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Spy Museum: Deny Everything- 01.23.09

spy1.jpg Spy schwag!!! Ok, well not quite schwag, and i’ve been holding off on this post until these gifts are opened by the birthday boy… (wouldn’t want the post to ruin the fun!)

So one of the highly recommended (via Twitter and Facebook) must sees in DC was the International Spy Museum ~ and it was so fun! Unfortunately no pictures allowed, and while the beginning was questionable (pretending to make you memorize things and move from room to room on their schedule) ~ it opens up quickly and had some great displays and interactive stations throughout! SO much imagery wish i could have taken pictures of to share! But what i CAN share is some of the fun goodies i found in their impressively stocked store! (You can shop online too, but not nearly as much stuff) My favorites that i couldn’t resist… their DENY EVERYTHING one way mirror like shot glass and the magnetic bottle opener logo guy ~ so stealthy, so classic! Also, how nice is the graphic design of their tickets? See more closeups on the next page… and their James Bond Credit Card Lock Picks i just found in their store too!!!






This is a pretty sweet James Bond Credit Card Lock Picking Kit… check out the intense legal terms of sale!!!

It is the sole responsibility of the BUYER not House on F Street, LLC d/b/a International Spy Museum and/or its’ employees, board members, vendors to ascertain and obey all applicable Federal, State and Local Laws regarding purchase possession, and use of lock pick kits. Customers ordering lock picks & lock pick sets should contact, consult and comply with their local law enforcement with respect to legalities of owning and using lock picks and lock picking devices.

By placing an order the buyer certifies that: he/she is of legal age and that the items will be used in a lawful manner. House on F Street, LLC d/b/a International Spy Museum and/or its’ employees, board members, vendors assume no liability associated with product purchase, possession and/or usage of lock pick kits. The buyer is liable and responsible for any loss, damage or expense of any kind, arising from the use or misuse of lock pick kit(s) purchased herein.

By placing an order the Buyer certifies that they are one or more of the following: a bona fide locksmith, lock distributor, motor vehicle dealer, lock manufacturer, motor vehicle manufacturer, law enforcement officer, active duty military, professional fire fighter, and/or a bona fide purchaser for one of the aforementioned. International Spy Museum will not replace or reship lock picks if confiscated by customs or law enforcement agencies.

It is the responsibility of the customer to educate themselves on the legal issues regarding ownership and use of lock picking tools.

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5 Notes

I absolutely love that shot glass….I tried going to the online store but I couldn’t find it…thats sad..

----- Sandra 11.02.09 07:25

Very cool stuff — next time you’re in south Florida, check out the Spy Store in Delray Beach as well. Tons of cool electronic gadgets and gizmos in a sleek loungy environment.

----- Tommy Pez 27.01.09 07:58

Oohhhhh, we were SO close to going there the weekend before the inauguration too! We had been walking around Chinatown & stumbled across the museum but it had just closed, even the Gift Shop! Curses, foiled again. Might have to plan a trip down & take our nephew, kids love spy stuff right?

----- The Slapster 25.01.09 09:07

I was thinking spy camera. Wear a hat with a brooch on it that happens to be a camera, etc. However, if anyone would be on to that, it’d probably be the spy museum.

----- marcia 24.01.09 10:34

I loved this museum when I was there. They has great merchandise in their gift shop, the exhibits were fantastic (loved the Soviet one and the female spy rooms) and so much was interactive.

----- Amelia 23.01.09 14:39

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