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Borja Bonaque Cities- 03.09.09

build1.jpg I love the way Spanish designer/illustrator, Borja Bonaque portrays urban landscapes ~ they have a certain retro futuristic glow to them ~ and feel so fun on skateboard decks as well! The water towers are adorable. I’ve had her images open in tabs all weekend, kept getting too distracted by them to actually get this post up until now! See more of my favorites on the next page!





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That’s amazing, I’d totally buy one of those decks

----- Maxim 08.09.09 15:28

nice…..i recently created some 3d skyscrapers too - if anyone’s interested…..http://www.easedowntheroad.com/film.php?id=4

----- paul 28.04.09 01:52

These are really great, I hope to see them evolve into some products (prints, etc..) available for sale.

----- Tom Rowlandson 27.04.09 12:19

I love the design & structure of the city buildings and I have to thank BORJA BONAQUE for his work, it actually helped me out with one of my projects.
(but it DOES NOT even compare)

----- Justin A. 18.03.09 23:50

Did she actually have these decks made? If not, how did she produce such nice mockups?

----- Jason Tiernan 16.03.09 18:45

Anybody email to see if she is actually selling the decks?

----- Shawn 09.03.09 21:06

I want all 4 decks!

----- R08 09.03.09 17:19

gorgeous! they just get better the longer i look at them.

----- dan 09.03.09 11:38

These are very nice! Great inspiration.

----- Chris 09.03.09 11:00

Whoa, that’s amazing!I love it!
It reminds me the Fritz Lang’s Metropolis poster!

----- Jean 09.03.09 10:16

I absolutely love these. Thanks so much for sharing, I’m going to have to find a printof the second pic on this post.

----- Ali 09.03.09 09:24

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