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Miniwiz Solarbulb, POLLI-brick, miniNOTE- 01.10.09

solarbulb1.jpg Few can say they took packaging design cues from fast food burger containers… although Miniwiz’s Solarbulb has been making the rounds this week due to their CES presence, and the very interesting concept of a solar powered light that can screw on to your standard plastic water bottles, or on their POLLI-brick bottles that are interlockable to build larger structures… not nearly enough attention has been paid to their packaging prototypes and iconography on them! Basically these solar/wind powered portable device designers make incredible use of cardboard! Also noteworthy is their miniNOTE ~ a cardboard mailer/postcard with a solar panel and battery built in for your recipient to charge and use instantly! Such a beautiful gesture ~ can you imagine sending “power” to a bunch of your friends? Take a peek at close up pics of their designs and CES booth display on the next page!

















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i think this company is doing so much good for the planet, if everyone charged their 5v devices with renewable green energy than we would be able to cut down a lot of energy consumption and cut down the ammount of fossil fuels we use!

----- bob 20.01.09 19:37

Agreed. Their packaging and presence is absolutely stunning. Extremely creative and innovative products. Imagine them opening a store designed like a fast-food joint, where you can buy these products on the go? That would be sweet hahaha.

----- Gabe 11.01.09 21:12

One of the coolest things I saw at the show, for sure. Were there any other “green” electronics that stood out to you this year?

----- Tommy Pesavento 11.01.09 15:56

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