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Ace Hotels : NYC- 02.10.09

aceny0.jpg It’s just not possible to get mail with retro/official booklets from the Dept. of Cultural Engineering with the Technical Specifications for Ace Hotel Properties… pop them open and see pages with figures that remind me of grade school readers… and not post about it! Two booklets just showed up showing off and explaining the latest additions to the Ace Hotel line up ~ first was Seattle, then Portland, Palm Springs opens this weekend, and New York City in March! While i’ve yet to see any of them in person STILL ~ i’ve been wanting to get to Seattle and Portland and stay at them since… 2006? SO, on exciting news ~ we will be staying at the Ace Hotel NYC in May for ICFF and Design Week!!! (Also, if you’re doing the ICFF thing and don’t have a place to stay yet, check them out ~ they are doing promotional $99+ promotional rates)

Anyhow, i digress, the booklet! It’s so cute, you have to take a peek at the cover and insides on the next page! And ok, i’ll admit ~ the Smeg fridges, customized Gibson guitars, record players, and free wifi are huge draws to me… all of their hotels are so different down to every room, yet seemingly homey for design/detail junkies ~ they support passionate incredible independent businesses like Stumptown Coffee Roasters and Ken and April of The Spotted Pig which will both be in the NYC hotel! And they have one of the most adorable/tempting looking minibars and Smeg fridges filled with everything from vitamin water to mini kegs to coke in classic bottles… not to over-gush, but i love the concept ~ and these quotes seem to sum it up so nicely… so before i send you off to the pics on the next page: Re:Up Magazine said “… a highly developed sense of how culture functions best when left unmolested by over-production”, and Best Designed Hotels in North and South America said “… the Ace clientele - hip urbanites in for a visit who like a lick of luxury, but don’t necessarily need all the indulgences of a typical high-class hotels”… basically these feel chock full of character, but with a designer’s eye, without sacrificing functionality…

But, back to the booklets! So cute! Check out the details and cover on the next page… and maybe we’ll see you in NY!











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5 Notes

Oh yes I definitely need one of these.
where oh where might I find one?

----- kelly 11.02.09 11:43

Clyde common is perfect for lunch!
I hope the NYC Ace will have a fab restaurant too!

----- Juleah 11.02.09 09:55

ah, yes. it’s a beauty. going to be in new york for the first time in april, and got a deluxe room for a decent price.

----- felix 11.02.09 01:51

How do I get my hands on one of these beauts?

----- Colin 10.02.09 21:48

I love staying at Ace hotel in Portland. That and dinner at Clyde Common is hipster heaven.

----- Chris Furniss 10.02.09 21:21

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