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Obama’s Inauguration Parade Booth - 01.15.09

pres.jpg Firstly, omg its so cold… so when we headed over to Old Ebbitt’s Grill for dinner we couldn’t resist wandering by on the walk back to the hotel. (Ebbitts was established in 1856, and has a Beaux-Arts facade, mahogany and velvet booths and bars set in marble, brass and beveled glass.)… when we wandered across the street seating and portopotties were all set up, and it looks like they just got the huge booth for the Obamas to view the parade from up! The cop/guards were telling us that they even take the whole thing down the day of! So here are some quick pics we snapped with the little point and shoot, where we were sooooo cold we didn’t even want to take our gloves off… Although this is a few blocks from the hotel, unlikely we’ll get this close again on inauguration day, but pretty interesting to take a look at up close! Also see some pics of the white house behind it as well all on the next page…

I’m also taking this week in DC off from most work/email ~ so posts from me might be lighter, but i’m still editing posts on the other sites like usual…





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Thanks for the pics..they are great! As for what the cost is/was ….they would have to build it for either presidential candidate —- so necessary yes! Yes we can!

----- sparkle 19.01.09 07:03

Old Ebbitt Grill is the best!

----- Laurel 17.01.09 12:40

Great night shot of the White House. It was so cold here yesterday, I can’t believe you stopped to take these at night. Brrr!

----- Nate 17.01.09 04:29

Well, a simple Google indicates in the neighborhood of $150 million, but I won’t comment on whether it’s ridiculous or necessary.

Cool shots though, I live what would normally be 40 minutes North of D.C. and there’s NO way I’d go near the Capitol for the next 4 days. Have fun though, thanks for being the Eyes for us cowards!

----- The Slapster 16.01.09 12:32

Great shots of something that’s completely ridiculous and unnecessary. Wonder how many millions were spent on it.

----- dymebag 16.01.09 10:04

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