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Frankie’s Tiki Room Mugs- 01.07.09

tikiglass1.jpg The 8 exclusive ceramic tiki mugs of Frankie’s Tiki Room are exquisite by any tiki loving standards. I showed you the space here, and the mugs and stirrers deserved a post of their own! So here are some close ups in the hotel room, and on the next page you have to check out their backs, close ups of the stirrer, images of all of the mug designs, and the adorable menu illustrations of them too!

The exclusive tiki mugs are purchasable online for $15 each! And really they are so so awesome we might have to buy more. But if you go in you can get them for $20 with a drink (drinks normally $8)







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I gave these as part of a tropical gift basket along with other items. For the price these were well made of heavy ceramic. They were glazed in bright colors and each tiki had a different expression. I would recommend these as a gift or a nice addition to a tropical bar theme.

----- Jenna 19.06.14 05:36

Not sure what to think of the skulls, could have used an image a bit more pretty?

----- Jimmy 16.07.11 02:09

Your mugs look great!

Are the skulls on your drinks menus the number of braincells you lose once you sample your potent concoctions?

----- Dave Buchan 14.07.11 13:06

back links are super cool thanks to angela

----- shaizal 13.12.10 04:23

Wow I love these—are they still available somewhere?

These would be awesome for my drink “Malibu-YAO” which is grey goose and malibu mixed together.

----- Bien and Robinson 13.09.10 12:55

wow these are beautiful. Such skill gone into making them.

----- Catherine 22.06.10 15:05

Holy crap! Those mugs look awesome! If I had one of those I couldn’t bear drinking something as plain as water from them. :)

----- zhu zhu 25.11.09 04:31

I’ve been working and managing restaurants for the better part of 15 years and these items are genious!

They carry strong memories and instill a desire to patronize the place in others. I mean honestly if you saw a friend of yours with one of these mugs, you’d definitely want to check that place out when you went to Vegas.

Way to go Frankies!
Andrew Brinkworth

----- Andy 30.06.09 20:58

These tiki drinks and mugs both look amazing.

----- Patricia 14.06.09 23:34

These muga are amazing and I am going to start drinking Tiki drinks for these mugs.

----- David 14.06.09 23:33

Cool, these mugs look great. I was trying to read some of the Tiki drink mixes to see if I liked anyway. I’ll skip the rum and try anything else! Think I might have to buy some of these.

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----- Tim 12.05.09 13:02

Tiki mugs! Perfect chilled, with Malibu! Reminds me of travels to the south…

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----- Casey 27.04.09 12:23

I LOVE those mugs because they are unique and you don’t find them just anywhere. :-)

----- Parvez 13.04.09 01:10

Looks like I will have to start drinking Tiki drinks. I LOVE those mugs because they are unique and you don’t find them just anywhere. :-)

Angela from Aberdeen


----- Angela 11.01.09 14:30

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