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Bamboo DNA & Interactive Flame-bots- 02.15.09

fire0.jpg On impressive structures and interactivity that had to be videoed ~ the bamboo installations of Bamboo DNA (known for massive bamboo sculptures at music festivals all over the world!) at Lucent L’amour were stunning, and the fire-y flamebots that responded to the music around were mesmerizing as well! Check out the video below and the pictures on the next page to make sense of them!






microphone on top of a multi-channel box from radioshack mounted on a metal trashcan…


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Thanks for the write up! This is our first structure to use truss. (The work we did at 2008 Coachella on the Eco Clock Tower wasn’t originally planned but the art committee decided it needed dressing up before the gates opened.) The idea of using truss was that it’d help speed up the process and provide a rigid and level base for the rest of the bamboo structure when sitting on top of an odd, concrete surface. It worked pretty well since the build of the truss was complete Friday evening, and then the build of the structure was done Saturday, with tear down right at close of the show, 4am Sunday.

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