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Cramer Kik-Step 50th Anniversary Stool- 02.19.09

cramer1.jpg I was just looking for step stools, and got nostalgic thinking about those rolling ones from the libraries… and as i browsed the many colors of the classic Cramer Inc. Kik-Step Rolling Stools ~ i discovered that Kik-Step Stools had their turned 50 in 2007 (Cramer Inc. was founded in the 30’s) and there’s a special 50th Anniversary Library Edition Kik-Step Stool with quotes from classic literature molded into the non-skid tread!

The backstory behind this icon?

In 1940, Cramer sold its safe business, and in the 1950’s, expanded their product line to include rolling ladders and step stools. With Cramer’s capabilities in bending and stamping aluminum and steel, manufacturing ladders and stools was a natural extension of their existing products.
Cramer engineers invented the concept of the “ladder bell”, the retractable caster with a circular housing, that they placed on a ladder to protect the casters and ladder legs. A few years later, an engineer had the idea to make a life-size version of the ladder bell itself for use as a step stool. That idea eventually bore the Kik-Step®, the original rolling-step stool.

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Just noticed the basic model is even available at Costco for $45 versus the usual $70.

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6 Notes

Geoff, Did you find what you needed for your kik-step? Try www.macglen.ca. Dawn

----- Dawn 05.09.09 14:12

I have owned a kik stool for over 30 yrs,,, and yes its starting to look its age, paint splaters and all. I would like to purchase a new one and was wondering if you could please tell me if you have a distributor in Canada (Toronto), or do you ship to Canada. Love the stool my wife who is short in stature cant get along without it. Thanks for any help you can provide. G.J.Parkinson

----- Geoff 26.04.09 09:50

One of the wheels of my Kik_Step has broken. I am looking for replacement wheels. Since one broke I figured I would just replace them all (total of 3). Can you direct me to a website that I can order these replacement wheels? I love this thing and hate to not have it functioning because I can’t find the wheels for it.

----- Andi Montano 08.03.09 14:04

I am the VP of Cramer, Inc—the company that makes the Kik-Step. Thanks for the great post! We are very excited about the 50th Anniversary. Frank-if you contact me at dwalsh@cramerinc.com I can probably get you a replacement tread.

----- Dan 02.03.09 13:38

I have a kik-step stool that is at least fifty years old. The non-slip surfaces have broken off. Is there any where I can get replacement surfaces. The stool still works great.
Thanks for your help.

----- Frank chenoweth 28.02.09 20:24

I totally remember those from the school library! Nice find… ;) I wonder if a “vintage” stool is yet considered a collector’s item>??? Might have to get one of these new ones though.

----- tommy pez 19.02.09 13:50

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