moon if i won this for my neighbor-baby.

----- awolf 19.12.08 07:23

With a 7 month old astronaut and an alien growing in my wife, we could make them feel right at home with this.

----- Kevin Brennan 19.12.08 07:20

I really think that motherhood is more the final frontier.

----- Mikayla Carson 19.12.08 06:59

Ground control to Major Tom….

----- Emmie 19.12.08 06:56

Finally I can make my son understand me feeling he is the center of the universe. hahhahahah

----- cris 19.12.08 06:43

That looks like a giant set of ….. melons

-Austin Powers

----- Matthew Kolb 19.12.08 06:29

we’re so small in size…


but we must be big in soul!

----- rafael 19.12.08 06:24

This is Major Tom to ground control
Im stepping through the door
And Im floating in a most peculiar way
And the stars look very different today

----- thank abbot 19.12.08 05:42

Dude, this giveaway is far out. I can’t wait to tell my daughter that when I was her age, Pluto was a planet.

----- Donaville 19.12.08 05:41

I just finish creating an astronomy magazine for one of my classes. It’s called Stars & Planets.

----- Ed 19.12.08 04:09

outta this world

----- Raztus 19.12.08 01:49

Judy Jetson and I were separated at birth.

----- Jean D. 18.12.08 23:37

My daughter’s favorite pajamas are a set of boy space/planets from Costco.

----- Jim M 18.12.08 23:25

So cute! Like space. Because ummm space is cute too?

----- Arezu 18.12.08 23:01

The perfect play mat for my little twin space cadets.

----- Sarah 18.12.08 22:26

To infinity and beyond!

----- Justin 18.12.08 22:16

Playing with this might make my niece aspire to be an astronaunt.

----- 1stopmom 18.12.08 22:01

In space, no one can hear you scream — unless you happen to be my baby …

----- Cyril 18.12.08 22:00


----- Lorien 18.12.08 21:49

i kind of have to have this. my brother is having his first child in two months. the whole family is in a tizzy. and i want to pass on to my niece or nephew my obsession with the stars. this is a great way to start!

----- kathryn 18.12.08 21:30

Is that a black ho-

----- Andrew Saliga 18.12.08 21:17

My wife and I are adopting a baby from tanzania in a week and I couldn’t imagine a better christmas present for her. Going from an orphanage with no toys to having this to play with is winning the lottery.

----- Cody Taggart 18.12.08 20:58

________ ________

----- Christi 18.12.08 20:45

Bowie’s in space
Bowie’s in spa-a-hace
Whatcha doin’ out there man?

----- jacob 18.12.08 20:42

Did you know the moon is actually shaped like an egg?
And if I win this I would be torn between giving it to my expectant sister-in-law and packing it away for future little-mes.

----- sweetcheese 18.12.08 20:31

Hey Notcot!

When I studied astrophysics I read about snow on other planets: on different planets different particles freeze, with different colours. NEPTUNE HAS GREEN SNOW. AWESOME!

----- Erin 18.12.08 20:22

” ”

----- whitespace 18.12.08 20:20

This would make me the coolest uncle ever.

----- Alex F. 18.12.08 20:14

“the truth is out there” - x-files

----- Vadhym 18.12.08 19:55

3, 2, 1… BLAST OFF

----- Collin Banko 18.12.08 19:48

One of my best friends just had a baby with his wife in Germany. Since they’re halfway around the planet I’d love a space shuttle to go meet the new arrival… but maybe if I could send them this it would be almost as fun.

----- blu_stocking 18.12.08 19:48

Space is the place…ground control to Major Tom…

----- Robert W. 18.12.08 19:37

My belly is the size of a planetoid! In 3 weeks emerges a tiny alien capable of warping any mind and space to its will.

----- Karen Kriss 18.12.08 19:37

Their should be billions and billions of these out there.

----- dawn neuendorffer 18.12.08 19:25

Hi. I would like my 6 week old nephew to be an astronaut. I really would. Thank you.

----- Lindsey 18.12.08 19:24

Space, it’s out of this world.

----- Shelly 18.12.08 19:10


----- Cole 18.12.08 19:10

the sun is a mass of incandescent gas; a gigantic nuclear furnace
where hydrogen is built into helium at a temperature of millions of degrees
the sun is hot; the sun is not a place where we could live
but here on Earth there’d be no life without the light it gives.

----- len damico 18.12.08 18:39

actually the effects of the SUN stopping shining would reach us simultaneously as the light from that event, hence we WOULDN’T know about it as we’d be killed by whatever event that was.

----- simon wright 18.12.08 18:15

space… the final frontier

----- levi montez 18.12.08 18:12

Space…the final frontier.

----- Evan 18.12.08 18:08

Space is where Luke has a crush on Leia who turns out to be his sister but they don’t find that out until after she kisses him so instead space is where Leia turns to the space version of a straight Captain Sparrow, Han Solo who has a pet shag rug named Chewie! There’s also a mutated Kermit the Frog named Yodo and a blob named Jabba the Hut (not related to Pizza Hut, that’s in a different space).

My baby cousin would love this!

----- Josh D 18.12.08 17:57

I know the cutest baby who’d be ‘over the moon’ if i won this!

----- Ian 18.12.08 17:50

your charming space-tent will shield our entire family in the event of a direct hit by an asteroid.

----- matthias bossi 18.12.08 17:18

space is an expanding atmosphere, where if we can communicate with dolphins properly, they will guide to the next dimension.

----- pablo 18.12.08 17:14

The outter space is as close to a perfect vacuum as it can get…

----- jayp0411 18.12.08 17:14

planet splanet

----- dylan 18.12.08 17:04

The Sun is a mass of incandescent gas…

----- Jason 18.12.08 16:52

Ground control to Major Jean,
Commencing countdown, start engines,
My sister-in-law is pregnant and I want her to like me.


This is Ground Control to Major Jean,
You’d really make my day,
And my in-laws want to know if I really care,
So I’m spending the holidays in their lair…

I’d love to make the right impression and give this to my sister in law… I was planning on a neo-natal massage, but dang if those things aren’t expensive. May we all survive the holiday season. xoxo

----- Ray Ray 18.12.08 16:51

The meteor that was seen flying over Alberta and Saskatchewan had parts of it fall off in my friends farm. I also have a baby cousin who would love this. Her dad just finished an astro physics degree, so I’m sure he would love it too.

----- Alyssa Bredohl 18.12.08 16:46

Every year since 2002, I’ve been blessed with a baby cousin. There is one arriving in 2009 and I would love to give this as a gift to the new baby in the family!

----- Jack 18.12.08 16:31

when i was little i always wanted to be an astronaut but the height restriction is 5’10” and i grew past that when i was 13 and it killed that dream. oh well.

----- Matt 18.12.08 16:28

By far the zaniest and most clever baby toy for any Elroy Jetson!

----- Alex 18.12.08 16:27

Something to say to the little tyke: “When I was your age, Pluto was still a planet.”

----- Jorja 18.12.08 16:18

Did you know that if the sun suddenly stopped shining it would take eight minutes for people on earth to be aware of it. True story.

Also — our baby is due in a month & damn that would look good in our apartment!

----- Desiree Fawnd 18.12.08 16:04

Space!? Space is what I don’t have with one kid and another on the way.

----- Erik Dahl 18.12.08 16:04

Perhaps Pluto could use this now that it is only a planetoid.

----- Craig Ogg 18.12.08 16:04

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