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Manifest Hope: DC First Look- 01.16.09

manifesthope00.jpg Wow. Yosi Sergant (along with his whole team at the awesome Evolutionary Media Group) and Shepard Fairey sure know how to put on a hell of an art show, raise spirits, and pull off this ridiculously nonchalant, humble adorableness. To both of them, CONGRATS!!! It’s been an absolute honor to be able to watch such influential folks put their powers to use for good in the election of Obama from such a close distance, and personally, their ability to bring the creative community together so strongly and visually has been mind numbing. Tonight was no different, as i come back to the hotel, mind spinning, and CF card loaded with over 150 amazing pictures i want to share with you from Manifest Hope: DC! So i’ve been sitting here trying to make sense of what to show you and how, without completely overwhelming you! So for starters this post gives you an overview of the space, the art, and the pins/stickers/posters… and more to come soon.

Manifest Hope: DC is absolutely incredible, regardless of how you may feel about Obama, or the visual idolization of our new icon ~ the quality of art in this show, and the amount of art in this show is absolutely stunning. The focus of Manifest Hope: DC is three themes… Manifest Change - Health Care Reform, Manifest Unity - Workers’ Rights, and Manifest Opportunity - The Green Economy ~ in fact 15 of these works were picked from over a thousand submitted in the online contest! So here we go… see the first 25 pics on the next page… and closeups of my favorites and a gallery of all of it coming up soon ~ baby steps, people!




























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22 Notes

Fantastic photographs. Really impressive.

----- jack hooper 18.05.11 03:05

Unbelievable artistic beauty in expressing one’s perspective of our new President!

I wish I was at the event.

----- Stephan G. Kouzomis 18.02.09 07:06

Why do so many people worship Fairey? Plain and simple his a manifest plagiarist - he has stolen works from others his entire career. His non-art is spawned from tracing works of true graphic revolutionaries, he attaches basic redundant treatments and signs them as his own. He takes advantage of a poorly educated public and a lack of respect from an art community that bows to profit over true heartfelt creativity. Read, educate yourselves http://art-for-a-change.com/Obey/ or here http://www.printmag.com/design_articles/MiltonGlaseronShepardFairey/tabid/492/Default.aspx

----- SFD 12.02.09 21:17

That is such a fascinating collection. I’d love to see it in person. Tell me, though, please, that the word “January” is really not misspelled on the window in the third picture down.

----- rebeccarae 27.01.09 20:16

Fantastic, thanks

----- Elaine Riding 21.01.09 14:50

I loved it! Thanks MANIFEST for the honor. BOTH my prints are for sale to benefit related charities— check out http://www.derekgores.com Thanks!

----- derek Gores 20.01.09 11:08

Gawd..this is perpect!.
Love itttttt

----- ELP 19.01.09 21:53

whoa, they did misspell January (Januray) on the 3rd pic! How embarrassing is that! Great art, too bad I don’t give a rats you-know-whatski about Barack.

----- Mark 19.01.09 14:57

Yosi, This looks simply amazing and I’m so bummed I missed it! I know how much time and effort you and your team put into creating this amazing exhibit. Thank you for this artistic display of hope.

I am so proud to be an American this week I can’t begin to tell you.

God bless!

----- Joy Kennelly 19.01.09 14:40

wow, really wish i could see this gallery in person . thanks for the pictures!

----- abhi 19.01.09 12:03

Oh my god…January is misspelled on the front window! 3rd pic.

----- steph 19.01.09 11:43

Happy Happy, Joy Joy! Changey Changey, Hope Hope! I get a warm fuzzy felling just thinking how America will be rainbows, lollipops and unicorns tomorrow! I’m going to go paint a picture about it!

----- Stimpy 19.01.09 10:24

I love the message, the possibility for a new day, and a better America. The niightmare may be over, and new visions will bring better times. The art has energy.

----- William Gross 18.01.09 23:16

Super fantastic congrats we are the change!!
One Love….

----- erin 18.01.09 20:00

Is anyone else as sick of all of this bad obama art as I am?

----- Mike 18.01.09 14:34

Besides the political impact Obama has. it’s also nice to see him allready so inspired by artists and designers. I just wish we had the same vibrant political leaders in Sweden :(

Looked like a really cool artshow, do they have an online store?

----- Christian Schaffner 18.01.09 11:39

loving the DC coverage. any chance there’ll be a notcot DC meet-up?!

----- julie 17.01.09 19:32

It took 2000 years, but finally, the planet has a replacement for Jesus. May all that’s bad in the world be righted by the annointed one. Praise be unto the Obama. Amen.

----- Don 17.01.09 11:09

Hello, I want to congratulate you on being the only site that I look at daily. I have loved your site from the first post. I write a small Blog myself on Art in Trinidad and Tobago. Sometimes I find Art in other parts of the world as equally interesting to post. I am writing to request the use of three of your images on the Manifest Hope:DC for a short post that I have written about the mystique of Barack Obama.
Thank you.

----- sexypink.wordpress.com 17.01.09 08:09

I wish this show would go on tour. Manifest Hope: NYC?

----- brett 17.01.09 07:28

Unbelievable cool!

----- Tobi_as 17.01.09 04:10

wish I could go see this. thanks for the pictures

----- Mitzi Y 17.01.09 02:05

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