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Unique LA & Adventures Downtown- 12.13.08

unique1.jpg Freshly back from adventures in downtown LA, with our excuse being the Unique LA VIP night ~ which was honestly a bit bizarre ~ lets get the weirdness out of the way first, most vendors less than friendly and not quite prepared, meh music, and a strangely super bright spacious layout ~ BUT, that being said, still found some really fun randomness i’m super giddy about, and it was an awesome excuse to finally meet up with our winter intern, Alyssa, in person finally after all her help keeping me afloat with the gift guides, giveaways, and coupons ~ and finally check out The Association (that new dark, moody, retro cocktail bar ~ delicious!) and grab a bite at The Standard… random animal sightings: massive rat trying to climb its way out of a trash can, and a mouse darting towards the car and into a drain….

Things i’m most excited about and possibly worth getting over to Unique LA for this weekend? Imaginary Friends Inc. with the gorgeous nature inspired prints, cards, clothes, and more… has a secret stash of overprints to pick from (you can see an example above, and a few more scans below)… and i’m trying to convince them to make more woody ones (also see below!)… Designer Poptarts from Cake Monkey ~ yum! The meringue samples were yummy too. I Heart Guts did not disappoint, adorably cuddly innards and really cute sticker packs (see scans below!) ~ anyhow, see pics of some other finds and an overview of some of the what you’ll find there!

So when you first walk in, there are Fresh Pressed screenshop setups… silk screening on top, throw it in the functioning dryer on the bottom… but they weren’t working yet, so that’s all i know… something about wrong voltage and out looking for converters…

Got pulled in by the very enthusiastic Steven Shein and each couldn’t resist a ring ~ fun laser cut rings ~ i got a notempire castle and alyssa has the floating clouds… (they were $8 each!)

Tables of Bossa Nova juiciness awaited…

Crayon Fawn had these hilarious giant crayons… of fawns… and lincolns…

Mmmm fancy poptarts from Cake Monkey

Here’s the fun woody overprint at Imaginary Friends Inc.!

In person, their kids bibs and onesies were even more awesome than i had expected ~ in a world of overly crude/blunt designs on so many kids clothes these days, there was something nice and refreshing about having such delicate images that scaled down so nicely ~

Here’s a scan of another one of my overprints!

We couldn’t resist the I Heart Guts sticker packs ~ so i threw them on the scanner for you ~ wax paper bags with glossy labels ~

… backside scan!

And see? That wasn’t a red mushroom, but a Hypothalamus!

As for that obese foamy polar bear ~ well that came from the craft tables that made me feel like i was in grown up kindergarten ~ glitter and markers and glue and more!

… and finally here’s one of the larger Imaginary Friends Inc. overprints ~ so large it didn’t fit on the scanner, but its FREEEEEZING out here and i’m tired, so that’s all you get for now!

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I can’t believe I missed this event!!
Can’t wait for the spring :]

----- Ashley-Jade 08.01.09 01:05

To get the rings ~ maybe try reaching out to the folks at Steven Shein ~ must be contact info somewhere on his site? good luck!!

----- Jean/NOTCOT 17.12.08 06:35

i want one of those rings! do you know where i could order them online?

----- Fenke 16.12.08 14:21

Do you know of any website that i can buy the laser cut rings by Steven Shein from?

----- Amitis 15.12.08 10:32

where do i get those rings? from steven shein i cant find it on his website

----- toymaker 14.12.08 20:57

I checked out Unique LA today. It was pretty cool. I picked up some nice letterpress cards for the holidays. Thanks for the tickets NOTCOT!

----- Mark 14.12.08 19:25

Great meeting you yesterday! Today (Saturday) was amazing!

----- Adam 13.12.08 23:59

Wow. This was great to look at!

----- Lance 13.12.08 21:41

Some of these things look so sweet! I’m a little bit inspired to make my own weird crayons in the shape of forest animals.

----- Marta 13.12.08 21:14

Thank you notcot for the free tickets! Just got back and there was some great stuff. Bought a Brain Power! shirt and some other small things. Plus a delicious peppermint something to eat.

----- aldo 13.12.08 13:29

whaaat! i need one of those rings, wish they were on the site.

----- nicolette 13.12.08 09:11

It was great meeting the NOTCOT crew. Thanks for visiting us and being such huge fans. More animal overprints coming your way…and yes, we will do more wood pieces!-Nick and Sumana of Imaginary Friends Inc.

----- Sumana 13.12.08 08:02

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