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Barbie’s 50th at Colette- 02.27.09

barbie.jpg Hard to ignore that Barbie’s turning the big 50 this year ~ it’s being marketed like crazy EVERYWHERE! (I must wonder though, as a little girl being introduced to Barbie for the first time this year, do they think of it as a vintage/super old toy? and then reach for a bratz?)

Well of the many parties and celebrations, i must say Colette’s looks pretty awesome ~ “In the gallery, enjoy the “Barbie and Ken” exhibition by Karl Lagerfeld. In swimsuit, cocktail dress or a pair of jeans, Barbie strikes a pose with model Baptiste Giabiconi as Ken.” They look hilarious ~ and then the special products?!?!?! You can get Barbie in a Goyard Trunk! Pink of course! Even Uslu Airlines 219c pink nailpolish! Even a Colette/Barbie Pink Jawbone…. a little on the creepy side is definitely the Bless Hairbrush… with barbie hair for bristles… (see it on the next page!) Also noteworthy? High security exhibition of the very first Barbie and Ken dolls, only on March 12th.


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Barbie has never been a friend of mine (I recall decapitation on it’s second day in my life) - but the crazy amount of special edition products does have a creepily magnetic allure. Just strolling into Mecca Cosmetics the other day left me in awe of the Stilla X Barbie cosmetics - pure and unrivaled cute-in-a-limited-edition-box!

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If you want to see more of the Karl Lagerfeld photos of Barbie and model Baptiste Giabiconi as Ken, there are more exclusive images here: http://ifitshipitshere.blogspot.com/2009/02/sneak-peek-karl-lagerfeld-barbie-ken.html

----- laura sweet 27.02.09 13:19

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