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Jay Ryan’s Posters- 01.02.09

hum0.jpg Wow. OMG Posters just turned me on to the amazingly inspiring and beautiful posters and illustrations of Jay Ryan and The Bird Machine ~ his incredible print shop of Skokie, IL. His latest work is this pair of NYE posters for HUM (and they just went on sale this morning!) ~ and i was so smitten by the gorgeous color palettes and sketchily playful yet serious potrayal of all the creatures (with a paul smith like striped background), i just wandered through his 13+ years of portfolio gallery

I’ve found that his animal works are the most inspiring to me ~ so i’ve rounded up a bunch of my other favorites on the next page for you to browse ~ his 7 poster series for “Our Planet is a Blue Planet” is just beautiful! Also amusing as his animal stacks… from walrus heads to towers of farm creatures…








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I love his work that features animals. Specially bears and squirrels.

----- Seb 14.04.09 16:55

Two years ago I picked up one of his 17 year Cicada prints at Flatstock (part of the Pitchfork Music Festival). Last year he did a little seminar at the Museum of Contemporary ARt here in Chicago and we each got to make our own mini Jay Ryan prints. He’s a very nice and talented fellow!

----- Aubrey 09.01.09 08:21

the polar bear is the cutest thing EVER.

----- memo 05.01.09 00:30

Mr. Ryan is also a member of Dianogah, a great chicago band originally noted for their unusual line up (2 x bass and drums), although they’ve subsequently expanded their sonic palette.


----- Paul 04.01.09 22:16


----- rugenius 03.01.09 03:39

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