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Amazon Kindle 2 Details- 02.24.09

kindle1.jpg Oooooh Dan just got his new Amazon Kindle 2 today! While i haven’t seen it in person yet, he sent me some closeups of those details and all that glossy on matte black he knows i love… take a peek at how fun it looks on the next page! Love the packaging once again!

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Amazing Kindle product and wow pictures..Really Good article..

----- Pravin 19.04.12 03:39

Uneka Concepts, a packaging design firm in the Bay area, designed the packaging.

----- PkgDude 27.05.10 16:31

To the person saying “that some poor design intern had to listen to upper management and copy Apple’s design language. Sorry - it needs to be said” - you couldn’t be more off the mark. That’s not how that project happened, as much as you’d like to think it did. Due to privacy constraints, I must leave it at that.

----- milosh 29.10.09 14:45

I really like the cover of it and the packaging is spectacular, but I hoping the whole thing would be black. It’s reminiscent of a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, no?

----- lauren 06.03.09 19:47

i prefer the 2001-esque angularity of the original kindle but LOVE the packaging on this. its a pity its just packaging. they should blend the lines of kindle 1 with the surface of the packaging. a matte back angular readable monolith with glossy black inscriptions… ohhhhhhh

----- lost in space 03.03.09 10:55

love the packaging. very smart

i think they did a good job trying to appeal this product to the same folks who are all about mac products

its a much better execution from their first kindle.

thumbs up from me.

----- beezy 27.02.09 09:17

It’s beautiful!

----- Meliuli 26.02.09 12:31

Does anyone know who did the packaging work on this? I can’t imagine it was in-house…

----- WindyCitySmartass 26.02.09 10:50

I’m loving the new Kindle. Very sleek and readable. I also picked up the Patagonia 2 case. It is padded and so versatile, I feel comfortable taking the Kindle wherever I go (See below).


----- Al 26.02.09 08:27

Yes, Apple design has influenced a number of products. But, it is not like all of Apple’s designs are wholly original. They also have their inspirations and origins. Get over it.

----- Matt 26.02.09 07:42

I just don’t understand these. Poor design and a absurd price, this is better than the first one but it’s still not good.
I’m astounded that they’re popular at all.

----- peshue 25.02.09 21:08

I don’t think it looks like Apple at all, besides being all white. But besides black and silver (which Apple uses too) what other universally accepted colors are there? The packaging is great and original as well.

But I will say I get annoyed with products named i-whatever.

----- Jordan 25.02.09 18:34

I agree with the comment above, you’d think that with all this technology and innovation we would be moving away from thin rectangles.

That being said, I love the packaging details. Especially the defination of kindle… books are meant to inspire and spark further thinking, the reminder of that on the packaging is great as well as giving a meaning behind the name of the product.

----- c perez 25.02.09 15:17

I like the idea of “any book anywhere at any time.”

Of course, it has some big drawbacks. Please read the following list with with good humor.

  • DRM. I can’t lend my friends my book.

  • Not as much fun at the beach or in the bath tub relaxing.

  • Battery. I know it lasts a long time, but not forever.

  • Costs money. My library card is free!

  • Does not have “book smell.”

  • Not as much fun to dog-ear, can’t write in margins, nor leave love notes for my girl.

----- Michael Critz 25.02.09 11:59

I agree that, while the design is cool, it is obviously trying to look like Apple. It seems like everything device nowadays either looks like an Apple gadget or is called ‘i’ something. Can these creative people come up with something original!?

----- Danielle 25.02.09 11:27

I was playing with one of these this morning and found myself wishing (as cool as it is) that it had a touch screen. Does anyone think this will be on the next model?

----- Jo 25.02.09 10:42

This makes me want one, even though I prefer books. But it’s so pretty!

----- Josie 25.02.09 10:33

As a designer, I can’t get over the fact that some poor design intern had to listen to upper management and copy Apple’s design language. Sorry - it needs to be said. In this particular case - the designer pulled off the copy really well, even applying remarkable similar g2 curvature to the bottom. I would bet money that a lay-person would mistakenly identify this as an apple product if the logo’s were removed. Too bad that hardware design for electronics have succumbed to this, ie, rectangle with fillets. Lame!

----- jgriffith 25.02.09 09:43

nice. I like the “Once upon a time” touch.

----- rachel 25.02.09 09:24

You can definitely tell that Apple’s influential packaging style has spread far and wide with this unboxing! Still, it’s tough to pull it off correctly and they really did a great job. I love the spot-varnished box, too.

----- tommy pez 25.02.09 07:51

Oh my God, WANT! I already have a Kindle 1, which is still fully functional regardless of its odd design, but I want the new Kindle so much! Nice photos and, yes, I agree that the boxes are just spectacular, a feat of good packaging!

----- anonymous 25.02.09 03:42

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