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Unique LA - Win Tickets!- 12.07.08

uniqueLA1.jpg Unique Los Angeles is coming up December 13th and 14th at the California Market Center! And with a massive number of indie designers peddling their wares, its a potential one stop shop… We have been offered 10 pairs of tickets (perfect for you and a shopping buddy!) to giveaway, so please leave a comment with which store you’re most excited about from their 200+ and we’ll pick 10 random winners on Weds (dec 10th)! To help you get started, we even tried to go through as many of these as possible, so some old favorites and new discoveries are on the next page! A lot of the vendors slant a bit more crafty than we’re usually into, but quite a few seem interesting as well!

Alyssa and i tried to go through some of the 200+ vendors that will be at Unique LA and here are a few that caught our attention (click to go to their stores):









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34 Notes

Would an I Heart Guts! plush toy be inappropriate for a baby? A very *cool* baby?

----- east side bride 11.12.08 22:13

rock scissors papers and I heart guts are the best shops!!

----- Anna Sanchez 11.12.08 06:30

ooh! I (heart) poketo!! : D yay tickets!

----- daisy Church 09.12.08 20:22

pick me! pick me! please! please! by the way, i heart guts!!

----- wenny 09.12.08 18:00

11:11 makes the COOLEST vintage photo business card holders, passport covers, checkbook covers, etc. The images they use are wacky, some are tacky, but all are eye-popping-ly amazing! Can’t wait to see what they bring to Unique LA :)

----- rachelgoldilocks 09.12.08 16:20

They all look fun, but I’m really excited for The Poster List!

----- Melissa 09.12.08 14:58

Sea Bags!

----- Angie 09.12.08 14:47

i wanna go for cake monkey bakery!

----- xenia 09.12.08 13:25

You want me to pick, so many to choose from. D) All the above. Love for all.;p

----- Jen Kuo 08.12.08 21:06

Can’t wait to check out the Poster List, need to redecorate my apartment :D

----- Jessie 08.12.08 18:01

Love to meet the people behind Dee & Lala

----- Robert 08.12.08 15:59

ric rac clothing co.
their stuff looks awesome - i can’t wait to check it out in person.

----- becca 08.12.08 14:59

Dee & Lala’s letterpress stationery caught my eye. Love the simple, clean design.

----- linda 08.12.08 12:31

I’d love to see the Eco-Friendly vendors, I haven’t heard of most of them and I love finding new environmentally conscious companies. I also want to visit the I Heart Guts booth since they were so swarmed at Felt Club this year I didn’t get to see what they had!

----- Mitzi Y 08.12.08 11:51


my little sister would love [rock scissor paper]


----- orange 08.12.08 10:10

The poster list definitely- I need some new wall art =D

----- Jonathan 08.12.08 03:47

11:11 boutique sounds interesting. I make wishes at 11:11 and their designs look creative. This would be a perfect oppotunity for Christmas shopping. I also love all the eco-friendly vendors too!

----- Joan Coco 08.12.08 01:00

Sea Bags looks pretty kewl and very LA.

----- Gabe 07.12.08 23:45

I love their wallets. :)

----- SuperMuffin 07.12.08 22:17

This looks like a fantastic event! Poketo’s merchandise is really ingenious— the letter capsule, the “hold your hand” cards, and the sketchbook planner would be memorable and unique stocking stuffers!

----- Angela 07.12.08 20:29

I have actually picked two vendors that would be great to see: I heart guts and Deeply Rooted Apparel. I am a biology major who loves anything to do with , of course, the human body! I will, also, be on my way back to Cali from college so I would love to go to this event.

----- Christi 07.12.08 16:51

The Bughouse looks pretty cool, Im totally into unique furnishings with a twist…I also love the I heart Guts, they would be awesome gifts. Alot of the clothing was great too, and I loved the felt trees that are huggable. Hopefully none of it is too expensive…

----- Kirk 07.12.08 16:08

I’d like to satisfy my EarthLust! Beautiful bottles.
And so many eco-friendly vendors. I’m excited!

----- bianca 07.12.08 14:42

I love the stationary that Poketo features on their website and hope they’ll have some available at this event!

----- Christine 07.12.08 14:19

“Imaginary Friends”… now that’s something I can relate to (and who doesn’t want more t-shirts?)

----- Hillel 07.12.08 14:08

The Sea bags look sweet! Bonus is that this is 5 blocks away from me!

----- aldo 07.12.08 13:38

This stuff sure looks unique!

----- Mikie 07.12.08 13:36

would love to see the brand new work, and maybe some aroma items but am exited for some apparel like “sub_urban riot” .

----- gordon 07.12.08 13:18

The sea bags looks way fresh, the clean typographic treatments and recycled material is a plus

----- evan geltoske 07.12.08 12:59

Gravity Ranch and Humble. I need to find a housewarming gift for a friend of mine.

----- Lauren 07.12.08 12:52

Coma and Cotton.
looks like something i’d wear

----- grace 07.12.08 12:13

I’m in it for the handmade jewelry! Julia Bristow’s work looks especially delicious.

----- Tatiana 07.12.08 12:03

NotNeutral has an amazing line of products. I am fascinated by them because these products are designed and produced by an architecture firm - which is evident once this knowledge is known (especially with the map plates).

As an architect myself, I appreciate how they have diversified to have another means on income in a down economy (and I’m all about supporting architects right now).

----- Mark 07.12.08 12:02

the Chocolate and Steel jewelry looks awesome (from a brief scan of vendors), would love to try some on!

----- Vanessa 07.12.08 11:14

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