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First Fridays Graphics- 02.07.09

darwin1.jpg Another fun noteworthy aspect of the Natural History Museum First Fridays is the graphic motifs of animal/instrument hybrids used on the flyers and stickers distributed around the museum… there are even silk screened prints available! So far only two, but the artist was saying how he is planning on completing the set throughout the course of the First Fridays! Take a peek at some of the stickers we found, as well as the gorgeous colorful prints! Since 2009 is the year of darwin’s 200th bday (next week!) and the 150th anniversary of the Origin of Species, this year of First Fridays are dedicated to him… and the Darwin sticker even has his motto “e conchis omnia” which means “everything from shells”…





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You’ve inspired me to check out a nearby museum this weekend too! Next week I’m going to ICA in Boston to see Shepard’s exhibit.

----- tommy pez 13.02.09 06:16

Wow, what a neat event and design! And how cool that Bird and the Bee played

----- Fern 12.02.09 11:11

i want one…

----- nikki faust 09.02.09 16:41

Do you know the name of the artist?
His work IS gorgeous, and i’d love to buy a silkscreen!

----- Crystal 07.02.09 19:35

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