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Artecnica Charming by Tord Boontje - 02.16.09

charming1.jpgOoooh, pity these weren’t available for Valentine’s Day ~ they would have been the perfect gift for SO many Artecnica/Tord Boontje lovers! Freshly launching from Artecnica is this beautiful line of charms, aptly named, Charming, designed by Studio Tord Boontje. They are available in 24K gold plated and silver plated finishes, and they are mini wearable versions of those iconic Boontje flora and fauna woodsy motifs ~ my favorites are package 1… and 2… and 3??? So hard to choose! See all the packages on the next page ~ the birds, bunnies, deers, flowers and more are too cute!



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I loveeeee!!! I want!!! I’m in Kuala Lumpur. Will it be available for sale online?

----- ninimarini 12.03.09 06:26

Kim - they come on black thread in packs

Vickib - These were just launched at the NY/Paris shows, expect them in stores in the next few months

Christine - not available yet, coming soon!

----- Jean/NOTCOT 18.02.09 15:18

Oh my god I love them…i just had a tordgasm…

that sounded really gross…

----- ash 18.02.09 11:06

Where can you purchase them??? I went to the Artecnica website and couldn’t find anything about them!

----- Christine 18.02.09 10:52

Hi, do you have a link to this - i can’t find it on Artecnica’s site.

----- vickib 18.02.09 06:40

Not sure if you know, but I cannot tell from the picture. Are chains included with these, or do you just get the charms?

----- Kim 16.02.09 22:00

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