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NOTCOT Giveaway: Steelcase Leap- 01.06.09

giveawayleap.jpg UPDATE!!!: CONGRATS to Lisa in Clifton, Colorado who won the Steelcase Leap Chair!!! And huge thanks to everyone that participated!

CES time! And since i’m off to vegas in the morning, i wanted to leave you with this fun giveaway! Maybe if dan takes over and does some driving, i’ll even have time to approve some comments on the googlephone on the road!

The nice folks at Steelcase were so excited about the post about the Leap chair that they’ve offered to give one away to a lucky NOTCOT reader, and with generosity like that, how could i say no? This is pretty much the perfect gift/upgrade to kick off 2009 with ~ especially if you’re just getting back to work… this Leap might help make the work weeks go by a little more comfortably (and ergonomically!) While the base model retails at $850 and really its an investment in our bodies when we’re overworking at our computers… here’s your chance to win one!

So for this first giveaway of 2009 ~ i ask 3 little things of you ~ 1) What would you do with the massive box (it’s big, i could totally make a fort with mine!)? 2) What is your New Year’s Resolution? 3) How will the Steelcase Leap improve your life? For question 1, you should definitely check out the pictures on the next page… for a chance to win, you have until the 31st of January to leave a comment!

UPDATE: Some have asked for more details on how you win ~ well if you answer all three questions (yes, actually answer them, no gibberish or skipping some!) ~ you’re in the running!

So to win ~ here’s what we’re looking for in a comment:

Not that i need to give you hints on why the Steelcase Leap may fall into your new year’s resolutions…. but, apparently studies show that increased posture/comfort, increase productivity… my theory is that it also makes us all happier too! (which can’t be bad!)

The Leap comes in so many options ~ and the design and engineering behind it is even inspiring the future of Steelcase chairs as well as automotive and airline seating!
… for more pictures, closeups, and more ~ see my post about the Leap chair, and the Steelcase Leap microsite!

So, here’s a chance to win a Black Fabric Steelcase Leap, and kick off 2009 right! Just answer those three simple questions in a comment, and we’ll email a winner after January 31st!

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1.make some AWESOME cardboard slippers for me and my entire family, of course!
2.participate in critical mass every month, because the message is powerful-people can lead to a greener world.
3.comfort is a big deal for me. I spend the day walking and biking to school, so a nice STEELCASE chair to study for my majors in would be….TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! (but very very true if i win!!)

----- Natasha 31.01.09 23:35

1. I think that i would take the box and cut it up into canvases to create art to decorate my barren walls at my cottage.

2. My new year’s resolution is to study to graduate with honors this year and prepare for my LSATs to get into ucla.

3. The Leap Chair would help me to be more comfortable as i spend countless hours studying and studying and studying and studying and studying and studying and studying…

----- Maureen Macmanus 31.01.09 23:17

1. Cut Stencils.

2. Audience Collective line.

3. The computer is key to my design.

----- Mike Cuneo 31.01.09 23:14

1. Will probably be used for storage in the garage if it’s in good condition.

2. I’m supposed to be less of a slob and be more organized.

3. It’s for my girlfriend actually, cos she gets lower back pain, I think this chair will help her a lot. In case that doesn’t directly answer your question, I suppose she will be appreciative and I will get a reward of some kind… :)

----- Vincent Chui 31.01.09 22:25

1. I would paint it like a spaceship, so i could escape the most boring parts of my day.
2. To be a better father.
3. Being 6’5” and 300lbs, it would save my back from the torture of sitting all day long and feeling terrible at the end of the day. This in turn would put me in a great mood at the end of the day and I would be much nicer when I get home. The chair will save my back and my lifestyle. I’ll love it and so will my family. It will make me a better father.

----- ali sabet 31.01.09 21:40

1) Hide in it while my husband puts my new chair together.

2) To fit into a smaller than “massive box”.

3) This chair will help me get a lot more work done at my desk as I will not be cursing out my current chair any longer.

----- CATHY CULL 31.01.09 20:59

1. seasonal storage
2. lose weight
3. Make by back feel better.

----- Donna K 31.01.09 20:48

1. Clean out my closets and fill the box for the next church’s rummage sale.
2. Go on a diet. AGAIN!
3. Right now I think it would help my aching back. It has to be better then the one I’m now sitting on!

----- Beverly Metcalf 31.01.09 20:28

1) The cardboard box would be transformed into a giant pinhole camera.
2) I resolve to complain less about stupid or annoying people.
3) If I win the chair, my back will feel better. My neck will feel better. My wrist will feel better. I will be less annoyed by stupid people, so my neighbors will feel better (see number 2 above).

----- Nate 31.01.09 20:09

1) I think it would make a lovely sled for the kids…
2) I promised myself to try and laugh more and not let the little things get to me…. Like why is there a P&J sandwich on the wall????
3) OOooo Must I really tell you how the chair will bring world peace and save all humanity from WAIT hmmm errr I mean that my backside will love making a groove in that Leapster’s seat… I can just feel it now… oh poo that’s just the feel of the chair my hubby got for free…

----- Brooke 31.01.09 19:37

I will fill with items to donate to charity.
I want to read more books.
I have a very bad lower back. This chair will one hundred percent relieve me from these pains.

----- Jannet Tseng 31.01.09 19:34

) What would you do with the massive box? Storage!
2) What is your New Year’s Resolution? Hit the gym 3-5 days a week, and stick to the diet at least 6 days a week
3) How will the Steelcase Leap improve your life? I have a weak back. I’m trying to strengthen it with exercise, but excellent support at the computer would be very helpful!

----- Elizabeth Ray 31.01.09 19:08

1. Save it, just in case… Hovertown 2009!

2. My resolution is to transfer from community college and make my dad proud, and my sister jealous!

3. It’s an awesome chair, and if I owned it wouldn’t that make me an awesome person…. j/k

----- benjamin 31.01.09 19:03

1. I would bring the box to the school I work at. I work with children from different countries (this year, 11!) around the world - this would be great to display country flags - different languages (this year - 22!), self-drawings - I could go on and on - thanks for this chance.

2. My New Year’s Resolution this year - was not to make a New Year’s Resolution - I always seem to break them anyway - so, I just decided to try to eat healthier (in general) and to exercise a little more.

3. The Steelcase Leap will most certainly improve my life immediately because the current home office “chair” that I am using has a wheel that keeps popping out - I cannot tell you how many times I have actually been “tossed” out of this chair. We have tried a few different remedies but nothing has worked, so far, to fix it. The Steelcase Leap would be a dream come true!

----- ELSIE 31.01.09 18:52

Id make a lovely fort for my daughter to play in lol
My new years reso would have to be focus on my career and the steps I can do to advance
Am I allowed to get back to you on the last part please :) Id love to win it!!!

----- Marissa K. 31.01.09 18:48

1)I have 2 American Eskimo canines and they have been trained using cardboard. I would use the massive box to basically mess with their heads! Hehe.

2)My New Years resolution is to become a better 3D character animator! I’m busting my butt(both figuratively and literally)at home every night to build a better reel/portfolio to get work at a decent animation studio.

3)The Steelcase drafting stool would help out my life SO MUCH because my computer desk is a massive drafting board I inherited from my gramps(I paint and draw on it too). I’m basically in front of it all day. It is so hard to find a functional chair/stool for this beast! It would add a little contemporary to classic!

----- Frankus Maximus 31.01.09 18:35

1. It’s never too early to start planning…as I recall, the instructions for that biodegradable coffin (that I downloaded from the internet) require several large cardboard boxes…this will do nicely.

2. My New Year’s Resolution is to set aside more time to read books.

3. The Steelcase Leap has incorporated many features to give your back & arse some relief: you can customize many aspects of the chair to your particular body type for optimum sitting posture (i.e. Lower Back Firmness, Adjustable seat depth, Height, Depth, Width, and Pivot Arms so you can find a natural position that comfortably supports the wrists, forearms, shoulders and neck, chair’s back changes shape to support the entire spine.)

----- Brian E. 31.01.09 18:05

1.My son would probably steal the box from me to make another “rocketship”

2. To get out of debt!

3. It will certainly help me be more comfortable while sitting as I have back problems.

----- Leigh Nichols 31.01.09 18:02

looks fantastic!

----- Debbie Bannister 31.01.09 17:52

I would fill the box with items to donate. My New Year’s resolution is to organize my paperwork and my recipes. I need a good chair for my back.

----- Michelle H. 31.01.09 17:34

fort with kids
be healthier, and enjoy life more
I need a nice chair for my back

----- Liz C 31.01.09 16:37

Definitely play with it with the kids.
To work out almost every day. And I am on top of it.
I have arthritis so this would definitely help me!

----- carol 31.01.09 14:39

1. My recycling bin is taking over- I’m sure this college scene sounds familiar: about three weeks of plastic and glass bottles are neatly arranged around the bin, there’s about a square foot of kitchen space left. I would put all that in a box that would finally be big enough, lug it all to whole foods, recycle all including box, finally be able to walk in kitchen again.
2. I have never really made a new year’s resolution! I am attempting to call my parents more often, though honestly that resolution was made in an attempt to keep them from cutting off my phone bill out of frustration.
3. There are weeks when I’m glued to my desk studying, this would be a vast improvement over the wooden chair I currently have.

----- Lili 31.01.09 14:18

I’d set the box up in my side yard, cut windows and doors in it, get out a jug of markers and knock on my next door neighbor’s door - they have three small children who would have a blast with a box this size, and they’d decorate it all pretty with the markers, too. My resolution is to lose the weight I gained when I stopped smoking last year. The Steelcase Leap chair would help me be more comfortable while I’m working at the computer; I had back surgery when I was a kid and the chair I have now isn’t comfy to sit on all day.

----- Deborah R 31.01.09 14:02

I have eight cats. They love playing in cardboard boxes and clawing them up, which I love, because it keeps them from scratching the furniture. As much. So, I would put the massive box in their room, throw in some toys, and watch ‘em go nuts.

My New Year’s resolution this year, as every year, is to lose weight. I have toyed with the idea of resolving to gain wait, because my resolutions never work, so maybe a little reverse psychology would actually achieve results.

The chair looks incredibly comfortable. I have to say, though, that I’d probably ban my husband from sitting in it, because I think it’s because he leans so far back that the chairs we’ve had have become uncomfortable for me. I spend a lot of time at the computer, either working or watching movies, and a comfortable chair would help me feel better.

----- Auriette 31.01.09 13:52

1) Use the box for stashing all the paperwork I’m never going to get to…or a combination play house/fort
2) New Year’s Resolution - to stop having so much paperwork!
3) Improve my life by stashing all the paperwork which would lead to fulfilling my New Year’s Resolution

----- Garfinkle 31.01.09 13:30

I’d let my granddaughter play with it. My resolution is to lose weight. This chair would improve the life of my back because right now I’m using a kitchen chair at my computer. Thanks!

----- Susan 31.01.09 13:28

I would use the box to donate to charity. My family and I relocated from a cold climate to a rather warm all year climate. Getting rid of useless clothes for this weather would free of a lot of closet space. Donating the heavier clothes to Goodwill to be used for people who really need it. This box would be recycled for other purposes with the clothes.

----- Peter Grotsky 31.01.09 13:25

I would use the box to make a kitty condo, and a safe haven for my chickens to hide from hawks.
My resolution is to save more money and get a better job!
This chair would make my life better because I could make my sister totally jealous, as well as put the dining room chair back in the dining room. No arms….not a comfy chair at all. I would love a nice, comfy, chair to read blogs in :)

----- Suzanne 31.01.09 13:06

1.I would let the kids make a fort out of the box and color all over it.
2. I did not make a New Years Resolution, I don’t think I ever have either.
3. The chair would improve our joints and hopefully not split holes at the seams like the chair we have now.

----- Marion Burgess 31.01.09 12:44

I would use it to roll down hills. pure bliss

----- SHOCK 31.01.09 11:42

1. I would have my husband turn it into a space ship for our lovely grand-daughter!
2. I resolve to do everything I can to right our nation’s economy, and save our wonderful republic from socialism!
3. Love the “Leap Chair” with the full head rest! One could blog all night until she falls asleep and not wake up with a sore stiff neck!

----- Joyce Pawlik 31.01.09 11:39

1. Fill it with the other boxes of stuff around the house that we haven’t gotten to unpacking from our move. At least there won’t be so many boxes visible any more…
2. Not be such a lazy slug - actually unpack some of those boxes from the move, so there’s room for furniture….
3. like a new chair! So I can get rid of the one that has duct tape holding on part of the arm rest. You can have it if I win. Or maybe you’d better appreciate a video of that relic being heaved into a dumpster.

----- Pete K. 31.01.09 11:20

1) I would use the big box to store things in for the garage sale I’m having this spring - too much stuff, lots of it has to go!
2) My goal for this year is to finally get organized (see above). Everything in its place, etc. So if I need batteries for the remote, I know where they are in the closet instead of having to go buy more
3) This chair would help me to be more productive at work. I work form home, and sometimes it’s tought to be motivated to sit in a hard chair for too long. Thanks!!!

----- tanya 31.01.09 11:16

I would paint the box and turn it into a home for my cats. They love laying in boxes of all sizes.

I have no New’s Year’s Resolutions as I tend not to do them.

I believe the chair would help my posture when working at the computer thus eliminating back and shoulder pain.

----- Dee Anne Sweetapple 31.01.09 10:31

1. Recycle it
2. I resolved to work out more and I am doing that
3. Sitting at the computer for hours will be easier with this new chair

----- Gregory Ford 31.01.09 09:43

1. I would my granddaughter a playhouse out of it. 2. My resolution is to pay off my deby and improve my finances 3. The chair would improve my back health by replacing the cheap chair I am provided with now.

----- Buddy Garrett 31.01.09 08:51

I would hide in the box when I need some alone time.
I resolve to be more organized this year.
I would love this chair. My current one is not very comfortable. This one looks great.

----- Angie P 31.01.09 08:42

1 I’d let my cat play in the box—he’d love it.
2. My New Year’s resolution is not to make a New Year’s resolution
3. The chair would be better on my body than the one I have now

----- Ralph 31.01.09 08:42

I would cut the box up into hundreds of post cards, which I would decorate and mail out to lost acquaintances and old friends.

My new years resolution is to make changes in my life that bring happiness and success… don’t hold back!

I would give the chair to my boyfriend, of 5 years, who just last week quit his job in Virginia to come move to NYC, where I live in my teeny-tiny apartment. I think a steelcase chair would be a nice way to say thank you for taking a chance! It would probably also be a nice for him to have a great place to sit while searching for a new job!

----- Janet Crowther 31.01.09 07:39

1. I would make a sweet fort for my cat!
2. Get a cat!
3. I’m a budding Radiologist. Do you KNOW how much time I have to spend in a chair? This would change my LIFE.

----- Jeremy 31.01.09 07:08

1. I know the girls would love to make a fairy Cateel out of the box!

2. My New Year’s resolutions are to lose weight & make healthier meals for myself & my family.

3. The Steel Case Chair would improve my life because:
my old chair hurts my back & my legs go numb, also the arm rest hurt my elbows. Oh! The old chair I have now is also scratching up my desk…..when I get it it hits it.
The Shock lift is broke on this old chair to.
I weigh 200 lbs plus & I seem to wear out these cheap Walmart chairs so fast.
I spend 12 hours a day online & The Steel case Chair would lessen to discomfort & pain of sitting here all day!


----- Marcy Lynn Strahan 31.01.09 06:54

I would have to make that massive box into a cardboard house for my boys.
My New Years resolution is not to go broke this year!
The Leap chair would improve my life because I spend a lot of hours at the computer and this chair is awesome!

Thanks for the contest.


----- David Clark 31.01.09 06:53

1. Break it down lay flat on the floor for breakdancing.
2. Get back in shape to be able to breakdance on the broken down box once again after more than 8 years.
3. It would help get rid on my back problems from long hours of computer work and make my back suitable for breakdancing again.

----- Bren 31.01.09 03:14

My new year resolution is to continue losing weight, make more money an try and enjoy life smile or help someone once a Day.
Fantastic Giveaway, I need a new chair really bad. Happy New year.

----- K. Usher 31.01.09 01:28

wow. I want this.

----- A. CLAIRE NIKRAD 30.01.09 23:52

very cool

----- AMY N. 30.01.09 23:52

NICE! would love to own!

----- B. CYRUS NIKRAD 30.01.09 23:51

wow, what a neat idea. Brings quality in to the real world. Thanks!

----- BROM NIKRAD 30.01.09 23:50

I would make a hideout for my cats with the box.
My new year’s resolution is to get my house organized.
I work from home and my chair is shot! This would make me a LOT more comfortable!

----- Chrysa 30.01.09 22:16

1. My wife has old clothes that keep piling up in the corner of one of the bedrooms. Eventually, take them to a Salvation Army. I would put all her clothes and items we don’t use anymore.

2. I quit smoking last year cold turkey. So when that habit was cutoff, I had a craving for sweets. I gained a few “ahem” pounds. So, this year I have been exercising to shed the extra “me”.

3. I’m constantly on my feet all day working outside at the airport with all this jet noise blaring throughout the day. I don’t have a lazyboy or anything but when I get home, I check my email and pay bills online. A nice comfortable chair would help me relax. I just hope I don’t fall asleep when I’m paying bills.

----- Cesar 30.01.09 22:11

1. Take the box to school and let the kids have a “quiet place” to read or just relax.
2. New Year’s resolution-to get healthy.
3. I am putting this chair in my home office where my husband spends a lot of time. It will benefit me by him not miserable with back pain hunched over the computer.

Thanks for the giveaway.

----- Bev 30.01.09 22:07

I would fill the box with items to give away. We’ve just discovered a home for domestic violence victims and we’ve got lots of stuff to help them start anew!

How could a chair possibly make my life easier? Well, all sob stories aside, I’ve broken my back and have a real hard time working at the computer (never try to toss your 25 year old son into a swimming pool unaided). This chair is killing me and limits what I can do. Having a chair that is more supportive and eases the strain on my back will a) reduce the amount of pain medications I take, saving me money I need now more than ever; b) will allow me longer time at a desk to complete more chores (and do them better) and c) will allow me to give this terrible chair I have now to my grandson, who loves it! And what is my New Years Resolution? To figure out a way to lengthen my spine.

----- Rebecca 30.01.09 21:42

I would stack wood in it until it becomes frail and fall apart.
my new years resolution was to save all my receipts
Don’t know what it would be like to have a comfortable and beautiful chair, lets hope I find out

----- Dolores Olsen 30.01.09 21:29

1. I am torn between letting the kids play house in it or letting my cats romp around in the box darkness.

2. New Year resolution is to lose 15lbs!

3. I think this chair is just what the doctor ordered for my aching back!

ardy22 at earthlink.net

----- R Hicks 30.01.09 21:26

1. I would move into it, save some rent, and enjoy my new “green” house
2. Dedicate 20% more of my time to others
3. Considering that the box is going to be my new house, then the chair is going to be my vehicle. Hurray for eco-consciousness.

----- Eduardo 30.01.09 20:41

1. I would have my son use the box for working under his vehicle.
2. My resolution is to get more sleep by going to bed at the same time each night.
3.The Steelcase Leap chair will help me overcome having a nail/screw sticking in my rear from the present computer chair I am using which seriously needs replacing. lol I would not know what to do with a comfortable computer chair…..

----- Wendy McBride 30.01.09 20:05

one.] i would have to give the box to my almost eight year old brother, who is far more creative than i and could put a box to much better use than i could imagine.

two.] my new years resolution is to meet new people. im terribly reserved and want to open up to more people.

three.] i have this horribly uncomfortable wooden chair where i sit at my desk and write and do work. so obviously this chair would be a huge improvement.

----- Jade 30.01.09 19:45

Twas the all day meeting, when all through my house
Not a creature was stirring, not even my PC mouse.
The kids were in school, my spouse was gone too
As I booted my laptop to check what’s to-do.

Back-to-back calls await me all day
On a positive note, I avoid the highway
Headset turned on and keyboard in lap
These con-calls are boring; I yearn for a nap

But sit hear I must, on this old squeaky chair
It hurts my old back, and yes it’s threadbare
What am I thinking? I’ll just go to the store
I’ll buy a new chair, and I’ll pitch this eyesore.

I test all the chairs, there’s one winner indeed.
I’ve chosen the Leap chair as the one that I need.
It’s got levers and buttons and features galore
And five tiny wheels let me glide ‘cross the floor.

Now for the quandary, what to do with the box?
Make it a child’s imaginary Fort Knox.
Then re-use as a coffin for my old squeaky chair
Cart it away to end my home-office nightmare.

Now phone calls and spreadsheets and chats I can bear
Do you think it’s OK to fall in love with a chair?
The Leap is my savior; it’s so good to me
With no more back pain, a promotion I foresee.

I recommend the Leap chair for every workplace
From those wonderful elves who all work at Steelcase.
And what’s my resolution for 2009?
A second Leap for my spouse, ‘cause this one’s just mine

----- Lois Pedowitz 30.01.09 19:36

1. What would you do with the massive box?
I would insulate it with the bubble wrap (I’m hoping) that the chair will be wrapped in and use it as a sleeping pen to cut costs on heating during the night. Yay recession! Adventures all around.
2. What is your New Year’s Resolution for 2009?
To get lost in design and create heart-pounding art.
3. How will the Steelcase Leap help your life?
It will soothe my scoliosis! After reading everyone’s comments, there are so many financially-struggling people who work at the computer that deserve relief in their backs, not just me. Luckily, Steelcase is a pioneer in health-benefiting giveaways with results.

----- Julia 30.01.09 19:20

1. A couple years younger, I would totally go for the fort. More years back and I would without a doubt grab pens and markers and start my own puppet theatre. But as a soon-to-be university student, I would probably use it for packing and moving - to college dorm. Once there, I’d be building my own Wall-e look-a-like for art supplies storage.
Or, the alternative would be crafting doors and windows to create the ultimate heaven for my 4-year-old box-obsessed cat.
And when all the above is achieved, it’d get passed on to my mother to use as a table for her yearly garage sales.

2. Interesting, as I’ve actually never made any yet… I suppose,
- take up photography seriously
- start a personal blog
- drive safe
- be a better daughter

3. I spend a considerable amount of time in front of the computer either catching up on TV shows like the ever intriguing Heroes, or, creating designs and graphics and layouts. With a history of intense shoulder pain and neck pain from a car accident (hence the previous new years resolution), computer times do not serve me well. My shoulder tension and neck pain is incredibly unfortunate as I still have a loooong way to go in life working with computers. So the Steelcase Leap would be a chair that eases my pain and discomfort, and hopefully, decreases them in the long run.

Thanks for considering, and happy (late) new years!

----- Tee 30.01.09 19:17

1. I would use the box to build a house for my cats to hide hide.
2. My resolution is to find a new job!
3. The chair would help my life because I have two back conditions that make everyday life a complete pain! (: It might make sitting more enjoyable.

----- Liz Glowark 30.01.09 18:53

1. a new house for my dog 2.sleep more and worry less 3. my computer chair is an old kitcken table chair a new chair like that would be wonderful

----- tony davis 30.01.09 17:12

1. The neighbors have 3 little girls that are always looking for big boxes. They make castles with them. Or other things, but their castles are beautiful! If gave them this box, maybe they would let me help to make a new one.
2. My new year’s resolution is to read the Scriptures daily.
3. My back is a mess—and that is the diagnosis of the doctor. This chair would be great for relieving a lot of the pain.

----- Dorothy Spackman 30.01.09 17:07

1. Recycle it.
2. To spend less and save more.
3. it would be a better seat for my butt in front of my computer.

----- Rita A. 30.01.09 16:52

I would disasemble the box and then cut pieces out to resemble a house with a roof and then cut out doors both round and square, one on the front and one on the back and windows just the right size for a cat to look through or climb through. I would then paint the outside with trees, flowering plants, windows, etc. and then put it all back together for my Persian cats to play in. They would just LOVE IT!!

----- Brenda Caudle 30.01.09 16:23

1. Combined with an X-acto knife and ton of tape/cellophane, I’d make the world’s greatest portable drain cover ever seen by man. (Short version - volleyball on a wet island with an open gutter surrounding the court.)
2.My resolution is to be a better man in every way that matters. I got off to a decent start last year, but I can always do better. I’m still working my way back to “the best shape of my life,” and trying every day to see other’s point of view even when it clearly doesn’t jive with mine. Good progress - learned some interesting things.
3. You shouldn’t ask what this chair will do for me, but rather what it can do for you. I’m a second year medical student, and I’m planted in a chair studying roughly seveteen hours a day. (Your site is one of my ten minute breaks -yeah, I time them…) I live in a metal stackable chair normally reserved for small conventions. My back’s killing me. I can’t change how much I need to study, but a decent chair would go a long way toward a more productive education. And that helps us all.

Enough of that, even if it true. Love the site, thanks for all great study breaks…

----- N. Constant 30.01.09 16:12

1. I’m a design student. I’d use it for projects of my own and/or share it with my fellow designers. What we don’t use gets recycled.
2. To win a big ass lottery!
3. Given the fact that I am a design student, I spend a lot of time in front of my computer. The itty bitty chair I have now (which was being thrown out, so I got it for free) is too short for me. Aside from being generally uncomfortable, my legs frequently fall asleep (like my left one is now.) A new comfortable chair would provide fewer distractions from my school and design work.

----- Annette 30.01.09 15:57

1. I would most likely cut up the box into small pieces to sandwich my photography prints that I send out in the mail to ppl who buy my work.

2. My new years resolution is to become a better photographer and to cut down on my hamburger intake. I

3. Since the economy is lacking right now Photography for me isn’t paying the bills like it use to. So I’m back into freelance design mode. I wake up and roll into my uncomfortable chair by my bed sometimes taking a few breaks and returning to the chair.. and I’m their til night fall. It would be amazing to have this leap chair because iwhen I’m doing mundane freelance work atleast im seated in comfort! : )

----- Paul 30.01.09 15:52

1) Use box as container for other waste cardboard which I regularly recycle: when full i recycle the whole thing.

2) Quit smoking for 2009; its been tough but Ive been good!

3) A chair like this would keep me at my desk longer. Right now I have to get up frequently to stretch and thats when the smoking urge is strongest.

----- John M 30.01.09 15:25

I lost my job 2 days before xmas and have not found another job in over 7 weeks now, so I am close to being broke and would probably use the box to live in cause I don’t have money to pay next months rent….

----- chris tanton 30.01.09 15:11

1. I’d paint a masterpiece, because that’s what I do. Although I am not sure whether I’d leave the box in it’s closed shape, break it down and cut it into a different shape for painting. If I cut it, I’d either include the remaining pieces in the work of art somehow, or recycle the scraps.

2. I don’t have a New Years Resolution. A new year is just a time stamp. If I want to do something, I do it. It doesn’t matter what year it is.

3. The Steelcase Leap will help my life by giving me somewhere new, and comfortable to sit while working on my homework, personal artwork and visiting neat websites like this one. After all, I’m spending 27,000 a year on tuition for a top-notch education in graphic design and art, which requires an average of 20 hours in front of a computer per week. I may as well preserve my posture the best I can by using this awesome chair. This chair is a beacon of hope for my spine. If I maintain an upright posture through these last 2.5 years of school, I’ll have a fighting chance at an awesome job upon graduation. Nobody wants to hire a neanderthal.

----- Nichole Marinaccio 30.01.09 14:36

1. i’d cut The Box into pieces, laminate them together and make a stool with it, all curves. The scraps can go into the compost heap.
2. by the end of the year: laying hens and veggie garden
3. coming into the office and working from The Chair should be a real treat after pulling weeds, shoveling compost, and cleaning up after chickens all weekend!

----- Sylvia Harrington 30.01.09 14:32

1. I’d create a Large Cat House for my darling lil Kitty.
2. I decided it was about time for me to quit smoking as I have Heart disease, I had a Heart Attack in 2000 and had 2 stents put in 2006 and because of the battle to quit smoking I had to give it another try, Wish me luck as I want to live as long as my Lord will let me.
3. I had three back surgeries, the last one in 2006 was the worse as I still have pain from time to time down my right side down to my ankle, I thought I bought a good chair in 2004 although I notice when I get up from my chair my back is very stiff and I hope if I win this chair it will aid my back condition and I would not be hurting when I get up from this chair. I just want to say by looking at the construction & comfort put into this chair that it looks like anyone with a bad back, hips or in the general area would benefit extremely well, as I would from this chair, Thanks

----- Daniel J. Wehrle 30.01.09 14:22

1. The box would make the ultimate instrument! I’d create a massive cajon drum and play music to help people smile more.
2. My new years resolution is to say yes more often to ideas/invites/suggestions.
3. The chair would improve my life because it would be a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for my girlfriend ! ; )

----- James 30.01.09 14:20

I would use it to sit in to practice my accordion. I could be more comfortable, which means longer practices, which means better playing.

----- Jen 30.01.09 14:08

1)I’d like to be original but the truth is the kids would take the box immediately. They are always doing that. If the box is nice enough, I give them markers so they can decorate their “house”. Anytime they aren’t in the box, the cat will be.
2)My resolution is to really go through our things and get rid of what we don’t want or need. We just have too much stuff and it gives me a headache when I look at clutter. I have been slowly but surely keeping that resolution…its gonna take a while. It didn’t get like that overnight!
3)I have a bad lower back and bad feet. I have to wear shoes all the time to help me walk better and sometimes sitting in a chair too long bothers me so I will stand up when I am on the computer. This chair would help me be more comfortable, much more than the wooden kitchen chair I use currently!

----- Paula Harmon 30.01.09 13:22

I would use the box to store the chair while we move.
My New Year’s resolution is to try harder to understand my teenager.
The chair would help my back since I’m using an old $20 chair.

----- JRG 30.01.09 12:45

1. Last night at 1:15am, I was mindlessly roving the internet and went to Notcot to see what was up and saw this chair and this contest, so I thought to myself , wow this chair is fantastic, they put so much work into building it! So, to pay homage to their valiant efforts, my caffeine addled brain thought it was a brilliant idea to build my own chair out of cardboard. Being kind of antsy and not wanting to wait until I received the box to do this I ripped up a couple Amazon boxes and created this very uncomfortable but strangely satisfying to sit in chair. Now that I had built this chair, with the Steelcase logo and all I didn’t know what to do with it. I had built it in my bedroom but it was too big to fit through the door so I had to document it somehow. Conveniently, I am a photographer and cameras document things! So I went to work, I called up a good friend of mind and asked if he would come over for a quick photo shoot. He begrudgingly obliged and I came out with this.

(it’s the first photo)

2. My new years resolution is to muster up the courage to get a 5d mark II (hahaha resolution).

3. One day I was watching Crash (Great movie) in my $39.99 Office Depot chair and I was absolutely enthralled in this film, so I wasn’t moving very much and this particular chair ends just where I rest the back of my head. Sitting in that position for the better part of an hour a strange phenomenon occurred, my head fell asleep (like pins and needles). Having your whole scalp going numb and then tingling is a scary feeling indeed, I kind of liked it when I think about it but wouldn’t try it again.

----- Andrew Visconti 30.01.09 12:39

1)I’d probably collapse it and put it in storage until I need it again. I don’t think it fits in my recycling bin.

2) Lose 10 pounds. Sounds reasonable doesn’t it?

3) Help me study and get into med school. My butt really hurts sitting on this wooden chair they gave us.

----- Alex 30.01.09 12:26

1. I’d strip it into little pieces and immediately recycle.
2. I resolve to win more office furniture this year. Still working on this one.
3. I hope this chair allows me to kick back and put my feet up once in a while. That’d be a great treat.

----- Jay French 30.01.09 12:17

use it as a fort for my son
to get out of this state and somewhere warmer :P
my butt won’t hurt from sitting so long, like my old ghetto chair that’s broken

----- Jazz 30.01.09 11:51

1. recycle it

2. No resolutions for me

3. I sit at a computer alot. I really could use this new chair.

----- Eric Ford 30.01.09 11:37

1-would make a nice huge kitty litter box for my tiger.
2-To be nicer cause i just am not sometimes and its not nice to be like that!
3-The Steelcase Leap would help me to sit here and enter blog contests cause my buns are killing me.

----- Michelle Simons 30.01.09 11:37

1. I’m a design student and would use the cardboard to make models. Not only would I spite my professor because she gags at the use of corrugated in model making but it would bring me back to my freshman year of art foundations where we would awe at any sight of free large sheets of cardboard because that meant we wouldn’t have to go dumpster diving for materials.

2. New Year’s resolution is to not worry. It’s so hard with my personality it’s hard because I always have 745075438 ideas and thoughts running through my head. I also should do more yoga to keep that under control.

3. The Steelcase Leap would help my life because it would be the first design product I have as a rising designer to start my collection. I always read up on new innovative products but can’t have any for myself because I can’t afford it. Plus my design studio class gets the oldest out of date cubical desk chairs. The other more senior studios have all these spiffy ergonomic Herman Miller chairs and us being at the bottom of the food chain, get the rejects. I would bring it to my studio and make my classmates jealous

----- Vinita 30.01.09 10:53

Recycle it. Relax more. By helping me sit back and relax.

----- Dan 30.01.09 10:42

1. Since the box is so massive, I can realistically fit all three of my younger brothers inside. I really need that box.

2. My New Year’s Resolution is to clear all of my credit card debt and repair my terrible credit score. I’m on a letter-writing campaign against all three credit bureaus!

3. The Steelcase Leap will tremendously help my ailing back. I can not sit in one spot for more than fifteen minutes without a fierce burning in my back. I walk around with my head nestled in between my shoulders, like a turtle retreating back into its shell. That’s not healthy, nor is it attractive. Plus, I won’t have to charge the chair on a credit card because it’s free!

----- Yesenia Espana 30.01.09 10:29

1) I would use the box to create a fort essentially but i don’t have any kids so it would really be an art piece with hanging shiny things and would become a whole new world

2) my new years resolution is to become more motivated and happier with my work

3) I would use this chair because right now i have a crappy stool on which i sit on to do work and everytime i get off the stool my back is aching so bad. I would love this chair and it would make my life 10 million times better

----- Katie Jo Benjamin 30.01.09 10:03

1) I would use the box to create a fort essentially but i don’t have any kids so it would really be an art piece with hanging shiny things and would become a whole new world

2) my new years resolution is to become more motivated and happier with my work

3) I would use this chair because right now i have a crappy stool on which i sit on to do work and everytime i get off the stool my back is aching so bad. I would love this chair and it would make my life 10 million times better

----- Katie Jo Benjamin 30.01.09 10:03

1) i’ll probably end up using it as a storage box for moving :)
2) new years resolution is to keep my GPA up and to go out to more social events
3)oh my goodness. the chair looks so super comfortable, it’ll make my life easier for when i do all the cram sessions, researching and assignments (and web surfing :P) in front of my laptop.

----- jean 30.01.09 09:25

1. What I will do with the massive box: Construct a cardboard ottoman for my new Leap. Rawk!

2. 2009 resolution: More veggies, less red meat.

3. How the Leap will help my life: With the previously mentioned footrest, the Leap will complete the deck of my command center. MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!

----- carboncanyon 30.01.09 09:13

1. What would you do with the massive box?

use it for personal things

2) What is your New Year’s Resolution?

get organized

3) How will the Steelcase Leap improve your life?

by acheiving my goal

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----- Amy Tucker 30.01.09 08:42

1. I would sleep in it.
2. To spend more time looking at cool stuff online.
3. It would quell the aches and pains coming from by lower back meat.

----- Brentley Broughton 30.01.09 08:39

1) use it for packing when i move in may
2) my new years resolution is to find BALANCE in my life
3) it will help me sit down and finish my homework. my current chair SUCKS.

----- summer 30.01.09 07:43

1. A box of that size? Cardboard fighting robot outfit. Duh.

2. I’ve doubly resolved to stick to my new workout regimen while eating well AND to regain my guitar shredding skills so I can start a new band. Both are going well, thankyouverymuch.

3.This delicious chair will replace my Target-purchased desk chair, which has very little in the way of lumbar support and therefore makes me want to leave my desk every fifteen minutes. Not terribly good for freelance design productivity.

----- Steve Leacock 30.01.09 07:34

1. cut 2 arm holes, 1 big head hole and break it down mr.roboto style.
2. my new year res is to gain weight (im a small asian girl…need weight so boston wind dont blow me over again).
3. well, sitting on my ass must contribute to some weight gain. Need comfy chair to sit.

----- Minh 30.01.09 07:23

1. I’d build a massive model of “Falling Water” House for my kitty to play in.
2. My new year’s resolution is not to miss the open doors that will take me to my objective, and get the key for the doors that only I can open. To focus on forward!
3. The Steel Case Chair will protect my body while I’m working, and therefore improve the quality of ideas, drawings, projects, decisions. I’ll be a better architect and my cat will love it too!

----- Gracinda Ferreira 30.01.09 06:49

1. Three words: BEST SLED EVER!
2. To be healthier in general! Move more, eat less, etc. and also try to get my boyfriend in the same good habits.
3. My posture is HORRIBLE. I work at a hotel front desk, so I stand all day long, only to come home to a rickety old computer chair from the early 70s. The upgrade would be much needed and appreciated!

----- Lara 30.01.09 06:48

1. i would build some architectural models out of it.
2. move into a bigger flat - what means more space for the working place
3. because i would give it to my girlfriend -> her back will not be painful any more -> i don’t need to give her massage instead of relaxing in front of the tv… -> :-D

----- benjamin 30.01.09 05:03

1. I’d put in some padding and slide down the icy hill behind my house. After a crash or two, I’d recycle it.

2. Lose some weight. More weight means more breakneck speed in a big box flying down that hill.

3. After encountering back pains relating to sliding down an icy hill in a box, I’d need a chair that can give me support and help my aching back. Also, it is a chair comfortable enough to keep me in it, rather than, say, getting up to slide down the icy hill in a box. Please help.

----- Tom 30.01.09 04:31

1. I’m going to be moving soon, so i will use the giant box to hold all my books safe. Or possibly my clothes…..or both! Boy i hope the box is huge!
After that i’ll probably make something out of it or recycle. No waste at my place.

2. My new years resolution is to embrace uncertainty. i will no longer worry of what might happen. its a great feeling.

3. If i were to get the lovely and comfy chair I would give it to my pal Steve, he’s a computer programmar and spends hours at his desk. As he’s aging I worry about his health. I think the chair will be a nice surprise and good for him. And if he’s more comfy at his desk, that means more time i get to exchange correspondence with him.

----- Pilar R. 30.01.09 01:39

I would use the top part of the box to make a light box so I can photography my jewelry. The rest of the box would be transform in a shoe storage. We have so many shoes in the house and so little place to stored them. Make me sad :(

My 2009 resolution are to not make any resolution. I will take this as it come and work work work work.

I spend a lot of time on the computer, same thing for my husband.When I’m not working or blogging, I’m doing jewelry and I sit on the same crappy chair. The dinning table chairs aren’t comfortable at all. This chair would means a lot to me :=)

----- Isabelle 30.01.09 01:24

1. I’d use it as a storage
2. my resolution was to quit smoking, and so far I’m sticking with it! :-)
3. I really need a new chair and this one looks like excellent one!
My old one is almost falling apart, and I sit a lot in front of the monitor, at work, at home…so it has to be super comfortable one!

Thanks for the giveaway!

----- TDankoT 30.01.09 00:10

1. with the box, I would give it to my cats and my grandkidz. the grandkidz would use it as a secret hiding place to play their imaginary fun games. the cats would use it when the kidz aren’t here and hide inside and attack as we walked by. (they do stuff like that now only in smaller boxes. psycho kitties, just like psycho kidz).
2. ah the fated resolution, hmm I truly didn’t make one this year because I never follow thru. but if I had, it would have been to finish every thing I started last year.
3. with the leap chair I could leap buildings in a single bound. LOL ok, maybe not that good, but I would have a happier back, butt, legs and neck. and with those being happy, I think hubby would be happy. (no more b****ing on my end. :)
thanks for the fun contest.

----- Sandy Brown 29.01.09 19:29

Build a fort for the kids.
Spend more time with my kids.
My wife is having hip problems and I think this will help her.

----- Steve Scott 29.01.09 18:02

I would give the box to my grandkids to make a club house out of it
My new years resolution is to make my life much greener then it is now
This office chair would make my body feel oh so comfy and not sore anymore from sitting in my old hard chair

----- Bonnie Day 29.01.09 17:34

1) I would use the massive box to re-package the dying chair I now sit in and have it picked up for recycling.
2) My New Year’s Resolution is to inhale “peace” and exhale “happiness” as often as possible.
3) I’m a recording artist/producer, so I spend hours in front of my home studio. The leap chair would really help me to focus more on creating and less on aches and pains.


----- james anderson 29.01.09 16:27

1. I would let my neices and nephews play with the box, you know kids and boxes. It is big enough we could cut a door and window out.
2. My new years resolution was to stop and smell the roses, and not be so judgemental.
3. The steelcase leap will change my life by replacing the squeaky, worn-out, chair that I have now with the rolls royce of chairs, and make me SO much more comfortable and happy :0).

----- Robin Stephens 29.01.09 16:21

I will recycle the box. I AM eating more healthfully. I really need this chair so I can sit more comfortably and get rid of ,my old cheesy one.

----- Deborah Ford 29.01.09 15:35

1.) I babysit sit a few young kids 3 times a week, so this box would be quite useful to occupy them with for sure! I could use it as an imaginable spaceship, house, car, doll house, boat, bed, or even a sleigh…with this box plus imagination, it can become/be used for anything! :)
2.) My New Year’s Resolution is to get more fit, more organized, gain a bit more confidence, and to just enjoy life to the fullest each and everyday.
3.) I’m an online college student so I sit a lot at my computer many hours each day. The chair I have now is just utter crap, lol…you should see it. I actually have to put pillows on the seat in order to feel comfortable! The Steelcase Leap chair would help my life by giving me better posture and would improve my school work since I would be actually happy to sit in a comfortable chair to do some work! :)

----- Noel 29.01.09 15:22

1. Relive my childhood. I never got to play in boxes.
2. Shoot better pictures
3. I slouch a lot. This looks like it would help..

----- Olivier 29.01.09 15:09

1. The card board box will be a full size model study for my chairs design.
2. One of my chairs design will become real.
3. I’ll learn from the chair. How do you think? How do you make it ergonomic? How to make it green? and I’ll design more good chairs.

----- jittasak 29.01.09 14:57

1. Let’s line the inside with foil, add a little chimney and turn it into a smoker. It should fit about 6 pork bellies.

2. I’m going to learn how to do something besides work, drink and sleep. And then actually fit in in there somewhere, hopefully without sacrificing too much of the sleep.

3. With the money I would profit from selling this chair, I should be able to buy enough socks that I can wear a brand new pair almost every day for the rest of the year. Then I would be living the dream.

----- Tony 29.01.09 14:42

1) The massive box would be a great place to hide when my wife needs the lawn mowed.
2) My New Years resolution is to start a fund so that I can invest in a clone to take my place when my wife needs is screaming at me.
3) This chair is exactly what I need to start my evil empire. The box will be my secret lair.

----- Dusk 29.01.09 13:44

1) Use it to practice for all those competitions where you walk by a giant container of some sort and the questions are “how many kit kats are inside this car?”

2) To not have a new year’s resolution and instead actually go out and make things happen. Although I guess that is a new year’s resolution in itself…hmm tough question.

3) I need a place to sit and guess how many packing peanuts and/or kit kats are inside of it…Duh. After that, I’m sure it would greatly decrease the number of stretch breaks I take while designing or animating.

----- Adrian Letechipia 29.01.09 13:18




----- MICARA WARREN 29.01.09 11:58

1. I would make a ball pit with the empty box. My friend recently invested $200 on 1,000 balls…you know the kind from McDonalds? We have these plastic balls in our apartment with no where to put them, an empty box would work.

2. My new years resolution is to lose some weight and get back into shape. Being in college has given me little time to keep myself healthy, now is the time to start!

3. I go to art school, the chair I use doesn’t raise/lower, it leans to the right and it’s missing the right arm rest. Doing design work in this chair has been terrible on my neck and back!

----- Cole Derby 29.01.09 11:51

I would create something cool with the box for my kids to enjoy :D My New Years resolution is to stay in better shape this year and also to finally do something with my tech aspirations! This chair would change my life because I spend thousands of hours online but I don’t even have a decent chair :(

----- Justine 29.01.09 10:29

1. I would do like the modern artist, Adam Neat, and produce a number of graffiti-style portraits out of the cardboard box then distribute them freely on the streets of a major city for folks to do what they wish with it.

2. To play the piano as fluid as Mozart.

3. Where would I be without a comfortable chair to rival Mozart!

----- Kal 29.01.09 10:26

1. With the box, I would build a castle for my cat. She needs a new bed and I think with all that material I could build a pretty sweet fortress.

2. New Years Resolution: Spend more time with friends. Which might be tough with such a comfy seat I could spend all day in.

3. My life would be better with a Leap because I would be more productive at my desk. But I would probably just spend more time on the internet and looking at notcot.

----- Conor 29.01.09 10:04

1. I would save the box for when the grandkids visit. Hours and hours of fun for them!

2. I want to exercise more, and talk my husband into walking with me.

3. It would definetly help my posture when sitting at the computer.

----- Cheryl Smith 29.01.09 10:03

1. I would stop paying rent, move out of my apartment, and live inside the box. Hey these are tough times. I could save a lot of money this way. Plus all my guests would have a nice comfy chair to sit in.

2. Unfortunately I didn’t make a resolution this year, every time I seem to never accomplish it. So I’ve decided my resolution for ‘09 is to make a resolution for ‘10. Great logic I think.

3. Right now I have an oversize chair that I found in the back of my apartment building. It works for sitting, but to actually sit down and complete tasks at the computer is quite a challenge for me. The thing is a monster, and I believe it has some sort of vendetta against my back. So this chair would not only invite me into my desk, but contour every crevice of my body, so that sitting at my desk and doing work, would feel orgasmic. Ahhh that would be great!

----- A 29.01.09 09:57

The massive box would make a great inside play area

New Year’s Resolution is to be more fun

I think this awesome chair would improve my life because I wouldn’t be in the pain I’m usually in after computing for awhile.

Thank you

----- Zach 29.01.09 09:43

The box would make a great extra closet for hangup clothes

New Year’s Resolution is to keep better in touch with my family

The Steelcase Leap chair would greatly improve my life by supporting my back when I sit.

----- Jasmine 29.01.09 09:39

I would let my son use the box for a fort

New Year’s Resolution is to drop a few pounds

It would improve my life by letting me sit comfortably

----- Chantel 29.01.09 09:36

I would let my son use the massive box for a pretend camp

My New Year’s Resolution is to get fit

Steelcase Leap chair would improve my life because I have back problems

:) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

----- Kelly 29.01.09 09:34

would give it to my hubby who has went through 4 back surgeries

Making more time for myself

The SteelCase Leap would improve my husbands life by letting him sit comfortably enjoying things more without all the pain.

----- Teresa 29.01.09 09:30

1. Since I imagine it is a big box, I will cut it in half to use it for two things. First I will use the first half to build a barrier around the house rubber plant. I hear they are dangerous to animals and the cat has already taken a bite out of just about every leaf. The second half I would like to use to scrape the salt off my front walkway because I’m sick and tired of mopping my salt footprints off my floor during this winter season.

2. I have a bunch of practical normal resolutions like be consistent, not jealous, read the bible more. Then I have the year “kicker.” I would like to learn the scientific names of all the trees located in and around Pittsburgh within a 20 mile radius. Useful to know don’t you think?

3. The Steelcase Leap will help just about every area of my life, besides personal hygiene. Unless it has good ventilation. In the which case it will help me not sweat. Anyway it will help me on two distinct areas, one being I can say i actually won something in my life. Two, on a more practical matter, i just about sit in my computer chair all day and Im hoping by getting a chair i cant afford (not that it’s priced too high) it will help my back from hurting and possibly even my posture. By getting this chair i will export its goodness to the world.

----- Michael Evans 29.01.09 09:29

1/ A cardboard condo for the 3 year old sounds good…or maybe convert it into a Bob the Builder watchin’ lounge chair.
2/ In 2009, I plan to push my design business into a new direction.
3/ I am so ready to retire this Aeron knock-off, Staples brand chair and plant my rear on a REAL chair.

----- Thad H 29.01.09 09:10

1) I would use the box under my knees for support and comfort while I dig up bones and artifacts from the past.
2) My new years resolution is to stay positive and have faith in the promised change!
3) The chair would complete my room! It is lacking a chair and I’m tired of sitting on dining room furniture! It would also encourage better support and comfort for my extremely LONG nights studying and writing papers!

----- Devin 29.01.09 08:38

1. I’m going to use the box, some rugs, and some duct tape to subtly level the floor under my desk. Because having a desk with levelable legs doesn’t help if your chair is lopsided.

2. Write more by day; relax more at night.

3. It’s going to write my dissertation for me. No doubt all I need is this one nice thing before I’m all set for supersmart productivity.

----- Matt Whitt 29.01.09 08:07

1. I would totally use the box for a hippie haven in my brothers backyard. After losing my home like so many others in 08, I am renting - who knows when I may need a home of my own again.

2. My resolution is to get back to simpler times while living in techosphere.

3. I am going on fifty and need all the comfort I can get.

----- barb 29.01.09 07:52

I would use the box to make a climbing maze for our cat. Puddie would then have her own playroom in the garage! If Puddie’s not happy, nobody’s happy!

My New Year’s resolution is to help more people cease smoking through hypnotism.

If my butt is happy, well, let’s just say Mama’s happy! Seriously, I have a bad back and Steelcase Leap could help have perfect alignment and posture while sitting.

----- Santa Maria Ranch 29.01.09 07:34

1. Have my 4 year old godchild over and invite friends in to watch him singlehandedly reduce the box to rubble. There is nothing in this world including kryptonite that he cannot destroy within 24 hours.

2.My 2009 resolution is to take better care of myself and pamper myself whenever possible.

3. Steelcase Leap is going to help me fulfill my 2009 resolution by helping me to sit correctly and pampering my butt with comfort.

----- sal williams 29.01.09 01:25

1. I would use the box to hide my christmas presents for 2009 - i could fill it thru the year
2. try and be more patient with my kids
3. i have a bad back - this chair would make my back feel oh so special

----- Rose Roberts 29.01.09 00:09

1st: Since I’m too old to play fort, I’ll just cut the box up & put it in my recycle bin for the trash collectors.

2nd: My New Years promise to myself is to try & eat healthier. I’m also trying to break the habit of supersized food portions. Most days I’m successful at both.

3rd: The chair would make my cheeks & back VERY HAPPY! Especially since I currently use a stiff wicker chair while working on the computer. No more back & shoulder ache from being tensed up & uncomfortable at the computer. YEAH!!!!!!!


----- Val 28.01.09 22:22

1. paint it black
2. listen to more radiohead
3. it wouldn’t

----- G 28.01.09 21:12

1. Make a placehouse for my little boy/ just let him roll around inside
2. Be a good parent.
3. This would be a huge help on my strained back from being a nurse!

----- Brittney 28.01.09 21:02

1) I would use the cardboard to complete my series of busts of STAR WARS characters made completely out of recycled cardboard.
2) Stop spending so much time admiring other people’s work and make some of my own!
3)As both a design student, and an internet junky, I spend a lot of time in front of the computer. Unfortunately, due to the fact that I am a broke art student, that time is spent sitting on a hideous and uncomfortable old wicker kitchen chair that I found on the street. A new chair would be just the thing I need to help me lift my spirits, and focus on my work. Also, it would make all my friends jealous, which is always a plus.

----- Elias S. 28.01.09 20:34

1. This box would become a kitty condo for my 2 cats! They luv boxes :)

2. To stop biting my nails and to “fix up” my house.

3. My current chair has one broken off wheel and falls over everytime I stand up and if Im not paying attention and the leg with the missing wheel gets behind me sometimes I fall over while sitting :( Falling chairs are dangerous for my unsuspecting cats

----- rachel 28.01.09 20:23

1.I would cut the box in half using one part to store all of my fabric due to not having proper storage
and the other to store the plushybutt’s I make
2.My new years resolution was to lose weight, not happening and to take my business more serious. This chair will
motivate me to spend more time at the desk
3.The chair I have now was a gift and its a plastic pile of uncomfort. I never sit at the desk and get work done
due to this. With this chair, I wont want to leave!!!This will give me the power I need!

----- plushybutt 28.01.09 19:08

1 make a bookcase out of it
2 get out of debt… somehow
3 i unfortunately spend too much working at my puter, current chair is a el-cheapo piece o junk, which isn’t very good for my back (4 bad discs) - this chair would probably save my life

----- Daniel M 28.01.09 18:42

1) I would keep the box incase I want to return the chair.

2) Recieve ergonomic training from Steelcase after wining chair.

3) I will have hopefully become like one of the happy people in Group 1.

----- Cesar 28.01.09 18:34

1) I would definitely reuse the cardboard, it is a good recyclable resources.
2) get more exercise.
3) I sit in a chair for 8 hrs a day and this would save my back

----- Max 28.01.09 18:07

1) I need a large amount of cardboard (like a giant box) to place beneath my bed frame to keep my evil cat from tearing little holes in the bottom of my box spring and climbing up in there to pluck on the springs while I’m trying to sleep. I swear I can hear him snickering.
2) My resolution is to go back to school and learn math.
3) I’m totally convinced that a lovely new leap will encourage me to spend many hours doing my homework (no, not wandering aimlessly around the internet, homework, I promise, Homework!).

----- Julie 28.01.09 17:31

1) I would make a jungle gym for my cat. Her brother just died and she could use the fun and excitement of all that cardboard.
2) I am trying to find the joy in life. To be more happy and content more of the time.
3) The chair would be great for my body and winning a contest would be great for my soul.

----- wendy 28.01.09 15:49

1) I would fill the box full of pillows and blankets and make a play place for my new yorkie to situate himself in.
2) I want to stick to the p90x challenge, which really hurts doing right now.
3) The chair will help me get through my study sessions/my all nighters better.

----- Vince 28.01.09 15:15

1) put a client body in it.

2) to start killing my clients.

3) it’ll be nice to relax after a long day of killing my clients.

----- mike 28.01.09 15:03

1. The massive box would *definitely* get saved for use in my 2009 Halloween Costume! I go straight-up DIY every year and could use the materials.

2. I’ve got a few, but my most important New Year’s Resolution is to leave my comfort zone as often as possible and try new things! 2009 is the year I’m going to seize the day…by the throat!

3. Having a new chair would be great for working at home (there’s no WAY I’d take it to the office)! I’m tall and my posture is pretty poor - especially when I sit. A chair like this one looks really comfortable!

----- Jonathan B. 28.01.09 14:24

I need a good chair to use at my computer.

----- Tammy Heflin 28.01.09 14:14

1) The box would be use for an art project and auctioned online. All proceeds would go to winning bidders charity.
2) My 09’ resolution is to produce more digital works of art and interactive sculptures. (lots of sitting)
3) I have no medical insurance to get my knee operation caused by my poor posture and crappy office furniture. This amazing chair would relieve my knee pain and allow me to be more productive.

----- John Barnes 28.01.09 14:03

1. I would recycle the box by making it into a huge fire truck like this one http://blog.makezine.com/_fire_engine_50k.jpg for my little brother to play in. He loves fire trucks so he would play with it indefinitely, making the box extremely useful.

2. My new years resolution this year is to be healthier. Healthier by eating healthy and exercising. Going well so far. Ive lost 8lbs and cholesterol is down 6 points!! Another is to keep working on designs for a clothing brand I would like to debut this summer.

3. Im one of 2 graphic designers for a small company located near Chicago. I work 55+ hours every week so this will be great to have, anything will be better than the concrete slab feeling “ergonomical” chair that i have now. Ive been told that the one i have is less than 5 years old and they only get new chairs when their 5 years or older, 5 years for god sakes!! that means that i wont get a new one for another 3 years!!. Yeah so its either i win this amazingly comfortable looking chair or i will end up buttless in a couple of years.

Also, the more time im able to stay in my chair the more work i get done. The more work i get done means more money to pay off debt. The more debt i pay off means I can save more to be able to launch my clothing line. Clothing line done means I someday might make it onto Notcouture!! Making it onto Notcouture would totally make my life complete, therefore making a huge improvement in my life!!!

----- Pedro Padilla 28.01.09 13:49

1. I’m first going to fill up the massive box with all my crap that I’ve been trying to clean out of my room back home. I’ll make some donations, recycle some things. Then, I will seal the box with many layers tape and sail down the Wallkill river in the spring time. After the adventure is over, I will use the box to fertilize my garden.
2. My new years resolution is to unclutter my life in all aspects. I will clear away old clothes, unusable items, and toxic people. I will clear a fresh space for myself.
3. The Steelcase Leap would help me by helping my father and mother. Their desk chair for the home office is too short, creaks like a dying animal, and is generally uncomfortable on the back, neck, and rear. The new chair would improve their posture and productivity while working. My father, the Chiropractor, would especially benefit from the chair because he constantly advocates the importance of posture and comfort while using the computer or working at a desk.

----- Blythe 28.01.09 12:49

1. The box would likely turn into a creative project with my kids. We love to build and explore and a box that size is a huge blank canvas.

2. Work more with my kids on creative thinking. Children are not taught to think anymore. Open ended play and creative exploration is something that is being lost more and more with each generation. I want to try and inspire my kids to do more than they think they can.

3. I would be more likely to work in a more comfortable position than hunched over a stool or with my back against the sofa on the floor. No more back aches after working for a couple hours and not realizing I was in an odd position.

----- MVanek 28.01.09 08:59

1) I would put my cat inside the box… he needs a new home.
2) I want to blog more and write posts more regularly.
3) It will hopefully allow me to sit on my ass for longer hours at a time.

----- wesley yendrys 28.01.09 08:58

1. Make a mini house for my daughter to knock down cause she believes shes Godzilla.
2. Be more productive.
3. An chair like that would totally help my back when I’m working from home on my blog site and with actual work related stuff too. I have the worse back (scoliosis)

----- Alexis 28.01.09 08:58

1. I have a plan for this massive box to help my fellow man. I will haul it downtown and offer it, a roll of duct tape, and a box of hand warmers to one of our many homeless people living on the street (it has been around zero ° F for a month). Imagine the joy we can bring to another human being, when that person lives on Lower Wacker Drive.

2. My New Year’s Rez is to learn how to spell, and master Flash. It is a steep challenge, I know.

3. OMG. You have no idea. I got laid off Dec 07, after almost ten years at a large agency here in Chicago. Since then I have been carving my niche out of my home office. I have a sweet Mac, but it is on an antique table and my chair! I can’t call it a chair, it is a STOOL, a bench, a piece of @#$*. Seriously, it has no back, no armrest, no nothing. After 8, 12, (even one) hours my back is killing me. The kids ask me why I am walking like a cripple? What can I say, “got to make a living kids”. It’s just sad. Please help. It will save me thousands in physical therapy.

----- knappster 28.01.09 08:41

1. Build a luxurious indoor dog house with the box

2. Resolution, to be more active and get fit

3. The Steelcase Leap would help get rid of my aches and pains while working from home. Sometimes i’m at the computer for 10 hours…oh my poor back

----- Angel 28.01.09 08:14

1. The box sounds perfect for a life size diorama of whatever nature scene my kindergartener wants to be in. I will cut out organic shapes and line it with various shades of earth, water and sky.
2. My goal is to really, seriously this time, create the photo albums and movies and photo site I’ve been meaning to do for the past 5 years.
3. Goal in #2 requires mental energy, a happy back, and well-supported legs. Maybe, this goal will really be achieved if I am sitting on Leap!

----- Carla G. 28.01.09 07:55

1. Fill it with my 2008 trash.
2. Work harder.
3. In my spare time, relax and surf the world on my Leap chair.

----- Pablo Biglang-awa 28.01.09 07:40

Ok here’s the answers… I hope I’m on time.

#1: As I’m an illustrator, I would use the box to be the centerpiece of art of my living room, like I did before with the card borad from a basket ball portable ring with base (huge box) and then I gave it away to a very friend of mine.

#2: New years resolution is (as Joshua Davis said this year in the TRIMARCHI conference) WORK LIKE HELL! and that is what I´m going to do.

#3: A few days ago mi back suffered great pain caused for bad posture, and I realized that my chair isn’t the appropiate one for my posture (most people don’t pay atention to this detail) So as I´m all day long in my desk I would be extremely happy to win a chair like the Steelcap Leap
chair. Thanks.

----- Jack 28.01.09 03:44

1. Give it to recyclers.
2. Resolution: Find a comfortable chair for my computer desk.
3. The Steelcase Leap might keep me from having backaches, shoulder aches and yes even butt aches after long hours on the internet.

----- Christie 28.01.09 00:11

1. I would turn the box into a cat fortress or perhaps a gigantic cat lounge bed. My cat, Bunni, has this fascination with cardboard boxes and would go crazy for it.

2. My new years resolution is to quit drinking vodka, cut back on smoking cigarettes, and gain some weight.

3. I’m an art student who is stuck taking online classes because I do not have a car anymore. I sit in front of a computer all day in some dinky office chair my friend gave me with a permanently damaged tailbone (stupid car accident).

----- Jules 27.01.09 23:38

1. I would use the box as a bulletin board on my office/bedroom wall for my important post notes, this would double as a sound barrier between my house mate and my room for when I’m working on an all-night project

2. to keep more organized this year.

3. The Leap chair looks very comfortable, I like its ergonomic design.

----- Lindseykm 27.01.09 22:44

My grandkids would love making a castle with the box and would enjoy it more than most of their toys….lol.

My resolution for the new year is to lose the weight I gained when I quit smoking in september. Im determined!!

The leap chair would be sooo much better than this thing I’m using now. I rescued it before it went to the trash, repaired the roller and upholstered the bottom. Have been using it for about 8 yrs now. I don’t think it can escape the trash a second time…lol, oh and my arthritis would really be happy with the leap. thanks :)

----- Vickie B 27.01.09 22:14

1. I would convert the box into a nap space for when I need a power nap. It would be lovingly decorated by my roommate and me with finger paints.

2. Exercise three times a week.

3. I would do more of my work at my desk and would be less likely to fall asleep while writing essays lying down.

----- Erica 27.01.09 21:47

1. I would use the massive box to protect my coffee table from paint and glue spills during craft projects.
2. My New Year’s resolution is to work on healthy ways to deal with stress, a must in our current economic climate.
3. The Steelcase Leap would be a life saver on days when I telecommute. My current chair has me in knots by lunch hour.

----- Sarah S. 27.01.09 21:12

1) Make stencils with my friends for new tee shirt designs and spray on graphics
2) Be more productive with my time, establish and initialize my ideas with my blog, art and school; express the creative thinking that scrambled in my head to the world
3) Because I’m at my desk on my computer at home working 2/3 of the day here it would def be an upgrade from the chair I have now; I have to pad it with my covers so it doesn’t hurt my bottom, I could use my chair I have now to use for the family living room computer desk; we’re using a dining table wooden chair right now.

----- Derek Macario 27.01.09 21:11

I would build a fort (and castle) with the kids.

My New Year’s Resolution is to be more active.

The Steelcase Leap will let me be more active because I won’t be hurting when I get up from my chair!

----- Sonya Neal 27.01.09 20:51

I would fill the box with donated blankets and coats and pass them out to the homeless.
My resolusion is to get out of the house more and to attend all my Grandson & Grand daughters basket ball games.
My chair is in such bad shape it trys to go flip backwards when I lean back o it would be so comfy and safe. Thanks

----- Connie Keim 27.01.09 20:51

I’d paint a masterpiece that doubled as a puppet theater!

1) My dad’s name is Leap. No kidding. So it’s meant to be!!
2) I spend a lot of time in my $10 chair from Big Lots!, sitting, drawing, brosing the web for inspiration, therefore hours sitting in this chair of mine. After an hour or two, my butt starts to ache and my back begins to slouch.
Please pick me! =)

----- Chinda 27.01.09 20:50

1. build a fort “with the kids” (for the cats).
2. to sit up straighter. seriously, for a 26-year-old, my posture is terrible.
3. please see #2.

----- jen t. 27.01.09 20:09

1. recycle
2. make money
3. replace my squeaky chair in my computer room.

----- 2lman 27.01.09 19:29

nice chair

----- 2lman 27.01.09 19:27

1 - What would I do with the box? I have a nephew who would love it. I would give it to him and together we would make it into a rocketship/time machine. He loves dinosaurs and all that sort of stuff, so we would blast off through time and see a few for ourselves!
2 - My new years resolution? I’m not very good with resolutions, but I did make myself a promise. I just recently graduated from undergrad with my BFA. So, I promised myself that my career will progress past where it is now. All through undergrad I was very successful as far as employment goes. However, with the economy and everything, I have been being cautious and staying with the same job (not moving forward). I would love to finally be able to move forward, not just stay the same. So, I guess that is a resolution. But I’ve never had luck with resolutions, so I’m calling it a promise.
3 - My job requires a lot of paperwork and computer time. And my desk chair is officially dead. I bought it about 8 or so years ago and the back has fallen off and it is impossible to re-attach. So, I currently sit on half a chair with no back. And as I have a bad back, that sure doesn’t help anything!

Sorry for the rambling, thanks for this post! I had a lot of fun answering the questions… have a great day!

----- Kate 27.01.09 18:32

1. A big empty box?!!? Wow, that would be like Christmas all over again! I’d crawl into it and live it up!!

2. Sit, spin, glide, rock, maybe a little elevation, some declining, well, if I win a Steelcase chair anyway (hint hint)…

3. I have a bad back (no really that’s not an excuse to get out doing any heavy lifting) so hours of sitting in front of a computer doing art would be changed to hours of fun and excitement (see #2 above)!

Thank you Steelcase!

----- Mike Lemos 27.01.09 18:07

1. recycle// always do
2. Get out of debt// dave ramsey is helping
3. Use it in my office/dining room// it would replace my cheap Ikea wooden chair.. ouch

----- mirek janczur 27.01.09 16:58

I would set it outside by front door once every 2 or 3 weeks to make it look like people keep sending me giant things.

----- jarrett farls 27.01.09 16:25

1) Give it to my kids to make a castle with.
2) To be nicer in general.
3) It will replace the worn out old monstrosity sitting in my office.

----- Kel 27.01.09 16:19

1) I live in a tiny manhattan studio apartment that I need to move out of in just a couple months. I bet I can fit almost all my non-furniture belongings into this box. And just think of all the trips up the stairs that would save!

2) I resolve to make some real goals, write them down and make them happen. And also to remember to be grateful for everything I have and not to take my life for granted.

3) The leap would help my life enormously - I work mainly from home at my desk and as we speak, hour 7, I can’t feel my butt. This Ikea bargain isn’t cutting it.

Thank you so much for the opportunity!

----- lauren 27.01.09 16:08

1) I would use the box as a moving box when I move out of my apartment next month.
2) My New Year’s resolution is to be nicer to my back and get rid of this cheap dining room chair that I’m sitting in
3) The steelcase leap will help my life be productive while working at my computer and I won’t fall backwards while rocking in my chair anymore.

----- Owen Hooker 27.01.09 15:53

1. I would use the box as my own personal imagination room. Somewhere I could go to let my mind wander.

2. I made the resolution to learn how to draw. I went out and bought the nicest sketch pad I good find, Drawing for Dummies and it’s the best $50 I’ve ever spent. No longer will I only be able to draw stick men.

3. Right now, I’m sitting on a plastic fold away chair. I spend a lot of time sitting down, song writing and recording. If I had this chair, doing the thing I love most would not only be enjoyable, but comfortable too!


----- Graham Moore 27.01.09 15:33

1. Use it in a scene on “Law and Order”, where I work!
2. To write everyday for at least 20 min.
3. I sit in the Production office everyday for 13-15 hours, so it would make me feel better to be sitting correctly. Also, my coworkers would be jealous!

----- Gillian 27.01.09 15:29

1. Roll it up into a tight tube, stick it together with wax, cut into log sizes, and keep myself warm by having a reuse-fire in the fireplace. Toasty.
2. Write more. I’m a lazy poet, who can find at least a million reasons to write tomorrow. My resolution is to write more today—or at least to watch less reality tv.
3. My desk chair, although cool, isn’t the best. It’s 100 years old. No, really, it’s 100 years old. I bought it for 10 bucks from a garage’s garage sale (an actual automotive fixery garage, Uncle Something’s Car Repairs…I don’t remember) because I was a poor grad student at the time and it was all I could afford (now I’m a poor teacher, and still can’t afford a replacement—poetry don’t pay). So, my chair is old, and very schwa-schwa, but it’s also oak, and not very ergonomic, and it creaks loudly every time I shift my weight. It’s just not comfortable for a long sit at a desk. Maybe I’d write more if my chair were more comfy?HOLY CRAP, I NEED A CHAIR THAT DOESN’T MAKE MY BUTT HURT! No wonder I get nothing done. I promise not to throw the cool old chair out, I couldn’t it’s too cool.

----- amanderpanderer 27.01.09 13:10

1) I would hide inside the big box with a warm blanket as my apartment here in NYC is so cold these days.
2) To help a charity for people in financial troubles if my back recovers enough and to try to put on a smile every day.
3)A Leap chair would, if advertisement promises hold true, help my back regain strength and relief from pain after suffering two torn spinal discs in fall.

----- Else Fjerdingstad 27.01.09 12:19

1. start a bonfire to build community

2. be brave, become licensed, stay healthy

3. i can retire this back-gnarling salvaged drafting chair, thereby increasing my productivity in a way that leaves time to study for licensing, and only half-compromising my goal of consuming less.

----- derek 27.01.09 11:31

1 - I would fill the box for donation to charity
2- new years resol - loose weight
3 use the chair because I have a neck injury and believe the chair would help in my all day sitting job.

----- Deb S 27.01.09 08:37

i really hope i win

----- Tia Carter 27.01.09 08:16

1. In a big open office with no walls, one needs some personal space. The box will be my personal space.
2. I resolved to ummmmm? I…
3. The chair I sit in has been used as a toilet for the mice that rampaged our office in winter 2007-8. I tried a big bouncy gym ball as a chair and was so unskilled that I rolled backwards off of it, hit my head on the big oak trunk that sits behind my desk and ended up with a concussion. No joke. I need a chair.

----- Nann 27.01.09 07:59

!. fill with clutter from front closet
2. fill with clutter from back closet
3. take to goodwill

----- jc 27.01.09 07:30

1). I think I’d build a doll house for my daughter or possibly just use it to put my husbands junk (Sorry! Tools)in that is all over the garage.

2). To be consistant in my journaling, and make it to the gym on my lunch break at least three times a week.

3). Finally put the dinning room chair back so more than three people can sit and eat dinner.

----- Audra 27.01.09 07:12

1. I’d simply give the box to some children, as is. A child’s imagination could find more to do with that box in 5 minutes than I could in a month.
2. Create and follow a personal motto. Working with “Only failure can be achieved without effort”
3. How would this chair help my life? it wouldn’t. But it would help other peoples lives, by allowing me to sit and work more comfortably, I’d get more done in less time, helping helping coworkers get their projects done faster, allowing me to spend more time with friends and family.

----- Scott 27.01.09 06:19

#1- First I would Origami the huge box into a Egyptian Pyramid and when I die I’ll intomb my ashes in the Pyramid for posterity. Then someone will discover me thousands of years in the future and declares me a poor relation to one of the Pharoahs. #2- I would like to Lose some weight because if they cremate me I don’t think I’ll fit in the Pyramid. #3- The NotCot Steel case chair would be help me to keep my posture in right position because it is ergonomic. Thanks

----- Charles Alexander 27.01.09 05:56

1. My son just got a mini Stratocaster and I think we could totally make a DIY guitar case from the box - he has a mini bass, too, and maybe there’s enough cardboard here for two cases.

2. My resolution this year is to do more of what I want to do.

3. I’m amazed at what we all sit on - I sit on a bench to work and I work online all day/night. I’m not a dumb person, just can’t seem to get to the store and find something. You’d think the permacrink in my back would be good reminder.

----- Chrissy Jensen 27.01.09 05:30

1. Given the size of the box, and the fact that I’m still unpacking from my last move, I’ll probably just slowly (as in a few days, weeks after receiving the chair) just break it apart to recycle it. But who knows, maybe my roomie will want it.

2. I made the resolution of being a better gamer. Believe it or not, I’m a game designer and I’m terrible with ‘hardcore games.’ Figured I should fix that for 2009 ;)

3. The chair would certainly be more comfortable than my futon and would help accomplish #2.

More importantly, I tend to work extra hours at the office because I have a decent chair there. Having such a great chair at home would clearly benefit my life: it would be the first step towards having my own little office and desk for creating all these personal projects. (these projects also helps #2, but I’ll let you guess ‘how’)

Thank you!

----- Mélanie G. 27.01.09 04:20

1.- Make a big papertoy with that and put in the street.
2.- Raise my productivity.
3.- Well, I spent a lot of time sit at my chair, doing pictures, designs, etc. So, that chair would be good for my body, specially for my spine.

----- Akira Sanz 27.01.09 01:53

1.give the box to some kids to make a cabin, share the wealth.
2.this year, i will not die. It’s the same resolution every year.
3.I sit in a shitty $40 chair 9 hours a day

----- Pete Rockenhauser 27.01.09 01:50

1. With this economy? …maybe lease it as a rental property.
2. Invest in rental property—I’d be well on my way with that box.
3. Save me countless trips to the chiropractor!

----- Barry Miller 27.01.09 00:29

1. Shred it, of course. Wouldn’t you? Then give the confetti to my two-year-old with some edible glue and let her go at it on the walls of the cubicle that is my life. From box to box… But… You know… Different.
2. Make my wife and daughter jump up for joy. Once a week.
3. It wouldn’t improve my life. It’s just a chair. But it would improve my posture… Which would improve the bothersome and somewhat scary tingling sensation in my lower back… Which would improve my productivity… Which would improve my self image… Which would certainly improve my bottom line… Which would improve… My life. Oh, damn. It would, wouldn’t it? Does it really come down to a chair? Then for the love of God, please send me one.

----- Vladimir Nemirovsky 27.01.09 00:08

1. after my 2.5 year old has her way with it, it’ll find itself in the recycling bin…. and then it’ll visit our house again someday in its reincarnated form, wiping our bottoms.

2. to be intensely efficient with the free time. expand my healing practice. take more photos.

3. well, just about anything would be better than what is posing as my chair right now but a steelcase would be absolutely divine. i’m currently using a medical stool, without a back that is actually to high for me, so any attempt to sit with my back straight while my feet are flat on the floor is slashed. most of the time i sit precariously perched upon this stool in a cross legged position in what is usually a futile attempt to not get a back ache. some ergonomic assistance would do me REAL good.

----- yuka hagiwara 26.01.09 21:32

1. recycle it.
2. I’m eating better.
3. I want to give this chair to my wife to help her feel better after all those hours sitting at the ‘puter.

----- Daniel Ford 26.01.09 20:38

1. Take it to work and use it as a cubicle screen (no peeking!)

2. Beef up my CV for graduate school…

3. I’m gonna be real with it. Right now I’m typing this in a prone position. I need to get off my buns!

----- Adrian P. 26.01.09 20:26

It is my understanding that I am to answer the following in a single comment. So, my answer to all three is one comment/command, “Recyle it.”

----- charlie 26.01.09 19:28

let my grandkids paint it—get more exercise—the chair would be great to use in my office

----- James Jenkins 26.01.09 18:44

1. Make a cardboard Transformers costume for Halloween, I’m thinking Optimus Prime..
2. Two resolutions:
(i) Stop being late to anything
(ii) Be kinder to my dad
3. A slouch is a terrible thing, and something I have inevitably evolved into. This chair will help my devolution back to the ergonomic age that my parents herald.

----- William V 26.01.09 18:28

I need a big box to drop off stuff at Goodwill. My resolution is to dedicate myself to a new career. And I do not own a computer chair and my back and neck pay the price!

----- silverfox 26.01.09 18:15

1. I would let my kids color it.
2. To get more exercise.
3. This chair would be a huge improvement over the folding chair I now use.

----- Sharold Friedrich 26.01.09 17:41

1) Give it to a homeless person for shelter from the cold winter night air.
Then, of course, take a series of pictures of it with said homeless person.

2) To live more consciously and be more productive.

3) I’m a designer for a major non-profit museum. A wonderful chair such as this one would make me more productive and my peers gleefully envious—which would also make me happy and, in turn, even more productive!

----- Goldwin 26.01.09 17:18

1) I have no need for a large box in my life so it would go right in the paper recycling bin. I would be happy to pick up the chair without the box.

2) To spend less time in my chair

3) better ergonomics = happier me = more productivity = less time in my chair. Couldn’t ask for more.

----- Michael Waterman 26.01.09 16:15

1. replace my old dilapidated cardboard box that i used in my escapism therapy sessions to find my happy place.

2. find a new happy place.

3. it will increase my productivity so i will have more time for my happy place.

----- daniel 26.01.09 15:30

What would I do with a Massive box?
It be interesting to build a fort, for kids, or even for an adult. If it is a MASSIVE box, why not build yourself a little hideaway? I would.
even paint a masterpiece on it; SINCE it is a massive box, I would like to get the dimensions, so I could plan my painting.
OR Fill with items for charity; especially for here in Bald Knob, AR.
2) What is my 2009, New Year’s resolution?
Add the good things to make my life better; diet wise, add the things like, good fat- olive oil, flaxseed oil capsules or ground flaxseed; more fruits and vegetables, whole grains.
3)How can Steelcase help your life?
I would really like to get a new chair for my desk, in my computer room, It would be a neat to have a new chair, and a good chair to work in at my desk!

----- Sharon Ashworth 26.01.09 13:20

Finally clean out my closet. Fill it up with cloths I no longer wear/need and bring it to the Good Will. Hopefully, it’ll be large enough!

----- Betty Kaminski 26.01.09 10:55

1. I would build a better lego storage bin system for my sons ever growing lego collection.

2. Every year I make this long list of new years resolutions - so much so that it’s more about the list than the actual resolutions. So this year I resolved to not make a list and just do one thing - focus on taking my exams to become licensed as an architect.

3. If you only knew how terribly uncomfortable our home office chair is, this chair would hopefuly ease those pains.

----- Matt W. 26.01.09 08:50

1) I would use the box for a place for my dog to sleep in the basement where she can get away from the cats keeping her up all night.

2) New Years resolution: take my job more seriously and spend more quality time with my family.

3) The chair would improve my life as I spend a lot of time at my desk and I need a comfortable and ergonomic chair to do my work which will keep my back from hurting so much.


----- Jeff Pitcher 25.01.09 23:40

1. Let my ten-year old daughter sleep in it for a few nights, then it’s recycle time.
2. My NY resolution is to work on having a few this year.
3. I would sit on something ergonomic and comfy and let the stool I put together and wove the rope seat on to have a comfortable and safe retirement!

----- eileen 25.01.09 22:16

1 box: build a fort like when I was little and didn’t care about sitting posture
2 new year: raise my level of productivity
3 happiness is combination of heart, mind, and body - the chair could help out with the body part, I suppose.

----- Marc 25.01.09 21:34

i’d build a fort, i’m not sure if the kids would be allowed in
to lose weight
it will help my posture

----- christopher h 25.01.09 21:26

1) In the spirit of great design and designers, I would reuse the box by designing a piece of furniture paying homage to Steelcase.
2) My new years resolution is to give more of myself by volunteering: a request by my new President, Barack Obama!
3) Steelcase Leap would improve my life by “leaps” and bounds because of my lack of having an appropriate chair to sit in. With lower back problems, sitting in the Leap must be heavenly!

----- Cesar 25.01.09 21:11

1) I’d definitely build a fort w/ the 3 kids. The box is the best part of any package!

2) My New Year’s resolution is to write more. I have a rough draft novel I’m working on. I also write poetry.

3) The Steelcase Leap would help my life tremendously because of all the hours I sit in front of the computer. I am in front of my computer for many hours every night writing, and the Steelcase Leap would allow me to sit longer and much more comfortably!

----- Sara Furch 25.01.09 20:54

1) I would break it down (i.e., flatten it) and then put it in the recycle bin.

2) Recycle more.

3) This Steelcase Leap Chair would not only allow me to sit a lot more comfortably and ergonomically while at my computer desk. I can now put my dining room chair back where it belongs.

----- Sheila B 25.01.09 20:24

1) Cardboard is the new berber…

2) Get a job, so I’m not stuck all day sitting on this cheap plastic Ikea chair. Barring that, it would be nice to get one of these chairs so my job hunt is a little more comfortable.

3) Aside from giving me super human powers and the ability to control my computer with thought, I think it should help with my back problems.

----- Marc @ NoRecipes 25.01.09 20:18

1. I’ll definitely fill the box with goods for charity.
2. I’m going to try not to stress out about work so much.
3. My mom makes jewelry now and spends hours in a crappy office chair we’ve had for 15 years. I want to give her this chair so she’s more comfortable while she works.

----- Peter 25.01.09 19:48

1. I’d honestly let the box sit around for like 2 weeks…see my clothes get stacked on it, then more clothes. Eventually, I’d trip over it after one late night drunk fest. Then further on down the line, I’d cut it open, draw my best rendition of Ivan Drago from Rocky IV and use it as a dartboard during breaks.

2. My resolution is to see my productivity go up 10 percent. Even if it’s being productive while throwing darts at Ivan Drago.

3.The Stealcase Leap will help my life, because I’ve been diagnosed with something called degenerative disc disease, which in a nutshell means my back hurts after sitting on this old chair I currently own for an hour. So, the added back support and comfortability of this chair will help my back. And also help me swivel faster to turn and throw darts.

----- Joe Pekula 25.01.09 19:47

The massive box would become a cat toy for my two cats. My new year’s resolution is thinking about my wife before me and that’s why I would love to win this for the Mrs. She has a bad back from previous falls and this would greatly help her posture and her comfort.

----- Andrew 25.01.09 19:14

i would use the box for storing winter clothes and my resolutions for 2009 are to lose about 35 lbs so i can feel bettert :( this chair would help me tremendously because at the moment i am sitting on a milk crate.. lol

----- kathy pease 25.01.09 17:59

1. I plan on using the box for a desk top.
2. My new years resolution was to win SOMETHING from notcot.
3. I’m constantly at my desk.. need I say more? :(

----- shawn May 25.01.09 16:48

1) I would fill the box with all my recycling. I am a recycle-freak!
2) My 2009 resolution is to eat more vegetables.
3) This Steelcase chair would help my life by replacing the crappy, uncomfortable, one-armed, hand-me-down chair that my college roommate gave me after graduation. That was 10 years ago, and I am the 3rd owner of the chair. Steelcase’s chair would also help to prevent me from getting a bloodclot in my legs!

----- Christina 25.01.09 16:40

1) I would use the box to store my winter coats and blankets.
2) My New Year’s resolution is to exercise 3 to 4 times per week.
3) The steelcase leap will help my life as my old chair is starting to hurt my lower back.

----- Todd Barwick 25.01.09 14:26

1) What would you do with the massive box?
2) What is your New Year’s Resolution?
3) How will the Steelcase Leap improve your life?

1. A Dr. Who “Tardis” style puppet theater, yes.
2. Many resolutions this year- to work out consistently (I work out, but not consistently enough), to be vigilant about “partially hydrogenated” foods & check for it, even if I don’t suspect it- and to find the right charitable giving organization to partner with in business.
3. I sit on the floor. I am literally typing this with a keyboard balanced on my lap with my computer sitting on an end table, with my legs straight out in front of me. I just can’t find a comfortable chair, or even a fitness ball, yes, I’ve tried. Back in the day I worked in a cubicle with an $$$ Dr. Evil style spinny chair, and the chair almost made it worth it. If I got this chair I would have both ergonomics & integrity, heh.

----- Holly 25.01.09 14:06

I think I would use the box to start a recycling center, It seems big enough to hold all the loading docks with no problems.The semi’s could just back right up to it, and the 100 or so folks that will be working there would help load em all up.

----- Steve Gibbs 25.01.09 13:54

1. I’d probably cut it up into travel sized pieces and take it out into the woods on a 4-wheeler trip to help make a fire with all the damp winter wood. It’s cold out there, and it’s better than the locals’ trick of pouring oil on the fire to get it going.. ew..
2. I resolved to keep doing what I’m doing. We already have too much failure in life. Just breath and be happy.
3. Truthfully, I already have too much crap in my little 1 bdr apartment, and I’m a nurse, so I rarely sit on the job, but my father could really use a nice chair like that. Especially after he hurt his back a while ago. And he’s a bit of a work-a-holic, working 12-hour days 5 days a week, so he’d definitely get the use out of it.
Thanks for hearing my rant.

----- 41i5h4 25.01.09 13:39

1-Give it to my cats to play with.
2-Save more, spend less.
3-I need a comfortable chair like this because I always sit at the computer with a cat on my lap. Cat’s need me to be comfy so they can too!

----- Tina Wall 25.01.09 13:12

1. I would make a puppet theater! I teach Theatre Arts in a Middle School and need one!! I could have also used it to make a dressing room for the show my students just finished! (There had to be dressing rooms onstage because they were superheroes when they changed their clothes, May The Farce Be With You, look it up - great show.)

2. I don’t really have a new years resolution. I am a first year teacher and I have decided to try to plan a week at a time instead of one day of class at a time. So - a work resolution I guess you could call it!

3. I am a teacher. The moments I DO get to sit down I sit in a hand me down chair with a rip in the seat. Something supportive and comfy like this chair would be FANTASTIC!!

----- KC 25.01.09 13:06

My Christmas box was demolished this year, I had to put everything into a bunch of smaller boxes, so I would use it for that, as for new years resolution, I suppose the only one I have is to live healthier. The Steelcase Leap will help my life a lot, since my husband was paralyzed almost 4 years ago I have to lift him every day, My back is so bad now I can barely walk sometimes, This chair seems like it was made just for me.
Thanks for the chance to win it!!!

----- Barbara McCrea 25.01.09 12:40

1. use the box as a home office for tax purposes
2. more exercise ( in progress)
3. I would be able to work more at home with a comfortable chair

----- Charles Wade 25.01.09 11:58

1…I would use this box to store patio cushions.
2…My resolution is to get more green..recycling, using energy saver products and green cleaning products.
3…This chair looks very sturdy and I need that because I am battling MS and I tend to land hard trying to sit and I have a tough time getting up so I really use the arms to get up.

----- patricia skinner 25.01.09 11:30

1. Would use to lay on to work under the car!
2. Tone up
3. Ooooooh My aching back would be so much better

----- sue s 25.01.09 10:42

1. I would build with the box a small car for my nephew, he likes it to play drivin’ a car.
2. It would help me for my work @home. I code for a Linuxdistribution and at the moment i earn no money. So i sit only on a normal wooden chair. this chair is real pita.
Greets chris

----- Seraphyn 25.01.09 10:39

1. Make the box part of my cardboard box chair, similar to Leo Kempf’s cardboard furniture.
2. My New Year’s resolution is to enjoy the scenery.
3. Steelcse Leap would prolong the onset of back problems and lengthen productivity.

----- Amy 25.01.09 10:23

1) Definitely build a fort with the kid. Toddlers appreciate boxes more than traditional toys.
2) New Years resolutions (same as last year’s). Read more, and appreciate art more.
3) I have a Leap at work, and this would allow me to more easily transition to doing work at home.

----- Rocky 25.01.09 07:05

1. I would use the box for a playground for my 6 cats. They love to hide in boxes and sit on top of them for a better view of whats happening around them.

2. Save more money this year. I need a new chair and this would be a great way to save on a new, very much needed office chair.

3. Arthritis is playing havoc with my body! A new chair would help with those long hours I spend in front of my computer and if I win, I have a new place to sit and watch my cats play fort!

Thanks for the promotion. Janice Mcgirt

----- JANICE MCGIRT 25.01.09 06:49

I would pack up my junk in the box. My new years resolution is to be less of a pig and this chair would help me be less of the hunchback of notre dame

----- joe gersh 25.01.09 06:28

A new office chair…excellent!

Firstly, that is my new year’s resolution - to replace my worn out office chair; it’s less than ten years old, but the kid and cat have wreaked havoc upon it :-)

As for the box…that cat I just mentioned? She’s almost 11 (in people years), but she loves to act like a kitten; I’d put some holes in it and let her get her kitty on as much as she wanted!

Lastly, this being my new year’s resolution (to replace my worn out chair) — the one I win will save me the expense of purchasing one and the time I spend at my computer will be greatly and vastly improved!

Thanks and ‘schmeelukk!!

----- Steve White 25.01.09 06:16

1. Fill it with Cabbage patch dolls. Everyone loves them.
2. Fill it with babies. Everyone loves babies.
3. Experiment with baby pies. Fill the box with said baby pies.
4. Wait 10 to 12 years in prison for making pies with actual baby.

----- Leroy Duke 25.01.09 05:03

1. Origami is always fun on a grandiose scale. with that box, i would go to my nearest art venue and build a sculpture.

2. My new years resolution is to reach out to people in need without discriminating by familiarity. whether its a girl who asks for a dollar for gas or a friend who asks for a nail.

3. This chair would be a gift for my father. he definitely would love a new chair to replace those bloody 20 year old chairs he has now!

----- Remus 25.01.09 00:19

1. I would donate said box to the local middle school where the art teacher is always making cool things with cardboard.
2. New Year’s resolution(s) lose weight and finish my novel
3. this chair would be excellent in helping me finish my novel. With my crappy ten year old $20 chair it gets hard to sit and write for any extended period of time. The steelcase leap would be amazing. My husband has one at work and I love his!

----- Dana 24.01.09 23:31

1. I would fill the box with items to donate to charity.

2. My New Year’s Resolution is to try to live healthier.

3. As someone who suffers from degenerative disk disease, sciatica, and arthritis/bursitis/tendonitis in all my joints, having an ergonomic chair like the Steelcase Leap would be an absolute godsend. I spend almost 10 hours a day at the computer in an ill-fitting chair that does nothing to reduce my pain or improve my posture. Were I to win the Leap, I might even feel good enough to come out of retirement and resume my consulting practice, restoring a much needed source of income for my family.

----- Barbara L. 24.01.09 21:36

1. I would use the box to keep my 2 kids entertained. I’d probably turn it into a playhouse, so they can play inside when it’s cold or rainy out.

2. My New Year’s resolution is to become even more of an annoying grammar nazi. To that end, I’d have, to actually,( study grammar) and, figure out, exactly where, to put, commas and, form ;complete paragraphs.

3. This chair would help to change my life simply because it is a computer/work chair. I am currently typing this while sitting on a hardwood kitchen table chair. After sitting here for a few hours it makes your tush go numb. Thusly, an actual chair designed for this purpose would greatly improve my posture and may possibly alleviate my sciatica :)

Thank you. I love you :)

----- joanna ferris 24.01.09 21:36

wall paper the house

----- tony cassinelli 24.01.09 21:18

1) Make another chair out of it

2) To love

3) The chair would be the first step to a polished studio setup and a way to start my professional life.

----- Jonathon Yule 24.01.09 20:55

1. I’d use the box to fix a play house for the kids.
2. My resolution is spend more time working at the computer.
3. Refer to #2. The chair would allow me to spend more time working at the computer. I’ve had a chronic pain problem for the past year and been unable to work long at a time.

----- Lisa 24.01.09 19:31

Recycle it.

To eat healthier foods.

Better support for my back while sitting down.

----- jeffery 24.01.09 16:44

1. I would turn the box into a little jungle gym for my cat, so that she doesn’t have to keep attacking all the other boxes we have lying around the house.
2. My new years resolution is to get a gym membership at the climbing gym so I can lose some weight already.
3. My cat has scratched the crap out of my old chair and little pieces that hold it together keep falling it apart =[ so a new chair would be wonderful!

----- Jessica 24.01.09 16:06

What would I do with the box? I sell items on ebay and always need protector for the ephemera items and sometimes double boxes for fragile.

What is my 2009 resolution? Get out of debt

How will the steelcase leap improve my life. I’m sitting on a folding chair to use my computer - tell me if this is not uncomfortable. A steelcase chair will bring great comfort to my life.

----- lorraine mabbett 24.01.09 15:51

packaging | cardboard:
I would donate to me good pal Phranc…the Cardboard Cobbler. [see link] http://phrancthecardboardcobbler.blogspot.com/ ….perhaps i can convince her to make me a cardboard version of the LEAP chair.

resolve | goals:
design, draw, paint, design, play, explore, innovate———-> more!———> more!

why me | The LEAP:
I took a huge leap last year and left my job of 15 years…It’s allowed me to re-invent myself as a creative soul. this LEAP speaks to me, especially in orange. 2 leaps are even better than one. fingers crossed.

----- liz hale 24.01.09 14:19

1. The possibilities are endless.
2. A job.
3. A better back.

----- Thomas 24.01.09 14:01

Alright, here we go:

1. I will cut the box in half and use the first portion to make an enormous text stencil for some street art projects (I figure with a box that big I could probably get a decent sized slogan like “All The New Ideas Are Gone” or “Design Will Save The World” or maybe a whole poem in a smaller font). With the other half, I would make to-scale templates for a welded-steel sculpture I’ve been working on.

2. My resolution for 2009 is to spend more time cooking and less time doing dishes (metaphorically speaking).

3. I snagged an amazing antique drafting desk from a dumpster outside my apartment a while ago, but I don’t have a chair that I can use with it becuase it’s too tall. Not to mention the chronic bad posture I get from the tortuously uncomfortable metal folding chairs at the office.

----- Alex 24.01.09 13:59

1.make a dog house for myself, in which I will contemplate, think, brood, though not whine, when I put my foot in my mouth…again
2.you guessed it…think before I speak
3.I may do spins in my doghouse…ahhah… my back will be happily supported

----- Su Lentz 24.01.09 12:33

I would use the box for storage. Have a big attic.
2.I would like to lose some weight
3.My chair does nothing for my back.

----- silver33 24.01.09 11:22

1. I would use the massive box to hold all the stuff in my garage I have been meaning to donate to the Salvation Army.

2. My new years resolution is to become a better photographer, and spend more time with those I love.

3. I spend about 6-8 hours a day at my computer working on my photography and usually have to get up every 10-20 minutes to stretch, maybe the Steelcase Leap will keep these stretching interruptions to a minimum. I’m also cursed with a ruptured disk so maybe I can get some relief from that as well ;) And last but not least it would look really nice in my studio!

----- Adrian Nichols 24.01.09 11:21

1. with the cardboard i’ll make one of those life-size cutouts with a hole where you stick your face with a drawing of a muscle man wearing a Hawaiian shirt and sandals sitting comfortably in a LEAP chair. i’ll take this down on the streets of Philly and photograph 100 people in the cutout and hope it gets posted on notcot.

2. my new years resolution is: start more interesting and fun creative projects and finish more interesting and fun creative projects

3. without this chair, i couldnt get the box to do number 1 nor a place to enjoy working on number 2.

----- nick 24.01.09 10:38

1) I would use the box to gather clothes together to give to charity.

2) My resolution is to lose weight.

3) This chair would help my back immensely and I would be so happy and grateful to win this chair.

----- Cynthia Csoka 24.01.09 08:06

1. Create a kick-ass robot costume… for Halloween. Yeah, Halloween.

2. Develop sculpted abs and really nice hair.

3. Negate the need for sculpted abs or the ability to support my upper body in any meaningful way.

----- Dré 24.01.09 02:38

1) giant box to protect my house from spray paint and bike grease 2)run everyday and blackout none 3)maybe i’ll use my desk instead of typing in bed

----- kelly 24.01.09 01:04

I would recycle the box > me being green
I resolve to lose a few lbs, exercise on a more regular basis and be generally more organized
This chair would help my posture at work (and if I ever left my job it would come with me)

----- Theresa Clift 23.01.09 23:35

1) I would fill the box with things to donate, including my old chair, and probably lots of clothes.
2) My resolution is to be more proactive and creative in my down time between freelance projects…and getting a kick ass job from all of the great stuff I’ve added to my portfolio because of it.
3) It would probably stop making me beg for massages from all of the terrible slouching I do in my current chair to try and stay comfortable. I hope you get to pick the color, but if I end up with the orange one, I get to make all of my orange loving friends jealous.

Crossing my fingers! and Happy Lunar New Year!

----- Jennifer aka Blue 23.01.09 21:27

i would build a fort with the kids

my new years resolution is to just love myself

i’ll finally have some back support.

----- Kaitlyn 23.01.09 20:47

1. Mail something big

2. Clip my toenails

3. It will keep me from sitting on the floor

----- Topher 23.01.09 16:47

1. I could make a little cave for my pup. She loves crawling under the covers and sleeping under tables, so I could create a little cave for her ;)

2. I don’t have a resolution because people don’t keep resolutions! Instead my goal is to go to yoga at least twice a week (I have mostly accomplished this so far). This helps strengthen my back, which I need since I’ve acquired scoliosis in two areas of my back. It helps my spine keep the adjustments I get from my chiropractor.

3. This chair will, apart from increasing my productivity, encourage my back to get stronger and be in a better position while I am doing my husband’s book keeping for his business! I am sitting in a patio chair right now, and it is murder on my back!

----- Stephanie 23.01.09 15:42

1. Fill it with pie. Everyone loves pie.
2. Fill it with babies. Everyone loves babies.
3. Experiment with baby pies. Fill the box with said baby pies.
4. Wait 10 to 12 years in prison for making pies with actual baby.

The End

----- Taylor C 23.01.09 13:58

1: I like taking pieces of cardboard and painting things on them, and then giving them as gifts to my friends for their birthday. Thatd be like A WHOLE YEAR of birthdays, right there!

2: My resolution is to finish my digital comic Tiger Mending, whose development I post here!: www.newsfromlic.tumblr.com also, this is the old introductory site www.tigermending.com

3. I’m a freelance motion graphics designer, and after spending a month and a half working on my project, I actually developed sciatica. I now hobble around from freelance job to freelance job with a back brace and a heating pad. Mind you, I am only 25 years old. This is bad news for me! A doctor told me I should replace my work chair at my studio, which is currently one of the cheap $20 wooden folding chairs from IKEA. Cute as they are, they’re not really sciatic nerve friendly. This chair would actually bring me IMMENSE pleasure, I can’t even tell you!

----- Jesse Benjamin 23.01.09 13:50

1. I would keep the box in my apartment for a few days to let my cats play in it, then I would break it down, maybe use some of it to draw on, and then recycle the rest!
2. I haven’t OFFICIALLY made a resolution, but I want to concentrate on creating more personal work.
3. More comfort, more productivity! It will help me achieve my resolution! wooty woot woot!

----- Mike Mitchell 23.01.09 13:02

1. I’d like to explore the possibilities of some impromptu UPS sponsored travel…
2. I resolved to eschew the New Year’s Resolution process and have subsequently lost weight.
3. I find that the sleek ergonomic lines of the Steelcase Leap Chair juxtaposed to those of my paunchy self make an insightful commentary about the human condition, it’s aspirations and fast food.

----- jmath 23.01.09 10:06

Make it into my very own workshop, that’s where I’d develop my ideal for my own business. Then my imminent redundancy wouldn’t seem so bad.

----- Ujenny 23.01.09 06:03

1. I would flatten the very big box and use it as blinds for my very big non-curtained windows.
2. This year’s resolution is to eat less meat and more vegetables.
3. The Leap chair would be the envy of our entire law office and hopefully will urge the partners to invest in ergo.

----- Mia 23.01.09 00:33

My husband and I will be moving soon so we would use it to pack.

----- Deborah Colucci 22.01.09 23:00

1. Clearly a large box would have to have more than one use. a) Practical Use: Minimize my life; pack everything I need in it and then have a “house party” and let people go through my house and take whatever is not in the box. b) Fun: take it to a preschool and let it turn into a boat, a house, a spaceship, an elephant, etc.

2. Ah resolutions. Pass the LEED Exam, get an internship in health care design/architecture, sit straight, visit 3 countries, and obtain the aforementioned giant box.

3. STEELCASE! I am an Interior Design student and at the ripe age of 21, this career path has taken its toll on my body. I spend hours (usually from 11 am until 12:30 am) at school, in the computer lab. My vision is declining and I have developed serious back issues. The Leap would revolutionize my productivity and comfort (not to mention how good it would make me look).

Clea- I truly hope you find love and i would be totally be your friend for a carboard beard.

----- Karen Pringle 22.01.09 22:27

I probably won’t get the super awesome chair, but here goes

1. the box would be cut up and made into fake beards so my friends and I could play around and make movies, scare people in our small town…etc

2.My New Years resolutions are A. To fall in love and B. To actually do one pushup each day.

3. I don’t really need this chair..I want it, but I am perfectly happy on the front lawn of my apartment, or to sit on the rug, It would come in handy because my roommate moved out recently and she took all of our lawn chairs which were the main furniture in the flat.

well it would be nice to have a super awesome chair, I know it’s hard to decline someone, so good luck sorting people for a chair

----- Clea VanMiddlesworth 22.01.09 20:49

The box goes to the grand kids, for sure.
My 2009 New Year’s Resolution is to get organized, around the house.
This chair should help my back, as I sit at my sewing machine and my computer.

----- Dorothy Davidson 22.01.09 19:41

1. make lifesize cutouts so my nosy neighbors will think I am home when I’m not.
2. the year 2009 would be the year that I finally finish writing the book that I started in 2002.
3. well for starters after hip replacement surgery last October, I would finally be able to sit in a “real” adjustable office chair, this being said, I might be able to sit at my computer for longer than 1 hour without incredible pain and discomfort.

----- Jason Mitchell 22.01.09 19:30

1. The box would so be used for a fort. I have two toddler girls that fight over the empty hamper ever week. As soon as it gets put in front of the washer they dump it and take off.

2. My resolution is to start my own blog. I’ve been sending mass emails for over a year now and I guess it’s time to expand on my followers.

3. How will the Steelcase Leap change my life? I sit at my desk in a canvas chair. No swivel, no adjusting, no fun just pain. I need it complete the resolution and to give my hamper a break.

Thanks for the chance.

----- JennH 22.01.09 19:12

1) My office/junk room is so overrun with clutter that I’d fill the box with items to give to charity.
2) Yes! I always make resolutions - but hardly ever keep them! This year I’ve resolved to get my finances in order.
3)Did you read my response in #1? My idea of an office chair is a stiff, uncomfortable hard-back chair! I’d love to have this great new office chair.

----- julie reuter 22.01.09 19:05

1. Definitely use the box to fill up with donation items for Goodwill.
2. My new year’s resolution is to try to incorporate more physical activity in my life.
3. The chair will be great for me as I spend hours studying/trying to complete my 2nd professional degree (also will help while I lurk on Notcot).

----- Fuzzypill 22.01.09 18:51

I would cut the box up into ‘bite size’ chunks and set it out with my recycling bin.
I did not officially make a resolution this year but I have been trying harder to finish the many half-completed projects around my house.(There are plenty of those!).
The Steelcase Leap chair will help me alot with my back problems. The chair I have now was nice & comfortable once upon a time but it’s day is done. I really need a new desk chair and this one looks fantastic!

----- Maureen Hinsey 22.01.09 18:24

1. Probably store all of my many, many, many different crafting supplies and even section them off for easier access.
2. New Year’s resolutions that I have are: To lose weight (already working on that and have lost 4 pounds), and to learn at least one new craft (already working on that and have learned one and soon will be trying to learn another), and finally to paint more pictures than I did last year and learn more about painting (since I’m a beginner).
3. Help me get my back in whack, because I get alot of backaches and back spasms from injuries in the past, as well some other medical problems. If my back didn’t hurt I could spend more time doing things I enjoy online (such as medical research), blogging with other housewifes about recipes, kids, etc., and doing more of my painting and crafts. Maybe even start on online blog business if I felt I could stand sitting in my chair more. Thanks for the giveaway and Good Luck to all.

----- Lauralee Hensley 22.01.09 15:44

1 - I would use the box as a raw material for my next architectural model.
2 - Stop procrastinating! (But that will probably have to wait till next year…)
3 - It would provide me a healthy place to sit, for my current chair is not fit for human bottoms.

----- TQ 22.01.09 14:43

I would use the giant box as a garage for my snow thrower! It’s really cold here in Buffalo, NY! My New Year’s Resolution is to replace my old office chair before I fall on the floor! The Steelcase Leap will help my life, AND my bad back!

----- Andrew Zebrun 22.01.09 14:30

I would make a play house for my granddaughter. As a child my family owned a hardware store and we would build houses out of the boxes. New Years resolution to try sweepstakes. A new chair would be great since I have a old cheap chair

----- Becky Gouge 22.01.09 14:25

I am crossing my fingers and toes and eyes - I need this chair BADLY!!! Right now I am working while sitting on an old broken down office chair I purchased for $2.50 at a yard sale. My ass hurts.

What will I do with the box? I will feed it to my pet worms! I have a composting system - worms in an old plastic storage box - and they eat up all of my kitchen scraps, junk mail, and cardboard. Of course, the box for this chair will be really big, which will probably overwhelm my worms at first, but they will shortly get busy making more worms to handle the influx of food. So If I win the chair, you will be giving hundreds of worms the opportunity to have lots of sex for a good cause.

I had 3 resolutions this year … I wrote them down and burned them in a fairly magical fire, to give me mystical help in accomplishing my tasks:
1. To Love With Abandon
2. To Promote Myself Enthusiastically Even Though I’m Shy
3. To Fold My Clothes Rather Than Draping Them Everywhere

Like I said before, I am doing all my work sitting on a bad, bad chair. The Steelcase Leap will help me to have better posture while working (designing gardens), and that good seating posture will translate to good standing posture, which will make me look thinner and cuter. I’ll feel better about myself and be nicer to my husband, which might just save my marriage. For a woman, being thin and cute is valuable currency; I could get more clients because they like my style and my new, easy-going ‘thin&cute’ personality. Since I work designing gardens in Los Angeles, one of these upcoming clients could be a television producer who is just bowled over by an easy-going, thin&cute garden designer … I could get a tv show on the Style Network. And if I have a tv show, I’ll have to write and publish some books as well. I could become a cultural force - communicating the value of sustainable gardening in our lives and the future of our planet. It isn’t inconceivable that I would have a regular segment on The Today Show. I could very well become a potent agent for change, possibly inspiring a third wave to our current green revolution. All because you helped me out and decided to award me a wonderful Steelcase Leap …
Thank you for your time and consideration…

----- germi 22.01.09 14:25

1. Cut it apart, paint it and use it as a clever pushpin board on my wall.
2. Take on more own-time design projects instead of work related stuff.
3. My current chair is about to bite the dust, so the Leap would be a perfectly timely replacement.

----- Rory 22.01.09 14:18

1. I would re-use the box to make study/sketch models in studio.

2. New Years resolution to not drink soda, invest more time in my creations, and tie my musical ideas to create a full album.

3. The chair would be wonderful in my home studio (used for music and architecture). It would be a great replacement of the stool I currently use. Hopefully it will ease the pain of the frequent all-nighters I pull for school projects.

----- Jake Shirvanyan 22.01.09 13:50

my answers.

1. Me and my daughter would build a fort with the box, cant forget the pillows and blankets too! Honestly it sounds like a ton of fun when i really think about it. And then maybe i can show her my old break dance moves from back in the day too.

2. My New Years Resolution was to lose some weight by riding my bike more and do more running. I’ve been sick since the beginning of january so i haven’t started as of yet… and the weather has been so nice that i really want to go ride and run… bronchitis sucks…

3. the chair would greatly improve my work area at home, the chair i had fell victim to being cheap and just breaking (hence the working out) kidding, it was a cheap chair to begin with. Anyways, So i had to get rid of it when we moved apartments. I intended on buying a new one but honestly i just haven’t saved no cash. So instead we used a ottoman at first and once our booty bones hurt we started to use my wife’s workout ball that she used while pregnant. so we have this ugly pink ball tucked under my desk… its pretty pathetic… so yeah the chair would help…

Thanks for reading this!

----- James Jay 22.01.09 13:48

1: I would add it my ongoing folk art project made from all the packing supplies I receive.

2: Finish graduate school before I have to spend another Christmas with the family answering “are you still in school.”

3: The steelcase chair will motivate me to spend an extra hour or two at my desk each day. In addition, it will lessen my complaints about my aching back which is more of an improvement for the people who are part of my life.

----- Derrick 22.01.09 13:22

1.) Use the box as wings for my next Red Bull Flugtag vehicle.
2.) This year I resolve to orient and position my hands in new and interesting positions and photograph them.
3.) Provide ergonomic comfort for this new resolution and allow me to disband the wooden dinner table chair purchased by my roommate for $15 at Big Lots.

----- Jonathan 22.01.09 11:21

1. Give it to my kids to make whatever hey want to.
2. To live a more healthier life
3. Our old chair is in really bad shape and sinse I am on the computer atleast 4 hours a day on average the Steelcase Leap will help my back and posture.

----- Charlene Townsend 22.01.09 06:53

Sorry for my english I’m Italian.
1) Build a spaceship for my two child, to discover the universe. I love Star Trek.
2) To go where I never went before.
3) That will help my family, because my wife works from home, and she absolutely need something more comfy than a couch ;-)

----- Stefano Prosdocimo 22.01.09 04:27

I will use the box for storage, my resolution is to eat less sugar and Steelcase Leap will improve my life by improving my posture

----- jennifer gersch 22.01.09 02:21

1. I would paint a mural inside and outside of the box and then I would sit in it and enjoy a world of my own making
2. I resolve to not say or do unkind things
3. You know, a really fine chair has a way of improving one’s life simply by it’s chairish nature.

----- Jodi Calhoun 21.01.09 19:58

1) Make a tower for my 3 cats to play in and scratch up so my couch gets spared

2) Start a small garden on my apartment porch and grow as much food for myelf as I can

3) I’m an ID student that lives less than 20 miles from Steelcase HQ, it will make me seem that much more awesome, and be really comfy for the hours I spend on my computer and drawing.

----- peshue 21.01.09 18:49

1) Take the box out into the Philadelphia streets, put my guitar amp in one end and use it as a giant speaker cone. Maybe play a song about the new Steelcase Leap chair and the end of my back pain.

2) New Years resolution? Start running again.

3) The Leap would be a blessing for me, ever since I injured my back. I need a chair that’s nice to me. My current chair is made of wood and duct tape, has screws and nails embedded in the seat, and I swear it’s been fooling around with my couch while I’m away.

----- waylon B 21.01.09 17:34

1) What would you do with the massive box?
Seasonal storage for all the my collection of books and magazines.

2) What is your New Year’s Resolution?
Slowly but surely recovering from repetitive strain injury(RSI).

3) How will the Steelcase Leap improve your life?
Improve? No, it will SAVE my career as a programmer and help me continue to do the only thing I LOVE doing in my whole life, programming! Leap chair will helps me to recover from RSI and prevent more damage done to my body.

----- km 21.01.09 14:59





----- PAULETTE 21.01.09 14:02

Thanks for the give away.


1. I would probably use the box to make a cardboard chair for my girlfriend a la Frank Gehry or improve upon my personal “ergonomic” design (pics available :) )

2. I’ve got a bunch, but one has been that being an architecture student living in an urban environment I should use the present infrastructure to get my daily activities done. This would be a way to live a greener life. Using the bus/walking, making use of public parks and spaces for recreation then home where I would contribute to electrical usage.

3. The chair would help me because being an architecture student, I spend hours if not days ( I really have spent days) at my desk working out designs and ideas and my back really takes a beating because I can’t afford ergonomic furniture. My desk is a folding table and my chair is a very basic computer chair that is literally falling apart. It doesn’t help that I have a bad back.

Either way thanks again.

----- Carlos Roca 21.01.09 14:01

1. use it as a footrest. or coffee table.
2. to balance school and life
3. the arms, back, and seat of my current chair have all broken off. all it does is spin, so it’s time for a new one

----- Julia 21.01.09 13:38

1)I would cut up and save the cardboard pieces for future art/design projects. Last year I desperately needed lots of cardboard for a 3D art project for school.
2)Work out more and sleep earlier at night.
3)Since I don’t have a chair in my room, I crouch on the edge of my bed while working on my computer and my shoulders ache a lot from the position. A comfortable chair would help since I’m always working on my computer.

----- Lena Huang 21.01.09 13:27

1. well I most certainly would use it to bundle up recycling in. then, when full, throw my cat in.
2. my new year’s resolution for 2009 is to try to enjoy more moments in life. and if I’m not enjoying them, stop doing whatever it is that I’m doing.
3. the steelcase leap would help my life because my cat would not be able to shred it to pieces. my current chair looks like it lost a wrestling match with a huge blender.

----- forrest 21.01.09 13:25

1. I work at a print shop. I would fill the box with various size/weight paper and donate it to local area schools.
2. My new year’s resolution is to NOT PANIC!!! Especially when learning new things on the computer.
3. I have problems with both of my feet and have to spend a lot of time sitting. I’d love to do it in the comfort of the Steelcase Leap!

----- Kathy 21.01.09 12:38

1. I live in San Francisco, so the box is my next apartment.
Not really… more likely, I’d turn it into a shelving unit for my miniscule closet. After I build a fort and camp in it for a couple weeks, roasting marshmallows and whatnot.
2. Go back to school!
3. I work in a lab, and the chairs at work are HORRIBLE! I already have back problems from totally throwing it out a couple years ago, and I’m only 23. I desperately need something with actual support to sit on so I can avoid having major back surgery within the next couple years. Seriously.

----- Carissa 21.01.09 11:42

1) What would you do with the massive box?
Think massive cat and person toy - a multi-mammal fort!

2) What is your New Year’s Resolution?
To be better.

3) How will the Steelcase Leap improve your life?
I will actually have a chair to sit on when I’m using my computer instead of wobbly bar stools that need to be drug out back and shot.

----- Elaine 21.01.09 10:14

1. Definetly learn to break dance a little better
2. Being nicer to my body and improving my posture
3. Help me to be nicer to my body and improve my posture!


----- awolf 21.01.09 09:24

Hummm, let’s see…

1) I can use the massive box as a secret hideout from some of those pesky employees who occasionally show up at my door with special requests for help. What luck that I didn’t have ANYTHING else to do but wait for them to come along and need me! Yes, hiding in my secret place sounds pretty darn good! (Actually, I love my job. Just not my chair.)

2) My New Year’s Resolution for 2009 is to (somehow) dig through this mountain of “to do’s” so I don’t feel so overwhelmed and behind on things here at work. Sounds like this chair will give me that extra LEAP I need to be more effective!

3) The Steelcase Leap chair will help to improve my life in many ways. First, it will clearly improve my productivity and comfort level which will in turn make me a much more effective HR chick (250 employees - 1 me). Secondly, I will be able to sleep better at night because my legs and back won’t be aching from spending so much time sitting in this $99 special I have right now that doesn’t fit AT ALL. Third, I will get so much work done with my increased sitting comfort that I will probably get a fantastic raise and be able to buy a Leap for home as well! Oh, the many ways this chair could help improve my life…


----- Carol 21.01.09 07:21

1. I would create a ping pong table.
2. To sit upright for better posture
3. I need the chair cause , I am always slouching. I work from home and have a dining room chair as my office chair! You cant believe how much my butt hurts after a coupe hours…

----- Alohabob 21.01.09 00:56

1. Use it for storage
2. In 2009 I resolve to lose weight.
3. An awesome chair in my home will make work there so much more enjoyable and productive.

----- Larry Mccord 20.01.09 21:41

1. Build a fort with the kids. They will absolutely love it! This box will be big enough that our large dog can play in there with them.
2. Lose weight but it’s not going well
3. I know I spend too much time on the computer but that’s probably not going to change so it would be great to have an exceptionally comfortable chair. My current one doesn’t have a tall enough back on it. I have scoliosis and a hunchback already. I know my current chair is just making it worse. Would love to win this!

----- Cynthia 20.01.09 20:58

1. Massive box — definitely fill it with charitable items. I am fortunate to still be employed doing something I love and have plenty of things to give away to those in need.

2. My resolution — relax more, take life a little less seriously and have some fun while I’m still here to do it.

3. I am a professional graphic designer, and I spend a lot of time sitting at my computer. Steelcase’s Leap is a great chair that still out of my current budget, and I’d love to own one.

----- Brandee 20.01.09 19:41

1) I will lacquer the box so that it is sturdy and put it in storage. Then I will create a finite field of independent gravity and place it in the box. This will take me ten years. Then I will conduct genetic experiments to create a family of sea monkeys who are intelligent enough to eventually develop space travel. This will take me another ten years. I will make a compost planet for them, which will be suspended in the middle of the box. They will live there, developing as a civilization with their planet truly at the center of their universe. Another decade gone. I will be fifty seven by then, and since I will have devoted my time to my work, I won’t have a wife. I’ll take a year off to clone myself so that I have a son and an assistant. My sonsistant, born fully grown, will now help me utilize the breakthroughs in science (both mine and others’) to create a robot that is as intelligent as us. I will use the cardboard box cum intelligent sea monkey universe as the robot’s torso. My robot will, like all robots, want to become human. Since it’ll be smarter than us, it will achieve its aim fairly easily. But I will have foreseen its plans for world domination and so I will make it very susceptible to alcohol. (Another ten years to make the robot and five for it to achieve almost world domination, I’m seventy two for those who are keeping track.) Finally, the day it’s about to press the switch that will enable it to instantly overthrow humanity, I’ll give it a bottle of Newcastle Brown. Then I will sit around in my old age and cackle while my robot stumbles around all drunk and burping robot burps.

2) My new year’s resolutions were to quit smoking and to stop lying about what I’d do with cardboard boxes. I have not smoked a cigarette since December 31st.

3) The Leap will help me actually sit in comfort because I have a bad back and no money.

----- Arafat Kazi 20.01.09 18:58

1. Michelango said “Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.” I feel the same way about big cardboard boxes. You must meet the box in person to find out what it wants to be.

2. My New Year’s Resolution was to start practicing yoga on a regular basis. I have stuck to my resolution so far and have realized good posture is a lifestyle choice. I can touch my toes for the first time since grade school!

3. The Steelcase Leap would help my life greatly because I am trying to make it as an artist. I currently sit in a fold-out chair from a funeral home when I draw and constantly have to take breaks. A wonderful chair would help me spiritually by supporting my yoga practice as well as financially in my pursuit to support myself with my art.

----- Joel Colley 20.01.09 18:31

1. Build furniture! (foldschool.com)
2. Keep a camera on me at all times, to photograph anything inspiring and stages of my work.
3. The Steelcase Leap would help my posture after hours and hours of sitting on a stool in my studio.

----- Renee 20.01.09 17:33

1. The massive box would be cut into strips and bound back together to create a new scratching box for my boyfriend’s cat..

2. I resolve in 2009 to complete the house projects that were started in 2008 yet never finished..

3. The Steelcase Leap will help me live my life much better by giving me a reason to want to go into the office versus wanting to work from the comfy couch at home..

----- Stephanie White 20.01.09 17:01

1. I will use the box to put stuff in to haul to my storage unit.
2. My 2009 resolution is to eat better and exercise at least 3X per week.
3. This chair will help me to not be so uncomfortable at my desk.

----- Terri L 20.01.09 14:02

1. My kids would love to play in it.
2. To loose weight.
3. Increase my productivity. I am a programmer and sit at my desk all day. My current chair gets uncomfortable after a few hours.

----- Brad Edwards 20.01.09 13:13

I would use that very-anticipated box to store my mammoth collection of jigsaw puzzles. I am addicted to working them.

My New Year’s resolution is to get organized. I make it every year. LOL

I could use the chair because I am so short. Maybe I could actually reach the computer table.

----- Gladys 20.01.09 12:37

1. I would use the box to make a new cat house no not that kind lol my cats love to play when they got done with it I would recycle it.
2. My news years resolution is to lose weight 25lbs so far and counting since the first yeah.
3. I need this chair really bad I injured my back 3 years ago while I was working and i need a comfortable chair for the computer desk and saturday night poker games.

----- regina groppi 20.01.09 10:44

1) I would not use the box, I would give it to my roommate so he can use the cardboard for one of his design projects.

2) Go to class every day and do my work

3) I am living in a dorm room and i have a very uncomfortable chair… If i had the Leap I would be more likely to sit at my desk and work.

----- max 20.01.09 07:46

1. I would breakdown the cardboard box and recycle the results.
2. My resolution is to keep off the 70 pounds that I have lost.
3. I think that the Leap chair would help with my spine problems and
allow me to sit longer at the computer.
Thank you for the opportunity to enter this sweepstakes.

----- Patricia Ringler 20.01.09 07:24

1.I would use the box to babysit my grandson, I could get at least an hour of peace out of it. 2.My new years resolution is to cut out sugar. 3. I spend hours in front of the computer in a chair not so good for my back. This chair will make me happy… I need it.

----- Tracy W. 20.01.09 05:43

I’d fill the box with donatable items.

----- Debbie Buser 20.01.09 05:14

1) The box would probably sit in my room for a while and, in time, gradually become practically utilized for storage. Inevitably, boredom and inspiration would lead me to transfer its contents to their proper places and to use the box for a grander, more beautiful purposes. The plainer the cardboard, the more potential. Of course, its massiveness is intriguing. It would probably be cut up and turned into some fantastical model(s)- various and sundry critters to further confuse my dog and family.

2) My New Year’s Resolution is to stop thinking and dreaming and start doing despite fear of rejection, failure, the economy, armageddon, and that look my mother gives.

3) A few months ago, I had corrective surgery for my severe scoliosis. While the curve has been amended and is in recovery, I’ve been experiencing severe pain. While I did most of my doctor’s recommendations: no smoking, perform therapeutic exercise- several tasks have been simply impossible for a student to perform. The winter weather and lack of sleep are not only physically painful, especially on my back- they hinder my recovery, distracting me and preventing me from being the best writer and artist I can be. I need my back and I need my strength. Unfortunately, I am just a poor student right now and all I’ve got is a cheap plastic chair that does me no good.

----- Dana 20.01.09 00:49

1.) I would pretend I was 8 and run and jump on it to flatten it and then I would recycle it.

2.) My new year’s resolution is to hang out with my dog even more than I already do because she is getting old and I want to spend as much time with her as possible before she goes to doggy heaven.

3.) The same way it would help everyone else except if I was chosen as the winner, it would also permit my dog to sit on the chair with me (my current chair is a weird little stool) while I worked which would also help me with my new years resolution! :)

----- Ooti Billeaud 19.01.09 22:39

1. Lots of cardboard + a fiesty cat + an itch for 3d design = cool scratching post

2. My main resolution is to get my life in order. I’m finishing College, so I need to get out into the “real world”. I’m sure the increased productivity couldn’t hurt ;)

3. As a designer I spend a lot of my waking life at my desk. I’ll fire my chiropractor by sending him a pic of me with my new chair haha.

----- Tim Rolls 19.01.09 20:14

1. I’d design and build an ottoman to match my new Steelcase Leap.
2. Be a better person, in every way and simplify my life.
3. The Steelcase Leap will help me stand like an exclamation mark rather than a question mark!

----- Keith Prives 19.01.09 19:19

1) I would build the most awesomely massive robot costume you had ever seen. it would probably have mega sweet features like a hole where i could hold my iphone up to broadcast super mega awesome you tube videos and such.

2) To stop being so judgemental of people you got for seconds, you dont impress me, your gone the end. Yah I am trying to fix that one.

3) For starters I could stop sitting on the edge of my bed to type since it is only about 4.633434 inches off the ground. Which will result in me riding my fixie more since my butt won’t feel like I have been sitting on a block of concrete for 8 hours a day. You would promote good posture as well as exercise all in one super slick swift move.

----- Steven Merk 19.01.09 17:52

I’m starting my own home business and this would be great!

----- Vicky Hunter 19.01.09 16:33

1. I would freecycle. I am moving in some days and I got most of my boxes from Freecycle… and because I am moving almost 200 magazines went to freecycle. I love knowing that things I had can still have a healthy live in some other house (in the magazines’ case they are now part of the waiting room of a Hospital, yay!)

2. Learn a bit about this thing everybody tells me about… “patience”, I think is called.

3. I do most of my consulting work sitting at home, in front of my computer. And then I blog, I answer emails, I tweet… and I HATE my chair, I can’t find the perfect position (and I think I have tried more options than the ones listed in the Kamasutra). I would love to freecycle my chair too!

----- Sandra 19.01.09 16:31

1) I’d make a massive Pin-hole camera and produce huge photos of the world.

2) Earn some real money

3) I’d give it to my dad… Who works from home, on a Laptop on a high chair ata breakfats table. Not Comfortable. :D

----- Angelo 19.01.09 13:53

1. I would build a fort out of it for the children. We would paint it and decorate it to look like a real house.
2. To live healthier. Eat better, exercise more and recycle more. To spend time with loved ones in ways that makes us all a closer family unit and that make for wonderful memories.
3. This chair would help me with my back that has degenerative disc diease in the first, second and third lumbar. Also arthritis in my back and neck. I have lots of back pain and setting long spans of time or standing for long spans of time causes me great discomfort. This chair could help releave alot of my discomfort.

----- Barbara 19.01.09 13:27

1.- I’d make a really big wall instalation with it. Flatten it out. Apply some sort of technique to its surface. And hang it on my office wall next to the chair.

2.- Move to a new apartment. Discipline with the hours at the gym. Quit smoking. Spend more time with my family.

3. I need the chair to help my back during the amounts of hours designing on my desk.

----- Emil García 19.01.09 12:59

Make a playhouse out of the box for a child.
Resolutions are good, living with less pain is better.
This chair would be a positive addition to deal with pain.

----- Wilma T. 19.01.09 12:42

1. I would use the box to store old paintings and canvasses in so they don’t get all gross and spidery in the rafters.

2. My resolution is to get outside more often!

3. It will help my posture and not cut off circulation to my legs while I paint!

----- Kelly 19.01.09 12:42

I am really big on recycling so I would cut it apart and take it out with the blue box.

----- Samuel Donovan 19.01.09 11:58

1. seasonal storage!
2. travel more, read more, learn more.
3. instead of doing all my school work on my bed, i can sit at my desk for once! i haven’t had a desk chair in 2 years.

----- Charlene 19.01.09 11:48

What would I do with that massive box???? I could paint windows and a door on it…put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door and furnish the inside with a fluffy rug, pillow, a book and a booklight and hide out from the neighbors and the world in general….or…..I could fill it with all the junk mail I receive every day and when full cart it to the closest recycling place!!! My New Years resolution is the same as half the worlds…lose 20 pounds..exercise more…(boring)….and as for that gorgeous chair!!!…… it would make my long term goal of writing the great American novel so much more pleasant that I might actually accomplish it!!!

----- Betty Romano 19.01.09 11:35

1. Donate it to a short homeless friend…
2. Be more mindful of my diabetes
3. I am currently using a chair that someone threw out. A new chair would be such a luxury! I can’t sit in that chair for more than 15 minutes without everything hurting. It sure looks like a beauty of a chair!

----- SUZANNE GAY 19.01.09 11:31

1) What would you do with the massive box?
Build a paper tray / bookcase to fit an odd-shaped nook in my soon-to-be created home studio.

2) What is your New Year’s Resolution?
Stop regretting things I didn’t do.

3) How will the Steelcase Leap improve your life?
It will stop the fights between me and my SO when it comes to choosing the ‘ergonomic’ chair. We have an old Aeron a friend gave us during a dot-com company liquidation in 2002

----- Alex Bell 19.01.09 10:49

1-Build a fort for my grand niece to play in

2-To improve my overall health and posture plays an important part of that

3-I would share it would my husband at our new computer desk

----- Nancy Morrell 19.01.09 09:51

1. Give it to our senile 17-yr-old cat. Exploring boxes is about all the excitement she gets these days.

2. Avoid sexual abstinence.

3. It would make me happy to give it to my husband. He works hard, receives little, and asks for nothing.

----- Anne 19.01.09 08:07

1. I would totally use the box to build a fort and relive my childhood!
2. My new year resolution is have better posture, I feel myself slowly hunching more and more and it is not helping my lower back.
3. The chair will definitely help me with my posture and it will relieve the tension in my lower back =) I feel like I’m sitting on a stool with the chair my office provides, there is little to no back support =(

----- wendy tsang 19.01.09 07:13

1) The box would be used as either a fancy dress costume, storage for other pieces of card, or as an architectural model.
2) I had two resolutions; the first to be more positive and optimistic and the second to remember there is always a funny side.
3) It would be the positive to hours of CAD work!

----- James 19.01.09 07:07

Nothing fancy here..I would use that wonderful large box as a hideout for my nine cats. I have 3 red Boston Terriers and 2 English Bull dogs that make it their number one goal to humilate,chase, and otherwise all around bedevil the cats! They enjoy chasing them from their own comfy beds and hidey holes! I’d put up that big bad boy box in the spare room and tell the dogs to “scale that!”..The cats would love it!

----- Martha Adams 19.01.09 07:00

1. i will make a toy house for my dog to play in. he might even sleep in it and not come on my bed every night.
2. My 2009 new year resolution is to make a better resolution in 2010
3. Will not have back aches that often after sitting on my current chair for long hours.

----- Vanessa 19.01.09 06:46

1. i would break the box down and use it as a ramp to move furniture. plus, if it’s sturdy enough, it might double as a wheelchair ramp for my neighbor.

2. My resolution for 2009 is to keep promises that i make to other people, and the promises i make to myself.

3. I’m giving the chair to my friend if i get it, which will help my life a lot since i wouldn’t have to worry about the way he hunches over his laptop while he studies to be a nurse.

----- Kim Chi P 18.01.09 23:47

1. I would recycle the box by cutting it up to make modern variations of ornate antique picture frames for artwork/photos/the heart that I traditionally wear on my sleeve.
2. My resolution for the new year is try and be as honest as I can be with myself, my work and others. Take the criticisms and compliments in stride and always let the people around me know that they are loved, because the present rarely tells the secrets of the future.
3. I have never had a chair that doesn’t turn my behind into a pancake after a half hour of sittage. My posture may not be perfect, but at least my chair can be :)

----- Erin 18.01.09 23:05

1| I Will tear it open, arm my chair, if not already made and then use the box to create a canvas to make a Collage.
2| With “Change” being the slogan for 2008, i thought it was about time for some change… Dont’cha think? New Eating Habits, Working out, Produce more business… Just change for the Betterment of SELF ;)
3| How Won’t it change my life? Ha! It’ll give me great support while sitting down in front my desk, either writing for the magazine i work for or pulling listings before i go Show some Houses… Plus I will get to brag about it and TELL EVERY ONE THAT NOTCOT.COM SPOILED ME SILLY!!



----- Abraham "EL" Flores 18.01.09 22:26

Love to win!

----- Jennifer feeley 18.01.09 20:15

1. I would use the box for storage because there is never enough storage space.
2. My resolution is to make more time for family and friends.
3. I think the chair would help my back, which I have problems with due to a injury.

----- Jane Thompson 18.01.09 20:07

1. i would use the giant box to fill stuff to donate to charity.
2. my NY resolution is to exercise more often and more vigorously.
3. the steelcase leap will improve my life by better supporting my back so i can focus on item 2 above.

thanks! (xler8ingAT hotmail.com)

----- mitchell H 18.01.09 16:46

1) I would recycle the massive box
2) I want to start running this year and complete a 5k run!
3) I would use it at work and be more productive because I am so comfortable!

----- Sarah Z 18.01.09 14:22

1. I would use it to experiment with the design of car(d)board cars.
2. To improve my grades and my design work.
3. I would much rather prefer a ergonomically designed chair than the floor. (plus, saving my back, neck, and my rear end.)

----- Albert Ryan 18.01.09 12:56

Would love to win,great for the back.

----- bob seluk 18.01.09 11:28

1. build a fold-out tot house ( how many SQFT is the box?)
2. keep in touch
3. you should see our current chair!

lkc, asc, and mc

----- lauren cruicjkshank 18.01.09 11:23

1) I will use this box to play an epic prank on my roommate. I haven’t worked out the details yet but it most likely will involve me jumping out of it and/or trapping her in it.
2) My resolution for 2009 is to paint a kick-ass portrait. I’ve never done one before but have always wanted to so I signed up for a one credit independent study painting class to make sure I actually complete it.
3) I live in a dorm so I would pretty much rather sit in the shower to work rather than use the crappy university issued chair that I have. Also, I graduate in May so this would make a great gift and soften the blow of entering the real world.

----- DHennan 18.01.09 10:58

I would make smaller boxes out of the large box- not just cubes but pyramids, octahedrons and more.
In this new year I intend to press the snooze alarm more often.
With a new Steelcase chair, I’ll be able to take my current folding chair and make it into smaller folding chairs (really!)

----- Pete 18.01.09 10:14

1. I would break it down and use it to create various desk accessories for my office and anything else I can use.

2. Create more and consume less.

3. It will help me with my posture and hopefully help with the lower back pain I recently developed.

Thank you for holding this contest. It’s been interesting to read everyone’s responses.

----- jeremy c 18.01.09 10:13

1. I would cut the box up to use for numerous art projects, such as making stencils, mobiles, models, and for use as paint palettes. On second thought, I might use it to stuff all of my old clothes into which I’ve been meaning to bring to Goodwill.
2. I’m trying to have better focus when doing work, schoolwork, studying, and working out. I want to raise my GPA to a 3.65 or above.
3. I do a large portion of work/schoolwork at my desk and in front of my computer, and often times my butt goes numb from sitting on the hard seat chair, which causes me to get up and wander around, usually resulting in me getting distracted somewhere else in the house, decreasing my productivity (and making it hard to stick with my resolution!).

----- Zoë 18.01.09 07:30

1. I would use the box as a dog house.
2. My 2009 resolution is to be a better housekeeper.
3. I would give the chair to my husband. He has arthritis and it’s very painful for him to sit at the computer for any length of time. I think this chair would help him a lot.

----- Kathy 18.01.09 05:46

1. fill the box with donations. 2. do the right action with the right attitude. 3. I would love to sit in it versus the straight back dining rm chair I currently use.

----- Paula Gardner 18.01.09 05:24

1. What I would do with the massive box that the chair is shipped in is to have someone cut corner legs into the box, creating a containerboard version of the Parson’s table, and use it for a dining table. I am sick and tired of the dining table that I have—it was inexpensive thus poorly made, and the legs are loose.

2. My New Year’s Resolution is to live another year. In 2004 I suffered a heart attack, and since then I deeply appreciate every day that I have.

3. At this time I own only one chair that I love, and that is my recliner, which I use almost exclusively for watching TV. (In fact I watch TV when there is nothing desirable to watch just so I can sit in that chair.) I would use the Leap Chair at my computer—my current chair is totally pathetic and has a screw missing to hold the seat on the frame.

----- Mary Childers 18.01.09 02:42

1. I would use the massive box to make an indoor doggy playhouse for my bratty pup!
2. My new years resolution is to perfect my new mantra “I am the pack leader.” (IE: Cesar of the dog whisperer).
3. The Steelcase Leap will improve my stepdaughters life because she is an A student that spends a lot of time on the computer studying!

----- Pamela Brazle 18.01.09 02:24

1) Pack up current chair and send to my bro who has one from WW2 and then bonfire party with weenie roast
2) Get my husband to quit slouching over his keyboard like some kind of html coding praying mantis and sit up like a human being, and kiss my sweet husband every day.
3) My sweetie would be sitting upright and so more availible for kisses and I wouldn’t worry about overstretching in his lowerback.

----- Sherry Rehn 18.01.09 01:30

1. Somebody said they would use the cardboard box as a stencil, and I must concur with the idea. Berkeley will have new art bleeding from its walls; not only will it be an amazing chair stencil, but it will be THE Leap chair stencil with a little gal sitting on top of it (artists do tend to put themselves in their art, don’t they?).

2. Alas, New Years resolutions never work for me. That is why I decided to just go with what comes to me, be it excessive amounts of food or a dangerous amount of time at the gym. I’m going accept life and be a happy newly converted Jew. (Wow. That sounds like a resolution…but I don’t conform, so it’s actually not, sorry for the deception there.)

3. Did I mention I’m a college student? No. So here’s my sad story made short: Wooden chair passed on from probably half-assed-drunk-ridden gals, who inexplicably made the poor thing lean to the right. I’m not a happy camper when my tush graces the cold worn out wood. And colleges need to realize that I cannot concentrate on a paper or enjoy my NOTCOT, when my behind is pleading for mercy.


----- Isabel 18.01.09 00:36

1) I would use the box to store my christmas tree I cant leave it up all year no space in the living room
2) I am stil trying to get thru last years resolutions so this year wont get done till next year
3)My back is killing me so I would use it at my desk

----- karen brady 17.01.09 23:47

1) I would attempt to make a Frank Gehry-ish cardboard reproduction of the chair that came in the box!
2)My resolution is to do my readings for school on time! sadly I’ve gotten a little behind already :S
3)The chair would go really nicely with my free craigslist drafting table. way better than a wooden stool!

----- Pearl Teeth 17.01.09 23:08

it would be great to keep undesirables in

----- Kathy Boatman 17.01.09 21:24

1. I would use the box to make a giant graffiti stencil, featuring an image of my new Steelcase Leap with the phrase “I’m a winner!”, and throw it up all over town.

2. My resolution is to be a better friend.

3. I’ll be honest. The Leap itself isn’t going to do much for me. I would most likely hawk it on eBay and use the cash to do something nice for my mom.

----- MikeD! 17.01.09 19:33

1) I would use the box to make a cool castle for my niece.
2) Get my big ass in the gym
3) It could help me with my lower back problems

----- physed 17.01.09 19:29

1. I would paint 6 different masterpieces - one for each side of the box. I would use it as a prop in my next photoshoot, and then it would become a revolving work of art in my home.

2. My New Year’s resolution is to drink more champagne this year!
(Or rather, to avoid sounding like a lush, to have more occasions that call for champagne to celebrate!)

3. I spend a significant portion of my day in front of the computer. Even when I want to watch television, I watch it online! My back screams at me constantly…and the fact that I sometimes have to (literally) bend over backwards for my job doesn’t help! I’m constantly begging my friends to rub my back…and my Christmas wishlist consisted of gift certificates for massages and chiropractic appointments! I fear that without this chair (nay, it is not a mere chair, it is a magically healing cloud of comfort and joy, modling by the hands of angels and sent here to make mankind’s life better!) I will look like Quasimodo soon. It would be so nice to be able to sink into luxurious comfort rather than remain perched on this ridiculously hard, tiny stool with no back support…

----- Dove 17.01.09 18:52

(1) Heavy into recycling….GO GREEN!
(2) Use my new-found retirement time more effectively.
(3) Steelcase Leap could create more quiet time for my husband while
he sleeps and I’m on the computer. My current computer chair
squeaks like crazy and annoys him to death.

----- Fran 17.01.09 18:51

1. I would make a coffee table out of the that cardboard! Recyclying it in the best way it can be used in a functional way.

2. New years resolution is to build more furniture and learn more about ways to make furniture Green~~

3. I need a Leap because…… I am a student that seats on my desk most time sketching and drawing my designs. It would be GREAT to be able to sit on a Creative, Ergonomic and Green chair to brainstorm more similar furniture~

----- Jusien 17.01.09 13:59

1| I would create an elaborate robot costume out of the box.

2| I usually don’t even come up with a resolution, but this year, since I’m about to be a college graduate, it is to be brave enough to explore all of the opportunities the future tosses my way. That can be scarier than it sounds!

3| I’m about to purchase my first laptop, and if I have a real chair to go with it, I’ll be ready to design my heart out.

----- Courtney A 17.01.09 12:24

1. I would save the box until summertime and use it for cardboard sliding down golden hillsides.
2. My new years resolution is draw a picture at least 3 times a week.
3. This Steelcase Leap would allow me to ditch the early ’80s chair I use now, and work in ergonomic comfort.

----- Zach 17.01.09 11:05

1. fill it with donations
2. help my family and friends with their problems
3. it would replace my son-in-law’s chair that was mutilated by his cats

----- Lora Leber 17.01.09 09:50

) What would you do with the massive box? 2) What is your New Year’s Resolution? 3) How will the Steelcase Leap improve your life?
1. my grandkids like to decorate large boxes and then play in them - then I would recyle the cardboard when they were done
2. to do several random acts of kindness each week
3. i sit at my computer all day and have also had back surgery - am often in pain - this chair would imporve the quality of my like beyond my imagination

----- Carol Drury 17.01.09 08:58

This couldn’t have come at a better time. Just broke my computer chair. The box would be given to my son who would design a great fort and then use it afterwards to slide down our hill. My resolution is to treat myself better this year and this chair would help do that. The chair would help my lower back which bothers me when I sit for hours at a time. Thanks.

----- Lena Lee 17.01.09 07:59

Use it as a mat for painting to protect the floor.

----- Karen Glass 17.01.09 07:59

1. I would use it to ninja hide
2. My resolution for this year?: learn to ninja hide.
3. I would use this chair to sit and relax when not ninja hiding.

----- Derrick Chew 17.01.09 03:41

dance floor
be a better person
great chair for both my bad knees

----- NICHOLAS NIEVES 17.01.09 01:44

1) What would you do with the massive box? record an album in it
2) What is your New Year’s Resolution? sell drawings to people I like
3) How will the Steelcase Leap improve your life? My ex’s cats upgraded my current chair into stinky garbage. Having a klassy new chair will make me feel happy that I no longer have to live with cats

----- Egan 16.01.09 23:33

1) Turn the box into a side table. Hurray cardboard furniture!
2) Learn to cook better.
3) This chair will help my boyfriend stop slouching while he works on his computer project.

----- Amber 16.01.09 23:31

1) I will make a fort for my cats to play on
2) To be more spiritually aware and to practice the Law of Attraction umtil it becomes a permanent way of thinking.
3) I have Fibromyalgia, disc problems and Rheumatoid Arthritis so I KNOW this chair would be a great at helping with my pain.

----- Patti M. Gunning 16.01.09 23:28

1.donate to homeless

2.quit smoking

produce music in reason on my p.c.

----- chip 16.01.09 22:54

1. I think the kids would enjoy this big box,they would bicker over it being a fort or an all girls club house.
2.My new years resolution is to help more people in need.
3.This chair would definately go perfect with my desk and i could finally throw the old one out.

----- Donna Shook 16.01.09 22:01

I’d use the box to make a raft to float down the East Coast to get to DC and attend Obama’s inauguration (the chair would be my captain’s seat).
My new year’s resolution is to… MAKE MONEY!!!
The chair would help me by soothing my back while I’m slaving away freelancing on the computer.

----- Giulia 16.01.09 21:48

1. I’d make a fort for my kitty.
2. My new year’s resolution is to stop drinking soda and be more physically active.
3. I’m a programmer so I’m sitting in front of a computer all day and my current chair sucks. This would make my coding life way more enjoyable.

----- Mike 16.01.09 21:39

I use big boxes like this for storage.
I have resolved to make an effort to live economically and eco-friendly.
This awesome chair would we wonderful for my home office and for my back.

----- Sherry Campbell 16.01.09 20:45

[1] Using templates found online I would make cardboard chair, The boxes only purpose was to protect the chair. Then perhaps it will have its dream fulfilled by becoming a chair… or maybe a footstool.

[2] Find a job. Almost one full year unemployed, could totally use a job now.

[3] As an animator my days are spent hunched over a lightbox or on a computer both are murder on the lower back especially in my situation: I’ve spent the past 5 years sitting on an old dining room chair. It’s pimped out with posturepedic pillows and foam pads, but its never comfortable. A new chair would do me good.

----- Mr.Curtis 16.01.09 18:50


----- REBECCA STEPHEN 16.01.09 16:47

1 I’ll use the box to move things.
2 My new year resolution, diet.
2 The steelcase leap chair,maybe it will help my back.

----- deb 16.01.09 16:34

1) I would break the box apart and build a kinetic sculpture. Perhaps something wind powered with blinky lights and a motor doing something useless.

2) My NYE resolution is to have ONE serious relationship this year. Its time for me to grow up.

3) The Leap chair would replace my ghetto office chair. I have never had a good office chair at home and this would help making all those side projects a little easier. Can it hold two, perhaps some Leap Chair sex is in order with the woman from answer #2

----- Joe 16.01.09 16:05

Turn it into a fort for the kids to play in!

----- dn6511 16.01.09 15:26

1. Well since I am in architecture school and have no money I would use the material to build my study models for studio. Also I will incorporate any of the misc packaging materials!
2. My 2009 resolution is to take the LEED exam to become Leed AP then use this new green tool not only to design better buildings but to wow leonardo dicaprio with my green-ness.
3. I need this more than ever because the chairs that have at school only cause us to slouch leaving us with painful back problems that will take years to fix because we will be making no money when we graduate and won’t be able to afford health insurance and…. you see where im going with this. PLEASE!!!!

----- Nicole Kammo 16.01.09 15:15

1) break it down and save it for when i move

2) to love people more!

3) the Steelcase Leap would be my first piece of furniture in my new office i will be using for online trading.

----- cindy schilder 16.01.09 15:11

1. If I find this box and chair on my doorstep, I will break down the cardboard, take it to the laser cutter, create a very large cardboard cutout masterpiece of me smiling with an oversized thumbs up, package it, and send it to the person whose decision it was to pick me as the one to receive this ridiculous chair as something to hang on his/her wall and be constantly reminded of how happy that decision has made me. Unless it was a group decision… in which case I can make a couple of smaller ones, or maybe cut the bigger one into pizza slices. (I am for real serious.)

2. My new year’s resolution is to come a little closer to figuring out what makes me happy… and then doing a whole lot of whatever that is.

3. The acquisition of this Steelcase Leap would: a) relieve my current and irritable dangling-leg-induced slouching situation with its vertical adjustment, b) improve roommate relations, as the “chair” causing said leg dangle and slouch isn’t even my own (and he wants it back), and c) make me feel really awesome about finally winning a contest for the first time ever.

----- Joyce Kim 16.01.09 14:34

1. Let my children make a fort - compete with their own custom coloring job.
2. Complete my doctoral dissertation.
3. Leap will assist in dissertation writing - allowing me more productive writing sessions. My current chair is uncomfortable and distracting.

----- Jeff 16.01.09 14:30

1. My cat needs a better bed… I think the box would do nicely for a new hide-out for her. (Did I mention it’s a cougar?)

2. The 2009 New Year’s Resolution I came up with is to try new things outside! Rock climbing, mountain biking, (dare I say…) camping, and kayaking. I really need to get some fresh air. Man I hate winter.

3. OK, so my problem is this: I’m short. If I lower my office chair so my feet hit the floor then my elbows are even with my armpits at the computer. If I raise the chair my feet dangle like a 4 year old’s would. The steelcase model would allow me to feel like a tall grown-up. Yipee!

----- Traci Chapple 16.01.09 12:58

ONE. Make a bird hide. Hang out somewhere busy, IN said birdhide, with goggles and a rain hat to do some covert people watching.

TWO. To remember to write down everything random I think of to Goolge as soon as I get to a computer. To accept others as they are. To stop being judgemental based on my values and expectations of others. To fall in love. To forget the ex. To stay thin.

THREE. Hmm… I spend a good chunk of time in front of my computer, most recently learning to make a website, so yeah. I have definitely been spending a lot of time at my comp. At home I have a G5 with a cinema screen, and a pretty nice sound system (really… the works!), but at the moment I sit on a fold-out camping chair with 2 huge pillows. Yes. WTH? My desk is no better, but you have to skimp where you can huh? It’s awesome.

I would sit in my new chair.


----- jenn Martini 16.01.09 12:54

1. Use it as a desk for the chair.

2. Get the lawn furniture out of my office

3. This would eliminate a major source of friction in my life. In many ways.

----- David 16.01.09 12:37


----- AL HUEBNER 16.01.09 12:09

I am a Head Start teacher of 28 3-5 year olds. The box would definitely be used in teh classroom for a multitude of purposes. Students love their own space and the empty box would provide them with that. They would more than likely fight over it so I would have to obtain more???? ( :0) Maybe I could obtain some donations?! )

I am a very active person with my classroom, my school, with my family, with my church, with my husband and with my studies (I am obtaining my Masters degree) My New Years resolution is to make time for MYSELF. If I want something I will do it.

The Steelcase LEAP chair will help me to rejuvenate myself when I am resting in the comfortable and relaxing chair! Because I spend so much time in front of the computer with work, church, surfing the web, talking on line with teachers, professors, family and peers, I can sit in comfort and style while I am doing so. Plus, my students get the box—-

----- Charlene Stanley 16.01.09 11:58

  1. I would probably build a fort with my five-years-old son. The catch is that my wife will surely paint a masterpiece in it too — she is actually a painter who has temporarily retired for marriage and moðerhood. She always surprises me with touches of fantasy and art in everyday objects, specially for our son: Star Wars is still the theme now, but the boy changes subjects quite fast. So perhaps it will be a GI Joe fortress, actually, as he’s shifting his interest into that now…
  2. My new year’s resolution is to keep sane, help a friend start a free software company, give my family some stability they sorely lack as of today… all at the same time. And help some friends-and-family in the proceß.
  3. First, we lack a decent work chair so I can work longer hours at helping my friend start his company, and keep my current job too; second, we lack a second chair so my wife and kid can use the oðer computer while I work. The current chair is nice for the usage they make of computers, watching films and reading articles and the like, but not enough for long stretches of work. So I would use the SteelCase Leap, and they would inherit my; and whenever I am not at long stretches of work, they would too enjoy a nice chair. Not to mention that, if my friend’s company goes as he expect, we will eventually be able to get a second one!

----- Leandro DUTRA 16.01.09 11:51

1. I would make a cardboard leap chair with the box cuz it would be funny and awesome

2. My resolution is to lead a healthier lifestyle, I have already quit smoking, I have already quit soda and other carbonated sugary goodness, quit fast food (except for In & Out Burger on occasion) and am working with a personal trainer and nutritionist/chef help me get on course towards a healthier me! On top of that I have made the choice to move to a better local economy than were I currently am. I am in real estate and my company just announced they are closing all offices in Memphis, TN. With things looking glum, I have resolved not to let this place drag me down.

3. Well I have had the same $50 Ikea chair I have used for my desk for about 5 years now. This chair would improve my life (and posture) considerably and fit right into my whole “healthier lifestyle” resolution!

----- Travis Bedel 16.01.09 11:42

1. I would give the box to my mom to practice for her faux finish class that she is taking in March at the local community theater. She’s really excited!

2. I have a few New Year’s Resolutions which are to get a real job, to kiss someone who thinks I’m wonderful, and to take one good photo each week.

3. The Leap chair would greatly improve my job searching since I’ve been using a little desk chair I’ve had since I was little, and it is just destroying my posture.

----- Victoria 16.01.09 09:46

I plan to make a doghouse out of the box. My New Years resolution is to lose two pounds. The chair will make me more mobile.

----- Kathy Curtis 16.01.09 09:37

It would be just the thing I need

----- Kelly Hawk 16.01.09 09:31

1. I will insulate the box so I can sleep in it when I’m put outside for not sharing my new Steelcase Leap with my girlfriend.
2. My New Year’s resolution was to enter more contests to win free stuff since my job pays so little and I can’t afford anything nice.
3. The Steelcase Leap will help my life if I take it into the office; it will make me smile, making my boss think I like my job.

----- Michael 16.01.09 09:24

1. I live in Philadelphia and every winter one of the local radio stations puts on a huge event called “The Cardboard Classic.” Anyone and everyone is invited to make their own cardboard sled and race down a slope at one of the local ski resorts. It is a hilarious event and gets great media coverage (all sorts of videos on YouTube that make it onto the news in the following days). So what I will do with the box is make it into not only a great sled but a great NOTCOT.com sled. I’m in marketing so I know the bonus of free marketing is quite valuable these days.
2. My resolution for 2009 was to do more to help out in the Philadelphia area since I did relatively little for the past 4 years. So last week I filled out all the paper work and took my interview with Big Brother Big Sisters and I now have the great opportunity to help out one of the many underprivileged kids in our city.
3. Well, just like everyone else the Leap will certainly help my back out. However, being the newest hire at my office I don’t even have a desk chair right now! I spend my 10 hours at the office on the phone and computer sitting on an antique wooden chair and when I say wooden chair a more realistic comparison would be a tree stump. So… I think it’s safe to say that the Leap chair would be an improvement on my current chair.

----- nickc 16.01.09 08:44

1) I would use it to make graffitti stencils!
2) My new years resolution is to finally manage to land a clean backflip on my mountain bike.
3) I need it because the generic office chair I am using at work makes my bum hurt every day, and causes me to shift my weight incessantly to avoid the butt-hurt

----- Jordan 16.01.09 07:59

1. Make a pretend submarine for my 1 yr old
2. My resolution this year is to get in shape and fix my posture
3. I work 10+ hours a day from home, so anything that gets me out of this silly Ikea chair would be a blessing.

Thanks guys!

----- Brandon Carson 16.01.09 07:31

1. I would donate to my good friend Leah(http://leahbailis.com/artwork/404093.html)she makes amazing things from cardboard.

2. My 2009 New Year’s Resolution is work more with http://www.neighborhoodbikeworks.org/ teach the love of self propelled motion and mechanics.

3. With the leap chair I would be able to work from home (spend more time with family), the found plywood desk chair I have now will only allow for about an hour of comfort, the plywood chair would then be passed on to another who might prefer an uncomfortable chair so they don’t sit too long.

----- keith wilkins 16.01.09 07:10

1 recycle it
2 exercise more
3 we use a kitchen chair at the computer desk cuz the old office chair broke

----- seepz 16.01.09 04:47

I give quite a lot to charity every year as I am a firm believer in less is more. The less you have the simpler your life is.
My new years resolution (besides losing weight) is to enjoy life more and for once do things that I want to do. In other words, put myself first once in a while.
I feel the Steelcase Leap will allow me to be more productive as I have back problems and if I don’t have to get up every 15 minutes to rest my back, I will get more work done, thus more free time to do what’s important to me.

----- Linda Crowder 16.01.09 04:42

1. Recycle for enough cash to make a few visits to the chiropractor that my back very much requires from my flintstones chair.

2. Get laid on the most heavenly chair, with extra cushioning for intense springing action

3. Provide an extra large box to fill criteria 1, a heavenly chair for 2.

----- Mike Huang 16.01.09 02:12

1. When I was a young lad my father built me a submarine out of a few large boxes, it even had a periscope. Seeing how I am now too old for such endevours and have no children to make a submarine for, I would probably make a periscope for this one and hide in it, using my periscope to see the outside world.

2. My crowning resolution is to finish my script by the end of January.

3. I am a writer, a chair is my life. And my current chair is made mostly of wood and painful jabby bits. It’s not even an office chair, it’s just the one that came with the room. Waiting room chairs have more back support. And the leap chair makes me salivate a little bit, in a good way. It’s like Pavlov’s chair.

----- Robin 15.01.09 23:25

Make and insulated work pod for my home work area, decorate it with a tropical/warm weather motif, warmly light interior with LED’s (most likely with red/orange/yellow tissue paper covering said LED lights), and probably sip summer themed cocktails. I just moved from sunny Southern California to FRIGID Massachusetts, so this insulated work pod would be much appreciated. No doubt, there will be pictures.

2, Resolution, as in singular most important and primary resolution for 2009? Keep happy no matter what, of course! I plan to do this by being inspired and fulfilled artistically by others works… Most of which I usually get from the gentle direction of NOTCOT. Not to mention this chair will help me do this comfortably.

Steelcase Leap, along with said insulated work pod, would bring a new level of comfort that my current chair, an old wooden thing, could never even hope to attain. I am sorry, wooden chair, it’s just that you just can’t support my precious buns like the Steelcase Leap does. How can I train my skills to one day get my OWN thumbnail linkage on NOTCOT if I can’t do it comfortably? Seriously.

My mother was right about this wooden kitchen chair… good for nothing and would let me end up with a sore back every day. The SHAME. Before, I was wrong about you Steelcase Leap, I couldn’t commit… I was scared. Scared of what we could have been. But now I know. I love you. Please can I have another chance?
… Can WE have another chance?

We can do it in the butt this time if you really want.

----- Chelsea D. 15.01.09 22:47

1. Build a cardboard computer chair for my girlfriend.

2. I resolve to settle down a bit and stop moving so much… and lose a bit of weight :P

3. I sit down for pretty much the whole day, working (3D artist), so I would benefit in productivity and save my back.

----- Adam Bolton 15.01.09 22:27

1. We were going to move so I packed up all the closets and drawers and cabinets after 24 years of collecting. I threw out and gave away a lot. We have decided to stay. Now that I have to unpack I think there will be more throwing out and giving away. The box would be perfect for that.
2. My New Years Resolution is to win more sweepstakes!
3. Since I spend so much time in front of the computer, my back usually kills me by the end of the night. I thought I was fat …Nope it’s the chair. If I had a new Steelcase chair I could spend more time entering sweepstakes and fulfill my New Years resolution!

----- Debra McCafferty 15.01.09 21:10

1. Be a kid again and play in the box, or just store junk in it.
2.exercise more, sleep more, eat less
3.It would be nice to have a new “comfortable” chair.

----- Bruce Weber Sr 15.01.09 20:13

1. I would use the massive box to bring joy to all my friends’ cats.
2. My 2009 New Year’s Resolution is to better balance my life/work/play ratio.
3. Steelcase will help my life by supporting my aching lower back while I work. I spend more time sitting than I do sleeping; a Leap would ensure that time is spent wisely.

----- Peter R-P 15.01.09 20:13

1. Protect floor when painting old furniture. Reduce, reuse and recycle is my motto.

2. I am continually becoming more and more positive all the time.

3. This Steelcase chair would save me from back pain. Since I work from home on a computer all day and then use the same horrible folding chair to email friends and family, I would greatly appreciate the ergonomic properties. Also it would be fully at home next the Steelcase two-drawer file cabinet I already have and love.

----- Diane Treacher 15.01.09 20:06

1) Definitely make a fort. I don’t think I’ll let the kids in though!

2) My New Year’s Resolution is to spend more time at home.

3) This chair will help me be more productive and therefore help me spend more time at home!

----- Camille 15.01.09 19:13

Woo! Okay, here’s what I’ve got.

(1) DEFINITELY the dance floor. I love that idea — you’ve inspired me to make one with one of my existing boxes, so thanks for that, anyway!

(2) I’m dedicated to fixing the economy single-handedly. You will soon see me all over the news. I plan to invest my trillions in ailing corporations and also feed those in need.

(3) I broke up with my girlfriend six, seven months ago. In an attempt to get the hell out of her life, I left essentially everything I owned or bought with her. Yes, it made life easier, but no, it did nothing for my back. I’ve one chair that is most definitely not intended to using to work in. I should just buy a new one, but it keeps slipping my mind — help me out!

----- Nik Mercer 15.01.09 19:12

1. I will make a stencil template to create a massive graffiti piece of me and my better half in our wedding day!
2. Work harder, Safe more money and finally propose(not postpone) to my very very long-term girlfriend.
3. I’m a freelancer and working from home so The Steelcase will really help improve my working environment in more healthier and happier and then I can work harder for her. As I said I really want to get marry this year :D

----- Yota 15.01.09 19:12

I’d save the box for the kids to hide out in. My New Years resolution is to organize al my papaerwork and clean out my closet. I’m getting there.It will make me roll over to my stove and sink occassionally from my desk

----- Rosanne 15.01.09 18:40

1. I would use the box to make a fort with my grandson.
2. My new years resolution is to work less and play more.
3. With this chair, after working at my desk, my back would feel better so I could actually crawl in and out of that fort with my grandson. PLAY!

----- Connie Johnson 15.01.09 18:32

great chair

----- paul 15.01.09 17:35

i would use that big box to store all my blankets in for the summer. my new year’s resolution is not to make any more resolutions, and i would spend the inordinately huge number of hours in front of my computer in heavenly comfort. thank you for asking

----- sue hieber 15.01.09 17:19

I would probably recycle it!

----- denise joyner 15.01.09 16:58

I would give it to my wife.

----- Arthur C. LEe 15.01.09 16:51

1. I would put it on its side and use it as a tv stand.
2. Keep my inbox as small as possible.
3. I’m a student and eat, do homework, study, and watch tv in my Office Max chair. It encourages poor posture, and I’d like to not be a 40 yr old on painkillers who can’t bend down to tie shoelaces.

----- Kevin 15.01.09 16:23

1. I’d make a fort for my cat so he can escape the crazy dogs!
2. I’d like to pick up a new hobby such as knitting or woodworking!
3. With the Leap, I would actually use my new desk I just built! My current chair is a hard plastic shell, I can’t stand it!

----- Laura 15.01.09 15:57

1: I’d use it to build a fort, and convert it to a transmogrifier when needed (but not a replicator, that’s just asking for trouble)
10: My 2009 resolution is to take and post at least 1 photo every day for the entire year. I’ve been meaning to improve my photography skills, and now I’ve got a whole Flickr group watching to make sure I follow through.
11: I’m honestly not sure if it would directly change my life, but it sure does look mighty comfortable. I’m lacking comfortable things to sit on in my apartment and this would be a nice change.

----- FiZ 15.01.09 15:15

1. Eat it. Well, not in its present form but after feeding it to my worms, I will use the fertilizer they produce to feed my tomato plants. Nothing is better than home grown tomatoes.

2. Become more tolerant of Republicans. They are not always the problem but they need to be part of the solution.

3. Put a smile on my face.

----- RicK Y 15.01.09 14:26

1. Recycle the Box.
2. Quit smoking!
3. What would I do with this chair? The easier question would be…..what wouldn’t i do with it? This is an amazing looking chair.

----- Bram Zimmerman 15.01.09 14:03

1. I think if I had a giant cardboard box i would beg an artist friend to design the bestest paint-by-number for the whole town to enjoy.

2. Okay, let’s get real. My new year resolution is actually to just be better. Better at everything that I wasn’t so good at last year.

3. The leap chair would improve my life by making my wife happier. That’s not to say she’s not happy now, but I think if she had a real chair she could finish her book, which would make everybody happy.

----- Jarrod 15.01.09 13:39

1. Build a submarine for the kids… they love boxes better than toys!
2. My resolution is to live to make a better world for all and not just go along with fake symbolizms of the world.
3. My office chair is old and flat, giving me a dull pain in the rear end. Working in a wonderful SteelCase chair is beyond my dreams!

----- Terry Goetz 15.01.09 12:07

1: I would (will!) laminate the cardboard together to make sturdy sheets, then cut them into parts to build a chair for my 4 year old son. A chair from a chair box!
2: My new years resolution is to open a donut shop.
3: I have a curved spine and ribs that are frequently dislocated, and a job that requires me to sit at my computer for 9 - 12 hours per day, every day. I currently sit in a hard plastic, totally not-adjustable plastic chair and go to the chiropractor 3 days a week (yay insurance, boo no cash). Having this chair would make the world brighter, me happier, and I am pretty sure it’s a step towards world peace.

Thanks in advance for the awesome chair!


----- Ix 15.01.09 11:23

1. I’d fill the box with items to donate to charity.
2. For 2009, I will eat more healthy and get more exercise.
3. I’d put this chair in my home office for increased posture/comfort, increase productivity!

----- Steve Maughan 15.01.09 10:38

1. A doghouse for that poor dog down the street without one.
2. Work toward being the absolute best person I can be so I can help others be the absolute best they can be - Pass It Forward
3. The Steelcase will take away the physical, mental, and emotional pain of being at work, all day, every day. If the pain is gone, it will be easier for me to accomplish #2.

----- Robin Krenzel 15.01.09 09:18

I would build my daughter the largest and most insanely colorful fort that has ever existed in mankind. Ok, it will most likely be a Dora fort, but its the thought that counts. My resolution is to get a job. Lost my business in 2008, hopefully 2009 will have a good job and have me back on my feet. The chair would help in job searching and comforting me when I am doing freelance work to try and pay some bills. It will also help feed all the starving kids in the world, or something………..

----- Michael 15.01.09 08:59

i would reycle the box. my resolution is to keep in touch with friends and family. the steelcase leap chair will help my back problems as i sit at my computer desk.

----- melissa 15.01.09 08:44

1. I would give the massive box to the love of my life that is moving away. But I would be happy I won a chair!
2. Recycle.
3. I have to sit on the floor when I’m on the computer. And my mother has back problems. HELP HER! HELP ME!

----- Angela 15.01.09 08:16

I’d make a fort for my bunny!

----- aimy 15.01.09 07:18

about the box… it will come in handy as my time travel machine in disguise.
new year’s resolution… party more responsible, i can’t take the beating any more of going the full monty every weekend.
steelcase leap… if i can get it up my room it would be a nice distraction from the horrible mess after working 18 hours straight. Oh and it’s good for my back and productivity so the 18 hours might go down to 14.796 hours and i would have a decent night rest

----- Lucas 15.01.09 07:10

1. I’d recycle the box (gotta save the Earth, you know).
2. My resolution is to be more decisive. I think. Well, actually…maybe not. I don’t know.
3. My current chair situation is fairly dismal. Being comfortable at my desk would make me much more creative and productive, leading me to get a kick-ass job and having a wonderful life.

----- Rudy 15.01.09 07:03

1. I would put the box on the street and get into to it so I could jump out of it when people walked by. SURPRISE!

2. My resolution this year is to be more spontaneous and to practice not caring what other people think about me, via lots of dancing in public.

3.This chair will help me in two ways: I don’t have any chairs in my flat at all right now, so any would be helpful, and my mother is always telling me to sit/stand up straight so it would get her off my back (pun intended :D) a little bit.

----- Hannah 15.01.09 03:28

1. Well recycling the massive box is a real great idea. I would prefer to create a wall panel made out of stripes cut from the box and colouring them in various colours and arranging them to make my home office look a little more beautiful and creative. remaining pieces shall be used in study model preparations.

2. Try to be a little more greener / suatainable. Both, in my work place (at my end; practice what you preach) as well try and roll out as greener projects / products as i can.

3. Gonna keep me working for longer comfortable hours. Also shall keep me young and fit for all my life without the severe back problems raising out of the incorrect sitting postures.

What else would be better off in starting a wonderful New Year than this wonderful chair and a greener world ahead.

----- Prashun 15.01.09 01:47

1. Fashion a flying machine and claim the International Bognor Birdman title (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Bognor_Birdman)

2. Stop entering impossible-to-win competitions. Oh shit.

3. Stop at least one of my staff whining about their bad backs. Losers.

----- Dave Fletcher 15.01.09 00:03

1. I would use it to build cardboard swords. My boyfriend is still a kid at heart, and loves playing with swords, this Christmas I got my sister to build him one out of styrofoam. If I had a huge cardboard box, I’d definitely build him a sword with one of the flaps and then perhaps built myself a castle so he can come rescue me from the fire breathing dragon.

2. My 2009 resolution is to focus on school, last semester I slacked off a little and my marks showed. This semester I am much more excited about my courses and they are more out of my own element, creating a interesting challenge for myself.

3. As a graphic designer, the biggest work injury we suffer is carpal tunnel syndrome! As many may not know, carpal tunnel is actually highly related to your sitting position. Sitting too high or too low at a desk can create a bad angle and position for computer use (typing, mouse clicking, trackpad etc.) which is highly dangerous! =) !! As a design student who is already suffering from juvenille arthritis, this chair would indeed improve my quality of life!

I WOULD LOVE to WIN this chair! It’d be a belated birthday gift for 2009, (my b-day is Jan 2)! Beautifully designed chair! Thanks!

----- Antoinette Tsang 14.01.09 22:48

1. I would make a spaceship… or maybe a hammock. Actually, no, I would pretend to be a refrigerator and see how long it would be before someone would notice.
2. My New Year’s Resolution is to stop chewing so much gum. And be a positive influence on the people around me.
3. I am eighteen and have back pain, I am not sure how exactly that happened. I also go to Georgia Tech and have so much homework that I spend about half of my day sitting in my crappy dorm room desk chair. I would cry tears of pure joy, puppies and kittens, if this chair showed up.

----- Josie 14.01.09 20:48

Using the box as a puppet theater sounds fun! But probably, the cats will play in it a while, then I’ll lay it flat in the garage, to catch any drips from the car (not that we have known oil leaks). I have resolutions about diet, exercise, and posture. This chair would help me with the posture part. I use a too-small, non-rolling, non-adjustable chair at the computer. It would be great to have a properly adjusted supporting chair—my back would hold up longer, for one thing.

----- Erica L 14.01.09 20:43

1) I would recycle it, open it up and turn it into a giant paper airplane. Throw it out my window and see if I can break a world record for the longest flight by a card board paper airplane.

2)To keep in touch with friends around the world better than I did in 2008

3)I need to start a home office and this would be a great way to start that off in 2009.

----- Ian Chee 14.01.09 18:49

1) If I were to win, I would use the box as a prop to initiate strange conversations. Most likely, I would hang it from a very high ceiling and tape pictures of famous opera singers to it. When asked what the purpose of the box is, I would reply, “What is the purpose of life?” I would smile on the inside as they pondered my nonsensical comment and pretended to think it was deep.

2) My new years resolution is to learn to play the piano well enough that I may actualize any musical ideas that come into my head. This is one of the most important things I will ever do.

3) I have my digital piano set up on my computer desk, which is actually a six foot table purchased from Lowe’s and held up by some two-by-fours. I’m sitting in a very uncomfortable and creaky wooden chair, typing at an angle that puts uncomfortable torsion on my spine. I could easily correct this torsion by moving over a bit, but I will remain this way to add dramatic affect to my message. My back feels very sore after crew practice each night (rowing machines) and having a nice chair to sit on while I do hours of electrical engineering homework would certainly easy the stress I feel sometimes. However, like any student, there is no way I can afford a high quality chair, so this competition is my only hope. Please help me.

----- Evan Sullivan 14.01.09 18:44

1. Massive box. It’s really nice for cats. Well, when the steelcase reap arrive, maybe to me, apparently I sit down there and never stand, then my cats have a grudge against me, so they should go in the box and think “I’m independent now!!!”. Yeah, House in the home. … and finally it go to the recycling trash. Recycling is very important.

2. Study Hard for life. Actually, I just got a new light on my desk. and I now need a good, strong chair, for my waist and my cats. You wonder ‘why cats?’ it’s answer is #3.

3. Do you know about some people say “cat is good for waist.” in asis? it is old jork (I think and believe so). Cats have a really flexible waist, so they said it. But nowadays, we,the homo-sitwholeday,need is just a Good-really good chair. Balance (my hips are different size or my balance sense is always drunk), and strong frame, and the feeling for my hips. And I question back to you. Really the steelcase Leap Will Help My Life (especially my hips)? Then Test me!

----- Yuri 14.01.09 18:22

1. I think it would make a great squirrel playhouse for our deck! Give our kitty boys something to watch while we’re at work all day too.

2. Not sure I want to call it a “Resolution” but we’re already going to do more volunteer work in the community this year.

3. Ahhhhhh, the chair! Like most here, I sit on my rear way too many hours a day, and my back is pretty unhappy about the whole situation most weeks.

----- The Slapster 14.01.09 17:26

1. I would use the box to help my office move

2. I have resolved to follow through with my products more thoroughly,

3. I currently sit on a hard plastic ikea chair this chair would help me immensely


----- eric whewell 14.01.09 16:50

1. Box is saved for 1 week. I use the divine chair during that time in ecstatic joy.
2. If I made resolutions I would resolve to workout and buy something to wear on NOTCOT Couture.
3. The chair helps my life because after 1 week I would box it back up and send it to my 29 year old son in San Francisco. I can never find anything insanely great enough to give him that fits in my budget. Although, I adore this chair and it is actually on my wish list of things I wish I had it would be off to SF. Man would I be cool!

----- Betian 14.01.09 16:16

1. recycle/donate old items
2. eliminate clutter from my home
3. the steelcase chair would improve my well-being— my current crappy office chair is giving me back pain!

----- Sarah 14.01.09 16:01

1. Um break it down and recycle it. Or if I happen to ship myself somewhere I guess I could use that.
2. My New Year’s Resolution is to get more sleep and wake up earlier, and not be late for everything. It’s all related.
3.I would use it to improve my posture, which is now like Gollum’s.


----- Raymond Dang 14.01.09 15:07

1. I’d use it to make a pin board to hang all of my illustrations and also use it to make a cover to block the glare from my screen.

2. I was recently laid off from my job and I recently started a freelance business, so my resolution for 2009 is to work harder than I’ve ever worked to not only bring my life back to where it was, but to make it better than ever!

3. I currently work from home on a makeshift computer desk cobbled together from old furniture and I sit on a hard white plastic outdoor stacking chair. I’ve broken three of them and fallen on the floor while working- funny, but painful. My butt hurts and craves the soft surface of a Steelcase Leap chair. Please, please, please, I beg you for this chair. My butt will thank you.

Keep up the great site, I’m always curious where you’ll end up next!

----- Ryan 14.01.09 15:05

1. I would deconstruct the box and paint it and make it into a perfect headboard for my, some would say, eclectic room.

2. Smile more.

3. Well I am a college student and have a desk but don’t spend too much time sitting at it since by bed is far more comfortable but I tend to fall asleep when in bed and therefore I blame my chair for my mediocre grades. If I had a Leap Chair I would definitely make the Dean’s list, graduate with honors, get admitted to Harvard Law School and go on to make millions all the while curing world hunger, the AIDs epidemic and single handling resolving the Israel-Palestine conflict.

----- Veronica 14.01.09 14:57

With this perfectly massive box in hand I would create a masterpiece and return it to the givers hand.
Since my New Years resolution is to spread goodwill, I will see a deeper shade of green in my cup of green tea each morning
and now that I’m focused after having a pleasant seated read I can confidently pass on some ergonomic information towards friends in need.

----- Scott Hulett 14.01.09 12:54

My idea is to have two computers hooked up to the internet - one to play games on and the other to enter contests/sweepstakes on - keeps the speed up on both computers - resolution - enter more contests/sweepstakes - my wonderful but disabled wife of more than 39 years would love this prize. Thank you for this great contest and prize!

----- Clifton Wade 14.01.09 11:26

1. I would fill my massive recycling bin with the massive box. I always enjoy maximizing the potential of our city’s great recycling program.
2. My 2009 resolution is to update my vintage 2008 website. And to recycle a large cardboard box.
3. I would use the Steelcase to improve my wife’s life. She’s had a bad back for years and works out of our home office quite a bit.

Thank you! Kyle

----- Kyle 14.01.09 10:25

1. I would use the box as a basis for a front lawn fungal rejuvenation project: a la Paul Stamets http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqUrS3HZDYM&feature=related @5min

2. My New Year 2009 resolution is to become more involved in my art community.

3. The Steelcase Leap would be a much welcome addition to the 9+ hours I spend daily at the computer as a post production coordinator for a photography studio.

Cheers! Virginia

----- Virginia LeBlanc 14.01.09 09:04

1. I would recycle it!
2. My New Year’s Resolution is to take more photos!
3. I work from home and sit all day on a 10 year old office chair! It was a great chair when I bought it, but it has deteriorated with use over the years. It now has weak padding and at times it slides lower while I am sitting in it! The Steelcase Leap will make every work day more enjoyable and less tiring. It would be a wonderful blessing!

----- Catherine 14.01.09 07:59

1. Give it to the kids and call it a surprise birthday- gift.
2. paint it up purty, and waterproof it
3. live in it when I loose my job in this economy

----- greenchickadee 13.01.09 22:24

Number 1: you mean if my cats bestowed the privilege of letting me choose what to do with it…lets not waste time on such an absurd proposition.

New Years Resolution: Not something I normally do. Dance more, and have a more debauched year. Be more moderate with moderation! Love more recklessly…

The steelcase chair will complete me as a person. Really, it should be like child custody, lets think of the chair here. I don’t know how it will go on if it found out it missed out on bonding with my sweet ass. Honestly though, I’m a pixel flinging, web developing, soundscaping, animating, motion graphic-ing fine artist who is too busy worrying about trying to afford healthcare and other such silly things, that doesn’t normally even think of luxuries such as buying a chair, so it would be awesome for the bex.

----- BEXIMUS_PRIME 13.01.09 22:17

1. oh, my. the things you could do with a giant box… well, i’d be up for making a fort or a kick-ass puppet theatre. if it keeps snowing in chicago, i’d take it to the one hill in the entire city and use it as a sled. or, cut it up and use it for various art projects.

2. I have several goals that i’d like to accomplish this year, but if i call them resolutions, i’ll never do them. some highlights: apply for grad school. learn how to make sushi. keep a houseplant alive for more than two months. draw more. write more. finally find the courage to dance in public. plan a trip. see my grandma more than once a year. re-learn to play the clarinet, and maybe take up the accordion. write letters, instead of email. build a bicycle. learn how to speak in sign language. oh, and maybe finish unpacking my bedroom.

3. right now, i’m sitting hunched over on the floor in the one corner of my apartment that i can get an open network in. (thank you to whatever neighbor doesn’t use a password..) there’s a desk in here, too, but we don’t actually have any spare chairs in my apartment, and my roommate gets frustrated when i steal them from the kitchen. my back hurts. i think it’ll hurt a whole lot more if i’m still crouched in the corner while i’m writing my thesis.

----- emily b 13.01.09 21:20

1) I would take some paint and extra cardboard, and paint it to look like a pirate ship, complete with mainsails and cannons, and of course, flying the jolly roger. Then I’d hoist it into a tree and my friends and I could pretend it’s a flying pirate ship.

2) I resolved to keep up with my new blog, but more importantly, to make something out of my life. I know, huge, right?

3) As a student and as someone who spends time on the computer doing either homework or messing around with Photoshop and Illustrator, I sit a LOT. This would help my terrible posture, as well as give me something comfortable to rest when I’m not sailing the world or recovering from gangrene.

----- Shelby Chen 13.01.09 20:35

1. I would use the box as a slide and push my teenage son around my living room until I pass out from exhaustion.
2. My resolution is to exercise 3x a week. Pushing my son around on the box will help me burn calories. :-)
3. The Steelcase Leap will improve my life by helping me to get better posture.

----- juicergirl 13.01.09 20:07

1. i would do as follows:
step one: get a stick and a length of string and the massive box.
step two: add them all together to make a fine trap.
step three: see what i can trap??

2. Try and move out to new york after my week trip in feb looking for design work… risky but worth it… i hope.

3. It would mean i could wheel round my office rather then move… so its a time saver and it will stop me burning off my christmas fat that i need to keep me warm!

----- chris 13.01.09 19:04

1. fill with items to donate to charity
2. keep better track of my time
3. take it to the office to be the envy of my colleagues

----- Chris 13.01.09 18:52

1. I would take the box to work and ask my co-workers to fill it with clothes & household items (I would go to each cubicle for face time) - when it was full, I’d call MEND - that’s a charity organization called Meet Each Need with Dignity and I’d call them up and tell them I have a big massive box for them.

2. My New Year’s resolution is to help people communicate their ideas.

A Steelcase Leap chair would help because I have arthritis in my hip - and when I sit too long it really hurts.

----- Mary Grace McKernan 13.01.09 16:35

1) paint a masterpiece!-I’m a starving art student
2) my resolution is to come as close as I can to finding my own artistic style
3) this chair would help my aching back as well as provide good design for my eyes

----- Sydney 13.01.09 14:55

1) Shred it down to component pieces and use it for armature in the construction of a new Giant Office Monster statue. (He can sit in my old chair).

2) Make more art. Or, just sell more of the art I’ve made. Better yet, both.

3) Comfortable seating while working on my latest creations may help give rise to a new artistic revolution! That or improve nap quality while “working.” Let’s let time be the judge of that one.

----- Dmitri Arbacauskas 13.01.09 14:36

1. I would sleep inside the massive box until I complete my New Year’s Resolution for 2009.
2. My New Year’s Resolution for 2009 is quitting smoking.
3. A Steelcase Leap chair would help the affects of sleeping in a box for a week.

----- Lee Merckle 13.01.09 14:23

1) I think I’d keep the box in the corner of my office with a sign stating, “Do Not Remove. Waiting for vendor pick-up.” This would make sure no one took my Quiet Place/Hiding Place/Sleeping Cubicle Away.
2) I resolved to get more sleep at night so I wouldn’t want to use the box as often.
3) In all honesty, the biggest improvement this would make is a reduction in back pain. That’s the main reason I want to win it.

----- John McLeod 13.01.09 13:50

1) Use it for Breakdancing! I would give the box to my friend who is an amazing breakdancer. He can definitely use the box to practice on :)

2)My new years resolution is to learn Hula Dance!

3)Right now, I work as an intern between two school. At school the staff is very nice and I have a lovely desk and chair. However, at the other school I only have a desk and I have to use whatever empty plastic chair I can find that day to sit on. The steal case leap is the ultimate solution and not to mention that it will make all the staff in that office very jealous of the intern!

----- Am 13.01.09 13:48

1.the chair box will be a handmade landscape
2.i really not know
3.i’m a new young architect (in a world full of architect). the chair will be the chief chair or my chair!

happy new year!

----- marta 13.01.09 13:24

1. I would MOST DEFINITELY make a box fort out of it. However I like the idea of painting a masterpiece on it. So maybe I’ll paint a masterpiece on my box fort? Who knows, the possibilities are endless.

2. My New Years resolution is to invest more time and effort into my school work (Communication Arts major at VCU). Hopefully by the end of the year I’ll have a portfolio I can feel confident about when approaching clients.

3. The Steelcase would aid me in fulfilling my new years resolution. I have a wicked drafting table I use all the time for schoolwork/ photoshoppin’ on my laptop, but alas, I sit on an unpadded stool in front of it :(. How lame is that? LEMME AT DAT CHAIR!

----- Matt Blizzard 13.01.09 13:02

1. I will build another chair by using the cardboard box, some ingenuity and duct tape. If not full scale, at least enough for my 3 month old son. Let him drool on it and imitate his every facial expression.

2. My resolution is to make a new resolution every day and enjoy fruits or failures of it next morning.

3. I’d use my Steelcase chair 24 hours a day: Nightly to look over my sleeping offspring by securing a monitor in gentle arms of its lumbar support. Daily to inspire me to create beautiful things while being guided by it’s natural and confident firmness. And in the evenings, with some drapes and candles, it will hold me and my loved one in gentle and bouncy embrace slowly progressing into an exuberant test of it’s fine amortization qualities. I hope it’s built very well.

----- Sasha 13.01.09 12:30

Send it to my daughter for the kids or dogs, then it is her problem. A year of less stress and less hair loss. Gee I could give up all the ugly padding, that I added to my current chair to make it bearable to sit at the computer.

----- rebecca 13.01.09 10:55

Cut it up and put it in the trash in small increments. This year I will reach my goal weight. Time at the computer will be more comfortable, and I will be able to finish tasks without breaking up the time because of pain.

----- danielle 13.01.09 10:53

1. I would use the box to make a carboard car so that the kids could watch a movie as though they are in a drive in movie.

2. My resolution is to start a feeder program for basketball with my school.
3. the Steelcase Leap would be a welcome treat for me and my at home buisness. currently I don’t have a chairand must sit on a step stool without a back because the old chair borke for haveing a paddle race down the hallway.(the door to the stiars was open and I rolled to far and rode the chair the entire flight of stairs, needless to say the chair did not survive.)so it would be amazing to win. thanks

----- Sarah 13.01.09 10:17

I would cut the box down and take it to the recycling center.

To stop watching infomercials, I get up very early and do end up watching too many of them.

The chair I am using has caused me shoulder problems because I can’t adjust it properly. I think this chair would be a great improvement.

----- Connie G 13.01.09 08:47

1. Re-use the box as a hiding spot for the kids and the dogs.

2. Resolution for 2009 try new things.

3. I don’t have an office chair and I so do need one.


----- Carrie M 13.01.09 07:54

1. I’d find a gentle hill, get in the box, and roll down. I used to do this as a child - except back then I was much more pliable and could somersault while inside the box…and with my cocker spaniel inside, slowly flopping out. Then after I exhausted myself with that I would put make the box into a TV and act out the news and other TV shows for friends.
2. I have a lot of resolutions for 09 but the main one is probably trying to live a healthy lifestyle. I already eat healthy but I am pretty lazy. Which is how I got into trouble in the first place. I’ve got two herniated discs. And I need to exercise to keep my core strong and supportive of my back. Which brings me to question 3.
3. This new chair would help me sit properly at my desk so I won’t be hunched over and therefore hurting my back even more. I spend most of my day on my ass and in my current situation I have to get up every 30 minutes to relieve the pressure on my back. I’ve just started spinal decompression therapy and don’t want it to go to waste with a shitty chair. My office ordered new chairs for everyone except my floor and at home, I have a cheap plastic number that is even worse. Please, I do not want to be a hunchback!

----- Alexis 13.01.09 04:18

1. put other boxes in it.
2.new years resolution: never having to write long copy ever again>> become a graphic designer
3.The Chair is where i will spend almost all my spare time drawing, learning how to use PS4 and CS4

----- kim 13.01.09 04:00

1. Fill it with paper and when my mailman collects for the annual food drive tell him that’s my donation. 2.My resolution is to appreciate the music of Milli Vanilli more. 3.When I’m exhausted from listening to the wonderful music I”ll relax in my new chair.

----- gregg 13.01.09 03:21

What a great chair!! I would give the box to the kids so they could paint it and make a cool fort or maybe a dog condo. The puppet theatre is a great idea, too! My New Years resolution is to get healthier — eat healthier foods and be more active. The Leap Chair would make my life much better because I work at home on the computer and the office chair I have now is just not cutting it. My back aches after several hours. I think the Leap Chair would be much better for my back and posture (and mood!). Also, having a Steelcase chair would cheer me up because it would remind me of the town I grew up in and miss: Grand Rapids, Michigan, the home of Steelcase!!

Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

----- Darcy 12.01.09 23:53

1. Turn it into a little puppet set, to make youtube videos of socks saying ridiculous things to each other.

2. Not hate my parents so much.

3. I sit at a computer almost every waking moment of my life. I have a terrible aching back, and have been wanting a new chair to help with that.

----- james 12.01.09 23:42

The box would be used to store some extras of ours in the laundry room.

To find inner peace and reconcile with my past by continuing therapy.

My chair is worn down and I need one that is better for me and this is it!

----- Kirsten 12.01.09 23:33

1 I would grab some paint and scissors and make a house for my little ones I would even send you the picture!
2 Not to spend money foolishly watch my money and save more
3 This would help with my back and hopefully my bootie

----- kerri r 12.01.09 21:24

one. there is nothing else that a keen architect wants to do with corrugated cardboard besides using it in the classic design exercise: a cardboard chair with no adhesives.

two. no more all-nighters, deadline or not.

three. with an aclaimed productivity increase of 17.8% AND prolonged comfort time, i think i’m sold. every architect needs one of these to maintain the productivity and comfort level through the lovely all-nighters we often have. maybe i will be able to keep to my resolution. after all, “sitting is believing”, right?

----- Serena 12.01.09 21:09

1. With the box, I will build a classy house for my dog Maggie, who is a very good dog.
2. In 2009, I resolve to have many new adventures. One of which will hopefully be going back to school to become a Special Ed teacher.
3. I currently work for a nonprofit organization based on an Indian reservation. My current chair (which I sit in for many hours every day) is not friendly to my back… but a nice new chair is not exactly in our small budget! I believe that a new chair will make me a much more pleasant co-worker. Huzzah!

----- Abby Nyhof 12.01.09 20:59

1) What would I do with the box? What wouldn’t I do!? I only want to win the chair to get the box. The three things I admire most in life are sturdy boxes with perfect corners, well-made rope (non-nylon), and good, stout sticks. I already have a stick and some rope.
2) My New Year’s Resolution is finish my Web site: boxropestick.com
3) The only thing I need the chair for is to sit and admire the box. Neither the rope nor the stick offer much comfort for that sort of activity. It’s their one weakness.

----- Perry 12.01.09 20:44

Would make a fort for myself and my nephew to play in… give a kid a box and they will play for hours. My resolution is to put a smile on everyones face everyday… this chair would help me considerably… i have back problems and the lumbar support is awesome !!

----- Douglas S 12.01.09 20:21

1. Recycle it
2. Deal with my depression and hopefully get better by the end of the year, which involves starting and keeping a blog, exercising, seeing a therapist, stop procrastinating and learn to relax.
3. As a grad student, I spend most of my time in front of a computer working and it would help sooo much with my back problems and poor posture…I heard standing tall helps with confidence. :)

----- Angi 12.01.09 20:01

I would ditch the box, sell the chair on an auction site and use the money to buy food. My new years res is to be more honest.

----- Palangi 12.01.09 19:52

1. I’m going green and putting the box out to be recycled.
2. New Year’s Resolution - pay off debt and be a better person
3. Just the comfort of this chair, I might actually work more.

----- Carlos Garza 12.01.09 19:38

1. Make a multi-layered cat mansion for my cat princess

2.For 2009 I resolve to finish my comic graphic novel, and blow most of my cash printing it.

3. I spend most of my days/nights serving up high grade coffee to weary office workers, my free time is spent hunched over my wacom tablet ruining my spine and wrist. Any added comfort and support would probably help cut down on the chiropractor visits, and improve the masochistic joy of the digital art process.

----- StevieW 12.01.09 19:31

Dear Notcot,

Here are my answers to the questions you pose:

1. I would fill the gigantic box with paper products and recycle the whole thing. Packaging generates a lot of waste, but if that waste can be used constructively — to house other recyclables, for instance — then it’s not waste at all. This ties in with my 2009 resolution —
2. Reduce my household garbage and continue my windowsill gardening project. I’ve been composting for about eight months now, and use the compost to feed the tomatoes and herbs I grow. I’d like to get into more home-grown edibles while at the same time expanding my compost project in 2009. I think we all need to take responsibility for the waste we generate, period.
3. This chair would improve my life because at the moment, my computer chair is a metal folding chair we rescued from the roadside. I think this is a great chair to have around, and I certainly wouldn’t want to get rid of it like its previous owner did, but as far as computer chairs go, it’s less than ideal. The Steelcase Leap would make me a happy camper and would free up the folding chair for friends who want to hang out casually.

----- Niina 12.01.09 17:58

1) I would save the box for when I move. Recycle when I can.
2) I am looking into different ways to better my life…a major relocation move and new career opportunities.
3) I am in front of my art table or in front of my computer working and I just do not have a chair of this quality to help with comfort and ergonomics.

----- Rick J Bryant 12.01.09 17:09

1. Save it for the moving I will do in Fall this year. Perhaps I’ll put the chair back in it when I move?
2. Get into grad school. (accomplished!) Need to come up with another one, I guess…
3. My back will thank me greatly when I’m sitting in this chair, writing my thesis for my MFA. My back would also like to add “There’s no way an MFA student could afford a chair like this on his assistantship salary!”

----- Zach 12.01.09 16:36

…….sorry, just had to come back and stare at that chair some more!



----- Lisa 12.01.09 15:00

Mmmm a big box like that would be awesome! I could build like a sweet condo for my cats!

I didnt make a resolution for 2009 - I just want to continue trying to live the best I can :)

THE CHAIR!! OMG -the chair would be a godsend for me!! I work from home for an online art site and am at the computer so much I need a good chair like a traveling salesman needs a good comfy car! I have wanted a good chair for so many years now and to be able to sit down and do a days work without feeling like a arthritic 110 year old by the end of it would be a dream come true. I have never been able to afford a decent chair and this would enable me to do my job better and keep working longer which in this economy is a good thing ;)

Thank youuuuu!

Lisa aka fangedfem

----- Lisa 12.01.09 14:59

first it could be a fabulous puppet theatre
second it could be a hangout for the coolest cats.
After that it should be the most perfect distressed canvas.

its like my current office chair has deflated .. :(

----- Christine 12.01.09 14:56

I’d give the box to my grandchildren. They would have loads of fun with it.
New Years resolution is to Lead a healther lifestyle with exercise, good eating habits.
I work full time and also do data entry part time at home. The chair would be so great! I had a Criterion chairs for years at my old job and this chairs would be so great for my home computer.

----- Marilyn Paris 12.01.09 14:53

I would use the box as a bed to sleep underneath my desk at my cubicle (my office chair is too uncomfortable).

I would use the box as a privacy screen to block the doorway to my cubicle and sleep on my uncomfortable office chair. (Did I mention my office chair was uncomfortable?)

I would use it to pack my things from my desk and take them home once I quit my job and start working from home as a freelancer, then I could sit on a comfortble chair of my choosing…perhaps a couch with my laptop on my belly and my office chair as an ottoman.

I would use

----- wordwrestle 12.01.09 14:30

1. fill it up with those plastic balls from Chuckie Cheeses’ ball pits and mail it to a friend who’s having a hard time
2. to work on my confidence - it’s a lifelong job
3. I’m a medical student to be honest, my back and posture are probably ruined from standing over anatomy tables and bending to work with pediatric patients - this chair will help me undo that damage!

----- JOELLE 12.01.09 14:23

1. I would make the box up into an auld-timey robot costume, complete with a handlebar mustache and bowler cap, and hold a protest against selling robots into slavery in front of a local electronics dealer.

2. My New Years resolution is to get my web design and artistry chops up enough so I am worth more when I ultimately move to the big city to pursue theater and glory.

3. Both my gal and I have big dreams of moving up in the world. Moving out of Podunk, Ohio and being somebodies of artistic importance. The first step in any life-altering adventure is getting off one’s duff, and I believe that the Steelcase Leap will give my duff a much higher altitude than it can currently achieve.

----- Ryan 12.01.09 14:01

1. id make a chihuahua exercise apparatus out of the box to calm my dog down enough to let me work =P
2. my resolution is to get a gallery show (or a big enough body of work for a gallery show) this year…
3. it would be the final addition to my bitchin home studio i have spent so much time and money creating…

----- Jonathan Boyer 12.01.09 13:37

My resolution is to try and save some money in the savings for the future.

----- Monique Rizzo 12.01.09 13:16

1. I’m 100% sure the box would first be used as a giant fort. Then I’ll probably be forced to be a little more mature and store something in it.

2. My resolution tends to be the same thing every year, which is to procrastinate less. With it being my last semester of school, there’s no better time to finally go through with it.

3. This chair would be a huge help to my aching back, which isn’t being helped by the chair I have now. This thing’s back support is seriously bad, not to mention the padding on the seat is almost gone.

----- Stephen 12.01.09 13:07

1. Add an extension to my house

2. Stop looking at my RRSP’s (401K)

3. Give my hemorrhoids a comfy “pad”!!

----- Anthony 12.01.09 12:50

1) I’d kill two birds with one stone. One of my new year’s resolutions is to clear some clutter. I’d fill the box up with clothes, books and other things I could donate to shelters or schools.

2) One of my new year’s resolutions like I said above is to clear some clutter and get organized. But I also want to save more money and become a better cook.

3) I am a college student with a full schedule so I spend a lot of time sitting, working at my desk. The chair I use now was cheaply made and it kills my back after sitting in it for a few hours. I don’t have the money to grab a nicer one right now, so the Steelcase Leap would solve the back problem and hopefully encourage me to stay focused and productive while working because of the new found comfort.

----- Julia 12.01.09 12:46

I’d give the box to my husband to play in. Yes I meant husband, not kids. My resolution is to be eating totally organic by the end of the year. This chair would replace the stationary wooden chair I’ve been using in my home office so it would be a huge help!

----- Sarah 12.01.09 12:44

1. I would punch eye holes into the box and draw a large scary face (maybe Nixon)on the outside and then get inside and use it to scare my new roommates into paying their overdue rent. If this fails I will simply keep leaving it in their beds until they cough up the dough.

2. My new years resolution is twofold; first quit smoking, then quit eating all of those little wintergreen mints that I’ve been using to substitute the habit.

3. The Steel case Leap would vastly improve my life by becoming the only other piece of furniture in my home aside from my bed, and my newly acquired intimidation box.

----- Duncan 12.01.09 12:30

1. Build a fort out of it, like when I was younger!
2. Be more positive about things - and get in shape!
3. It will be nicer to sit on than the crate we have!

----- Tarah 12.01.09 12:01

1. Convert the box into a large cathouse for the crew (kittens)
2. To find a better job than the one I lost after 23 yrs…thanks WallStreet.
3. To dispose of my current worn out chair yhat has cushions on it to keep the screws from jagging me in the butt. REALLY.

----- Lydia 12.01.09 12:00

I totally totally agree on that! You couldnt have said it with a better way..

----- Sofia T 12.01.09 11:46

(1) The box would become a laminated cardboard computer desk. If the desk idea doesn’t come together as planned, my cat will enjoy destroying the glued-up bits of cardboard. Her massive new scratching post will distract her from attacking my new Leap chair.

(2) I resolve in 2009 to work on improving my poor posture. I also resolve to find a project for the roll of fiberglass cloth that has been sitting in my closet for a year. Maybe an epoxy resin/fiberglass chair pad to roll around on?

(3) The Steelcase Leap will help my life by helping my sore, knotted back to heal. My interest in pursuing a career in design will also be helped if I get to sit on an example of great design.

----- Lief 12.01.09 10:38

i would (1) use the box for donated clothes, (2)I don’t make resolutions, and (3) this beautiful chair would replace the broken one that I am sitting and have been for years. if i move the wrong way, down i go.

----- Bev M 12.01.09 10:28

they kids would make a fort out of it. to exercise more and right now my chair is broke the back fell off it lol thanks miketra@sbcglobal.net

----- tracey johnson 12.01.09 10:27

1. I would most definitely make the box into the fort, though I resent the assumption that you must have kids in order to play! I would decorate the interior of the box, fill it with pillows and my favorite blanket, and cozy up with a book and a flashlight!! Nothing better! No children needed—even though they are pretty fun to have around!
2.My resolution is to make sure I play and laugh and explore like I did when I was little—I want to make things and learn things with enthusiasm, and never worry if they are actually cool or be afraid to show them off with pride!
3. Following my resolution I would probably do what I did on my red plastic ikea swivel chair when I was about 6— get my older brother to come over and see how fast he can spin me on it while concocting a story about being an astronaut and launching me into outer space—then I’d fall off the chair and press my face to the floor so that I wouldn’t barf! haha Now I just drink to much vodka and get the spins—somehow this seems healthier!

----- Talia Regan 12.01.09 09:11

1. I would shred the box and turn it into an art piece- it’s just what I do.
2. My resolution for 2009 is to fix my website!
3. My current desk chair has a broken caster. If I lean the wrong way it pitches me out! Winning a new “Leap” chair would allow me to get to work on my resolution without risking life and limb!

----- arlene 12.01.09 08:51

1. It’s a cliche, but every large box that enters the house becomes a playhouse/fort for the kids until the cats reclaim it by scratching the heck out of it.

2. My resolution is to stop complaining about things so much and take a more positive outlook.

3. It will improve my life by improving my WIFE’s life. I’ve got an Aeron courtesy of my company, but her home office chair broke so it rocks side to side just before the holidays, and I haven’t yet been able to get her a new one.

----- Brian 12.01.09 08:42

1. play house for daughter
2. start “sinus suvival” program
3. less back pain

----- Lisa Fosses 12.01.09 08:34

1. The box would get cannibalized while making templates for cement counter tops in my new old house. DIY FTW!

2. Less aimless wandering, more doing. Oh, and win a nice chair.

3. The Leap would help me get around some major lower back issues, and allow me to put in the working time I need to each day to stay top side on the to-do lists.

----- Taylor 12.01.09 08:10

1) save it and re-use for when i move different apartment
2) stop using “like” when i speak. ie. “that movie was, like, so long.”
3) be motivated to work more.

----- eugene ko 12.01.09 07:46

1) With 4 kiddos finding a use wont be hard. But they dont get to have it until my prismacolors and I have turned it into a 1940’s Catfish Gilmore Special Race Car ahhhh just love the style and bravado of the racers in that era.

2)Learn to make the first thing that comes to mind when a I see a blank piece of paper a reason not an excuse.

3)Its like moving from the Ford Escort to Ferrari of office chairs. So my spinal fusion at L5 S1 would scream for joy not pain.

Thanks notcot and Leap

----- Patrick 12.01.09 05:40

1. Cardboard is the official choice of street corner dice throwers around the world, and thus my intended scheme to filch all the local school children’s lunch money becomes apparent.

2. My new years resolution is to move back to the East Coast (from San Diego) so I can be close to my family again for the first time in six years. Leave one career and life and move—maybe find another on the other side?

3. The good Karma of being given the Steelcase Leap chair will be easily given out (especially to my family members who recently have suffered a lot). Chair or no, I will be doing everything I can to support them.

----- Tyler Benner 12.01.09 04:46

1. The cats would probably play with it for some time before it made its way to the recyclables.
2. Loose the baby weight.
3. I actually breast feed while working on my computer, so a new chair would make that endeavor a little more comfy.Thanks!

----- Simone 12.01.09 04:18

1. Think outside the Box
2. …same as Number one.
3. This Chair looks Bulletproof so I guess it will protect me from evil forces.

----- mowgli 12.01.09 01:44

1. Cut the box into a wedge shape, line it with trashbags, fill it with snow and use it as a form to build jumps for sledders. You’d be surprised how big of a ramp these kids are willing to go off of, and packing up that much snow takes a fair amount of time.

2. Pass the bar exam.

3. Two months straight of studying can take a serious toll on your body. I’m just hoping to not fall apart (mentally and physically) by the end of this. I think a Leap chair could make that possible, and even upgrade the experience from hellish to okay.

----- //austin 12.01.09 01:05

1. That big box would make good storage for paper shreds! I think sometimes I get enough junk mail every week to fill a box this big!!
2. New years resolution is to eat better and excercise more to lose some weight.
3. This would be great to bring to my office. Right now the chair I use is probably 15 years old or more. They have been promising us new chairs for almost the last 3 years too! I’ll believe that when I see it. Of course, bringing our own chairs in is probably what they want us to do, but I don’t care as long as I get a good chair.

----- Aaron B from IL 11.01.09 23:13

1. My pet chameleon Jake has recently been looking for a new way to get closer to his heat lamp. He lives in an open-air cage off an old tree branch hung horizontally on my wall. I would probably use the box to build a ramp of some sort so he can get toasty warm by his heat light. “Mmmm… toasty,” he will soon be thinking as he gazes out his looking-window over the winter world.

2. New years resolution: to have more spontaneous adventures and to document my life more, particularly in words, because I’m quickly learning I have a terrible long-term memory.

3. Well clearly I could take my new Steelcase Leap Chair on spontaneous adventures through the depths of my tile-based student apartment! Imagine the possibilities, the games I could play with my housemates: hallway races! Who can get to the fridge faster! Swirly chair drinking games! Bragging rights on who has the more comfortable seat! Living the life of an ivy league college student is not easy. But with my new Steelcase Leap Chair It will be like studying is fun! Wee! Physical Chemistry! Ya-hoo! And then, I could record all these adventures in words by writing them down, whilst sitting in my new Steelcase Leap Chair! Thus fulfilling both of my new years resolutions and starting 2009 off with a fantastic swirl.

----- Stephanie S 11.01.09 22:15

1. I’d totally build a fort with the kids. I think I’ll have as much fun as they do! I can see a spaceship already!
2. Welcome to America…I need to lose a few pounds! I quit smoking after 18 years and have softened a little. Back to reality!
3. My desk chair, right now, is a folding metal chair. Jealous? Ok, for real, I need this chair to help me stop worrying about my sore back and get tons more work done!

Thanks for the awesome contest. I almost want to go buy something big so that even if I don’t win, I can still make the spaceship!

----- Cori Westphal 11.01.09 22:05

1. I would totally bring the big box out on the dance floor…but as a Giant Robot! Complete with pipe arms and a bucket head.

2. My news years resolution for 2009 is to find a great job that I’m excited about after college.

3. This chair would help me out a ton because not only do I make and run several websites, but I produce music, am in college (thus writing a ridiculous amount of papers), and have a crappy desk chair right now!



----- Clay Hefner 11.01.09 21:59

1. I’d use the box to fill with clothes to donate to charity
2. My new Year’s Resolution is to be more healthy and get more of my family and friends to join in with me
3. The chair would be fantastic for me to use at my computer at home

----- Alvin Breeden 11.01.09 21:33

1. I would use it to hide all the unstylish things i regretted buying from my sight.
2. Sharpen my skills at work and learn how to live with another person.
3. With the chair i may not develop back problem later on, which means i may not need commercial medical insurance, which means AIG may lose another customer…

----- Lu Kai 11.01.09 21:29

1) It may be boring but I have a fair amount of bulky stuff that needs to go into long term storage so having a large box would really help.

2) Finish the novella I just started on.

3) My work chair is pretty bad and the supply people are really stingy at work so I can’t afford an ergonomic chair, so getting this would be a belated Christmas miracle!

----- sarah 11.01.09 21:05

1. i would recycle the box
2. i have a baby on the way, so my new years resolution is to be the best father i can be and be supportive to my babys mother.
3. the leap would be perfect for my new studio space. i just got a new desk and the old chair for my keyboard hurts my back and is falling apart. if i dont win ill probably buy a new chair anyway, but it wont be as nice as this one!

----- alex perez 11.01.09 20:53

Let my kids play with and in it!
To eat very very healthy.
My son needs a new chair and this would help as I wouldn’t have to come up with the money for it. I want to get him one for his birthday on Jan. 18th.

----- carol 11.01.09 20:12

1. I will use the box to create small painted squares with encouraging words to give to those I meet each day.
2. This new year, 2009, I want to be more generous. To share my blessings with others.
3. This awesome chair would allow me to create sitting in a creation of design comfort that I would otherwise never be able to enjoy!

----- Phyllis Wall 11.01.09 20:11

1-Most definitely a fort. I have a 4-year old boy. Forts are king.
2-I don’t normally do resolutions but I’ve got 3-4 creative projects in the ringer and I need to push myself to make them happen this year.
3-This chair would help my life b/c I’m recently self-employed and I need a chair like this for my new home office. Money is tight…Oh, how I need that chair!!

----- dkc 11.01.09 19:59

1. I would make it into a castle, or a “suit of armor” for my nephew who is in love with all things medieval right now.
2. My new years resolution is to keep up my 92.8% average while finishing my toxicology degree so that I will get into medical school next year.
3. It would improve my life because I spend so much time at my desk studying that I get compressed nerves in my spine and have yet to find a chair that I can afford that doesn’t hurt my back.

----- Alyssa 11.01.09 19:39

1) Let my dog have a blast attacking it, then take the remains to the recycling bin
2) My New Years resolution is to complete last years resolutions, to lose weight, learn Spanish, & get organized.
3) This chair would help my life because I’d let my wife use it and it would help her back, if she’s happier I’m happier.

----- Charles Stumpe 11.01.09 19:29

1- the box will either become a divider in my room that doubles as storage or will be filled with things to give to charity.. I have bags ready for charity piled in a corner but its not visually pleasing and may fall any minute.
2-new years resolution- experience new and memorable things and stay strong willed against peer pressure
3-this chair would help my life because if I won this chair I would be giving it to my dad or brother who sit in a chair for practically the full time they are awake… miracles what a chair could do to improve their day and possibly their health/backs/butts

----- Rosanna U 11.01.09 18:14

1 Puppet House for Childrens Hospital.
2. Volunteer more.
3. It will help with my back pain.

----- Michael 11.01.09 17:35

1. I would give it to my seven year old sister for her to make a fort out of with her friends, and when they get bored of it (or it falls apart, more likely), I would recycle it.
2. My new years resolution is to stop pirating things off the internet, so far, I’ve held to it, and I plan on continuing this newfound noble lifestyle.
3. Considering my family’s financial standpoint, I won’t even bother to ask for a new chair, but also, I don’t really need one. However, I’m sure that my dad could use a new chair, and if he doesn’t, I’ll ask my mom if anyone at her workplace could use it. It no one wants it, I guess I’d use it. I’m pretty sure that my mom will accept it because her business is sinking with the economy and she can’t really afford to buy new chairs.

----- Martin 11.01.09 17:27

1. I would build a cardboard bookshelves for all my books.
2. My new year resolution to be a hot and sexy optometry student.
3. This chair will put me right at the table for an all-nighter student.

----- Jane 11.01.09 17:16

1) I will use it to store all the junk from last year that i’m not using this year!
2) Get some abs
3) Use it to make out on after I get the abs and attract more ladies!

----- bao nguyen 11.01.09 17:08

1. That would be a great box to put all of the clothes in that I am bringing to the Rescue Mission.
2. Live in the moment.
3. Since starting this week I get to work from home 2 days a week, I could replace my cheap desk chair that I can’t just seem to get adjusted right - I would be more comfortable and more productive!

----- Mark Ackerman 11.01.09 16:59

1. I would use the box for some old school break dancing
2. 2009 - the year of giving back
3. this chair would save my butt!

----- James Pecoraro 11.01.09 16:43

1. I’d make a fort with the kids.
2. Read more.
3. I would love to read blogs and surf the web in the comfort of a nice chair instead of this bun-numbing, clunky, falling apart, excuse for a chair I’m using now. This would help my life so much because when I get out of my current excuse for a chair I’m a irritated, achy, cranky pants. With the new chair I could be the blissful, glowing, happy pants that I know is still in here somewhere.

----- jjampm 11.01.09 14:57

1. I would help my grandson make a big fort out of it and once we are done with it, I would take it to the recycling center.

2. My New Years resolution is to exercise more, eat healthier and live a better life.

3. My family would be envious of me if I won that chair. I would have to put an alarm on it to keep them from switching chairs on me.

----- Kenneth Bishop 11.01.09 14:16

1) Having done this for the last two years when I find a big box is to decorate it at holiday season and place it at a shopping center with a sign to donate small toys. Once filled, we take it to a children’s hospital and donate the toys to the children who have to be in the hospital during holiday season.

2) My resolution would be to help my husband with his diet. He has found out that he is diabetic and maybe I can help him with wellness.

3) What would I do with a Steelcase leap chair. It has so many great features that the best place would be where my husband and I share a room that has a computer and my sewing machine. We could share it to what ever task was at hand.

----- Anna Carello 11.01.09 13:46

1) portable photo booth
2) gain 25 pounds
3) sitting on the floor with keyboard on the lap is not productive. having a chair - a Leap-Chair would help me to become productive.

----- andrew 11.01.09 13:28

1) Filled with items and donate to charity.
Well, I always do. Now that I think about
it, I think I need the box more than the
chair. LOL
2) My New Year’s resolution is to loose more
weight, be active, and stay healthy.
3) Well, since I have this tall steal folding/cold
stool, this Leap Chair will definitely
be welcome! Having this tall stool, I can’t help
but crouch while I’m typing. I’m going to have a
major back pain soon.

----- Lea Cortez 11.01.09 13:15

1.Would use it for my grandkids toys
2.Spend more time with my family
3.Won’t have to sit so close to the floor or hunched over.

----- Cindy Lewis 11.01.09 12:41

1) I would use the box as a container to stash the rest of my cardboard box collection until we move again (or have other needs for cardboard boxes). Unless my husband got to it first - he’d break it down and somehow fit it into the recycle bin.
2) My new year’s resolution is pretty common: I want to eat healthier. Specifically, add more fresh and local produce into my diet. It will give me more energy and keep me healthy far into the future!
3) I spend probably way too much time in front of a computer, at work and at home - a nice chair with good back support could save me many knotted muscles and future back problems.

----- jaynalee 11.01.09 12:18

1. I would freecycle the large box to a family that needs moving boxes.
2. This year, I have resolved to get more organized.
3. I work in a home office, and my current chair is on it’s last legs, which only contributes to the back pain I experience. This steelcase chair would be a welcomed replacement and backsaver.

----- Lisa E. 11.01.09 11:49

build a fort

----- Frances Carty 11.01.09 11:28

1. Make a robot with my kids.

2. Have fun and enjoy life.

3. I never sit properly in a chair and it hurts my back. This looks like it would help.

----- Jim Hansen 11.01.09 11:15

1) not too exciting but I probably would use the box for storage.
2) I want to lose weight.
3) My office/computer chair was used when I got it several years ago..I really could use a replacement esp with my bad back.

----- Mary 11.01.09 10:56

1. use it to make an installation in my hallway, maybe some sort of canopy.
2. to be more spontaneous.
3. spending many days solid in my room drawing away (I’m an architecture student) means I need to be as comfortable as possible as this helps me stay focussed.

----- Ben Fowler 11.01.09 10:44

So does this just go to a random name? or the best entry. I’d like to see a clarification of that in the next cotcot contest, thanks!

and here’s my answers:

1. Build a soundproofing setup for my loud indoor hydroponic herb garden that I got as a wedding present. It is currently hard to sleep in the other room and it makes my cat a little nervous.

2. Don’t get any older.

3. As a freelance designer, and a nerd I spend way too much time in my chair at home. This will help me not feel like I’m destroying my back with a cheap Target chair.

----- Andrew 11.01.09 10:30

1. This time of year, the best use for the giant box would be to make the coolest sled EVER! Slick cardboard is great for sliding down hills!

2. My new year’s resolution is to get leaner and greener. With the economy the way it is, I’ve decided to ramp up something I’ve been working toward anyway - getting leaner in my financial life. I’ve always helped the companies I’ve worked with run leaner and do more with less, but I haven’t been too concerned about doing the same thing in my personal world. Also as part of that effort, I’m working toward greening up my financial world by doing away with all of that paper that hits my mailbox every month.

3. I’ve recently started a small business dedicated to providing support services and resources to other small business people. Finances are tight, especially with the start up, so when it came to getting a chair for my home office, I had to be focused more on price point than on comfort for long days. My workday revolves around my clients’ needs, so some days I sit for 10-12 hours a day. Because of that, I’ve been forced to jury rig different kinds of cushions and such just to make it through the day without an aching back and/or tailbone. The Steelcase Leap would be FABULOUS to win.

Thanks for a great giveaway!!!

----- Katherine Smith 11.01.09 10:28

1. I would cut the box down to size and attach a thin layer of foamboard with spray glue to one side. I would then cover the foamboard with a nice fabric securing it on the back with staples. Attach a picture hanging bracket to the center back. Then wrap pretty ribbons across the front (also stapling on the back) in any pattern I like to slide photographs under to display. A large board would be fantastic.

2. I’m going to smile and say hello to everyone who looks my way this year.

3. I will be in the lap of luxury with a new Steelcase chair. After all, everyone knows steelcase products are the best and I feel that I also need the best I can get to enjoy life at my computer.

----- Rosemary Simm 11.01.09 10:09

would love a new chair but it would be hard to give up my old one.

----- Vergie 11.01.09 09:50

I would use the packaging to back pictures and photographs in a multitude of frames I have to decorate my walls. I have the usual resolutions and that is to shape up and be happier. This chair would help me tremendously as I do spend a significant time sitting and have experienced back pain. Thanks for a great giveaway!

----- Trish 11.01.09 09:44

I would love this chair so much that I would sleep in it. Nighty Nite to all.

----- mike anderson 11.01.09 09:18

1. Break it down to use for breakdancing.

2. To breakdance more. It does wonders for your endurance and upper body strength and always attracts the ladies.

3. Good posture has always been an ongoing battle through out my life and the SteelCase Leap would do wonders. Plus I could graduate from using that wobbly wooden stool.

----- Mason 11.01.09 08:52

1. I would put my old $39.00 office chair in the box and send to a museum that can display it as a modern torture device. 2.My resolution as a one man small online business is to work longer and harder this year to offset the economic slow down but still keep quality time for family and friends. 3. With debilitating cronic lumbar back pain and sciatica the Steelcase Leap chairs ergonomics will decrease the pain and need for medication and help fulfill my resolution in #2 above.

----- Hugh Deal 11.01.09 08:51

1. Let my cats use it for a giant playhouse…they love hiding and playing
in cardboard boxes.
2. Live a more healthy and greener lifestyle.
3. This chair…would hopefully be the answer for my bad back…I’m always
moving around in my current chair trying to find a comfortable position.

----- Ronda Garnett 11.01.09 08:45

I would fill it with all the items we continue to amass that we no longer need and donate to Salvation Army. Everyone should consider giving in this manner.

My New Years resolution is to get my whole family up and moving so that we can get fit and do so together.

The Steelcase Leep chair will improve my life by giving me a much better not only looking chair, but better for my body chair. A feel good chair makes for a feel good mind! It would go great with my Steelcase desk too!

----- Peggy Lott 11.01.09 08:41

1. I would let my grandchildren have their way with the box and a bunch of crayons; if I’ve learned anything from parenting 4 girls, its that boxes are the best and cheapest way to keep kids busy!

2. I want to make more time for myself. My parents are both not well, mom has alzheimers and dad recently had a heart attack. I look after both of them and also try to get them separated to give them time alone. I stil have one daughter at home, she’s 17 (what more can I say); so yes, more “me” time.

3. Oh, this beautiful chair would benefit me so much. I have Raynauds (bad circulation to extremeties), psoriatic arthrits and fybromialgia; maybe with this perfect erconomic chair, some of my physical pain would be relived!

Thanks for the most awesome of giveaways!

----- Anne 11.01.09 08:32

1) It would start out as a playhouse for the cats. If sturdy enough, might get extra openings.
2) I’ll sit in front of my pc’s properly, instead of slouching.
3) The chair would position me for less eyestrain and possibly less strain on my hands.

Thanks for hosting this neat giveaway.

----- John OBrien 11.01.09 08:17


----- CHARLES KASSING 11.01.09 07:37

1.I would definitely fill it to the brim with giveaway items to charity.
2. My resolution is to embrace uncertainty
3. I really need this chair cuz mine had a major blowout and is really stressing my back out!

----- Lorie Pattison 11.01.09 06:58

1. art projects - I would use it for as many art projects as I could dream up.

2. laugh everyday

3. I could lose the hard mahogany chair I currently sit in. Yea!

----- karen 11.01.09 06:54

1.) Trap myself inside the box so I can think, w/o any distractions… possibly live in it from time to time..

2.) Overcome every hardship 2009 has to offer.

3.) Help bring my spirit up.

----- Mark 11.01.09 06:24

1. I would use it to store a pile of the kids toys long enough for them to forget about them so I can get rid of them! After that, I would probaby use it for storage!
2. My favorite resolution this year is to organize my life - At Home, At Work, Everywhere!
3. I sit in an office for 8 hours every day. Then I come home and spend several hours on my home computer. My back gets very sore from leaning forward all the time. I think this chair would make my “at-home time” at little more comfortable and hopefully ease the tension that I have in my back every night!

----- Pamela Callahan 11.01.09 06:18

I would put my 2008 files in it and put it in the attic.
Resolution - Spend more time with my kids.
I am a CPA so during tax season, I am in the chair 12 hours a day.

----- Kathy Scott 11.01.09 06:13


----- tom homrich 11.01.09 06:13

1> I could use the massive packaging to make a bookcase/cupboard for my studio which is currently devoid of any furniture.

2> Sleep less work more!

3> A Steelcase would be of IMMENSE HELP in my career as I currently work sitting on a broken wooden stool and an old television stand as my working desk in my new studio. I need a nice chair desperately! :D

----- Dipti 11.01.09 05:30

1. I would give it to my 2 year old and 5 year old to play with. They accomplish amazing things with small boxes and I cannot imagine how they would take it to the next level. When they are done with it I would recycle it
2) my new years resolution is not to make any more new years resolutions
3: I would probably put my name on the chair (like engraved) then bring it to work, since I have a crappy chair at work, this might actually make me want to go to the office more and make me a better employee and maybe get me a raise.

----- Antonio Salerno 11.01.09 05:19

1. I know my crafty daughter would make a beautiful house for the cats, who all would love to play in it.
2. NY’s resolution? To stop eating sweets
3. I’m at my desk from 5 in the morning until 8 at night. I slouch a little too much

----- Jean F 11.01.09 05:04

1. I would use the box for storage
2. My New Year’s Resolution is to work out more and get in better shape.
3. The Steel Case Leap would replace my worn out Ikea chair. It would look great and be so much better for my back.

----- Tom Venanzio 11.01.09 04:44

1. The box will be a fort or whatever for the grand kids.
2. I am going to get my small business running better throughout the year.
3. I am always looking for chairs that would help my sore back, this chair could help solve some of my back problems.

----- James Davidsonn 11.01.09 04:32

I really need to fill it up with stuff to send to the Salvation Army. one of my resolutions is to join the Y. Too many of my hours are spent sitting in a hard oak chair to work. I’m starting to bend over like a little old lady!

----- wana haaland 11.01.09 02:38

I’d make walls for my office.

----- will jaskowiak 11.01.09 02:35

It’s late and I’m witless.

I gave 1) what I’d do with a big box.

2) My New Year’s resolution is to rejoin the world after being invalided out for three years with assorted annoying surgeries.

3) The chair is spectacular and I could never afford it normally. The one I’m sitting on now I bought with an inheritance and that was long ago, the arms have broken off, and now bits of the seat seem to be going as well. I need a new chair…this one is a luxury beyond belief.

----- Abby 11.01.09 02:30

Stash it in the storeroom across the hall with large indelible letters saying NOT GARBAGE/ PLEASE SAVE!!!! Then I would proceed to empty my two 9-foot tall stands of bookcases into it so I could fold them up, remove the rug beneath AND FINALLY LAY DOWN THE LAMINATE FLOORING I BOUGHT THREE MONTHS AGO in a great sale.

----- Abby 11.01.09 02:24

1. find a great big hill and roll down inside the box
2. lose 70 pounds
3. I work nights and have a sore back, this will help relax me tired bones and arse

----- Thom Bess 11.01.09 01:17

I would use that awesome box for storing all that “stuff” I’ve been saving in my garage, that’s thrown all over the place. My New Years resolution is to clean that said garage from top to bottom and sort what I’m keeping. Then at the end of the day I can sit on my wonderful and comfortable Steelcase Leap chair to rest my sore back and enter more contests, such as a house cleaning service or a gardener. That would improve my life beyond words.

----- Kathryn Bakken 11.01.09 00:51

1. I would donate it to a preschool that uses them for projects and dramatic play.
2. Get a second job, buy a new laptop.
3. I currently use a folding chair as my office chair. So yeah, I need a upgrade.

----- danny c. 11.01.09 00:28

1.for sure make a breakdance floor! what a great idea. or a Wii floor.
2. My resolution is to start using only natural products for skincare and body care for the whole family this year. so far so good! we already are good with cleaners and such, but it is hard with everything else!
3. I currently don’t have an office chair the moves, and mine is hard and whoa HARD, and doesn’t scoot on the carpet, well it is a chair from a card table, so this would be terrific! I just got my home business really going so this would be the best timing!

thanks so much for the chance!

----- karissa 10.01.09 23:55

1. With a box like the massive one, i would make at least 20 small cubes with numbers for my little boy to play (because it’s great to see how he transform anything with a cube shape into a new multi-toy)

2. I must become into architect! c’mon! i just need to finish the thesis!

3. To help my life is very general, to help my back it’s specific!. The Steelcase leap and all its pieces would do 14 hours of communitarian aid…to me.

----- Melissa Cabrera Rodríguez 10.01.09 23:29

1. I would use the box to store shipping materials in or I would cut it down to create smaller boxes to ship pieces of art in.
2. My resolution for 2009 is to go to the gym 4 days a week, eat healthier and take care of myself better
3. This amazing chair would allow me to have better posture while working, which would be part of taking better care of myself, thus I would feel better when doing everything else in my life!

----- Frank 10.01.09 22:52

1. I could cut the box up into pieces and draw on them and send them to people in the mail. My friend JFish from Portland does the same thing and art that you can mail as is, is a great idea!

2. My resolution for 2009 is to become more awesome! Moving out of New Jersey into New York City has been a great step! DJing full time for a living is a great way to meet people! Meeting film makers, animators and comedians has been good! Trying to do my best by reading psychology books to get a leg up in one of the most competitive cities in the world!!!

3. Having moved out and donating most of my furniture to friends and family, the only thing in my bed room is my bed and turntables. I need to rebuild my workspace for graphic art and music production. A bad ass looking chair would be a great start!!!

----- Jeff Ramos 10.01.09 22:27

1. I think I need to fill the box with things to donate….
2. New Years Resolution: To get organized and be more productive.
3. The Steelcase Leap will take away my back pain; which will increase my
productivity! 17.8%, I’ll bet it’s higher than that!

----- juau4 10.01.09 22:18

(1) I would use the box as a bed for my brother with no padding if he dares to come visit ever again. (2) My New Years resolution is to stick to my diet and exercize regime to stay as healthy as possible. (3) This chair looks as if it would be a godsend to my back. I have spinal stenosis and it really hurts after sitting for a while. I need good support and this one has it. Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

----- marleen davis 10.01.09 21:25

What a great chair, I would definitely take it to the office to replace my crappy chair but the box would stay at home for an awesome fort. I might let the kids in if they are good but it would be my sanctuary!

----- Carrie Miyake 10.01.09 21:12

1.) definitely make a dance floor to practice country dancing
2.) Resolution— win this chair so I don’t get the pain in my neck & shoulders from too many hours at the computer.
3.) I’ll get more work done is less time and be happy about it.

----- Winifred Gilmore 10.01.09 20:59

the massive box can be recycled at work (we have a cardboard crusher)
I don’t make new years resolutions as I don’t believe in lying to myself !!!
if I won the chair I hope its strong enough for my big butt, I broke one of the coasters off my current chair…to much damn Christmas cookies

----- bina edwards 10.01.09 20:12

1. add duct tape and make a kayak
2. learn to kayak
3. hopefully I will save hundreds every month on chiropractor visits my insurance no longer covers

----- Deb 10.01.09 19:56

1) I will take the massive box to my 3-year-old daughter’s preschool and let the kids play with it until it falls apart. Then I will break it down and recycle it.
2) My main New Year’s Resolution is to write daily, which I used to do.
3) The Steelcase Leap will improve my life by allowing my to finally use my laptop ergonomically. I spend hours a day using my computer scrunched up on the couch. If I win, I will take this couch outside and list it on craigslist as a free item. I will switch to computing in a chair with a little table for my laptop.

----- Rachel 10.01.09 19:53

I will use the box to provide hours of entertainment for my son. My New Year’s resolution is to make my life better; make a better connection with my family; declutter my life; and take better care of myself. This chair would help me take care of myself by providing me care for my back.

----- Nancy Pendleton 10.01.09 19:40

1) I’d use the massive box as a huge cat toy. My kitty would be all over it.

2) My New Year’s resolution would have to be not sitting in the office chair so long. Have to get up and get the circulation going every 30 minutes or so.

3) The Steelcase Leap would help my life by alieviating my lower back pain.

----- Robin B 10.01.09 19:30

Box to give to my wife,to pack up as she goes, and a new chair
to start my new life…I need something for comfort..hey its a start…


----- john 10.01.09 19:22

The box would make a dandy playhouse for my granddaughters when they visit (they’ll be here the 4th of July), I could even cut out windows and hang some old curtains, they’d love it.

----- Angela J 10.01.09 19:11

1. use it for storage
2. exercise more…even while sitting in a chair :)
3. I’m already looking for a new chair, current one is falling apart…so hopefully I’ll win it!
Thanks :)

----- KTanjaTK 10.01.09 18:58

It would be sweet to have a comfortable chair that doesn’t fall apart every time I sit in it.

----- Carney Briggs 10.01.09 18:56

1. Recycle it.
2. To start running again.
3. It will help me with #2, since my recovering back will be more comfortable.

----- Rita S 10.01.09 18:38

1.) I would give it to some of my residents in the dorm since they might need it as an art supply. I heard some of their professors make them use card boxes for their projects. Breaking it down would be tough!

2.) I’m hoping to apply myself with job hunting (start early before graduating college). This will take some time because I’m drawn to the big apple. Life would be grand if I get to live there now. I need more internships (if i can’t get a job) and also be more assertive with some people.

3.) The chair would make my new apartment room more cozy and alluring to friends. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for this to happen, determination is what I need right now.

----- labraji 10.01.09 18:33

1. oh it would get turned into a fort by the kids I think
2. try to stress out less
3. help my lower back pain!

----- laurie 10.01.09 18:20

1-Use the box to take my old chair to the thrift.
2-Live a better life.
3-It would surely help my back, I have spinal stenois

----- betty white 10.01.09 18:03

I would love this chair so I can enter more lovely contests like yours without back pain.

----- peter denis 10.01.09 18:03

wow i must say this is a realy nice chair and well i think it would help out ones back a lot . any how please enter me infor this and well i’m one that likes to work realy heard and eat less too lol

----- jennifer bowen 10.01.09 17:56

What will *I* get to do with the box? Nothing - my husband will be playing in it as soon as the chair’s out of there :)

This year I’m resolving to use my gym for something more than the hot tub and steam room - maybe I’ll even go upstairs to where they keep all the equipment this year!

I would love to be able to sit and work all day and not be stiff as a board when I try to stand up - the Leap is specially built and designed not just to be awesome looking, but actually comfortable to use!

----- Katie Ward 10.01.09 17:48

Build a fort
Lose weight
My current chair just broke this will replace it

----- Evelyn Yantis 10.01.09 17:44

I would give my cats a once in a lifetime, week alone with the box, to play. In the basement of course.

My resolution is to not make any more resolutions, just live my life.

The Steelcase Leap will help my poor back which is becoming less and less upright with each passing year.

----- Erin Walsh 10.01.09 17:41

1. My grandson and I would fly to the moon the box-like space ship!

2. in 2009 I will stop worrying about how silly I look sitting in a box playing with my grandson and remember how much fun it is to fly to the moon

3. I’ll have a comfortable play to sit and work while my grandson sleeps in the spaceship after a soft landing on the moon

----- diane 10.01.09 17:38

1. I would use it for a litterbox. You read that correctly. Our two cats’ litter box broke last month and as we’re on a severe budget (I just started my own at home business as a writer), we have been using boxes on large items shipped to our home as the week’s given litter box!
2. To lose weight. Yes, it’s boring and a cliche. But it’s the honest answer.
3. I just started my own business (see #1!), after 20 years of working for ‘the man’ (rich corporate lawyers). I can’t charge much for writing work but the one thing I need is a great chair - so far I’m stuck typing on my laptop on the floor, with my back against the bed. So I would actually use this for work…and if it’s as comfy as it looks, I’d use it for gaming as well. ;-)

----- Katherine D. 10.01.09 17:35

If I won the i would be a great a help with my back, making it better for me and hopefully easy thepain I have while sitting at my computer.

----- Robert Ballenger 10.01.09 17:30

1. I will be moving soon and the box will hold 1/3 of everything I own.
2. I resolve to learn to play the bass guitar!
3. The Steelcase Leap will instantly make me feel like a success even though we all know better.

----- Francis Welch 10.01.09 17:24

1. build the most amazing fort for my son…yeah, so he’s only 4 months old, but it’s never too early to have some fortastic fun!
2.my new years resolution for 2009 is to enjoy the mondane, the every day simplicity of life. to enjoy the most precious and to let unimportant things remain unimportant
3.how will it help my life? it would make my body feel good as i surf the net for inspiration

----- tali 10.01.09 17:19

work hard, eat less…

----- kathleen 10.01.09 17:03

1. With a box I would set it on fire and forcefully launch it off my deck.

2. My new years resolution is to read more and different books

3. This chair will help the sores on my ass heal from the cheap metal folding chair I was gifted as a moving present.

----- Michael M. 10.01.09 17:00

1. I would attempt to design a chair out of it and then send them the pattern, so that each box could also serve as a sitting device! Or perhaps instead of a chair, I could get a nice ottoman out of it :)

2. Since I lost about 40 pounds last summer and kept it off, this year I wanted to improve my posture - what good is a fit body if one walks around like a neanderthal?

3. Given my new year’s resolution, this almost goes without saying! :) But honestly, I’ve only ever had hand-me-down chairs and in the current economic climate I may need to self-employ myself in creative ways (I’m currently a grad student)… having a Steelcase Leap seems, from the sounds of the reviews, like it would be the best way to set myself up for success!

----- Terence 10.01.09 16:52

1. turn it into a castle for my boys to play in
2. lose the baby weight and start a home based business
3. It would be comfortable which would allow me to sit at the computer getting work done more efficiently and comfortably

----- Katharine 10.01.09 16:49

1. Tear in down and make a comfortable floor from it.
2. My resolution was to clean up the crawl space above the mechanics room in my house.It looked like 20 yrs. of collected junk and we’ve only been here a year. With the ceiling being about 4 ft. high and a rough cement floor crawling around for hours was murder.(That’s where the box comes in)
3. I spend about 4-6 hrs. a day entering sweepstakes and sitting in this chair is soooo uncomfortable. (That’s where the Leap Chair comes in). Maybe it could be my lucky charm too!

----- Leslie 10.01.09 16:46

1) I would keep the box in my office for times when I need to go to my “happy place.”

2) my new years resolution is to learn to cook 1 Indian dish and write more Thank You cards

3)The Stealchase Leap will improve my life by createing a better posture support system for me. When you spend 12-16 hours a day in an office chair, that is critical.

----- Colleen S 10.01.09 16:33

I’d take photos of the box in various places in my hometown
My New Year’s resolution is to do more RAOK
The Steelcase Leap chair would make the hours I spend at the computer totally comfortable.

----- Marg 10.01.09 16:22

1. I think my grand-daughters would love to play in the box.
2. Still have to lose my baby weight. . my baby is. .hmmm. .. 27 I think.
3. I have a friend with bad MS too, I might give him the chair. Thanks.

----- Donna R. 10.01.09 16:06

1. I would definately play in the box with my little boy, my cats & my husband !
2. Stress less. About everything.
3. I would sooo love the chair so I could stop useing the ragged one that I am useing

----- SaraLee Earegood 10.01.09 16:04

i would put supply side economics in it
to hide supply side economics from everyone for their safety
alleviate my back problems due to stressing over supply side economics

----- ron 10.01.09 15:55

1) I would use it to store my holiday decorations 2) To exercise more and say a kind word to someone every day 3) It would be such an improvement over my vintage 1970s office chair … UGH!

----- Kim 10.01.09 15:54

1.)I would give the box to my cat who absolutely loves boxes.
2.)My new year’s resolution is to by nice to every person I know or meet, whether I know them or not.
3.)This would be an awesome chair to have for my work, where I sit 8 hours a day. My current chair is kind of uncomfortable, this would provide much better support.

----- Kevin Elliott 10.01.09 15:53

I live just 15 minutes from Steelcase and many of My Friends used to work there. This chair is amazing…..I would also burn the cardboard in the 0 to 20 below temps this coming week….New years resolution is to clean up My home and live with less and pay off debt and win lots of sweepstakes…My current chair I am the 3rd user and let’s just say it is not the most comfortable…but free…..kaysweep@Iserv.net pick ME

----- kay wolter 10.01.09 15:44

Charity is my first choice!

My New Years Resolution is a prayer for patience.

I have MS and sitting for any time at a computer is difficult, and sometimes painful. A Steelcase Leap chair would be much more comfortable for longer times.

----- Ralph Justice, Jr. 10.01.09 15:26

1. I would use the box to store all mygrand daughter’s stuffed toys, she has tons of them!
2. My New Year resolution is to lose 20 pounds by March for my birthday.
3. My current chair is a hand me down from my boss and is probably 15 to 20 years old and is like sitting on a rock with sharp edges.

----- James Mercer 10.01.09 15:21

I would let my grandaughters make a playhouse out of the box.
I have a bad back & it would be great to have something that might be comfortable while I work on my computer.
I’m trying to quit smoking this year.

----- Ed ring 10.01.09 15:16

1. I’d take the box to the first graders I teach and help them make a classroom playhouse out of it.
2. Same as every year, eat less, lose weight. Hope in 2009 I do better with my resolution.
3. My current chair is 25 years old and it feels it. I’d use the wonderfully comfortable Leap Chair to replace my
old chair so working at the computer would be easier.

Thanks for the contest. Best wishes for a happy & prosperous 2009!

----- Pat 10.01.09 14:56

1.seasonal storage 2.be a kinder person 3.it should be kinder to me 56 year old back

----- susan varney 10.01.09 14:51

I’d use the box to fill with items for charity. We’ve adopted an impoverished town in Nebraska that we send clothes and other food and household items to every few months. It would be a great challenge to fill it up and spread some joy and happiness to someone else.

----- michael 10.01.09 14:51

1. Fill with clothes to donate.
2. Concentrate more on college
3. I wouldn’t have to spend the majority of my free time in a chair I found in a dumpster.

----- Michael Rice 10.01.09 14:32

1) I have four kids. They would totally build a fort or a rocket ship.
2) Eat out less!
3) My current chair is in an embarrassing shape. I think my computer would finally start taking me seriously if I upgraded to the Steelcase Leap!

----- Heather 10.01.09 14:29

1. Storage
2. lose weight
3. Make my computer hours less painful on my body

----- Linda Lansford 10.01.09 14:29

1. recycle the box.

2. volunteer my services.

3. better posture during long days.

Thanks for the giveaway.

----- Peter D 10.01.09 14:26

My new years resolution is to get organized and I would store all my holiday items in it.

----- Kelly Ann Thuet 10.01.09 14:23

1) I would unfold the box, and attach it to a wall in my “Art Room” — Instant Easel — it’s very easy to attach paper to corrugated cardboard, and then paint on. Also, no worries about mess, especially if there’s a “lip” of cardboard on the floor. After a few years, I recycle the cardboard.

2) My new year’s resolution is to make a list of all the projects I’ve been meaning to do for the last 20 years, and commit to either finish them, or give up on them. I also have an ongoing resolution to work on my weight and fitness.

3) The Steelcase Leap chair will help me be more productive by reducing my back pain while I am writing the words and code to finish projects in item 2.

----- haineux 10.01.09 14:21

1. I would take this massive box straight to my office and replace the piece of crap in my cubicle.

2. My new years resolution is to learn a new language (spanish) using rosetta stone!

3. Better posture at work.

----- Gaurav Fernandes 10.01.09 14:19

1. Save it to live in if the recession continues.
2. Pay my rent until I have to move into ‘the box’.
3. I can sleep in the chair in the box. I will survive!

----- juedy 10.01.09 14:07

Add to my living space

add more living space

give me more liveable space

----- Ronald Frederick 10.01.09 14:04

1. I would make a playhouse
2. Except myself & love me just the way I am
3. By giving it to my husband I hope he’ll be eternally grateful & treat me like the princess I am! LOL

----- randi oaklief 10.01.09 13:57

I hope I win.

----- Robert A. Piacquad 10.01.09 13:45

I work out of a home office and the present office chair is unbelievably uncomfortable.My whole life would change if i won this.

----- Linda Chaput 10.01.09 13:41

1. I’d save it to use when I pack the chair for my move in 6 months.

2. To enjoy everyday of the new year.

3. A good like like the Steelcase Leap will stimulate great work out of me.

----- Joseph Oher 10.01.09 13:38

1.) i would poke 5000 small holes into the box, install candles insight and would light the candles until there is world peace…for the next 5000 years
2.) to wait a couple of weeks until everybody has forgotten there new years resolutions and then send reminders out to not to forget their new years resolutions…
3.) to sit comfortable and healthy when I start to poke the 5000 holes into the giant box and to sit even more comfortable and healthy when start sending out emails to billions of people that have forgotten their new years resolution

----- martin knaubert 10.01.09 13:12

1. I think this chair would help me because i suffer from back pain.
2. My new years resolution would be to work out more often and eat better!
3. I think this would improve my life by making me more comfy while working.

Thanks for the giveaway!

----- julie gutierrez 10.01.09 13:04

1) I would build a playhouse with my grandson.
2) My resolution is to do the best I can each day.
3) The Steelcase Leap would help my life by having something comfortable at my desk for my bad back instead of the old backless wooden step stool I currently use. It would also be very nice to look at when not in use.

----- De 10.01.09 12:49

1. a puppet theater
2. walk more
3. need a chair for my desk do not have one right now

----- veronica sandberg 10.01.09 12:38

I would make a really cool playhouse for the cats with the box. Actually, I wouldn’t have to do anything and the cats would love it. I would make it look like my house, only smaller.
My New Years resolution is to stress less.
My aching back would love this chair. The chair that I currently use is extremely uncomfortable. If my back felt better, the possiblities of what I could do would be endless.

----- Melanie 10.01.09 12:30

My cats LOVE to play in huge boxes. They also get inside and use the sides of it as a scratching post, using their own weight to hold it in place. I have every clever kitties. ;-) I don’t do New Year Resolutions, because I just get depressed when I wake up one day and figure out I’m a failure. LOL Steelcase Leap will improve my life completely by having a proper chair so my neck doesn’t knot up. My current chair doesn’t fit me right, and is not very adjustable. Thanks for the generous contest!

----- Barbara 10.01.09 12:16

1.Well I guess I can build my kids duplicate version of the White House- dressing my son(9 mos) up as George W and my daughter as Cheney(3 years) and let them try to answer questions from ‘Are you smarter than a fifth grader’.
2. Trying to save up some money this year and find a better job.
3.Ack! Anything would be better than the chair that we got at a garage sale. I can’t lean back too far or I’ll fall over, the wheels are bent out of shape, and my daughter took the liberty of decorating it with permanent marker some time ago. All that and it isn’t a very comfortable chair considering it is for in the kitchen.

----- Chris Holliday 10.01.09 11:55

what a great chair

----- marvin haas, Jr. 10.01.09 11:50

1: kitty fort

2: exercise again

3: computer chair at home

----- Thomas 10.01.09 11:48

1. It would make a great winter camping box (all tricked out in state-of-the-art garbage bags, of course). How big is the box? Maybe we can hide out from the kids…or better yet, send them out…
2. I resolve to be as childish as possible, whenever possible.
3. It would improve my life because I have 6 kids per day hanging off me and my back could use some pampering!

----- Erin 10.01.09 11:35

1) With a massive box, I would design a personal space for myself - I share my room with a roommate, and some privacy would be great!
2) My new year’s resolution is to be happy and thankful with what I have. As silly and cheesy as it sounds, I often find it difficult to achieve them.
3) I spend about 90% of my day in front of a computer, and my backpain forces me to change my posture every so often. Sitting in the Steelcase Leap will surely stop my routine of having to lie down on my stomach to stop back pain.

----- Jina Lee 10.01.09 11:22

1. What would you do with the massive box?
I would probably keep the shipping carton until the Steelcase Leap warranty ran out sometime way, way, way down the road - be sure to ask me about it then (although I can’t see hanging onto this box forever)…

2. What is your New Year’s Resolution for 2009?
My 2009 New Year Resolution for 2009 is to stay with my weight training and cardio, eat better (the french fries are completely gone), drink more green tea, and spend more time enjoying the company of family anf friends.

3. How will the Steelcase Leap improve you life?
Geeze, that Steelcase Leap chair with the padded headrest looks particularly comfortable (and it might even make my nap time before the computer screen even more “productive” —- shhh…)

----- Robert Ritchie 10.01.09 11:19

1) I would fill it with cotton wool and stick my feet into it every once in a while. When I get bored with that, I am going to tear it to pieces and recycle it.

2) My main resolution is to become more effective with my time, gain up on my design skills and use them and my web developer skills to make some money and buy a macbook.

3) I’m sitting on a cheap Leap chair which can’t cope with the amount of sitting I’m using it for, and therefore it proves uncomfortable after a couple of hours. I think that total relaxation gives way to some design inspiration.

----- Valentin Bora 10.01.09 11:08

Several things come to mind about the box… being up north, this would make a great sled for tobogganing down the hills…or how bout outside dining for 2 or 4? add a space heater and your good to go.

My resolution is to make sure my mother is loved each day in what could be the last days of her life.

The Steelcase would be wonderful to alleviate all those aches and pains after that day of sledding or shoveling.. being able to relax comfortably in the office would help to be more focused at and definately would be appreciated!

----- shelly m 10.01.09 11:02

1. Fill it with items to donate to charity.
2. Make 2009 a good year. Only focus on things I can control.
3. Better chair = better work area.

----- mlswin 10.01.09 10:26

I have so many back problems, I believe this chair would really improve my quality of life since I sit at my computer about 10 hours a day for work. And my kids would love to play in the big box!

----- Julia Magrath 10.01.09 10:20

I would flatten it and use it for when I have to crawl under the car.
My New Years resolution is to forgive everybody.This chair would improve my life by saving my aching back.

----- Susan C 10.01.09 10:13

1. I would use it for seasonal storage
2.My 2009 res. would be to straighten out my finances
3.My computer chair is broke it wont lock into place so you have to sit really low and reach up to type so it hurts my back and shoulder’s if I am on it to long.

----- angela c 10.01.09 10:12

1. give the box to the local daycare and let the kids have at it.

2. resolution get a better chair. mine is stationary and real small. geez my back hurtz.

3. make my back better. then ill need a new desk to go with it.

----- addrienne mertens 10.01.09 10:06

1. Charity…I would fill it with donated items.
2. As always I have resolved to be as nice a person as I can be.
3. I am using a folding chair..what an improvement this would be.

----- Margaret Lee 10.01.09 10:01

1) I would cut it up and make a slide for my grandson 2) total make over 3) admire the chair till I make my weight lost goal.

----- greg bradley 10.01.09 09:55

I could use the box for the kid’s next halloween costume ha!
I don’t make resolutions…I just try to do well all year.
This chair would replace the $10 plastic one I got from Ikea that only covers about half of my back!

----- Erica C. 10.01.09 08:32

1 I would save it for packing to move
2 my resolution is to stay on my medication
3 I’m hoping that it helps me with my back problems

----- tawnda 10.01.09 07:53

1. I would save it until October 31st, cut holes in the bottom for my legs, then walk around the neighborhood disguised as a MASSIVE BOX and trick or treat until the box was full of Halloween candy. Then, after that, the MASSIVE BOX would go to a recycling center and I would go to a fat farm.
2. My resolution is to cut down on sweets. (I love’em)
3. The steel case leap chair wouldn’t just help my life. It would change it. While I sit at my computer and window shop on the Internet, my old bones wouldn’t creak so much, my posture (which is somewhat like a gargoyle now) would improve drastically and it would make my neighbor who has the best of the best of everything would look upon me with envy.

----- Laura Harrison 10.01.09 07:50

1) Use it to lounge in.
2) To win this chair
3) I will no longer sit on the floor.

----- Andrew Gordon 10.01.09 06:06

1) I would definitely fill the box and donate to charity - although cardboard boxes are such fun to play with!
2) I am committed to working on debt reduction and quality family time.
3) The Steelcase Leap would go toward helping to save either my husband’s or my backs. We could actually work on both as the chair is so adjustable and we work opposite schedules. I can only dream…..

----- Sydney 10.01.09 05:58

1. Build fort, but no kids… hmmm, maybe just build a fort from which to startle the kitten.
2. Try to stay away from New Year’s Resolutions, given the guilt of failing, but I have actually joined the local gym… coincidence? No, peer pressure ;)
3. Finally, good chairs are the most important part of a web-industry worker; and this looks like a brilliant accompaniment to my slipped discs!

----- Zach Beauvais 10.01.09 05:50

1.) I’d make this into a giant toroise origami masterpiece
2.) If I win, then my 2009 resolution would have to be learning the art of origami.
3.) This chair would definitely improve the comfort and quality of my computer experiences. However, ignoring the family might cause some problems.

----- Brian 10.01.09 03:35

1. Storage, storage, storage
2. Payoff credit card debt
3. Make my computer hours more comfortable

----- LINCOLN MULKEY 10.01.09 03:26

1) I have 2 kids. A big box has no bounds to them. I’ll find them exaughsted by the end of day, passed out in it.

2) My resolution is to not work so much and spend more time with the family.

3) My current office is comprised of a conference table and a chair that you can set the height and sloooooowly sinks down (over the course of an hour or so) so before you know it you are set at the lowest setting. I swank new chair would fix that.

----- Dallan Elk 10.01.09 01:44

1. Puppet Theater - Because the kidlet is always putting on skits… let’s give her a venue!

2. My main resolution is to become more organized… track the little things I sometimes forget.

3. I’m changing my artistic focus from fiber arts to miniature metal sculpture, which in my case means more sitting. I could really use a decent chair while hunched over the workbench.

----- Kellee C. 10.01.09 01:25

1) The massive box would be used as a makeshift closet. I would split it open then cover it with fabric and use it as a storage closet.
2) My New Year’s Resolution is to pick a spot from my top 10 places to see before I die, and go see one!
3) The Steelcase Leap will improve my life, by improving my posture and overall health/well being. Nothing in my office is ergonomic, and it’s where I spend the most time. Hunching over to view my monitor is doing me absolutely no good.

----- Tracy 10.01.09 00:45

Simply Recycle it for a greener environment

----- David Sendek 09.01.09 23:28

1. I would recycle it.
2. My resolution is mainly to get financially organized.
3. This chair would be excellent for our guest bedroom/office. My husband works from home and this chair would do wonders for his back.

----- kim 09.01.09 22:21

1). I would recycle the box (for realz).

2). This year I’m resolved to make no more resolutions, I’ll find my own solutions for who I am and who I will become.

3). As a graphic designer I sit at my desk ten hours a day, I love my work but my chair is a broken hand-me-down from my old guitar teacher’s son’s school.

Here’s to hoping!

----- Dane Davenport 09.01.09 21:25

I’d use the box as a huge doghouse for my dogs.
Resolution is to lose weight, already 20#’s there!
This chair will change my life because this would be undeniably “Dad’s Chair” no sharing! haha!

----- Gary Martin 09.01.09 20:02

I babysit kids in my home, so we’d definitely make it a “play box;” I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, and the 4 people in our house who use our “soon to be worn out” computer chair, would be ever so grateful to win one of your beautiful chairs!!

----- Vanessa M. 09.01.09 19:57

1. use this massive box as the seasonal storage or paint it plant Flowers or Veggies in it.

2. Stress less and Never give up … Never surrender :)

3. It will save me $85 a Month, because this is what it cost me to see a Chiropractor for lower Backpain.

----- Claudia 09.01.09 19:53

1. Build a lemonade stand
2. Finally launch a lemonade stand
3. Straighten out my spine

----- ehtwhert 09.01.09 19:35

1. I will recycle the box. Yes, it’s boring, but it’s true. I try to recycle everything I can. I’d love to discover a cure for cancer in it first, but since I have no lab, research, or funding, that’s probably not going to happen.

2. I don’t make resolutions, but I am trying to spend more time with my family and less time on the internet. I know the internet doesn’t love me and won’t miss me when I go. Well, it might, but… I’m going to spend time with my family now… right after I finish this.. and then something else…

3. I spend a lot of time on the computer partly because I do taxes and partly because I just do. (See #2) A new chair will be a big help because mine broke several years ago and I haven’t replaced it yet. Why? I’m cheap. I admit it. My chair is held together with rubber bands… or at least the arm rest is. The other two computer chairs in the house aren’t so lucky. The seat fabric blew apart on both of them before we inherited them and my sons have broken the back on one. (The back is held on by rope and some boy scout knots.) By comparison, my broken chair is in pretty good shape, but I’d still love a nicer new one so my husband can use mine and my sons can have his old one to “break in.” Yes, it would be nice to give them the new chair, but I’m the one who uses it most (see #2 again and the first part of #3…) Anyway, my arm hurts from the rubber bands and it’s not particularly comfortable, so I would love a new chair.

4. I know there’s no #4, but… thanks for the sweep. I’d really love to win a new chair!

----- Julie Nusbaum 09.01.09 19:26

1. I have a 5 year old who would gladly turn the box into a clubhouse!
2. To be happier.
3. I have 2 computer chairs in our home office. I prefer one and my husband prefers the other. I get tired of switching chairs after he uses the computer. This chair I am so sure would please both of us. I wouldn’t have to play musical chairs anymore!

----- Sue 09.01.09 19:26

1) Give box to my little boy so he can use it as a creative tool. Then, recycle it.
2)Resolution is to step away from the computer every once in a awhile to help my tension filled shoulders and back. Also to walk more.
3) The leap will SAVE me! My chair bites and since I practically live in it my wish for a new chair would be granted.

----- Stephanie V 09.01.09 18:57

1. I would take the box to work for my prek class.
2. To walk my dogs everyday.
3. It would save my aching back and make me less grouchy.

----- Leann H Swinnney 09.01.09 18:43

1Ok what would I do with this I would repurpose it and make it a huge painted stand up door/screen so I could cover the piles
2.Ok just getting healthier- eating, and learning not to lay down or slouch at the computer

3. I would actually love to have this chair for my husband he works from home on the computer when he can- the other time he is in bed..he is a disabled veteran and has severe back and other problems and this honestly would help him sit in comfort and this could handle his weight also. It is a beautiful chair and if it helped him sit up and do a little bit more each day instead of laying and sleeping I would be in heaven

----- sandy 09.01.09 18:29

I would stuff my dirty laundry in the massive box and forget about it. My New Years Resolution is wear less clothes. The Steelcase Leap would keep me on my tush more to enter more contest (he he)

----- michael woods 09.01.09 18:05

1. I would first apologise to the box for the dogmatic nature of the NOTCOT readership and then I would politely ask the box what it wanted to do.

2. To understand that loving an inanimate object does not constitute a “proper” relationship.

3. By proving that Objectophilia can be reciprocal.

----- Ed 09.01.09 17:38

I love this chair!

1. I would make an eco-friendly spa cover out of the box. I would have made a dog house if the naughty girls hadn’t chewed up the spa cover.

2. New Year’s Resolution: Debut my first furniture collection.

3. My new Leap Chair will save me $130 a month in chiropractic visits and increase my productivity so that I keep my New Year’s Resolution. :)

----- Beth 09.01.09 16:27

[1] Old box = New playground for cat.
[2] Resolution? >>> Try to be cool.
[3] How this helps? >>> It’ll make me cool. Way too cool.

----- juan cubillo 09.01.09 16:26

1. Recycle it
2. lose weight
3. I could get rid of my old office chair that I bought used for $10, and whose arms are falling off.

----- Jeffrey Beckett 09.01.09 16:16

1. Maybe as a shelter on the ice to fish? How big is this box anyway?
2. work less, play more
3. give my tired back a rest

----- pam 09.01.09 15:42

1. I would use the box as a sled, should slide pretty well in this new England Snow. I have 6 children, and not enough sleds, so this would be perfect!

2. I work from home, in my chair, at the computer and phone for 8 hours a day. My children have in their younger years creatively painted on it with markers, and their favorite WHITE OUT!! I would love a new unpainted chair, and my back is always killing me, so this would be a lifesaver for me!


----- Kerry Ryan 09.01.09 15:35

2009, time to get down.

1. Make a sweet Platypus 3-D Bones Puzzle, you know like the Dinosaur ones? The Platypus needs some love.
2. 2009 Resolution: To assist in other people’s resolutions. I’m aiding one friend so far, by trying to draw something new everyday. For creative sanity.
3. Convince my aerospace friends that the Leap is the model that should be installed into their newest space vehicles. But really— I’d sit on it comfortably, whilst drawing and painting hopefully for hours.


----- Sarah Cho 09.01.09 15:29

1. Let my kids make a fort out of it.
2. Improve marriage, discipline the kids better, lose weight, save money
3. My back wouldn’t be killing me all the time from this old metal folding chair I’m using!

----- Denise 09.01.09 15:21

I would build a fort with the grandkids. Boxes always seem to peak their interest more than some of the expensive items I have bought them. Please count me in. Thanks!!

----- Christine Yvonne Groce 09.01.09 15:12

I would take the box downtown and drop it off so someone could use it for temporary lodgings. My New Years Resolution is to make sure my dogs get walked at least five times a week. And as to what would be done with the chair - I would sit it in at my computer - of course. What is anyone else going to do with it? I would love to have a new chair. I need one desperately.

----- Carroll Griggs 09.01.09 14:53

1. I would decorate it with my toddler and turn it into the most pimped out toddler ride ever…neighbor kids with their fancy escalades will be envious.

2. Be more organized!

3. If I were to win this, I would gift it to my very hard working husband who complains of achy muscles after pushing papers in his office for 10+ hours per day. This Steelcase Leap would be a lifesaver! Trust me, his comfort would drastically improve the overall quality of my life!

----- Shelley C 09.01.09 14:49

1. I may use the box to put my wife and I’s Octopus Halloween costumes in. They are in separate boxes now and I would like them together. I could also cut it down to form a new structure. It really depends how thick it is.
2. I want to start using the internet effectively. I don’t like sitting in front of a computer to fill out all of the website things that I should in order to improve my business.
3. Since I now work in front of a computer I tend to sit for a long time and my chair becomes very uncomfortable no matter what position I sit in. It seemed fine in the store, but really there is much left to be desired. Maybe this fancy new chair would do the job right.

----- Roy Wasson Valle 09.01.09 14:38

1. I’d use it to move my stuff, I’m moving to a new smaller location.
2. Remember all my family’s birthdays and send them homemade cards.
3. The leap chair will save my body. When I’m at the computer at home I sit in a cheap Ikea office chair, my back hurts after 10 minutes and I can’t stay still since it’s so uncomfortable.

----- markus brown 09.01.09 14:30

1. I’d give it to my neighbor who’s son is the perfect age for fort-building. Then I’d photograph the two of them building it. Knowing them they’d come up with something completely unexpected.
2. My New Years Resolution would be to take more care in my daily routine, by changing it up and being more adventurous.
3. The chair would replace the chair I use here at the office. It’s like everyone else’s, broke one way or another. I love the idea of having the bad-ass chair in the office. Everyone asking if they can sit in it and I’d say, “no way go win your own damn contest sheesh”!

----- Michael Lackey 09.01.09 14:21

1) I will attempt to build a huge origami crane from the massive box even though I may fail on the first crease.

2) My 2009 resolution is to pay it forward, but not necessarily from someone receiving my current chair since that would be bad in itself and come back to bite me.

3) The chair will save my arse from looking like all the others ones in the office who have remained moribund in their own outdated chairs.

----- Richard 09.01.09 14:05

live in it.

----- chris 09.01.09 13:44

1) turn it into my think tank - paint it to look like a modern prefab home, install some surround sound…and just chill till inspiration hits
2) live each day more postive and creative than the day before, not letting unfortunate people and happenings bring me down.
3) x-husband gets the desk & chair…it’d b such a positive way to start off the new year and my new single life…designing in style!

----- sheri' mora 09.01.09 13:37

1. I would either paint something on it (I’m not promising a masterpiece though…) or break it down and use the pieces to create a really massive fort/castle/hideaway.

2.My new years resolution is to put the effort into my school work that it deserves. The chair would obviously help me concentrate better, and hopefully make it so I can sit down in the same spot for more than an hour at a time.

3.The chair will help me in my endeavor to complete my college studies, maybe help me correct my dreadful posture, and increase my productivity so that all of this happens faster.

----- Phoebe 09.01.09 13:35

Big boxes are great as kid’s forts. First, I’d let them decorate it. Then, set it up for them to play with along with a sheet over the kitchen chairs.

My New Year’s resolution is to have more fun this year than last.

I was injured and need a more comfortable office chair. The Steelcase chair would definitely solve that problem.

----- Joe 09.01.09 13:26

1. Fort/House for the kids
2. cook, instead of going out, more
3. won’t have to sit on stacked crates anymore

----- Linda 09.01.09 13:19

With the box, I’d cut holes in it and give it to my cat.
He will be enthralled with his new home/playground.
He is box crazy.

2009 resolution?
Have more FUN!! You only live once.

The chair will be a godsend because I already
have lumbar problems and this chair
looks fantastic!

----- Lisa L. 09.01.09 13:00

My cat never gives us a choice no matter what the size of the box is he gets right in it and if it’s a big box he’s amused for hours, he hides, and jumps out at what ever walks by, me the dogs, husband. Arthur the cat will run very fast around the house then take a huge leap into his current box. My news years resolution is to stick to my exercises every single day. Thanks for the contest, I’d love to win. The Steelcase Leap Office Chair would make my life so easy and also add to my exercise routine by scooting backwards in the chair, it helps to strengthen

----- cathy miller 09.01.09 12:58

1. I’d make the box into a fort for my two silly cats.
2. I have resolved to start exercising again.
3. My bad hip would love this compfy and ergonimally designed chair. I don’t believe in the concept of no pain no gain!

----- Jennifer B. 09.01.09 12:57

1. I will make a homemade version of one of those ridiculously priced cat scratch things.
2. I dont make new years resolutions. why wait till a new year to change or do something?
3. It wont really help my life in any appreciable way (its a chair) except make my home office look nicer.

----- r w 09.01.09 12:39

1. I would build a fort for me.. ugh I mean with the kids.
2. New Year’s resolution- get fit- original I know but a good one nonetheless.
3. Hopefully it will improve my posture! I get teased a lot for my bad posture and the chair would prevent my mom from hitting my back to stand up straighter!

----- Jennifer 09.01.09 12:25

1) The box would be made into a giant stovepipe hat, which I would wear at every formal occasion.
2) Help others more, make that the goal of my day.
3) My desk chair was picked up off the sidewalk; I think it’s plotting against my back and growing shorter whenever I’m away.

----- Skazz 09.01.09 12:23

1. I will make a clubhouse with my son and nephews
2. My New Year’s Resolution is to get on the treadmill and actually use it.
3. The Steelcase Leap will keep me from developing daily back pain, as the chair at my computer now is a rickety green wooden chair I bought at a yard sale for $5.

----- Carol 09.01.09 12:14

1 — Enclose massive space.
2 — Be less of a fat-ass.
3 — I want it.

----- Eric Jaquay 09.01.09 12:08

1. Use it to stabilize the rug under my industrial sewing machine
2. Play with kids more
3. I can finally trash the hand-me-down, ugly, itchy, uncomfortable desk chair I currently use.

----- janelle 09.01.09 11:59

I would use the massive box to build a little fort for my 16 month old grandson. My New Year’s resolution was to quit smoking and I did!! This chair will make my back feel so much better which will change my life for the good!

----- Karen 09.01.09 11:56

1) The Box will be a great present for my 7 cats! You can spend a fortune for toys but the box will be the best! 2) My New Years Resolution is to win as many items this year as possible! 3) This Steelcase Leap will prevent me from falling backward out of my computer chair that I now have!

----- Sheree Warner 09.01.09 11:52

1. The box would become my 2 year old grand-niece’s Favorite play-item. With her unlimited imagination it will become a Princess-Castle, a stove, a fort, a spaceship, invisible… etc.
2. My resolution this year was no more resolutions - only action!
3. The chair would become my husbands home-away from the couch as he plays his endless computer games…

----- erisianchick 09.01.09 11:44

1) I could utilize the box as a console table or something to go with my other furniture: http://www.confusedmatt.com

2) Get more furniture in my place

3) I would no longer be using a plastic folding chair to use my computer - therefore…less back pain..better life!

----- Matt 09.01.09 11:39

1. The box would immediately be commandeered by my cats as a playhouse.
2. My New Year’s Resolution is to finish one of my novels-in-progress.
3. The chair would help me accomplish #2, since my current computer chair is broken, and puts my legs to sleep after an hour or so.

----- Linda J. 09.01.09 11:35

I would make a space rocket out of the massive box. Liz and Tristan could use markers to decorate it to look like a suitable rocket.They’ve made plenty of houses out of boxes but never a rocket ship.
My New Year’s resolution is stress less about lack of money. It’s only making me a wreck and not making me any more money.
I spend hours and hours in my truly uncomfortable, cheap desk chair and now my butt is flat as a flitter because of it. So far no hemorroids, though. Thank goodness. Stress is one thing, ‘roids are something else altogether.

----- Tracey Byram 09.01.09 11:33

1) I’d cut up the box, cover with patterned paper or fabric and use as cute wall art. Who knows maybe I can sell this fab wall art. Or use in making journals and notebooks.
2) My new years resolution is to stop leaving my dirty laundry pilled up in the corner of our room.
3) The crazy babies wrecked our office chair by twirling each other around in it and who knows what else! So we need one to get down to some real creative business.

----- Shari Fors 09.01.09 11:24

1.) I’d recycle the box. Not much fun, I know, but I have no room for it here.
2.) My New Year’s resolution is to eat and drink healthier. More water and veggies, less soda and chips.
3.) Obviously having the Steelcase will improve my life by giving me less backaches. Also, my husband can use it too when he works from home which means fewer backaches for him and less begging me to rub his back. More me time!

----- Estelle 09.01.09 11:19

1. i’ve always wanted to make a cardboard chandelier…

2. to keep doing what i’m doing.

3. it’ll keep me comfy while i sit for hours in front of the screen working towards graduation.

----- b woosley 09.01.09 11:19

1. I will give the box away to someone on Craigslist “Free Stuff.” That’s where I got all of my boxes when I moved and that’s where I gave all my boxes after I moved.

2. My New Year’s Resolution 2009 is to be more comfortable!

3. Steelcase Leap would help my life because after being diagnosed with lyme disease for the third time I suffer from extreme arthritis and I am only 30 years young. Plus it would help me achieve my New Year’s resolution!

----- mia 09.01.09 10:59

1. I would build a fort for my son but it would secretly be for me too.
2. Be healthy and create beautiful things.
3. My $14 ikea chair sucks, no offense ikea.

----- James 09.01.09 09:36

1. I would cut up the box and make it into a robot costume
2. I plan to push my art skills into the mainstream
3. It would get me out of my small room and I wouldn’t have to sit crouched over on my bed when I make stuff.

----- Marc Palm 09.01.09 07:20

1)When I was little, my incredibly creative father used an enormous box that held a fully-assembled grill (I know…weird.) to create a TV set for us. It was so huge he cut a door into the back of it for my brothers and I to get in and out of. He painted the outside of it to look exactly like an enormous old TV, and added working knobs so we could ‘change the channel’. We spent no less than a month watching eachother’s ‘shows’ on the cardboard TV, and revisited it for years after when we were really bored. I’d like to recreate that for my cousin Marie, who has a two year old son, and is about to give birth to identical twin boys. She’s going to need something so fun and wonderful for them to play with.
2)My New Years Resolution is to prove myself indispensable at my office. I am determined to continue to learn, improve and challenge myself.
3)In order to be indispensable, I plan to sit in my office for 12 hour days…I’d love to have some support. Hopefully this chair will change my life by enabling me to do my best and succeed!

----- Lizardd 09.01.09 07:20

1. Make a massive playhouse complete with internal amenities for my cat.
2. Get a full-time job in Industrial Design rather than two part-time jobs.
3. When I’m job searching and putting in those long sketching/rendering/CAD/computer hours in my studio it will give me the proper support with my annoying disk herniation!

----- Matthew K 09.01.09 06:34

1) The box is going to be the best Halloween costume- ever! I’m going to transform it into the Claw Machine, I’ve drawn it up and the box dimensions would work great. Cut out the sides, add the stuffed animals and claw and paint it up real good and Bam! one Awesome, contest winning costume.

2) My 2009 resolution was to get more things done, and not push them off to the future. The Leap and my new office area will be the biggest contribution to that cause. While being comfortable AND Stylish at the same time, what else could you ask for.

3) This chair will help round out my new studio/office space. I’m almost finished with the desk and the Leap is a perfect fit!

Awesome Design, thanks for the chance at winning it!

----- John g. 08.01.09 22:28

1. Use it as an Escape Cube in the new, more crowded office coming soon.
2. To work out more and sleep at a reasonable time.
3. The chair would help me be refreshed enough to actually want to work out more, and would probably be a good place to sleep too.

----- Kurama 08.01.09 22:07

1.I always use massive box as the seasonal storage.
hopefully I won’t use it to carry my stuff home from the office…

2.a.to have a wonderful working chair to relief my backache.
b. to learn Japanese.

3.well, I hope it can make my backache go away…

----- Haowei Wu 08.01.09 21:24

1. Give it to my kids, they love playing in boxes.
2. Win something.
3. Help me have better posture while toiling away at the computer.

----- Doug 08.01.09 21:07

1. I would draw cars all over it with a sharpie marker
2. Try not to sleep in as much.
3. This chair would help me be more productive and draw more cars for school!

----- Jaymer 08.01.09 20:24

1. Sit under the box “just so” while watching a scary movie. At the first sense of impending fright drop it over me.
2. I’m going to work less; which is a problem because I’m the cheerleader at the bottom-right of the pyramid.
3. In the end it will be I who helps the chair; my beautiful butt prints firmly ensconced in the supple fabric and foam.

----- tank ram 08.01.09 20:21

1. I would DEFINITELY make a fort for myself though… because I don’t have kids. Then I will recycle it.
2. My New Year’s resolution is to do something with my life.
3. The chair will help me concentrate on my studies so I can move out and stop being a leech on my parents. :(

----- Caroline 08.01.09 20:15

1. build windows and give it to a homeless person with pillow and blanket
2. eat more organic green vegetables and fruits and drink more h2o
3. this will help my posture tremendously as i will have a proper chair and will no longer design sitting on the floor.
muchos gracias!

----- sophie 08.01.09 20:11

1. I would let a homeless person (I’m thinking of one in particular on the corner of Geary and 20th avenue) use the cardboard box for shelter at night. If the box wasn’t big enough, I would turn it into a table and sign that I would use as a lemonade stand.
2. My new years resolution is to not let anyone hold me back from doing anything that I want to do (last year I found myself staying home all too often, just because my spouse didn’t want to go out). I also made a promise to myself that I would run the Nike women’s marathon in October 2009. I’ve never ran more than five miles before, so this should be interesting. :)
3. The Steelcase chair would be a blessing for my back.

----- Cassie 08.01.09 20:09

1. I’d convert that damn fine shipping box into a closet storage box with a hanging rod for coats and fancy dresses. (Apparently I can’t part with outerwear or anything with a crinoline. My closet is exploding.)
2. New Year’s Resolutions: Listen better. Exercise daily. Don’t panic.
3. The Steelcase Leap Chair will improve my life because I will give it to my extremely talented composer husband. This will make him very happy and even more prolific and generate an even bigger roster of A-list clients who can’t get enough of his spectacular music. He will be so grateful that he will buy ME a Steelcase Leap Chair and I will type happily ever after in coordinated office-chair bliss.

----- jen uner 08.01.09 19:43

- Recycle it! My apartment is too small to have a chair box just sitting around!
- New years resolution is to get in shape, but if you hook it up with this chair - forget it! I’ll have no reason to even stand up. I will roll in it to work and send you a video of that happening.
- My apartment is tiny. I’m 6’4 and my couch is too small to lay down on. I spend a lot of time in front of my computer working, but right now I just have this cheap Ikea chair that I got from the busted-bargain section. My back hurts! Help me out!! You’ll get a great video!!

----- patrick 08.01.09 19:40

1)Build a modest and sustainable prefab. Then shrink-ray myself and friends so we can enjoy it.
2) I will (try to) resolve to not give in to impulsive and frivolous purchases.
3) The Steelcase leap will help my life because I’ll have reaped the benefits of an amazing product (Look, ma! I’ve got a better posture!) without breaking my new years resolution!

Thanks for the opportunity. One of the many reasons that NotCot is number 1 on my symbaloo page!

----- Grace 08.01.09 19:21

1) a little house for my toddler daughter - I’ve seen some around and I’m pretty sure we could build something simple but sweet with a large box.

2) learn more about statistics and probability.

3) The Steelcase Leap would make me smile every day - something otherwise hard in what may turn out to be a gloomy year.

----- fed 08.01.09 18:59

1. I’d load up a palette full of paint, climb in the box, close the lid to block as much light from coming in and imagine I’m a cave man painting on the walls in the dark. (Then of course photograph the results to be posted on notcot.org)
2. New Years Resolution is to quit my job and bring my online community curated fine art photography gallery business to fruition.
3. The Steelcase Leap would improve my life by providing comfort and good posture for the long hours I’ll no doubt spend in front of the computer planning and running my business. I’m using an old hardwood kitchen chair that may or may not collapse if I shift too much and I can only go about 15 minutes before I have to get up, take an aspirin, and stop working. Just think, help me start a successful business by adding increased productivity through the cadillac of desk chairs and in turn boost the economy and save the country. Its Win Win. WIIIIIIIIINNNNNN!

----- Shane Rich 08.01.09 18:24

1. What would I do with a massive box? Hmmm…it could be my mini shelter/apartment sitting in my mother’s yard if I can’t make it here in the west coast and force to moved back home. Hopefully that will never be the case!

2. My new year’s resolution for 2009 is to pass my LEED AP Exam before the end of the year.

3. I recently moved from Florida to California. I can’t afford to get furniture for the apartment yet and maybe for a while. It will be nice to have a comfortable chair to sit on instead of sitting on my one and only hard wood stool to draw at my portable drafting top. Plus it will be nice to win a freebie for once!

----- Cathy 08.01.09 18:24

ONE: First of all, I would break it down…. :)
TWO: To “live in the now”- be more in touch with my present
THREE: Let me answer this question with a question: How could it not?!

----- Krystle 08.01.09 18:02

1. i’d make the box into another chair.
2. NY Resolution: Work smarter, not harder.
3. The chair would make me a more structurally-sound person.

----- ellen 08.01.09 17:43

1: I would -definately- use it as a fort with the kids, until it wore out and then I would recycle it :)

2: I try not to make resolutions unless I intendo to keep them :) My resolution for this year is to keep doing what I’m doing now, only find ways to make it BETTER :)

3: This chair would improve my life with it’s mere presence! I work online so I am often in front of my computer. Having a lovely chair like this would make the job more enjoyable, comfortable and productive :D

Thanks for the great giveaway :)

----- Chi 08.01.09 17:32

1. Being a budding Industrial Designer, all my packaging materials usually end up being enclosure prototypes.

2. I usually wait till the chinese new year for resolutions, but I guess surviving the financial crisis might be it.

3. I spend 8-10 hours in front of the computer, and my current chair is a chinese behemoth with the ergonomics and comfort of the electric chair, so yeah it would help my work and my back.

----- Keno 08.01.09 17:19

1. i would save the box and use it for my wife’s b-day by wrapping her gift in it. or use it to reinact the snl skit: “d—- in a box.” when i was done with the box i would recycle it.

2. 2009 resolution: make a baby. my wife has been pressing the issue for the past 2 years and it’s time i man up… i think i’m ready.

3. the steelcase will enhance the quality of my life because my wife has a nice ergonomically sound office chair at her work and she always rubs it in my face how wonderful it is and how much she loves it. if i win the steelcase that will be one less thing for her to gloat about… also my spine will be in heaven.

----- regan 08.01.09 16:48

1. Hide in it and scare the crap out of my dog. Or, give it to a day care near here so the kids could build a fort with it (or how about the first, then the second, get double use out of it.

2. Taking the stairs at work. Good exercise, plus whenever you push 2, it takes you to 4, kind of pointless…

3. Broke my chair and am currently using a 9.99 ikea folding plastic chair. Anything is an improvement over that.

----- Josh 08.01.09 16:48

1: Did you say a big card-box? Is there gonna be enough card-box to build a life size Darth Vader?
2: My New Year resolution is to LEARN; to play guitar, to speak Chinese, to relearn German and many other things but these were the priority ones
3: This chair could assist me in these project

----- Jean-Paul SAK LOKHAM 08.01.09 16:36

1. fill it up with the garbage and send it back to your office as “dead mail”
2. smoke more cigarettes
3. I hope sex on that chair would be good/better/best

----- adam 08.01.09 15:48

I would use the massive box to hold both my life-sized globe of the earth and to hold my abundance of other rather large and unwieldy boxes.

My resolution is to spread good work and cheer to all throughout the year.

It would match my new decor in my first house with my wife and 2 year old son, Sean. Currently we sit in front of our G4 on an IKEA cube. Not so comfortable and slightly stylish. We could use it.

Thanks to all!

----- Jason Waks 08.01.09 15:11

1. Create a sculpture with middle schoolers at the school where I volunteer
2. Positivity
3. Stave off osteoporosis and a hunched back

----- Kristina 08.01.09 15:07

1. Make smaller boxes out it and use it to ship gifts to all your friends.
2. To create more art, more personal projects and spend more time with my wife.
3. As a design instructor i need to be comfortable and relaxed in order to guide students toward good design practices. Patience is essential and can run thin if you are uncomfortable.

----- PeterC 08.01.09 13:09

1) I’d fill the box with stuff to donate to charity. There’s a lot of people that could use some help during these tough times.

2) New Year’s resolution is to go out more and take care of self more.

3) I believe this chair will help me improve my posture and prevent my lower back from hurting any further.

----- Don 08.01.09 12:29

1) second bedroom expansion to my condo
2) more dollars coming in, less dollars going out, and eat organic
3) boost me up so i can change out some lightbulbs

----- matt 08.01.09 12:25

1.Draw some tree and make a forest !
2.My resolution for 2009 is to don’t take resolution.
3.I think it’s better than my log !

----- Joe Flip 08.01.09 11:26

1. That box would be cut into pieces and used for screen printing purposes and to make some cool shipping envelopes and boxes. A large piece may also be used to create some personal space in my shared apartment!
2. Wow, New Years Resolution. I always tell everyone that I stopped making them years ago to avoid disappointment at the end of January. Honestly though, I am just trying to make this the most progressive and creative year for myself. 2008 was my year of change and now I need to focus and channel all the positive crap that has happened in the last year into motivation for 2009.
3. I want this chair because I am sure my roommate is annoyed that I keep stealing the dining table chairs to sit at my desk! So, really, it is a gift to him!

----- april_d 08.01.09 11:00

1. I will recycle the box :-)
2. Be more productive at work, school, and in personal life
3. This amazing chair will make life easier by improving my posture during my long hours of browsing the notcot website :-)

----- T... 08.01.09 10:39

1. The box will probably become a spaceship, though as I recall I do possess the technology to turn it in to a time machine as well.

2. My new year’s resolution is execute all of the good ideas I have now, instead of saving them for later. According to the chair’s website, it can make me up to 17.8% more productive, which should be a big help, especially if I’m going to be making a spaceship.

3. I think that having a nice chair will make me more of an adult - it seems like a responsible thing to do.

----- Max T. 08.01.09 10:21

1) I would cut up the box and make mini-forts for my pets. Guinea pigs love box forts. If you give guinea pigs a lot of boxes (with a pig-sized door on either end) they start running around like mad and popping up into the air making happy “squee” noises.

2) Um? What resolution? How about, “Don’t get caught.” Enough said.

3) The Steelcase Leap would GREATLY improve my standard of living by reducing this whining noise in my ears. The noise is coming from the direction of my husband, a gentleman whose back is truly hurting him. So mush so that as he works in front of his laptop, he stuffs various bits of things behind him. As the day goes on? His chair becomes contoured like the Steelcase Leap’s very shape! But once he stands up, it collapses.
Improve my life? Help this gentleman with his back!

----- Shingler 08.01.09 09:49

1. I’d build a mini-jungle gym for my pet rabbit. When it gets chewed on too much I’d cut strips from it and make biodegradable seedling pots.

2. I just moved to a new city, so my New Year’s resolution is to learn all its streets by the end of the year.

3. My old desk chair got passed on to friends before I moved, so I could definitely use a new one right about now!

----- K2 08.01.09 09:05

1. I would make a dance floor—-I am dancing an hour or more a day to get
into shape.
2. I want to become self-employed! The computer to become a major part of my
3. I need a computer chair—now sitting on a wooden chair—ouch!!!

----- raggedgarden 08.01.09 08:33

  1. A cat castle, with sectioned rooms and working utilities!

  2. To achieve or come more closer to my dream career.

  3. The Leap will help keep me comfortable through the long hours of designing I put in.

----- Marshall 08.01.09 07:49

1: The box, would provide me with on campus home, so that I may never leave the digital and print press labs. Inside it will be filled with the comforts of home and possibly wallpapered. If I’m allowed my luxurious box would be placed near an outlet, there my coffee maker will brew constantly, my ipod portable player will sport out my daily playlist. The luxurious conditions of my box, will have a simply cot, there, I shall sleep, closing the flaps and begin my rejuvenation for the next day.
2:My new years resolution is to spend less nights sleeping under the vacuum table in the darkroom, and go home to bed.
3:The steel case leap chair would provide me with an excellent chair that does not resemble one that you would find in your kitchen. Mind you it would not provide the visual history of a half broken kitchen chair, with cigerette burns and beautiful beer and wine stains. But the chair would provide my back with a beautiful support that my current chair does not have (very literally its back is falling off).

----- Luke Warman 08.01.09 07:17

I would fashion a robot costume out of the box - to be worn with only pure silk underwear and perfume underneath
My NYR is to believe
It would mean I can continue to have great sex during ‘school nights’ and not worry about an uncomfortable day at work in my (currently) rubbish chair. Thank you in advance from me and my boyfriend.

----- Emmylou Cakehead 08.01.09 05:23

1. We are a distribution company and use only recycled shipping materials. I would use the box to ship items. We also provide rewards to dealers who do the same. This box could live a very long life…..
2. My new years resolution is to care more for me. My body, my heart and my belly!
3. I have the worst office chair - it doesn’t sit straight. Hopefully this chair will help me sit straight. I assume this straightening will lead to bigger things like higher productivity and eventually leading to world domination.

----- Amber Percival 08.01.09 05:15

Hello there, what a nice giveaway this is xD.

Lets begin with the answers:

1. I would fill the box with teddy bears, blankets, pillows, socks, pajamas etc. and deliver it to the kids shelter to keep the kids warm till the end of winter.

2. NY Resolution. Be More Green. There is even a ECO font in case u didn’t know, it saves up to 20% of your ink therefore makes less cartridge waste ;) i always say Tune In. Go Green.

3. Why? Well its simple, i’m a web designer/graphic design artist who is a sucker for good piece of furniture .. this Steelcase Leap would fit so well with my working desk. Ah my friends would be so jealous xD

----- iDjole 08.01.09 04:19

1. I would cut in into different sized rectangles AND paint a twenty or so masterpieces to GIVE AWAY TO CHARITY. *way to combine, eh?
2. My resolution is to go green by stop buying things I don’t need and to reuse the things I have in new and industrious ways. *packaging counts and was covered in #1
3. Painting in a new and more comfortable chair will make my back, neck, and arms happy and also tie into #1 and #2… I’m talking REUSE, baby!

----- LISA 08.01.09 03:02

1. I plan on surprising my husband on valentines day by enacting one of his fantasies which involves cute underwear, myself hidden in the box, gift wrap (I hope he figures out he has to open the box!!!)

2. My new years resolution was to have an overall positive attitude absolutely no negativity, and to step outside of my comfort zone and be adventurous!

3. I’m currently living with my in-laws who run a business from the house, my mother in law has sever arthritis and finds it difficult to sit in one place for a long time. She is badly in need of a new chair but due to the economy it will have to wait. If I win this chair I plan on giving it to her. She has helped my life in so many ways it would be helping my life by helping hers! (and yes I know how mushy this may seem!)


----- Ashley-Jade 08.01.09 01:13

1. First I would lay the box on its side and watch our crazy cat crawl around, in, and on it, gnawing little cat-tooth-shaped holes on the flaps. I might shut the lid flaps when she is inside if I need a break, or a laugh. (Then I would probably cut up the box and use it for mailing packages.)
2. My resolution is to stop procrastinating. I even have a motto: Crack those coconuts! (As in, just do that hard work in order to get to the reward.)
3. I’m guessing this amazing chair would help the upper shoulder tingling that comes from sitting in a tiny cheapo office chair. Which has also succumbed to the claws of said crazy cat…

----- sweetcheese 08.01.09 00:28

1. I use old boxes to repackage post — from cutting up a thick shoe box to make a box to mail CDs to my friends to making postcards for my toddler nephews and nieces.

2. My main resolution this year is to become more philanthropically involved in my community. The social ecology is good here, and I need to do my share to keep it that way.

3. Last winter, I developed a back problem that was easily fixed with a little conscious change in posture and some stretching. This winter, I’ve been slacking in regard to posture and stretching in exchange for more work hours.

You know how good typography allows you to focus on the content rather than the layout and design? A chair like this would be good type. I wouldn’t be distracted by posture and I could concentrate on my work.

----- mb 08.01.09 00:15

1. I will break that box down and make some wicked stencils with it.
2. My New Year’s Resolution is my everyday resolution, “Be better than you are…”
3. I injured my neck several years ago and find that when I have bad sitting posture (all too frequently), the pain reoccurs. If I had a sweet chair to help me ease then tension in my back and neck, you’d have a very happy camper on your hands. Plus, it will free up my current desk chair to be modified into an ultimate racing machine.

thanks for the contest folks.


----- colin 07.01.09 22:36

1. I would turn the cardboard box into furniture for my college dorm using instructions from this website: www.foldschool.com.
2. Recently, I was in a car accident that paralysed my father. My family situation is really unstable in the midst of hospital bills, extreme pressure on my mom to deal with every family matter, my college tuition, my grandparents being in poor health, insurance issues, et cetera. My New Year’s Resolution isn’t one I can fully achieve this year, but it’s to stabilise my family again. By this I mean to work hard in school so that I can have a good job in the future that will provide me with the resources to pay off the debts we are accumulating and provide the best care for my family that is sacrificing a lot and going through very tough times right now. I resolve to do what is necessary so that the issues my family has faced will not affect the quality of my future children and my sister’s childrens’ lives.
3. This chair will not directly benefit my life, but I would use it as a tool for my father’s rehabilitation. We hope that he will soon regain feeling in paralysed areas and I feel that the advanced engineering and design of the chair will help provide a template for a proper and healthy posture for my father’s spine and back so that recovery will be more possible.

----- Bo 07.01.09 22:33

1) Robot suit. Obvious.
2) Respect myself and take more risks!
3) Need a replacement for my paint bucket. Even with the magazine stack on it it’s not that comfortable as a computer chair.

----- thatkidthere 07.01.09 21:59

Thanks for offering this contest.
1.) Although I am a proud owner of Breakin’ and Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo DVDs, I prefer to use the extra cardboard to build a guest chair for my cubicle. In fact, I would create a unique chair design and enter it into the aias/icpf chair affair 2009 cardboard design competition. I can see this turning into a perpetual contest type of thing.
2.) My 2009 resolution is to start a family.
3.) The Steelcase Leap will help my life because it will provide me with comfort during my 9 to 10 hours of daily sitting while I work. Currently I battle with worn out, anti-ergonomic, life-shortening office chairs provided by my employer. I would love to see what I could do with an up to 17.8% productivity increase.

----- Kevin S. 07.01.09 20:16

On reflection, I do not need this chair. Give it to someone who does.

----- samu 07.01.09 19:47

1) What would you do with the massive box? Cut it up. Some of it would be used as a cutting mat for the model ship I am building.
Some would go to my cat, to scratch. The rest would be recycled.

2) What is your New Year’s Resolution? To write more. And I mean with pen and paper.

3) How will the Steelcase Leap improve your life? I also want to blog, blogging in the cruddy $29 chair I have now hurts.

----- Colin Nicolle 07.01.09 19:31

1. You mentioned the fort and my nephew sure would like to do that, but I think that the box would probably be used to help organize the garage that has been needing some extra storage. I would pile all the spare reptile supplies into the box.

2. My new years resolution is to finally complete some projects I have started. I have a few websites that I need to finish and start the process of commercializing/advertising. (and of course get rid of those extra pounds I am in need of, but that seems to be a yearly one)

3.The leap chair would help me achieve my new years resolution, it would replace my current broken chair that does not adjust height and the padding is worn. I could be comfortable creating advertising and new content that would be essential for the growth of my websites.

----- Mike O 07.01.09 18:58

1) I would take the box and make two bedside tables.
2) My new year’s resolution is to make it into MAKE magazine or to to Maker Faire.
3) The Steelcase Leap will improve my life because I just moved into a new apartment and the only seating my wife and I have are two folding chairs from Wal-Mart (Barf).

----- Daniel 07.01.09 18:54

1) Actually I need the box to make a new house for my lovely pet cat Camillo
2) more workout and more artwork
3) I work online so I spend far too much time in front of computer, more time than doing anything else, so it would make my life a million times better, and it will certainly help to eliminate my back pain. so more smiles :D

----- Elisa Gonzalez 07.01.09 18:34

1) I would write out hopes, dreams, and affirmations in paint and keep it in my little dorm room for good cheer.
2) To live life fearlessly
3) It will make the end of my senior year in college more comfortable and carry me into the workplace with comfort as well!

----- njeri 07.01.09 18:29

1. Save the box, and make a Halloween costume. Transformer-Box-Man.

2. 2009 Resolution is to go full-time freelance and throw away the 9-5

3. It will definitely help me fulfill part of my 2009 resolution with a nice comfy chair that will not kill my back so no chiropractor visits.

----- van 07.01.09 18:09

I would make a fort for my cat. Then, when he was bored with that, I’d cut it up and add it to the stack of cardboard pieces that will eventually become my crazy recycled coffee table.

My new years resolution is to become self supported doing my artwork, selling it, and also doing freelance graphic design work. Eventually I’d like to design furniture, clothing and jewelry. I got the jewelry down, now for the other two!

I would use the chair in my new home office, since now I’m sitting on a little wooden kitchen chair…

----- Becky Tesch 07.01.09 17:59

1. The box is a canvas! Cut it into interesting shapes, use the scraps to paste back on for some 3-dimensionality (think topography, like Maya Lin, perhaps?) - My girlfriend and I do alot of art together, so cutting that thing up and gluing + painting it would make a great over the bed work.

2. My new years resolution was to introduce more color into my living space. So far, I’ve replaced my black/grey sheets with tangerine ones.

3. The chair would improve my life simply because it will give me the support I need. I’m a broke medical student and I spend a lot of time hunched/slouched over working on my $35 staples desk chair. While this sounds pretty average, the kicker is that I injured my upper back and shoulder back in high school playing sports, and have yet to find a chair that does not hurt that area after extended use. This chair looks like a good candidate.

----- Dylan Wolman 07.01.09 17:00

1. I just moved to Queens and have yet to fully furnish my place so I’ll be using the box as a desk in the short term. In the long term when I have a real desk I’ll decorate and turn it into my apartment’s clubhouse.

2. Only one? I guess my top one is to blog every day (www.wearecyborgs.net).

3. The chair will make me feel much more comfortable as I struggle to find a niche as a freelancer.

----- Andrew 07.01.09 16:46

1) I’d make it into a hangout center for my cat.
2) My new year’s resolution is to stop spending so much time in coffeeshops.
3) I bet the chair would be a great incentive to stop going to those coffeeshops.

----- Easton 07.01.09 16:40

1) I turn the box into a doghouse for my lab-retriever. Hopefully, he won’t be able to tear it apart!
2) My New Years Resolution: Originally, was not to have one. However, I think we can all benefit from new New Years Resolution: Do at least one good deed a day.
3) I would give the leap chair to my sister who is in dire need of a new chair, but can’t afford to spend the money.

----- Maddie 07.01.09 16:31

Well, for starters, i would make my cat a massive fort… She loves boxes, they really are her crack! As far as my new years resolution, I have two: one is to have a completely new wardrobe by the end of the year, and have my cafe take off to the point where I can open a second store. And this chair would change my life… I take design very seriously, and it has always been my theory to favor form over function, but to have a sexy looking chair that has all the functionality built in, well, that would be epic.

----- Forrest Miller 07.01.09 16:28

1) I had considered various artistic purposes for the box, but in reality, I would probably rig it up to make a giant dartboard because I need a great deal of practice before I play 301 in public again. (OOPS!)
2) In 2009, I intend to learn to cook something besides Rice Krispie Chicken because my husband makes me look bad.
3) Now that I’ve finished student teaching in a high school English class, I’m peering into my future of 35-odd years grading countless research papers, and I know that the “hugging sensation” the Leap affords will be the comfort I need to press on.

----- Bethany 07.01.09 15:54

1. I will either build a fort with my kid or turn it into a pull-wagon for him.
2. To clear my SCEA certification.
3. A Steelcase Leap would be much better than a dining chair which is what I use right now to work on my computer.

----- Baljinder Singh 07.01.09 15:35

1. Donate to The Center for Creative Re-Use in Oakland.
2. I resolved to make no more resolutions.
3. Ease my aching back!

----- no names 07.01.09 15:27

1 - I would take it (and a recently acquired guitar box) to make myself a new desk, or failing that, a new coffee table. Furniture boxes are thicker and sturdier than most and make great structure material!
2 - I would like to do more writing. For my blog, for myself, for all the things I need to do in my life.
3 - Sitting is a BIG part of writing, and being comfortable (or at least not distracted by your discomfort) is a big part of focusing.

----- Giania 07.01.09 15:18

1) build a playhouse for my baby girl…
2) i have two main resolutions that are seemingly contradictory… work harder but spend more time with my family… how can i accomplish this?
3) i plan to work more from home, which is why i need this chair. my current home-studio chair was purchased for $5 from a dot-com that busted back in 2002. the upholstery is full of dust and the foam is starting to tear off… plus, having an ergonomic chair will reduce my massage therapy costs…

----- justin p 07.01.09 15:12

1. The box? I’d let my kids go to town on decorating it with paint, pasta, glitter, you name it. Then I’d drop in all my loose change for the rest of the year, find a family in need and leave it on their door step.

2. My New Year’s Res. is to live more simply. I already cleaned out my pantry and freezer, a couple boxes in the garage and my bedroom closet. Yeah baby!

3. I would mostly spin around on my kitchen floor until I was dizzy. Other than that, I would trade the old rusty metal stool we are using as a computer chair now and replace it with this nifty little thing!

----- Chinya 07.01.09 15:06

1. Considering recent Housing and Mortgage crisis… might well use it to live in, or at least use as an extension.
2. Try to stop entering competitions you have no chance of winning.
3.I’d stop having chair envy ( a legitimate psychological disorder i think you’ll find)

----- Rob Appleby 07.01.09 15:05

1. with 2 kids, this one’s easy…Build the fort and paint it into an amazing castle hideaway.

2. My new years Resolution is only 72 dpi…(sorry couldn’t resist that one)…actually, i need to spend less time sitting on my butt working and more time playing and building castles with the kids.

3. a new groovy Steelcase Leap would hopefully make the time i spend on my butt much more comfortable and eliminate the elaborate system of pillow supports obsolete.

----- Phil Yarnall 07.01.09 14:25

First, thanks for the opportunity at this great giveaway!

1. I would pay hommage to Steelcase by creating a “Tropic Thunder” lile diorama with my G.I. Joe collection. It’s been on the backburner for years.
eventually, it would get displayed where I work.

2. To couch-surf around Europe, visiting old friends and making new ones.

3. After planning my multi-month adventure from the chair, and thus breaking it in, I would give it to my father who at 75 is still a computer whiz and spends many hours a day in front of his CPU, in a very poor chair.

----- Barry 07.01.09 14:19

) I love huge boxes! And so does my cat. I would probably use it to build a kitty playhouse, with platforms and ramps and toys inside (what can I say, I love my cat!)
2) Hmmm, I usually don’t do resolutions, but this year I’ve got one: Get into college and make the right choice about which one to attend. I’m going into engineering and have applied to a bunch of schools, but I really just can’t decide which one is best for me. 3) The comfort, definitely. My current desk chair is just hard, straight-backed dining chair, which makes being at my desk unenjoyable after about 20 minutes. If I were to have this chair I would probably even bring it with me to college so I could do my math homework more efficiently, giving me more time to have fun after all the work. :)

----- Casey L 07.01.09 14:10

1. I would definitely build a fort for my little cousins :)
2. To stop procrastinating
3. My posture sucks…so hopefully this awesome chair would help.

Thanks for another great contest!

----- Taylor 07.01.09 13:36

1. Paint. I can’t wait to get new card board boxes.

2. Stop wasting so much. Not use plastic bags. Smoke less.

3. Help my back for sure. I work at my desk a lot but can’t afford a good chair and my back is already bad.

----- Carl 07.01.09 13:30

1. I will give it to my boyfriend to lie on when he is working underneath my old truck.

2. To get tattoo number two.

3. With a devine ass like mine it will make the finest accessory.

----- meg 07.01.09 12:54

1> What couldn’t I do,

Make a Bed Tray
Have breakfast in bed on a tray made from the cardboard box.Decorate with paint or with adhesive shelf paper and you’re ready for those bacon and eggs.

THINK: Reduce Reuse and Recycle
Soil for Summer Garden
You can shred cardboard and add it to your compost heap. It would also make a good mulch that’s If you can compost it (worms would love it!) then at least you know it is going to do some good.

THINK: Inside The Box
Make Memorable Laughs
Make cardboard box into a makeshift phone booth and hook up my landline in it.

2> Leap forward and reach my goals 100%, even if it mean to have less of them. It’s time.

3>Leap frog over obstacles I want to get up and walk away from.
Leap through long long work days and nights because I’m able to work better. And most importantly, just Leap in and get things done.

----- Jackie 07.01.09 12:53

1. I would create the box into a roller coaster that I’d ride down my stairs.
2. My New Years resolution would be to use cruise control on my car from now on after obtaining 3 speeding tickets within a quarter!
3. Steelcase Leap would assist in fixing my posture for I’ve developed a hunch in my back.

----- Chris 07.01.09 12:53

1. I’d definitely make the box into my own personal Narnia. Screw a wardrobe, I got a cardboard box! And everytime I needed a get away from the stressors of real life, I’d crawl into my box and zone out in my own little world.

2. Resolutions are cliche, and I’m so ADHD I usually forget them at least 11 minutes after making them.

It’s like:
“Okay! This year I will loose this weight!”
Seconds later…
“I want cake.”

3. I have scoliosis. I need a good chair :( I can’t rule Narnia with a bad back!

----- Yara B. 07.01.09 12:34

1) Make a DIY cardboard office chair.

2) Ween myself off DIY projects.

3) Become rich when DARPA buys the rights to my patented AMAZING Cardboard Office Chair.

----- Dan 07.01.09 12:34

1. My first thought was to practice backspins on the cardboard. But I haven’t done one in decades, so I can honestly say that that won’t be happening. My next thought was to make a cardboard bike out of it, cause I’ve always wanted to try that. As much as I’d like to say I’d get right to work, you and I both know it would sit in the basement until I got tired of moving it from place to place. But since I’d be down there anyway, and we have so much crap in the basement that we want to donate, I’d make a donation box.

2. Resolutions are silly, but I always resolve to do something positive. This year I tried to stop eating sugar, which lasted about 70 minutes.

3. My grandma gave me a great desk as a gift, which didn’t come with a chair. So I’d be able to retire the dining room chair from my workspace.

----- Jason 07.01.09 12:33

1. i would DEFINITELY build a fort, and our little dog could come play in it too.

2. my resolution(s) are to drink less, cook more, and be more patient.

3. um, this chair would make my life about 89x better! i feel as though i am always fussing with my chair at work. it’s ridiculously uncomfortable and my sister tells me i have knots all down my spine. no matter how i adjust it, it’s just not comfortable. if i had a nice lovely chair that supported my back and possibly kept my posture better, i’d be a much happier worker bee. i might even like coming to work. who knows.

----- Nina 07.01.09 12:27

I would fold it up and lay it on my curent chair for padding. My sore bum would appreciate it.

----- Matthew Aughey 07.01.09 12:08

1. I’ll put my old chair in it and give it to a friend.

2. I’m not a resolution guy really, but something I really want to do is get back to learning. I’ve been out of school for four years now and working like a dog. I feel like I’ve plateaued a bit and I need to delve deeper into the technical side of design and expand what I am capable of creating.

3. I’m a graphic designer and I work very very long days. My chair isn’t even remotely comfortable, and it becomes increasingly difficult to stay creative when my ass and back are killing me. This chair would improve my quality of life in a very real way.

----- Eric 07.01.09 11:10

1 for my cat bed
2 to let my mustache grow
3 wow it will help my back,

----- jaileen 07.01.09 11:10

1. Since I have no kids, but loved making things our of boxes when I was little, I would probably figure out how to convert the box into a club house and then post photos and instructions for how to so others can make them at home. Then maybe do an auction for the original box and have the proceeds go to housing for homeless kids.

2. I aim to do more personal development. I want to learn something new or execute something that I can look back at and be really proud of.

3. I have to assume that the Leap chair is way more ergonomic and comfortable than the little plastic stool I am currently using in my studio. I’d be hoping for an easier time spending long hours at the desk.

----- Jennifer 07.01.09 11:05

1. I would like to think I would do something clever like …….build a giant tom cruise head and bring it to an anti scientology protest, light it on fire and film it burn to the ground, post it on you tube, after receiving one billion hits and gaining the attention of the media , I would get invited to late night talk shows on an off night. Due to my good looks, sunny disposition, and my interesting actual career choice (aka stuffed animals with buttholes)… I would get a minor role in some b rated cop and or doctor shows as a dead guy or someone dying…..be seen with olsen twins at a party…..which will land me a role as a store clerk in an upcoming comedy starring renee zeleiiwigwar. Due to my obsessive personality I would become addicted to the attention. When the attention dies down I will drown my sorrows in gambling (aka the stock market) and the promotion of my own bad sex tapes in a desperate attempt to revitalize my career…years later……..I will find religion, become a preacher and start a late night pray-a-thon with the help of MC hammer………….

2. ….. Another years dream-
Grab the power of the
….Golden Sun

3. Chair. Chairrrrr. Chaa. Chuuuuuuu. Chooo. Choo. Cheeee. Cherry. Cher. Remember when she sang on that naval vessel with the big hair and leotard situation. Number one double super chair Cher approved!!

----- JOSHUA BEN LONGO 07.01.09 10:57

1. Leave the chair in it.
2. Pay off my credit card.
3. I’ll sell it to help #2.

Is that too honest?

----- Scott 07.01.09 10:55

1. I would cut out the cardboard sides into custom patterns that could fold & tab together into storage/organizer for drawing supplies at school and my giant sheets of paper

2. My New Year’s resolution is to finally convert an IBM personal system 2 into a fish tank. (with a fish named GUI)

3. Steelcase will keep my back from breaking when I spend long hours on my computer putting together some product render in Alias, and replace my broken garage sale chair. They also may employ on some future date if I actually get that lucky/skilled.

----- Matthew 07.01.09 10:47

1. Make it into a giant 1950s computer terminal prop for my science-fiction movie I need an excuse to start filming.
2. To figure out what I’m going to do after college
3. It will keep me from laying in my bed with my computer on my lap, which is terrible for both my productivity and my back. I’ll be able to get rid of the old rusting swivel-stool that I found on the side of the road and finally be comfortable enough at my desk to get some work done writing and designing.

----- Gregory Gallagher 07.01.09 10:24

1. I’d fill the oversized box with items to donate to charity: I’ve been sorting through my stuff and have pile items ready to donate, and having a large box would be wonderful so I don’t have to deal with trying to fit everything into saved grocery bags
2. I’m aiming for an attainable resolution this year: Dress more professionally. I work for a software company, so it’s easy to dress like the programmers, but I’m a graphic designer, so I should dress nicer and more professionally. So this year’s goal is to shift my cloth buying perspective and choose well designed, quality items.
3. Beyond the ergonomics that will improve my seating posture (and slouching spine) the Steelcase will improve my life as I won’t have to battle with my boyfriend over my nicer office chair any more. He keeps using mine (the nicer one) instead of his, but if I have the Steelcase, he can keep my old chair :-)

----- somerset walmsley 07.01.09 10:19

1. I would use the cardboard to make little chairs for my playhouse.

2. Save money to move to London next year.

3. At work, I sit on this awful chair from the mid-70s that until a couple of weeks ago had a piece of masking tape on it that read “mr. ed” and slides down when I turn to the right too many times. With the Leap chair, I would be more comfortable while sitting for long hours in front of the computer, so I can work more hours and save up money for my dream move :)

----- Sandra 07.01.09 10:13

1- I think I would use the large shipping box, at first as a new piece to my collection of clutter. I would slowly get used as needed for backer board for framed artwork that would then be placed on the walls of homes elsewhere.

2- My resolution which is already going quite well is: To quit the gym and just enjoy walking or biking the town instead of driving. Quitting the gym was the most satisfying part of the resolution.

3- My current studio chair has a short term memory problem. It unfortunately thinks that I am a midget. Somewhere around 2 ft. tall. But I’m actually a good 6 ft. tall. I sometimes, when I’m in a hurry, I miss sitting in the chair completely and end up on the floor. A new Steelcase leap chair would allow me to trust my chair again allowing it to be a trusted creative partner. And bring back an air of confidence back into my wonderful studio, it so greatly deserves.

----- Scott Clark 07.01.09 09:58

1)make a table, sell it on ebay, spend the money, boost economy
2)start smoking
3)will get more “chair twirling” breaks, wohooooooo

----- Anna 07.01.09 09:17


1. I would make a super sweet dog bed for my miniature schnauzer, Bentley. Ooh I could probably make it look like a Bentley too!

2. My new years resolution is to HAVE MORE FUN! Making a super sweet Bentley bed out of a massive box sounds like a lot of fun to me!

3. The Steelcase Leap will help make my life better! I have lower back problems/pain ever since a bad fall I took when I was a kid. I am a Software Engineer and I like to do graphics design in my spare time - so I sit at a desk all day. I did some research and the Steelcase Leap is #1 ergonomic support and is sure to help reduce my back pain thus making my quality of life much better! :)

----- Heather 07.01.09 09:10

1-give thebox to homeless people in my neighbourhood for shelter against harsh winter
2 - to continue my journey of becoming a better person
3 - help get rid of my back problems and hopefully improve my posture

----- Estelle 07.01.09 09:06

Probably use it for storage or a playhouse for my new nephew. Also I’d use the chair to show off to my friends and make them think I do lots of important work at my desk.

----- Evan franz 07.01.09 08:52

1)Living in NYC isn’t the best place to have huge boxes lying around :) So many ways to use a cardboard box! Cut into fan blades, attach to rods made from PVC, orient them in a circle, stretch white spandex around the object and drop a light into for a nice inexpensive DIY chandelier.
If that didn’t work I would use it to mail myself to Vegas and meet you at CES :)
OK fine, I would make add an addition on to my apt through the window and call it my “urban garden”… HA! This is fun!

2) New Years resolution for ‘09 is to enter my work in more galleries and make more of a name for myself winning design competitions and hopefully use that as a launching pad for opening my own studio.

3) Winning the Steelcase Leap will help me by giving me the motivation and that extra lease on life I have been needing to hurry up and start up my own studio. It will also be the first piece of furniture I put in the new space and will for me, be a place to sit, think and create.

Thank you!


----- David Shor 07.01.09 08:50

1. Guest bedroom— I’ve already got the bedding picked out. (The bedding is newspaper.)
2. I decided to not get any older— in age, that is.
3. Well, you see, I took this $14.99 computer chair from my brother when I moved into my apartment ‘bout a year and a half ago. Since then the modest back support began to shift & wobble until there was no back support at all. For almost a year now I’ve been using a swiveling computer stool, as it were. I believe the Steelcase Leap is the one and only chair that can—not only end my computer hunching posture—but actually restore my back to what it once was.

----- Jenni 07.01.09 08:34

1) make a cave for my dog Arthur.

2)Read all the unread books on my shelf, a good 150…

3)Currently my home office looks an awful lot like my bedroom, as my little red tractor stool isn’t cutting it for 8hour editing sessions.

----- Jeremy McCracken 07.01.09 08:33

1. I need huge pieces of cardboard to make street art.
2. My New Years Resolution is to create more art. I have been a student for the last four years and it has been interfering with my goal to create art.
3. I have fibromyalgia and have to do homework all over the house because my chair is uncomfortable and makes my achy. I am starting grad school right now and my hours will be stuck in a chair for more than 40 hours a week!A STEELCASE LEAP chair would allow me to do work efficiently thus becoming a brilliant scholar of Brazilian funk music and culture! :)

----- Seana Pabon 07.01.09 08:25

1) Keep the box to create my robot costume for Halloween 2009!
2) To only be robot-like on October 31st.
3) Sitting comfortably and properly are things that are of concern to humans, thus, I will be more human the rest of the year. I just have to remember to not sit down during Halloween.


----- dbdtron 07.01.09 08:22

1) I don’t think my dog would let me get away with not making a fort for her with the massive box. (She loves boxes)

2)My new years resolution for 2009 is to increase my personal brand, esp. online (since I’m an interactive designer).

3)I’d actually sit at my desk instead of on the couch, my current desk chair is painful. I think I’d get more work done at my desk so it would overall improve my productivity.

----- Tony 07.01.09 08:05

1. I would do a stop motion animation scene
2. Make a short movie mixing stop motion, theater and tradicional 2D motion.
3. It will save my life because I stay in front the computer the most part of my day, working, reading, having fun, everything…oh and my actual chair is terrible!

----- Naíma 07.01.09 07:57

1. I’ll cut the box down into smaller pieces to use as frame backings for my photos.
2. 2009 resolution: Make it happen.
3. I spend the better part of each day sitting at my computer, designing or administrating. The Steelcase Leap will help my sore back and allow me to throw down at a higher level.

----- WillF 07.01.09 07:52

1) I would absolutely build a fort for my Basenji & Beagle

2) I resolve to get more creative work done outside of the 9 to 5 work

3) Strap myself to it for a weekend and wheel myself EVERYWHERE !

----- Josh J. 07.01.09 07:48

1. To save a little money, I’ve been grabbing T-shirt inspiration from various sites and then cutting patterns into sturdy paper products (like card board boxes) to spray paint on Hanes solids. I’m pleased with the results and people often ask me where I got my shirt from which I like.

2. As a recent graduate with a girlfriend on the opposite end of my time zone, my resolution is to try to start my career near her, working at a job that I’ll enjoy.

3. I’ve had the same desk chair since I was in 5th grade…seriously. I suppose it works in the sense that it is not broken, but just swiveling doesn’t save my back or shoulders after hours of working on a project or job searching.

----- Justin B 07.01.09 07:35

1. My daughter would turn it into a reading nook— no kidding, we have a small house and she loves getting away by herself like a turtle going into its shell. She’d sit in it and read.
2. To spend more time with my friends.
3. It would be the only comfortable part of my day!!! My bed is not comfortable, the couch makes my back hurt, and our dining room chairs are hard!

----- Jim 07.01.09 07:34

1. My daughter would turn it into a reading nook— no kidding, we have a small house and she loves getting away by herself like a turtle going into its shell. She’d sit in it and read.
2. To spend more time with my friends.
3. It would be the only comfortable part of my day!!! My bed is not comfortable, the couch makes my back hurt, and our dining room chairs are hard!

----- Jim 07.01.09 07:34

1) I´d make the box my own giant infinite ashtray, then, when it´s full of ash and butts I´d take it to a school, draw a monster face on it and tell children what my lungs have become, so they don´t ever want to put a damn cigarette in their mouth.

2) Stop smoking, have lots of clients and a good chair to work from, cause this stupid thing I have right now is destroying my back.

3) This gorgeous looking chair is going to make my back laugh at life again cause it looks and feels like a moai head right now.

----- Daniel Segatto 07.01.09 07:33

1)Recycle: I would make a huge book with binding and everything and fill it with upcycled papers…I did this with an old jello box: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=12095253

2)Resolution: I am starting to sell my creations and will become as famous as Andy Warhol!

3)Chair improved life: I’m giving this chair to my hubby so he won’t be sitting on the kitchen chair anymore…which means I will be giving less back and shoulder massages. Double gift!

----- Jen Meyer 07.01.09 07:19

1) I live in Buenos Aires where a group of people called “cartoneros” make their living searching the streets looking for any paper or cardboard material to sell to recycling plants. They’ll be more than happy to put their hands on such a treasure!

2) I want to quit mi current job and start doing something on my own.

3) Since I’m starting to work as a freelacer from home I can foresee myself being endless hours chained to my desk (I’m a designer, so the computer is almost an extension of my body), and as a consequence having innumerable back aches :(
If Steelcase Leap works miracles on people’s posture, productivity and happiness, I definitely want it!!!

----- R. Cases Bocci 07.01.09 07:11

1. Pretend it was a castle or some type of fort, then recycle it of course
2. Say thank you more
3. As a current design student the chair i own, can only be raised and lowered with a hammer and a screw driver, and for some reason tilts forward. If I were to win this chair, I would be able to comfortably work, and (hopefully) turn out much better work.

----- Chris Solada 07.01.09 06:39

I would use the box to make an origami style war mask that is disproportionately large to my body; taking my normal 5’10” height to an intimidating 10’; then wear it to meetings at work, to buy breath mints at the store, and to elegant wine tastings; but not for Halloween.

My New Year’s resolution is to tackle something that scares me every month; such as travel to a far away place, get a motorcycle, etc.

The Leap chair would help my back, which would help my life. The chairs at work are horribly uncomfortable. However I would be scared to have the chair stolen at work. I supposed I’d have to try it due to my resolution. Chair security might be another application for my war mask…

Thanks for the Giveaway!

----- Daniel 07.01.09 06:37

1. I would most likely use it a trash bin for a week or two.

2. The only resolution I had was to coincidently buy an adjustable office type chair for the watercolor studio I made out of a 6x6 closet I have.

3. Hopefully, a steel case would make me more productive in. Of course, NOT enter in contests which I probably won’t win will make me more productive. Thanks

----- Sean C. 07.01.09 06:28

1. To be honest I would probably use it to store packing peanuts. I hate throwing them in the landfill and always need a better (bigger) place to store them.
2. New Years resolution is to travel more, and be better about saving money.
3. I currently use a vintage Scandinavian dining chair at my desk, and the seat is hard as a rock. The new chair would relieve my aching behind.

----- Scott B 07.01.09 06:27

1. In all honesty I would probably use it for storage of all the Volkswagen/Audi parts that I have seemed to “collect” over the years. VW love is a disease I swear it!

2. My goals for ‘09 are to better myself as a designer/artist by using all the crazy ideas in my head instead of being apathetic, spend more quality time with my wife enjoying the things we both love, walk the dogs daily as the weather permits, keep improving my health … and the list could go on.

3. The Steelcase Leap will definitely help my life. Since I am freelancing while being out of work (layoffs are the pits!) and spend alot of time in my computer chair, my back is starting to feel the effects of this crumbling, $20 Office Depot clearance chair. I need ergonomic support. I need to be cuddled while I work! My lower back screams for the Steelcase Leap.

----- Aaron High 07.01.09 06:08

1. Canvas for my artwork.
2. Stop Smoking.
3. Stare.

----- Rian 07.01.09 06:07

1. We’ll be needing that cardboard for heat as the old files are running out, damn the electronic age! SAving trees indeed. We’re already resorted to snorting the old instant coffee downstairs. The sweet and low seems to have a strange affect on hungry minds. The twenty year old samples of product from packaging assignments in the 80’s have produced hallucinations, but not in a bad way. Creative seems to be at an all time high pitched frenzy. The rest of the staff has been hiding in the attic while we patrol and stand guard awaiting fedex, ups or any other stranger who happens by…a good fire will make cooking easier. Can’t live on condiments and old client snackage forever can you?
2. Resolution? Survival. That’s a resolution dammit. Followed directly by the reinstallation of our regular goal to take over the world…might be nice to redecorate the basement while we’re at it. Maybe put in a pool table or a sauna…but I digress.
3. Nothing says world domination like a good evil mastermind in a solid, classy chair. And rhapsodizing here at this backwoods garden of prolific posturing and incessant alliteration has really made my backside antsy for some recognition of late. In a nutshell, it would behoove us all to please my butt before the attitude spreads… at least is seems that way to me.

----- ARagan 07.01.09 05:59

1) What would you do with the massive box?

Fort for my 2 year old. He would have a blast with a big cardboard fort…until the wife forced us to take it to recycling.

2) What is your New Year’s Resolution?

To win more contests…having won none so far means I can only go up from here.

3) How will the Steelcase Leap improve your life?

Considering the ancient chair I currently use at home anything is better. This is similar to the chair work provides for me and since I do a bit of work on my home machine I could use that same comfort.

----- John Harm 07.01.09 05:44

1. I would use the box to post back a really Large Thank You note to Notcot and Steelcase for choosing me as the winner of a super, duper leap chair!!
2. Simple…stop smoking.
3. If I was the winner of a Leap Chair, I would be happier at work, and would stop having to leave my desk for a smoke break every 10 minutes due to great uncomfort and stress. In this way Notcot and Steelcase would have helped me not only achieve my new years resolution, but increased my life by 20 years having given up such a bad habbit.

----- Ann van Niekerk 07.01.09 05:38

1.) Make cardboard swords and (paper)cut my roommates.

2.) Stop wasting paper…

3.) Sit at work more comfortably while still doing nothing.

----- Jasper 07.01.09 05:31

1. Build a fort, of course! And use the leftover scraps to cut out paper dolls to protect said fort when I am away.

2. To not to be so OCD about everything, and to ease up on the newlywed husband because he isn’t OCD.

3. Right now we have no desk chair. Every time we want to sit down at the desk we bring in a chair from the kitchen. Sad, I know. But that’s why we need this fabulous chair!

----- Geek in Heels 07.01.09 05:29

1. well, it is for packing my new steelcase chair! i’ll go back to bandung when i get it! hehehe…

2. my resolution? well, it is: “my friend’s little single goldfish will get a little baby fish”. this came to my resolution because it’s bad to see my friend’s fish live alone in that bowl because my friend can’t buy another. therefore, even if the little baby fish doesn’t have any father, it will be better for the baby to born and live together with my friend’s fish. (i’m kind ain’t i?)

3. i haven’t thought about this but… well, hope it could be my all in one living tools. i can sleep there, eat there, sit there, live there, yawn there, yell there, stand there, read there, designing there, and everything will be great! (and a bit abnormal i think… and that’s why it would change my whole life)

----- Fakhri Rasyidi 07.01.09 04:11

1. Ya I’m thinking it would be a Scooby Doo hounted house first. the the 4yearold would maybe want a pirate ship then its totaly a stair slide for what ever last. We have experience with multitasking boxes My kid loves duct tape and cardboard just ask the christmas toys he doesn’t play with yet because he still has two boxes left.

2. Try to see the other side of my Managers strange decisions.

3. The chair would totaly help eliminate the need to kick drafters while I’m fixing the drawings befor I program them for the Laser cutter. While helping keep calm when the rush job comes in when i’m on the 10,000 line of code doing an edit. Most importantly Allowing my coworkers a peicful place to sit while I run for more coffe so they too can be peiceful.

----- Erik Lynde 07.01.09 02:31

1. Build a scale replica of the Hearst Castle for my cat.
2. Drink more, get fatter, lose my job and my house. I figured I should go for negative resolutions this year because I always go for the positive ones and they have the opposite effect, so this should work in my favor. Reverse Psych-resolution-ology or something like that.
3. Stare at it. Finally I could have a piece of furniture in my house that no one is allowed to sit in, placed in a room no one is allowed to go in, just like the room my dear old Mom had when I was a wee youngin.

----- DRalls 07.01.09 02:15

1. I will design a house for my cat to sit in and build it with the cardboard from the Leap box. She will appreciate that it is a Steelcase box and we can sit in our Steelcase products together (unless, because she’s faster than I am, she gets to the Leap before I do, in which case I might have to sit in her cardboard house).

2. My New Year’s Resolution is (ironically) to learn the ins and outs of chair construction so I can design and build chairs of my own for myself and others. I hope that in my downtime from school I will be able to find the time and the resources to make it happen!

3. I’ve never owned any chairs of comparable quality to the Leap, and I’ve also never really won anything before. I’ve always wanted to do both because I’m a chair nut, and this will be like winning the lottery but, in a weird way, better. I will also be very excited to sit in a chair that actively improves my health, and being fortunate enough to actually have a Leap will be a dream come true.

----- Matt 07.01.09 01:30

1. Temporary shelter for studio

2. Be myself

3. Steelcase Leap will hopefully get me laid with all the smokin’ designer babes

----- Genta Ishimura 07.01.09 00:58

1) I shall build myself home.
2) Furnish my home if I ever make one, that is if I win a contest. :P
3) I shall have a place to sit in my new boxy home. ;)

----- Victor 07.01.09 00:35

1. I will fold & store it properly.

2. Relocate to new place.

3. I will be relocating this year; I have a massive storage box & want to carry a great product…
…steelcase Leap gift from NOTCOT.

----- ADD 07.01.09 00:25

1. this box would work well for a cubicle inside of my work cubicle. i would refer to this cubicle as the “party cube,’ and yes, there will be whiskey.

2. be more cognizant of life itself.

3. i play guitar at my desk, because everything is hooked up to the computer. it would be a lot easier if i had this bro-tercycle. it also looks very comfortable.

----- Michael Matzke 07.01.09 00:09

1. I would likely use parts of the box for school projects and recycle the rest!
2. One of my resolutions, my top priority, is to be a more positive person. Sounds cheesy, but there’s so many people around me who help cheer me up all of the time, that I’d like to pay them back by doing the same for them, as well as give them a break for a while, all while feeling better each day. I would also be so proud to get a design printed on Threadless.com this year!
3. I would use it at home while working on school projects. Not only would it be an amazing health benefit, but it would allow me to move my beautiful $30 scrapyard 1970’s Eames molded fiberglass armchair out into the living room to share with everyone I love… However, besides the physical and aesthetic pleasures that the Leap chair would provide, I can honestly say it would boost my spirit and make me work even harder through these next 2 and a half years of art school!

----- Payton 06.01.09 23:44

1. I would recycle it.
2. Strive to become worthy of love
3. Looking for a chair that has great support cause I work at a desk all day at work and at home.

----- Will Hoag 06.01.09 23:29

Although the box could create an extra room in my tiny studio (like a lean-to), I would prefer to use it to create picture foregrounds with my niece and nephew. We’d cut out holes for faces and decorate the front before climbing inside. Could make for an unusual theatrical piece.

This year I’m bringing the high-brow into my life on the cheap—homemade food out of the Alinea cookbook, self-made knock-offs of designer handbags and lamps.

This chair would get me to sit at my desk so much more! One of my mentors used to say that’s the biggest impedement to publishing, and I think he’s right.

----- katie 06.01.09 23:28

1. I’d build a giant cat castle for my two cats. I have a number of left over boxes from Christmas, so all in all, I’d be able to build a pretty awesome play space for them.

2. Really, just to eat more veggies, and to continue to promote my art.

3. I’d give the chair to my husband. I could picture many pleasant hours spent together, both on our computers, but now he’d have a wonderful ergonomic chair instead of one held together with duct tape.

----- Eva Funderburgh 06.01.09 23:20

1) Draw up something beautiful with my many, many sharpies. Theres always something quite inspiring about a huge canvas like big boxes.

2) Overall better myself, no more soda, no more cussing, loose that last few lbs, continue to better my art, decide which language I want to learn.

3)I live in my desk chair that I have now. I sit down in it when I get home, take my shoes off, put my stuff in my bag away, snuggle my puppy. I sit in it to do art, which eventually Ill become a Tattoo artist (my life goal) I sit in it to do homework, work I took home from work, personal accounting, and talking to my family thousands of miles away in Oregon. The poor thing’s arm is hanging on by duct tape, the back is from an entirely other chair, and I have a towel draped across its seat for both visual aesthetics and comfort. A new chair would be heavenly.

----- Sarah 06.01.09 23:11

1. Fill with Items to donate to charity for sure, I’ve got tons of clothes in boxes already. Why not consolidate into one huge one.

2. Be more organized. Pretty simple.

3. Comfort is always nice. My current computer chair pretty much attracts dog hair. Also it is somewhat broken, if you lean to the left you fall to the floor.

----- Rick 06.01.09 22:53

1. I would make the box impermeable to wet stuff and use it as the basis for a simple shelter for someone in my city, where it is now legal for homeless people to camp out in parks.

2. My resolution for this year is to increase the resolution of my life. By that I mean that I want to go from my current 15KB jpeg life to one that is livelier, richer, and more meaningful to myself and everyone around me. I’m going for a 10MB tif.

3. I have creative training but a template-based job. And this chair, while simultaneously acknowledging that I have a lumbar spine, unlike my current chair “Slouchy”, would allow me to build a better workspace at home that I can be proud of that will help motivate me to strengthen my portfolio and get the creative job I know I’m capable of having.

----- Evan 06.01.09 22:09

1. Give it to my neighbor’s kids; they’ll build a fort, for sure.

2. Cherish the time with my loved ones (one of whom has just been diagnosed with breast cancer).

3. Allow me to be more productive in my home office, from which I telecommute for a Silicon Valley employer, thereby improving my job security in these troubled economic times.

----- Steven 06.01.09 21:59

Box: I would use it to make my husband’s Halloween costume this year (he’s gonna be a life sized Lego figure)

Resolution: To be more organized.

Chair: I am currently using a large bouncy-ball as a chair … enough said.

----- Heidi 06.01.09 21:42

1) What would you do with the massive box - My kids and I would likely break it down to flat and use it to make a town. Wooden block bulldings and cars, toy animals and crayon and marker drawing. Big fun on a rain day. 2) What is your New Year’s Resolution? Really, how much time do you have? I’ve got all the usual about losing weight and exercising and all that but my biggie is to build my blog and hopefully generate some money from it. 3) How will the Steelcase Leap improve your life? I’m sure I’m messing up my bod with all kinds of bad ergonomics working on the blog. But it’s about cancer and important information so the chair could save my posture and help people learn more about cancer. What more could you ask.

----- Aftercancer 06.01.09 21:35

1.) The box would be transformed into a fantastic castle (catstle?) for my 2 feline companions to enjoy. They already have a cardboard fetish, using every delivery box large or small for hiding and playing. I’ll transform this massive box into a multi-level cat house with windows, turrets and ramps for their amusement.

2.)My New Year’s Resolution is to eliminate refined sugars and carbohydrates from my diet, focusing on fresh produce and whole grains while foregoing almost all processed food. So far, its going great and I’m discovering a world of new recipes to keep things exciting.

3.) I will use this chair to help change terrible habits I formed years ago in college! At my desk, I’ve always slouched to one side with a leg tucked underneath, my arm resting on the peninsula table. Since I spend many hours every day in this position for both work and leisure, last year brought me both a 40th birthday milestone and some physical aches and pains related to this terrible posture. Of course I’m making myself sit upright when I catch myself leaning over or tucking a foot under my legs, but its not easy in an old chair that knows my bad habits well! I’d absolutely love the opportunity to start anew with such a well-designed chair.

----- anissa 06.01.09 21:35

1. I have been known to “create” furniture out of beer boxes to suit the needs of my apartment, so this would definitely be a step in a new direction. I’m thinking of some sort of bookcase/trunk for my magazines.

2. My resolution for the coming year is for this to be my last year of waiting tables and for the first of my animated shorts to be completed. Last year I quit my job and moved across the country to pursue a dream, now I’m back in school and work full time to make it all happen.

3. I’m crooked. Literally. I do have scoliocis, so having a great chair would be HUGE!. But for the past 10 years I have sat on my current chair, which isn’t really a chair but a round piece of wood screwed to four steel legs. Some people call it a stool. With the Steelcase Leap in my life I can continue my work in comfort and style. And in the near future as I look to set up my own studio, having this most integral component would mean so much. Repeat: HUGE!!!

----- Michael Banich 06.01.09 21:31

1) Gotta go with the fort. Deck it out with some blankets and a popsicle
catapult and I will be set for an assault on my greatest enemies…the
2) My New Year’s resolution is to grow closer to my girlfriend.
3) This chair would help my life greatly because I have yet to find a
comfortable computer chair to aid me in my epic quest to graduate with a
degree in aerospace engineering.

----- Finch 06.01.09 21:07

I’d use the box to make a time machine … either that or a transmogrifier a la Calvin and Hobbes.

My resolution is to write every day, so having a comfortable chair would help! (Not that I don’t love my big red ball.)

If I had a Steelcase Leap, I could turn my big red ball back into an exercise ball (not that I’d necessarily exercise…)

----- sandra 06.01.09 21:04

1) Burn the box at our bonfire
2) Get a better job in my industry
3) The Steelcase Leap will improve my life by better supporting my when I spend hours of the day sitting in it working on my CG work.

----- Christopher 06.01.09 21:01

1. For models or backing artwork - really need large scale boards. It’s probably worth $10 min.
2. Talk less, analyze less.
3. To suffer less while designing, and, if in orange (or red?), be happier (while approaching the chair from behind.)

----- Ioana 06.01.09 21:00

1) Recycle the box
2) Become a more productive person
3) Give me something to sit on other than an exercise ball.

----- Aaron Chiles 06.01.09 20:44

1) I would chop up the box and use the pieces as fuel for my Mr. Fusion device attached my 1981 DeLorean Time Machine.
2) My 2009 resolution is to “Time Travel” less.
3) The chair will help me stay in one time period for hours on end :)

----- Tom 06.01.09 20:44

1. I would turn the box into a coffin for my old chair and bury it.

2. For 2009 I’d like to have some of my graphic design work in publications and work on some free-lance projects while in school.

3. The Steelcase Leap would help me be more comfortable, allowing me to work longer at my computer, thus putting out more projects, therefore making profit. So: Steelcase Leap = money in pocket. Sounds good to me

----- Wesley 06.01.09 20:38

1. I’d sit on the box.
2. Stop giving a fuck.
3. I’d sell it and make money to stimulate the my economy.

----- stenson 06.01.09 20:37

1. Fill it with playpen balls and give it to a child. Or maybe keep it for myself. Everyone needs more playpen balls.
2. I resolve to let myself be less than perfect… even if it means not completely following through on resolutions… (Paradox?)
3. I spend so much time in front of my computer, it’s ridiculous. This chair will soothe my aching muscles, improve my quality of life, make me smell better, and help me find true love.

----- April 06.01.09 20:28

1. I have a 6 y/o boy who would love to add it to the homebuilt mechanized red flyer wagon “tank” as it’s new outer shell. It would make for an excellent source of protection in the weekend Nerf wars.

2. Actually take vacation from work since the Use-It-Or-Lose-It policy doesn’t pat me on the back and hand me a bonus for all of my hard work.

3. I am hoping the addition of a Steelcase chair would help me begin the slow process of reversing the hunchback look I’ve been sporting since I got my stylish IKEA chair for a whopping $15.

----- Jacob Desaulniers 06.01.09 20:25

1. I would recycle it. Can’t just leave it laying around.
2. Launch my eco-friendly t-shirt brand and get the word out.
3. It will allow me to do all my designing and computer work in comfort and style.

----- justin hare 06.01.09 20:08

1-Use it as a table until the next drawing.

2-I will sit down more often in the office.

3-It will allow me to donate my current chair to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

----- Sai Man 06.01.09 19:59

1. I would say a fort because my parents always got mad when I tried to make one at home out of blankets and chairs when I was little.

2. I’m going to finish all of my general education and film classes so I can *hopefully* transfer successfully into a good film program at a 4-year-university! Woo!

3. Hm. My brother stole my big cushy leather chair from my workspace and took it down to LA for college so I am currently seat-less. This would be a nice [“ha ha sucks for you, dummy”] replacement.

----- Lali 06.01.09 19:58

2) My resolution is to find a way to work more carabiners into my life
3) How would the Stealcase Leap help my life? Owning the Steelcase Leap would distinguish me as a man of elegance and class. Women would be drawn to me, men would envy me. I would be the talk of the town. ‘Small town boy, does good, they’d write. The new self esteem would catapult me into the realm of great achievers and all would be well again in my little corner of the world… or cubicle as the case may be.

----- Hugh Ross 06.01.09 19:57

Cut it flat, paint a mural, and hang it in my apartment. I’ve been needing some wall decor.

----- Jonny R. 06.01.09 19:52

1. The box would become a place for my cat, Panties, to play.
2. My resolution is to get a comfortable chair.
3. I’m 21 but i have the back of a 90 year old fish monger.

----- Conrad Nuccio 06.01.09 19:43

1) massive box = DIY furniture
2) not go into a buying frenzy at target
3) the life of a medical student means:
—your social life dwindles
—you become really good at coming up with mnemonics
—you end up spending countless hours sitting in the same non-ergonomic chair that’s generating constant back/neck pain
—and on top of that, you have to memorize a dictionary’s worth of info on a weekly basis. booo

----- mai 06.01.09 19:39

1. i would break down the box to make little boxes and then arrange the little boxes to make one big box.

2. my new years resolution(s) are to keep improving my thought process.. improve my idea generation.. be more observant.. and to make a giant box out of little boxes.

3. the steelcase leap will help me rest my back after the many hours i will use to break down the box and create the many smaller boxes which will be arranged again to make a giant box.

Thanks! (:

----- hennwei 06.01.09 19:33

1) Build a desk for this chair-because what goes better with an incredibly expensive chair than a cheap recyclable desk.
2) To eat less cabbage so i don’t fart in my new chair.
3) After the closing of a major animation studio in N.Y., I found myself spending many hours doing freelance at home. And with many hours come many back aches. The Steelcase chair will not only help my back but it will help my relationship, because I wont have to ask my girlfriend for back rubs anymore.

----- Christopher 06.01.09 19:26

1. I have three cats who just LOVE boxes. It would be fun to work on it to make some kind of box-of-boxes with doors and platforms and so on, all cut/folded from the box itself. Failing that, leaving it in the floor on its side for several weeks while they run around in it would probably do.

2. My New Year’s Resolution is to be productive every day, doing everything I can to make my new work situation work out for everyone (see next item).

3. I’ve just started a job where I get to work from home much of the time in lieu of commuting 3 hours each way or spending several nights a week away from husband and pets. It’s a desk job, and at the moment I have a $25 plastic desk chair which is fairly comfortable for five minutes at a time but is going to be an issue after three hours, three weeks, three months. Having the Steelcase LEAP chair (the latest in a long line of awesome Steelcase business furniture that pays attention to utility and design both) will make a huge difference in how I work at home, and will probably contribute greatly to the success of my working at home, meaning that I’ll be able to keep working at home and that I will get to be at home with my family/I won’t get carpal tunnel or strained back/we won’t have to move to the big nasty city 3 hours away. The Steelcase LEAP would probably save everything, in other words, and even with the wonderful new work-at-home job, good new office furniture is not in the recession-hit budget (can’t sell our house in New Orleans so have two mortgages, husband’s job pays very little while he tries to rescue his little company, etc.) In other words, oooh, oooh, pick me, I’d love it and appreciate it on many levels and be ever so grateful!

----- Kim 06.01.09 19:25

1) I’d build a mega Domokun out of the cardboard box. Then I will have a new best friend
2) New Year’s resolution is to be more green, drink more wine and laugh more often.
3) Steelcase Leap would improve my life because I think I spend 80% of my waking life in a chair. At work it’s in an Ikea chair and at home - it’s in an Ikea chair (a crappy one at that) with no support of any kind. It just looks cool (see: SKRUVSTA swivel chair) at the sacrifice of my body. If this chair is as good as you say, I want to be able to say that it has changed my life for the better. My body will thank you (not in the dirty way in the I’ll live longer kind of way).

----- Tish 06.01.09 19:00

1. I’d use the box to sleep in as my house foundation is sinking and the northern wall of my house is falling off.

2. My New Years Resolution is to learn survival skills to prepare for my new life as a homeless person.

3. The new chair will allow me to panhandle in awesome comfort and style.

----- Tim Blaney 06.01.09 18:56

1. I’ve been working through a lot of furniture designs lately, so I would use the box to prototype cardboard furniture designs!

2. My New Years Resolution is to start freelancing in graphic design this year. I design in multiple fields, and I have experience in graphic design, so I’ve been itching to do some freelance graphic design work. The good news is, I’m actually following through. Right now I’m doing the legwork and setting up the legal foundation, so soon I can get to the actual meat of the project.

3. Right now, I’m just working in a cheap office chair. The Steelcase Leap would definitely give me the support I need as I spend the long hours in front of my computer working on designs.

----- Brandon Johnston 06.01.09 18:28

1. put it out with the recycling
2. get in better shape
3. back support

----- joe 06.01.09 18:25

one - make a giant scratching post for my cat so he stops scratching the sofa
two - improve my mandarin so i can order food in chinatown without shame
three - my desk chair is a crappy IKEA folding chair, ‘nuff said.

----- d 06.01.09 18:22

1. I would use it as a 3d canvas and paint a big mural all over it.

2. My New Years resolution is to tell my close friends and family I love them more. Not in a lovey-dovey sort of way but a real heartfelt way. I want to make them feel special and loved. I want them to know how much they mean to me. It’s hard for me to say, slightly embarrassing but I believe it will make a big difference in both of our lives! It’s also exciting to see the difference it could make.

3. I have been battling anxiety for the last 2 years and since been not able to work consistently. I am being supported by my family but I only afford the basics. In my recovery trying to work, be creative and hopefully make a living at home has wrecked my back and posture as my workspace is certainly not ergonomic. The Leap chair will help alleviate physical stressors that impact greatly on anxiety and hopefully restore my back into some sort of stability improving my wellbeing.

----- Shane 06.01.09 18:20

1) I would use the box to store smaller boxes. Those smaller boxes containing smaller boxes of their own. So on and so forth until a paradox is created. At the center of that paradox, three Canadian dollars. We call them Loonies.

2) Not to break any new years resolutions…

3) Well, my girlfriend and I just purchased a Mac, we don’t have a chair for the desk we’ll be using. At the moment we’re using an odd reverse joint Ikea chair that sits amazingly low. I imagine this chair would better our lives through proper posture when our new purchase arrives.

----- Joshua P 06.01.09 18:16

1. Recycle the box.
2. To get straight A’s, apply to Royal College of the Arts, and get in.
3. This chair would help my back while studying, which would help me study better, which in turns would lead to better grades, a better chance at getting into RCA and make me eternally happy.


----- mark 06.01.09 18:12

What a great give-away, thankyou!

1: I would use the box as a giant canvas (or canvases)
2: My resolution this year is to pay off the last of my student loans (almost there!)
3: This chair will improve my life by helping facilitate my resolve to sell my paintings and crafts online - I hate sitting on our current chair as it hurts your back after 10 minutes so we don’t use the computer much. With this chair I would have no excuse.

----- Kate 06.01.09 18:08

[1] I would waterproof the box and make it into a steelcase-sled, call up some friends, and take it to a big hill to go sledding together in it!

[2] My new year’s resolution is to be less of a “kitchen nazi” as my friends call me when I start getting ocd about how they are cooking in the kitchen (not just my own, their kitchen as well — I know, shoot me).

[3] This chair would help my dad since I would give it him to use - I’m worried that the teetery old office chair he currently sits in is about to tilt to its death any day now…

----- Beverly 06.01.09 17:59

1. I would use the box as floor covering when I paint and do my crazy projects around the house. I love big pieces of cardboard!
2. My new years resolution is to make healthier choices. So far I’ve been bringing my lunch to work with me, snacking on more veggies and dusting off the Wii Fit!
3. I have been trying to get my employer to get me this chair for 5 months! My dad installs office furniture and was impressed when I told him what chair it was. I want the Leap so badly!!!!! It has so many features to completely customize the chair for your body and your workspace. I love love love it!!! My back pain could disappear and I could make it through a work day without a headache. Ahhhh… work might actually be enjoyable.

----- Christine 06.01.09 17:57

1) Keep it. You never know when it can come handy!
2) Be a better listener. I want to actually *HEAR* what others have to say.
3) Give the chair to my boyfriend. He’s rather heavy so any normal chair won’t do. Plus he is a graphic designer so he is always working at the computer (sitting a lot). I want him to be comfortable :)

----- Hani 06.01.09 17:56

(1) I was going to think of a goofy answer to this question, but sadly I actually could use this box. I would cut it up and cover the pieces in foil to make radiator reflectors. (My apartment is cold).
(2) I have resolved to be nicer to my boyfriend (of two years)…
(3) By giving him a new chair.

----- Emily 06.01.09 17:54

1) I usually use all of the big boxes my wife and I use to hold all of our recycling. After it’s worn out or we find a newer one, we’ll make sure it gets recycled.

2) I resolve to find a few more ways that we (my wife and I) can save money from our existing budget and/or find a few more things from our apartment that we can either donate or sell locally. We’re five months married and doggedly working to conquer our school debt. Every little bit counts!

3) I do flash programming for about 7-10 hours a day so I’ll most definitely use the chair to help me stay relaxed and in good posture while I make engaging sites, applications, and games for all to enjoy. I also could use the help during late nights while I finish my portfolio class and graduate!

----- Burton 06.01.09 17:53

1) I would have to use the box for a number of things, shims, models, a folio, patterns for cobbling, or patterns for metal mobiles, painless throwing stars etc.

2) My resolution is too learn more about masonry, which I have started by everyday staring at a church up the street designed by Ralph Adams Cram and plans for a wood-fired oven/smokehouse/grill

3) The chair would be nice for comfort at my computer, instead of this old bent plywood chair. In addition to that Steelcase would not even need to ship it, I could come pick it up since I live in GR.

----- gonn 06.01.09 17:46

1) would definitely use it for storage - the higher ups approved an office remodeling of sorts where i work (which should bring my current dungeon office into a semi acceptable state hopefully)..

2) i don’t exactly believe in new year’s resolutions, but i do believe in resolutions…and therefore, in 2009, i would like to learn and understand the stock market a little better…great time right?

3) the steelcase chair would help my life tremendously, because my current desk chair is a junky vinyl walmart special that is like 2 years past its life cycle…

----- Joe M. 06.01.09 17:21

1. I would live in it.
2. Not to kill myself this year either.
3. I could allways tease the guy opposite me in the other(smaller) box with a luxurious Steelcase Leap.

----- Peter Wernqvist 06.01.09 17:12

1. I’d use it to hold other corrugated cardboard until I could take it to the recycler.
2. To give up resolutions.
3. It would make me happy and thus I would stop feeding kitties to puppies.

----- Eric 06.01.09 17:08

1. build a city of boxes together with the other boxes i have (not that many tho so i guess it will be a small city.
2. to get rid of my stained, stinky computer chair once and for all. or donate it to someone?
3. since it’s new, i would take care of it properly now and wouldn’t use it too often, therefore i would spend less time in front of the computer and more time outside. Then, i will have a life, i guess.

----- Ibarra D. Padolina 06.01.09 17:08

I really don’t know about these comment contest things. Like what exactly are we supposed to say to get this chair? I’m sure everyone here sat back in his/her cheap ass seat and thought to themselves “I bet if I come up with a really great response I could actually win this thing”.
Well I’ve done that before but I’m not going to get tricked into it again. Sure I want this chair just as much as the next guy but I’m none the wiser from the last times I’ve left comments, and I still don’t have a great vinyl toy collection or a shiny new vibrator so my response is purely out of habit for entering contest and looking at notcot to much. so..
1) I would honestly just cut up the box and set it out on the curb to be recycled on Monday or the next Monday depending on if it’s blue bag or paper next, I never can remember which. If you want to make a fort with it or a fun space ship, fine, I’ll save it for you and you can come get it. Just get it before Monday.
2)I’m the kind of person to be realistic (so why am I entering this thing again?) so I made a simple resolution this year. I told myself to pet the family dog when it walks by. She walked by, I reached out and pet it a few times, done. I moved on with my day full of success. Life’s too short.
3)I know some people who have been designers at Steelcase and as I am a designer myself I think they might appreciate me a bit more for having such a fine item in my apartment. Who knows it might even get me laid, then again maybe not but at least I will have a new line at the clubs. “Hey Baby, want to come back to my place and have a well supported make out session, I’ll let you set the tension?!”
Something like that. So until next time, have a great day.

----- mds 06.01.09 17:06

1) I’d get in it, rip out the bottom and ride….flintstones style. depending on the massiveness of this box i would then invite people to join me on my journey, sing songs and have an altogether merry ol’ time

2) In 2009 i’m going to catch the attention of the creative world with my fresh ideas, quirky style and gleaming smile

3) My current chair is lacking a back, not due to any clever new design, but due to it falling off. I wouldn’t mind, but spinning on it just isn’t as fun as I consider it would be in a brand new steelcase leap, back support is a must.

----- Sophie Warner 06.01.09 17:04

I will park my old and leaky forklift on it so that it can suck up and soak in hydraulic fluid. Doing so will greatly increase it’s life span. And when it has reached a fully saturated state, it will go in the dumpster to be transported to the landfill where it can slowly decompose while leeching hydro chemicals into the ground water.

----- chris 06.01.09 16:55

1. I’m gonna get two more boxes and build a three level cardboard home and drop it in a back alley of the Tenderloin for some lucky crack head to stumble onto and claim as his brand new crack palace.
2. To find the artist in myself that somehow I don’t think really exists.
3. Increase productivity! Co’mon now, with that 17.8% increase it should pump me up to a solid 20% productivity level!!! This is what I need to throw me over the top.

----- Yoshio 06.01.09 16:53

1) Obviously, I will unfold the box, cover it with tinfoil, and shape it into a large satellite dish so I can receive free DirecTV! (I really will do this if you send me the chair, AND I’ll take pictures of it and of me placing it on the roof of our building for your website. We live in a historical textile museum in new england, so it would be great exposure for everyone. And very entertaining for your readers, I’m sure.)

2) Resolutions: As sappy as it sounds, I ordered a St Francis cross that I wear hidden every day as a reminder to say something kind to someone or do a good deed every day. After completing the deed, I pull it out from under my shirt and let the world see it for the rest of the day. Also I plan on getting back to doing yoga every day, and to start contributing to NOTCOT more often as it’s a huge source of inspiration to me. Finally, I want to remember every day that I am in charge of creating my own reality, and take a more pro-active role in how my life unfolds.

3) This chair would really help my business. I work from home now, and have been sitting on a plastic $6 IKEA stool for the past 2 months. Move to the couch, you say? We gave our couch to a girls’ youth group before a recent move and haven’t been able to afford a new one yet. We gave our last Steelcase desk chair (different model) to a neighbor who was starting a home-based business in Florida. My wife also works from home (her online store is nspire.etsy.com) and she is also utilizing the plastic IKEA stool. Our tailbones are not very happy, but we’re glad we gave what we could to others who needed it more at the time. If I receive this chair, it will allow me to work more efficiently, and my wife and I will share it, so you’ll be getting double the pleasure that you’d normally get from giving it to one person! Thank you in advance for arranging such a perfectly timed giveaway! You are a saint. Best of luck and blessings in 2009.

----- Tommy Pesavento 06.01.09 16:50

1. I don’t have kids so I’d probably just built a fort for myself.
2. My New Years Resolution is the get back in school and do something with my life.
3. The Chair will improve my posture. I’ve been feeling particularly Quasimodo-ish lately.

----- Wyley 06.01.09 16:47

  1. One can always use more boxen for storage (especially if they’re free!)
  2. I don’t have one — maybe that’s where I’ve been going wrong all these years.
  3. I’ve been looking for a new (more so) ergomomic chair for use at University (my back is not in the best shape), and the Steelcase Leap would be at the top of my list if the budget allowed. Since I spend most of my time sitting, the Leap will definitely help me sit better. :)

----- Joe 06.01.09 16:44

1. I would cut the box into as many 8”x8” square canvasses as I could and create an entire art series based on my life in this chair.
2. Get a new damn chair…damnit!
3. Well the chair looks pretty friendly, maybe even a bit sophisticated. Lord knows I need more sophistication in my life. But mainly as an artist/designer, one good chair is all I need…oh my poor back needs it too…and my neck…and my bum.

Wanna see some art? http://www.crylic.blogspot.com

----- Dan 06.01.09 16:09

1. Just purchased my first home. Need boxes for moving. (Think I can get all my books in that one box?)
2. To run a Marathon.
3. I am built for comfort, not speed. I need to relax some how.

----- Jeff Broughton 06.01.09 16:02

1. I would totally use it for a Halloween costume next year. (cut a hole for my head in the center, and cut a hole in an old tablecloth, stick some bowls, plates, fruit on it and be a table!

2. to be happy, healthy, and productive.

3. well first of all, i would have a chair that is leveled…. my current chair tilts to the right a bit so i’m always sitting slanted which… gets pretty uncomfortable after a while

----- grace 06.01.09 15:55

1) I just donated 7 bags of stuff to the Salvation Army, and the box could probably be equivalent to at least 5 bags.

2) Finish that novel I always wanted to write.

3) The chair will make it easier to finish the novel :)

----- Arthur 06.01.09 15:45

1. The box would become the Starship Scardias Athame! With which I would spread the flag of my great empire!

2. 2009 Resolution: To make good on a new life and to renew my vow for the Year of the Flood.

3. I know the chair would be of benefit during those long sessions in Lightroom or Photoshop.

----- Tom 06.01.09 15:42

1. Burn the massive box.
2. Burn the massive box.
3. Burn the massive box.

----- Revvy 06.01.09 15:41

1.) I have a bunch of clothes that I haven’t worn in a long while. A big box would be a good opportunity to fill it up with clothes to bring to a Goodwill/Salvation Army/etc. This would be especially useful with winter in full swing.

2.) My main resolution for this year is to grow up, get a job, and move out. I am student teaching this semester as well as job searching for a teaching position in the fall.

3.) With all the hard work I have ahead of me for the year, it would be nice to have a comfortable chair to ease one stress in my life. This chair will certainly help those long nights of lesson planning, application filling, and so on.

----- GCF 06.01.09 15:38

1) I would take the box with me to a box social. I would be the envy of all of the other gentlemen accompanied by lesser boxes. I’m sure some would make derogatory comments about the size of my manhood due to the box I am with, but it would be mainly jealousy.
2) My resolution is to say yes less. Like the film the yes man but with less yesses. When someone asks me to spend a few minutes filling in a questionnaire I will just look at them in a puzzled bewilderment.
3) I think my life would be pretty much the same but I would be more comfortable in a seated position. Can I discuss how it would improve my life if I was blind and the chair was a guide dog? If so then it would totally change my life and I would be able to walk about more and go into shops with a dog. However if I already had a guide dog, it may be a touch difficult taking two guide dogs and they may begin to resent each other if I was to walk one more than the other, or they may just do it.

----- Neil Cameron 06.01.09 15:30

1) Invent a new sport: box rolling. Find a hill, get in the box, and ROLL!! Rules are: “Hit a rock, go to the hospital!”
2) Stress less!!
3) I don’t even use my work chair anymore… parts keep falling from it but I don’t know from where! It’s mysterious, and kind of makes me feel like it’ll break while I sit on it…

----- Cait 06.01.09 15:22

1. It would become a piece of furniture with a little origami and some glue…
2. To be more successful than the last.
3. It would help my life physically and mentally to not worry so much about sitting all day.

----- Henry 06.01.09 15:22

1. Fashion it into a robot costume and wear it to a renaissance fair.

2. Become ordained and officiate 12 state recognized weddings (already well on my way).

3. My apartment is set up in such a way that it’s easy to skateboard inside; why not take the chair for a spin (oh, and I guess it would be comfy).

----- Tim Fulton 06.01.09 15:21

1. World peace.
2. My new years resolution for 09, start a successful business.
3. I have a terrible chair now, that gives me a back ache just looking at it. This would help when in those all night design fests.

----- Evan Bowers 06.01.09 15:21

1) Use it as an Imaginary Unicorn Corral.
2)See that Starcraft II is released on time.
3)I spend the majority of my day in a blasted chair and it would assist in preventing me from turning into a Mole Man and at the very least make everyone around me dangerously jealous.

----- David LaVallee 06.01.09 15:20

1. Use the big box to create a piece of deconstruct sculpture, or if the box is really big, then create a deconstruct piece of furniture

2. Resolution for 2009 is to not worry about what is going to happen - just let things happen and live life - be creative… (“..introduce a bit of chaos…”) :)

3. To crate great design - it helps to be surrounded by great design. It will be a gigantic improvement on the chair it would potentially replace - a certain boost of morale and enthusiasm!!!

Thanks :)

----- NM 06.01.09 15:12

1. This box would practically be the treasure in and of itself! Once I’ve built it into an eco-friendly fort with my cats, I’d use my laser vision to cut it into two half-size open ended boxes. Wow! Two boxes! One half I can fill up with goodies in my closet to take over and over to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. The other half I can use as a soapbox, an oversized hat, a giant bento box for serving and/or transporting food in, a yarn storage box, an indoor birdhouse, or I could even flatten it out to keep any drips from my car from getting into unwanted areas.

2. New Years resolution for 2009? To make this year the most interesting year possible. I can do this by acting out of character, by taking on new experiences and challenges, by meeting people and helping them where I can, by facing fears and embarking on new projects, adventures, making mischief! There are SO many ways to accomplish this. So I know I’m in for a treat.

3. The Steelcase Leap will not only benefit me, it will benefit others as well. By having the opportunity to have a proper desk chair, I will no longer spend 12 hours of my day working while slowly mutilating my back into an unrecognizable old-lady hunchback. No! I will be practicing good posture, working more comfortably, and therefor with a better disposition and a more productive attitude. Suddenly I’ll be a happier person. Those around me will be happier too, because happiness is contagious. I’ll tell more jokes, everyone will laugh. They’ll really like me! We’ll have such a great time that soon we’ll band together and form some sort of organization to save the world. Yeah, Save the world! That’s right. I’ve got it all planned out.
So, it’s not just that I need this chair. It’s that the world needs saving. You can’t afford to take a risk like that, right? If the world can be saved, then who are you to stand in the way of that?

----- Juliette Heydenrych 06.01.09 15:08

paint a life sized tree house on it, then read in it.

----- Simon 06.01.09 15:04

1. Give it to my cat, he loves boxes. Just going to add it to his box playplace

2. Get Debt Free and run my life at my highest budget surplus in 10 years

3. It would change my life tremendously as I now sit on a couple of milk crates and my back is sore.

----- richiec 06.01.09 15:02

1) Use it for camouflage when moving around in a warehouse.
2) 1920 x 1080
3) Substantially reduce the costs of going to massage and chiropractors.

----- icie 06.01.09 14:58

1. I don’t have any kids, but I would still build an awesome fort and lay siege to my roommates.
2. Resolve to clamp down on my procrastination (but not on the amount of time I spend reading NOTCOT!)
3. Constantly leaning forward to work on tiny little models and leaning back to work on my computer completely wrecks my back. I have a feeling this chair would be able to help me out.

----- Danny 06.01.09 14:44

1. giant robot & sasquatch
2. job, job, job.
3. no more pinched nerves in my neck means i can actually turn around when people call me and not make them thing i’m ignoring them. it also means that when i go to bed, i don’t have to take 5 minutes just to lie down.

----- janete 06.01.09 14:44

01. I would use the box for my own little hideaway…Until we move later this year. Then I’ll pack things in it.

02. My New Years Resolution is to become more financially stable and become a better designer and mountain biker. I’d also like to ride the Tour de Cure.

03. I think this chair will help me to sit down and get busy with my freelancing. Not to mention help my butt with the long sitting time required for those intense designs.

----- emily 06.01.09 14:38

1. Put myself inside, have a friend package me up. Seal it (with breathing holes, of course). Mail myself to my girlfriend (whose parents don’t allow guys inside the house), and pop up in her room as a nice present. (I still haven’t figured out how I’d get out of the house though…)

2. My resolution comes in several parts
a. Get into an ivy league college…waiting until march! Wish me luck!
b. Learn how to take fantastic pictures with my new canon rebel xsi
c. Get a membership at the local gym and get jacked.
d. Something that’s not appropriate for everyone to see on notcot.
e. Learn hip hop dancing over the summer.
f. Join the college frisbee team and become awesome at it.

3. I will definitely need a chair for college, and I figure sitting for hours at end at my tiny dorm room desk, either studying, designing (which I hope to make my major - industrial, specifically), or reading… but mostly for hours and hours of studying college textbooks. If it’s really that productive as they say, I hope it will be productive in not letting me flunk out of the ivy league college I expect to go to!

----- Jeff 06.01.09 14:32

1. I would build a tiny replica chair and give it to hamster Mr. Jedediah.
2. Find someone to re-engineer the mold cells on my old chinese take-out to form the shape of a microscopic version of the last supper.
3. I stack small stones on my floor and sit among them. Just joking, my chair is really old and the previous owner had, done only what I can imagine, was fart a whole into the upholstery.

----- Bundlesomething 06.01.09 14:31

1: Put it on the sidewalk; hide in it; jump out and scare pedestrians/drivers stopped at a stoplight.

2: Read and learn for the sake of reading and learning more; continue to write creatively.

3: It will give me a new joy and sense of purpose in life. Also, I’m headed to college in the fall, and I could use a sweet chair for my dorm room.

----- Johnny 06.01.09 14:29

1) Flatten and recycle!
2) I don’t make resolutions (oh well).
3) I have a bad neck that gets tense and gives me headaches all the time, and do a fair amount of work at my computer, so this could probably help with that.

----- Joe Wasserman 06.01.09 14:28

1. I would store away clutter into the basement.
2. To relax more and live a healthier lifestyle.
3. It will improve my posture.

----- William 06.01.09 14:24

1. Put my old, much less comfortable chair inside it, put a bow on the box, and donate it.
2. Get a new job.
3. Comfort & peace of mind/body during the stressful process of tweaking that resume…

----- Mike 06.01.09 14:22

1. Taking full advantage of the Post-Holiday sales, I could definitely reuse the box for storage, or I might reassemble the box into a fabulous dog house for my Boxer, seems only fitting.

2. My New Years Resolution was to get my website up and running for my Graphic Design business, it’s January 6th, and I am about a week out.

3. I work from a home office, and find myself moving from my VERY uncomfortable office chair, to the couch to the bed, to the kitchen table and so on and so forth. I’d love to have a chair like this and actually work in my office…and stay in my office.

----- Danielle 06.01.09 14:19

1. i’d use two sides to cut into bookboard to make mock-ups of the children’s books that i’m working on. i’d use the other two sides to make into many smaller boxes to send the books to beloved friends with children.

2. i resolve to always be a voice for compassion and love.

3. i’m a student in a design program and i’m tucked into a tiny corner of a house full of other students, curled up over my work for hours on end. this chair would be my magic chair, comfortable and inspiring (it truly is a work of fantastic design), and it would help me travel to new and amazing places with my work. i would share it with other students when i’m not sitting in it, and the chair love would multiply and be even more magic and creative, and that would be great.

----- lori 06.01.09 14:15

I would def. fill the box up with as much food and donations I could get and send it to a family in Haiti, Cuba or any other country that has been hit by hurricanes or are in need.

My New Years resolution would be to get in shape, Make more money and try to conserve the environment by recycling more and stop buying bottled water. My daughter needs me to do this for her future.

The chair would help me design with more comfort at home. Hopefully the better posture will help my ideas flow

----- Gerardo Moreira 06.01.09 14:10

1. fill it w/ stuff i no longer use and donate to charity.

2. buy a desk for the apt.

3. No longer have to sit on my folding chair when to work so i’ll have better posture, better health, better life!!!

----- jayp0411 06.01.09 14:06

1-Fill it up and give it away.
2-None. if it’s important, it’s worth putting into practice right away
3-Relief of body and leg ache. I am in front of a flat screen most of the day.

----- Mickey Cook 06.01.09 14:06

1. Construct a very huge hat
2. Cook more
3. blog about cooking more in my new steelcase chair.

----- Rory Reiff 06.01.09 14:01

1) video camera + aluminum foil + giant box = new sci-fi sensation alien robots attack logan square!
2) enter more contests
3) it wouldn’t change my life, it would become my life

----- pandabrand 06.01.09 13:56

1. Hang it on a wall and make a psuedo-cork board for my room

2. Start my own business, so I can actually get paid for traveling the world and making docs for non-profits and NGOs, instead of just going into more debt each time do a project

3. I do a lot of editing. So I do a lot of sitting. This chair would save my back.

----- Austin Flack 06.01.09 13:56

1. I would use the massive box as an enormous, temporary cat furniture/lair. Because most of the cat furniture on the market is unfortunately unattractive and the attractive furniture is way out of my price range (thank you economic recession) temporary cardboard joy is the best i can offer my little monsters. The best part is after they turn 50% of into abstract art all over the floor, i can use the rest of the box to take out my paper recyclables-making it an ultra-recyclable.
2. My resolution for 2009 is to actually go to my gym ( i know so cliche) and to consume little to nothing i dont absolutely need, and to have better posture.
3. I want this chair because my boyfriend spent a bunch of money getting his dad an aeron because his dad works so hard at his computer-my boyfriend on the other hand makes do with a junky old chair from his parents basement as his computer chair in our apartment. He’s in law school now and he works so hard at his computer all day, i’d love him to have this chair, plus, I can’t lie, I’d enjoy it too.

----- Sara 06.01.09 13:54

1) Like anybody would do with a big box, fill it with money. (I totally would)

2) I don’t believe in resolutions, If I were weak I guess I would need to hopelessly embrace an empty promise made drunkenly at the start of a new year. When I treat everyday like New Years Day, drunkenly.

3) I currently have a broken one that I sit on 99.9% of the time. I eat from it, watch TV from it and surf the internet on.

----- Lazarou 06.01.09 13:45

1. As a kid, I used markers to draw elaborate spaceship cockpits on the inside of my boxes. Then, when the lid was closed, a small flashlight in the darkness suspened my visual senses for a truly escapist voyage into space. Even now I still fight with accepting adult life but, if it should prevail this time, I’d make a four-panel, configurable, and wrap-around reflector for photographing people. Matte or semi-gloss white spray paint would make it perfect.

2. I don’t get very excited about a new number on the calendar. A day is a day just like the day before it and the one after it. We still have to reap this year what we sowed the last. That being said, I resolve to sow better seeds. I want to learn to play the piano. I want to train in aikido and move to a new state. I want to sow knowledge.

3. I make a living as a photographer and consequently can usually be found buried under Photoshop filters and camera files. At 6 feet 5 inches tall, my posture is both important to me and yet a battle to maintain; I have to consciously straighten up every time I snap out of focus and find myself slouching. From what I’ve read of the Leap line, it would help me greatly by encouraging me to cultivate good posture and thereby prolonging my ability to edit photographs long into the night.

----- Chris 06.01.09 13:44

1. turn it into a big grass sleigh to slide down a hill in OR I’d pack myself up in it and ship myself to Japan for a holiday
2. mountain bike and play ultimate frisbee more
3. well if I get a free one it will save me about $800 and I can use that money I would have spent toward a great weekend with my family in Washington DC and the Smithsonian

----- Bill 06.01.09 13:41

1. What would you do with the massive box?
- I would hide in it and jump out when my boss comes around the corner to scare the bejesus out of him. :)

2. My ‘09 Resolution is indulge friendships

3. Steelcase will help my life, b/c I will a)look cooler, b) feel better, c)enjoy work more (if that’s possible, I have the best job ever…I can actually jump out of boxes to scare my boss :)

----- Britt 06.01.09 13:35

1. breakdance after a few drinks. because I typically breakdance after a few drinks.

2. work for the “man” less. work for me more.

3. years in retail and then years of office work have killed my back. hopefully this will help soothe it back to health.

----- Chris Fred 06.01.09 13:34

1) Draw skull and crossbones on it and use it for a pirate lair.

2) Make it to 2010 at all costs.

3) It would make my butt happy.

----- Craig 06.01.09 13:34

1) I would of course decorate the box in a tasteful and modern take on the classic camouflage motif, add a few necessary embellishments such as windows and doors, internal staircases and compartments, buttresses, towers and battlements, and place it in a wooded area of my garden to allow birds, small mammals and insects to live together in perfect harmony in stylish modern apartments, a state of nature that has only previous been denied by my cruel and inexplicable lack of a giant cardboard box.

2) My New Year’s Resolution, as for so many other people, is to locate, research and translate the works of Professor Cornelius Ransome on the lost spitting petunias of Ruritania. I will not be deterred in this epic work by the so far complete lack of evidence for the existence of the petunias, Ruritania, or for that matter Prof. Ransome. Should I be thwarted in this noble endeavour, I will settle for the far lesser resolution of getting something, anything, no matter how large or small, published. I will then perform a small happy dance, the composure and choreography of which will of course occupy about 98% of my average working days between now and then.

3) The Steelcase Leap will help my life immeasurably. I will be able to shelter under it in the monsoon season, hide behind it when attacked by ninja gangsters, and stand upon it to converse with the ice giants of the frozen north. I will be able to punt across the plains of the Steppes on its study wheels propelled only by a tightly furled black umbrella, and sledge down the deadly black slopes of the Alps on its ergonomic contours. Its modern and stylish appearance will allow me to persuade any tribes with no previous experience of the western world that I am a God when sat upon it, and yet its appeal will draw crowds from hundreds of miles around –uniting them in a fellowship and camaraderie regardless of race, creed and nationality that will bring about an end to war. Should these activities tire me, I will also be able to relax into its comfy seat, and unwind by answering internet competitions.

----- Abigayle 06.01.09 13:33

While I love forts, I doubt the box would be big enough for me, But I would totally use it for composting….I have tons of leaves from my trees that are in just a big pile in the back yard that im trying to compost, but it doesnt have a container so a huge box would be very helpful.

My resolution is to stop procrastinating…and to work out, but I never keep that one so…

I totally need a great office chair…the chair im using now is a very hard straight back wood chair with no soft seat. I cant lean back on it, and its completely uncomfortable. The Stealcase Leap would do wonders for my back problems and since it looks fairly high I wont have to lift my arms to type anymore! Then I can return my hard chair back to where it belongs…the breakfast table!

----- Kirk 06.01.09 13:31

I’d move in to it with the chair.

----- David lynch 06.01.09 13:27

1. i totally need that cardboard to build a new surfboard (#10834)!
2. finally get that portfolio online (and keep it updated)
3. this chair would totally maybe fix my posture and prevent me from dying a cripple

----- curtis 06.01.09 13:25

1. I will keep it as souvenir.
2. Making more music seating comfortable. :)
3. Steelcase Leap will also be my new Bed.

----- saso 06.01.09 13:24

1.Storage of my sister in law’s stuff, dumped at our house after the divorce

2.Ride my bike more

3.I need this for the hours I spend in virtual worlds

----- Bill Braun 06.01.09 13:15

1. Whoohoo! It is winter where i am, i see a deluxe snow sled in the works!
2. Pay attention.
3. After a rough day of sledding, this chair would feel mighty nice…

----- holly 06.01.09 13:14

1. Our cats are always fighting over the boxes that come in; something tells me that this one might just be large enough for the two of them. Might just.

2. Resolution: write. Write like a madman and/or a graduate student (provided there is a difference).

3. Sitting all day? Writing? Hurts your back, it turns out. Hence all those hunchbacked professors.

----- Mike 06.01.09 13:12

1. I would kit out my LARPing setup. Triple thick, hand-hewn cardboard chainmail, a great helm, maybe a double-headed cardboard axe if the box is big enough, or maybe I’ll use the scraps as the pointy bits on a mace.

2. Eat sustainably, locally and healthfully, while still thoroughly enjoying every meal. It’s a goal to strive for more than a resolution I’ll fret about breaking.

3. I work from home, my desk chair is a POS and I end up working from bed a lot. FROM BED. Lemme tell you, having one’s work life connected to one’s bed life is miserable. It’s hell on my back, it’s hell on my sex life and it’s makes me feel like a lazy, lazy turd.

Help me!

----- Alex 06.01.09 13:08

1) Fill the box with cooked past and then take a nice hot pasta bath.
2) My resolution is to get on with my life and my photography ON ON ON
3) I like sitting in chairs as much as I like riding on bikes, I’m into it REALLY into it.

----- Chad 06.01.09 13:07

1. I will use it to hide myself when I’ll play Hide&Seek
2. Become a green engineer!and have a lot of fun and give a lot of love!
3. I’d appear much taller and skinnier on that chair

----- Paola 06.01.09 12:59

1) Cardboard makes the cheapest canvas! I would chop it to bits and take it figure drawing with charcoals and white pencils.

2) To strengthen my relationship with and spend even more time with my wife. The end of last year was rough for a variety of reasons and this year gives us both new things to look forward to doing and growing together.

3) I’m only in my 20’s and the back problems I have inherited from my mother have set in. We’re still college students, though, so even though I should be sitting and sleeping on nice, ergonomic beds and chairs, all we can afford is the discount mattress and a 3-year-old Ikea desk chair. To get a chair like that is only a dream at this point in my life.

----- Worth Dayley 06.01.09 12:57

1. I would build a fort for the cat to hang out in since she always enjoys boxes.
2. To bike everywhere instead of drive even more than I did last year (that will be hard since I biked just about every where other than for major grocery trips).
3. It will make it so I’m not so sore at the end of the day and help my posture since the back broke on my chair at work and now I have been slumped over my desk so I really, really need to get a new chair.

----- Scott 06.01.09 12:51

1. i would trap my roomate’s dog in it so she would quit chewing on my ipod.
2. learn to play the piano.
3. i wouldn’t have to sit on my pile of dirty clothes anymore.

----- nick 06.01.09 12:47

Uno) Since I’m a painter, I’m always looking for storage for paintings. I’d probably end up using the box to hide away and/or ship a few of my larger canvases. (my favorite box for holding small paintings is actually the one my flat-screen monitor came in a couple years ago, haha)

Dos) My ‘New Year Resolution’ revelation came over me over the summer (is that cheating?), I started on it then…I wanted to look and dress better, so I began working out and tuning up my wardrobe. I want to continue that through the new year, and as an addition I want to spend more time with friends - I’m moving away in May so I want to make the most of the time I have left here.

Tres) I would hope that having a chair like that would help stave off my genetic inheritance - both my dad and my grandfather have had severe neck and shoulder issues, necessitating several surgeries and causing chronic pain. I already have the beginnings of it myself…a stylish and supportive chair like this would be an immmense (and handsome!) blessing.

----- Taryn T 06.01.09 12:46

1) I’m thinking the box would be a great way to add a bit of space on to our cramped apartment. Perhaps it would make a great guest room for when the mother in law visits.
2) My New Year’s Resolution is to not freak out about becoming a father.
3) The Steelcase Leap would make my life better by giving my pregnant wife a bit of ergonomic relief while she works on her artwork.

----- brian kelly hahn 06.01.09 12:41

1. Hide in it and scare the shit out of people.

2. No more soda and more NOTCOT!

3. I wouldn’t be stuck in my chair without wheels that I got from Wal-Mart.

----- Evan Doyle 06.01.09 12:40

1. This massive box is perfect for a few of the box enthusiasts in my life. Most entertaining use would be to lay the open box across the room, and from the other end of the room, release my mother’s schizophrenic cat, my brother’s energetic mini dachshund, and my 2 year old neice simultaneously. The resulting pint-sized battle for box time would be worth as much as the chair.

2. My resolution for 2009 fits perfectly with this chair. I MUST complete my home office, and figure out a way to be as productive at home (without employees, customers, and bosses to motivate me).

3. I can only hope that sitting my butt on an $850 chair can somehow improve my work ethic. That IS a feature, is it not?

----- Suni Sidhu 06.01.09 12:35

1. I think I might live in that box as I am currently unemployed…depressing? I think not because it really is a nice box and I know I could spruce it up with a little paint!
2. My new years resolution is to continue with my design business and kick butt in ‘09.
3. The Steelcase Leap will help my life by making me never want to leave my computer because it so comfortable, thus helping me accomplish my new years resolution!

----- Adrienne 06.01.09 12:35

1) Paint a store-able Dance Fort, and throw a charitable puppet show in it.

2) It might take all of 2009 to do #1.

3) “Lighter Hemorrhoids”/”Lumbar pampering”

----- Patrick Michael M. 06.01.09 12:34

1. I would build a eco-friendly cave of silence so that I may scream my head off about winning the chair. And then construct the ultimate DIY photo light box. LEAP = green!
2. My main 2009 resolution is a full on assault to reduce my percentage of body fat so that I will look good sitting behind my desk (no belly bulge). Of course, it could be my poor posture in my third generation, hand-me-down office chair. LEAP = sexy!
3. A new LEAP chair will give me proper support and total comfort during my eight hour day. Giving me more energy once I am home to take dancing lessons with my bride. Leading to amoré. And family. And realized dreams. And bliss. LEAD = life!

----- Brian 06.01.09 12:32

1. Fill with items to donate to charity
2. Less pork, more lamb
3. No more waking up in the middle of the night with back pain caused by my crappy $150 office chair. I can get more of my ideas accomplished w/less pain.

----- Mike L 06.01.09 12:29

1)The box would be used as a PORTAL into my cubicle. It would be decorated with various pieces of art (accented by appropriate mood lighting), NOTCOT and STEELCASE publicity plugs, a water fountain, Swingline stapler and would serve as a welcoming station to the inner world where all the Insurance related magic happens.

2)My New Years Resolution is to be the best insurance professional I can be. And to be the best Insurance Professional on my floor. And the best Insurance professional who has a big box serving as a cubicle portal outside his cube.

3)The Steelcase will make me the envy of all New York Insurance Professionals, which in turn will stimulate conversation, and business, affecting the greater good and humanity (not to mention the economy) of New York City in a positive way. As a side bonus, I will be ergonomically and therefore mentally inclined to not take myself too seriously as THE Insurance Professional Extraordinaire.

----- Matt P 06.01.09 12:25

You know, if I were to win the Steelcase chair, (1) I’d turn the box into an adventure house for my two cats, who apparently have far too few sources of entertainment here in our city apartment. Their wellbeing is close to my heart and (2) I’ve made a New Years resolution about improving their lot. The cats would love the new chair! It is new. It smells fascinating. It comes in a huge box! I’d love the new chair too, because (3) the furry devils have clawed my old one into chair-zombie… (Chombie? Zombair?)

----- Antti 06.01.09 12:22

1. Recycle the box.
2. Work out more.
3. Won’t know until I sit in it.

----- Evan 06.01.09 12:18

1. Make a cardboard SUV cause that’s the most “green” SUV you can drive. Actually, when I was a child I really wanted a Chevy Blazer for some strange reason so I took a TV box and turned it into a Chevy Blazer. I had so much fun in that thing.

2. I don’t generally make New Year’s resolutions cause I just end up failing in February. I have an addiction to pretty little blank books/journals and I decided I should start using them, so this year I have vowed (in New Year’s Resolution style) to write one thing that made me smile each day. I also do a little doodle if I’m feeling creative. It helps when you are feeling down to remember that you have something to smile about and no matter what I can find one thing to smile about each day, sometimes more. :)

3. I’ve suffered from back pain since I was 14 or so. Mostly I just grin and bear it cause it’s just how it is. And really, I can keep on doing that and still my life will be awesome. But think just how much more awesome it would be if I spend most of my graphic designer day sitting in an awesome chair that helps relieve the back pain. I rest my case (and I stop being cheesy).

Thanks for the opportunity. :D

----- Avionne 06.01.09 12:15

1. I would give the box to the three kids next door.
2. Keep the 24 lbs I lost before christmas off or lose a little more.
3. Use the chair for my wife to sit at the computer so she will be comfortable. (Hint: Not complain how bad the existing chair is)wink/wink.

----- E. Allred 06.01.09 12:13

1)I think I’d cut up the box into poster size and create a series of “wanted” posters for some of the various fools in the outgoing administration and distribute them throughout SF.
2)For the new year — I’d like to drop a few small vices and find an interesting job where I can help others. Get back up to speed with Java, PHP, and web-application development.
3) Hopefully this’ll make my time spent in front of the computer more efficient with less distractions coming from my body complaining about the crappy chair I’m in… and that’ll help me carry through on my resolutions and still allow me to spend way too much time reading blogs…

----- mike 06.01.09 12:12

1)I would use the box to make a DIY space ship for a spec spot.
2)New Years Resolution -Build out me reel.
3)It would make my life easier-I can stop sitting on that blow up yoga ball all the time to edit/write/budget.

----- Dal Wolf 06.01.09 12:11

1. I’d build a fort, but no kids allowed.
2. My resolution is to work less.
3. The Steelcase Leap would be a great upgrade from the lumpy office chair I have now.

----- Andrew 06.01.09 12:01

1. use the box to make my own cardboard trophy head busts. preferrably try to make a giraffe.
2. my resolution is to have more fun by being less restrictive.
3. Steelcase could help my life because I spend eight hours a day at a desk which has only recently become difficult as my kneeling chair broke and the recession sales still don’t make a new chair affordable. Therefore, due to the crappy economy chair i have as a replacement, my popped rib-head is slowly slipping back out and causing a great deal of back pain which is manifested through my low productivity. Steelcase could help my life because it could help me keep my job.

----- che 06.01.09 12:00

1) I would use the box to build a temporary fort for the cats. Temporary, because they will tear it apart in a few weeks. OR, we could use it for a coffee table! That would probably be better. I need something to write papers on.

2) My New Year’s Resolution for 2009—make artwork that I like and believe in. Create with intention. And pay down my debt.

3) I have back problems. I’m a metalsmith and a student so I tend to sit all day. The Steelcase Leap would improve my life physically and emotionally…and possibly, help me create better jewelry!

----- Catherine Chandler 06.01.09 11:52

1. I’d use it for tap dancing. Because, to borrow a phrase from Warhol: I never wanted to be a writer, I wanted to be a tap dancer.
2. To do what I love. Not what others expect. And, of course, to continue to terrorize the art industry as much as I can.
3. Hopefully it will help undo the stabbing electric shocks I often feel at the base of my neck after 10 hours of diligent typing.

----- C-Monster 06.01.09 11:52

1. I would perhaps use it as a drop cloth for a messy project. Then recycle it!
2. TO keep running and focus on health and wellness.
3. I would send this chair to work with my honey, and it would make him happy, and comfy at work!

----- tonya 06.01.09 11:50

1) i would put other boxes into it.
2) 09 resolution - listen to more music and louder
3) so many things… first, i’d donate my current chair to goodwill (it still has some use), second, i’d instantly become more pleasant to be around because i’d be more comfortable when i’m working from home and, lastly, it’s just a fricking sweet chair so it would boost my self esteem and make me cooler.

----- barry 06.01.09 11:49

1) I would use the box to definitely build a fort with my kids. And the cat would have fun it it as well. Eventually it would become a sled or a masterpiece for their art. No telling!
2) My news year’s resolution, is to do something nice for ME for once!
3) The Steelcase Leap will help my life, by providing me with a suitable place to sit while I work from home, so that I can be there more for my kids! Yay for telecommuting!

----- Steph 06.01.09 11:47

1. Use it as a sled.
2. Go biking through the city more often.
3. My posture is quite horrible and my current desk chair is far too low for my desk so I’m probably destroying both my back and wrists at the same time. Hopefully this chair will help on those fronts.

----- Jason 06.01.09 11:44

1. I would cut up the box and turn the pieces into several art projects (see #2), so recycling would meet creativity head on.

2. I’ve committed to completing 12 art projects in 2009 (1 per month naturally), several of which involve cardboard, such as creating bleach clothing tattoos and concrete furniture.

3. To but it bluntly, my current office chair SUCKS! Steelcase would make my life oh so much better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

----- Blue 06.01.09 11:43

1. I would make a complicated maze out of it for my cat which she will hopefully never escape from.
2. I resolve to get a book or two published this year! Something that should have happened last year…
3. I’m an illustrator/comic book artist and my lifestyle causes me to spend about 90% of my time on my ass. So you’d think that I’d already have a nice chair to spend all that quality time with. Unfortunately, my lifestyle also causes me to be exceedingly POOR…

----- rem 06.01.09 11:42

1. I’d use the box to forge armor for my little cousins against the cardboard robot/zombie invasion.

2. My resolution for ‘09 is to travel and experience more. I felt that I wasted a lot of my time in ‘08 and I need to change that before I’m too old to do the things I want to do. Everyone will tell you this, but life is short so I plan to make the best of it while I can.

3. The Steelcase Leap will definitely help me out while I do my artwork. I do all my work on photoshop so a nice comfy chair to sit on while I finish a 6 hour digital painting would be fantastic. Maybe it’ll stop me from slouching while I’m watching The IT Crowd too!

----- Davel 06.01.09 11:40

1)My 2 year old would immediately claim it for his own. He’s discovered that big boxes are especially fun for hiding in and for being flipped around in. (He’s a bit of a daredevil)
2)My resolution is to make more money.
3)The leap would help, because I make a majority of my extra money through the internet and as a result, I sit at my computer a lot. The longer that I can sit there, the better and the leap would help that.

----- thatedeguy 06.01.09 11:40

1. The real question is what would such a magnificently and potentially sentient box do with ME? (Hopefully not turn me into a fort.)

2. My resolution is to leave a world a better place at the end of the year than it was at the beginning.

3. I don’t know if the chair would help my life, but it would help my backside. Plus it’s a neat chair. Just being honest here.

----- Sean Haas 06.01.09 11:35

1. I would give it to my niece and nephew who would then use it at their imagination’s whim… I mean, why limit the use of the box as a fort, when it can be a castle, a house or a spaceship?

2. My New Years resolution is to create something new that will inspire other people.

3. As I will spend a lot of hours in front of my computer, I think that being in a really comfortable chair will make the experience a more pleasant one, and will allow my imagination to run free.

----- Santiago 06.01.09 11:35

1. Portable dance floor. Breakdancing FTW.
2. My new year’s resolution for 2009 is to focus more. 2008 was a haze of bad relationships, a terrible job, and finishing the last grueling leg of my Masters program.
3. I just left my stressful job in November and started my own home business. I bought a chair from Ikea (the Markus), and it worked great until the locking pin broke. Now I can’t sit in the damn thing for extended period of time without falling on my ass.

----- Karsh 06.01.09 11:30

So, what would I do with a huge box… Hmmm… Well, we have expanded our family by adding a kitten to the pack (we have 4 dogs already, and the cardboard can be recycled into a great jungle gym for the kitten, it’ll give him a place to play that the dogs can’t get at.

My New Year’s resolution (well at least the one I’ll admit to) is to sit down and write, to make it past the first chapter of the great novel I’ve been writing for years and never finishing…

And finally, how will the “Steelcase Leap” help me, it would make sitting down and writing the book that much easier!!

----- Ulf Pech 06.01.09 11:28

1. I’ve seen people make like, lawn chairs I guess, out of cardboard. I’d like to do that so I can have some furniture on my apartment balcony.
2. I had a few resolutions this year, but the most important was to have fun and live life to the fullest.
3. Right now I’m using a simple, steel with old cushion desk chair. The apartment was furnished and I got that crap to sit on at my desk. It’s not really helping out the gluteus maximus right now. A new chair would help, but if it won’t fit in my room I’ll give it to my mom and dad because they have back issues.

----- LMD 06.01.09 11:27

1. I will fold it and keep it for when I need to move
2. My goal is to become a minimalist in 2009 (consume less, reuse more)
3. I’m seated for about 10 - 12 hours a day, this chair will make those hours worthwhile

----- Deenster 06.01.09 11:23

1] Turn it into a massive lightbox for my photography.

2] Cut out negativity. Besides, who needs it anyway.

3] Good posture is cliche but helpful. Also, it’s easier to have a chair with wheels on hardwood floors rather than my old metal one.

----- Sam 06.01.09 11:22

1. I’d build a fort for sure. I want one in my room!
2. Read more.
3. It will definitely help my back because I’m sure it’s crooked.

----- Summer 06.01.09 11:22

1. Times are tough. I see a paper mansion? Or model making material! Or papercraft at a large scale?

2. Like everyone else, lose weight.

3. It will make my butt very happy and save me money as I can stop going to the chiropractor for my “computer back”.

----- Tony 06.01.09 11:22

1) Break it down and use it to make some architectural models for class - corrugated cardboard is often the best material to make walls from! (it looks so textural!)
2) Get off my butt and exercise more! (and drag people with me!)
3) Spending 16+ hours in studio every day in front of a computer isn’t exactly doing good for my back!

----- Caitlin 06.01.09 11:17

1. I would give the gigantic box to my niece, she is nearly 2 years old and is in the age where she could be amused for HOURS with a box that is bigger than she is. Having the toddler entertained would be helpful for my sister since she is an expecting stay at home mom and is exhausted by the endless amount of energy my niece has. 2. My new years resolution is to get myself promoted so that I may climb the corporate ladder and make MAJOR progress on the MBA program I have just started and since I am a sales rep who works from home who will also have lots of homework 3. This awesome chair would help me remain comfy and focused while I spend many hours working my way to that corner office with a view.

----- Kasey 06.01.09 11:15

1) I will probably use it to make a night table, and a wardrobe (I just moved!)

2) My purposes are to be more open to opportunities, do les work-related stuff and more of my own, play more guitar, and keep on drawing.

3) Well I just moved to a different country, therefore I still have no chair. And the Steelcase will be a very useful addition to my apartment. It will be of tremendous aid when drafting and colouring on the computer, will probably improve my posture of course, but also my scholarship essays!! Because I will be able to finish them in one sit. And because my apartment is so small it will probably be the dinning/breakfast chair too, so better posture and more happiness all day long!!!!

----- Samuel 06.01.09 11:14

1) use the cardboard to continue building my miniture cardboard city

2) save up enough money for a HD camcorder

3) i will use it to get one step closer to being a dentist

----- Elliott Russell 06.01.09 11:13

1) Toboggan with down hills
2) Cut alcohol out for one month
3) It’ll help my life by helping my back.

----- Johnlee 06.01.09 11:11

1. Give it to my mother. She LOVES boxes. Then, in the not too distant future, someone will need a chair sized box and she will be the world’s most excited person.
2. I resolve to quit my job. It’s time.
3. With this chair, I could spend more time at my computer on freelance jobs, facilitating Number 2, above.

----- vu 06.01.09 11:06

1. Make a small bench.
2. Design more using recycled materials like the box.
3. My productivity will blast off and my spine will thank me for it.

----- Maryan 06.01.09 11:05

I love painting on cardboard. Have for a long time. Would totally use it as a free canvas. My new years resolution is to continue with my diet and exercise plan which has been going strong for 3 months and doing great. and 3… I literally broke my awesome desk chair this very morning. Snapped one of the feet right off. Now I’m on this janky stool and it’s making my day terrible.
All I did was lean to the side to get my wallet out and POW and I’m on the floor feeling like an idiot. Please help a brotha out! :)

----- Aaron 06.01.09 11:04

1) I’d open up the box into a large flat blocking board for my lace knitting.
2) To use my fiber stashes more creatively.
3) I work in front of a computer all day long and anything that might relieve the daily shoulder pain is welcome.

----- eve 06.01.09 11:01

I did some serious closet cleaning and I have a huge pile of clothes and coats waiting to be donated. I’ve been waiting for a massive box to come around so I can carry all the stuff to the donation place - and I love it that they put that idea on the box.

One of my ‘09 resolutions, besides donating ALL the stuff I own and don’t need/use, is to take better care of my body. I spend all day sitting at a tiny desk on a hard chair, and I’m fixing that this January! I have already designed a new ergonomically correct workspace for myself, all measured to my height. Now I need the perfect ergonomically sound chair. I need a Leap!

The Steelcase Leap will free my mind from the distractions of an uncomfortable work day, when I have to worry about my sore back, my tired arms, my tight neck. It will take care of my body so that my mind can fully focus and I can achieve maximum creativity and productivity.

----- AnyG 06.01.09 11:01

1. I would paint the box to look like a massive 80’s boombox and walk down the street.
2. Be a better husband and father (not that I was crap to begin with)
3. My current work chair is a piece of crap from Ikea. The “man” won’t spring for a new one. While my back would thank you, me @ss is pleading!?!?!?

----- Ryan Booth 06.01.09 11:00

1. I would use it as a changing screen because my sister, brother, and father keep opening my bedroom door without knocking while I am changing clothes.

2. Increase patience. Decrease negativity. (in all aspects of my life)

3. I have long thighs and a bubbly butt so most chairs don’t accomodate for them and I end up slipping forward off my chair or trying constantly to readjust the seat settings to no use. I NEED THIS CHAIR!

----- Esther 06.01.09 11:00

1) Break it down and break dance, then with all the money I make serving fools who dare challenge me on the street I can buy one for both home and work.
3) My chair at work might as well be a little wooden stool with a leg missing. Couple hours and I’m fine, any longer than that I’m white knuckling it. Thank god I work for a hospital. YAY SAMPLE MEDS!

----- Chris 06.01.09 10:59

1. I have 7 grandkids who would love to cut windows and a door in the box and pretend it is their secret place when they visit Grandpa (but mostly it would be to hide from Grandma when they don’t put their toys away).

2. I started doing CrossFit in November of last year and have lost 16 lbs and several inches since then so I am resolved to take the leap to continued weight loss, having a better sitting posture and living a healther life style—but mostly to keep up with my wife who does triathlons and kicks butt in her age group!

3. In case I win, Steelcase will replace the non-Steelcase in the place where I case Internet places and take giant leaps of imagination all from the comfort of my favorite Steelcase Leap place.

----- Richard C 06.01.09 10:55

With rent as it is in NYC, if the box is good enough for a Steelcase Leap, it is good enough for me. I will happily move in to my new and roomier apartment.

My New Year’s Resolution is to make money (and write less metaphysics (seriously)).

The Steelcase Leap will enhance my life because my current chair, though it has been wonderful for years, I have worn through. The padding has lost its loft so much that I can feel the bolts that hold the seat to the base when sitting. I scrape my leg on the spot where I have physically worn the foam down to the plywood. I will finally get to retire my lumbar support cushion.

Once I have a real chair I will be ready to conquer the world: when I was a toddler I threw a temper tantrum because my parents wouldn’t get me a quality chair to sit in. I’m still angry at them about this but if you all would oblige me with a Steelcase Leap, I think I can see it in my heart to forgive them and be free.

----- Noah Greenstein 06.01.09 10:52

1) Give it to a friend who plans to move in the near future.
2) Have a smaller carbon footprint by driving less, buying more recycled items, unplugging more, and turning off frequently. It’s all about options.
3) My boyfriend of the last three years, who is now my fiance, will be moving from Vancouver to LA to live with me. He works from home, has a less than perfect back, and will be sacrificing his precious Aeron for our future happiness. This chair would be perfect for his new home office.

----- Lauren 06.01.09 10:49

ooo! I like!!

1> Fill it with *sighs* of content, seal tightly, and mail back to Steelcase to show my gratitude.

2> Resolution: More Sitting — Less Standing!

3> Well, what better way to weather a BAD economy than through GOOD ergonomy!

----- Robert-oh! 06.01.09 10:49

1. I would cut up the box to create smaller canvases for my artwork and also create the frames for the artwork to decorate my office.

2. I have too many resolutions, but the one that is probably most relevant here is to make both my home and work offices more comfortable and inviting.

3. I suffer from tendinitis and this chair will help me to get through many nights of hand and computer drafting.

----- annabel lee los angeles 06.01.09 10:41

1. Paint the box with Maya hieroglyphs and designs so I’ll have my very own Maya stela.
2. Get more sleep.
3. I’ll be able to more comfortably spend many hours researching and writing the monthly newsletter of the Pre-Columbian Society.

----- Margaret Athey 06.01.09 10:40

1. I would probably take the box back to my gallery and reuse it to ship art orders wherever they may be. Big boxes are hard to come by and I’ll all about reusing things!!

2. One of my new years resolutions is to spend more time in front of the computer expressing myself rather than letting it express me. Less time on youtube and hulu and more time writing, designing and coding things!

3. The current chair I’m using has a broken bar support so I’m constantly balancing just to maintain it.

----- Lee 06.01.09 10:39

1. I would use the box to pack my belongings and ship it home (Indonesia) for good. Why? See #2.
2. Start a company before August 2009 and make it profitable within 3 months.
3. A good chair will help me concentrate to create beautiful & functional products.

----- Ivan @ NavinoT 06.01.09 10:36

The box would become a metaphor for my creative base, with the chair being the transformation from old to new.

In a performance-like art piece, I would demonstrate the idea by taking the chair out of the big box, assembling the pieces to form a functioning art piece, then, spin myself in circles to stimulate the creative process. Only after this process, I would comfortably make art for the rest of the chair’s lifetime.

Then, I’d probably recycle the box or throw my dirty clothes in it.

----- mason 06.01.09 10:34

1) I would add wheels for a home made soap box race car!!!! FUN TIMES AHEAD
2) My resolution is to get out of debt and to do more humanitarian aid work
3) It would give my small home office meaning again and finally allow me to retire the POS chair I’ve had forever that started as a hand me down in the 70’s.

----- Jason 06.01.09 10:33

1) The box would be much loved by our two kids. It’d likely first be a club house (no girls allowed) and ultimately morph into a space ship of some sort. It’s likely be in our basement for several months before we finally convince them that it’s time to part with it as we need the room. At that point, it’d be moved to the back yard where it’d live on as a fort until the first big rain. And then it’d be put to rest on the curb for recycling pick-up.

2) In our new basement remodel…a) finish the home office b) finish the excercise room

3) The Steelcase Leap would allow me to finish our home office without having to have it be 100% IKEA. I love Ikea, but one can only take so much. I’d rather replace our dumspster-dived chair with a wonderful and economical Leap over an IKEA chair (as mice as they may be for the price). It’s also orange, so much more aesthetically pleasing. And, finally, I’d have a MUCH better back.

----- Darrel 06.01.09 10:30

1) I will turn my box into a 3d penguin sculpture for my apartment hallway.

2) A resolution of mine is to plant more flowers.

3) I have a grumpy college teacher that always complains about the office chairs. I will actually give this chair to him, and it’ll make my life better because he’ll have one less thing to complain about.

----- jay 06.01.09 10:28

1. I’ll give the box the homeless guy who sleeps in front of the church on my street. I know that sounds terrible, but if the box really is that big he will probably want it.
2. My 2009 resolution is to give more to charity.
3. The Leap chair will vastly improve my life because my back already hurts today and its only 1:30!

----- Jason Varone 06.01.09 10:27

1)I’m moving from Chicago to LA for a new job in July…you could put a lot of stuff in to a box that big. (then I’d build a fort…to sleep in when my girlfriend puts me in the dog house.)

2)learn the value of a dollar.

3)Really, I’m just in it for the big box…

----- Chris 06.01.09 10:26

1) I put it to you the chief executive of steel case and not cot a simply impassable design proposal. I would use it to create a rocket ship with cardboard for fuel and cardboard airtight doors. The rocket will travel to proxima centauri where it will be recycled to create a cardboard colony on our solar systems nearest neighbouring star. We will then send back radiated material on cardboard cable car using spiderswebs to create the suspension system.

2) Stop taking drugs…
… so far no luck

3) It will become the command chair in my cardboard enterprise that will soon dominate intergalatic travel market. Virgin Galactic won’t know what hit them :)….

unless they happen to read this blog :(.

----- Saltynay 06.01.09 10:25

great idea with the three questions !
1. I’d build an amazing fort for my cats :)
2. to live up to my potential and to be as nice to myself as i am to others
3. my cats will be happy, because of the fort i built and my back will be happy because of improved seating. I am still a student - i could never get a chair like that !

----- Clara Charlotte 06.01.09 10:22

1. I have a couple of toddlers in my life, we will make a spaceship out of the box. These things only last so long, it will eventually be worn thin, have jelly stains on it and a hole in the side from the cat chewing on it, only to ultimately be recycled.

2. To make more art (I will try my best to not get paint on this chair).

3. I am a slave to AutoCAD, this will tremedously help my posture.

----- JASON 06.01.09 10:21

1. No doubt, build a fort. The kids love box forts. Who doesn’t?
2. My resolution is not to have a resolution…so far, so good.
3. I hope it would relieve the soreness in my bum from the cruddy old chair I have now.

----- Jeremy 06.01.09 10:21

1) First it would help my boyfriend and I move into our new place in a couple months, then it would be a fort, then an impromptu drop cloth/testing area for projects, then it would probably get recycled once more to be used in various projects.
2) To create more of my own things. To finish projects that I start. To sit up straight while accomplishing the former two.
3) The Steelcase Leap will finally give me a legitimate excuse to finish my faker office space and stop using it as a catchall for everything else. I could actually use it!

----- Andrea 06.01.09 10:20

1. I have a basement FULL of cans and bottles. I’m not prepared to pull 80 bags out of the basement to the depot, so maybe I could just use ONE big ol’ box instead!
2. I resolve to put more passion in my photography.
3. I just found out my wife is PREGNANT!! She has a bad back, and bad posture, so this chair would help her out tremendously!

----- Nathan Walker 06.01.09 10:19

1) Cardboard = Blank Canvas in my world. Either that or throw it on the pile for future cardboard furniture projects

2) Cut down on (or streamline) my many vices. Bacon coffee anyone?

3) My chair doesn’t roll anymore and we all know how important office chair races are!

----- LANDLINE 06.01.09 10:17

1) I would use the box as a home office!! (Perfect for my laptop).
2) My resolution is to become a more centered and healthy individual. What better way to start then a beautiful comfortable office chair?
3) I spend a lot of time in front of the computer at work. This chair will hopefully prevent my spine from looking like this ?.

----- Jon 06.01.09 10:17

1) I will probably break down the box and use the pieces as canvases for painting (poorly.)

2) I want to get into a regular schedule of meditation.

3) My current crappy Ikea chair with couch pillow is an embarrassment to both my ass and my apartment. Something so luxurious would not only solve both of these problems but also inspire me to spent more time writing, blogging and creating at my desk!

----- James Young 06.01.09 10:16

1. The box would be used to fabricate a tack box for my wife’s saddle and tack.

2. Rework my portfolio for grad school.

3. My current seating arrangement pinches nerves in my back causing pain, especially when I sneeze.

----- Andy 06.01.09 10:15

1. I would turn the box into a table for my steelcase chair
2. My new years resolution for 2009 is to have something comfortable to sit on when I work
3. Most of my work revolves around sitting for hours on end, so having something as comfortable as a steelcase would help

----- Young 06.01.09 10:13

1) The box would totally become the cats new house. I could mount it on the ceiling, the cat will manage to find it’s way up there somehow.
2) Lose 20lbs and become a gazillionaire. One of those might actually be possible….
3) After being hit my a car while riding my bike, my back has never recovered. This chair would most certain help ease the pain that I feel :(

----- Ian 06.01.09 10:10

1) I would use the box to create an addition to the local homless guys hovel.

2) My resolution is to do all the things you would need a resolution for, without making them resolutions, therefore my resolution would be to not resolute anything, and just do more/less of anyone thing.

3)The leap would help my life by straightening out my hunchback, thus making me less frightening to children.

----- Evan 06.01.09 10:07

1) I would use the box to build a reduced scale model of the Steelecase Leap chair. I would then offer the cardboard sculpture to art galleries around the world for display to help market this fabulously designed chair.

2) My resolution for 2009 is to finish my business planning and launch my design business to the next level.

3) As a freelance designer, I spend many hours a day sitting in front of a monitor, at my desk hammering out concept sketches, or leaning back while chatting with clients and vendors over the phone. The Steelecase Leap is such a beautifully designed chair not only from an inspiring aesthetic perspective, but from a functional point-of-view as well. It really is a well thought out and successful design. I would proudly display this chair as if it were an art piece. With the reduction of physical stress caused by my present chair, I suspect my ability to create and solve problems, would increase drastically. I would also become a star member of my bowling team due to less back pain and stress.

----- Steph 06.01.09 10:07

1. build a fort with the kids. wait, I don’t have kids: I mean - build a fort for ME!!!

2. I don’t do new years resolutions. BUT, if I did do them, it’d be to make the most out of the food scene in London, Ontario (where I’m currently residing.)

3. Imagine cafeteria chairs from the 80’s, desks at the wrong height, and non temperature controlled rooms. That’s every day at the office for me - armed with two phone books to somewhat better the chair height to the desk (leaving a very numb bum 24 minutes into work) and a ceramic heater. The Stealcase Leap will be a LIFESAVER. Utterly and truly.

----- lindsay 06.01.09 10:07

1) There’s a good chance that I would slowly eat it over a period of days and weeks.

2) I resolve to eat more corrugated cardboard.

3) The process of digesting corrugated cardboard is notoriously hard on one’s back. I’m absolutely sure that the Steelcase Leap could relieve my suffering.

----- Kevin 06.01.09 10:06

1. I am a poor architecture student, so I would recycle the box by using it for model building materials.

2. My new years resolution is to learn and educate myself more about all aspects of life and design to nurture my growth as an architect in design.

3 As an architecture student, we spend many nights in studio with little sleep while sitting in very uncomfortable metal stools. With the Steelcase Leap chair, not only will I enjoy and be inspired by the amazing design aspects of the chair, both is function and aesthetics, it will make those many all nighters in the studio more enjoyable by giving my comfort while i design.

----- jeff cheung 06.01.09 10:06

put the most annoying coworker in it, and ship it off across the country. That + the new chair would save me on $$$ on Advil and create a less stressful office.

----- Jamie 06.01.09 10:05

1. I will probably be moving soon, so it would make an excellent moving box.
2. To actually finish my strategy game.
3. Since I spend nearly all of my time sitting in some computer chair or another, I suspect it will drastically improve my butt’s quality of life.

----- TheCraiggers 06.01.09 10:05

1. I would build a rocketship.

2. My New Year’s Resolution is to drive happier. I have a 45 minute commute alongside a lot of crazy drivers. Life’s too short to spend almost 2 hours a day wanting to give every single person the finger.

3. I think I spend almost 16 hours a day sitting down, between being a graphic designer at work, commuting to and from work, and then sitting at home doing more graphic design to better my portfolio and personal opportunities. (Can I change my Resolution to stand up more?) I feel like my job and life traps me in chairs, and I’ve been wondering for a while what a nice chair might do to help me.

----- Shannon 06.01.09 10:04

I’ll be honest, I’ve entered a lot of these NOTCOT giveaways and really just want to win one, this one actually. But hey, it’s all in Lady Luck’s hands now. Bon chance me.

----- Seb 06.01.09 10:03

1.I would build a castle for my nephews next birthday.
2. I will ride my bike more often.
3. I currently sit on a very uncomfortable wooden chair. The new Steelcase Leap chair would make working long hours way more enjoyable.

----- Raul Justiniano 06.01.09 10:00

- cut it up and use to back little pieces of art i have in a pile
- sign a treaty with my alarm clock
- posture posture posture!

----- meg 06.01.09 10:00

I would turn the box into a pinhole camera and then take photos of the Steelcase Leap in unusual landscape surroundings.

----- Law Offices of Johnston & Johnston 06.01.09 09:59

1) I would use it to package up my old chair and donate it to charity
2) My new year’s resolution is to sit up properly and fix this stupid tendinitis in my wrist once and for all.
3) Steelcase could help me achieve my dream of having a pain-free work day!

----- Abothun 06.01.09 09:57

1) I would create a huge recycling bin.
2) New Years Resolution: continue to have grace for people and be kind
3) I would give it to my hard working wife who is a 5th grade teacher. Her current chair is less to be desired and kills her back.

----- Jacob Court 06.01.09 09:56

1. I´m studying product design and in March I take part of one Workshop in Italy, where 52 student from 10 countrys will build a means of transport out of CARDBOARD with which to participate in the downhill race on the ski slopes. But before workshop I and 3 other students from my university must practice designing and building a cardboard vehicle and that for I must gather A LOT of CARDBOARD. This MASSIVE BOX is just perfect for my design project!

2. To be more helpful to others, beacause I will never know, when I self need some help. We should try do solve problems, not just turn a blind eye and walk by. Maybe I&you can help.

3. I’m sure that STEELCASE LEAP is very comfortable and healthful, and that’s just what in need! I must work a lot at my desk with many different projects and schoolworks, which take hours and are exhausting. But STEELCASE LEAP will increase my productivity and after sitting lots of hours in Steelcase Leap I will definitely feel much healthier, and got positive energy.

----- Markus 06.01.09 09:53

1.I would use it to complete the cardboard chair I’m working on for my grad school portfolio. They’ve stopped giving me leftovers at the art supply store down the street!

2.Get myself into graduate school, so I can get an MAT and teach design and art. While I’ve enjoyed my time as a designer, I’m ready for a new chelleng. Woo!

3. I work my butt off and it would be nice to have something comfy to put my butt ON while I am doing so!

----- Kristin 06.01.09 09:52

1) I’d turn it into a guest cottage in the backyard.
2) To finally kick my business into full gear and figure out what the hell I’m doing with my life.
3) I sit on a keg. Seriously. I have a bad back that gets killed by most folding or desk chairs. I found an old, old keg in the barn that was small enough to slide under my desk. So I created a padded top for it. It works but I’d really love something with support.

----- twoeightnine 06.01.09 09:51

1. Build a fort.

2. I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions. If I’m actually going to do something, I don’t need a special day to make me do it.

3. This chair will replace my aging desk chair that is held together with gorilla tape and rope.

----- Rhian Hibner 06.01.09 09:51

1) The box would become my cabin and when attached to my mighty ball00n (still lookin on craigslist for that one) would lift me up…UP and AWAY !!!
until i crashed into the neighbor’s yard.
2) stop eating so much candy so i can fix my chompers….and eat MORE candy !
3) i could FINALLY sit comfortably again !! with a crappy metal spine..comfort becomes a myth . hMmMm….

----- kiTT 06.01.09 09:49

1) Boxes of this size do not have just one use. So even if I turn it into a pirate ship, my cat will surely have his own ideas about how it will be used. Personally, I wouldn’t mind turning it into a tiny game room that holds a bean bag chair and a Nintendo DS.

2) I don’t make resolutions, but I pick yearly keywords - this year’s word is “Passion”. Of a life-altering sort, not a daytime soap opera sort.

3) Good chairs are a big investment for a small business office, so my partner and I are still sitting on the $50 Office Depot chairs we bought in ‘01. Even tho I’m too short for my legs to touch the ground when I’m sitting on mine. So, the Steelcase Leap would not only be a massive improvement in comfort and productivity, but it would reduce the amount of seating-related crap I have around my desk in order to make my current chair functional (lumbar pillow, foot stool, cushion, stilts, scaffolding).

----- Brianna 06.01.09 09:49

1. Create a side table using all the packaging
2. To become credit independent, live within my means
3 I will use the chair everyday at work to facilitate the beginings of great design. I am a Furniture Designer

----- Chris 06.01.09 09:41

01. I would cut the box down & build another chair, modeling it after my Stepmother’s creation. (As seen here: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/100/283959839_5318e89e02_o.jpg)
02. My resolution this year is to go on as many adventures as possible.
03. I currently use an IKEA fold out chair as my chair support, and being a full-time student, working on multiple projects on the computer can get quite uncomfortable.

----- Victoria 06.01.09 09:41

1) My cat Lola would claim it as his own and sit proudly in and on it day in and day out.
2) I’m going to floss more, I’m not going for everyday, I’m shooting low and hoping for a few days a week.
3) The chair would make me hurt less. I work for the state and I sit at my computer all day. The government buys the cheapest chairs possible and so my poor mid-20s back hurts way more than it should.

----- Caitlin 06.01.09 09:41

1. Make a second less comfortable chair for a jealous friend.

2. Work hard, Study harder.

3. Not get a cramp from using an old chair that is more than a little worse for wear.

----- WBarton 06.01.09 09:41

1) I’ll take the cardboard and make it into another chair for my coworkers to sit on while they admire the Steelcase Leap and suppress their jealousy.

2) Stop drinkningidangaiodsg so much cooffeeee!@#$!@$!@$!!@

3) Finally having a real chair to sit on and do work will make me less tempted to do work from my bed, where i just start to get sleepy and never seem to finish anything that i

----- mike 06.01.09 09:40

1) I would use it to put all my “to donate” clothes in…currently they’re all over my floor and I don’t have a good way to put them together to take to Salvation Army.
2)My New Year’s Resolution is to get my first post-graduate job before the end of 2009 (I graduate in May)
3)This Leap chair will allow me to at last sit up straight and stop aching!

----- Lisa 06.01.09 09:39

1. I’d make a desk. Get the uber hifi/lofi dichotomy between the chair and it.

2. Write a letter (a REAL letter) every week.

3. The leap would go to my Mom who needs a good tush cushion! She’s getting older and I want her to have the best ergonomic furniture available.

----- Paul Irish 06.01.09 09:37

1) I would keep the box as is. I seem to have a problem where I must keep all the boxes from my purchases. So in this case, I would use the Steelcase box to store all my other boxes. OCD much?

I already have a nostalgic cardboard dance floor somewhere at my parents house from my b-boy daze :P

2) My 2009 new years resolution is to move to Hong Kong and travel Asia for 5 years with my sweety. Toronto will always be home, but I want to see the world.

3) I work from home as a freelance designer/developer. All nighters are the norm. If, when rather, I leave for Asia, I will leave the marvel of engineering with my dear mother. She could definitely put it to good use until I get back.

Happy 2009 Everyone!

----- Nam 06.01.09 09:36

1) Put a LID/ceiling on my cubicle! I don’t like the bright lights above =)
2) To pay off all of my debt (really, it’s not too much).
3) If you saw the chair I was sitting in, you’d understand. A new chair would certainly help me to be nicer to my customers and coworkers. I am known for NEVER leaving my cubicle, so I do sit a lot.

----- Michelle 06.01.09 09:35

1) I would use the box like Snake from Metal Gear Solid and sneak around in it from place to place.
2) My New Years Resolution was to spend less money and eat more vegetables.
3) As a medical student I have to sit at my desk a lot studying for various exams and to help patients. I think that a chair like this will help me sit comfotably for longer, benefiting both me and my patients (present and future).

----- Gavin Davis 06.01.09 09:35

(1) I would use a wooden stick with a split at the top to raise one of the boxes edges off the ground. A length of rope would then be tied to the stick. The ropes end would be concealed behind a wall or other form of elevation that would hide a crouching body. Under the box some form of tempting bait, a carrot perhaps, would be placed. Having accomplished this I would settle in and wait…

(2) My new years resolution is to catch more varmints.

(3) The Steelcase Leap would help me sit. I would grasp it’s ample arm rests and use them to guide my body down to it’s waiting cushion. Having achieved this I would lean arching my back slightly and opening my shoulders in order to achieve optimal support.

----- Alexei Zagdansky 06.01.09 09:35

1. Give it to a homeless for shelter.
2. To travel across seas for the first time in my life.
3. Get rid of my back pain by replacing my IKEA chair.

----- Wil 06.01.09 09:34

With this massive box, I would declutter; Fill with stuff of mine that I no longer want, and donate it to some charity (usually Salvation Army). Then I would take it to my local recycling place.

One of my new years resolutions is to replace the creaky computer chair that I’m sure is going to fall apart one day when I roll back from my desk.

This chair looks like it’d improve my life by making my hours at the desk much more comfortable, not to mention beautiful. Well I’d still be the same attractiveness, but at least my chair would be more beautiful. Or maybe the chair makes me more beautiful too? I can see that.

----- Jason 06.01.09 09:34

1—Cut a few holes in it and spray it with catnip spray for a very happy kitty fort.
2—Keep my house cleaner … not off to a good start as yet.
3—I’ve got a cheap plastic folding chair at my computer desk at home, which makes it difficult to work for more than 30 minutes at a time without my butt screaming in agony. This chair would give me one less excuse to avoid getting some writing done on my dissertation.

----- Amy W. 06.01.09 09:33

1. use the box to construct an equally ergonomic, confortable, and functional desk/ workspace prototype.

2. GEt back in school, work towards a design degree, and express my creative impulses.

3. If I take it to work, it would make my boring data mamagement job more comfortable and make me the envy of the floor.
If I use it at home, it would allow me to get lost in pouring out my creatve energies into my work without having to adjust as its comfort level increases with time.

----- tony 06.01.09 09:32

1. It will replace my small box/desk.

2. To stop sitting on the floor.

3. An elevated perspective.

----- oliver 06.01.09 09:32

A. Make a new office chair for my cocker spaniel, Riley, so he could sit next to my new office chair.
B. One page of the new novel every day.
C. Help me win this year’s office chair race.

----- Jason 06.01.09 09:30

1. I would mash it up with some water and make it into an end table.
2. I do not do resolutions because I just see people setting themselves up to fail and that is not the way to happiness.
3. This chair would help my life because it would provide a good seat for the tank that I am building with which to invade the nation of babies. If not this, then it will be the sat from a Ford Escort which will not support me ergonomically.

----- josh 06.01.09 09:30

I would perform a “Twister”… you know, the game with coloured circles for feet and hands.

----- Marcos 06.01.09 09:29

1) Well, personally, I would build a fort, but for me, not the kids. In reality, my daughter would demand a puppet theater and make me perform at least two shows a day.

2) To live life to the fullest. We don’t know how much time we have and I want to stop thinking of my dreams in life as something that happens in the future. I want to start living them now. I don’t mean flying off to Italy whenever I feel like it (but damn, that would be awesome), but to live my current life as best I can. Doing more of what I love and be there for the ones I love. So far, it’s going pretty well.

3) The Steelcase Leep would save my back and finally let me destroy the hand-me-down chair that has been torturing my back. I’ve researched chairs and this is the one I want! I’ve looked at the other chair manufactures (Humanscale, Herman Miller, etc.) and they have good chairs, but this one rocks. I know how much research Steelcase has put into this chair. I want a 17.8% increase in productivity!

Nearly every year near Christmas, my back goes out and I blame my crappy chair that’s falling apart. Last year, I was stuck on the threshold to my parents house with my back locked up. I was laying on my back for 3 days in a row because I couldn’t walk. I’m hunched over a computer all day and my posture is really poor. I know this chair can help my health. I’ve been trying to save the money for it, but I haven’t had much luck. Please, please, please…

----- ben 06.01.09 09:29

1. I would build my own private break room in the back of the office.

2. To be happier/healthier.

3. My boss has a Herman Miller Aeron Chair. I need to let him know he can’t use it to push me around anymore. Plus my back is the worst.

----- Daniel 06.01.09 09:28

1. I would most definitely build a spaceship. An awesome spaceship I would attempt to sleep in at least one night.
2. Stepping out of my boat or box or whatever it is that makes me shy in particular situations.
3. I slipped a disc in my back during my college soccer alumni game over a year ago and I’m still feeling the pain. Since I’m a graphic designer I’m sitting all day and I know this chair would make spinning and thinking so much more comfortable.

----- Julie_Gong 06.01.09 09:27

1. Use the box to make a Transmogrifier like in Calvin and Hobbes.
2. New Years resolution, to transmogrify myself into a dinosaur, probably a T-Rex
3. T-Rex need comfy chairs, duh.

----- David Chun 06.01.09 09:27

1) Transform the box into a giant butterfly mobil for my daughter’s room and cut the remining scraps into food shapes and paint for her toy kitchen
2) Join a jazz band
3) A Steelcase Leap would help my life by making my late night work feel like early afternoon with a chair that adjusts to me and definitely would help make my office look like a grown up office.

----- Chuck 06.01.09 09:27

1. paint the outside and then use it to store my art supplies!
2. new year’s resolution for 2009- don’t procrastinate + keep drawing, crafting & experimenting to fulfil my dream.
3. my back would be in heaven. i badly need a proper chair for my desk, for sitting all day on a chair without a back is serious shit. plus having a proper chair would help me work better yes? ;)

----- ser 06.01.09 09:26

1. Make a sweet ball pit for the kiddies
2. Resolution is to have better posture
3. Um, the kids broke my office chair. Using a dining room chair now

----- Ryan Fors 06.01.09 09:22

1. I am pretty boring, I would just to it to collect recyclables until its full and then take it to a recycling center.

2. My new years resolution is to play more board and card games with my wife. She loves that stuff.

3. If I won I would give it to my wife. She works for the federal government and her chair at work is a beat up hand me down that isn’t very comfortable at all. This would make her very happy.

----- Eric 06.01.09 09:21

1) I would either a) make it into a giant pop-up sculpture, or b) turn it into the world’s largest pinhole camera.

2) For 2009, I’ve resolved to return to being bold! I used to take a more fearless and badass approach to the world, but I’ve become something of a shrinking violet over the past couple years. Time to reclaim boldness! Talk to that guy at the gym! Write that book proposal! Make more art (see #1)!

3) As a freelance writer and editor, I sit in front of a monitor alllll day long, and the Steelcase Leap would keep me from slouching, so I’d have more zip in my spine to go big and be bold (see #2).

----- Harrietsayshi 06.01.09 09:19

1. First, I’d use the box as part of a mockup for built-ins we need for storage and office space. We’re having a tough time agreeing on how the new unit should be composed, so we agreed to build full-size mockups out of corrugated board. When we’re done with that, we’ll recycle the corrugated board.

2. I really do have to lose 55 lbs, as I am now on the wardrobe diet (I’m getting too fat for my clothes, and refuse to buy bigger sizes).

3. The back of my office chair is shot, so I have to sit straight up on the edge of the chair, or slouch. The new chair would enable me to sit properly, and for longer periods, and make fewer visits to the chiropractor (in fact, I’m going today).

----- Bruce 06.01.09 09:19

1) A fort with the kids, definitely. Port and starboard cannon attachments and a papercraft pirate crew to go with it.

2) I’ve stopped keeping resolutions ever since I realized that I really hate the gym. I prefer to keep a “new outlook on life,” in which case it’s, “take nothing for granted.”

3) I’m working on becoming a freelance web developer, and this chair would definitely help me work longer hours without totally killing my back.

----- eskimo 06.01.09 09:18

1. I would probably try to sound proof my recording studio with it or perhaps make cardboard person to stand in my parking spot when I am not around.
2. My new years revolution is to spend more time making music and less time talking about making music.
3. I recently moved back to SF and am making a home studio to work out of.
I am currently sitting on a little wooden stool that has not only seen better days, but is intended to probably reach things off high shelves.

----- Matt Englund 06.01.09 09:17

1. Build a cubicle fort. Defend at all costs.
2. Bring contagious positivity and productivity to life and the workplace.
3. Give it to my co-worker whose current chair is way past its expiration date.

----- Oleg Barshay 06.01.09 09:16

1. Put my old computer chair in it and give it to someone else.
2. Be bluntly honest with everyone.
3. I sit in front of a computer all day at work, then I come home and do it some more. oooooh what an awesomee schedule.

----- drewie 06.01.09 09:15

1. Make indoor shutters for my window. It gets hot in the pimp pad sometimes, need sun block!
2. My New Year’s resolution this year is to get a job, get a life, and get going to far away places.
3. I would give this chair to my Mom — she is at a desk all day and pours over plans and docs and stuff — she needs a healthier way to sit & work!

----- Hellacopter 06.01.09 09:13

Well now… The box will serve as an excellent kitty playground — three cats plus big box and packing materials… endless fun.

I’ve resolved to make my home office less of a pit: better organization and furniture… I’ll get organized if I win a new chair!

And I work out of the house. If I get that office cleaned-up AND have a spiffy, nice looking chair, then I can have my clients visit me instead of always schlepping across town to see them: That will improve my life.


----- Steve B. 06.01.09 09:13

1. Handy storage for the pile of boxes I amassed over the holidays.

2. I resolve to eat more chocolate. Wish me luck!

3. A new Leap chair from Steelcase will increase my productivity 17.8%, and so enable me to work 28 hrs 30 min per day. CHA-CHING!

----- Jeff Abel 06.01.09 09:12

May Canadians enter?

Just in case:

1) My friend’s little boy would use it as a fort first, and then it would probably be used as mulch in the garden (depending on the type of cardboard).

2) My resolution is to get out and participate in my community more rather than staying at home for most of my spare time.

3) It would make me more comfortable both at the computer and at my desk when I’m working on other projects.

----- ikkinlala 06.01.09 09:12

1) I would create a puppet theater and appoint myself head puppeteer.
2) My new years resolution is to bake something delicious every week and not feel bad about eating it.
3) The Steelcase Leap will help my life by encouraging me to keep up my blog while not injuring my legs (by laying down on the couch whilst blogging). Also I have bad posture and I’ve been working hard to try to fix it…again, not easy on the couch.

----- Katrina 06.01.09 09:11

1) The box: to pack up my troubles.
2) Resolution: avoid accumulating more troubles.
3) How will the Steelcase Leap improve your life?: trouble-free seating!

----- Matthew Jarsky 06.01.09 09:10

1) Turn it to a work of art or save it for when I move
2) Loose 10 pounds for our wedding @ Unity Temple in May!
3) I don’t know how it will improve my life, I need one to tell you how it does!

----- James 06.01.09 09:09

1. oh a fort, for sure.
2. no resolutions, wah!
3. it would increase my productivity since I have to use a metal folding chair at my desk :(

----- greg 06.01.09 09:09

1. Boxes should be made out of materials that can either be eaten or planted. If none of those are possible with this box, i’d get a bunch of friends together some markers, and beer, create some handsome motif on the box, put some dirt in it and plant a tree.

2. For the new year i would like to rely less on Facebook for social interaction.

3. I’m not sure if this chair will help me, i’ll hafta get back to you after i’ve used it for a while.

----- subodh 06.01.09 09:08

1. I’d open both ends, lie it sideways and make a tank out of it (“climb” one wall of the box so that it rolls with you inside).

2. Save the world.

3. I need a chair I can sit in that doesn’t suck.

----- Iangalaher 06.01.09 09:06

1.) I would most definitely use it to make my next halloween costume (sorry, I would love to post a pic of this), but last year I made a tin-man costume entirely out of cardboard including the body, legs, arms, even the ax. But the best part was the cardboard briefs that I constructed… .yes, I made cardboard underwear. Spray painted everything metallic silver and WHAMMO - tin man costume for nothing. It was definitely my crowing Halloween achievement.

2.) Stop slouching at work - if only I had a decent work chair to help with my posture … . .

3.) This is a sad story actually, but hopefully will help me win this chair to help with my problem:
For the past 5 years I have been suffering from extreme neck discomfort beginning from the time I wake up. It’s grown worse throughout the years, but the worst part is that no doctors can figure out the problem. I’ve been to 7 different “specialists” and have tried the below procedures/solutions:

1. Physical Therapy
2. Trigger Point Injections
3. Facet Injections
4. Epidural Steroid injections (dang that’s a lot of needles now that put it on paper!)
5. Countless drugs (anti-inflamitories, muscle relaxers, pain relievers, etc.)
6. PNT (crazy thin electrode needles stuck in my muscles)
7. Rhysotomy (caulderizing of the nerve endings around the spine - fun, huh?)
8. Chiropractic (2 years running - I don’t think it’s doing much)
9. Botox (not the self-indulgent, vain kind …)

Nothing’s worked. I’ve been trying to find a good chair and the Leap chair is on the top of my list, but I just can’t afford it new. If I win, I will also contribute to the economy by purchasing a head rest as well so that I can rest my neck at work. This could improve the afternoons and evenings tremendously by relieving some of the discomfort in my neck … .

----- Zachery Brown 06.01.09 09:05

Well, humor will take a back seat to need for me:

1) Honestly, that box will become a moving box. After moving four times in four and a half years, I’m about to make it five for five and need all the boxes I can get.

2) My New Year’s Resolution for 2009? Not to move again for at least two years! (Yes, I realize it may not be possible to ensure compliance with said resolution in the confines of one year, but dammit, I don’t want to move anymore!)

3) Why do I deserve it? Who doesn’t deserve a great chair, but as to me, specifically, I work in a windowless, 9x12 ft. office that I share with another person, doing a job I am overqualified and under-enthused for, sitting on my bum for nine hours a day trying not to get carpal tunnel by switching mousing hands every 45 minutes—a chair is the least I deserve. ;-)

----- Jeremy 06.01.09 09:02

1) I’d unfold the box and use it as a canvas for delightful paintings of inky octopuses.

2) New Years Resolution is NO MORE PROCRASTINATIONS! (apparently if I’m on this site I’m off to a bad start)

3) The SteelCase Leap would help my life in the following ways:
- I’m certain my current desk chair is made of melted down WWII tanks. It’s heavy, uncomfortable and worst of all, it’s all I can afford.
- We would cross the county in a van, solving mysteries and saving lives.

----- Cole 06.01.09 09:01

1.) Use it to get started on my robot costume for Halloween

2.) My resolution is to spend way more time in my art studio than last year (planning on putting in 10-20 hrs/week)

3.) This would totally get me to spend more time in my studio, which would lead to incredibly productive work sessions which would lead to great art being created which would lead to FAME and FORTUNE, thus providing a better life for me an my family.
I’m currently rocking an old ass drafting chair that destroys my back from hunching over. My other option is an old crappy school desk chair that I’m guessing is from the early fifties. 10 minutes on that thing and my ass is numb.

----- Adam Reker 06.01.09 08:57

1. I’d make a cardboard boombox out of it and use the remainder for a makeshift dance floor so I can have my 80’s / early 90’s flashback complete with matching attire.

2. I really don’t make New Year Resolution’s. The only thing I really would love to do is finally get my artroom in order complete with photos on the wall, simplify my schedule, and make more time to be more crafty.

3. Well if I decide to craft more, this will help in making me comfortable and possibly being the reason I spend so much time being creative. Awesome chair = more creativity.

----- Hope 06.01.09 08:56

1. Regift the chair and give it to my sister
2. My new year’s resolution - is to enjoy the year (and have more “me” time)
3. My sister has a bad back from an old injury so a ergonomic desk chair will definitely improve her comfort.

----- Shelly 06.01.09 08:55

1) this box will probably have multiple lives in my hands. first as maybe a dog tunnel/catcher, because my dog loves that. but then maybe as a dance floor/backer for airbrushing (they go hand in hand in my opinion)
2) along with the whole obligatory be healthier, i’m shooting for a’s in all my classes this quarter.
3) although this chair probably won’t fit in my dorm room (i don’t know though i’ve never seen one in person), i would keep it at my house where my dad will probably steal it and when i come home i’d steal it back to make late night creative bursts more comfortable.

----- leslie 06.01.09 08:51

1. the box would become storage for my worn out, and disappointingly uncomfortable aeron chair.
2. my goal in 2009 is to spend more time in front of my computer making art, and less reading celebrity news blogs.
3. spending a good 15 hours a day in front of the computer over the past 10 years is wreaking havok on my body. i would love to spend my days sitting tall and comfortable, instead of slouching and being all bent out of shape. The Steelcase Leap is my only hope

----- upso 06.01.09 08:50

1) Make a mechanical looking mascot for my office

2) Work out at the gym more often and give more freely/often

3) It will make my full-time job seem THAT much better as my body feels better from it’s great supportive structure (like sitting on a cloud at work)

----- Stacy B. 06.01.09 08:50

Im a computer science major with massive back pain….
I would use the box as storage, if it is big enough i would use it as my home for the next few weeks….

----- Howard Cortes 06.01.09 08:48

1.)I would take the box and use it to transmogrify myself into an elephant…or maybe I’ll convert it into a time machine.

2.)My biggest New Year’s Resolution for 2009 would be to get off of my bum to visit Amsterdam for my 40th birthday and take in some design culture by visiting the Van Gogh museum and reflecting on life at Anne Frank’s house.

3.)The Steelcase Leap will help my life because if I do win this awesome chair, I’m going to need somewhere to sit lest I faint or have to sit on our dinner table chair which is now my office chair without armrests. Do you know how hard it is to surf the internet holding your elbows up!?! Help me Leap into Ergonomic heaven ^_^

----- Jerry D. Elmore 06.01.09 08:48

1. I would keep the box, as I’ll be moving soon.
2. New Year’s Resolution would be to work smarter, not harder.
3. It would help w/ my current desk situation. My chair (inherited at this firm), has food stains of all types on it.

----- Dominic 06.01.09 08:46

1) I would use the box to teach others to paint and draw on a larger scale.
2) My New Years Resolution is to sketch and take more photos.
3) The chair would increase my productivity.

----- Brian 06.01.09 08:45

1. make a 1/4 replica of the steelcase chair
2. be more naked to show off my sharpie tattoos
3. this chair will help me become more sexy and build my cartoon empire (sexy first, then empire)

----- will 06.01.09 08:45

1) It will become a lemonade stand for my little cousins
2) 1024 × 768
3) I will no longer suffer the pains from the office’s Herman Miller knock-off chairs. Most corporate workers will know what I mean. It’s a universal truth.

----- Rick C 06.01.09 08:43

1. Box. I’d recycle it into a sled. For about 2 Runs.
2. Resolution: http://plentywant.blogspot.com/. Essentially, in an effort to live simpler, I’m only having 99 beers this year.
3. Chair. Would let me be more productive in my work, by letting me sit still for a minute and actually finish something.

Then I can go sledding and then have a beer. And blog about it.

----- Micah 06.01.09 08:41

1. Well. Perhaps I would either use the box as furniture, such as a little table by my door to put random stuff on. or maybe use it to store artwork.
2. My new years resolution is to grow a beard.
3. This chair will help my life because it will give me a reason to set up all my computer stuff on my desk and use it there, rather than having it on the night table by my bed.

----- Ace Kieffer 06.01.09 08:36

1. break it down for art projects
2. to work on more non-work-related art projects
3. spruce up my desk, because the hand me down chair i have been using is pretty heinous (and uncomfortable)

----- PW 06.01.09 08:35

1. I would draw pictures all over it and staple gun it to somebody’s fence.
2. My new years resolution was to stop smoking and I haven’t had a cigarette since!
3. I would use it at my desk to help me start a freelance graphic/ identity design career. I just moved across the country and I don’t have a chair!!

----- Mikie 06.01.09 08:34

1. The massive box would be great as a food pantry for those in need.
2. Our new years reveloution is to eat healthier and regular meals.
3. The steelcase leap would actually be for my hudsband, he has a really bad back so we are hoping this would help.

----- Joanna 06.01.09 08:30

1° : I’ll keep it to make my contribution to the box doodle project (http://www.neu-e.de/index.html)
2° : Drink more tea and less coffee !
3° : This chair may solve my backache ! I discussed last month with steelcase sustainable development initiative manager in France (André Malsch), and he told me it could be good for that !!!

----- Neodim 06.01.09 08:23

1. cut it into 8x10’s and use a backs for photographs.
2. be healthier
3. will help my poor back from sitting in crappy chairs at work…

----- geralyn s 06.01.09 08:22

1. I’m drafting patterns for new dolls, and since I am trying to get myself to use a rotary cutter and save my hands, I just figured out that having pattern pieces made of something more solid than recycled paper grocery bags would be a good idea. So… cardboard pieces, here I come.

2. My New Years resolution is to find ways to save my hands/wrists. It’s not cool that they’ve started cracking and popping every time I flex my fingers, so wrist pads for typing, and a rotary cutter instead of scissors.

3. An ergonomic chair would help put me in the right posture for typing, and hopefully help with that wrist angle thing I’m working on. Hey, maybe I can move fabric cutting up to a table, and sit in a comfy chair while I do that too.

----- Lucia 06.01.09 08:18

1 - I’d carve it up to make a giant photo reflector or two (just add tinfoil and spray glue)
2 - My goal is to improve by at least 10x in my work over last year.
3 - This chair would make my life better because a large part of my day is spent sitting around waiting for new NOTCOT posts. I fill in the gaps by working at some kind of ‘day job’. A comfy chair would sure make life a little better for ol’ Kev. yep. ‘twould be a sight better if I had a nice chair.

----- Kevin 06.01.09 08:15

1.) I have two little boys of my own and many more that visit throughout the day. The only thing I would do with the box is hand it over to them and then try not to trip over it during the night.

2.) A couple of my resolutions are stop cussing (/sheepish), blog more (a la more comfy chair) and try and make my house less toxic by removing chemicals, plastics and other nasties. Much harder than I thought they’d be.

3.) Currently we use an exercise ball at the computer. Before this, we used a dining room chair, before that a patio chair. I don’t know why we haven’t got a new one. I think mainly it’s because there’s a foot of height difference between my husband and I. We can never decide on a chair. Having someone decide for us would be awesome!!

----- Katie | Runaway October 06.01.09 08:13

1. Multistage recycle! First, my two boys would make it into a fort. They would nerf attack the girls. Then the girls would get a shot at it, being given full liberty to decorate it. Afterwards, I could really use a large piece of it to lay down and stain a cabinet on top of. Some pure pieces of cardboard would end up in the gerbil cage. When we had gotten our full use of it, it would be cut up and set by the curb for the recycle folks.

2. To work out every morning with my wife. We’re on day 6 and doing well!

3. I work from home programming databases - and my office chair is really showing it’s age both in appearance and how it treats my back. The Leap sounds heavenly.

----- Phil 06.01.09 07:52

1) Clearly this box will be used as a rocket ship so I can travel to Mars. Once I land on Mars it can be converted into MarsFRT-0001.

2) My new years resolution is to learn as much as I can without having to go back to school. Or perhaps make enough money so I can afford to go back to school. I’m thinking Human Computer Interaction, Art school again (maybe upgrade to a masters), or some fancy mathematics.

3) I don’t think the chair will help my social life, unless I call friends over to look at the chair. But I can see my back thanking me. Ikea chairs don’t cut it for 8 hours in front of the computer.

----- Derek 06.01.09 07:50

1. I’d remove one side of the box, add a crossbar, and use it as a mini closet to hang/store winter coats in my storage space.
2. New year’s resolution: Write something productive every day. And floss.
3. As a graduate student working on my dissertation, I could definitely benefit from a 17.8% productivity increase! And maybe with this chair, I won’t have the posture of a cocktail shrimp when I finally graduate.

----- Krista 06.01.09 07:40

1. Save it for October, when I’ll use it as the body for my old-school, sci-fi robot Halloween costume.

2. Write a novel.

3. I Work from home, and have been doing the laptop-on-the-sofa thing for two years while my back and productivity suffer. Just got a great new desktop, and would love to sit at it in this swanky, sexy, ergo-chair (instead of the wooden kitchen chair I’ve been using — ouch!).

----- Jonathon 06.01.09 07:34

1) I would definitely re purpose the cardboard for a model; I can’t be wasting valuable, recyclable resources.
2) To be healthier and increase my time management. Both school related, because 72-hour-straight final projects honestly don’t do anything for your back or diet (or sanity for that matter).
3) Keeping me productive for longer, staring at my drafting board for hours.

----- Cameron 06.01.09 07:31

1) The box? Geez, my kitty has been begging for a condo. Pimp that thing out with some carpet and scratchy things. Perfect!

2) Two words: FOOD BLOG

3) I think the Steelcase will save my butt. I’ve just accepted a new job and will be working from home. Right now I’m sitting on a kitchen chair that I bought from a rummage sale for $2. Granted, it has stars and moons painted on it, but owww.

----- Ellen 06.01.09 07:28

1. I’m a high school art teacher, so I would add it to my stash of materials initially, though it will probably become a lamp or an animal sculpture ala James Grashow.

2. I’m trying to create a habit of drawing everyday and blogging those images at onedrawingatatime.blogspot.com

3. Honestly, I would probably give it to my wife who has a much more sensitive back due to a bungee jump when she was 11.

----- Brian 06.01.09 07:28

1. In my quest to streamline and simplify, I’m planning to clean out some closets that have been collecting odds and ends for years, so I would actually fill up the box with stuff to donate, rent a zipcar, and take it all to the Salvation Army and a local woman’s shelter. Then, I’d use industrial-strength scissors to break down the box for recycling.

2. I’m on a general quest to consume less, make my life simpler and more enjoyable. In 2009, I am especially committed to finishing my dissertation.

3. I spend my entire day at my computer, mostly working on the dissertation and preparing my classes—except for when I’m procrastinating by browsing NOTCOT and other wonderfully engrossing sites. Over the past two years, I’ve also spent hours scouring the net for a replacement for the non-ergonomic Staples chair that causes me all sorts of pain and whose non-adjustable armrests don’t allow me to make the most of my ergonomic keyboard. My budget is $150, so I haven’t found anything that looks like it’s well-designed and durable. I’m a big, six-foot tall woman, and the fully adjustable, brilliant, and gorgeous Steelcase chairs I’ve been able to try out in the wealthier offices of my University have left me looking forward to the day I can afford such craftmanship.

----- Melissa 06.01.09 07:26

1. I’d flatten the box and use it to cover the floor for an upcoming painting project.
2. Don’t have much use for resolutions, but I suppose more effort to get exercise would be a logical one.
3. This one’s easy. We need a new office chair because our 15yr old cheap Ikea chair has finally worn out, and my wife needs to use separate back support whenever to do freelance work in our home office.

----- Ed 06.01.09 07:03

1. this massive box would be re-used as a box once again to help move me and my lovely boyfriend into our yurt!!

2. my new year’s resolutions are as follows: start a compost pile, use less, be more, pay more attention to the things i love and less to the things that just don’t matter

3. i’m a designer so i spent 4 years in college learning about ergonomics. my professors would probably beat me severely with triangles and french curves if they knew just how horrible of a chair i sit in every day at my computer pouring over inspiration, blogs, and market research. the leap chair would change my life in many good ways! i bet it will even make me pretty and more popular too. :)

----- jamie shoo 06.01.09 07:02

What a chair!
1. A box like this will have several lives at our house. The kids will be in and out of it until I can’t stand tripping over it in the living room anymore. It may serve a dropcloth function for projects in my daughter’s new ‘classroom’ in the basement. And then, of course, the Baltimore County recycling trucks will take if off to a better place…
2. My resolution is to both read and apply some fo the Abs Diet book I bought… last year. Skimmed some last night, and it look slike I get to eat 6 small meals a day … this one might work.
3. I’m torn beteween bringing the chair to work, where I do most of my office chair sitting, or leaving it at home. Most of my at home sitting is in an easy chair, but this would almost be enough motivation to reclaim the downstairs office from the clutter that has accumulated there.

Thanks for another great contest.

----- Ray 06.01.09 06:59

1) Fort … we have to defend ourselves :D
2) Travel a lot (with the chair obviously) … it has wheels right?
3) I stay on the chair very long … a better chair = a better day :)

----- Simone 06.01.09 06:58

1. Big box + inquisitive cat = new owner-approved cat playground! Our kitty, Penny Lane, is a total box junkie and with a few strategic modifications to enhance her experience she’d have hours of fun (and just maybe leave our poor pup Molly alone for a little while - the box and its contents would benefit three people in the house!).
2. My resolution is to read more. Lately I’ve read books mainly for pleasure, but I’ve resolved to read two a month that fall into both the human resource/employee management and small business/company management categories. Although, my chiropractor did mention yesterday that my resolution should be using my home traction device more consistently! A Steelcase Leap might please us both…ha ha.
3. A Steelcase Leap would mean I’d get to get rid of the hand-me-down chair from my partner’s sister (I’m actually the third owner and the use shows!). I’d be able to sit at my desk and not lean to the right all day and just maybe my arms would rest comfortably on arm rests *sweet bliss!*, rather than hover in the air or on my desk.

----- katie 06.01.09 06:56

1. find the nearest snowy hill, break down box, sit on box, SLED DOWN HILL ON BOX!
2. new year’s resolution - travel more
3. i sit in a chair more than 9 hrs a day. this chair would do wonders for my life.

----- jacob 06.01.09 06:41

1) We have a new baby on the way, so I think I’d use the box to create an incredible mobile that spans the babies nursery.

2) My New Year’s resolution, lame as it is, is to get back into a habit of regular excercise. Chair spins count, no?

3) It would allow me to stop working where I work solely because they have comfortable chairs, and become a true artiste. :)

----- Brandon Barr 06.01.09 06:36

1) I would take the box and make an “idea board” out of it.
2) New Years resolution is to finally get my eating notes out and make my foodie website (as a hobby).
3) The chair would be great for getting my faux office together.

----- William 06.01.09 06:34

1. I’m moving, so I’ll out STUFF in it.
2. My New Year’s resolution is to save up for my wedding in October.
3. I’m a freelance Sound Engineer who spends hours in a surround speaker setup, so I can now be comfortable!

----- Philip 06.01.09 06:33

1. i would definately play in the box with my little girl, my cats & my husband !
2. Stress less. About everything.
3. We don’t have a rocking chair at home & baby no. 2 is coming along, so this would be more than perfect for late night feedings :) & also, the time spent in front of the PC uploading the bajillion pictures of the new baby & the daughter !

----- Kathleen 06.01.09 06:00

1. give it to my niece. She’ll probably turn it into a house. I would have turned it into a fire truck or a pirate ship.
2. Sit up straight while working.
3. It would help me accomplish #2

----- matt 06.01.09 05:51

1. I would use it to make a sled to go down the stairs with
2. I resolved to not break any bones in 2009
3. I really should stop using my computer from my bed/the couch, I bet that beautiful chair would help my back/laziness, plus I really could use a productivity increase.

----- jill 06.01.09 05:45

01. I’m having a baby in a couple weeks — this box shall be saved & made into a radical playhouse for her & our dog.
02. My only new years resolution (aside from being a kick ass mommay, is to breastfeed my daughter.
03. I have less than perfect posture — this chair looks like it could kick that into gear — and I can breast feed while sitting oh so comfortably upon it :D

Merci! Happy new year!

----- Desiree Fawn 06.01.09 05:38

1) I’ll use the box to hold my things of the past. And it will allow me to look at the present.
2)Turn into be my own boss.
3)The Steelcase leap will help me get more alert in manage my new own project, The style and the confort is always a good compromise and a step to be sucessfull.

----- Alexandre Ferreira 06.01.09 05:32

1. Build a fort with my wife. We’re the biggest kids in the house.
2. Learn a new prohibition era cocktail every month. Build my own custom web app using django.
3. It would help me accomplish my second resolution

----- Matt 06.01.09 05:30

1) Fort all the way! Nothing like a place to take cover when the office nerf gun fights break out.

2) Get my back in better shape to carry around a new baby (due in April), which a more ergonomic chair would totally help with ;)

3) If it would help alleviate my lower back pain after a 10 hour day in the office and make me more mobile for my upcoming new born it would be worth its weight in gold!

----- Ryan 06.01.09 05:28

Humm - I would assuredly turn that huge box into a kitty fort for my two 15 lb pets! I can imagine cute cut out windows and a huge furry paw batting at the shutters! I could probably fit in there too… cozy.

That would pretty much be on par with my new years resolution to be happier too.

Humm, the Steelcase leap chair will make me happier too! My current office chair is an interesting teal corduroy color and seemingly constructed for someone with half the torso length that I have. And how wickedly awesome would it be to know you are sitting on something that sooo much great design and thought has gone into?!

Happy New Year to everyone - may a smile creep into everyday!

----- Mindy 06.01.09 05:25

1) Burn it to keep me warm in this freezin MN weather
2) Win a contest for once in my life
3) Prevent me from being one of those hunch-backed old men

----- Miser 06.01.09 03:47

1. Make a fort for my daughter and when she was done maybe some nice custom magazine boxes.
2. In 2009 I resolve to stop slouching while I work.
3. An awesome chair in my home will make working there so much more enjoyable and productive. No more manhandling pillows into a lumpy, slouchy seat on the bed.

----- Pete Olsen 06.01.09 03:42

1. i will make a robot like this http://winxwincollabo.livedoor.biz/archives/50758168.html
2. study English harder. so i need a chair!! also, my cat took my chair while i traveled for 5 days.
3. i do not need to fight a chair with my cat, DJ. she hates me because i use her chair. but it’s supposed to be mine!! it is 23 year old chair…no wonder it hurts my back…

----- Sayaka 06.01.09 03:21

1) I would totally build a fabulous fort - or I might donate it to one of my architect friends for model making.

2)I’ve loads of New Year Resolutions of course but the relevant one is to finish tidying and decorating my desk/studio/office area - (I still don’t have a chair!) - and then using it. I also resolve to blog more, paint more, write more, make more things.

3) (Sob Story coming up!) I have an illness called M.E. and Fibromyalgia (muscle pain) - I’m pretty sure the Stealcase Leap would improve my posture and allow me to sit at my desk for longer periods of time without pain - which in turn would allow me to write more, blog more, paint more an actually fulfill some of my wishes instead of being limited by pain. I’ve been looking for a good desk chair I could afford - this one is beyond my wildest dreams - winning it would be amazing!

----- missmilki 06.01.09 02:51

1) I’ve always wanted to break dance. Break it down to make a dance floor!
2) My new years resolution is to get off my chair more and do things outside! Wait.. if I win the chair, that might be a little difficult.. hmmm..
3) Blogging day and night and sitting on this 4-year old leather chair from office depot has surely caused my slouching to increase over the years. This chair will improve my life a million times over. Or at least, make my back much happier.

----- Anthony 06.01.09 02:15

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