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Slice by Karim Rashid- 02.16.09

slice.jpgOooooooh…. so while i do love my xacto knives ~ i’m extremely intrigued by the new Slice by Karim Rashid products… first found them over at Unica Home, and found more info at the Slice website. Slice is all about ceramic blades ~ “Compared to any metal (even high-carbon steel), ceramic is sharper, harder, and stays that way longer.” ~ and the Precision Cutter is great for an xacto replacement apparently… and only 7$? So it looks like Slice originally had its letter opener and safety cutter ~ and in collab with Karim, they now have the Precision Cutter, Veggie Peeler, Y-peeler, and Grater ~ all so tempting! See some more pics i found at Unica on the next page!


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I bought a Slice Precision Cutter and it the little white plastic cutter holder part broke off when I gently put the lid on for the first time. As an industrial designer I am extremely disappointed with this product.

----- Peta 08.06.10 17:13

So I guess this Karim guy is gonna beat the smooth conical form until it’s dead. Using the same form for another product may be smart. But you are a re-former.

----- Arleigh Venet 17.04.10 13:56

I think its great that ceramic knives (/ cutting stuff) are becoming more popular. I have used one and they are awesome. However, I think the design is a bit on the flashy side (as I believe most if not all of Karim’s work is) and I hope they have some kind of rubber-y texture on the grip.

For the record, I love the Chef´n palm held peeler.
It may be that I´m biased by that.

----- jandra 08.06.09 13:18



----- Jonathan Ives 12.05.09 14:36

the designs actually make them look safer to use than normal knives. or is that just me?

----- sam 20.02.09 22:57

…I love Karim…..but pink is better!!!!!

----- Emiliano Brinci 20.02.09 05:37

I feel like murdering someone with one of those!

Killing with style!

----- Pierre 19.02.09 10:01

Dude… where is the CD opener?

----- bryan Barnes 18.02.09 09:56

Love the clean design.. and the price !
Ceramic ? Why not :)

----- Stephane 17.02.09 10:45

I love the design. Its a practical and beautiful object!

----- Jeroen 17.02.09 06:35

those are so cute!

----- Brandy 17.02.09 05:51

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