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Greece is for Lovers: Hooker’s Delight- 01.22.09

hookers1.jpg As spotted first at Today and Tomorrow ~ the Greece is for Lovers “Hooker’s Delight” is an interestingly misleading name (if your mind naturally leans that way) ~ for a fun martini glass design perfect for the fishermen in your life! Talking about living dangerously ~ you may hook yourself at any moment… or on the flip side, your olive can’t go far when its attached to the stem! See more images of this pretty, playful design on the next page!







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Wonderful concept; being “hooked” on something as addictive as alcohol. Also, very simple and elegant.

----- Julie 31.01.09 13:44

I’m heading to shop tomorrow :)
Other stuff are also cool

----- Bojan Babic 23.01.09 05:36

LOVE them, at first I thought the hook had a catch at the end, and if you pop the olive into your mouth with the hook and try to pull the olive off that you might cut yourself, but now that I see the hook is clean and easy to pull things off. It makes the glass goreous and functional, and fun.

only issue is if the hook is hanging off the edge, and your hand in between the chain then stem, that when you set the glass down and pull away you might pull the glass down and spill your drink…but other then that its awesome.

----- hrhkat 22.01.09 23:39

Um, I am afraid. That looks dangerous and scary.

----- Katee 22.01.09 19:42

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