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Shag’s Vice Tester- 01.07.09

vices0.jpg So for some background ~ i’ve been in love with the work of Shag since i was a kid (early high school perhaps?) ~ and to stumble into Frankie’s Tiki Room upon the suggestion of Hugh at Unica Home, and then to see not only all the amazing art/interiors, and the exclusive mugs… and in the corner there is this playful “VICE TESTER” machine calling out to me… and as i get closer, the whole thing is covered in Shag’s illustrations! Every single side of it and all the options too! It’s only getting in to the hotel and hooked up to some wonky internet that i got caught up on all things Frankie’s Tiki Room, including the little snippet on their site that says “And the ‘Vice Tester’ carnival game, designed and built by Shag, must be seen to be believed.” It’s no joke, you really must see it… and since i can’t show it to you in person, on the next page you will see a bunch of pictures of every side of it as well as a little *sideways* video (sorry, we did what we could between the very dark bar and the very strong drinks)…

I popped a quarter in, grabbed the handle as instructed, and apparently my vice at that moment was “drugs”… and i love that lincoln quote on the side “It has been my experience that those who have no vices have very few virtues”… so anyhow, go see the pics and vid on the next page!!!

Here’s the corner of the room it’s in…

Here’s a close up from the above pic…

Isn’t it amazing??? Your vices can be: “You are without vice”, booze, greed, bad television, sex, tobacco, drugs, shopping, smut, or gambling… which is yours?

Only 25 cents! And it has LITTLE GOLDEN CLAWFEET!!!!!



Devilish angels float on both side panels…

Love the question mark…

Here’s a little *sideways* video dan shot of me with the 5D MarkII… just to give you an idea of it lighting up and what not…

And here’s what i got… apparently my vice is drugs… i would have though shopping maybe? or bad tv? and shouldn’t someone add INTERNET to that list of vices? Also, on fun details ~ look! he even has prada, louis vuitton, and dolce & gabbana on those shopping bags…

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I didn’t even know about this! I love shag, hence my tattoo :) I’ll have to go check out Frankie’s.

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