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NOTCOT Giveaway 20: StrangeCo Toys!- 12.06.08

strangeco1.jpg TO WIN: Leave a comment ~ sharing your favorite childhood toy! ENTER BY 12/9. WINNER: Karen in NYC!

StrangeCo ~ the wondrous purveyors of the peculiar ~ and probably one of my favorite toy distributors of all time ~ so many awesome collectibles and amusements that live under my monitors, and i love that in the last year or so they even made the move to truly making toys for all ages with fun plush toys for young’ns that are of awesome quality and really fun designer characters (i.e. TokiDoki, FriendsWithYou, Somewhere City)… definitely been my go to for kids presents when i’m at a loss…

SO, today we’re giving away a set of their latest, a nice mix for all ages! In the bundle are:
- Mr. TTT - Rainbow ~ the awesome plushy FriendsWithYou creature that comes apart to amuse and delight kids
- Julie West’s Limited Edition Bumble & Tweet Tree Edition ~ so special, i don’t even have somewhere to link you, but lots of close ups on the next page!
- TokiDoki’s Captain Coco

Whether you split these up as stocking stuffers, hoard them for your own collection, or open them and go nuts… i leave that up to you! Afterall, toys are for enjoying!!! So check out some close up pics of these guys on the next page, and leave us a comment with your favorite childhood toy for a chance to win!




Here’s where i saw them all in person at the StrangeCo booth at the Paper 24 Hour Paper Dept Store! This should give you a sense of scale on the awesome Mr. TTT ~ every kid would run up to this booth and pull them apart! They are so adorably hugable and plushy, coming apart like those cone toys we had as kids… (head and spine connected, the rest are rings)…



Here’s my Captain Coco that lives on my bookshelf (the pineapple grenade is now under my monitor! You can see more of my close up pics of them from my previous post here!

And i loved the Julie West Bumble and Tweet Tree editions SO much ~ i even bought one! Here are new close up pics… i’m so smitten by the the little woodland goddesses, particularly with their magnetic birds and bees that live on the removable nest and hive!!!









TO WIN: Leave a comment ~ sharing your favorite childhood toy! ENTER BY 12/9

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pad of paper, markers.

----- Chris Furniss 09.12.08 22:46

My favorite toy was a plastic pencil box that I pretended was a boat. I’d push it around in puddles after after the rain.

----- christine 09.12.08 21:12

Favorite childhood toy was the Tupperware Pop-a-lot


----- Darrel 09.12.08 20:26

My favorite childhood toy was one of those pull-along things. I had a snail, and he made jingling noises when you pulled him along :) I loved that snail so much, I still have him! Of course, being the original child that I was, his name was Snaily.

----- swankifiedjello 09.12.08 19:42

magic markers, crayons, sidewalk chalk…. its a close call, but i think the scented magic markers may be the winner.

----- kate 09.12.08 19:26

I had a few Buckminster Fuller inspired toys- Wooden rods with rubber joints that could be used to make weird flexible shapes, and those expanding balls. I went to the Montreal Biosphere last week and realized it was just a HUGE version of my toys!

Also I loved to put the top loop of a metal slinky between my teeth and drop it on the ground- the reverberation in my jawbone sounded like lazers!

----- Joanna 09.12.08 19:24

My favorite toy was a stuffed St. Bernard that my sister brought back from Italy. I named him Beethoven and brought him everywhere I went, including all the piano lessons I was forced to go to. I guess I thought that my piano teacher would yell at me less if I had Beethoven with me. Hah…

----- SuperMuffin 09.12.08 18:59

I loved to play with the SLINKY, I used to take it everywhere and make it go down the stairs, I loved the sound of it.

----- Begonia Lopez 09.12.08 18:31

I have to go with Lego… reusable, re-inventable, never gets old. I had a cassette rack made of Lego and a cassette rewinding machine made of Lego. Not just for playing!

----- zorrofx 09.12.08 18:31

My favorite holiday toy was my Easy Bake oven!

----- Elizabeth M. 09.12.08 17:56

i fell in love with a pebble. then gave my lego to good will.

no regrets

----- Wyatt roy 09.12.08 17:36

My favourite childhood toy was Lego®.
Me and my friends would pool all our pieces and build all sorts of things, then tear it all apart and build something new.

----- Mike Porter 09.12.08 17:28

Popples!! You had one, you had to! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzzHB-cQVO8

----- Anoni Mouse 09.12.08 17:09

ah… I forgot to say my toy! I used to play with troll dolls instead of barbie dolls. They seemed much more “real” than the barbies…

----- Casey 09.12.08 16:30

I don’t know how many Star Wars, Ninja Turtles and GI Joes I had, but they were all placed into my life-size R2D2 toybox. So because it held all of my childhood joy, that big mama was my fav.

----- Adam S 09.12.08 16:30

I SO need that! all of it… lovely.

----- Casey 09.12.08 16:27

I loved my collection of Transfomers and G.I Joe toys of the 80’s. The forth of July was a great time for me because I could buy those red tissue paper wrapped packs of lady finger firecrackers, snip off individual firecrackers and use them as tiny G.I. Joe-sized sticks of dinomite! POW!!

My favorite non-traditional toy when I was yonger was dirt clods. I loved throwing them agains walls and rocks to see them explode into puffs of dust. Occationally I’d have dirt clod figts with friends, throwing them at each other.

This is an awesome pack of Strangeco toys and I’d love to have it. Please, oh please, oh please!!!!!

----- Chad S. 09.12.08 14:59

Favorite childhood toy was for sure the plush my little ponies. I am 26 and still have my favorite one, which is purple, with cute stars on its hindquarters, and a flossy mane and tail…ahhh *reminiscing*

----- sabrina hirsch 09.12.08 14:53

My favorite childhood toy was called ‘Marble Works’. It was a collection of tubes that attached together in various ways so you could create a massive race for your marbles. I loved how it lended to creativity and also taught children about balancing objects and using space well. Not to mention it was fun to watch your marbles swirl into the giant funnel!

----- Vanessa 09.12.08 14:42

My favorite toy was a dollhouse I made out of an orange juice carton. It had the perfect gabled roof!

----- Qp 09.12.08 14:08

I had a little plastic toy dog that was about 2x1 inch. It would walk around and roll with its tail.

----- Paul Kwon 09.12.08 11:25

i had Barbapapa figurines that were awesome! the french blob creature, not to be confused with Mr.bubbbles, was SO super rad its ridiculous. in addition to the figures, there were books and movies. too cool! he’d say “Hup Hup Hup, Barbatruc” before transforming into stuff! crazy!

----- t-rex 09.12.08 10:56

My FAVE childhood toy was Sealie, the plush seal I got from the Vancouver Aquarium gift shop. I loved it so much, that I had to go back and re-buy him when I lost him after only having him for 20 minutes. Sealie #2 just wasn’t quite the same as the original Sealie.

----- Steph 09.12.08 10:49

My favorite toy was a G.I. Joe Hovercraft that I got for Christmas.
It was the biggest toy I’d ever had.
Then my brother got this great idea to make a war epic using our G.I. Joes with firecrackers.
So Much!

----- Parker LeGrand Jacobs 09.12.08 10:43

My favorite toy was a G.I. Joe Hovercraft that I got for Christmas.
It was the biggest toy I’d ever had.
Then my brother got this great idea to make a war epic using our G.I. Joes with firecrackers.
So Much!

----- Parker LeGrand Jacobs 09.12.08 10:43

I had a pink and purple Popple. I still have it in my closet somewhere. >.>

----- pixellated spiff 09.12.08 10:41

I had (and still have) a stuffed golden retriever-esque dog that I got the day after I was born. When I was old enough to give him a name, I named him Bud. He hung out on my bed and slept with me every night for many years. Bud would always be there for me when things weren’t going as well as I would have liked them to, he was/is awesome. When the movie Air Bud came out I got super psyched because he was also a golden retriever named Bud, and every time I saw the movie I pretended that my Bud was the dog in the movie. I am away at college now, but Bud is still at my home so I can see him if I want to whenever I go back.

----- Matt 09.12.08 10:05

Pink Teddy was my aptly named companion. oh how i mourned him when he disappeared. oh Pink Teddy why did you leave me?

----- Anner 09.12.08 09:40

My cat. I hope it had lots of fun as I did. R.I.P.

----- Manuel 09.12.08 08:19

I loved my big wheels. And I was such a tom-boy so I opted for the black and orange one instead of the pink and purple. I was super cool.

----- Jessica 09.12.08 08:19

Wooden Blocks. Handmade, worn round from use, still my favourite.
Infinite possibilities with an infinite imagination.

----- Matthew 09.12.08 08:16

I grew up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We had hurricanes many summers and no matter what category, it would inevitably blow down our privacy fence. That meant LOTS of planks of wood to play with (watch for nails!!!) My brother and I would design entire floor plans from those planks across our backyard. It was so much fun to “build your dream house (floor plan)” and imagine there were really walls.

There is a book out now called Roxaboxin that reminds me of those fun times. Speaking of books, I’d have to say they tie for first place as my favorite childhood toy.

----- Rachel K 09.12.08 07:57

My Childhood Favorite toy was the ninja turtles, even thought my cousin would sometime steal 1 or 2 from me ,to the point that i had to put my name on them so that if my cousin will steal any of them , i would know once i got back to his house. i wish i would keep them , they bring good memory to me.

----- Andres V 09.12.08 07:34

When I was younger, I had a bunch of star wars toys and action figures. My favorite of all my toys was the ATAT Walker from empire strikes back. It was so cool, and big. Except my little brother thought it was a horse or something he could ride on. After his first couple attempts it only broke a little and was glued back together, but on his third or forth try, it was damaged beyond repair.

----- josh 09.12.08 06:24

Star Wars figures!

----- Ray Saunders 09.12.08 05:48

I had a favorite Cookie Monster rubber figurine, it was about two inches short, that I carried around when I was around 5 or 6,and I would put it always near my lampshade when I was about to sleep. A rather weird security blanket for a child, when I think about.

----- David A. 09.12.08 05:24

One winter, I took off the large plastic cover from the utility/ceiling light and used it as a sled for winter wonderland :D
One summer, I filled up 6 full-sized balloons with water until they were about 9 inches across and 3 inches high and laid them out in a straight line across my kitchen floor. I took my faithful cat, aptly named Mr. Kruger, and bounced him gently atop each balloon. He put Edward Scissorhands to shame, and me to flood-control duty.

Honestly, toys are everywhere and everything, if you know how to play!

----- Julia 09.12.08 04:58

I had, and still have a lovely doll called Pebbles. Once my sister pulled her head off, but we were able to rebuild.

----- Linda Wilson 09.12.08 04:50

not too late I hope :(

I love Mr TTT

----- Clay 09.12.08 02:51

Bubba the giant,
witch was actually a 10 cm plushie.
he was my mate.

----- wadim 09.12.08 01:35


kindergarten graduation present.

mom & dad waiting for me in the back, i walk over in my lil’ grad outfit. dad standing there & moves over and the deluxe, die-cast edition in box VOLTRON! was behind him. i flipped out! i couldn’t even pick it up by myself.

don’t make’em like they use to.
you could kill someone with a VOLTRON
they were so heavy back then:)

----- jayson ramos 08.12.08 23:20

hmmm…. favourite game was a handheld Frogger game, mini-arcade like, but portable. that and those little cars that would cruise when you retracted them half an inch. i still like those. favourite plush toy was a once white seal that i believe my father received upon opening some kind of account at a bank. he met an untimely death after a tug of war with some strange dog.fast forward through cabbage patch kids, pound puppies, etc., to ugli dolls and godzilla figurines…

----- amid 08.12.08 22:03

I’d have to say the playschool easel! I would start on the paper and somehow end up with paint all over, like a living canvas!

----- sofi 08.12.08 21:27

When I was young, I loved Girder and Panel. It was just a bunch of blue plastic pieces molded to look like girders, and you could build buildings with them. Then you could take the panels, which were just transparent pieces that looked like building windows, and snap them into place on your “building.” It wasn’t fancy, but they were the best.

----- Chris Spurgin 08.12.08 20:45

mighty morphin power rangers… duh

----- Joseph Ingram 08.12.08 20:28

When I was a kid I have an insane mania with the smurfs, and my parents bought me the house and a bunch of stuff that look like the town and I loved it!!!

----- alejandro ovalles 08.12.08 19:44

My favourite toy was the tangram. A few odd pieces of wood, and you could make what you want with what imagination you had. And I’d like to think I have a lot. :D

----- whitespace 08.12.08 19:22

Playmobile, hands down. Before they were popular here, my dad would bring them back from europe[germany]. I’ll never forget flooding the stone steps outside with the hose to play playmobile “safari”. Yes!

----- Absy 08.12.08 19:07

My favorite toy was my soccer ball

----- Emmanuel 08.12.08 18:44

Fav toy? My current fav toy is my Gary Fisher Mt. Tam Bike. When I was little it was my little pooh bear I’d had since I was born (still have him).

----- becca 08.12.08 17:25

I had all these magnets for the fridge (just your basics—alphabet letters and some animals, especially these tiny mice), and I used to sit on the counter and play with them while my dad fixed dinner each night. We had other, flashier toys, but that is one of my fondest childhood memories.

----- oakland girl 08.12.08 17:07

I loved my Thundercat action figure. Which is odd because I don’t remember ever watching the cartoon (my parents were fierce members of the T.V. rots your brains camp). The toy didn’t do anything special either. I think it was supposed to glow and/or make noises. But I still loved it tremendously because that’s what kids do.

Anyway, I remember going on a long boring tour of some house in a distant city when I was 6. When I awoke in the car, I quickly realized that compadre numero uno was missing. Devastation ensued.

Then last year I moved to Los Feliz / Silver Lake largely because of the many things you can explore on foot. One of my afternoon strolls took me to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House in Barnsdall Art Park at the corner of Hollywood and Vermont. Never before has architecture made me so sad. Now, every time I drive by I’m tempted to go in, find lost and found, and ask them if they found my Thundercats action figure from over two decades ago.

----- Joebot 08.12.08 17:05

i like food
and toys
and air
and jiraffes

----- natuka 08.12.08 16:36

A bigger-than-life-size (at the time) Raphael TMNT doll. He was my brother’s but I quickly formed a strong bond with him, dragging him everywhere (no easy task!) He enjoyed doing all the things I liked to do (mainly sleeping) and I never heard him complain once. We were so happy together.

----- Jen 08.12.08 16:33

My favorite toy was the Etch a Sketch. I liked it so much I took it apart to see how it worked.

----- myrna eisenlauer 08.12.08 16:24

Oh so many. Rainbow Brite, She-Ra, New Kids on the Block stuff (oh yeah). I really dug my California Raisins toys, though. They rocked! I have their Christmas album on vinyl somewhere around here…

----- Meg 08.12.08 16:14

Space lego was the s*#%!!and my Masters of the universe battle damage Skeletor and panthor.wish i had kept them:(

----- Nate Cartmell 08.12.08 15:31

when i was 9 years old, my dad came home from a business trip and brought me a stuffed unicorn. she was cream colored with curly fur and a rose garland around her neck. she has slept in my bed every night for 15 years now…except for a period of 3 months where i left her at my mom’s house to try and “grow up”. needless to say, when i went to visit my mom again, the unicorn was waiting on my bed and i brought her back home with me.

----- kate 08.12.08 15:01

anything with an-pan-man on it, there was nothing his red-bean-paste-bun head couldn’t solve!! That, and Lego, of course!

----- lianne 08.12.08 14:57

My favorite toy was by and large the Playmobile Victorian collection.

----- Jen Goldberg 08.12.08 14:56

Had to be my talking Ninja Turtles. They had a red plastic strip you ran through the back of their shell and it made them speak awesomeness!

----- Cara Antonelli 08.12.08 14:54

My last post had the wrong email >.

----- Jess 08.12.08 14:36

In all seriousness, my favorite toy was a stuffed animal “pencil dog”. Yes, it was a pencil with feet >.

----- Jess 08.12.08 14:33

It got to be “Street fighter”… Suprising to say, its still going strong!!

----- derrick 08.12.08 14:18

When I was a kid, my mom took me to Taiwan. That is where she was from… In the mornings I watched this show with my cousins called Doraemon. I loved that show!!!! My older cousin would let me sneak out of my room to watch the show with him at night when everyone else was asleep. At the end of our trip, my cousins gave me a huge Doraemon plushie! I loved him so much. We had great adventures when I was a kid. When I was in middle school, my mom had a garage sale and put Doraemon out in the sale! I begged, begged her to let me keep it. She eventually let me have him back, but sold pretty much everything else I owned. I didn’t care, as long as I had Doraemon I was happy. I still have him today. He is sitting on my bookshelf waiting for his next adventure. I still love my Doraemon!

----- Lily H. 08.12.08 13:32

My Elmo doll. Hands down. with the white choo-choo train pajamas. I took him everyywherrre :]

----- Sandy 08.12.08 13:17

remember those old toys in the 90s where it was just like… an orange stick with a yellow and blue ball attached? and then the point of it was to just hit the balls together?
yeah i won lots of battles with my brother with that. :) good times

----- Tina 08.12.08 13:05

Favorite childhood toy?

My amazing MICRO MACHINES were certainly my absolute favorite toys!

----- Anthony 08.12.08 12:41

power rangers, tmnt um thats all

----- anthony 08.12.08 12:35

Volton! the die cast one where the lions came apart…unfortunately my mom gave it away cause it’s a “boys toy”. so wrong…..

----- Angel 08.12.08 12:34

My favorite childhood toy by far were the 12 inch star wars figures my brother and I had. He would make elaborate vehicles and space ships for them out of cardboard. His creations were fantastical. My mom had to spend so much money on gray paint. When the first prequel came out we even waited in line at midnight at Toys R Us for the new figures to be released. Playing with those was better than the films. And it brought me and Ben so close together. I want my Princess Leia doll here with me at college now.

----- Hahna 08.12.08 11:57

i loved my ninja turtles! i even had the technodrome and the sewer playset. i actually still have them. i just need to find someone to play with them with me again.

----- drew 08.12.08 11:31

I’m a big baby… i want my toy too….

----- Mathieu 08.12.08 10:56

My favorite childhood toy: well, i was one of those kids that had a “binky” aka security blanket…. which doubled as a cape.

----- Tatsuya Aoki 08.12.08 10:31

I loved micro machine cars, they were so cool.

----- Jacob 08.12.08 10:13

My Aunt Karen gave me a talking Cecil the Seasick Seaserpent hand puppet. I’d pull the string, and he’d say, “I’M COMIN’ BEANY!”

Fun giveaway! Thank you so much.

----- Jean D. 08.12.08 10:02

Moss Man from the He-Man line! I had found him on the ground in my neighborhood, and he actually had REAL moss growing throughout his synthetic mossy skin. Looking back, it’s kinda gross.

----- Eric 08.12.08 09:45


----- jayp0411 08.12.08 09:22

My favorite toy was an inflatable jack o lantern pumpkin that I got when I was 5. I slept with it every night, as it protected me from the monsters in my closet. Over time it slowly deflated and one day disappeared. I think that’s one of the reasons why I cry every time I watch Tom Hanks lose Wilson in “Castaway”…

----- Laura 08.12.08 09:20

Fire.. and Pogs!! I still have tons of them

----- Elle 08.12.08 09:03

Favorite childhood toy… the original nintendo super mario brother

----- Alex Jeon 08.12.08 08:48

My favorite toy growing up was my sketchbook. I would fill them up weekly and ask for a new one as soon as it was done. Books filled with dreams, weird ideas, and each one brings back a memory.

----- Jason Trojanowski 08.12.08 08:34

my favorite child hood toys were Lego, Lego and Lego ,god i love them so much..

----- ram 08.12.08 08:29

Beans and tomato slices. I was said to use them as puppets during lunch, instead of - who would’ve thought - eating my favorite toys.

----- Fish 08.12.08 08:28

Legos, especially space legos!

----- swan 08.12.08 08:23

My favorite childhood toy was an Erector Set. I built so many different things with that. I even built an anemometer and put it on my roof one summer.

----- GCF 08.12.08 08:15

I’m so old, my favorite toy was the *original* Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. If I’d kept all my childhood toys *sigh*, I’d be rich today.

----- threeoutside 08.12.08 08:13

I have a soft spot for transformers toys. Robots are awesome.

----- foo 08.12.08 07:59

Not necessarily my favorite toy but worth mentioning… when Ninja Turtles were first introduced their heads were a soft hollow rubber. When my dad bought me my first set of all 4 he made a big deal out of the fact that he purchased the now available “hard-head” set, in the same way that a man would brag about how he went all out for the leather interior.

----- Jacob Heer 08.12.08 07:54

i’m not sure i can pick just one toy! & i still have a bunch of my childhood toys & have a nasty habit of still buying toys. i do remember loving my popple to death however!

----- Rachel 08.12.08 07:45

i miss my weeble treasure island…

----- arodger 08.12.08 07:40

My favorite toy was the Kenner 1978 Death Star Space Station. That thing rocked, i even still have it. From the Styrofoam trash for the trash Compactor, the retractable floor for Luke and Leia to swing over, the Death Star gun that explodes and don’t get me started on the art work that made up the walls of this thing.

----- Rich 08.12.08 07:37

Oh man…yes…please…

----- megan 08.12.08 07:22

We loved playing that wacky Mousetrap game.

----- Ed 08.12.08 07:10

My favorite childhood toy would have to be a stuffed bear I got when I was an infant. I used to play with it all the time and still have it by my bed even though I’m 25.

----- Carl A. S. 08.12.08 07:04

my favorite childhood toy was a fisher price turntable. plastic records and everything!

----- allison 08.12.08 07:02

Lego, I loved it, wait, I still do!

----- andrea Ballocchi 08.12.08 06:59

Legos were my top toy— endless construction and destruction.

----- tony 08.12.08 06:25

i used to huff my strawberry shortcake dolls. and this was in 1983 not the new weird looking remake shortcakes. i used to do the purple pie man dance all over the place for my parents entertainment.

----- Karlaanne 08.12.08 06:20

My favorite toy was my Yellow Lego Castle Set.

----- Paul 08.12.08 06:09

Legos, because they could be _anything_

----- Alex M 08.12.08 05:48

My favorite toy ever was an old but very potent magnet which I used to play with in the backyard, hovering it over the soil made the iron dust to stick on the magnet, it´s awesome, I´d use it with all my action figures, creating bunkers and super weapons. Golden times…

----- Daniel Segatto 08.12.08 05:43

My favorite childhood toy would be Lego. I’ve always thought I was going to be an architect when i grow up. LOL too bad it didn’t come true. I think the Lego being sold in stores right now aren’t as nice as the ones we had before.. it contains too much ‘ready-made’ pieces that nothing much is left for the kids’ imagination.

----- kat 08.12.08 05:18

When I was 3 I had this plushy toy character that I named “Muma”. I carried him all around and slept with him.

One day, my mom washed it and hanged it to dry.
When I saw him all soaked and hanged with a clip on his head I cried out loud!

----- rafael 08.12.08 05:02

My Favorite childhood toy was the Transformers. I only had a couple of them but they were the best!

----- Mario 08.12.08 04:03

My favorite childhood toy was definitely lego - you could build whatever you wanted and then destroy it.

----- Ant 08.12.08 02:23


----- Tiffy 08.12.08 02:08

Well I’m not too sure if this counts as a real toy but I would say Pog Slammers. Since my family wasn’t too well off when I was younger, playing with Pogs made me feel popular because they were so inexpensive and easy to play with. I remember having to share a pack with my sister and practicing all day so we can play with the neighborhood kids and take theirs! It was awesome and made me feel rich.

----- Joan Coco 08.12.08 01:19

My favorite toy growing up was the giant Tinkertoy set that my brother and I played with for hours on end. Imagine Tinkertoys but on a scale where the round connector pieces are about 6 inches in diameter. And the biggest straight piece is about 2 feet long (I think). We used these pieces to make cars, factories, computers, robots, dolls, dogs…you name it, we probably tried to make it. If I had them now, I think I’d use them in my room and make some kind of storage out of them.

----- Tamara 08.12.08 00:19

The Ghostbuster’s car, the ECTO 1. We’d load it up with these crazy Muppet figures and drive it off cliffs and crash it all day long. It took a beating!

----- Lance 08.12.08 00:06

Like so many others, Legos are a high-point, but I think my favorite was the K’NEX Big Ball Factory. A build it yourself Rube Goldberg machine, at least 5 feet tall; it was definitely an awesome toy.

----- Michelle L 07.12.08 23:51

I had this set of tubes and ramps that you could set up into a tower, and let a marble roll down. It was kind of like a water slide, except made of plastic parts and for marbles. I’m not sure why it was so much fun, but I could play with it for hours on end.

----- Jess 07.12.08 23:43

legos fo’ sho

----- eunhae 07.12.08 22:05

My favorite toy was lite brite!

----- Lisa 07.12.08 21:36

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Heroes in a half-shell
Turtle power!

Haha….Rafeal was so sick, still is suppose!~

----- Ben 07.12.08 21:33

my favorite childhood toys were my sister’s “My Little Pony”s

----- Joshua Blaylock 07.12.08 21:23

hot wheels (not matchbox) cars

----- mike 07.12.08 21:15

Nano and Tamagochis! I could never keep it alive for very long.

----- Paula 07.12.08 21:06

LEGO. The definitive toy of my childhood. I have so many memories of finding the box under the Christmas tree that made that distinctive shake noise, tearing it open, and spending the remainder of the holiday engrossed in the perpetual creation and destruction of architectural fantasies. Just like Kaitlyn above, and many, many other individuals, this impetus has also led me to architecture as a profession. I just wish the field was as simple as it was when I was 6.

----- Justin K 07.12.08 20:50

winnie the pooh

----- eileen 07.12.08 19:45

glow worm

----- amber thomas 07.12.08 19:37

Play-doh with the barber shop playset- hands down. Lego’s next.

----- John g. 07.12.08 19:07

As a child I was a huge monkey fan. I loved anything chimps, monkeys or even lemurs. When I was about 9 my grandparents got me Zip the Chimp for Christmas. He’s a stuffed chimp with little red overalls, a yellow shirt that says “Zip” and a red and yellow beanie hat. He’s been my friend for over 30 years and he still watches over me from the top of my wardrobe.

----- Laura Wattles 07.12.08 18:34

Let’s be honest, the stick trumped all synthetic childhood toys. I was the stick wielding imaginator.

----- Matthew 07.12.08 18:24

Thomas the Tank Engine!! toot toot!

----- Phil 07.12.08 17:59

My little Ponies for sure…

----- Alexis 07.12.08 17:42

Cyber K’nex, it had an infrared sensor on it with which you could program a chain of commands from your computer!

----- Ori 07.12.08 17:06

in mi childhood i love to play with a little blue elephant i get from a pinata. It was a very cheap toy but i love it. i used it as a “perfume” because it had a little hole in the trunk which blow air.

----- jaileen 07.12.08 16:40

Well there was Tom first, the first teddy bear that my frail little baby arms hugged. And then there was Ben, the toy dog with the head that made him fall over because it was so big. I believed that the over inflated head was a mutation caused by the washing machine, but as I grew older I realised it was actually his ego.

----- Andrew 07.12.08 16:14

Transformers or TMNT action heros!

----- Jasper 07.12.08 15:49

Ninja Turtles, nuff said.

----- NorthFire 07.12.08 15:38

Ninja Turtles

----- Matthew Kolb 07.12.08 15:31

Its a tight contest between the mecanno set that was a hand down from my dad or the board game Risk. Hard to go past mecanno though and its ability to build strong bridges out in the bush that let me and my brother construct our cities in the scrub near the house.

----- Tom Killen 07.12.08 15:21

A huggable purple Barney the Dinosaur. Kinda creepy when he sits at the head of your bed next to you, but I viewed him as my bodyguard while I slept.

----- Jeff 07.12.08 15:01

PLAY DOH!!! there are so many colors to mix and match and you could make anything. like literally. my fav were the neon ones..WHOOA. sometimes i would mix the colors..also it had this really intoxicating smell..and made me want to eat it..yum.

----- Anne 07.12.08 14:55

My favourite ever childhood toy?

A cardboard box. I flew across Europe, sailed across the seas, jetted into space and pushed my brother down the stairs in one, ah good times…

----- Anna 07.12.08 14:52

that old plush bear with looong arms and legs. it is sooo used right now, but i still keep him with me!

----- marieke 07.12.08 14:23

legos. and now I’m in architecture…go figure.

----- kaitlyn 07.12.08 13:27

Legos, hands down. I used to make stop motion lego movies with my dad’s video camera with them…endless entertainment!

----- Josh Lyon 07.12.08 13:17

this red metal apple with a smiley face on it and freekled cheeks.
it had a noise maker inside that ding-donged when you moved it.

----- Shital 07.12.08 13:13

cardboard box

----- Bol 07.12.08 12:54

i would love to say legos or k’nex or my action figures but when it comes down to it nothing was more fun than going outside with my brother, picking up a couple sticks, exploring the woods and getting lost in our own little fantasy world. we even ended up whittling the sticks down into nice smooth wooden masterpieces.

----- Kye 07.12.08 12:28

I was really into horses when I was a kid so I asked for a Norweigian Fjord and somehow I got it and It was the best thing ever!

----- Tom Nguyen 07.12.08 12:25

My uncle is an engineer, so when I was six, he built me a robot that would walk around like a T-Rex (it had tiny arms and big legs)

It was a great toy until my cat decided it was a major threat and removed it’s head.

----- Iain 07.12.08 12:20

In my childhood home my sisters and I used to set up Lego forts in our bedroom closets. I would build bad-ass castles that were almost always in the shapes of squares or triangles. Till this very day I am obsessed with triangles and often doodle them when in class or at work.

Legos coupled with my sisters incessant desire to include Ken & Barbie in the fortresses I built as the structures’ masters is a found memory. Oh Legos, how I miss they!

----- Jaime 07.12.08 12:10

My favourite toy was my time machine. A piece of plywood with a little wooden knob that you could turn to one of three options; past, present, and future. There was also a “speaker” made from some screen that would normally go in a window.
I still have it in a box somewhere. Maybe I’ll do a bit of time traveling soon…

----- Elia 07.12.08 11:57

I had a totally awesome Megazord from Power Rangers. It could come apart and be put back together and everything.

----- Allison 07.12.08 11:38

Voltron yellow lion.

----- Evan 07.12.08 11:38

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures!!!
I had the whole set; it was so smart of them to have shells that could open so you could store their weapons in there hahaha

----- Kim 07.12.08 11:31

Tippmann 98 - classic paintball gun before all the full automatics came out. I had a long barrel with neat grooves and holes to help accuracy.

It took my through many awesome days in the woods with friends before I couldn’t play anymore because all my friends ‘grew up’. Sad times people. I need new toys.

----- Marc 07.12.08 11:24

Legos!! It made me an architect, town planner, dictator, creator & destroyer of worlds. What more could a kid want?

----- Ela 07.12.08 11:04

Definitely my My Little Pony collection

----- Jessica 07.12.08 10:58

The sit-and-spin!!!

That thing was amazing: you sat down on it and spun yourself in circles until thoroughly dizzy. Probably scrambled the brains of every kid in america (Sometimes I wish they made an adult version….I’m definitely still a kid at heart)

----- Casey L 07.12.08 10:54

I had this plush Glowurm with a plastic face that would glow in the dark/light up and sing lullaby’s. It was awesome.

----- drewie 07.12.08 10:48

Oh MAN, I had a sit-n-spin that I would play with all the time!

You know a toy is amazing if youre willing to keep playing with it, even after youve puked because of it. Best toy in the history of ever.

----- Brandi 07.12.08 10:47

My best childhood toy was the woods behind my house, there was always a new adventure to be had.

----- Trevor 07.12.08 10:44

I was so psyched about my talking ‘Julie’ doll.

----- Christina 07.12.08 10:42

gi joe

----- joe 07.12.08 10:41

Oooooh, a pineapple grenade! Doesn’t that sound like a killer summer drink?

----- Vex 07.12.08 10:39

My favourite childhood toy is definitely my lego set. I used to join lego competitions with my dad. We would submit these awesome castles with palm trees and parrots and pirates. That reminds me… where did I put those buckets of lego……

----- Jared Tong 07.12.08 10:36

i had a stuffed fawn with wire legs so you could make her stand up by herself… she wasn’t fancy but i loved her!

----- xue 07.12.08 10:22

My Fisher Price Construx kit. I made a car with a really long tower so I could run it around the house without actually having to be on the ground.

----- James 07.12.08 10:16

Do horses count? I grew up with 4 horses, started riding (western style) when I was 2 or 3. When I got tired of climbing trees, building forts, or making swings (that were probably not entirely safe), I would go play in the barn with the horses. If my dad were around, he would help me saddle mine up. If he wasn’t around, I would ride them bareback around the corral.

Our hammock was amazing too. Who knew a hammock could also be a bus, plane, fort, or jumping game? Of course, we stuck our legs through the holes like you’re not supposed to. Oops.

----- Catherine Chandler 07.12.08 10:11

I liked board games a whole lot. I still like board games a whole lot, actually. When I was sick, my mom would take me to my nannie’s house and we would play scrabble, clue, and pizza party all day long. We would take a break at 11 for The Price is Right and she’d usually make me some silver dollar pancakes too :)

----- Ellen 07.12.08 10:00

i was such a tomboy growing up. my parents didn’t have that much money to spend on gifts, but one year a relative from overseas bought me THE BEST present ever: Vultron Lion Action Figures!

----- KL 07.12.08 09:53

My favorite toy growing up were transformers. But my family was poor at the time. So my mom got me one of those knock off transformers and I was so happy about it… until I brought it to school and the other kids pointed out it wasn’t a real transformer…

I finally did get one though. I went to a friend’s birthday party. My mom came into house and commented how nice it was. Only for the host’s to reply that this was actually the “servant’s quarter.” I don’t think my mom ever quite ever lived it down. We lived in Miami.

----- Julius 07.12.08 09:51

my favorite childhood toy is the Transformers toys. It was awsome, part action figure, part car, and transforming them vice versa was a blast!

----- raptrex 07.12.08 09:50

When I was young my favorite “toy” was yarn, when my mom gave us one of those big balls of yarn, we would tie the end to something and then continue to tie it to anything and everything in the room. Then we would try to get through the “spider web” without getting caught. To this day it is still one of my best childhood memories, and I can’t wait to have kids and give them a ball of yarn to see what they can come up with.

----- Sarah M 07.12.08 09:47

my little ponies!

----- sandra 07.12.08 09:34

monchichi… anyone remembers?

----- polszki 07.12.08 09:28

my favorites were polly pockets. my dad used to buy them for me cause my name is paulette, and my nickname is paulie. now people call me paulie pocket, i have my little design studio called Pocket Studio(in honor to the name!) and i still have tons of them on display, even if people call me nuts and childish. (as well as designer toys). seriously, those toys had major influence on me!

----- paulie 07.12.08 09:20

These aren’t the kind of um, “toys” I usually play with, but please enter me. Wow, that sounded even dirtier, didn’t it? Enter me in the contest that is.

I freaking loved my Popples toys. Not the goofy re-makes they sell today, the serious 80’s toy from back in the day. Those little furballs were off the hook!

----- amber 07.12.08 09:19

lite bright!

----- jennifer 07.12.08 09:16

teenage mutant ninja turtles

they were the besttt!
played with them untill thy fell apart

----- jonathan 07.12.08 09:07

My favorite childhood toy was the ninja turtles pizza shooter and april doll (she was like finding a needle in a haystack in stores at that time!)

----- melissa 07.12.08 09:00

My favorite childhood toy was a figurine of spider-man… and don’t blame on me… lol, it’s a classic!

----- Joel 07.12.08 08:47

Play-Doh! Probably beats Barbie and My Little Pony hands down. You could do anything you wanted with it. I used to pretend I was setting up a restaurant and would design my own menu, make mini play-doh dishes and serve my parents (and make sure they liked it).

----- Jan 07.12.08 08:38


----- Denise 07.12.08 08:35

My favorite childhood toy was a small stuffted monkey that I named Mini-Monk. He was given to me when I was born and I played with him forever.

----- Better Off Ted 07.12.08 08:33

Favorite childhood toy: My oversized Gumby and Pokey dolls. I used them so much that their bendable wire skeleton was broken in multiple places.

----- vince 07.12.08 08:29

Micro Machines!

----- Jenny 07.12.08 08:28

my blue-billy-original power ranges action figure

----- miguel 07.12.08 08:27

my favorite chldhood toy would have to be my Rainbow Brite dolls. i had to have been Rainbow Brite’s number one fan.

----- Rebekah 07.12.08 08:23

Nintendo 8bit :)

----- Simone 07.12.08 07:57

These would be such exciting stocking stuffers!

I was a book lover as a kid, but Cabbage Patch Kids’ branding beat out my books— I was so impressed with the birth certificate, hospital id bracelet, belly buttons, and signature on the doll’s butt!

----- Katie 07.12.08 07:24

Lego Rocks!!!!

----- eltatodiego 07.12.08 07:18

Let me start off by saying that I could kick myself for letting my mother donate this toy!!! It was VINTAGE KENNER TREE TOTS TREE HOUSE, that looked like a tree, with an elevator, cool retro looking furniture and even a dog house! Check out the link for a .jpg shot of it http://www.ssb9.net/users/36101/dsp_100_4940.jpg I still miss it today!!!

----- tracy 07.12.08 07:17

My favourite childhood toy had to be Mighty Max playsets. Especially the massive castle. I loved the details and all the hidden features/traps. Ahhhhh good times..also G.I Joe 3 3/4” action figures were high up there. I remember me and my brother making our houses stairs into a snow-covered mountain (using bed sheets!) and pretending their was some terrorist organization hidden in the mountain…we had zip lines and parachutes..even skis!

I can’t wait until I have kids! hehe

----- Tom Lambert 07.12.08 07:06

this may be silly coming from a girl… but GI Joe!!
(the other kids in my cul-de-sac were boys)

----- mariko 07.12.08 07:05

My favorite toy was most probably the TMNT truck with a pizza launcher. Oh, the toy by itself wasn’t all that exceptional, but what’s better than shooting pizzas at your older brother? NOTHING! hahaha

----- Gab 07.12.08 07:00

My favorite childhood toy was always the Cartboard box
it was also my only toy
it could be anything and take me anywhere and if it broke i got a new one.

----- CRYSTAL STAR 07.12.08 06:53

I have always loved my GI Joe collection! I remember the countless hours playing with them! :)

----- noel m. 07.12.08 06:46

I loved legos!

----- vera 07.12.08 06:44

A bow and arrows—-because Shena of the Jungle had one and we lived in a rural area so the woods and vines were mine!! I could climb and swing from vines with the bow and arrows on my back and then attack unseen enemies! I aways won in the end. And I had a faithful pony, rooster, and dog that always accompanied me on my adventures! Great fun.

----- Melanie 07.12.08 06:43

Forget dolls, this female baby boomer adored her Lincoln Logs!

----- Anne 07.12.08 06:27

my Micro Machines ( small cars ) and coloring books.

----- Darren 07.12.08 06:24

My favorite childhood toy was a blue stuffed dog that played music. I carried that dog with me everywhere with me until I was at least 5, maybe 6. It didn’t matter what other toys I was playing with, he was always playing with them with me.

----- Tony 07.12.08 06:20

its a electronic toy piano my father buy. Really love it, i wish i had not broke it. So sad.

----- mikenj 07.12.08 06:16

Painted wooden blocks! Such a simple toy, yet they brought me hours and hours of joy as a child. Even now I can appreciate the aesthetic. There’s just something quite pure about them.

----- Mortphilio 07.12.08 06:15

My favorite toy was a Sleeping Beauty board game from the 50s. It belonged to my grandma so that made it extra special (since I couldn’t just play with it whenever I wanted.) A few months ago she moved out of her big house and into a new apartment, ditching a lot of her stuff as she went… and she gave me the board game! Yay!

----- brandy 07.12.08 06:14


----- Josh 07.12.08 06:12

My favorite toys were my Playmobils. Man, those things were awesome. Combine them with Legos and you’ve got worlds of opportunities :)

----- Nadia P 07.12.08 06:11

they would have to be lego’s and rc cars. ooo yea. :D

----- Hann 07.12.08 06:06

These are just so awesome!

My fav. toy was this blue stuffed dog called Funny Freddy and his ears, arms and tongue had wires in so you can bend and pose them and his eyes moved and his nose squeaked. It was the coolest toy!

----- SuzyCat 07.12.08 05:43

I used to love my Cabbage Patch Kids dolls and My Little Unicorn stuffed toys. I’d sleep with all of them together (around 7 of them) and I’d feel so nice and warm because I’d be totally surrounded! Until now I can’t sleep unless the bed is completely stuffed with random things, so my room is always a (deliberate) mess.

----- Kris 07.12.08 05:41


----- HoodieFreak 07.12.08 04:14

My favourite toy was my teddy “whitey” who I got when I was born.
He went on many an adventure with me. Once I accidently threw him out of the car window and screamed until we turned around to get him. Some kind stranger had picked him up and sat him up against a lamp-post to wait for us.

----- Emily 07.12.08 03:42

Hmmm….I guess my favourite childhood toy was Airfix

----- Jimmy Foo 07.12.08 03:41

I want all of these to be my favorite childhood toys

----- apol 07.12.08 02:51

hi, love those toys !

----- Charles 07.12.08 02:48

i liked a lot of toys when i was a kid but the one i loved most was this big carton box i found in our storage room. man, you can do a lot of things with it. one moment it’s a house then a car then a table for tea party.. i played with it for hours! just the box and my imagination. fun times.

----- vinyltoycollector 07.12.08 02:24

Great toys, my nephew would be so happy to have one of those. :)

Have a nice day everyone.

----- charlier Benjamin 07.12.08 02:12

Definately a box. When I was little, we always put up an artificial Christmas tree because my mom didn’t like cleaning up the fallen needles.One Christmas season, after the tree was put up, I squirreled away the giant (to me) box to the play room where I drew all over it to turn it into a griffin type bird with a hairbow. I’d “ride” my little monster bird & invite my cousins to fly on him (I liked hairbows but griffins only existed in the male variety in my head :P) too.

So we were the crazy asian family with a Christmas tree up until my birthday in June. Because that box was mine to sit in. Not that tree. Until it was my birthday where I’d get presents… then my pet griffin got turned into the Christmass tree coffin again :P

----- Andrea 07.12.08 01:34

cookie monster TOY

----- kirsten chow 07.12.08 01:19

I’m so in love with these! My favorite toy(s) when I was a child were my Barbies. Not so much the Barbies themselves, but the houses/cars. I didn’t like the dolls so much cause they’d end up naked with missing heads somewhere because of my brothers (they were cruel) but I used to actually wash the cars with a spray bottle of water and paper towels. I had a swimming pool/slide and I used to take it outside and turn it into a water slide with a water hose. One time I found a toad and I made it slide down the slide and into the pool. My mom freaked out!

----- ASHLEY 07.12.08 01:14

wuoaaaww I love theeeeese.

my favorite childhood toy was play-doh! and the creeeeepy crawler. those were sweet.

----- ela 07.12.08 01:05

I had the action figure Action Man, LEGO and Matchbox. Man, sometimes I want to go back in time :)

----- Alex 07.12.08 00:55


----- mari 07.12.08 00:51

My favorite toy was a doll that said “mama” which i got because my mother was pregnant with my sister. I walked around with the doll in my stomach frequently

----- annie 07.12.08 00:50

Kitty Kitty Kittens! They had a marble inside their gigantic heads that made them “purr.” Oh, I miss those. I love these, though.

----- Libby 07.12.08 00:47

All my parents heard of me over the day was the crunching noises of huge piles of legos being searched for parts I needed.

----- DrSweetscent 07.12.08 00:36

My favorite childhood toy is a Super Soaker 50

I put water and soap in and played exterminator

----- Myshta 07.12.08 00:30

I had a lot of the usual favorites, but one of the best IMO was M.A.S.K. I still have all of them too. Just thinking about this makes me want to go into the garage, pull them all out and play with them again. I wonder if my girlfriend would call me immature again. I don’t care, I know I’m not and she can’t have any of my toys either! Their mine, all mine!

----- DRalls 07.12.08 00:15

My favorite toys were legos. I wish I still had my collection because now that I think about it, I really want to build some stuff right now!

----- everybodycares 07.12.08 00:10

my baby monchichi!!!

----- sophie 06.12.08 23:56

my snoopy that i still have!

----- twinkerdill 06.12.08 23:41

my favorite childhood toy would have to be my brother , growing up i used to have so much fun with him too bad we arent kids anymore

----- levi montez 06.12.08 23:24

I had a Stretch Armstrong. When I eventually got bored of him I put him in the freezer then threw him on the ground to see what would happen. Ultimately, he broke into a thousand pieces. Then I cried.

----- mike 06.12.08 23:22

I bloody LOVED She-Ra dolls! I had a Voltron set too, and a Lite Brite, but the Voltron helmets got lost along the way and Lite Brite pieces are the most painful thing in the world to step on…so She-Ra with her flowing hair and cool accessories wins!

----- Lauren 06.12.08 23:06

I sort of liked all my toys for different reasons but it was always a treat to play with creepy crawlies! (Though I’d mix all the colors and they’d look like mud.)

----- b 06.12.08 22:51

Transformers ~more than meets the eye~

----- Jim M 06.12.08 22:47

I’d have to say my fav toys were my plastic dinosaurs as a child. Not just because some of them squealed or had removable wings, but because many of them were just the right size to wear my Barbie doll’s dresses. I had the best dressed dinosaurs in town.

----- Molly Ren 06.12.08 22:45

My favorite childhood toy was probably that one game where you had to fit all the shapes in the board before it popped up and threw them everywhere, like a time bomb. For some reason, it was exciting for me and my brother every SINGLE time it exploded.

----- greenbean 06.12.08 22:38

I’m pretty sure the doll was called Sally Spaghetti.
But one night I had a dream that I had her plastic spaghetti hair. It freaked me out so the next day I threw her away.

----- Sarah 06.12.08 22:31

Am I dating myself if I say tinkertoys?

----- Gloria 06.12.08 22:25

All things Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Pizza Thrower, the samurai version of Raphael and the rest, Shredder — Rocksteady and Bebop! My saddest memory is of a garage sale, at age 10, where I sold boxes full of these green figurines (and their associates). What I wouldn’t do to be able to give back the $22.60 I made that day!

----- Barrett 06.12.08 22:14

I can’t remember the name of it but it was this red triangle that you sat on. You put your feet up on the handlebars and wiggled back and forth to move. It was awesome. When i found it in the garage a few years ago i played with it again. best toy ever

----- nichole 06.12.08 22:11

My favorite childhood toy I still have today. He’s a rather ragged gray plush rabbit I got for Easter when I was eight. I took him everywhere with me that I was allowed to, had picnics with him, picked the violets in grandma’s lawn with him, and explored that creepy old haybarn with him. He also worked as a pillow for the looooong road-trips my parents would make (we’ve always traveled a lot. My mom has a severe case of wanderlust, which I’ve inherited.). His once-pink nose is now of faded and the fur is matted and stained, but I plan to keep him forever. He now sits in my bookshelf with many other stuffed animals, keeping an eye on me. :)

----- Meep 06.12.08 22:01

I had this wooden rainbow.

----- Al McDougall 06.12.08 21:59

My favorite toy would have to be micro machines the army addition! My brother and I used to have 3 hour wars with our armies. We would spend at least an hour setting up and then begin our epic battle! I would always win of course :) Now its all video games haha!

----- Khiem Nguyen 06.12.08 21:42

favorite all time childhood toy was my he-man sword. this sword was of course invisible until i was able to save my money as a youngster.

one traumatic day my mother found me weeping. my friend had “stolen” the sword away from me and it was unbearable and unforgettable. ;)

----- matthew harrison smith 06.12.08 21:42

I had this grey overall-wearing teddy bear that I named Charlie. I miss him.

----- insolv1niac86 06.12.08 21:38

This fat red hippo stuffed animal that I could ride around on.

----- Rose 06.12.08 21:34

I personally never went anywhere without my pillow. I didn’t care for dolls, but the case made it look like a cabbage patch doll. Now that I think about it, the case even had fake hair and shoe laces, lol.

----- Danielle S 06.12.08 21:32

Truthfully my favorite was this James Bond Jr action figure that had a parachute.

----- Richard Peña 06.12.08 21:22

My Storm Shadow action figure [the white ninja] from G I JOE. The original one were the joints were flexible.

----- thomas acciavatti 06.12.08 21:22

Cricket. She was a robot doll that you put tapes in and she’d talk, sing and tells stories. I used to make my parents set a place at the dinner table for Cricket, not just a couple times, but for about 3 years.

The fact Cricket was my first best friend might explain why I’m socially retarded as an adult.

----- Sue 06.12.08 21:10

I was a big fan of the Playmobile doll house…that, and I proudly owned all five Spice Girl Barbies.

----- Audra 06.12.08 21:07

I loved making shapes and spaghetti out of play doh. I didn’t really have many toys as a kid so I colored and drew a lot :)

----- Kelly 06.12.08 21:05


----- Teresa T. 06.12.08 20:59

Legos hands down

----- Kaeo 06.12.08 20:52

My favorite toy was the little figurine that came with the snacks. I remember it’s green and it looks like Gizmo from the Gremlins movie. Good times.

----- Don 06.12.08 20:47

I have to go with the stick. I had a few good toys but no matter where I went I could always find a good stick that could keep me and my friends happy for hours. Yup, good ol’ stick.

----- monty 06.12.08 20:47

The first generation yellow power ranger was my favourite!

----- Susanne 06.12.08 20:46

My favorite toys were my invisible friends (they were pokemon).

----- Claire 06.12.08 20:34

my fave childhood toy was my beloved glo worm….pound puppies and my little ponies came in a close 2nd. :)

----- Caroline 06.12.08 20:30

My favorite childhood toy was a coloring kit which came with dozens of different raised templates of faces and hairstyles that you created an image with by rubbing a crayon on top of paper with the templates behind the paper. Included in the kit was makeup to use to color your customized picture! So fun.

----- Kendall 06.12.08 20:24

I had a wooden marionette with a dog’s head, but the torso was a hot dog. The strings got twisted regularly, but the toy never really got old.

----- Lauren 06.12.08 20:23

hmmm, mighty max was awesome, all the tiny detail and microuniverses of ice, lava, or magus,….or was it magmus? the giant actionfigure that opened up into a set all of its own, really cool!

----- Yaco 06.12.08 20:21

its all about the glow worm baby! ;)

----- cherry 06.12.08 20:14

My favorite today as a kid was the transformer character who was actually a city with buildings and structures that transformed into a big transformer character…

----- Stacy B. 06.12.08 19:56

My GI Joe’s were unbeatable as a child. If not those then my Hop Counter! (the thing that went around your ankle and you would jump over and it would count!)

----- Evan Doyle 06.12.08 19:54

i loved LEGO when I was young. those provided endless hours of amusement.

----- elsa 06.12.08 19:53


----- rachel 06.12.08 19:51

Michaelangelo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles was the awesomest

----- kevin 06.12.08 19:42

My favorite toy as a little girl was a pink and white ragdoll that I called Sara.

----- Stephanie 06.12.08 19:38

I loved playing with my dinosaur set—it had four figures of each type of dinosaur. I’d do like, a small island or mountain with my Lego then play with my dinosaurs til my grandma called me for dinner :)

----- Aaron 06.12.08 19:38

It was a little red puppy-dog plushie that I named pudgy. I took him EVERYWHERE with me until he began to fall apart. Poor Pudgy…

----- rem 06.12.08 19:32

Lego. But not the fandangled version kids have nowadays with curves and gears and all that nonsense. good ole’ 8 stubbed bricks! maybe even in different colours and sizes if you were lucky.

I clearly never grew out of toys, since my studio is covered with labbits and dunnys and mighty muggs :)

----- Greg 06.12.08 19:27

I loved Tranformers toys and was really scared of Barbies coming alive at night to kill me.

----- mespotomia 06.12.08 19:26

My soccer ball!!

----- jeremy 06.12.08 19:20

Favorite childhood toy? I’d have to say the Lady Lovelylocks dolls and Pixies for your hair. They were WAY better than Barbie dolls!

----- Chinako Chino 06.12.08 19:18

A slinky provided endless entertainment when I was a kid. The fun factor of this toy has never ceased even after all these years. Slinky race anyone? ;)

----- Jennifer 06.12.08 19:17


----- Matt Flick 06.12.08 19:13

my favorite was BARBIE!!

----- Julie! 06.12.08 19:08

Lite bright,

and for sure the game Don’t Wake The Dragon. It was way better than Hungry Hungry Hippo’s!!!

----- Miana 06.12.08 19:03

LEGOs, of course! You can NEVER go wrong with LEGOs.

----- Tom 06.12.08 18:39

My favorite childhood toy had to be a set of lucite hexagon shaped “building blocks”. They were flat but had slits in ever corner so that they could be connected into amazing patterns. They had a stained glass look to them since they were all different colors and transparent. I loved loved loved them, I wish I still had them or remembered what they were called. They were great, something that would probably be sold at MOMA today.

----- Danielle 06.12.08 18:34

I was a avid Play Doh user. Ate it, played with it, stuck it in the carpet. Ya know….I still do it today but still.

----- Amanda Z. 06.12.08 18:31

My favorite toy was my rocking horse.

----- Gabriela 06.12.08 18:30

I had this tiny little stuffed mouse that came with a clock/home that you could stuff him inside. His name was Frenchie and he was my best friend for a good 5 years or so (I was probably 7 or 8). I don’t remember much but one day, I couldn’t find Frenchie and I looked everywhere around our house (and my grandma’s, lol) but never found him. I loved that little guy. ;_;

----- Josh 06.12.08 18:24

Do Goosebumps books count as toys? Because if they do, my favorite childhood toy was Goosebumps books. I certainly spent more time with them than with any Barbie. BUT, if they don’t, then my answer has got to be the Disney Charades board game. Loved it.

----- Meghan 06.12.08 18:23

Ha, My Little Pony dolls rocked my face off as a kid.

----- megan 06.12.08 18:19

my favourite childhood toy is mr. potato head!

----- Grace 06.12.08 18:18

my favorite toy when i was little was Legos! i used to build whole cities in my mom’s guest room. you couldn’t walk across the room without having to tiptoe between all of the buildings!

----- ashley 06.12.08 18:16

my sister’s barbie of course. the embarrassment i am willing to go through to win this contest…

----- Jason 06.12.08 18:09

My favorite would have to be Legos, they are classic. I had a pirate ship, some crazy space stuff, and all my creation I did by myself.

----- Mike O 06.12.08 18:07

Oh wow where do I begin? View Master, Snap bracelets, Slinky, and my all time favorite Etch A Sketch — I miss those days

----- Sara 06.12.08 18:03

Since I was 8 when the original Star Wars was released, my favorites from then on were any of the Star Wars action figures. The best Star Wars present I ever got was the Millennium Falcon.

----- Shelby 06.12.08 17:58

I was a lego freak!

----- Jessica Blackham 06.12.08 17:58

My “Man From U.N.C.L.E.” radio that transformed into a machine gun. Oddly disturbing, but you could dance to it.

----- Hillel 06.12.08 17:55

My favourite childhood toy was a wood helicopter kit, you could use it to make EVERYTHING =D

----- Susan Liang 06.12.08 17:49

mighty max!

----- jacob 06.12.08 17:47

Those Ninja Turtles whos arms always came off. I had some fun with them. And their van. I think there was a Shredder too..

----- Allison 06.12.08 17:45

My Stretch Armstrong dried up and broke a couple weeks ago, now I have NOTHING to play with :( Please donate to my cause.

----- Nat 06.12.08 17:44

I was a Legos lover. My brothers and I would build an entire Lego city and play for days on end….until they had G.I. Joe come in and ravage the city. Then it started all over again :)

----- Kristin 06.12.08 17:38

not that i would really classify them as toys, but lego.

----- dylan 06.12.08 17:36

Favorite toy is….Big Jim!

Or maybe Shogun Warriors…LOVED my Getter Dragon Jumbo…


----- darren 06.12.08 17:36

I was all about the baby dolls, I use to think they were real and would cry whenever my brother would throw them around.
I later progressed to Polly Pockets and would play with them with my friend who had a million of them!

----- Lisa 06.12.08 17:29

I had a Wedding Fantasy Barbie given to me by the hospital after I got out of surgery when I was 3 years old.
My first barbie ever and I loved it to death :)

----- Tiffany 06.12.08 17:28

The dollhouse I had because I liked making accessories for it

----- Julia 06.12.08 17:28

My fondest memories is of my Care Bear plushie. Sunshine bear made me into a sunny, happy, smiley person today. :P

----- Jane 06.12.08 17:21

I had a Snoopy plush doll and Snoopy suitcase I carried around everywhere. Which is funny because I was more of a Woodstock fan.

----- Chris Fuller 06.12.08 17:16

frogs. real live frogs. forget imaginary friends.

----- Katherine Murphy 06.12.08 17:13

My favorite childhood toy was the Animal toy truck.. it had Yellow Lion CLAWS in the wheels! Every time the commercial would come on with that catchy jingle at the end.. ” Nothing can stop *Dooo Dooo* *Dooo Dooo* The Animal” my mother would run b.c she knew I would run to her pleading to get this toy.. finally I got it for Christmas!
I found a link for the commercial! anyone else remember this?! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5W4MYJt8c4w

----- Paul Octavious 06.12.08 17:10

My favorite toy as a kid was my own imagination…playing outside with that was more fun than any other toy could ever be.

----- Dana Galbraith 06.12.08 17:01

my favorite childhood toy had to be the scrabble.

yeah….i was a bit of a geek.

----- Bernard 06.12.08 17:00

Barn yard commandos!!

----- Tommy Hawks 06.12.08 16:58

At the top of my list of favorite toys when I was little was the Tree Monster guy from the Inhumanoids. Frequently he would win out in my staged battles against superheros, transformers, and even Ninja Turtles. I mean… he was a friggen TREE MONSTER… thus heralding my later love in life for JRR Tolkien’s Ents and Environmentalism, i guess?

and look, i have photographic proof of me as a child trying to imitate my favorite toy: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hungryghoast/67036229/in/set-1438391/

----- Ghoast 06.12.08 16:57

I used to really enjoy playing with a plastic dinosaur when I was a child.

----- Scott 06.12.08 16:56

I loved Crocodile dentist!

----- Jeany 06.12.08 16:50

I came to America when i was 7 and I didn’t know any English or had made any friends yet. My first toy in America was a stuffed penguin that was given to me by someone to welcome me.
it’s been my favorite toy just because of that and i still have it now.

----- grace 06.12.08 16:50

I think my favorite childhood toy would have to be one of those famous red wagons. gahh. I miss that thing. it was cool how it stayed red too. I think my cousin has it now. :)

----- Victor 06.12.08 16:46

my favorite childhood toy was the barbie. I had like four different RVs and a house and a special armoire. A whole bunch of different stuff to make my barbie world complete.

----- Christi 06.12.08 16:44


----- Tania 06.12.08 16:38

It have to be my Legos. I’d spend hours building cars and jets spaceships. Actually I never gave that up. Now I do that with my own son.

----- Ryan 06.12.08 16:37

Oh, I’m still in love with two plushes, one is a big brown dog called Sansone (with a button as nose) and the other one is a turtle, named Tartugo. I played with them in all the way you can imagine!
ps:today it’s my birthday!

----- paola 06.12.08 16:35

Love that banana in the helmet!

Fave toy would have to be a lego super starship I made myself. Then one day my sister was at the top of the stairs and threw it at me. When it shattered I was never the same.

----- aldo 06.12.08 16:34

Have to agree with Aaron: LEGOS were the best! I would always build the kits, and then take them apart to make my own things.

----- Joe Wasserman 06.12.08 16:30

My favourite chilhood toy was undoubtedly a tender raccoon plush I named Gigi.

----- Knivez 06.12.08 16:25

my favorite childhood toy (that i vividly remember being broken/trod upon by learning to walk little brother) was my speak and spell machine.

----- butterfrei 06.12.08 16:22

I loved these cardboard bricks I had; I would stack them inside door jams so nobody could get through.

----- Hilary 06.12.08 16:18

i had the snuggles bear, who is the mascot/trade character for snuggles detergent.

----- nate 06.12.08 16:16

Favorite toy? Hmm, that game with the two rods at a downward angle. A ball bearing sits at the bottom of the rods where they come together and the goal is to pull the rods apart in just such a way as to “draw” the ball “uphill” towards you.

----- Jason 06.12.08 16:14

Legos were definitely the coolest!

----- Ben 06.12.08 16:13


----- jeff cheung 06.12.08 16:12

My favourite childhood toy was this blue elephant that wore overalls and red pants.

I’m still a kid at heart and these toys would make a nice addition to my collection of designer vinyl toys.

Other toys that were awesome - pogs, devil sticks, yakbaks, sega, smurfs, tin tin, tweety bird and of course yo-yos

----- Rosanna U 06.12.08 16:09

I LOVED glow worm as a child… I wish they’d bring back simple toys and dolls. There is way too much crap on the market now days.

----- LMD 06.12.08 16:08

Colour pencils and paper, for sure!!! I would sit for hours and hours, draw pictures and go on talking about the stories behind them out loud. Paper dolls, selfmade books, magazines, puzzles, advertisements, gifts for others :)

----- Liisa 06.12.08 16:08

Um, I think my favorite toy was a Playmobil castle. It was given to me in order to compensate for Santa’s inability to find a Disney princess stationary set. Needless to say, the castle was much more awesome.

----- Dani 06.12.08 16:05

As a little girl growing up in the 80’s… For sure I was a HUGE fan of Strawberry Shortcake, her pink cat Custerd, and all her gang.(I had to have everything related) Apple Dumpling, Blueberry Muffin, Cafe Olé, Crepe Suzette, Lemon Meringue, and the rest. And yes I…I hated the mean Pie Man and his awful strawberry stealing crows, and my first love was Huckleberry Pie, LOL :p

----- Elaine 06.12.08 16:02

Does the good old NES count as a toy? Otherwise I’d say my Ninja Turtles got into some mighty fine adventures.

----- Patty 06.12.08 16:00

My favorite was my Lincoln Logs, which were my dad’s when he was growing up. They were awesome, and it was neat that my grandparents saved them for their grandkids.

My least favorite - the game Operation. It scared the crap out of me!

----- Emmie 06.12.08 16:00

My sister made me a pillow as a present when I was a kid..I hugged it every night when I went to sleep.

----- Alice 06.12.08 15:58

Hello, these are adorable! My favorite childhood toys were legos. I loooved them, and still buy them as a grown adult. My sister found a lego pirate-ship in ValueVillage a few years ago, and we have to share ownership of it because we love them so much.

----- Katie 06.12.08 15:53

My favorite childhood toy was LEGOS! I loved building things without reading the instructions or creating structures of my own - which may be the reason I am now an architect.

----- Sinking Cities 06.12.08 15:50

the best toy for me when I was a kid had to be my big wheel. nothing was more exhilarating as a child than going what seemed like a thousand miles per hour down my street, and doing a drift around the corner. it was simply amazing.

----- wayne 06.12.08 15:48

pick me!

----- boz 06.12.08 15:47

I had a newborn cabbage patch doll, whose name was Liza. She had no hair and was a life saver (according to my mother) when my sister came along. I would fuss with her and try to breastfeed her as my mom breastfed my sister. She did not have hair that grew or eyes that shut or anything. She was just lovely in a little pink terrycloth pajama.

----- Kim D 06.12.08 15:46

Legos were my favorite. They’re tough to beat for a toy that sparks imagination. You can build just about anything you’d want to play with - if you’ve got enough bricks.

----- patguy 06.12.08 15:43

me wants one for my daughter!

----- Sung 06.12.08 15:37

My favorite childhood toy was kitchen littles! :) I still have some of the sets.

----- Deidra 06.12.08 15:29

I always loved playing with the really big boxes that some toys came in.
HOURS of fun.

----- Kevin 06.12.08 15:24

I loved playing with legos when I was younger. I love the Knight sets and the Pirate sets. They were the best.

----- Daniel 06.12.08 15:22

Lego, of course!

----- Le Sceptique 06.12.08 15:22

My favorite holiday toy was my ragdoll Peggy Penny Pennticot. She was my best friend.

----- Carolyn G 06.12.08 15:21

My favorite childhood toy was a white hula hoop with orange stripes. I mastered the art of hula hooping in less than a week when I was four years old: my grandma was in the kitchen cooking and had gotten used to the sound of “whoosh-whoosh-CLATTER” (the clatter from the hula hoop dropping to the floor), but then the sound suddenly became “whoosh-whoosh-whoosh-whoosh..”! My grandma rushed out of the kitchen and knew even before I did that I had learned how to hula hoop. From that day on, the hoop and myself were inseparable. Strange thing is, I’ve never thought about moving to Hawaii and taking up professional hula as a career :)

----- Xuan 06.12.08 15:21

One of the best toys I had were Nickelodeon Moon Shoes. You strapped them to your feet and were suspended in mid-air by industrial strength rubber bands and could bounce around. I still recall the *clomp clomp* sound they made when you walked and how strange it felt to walk again once you took them off.

----- Rachel P. 06.12.08 15:20

I loved playing with Ninja Turtle toys

----- matt 06.12.08 15:15

definitely had to be my Ewok village…. seriously, how can you top that?

----- Jesse 06.12.08 15:13

Julie West really makes fresh new designs in a time when you think everyting has been done already…

I just love Julie West (her toys).

----- Piet 06.12.08 15:13

underdog for sure

----- dave 06.12.08 15:12

Wow, they’re beautiful..! My favourite childhood-toy would have to be my Breakdance Donatello action figure that could spin on it’s back.. My grandfather brought it home from London, and I loved it!

----- Benjamin A. Wendelboe 06.12.08 15:10

I had few toys that my brother and sister didn’t steal so what I played with the most was my invisible pinto pony! A couple of years ago I asked my son if he had any invisible friends and he thought I was crazy. I explained the importance and limitless joys of a healthy imagination, and a few days later he came running up to me at the local playground to show me his new friend ” Stick With Nail”. I think he would looooooove these!

----- Rick 06.12.08 15:08

Favorite childhood toy, eh?

My amazing wooden train sets were certainly my absolute favorite toys!

----- Collin Banko 06.12.08 15:05

My favorite toy was definitely a teddy bear my grandma gave me after my house burned down when I was 3, before she passed away a few years later. I slept with that bear every night for 10 years.

----- Twiggy 06.12.08 15:04

It’s very difficult to pick just one (Wuzzles Colorforms set, Legos, Speak and Spell, Alfie, Koosh ball, Fisher Price Little People, Shrinky Dinks…). But, I think my favorite was the Care Bears tape recorder with microphone.

----- karen 06.12.08 15:04

My favorite childhood toy? Rock vs. Stick©. No matter who wins, violence rules!

----- kevin 06.12.08 15:04

I red plastic shovel. (i grew up in wisconsin, lots-o-snow)

----- Matt Messner 06.12.08 15:02

favorite childhood toy of all time…LEGO! actually i’m still looking for an excuse to buy legos, but my favorite is a spaceship that i had that can come apart into three different sections.

----- edgar 06.12.08 15:01

My fave toy was my stylophone (little electric organ you played with a stylus, might have been UK only) i loved that thing but couldnt play a tune on it to save my life. Yet, for some reason, I thought i was the second coming of mozart or something. One day it was gone, searched everywhere for it and was gutted by its disappearance. My father explained years later he had hidden it in the loft (attic) as i was driving him slowly crazy. I recently did the same to a musical telephone toy my son wouldnt leave alone. I guess this kind of childhood toy-trauma is to be passed down to another generation :D

----- emargee 06.12.08 15:01

Hands down it had to be my rolly poly apple with the jingle bell in it!

----- Simone 06.12.08 15:01

Its funny because I had every cool toy of the time when I was a kid, but I loved to play with VHS tapes! I used them like blocks, I would build houes for my other toys. I would create long domino-like trails, and elaborate designs and then I would nock them over!
i want a new toy!

----- Kirk 06.12.08 14:55

Strawberry Shortcake Dolls. They smelled so good.

----- Shelly 06.12.08 14:53

Perhaps my favorite only in retrospect, but I had this voice controlled robot that was intended to perform multiple tasks. Instead every command was interpreted as “search and destroy” in which it launched a serious of nerf-style missile attacks on the household pet.

----- Mark Michon 06.12.08 14:48

Lego Bricks… Still my favorite!!!

----- TQ 06.12.08 14:47

Either my LEGOs or my matchbox cars!

----- Kerk 06.12.08 14:45

my nintendo. before that it was an intellivision.

My family was white trash.

----- melissa engle 06.12.08 14:44

My favorite childhood toy was definitely my cat. She fit almost any size doll clothes, could storm lego castles, loved to play monopoly, and was the best cuddle toy when it was lights out time.

----- Lucia 06.12.08 14:44


----- laila 06.12.08 14:41

My favorite toy was an alligator xylophone. I used to bang on it all the time and I drove my mom crazy.

----- Thandiwe 06.12.08 14:39

My entire TMNT set was awesome.

----- Tien 06.12.08 14:38

My favorite toy was a Sit n Spin.

----- Tangelia 06.12.08 14:36

Pogs were number one for me!

or the ghostbusters fire station, anything with ooze in it = cool.

----- Adam 06.12.08 14:36

My Favorite Childhood Toy helped raise me to be the boy I am today. Thank you Original Nintendo Entertainment System!

----- Jason 06.12.08 14:35

I had a wooden railroad with trains that rocked my world!

----- Kirstin 06.12.08 14:35

hmm. dirt!?

----- Erik Dahl 06.12.08 14:32

I loved Polly Pocket!

----- Arezu 06.12.08 14:31

I really need a toy. Bad. I have been very, very good this year!

----- Matt 06.12.08 14:21

I loved playing with LEGOs. The real kind… with bricks…not the new “LEGOs” that essentially come pre-built!

----- aaron 06.12.08 14:21

The best childhood toy was the lite bright!

----- Kevin Phan 06.12.08 14:17

Oh, I was crazed for cabbage patch kids!

----- rachel 06.12.08 14:16

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