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NOTCOT Giveaway 32: Shawnimals Ninja!- 12.18.08

shawnimals1.jpg TO WIN: Leave a comment ~ telling us what you geek out about! ENTER BY 12/21. WINNER: Mikayla in Toronto, Canada!

Well we’re up to Giveaway 32! And this one’s super fun! After all, who doesn’t need more ninja in their life? Especially a bright red GEEKY NINJA? And some stickers and buttons and a comic book too… and that’s not counting the special #1 Ninja Con comic and badge too!!! From the super awesome Shawnimals ~ for a chance to win this giveaway… tell us what YOU geek out about! We all have something…

See more pics on the next page ~ and a coupon too!





Here’s the coupon for shopping at Shawnimals!!!

TO WIN: Leave a comment ~ telling us what you geek out about! ENTER BY 12/21

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I geek out over the creatures I make and draw, because they all have their own personalities, and I geek out over who to give them to so they will have good homes. If I had the Geeky ninja, he would definitely make some other creatures around the house jealous…

----- allana 21.12.08 19:46

i geek out to food. and electronics. and shiny things. but damn i love food.

----- Kye 21.12.08 18:45

I geek out about computer programming, especially in Python.

----- Mike Porter 21.12.08 18:19

I geek out about typography. It’s slightly embarrassing and doesn’t go over well at parties :)

----- Leigh 21.12.08 18:01

I love shawnimals, because ninja’s are awesome, no one can argue that!!!

----- Avery 21.12.08 17:51

I geek about fabric!

----- Jenny 21.12.08 16:05

i geek over anything created by shawn smith, especially pocket porks.

----- Niki 21.12.08 14:06

I geek out about adventure. I want to see and do everything!!

----- Deb 21.12.08 12:48

Right now I’m geeking out on Animal Crossing City Folks for the Wii, me and my friend are both obsessed with getting all the bugs, fossils, and fishes. I geeked out one night and made a spreadsheet so that I could keep track of all the things that I caught/dug up. Right now I’m at about 50 % done with the bugs/fishes, but have quite a ways to get 100% on the fossils. Its horrible.

----- Alexis 21.12.08 11:56

I geek out on notcouture.

----- Kelly 21.12.08 10:32

i geek out about papercraft!!!…im making a 1950’s papercraft stove right now…sooooo fun

----- trevor 21.12.08 10:15

What do I geek about? I geek out about life. I geek out about the stray cats that live behind my house. I geek out about my hair. I geek out about sewing crazy plushies. I geek out about the monsters that live under my bed and in my closet. I geek out about Pokemon. I geek out about writing stories that use personification. And I geek out about doodling.

----- Lisa 21.12.08 09:44

I geek out about video games, internet memes, wikipedia knowledge, coding and programming =P

----- Lisa Li 21.12.08 09:23

I geek out over musical theatre, crafting, technology, plushies, furniture, and NYC in general. Yeah, my friends don’t quite know what to do with me.

----- swankifiedjello 21.12.08 09:08

Well, I know everything and anything there is to know about Shawnimals, I’m there biggest fan(I mean I already have all this). Also I spend most of my life just sittin’ around playin’ Nintendo Entertainment System, Super NES, Nintendo 64, Gamecube, Gameboy, and Wii. So yeah, I believe I’m pretty dang geeky!

----- burson 21.12.08 09:04

i geek out about shawnimals cuteness!!

----- david 21.12.08 03:43

i geek out about fonts!

----- sylee 21.12.08 01:09

I geek out about old samurai movies. Seriously, don’t get me started.

----- Jonny R 20.12.08 22:20

Would I win the Giveaway if I said I geek about ninjas?
Actually, I geek about mangas and novels. Fiction just seems so much more appealing than the real world. But I would appreciate the world around me a lot more if I had these little ninjas with me.

----- Nicole 20.12.08 20:19

I am an Adobe geek, specializing in InDesign, Illustartor and Photoshop. Ask me how to do something in any of those programs and I’ll give multiple ways to acheive it, and teach you some time saving shortcuts along the way! Everyone at works calls me a geek, but that’s ok, ‘cause it’s true!

----- somerset 20.12.08 20:11

I geek out on all design.

----- sparse 20.12.08 19:54

I geek out about books. And Arrested Development.

----- Meghan 20.12.08 18:35


----- joe 20.12.08 17:34

I geek out about amigurumi! Now if only I could learn how to crochet!

----- Talie Teakle 20.12.08 17:05

What i geek on is so lame, it’s not even funny.

But i’ll say it anyway for the sake of

[Asian Boy Bands]
THERE. i did it.
i feel like such a lameo.

----- siy 20.12.08 17:04

i geek about new cpu processors like the intel i7

----- raptrex 20.12.08 16:47

I geek ‘bout haikus
That tell what I geek about -
Haikus are geeky

----- Van Francis 20.12.08 15:59

i geek out about underground art and old-school rap

----- sam 20.12.08 15:47

I geek out about gaming. And whether pirates are cooler than ninjas. Pirates usually win - unless the ninjas live in ninjatown, and then the ninjas win. NOTHING CAN STAND IN THE FACE OF THEIR ALMIGHTY CUTE!

----- corchen 20.12.08 15:40

I’m geek about Squids!

----- Capitán Intriga 20.12.08 13:58

I geek out about mini-comics.

----- laila 20.12.08 12:40

I geek out about Action figures. I can’t get enough of them, big ones, small ones, some the size of alaska…

----- Con Donaldson 20.12.08 12:26

I “Geek Out” about my 4 month old daughter as she’s learning to eat rice-cereal! It’s hilarious and I’m a proud daddy! Pictures, video and more pictures!

----- Josh 20.12.08 11:49

I geek out when I write a paper and I worked hard enough that someone tells me that it’s actually legible. XD

----- Reno 20.12.08 11:21

I geek out about anime, manga, music (concerts mostly), kingdom hearts (the only video game I’ve ever been able to beat =P), old movies, and Nylon Magazine. And if I got this, I would geek out about ninjas too. The stickers would look awesome next to my domo dice in my car =P

----- Jess 20.12.08 06:13

i geek out when i see good design or typography. and anime! love all things anime!

----- Dustin 20.12.08 05:41

Kindness totally geeks me out. A sad commentary when you think about it — that people behaving badly are so great in number, those who act with kindness and responsibility stand out.

Happy Holidays everyone!

----- Anne 20.12.08 05:41


----- paola 20.12.08 00:08

Confession: I am a language freak
from Malayalam to Spanish to modern Greek
Ti kanis? Como estas? Engane unde?
not for pickup lines, just for the sound(e)

ok, that last line was pathetic.

And I’m geeky about Death Cab for Cutie lyrics. Actually, any lyrics. I know a highly embarrassing number of 90s boy band songs.

----- Amrita 19.12.08 23:43

I geek out on Battlestar Galactica

----- Danielle S 19.12.08 22:44

Killing Zombies always geeks me out. Cereally, I might be a little disapointed if I don’t get to actually use my awesome brain bashing skills some day.

Oh and Aquaman. Dont’ hate on the King of Seven Seas!!

----- kannaya 19.12.08 21:58

Airplanes! Though funny enough, I’m afraid of flying. Go figure.

----- James 19.12.08 21:24

I geek out about my brother… She does awesome designs and I am her number one fan!

----- andrea Ballocchi 19.12.08 21:14

Tootsie pops.. Trying to get to the center without biting..

It’s impossible.

----- Lee 19.12.08 19:28

90s pop music—spice girls and nysnc mostly.. knowing all the lyrics and dancing to them by myself in my room.. by shh don’t tell anyone.

oh! and those spice girls stickers that used to come attached to their lollipops.. i still have those.. =X

----- Linda 19.12.08 19:23


----- trinh 19.12.08 18:35

i geek out to a show called the big bang theory. it’s about geeks and it’s hilarious. i love it :)

----- jean 19.12.08 18:00

i geek out about photography and videogames!

----- Turtle 19.12.08 17:57

I totally geek out about digital photography and the interesting ways the internet has provided for expressing it. One example is turning my pics into awesome Moo cards that I can trade around the world via livejournal.

----- Jennifer Vaccaro 19.12.08 17:30

shawnimals, kidrobot, tokidoki vinyl!! PLUSH!!!!!!

----- chouco 19.12.08 17:23

Oh, God… I absolutely love X-MEN!!

----- Joel 19.12.08 17:05

I geek out about miniture seashells. I could stare at a beach for days looking for the tiniest shells.

----- Reva Skie 19.12.08 16:58

I geek out with new fabric to make stuffies!

----- Heidi 19.12.08 16:44

I’m geeked out to be a geek. Word.

----- Gary 19.12.08 16:33

I geek out creating fictional theses titles crossing awesome things, an example being “Anarchy in the UK: Big Ben Imagery in The Great Mouse Detective and V for Vendetta”.

----- Kim Nguyen 19.12.08 15:42

for(i = 0; i cout

----- winrich 19.12.08 15:34

My Geeks are:

Music, Movies, TV, Comics, Design, and Video Games.

----- Greg 19.12.08 15:33

I geek out about playing Xbox and Wii, cooking, and soon will geek out about being able to buy a cool ninja shower curtain when we move into our new house.

----- Patricia Eddy 19.12.08 15:29


----- Carrie 19.12.08 15:29


----- Holly Phillips 19.12.08 15:22

TOTALLY geek out ‘bout toy art ninjas!!!

----- Alice Sinzato 19.12.08 15:21

I geek out about dinosaurs and Batman. Preferably fighting each other.

----- kate 19.12.08 15:20

i geek out over doremon!!! jap anime soo cute >”

----- bao nguyen 19.12.08 15:12

I geek out with anything to do with designer toys or alessi :)

----- Anna 19.12.08 15:08

I geek out about food. And ninjas. And japanese toy robots. And.. well, everything really.

----- John 19.12.08 14:36

rocks. nothing is more fun to me than getting other people studying geography and going camping. we drink and talk about rock formations all night and then wake up early to walk and drive around studying them. yay!

----- chris 19.12.08 14:22

Records. Especially colored vinyl. Especially, especially splattered, colored vinyl!

----- Jason K. 19.12.08 14:21

I geek out about life. The world is amazing.

Specifically: traveling journals and artbooks; Blythe dolls; people with accents; kids; those who have unique talents (ventriloquists, etc.); wellies; collage; ikea hacks and DYI furniture; my kick-ass boss; the wacky film industry; Starbucks; well-designed tissue boxes; you.

----- Meg 19.12.08 14:15

Well.. I geek out about innovative animation and design. Why else would I be on this site?

----- Lily 19.12.08 14:07

When you’re still in high school, and you’re the only one in a school of 1200 who knows about this site, and you religiously visit this site everyday, it’s sorta geeky.

----- Jeff 19.12.08 13:18

I’m studying math as my major, so needless to say I geek out everyday over school. But, I also love ninjas and underwent *serious* ninja training at Burning Man. Where else would the following conversation make any sense?

Guy: “Hey, it’s dark and there are no lights. Want a glow stick to keep you safe?”
Me: “No, thanks. I’m on a super-stealthy ninja mission.”
Guy: “Oh, okay. Good luck!”

Guy didn’t even bat an eyelash.

----- Karin 19.12.08 13:14

I geek out for Amanda Visell art and cute ninjas of course!

----- Kylo76 19.12.08 12:51

I geek out about contests, comments, and haters!

----- afrei 19.12.08 12:43

honestly, i geek out about food. like, really good produce.

----- teal 19.12.08 11:54

I work with salesmen all day long. All day LONG. All DAY LONG!

----- GirlMonday 19.12.08 10:42

I get geeked out about VW’s. I like modding it and checking out forums and stuff.

----- Mike O 19.12.08 10:37

I geek out about video games and cute things!

----- Cristalle 19.12.08 10:24

I geek out about the crap I learn from Discovery Channel.

----- dingobean 19.12.08 10:18

DVD’s (movies & TV) mostly… I’m one of those people that watch every special feature (including the commentary). I’ll also IMDB the movie/show and look at all the trivia, and whatnot.

----- Andy 19.12.08 10:00

I geek out over CARS. I’ve always loved them. Looking at them, talking about them, working on them. I never realized until I was about 17 how downright INTIMIDATED most guys are when a girl can out-geek them on the automotive front. It’s awesome.

On a side note, I also have this really weird talent… I can tell the make and model of almost any car just by seeing its headlights coming toward me on the opposide side of the road at night. I call it super-dark-car-headlight-identification-power! Will it ever win me America’s Got Talent? nope. But is it a fun & quirky talent to show my friends? You bet!

----- Ashley 19.12.08 09:24

I geek out about heavy metal. All the time, every day. :)

----- Stacy B. 19.12.08 09:23

I geek out about gadgets, architecture and design.

----- Denise 19.12.08 09:14

my miccidi-miccidi-Mac

----- Mark 19.12.08 09:07

I geek out about Battlestar Galactica, bring on January 16!

----- Manuel Olivo 19.12.08 09:05

I geek out about ferrets and Shawnimals. Especially Wee Ninjas! :L

----- Lorinda 19.12.08 08:46

Icon sets, LOVE collecting icons!

----- swan 19.12.08 08:39

I geek out over food! It’s a bit embarrassing for my friends when I go out to eat with them, and always have to take pictures of my food (and their food, sometimes). Happily, I have understanding friends! =)

----- Lindsey 19.12.08 08:32

I geek out about mechanical pencils and nice pens.

----- Erika 19.12.08 08:27

I geek out about booze in all shapes and sizes.

----- Dillon 19.12.08 08:06

I love kidrobot stuff!!

----- Elle 19.12.08 08:03

I geek out about Dr. Who and cartoons.
Ah~ I love David Tennant

----- Tiffany 19.12.08 07:53

I geek about seeing 4 legged animals walk on two legs, giving nicknames to dogs in my neighborhood that I don’t even know (like Colonel Mustard, Scallywaggs and The Golden Girls) and little plump ninjas in a town full of ninjas with that have Junior Mint-like eyes… they’re so cute, I bet they’re filled with strawberry jam!

----- Laura Jeanne 19.12.08 07:26

I love to geek out in my space suit.

----- awolf 19.12.08 07:23

This is perfect. I totally geek out about ninjas… like, everyday. I bet they’re everywhere, just waiting for their chance to strike… with magic! Pirates beware!

----- Allen 19.12.08 07:13

I geek out about Shawnimals in general. their so cute and well, awesome. i also geek out about video games.

----- Reuben 19.12.08 07:04

World folklore and vinyl toys, my poor bookshelves are weighed down with loads of both.

----- Mikayla Carson 19.12.08 07:00

I geek out about finding great new bands I’ve never heard before.

----- Shelby Miller 19.12.08 06:55

I geek out about having things that no one else has (or would even want). I ended up buying an Abacus watch (the one with a dot for the hour, no minutes / seconds and no numbers). All my friends tell me it’s useless but I love it.

----- Nguyen 19.12.08 06:49

I totally geek out about typography.

And Lucash, I’m with you on the manufacturing process thing.
I could watch How it’s Made all day.

----- JB 19.12.08 06:46

I geek out about designer toys! Specially plush ones & Uglydolls!! My Uglydoll count is up to 23 now. I can’t help myself! They’re perfect & cute!!

----- Maddie 19.12.08 06:31

I geek out about sneakers big time! Esp Nike

----- Matthew Kolb 19.12.08 06:27

I geek out about geek girls the blog about design and cool stuff


----- rafael 19.12.08 06:22

i geek out on art and design sites… but my weakness is tastespotting.. i visit periodically throughout the day…

----- Rosanna U 19.12.08 06:17

I geek out. Do you really need a reason? It is sort of personal.

----- cody taggart 19.12.08 06:15

I geek out about anything cute, usually illustrations/toys that feature unusually fat, blobby creatures with either extremely large or extremely tiny eyes. Upon seeing one of these cute things, I will usually yell to a friend, “OMG look at this thing! Isn’t it the cutest thing you have ever seen?!!?” and then they will roll their eyes at me. No wonder I like to design kid’s stuff. That being said…

“OMG! Look at that ninja! Isn’t it to cutest thing you have ever seen!?!!”

----- Sylvia 19.12.08 06:10

;) don’t tell the ninja i saw them!

----- Mathieu 19.12.08 05:52

I geek out about flan.

----- kevin 19.12.08 05:48

I geek out about random independent film trivia that no one but other independent film geeks would appreciate or understand. 2008, I geeked out over Brick (2005) and have since pledged my allegiance to Rian Johnson, Noah Segan, and Joseph-Gordon Levitt.

----- Emma 19.12.08 05:29

I totally geek out over video games and electronics and design and synthesizers and…

----- Alex M 19.12.08 05:25

Baseball statistics…

----- Ray 19.12.08 05:15

I geek out about film, music, design, food, fashion, tea, kitchen gadgetry, brown paper packages tied up with string, oh and ninjas.

----- Melanie 19.12.08 05:13

I geek out on commercials. Good ones and bad ones. My favorite commercials right now is for the new Wii games that you can play with your butt. And the commercial that I hate with a passion (lol) is the infermercial for Snuggie, the blanket with sleeves. Really sleeves?

----- Ed 19.12.08 04:31

I totally geek out about vinyl toys but no-one understands, so I just have this epic geek out going on as my inner monologue constantly.

----- Nevermore 19.12.08 03:56

I geek on any apple gadgets!

----- jon 19.12.08 03:16

weeeeee ninja!!

----- Janosch 19.12.08 02:22

I geek about pokemon cards… Is it a crime T_T?

----- Khoa P 19.12.08 02:19

i geek about netbooks, and macs, and notcot.

: )

----- patrick 19.12.08 02:09

I geek out about getting grades.

----- bearic 19.12.08 01:23

blackberries… :P

----- polszki 19.12.08 01:07


----- Rich 19.12.08 01:06

i geek out about wushu.

----- Alison 19.12.08 00:50

I love DC Comics; Martian Man Hunter is my favorite!

----- Amanda Olson 19.12.08 00:34

I’m a chair geek. My friends come to me when they don’t know the name or designer of a famous chair. When I go to furniture stores I always sit in and on every chair I can. I love pretty much everything about chairs: materials, forms, histories, everything! I love chairs!

----- Matt 18.12.08 23:54

Oh my god! I never wanted anything from your giveaway as much as this.

I geeked out about ninjas ever since I was little. I would play ninja by wrapping a shirt over my head and using the collar as the eye hole. Then, I would make a papercraft ninja star and starts sneaking behind people and throw it at them.

Kuchiyose no jutsu!

----- Don 18.12.08 23:40

I geek out about nintendo

----- Arezu 18.12.08 23:01

Cupcakes. Baking them, decorating them, eating them. Shopping for things with cupcake motifs…

----- Sarah 18.12.08 22:33

Steve Jobs

----- Justin 18.12.08 22:18

i geek out about ninjacon! ^_^

----- Ero 18.12.08 22:17

hello! did anyone say they geek out over notcot yet…cuz i check my notcot feed compulsively.

----- cupcake ninja 18.12.08 22:11

I geek out to cameras, particularly big pretty DSLR’s. Like the Nikon D3. *drool* Why must I be poor.

----- Katie 18.12.08 22:04

I geek out for my brand new sony xperia x1!!

----- David 18.12.08 22:03

i geek out on…life? been studying most of my life, id rather stare at vinyl toys(no, not like those bragging before me, i really STARE until i drool, k?) and play videogames than going out with my friends, i pretty much neglect them nowadays. THE GEEK WAYS ARE CONSUMING MY SOUL! (and i secretly love it)

now pick me or i shall attack in ninja ways…silent but deadly. xD

----- paulie 18.12.08 22:02

my boyfriend just got me animal crossing for the wii as a way to wind down after law finals. Totally dorky. My other vice is collecting toy cameras…

----- melissa 18.12.08 21:49

I geek out about… HELLO KITTY! Meeeeeeeoooooowwwwww! :3

----- Lorien 18.12.08 21:46

I geek about any mini tech items.

----- Andrew Saliga 18.12.08 21:24

Nice! I geek out for Anime Expo every year… yeah, I said it!

----- linda 18.12.08 21:12

I geek out about my boyfriend. We’re a couple that regularly plan out “nerd dates” because we live about 45 minutes apart and still want to hang out, even when we can’t commute. So we go on XBL and play video games together, like Left 4 Dead, Soul Calibur 4 and Rock Band. He won’t admit it, but I beat him in SC the majority of the time. :P
He also shares the pizzas in the old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade games and lets me monopolize his DS when I want to play Ninjatown. If all that isn’t love, I don’t know what is!

----- Lisa W 18.12.08 21:09

I geek out about bacterial and viral epidemics

----- Christi 18.12.08 20:47

I geek out about computers, software, and, of course, design. You helped first find out about the wee ninja, and ever since then I’ve been lusting for one… :) awesome!

----- Jimmy Noehren 18.12.08 20:46

I geek out with my **** out. Did I win?

----- whitespace 18.12.08 20:36

i geek out about nice specular highlights… on real life objects. =[

----- drewie 18.12.08 20:31

I geek out about making soap. I spend hours reading books and blogs about oils & butters learning about their properties & trying to come up with new soap recipes. Its gotten to the point that I think I’m starting to annoy my boyfriend and friends with this stuff. But they sure don’t mind being my guinnea pig!

----- bianca 18.12.08 20:28

I geek out over Sailor Moon, I’ve loved it since the time I was six. I have the theme on my ipod and have challenged other nerds to trivia contests. I also wished for a long time that I could be a sailor scout.

----- Gabriela 18.12.08 20:27

Anything little and cute. :D

----- Keri 18.12.08 20:17

Mod Podge and dictionary paper. :)

----- Nina Helmer 18.12.08 20:11

I geek out about cute geeks. Whenever there’s an adorable, nerdy guy in my class I make sure to sit next to him and find out what he geeks over, too.

----- Chelli 18.12.08 20:10

I geek out over kerning.
‘nuff said!

----- cheryl 18.12.08 20:05

I geek out on anything beautiful and functional. Whether it be a chair, or cool wallpaper, or houses, or jewelry. I geek out about knowing the history to random stuff nobody else knows about…Like do you know the history to the Hope diamond? or the history of Frank Lloyd Wright? or the history of the Bible? I get a big kick out of knowing more then anyone should know about a certain topic.

----- Kirk 18.12.08 20:00

Molecular gastronomy, cosmology and theoretical physics. I’ve been obsessed with these things since childhood (molecular gastronomy just for about a year or so), and I’m a make-up artist! I’m bar far the geekiest of my friends and I don’t care. I wave my geek flag with pride.

----- Ashley! 18.12.08 19:57

Everyday I check, NotCot, Kotaku, xkcd, indexed, gizmodo, digg, lifehacker, engadget, consumerist, and macrumors religiously.

----- Collin Banko 18.12.08 19:54

I geek out about organization, multi-tasking and efficiency. For instance, why just watch tv when I can reorganize my marker collection and bookshelf at the same time!

----- Jane 18.12.08 19:53

Ok, I admit… I totally geeky about the iphone when it first came out. I still quiver at some of the apps out for it

----- Jason 18.12.08 19:52

I geek out about music and movies, I have 10,000 songs and seen over 1,600 movies. I AM A JUNKIE!

----- Lazarou 18.12.08 19:48

Infinity, black holes, gravity and denim!

And Steve Buscemi.

----- superk 18.12.08 19:46

fancy schmancy luggage and travelling goodies

----- jen miles 18.12.08 19:45


----- Nik Riviera 18.12.08 19:43

Geeky Conversations and CSS

----- tracy 18.12.08 19:41

What do I geek out about? Anything I’m passionate about! Music, illustration, design, movies, typography, food, beer, wine and spirits, comic books, books, all things Japanese and British…and the list goes on!

----- Robert W. 18.12.08 19:40

I geek out about biology.
I even made pick up lines to help me study!

Baby girl, I’m like histones and you’re like DNA, I want to wrap you all around me.

There are several more embarrassing ones I came up with.

----- Phuoc Bui 18.12.08 19:20

kpop culture lol i think i win

----- sara 18.12.08 19:12

I’m in ur TARDIS using ur sonic screwdriver.
I’m a Doctor Who geek…

----- LMD 18.12.08 19:09

geeky ninjas get me geeked up

----- fer 18.12.08 18:58

I have a bad habbit of of finding new things, and then completely and obsesively geeking out on them for a period of time. For 2008, my geek out list has included wristwatches, home brew,mountainbikes, the detroit redwings, ultimate frisbee, bass guitar, and digitizing my fathers old record collection. My obsessive geeking out is beoming a terrible problem, because i am running out of money, and space to store all the gear that these hobbies require. I am sure, however, that i can find room for a few wee ninjas.

----- Josh 18.12.08 18:57

Interface design

----- Mark 18.12.08 18:54

I geek out over history…so interesting. i’m sure geeky ninjas can agree. :D

----- Paulette Baretsky 18.12.08 18:49


----- Tom 18.12.08 18:45

I geek out about nail polish!

----- Katee 18.12.08 18:43

I geek out about anything fabulously designed in print. I can totally go geeky over some amazing packaging design and not give one thought to what is inside for the longest time just going on about the package.

----- Danielle 18.12.08 18:42

I geek out about postage stamps

----- gina 18.12.08 18:39


Seriously. It’s pretty nerdy.

----- Dan Pinto 18.12.08 18:33


----- levi montez 18.12.08 18:13

LOL, this is amazing! I geek out to Chuck, The Fringe, Wikipedia.

----- Edward Wong 18.12.08 18:08

I geek out about CSS and Javascript. Extra geeky!

----- Lancecore 18.12.08 18:00

Food blogs churn my butter.

----- Evan 18.12.08 17:54

Star Wars, kidrobot vinyl figures, ninjas, pirates, comics, and video games…. I barely walk out of the house without geeking out

----- Kevin Warren 18.12.08 17:46

I geek out about absolutely everything. I have an innate need to know EVERYTHING. Knowledge is power, and knowing is half the battle!

----- Leerie 18.12.08 17:32

I geek out on slick everyday items that has more than one functions to it. Like my USB Watch, and stuff that I want like modern abstract watches from Tokyoflash or Bluetooth military necklace~ :P

----- Justin Nguyen 18.12.08 17:31

i geek out when there is a new series of Dunny, my favorite vinyl toy!

----- Jeany 18.12.08 17:29

OMG i love WEE NINJAs!! I totally geek out about wee ninjas, unicorns, power puff girls, and star wars!!! :)

----- Pam Lin 18.12.08 17:20

I geek out anything Gadgets!

----- jayp0411 18.12.08 17:15

I “geek” out so to speak about the new Star Trek movie….. I wanna see it so bad….. I think I’ll take my dad.

----- DDB 18.12.08 17:14

i geek out about being a ninja and hanging on telephone booths fighting crime and keeping the city clean.

----- pablo 18.12.08 17:12

I tend to geek out about sexual health. I give a copy of “The Guide to Getting it On” to everyone for their birthday, or xmas, or whenever the mood strikes. It was a career idea for a while.

I also geek out about vinyl and plastic art toys. Mighty Muggs are made with 100% recycled awesome, which is of course awesome! I have a small collection of different figures. I’ll geek out every once and awhile about other people geeking out, and feed their obsessions.

So unless you want your house to be decorated in your obsession don’t tell me what it is, or you may regret it later.

----- Conrad 18.12.08 17:07


How can you not? The new Wolverine movie is going to be BA!

----- Jasper 18.12.08 17:03

I geek out about graphic design geeks (design nerds) :D

----- Twiggy 18.12.08 17:01

I geek out over typography and and typefaces

----- Dana Galbraith 18.12.08 16:46

What I geek about is… THE LEGEND OF ZELDA!!!!!!!! i absolutely love that game and practically any video game!!!!
also ninjas and comics just like that little ninja :) :)

----- Brian Rehmann 18.12.08 16:46

I geek out about Nintendo. I’m an old school gamer girl and Mario and Luigi are my homeboys.

----- SuzyCat 18.12.08 16:43

I’m currently geeking out about NINJATOWN - the DS game where the ninja’s look exactly like these do! At first I thought it was related to the game, then I googled it like a true geek, and in fact, the ninjas and art in the game are by the same guy! Geekgasm!

----- aldo 18.12.08 16:42

I have such a list of geekyness: 3OH!3, apple computers, reading music blogs, and pokemon.

----- Dani 18.12.08 16:38


----- Jeremy Roberts 18.12.08 16:36

I geek out about fonts. that is really geeky too

----- Matt 18.12.08 16:29

I geek out over all these computers. I can’t stop with these computers.

----- Josh 18.12.08 16:28

I geek out about my favorite things - pandas, whatever my fave band is at the moment, my fave books & movies!

----- karyn 18.12.08 16:25

I geek out about everything…but design, vinyl toys and anything “kawaii” the most

----- Tamara 18.12.08 16:24

pinball makes me geek out.

no tilt no tilt!

----- jp 18.12.08 16:16

I geek about being able to edit wikipedia articles about stamp collecting, even though I’m not a philatelic myself. It’s strange.

Long time NOTCOT addict, first time poster. :) Keep up the awesome work! Thanks!

----- John D. 18.12.08 16:14

I geek out at how much Big Bang Theory reflects my life.

----- matt 18.12.08 16:12

I geek out about American History

----- max 18.12.08 16:11

I geek out about people creating fun DYI stuff to share with other people, and I geek out even harder when said stuff becomes popular enough to merit it’s own comic book/line of plush toy/mind-smashingly addictive videogame. Seriously, it’s fucking awesome to see stuff like this made with love by a small group people. This stuff is like SLURM, only in this case its Shawn Smith secreting toys and games out of his butt rather than soda. DELICIOUS.

Also, I geek out to Tom Waits, pirate rock and Fatboy Robert’s “Geek Remix albums: http://logicmakesnosense.com/?p=427

----- Mudron 18.12.08 16:09

I geek out about anything and everything pokemon.

----- kevin Phan 18.12.08 16:05

I geek about design, food and multimediaaaa.. PLEASE GIVE me THIS CUTE TOYYYY

----- David Levi 18.12.08 16:03

I geek out over paper things.
Notebooks, notepads, exercise books, journals, log books, sticky pads, etc.
Even my 4 year old cousin has identified that I have a paper fetish. Check out the anime ‘Read or Die’ and subtract the time required to actually read and you get me.

----- Tagloff 18.12.08 15:59

ninjas, ninjas, ninjas, ninjas, ninjas, ninjas, ninjas, ninjas, ninjas, ninjas, ninjas, blood red … ninjas!

----- G. Little 18.12.08 15:57

I geek out about random stuff. It changes everyday.

----- Teresa 18.12.08 15:57

geeking out? pretty sure that’s my MO. Fishtanks? I’ll tell you all about yr water params and yr flora and yr fauna. Bikes? I’ll build you a generator hub and keep you safe. Music? I’ll talk about anything from noise rock shows in SF to who’s producing Britney’s new album. Too many to list.

----- Mat 18.12.08 15:54

i geek out so much about typography, i’m not the best at it. but i always get pulled into it by my friends and seeing who has the coolest typefaces in their library.. but as of now, i’m winning.

----- labraji 18.12.08 15:53

I totally geek out about surfactants - I used to be a formulation chemist and develop cleansers.

----- Emmie 18.12.08 15:52

i geek out about cartoons, manga, contemporary art, basically a lot of stuff. :)

----- deidra kelly 18.12.08 15:50


----- dave 18.12.08 15:45

gimme gimmie gimmme

----- contempt 18.12.08 15:43

I geek out about……..NINJAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

----- Jimmy Foo 18.12.08 15:42

Recently I’ve been totally geeking out about homebrewing beer much to the boredom of my wife.

----- Erik Dahl 18.12.08 15:41

I geek out about video games. I grew up playing Atari (Pitfall was my favorite), went on to the NES (Kid Icarus was awesome!) and the rest is history. I am a Gamer Geek!

----- lisa 18.12.08 15:38

I geek out about anythig Apple! Even software updates!

----- draggingalake 18.12.08 15:37

I geek out 100% about everything! I used to work for a RPG company, then I acted in dubbing anime, now I staff conventions of all sorts!! Currently, its all about Doctor Who, design, and cute things targeted at my age group, but I am not sure there is a bigger geek in the world!

----- Lauren Martin 18.12.08 15:35

anything animated! (you knew there was one of us here)

----- Kevin 18.12.08 15:35

I geek out about all awesome designs, graphic, fashion…i lurve it all.

----- Minna 18.12.08 15:34

i geek out about electronics!

----- jeff cheung 18.12.08 15:33

gimme gimme gimme pleasssee.

----- Wil 18.12.08 15:26

comic book stuff!

----- jacob 18.12.08 15:25

I geek out about manufacturing processes.

----- lucash 18.12.08 15:19

I geek out about music and movies and video games and D&D and just generally being geeky.

----- darren 18.12.08 15:19

I geek out about graphic design.

----- COREY 18.12.08 15:18

i geek out about PIZZA!!!!!1

----- David 18.12.08 15:17

i geek out about talking about music with friends and seeing beautiful type.

----- eric 18.12.08 15:11

I geek out about Zombie Apocalypse things. For instance, my husband and I love to plot out the type of vehicle and supplies we would need to be able to survive during a Zombie attack. It’s very elaborate and completely geeky, we take it far too seriously.

----- Jami 18.12.08 15:10

I certainly geek out over Ninjatown and the little one-armed ninja consultant in the game (eee!).

----- Amy W. 18.12.08 15:08

geeky boys


----- grace 18.12.08 15:06

i geek out about san diego comic con!!!!!!!! and craft fairs and fun stuff like that :X

----- xenia 18.12.08 14:59

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