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Coraline Box 21/50 “WIGS”- 01.11.09

coralinemain.jpg Have you been following the crafty animation filled horror-fairytale based on the Neil Gaiman book, Coraline, that is taking the internet by storm? Well, taking the internet on both digitally (the Coraline site is pretty mind-blowing to explore being filled with secrets all around as well as goodies like videos, posters, downloads and more) and via snail mail with some very very awesome packages landing at the doorsteps of 50 of the Laika Animation Studio’s favorite blogs, and then even more paper wrapped packages from your “Other Mother” to other sites as well… Is it no wonder that a studio founded by Phil Knight (co-founder and Chairman of Nike) and based in Portland, Oregon, is creating a mastermind campaign creating incredible one off pieces, as well as mysterious surprises throughout the world? From these 50 boxes, to mysterious button keys appearing in various shops and hanging from abandoned buildings… Well, before i share with you my last few hours of scouring the net with curiosity…

Of those 50 boxes circulating… i’m honored to share Coraline Box #21/50 which arrived while i was in Vegas the last few days… in it, you’ll see an assortment of wigs from the “other” father, the real father, and Coraline herself… It’s packaging as art, props as marketing, pieces of the animation process as education… all in all its brilliant, playful, personalized, and the whole search throughout the world and internet to find out more is invigoratingly engaging! So without further ado, see the gallery of images of Box #21 on the next page (as well as other goodies of course!)…

There’s so much fun in mysteriously intriguing boxes…

I got #21 of the 50 that are circulating the world and internet… almost all have been found…

Tauntingly hanging from the box is a dug out hole with the key on a string… where does the key go?

Opening the box we find the WIGS! Of Coraline, the other father, and the real father…

I’m smitten by the use of the buttons everywhere, especially in combo with the envelopes wax seal…

… which encloses a semi personalized note…

… and the wonderous Laika animators and artists admire NOTCOT and our “devotion to offbeat discovery”!





Wigs in a box surely need some context ~ so here are some screenshots i discovered poking around the trailer and the Coraline site

While on the site, i couldn’t resist “Button Your Eyes”… so there’s me, with eyes buttoned, and an extra in my hair…

Throughout the site there are also tons of other things to explore and discover… one of my favorite discoveries is this gorgeous poster with the intricately simple scarabs…


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4 Notes

Where on the Coraline site did you find that poster?
I cant find it anywhere!

----- kim 14.03.09 12:51

Omg! You’re soo lucky! :)

I can’t wait for Coraline!

----- esotericsean 12.01.09 00:18

And this is another reason why I am moving to Portland.

----- Masa 11.01.09 23:25

So cool! Congrats!

----- Cole Sarar 11.01.09 20:00

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